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                                             Bart Phillips

                                    Bart Phillips is an innovative media mogul with the vision, enthusiasm and
                                    drive necessary to not only inspire people, but also garner impressive results. A
                                    graduate of Emerson College – with a degree in Communications & Theater
                                    Arts, he has an extensive background in communications and television
                                    production. Passionate about delivering trend setting programming, Phillips is
                                    continually developing new methods, both creatively and interactively, to
                                    heighten the viewer experience at home.

                              Phillips has worked with various networks all over the world managing,
                              directing, producing, and developing a wide variety of creative efforts for
                              production and programming. He isn’t your average Executive Producer, always
                              creatively involved in each project overseeing the content from beginning to end,
                              and partnering with businesses locally and globally to build their brands through
                              exciting and responsible programming and band integration avenues. Always the
                              luminary, Phillips has received awards such as the NAIMIC Award, Telly
Award, (2) MTV Video Music Awards and an Emmy Award. Phillips is also a member of the National Academy of
Recording Arts and Sciences.

As the CEO and founder of Sunseeker Media, Phillips has amassed a wealth of experience as a producer and as a
director. Most recently, he served as Executive Producer of the 2010 and 2009 Soul Train Awards. The 2009
awards were the most watched Soul Train telecast in history, as well as the number two BET telecast for 2009. As a
result of this tremendous accomplishment, Phillips had been slated to produce the Soul Train Awards show for the
next two years. Phillips’ success has also established Sunseeker Media as the leading creative consulting group for
Soul Train Holdings.

Leading with conviction, Phillips truly exemplifies the “big picture” thinker, always having the foresight to see the
long-term implications of a plan. This year, he expanded Sunseeker Media by founding a new media division where
they now conceptualize, create, and license iPhone Apps, E-Books, websites and digital strategy. Prior to forming
Sunseeker, Phillips served as VP of Marketing at So So Def, and an Executive at Sony Music. In these roles he was
responsible for the strategy, tactics and programs designed to create interest in, demand for and recognition of music
artists on the label. Thanks to his uncanny ability to provide leadership while allowing artists the freedom to create,
he also served as VP of Development at Warner Brothers.

Displaying a wide range of talents in the communication industry, Phillips has over 15 years experience as an
accomplished producer. Phillip’s history in the field includes various music videos, commercials, documentaries, and
television shows for networks including Showtime, MTV, VH1, BET, BETJ, TV One, The Africa Channel, and
Centric, quietly becoming one of entertainment’s most prolific architects of media magic. Phillip’s trailblazing
success has not gone unnoticed by his contemporaries. His list of honors and credits is vast, diverse, and continually
growing. A large component of Phillip’s success is contributed to his well-rounded lifestyle and background. A
native of Plainfield, New Jersey; he has worked and traveled all over the world and now calls Atlanta his home.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                   Andrè LaMont

                            Andre` LaMont a 25 year veteran, started his career in radio with WCLK
                            as a Jazz DJ (8yrs), and CNN as VJ/Stage Manager, and on his1st Field
                            Shoot covered a Klu Klux Klan ralley. Next LaMont worked for ABC
                            Affiliate WSB-TV, as 1st Editor, and eventually Stage Manager & Lighting.
                            After running into college associate, Spike Lee, LaMont made brief
                            appearance in Lee’s 1988 film, “School Daze” and later in Turner Studio’s
                            TV show “The Catlin’s”. That same year while attending the Maine
                            Workshops, LaMont was introduced to Lionel C. Martin, by phone, and
                            ironically the next month met “Uncle” Ralph McDaniels in LA, and was
                            invited to come and work for the Legendary Classic Concept/ NY, as an
                            Assistant Director. Over the next seven years moved to, UPM & Co-
                            Producer, working on numerous music videos, with the likes of Chuck-D,
                            X-Clan, Biz Markie, including videos like Symphony.
Additionally: Producer/AD on “Whoomp There It Is”, Locations on the documentary “Influenza”; UPN
for ABC’s “Ieshia”; DP on documentary “Eula Branham” Camera on concerts for Trace Adkins, Wynonna
Judd, Pam Tillis, Aaron Tippins,
In, 1994 LaMont started Depth of Field Productions/Atlanta, producing projects for “DJ Toomp”,
Production Support for The PGA TOUR Productions, in-house project for “McDonald’s via Faulgerns
Advertising, and more recently, Directing the 2010 Atlanta Sports Hall of Awards, the 2010 YGEA
Awards; Depth of Field is also producing on four Documentary projects.
LaMont worked as Producer/Director/AD for the TBN Network, directing shows: “Movieguide”, “Total-
Lee-Fit”, “Say Yes”, and “Praise The Lord”. Other shows include, “”Call To Action”, a 911 Special,
“Steve Brock’s Golf Show”, & documentary “Night of Miracles” In 2005, LaMont was Associate
Producer on “The Towers”; 2009 Co-Producer/AD on the feature “Earshot”,
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                                  Kashka “KK” Scott

                             Kashka “KK” Scott is Chief Executive Officer of Scott and Sons Holding
                             LLC. KK drives the overall direction of the company and steers the company
                             towards new and profitable opportunities. KK has positioned the firm to
                             succeed in governmental and private contracting opportunities. He has
                             established beneficial relationships within industry to further the company
                             objectives. He received a Bachelor of Science in Management from Georgia
                             State University and is a licensed General Contractor in Georgia. He is the
                             vision behind organizational development, staff recruitment and leadership
                             development as well as long-range strategic planning, budgeting and fiscal
                             management. KK is a multi-disciplined professional. He is an entrepreneurial
                             construction executive with background encompassing Real Estate
                             Development, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Construction
                             Management. Oversight and control of operations, administration and
                             contracting. As the Project Executive he will have full profit and loss
accountability for this project including scheduling, cost accounting, purchasing and owner/client relations.
He is responsible for project oversight of company bidding, project planning, scheduling implementation
and all performance activities.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                      Catina R. Jones

                                                 For Catina Jones developing and producing feature
                                                 film isn’t just a career choice, it is her passion. With her
                                                 newly formed production company CJ Hart
                                                 Productions, Inc. Jones is synergizing her 10+ years of
                                                 experience in the Entertainment Industry to produce the
                                                 company’s first Feature Film entitled “The Beautiful
                                                 Ones.” After attending Clark Atlanta University, Catina
                                                 began her career in entertainment when she accepted a
                                                 position, working with Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting
                                                 for the 1996 Olympic games. This experience afforded
                                                 her an opportunity to work alongside some of the most
                                                 dynamic production professionals in the world. It was
                                                 there that she forged and nurtured key relationships,
                                                 which assisted in the launch of her freelance career in
                                                 Music Video production. To date, Catina has Produced
                                                 and held various positions for over 50 music videos
                                                 both in the U.S. and abroad for artist such as Whitney
                                                 Houston, Outkast, Kelly Clarkston, and Nelly Furtado,
                                                 Utilizing her experience, and years of production
knowledge, Catina successfully made a career transition from Music video into Feature film production on
20th Century Fox’s Drumline. This opportunity lead to additional positions on such Features as Sony
Screen Gems’ Stomp The Yard, and Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls”. Catina joined the production team
for Tyler Perry’s, “House of Payne” television show for a history making 100 episodes in one year and
remained with the company for “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself” and “Why Did I Get Married
Too”. She has also produced two award winning short films, “Clandestine” and “Standing Reign”.
Committed to cultivating her craft, Catina completed UCLA's Producers Program in 2008 and began
seeking stories and developing feature film projects. She’s currently partnered with Rainforest Films
(Stomp The Yard, This Christmas, Obsessed, Takers) to develop and produce “The Untitled Kemba Smith
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                    Stacii Jae Johnson
                           Stacii Jae Johnson, is an accomplished business strategist, program developer,
                           fundraiser, and professional actress with over 15 years of experience in the field
                           of project development, fundraising, entertainment and marketing. Her career
                           includes developing multi-faceted media strategies for theatre/film/television
                           media campaigns as well as securing capital to fund various film/television/
                           stage productions. She has worked with You Go Boy Productions and
                           Universal Studios as a receptionist and production assistant.
                           As an actress, Stacii Jae has co- starred as the character Peaches in Martin
                           Lawrence’s “A Thin Line between Love and Hate”, How to Be a Player with
                           Bill Bellamy and Bernie Mac. She eventually went on to co-star in various
                           films, television and stage with Will Smith, Charles Dutton, Isaiah Washington,
                           Rockmund Dunbar and Eminem.
In the 2008 presidential primary, Stacii Jae created Young Professionals in Atlanta for Hillary and
Generation C, in Los Angeles and served on Mrs. Clinton’s national finance committee. Most recently
Stacii Jae worked as an Ambassador and surrogate to Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed’s 2009 campaign,while
also developing and implementing several successful fundraising and outreach strategies with Ludacris,
Usher, Shaquille O’Neal, Jamie Foxx, Jermaine Dupri, Keri Hilson, Jamal Crawford and many others. This
led to Stacii being the leading individual fundraiser in the Reed campaign.
Stacii Jae is currently the Director of Special Events in the Office of Mayor Kasim Reed where she acts as
the liaison between the film and television industries and the Mayor’s Office, oversees the permitting
process of all current outdoor festivals, large gatherings and assemblies, handles the logistics and planning
of events which support the Mayor’s initiatives and creates high- profile special events that stimulate the
city of Atlanta both culturally and economically. She has also most recently been tasked with researching,
developing and overseeing a new proposed office within the Office of Mayor Reed, tentatively called The
Mayor’s Office of Film, Television, Music and Digital Media Development.
Stacii holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College, the National Association of Spelman
College Alumnae Association, Vice Chair of Mayor’s Masked Ball and the Junior League of Atlanta.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                          Paul Garnes

Raised in the South Chicago Suburb of Harvey, Ilinois, Paul Garnes graduated with a film degree from
Chicago's Columbia College. After years of working as a Line Producer, Producer and Production Manager
in Los Angeles and Chicago, Garnes took his first executive position in 2004 as Head of Production for
Simmons-Lathan Media Group (Russel Simmons, Stan Lathan and Will Griffin).

Later, under the guide of Marcus and Jaime Rucker King, he was asked to oversee Operations and
Production of their newly formed film and television company, as VP of Operations and Production.

In 2006, Garnes was recruited by Tyler Perry and Reuben Cannon to join the Tyler Perry Company. He
serves in an executive capacity at the Tyler Perry Studios, overseeing operations of the recently built studio
and sound stages as well has the post production facility.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                           Alex K. Wood

                        Alex K. Wood is an independent producer, director, and actor
                        residing in the Atlanta area. Mr. Wood's professional experience
                        includes broadcast television, commercial and industrial video, and
                        feature film work with companies such as Warner Brothers, the
                        Weyerhauser Corporation, and Turner Entertainment Networks. His
                        duties have also included Producer, Director, and Director of
                        Photography on several independent films. He is currently in
                        production as a camera operator with “The Steve Harvey Project”
                        (BET/Centric) and serves as President of the Board of Directors for
                        People TV, Inc.

                        Mr. Wood holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Theater
                        Arts from the University of Puget Sound. Further, Alex has
                        completed a Master of Arts degree in Communication/Film and Video
                        Production from Georgia State University, where he also served as a
                        part time Instructor for the Communications Department.      He is
                        involved in several community service organizations and is a Life
                        Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.
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                                        Steve Mensch
                                            An instrumental figure in the establishment of Georgia’s
                                            thriving film and television production industry, Stephen
                                            Mensch celebrates a career built on cultivating relationships
                                            and aspiring to the highest level of excellence. He emerges as
                                            a leader in his field, passionate and equipped to pave the path
                                            for its future.

                                            Stephen formally entered the production industry in 1990,
                                            accepting the position as General Manager of Feature Systems,
                                            Inc., a production rental company in Atlanta, Georgia. It was
                                            the owner of Feature Systems who first took notice of
                                            Stephen’s talents while he was working as the Director of
                                            Sales at Embassy Suites. Regardless of his inexperience
                                            within the industry, it was the client skills that caused him to
                                            be tapped by the CEO of Feature Systems. He overcame near
                                            total industry naiveté with his business savvy, natural instinct
                                            to create lasting relationships and foresight to seize viable

                                           During his twelve year tenure at Feature Systems, Stephen
cultivated a relationship with Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. as a first call vendor and was given the
opportunity to work on the company’s high profile productions. Additionally, he collaborated on many
music videos, commercials and other television and film productions, such as HBO’s “The Wire” and
NBC’s “Homicide: Life on the Street.” Stephen’s ability to establish long lasting client relationships
afforded him the opportunity to establish the company’s Baltimore office to better support his clientele.
Based on his success in Baltimore and position held as Board Member of the Association of Independent
Commercial Producers (AICP), Stephen added Vice President of Sales to his job title, representing Feature
Systems and its subsidiaries in this new role, ultimately allowing him to continue to build relationships
within the industry.

It was also during this time that Stephen took notice of the impending evolution of the industry and focused
his efforts to being on the forefront of change. The result was a business plan and the implementation of the
New York and Atlanta based Mobile Video Lighting, Inc., a company designed to take advantage of the
industry’s migration to digital production.

In 1995 Stephen founded the Georgia Production Partnership (GPP), a non-profit organization dedicated to
reversing the collapse of production in Georgia. Through grassroots efforts, GPP became the unified voice
for the industry and was a key player in the drafting and passing of several bills, including the Georgia
Sales & Use Tax Exemption in 2002 and the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act of 2008.
These bills and the efforts of many other individuals have reinvigorated the production industry in Georgia.
Stephen also established himself as one of Georgia’s “faces of the industry,” and worked closely with the
Georgia Department of Economic Development and the City of Atlanta to shape the state’s entertainment
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -
In his current role as Director of Strategic Production Partnerships and Studio Operations for Turner
Studios, Stephen raised the standard of production facilities for the iconic broadcast company, Turner
Broadcasting Systems, Inc. In addition to being responsible for the management and utilization of Turner
Studio’s six state-of-the-art television production studios and related studio location production units,
Stephen was proactive in establishing new business opportunities, capitalizing on his innovative business
ideas and established business relationships. Stephen has created an environment and built relationships
producing substantial new revenue paths for Turner Studios. Of note, he and Turner Studios have assisted
the BET Networks in producing their two highest rated shows, “Sunday’s Best” and “The Mo’Nique

Having organically grown his career, from copier salesman to hotel executive to International Account
Executive at AT&T to non-profit pioneer to his director level position at Turner Studios, all were made
possible by relationships. Stephen knows firsthand the importance of building and maintaining
relationships, as seen when he requested that the state’s Governor arrange access to a closed venue at
Georgia Tech University to his onetime client and now close friend, Executive Producer Will Packer.
Through Stephen’s intervention, production of the multi-million, #1 box office film “Stomp the Yard”
remained in Georgia.

The influence that these sort of relationships had on his own career path did not go unnoticed and became
Stephen’s personal secret to success. Reflecting on his career, Stephen prides himself that he has always
been hired by a client. Because of this, Stephen is committed to “paying it forward” and takes an active
role in mentoring. Sharing his expert insight, Stephen has regularly taught at the Production Assistant
Academy, has lectured at Georgia Tech University and has been a featured speaker to Women in Film and
Television. His philanthropic endeavors include having spent eight years as an active Board Member of
the Association of Independent Film Producers, currently serves as Co-President of GPP and as Board
Member of Readers Make Leaders, an organization that encourages urban teens to read and foster a
lifelong love of the literary experience.

Stephen resides in Smyrna, Georgia with his wife, Danila, and their twins, Adelayna and Charles. On
occasion, when he finds the time, Stephen can be found on the race track, be it driver or spectator,
indulging in a game of golf, at the ballet, or simply enjoying time at home with his family.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                 Patrice G. Coleman
                          Patrice G Coleman is president and owner of Patrice G. Coleman Enterprises,
                          a professional makeup artistry and image consulting company. She has been
                          one of the nation’s most highly sought after professional makeup and hair artists
                          with extensive experience in film, television, stage and print media. Patrice
                          currently works as the head makeup artist for Tyler Perry Studios television

                          Attention to detail and ability to interpret creative concepts has afforded her the
                          opportunity to work with a myriad of local, national, and international clients.
                          Throughout her career Patrice has worked extensively in advertising with an
                          impressive list of clients. Depth of experience and creativity has allowed Patrice
                          to also work in the television and motion picture industries with over 50 movies
                          to her credit ranging from independent films to major motion pictures.

A woman of vision, passion, and determination, she created Patrice G. Coleman Enterprises to expand her
reach in the delivery of signature services and products. She has established a team of highly trained
professionals to represent her company. They work cohesively to provide services to clients that reach
beyond expectation.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                      Cynthia Chapman

                           It's not often you find a Coiffure with as much experience and talent as Cynthia
                           Chapman. While most stylist worry about the quantity of their client list, Ms. Chapman
                           instead is concerned with the quality and the creating of the impossible. As a leading
                           production hairstylist in Theater, TV, and Feature Films, her career spans far and
                           wide. From film credits that include Blockbuster hits like Remembering the Titans to
                           productions that have changed the scope of trends in society through the eyes of Spike
                           Lee's Girl 6, she is well versed and knowledgeable in the field, making her well sought

                           As a graduate of East Point Beauty College, Cynthia Chapman began her career in the
                           Entertainment Industry with a highly coveted touring position with the Phantom of the
                           Opera. Exposed to the bright lights of the theater that would eventually land her in New
                           York City, Cynthia’s career continued to blossom as film and TV projects began to
come into play.

 Landing network shows such as Saturday Night Live, Sunrise with Ann Curry, and the Conan O’ Brian show,
proved to be no easy feat for Cynthia, but she welcomed the challenge and basked in the opportunity. Fully able to
show her vast knowledge of styling techniques and skills while dabbling in Make Up extremities for production, she
continued to progress into the world of Film

Having styled the tresses and manes of Award Winning Actors and Actresses like Taraji P Henson, George Clooney,
Cicely Tyson, Ann Curry, Lynn Whitfield, Tyler Perry and Paul Reubens to name a few, Cynthia’s most recent work
can be seen in hit movies: The Family That Preys, Madea’s Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and
Daddy’s Little Girls. Now noted as one of the go to hairstylist for Tyler Perry Studios, Cynthia also serves as the
Union Steward for the Atlanta chapter of IATSE, a makeup and hairstylists union that boasts over 800 members. As
Cynthia Chapman continues her career as a leader and mentor her progress continues to be noted and praised.

Currently serving as the Union Steward for the Atlanta chapter of IATSE Local 798, a makeup and hairstylists union
that boasts over 800 members, Cynthia Chapman continues her career as a leader and mentor.

Having styled the tresses and manes of Award Winning Actors and Actresses like Taraji P Henson, George Clooney,
Cicely Tyson, Ann Curry, Lynn Whitfield, Tyler Perry and Paul Reubens to name a few, Cynthia’s most recent work
can be seen in hit movies: The Family That Preys, Madea’s Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and
Daddy’s Little Girls. Now noted as one of the go to hairstylist for Tyler Perry Studios, Cynthia also serves as the
Georgia steward for IATSE local 798 a makeup and hairstylists union that boasts over 800 members. As Cynthia
Chapman continues her career as a leader and mentors her progress continues to be noted and praised.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                        Guy H. Tuttle
                           Guy H. Tuttle is a lifelong resident of Atlanta with a long family history in
                           Atlanta. After growing up here and attending Westminster Schools, I then
                           attended Brown University and received degrees in Engineering and
                           Economics. After college I returned to Atlanta and after working with an
                           engineering form for a few years, I began an unexpected career in television and
                           film. After many years as a set designer for theatre, I found that I could create a
                           business by combining my skills in and love of design with my training in
                           business and engineering.

                               I have been a designer for television for almost thirty years now. I own and
                           am the principle in the one of the largest fixed operation scenic shops in Atlanta
                           dedicated to television and film, Special Projects Inc. Special Projects has
                           provided scenic services to every major television operation in the Atlanta
market (WSB, WAGA, WATL, WXIA, and Georgia Public Broadcasting); to the independent production
houses and private network broadcasters that call Atlanta home (Media One, Weather Channel, CNN,
Turner Broadcasting, Georgia Pacific Television, Home Depot TV, CDC Television and others.); and to
the many producers and productions that have come to Atlanta (Olympic broadcasters, Gunthy-Renker
infomercials, Tribute to Coretta Scott King, music videos and commercials) and most recently to the film
production community (NeverFail, The Game, Franklin and Bash, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 1 and 2,
and many other films).

    I am also a member of the event television production company TELEVENT LLC. TELEVENT is the
technical producer of The Turner Broadcasting Annual Trumpet Awards and The Southern Regional
Emmy Awards, and has been the producer of The Children’s Miracle Network Broadcast for Egleston-
Scottish Rite Hospitals, and provides television services to many productions in the Atlanta area (The
Metropolitan Arts Fund, The YWCA, The Leukemia Society Roast of Larry Munson, John Smoltz Roast
for Career Sports Management, Cox Cable Rep Sales meeting).

I am currently on the Board of Governors of The Atlanta Chapter of NATAS and serve as its Treasurer and
on many of its committees particularly Emmy Certification and Website.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                    Kalena M. Smith
                          Kalena M. Smith has been working in the film and television industry in
                          Georgia since 2005. She began preparing for her career at Tri-Cities High
                          School, where she was enrolled in the Visual and Performing Arts Magnet
                          Program. As a graduating senior, she was named “Magnet Student of the Year:
                          1999-2000”. She holds a B.A. in Film Production from Howard University
                          (Washington, DC) where she graduated magna cum laude with honors and
                          distinction from the Annenberg Honors Program for her critical analysis
                          of Eve’s Bayou and the portrayal of familial relationships of the southern black
                          middle-class in film. She also received honorable mention at Howard
                          University’s Paul Robeson Awards for her student film An Editor’s Nightmare.
                          After graduating, she moved back to Atlanta and began working as a production
                          assistant and production coordinator for several music video and commercial
                          production companies. In 2008, she began training as a location scout and
                          became a location manager during the production of       Van Wilder: Freshman
Year (2009). Currently, Kalena holds several credits, including The Three Stooges (2012), Necessary
Roughness: Pilot Episode (USA Networks), The Walking Dead: Season 1 (AMC, 2010), Detroit 1-8-7:
Pilot Episode (ABC, 2010), Past Life: Season 1 (FOX, 2009), and            Ben 10: Alien Swarm (Cartoon
Network, 2009) to name a few.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                         \Sherry Mallory
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                   Heyward Tunstall
Fifteen years editing experience, primarily television and news production, utilizing the following: Final
Cut Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack, Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, DigiDesign
Pro Tools,ABC News Pathfire, CBS News Channel, FORK Media Asset Management.
Additionally, over 18 years experience in narrative and commercial film and video production, including
directing, producing, editing, cinematography, lighting, and camera operation, in 35mm/16mm/8mm film
and VHS/BetaSP/ DVCPro/DVCam/DV video formats.

2005 to Date – Editor - The Weather Channel, Atlanta, Georgia
Editing VOs, SOT-VOs, sound bites, and packages, video assets for

2005 - Freelance Avid Editor- KEF Media, Atlanta, Georgia
Edited video and news releases, included preparing VOs, packages, and other commercial and non-profit

2002-2005 - Chief Avid Editor - American News Network, Atlanta, Georgia
Two years editing experience, editing daily 30-minute news program for national broadcast Monday
through Friday (approximately 500+ completed shows). Responsibilities also included preparing VOs,
packages, and other projects as required.

1997-2002 - Avid Editor - Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Santa Ana, California
(WHSG-TV, Atlanta)

Five years experience editing three weekly productions for worldwide broadcast (approximately 750+
episodes of TotaLee Fit with Lee Haney, Hope Builders with Steve Brock, and Say Yes with Candi Staton)
as well as editing special programming such as holiday specials. In addition, Jib Camera Operator on live
in-studio productions of Praise the Lord, Camera Operator and Lighting Director for on-location
productions, and technical support of Avid editing system.

1988-1997 - Freelance Cinematographer/Lighting Director
Several independent feature films, numerous music videos, corporate and industrial video presentations.

Film credits:
Cinematographer-Nandi (1997), The Lower Depths (1994), Electric Tribe (1993),
Scenes From the Apocalypse (1991), Trouble I’ve Seen (1988).
Music Videos:
Cinematographer-Raven Symoné, Pastor Creflo Dollar, Jason Marcum, Skirt,
Smith Park Mafia Click, Candi Staton, Lisa Page, Generation J, Triple Crush, Creole D, Greg Ginn.
Corporate/Industrial Videos:
Cinematographer-American Medical Response (AMR), Life College, Kaiser Permanente, The Rocker
Shop, Fulton County Library, Kids First.

1990-1991 Cinematography Fellowship, American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI), Los Angeles
1985-1988 Fine Art Black & White Photography, Southeastern Center for the Arts, Atlanta
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                        Mark Wright
Mark Wright is the Creative Director for CNN International who oversees the output for the networks five
regional feeds: USA, Latin America, Europe – Africa – Middle East, Asia and South Asia. He and his
14-member team create and maintain all assets from motion and automated show graphics, show packages
and specials to set and print design for CNN International and CNN en Español Networks.
Wright is an extremely versatile creative director and visual communicator with many years of experience
in most major applications of design.
Driven by strategy and well-versed in all aspects of brand development across many cultures, Wrights’
work has brought him international recognition.

Creative direction, brand development, ideation, visual communications, design, print and interactive
Work History
2001 – present – CNN International Networks – Creative Director

1990 – 2000 - CNN Worldwide, Design Director working almost exclusively on start-up franchises
overseas and various high-profile projects.

1998 – 2000 – Principle/Co-founder – THINK! Media. Innovative ideas for emerging web and television

1987 - Headline News, Art Director -1988 added responsibilities to include Turner Private Networks -
Airport Network, Better Health Network and College TV.

1984 - Headline News Graphics Designer, CNN/Local TV Networks courtroom sketch artist

1982 – 1984 – worked for various advertising and marketing agencies from Miami to Atlanta as a graphic
artist / illustrator.

Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale – Associates degree in Advertising & Graphic Design
1979 – 1982

Honors and Awards:
1998 International design award - Promax/BDA 1 silver, 2 bronze
1999 International design award - Promax/BDA 1 silver
2001 International design award - Promax/BDA 1 silver
2002 International design award - Promax/BDA 1 silver, 3 bronze
2005 Peabody Award
2005 Alfred I. Dupont Award
2007 BDA World Gold Awards - Silver award, Art direction, CNN network/Image redesign
2009 BDA World Gold Awards – Gold award, News bumper, Silver award – New open/Titles.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                 Anthony Randolph
                         Anthony E. Randolph is an Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Web
                         Designer, Animator, Filmmaker, and Educator. Anthony attended Indiana
                         University, graduating with a B.A. in Studio Art. He later attended the
                         Academy of Art University in San Francisco, graduating with an M.F.A in
                         Computer Animation and Visual Effects. His career has spanned the various
                         areas of the Digital Arts, after having worked for the Dept. of Defense, Oracle,
                         and Lucas Digital LTD –Industrial Light & Magic.

                         His Post Production film and commercial credits include: Peter Pan (Universal
                         Studios 2003), The Bourne Supremacy (Universal Studios 2004), The Day
                         After Tomorrow ( Fox Films, LTD 2004), XXX: State of the Union
                         (Revolution Studios 2005), The Pacifier (Walt Disney Pictures 2005),
                         The Island (DreamWorks Pictures 2005), Son of the Mask (New Line Records
                         2005), Poseidon (Warner Bros. Pictures 2005), Harry Potter and the Goblet of
Fire (Warner Bros. Pictures 2005), Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith – Burger King
Commercial (2005), Star Wars BattleFront Game TV commercial (2004).

Uncredited Films : The Chronicles of Riddick (Universal Pictures 2004), The Village (2004)
Star Wars: Episode III –Revenge of the Sith (Lucas Film 2005), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the
Witch and the Wardrobe (Walt Disney Pictures 2005) , Rent (2005) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's
Chest (Walt Disney Pictures 2006), Eragon (Fox 2000 Pictures 2006), Lady in the Water (Warner Bros.
Pictures 2006).

Anthony is presently the Department Chair of the Visual Communications at Atlanta Technical College.
He hopes to continue to inspire the next generation of Digital Artists.
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                                 Fiskani Williamson
                               Fiskani Willamson is an internationally-influenced, Zambia-born stylist
                               with a successful image consulting business in Atlanta.

                               Fiskani’s personal style demands attention and makes people take notice.
                               Her passion for fashion is evident in all she does. It was a natural
                               transition to turn her passion into a thriving business.
                               Her keen, developed eye for fashion enabled her to create custom looks for
                               celebrities like Chilli, Toni Braxton, LisaRaye, T-Boz, akon, en Vogue,
                               Mario, and Ludacris for red carpet events, magazines, album covers, and

                               Fiskani is recognized by her peers from within the entertainment and
                               fashion industries as one of the emerging, cutting-edge artistic costumer
                               and wardrobe stylists. With a decade of wardrobe styling experience,
                               Fiskani’s "hands-on" and project management responsibilities include
                               merchandising, fashion research, and garment purchasing for a multitude
                               of highly sought after film, television, commercial, music video, and print

Fiskani most recently worked as the lead wardrobe stylist for “What Chilli Wants” – Season 1 and Season
2. She also worked as the lead stylist for the performances on the 2011 Soul Train Awards and got praise
for the 60’s themed R.Kelly set. Fiskani is currently styling LisaRaye for the new VH1 scripted show,
“Single Ladies.”
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                            Curtis Elder
                            Curtis Elder, creative editor, brings out the best in any project.
                            His artistry in compositing and graphics compliments his savvy
                            editing abilities, and that’s probably why we not only call him
                            clever but also "Mr. Fix-it." His multi-faceted creativity has made
                            him a two-time Emmy winner, recipient of a Monitor Award and
                            numerous ADDYs. Curtis’ talent is limitless – making him
                            favored by many agencies, broadcasters and filmmakers. Clients:
                            BBDO, 22squared, and Matlock Advertising & Public Relations.
                            His independent film credits include Shadowlight Productions’
                            "Good Intentions" starring Luke Perry, Elaine Hendrix, and
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                   Shalondra Henry

                                              Shalondra Henry loves a great adventure. In 2005, she
                                              decided to leave her career at The Arthur M. Blank Family
                                              Foundation to pursue her creative dreams. Shalondra moved
                                              to Hollywood to learn the ropes of the television and film
                                              industry. After moving, she quickly realized that she wasn’t
                                              in Kansas anymore. Everyday brought something new and
                                              exciting…and sometimes very odd.

                                              Her entertainment career includes fighting alien attacks
                                              (Cast member of CBS’s Threshold), following the love life
                                              of hip-hop and rock greats (Associate Story Producer -
                                              Flavor of Love, Rock of Love); creating buzz for R&B
                                              hottie (Producer - For the Love of Ray J network sales tape)
                                              and pulling regular people over everyday traffic violations
                                              (Field Producer and Camera Operator - Speeders). Recently,
                                              Shalondra has jumped the reality fence into the fields of
                                              scripted television. This past fall, she worked in the
                                              production office for BET’s much awaited return of The
                                              Game (Assistant Production Office Coordinator, Product
                                              Clearance Coordinator). She has worked on shows for CBS,
                                              VH1, MTV2, TruTV and BET as well as in marketing for
New Line Cinema.

Shalondra’s preparation for the entertainment and creative arena began when she was a child writing short
stories and poetry. Her formal education was nurtured at The University of Georgia’s Grady School of
Journalism. She loves traveling, volunteering, learning and meeting new people. Shalondra grew up in
Palmetto, Georgia and currently resides in Atlanta.
South Atlanta Film and TV Careers Workshop -

                                      Cedric T Bailey
Cedric’s love for cooking started at the very young age of 14 where he worked as a pot washer at a local
restaurant in Texas. After graduating High School he enrolled in Huston- Tillotson-Unversity in Austin
Texas. After receiving a B.A. in Hotel Restaurant Management, Cedric moved to Atlanta Ga. He
imediately enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta. After receiving an Culinary Arts Degree,the next 5 years
he worked in some of Atlanta’s most Exsqusic hotels and restaurants. Cedric later took his experiences as
a Chef and wrote, directed and produced a controversal film about his life as a Black American Chef in all
European Kitchens and Pastry Shops entitled, Invisible Kitchen. Cedric continues to keep his interest in
Film and T.V. by acting, writing and producing short films and making cooking appearances on local
Atlanta T.V. Cedric also finds the time to give back to his community, he has worked with Super Star
Usher New Look Camp, which gives youth the chance to explore all aspects of the sports and
entertainment industries, while also teaching them to leverage their talents and skills.

Cedric curently focusing on growing his company the CCGroup a Private service designed for healthy
customized gourmet meals targeted for entertainers and busy executives. Cedric is curently the Chef
Cuisine at the Le Geverny one of Atlantas Primere French Restaurants. Before taking on there he was the
Chef de Cuisine at another one of Atlantas Primer French Restaurants the South of France were he
Snatched Atlanta Most memorable meals awards from Atlanta Magazine. Cedric is currently is the Chef de
Cuisine at the Le Giverny

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