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					Lesson Plan for Shared Reading story      Dawn Leuning
“Marven of the Great North Woods”          10-27-09

Stage One – Desired Result
I want the students to be able to empathize with Marven. Put yourself
in his place. What could you do to enjoy living in the lumber camp?
How could you keep from getting homesick? (analysis and evaluate)
How could you compare/contrast this or make connections with the
present? (synthesis) What if there was an H1N1 epidemic and you
were sent away for the summer to wash dishes at a summer camp?

If Marven gave his word that he would do something, would you trust
him? Why is Marven a good citizen? (evaluation) How can you be a
good citizen? (evaluation)

Learning Target One:
Day One: Go through illustrations and predict what the story will be
about. (inference) What would it be like living away from home in a
lumber camp? ((inference) Why did Marven have to go to the lumber
camp? (knowledge)

Learning Target Two:
Day Two – Oral questioning of students in small groups and then
sharing in large group. Practice empathy and respect of comments.
After reading the story, summarize the main events using the retelling
cards. (knowledge/comprehension) Think of a time you went to a new
place or tried something new. If you were Marven, how would you feel
as Mr. Murray showed you around the camp? (application) Give
examples from the story of why the genre is “biography”. How is it
different from a typical biography? Give evidence. (analysis) What does
the word “payroll” mean? (Use your glossary if necessary.)
(knowledge) Which job do you think would be more difficult – keeping
the payroll or waking the lumberjacks? Give evidence. (Remember,
Marven is only 10 at the time of this story.) (evaluation) What are
some facts from the story and why? What are some opinions from the
story and why? (application)

Go back to Learning Target One questions.

Assign: Question #4 on p. 233
Put yourself in Marven’s place. (Application) Design a postcard and
write a message Marven might have sent his parents from the logging
camp. Use at least 2 out of the 5 “words to know”. Empathize with
Marven. How would YOU have been feeling? (Evaluation)

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