Love and Friendship

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					                            Love & Friendship
                By Timothy Wayne Panzid Helyard

                                  Chapter One
                             ‘Hogsmeade Heroics’

The suns rays dipped behind the mountains allowing the fiery haze to carry across the
sky illuminating a tall muscular man as he looked out from the tower across the
grounds with a smile to his face. It was late September and the seasons were getting
colder so as the chill wind caught him, the need for warmth grew. Drawing in his long
leather coat, the material gripped better over his broad shoulders. The number of
silver buckles gleaming in the setting sun as he looked out spotting Hagrid walking
back from the forest, arms laden with a series of different sized boxes, each one was
rattling and he was having a hard time controlling them. Looking away with a slightly
larger smile at the comical difficulty his eyes were drawn to the vast lake, the
remnants of the sun reflecting of its crystal shores. The first pinpricks of starlight
were appearing, the brightest was the northern star and they grew brighter as the sun
faded out of existence. Groups of students carrying books and heavy clad bags, cloaks
flapping in the breeze behind them, hurry to get inside before the bell rings and their
caught out of hours. Turning away from the sunset, the lone figure falls into the
shadows and reaches for the brass door knob. He had come to the tower to think, it
was a common spot for him because he was able to see the whole school and the
grounds by the window, which gave him peace. Trotting down the steps, hands in his
pockets his hair cascaded off his shoulders and fell loosely far down his back.
Brushing it out his eyes so he could see he reached the bottom of the twisted stairs
leading to his exit.

Entering the corridor, he had being here for 6 years yet still he'd never got used to the
beauty and magnificence that Hogwarts gave. Walking on, his boots clipped across
the stone floor and the hem of his coat swept his laid path walking with a stride.
Passing other students they looked up in amazement, he got that quite often, sadly
there wasn’t many who chose his style. Taking his hands out he let them swing as he
marched along, passing the flaming torches in iron brackets, the various paintings
with mobile occupant’s speaking in low whispers to themselves. He walked with a
skip to his step and a smile on his face. Sweeping a hand through the dark locks of
hair when he reached the main staircase and making his way up to the common room.
Reflecting in the shine of silver armour he continued his journey and hopped each
step with catlike grace, something that few could believe of a man his size and
strength. He made his way up and passed others of his house, with a nod and smile.
Reaching the 7th floor he walked by the magical relics surrounding him and gleaming
with magical fortune until he finally arrived at his favoured destination.
‘’Password’’ the denizen of a large golden frame her voice thick and stubborn spoke
out to him and he smiled as she smoothed down her long pink dress and looked sullen.
‘’Evening Fat Lady, how’s your day being’’ he asked politely but she pouted and
looked on with ignorance.
‘’Password’’ putting more force into her request.
Giving up on her he answered her request with a smile and the portrait swung
forwards, thanking her he hopped through and it closed behind me.

Continuing on he entered a large, richly furnished room. The walls decked with
scarlet tapestries emblazed by a golden lion, immobilised in a silent roar. Glass cases
full of silver trinkets and various awards, dark oak tables cluttered with schoolbooks
and rolls of parchment. The carpet thick and padded under his boots as he walked
across the room, passing robed students caught in their studies, to the direction of the
fire. The large ornate fireplace was magnificent. It’s flames crackled and the logs
burnt caught in its will. Large comfortable vermillion leather chairs circled the area;
this was where he saw his best friend. Falling into his favourite seat and dropping his
boots onto the coffee table in front of them with a bang he looked to her with a smug
A girl with chestnut brown hair looked up from her book returning the smile and
shook her head at his actions. ‘’So where have you been all night?’’ putting the large
leather bound book down on the arm of the sofa she looked at him with quizzical
emerald green eyes, her name was Hillary and she was his first true friend at
‘’Nowhere special just went for a walk to the tower’’ he answered with a smile
making himself more comfortable and sinking into the chair. ‘’You being in here all
day?’’ he asked taking the book in his hands and scanning the cover for its name.
‘’Transfigurative Theory’’ he noted reading the golden lettering sweeping the front
and spine. ‘’So your still thinking about it than?’’ giving the book back.
‘’Well wouldn’t it be great, I mean just to have the ability?’’ she asked already
knowing his answer.
‘’You know I’d love to do it but the time it would take’’ he replied, with a frown. ‘’It
took Harry’s Dad three years to master it’’
‘’But they were younger back than, I’m sure it would be easier now because you’re a
7th year’’ She protested and folded her arms giving him a forceful look meaning she
was right as always.
‘’Fine, I’ll think about it, lets talk about something else’’ giving in, he could never
win a fight with her, but that’s why they got on so well. She was the brains he was the
‘’Where are the others anyway I haven’t seen them much today’’
Suddenly, answering his question, three more of his friends entered the room from the
same portrait with smiles. They all dropped into their seats and the spaces were filled
about the fire. Looking at Ginny as she sat on Dean’s lap in the love seat he smiled to
himself, but found a jealousy that they had each other but who did he have. Shaking
the thought off, he rolled his eyes at them. ‘’Do you really have to do that?’’ he asked
criticising how they chose to act around them.
‘’We’re just displaying our love for each other’’ replied Dean which rewarded him a
large passionate kiss from Ginny.
‘’Yeah but here and now….where have you being anyway?’’ he asked but he could
guess and he’d be right, it’s all they ever did.
‘’You know keeping busy’’ he replied smirking. Ginny swatted him playfully on the
arm for this remark and buried her head into his chest.
Turning away, to the other occupant of the sofa ‘’Where have you being than
‘’Just being by the lake with Luna’’ he replied blushing slightly.
‘’Oh aye’’ laughing at his soon growing redder face.
He blushed more at this ‘’I told you before we’re just friends, there’s nothing going
on’’ he protested hoping it was going to be the end of the matter.
‘’What ever you say mate’’ he let the matter rest but he knew he was thinking about
her. He didn’t have to use Legimency to see that.
So they all just sat back relaxing and enjoying the warmth of the fire guarded from the
icy winds outside. As the time wore by they found the need for sleep and the room
began to empty as people departed to their dorms and the comfort of the beds.

‘’TIM’’ shouted Hillary with laughter in her voice.
He woke with a start and almost fell out the chair. It was just him and her in the dying
light of the fire. He realised he’d fallen asleep in the chair and groaned as he laughed
with her, rubbing his face to wake himself up as she watched him.
‘’Hia sleepy head, I tried to wake you but you were out of it’’ she laughed at him as
he stood up and stretched.
‘’How long have I being asleep?’’ He asked blinking and yawning.
‘’Few hours, everyone else has already gone I only came back down to get my book, I
thought some one would of woken you up by now’’ she laughed.
Stretching again, he yawned and looked at her ‘’Well cheers, you’re a real friend
unlike the rest of them’’ he joked.
They walked to the staircases together heading for bed, with yet another yawn.
‘’We still on for tomorrow than?’’ Tim asked and she nodded letting him continue
‘’Good, well we’ll see you in the courtyard at 10:30, sweet dreams’’ with a wave he
made his way up the stairs and to the welcoming bed above him.
‘’Goodnight’’ she chuckled as she walked in the opposite direction to her own room.
Stepping quietly into the room he saw Neville was already asleep along with Dean.
‘’Gits’’ muttering with grin his eyes cast over the empty beds and he remembered
Harry and Ron shaking his head. He had never really spoken to Harry he knew his
story everyone did but he never saw himself as being friends and now it seemed that
he had gone off on his own choosing not to return to Hogwarts. With another yawn he
slowly got undressed and threw the clothes into the corner for the House elf’s to
collect them later in the night. Hopping into the pyjama bottoms and tying the cord he
just wanted to go back to sleep. So with a sweep of his wand the blankets flew up and
he rolled on to the bed allowing them to float back down. Drawing his hand from the
covers he placed the wand on the bedside table and took off his glasses folding them
with one hand and they joined the wand. He let his head rest on the large pillow happy
to gain the dream he was having and to sleep once more. His hand dropped to the side
and he was soon back asleep, drool seeping into the pillow and the snores joining
those of Neville’s and creating a loud percussion of growls and snorts.

The sun flittered through the curtains and its solar rays basked on the faces of many
students waking them from their slumber to a new day.
‘’I hate mornings’’ grumbled a red haired girl pulling the pillow from under her head
to cover her eyes from the sunlight.
‘’Oh come on Lilly’’ moaned another girl poking her blonde head from under the
covers. Blowing the strands from her face she smiled at her. ‘’We’ve got Hogsmeade
today and Transfiguration tomorrow, don’t forget she promised she was going to
teach us about Animagus forms’’ she reminded her with a grin at the idea.
Lilly took the pillow from her face and a smile lit up her face, her bright blue eyes
filled with happiness. ‘’Oh yeah, at last, being waiting for long enough’’
The blonde haired girl, throwing the covers off, dragged her legs out and let them
drop over the edge. With a large shuddering yawn she stretched out her arms and
fingers. Her light green pyjamas decked with silver stars and moons. She jumped up
and ran to bed next to her, Lilly’s bed.
‘’Get up, come on I want to get some breakfast’’ she whinged and dragged at the
Lilly tried to win but she didn’t have a good grip and the lack of food meant she had
little strength. Once the scarlet and gold blankets were off she sprawled out on the
four poster bed in similar pyjamas but a pale lavender colour. ‘’Ok Melony, I’m
getting up’’
Laughing together they got dressed into their Muggle clothes of jeans and sweaters.
Wearing a forest green sweater Melony watched as Lilly threw on her usual pale
purple hoodie, her name shining out in golden letters. Walking to the vanity table they
fought over who got first use of the hairbrush and after a desperate struggle in which
Lilly successfully claimed her reward she began to tame the frenzy of red hair that
sweeped across her eyes. After a few minutes they swapped places and the hair care
continued. Smiling at each other in the reflecting mirror at their successful hair styles
they laughed and skipped down the stairs, the echoes of laughter heard by others

In the room next to laughing pairs own, its occupants were caught in a deep sleep but
the laughter outside the door woke one of the said girls from her dreams. She slowly
opened her green glazed sparkling blue eyes to the world and furrowed her eyebrows
in irritation of the younger students. Shaking her head she looked to her side and saw
her friend still sleeping. Her light brown hair was just visible underneath the blankets
as she curled up asleep. Being more respectful she allowed her to sleep and stretched
out reaching for her magically modified I-pod and wand. Slipping the white
headphones through her blonde bangs and placing them neatly in her ears she touched
the glass screen of the contraption with her wand to activate its everlasting power
supply. There was second of low static buzzing as is started up only to be replaced by
a heavy drumbeat and guitar. The lyrics fast overpowering as she was enveloped by
its power she turned the volume up and nodded her head with the music, laid back
closing her eyes and listening with ease. Mouthing the words she silently sang along
to the ‘Three Days Grace’ track.

Meanwhile in the deepest chambers of the castle there lived another house of
Hogwarts. Its students woke to the new day in the darkness of dungeons. There by the
harlequin green light of a glass lamp a girl sat by the vanity table brushing her flowing
golden hair so it fell down the curve of her back. Her translucent blue eyes shining
under the lamplight as she placed the silver backed hairbrush down onto the dark
ebony. With a sigh she clutched the small silver teardrop round her neck, watching as
it pulsed with a soft light the colour of the summer sky and she closed her eyes
remembering as she did each morning. After a short time she slowly opened them and
cast the crystal tear from her eyes and stood up. With little movement of her head she
flipped the hair to the side and smiled to her reflection showing perfect white teeth.
She was one of the prettiest 7th year Slytherins but she was secluded she spoke to few
of them and they chose to ignore her because she was different. She smoothed down
her white skirt and fixed the cardigan better over her slight shoulders. Smiling once
more to herself she put the sadness she felt to the back of her mind and sheathed her
wand away as she walked to the oak door and headed out the shadowed common
room, she continued on to the Great Hall passing iron brackets holding candles.
Shadows dwelled in the corners broken by the flickering flames and she walked on
familiar with her surroundings. She received stares from some off the boys but she
refused to meet their gaze. However it didn’t stop them from trying to catch her eye
and talk to her.
‘’Hey Avonlea what you doing tonight?’’
She turned to the boy and sniffed, he was a few inches shorter and scrawny looking
even in the light of the Entrance Hall. ‘’What do you want Nott?’’ her voice was light
and musical flowing though the air and reaching his large red ears.
He perked up at the answer, she usually just ignored people, hoping it was his lucky
day he leaned on wall and folded his arm hoping to look mysterious but failing as he
cocked his head to the side and grinned raising his eyebrow ‘’Well I was wondering if
you fancied going out’’
She starred harder and the torch flames flickered. ‘’Why would I do that?
‘’Well I'm a guy you’re a girl… let’s see what that equals’’ he said showing yellowed
teeth and smoothing his imaginary beard taking in the tight cardigan with hungry eyes.
She followed his gaze and narrowed her eyes as the candles in the iron chandelier
above were blown out. ‘’I’m up here’’ her voice lost the magic and became harder.
He immediately looked up, grinning mischievously at her caught in the act. ‘’So what
do you say fancy doing the math’’
‘’No thanks, your pencils a little short for my calculations’’ she smiled and turned
away leaving him confused about what she said. It wasn’t till she was entering the
Great Hall that he worked it out and she heard him defend himself to his friends.

The Great Hall was loud with the uproar of talk as students ate their breakfast and
discussed everyday topics. The teachers table filled all except for the largest and most
decorative chair. Its golden seat was unclaimed and the owner was no where to be
found. ‘’Severus’’ called a strict looking women her lips set in a scowl and her hair
tied back with a tight force stretching her plain face.
The teacher she called for looked out with hooded eyes, brushing his greasy black hair
from his face with a loose hand and turned to her with a piecing stare. ‘’Yes,
Minerva’’ he spoke lazily his voice falling out fluidly as he placed his silver fork
down to the table.
‘’Have you seen Albus this morning?’’ she spoke freely but there was a hint of
concern in her voice as she to laid down her spoon beside the bowl of lightly salted
porridge, a common yet unusual breakfast item from her hometown.
‘’I have not, I believed him to be in his office’’ he answered unconcerned for his
headmasters absence and picked his fork up again to resume eating.
She looked away and scanned the room hoping to find the reason why after all he
never misses breakfast. In the end she decided that she would look in on him later in
the day she had the Hogsmeade trip to take care of first. It was likely he was simply
working but she worried for the man, he hadn’t looked well since the start of term.
With a sigh she continued her breakfast but couldn’t shake of the doubts as she cast
her eyes over the students whom resumed their talk not knowing.

‘’No the Ballycastle Bats lost with 13 penalties, all thanks to Catherwood’’ protested
the 3rd year Ravenclaw with a thick Irish accent.
‘’You can’t be more wrong if you tried’’ argued his friend throwing his toast down in
disgust. ‘’It was 15 because the Falcons beater, Rodrig’s was purposely hit in the face
with his own bat on two occasions’’ The argument continued and those nearby added
their own opinion. Further down the table ignoring the Quidditch talk, a group of
young woman were chatting animatedly as they ate and their laughter echoed in the
hall conversing with that of others. The tallest of the girls led the talk and it shifted to
the lesson they were to have with Hagrid in a few days.
‘’I wanted to carry on with our lessons on Unicorns so I asked him about it and he just
argued with me said that the flock Augury’s he was getting were a better specimen’’
she informed them with a sullen voice and sipped her juice with pursed lips in
irratation at the half giant professor.
‘’Well they are quite interesting’’ squeaked the shortest of the girls with mousy brown
hair and tiny freckles scattered across her button nose.
‘’You must be kidding Zoe, you think them giant turkeys are better than unicorns’’
she shook her head in disbelief at her friends words.
‘’Yes Helena I do and their not turkey’s, if anything they resemble Vultures’’ she
retorted gaining the upper hand and smirking at her own confidence.
‘’Elia, what do you think’’ demanded Helena looking to her friend for support.
Elia looked up from spreading soft cheese on her bagel with a smile ‘’I have to agree
with Zoe I'm afraid’’ she took a bite a wiped the residue from her scarlet lips.
‘’Unicorns are beautiful creatures but the Augury have their own personal
significance in the magical world, there not much to look at but than again neither are
you first thing in the morning’’ She continued with laughter to her voice. They
laughed at this and Helena simply smiled losing the scowl as shook her head at her
friend’s comments. They all listened to Elia because she was their self appointed
leader of the small group. This was due to her personality they were able to feel safe
around her and because of this they turned to her when ever there was a problem.
Dropping the subject of lessons they all turned back to their breakfast and ate
hurriedly because they were wanted to head down for their trip into Hogsmeade as
soon as possible. They couldn’t wait to shake the confides of the castle off and bask in
the villages simplicity.

As the sun was freed from the obstacle of cloud its golden rays fell through the
branches of a tall oak. The shadow falling against the lone figure sat beneath as he
looked out to the crystal waters and read the fur bound book on his lap. Flicking the
pages and brushing away the crumbs caused by his toast as he ate. He often just sat by
the lake and read, he kept to himself and that was the life he preferred. He was a well
liked though he never knew why he was shamefully shy and didn’t often speak unless
it was in class, yet everyone tried to talk to him. He was adequately handsome with
short blonde hair, sky blue eyes which reflected the sights above magnificently. Many
girls in his year found him a perfect catch but the relationships never held he was
withdrawn because he knew they were not the ones he wanted to be with. So he made
a vow to remain unthawed by the hold of a woman until he found someone he truly
felt free with, he was going to leave it to fate. The sun was cast out by the cloud once
more and a grey shadow fell over the grounds. This brought his attention and he
looked to his watch realising the time that had passed he shut the large heavy book, its
eyes looked up blankly soothed and tranquil from being used. Strolling along back up
to the castle the young man took in his homes beauty and headed for his room to
prepare himself for the Hogsmeade trip.
Marching up the stone steps and through the immense doors into the Entrance Hall he
passed a group of laughing Ravenclaw girls who looked up and smiled at him.
‘’Morning Daniel’’ greeted Elia a sweet smile to her lips and her eyes lighting up at
seeing him. Her friends giggled behind her and pushed her on to talk to him.
He turned to her and returned the smile ‘’Good Morning Elia, I take it your going to
Hogsmeade?’’ he asked dropping his arm at his side, the book fell against his hip.
‘’Yeah, we all are’’ she motioned to her two friends behind her. Helena raised her
eyebrows to him and grinned over Elia shoulder.
‘’Well…I suppose I’ll see you later than’’ he dismissed himself and started to walk on
heading for the grand staircase and onwards to the Ravenclaw tower.
‘’Go on’’ goaded Zoe looking up at Elia ‘’ask him now before he goes’’ she ordered
giving her a small push towards Daniel.
Elia giggled as she was propelled forward a step, looking back at her friends she
warned them with her eyes to be quiet. Smoothing down her cornflower blue dress
she flicked her golden streaked hair from her eyes and prepared herself. ‘’Daniel
could I ask you something’’ she called up the steps and he stopped walking to turn to
her with curiosity.
‘’Sure Elia, what can I do for you?’’ he asked once more dropping his arms to his side
and looking down as he took a couple of steps so they were closer.
‘’I was just wondering if you if you wanted to meet up at the three Broomsticks for a
drink’’ holding her hands behind her back and pushing her chest out slightly she tilted
her head as she looked up to him her caramel brown eyes gleaming with happiness.
He thought about what she asked and usually he would turn down the offer preferring
to enjoy the day alone but she was looking to him with such sweetness he found
difficulty in saying no in case he offended her. Believing it might not be too bad to
meet up with them and it was only a drink he accepted her proposal. ‘’Thank you Elia
I would like that, shall we meet up there at noon’’ he suggested taking another step
down and keeping his eyes on her.
‘’Yeah that’s perfect’’ she replied happily her eyes lighting up once more, she smiled
to him revealing her white even teeth.
‘’Well ill see you there at noon than’’ said Daniel turning once more and making his
way up the stairs slightly quicker than before as he tried to escape.
Elia watched him go and once sure he was out of earshot she ran back to her friends
each of them squealing as they jumped up and down happily.
‘’He said yes’’ she informed them holding Helena’s hand tightly and grinning wildly.
‘’Oh he’s so hot’’ sighed Zoe, fanning herself with her hand. ‘’I can’t believe you got
a date with Daniel nobody can get a date with him lately’’ she added in awe at Elias
She simply smiled smugly and interlocked arms with the two girls. ‘’Come on lets
head down’’ she suggested as they walked on and out the doors down the stone path
to the winged boars that flanked the gates and entry into the school grounds.

Soon as Daniel reached the tower he answered the bronze eagle heads question
successfully and so he was granted access. Passing the white marble statue of their
house founder he headed for his dorm to drop the book off and get changed for the
trip into Hogsmeade village.
‘’Daniel’’ called a Ravenclaw 4th year his white blonde head popping up from the
sofa ‘’Can I ask you something?’’
He stopped and turned to the voice, why was everyone was asking him questions
today ‘’Sure Scorpius what can I do for you?’’ walking over slightly irratated but
curious to the boys question none the less.
Scorpius looked up with concern in his eyes and searched the room to insure that they
weren’t being spied on. ‘’Could I ask you a personal question about girls?’’ he asked
shifting his feet nervously.
‘’Girls’’ he repeated confused by the request. ‘’shouldn’t you go ask your brother or
something, I don’t have much of an experience in this matter’’ he replied a rose pink
tinge spreading to his cheeks.
‘’We don’t really get along, he doesn’t approve of me dating Rose because her last
names Weasley, but I love her and that’s that’’ he told him forcefully. ‘’In fact that’s
why I wanted to talk.’’ He told him keeping his sky blue eyes looking up into
Daniel’s own.
‘’I was just wondering if you have any tips on… wooing her?’’ he added unsure with
his own words.
Daniel smiled and thought, ‘’the only advice I can think to give you is to be romantic
and surprise her’’ he was feeling uncomfortable speaking like this with a boy 3 years
younger than himself.
‘’Surprise her’’ repeated Scorpius thinking about what he said ‘’Thank you Daniel
that does help’’ he added smiling and pulling out a bag of small chocolates.
‘’Happy to help Scorpius, well I’ve got to get ready for Hogsmeade, see you round
‘’Would you like a chocolate, Daniel’’ Scorpius offered with a smile before he left
‘’for the advice’’ he added smiling more and urging the chocolates on him.
He thought for a second and looked into the paper bag being offered. ‘’No thank you’’
he declined ‘’I aren’t all that hungry’’ he noticed the gleam in the boys eyes when he
pulled the sweets out, he’d heard of mysterious sweets about the common room and
thought it best he declined ‘’Well goodbye’’
‘’Goodbye Daniel and thanks again’’ said Scorpius pocketing the sweets his smile
fading because he hadn’t succeeded.
‘’I cant believe he didn’t take one’’ called a voice round the corner, coming out the
shadows the speaker shook her own white blonde hair out her face the blue tips falling
down her back neatly in shimmering ripples at the end at the end as she pouted.
‘’I know, what a prat’’ replied Scorpius his eyes lighting up to see her.
 ‘’He knows us both to well, I wouldn’t take sweets from just anyone, especially not a
Malfoy but we’ll get him next time’’ she giggled her eyes lighting up with excitement
of the future pranks they could pull.
‘’We’ll put your brothers out of business once we get out of Hogwarts’’ he said with a
grin, remembering her twin brothers Fred and George.
‘’Your right there, the prank world needs some new blood and were just that, we
going to go meet Hayle and Alice than?’’ she asked knowing what his reaction was
going to be.
He frowned, as predicted, at hearing their names ‘’do we have to meet up with them
their just going to take digs at me all day’’.
‘’I’ll tell them to be on their best behaviour, I just want you all to get along, can’t you
try…for me’’ she looked at him with puppy dog eyes, begging sweetly with a hint of
amusement, she never could keep a straight face.
He was soothed by the eyes and smiled ‘’alright but if they put tacks on my chair
again that’s it’’ he vowed forcefully.
She laughed out beautifully and he admired her as she did so ‘’Alice did say sorry,
she didn’t know you were going to sit there’’ though she didn’t believe this, she
herself thought it was funny and high five her sister when he was busy hopping about
holding his buttocks in pain.
He saw the hint of laughter under her fake sincerity. ‘’It wasn’t funny you didn’t have
Madame Pomfrey extract them manually, it’s never felt right since’’ he added rubbing
the once inflicted area and blushing as he remembered the uncomfortable task she had
to perform on him though he was finding it hard himself not to laugh at the incident.
‘’Your right it’s not funny’’ she told him standing proper and putting a fake straight
face on which just made the matter more comical because she was straining to laugh
and it showed.
He simply shook his head smiling at her ‘’come on lets get down than, I’ll try my best
to keep my cool but I once more Rose and…’’ he never finished the sentence as
jumped into his arms and glued her mouth to his, kissing passionately.
Soon as they stopped she stood back happy with the kiss. ‘’Let me just fetch my
coat’’ she told him as she jogged leaving him to admire her and sit down his legs
weak from the kiss. She was passing a dirty blonde witch with a dazed look over her
eyes who was walking in the other direction and greeted her with a wave ‘’Hia Luna
you going to Hogsmeade’’
‘’Yeah…I'm meeting Neville and some friends’’ she smiled liking the word friends.
Rose smiled back ‘’Well have fun wont you’’ she said starting to walk faster again.
‘’I will, thank you Rose, I’m sorry to hear about Ron’’ she added the smile fading to a
look of concern.
Rose stopped again and she to lost her smile, she knew people would talk but it was
still hard to hear it. ‘’Well he’s going to be ok, he’s just… travelling’’
Luna nodded accepting it though she had different thoughts ‘’its fun to travel, I hope
he’s having fun’’ speaking in far away voice losing her concentration and thinking.
‘’Yeah he will be…I've got to go Luna but it was nice talking to you’’
‘’Ok…goodbye Rose’’ without another word she walked on into the common room
and through the door into the corridor leaving Rose to fetch her coat.
She watched Luna go and thought about what she told her. She was his brother and
she didn’t know where he was or what he was doing, it scared her. Shaking the
thought away she walked on and grabbed her turquoise pea coat from the bed and
headed back to her patiently waiting boyfriend.

Luna just skipped along down the corridor passing the other students who looked to
her with curiosity and soon as she was out of the vicinity they began to gossip about
what she was wearing. They laughed as they pointed out the chain of butter beer
bottle caps and the orange radish earrings swinging from her ears. She knew that
people stared and commented but didn’t think much of it she was happy being unique
and that in her eyes was all that mattered smiling dreamily she skipped along. Her
gypsy skirt a mesh of crystal blues shimmered with the movement. Reaching the
entrance hall she continued on and saw one such friend.
‘’Hello Iyana’’ she greeted the older girl dreamily skipping up beside her.
‘’Oh hia Luna, you meeting up with the others for Hogsmeade?’’
She nodded and looked out the huge doors to the grounds ‘’are you not coming?’’ she
was little disappointed but she didn’t show it.
Iyana shook her head in reply ‘’I’m meeting up with Fred, it’s the only time we get to
see each other while I’m at school’’ informing her with a hint of sadness.
‘’that’s nice, that you have each other’’ she added, admiring a stone on the floor.
‘’What about you and Neville, aren’t you an item’’ she asked nosily.
Luna looked up from the stone and seemed to blush, which was a rare occurrence. ‘’I
don’t think he likes me like that’’ she stated as she played with a loose loop of wool
on her jacket absent mindedly.
‘’Are you kidding your made for each other’’ Iyana declared with undeniable force.
‘’Than why hasn’t he said anything to me?’’ she asked looping her finger round the
‘’Because he’s a man they don’t show emotion, their like cattle you need to lead
them’’ instructed Iyana laughing at her own portrayal of the opposite gender ‘’If you
really like him than reel him in Luna’’
She listened to all this but was still confused. ‘’couldn’t I just ask him myself’’ it
seemed such a simple idea surely she was wrong.
‘’Well… I guess yes you could’’ agreed Iyana, suppose that’s easier. Looking down
at her watch the diamonds that encrusted the dial shined under the sunlight. ‘’I’ve got
to go Luna, Fred will be waiting for me’’ pulling the leather coat in against the chill
wind. ‘’Sort it out with Neville, he’s a good guy’’
She nodded agreeing with this declaration as Iyana walked down the stone path to the
gates; Luna meanwhile went the opposite direction and headed for the courtyard to
meet up with the boys.

‘’Where are they?’’ Asked Tim with irritation clear in his tone and kicking a loose
pebble across the courtyard. ‘’I said meet here at 10:30, its now’’ he looked at his
watch with its dark leather strap and pewter dial, it was simple but like him it was
classical. ‘’10:45, 15 minutes late’’ he answered his own question and threw his hands
to the air irrationally, clenching them into fists against the bitter cold. He delved into
his leather coats pocket and withdrew a pair of fingerless leather gloves. They didn’t
do much against the cold but they made him look cooler.
Neville shook his head at his friend’s actions when he knew he wasn’t looking and
smiled to himself. ‘’15 minutes isn’t that late not really’’ he tried to reason with him
defending the girls as he rubbed his woollen gloved hands together.
‘’I just don’t like waiting’’ Tim answered he was usually a patient man but this was
one of the few occasions he got out the castle and he needed this. Sighing he looked at
his watch once more but didn’t comment on the time.
‘’Hello boys’’ greeted a hazy voice behind them.
They turned simultainusly as Luna strolled across the yard towards them. ‘’Yes one
down, just Hillary to go’’ Tim cheered and Luna stared at him than turned to Neville
who was already looking at her.
‘’Morning Neville’’ greeting him with a large colourful smile that lit up her face.
‘’Good morning Luna, you look nice’’ he complimented blushing slightly but it went
unnoticed and he was happy for that.
‘’Thank you Neville’’ she replied smiling more, Tim going unnoticed as they looked
at each other with their own thoughts and hopes.
Tim rolled his eyes and looked away the smile hidden from them both, they were
ideal for each other why couldn’t they see that he thought shaking his head in
disbelief. Leaning against the archway he folded my arms over the leather coated
chest and sighed. ‘’Come on Hillary’’ whispering he hoped she would hear and heed
his call.

As the students old enough made their way out of the castle and down to the village
there were those who still refused to go with excuses of prior engagements and
homework. Hillary was with once such person and was trying against hope to talk her
‘’Olivia, please come it’s gonna be me, Luna, Neville and Tim we’re gonna have a
laugh, you cant keep yourself cooped up in here all the time its not healthy’’ she
pleaded with her friend wishing that she saw sense and left the dorm for a few hours.
‘’I just don’t fancy going, go without me’’ she replied through the bathroom door.
‘’Olivia Scarlett, I am not taking no for an answer now put your lippy on, get dressed
and get your butt out that door’’ ordered Hillary with a smile.
The door opened and revealed a small girl with long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes,
she was smiling but there was a hint of sadness. ‘’I’m sorry Hillary but I don’t feel up
to it, you go, have fun, just the four of you’’ she walked across the room and grabbed
her sketch pad as she dropped onto the bed and began to draw silently once more, in
the dark and alone.
‘’But I want you to come’’ Hillary told her sitting on the end of the bed. ‘’Luna's
great but she’s being acting weird lately’’
Olivia simply replied by raising a sceptical eyebrow.
‘’I mean more weird than usual’’ smiling as she realised what she’d said. Luna was
best known for her witty if not odd remarks and beliefs. ‘’I think she’s feels the same
about Neville and it will be just me and Tim if they’re both going to be looking at
each other all day’’ she supposed ‘’As much as I like Tim, he’s no woman, no matter
what people say about him, I need another girl to come and talk with me’’ she begged
grabbing the hem of her robes and pulling on them like a spoilt child who wouldn’t
get their own way and was being denied what they wanted.
‘’What will Tim do than, if Neville’s with Luna and your with me’’ she asked
thinking about her friend.
‘’He’ll be happy enough just put a Firewhisky and pretty woman in front of him and
he’ll be preoccupied’’ she grinned and Olivia smiled back.
‘’Your not going to give up are you?’’ shaking her head as she put down the pad and
charcoal pencil beaten.
‘’Nope, Tim says I’m stubborn as a mule so get your butt moving before I give it a
kick’’ she warned standing up and bracing her self to make contact with Olivia’s said
‘’I’m going, I’m going’’ laughed Olivia as she hopped out he bed and narrowly
missed the swing of Hillary’s foot as she jogged to her closet and brought out a series
of outfits to wear that day.
She searched through with a sad smile but hid it from Hillary who was choosing the
lipstick and eyes shadow for her. As she stepped out the closet wearing pale blue
jeans and light rose pink blouse she looked to her friend for her opinion.
‘’You look great, just fix your make up and we’ll be done’’ said Hillary handing her
the equipment and they walked to the vanity table and after a good few minutes they
were both looking beautiful and knew that they’d be turning a few heads. Olivia tried
to be happy but she still wasn’t over him so for Hillary’s sake she forced a smile on
and used her best acting skills to look happy. Grabbing their coats they journeyed to
the door and headed for the courtyard passing the younger students as they went.

As another five minutes passed, Tim was starting to get irritated and was considering
going on with out her. ‘’Right are you two ready we’ve waited long enough she
obviously has a prior engagement so-‘’ he never got to finish the sentence as the
sound of two girls talking cut him off. Turning to the disturbance he was relieved and
irritated to see Hillary in good fortune and walking as if nothing was wrong.
‘’Glad to see you could join us we’ve only being waiting 25 minutes in the cold for
you’’ he spoke to Hillary and the disapointment was clear in his voice.
‘’Sorry, we lost track of time’’ replied Hillary still smiling as she led Olivia through
the arch and to the small group.
‘’You could of being a bit more respectful of us you know what I mean Hillary, what
takes you so long to get ready?’’
Olivia walked to the side and stood by Luna looking at her feet, this was all her fault
she thought, they were arguing because of her.
The smile gone Hillary glared at him, her shining eyes becoming dark and foreboding.
She saw Olivia out the corner of her eye and it made her angry at him after all the
work she had done to get her to come out he was going to ruin it all over being late.
He had no right to be acting like this ‘’First of all don’t speak to me like that Tim,
how’s about giving me some respect and speak to me like I'm human’’ she put her
hands to her hips and kept her eyes locked on him, she was never afraid of him and
refused to let him have the upper hand. ‘’second I was talking to Olivia and trying to
persuade her to come out today, I want her to be happy so button it, cheer up and get
going’’ she ordered looking up at him angrily as she flipped her hair out the way.
He looked at Olivia and than at his feet and never felt as small as he did right now
‘’I….I'm sorry Hillary’’ knowing he was in the wrong ‘’Sorry Olivia I should of
thought, I was worried that was all’’ he scratched the back of his neck as he
apologised he only ever wanted what was best for them.
‘’Its ok Tim, i'd rather we just put it behind us, besides maybe we should of being
thought about you as well, you were only worried’’ Hillary replied letting her hands
drop and smiling sadly, she didn’t like fighting with Tim, she didn’t know where
she’d be with out him to help.
There was an awkward silence and nobody knew what to say. Neville tried to break
the silence so as he coughed dryly and everyone looked at him hoping he was going to
say something he haltered under their gaze but continued ‘’Are we... going to
Hogsmeade than?’’ he asked uncertainly.
Tim looked at Hillary who nodded and gave him a forgiving smile which he returned
and they made their way down the path heading for the gates. They all silently agreed
to forget what just happened and simply enjoy themselves. Crossing the boundaries
the wind picked up and the tension and worries they had, were gone as they joined
other students progressing down the road to the village.

The streets and shops were loud with the laughter of students as they padded down the
road arms laden with bags of sweets and new supplies, clothes book and toys. Their
pockets considerably lighter of coins. Stores were jam packed with children as they
examined the shops wares and created mischief. As the students went their own ways
buying and socialising one girl walked briskly overlooking the stores and heading for
the small café. The door let out a small ring of a sliver bell and she overlooked the
many heads sat down at two person tables decorated with frilly dollies and small hot
beverages. The room was mostly full of witches but there was a scatter of young men
looking sweetly into their partners eyes as they held hands and sipped tea. Spotting
the man she wanted Iyana walked quickly, forcing herself through the cramped room
to the corner where a tall wizard with red hair sat reading a newspaper and scratching
his cleanly shaven chin a small cut from the shaving above his lip.
She pulled the paper down and they looked into each others eyes. ‘’Alright
handsome’’ she greeted him as he folded it and stood up.
‘’Great now you’re here’’ he brought her into his arms and kissed her sweetly on the
lips, which she decided was to soft so she grabbed his head and pulled him into a
more passionate deeper kiss. He resurfaced, with a slight blush to his cheeks. ‘’We
should meet up more often’’ laughing as she sat down smiling seductively at him.
‘’I wish we could i can’t wait till I've finished school’’
‘’hay education comes first’’ he told her with a smile ‘’we have the rest of our life’s
together to look forward to, you just concentrate on your studies’’
‘’My studies’’ she repeated, ‘’where’s Fred and what have you done with him’’ she
joked laughing at what he told her to do ‘’who are you to tell me to concentrate on my
studies when you never did yours?’’ she shook her head and placed her hand on his.
‘’Exactly and look how I turned out’’ he answered.
‘’Oh yeah rich, successful, smart, sexy’’ she added, ‘’there are qualities I never want,
I don’t know how you cope’’ He just shook his head at her comments grinning; she
noticed he didn’t deny any of it. ‘’How’s George and the others?’’ she asked striking
up conversation
‘’George, prat as ever, but the families good mums worrying about Ron of course and
dads keeping himself busy at the ministry.’’ ‘’We haven’t heard much from Charlie
but he’s busy and Bill and Fleur moved into their new home last week’’
She noticed he didn’t mention Percy and knew better than to bring him up.
Suddenly a small witch wearing a frilly apron along with a floating candy pink quill
and notebook appeared. ‘’What can I be getting you dears’’ she asked in sweet granny
voice. They ordered their drinks and returned to their date once she left.

Down the high street three girls interlocked at the arms were laughing as they walked
heading for the large building where a sign with three crossed broomsticks was
swinging in the wind. They pushed on the door and were welcomed by a rush of
warmth and loud conversations. The just managed to salvage a table in the center of
the room and looked through the crowds for any sign of Daniel but found nothing.
‘’He hasn’t arrived yet’’ said Helena as she took her coat off and hanged it on the
back of the chair as Zoe went to buy drinks.
‘’Guess not’’ replied Elia quietly she was getting nervous now.
‘’Listen your going to do fine, just be yourself’’ Helena instructed.
‘’Corny but ok’’ laughed Elia as Zoe finally returned three bottles of frothed
Butterbeer in her hands and smile to her face.
‘’You excited Elia?’’ she asked putting them down on the table, sitting next to Helena.
‘’She’s nervous’’ informed Helena before Elia could speak.
‘’Your going to do great, just be yourself’’ repeated Zoe as she sipped her Butterbeer.
‘’Just said the same thing’’ Helena told her as she picked up her drink.
Elia just smiled and sipped her drink hopping she had it in her.

On another table in the corner 3 girls were chatting animatedly and showing the
supplies they bought from Zonkos Joke shop whilst the boy sat and drank his
Butterbeer in silence forgotten by the others.
‘’flatulence fancies, one bite for desired effect - CAUTION insure prankster is at a
safe distance’’ Rose read out showing a small box of pink buns with white icing. ‘’We
could slip them onto the Slytherin table and watch as they take effect’’ she suggested
keeping her voice low. ‘’I bet you Crabbe and Goyle would take them, don’t you
think Alice’’ she turned to her twin sister who was sucking on a sugar quill.
‘’Definitely but its getting them on there, we need a distraction or a mole’’ she
thought out loud.
‘’You’ve had to much sugar’’ Rose replied pointing out the quill, ‘’how is a mole
going to help us, we can’t train moles’’
‘’Not a real mole’’ shaking her head at her sisters confusion ‘’and you’re in
Ravenclaw, they’ll let anyone in nowadays, I meant a mole like in those Muggle
espionage films dad likes, we need someone who can sneak in and pretend to be one
of the Slytherins.’’ She planned speaking in hushed tones so no one could hear them.
‘’they get close and when they’re all distracted they leave the merchandise and walk
away without being discovered’’ she declared sucking on the quill once more her eyes
lighting up with the sugar boost.
‘’That actual makes sense’’ replied rose choosing to ignore the insult. ‘’But whom…
Hayle you got any ideas’’
The third girl thought for a minute and knew it was risky but he was perfect ‘’we use
somebody who’s big with the Slytherins or at least his brother is’’ she added looking
past Rose to Scorpius sat next to her.
He saw her looking and confused he looked over his shoulder but she was looking
directly at him ‘’me, you want me to be the mole’’ he was surprised they usually just
ignored him.
‘’He’s perfect’’ agreed Alice ‘’finally a use for Scorpion Boy’’ she added not
listening to him as he began to protest.
‘’One don’t call me Scorpion Boy I hate that and two I aren’t being your mole your
not the one risking his neck on the line’’ he looked to Rose for support.
‘’Well you have less chance of being caught and if you do get caught it isn’t that big a
deal’’ said Hayle taking one of the sugar quills offered by Alice which seemed to miss
Scorpius as they went round.
‘’Hayle please’’ begged Rose, ‘’I warned you both to leave him alone, stop calling
him Scorpion Boy, he doesn’t like it and he makes me happy, that should be enough
for you both just to accept him’’ she took his hand to prove this.
They both stayed quiet and overlooked the hand holding. Alice broke the silence and
looked at Rose ‘’is he going to do it or not’’ she didn’t look at Scorpius afraid of what
she might do to him if she did.
Rose looked to her side she wasn’t going to force him, this was his choice, he looked
at her and they spoke with their eyes after a minute he made his decision. ‘’I’ll do it,
for Rose’’ he agreed with their request and she kissed him glad that he came through
for her; she didn’t notice Hayle behind her doing the vomiting action at their show of
love or Alice as she held back the laughter.
‘’All you have to do is get near your brother and we’ll cause a distraction you slip
them on the tray and your safe’’ instructed Rose ‘’you’ll be fine, their all going to be
looking elsewhere’’ He nodded in reply and they returned their talk about future

Daniel was standing outside the door to the Three Broomsticks thinking and biding
his time before he had to enter. What was he doing here? Why did he have to accept
to come he was regretting it now but he had make an appearance, he knew people
were looking at him as he stared at the door but he was too preoccupied to even care.
‘’You going in or what mate’’ asked a deep, husky voice behind him, he turned and
found himself looking at a large man with mane of dark hair that flickered in the wind.
He was oddly dressed yet he couldn’t help but admire him, he wasn’t handsome or
rugged but he had a look that made you know you were safe. ‘’Hello…… are you
going in’’ repeated Tim, he looked to the others who shrugged and Daniel came back
to reality.
‘’Sorry err, yeah, yeah I suppose I have too’’ he looked to the others behind the man
and recognised Luna but not the others. Eyes lingering on Hillary for a few seconds
longer, he turned back to the door and pushed his way in.
Shaking his head Tim walked forward and caught the door holding it open he allowed
them all to enter. ‘’Weirdo’’
‘’Be nice, he looked lost’’ replied Hillary swatting his arm playfully as she entered.
She watched the guy go through the crowds and cast him to the back of her mind.

Once in they scanned for any available chairs and tables ‘’See anything Tim’’ Hillary
asked looking up at him, if anyone could spot a seat he’d be the best seeing as he
towered over them all and so had the ability to see further.
‘’Got one! Over by the far wall’’ he pointed it out to them as the former residents left
their seats and took their bags with them ‘’you girls go save it quickly and we’ll get a
round in, you all want Butterbeer's?’’
‘’Please, thank you Tim’’ replied Hillary as she led the other two across the room and
quickly stole the seats from a pack of Slytherin 5th years.
So as Tim and Neville fought their way through the crowd at the bar they saw the red
haired beauty that was Madame Rosmerta serving drinks with incredible speed.
‘’What can I get you gents’’ stepping up to them and speaking in strong southern
accent, wiping the bar down and flicking her wand at the till draw, so it was shut from
sticky hands of a scrawny 7th year Slytherin.
‘’What are you having Neville?’’ asked Tim drawing his wallet from his back pocket.
‘’Your alright Tim, I’ll buy my own’’ and he got his own money pouch out to pay.
‘’No you wont im getting the first round in’’ He shook his head at Neville’s gesture
but appreciated it none the less.
‘’You sure’’ replied Neville unsure whether he should let his friend pay.
‘’Yes, now hurry up, what you having because your keeping her waiting’’ indicating
Madame Rosmerta who had started to tap the bar with her long scarlet fingernail
irritated by the two men and their decision making. ‘’I don’t care who’s paying, you
ordering if not sling your hook’’ she asked them the accent making it slightly hard to
understand her.
‘’Err…..I’ll have a Butterbeer please, thanks again Tim’’ he pocketed his pouch and
clapped his friend on the back.
‘’No worries Neville your getting the next round in’’ Tim laughed and looked back to
their inpatient landlady. ‘’Four Butterbeer’s and a single Firewhisky’’ he requested
leaning on the bar. He watched as she got their drinks and racked up the four frothy
golden bottles. ‘’And get yourself a drink, for your time’’ he added flashing a smile.
She was pouring the whisky as she returned the smile with a cheeky grin. ‘’Cheers,
I’ll join you in a Firewhisky’’ she picked up the small glass of amber liquid that was
going to be his drink, raising it to him in gratitude she tipped the drink back and took
it in one quick gulp. ‘’Whooh, that will put hair on your chest’’ she quoted putting the
used glass under the bar and preparing a new one. Now that’s a woman who can take
her drink. Raising an eyebrow as he saw her take it with ease impressed.
Handing the money over once they were supplied, Neville grabbed two bottles and
Tim copied holding them both in one hand his Firewhisky in the other. Dodging the
other students and customers they made their way to the far wall were the girls were
talking amongst themselves. ‘’We’re back, sorry it took so long, Neville couldn’t
decide’’ stated Tim as he put Hillary and Olivia’s drinks down. Summoning a spare
chair from a Hufflepuff 3rd year that ended up sitting on the floor confused. He
dropped down next to Hillary and brought his drink to his lips satisfied.
‘’that’s alright gave us time to have girl talk’’ Hillary replied as she flicked her wand
and the four caps were snapped off the bottles.
‘’Oh any chance we can get in on this’’
‘’Unless you suddenly turn into a women, no’’ said Olivia grinning at Tim.
‘’What if I put some fishnets and a dress on’’ he joked sipping his drink and letting it
burn comfortably down his throat and warming him as it spread.
‘’Oh that’s just disturbed… great now I have a mental image of you in fishnets
stockings’’ laughed Olivia shuddering at the sight before her eyes. She laughed
without sadness for the first time that day.
‘’You want to wear fishnet stockings Tim’’ asked Luna in a dreary voice and we all
laughed at her she didn’t seem to mind and shrugged taking her warm drink in her
‘’No, I can promise you I have never and I don’t believe I ever will wear fishnet
stockings’’ Tim declared shaking his head.
‘’Never say never Tim’’ Hillary joked taking a long swig from her drink.

‘’Did I just hear Timmy say he wants to wear fishnet stockings?’’ asked Alice turning
her head to the five laughing 7th years a few tables down from their own.
‘’Timmy….fishnets, I hope not’’ laughed Rose at what Alice said ‘’though come to
think about it he does have the look of someone who might’’ she added and there was
a spray of Butterbeer and chocking as their friend spluttered and laughed. ‘’You
alright Hayle’’ giggled Rose.
Alice patted her on the back and Hayle drew her head back up giggling. ‘’Rose,
‘’It’s always the quiet ones’’ she watched as Hayle and Alice looked at Scorpius who
had his arms crossed and was silently staring at the rafters above. He sensed them
staring at him and looked down. ‘’What?’’ he asked and all three of the girls started
laughing at his face. He stared at them confused and shook his head, they were
making fun of him but he didn’t know what about ‘’What ever’’ he replied shaking
his head and taking a long drink from the Butterbeer on the table.
‘’Oh I don’t know what’s worse Timmy or Scorpion boy’’ Alice thought out loud.
Rose stopped laughing and looked to her twin ‘’Alice, please I asked you not to’’
She was slightly confused at first but realised what it was she’d done ‘’Oh right,
sorry….Scorpius’’ she corrected herself and looked away from them both as Scorpius
kissed her on the cheek thanking her for defending him..

Soon as Daniel stepped in he was spotted by Zoe who warned Elia and she was able
to make sure he hair and makeup was ok before he arrived at their table a Butterbeer
in hand. ‘’Sorry im late, would any off you like a drink?’’ he asked politely noticing
the bottles with little drink left in them.
‘’I’ll have another Butterbeer if your offering, thank you Daniel’’ replied Elia and
flashing him a smile.
‘’What about you two’’ he asked looking at Helena and Zoe.
‘’We’re fine thanks’’ replied Helena smiling at his gesture and watching him go fetch
another drink.
‘’He’s such a gentleman’’ complimented Zoe looking at Elia, ‘’your so lucky’’
Elia just smiled and watched as he returned, like he said, a minute later with a second
bottle of Butterbeer in his hand.
‘’Here you are Elia’’ he handed the drink to her and took the only available seat on
the small table which turned out to be right next to Elia.
‘So Daniel, you glad to be back at Hogwarts’’ Zoe asked striking up conversation.
‘’Yeah I suppose, got N.E.W.T’s now as well so its going to be studying all the time’’
he replied smiling nervously.
‘’You can’t be working all the time’’ protested Elia, ‘’don’t worry I’ll take care of
you, we can have some fun together’’ she added flirting with him.
He smiled sheepishly but said nothing, he had fun, if people mistook that for studying
than that’s was their fault but he was happy enough. There seemed to be an
uncomfortable silence and after a minute of silent sipping it was clear someone had to
break the silence.
 ‘’So Daniel how’s Wes’’ asked Helena, she had always had a crush on Daniel’s older
brother but he was 5 years older than her and so she never told him what she felt.
‘’He’s ok, got a promotion over the summer he’s the assistant head of Magical Co-
operation now, moved out and got himself a flat in London so he could be nearer to
work’’ informing her in a dull voice, people always wanted to hear about his brothers.
‘’Wow, he’s doing well for himself than’’ she said pleased but still longing for him.
The silence returned and it was getting uncomfortable, giving in Zoe threw caution to
the wind and came up with a plan. ‘’Oh no’’ crying out she covered her mouth in
‘’What is it Zoe?’’ asked Helena concerned for her friend.
‘’I just realised we had that thing with… Flitwik’’ she added thinking fast.
‘’I don’t remember anything about Flitwik’’ said Elia curious she was usually the
only one who remembered things like that.
‘’A meeting, me and Helena had to see him about our homework’’ she hinted.
‘’You know what I think she’s right I do remember you mentioning something now’’
supported Helena catching the hint, she thought she knew what Zoe was up to so
decided to go along with it.
Zoe already prepared started to hurry her up ‘’Come on Helena your going to make us
late, sorry we cant stay Daniel but have fun with Elia wont you’’
‘’It ok, I hope you get it sorted with Flitwik what ever it is’’ he replied and watched
them leave together more nervous and wondering if it was planned.
Once outside Zoe turned to her and smiled ‘’we’re not really seeing him, I just
thought it would be smart to leave them there to speak alone we’re just making it
‘’I thought so, you’re an evil genius Zoe’’ she replied complimenting her inicitive.
‘’Thank you’’ she curtsied in joke manner and smiled up at her. ‘’So what do we do
now?’’ looking up the street.
‘’Suppose their going to be alright alone so lets have our own fun and go see if we can
find our own Daniel’s’’ she replied locking arms with her.
‘’Why not, can’t let Elia have all the fun can we’’ she laughed as they walked up the
high street, leaving Elia alone with Daniel and off in search of their own men.

‘’So looks like it’s just the two of us now’’ said Elia taking a swig of her drink and
flashing a smile at Daniel.
He just smiled politely and nodded
‘’Daniel can I ask you a personal question’’ she asked quietly coming in closer to him
as she spoke and putting a loose strand of hair behind her ear so she could see him
‘’Suppose so’’ he muttered feeling uncomfortable
‘’Well, if you don’t mind me asking’’ she took her time. ‘’Why don’t you have a
girlfriend’’ he was taken back by the question.
Blushing slightly ‘’I don’t know… I simply never found the right girl’’ he answered
taking a long swig from his Butterbeer afterwards his mouth unusually drier than
‘’So you’ve had them than’’ she asked digging deeper
‘’Sort of, in the past but not for long’’ he took another long drink as he became more
nervous and uncomfortable with the conversation.
‘’Oh right, are you not interested in anyone at the minute than’’ she placed her hand
on the table, it barely touched his but the effects was instantaneous as a shiver ran
down her spine spurring her on.
His gaze shifted from the hand to the door. ‘’N-not really no, I’m happy as I am at the
minute, being single’’ He finished off his drink, knocking it back till the suds had
faded away, there was a soft clunk as the glass bottle was put down on the small
wooden table and he laid his other hand out next to it.
She nodded understanding but she was sad because that meant he might not say yes,
she peered into her drink looking for the answers for what to do. Suddenly a large
man with wild grizzled hair passed Daniel and accidentally knocked him forward
‘’Oh sorry mate’’ he apologised pushing the hair out his face, he recognised him as
the guy he called a weirdo at the door.
‘’It’s alright, it was an accident ‘’ replied Daniel turning and looking up at him
‘’Just look were you going next time, what if he was drinking at the time’’ Elia
scolded the man, his eyes were slightly unfocused and she had her suspicions he had
being drinking, she scoffed at his reply of a cheeky smile.
‘’Like I said I'm sorry, hope I didn’t hurt you mate’’ Tim raised his hand as if
protecting himself from her glare, she was a good looking lass he thought but she
didn’t seem too happy with him. ‘’Sorry I didn’t catch your name’’ he spoke directly
to the young women, flashing her with another smile and raising his left eyebrow
standing smugly.
‘’that’s because I never gave it’’ she sniffed looking away from him and focusing on
Daniel once more.
‘’Well I guess I’ll see you round’’ he winked at her grinning madly ‘’and I’m sorry
again mate’’ he patted him on the shoulder and Daniel took the force this time yet it
still felt like he was hit with a jack hammer.
‘’No problem’’ he replied slightly dazed by the impact, the man nodded to him and
walked on.
Elia couldn’t help but watch him absentmindly as he headed for the toilets, sweeping
a hand through his hair before pushing on the door. She sniffed at his actions and
returned to Daniel. ‘’You sure your alright, I think he was drunk’’ she gossiped but he
simply nodded not taking an interest in what the mans condition might of being.
‘’I’m fine honestly you don’t have to worry’’
‘’But I like worrying about you’’ she smiled at him when he looked to her.
Gulping he knew he had to stop this before it went to far, if it was indeed what he
thought, he might make a fool of himself if he said it but she had to be told.
‘’So Daniel what are you doing tomorrow night’’
He sighed and sat properly looking at her sadly. ‘’Elia, I don’t want a girlfriend… I’m
sorry but I’m just not looking for anyone id prefer it if we could just be friends’’ he
was wringing his hands nervously as he told her this and waited for the reply, he
didn’t mean it to sound so curt but she had to be told before it got out of hand.
She caught her breath and didn’t know what to say, she felt it getting hotter and she
was embarrassed. ‘’I don’t know what your taking about’’ she replied defensively.
‘’Sorry I just thought…that you were…well asking me out’’ he regarded the matter
unsure if she was upset or angry with him.
‘’Well you got it wrong didn’t you’’ she snapped and taking the half drunk bottle of
Butterbeer she took a hearty swig and brought it down with a loud clunk. A few
people looked over at the disturbance and she felt her face growing redder, she just
wanted the earth to swallow her whole now, she had made a complete fool of herself.
‘’Maybe I should go’’ he stood up taking his American football jacket in his hands,
rubbing the steel grey leather with his thumb he didn’t know what to say to her. ‘’I’m
sorry Elia’’ he put his hand on hers but she pulled it away from under, angry with him
but more at herself.
More people were taking in what happened and he knew it wasn’t fair to make a show
of her so he apologised once more and made his way quickly for the door, people
watched him leave and he wished that he could have handled it better, letting the door
swing behind him, leaving Elia sat alone.
She heard the door shut and the cold breeze hit her, but she refused to shed a tear over
him, he was just a boy, a pathetic boy, she didn’t need him, she didn’t need any of
them, she had herself to look after. Looking at the dregs of her drink she stood up and
pulled the coat harshly away from the chair. She saw people were still watching her
she glared at them and some smiled trying to keep back their insensitive snide
comments. Sighing as she looked down at the seat where he recently sat and made her
way for the door, she needed to see Zoe and Helena, they’d know what to say on the
matter. Dodging and weaving around people she was stopped abruptly by someone
propping their leg up and against the wooden beam, blocking her off. Turning to the
owner she felt her heart sink, his white blonde hair and pale blue eyes looking up at
her a sneer to his lips. ‘’Alright darling’’

The wind was blowing harder and its cold grip blew against him as he zipped the
jacket to his neck and pocketed his hands. He was angry with himself for upsetting
her and wished he never accepted the invitation now. Looking ahead he headed for
the castle. ‘’What’s the use in coming here I would of done better just revising back at
the school’’ he spoke to himself and passed younger students heading for the village
with his head bowed.
Further up the road however two boys were laughing excited as they headed down for
their first time to Hogsmeade. The taller of the two had just informed him about a
letter one of the many 3rd years’ girls had sent him. It has made him laugh so hard he
was clutching his side.
‘’You alright there Josh’’ he asked laughing at his friend.
‘’Yeah, yeah, seriously though that girl needs to sort her life out, sending you a profile
picture to put on your bed’’ laughing still he looked to him ‘’so when you seeing her’’
The question was blunt and he laughed ‘’who says I’m seeing her again’’
‘’Because your Kyle Ginskey, you never say no to a girl no matter how crazy she
might be’’ he laughed and Kyle laughed with him.
‘’What can I say, ladies like what they see’’ he pulled on the lapels of his jacket and
flashed a smile at three Hufflepuff girls talking amonst themselves. They started
giggling and Josh grabbed the back of his friends coat to stop him from flirting with
the girls further.
‘’Whoa boy, leave the girls alone for the day, take a break’’
They continued walking, Kyle a little hesitant he looked back the girls and winked
which sent them into another cascade of giggles.
‘’You can’t help yourself can you Kyle’’
‘’Sure can’t’’ he replied grinning at the attention, he made a note of their faces and
continued walking.
‘’Say isn’t that Daniel’’ asked Josh pointing down the road at the man walking up his
head bowed and fighting against the wind.
‘’Yep, losers properly heading for the castle to go make out with a book’’ laughed
Kyle and taking in his brothers appearance shaking his head.
‘’Looks like he’s in a mood’’
‘’He was born in a bad mood, suppose we better talk to him though’’
So they picked up their pace heading for the solitary figure, they stopped in front of
him and Kyle knocked on his head. ‘’Anyone in there’’ he joked.
Daniel looked down sourly at his brother. ‘’Knock it off Kyle’’
‘’Lighten up Daniel, it was just a joke’’ he shrugged and smiled up at him ‘’so where
you heading its Hogsmeade today’’
‘’Yeah I've been and had enough so I’m heading back’’ he replied quietly.
‘’Oh come on Daniel, how often do you get to go to Hogsmeade, go see your
friends…oh wait you don’t have any’’ he laughed and Josh smiled at them both.
‘’What’s a matter with you Daniel’’ he asked being nicer than Kyle.
‘’Look I’m just going to the castle why don’t you go be childish somewhere else
Kyle’’ he ignored Josh’s question knowing it would just give Kyle more ammunition
to taunt him.
‘’Daniel you seriously need to get out there talk to some people, get yourself a
woman’’ Josh nodded agreeing but was nicer not to comment.
‘’Look just…just get out my way Kyle go have fun in the village, I’ve got my own
stuff to do’’ without another word he pushed by his brother and continued walking,
back arched and huddled over as he beat the winds and headed for the castle.
Kyle and Josh simply watched and laughed to themselves as they saw him have
difficulty passing the group of Hufflepuff girls.
‘’How he’s your brother I’ll never know’’ said Josh shaking his head.
‘’Who knows, proberley a mix up at Mungo’s, come on I fancy a drink’’
So they made their way down and headed for the Three Broomsticks, still laughing at
Daniel and discussing the idea of a mix up at birth.

‘’What do you want Malfoy’’
‘’Oh come now Elia, that’s no way to speak to someone, where your manners’’ he
replied and his friends chuckled behind him.
‘’Push off and get your foot down before I break it’’ she replied angrily as she
scanned his friends as they looked to their leader for what he was going to say next.
‘’Better do what she says Draco, she’s a woman scorned’’ laughed a tall dark skinned
boy, a flagon of mead before him and a snide grin to his face.
‘’But we’re talking aren’t we Elia’’ he protested grinning at her.
‘Are you going to move your leg or what’’
They all looked to Draco for his reply and he smiled liking the attention. ‘’Depends
what your going to give me if I do’’
‘’Ill give you something in a minute’’ she replied clenching her fist round her wand.
She was already having a bad day and he wasn’t making it any better.
‘’Oh don’t you just love it when their feisty Blaise’’ he looked to the dark skinned
boy and who grinned back at him.
‘’Love it’’
Draco simply laughed at them at looked back at Elia. ‘’So…Elia what was happening
back there with that blonde guy, don’t know his name but he looked a bit of a loser’’
‘’None of your business, now move your legs’’ she tried pushing through but he kept
his leg there, she didn’t want to speak about Daniel, not with the likes of him.
Laughing at her, he stood up and blocked the way, leaning on the beam. ‘’Instead of
pushing against me why don’t you join us, I’m sure we can-‘’ he looked her up and
down ‘’make you forget all about him’’
She glared at him and tried to push by again but he put his hand out and caught her
wrist, with a tug he revolved her, facing him she glared with pure hatred. ‘’Oh come
now Elia, that’s not very nice is it’’
It was than that Tim stepped out from the toilets drying his hands. He sniffed and
drew his shoulders back as he walked back to his table, but stopped when he saw
Draco grab her arm and he immediately tensed up. He recognised her as being the girl
from earlier and not caring or knowing he picked up his pace sensing the trouble, he
just managed to dodge two 3rd year boys. They both recognised him but he ignored
their greetings and headed of to help her out.
‘’What’s up with him’’ asked Kyle, nodding his head at Tim as he passed ignoring
‘’Who knows he’s as bad as your Daniel sometimes, don’t know why Hillary hangs
out with him’’
They carried on walking and stood by the bar waiting to be served.

‘’Get off me Malfoy’’ snarling she tried to get out of his hold but he tightened his grip.
‘’Why don’t you have a sit down and I’ll get you a drink than we’ll see about putting
a smile on your face’’ he replied stepping in front of her and taking her other arm
lightly to stop her from hitting him. As he shook the hair out of his eyes and indicated
the seat he had been sitting at.
‘’Let go now you-‘’ she didn’t finish the sentence because he was suddenly ripped off
her and pushed into the wooden beams holding the ceiling. She looked up and saw the
man from earlier who had bumped into Daniel; she was slightly in awe looking up at
him as he swept a semi gloved hand through his mane of dark grizzled hair falling
back and out of his face, he was glaring down at Malfoy with fury. She took in
everything about him, the long leather coat with its silver buckles shining in the
candle light, the large build and powerful stance as he clenched his fists, which she
found odd most wizards, went for their wands when they were going to fight. She was
slightly scared by the look he was giving him but in awe at the man's magnitude, it
was soon replaced by anger. What gave him the right to intervene?
‘’What do you think your doing Malfoy’’ he growled stepping forward and towering
over him with a threatening stare.
‘’Piss of Helyard’’ he drew his wand quicker than he could retaliate and pointed it at
the larger mans heart, poking him hard in the chest. There was a scuffle behind Elia as
the other Slytherins drew their wands. Blaise faster than any of them, he already had
his wand pointing at the back of Tim’s head which was followed by two clumsy ham
sized fists holding short thick wands as Crabbe and Goyle entered the fight ‘’Think
you can take us all on?’’ Blaise asked sneering at him the will to fight aflame in the
dark eyes.
Keeping his fighting stance he peered over his shoulder at the other Slytherins, he
knew it was fight he couldn’t win and it was stupidity trying but he was always an
idiot when woman were involved. ‘’If I have too’’ smiling as he answered the

The whole room was quiet everyone was watching the four Slytherins as they
surrounded the man. Hillary, Neville, Luna and Olivia were already on their feet and
running to help him with their wands out. ‘’What’s Tim said now’’ moaned Neville
shaking his head at his friends ignorance and stupidity.
‘’who the hell do you think you are’’ everyone looked at Elia as she glared at Tim. He
lost his fighting stance and stood rooted confused why she was shouting at him.
‘’Excuse me’’
Draco and Blaise exchanged confused looks as well and laughed at Tim as he was
obviously in trouble.
‘’I can take care of myself I don’t need your help’’
‘’You heard her Helyard, piss off, before you get what’s coming to you’’ added Blaise.
‘’You can shut up Zabini you all can, I'm sick of you throwing your weight around’’
she was annoyed now, men were all testosterone clad idiots and she’d had enough of
them. Flicking her hair back she pushed by Tim and headed for the door but Draco
grabbed her wrist once more and pushed her roughly into the chair.
Looking down on her with a sneer ‘’don’t think so Elia, I’m still talk-‘’ he was
suddenly cut short as a leather gloved fist caught him under the chin and sent him
flying to the side, landing hard onto the table which smashed in on itself from the
impact. There was a ringing silence, Tim shook his fist and winced slightly it had hurt
more than he thought it would, and he supposed it was Dracos sharp chin than caused
it. The silence was then cut by a cheering from Kyle and Josh and others laughed and
cheered along with them until in seconds the whole room was clapping and laughing.
The three Slytherins in shock at first soon recovered and brought their wands back up
to fight. ‘’You’ll pay for that one’’ Blaise snarled.

‘’I DON’T THINK SO’’ before he could hit him with any curses Madame Rosmerta
was throwing herself over the bar her own wand out and hair loose its ringlets
spiralled around. ‘’EXPELIARMUS’’ with a flash of white light he was disarmed,
along with Crabbe and Goyle as the wands flew through the air and into the corner. ‘’I
wont be having brawling in my Pub’’ she declared loudly scanning the crowd. ‘’that
means you lot too’’ she indicated her wand at Hillary and the others. Who were all
struggling to get through the crowd which had gathered in seconds to watch the
spectacle? Neville was the first to lower his wand which was than followed by Hillary,
Luna than Olivia; she was hoping for a fight it would take her mind of things.
Rosmerta continued to scan the crowd and her eyes lingered on Tim who still had his
fists clenched. ‘’Tim, what’s happened?’’ she addressed him as a friend but her voice
said otherwise. ‘’What’s with smashing my pub up’’ everyone looked down at Draco
who was lying seemingly unconscious in the wreckage his robes covered in the
remains of their drinks and showered in broken glass and splintered wood. ‘’Some
one check if he’s still alive, she pointed at a Alice who stepped forward and kneeled
at his side and laying two fingers on his wrist she searched for a pulse. ‘’He alive, just
knocked out cold’’ she looked at Tim in amazement.
‘’What’s with wrecking my pub’’ she repeated and looking up at Tim who was
looking at Draco with equal amazement at his punch.
‘’He was being the noble prat he always is’’ piped up Hillary shaking her head but
smiling at Tim as she stepped out and walked to Elia who’d being pushed into the seat
right next to the smashed table. Draco had almost landed on her when Tim punched
him and she was slightly shocked. ‘’Are you alright?’’
She nodded but didn’t smile she was recovering from the shock and it quickly turned
to anger as she glared at Tim, why did he even have to get involved she was handling
it just fine, he just caused more trouble
‘’He started it’’ lied Crabbe coming forward and cracking his knuckles as he looked at
Tim. ‘’He threw the first punch’’
‘’You snivelling little-‘’
But Tim was cut off by Rosmerta's glare ‘’I don’t care who threw the first punch I
want to know why’’ she demanded waving her wand menacingly.
Elia stood up furiously and whipped her hair back. ‘’That slimy Git wouldn’t let me
pass and ended up grabbing my arm’’ she pointed down at the still unconcious Draco.
‘’Than he had to get involved and ended up punching him’’ She replied still glaring at
‘’What was I meant to do let him drag you about’’ he protested trying to defend him
There was sudden groan from the wreckage, raising his white blonde head he looked
around confused and some of the other students chuckled at the sight. Shaking glass
from his hair as the mead dripped from his hair. Crabbe and Goyle immediately bent
down to help him up, the rest of the glass fell of blazer but the stains of alcohol were
still visible, he swayed on his feet holding onto Crabbes shoulder staring with such
hatred at Tim he looked like he was going to have a meltdown. Tim clenched his fist
again in reply they continued to stare at each other angrily
‘’I’ve heard enough, you and all your Slytherin buddies OUT! your barred’’ she
pointed the wand to the corner and the three wands were summoned to her hand.
Throwing them at their owners she looked at Draco. With a further flick of her wand
the door crashed open letting the chill wind blow in and the students shiver.
Standing on his own feet and gaining his balance he shook his hair aside and the
remains of glass were shook out as he pulled on the lapels of his coat. ‘’don’t think
much off who you let in here anyway’’ sneering at Elia and raising his eyebrows.
‘’See you round sweet cheeks’’ he kissed the air and walked to the door. Followed by
Crabbe and Goyle, Blaise took up the rear walking backwards and mocking Tim as he
walked off, motioning ‘Bring it on’ with his hands.
Hillary sensed the danger and immediately grabbed Tim’s arm before he went after

The door slammed shut by magic and the crowd dispersed the drama over.
But Rosmerta wasn’t finished she rounded on Tim with her wand and poking it hard
into the end of his nose. Her threatening eyes glaring down on his ‘’you ever start a
fight in my pub again and you’ll be hanging from the rafters, got it’’
Shocked by the action his eyes were as wide as Dobby's and resulted in going cross
eyed as he looked down at the wand, hoping she didn’t curse his nose off, he nodded
Satisfied she let the wand arm drop to her side and smiled, ‘’Good, keep it that way’’
she warned as she waved her wand and the table repaired itself along with the empty
bottles of Butterbeer and tankards of mead. With a further wave the residue of drinks
was swept away and a mop and bucket fly out of the corner cleaning the mess and
returning. She was so quick people barely too in what happened before she was back
at the bar. ‘’Who am I serving’’ Josh and Kyle raised their arms and went to serve
Tim just shook his head at her glad that she wasn’t angry enough to hurt him. He
turned to his friends and Elia. ‘’You ok?’’
Still angry, she nodded in reply and picked up her coat and paying more attention than
was needed to it.
‘’you’re an idiot sometimes Tim’’ He turned to the speaker and was shocked to find it
was Luna who had spoken. ‘’You were going to take on four Slytherins out of pride,
just seems like a silly thing to do’’
He ignored her comments and turned to Elia again ‘’Your sure your ok?’’
Looking up, her caramel brown eyes met his silver grey lightened by a cornflower
blue the same as her dress, and she spoke to him with sincerity but was still angry
with him. ‘’Thank you, for what you did back there’’
He blushed at her words, though he didn’t know why and smiled. ‘’No problem can I
get you a drink to apologise’’ motioning to the bar where Rosmerta was once more
serving customers he recognised the back of Kyle and Josh’s heads as they paid for
their drinks.
Thinking about it she nodded at last, she didn’t want to be rude. Once at the bar she
sat down on an empty bar stool and laid the cream woollen coat down on her lap.
Forgetting his friends he followed her and hopped onto the stool next to Elias rapping
the bar for service.
‘’We’re fine by the way Tim’’ laughed Hillary shocked that he forgotten about them.
Shaking her head she made her way back to the table.
‘’Oh my God Hillary you were right’’
‘’Right about what?’’ she was confused by what she was right about.
‘’Put a Firewhisky and a pretty girl in front of him and he’ll forget all about us’’
giggled Olivia, reminding her of what she said back in their dormitory.
They laughed and sat back down picking up their drinks and putting what just
happened to the back of their minds they continued their conversations.

Soon as Draco got outside he let out the angry cry of pain and rubbed his chin. ‘’Fat
bastard can really punch’’ he laughed and they all sniggered.
‘’You really went down hard, Draco’’
Mocked by Blaise was not what he wanted to hear at the minute. Turning angrily he
was a few inches shorter but he didn’t falter under the hard stare he was receiving
from him. ‘’Got something to say Zabini’’
He simply blinked and refrained himself from mocking him further, remembering
who Draco's family were ‘’Nothing Draco’’.
He smiled, Crabbe and Goyle snickering behind him. ‘’Good, just what I want to
Draco led the way forgetting about Blaise, who uncurled his fist as they walked on up
the high street, the crowds giving way as they strode on.

‘’Yes Tim what can I get you’’ taking out Butterbeer’s at the time she flicked her
wand at a glass and it filled with whisky from a hovering bottle and flying down the
bar to an elderly wizard smoking a pipe between his pursed dry lips, he let out a puff
of obnoxious green smoke and slid the sickles down the bar into her open hand.
‘’Another Firewhisky please and….’’ He looked to Elia asking what she wanted.
‘’Butterbeer please’’
‘’You sure you don’t want something else, something stronger’’ he indicated the
racks of odd shaped bottles hung upside down with colourful labels displaying various
alcoholic drinks and than to the racks of wine.
‘’I’m fine with a Butterbeer thank you’’ she sniffed turning away and looking down
the bar at the elderly wizard as he drank his Firewhisky; he caught her looking and
winked. She immediately looked away afraid she was sending the wrong signals.
Tim shrugged at her decision and looked back to Rosmerta. ‘’Just a Firewhisky and
Butterbeer than, make mine a double I need it, thanks Rosmerta’’ She smiled and
flicked her wand at another small glass, it flew under the large round bottle and the
amber liquid slipped in and crashed against the side.

‘’Did he hurt you’’
She turned back to him slightly frowning and showed him her wrist where his mark
was just visible; her skin redder than it should of being. ‘’Nothing I can’t deal with’’
He shook his head and took the Butterbeer and Firewhisky depositing the money in
her open hand. Once she was gone, to serve other customers, he continued. ‘’Look
I’m sorry, it’s just when I saw him grab you, well I just saw red and charged in’’
‘’Its fine’’ she sipped her drink and looked down at her blue dress, her eyes lingering
over a large stain near the bottom of her thigh, which wasn’t there before. She
recognised it as being Butterbeer and sighed remembering the cause, when Draco had
fell into the table the drinks went everywhere and one of the bottles fell on to her
before slipping off and breaking over his head.
Tim followed her gaze sipping his own Firewhisky. ‘’Did I do that?’’ he put his drink
down and looked closer.
‘’Its fine, I’ll just throw it away when I get back’’
‘’I’m really sorry can I pay for a new one’’ he offered reaching for his wallet in the
back of his black jeans.
‘’No, its fine I don’t really care’’ she didn’t like the idea of taking money from a
stranger, she barely knew him and he was offering to buy her a dress.
‘’No honestly! How much?’’ Fishing the wallet out and opening the seal revealing a
generous amount of coins he saved over the summer, working at the Magical
Menagerie, part time.
‘’I said it doesn’t matter’’ she was getting suspicious about him now why was he so
keen on buying her dress.
Sighing knowing she wasn’t going to accept he closed the wallet and put it back into
his pocket. ‘’I still feel bad though’’
‘’Buying me the drink is enough’’ she protested hoping that was going to be the end
of the matter.
He didn’t think it was but he couldn’t think of anything else to make up for it. ‘’We
haven’t being properly introduced, I’m Timothy Helyard, call me Tim’’ he held his
drink in one hand and put out his hand to shake hers.
She looked at the large hand and sighed, she wasn’t planning on getting friendly with
him, and he was the cause of all this and he didn’t seem to care. ‘’Elia’’ she didn’t tell
him her last name, believing it was safer that way and shook his hand lightly I
completely covered her own.
He sensed the hesitation and wanted to make her comfortable so he tried to think. ‘’So
what house are you in, we’ve never spoken before have we, I'm sure i would of
remember such a pretty face’’
She shook her head getting more irritated at his corny chat up lines. ‘’Ravenclaw and
no we haven’t’’ taking a hearty swig and hoping to the finish the bottle so she could
‘’Oh that will explain it than, I’m a Gryffindor ‘Where dwell the brave at heart, Their
daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart’ he put his fist to his heart as he said
this the whisky taking effect as he spoke the house motto.
She shook her head at his antics; he was just another Gryffindor meat head.
‘’Suppose I sort of proved that earlier stepping in to save you from Malfoy’’ he added
flashing her with a smile.
‘’I didn’t need your help’’ she let her arm drop and stopped in mid drink at his
comments. ‘’I was handling it just fine’’
He raised an eyebrow sceptical but didn’t say anything, the Firewhisky was going to
his head but he was confident that they were getting on fine. She stopped herself from
shouting when she saw his reply and instead took another large swig
An idea suddenly dawned on him and he grinned at her as he put the drink down by
her arm on the bar. ‘’tell you what Elia follow me back to castle we’ll get that dress
off and I’ll fix you-‘’
He never got to finish the sentence, soon as he said ‘get that dress off’ her
presumptions were right and she was outraged, picking up his Firewhisky which was
the nearest thing to hand she threw it in his face, eyes bulging as she slipped off the
seat and headed for the door quickly.
He was left spluttering as the drink seeped into his eyes and he furiously wiped the
burning liquid away, he opened his now red bloodshot eyes wide in shock at what just
happened. Looking around he saw her leaving and everyone was looking at him in
equal shock. Jumping to his feet the Firewhisky dripping of his face he turned and
hurried after her hoping he could salvage his respect.
She was just grabbing the handle when she heard him coming. ‘’What the hell was all
that about what did I say?’’ He stopped her from opening the door and some people
stood up to get a better view, a short 3rd year stood on the table but Rosmerta didn’t
notice she to was watching for gossip.
‘’I don’t know what you were expecting but I sure as hell aren’t giving it to you’’ she
protested loud enough for everyone to hear as she continued to pull on the door.
He was confused why she was talking like that, he thought they were getting on fine
and he had no idea why she was suddenly screaming at him ‘’I have no idea what
your talking about, please can you stop and explain’’
She stopped pulling and let go staring up at him with distaste ‘’don’t tell me you
weren’t expecting to be rewarded for your heroics’’ Everyone was listening in now
and he was embarrassed, it was plain to see on his face.
‘’Alright yeah, you’re a pretty girl I wouldn’t mind being….rewarded with a heroes
kiss’’ he joked blushing at the word ‘’But I would never ask you to that’’ he protested,
understanding at last but refusing to say what ‘that’ actually was. He looking around
some of the crowd was laughing and he spotted Alice, Rose and Hayle in hysterics in
the corner. Josh and Kyle shaking their heads in amusement at him, Hillary was
looking away hiding her face because she didn’t want him to see her laughing at him
Elia turned to the door again not believing him. ‘’Look can we please just go sit down
and I promise I never meant that’’ he defended himself.
‘’you’re a man that’s all you think about’’ she was getting angry again and she was
tired of it all, she didn’t want to hear his excuse she just wanted to leave. But he was
doing the same thing as Draco and stopping her and it made her even angrier, like he
or any man, had any right to control her, she was a free spirit. She was going to get
out by any means possible.
He was blushing a deep red now ‘’that isn’t true’’ though he didn’t believe himself so
why should she.
‘’So if I grabbed you right now and kissed you wouldn’t want to go back to your
room’’ she asked bluntly. Alice and Rose were rolling on the seats in hysterical
He just stared at her still blocking the door, he was wondering where she was going
with it. ‘’I-I don’t know’’ answering lamely.
‘’Lets see than’’ she suddenly grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him down to
her level coking her head to the side and closing the gap with her lips before he could

He was overcome by the action and couldn’t stop even if he wanted to, which he
didn’t, meeting her lips with his own he returned the kiss. She was surprised at first,
so unknowingly she returned the kiss also for a second before remembering her plan.
With their lips still united, her eyes locked onto his with ferocious anger and she
tightened her grip on his shirt. He sensed the danger and tried to pull out but she was
too quick. Smiling to herself she brought her knee up as fast as she could and aiming
it for his groin. She than let go satisfied and made her way for the door and left, as the
crowds laughed and cheered, though some of the men symphonised and looked down
at him sadly.
Soon as she let go he fell to his knees, eyes bulging and trying to regain his dignity
but failing as his hand gripped the bar and tried to take the pain away as he held
himself with the other hand, tears springing to his eyes. The pain was unbelievable he
had only being attacked in such a manner once in his life, but it was nothing like that.
Neville sensing his friend needed him walked over and kneeled down so they could
speak privately he whispered and bit his lip ‘’Are you aright Tim’’ But he couldn’t
talk, shaking his head he looked at Neville, holding back the tears as he wished
beyond anything to leave. Neville understood and took Tim’s right arm, which had
being holding onto bar, wrapping it over his shoulder he helped him up onto his feet.
‘’Were heading back to the Castle girls, we’ll see you later’’ Not waiting for a
response, his friend was more important they walked out. Tim letting go with his left
hand and slowly making his way out doubled over in pain each step hurt and nobody
knew what he was going through at that exact minute. Neville continued to support
Tim until he could walk for himself.
‘’The girls mental’’ he voice was slightly higher and Neville had to keep back the
urge to laugh at him but they continued to walk at a slow pace away from the village.

McGonagall, after leading the last of the 3rd years to Hogsmeade with Filch strolled
back into the castle cowling but glad that she was back. Soon as she steeped through
the doors she made her way to Headmasters office to see Dumbledore, she still hadn’t
seen him and she was worried, she hoped he was in good health the last thing they
needed was a whooping cough epidemic like 1982, the work was incredible,
remembering the extra staff they had to get from St Mungo’s.
Avonlea was sitting in the alcove of a large glass window holding onto the silver
pendant as she looked out over the forest, into the horizon. The quick steps of
someone approaching from behind, alerted her and she tried to hide the pendant not
wanting anyone to see her with such a treasure, but she was too late.
‘’Miss Wicantower’’ her voice was sharp but her eyes looked at the young woman
still clutching the pendant, like a mother would to her child. ‘’what are you doing here,
its Hogsmeade today’’
‘’I didn’t feel like going Professor, I… there was no use’’ she sat back down in the
alcove and let the pendant drop on her white cardigan, it would look suspicious if she
tried to hide it from a professor.
McGonagall sensing she was upset took a step forward and turned holding her aged
hands in front of her and looking down at her student. ‘’Is their something you would
like to talk about?’’
‘’No professor… I’m just thinking about the past’’
She nodded and sat down lightly on the window sill next to her and holding her hands
she followed her gaze out to the horizon above the trees. ‘’When you came here last
year… do you remember what I told you Avonlea?’’ she said her first name, speaking
to her not as an interfering teacher but as a concerned friend.

She thought back to the day and remembered as she was led up the isles with the other
First Years, she was 5 years older than them, forced to watch as they were all sorted
into different houses. She was the last to go and each step echoed in the silent room as
the cheers from the Hufflepuff's table died, their new admittance sitting and grinning
to his fellow Hufflepuff's as he wiped his nose with his sleeve. The whole school
looked to her hoping it was going to be quick, they wanted to start the feast and she
was the last to go, she hated the fact that she was forced to take the sorting hat in front
of everyone. She remembered how nervous she was as she clutched the pendant, its
tiny pearl, like a clear summer sky, the vines that held the pendent intertwined with
the chain with silver vines and flowers, even now it its soft light was just visible under
her fingers. The hat was dropped onto her head by McGonagall and the rip opened
wide to decide her fate. It took so long finding her place at Hogwarts she knew she
was different, but she never imagined she would be a witch, why hadn’t they found
her when she was 11 why did she have to learn now. The hat grunted and squirmed,
but she had her suspicions why it wouldn’t decide and wished she could leave, she
would of being better off at the orphanage, at least there she wasn’t the only outcast.
The hat suddenly screamed out Slytherin and their was a general clap from the
furthest table, she realised straight away even they didn’t want her as the claps died
before she even sat down at the end and stared at her empty plate. Later that night she
was taken to McGonagall office and informed of the exceptions the ministry had
made for starting school at such a late year. For some reason she never had the trace
placed on her, neither were her magical outbursts registered until she turned 16 and it
was never discovered, like so many unsolved cases at the ministry they chose sweep it
under the carpet and be done with it..
She returned from her memories with the answer and smiled sadly ‘’you said I could
always trust you, that I could always turn to you for help’’ she spoke flatly and
continued to gaze out over the trees.
McGonagall reached for her hand and the smooth feel of Avonlea’s met with the
cracked aged skin of her own. ‘’And you always can, no matter what you have to
say’’ Patting her hand she returned it to the her lap and stood up, brushing her robes
down lightly and taking one last look at the girl. ‘’Never forget you have friends at
this school Avonlea, you just have to find them’’ Without another word she left the
girl at the window and continued walking. Avonlea turned her head a fraction and
watched her disappear from view, her words still on her mind. She didn’t have a
friend and doubted that she would find any at Hogwarts, a school for young Witches
and Wizards but she was neither.
Turning the corner she looked out the windows she passed and saw Neville and Tim.
walking back, obviously in pain, she tutted as she continued on. After a few minutes,
arriving at the large gargoyle that protected the entrance, his huge stone wings hiding
the stairs. She stood before it and returned the icy stare before opening her mouth and
calling out the password so only the Gargoyle would hear even though the corridor
was empty. Though the older Weasley Twins had left they remained in spirit, since
they opened their store the walls literally had ears at times and she wasn’t taking any
‘’Jelly Slugs’’ The Gargoyle took a minute but hopped aside and allowed her passage,
soon as her polished shoes touched the stone steps she was raised to the office,
revolving as the Gargoyle leapt back to his guard. The dark polished wood appeared
before her and the step stopped before it, the eagle head brass knockers wished to be
used. She took the right and beat down hard, the sound echoing off the stone walls as
she stood patiently. But there was no answer from inside and she grew cautious.
Taking the knocker again she beat down more frequently and with greater force. It
received the same dull silence and she was worried, placing a hand on the dark hard
wood she opened the door and slipped silently into the room, the thud and automatic
click as it locked echoed. There were the general sounds of the former headmasters
and headmistresses to the school as they snoozed in their portraits. Along with the
silver contraptions in glass cases at the side as they buzzed and whirled, some
admitted small puffs of smoke others flashed brightly but she ignored them and
walked into the center of the room, in front of the large oak desk. ‘’Albus’’ she called
up the iron stairs for him but there was no answer. ‘’ALBUS’’ she called louder but
there was still no response, he couldn’t of left he would of told her. There must be a
problem; Fawkes was not at his perch and his absence was starting to worry her.
Walking to the foot of the steps, she had never being in his private quarters and didn’t
wish to go, in case she surprised him but there must be a reason, he might be hurt she
had to investigate.

Taking the steps one at a time, the clunk of her shoe on metal echoing, hopefully he
would hear her coming and be suitably dressed. A she continued up the spiral
staircase and through a room, the walls decked with ancient tombs and small glass
cases holding treasures beyond her imagination. In the center a huge ebony
workbench was in place, the polished wood scratched and burnt by the work. Erected
in the centre was a the table a large Muggle laboratory set, the glass vials and bottles
hung up by iron stands above small flames along with a pewter black cauldron,
identical to those the students used, it was leaving a hazy vapour above and the scents
of oak and rose oil flowed about the room. The contents of the potion were neatly
arranged, behind the laboratory set and it seemed like the potion was in mid
preparation, but he was no where to be found.
She continued up the stairs until she reached another room, like all the others it was
circular, but with a large maple four-poster bed against the far wall. The headboard,
carved with the Hogwarts crest, a single phoenix flew above, a single feather clasped
in his beak and ivy etched in the side and around the poles holding it up. The canopy
above was a velvety plum colour along with the curtains, held by gold tie backs. The
bedspread was a midnight blue with miniature silver stars scattered across. The small
bedside table at the right, held a small candle stick the wick burnt and the wax cooled.
It had obviously being used at some point in the night and she shook her head, she
warned him about reading by candlelight, he wasn’t a young man anymore. Walking
to the bedside table she picked up the dusty volume next to the candle, its surface a
dark leather, she didn’t understand the runes, they were beyond her capability but she
knew it was a book with deep old knowledge, something you wouldn’t find in the
school library. Dropping it on the bed she took in the rest of the room, there was a
large ebony wardrobe where the door was ajar revealing a collection of robes and odd
Muggle suits. The room was empty or so it seemed, ‘’Albus are you here’’ she called
to the small corridor that led to the bathroom but he wasn’t there.

She thought about where else he might be and decided to leave a message on his desk,
chance were he was looking for her. Shaking her head she made her way back down
the spiral staircase, as she was passing the potion, the scents filling her as she passed
she noticed that the cauldron was still lit. ‘’He’d forget his head if it was screwed on’’
she shook her head and walked into the room to the table. Taking out her wand she
placed it under the cauldron, but never said the extinguishing charm, through the glass
of one of the measuring beakers she saw a hand spread out on the carpet. Taking the
wand out and running round to investigate she dropped her wand in shock and stared
down at his lifeless body. ‘’ALBUS, ALBUS SPEAK TO ME’’ kneeling down and
shaking his shoulders furiously but she got no response, ‘’ALBUS, PLEASE IT’S
MINEVRA’’ she reached out for her wand missing it the first time she groped the
floor until her hand reached the handle and she tried to stop her hand from shaking.
‘’Ene-Enevate’’ There was a soft flash of light and his body glowed, she repeated the
incantation but there was no other response. Taking his wrist into her hands she
placed her two fingers to the veins and checked for a pulse. It was faint but it proved
he was still alive. ‘’Albus I’m going to get Poppy, don’t worry’’ She stood up and
brushed down her robes, she never thought she’d be overcome by this. ‘’I’ll be right
Turning to hurry off, a withered hand shot out and grabbed her ankle; she uttered a
small scream, turning the wand on her captor. She stopped once she saw his bright
blue eyes looking up at her, his face pale and dark circles beneath his eyes as he
begged her not to go. He was speaking but she couldn’t hear him and his hold
loosened, the hand falling to his side.
‘’Albus, you need medical attention’’ he shook his head slightly and beckoned her
down. She gave in knowing he wouldn’t stop her unless it was important. His voice
was weak and she had to bend right down to hear him.
‘’don’t leave… no one can know’’ his eyes closed and she thought he passed out
‘’Albus, Albus can you hear me’’
He eyes opened slightly again and glanced at her ‘’Get me… to my room… please
believe me… Minerva’’ he closed his eyes to exhausted to speak, his breathing
shallow and ragged.
He needed proper care, but she trusted him, she knew what ever the reason she must
help him, there was something wrong and she had to find out.
                                 Chapter Two
                         ‘Apologies and Pumpkins’

As the weeks passed the weather grew worse, the school was colder and wetter than it
usually was in October and each morning the students woke to unlit fires and dirty
robes at the foot of their beds. They started wearing thick coats and sweaters,
wrapping themselves in blankets and curling up to salvage warmth until the House
elves started their work in secret.
It was becoming more common and they tried complaining to their heads of house but
it didn’t accomplish anything. The information was passed onto Dumbledore through
Professor McGonagall who had to keep repeating herself that Dumbledore had prior
engagements and his sudden disappearance from school life wasn’t a problem. She
was made to pick up the slack and she was finding difficulty in keeping his true
whereabouts secret along with the mounting schoolwork.
The school was beginning to take the strain, House elves were working longer hours
and any hope of routine was lost. When she snapped at a first year Hufflepuff girl,
who’d forgotten to turn in her homework, people began to speculate and gossip over
the schools current conditions.
The only thing that kept their spirits up was the upcoming Halloween Ball. Due to the
schools poor working condition Dumbledore had announced there was going to be a
Halloween Ball. But they didn’t know what was to be expected, however rumours
were spreading like wild fire about a special celebrity attending and people were
discussing who it could be. As time passed the rumours became more varied and the
likelihood diminished, but they lived in hope.

A slight drizzle struck the glass panes, the sound echoed above the teachers as they
droned on about their lesson and the students took notes in boredom. The dull sun,
masked by dark foreboding clouds cast a pale light against the damp lawns of the
grounds, illuminating a wet and windy late October Monday.
Lying down with his head propped against a series of thick white pillows, Daniel
looked across the room, past the empty beds of his roommates, to the heavy wooden
door. There was a pin up of a semi-nude model, which his room mate had posted up,
but he wasn’t thinking about the image, he was thinking about another girl.
Ever since he got back from Hogsmeade, barely a month ago, he had become
increasingly withdrawn, preferring to stick to his studies than socialize. This was due
to the morning after the incident.
At the time he was researching the various Indonesian natural poisons for the Double
Potions lesson he had in the afternoon. When he saw Elia out the corner of his eye,
she was walking down from the girl’s dormitories, he smiled and waved politely,
hoping like him, she could put what happened behind them. However when she saw
him she turned and ran back up, Zoe in pursuit leaving Helena at the bottom.
Helena then stormed up to him and started demanding an exclamation. He told her the
truth but she didn’t believe him and chose to blame him for it all. She continued to
shout and he was forced to endure the Common Room occupant’s stares. The noise
attracted others from their dormitories and she accidentally told them all what Elia
had done. He tried to talk to Elia, to apologise but Helena and Zoe refused to let him.
Since that day he didn’t work in public as much, he preferred the solitude of his room.
Whenever he heard his roommates nearing he would pretend to be asleep. Lying
down with his eyes closed, he could do nothing but think and listen. He knew he was
becoming an outcast, fewer people tried to talk to him now and many just ignored the
fact he even existed, at first he found it easier than being quizzed over the incident by
gossip hungry girls but as time wore on he became lonely. He had to resolve it but this
was one subject he couldn’t find the answers for in a book.

In another tower, someone else was thinking about the same girl. He sat in his usual
seat by the hearth whilst his friends talked amongst themselves. The fire’s had
recently lit so they were salvaging any heat they could before their next lesson, to
their misfortune it was Care of Magical Creatures, where Hagrid preferred to work out
on the grounds no matter the weather.
He stared into the flames with a blank look upon his face, chewing his fingernails as
he searched for the answers to unknown questions.
He didn’t respond because he wasn’t listening, the others watched him but there was
still no response. So she repeated herself louder ‘’TIM!’’
He turned quickly, looking up at them, confusion clear on his face as he looked
between them all, mouth agape unsure what to say but she smiled at his reaction.
He saw Neville fastening his Gryffindor scarf, whilst Olivia pulled on white woollen
gloves. Hillary was standing over him, already prepared to leave, a bag on her
shoulder along with her scarf and gloves defending her from the bitter cold.
‘’What?’’ he asked stupidly sitting up.
‘’Did you hear a word I just said’’
He tried to remember but he came up with nothing, there was no use lying she would
see right through him she always could. ‘’Not really, sorry I was in a world of my
‘’Aren’t you always’’ Olivia added as she took her small backpack from the coffee
‘’Fair point’’ he scratched his cheek and looked up at Hillary, allowing her to
‘’I was saying its time, we have to be down at Hagrid’s in 10 minutes, we were going
to leave now, so we’re not late’’ she added hinting for him to move.
‘’Oh! Oh right got you’’ catching on he rubbed his eyes with his fore finger and
thumb before he stood up and grabbed his coat, which was strewn across the head of
the chair. As he shuffled into the thick leather and fastened the silver buckles across
the chest and stomach, he than reached into his pocket, withdrawing a pair of
fingerless leather gloves. They were able to fit with a sharp tug and he continued by
tightening the buckles on the biceps and fore arms.
‘’Are you finished?’’
Looking up he saw Hillary already by the entrance she looked slightly irritated,
Neville and Olivia were beside her ready and waiting patiently. ‘’What’s the rush
we're just going to be stuck in the rain’’ the slight tap of the raindrops against the
glass proved his point.
‘’I just want to get down there instead of messing about with buckles and hair’’
He was just about to run his hand though his hair and tidy it up but stopped himself,
letting his hand drop and smiling sheepishly, talk about bad timing. ‘’Right well come
on people, lets not keep her royal highness waiting any longer’’
He reached over the chair and pulled out a black denim side bag. The front was
decorated with a series of patches of his favourite Rock bands. He treasured the bag
because they were all bought from festivals and concerts he’d attended over the
summer. They were his memories, he didn’t care if it was faded and worn out or the
strap was fit to snapping, he could repair it with a flick of his wand, but he liked it
better this way.
 ‘’Look I don’t want to be late is that such a problem’’
‘’No but you didn’t have to wait for me, you want to go? GO!’’ He was taking his
time deliberately now as he tightened the strap on the bag.
‘’Trust me I will next time and don’t shout at me Tim’’ She turned angrily, raising her
own voice.
‘’Well don’t rush me, I’ll leave when I’m good and ready’’ he started over with the
strap, he didn’t have to but he didn’t want to leave with her having the upper hand.
Olivia and Neville glanced between them both; Tim was forcefully looking down and
busying himself with the bag whilst Hillary was biting her lip to stop herself from
replying and saying something she’d regret later.
‘’What the matter with you Tim, you’ve being snapping at us all for weeks, either tell
us what it is or get over yourself!’’ she didn’t mean to sound so insensitive but she
was angry at him and it was out before she could think of the impact.
He dropped the bag at his feet and glared at her. ‘’It’s got nothing to do with you
Hillary! I don’t have to tell you every little detail of what goes on inside my head! Go
stick your nose into somebody else’s business because I’ve had enough’’
‘’Why wont you talk to me, we’re meant to be friends’’
‘’Just shut up Hillary, it’s got nothing to deal with you’’ his fists were balled now, he
would never attack her, he was simply doing it to rid himself of the anger.
‘’Don’t tell me to shut up, Timothy. I don’t appreciate being told to shut up,
especially not by you’’
‘’Hillary just drop it. Now!’’
‘’I wont drop it, your holding it in and I want to know what’s the matter I want to help
you because your obviously upset over it and-‘’
MEANIAL LIFE SHUT UP’’ he was really angry now and he wasn’t sure why this
was but he knew he had to get out of there and fast.
Striding past her he left his bag on the floor and charged through the portrait, ignoring
the cries of astonishment from the Fat Lady.

He walked down the Charms corridor with his head bowed, he just wanted to run and
never look back. He noticed the younger students pass and stare, whispering immature
comments about him but he ignored them, he got called names like that on a daily
basis and nothing could make him feel worse than he was.
‘’Wait up Tim’’
He heard Neville’s voice and slowed down for him to catch up.
‘’Are you alright?’’
‘’No Neville, not really’’
‘’Here I brought your bag I thought you might need it’’ He held it up and Tim took it
with a sad smile.
‘’Thanks Neville’’
‘’Do you want to tell us what that was all about back there?’’
‘’Look… You wouldn’t understand Neville’’
‘’You all think I’m just some loser that doesn’t know anything but your wrong! I
know you’re angry and upset and I know that you’re my best friend and I want to help.
I don’t want to fight’’ Some of the passing students stopped and watched them
‘’Neville I-‘’ spotting the second years watching Tim stopped ‘’Do you want
something?’’ he growled raising a fist, they scattered off nervously and he let his hand
drop, turning back to Neville.
‘’You are not a loser, you hear me. You’re the best mate a guy could have’’ He placed
his hand on Neville’s shoulder and continued. ‘’I don’t know where I’d be without
you, we’ve being friends since we were first years but what’s going on with me… I
don’t even understand it’’
He was taken back by the confession and he smiled appreciating it but the look he
received proved that Tim wasn’t going to tell him, he’d do better dropping the subject.
‘’Than I wont ask again, you can tell me when your ready’’
‘’Thank you Neville’’
‘’If you find out what it is and you need to talk, you know I'm here for you’’
‘’I know, thank you. I just need to think for now’’
He knew Tim was holding back, but nobody could get him to open up, he held the
world on his shoulders and he wouldn’t let anyone help him. All he could do was
support him and insure he knew he had friends waiting for him, friends who only
wanted to help.
‘’Than you need to loosen up Tim, I don’t think Hillary meant anything back there
and biting peoples heads of isn’t doing you any favours’’
 ‘’Yeah I know your right Neville. Do you know where she is now?’’ he sighed.
‘’I left them both in the Common Room, told them I was going after you’’
‘’I’ll just have to see them at Hagrids than, we better get going or we’ll be late’’
‘’Ready when you-‘’ he never finished the sentence
There was a loud bang and crash and they turned at the same time staring down the
corridor at the foot of the stairs.

A young woman was sprawled out, the contents of her bag strewn across the floor.
Immediately, they both ran over to help; she was just sitting back up when they got
‘’Are you alright’’ Tim asked concerned as knelt down beside her, she had long white
blonde hair that masked her pale sky blue eyes, he was concerned because she looked
confused and upset over the incident.
‘’Yeah, I just missed the last step’’ she indicated the stairs, looking down at her bags
contents she gave a small moan and started scooping it up, dropping it in her bag.
‘’Here let me help’’ Tim stood back up and started grabbing the various books and
quills, Neville alongside. After a minute they managed to collect it all.
‘’Thanks for all your help’’ she replied as she took the Sketch book from Neville,
slipping it into her bag.
They both recognised her from some of their lessons but they never bothered to ask
her name. All they knew was she enrolled last year, because they both discussed it
with the others when Harry, Ron and Hermione were still here.
‘’No problem, are you sure your alright, maybe you should see Madam Pomfrey’’
Tim exclaimed, she was going to have a nasty looking bump on her head where she’d
‘’No I’m fine honestly’’ she picked up her bag, which they noticed had a large white
Japanese cartoon cat on the side. Tim recognised it as Hello Kitty a popular Japanese
Muggle icon. It wasn’t something you saw often at Hogwarts,. He chose not to
comment on the strange accessories; instead he watched her stand up with concern
‘’You’ve got Hagrid same as us haven’t you’’ he smiled down at her but she was
looking elsewhere, to the window at his right as the rain continued to hammer the
windows. It seemed to grow worse in the few minutes of her falling over.
She gave a little nod but didn’t speak; she was a little surprised that he continued to be
around her, he can’t have seen the Slytherin colour’s because she saw his Gryffindor
Red, weren’t they supposed to be enemies.
‘’Well we better get going Tim, or we’re going to be late’’ said Neville.
‘’Fancy some company?’’ Tim asked ignoring Neville, he spoke directly to the
mysterious girl.
She looked up and was astonished by how small she looked next to him, he seemed to
tower over her and she felt a little nervous under his stare yet protected. Taking in his
strange clothes, the long leather coat slightly tighter around the stomach but still
showing a powerful muscular frame. The long hair that fell across his face and glasses,
he pushed it to the side slightly as he continued to stare down at her.
She didn’t expect him to stay so she shrugged accepting silently, it wasn’t intended to
seem mean, she rarely spoke to anyone except for Professor McGonagall, and she
simply didn’t know what to say.
 ‘’So what’s your name?’’
‘’Cool name, I’m Tim and this is Neville’’ he indicated the other man and she nodded
to his friend but that was all as they walked on. The silence returning as they headed
for their lesson.

Taking each step down from the castle, the light drizzle of rain returned and seemed
to drift away, caught by the wind. They passed Hagrids last class of 5th year students
running up the hill, heading back for the castle wanting nothing more than to get out
of the cold.
Hagrid meanwhile was at the bottom of the hill locking the latch on an iron cage
before thowing a heavy wool blanket over and carrying it into his hut. The last class’s
topic must be inside thought Tim as they walked down, Avonlea a few feet ahead of
Neville suddenly tapped Tim on the shoulder and pointed out a girl in the distance
behind them, she was coming down from the greenhouses. Huddled over protecting
herself from the wind but Tim could make out the bronze and golden hair rippling in
the gust, the Ravenclaw scarf protecting the bottom half of her face against the cold,
the ends flapping along with her hair.
He knew who she was straight away; you never forgot the face of the girl who kicked
you in the groin all that easily. What he didn’t understand was why she was heading
for Hagrids when he had a lesson with him now. There were two other girls, both at
either side of her; the three of them were in deep conversation.
‘’What's she doing?’’
Neville shrugged but Avonlea, surprising them both, answered.
‘’She heading for her lesson’’ she said it so plainly, but it only confused the men.
They were both thinking the same. He shrugged to Neville and looked down at
Avonlea hoping she could answer him. ''Since when do we have Care of Magical
Creatures with Ravenclaws?’’
‘’Since the letter yesterday’’
‘’What letter?’’
‘’The letter from Hagrid’’ she looked up at their confused faces. ‘’About changing the
lessons’’ She watched them exchange the same curious look and she found herself
smiling at them for some reason. ‘’It said because fewer people were taking his
subject he decided to change the lessons by having all the houses in his NEWT
classes together so he would have extra time to prepare future classes’’ She smiled
proud that she knew something that they didn’t.
‘’I never heard about it, did you?’’ Neville turned to Tim and he shook his head. ‘’Do
you think Hillary and Olivia know as well?’’
‘’They would of said something wouldn’t they?’’
‘’I suppose. Well Iyana will be in this class now, so its not all bad’’
Avonlea didn’t know these people so she walked on ignoring the two of them again,
heading for the small stone hut where other students were gathering. Taking one last
glance at the two men she walked away, as far as she could.
 Neville and Tim didn’t even notice she was gone as they continued to speak amongst
themselves about the new lesson arrangements.

‘’What about John Taylor in Hufflepuff, he just broke up with Sarah Collins, that
Slytherin 6th year, he’s available’’ suggested Helena with a raised eyebrow as she
tucked the scarf into her robes for insulation.
‘’Or Edward Creed, he’s a bit shorter than you but he’s on the Quidditch team and
really popular’’ Zoe added looking over her shoulder she let out a small squeak of
excitement. ‘’He’s also coming down from the castle now’’ She pointed to the 7th year
Ravenclaw man who was five inches shorter than his two friends at either side and it
showed. His hair was spiked up messily, Elia thought he only did it so it would make
him look taller; it seemed he’d said something funny because his two friends were
laughing and he had a wide grin plastered across his face.
Behind him Daniel pulled his hood up to mask himself from the cold, his arms laden
with books as he tried go unspotted.
Elia looked away when she spotted him and quickened her pace
‘’I don’t want a boyfriend and I don’t need one’’ she argued stepping over a loose
rock before she tripped over it.
‘’Come on Elia You have to put him behind you, he wasn’t worth it’’ Helena pleaded
stepping over the same rock.
‘’Put who behind me?’’
‘’Daniel, he’s a loser. Forget him’’
‘’I don’t care about Daniel. I just don’t want a man in my life at the minute’’ it wasn’t
strictly true, everyone she knew had boyfriend but she didn’t want to get hurt not
Helena and Zoe looked at each other over Elia’s shoulder and shrugged; she’d being
acting like this since the Hogsmeade trip. So they dropped the subject of boys and
continued down to their lesson with Hagrid.

The crowd of students was growing steadily but they remained in their own friendship
groups of their own houses.
Neville suddenly spotted Olivia and Hillary heading down the hill, Iyana meeting up
half way. He waved to reveal himself and Tim, but soon as Hillary saw them she
manoeuvred herself to the left, away from them both and over to the pumpkin patch.
Olivia smiled apologetically and Iyana was clearly confused but they both followed
‘’She’s mad at you’’
‘’I know Neville… I know’’ he sighed looking up to the dark clouds, hoping he found
the answers there but all they delivered were a few rain drops on his glasses and he
wiped them away furiously.
‘’Wonder where Hagrid is?’’ Tim asked trying to change the subject.
‘’He’s round the back of the cabin, he must be getting the topic for today’’ Neville
replied nervously, he only took this class because Tim was on hand to help him, he
wanted to drop it but Tim wouldn’t let him.
‘’ I Wonder what it is?’’
‘’Long as it doesn’t bite, sting or burn I’ll be happy’’ Neville muttered glancing at
Hillary and the others.

‘’Why didn’t we go to the boys? Neville was waving’’ Iyana asked looking intently at
Hillary as she busied herself with the bag.
‘’Tim shouted at her back at the Common Room’’ Olivia answered sadly.
‘’He’s being in rotten mood for weeks, he wont talk about what’s bothering him so
why should I bother trying with him. He can do what he wants I’m not his mother’’
Hillary added irritated that she couldn’t get her bag open and the fact Tim was acting
like a right prize ass.
‘’Well you are a bit’’
She looked up from the bag staring blankly at Iyana. ‘’What?’’
‘’Well your both look out for each other. You have to admit he has a soft touch for
you, your always hanging out. You always do your homework together and play
Quidditch together’’ she shrugged smiling. ‘’Someone might think there was
something going on’’ she raised an eyebrow and Olivia perked up hearing it.
‘’Is there? Are you and Tim dating?’’
Hillary was shocked at first and she started laughing. ‘’You must be kidding, me and
Tim’’ she shook her head in astonishment. ‘’We hang out together because we’re
friends, just friends!’’ she added before they could comment. ‘’He has trouble with
his Transfiguration and Potions so I help him out and he returns the favour. As for
Quidditch well we were both subbing, now Harry and Ron have gone and Ginny took
over the team they needed us, so we practice together. I am telling you we’re just
friends nothing more’’ she shook her head. ‘’It’s a silly idea anyway’’ she protested
and returned to the futile attempt at opening her bag.
‘’Maybe not Hillary, Tim’s a good guy you could do worse’’
‘’Yeah like Malfoy’’ added Olivia smiling at the idea of her two best friends as a
‘’I’d rather date Filch than Malfoy’’ she laughed chewing the drawstring cord, hoping
to untie it with her teeth. ‘’But no, me and Tim it would never work’’ she looked over
at him with Neville and she noticed he looked depressed.
‘’Never say never Hillary’’ Iyana was grinning madly now, she was already
speculating why he might be in a bad mood, she put it down to Hillary, but she didn’t
say anything not yet.
‘’Iyana drop it’’ She mumbled the cord between her teeth as she pulled; it became
frayed but stayed knotted tightly. ‘’Stupid bag!’’ she shouted angrily as she let out her
frustration with Tim on it.
‘’Do you need a hand’’
They all turned round, hearing the voice and saw a tall man with short blonde hair and
sky blue eyes looking down on her concerned. She stopped chewing immediately and
let her hand, holding the bag, drop as a rose tint swept to her cheeks; unfortunately it
didn’t go unnoticed by the young man.
‘’I-I can’t undo the knot’’ she told him slightly embarrassed that she’d being caught
chewing the cord like a squirrel. She held up the bag showing him, a small smile to
her lips as he nodded hearing her.
‘’Can I try?’’
She wasn’t sure at first but she found herself reassured, he had a calm smile and
bright eyes that radiated knowledge. She nodded holding the bag out. He smiled
pleasantly and she felt her hand go slightly weak smiling back she remembered seeing
him at Hogsmeade, it was only a second outside The Three Broomsticks but she
remembered him by his eyes.
As he reached out to take the bag from her, his hand touched hers, but it was so slight
she barely felt it, like the wind it flowed against her own.
‘’Let me see what I can do’’ he replied as he took the cord and dug his nail inside the
knot, she watched as he tried his best.
‘’Thank you for this… Err?’’
He realised he hadn’t told her his name and blushed slightly, feeling awkward. ‘’I'm
Daniel Ginsky, don’t mention it’’
‘’I’m Hillary… Oh! This is Olivia and Iyana’’ remembering they were there as well.
He nodded to them both and continued with the knot getting the nail under he started
to untie it with care, so he didn’t drop the bag.
‘’Wait do you know Josh Ginsky?’’ she asked curiously the thought dawning on her.
He unhooked the knot at last and sighed hearing his brothers name, his brothers
always came into the conversation for some reason. ‘’Yeah… He’s my brother’’ he
Her smile grew, learning this. ‘’He’s a friend of my brother Kyle, I didn’t know he
had a brother at Hogwarts still’’
 ‘’I doubt he would mention me, we don’t patically get on’’ he sighed as he
unravelled the last trail of cord
‘’All little brothers are a pain in the bum’’
He smiled handing her the bag back, the cord untied. ‘’Yeah they are… I’ll see you
round than’’ he shrugged his back pack over his shoulder and without another word
he turned and walked back into the crowd.
‘’Yeah, bye’’ she watched him leave confused before she turned to Olivia and Iyana
who had being surprising quiet. ‘’was it something I said’’
‘’No, that’s just Daniel, its what he does, I have Charms and Transfiguration with
him’’ Iyana informed them. ‘’He’s really good in class but he doesn’t speak much
outside of classes’’
‘’He’s probably shy’’ added Olivia sneaking a glance at the departing Daniel before
he was swallowed by the crowd.
‘’Maybe so, it was really nice of him to help me out though’’ Hillary smiled as she
dug into her bag withdrawing the ‘Monster Book of Monsters’ a white leather belt
keeping it tightly shut, its blank staring eyes looked up at them all.
‘’Yeah he’s a really nice guy. It’s just like I said he doesn’t speak much’’
‘’That’s not always a bad thing’’ Hillary chuckled. ‘’The quiet mysterious type’’
Before they could reply to her however there was a deep thud of heavy boots on soft
ground behind them.
All of the class looked up to see the black twinkling eyes of Rubeus Hagrid immersed
in a tangled mess of wild windswept dark hair. It twitched slightly and they all
presumed he was smiling underneath.
‘’Good ta see ya’ll made it’’ he rubbed his hands together happily and turned behind
him towards the forest ‘’If ya follow me, we’ll start the lesson’’ he turned heading for
the back of his hut and walked into the forest.

Picking up their bags and grumbling about the poor weather the students followed
him, passing the pumpkin patch and heading to the cover of trees. They walked a few
yards in, stepping over roots and rocks, the crunch and scuffle of dry leaves under
their step. After five minutes of walking they reached a clearing, underneath the
canopy of branches, were a series of thick sturdy logs were facing a large wooden
crate; it was rattling loudly, something scratching against the sides from inside.
 ‘’Take a seat’’ Hagrid barked indicting the logs; he was heading for the rattling crate
with a hidden smile.
So the students spread out to retrieve seats together and trying to get as far away from
the crate as possible. Tim was the first down and to no ones surprise he sat at the front,
Neville was less than happy about it but he needed his help so he sat on his left.
‘’I wonder what’s in the crate’’
‘’I’d rather it stay in there myself’’ replied Neville with a worried look as he dropped
his bag at his feet.
‘’You’re gonna like it Neville, you all are’’
They both looked up at Half-giant who was rubbing his hands together excited.
‘’What is it Hagrid?’’ Tim asked just as excited.
But Hagrid just tapped his nose and chuckled watching as everyone sat down.
Looking down the isle they saw Hillary, Iyana and Olivia sitting at the back and he
gave them a small wave but only Iyana and Olivia replied. Turning back he saw
someone had sat down next to Neville but he ignored him ‘’What am I going to do
‘’You mean about Hillary? All you can do is talk to her, say sorry’’
‘’Do you think that will work?’’
‘’What else can you do?’’
‘’I suppose’’ sighing he scratched his chin ‘’I’ll talk to her after lesson’’ he decided
focusing on his lesson for now and mainly the contents of the box.

Hagrid clapped his hands loudly and the whole class turned to him whilst he grabbed
a crowbar and opened the crate with a loud crack; revealing the creature. He started
his speech but Tim wasn’t listening now, looking away, into the forest. He was lost in
his own thoughts, the gentle drip of the rain water seemed to echo, taunting him.
He looked over his shoulder and saw Hillary taking notes, he wasn’t he only one
watching her.
The young man who sat next to Neville moved his head slightly to the side, his sky
blue eyes glancing at the same girl, curiously.
He turned to his name, his mouth slightly agape, looking up at Hagrid who seemed to
be waiting for something. That was the second time today, cursing himself under his
breath he sat up straight. ‘’Hagrid?’’
He shook his head disappointed. ‘’I asked if you would help me feed the Clabbert’’
‘’The what?’’
There was a series of sniggers a few rows back from a pack of Slytherins and some of
the other students laughed but he ignored them, feeling the rising heat to his face. He
wasn’t paying attention and he looked the fool, again.
‘’The Clabbert Tim’’ Hagrid reminded him as he moved his arm revealing a slightly
damp looking green furred monkey.
It had large bulbous eyes which looked in opposite directions taking in the students.
The fur was a deep moss green, his long arms dangled over the edge of the perch. The
fingers were long and ended in small black talons, they were also were webbed. It
opened his mouth revealing thin sharp yellowed teeth as it let out a strange strangled
cry. The unusual thing about the creature however was the large ruby red orb on his
forehead. It kept flashing when someone moved or made the slightest of noises and
one of its eyes would swivel over the student cautiously.
‘’Oh that Clabbert’’ Tim coughed as he stood up and the creature tensed grabbing the
perch with his webbed hands, the orb flashing as both its eyes darted to him, alert.
He slowed his walk and watched as the creature swiped the air, warning him off.
‘’You need ta feed him these’’ Hagrid instructed holding out a bowl.
Looking down at the small bowl of black meat Tim grimaced. ‘’What is that stuff
‘’Raw Eels’’
There was a resounding sound of disgust from the crowd but Tim took the bowl
politely, fingering the eel with a queasy stomach.
‘’So I just hold it out?’’
Hagrid nodded smiling and rubbing his hands.
Taking a large husk of the Eel meat, it was cold and wet in Tims’s hands and he
wanted to drop it but he had to do this, he volunteered. If he dropped out now he’d be
socially marked as being a loser, more so than ever.
He never usually cared what people thought but there were girls in the crowd. He
made it look like he was admiring the meat but really he was prepping himself up.
The creature’s eyes were staring at the meat with a savage hunger, it wasn’t helping
the situation.
 ‘’Come on! Is the Gryffindork scared?’’
He searched for where the voice called out and saw Draco sneering sitting back and
surrounded by his cronies. Trying to ignore him he put his hand out for the Clabbert
to take it.
Its eyes narrowed and it reached out, with its long thin fingers; snatching the Eel meat
with an excited cackle it jumped back and started ripping it with sharp yellowed teeth
as he ate.
The class started laughing at them; the creature was kinda cute, odd but nice in its
own way. The only ones who weren’t laughing however were Draco and his cronies.
‘’Like it’s so hard’’ he sneered and Blaise smiled at him.
‘’Why don’t you have a go Draco’’
‘’Don’t want to get my hands dirty’’ he replied in his usual snide manner.
‘’What was that Draco, scared’’ said Zoe looking over Elia shoulder, she made sure
she said it so everyone could hear.
He lost his smile and glared at her but people were looking his way now, he looked to
the front and saw Tim grinning at her comment.
‘’I’ll wipe that smile of your face in a minute’’ he growled standing up and throwing
his bag to the side, Crabbe caught it and the Slytherin's cheered as he walked down
the aisle, except for Avonlea who remained silent watching both men with avid
Marching to the front and sneering up at Tim, he was a few inches shorter and he
seemed to shrink between him and Hagrid but he refused to stand down.
‘’Lets see what your made of than’’
‘’Just give me the bowl Fatboy’’
Stiffening up Tim clenched his free hand into a fist and handed over the Eels but he
wished he could have thrown them at his sneering face instead.
Soon as Draco took the bowl he lost the smile and it was replaced by disgust.
‘’Being snacking Helyard, there seems to be a bite out of this one’’ he taunted.
‘’Push of Malfoy’’
‘’Why don’t you make me’’ he whispered so just Tim could hear. Everyone was
watching still but Hagrid wasn’t paying attention, one of the Hufflepuff's was talking
to him about the Clabbert’s living requirements.
Draco continued knowing he was getting Tim angry.
‘’What’s the matter Fatboy, afraid of getting those soft dainty hands a little dirty’’
Tim was holding himself back now. ‘’What do you do? Moisturise?’’
‘’Why don’t you shut up Malfoy’’ Tim snarled through clenched teeth.
‘’He’s not worth it Tim’’ it was Neville who spoke he knew what Tim was thinking,
he also knew it was a bad idea.
‘’Are you going to let your boyfriend tell you what to do’’
‘’Keep testing me Malfoy’’ he ignored Neville, he’d being wanting to finish what he
started in Hogsmeade and this was the perfect chance.
‘’What are you going to do about it, punch me when I’m not looking like last time’’
‘’You shouldn’t have grabbed her’’
‘’She was just some two bit slapper, only good for one thing’’
There voices were so low people would mistake them for having a conversation if it
wasn’t for the pure hatred which they stared at each other.
‘’You go to far Malfoy’’
‘’Not far enough, we’ll be seeing each other again, so watch your back’’ He took a
piece of Eel and threw it to the Clabbert without a care than dropped the bowl. ‘’Oops!
You better clean that up Fatboy’’ speaking in the same low voice so Hagrid didn’t
hear, he walked back to his seat.
 Tim was just left standing there, the spilled eels at his feet and the creature ripping
his food apart noisily. He kneeled down and kept his gaze locked on Draco's
retreating back ignoring everyone else as he picked up the disgarded eel, for Hagrids
benefit, not Draco.

 ‘’What’s wrong with Tim?’’ Iyana asked outloud, they all saw the tension between
him and Draco.
‘’I don’t know but I hope he isn’t going to do anything stupid’’ Olivia replied
Hillary stayed silent praying he took the high road and just left it there.
‘’Who is that guy?’’ Zoe asked speaking to Elia.
Elia never told Zoe or Helena, about Tim and what she did to get away at the Three
Broomsticks at the Hogsmeade trip, not after what happened when she told them
about Daniel, sometime her friends were too supportive.
‘’I don’t know Zoe; he’s just a Gryffindor they’re all like that. Why?’’ she hated lying
to her friends.
‘’Because he giving me shivers, that stare, oh it goes right through you’’ she giggled
pretending to fan herself.
‘’He is a kinda cute, he’s got the whole Grizzly Adam’s thing going on’’ added
Helena hearing Zoe and joining in her giggles.
‘’Indeed’’ she continued to fan herself comically with a smile
Leaving the bowl next the crate, Tim sat back down but he could still hear Draco
sniggering in the back. He tried to keep his concentration on Hagrid who’d continued
his lesson. The Clabbert was cackling with mischief as it crawled up Hagrids arm. But
the sniggers aggravated him. Their voices were taunting him. He closed his eyes hard
tried to calm himself down as he stared at his feet.
He didnn’t hear the footsteps nearing him from behind or the gentle swing of her bag.
Hagrids words became muffled as he clenched his fists in fury.
‘’He’s a loser! Fatboy can’t run forever’’
‘’What about the others, his friends’’
‘’Their next on the list, I’ll start of with Fatboy than we’ll see about the Gannon girl’’
Tim was about turn round to confront Draco with his fists but someone at his side
suddenly took hold of them.
She’d sat down silently sensing his pain and fury, her own hands were tiny compared
his but she held them tightly stopping him from turning round and charging Draco
He glanced to his right, her emerald green eyes met his and she smiled symphetic.
Opening his mouth to apologise but she shook her head stopping him from speaking.
‘’I forgive you’’ Hilary smiled; he nodded slowly but tried to speak again. ‘’It’s your
turn to shut up Tim, I understand’’
Blinking slowly he bowed his head, full of guilt but she’d forgiven him and he was
filed with happiness. He unclenched his fist and she patted her tiny hand on top of his,
calming him down.
‘’Thank you Hillary’’
‘’I’m always going to be here Tim, you can’t get rid of me that easily’’
Smiling at each other she let go and they took their notebooks out, the sniggers and
threats seemed to drift away now they were reunited.

The bell started to ring, its deep booming toll echoing throughout the school, calling
the long awaited end to the lessons. The rain had stopped but the grounds were still
wet. The halls were cold and empty until the students left their classes, swinging their
bags on to their shoulder, laughing and joking with each other whilst others were
grumbling about the amount of Homework.
The Great Hall was filling up as the students reached out, piling their plates, loud
voices ringing across others as they tried to talk at the same time with each other. As
usual Dumbledore’s seat was empty and McGonagall was no where to be seen.
Tim followed by Neville and the girls walked into the hall saying their goodbyes to
Iyana, who went to sit at her own table they managed to salvage a four places together.
‘’I see you two have made up than’’ said Olivia reaching out for the peas.
‘’Yeah well, he’s an idiot but, that’s all part off his charm’’ joked Hillary smiling at
Tim across the table, knowing she’d get away.
‘’Thank you Hillary, I love you to’’ he laughed ‘’I am sorry though, I shouldn’t have
shouted at you like that’’
‘’Water under the bridge, Tim’’
He nodded and took the ladle, shovelling pasta onto his plate.
‘’So what we doing tonight, homework free for once’’ Neville gave a little cheer and
they all chuckled.
‘’Well me and Hillary have got Quidditch Practice, your welcome to come along
though’’ Tim mumbled picking up another forkful of pasta.
‘’Don’t speak with your mouth full’’ objected Olivia cutting her potatoes with precise
care and attention.
‘’Sorry mum’’ he joked covering his mouth.
‘’If I was your mum, I’d of clipped you round the ear before now’’ she banished her
fork in front of him the piece of potato stuck on the end.
‘’You’ve being round Ron’s mum to long’’
‘’Anyway! Before another fight breaks out’’ Hillary silenced them both seeing the
tightened grip on Olivia’s knife. ‘’I thought Ginny cancelled practice’’
‘’Cancelled! When was this displayed?’’
‘’Well there was letter pinned up on the notice board, she said the pitch was swamped
from the bad weather or something’’
‘’Where is she? I’ll have a word. We cant miss a practice because of a bit of water,
we’re playing Slytherin in less than three weeks we need all the practice we can get’’
Dropping his fork he looked down the table, searching for red hair.
‘’She said it might be dangerous Tim’’
‘’We’re in the air not on the ground how dangerous can it be’’
‘’Well she’s down there with Dean and Seamus’’ She pointed to the end of the table
and he spotted her sitting next to the tall dark Gryffindor.
‘’Thanks Hillary, I wont be a minute’’ stepping out the bench with a little difficulty
due to his size. He finally managed it and strolled down the aisle stopping behind
Seamus. ‘’Hia guys, Ginny I just heard you cancelled practice?’’ Tim asked looking
down at her.
‘’Hi Tim, err yeah the pitch is unsuitable I’m afraid’’
‘’You do realise were playing Slytherin soon. With your brother and Harry off
gallivanting, me and Hillary need the training; we only joined in September’’
‘’Yes I realise were playing Slytherin, in case you’ve forgotten I’m the captain not
you’’ she placed her hands on her hips standing up and slightly scowling at him.
‘’Practice is cancelled, I’m not risking it’’
‘’Oh come on, its just a bit of water, we can deal with it surely’’
‘’No we cant and its more than that, Hagrid will have it sorted soon, it’s not safe’’
‘’I don’t care about safety, I care about winning, we can’t lose the Quidditch cup’’
‘’I care about my team mates, I care about you and Hillary and I’m allowing it’’
‘’Come on Ginny-‘’
‘’No, now your a great Keeper Tim, hardly anyone can score when your in play, I’d
even go as far to say your better than Oliver himself’’
He was surprised by hearing this, Oliver Wood was the captain when he first came to
Hogwarts, he idolised him growing up and some of his own Keeper moves were
inspired by his games, he only went to the Puddlemore matches to cheer him on.
‘’Hillary is one of the best Chasers we’ve got, no offence Dean’’ He waved it off,
knowing it was true so she continued ‘’She’s dead fast and that wrist technique she
taught us, incredible’’
03She was winning him over so she drew it to a close ‘’now I don’t want to risk you
both breaking your necks when I need you for the match, we can’t do it without you’’
She sat back down and Dean took her hand again.
‘’Thank you Ginny’’ He was stunned, he didn’t think she felt like that ‘’Can I at least
ask when the next practice is than?’’ giving up on the matter
‘’Already got it booked for tomorrow night, 6pm, but because the Ravenclaws
couldn’t fly in the weather yesterday we’re sharing the pitch’’
‘’Long as they stick to their side I don’t mind, besides gives us a chance to spy on
their techniques’’ he laughed in an undertone, cheerful about what he’d learned. ‘’I’ll
see you all later than suppose’’
‘’Bye Tim’’ she shook her head slightly watching him leave.
Sitting back down next to Neville he picked up his fork and finished his pasta.
‘’So what did she say’’
‘’Well it’s still cancelled, nothing I would say would change her min, but we have it
tomorrow we just have to share with the Ravenclaws, better than nothing’’
‘’Well that’s not all bad’’
‘’Did you know she thinks were two of the greatest Quidditch players in the team’’
He replied suddenly in an undertone so the only the four of them heard.
‘’Me and you’’ She smiled pleasantly trying not to look smug as she put her fork
down, looking at Tim, hoping he knew more.
‘’Yeah she said you’re the fastest Chaser we have and the wrist technique you taught
the others was amazing and I’m a better Keeper than Oliver Wood’’ repeating what
Ginny had told him. ‘’She was only saying it to stop me from ranting but there must
be some truth to it because you are the best Hillary’’
She blushed but he didn’t notice ‘’Thank you Tim’’
‘’Anytime’’ he winked with a smile and finishing off his pasta.
‘’Well now its being concluded your not at practice tonight, what do you want to?’’
Olivia asked finishing her own meal.
‘’Hang out in the library with Iyana and Luna’’ Suggested Neville.
‘’Sounds like a plan’’ Tim replied finishing his own dinner and stepping out the bench
as they separated to find the other two.

Making their way down to the Quidditch Pitch the rain had cleared up, though the
grounds were still damp, it was acceptable conditions. Tim and Hillary were already
in their Quidditch robes and Olivia, Luna and Neville followed, Iyana said she was
going to try and head down if she found the time. Heading for the broom storeroom
they said their goodbyes to the others, who left with words of encouragement as they
headed for the stands to get good seats.
‘’You ready’’
‘’I was born ready’’ she laughed as he handed her the Firebolt, its sleek Mahogany
handle polished, the broom twigs trimmed with precise length for speed and
manovability. The word Firebolt in a thin golden letters streaked the side.
Tim’s broom however was a custom made model, unlike Hillary’s Firebolt; his was
larger, stronger and stranger than your average broom, a lot like him. The thick sturdy
handle was made of oak and he had Hippogriff feathers attached in precise places to
the broom twigs. In sweeping silver letters he named her ‘Call of Greatness’, she was
his prised possession even if many thought she was ugly, she didn’t have the suave
style of a Firebolt, or the modern style of a Nimbus. She was beautiful in his eyes, he
judged her by her power and reliability not her appearance.
Meeting up in the Gryffindor changing rooms with the others Ginny was already
giving her post practice pep talk.
‘’Good to see you join us at last’’ Ginny said with her hand on her hip, the other
holding her broom whilst the rest of the team turned, they nodded and waved them
both in and Ginny waited before continuing ‘’Now we have a bigger crowd out there
because the Ravenclaws are sharing, but I want your mind on game not on the girls’’
she put special attention on Tim when she said this and it didn’t go unnoticed he tried
to defend himself grinning at her complaint but she lifted a hand.
‘’I don’t want to hear it Tim, just watch the Quaffle, I want to give him hell today
Chasers’’ she was grinning when she said this winking at Hillary who replied in the
same fashion.
‘’Why am the victim here’’
‘’you shouldn’t have questioned me Tim, you wanted to practice, your going to
He just shook his head grinning. ‘’Bring it’’ he taunted
‘’Oh they will’’ turning back to the team she knew they were all thinking the same,
time to knock the bighead of his pedestal ‘’what you waiting for get your butts on
your brooms and get out there’’ she laughed as they all gave an uproar of cheers and
grabbed their brooms jogging to the pitch. The last remnants of the sunset hit them as
they walked out, a mixture of reds, purples and pinks glazed the sky.
‘’Broom up’’ Ginny called slipping on to her Cleansweep and kicking off, she flew up
to the goal posts, Quaffle in hand waiting for the others.
Swinging their Beaters bats and high fiving each other the Beaters flew up to join her
followed by Dean and the new Chaser, A dirty blonde haired 4th year girl called
Nicole. She wasn’t as good as the others at scoring but no one could get the Quaffle
off her and not one of the Bludger’s met their mark.
In the end it was Hillary and Tim still on the pitch he was overlooking the
Ravenclaws they were starting off with flying laps and he was interested in their
techniques so he watched keenly as he slipped the Keeper gloves on.
‘’You alright Tim’’
‘’Yeah I’m just watching that Creed, he only joined last year but he’s good, his speed
is adequate but it’s the force he fly’s with, he got quite a few past Ron, we almost lost
that match’’
‘’well we have a world class Keeper, I’m sure you’ll do us proud when it comes game
time’’ she replied patting him on the back before mounting her broom.
‘’I’ll try my best’’ he muttered as he scanned the scatter of crowds in the stands he
noticed a few familiar faces and waved to Neville and girls. But when he spotted Elia
he lost the smile, she seemed to be everywhere nowadays, was she stalking him, was
this some vendetta against him.
Mounting the broom he kicked off, leaving the thoughts of Elia back on the ground,
the wind stinging his eyes as he caught up with Hillary and they joined the team in a
‘’Finally, I want to do some penalty shots, so it’s your time to shine Tim'' He nodded
grinning as he pulled his hair back, tying it down so he could see when playing.
‘’Dean I want to see you on top form, Hillary could you guide Nicole in the scoring’’
‘’I’d be happy to’’ she replied smiling with Nicole.
‘’Ben and Terry I want you batting Bludger’s at the Chasers, your aiming for the chest,
we don’t want a repeat of last time’’
Ben looked down guiltily but Nicole winked at him, she’d forgiven him in the
Hospital Wing but Ginny continued to bring it up to remind them all, to keep them
‘’Think you can handle that Tim?’’
‘’Ginny, I can handle anything you throw at me’’ he laughed sweeping the air to the
centre goal post.
Ginny was laughing as she turned to Hillary ‘’Wipe that smile of his face’’ she
ordered slyly with wink, which Hillary returned.
Meanwhile the stands were filling up with various housed students. Wrapped up in
thick coats, they huddled together to keep warm. Neville was rubbing his hands
against the cold wind whilst Luna and Olivia shared a fleece blanket but still shivering.
A small distance away from them Elia was reading her book whilst Helena and Zoe
watched the teams practice, paying special attention to male players.
‘’They look good this year don’t they Elia’’
‘’Yeah I suppose we have a chance of the cup now the Potter boy’s not here’’ she
replied looking over her book to the game.
‘’We’re not on about the team silly, more certain members’’ Helena giggled as she
watched the Ravenclaw Chaser, Jacob Rodgers dodge a Bludger with incredible speed
and score the Quaffle, she cheered with the rest of the stands and turned back to Elia.
‘’that’s why we came here, not to read books’’
‘’Come on Elia there’s some fit boys out there, surely one must catch your eye’’
She shook her head and returned to the book ‘’I didn’t even want to come but you
both made me, I’ll leave, I don’t mind’’ she stood up closing the book but Helena
stopped her.
‘’Oh no you don’t, your not getting away that easy, now sit your bum down and get
gawping, there’s some fine ass boys out there’’
With a small groan she did so and opened her book ‘’boys are stupid’’
‘’We’re not disagreeing with you but who needs brains when you have a body like
that’’ Zoe exclaimed pointing out a tall, dark haired Ravenclaw, Rick Smith, he was
the team captain and popular heart throb amongst the girls.
He was changing his front robes at the time; the act caused his t-shirt to rise slightly
revealing a firm, tanned six pack. Zoe and Helena followed by many of the girls in the
stands started whistling and cheering at the sight. He covered himself back up and
waved, liking the attention. He kissed his biceps, tight under the white t-shirt as he
picked up a fresh pair of Quidditch robes.
‘’You have to admit he has a certain… charm’’ Helena giggled sucking on a sugar
quill out her pocket, which Elia refused.
‘’Why didn’t he change in the changing rooms? He’s only doing it because he wants
you all to cheer. He’s a muscle bound idiot’’ she retorted.
Zoe was sucking on her own offered sugar quill. ‘’You can be a real stick in the mud
sometimes Elia’’
She didn’t reply, she just sat and read her book in silence.

Back on the pitch Tim was charging through the air, knocking the Quaffle away using
all his limbs and broom to do so as he protected the posts.
‘’I thought it was going to be a Challenge’’ he mocked Dean after successfully saving
the right post by slipping off the edge of the broom and kicking it back into the air.
It arched over them all and Ginny caught it with ease. In truth it was a close shave and
his heart was hammering, he mistook the timing and almost fell off but he managed to
hook his right leg round just in time. He was too proud to admit his mistake and
covered it by his arrogance.
Ginny was smiling, ‘’your doing good Tim, but your still slow, I know you like that
broom and everything but have you ever thought about cashing in for a proper
He shook his head stroking the broom head where the silver letter shined in the setting
sun, her name gleaming. ‘’couldn’t do it, she’s perfectly shaped and built, designers
not for me. No I’m a one broom man, ‘Call of Greatness’ is the only for me’’ he
She smiled at his devotion ‘’well find a way to quicken you pace, you might be good
but your not perfect’’
‘’Just keep them coming and I’ll keep batting them back’’ he replied laughing as he
pretended to have a baseball bat in his hand and he swung out with it.
‘’Ok than, lets have some formation work, Ben, Terry you know the drill’’ they
nodded and went to retrieve the Bludger’s. ‘’Hot Potato anyone’’ she called out
cheerfully, Tim’s smile drooped a little but he brought it back, putting up a front.
‘’ I love Hot Potato’’ he called back drifting down to the centre hoop.
As Hillary, Dean and Nicole flew to the centre of the pitch, Hillary leading and
holding the Quaffle. Ben and Terry flew at the side between Tim and the Chasers
struggling to hold the two Bludger’s.
Ginny meanwhile was above everyone looking down so she could get a clear view.
‘’Chasers you remember what to do, pass that Quaffle in random directions and
remember to hold it for as little time as you can, its all about agility and teamwork,
remember you always have a friend at your side in battle, trust them’’
They all raised their fists to her showing they understood. ‘’We’ll start off easy,
couple of games with just one Bludger if you can handle that Ben’’
He nodded unable to raise his fist because it was holding down the Bludger.
Holding the whistle to her mouth Ginny waited and gave 3 sharp blasts.
The sound brought the whole stadiums attention and they turned including the
Ravenclaw Quidditch Team to watch. Hillary was flying straight holding the Quaffle
but she threw it up and flew to the side, her position replaced above by Nicole who
barely held it before she threw it back to Hillary.
Their speed increased as they flew turning and revolving round the others changing
places and handler of the Quaffle.
It was confusing Tim but that was the idea. They flew in a scattered tornado like
formation at the Keeper and he had to watch all three of them moving along with the
Quaffle, it was meant to break the Keepers concentration and confuse them, so when
the Chasers aimed to score they wouldn’t know which of the three hoops was being
aimed at until the very last minute. There was little chance of him saving the goal
unless he got lucky and happened to drift past the right post.
Ginny happy with the ways were going blew down on the whistle again with two
sharp blasts this time alerting Terry to free his Bludger.
He smiled and smashed the Beater bat into the freed Bludger spurring it on and
aiming it down at Dean, the current Quaffle holder, he managed to dodge it just in
time and throw the ball over his shoulder where Nicole caught it.
Terry was already aiming the Bludger back with incredible speed. The formation
continued, dodging and weaving as they passed to each other.
Tim was bracing himself as he circled the hoops watching to the best of his ability
along with everyone else in the stadium. Only Elia didn’t seem to care as she
continued to read.
The Chasers were moving fast and they were nearing him. He continued to watch the
ball weave through their arms.
He was drifting over the right hoop when Hillary aimed for the left, he flew as fast as
he could to the side but she tricked him by changing the throw into a toss to Dean who
scored in the right. Cheering with the others Ginny clapped from above alongside the
crowds in the stands.
Dean turned to Tim and raised his hands ‘’what can I say they like what they saw’’ he
mocked and Tim shook his head.
‘’We’ll see who’s laughing in a minute’’ though in truth he was laughing himself it
was a good move, sneaky but sweet.
Ginny blew the whistle and the practice was restarted. They replayed the procedure a
total of 5 times in which Tim managed to save it twice, his best yet.
‘‘Ben, we’ll have the second Bludger on the third whistle’’ she instructed and he
nodded getting ready.
The Chasers gathered in the centre again Nicole with the Quaffle as they waited for
the whistle.
Zoe and Helena were on the edge of their seats as they watched with everyone else.
Zoe was paying special attention to Tim who because they didn’t know his name
Helena had nicknamed Grizzly, because he reminded them of Grizzly Adams.
‘’He looks even better in Quidditch robes, don’t you agree?’’ Zoe asked out loud as
she sucked her forth sugar quill, the sugar rush piping her up as she watched with
keen eyes.
‘’I can’t believe that’s the same Grizzly we saw in lessons, he’s so much faster than I
expected’’ Helena confessed.
‘’Oh I wish I was that Quaffle he could grab me all over’’ she giggled and Helena fell
into a fit of giggles alongside.
‘’That doesn’t make sense, you want him to throw you about like the Quaffle?’’ Elia
stated not looking up from the book.
‘’Lighten up Elia, you must admit he’s not bad’’
She looked at Tim for the first time that night and sniffed. ‘’Looks like a girl’’ she
answered returning to her book.
‘’He does not’’ Zoe replied holding back the laughter ‘’I think he’s rather cute’’
‘’Why don’t you go tell him that?’’ she retorted.
‘’Oh yeah because that wont look desperate’’
‘’Well flirt with him’’ suggested Helena nudging Zoe.
‘’I don’t think you understand Helena, I'm trying not to look desperate, shouting
across the stadium isn’t going to help’’ she laughed.
‘’Whistle or something’’
‘’Whistle?’’ she asked confused.
‘’Yeah whistle, you know-‘’ she put her two forefingers in her mouth but didn’t go
through with it. ‘’whistle’’
‘’I know what whistling is, I mean do you think I should’’
‘’Go for it, a bit of flirting is harmless’’
‘’what do you think Elia?’’
‘’Like Helena said, it’s harmless’’ she replied dully, she wanted to warn her it was a
mistake but she didn’t want them knowing about Tim, she was conflicted.

The first Bludger rocketed through the formation of Chasers as Terry tried to knock
them off their brooms. They were one with each other, defending each other and
passing the Quaffle before the Bludger made contact, they were a team and Ginny
was impressed so she kept Ben off for a little while longer.
He was desperately trying to keep the Bludger at bay, his arms were starting ache and
wished he could let it go but he was under direct orders.
As the Chasers flew in Tim was ready for them he’d caught on to their pattern and
knew the next move before they made it, pretending to be confused he circled the
hoops watching the eager crowds, the attention was spurring him on to do well, to
beat them.
Looping under Dean, Nicole caught the Quaffle and corkscrewed, rolling to the side
repeatedly, dodging the Bludger and throwing the Quaffle with accurate aim to
Hillary again. They were smiling gleefully as they saw a confused Tim, he was
always so arrogant and this was a time when they could get their revenge. Hillary was
laughing as she threw the Quaffle under her arm.
Although Tim looked confused he’d being congratulated on his acting abilities in the
past, the crowds cheers were going to his head. ‘’They want a show, I’ll give them a
show’’ he whispered under his breath, Dean had the Quaffle; he’d pass to Nicole than
it would be Dean again onto Hillary to take the shot, watching their body language.
And that’s exactly what happened, no sooner had he thought it than Dean dropped the
ball to an eager Nicole who revolved and back flipped throwing the ball to Hillary
who flew to a stop before the right hoop.
Time seemed to stand still for the crowd, as Hillary raised her hand to throw; Tim
flew up as fast as he could. But she flicked her wrist at the last moment, curving the
ball into the left with a wicked smile.
What she didn’t know was Tim was playing with her; soon as he saw the wrist start to
curve he drew the broom round with lightening fast agility and raised his body of the
broom. Giving the handle a push he aimed the broom down and pushed off with his
feet, pushing his body to the faded stars appearing above.
He was in the air, flying to the left hoop where a resounding gasp from the crowds,
but it was drown out by the passion to win as he reached out, his gloved hand calling
to the ball as he blocked. It made a solid stiff impact and he sealed his fingers round
the edge drawing it from the air.
As he fell to a waiting broom below, gripping the Quaffle in one hand he reached out
and grabbed the thick re-enforced broom, taking the movement he tilted his body and
moved himself back up, looping his leg over. The adrenaline that coursed through his
veins that exploded and his hearing returned the awakening cheers from the crowd.
Everyone was on their feet, clapping astonished by the move. It was one he’d being
working on over the summer but that was the first time he actually managed to stay on
the broom.
He’d shocked himself and he sat there looking down at his hands, the scarlet trophy of
his triumph fixed firmly between his hands.
The cheers grew louder and he looked up, Hillary was shaking her head both angry
that I managed to deceive her and thrilled that I did, the huge wide grin was proof.
Dean just sat their gawping alongside Terry. Ginny was clapping wildly with Nicole
and Ben was busy handling his Bludger but it wasn’t the team’s support that
marvelled him it was the crowds.
The cheers rocketed from such a small scatter of people but they lifted him higher
than the broom ever could he wanted to savour the moment. Drawing his hands away
he placed the ball between his knees and threw his arms up to the crowd, accepting
their cheers with a huge smile. He cheered with them and they got louder.
Elia was the only one not clapping as she sat and watched amazed, her book open on
her lap, lying forgotten
Zoe was cheering wildly waving to him hoping to catch his attention. When it became
clear they weren’t Zoe put her fingers to her mouth and wolf whistled loudly, the
shrill noise rang over the crowds. His attention caught he looked over to them and
waved cheerily, that was his mistake.
Ben was having a difficult time trying to control the Bludger; he’d forgotten about
watching the practice and instead wrapped his hands round the black ball, holding it
down. He didn’t register the cheers as being anything important until he heard Zoe’s
whistle. Believing it was Ginny, he finally let the Bludger go swinging his bat with
incredible force relived he didn’t know or care what he was aiming it, to his dismay it
just turned out to be a waving Tim who’d flew out of the posts defence at the cheers.
He didn’t realise his mistake until it was too late.
Tim was spurring the crowds on now, he’d never got a response like this and he loved
it. He was going to take all he could, drifting further into the pitch he overlooked the
crowd, There were people he never seen before cheering for him. Neville was
whooping and punching the air, he laughed at his friend’s enthusiasm. Olivia and
Luna waved from behind him, the blanket fluttering in the wind as they tried to keep
it round them.
But his eyes were drawn to three girls a short distance away from his friends. He
caught the smallest of the three, a girl with light brown hair, flailing out behind her,
she had her fingers in her mouth and he heard the wolf whistle and he grinned in
astonishment. Waving to her he didn’t think the grin would ever leave, he had his
back to Ben and continued to wave to the girl.
No sooner had he started to wave there was a huge earth shattering impact to his spine
and he didn’t have a good grip on the broom handle, the force threw him off and into
the darkness below.
He cried out through the pain and fear as he plummeted to the wet grass, the world
grew darker, the cheers turned to screams before they were cut short.

‘’Someone call for Madame Pomfrey, no take your broom it’ll be quicker’’
‘’Ben you idiot what were you thinking’’
‘’There was a whistle I let it go like you said’’
‘’Is he dead’’
‘’Shut up kid’’
‘’Is he though’’
‘’I said shut up’’
The voices seemed to merge he couldn’t register who was talking as they grew quieter
at random times. He was confused, he wanted to tell the others to be quiet he was
trying to the sleep. The soft pillow beneath his face, he drew in the familiar scent of
fabric softener, but there was something wrong. The usual cloying lavender smell was
gone, it was earthy and wet. The pillow seemed damper than it should of being and it
tickled his cheek. He was cold, had the others took his blankets off again, was it just
another practical joke. That’s when he felt he pain, the dull throbbing ache in his
shoulders, neck and chest. The voices became clearer and he realised he wasn’t in his
bed in the tower, something bad had happened.
‘’He had to show off, why does he have to be so arrogant’’ the voice was hard to
understand due to its owner sobbing, but it was a girls voice and it seemed familiar, he
felt the hands laid down on his arm.
As his senses slowly returned he opened his right eye slowly and it seemed to take all
his energy to do just that. His vision was blurry at first and he realised his glasses
were lying in the grass beside his head, the remains of sunlight shining a deep wash of
red across the cracked lenses, reflecting beautifully.
His head was hurting and he felt something warm and thick slowly running down his
forehead, he wanted to raise his hand and wipe it away but he was too weak. The
voices continued and the noise echoed in his confusion until heard a woman’s voice,
she was shouting for the crowd to part the last thing he heard was her approach until
the darkness drifted in again.
The voices returned, like before they became sharper with time. He was warmer than
last time, there wasn’t a damp earthy smell, it was replaced by a metallic medicine
smell and he was lying on his back this time, his muscles still hurt and he was weak
but he managed to open his eyes.
The light struck him and he had to close them again slowly getting familiar with the
brightness it wasn’t the deep passionate reds and pinks of the sunset but a large
whiteness, the cheap halogen lights that burn away your retinas.
The room was moving and he could just make out dark blurry shadows surrounding
him they were still at first but seconds into opening his eyes there was a loud girly
squeal of his name and the shadows charged down on him. The noise incredible he
closed his eyes again unable to withstand it.
Someone must of known because he heard her telling them all to shut up, he smiled
slightly hearing Olivia’s voice.
‘’Olivia’’ Tim whispered.
One of the shadows, the smaller in the crowd came forward, close enough so she
could hear and he heard her voice. ‘’Yes it’s me Tim’’
He couldn’t help but smile. ‘’Thank you’’ he chuckled dryly but he had to stop
because it hurt. He opened his eyes wider and the shadows became clearer, he could
make out her straw blonde hair, his small pale face and button nose. Smiling he was
saddened to find her eyes looked red, like she’d being crying he wanted to comfort
her to tell her it was going to be ok but he was to weak. ‘’where are my glasses’’ he
muttered, his mouth was incredibly dry and he felt nauseous.
‘’Right here’’ she replied as she moved to the side. The next second she slipped
something onto his face and when he opened his eyes he could see them all clearly,
his strength returning he pulled himself up and someone gasped at his side but he
managed it.
Looking around him he realised where he was, the damp grass of the Quidditch Pitch
had being replaced by a stiff mattress and scratchy sheets with too much starch. The
medicine smell made sense now; he’d being moved to the Hospital Wing.

Blinking he took in his visitors, all of the team were there, Nicole was sat on his left
with her usual sweet smile. Ginny was sitting on Dean’s knee with a relieved smile
whilst Dean held her hand, comforting her. Then there was Terry behind them
grinning madly and Ben with a guilty worried frown. Looking to his right he saw
Olivia standing right by his head with the same red eyes but a huge smile on her face
now. Next to her, Hillary still had a damp handkerchief in her hand; she hadn’t
managed to wipe all the tears away, seeing the glistening streaks. Luna with Neville
behind her were both looking down with pale faces and he saw Iyana shaking her
head with a huge smile lighting up her face.
But to his surprise he saw another girl, he didn’t know her name but he remembered
seeing her in the stands, she was the girl he waved to he blinked a few time and when
no one said anything he thought he should cut the silence.
‘’So, I’m still alive than’’
‘’How are you feeling?’’ it was Luna who spoke and he turned slowly to her.
‘’Like I’ve being hit by a train, how are you feeling’’
She smiled ‘’I’m good, thank you Tim’’
‘’That’s all that matters’’ he muttered closing his eyes for a second.
‘’Someone want to tell me why I’m in the Hospital Wing?’’ he was still a little dazed;
all he remembered was seeing the ground get closer really, really quickly.
‘’You were in an accident Tim’’ Hillary answered, smiling sadly.
‘’What kind of an accident?’’
‘’You were hit from behind with a Bludger, pretty hard and well you fell of your
‘’Well that explains a lot’’ he groaned.
‘’It was my fault’’ a small voice said from the back and Tim looked to the speaker.
‘’What are talking about Ben’’
‘’I hit the Bludger at you, I wasn’t looking and I… well I heard the whistle-‘’ Tim
noticed the girl at the foot of his bed look down when he said this ‘’-and I let the
Bludger free like I was told, you’re here, like this, because of me’’
But Tim shook his head, not accepting this, he had to stop however because the
motion was making him feel worse. ‘’No I’m here because I have a blimp for a head,
I don’t blame you Ben, I was showing off it’s as much my fault’’
‘’Do we know who whistled than’’ asked Neville cutting Tim off knowing he was
going to go into one of his long speeches.
‘’Whoever it was has a lot to say for themselves’’ Ginny growled. ‘’They could of
killed Tim for being so stupid’’
Tim was only half listening he was watching the girl at the foot of his bed, she had her
head down and she seemed to stiffen when Ginny spoke.
The truth was Zoe was ashamed and scared of what they would say, she was afraid of
saying anything. But to stay quiet was the wrong thing, so she opened her mouth to
confess. ‘’I-‘’
‘’I guess we’ll never know’’
She looked up and found herself meeting Tim’s gaze, he was looking directly at her
she opened her mouth again to confess but he shook his head ever so slightly smiling
to her.
She smiled back and mouthed the words ‘’thank you’’ without another word she
turned and walked out, none of the others noticed what went on and Ginny was
already ranting about Quidditch safety.
Watching the girl leave Tim’s smile grew and he sank into the pillows, feeling a lot
better, even listening to Ginny didn’t bother him, it was rather relaxing.

10 minutes after Zoe left Madame Pomfrey returned and forced his crowd to leave,
muttering about muddy foot prints and being overcrowded. She kept repeating he
needed his rest, he had to spend the night there for observation, he had a thick white
bandage round his head were he’d cracked his skull on impact with the ground, he
was taking a variety of potions every hour to help with shock, muscle damage and
blood loss and who knows what else, but she said he was going to be fine so long as
he got his rest.
Promising to return in the morning his friends began to leave heading for the
Common Rooms. Ben still repeating he was sorry until Madame Pomfrey threatened
that he’d have a bed next to Tim if he didn’t move along.
Soon as they were gone he was forced to take the potions, each one more revolting
than the last. ‘’If you want to get better you have to take your medicine’’ Madame
Pomfrey repeated in a patronising but kind tone, every time he refused and he kept
reminding her he wasn’t 5 year old. She just laughed and took the empty vials back to
her office.
He was under strict orders to sleep, he’d taken a mild sleeping draught, so after a few
minutes he was lying back down, the pain drifting away as he closed his eyes.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d being asleep but someone was shaking his shoulder and
they kept repeating his name. It didn’t seem like something Madame Pomfrey would
do so he opened his eyes expecting trouble, what he got instead was a frantic Zoe.
She was smiling down at him her wand was lit and illuminating the both of them. He
was confused why she was here and thought he might be dreaming but she seemed
real, he reached out and stroked her face with two of his fingers.
Her skin was soft and slightly warm but most defiantly real and he shot his hand back
blushing madly. ‘’Sorry! I err I thought I was dreaming’’ he muttered a frantic
apology embarrassed that he’d just stroked her face.
But she didn’t seem to mind; on the contrary she was smiling down at him more so
now. ‘’don’t worry about it, I would of done the same’’ she giggled quietly so they
weren’t caught and he chuckled with her, but it didn’t help his confusion as to why
she was here, now, in the middle of the night.
‘’What are you doing here?’’
‘’Oh right! I just wanted to say thank you for not telling them about me’’ she
whispered and smiled guiltily looking down at her feet.
‘’Don’t mention it, it was an accident I don’t blame you’’
‘’it wasn’t an accident’’ she replied quickly and he narrowed his eyes in the wand
light. Did she mean to get him knocked off the broom? She shook her head giggling
quietly as if reading his mind ‘’I didn’t mean I wanted to get you hurt’’ she corrected
herself. ‘’Just that I did mean to whistle’’ she was blushing as well now, this caught
his attention.
‘’What do you mean?’’
She remained quiet at first making spirals with her finger in the bed sheet, sighing she
looked up, her hazelnut brown eyes meeting his.
‘’well, I wanted to get your attention’’
He was still groggy from the sleeping draught so didn’t register what she said at first,
he just lay there mouth slightly agape staring. ‘’Why did you want my attention?’’ he
asked and she continued to make spirals, she couldn’t look at him now and it took all
her power not to start giggling.
‘’I don’t know I just think your kinda cute’’ she blurted and paid more attention on
her spirals.
Tim looked down at this, watching her finger, a smile creeping over his lips into a
wide grin from what he heard. ‘’You… you think I’m cute?’’ he repeated his voice
going a little high in surprise and she giggled. He blushed and repeated himself ‘’so,
you think I’m cute? He asked this time his voice deeper.
She shrugged lightly cocking her head to one side and smiling through the scarlet
‘’Well that’s never happened to me, I wake up in a Hospital bed where a pretty girl
tells me I’m cute… sure I’m not dreaming?’’ he asked.
She reached forward and pinched his arm lightly he let cried out softly and she
giggled. ‘’No your awake’’
Rubbing the spot slightly he smiled up unsure how he could react to something like
this, it had never happened before, the confession not the pinching. Unfortunately
having so many female friends they thought it was funny embarrass him in public,
pinching and tickling and simple making his day a living hell, that’s why he loved
them so much.
‘’Was that the only reason you came down than to apologise and tell me I’m…
cute?’’ it seemed so silly saying that he never would have described himself as being
cute. ‘’Cute, really, not grizzled, heroic, masculine?’’ he asked and she smiled down
at him.
‘’Them and more’’ she put emphasis on the word more, letting it hang in mid-air.
‘’No that’s not the only reason-‘’ she cut off returning to the spirals and he waited
giving her time, he was tired, the sleeping draught was still in his system he hoped he
didn’t fall asleep now, not when it was getting interesting. Reaching out he took her
hand stopping her and getting her attention, she looked up quickly, eyes alert.
‘’You can tell me’’
His voice was so soft and kind she found the fear ebb away, keeping her eyes on his,
drawing strength from his gaze she started a spiral in the palm of his hand, it tickled
but he returned the smile making sure she had his support.
‘’You know the Halloween Ball?’’
He nodded blinking slowly, the tiredness taking over he stifled a yawn and gave her
his full attention.
‘’Do you want to go with me?’’ she tilted her head forwards smiling down on him, he
hazelnut eyes lighting up with hope.
It wasn’t what he expected to hear, he wasn’t planning on going with anyone in
particular but he knew she was asking to go as more than friends. He didn’t need to
think about it.
‘’I would love to go to the Ball with you’’ he answered smiling warmly up at her.
‘’Than I’ll come back tomorrow’’ she said coolly, but really she could of jumped up
and down with excitement.
‘’I’ll be waiting’’ he replied in the same cool manner, stroking her hand with his
thumb as he smiled raising an eyebrow.
‘’Until tomorrow’’
‘’Bright an early’’
‘’I’m looking forward’’
‘’Can’t wait’’
‘’You should get your beauty sleep than’’ she giggled
‘’I should if I want to continue being cute’’ he chuckled and she joined in.
‘’I should really get going, before Filch catches me’’
‘’We don’t want you getting detention’’
She smiled down at him, ‘’Goodnight Tim’’ she’d discovered his name earlier.
‘’Goodnight… err’’ he realised he didn’t even know her name and she giggled.
‘’Zoe, my names Zoe’’
‘’Well goodnight Zoe’’ He corrected himself smiling brightly.
She replied the smile and slipped her hand out of his unwillingly before making her
way to the door. The light spilling into the room, it illuminated her face better and he
suddenly realised how pretty she really was, she considerably smaller than him but
than again everyone was, she gave a small wave and he replied in the same fashion.
He continued to watch the closed door after she left, the same thought buzzing in his
head. ‘’A date’’ he whispered to an empty room he still couldn’t believe it, a smug
smile fell across his lips and he rolled onto his side ignoring the wave of nausea. He
closed his eyes as the sleeping draught won its battle.
He was discharged the next morning after a few tests to check his reflexes and senses.
In all, he found out he was adequately a normal 17 year old young man. He was
halfway through the tasteless and rather boring oatmeal when the doors opened and
his friends cascaded into the room along with Zoe.
Olivia as usual was questioning the new arrival to the gang, whilst Hillary led the
troops through. Neville was taking up the rear with nervous smile about being the
only male. Iyana was tying to have a conversation with him but he was being his
usual shy self.

They walked him out to their next lesson with McGonagall, whilst Zoe and Tim made
plans to meet up after dinner. The others watched from the suit of armour. No sooner
had she left than Hillary leading the onslaught of questions alongside Olivia and Iyana
started quizzing him about her.
‘’So when did all this happen?’’ Iyana was beaming up at him and he shrugged as he
walked on.
‘’don’t give us that, how long have you being keeping her a secret?’’ Olivia ordered
charging in front of him, so he was forced to stop.
‘’We just met last night’’ he repeated not wanting to give the details away, they
seemed private.
‘’So you’ve never met her before because we were wondering why she was waiting at
the foot of you bed last night’’
‘’Yes I just met her, nothing more needs to be said except we’re going to Halloween
Ball together, that’s all you need to know and that’s all I’m telling you’’ he stepped
round her and continued to stride, humming Always by Bon Jovi, his arms swinging
at his sides. He didn’t have to tell them about the arrangements but he really wanted
to scream from the towers, Timothy Helyard had a date.
‘’Our boys all grown up’’ laughed Hillary looping arms with Iyana and Olivia.
‘’His first date, I’m so proud’’ Iyana added
‘’Oh this is going to be fun’’ Olivia voiced a wicked smile to her lips.

Time seemed to fly by; the days grew shorter as the big night approached. Tim had
passed Zoe in the corridors and they exchanged pleasantries like friends, their smiles
considerably larger afterwards.
Hillary and Olivia continued to pester him every chance they got in the Common
Room, hinting what he should wear and say. Until after a rather long an informative
talk on mints and their combat against bad breath by Olivia, he finally had a break
‘’Look, I‘m nervous enough and you going on about the levels of bad breath and
what’s best to challenge it, is not helping, chances are we’ll just be friends afterwards,
I’m not planning on making a big show and tell about it so I don’t know why you
‘’Ok, but if you want it to lead onto something bigger-‘’
‘’I don’t know what I want, I hardly know the girl, isn’t that what a dates for, to get to
know the other person, to see if we’re compatible’’
‘’Well yes but-‘’
‘’No buts! Please Olivia for me, calm yourself down, and let me handle this’’ he
begged picking up his bag he left for the solitude of the library before he got another
Olivia was smiling to herself however as she continued her Ancient Runes essay
whispering to herself ‘’He’s going to do just fine’’

It was the big night; last lessons had being cancelled so students could prepare for the
Ball. It was set to start at 7:00pm and Common Rooms were loud with chatter. The
boy’s were in their smartest dress robes, laughing and joking jokeing about whilst the
girls giggled in their Dorms every available mirror was salvaged and the girls
bathroom was jam packed.
Sat on Hillary’s bed, Olivia was doing her nails whilst Hillary fixed her hair in the
small compact mirror because everything else had already being taken. They were
going together along with Luna and Iyana who also didn’t have dates.
Iyana already had a boyfriend; Luna didn’t have any offers, though everyone thought
Neville would have asked her. Hillary was asked by Seamus, but she turned him down
much to his disappointment. Olivia refused to let anyone ask her, there was only one
boy she wanted to go with and he wasn’t here. So they decided to go together, they
would forget about cute boys and have fun instead.
In the boys dormitories it was less hectic. Tim was tying the laces to his newly
polished smart black shoes. They were stiff and hurt his large broad feet a little but he
had to admit, they looked good. Hillary refused to let him wear his boots; she’d stolen
them when he wasn’t looking so he was forced to wear the smart black ones instead.
Neville meanwhile was trying to fix his bow tie in the mirror, but failing miserably
giving up he ripped it off and fell onto his bed, the springs screeching in protest. ‘’It’s
no use, I'm not going’’
Tim just nodded half listening, Neville had being doing this for the past hour, getting
ready than stopping and giving up all together, and he’d get back up in a minute.
‘’Did you hear me I said I’m not going’’ he repeated and Tim nodded again.
‘’I heard you, I being hearing you say the same thing… 7 times now I believe in the
past hour’’ lopping the lace as he tied them together,
‘’Yeah but I mean it this time, what’s the point in going, your with Zoe, the girls will
be hanging out together, what am I going to do hang around the buffet table’’ he ran a
hand through his hair sighing.
‘’First of all, if anyone should be having cold feet it’s me, you don’t have a date’’
Neville looked offended by this so Tim reviewed what he said. ‘’I mean you don’t
have someone to impress you can just have fun I won’t leave you hanging like that
mate, we’ll hang out a bit, maybe she has a friend for you’’ he added raising an
eyebrow. ‘’Although Luna’s not got anyone’’ he let the comment hang in the air
between them.
‘’don’t start all that again, we’re just friends, that’s all’’
‘’I know but I’m sure she wont mind you talking to her, we all know what a great
conversationalist she is’’ he chuckled thinking of Luna’s favoured discussions.
‘’But…’’ in truth he didn’t know how to argue that he was right of course, she would
speak to him but he still wasn’t sure about going he wasn’t a big fan of parties and
this was a big one.
‘’Look, come for half an hour, if you really don’t like it you can head back here’’
‘’I suppose I could’’
‘’Glad we got that sorted, right do you want me to help you with your bow tie’’ he
offered picking up his own from the pillow.
‘’No, I’ve got it’’ he replied walking back to the mirror and slowly doing it, his thick
fingers fumbling but he managed it to some degree, it wasn’t done properly but he’d
had enough for one night.
Tim walked up beside him and they smiled at their reflection, they were both tall, Tim
being the largest of the pair as they both unknowingly posed in the large full length
mirror. Mirror salvaging wasn’t that big a problem for the men.
‘’We look pretty damn good wouldn’t you agree’’ Tim asked
‘’Not bad at all, we scrub up nicely’’ Neville chuckled.
‘’Dressed to kill’’ he laughed
‘’We’ll be beating them off with a stick’’
They were both wearing large jet black robes with stiff white shirts. The cuffs and
collar suitably larger, Neville’s hair was loose and wavy whilst Tim had borrowed
Lavenders hair straightener's.
It was hard work and he burned his hand a number of times but he finally managed it,
loving the result. He tied it back in black bow, the ponytail falling down his back
neatly. He was taking tonight seriously, making sure he was prepared he checked his
pockets mentally checking everything off. Ensuring he had the most important
possession a tube of Maddler’s Magical Menthol Mints ‘for that magical fresher than
fresh breath’ the annoying caption read out in silver letters
‘’You ready Tim’’
‘’As I’ll ever be’’ he answered
‘’You’ll do fine’’ he clapped him on the back with a smile, taking one last look at
their appearance they headed down the Common Room

Hillary and Olivia were doing the same as the boys as they admired each other fixing
any loose hair or smudge of make up. Hillary was wearing a sleek crystal blue dress,
cut away at the right shoulder it fit snugly around her figure. There was a spiralling
pattern of small pale pink sequins sewn into her left, covered shoulder, shining in the
candle light. The dress stopped just below her knees in ripples of fabric. Her chestnut
brown hair was tied up in a loose bun, the spirals of hair falling down beautifully and
masking her face, the make up simple and elegant.
Olivia had gone for a more traditional yet alluring dress, a scarlet red ball gown,
falling down to her ankles. It was a deep passionate red, the material smooth as silk
drew in around her waist revealing her slim figure. She let he hair fall back in light
and dark golden waves, a silver, opal encrusted tiara holding it away from her petite
Pleased with what they saw they hooked arms and passed the other Gryffindor girls in
the hallway down to the Common Room.
Soon as they entered some of the more rowdy boys whistled admiring them, they both
held back the giggles with pleasant smiles, nodding to each compliment in turn.
Neville and Tim were standing by the fireplace in wait but they both turned to the
noise and they couldn’t help but gawp which made it increasingly hard for Hillary and
Olivia not to laugh.
‘’You both look beautiful’’ Tim complimented.
‘’Stunning’’ Neville added, his face turning red to match Olivia’s dress.
‘’Thank you boys’’ Hillary replied ‘’you both look very handsome’’
Tim and Neville glanced at each other and nodded their approval with a wink; Olivia
rolled her eyes at this.
‘’So are you to ready, we have to meet up with Iyana and Luna not to mention Zoe’’
Hillary added emphasising Zoe’s name.
‘’True, we better get going than it’ll be 7.00 pm in no time’’ Tim replied blushing
slightly hearing her name and shifting uncomfortably.
Leading the small group Tim held the portrait open from inside. ‘’After you ladies’’
he gave a small bow and they couldn’t stop from giggling this time.
‘’Smooth Tim, smooth’’ Hillary complimented him ‘’Zoe’s a lucky girl’’
‘’I try my best and it’s me who’s lucky’’ he replied stepping out after Neville.

The entrance hall was packed with students of all ages; the ghosts hovered above
watching the spectacle with appreciation whilst the teachers tried to keep order. The
doors to the Great Hall were locked shut until the clock struck 7.00pm. Tim and the
others had finally managed to find Iyana at the back of the crowd by the stairs, luckily
Luna was with her.
Iyana was wearing a simple yet flattering snug black dress. The hem was sewn with a
golden thread; bright against black she looked classical. Her hair fell at the sides of
her face in thick black curls, emphasing her bright smile over her dark skin and
Luna however, not surprisingly, had gone for something more original. She was
wearing a long simple dress, which fit her curves well. However it was the material
which was odd. It looked like it was made up of thousands of tiny scales that
shimmered like a metallic rainbow in the candlelight. To everyone’s delight she was
wearing her orange radish earrings to finish the ensemble off.
‘’Interesting dress Luna’’ Hillary commented smiling pleasantly to her.
‘’Yeah err really colourful’’ Tim added unsure what to say.
‘’I like it, it’s like you’re a rainbow’’ Olivia laughed and Luna smile grew but she was
waiting to hear what Neville thought.
He was staring down at her unsure what to do or say, the one thought raced though his
head as he smiled down at her. ‘’You look really beautiful Luna’’ he was blushing
madly but he didn’t care anymore.
It was her turn to blush, she let out a little gasp at what he said and her smile was
impossible to wipe away. ‘’Thank you Neville, you look really handsome too, except
for your bowtie’’ she seemed to drift off staring at it.
Stepping forward she undid it once more and fixed it for him, he stood there rigid, his
arms loose at his sides he looked down at her hoping to catch her eye as she fixed it
for him. He found it hard to breath; she was so close to him he could smell her
perfume, a sweet aroma like cherry blossom after a spring shower.
Soon as she was done she patted his chest lightly, each impact making his heart skip a
beat. ‘’There, perfect’’ she whispered as she looked up into his hazelnut brown eyes.
‘’Thank you Luna’’ it was all he could manage, his heart was beating hard against his
chest until it hurt and he felt short of breath.
She smiled and walked back beside Iyana who like the other three had watched it all
hopeful, this was it at last, but to their dismay it wasn’t to be.
‘’So Tim, when are you meeting Zoe’’ Iyana asked breaking the silence.
‘’Oh! Any minute, I said I’d meet her here at the bottom of the stairs’’ he patted the
golden banister with a smile.
‘’Are you ready?’’ Hillary asked placing a loose hair behind her ear.
‘’No’’ he answered truthfully ‘’I’m nervous as hell and I wish the ground would
swallow me whole now’’ he admitted.
They all smiled up at him. ‘’Your going to do fine, just act your normal, arrogant,
caring self’’ Iyana encouraged.
‘’that’s the one she seems to like’’ Olivia added.
‘’I suppose so, but it doesn’t really help the situation’’ he gulped.
‘’Tim listen to me’’ he turned to Hillary ‘’you’re a smart, well groomed, strong, kind
hearted man and your going to do fine’’ She stepped forward so she was right in front
of him ‘’Your going to be the best date she’s ever had and your going to be happy,
you hear me’’ she ordered tilting her head to side slightly.
‘’I hear you but I’m still nervous’’
‘’That’s understandable, it’s your first date, but you have five of your greatest friends
to help you not make a fool of yourself’’
They all nodded to him verifying what she said.
‘’Thanks guys that would really help’’ He took a deep breath and closed his eyes
concentrating on controlling his nerves. ‘’I can do it’’ he said, more to himself than
the others. Hillary stood back proud of him. ‘’I can do it’’ he repeated a bit louder this
time as he gained control.
‘’You can do what?’’
He span round hearing her voice, losing control instantly as he stared up at Zoe in
amazement. ‘’I-I can do it’’ he repeated in a smaller voice, eyes wide in awe.
She smiled and took another step down, into the candlelight; she was wearing a sleek
white satin dress to the knees. It clung to her body, tight yet respectful, revealing a
slim, curvy figure; her light brown hair spiralled down to her shoulders, in cascading
waves. A cream silk shawl with tiny glass crystals glistened in the light. It was
slightly draped upon her small slight shoulders as she smiled at him. Thanks to her
white high heels and being 3 steps from the ground, she managed to gain eye contact.
He was in shock which she hoped was a good sign.
Opening his mouth, he wasn’t sure what he could say, his tongue running wild he just
told her the first thing that came to his mind. ‘’You look incredible, that dress…
‘’Thank you Tim, your rather dashing, I do like your hair like that’’ she giggled.
He swelled with pride hearing this and stood taller; taking her hand he led her down
the remaining steps.
‘’Hello everyone’’ she greeted them warmly.
They replied in the same manner trying not to laugh at Tim’s face, mouth slightly
When Zoe wasn’t looking Hillary reached across and hooking her hand under his chin
she closed it, holding back the laugher and saving him the embarrassment. He came
out his trance, blushing madly as he thanked Hillary with his eyes and she winked.

10 minutes later there a deep thundering ring of the school bell, they all listened and
waited until the 7th shuddering boom.
Immediately every head turned to the huge oak doors of the Great Hall. The girls tried
to fix any loose hair or fold in their dress whilst the teachers gathered at the sides,
creating a path into the hall. McGonagall stood before the crowd ready to announce
the ball.
She was wearing a simple olive green dress with a silver brooch lizard, peridot eyes
shining down on the students. Like Hillary and many other students, she had her hair
tied back in a bun and her face surprisingly held a sweet motherly smile. Dumbledore
was no where to be seen but they overlooked this, there attention transfixed on her.
‘’Good evening everyone, as you’ve being informed the school has chosen to invest in
a Halloween Ball this evening-’’
She was cut off by the sudden eruption of cheers from the crowd as they clapped their
appreciation. She was stunned at first but smiled to them all, waiting for the cheers to
die down.
‘’In a short time you will be permitted to enter the Great Hall where a banquet has
being prepared and a House-elf will be serving beverages at the bar’’ Clasping her
hands together she suddenly became serious. ‘’myself and the other Professors will be
chaperoning the event, if you see any dangers or possible threats, we implore you seek
a member of staff and inform them immediately’’ Fingers interlocked she smiled
down at their eager faces. ‘’I ask that you enjoy your night and remember you are
Hogwarts students as so you will act respectfully and abide by the school rules as you
would any other day.’’ she gave a small nod, believing they understood.
Walking down the path created by teachers the crowd erupted with cheers once more
as they followed her to the huge doors, where she took her wand out and tapped each
brass doorknob in turn.
There was a short, sharp click as they unlocked and she stepped aside, for them to
grant access and allow the students through, the hinges screeched out in need of oil
and this was followed by the gasps of the crowd who were marvelled by the
transformation of the Great Hall. It was unbelievable to think that earlier this day they
had eaten their lunch in here.

The four house tables were gone; instead there was a row of benches. Similar to the
those used at the Quidditch stadium, they ran along the left wall to a multitude of
large black speakers stacked on top of each other in a towering formation These were
placed around the large stage located over where the teachers once ate their meals. A
rich deep purple fog was drifting across the floor towards them. The once respectfully
clean yet dull wooden flooring was exchanged for a semi reflecting black marble
dance floor. Various sized pumpkins, some no bigger than your hand whilst others
were as tall as Tim, scattered the sides of the room in clustered groups and an eerie
candle light flittered within as they watched the crowd enter with devilish grins.
Hagrid has outdone himself with the pumpkin patch this year.
The air was filled with delicious smells of roasted meats, baked pies and sugared
pastries, cream filled cakes and sweet candies staked high, strewn across the long
wooden buffet table. Stood behind a small gleaming mahogany bar there was small
weedy looking House-elf wearing a black and silver toga, a small pin of the Hogwarts
crest stood bold against the dark material as he stood on a set of small steps, watching
the students.
Their amazement was suddenly overcome by fear as everyone in front ducked the
surprising swarm of black bats, which flew over their heads with chattering cackles,
were drowned out by the roar of an electric guitar on the stage from a large beefy
looking man with a long plaited beard and bald head. Another man, younger with wild
grey hair screamed into the microphone as the drums pounded the air with deep
thundering crashes. The crowd ran forward cheering loudly and laughing as the party
started, it was going to be a long night.
                                 Chapter Three
                                ‘Secrets & Lies’
The Halloween Ball was an automatic success; students were dancing wildly by the
stage, spinning and jumping with their friends in tow, whilst others lined up at the
long buffet table with golden plates, piling them high with all the delicious Halloween
treats. To no ones surprise Crabbe and Goyle were there, stuffing cakes and pastries in
their pockets because there wasn’t anymore space on their plates. Those who weren’t
dancing or eating were sat on the benches in conversation sipping bottles of
Butterbeer with wicked grins of excitement.

Draco had chosen to come without a date, or so he told the others, in truth those he
had asked had come up with lame excuses or were already planning on going with
someone else. When you get turned down by Millicent Bulstrode, you know there
something wrong with you. But he refused to admit this to the others; instead he put
up a front and told them he didn’t want to be tied down by one woman all night.
Of course Blaise didn’t believe him, no one did but they knew better than to comment
knowing were the legendary Malfoy temper got you. Standing by a large patch of
carved Pumpkins with Blaise and to Draco’s annoyance Bella, Blaise’s girlfriend. She
was tugging on his arm trying to get him to dance, but Draco being the spoilt rich kid
told Blaise with his eyes not to leave him standing here alone. So she unwillingly left
him with Draco to go find Pansy.
‘’You know I’m going to pay for that later on’’ Blaise informed Draco, taking a swig
of the Butterbeer.
‘’What’s the matter Blaise, under her thumb already’’ he laughed making the whipped
gesture. ‘’I thought you were the man, take charge’’
‘’See that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend Draco, you can’t always keep them under
your control, besides, I love her rebellious nature its… invigorating’’ he sneered.
‘’Love them and leave them, that’s my motto, woman are more trouble than they’re
‘’Well I’ll stick to having a relationship if you don’t mind, more fulfilling than a one
night stand, remind me again Draco when was the last time you found yourself with a
woman’’ he teased.
Draco just ignored him looking out to the crowd with frown. ‘’Party’s crap’’
‘’don’t you ever have something positive to say’’
They looked at each other with a smile, there friendship meaning more than petty
squabbling, downing the bottles they headed to the bar to get another drink.

Tim and the others were sat down at the top of the row of benches talking about the
unsigned band playing for the ball. They were a five man rock band who called
themselves ‘Dragonbred’. Each one to Tim’s admiration had long, wild dark hair,
blown up with many cans of super strength hairspray.
The music flowing over the crowd spurred them on as the lead singer was currently
singing a muggle song. It was ‘Party Down’ by Reel Big Fish and it was a seeming to
be a favourite amongst the students who grew up around muggle music. He was tall,
skeletal man with graphical tattoos decorating his arms and a range decorative
piercing that got many of the Professors disapproval, he went by the name Pendragon
and the crowd loved him as he leaped around the stage, taking the mike stand.
‘’You should join them up there Tim, you’d fit in well’’ Olivia laughed.
‘’Believe me I wish I could, shame I can’t dance, sing or play an instrument’’ he
replied with a grin as he nodded his head to the music.
‘’I don’t know, we’ve heard you singing from the common room when your having
your morning shower, pretty often’’ Hillary joked making him turn a bright red,
embarrassed he quickly glanced at Zoe but she was laughing with Hillary and the
‘’I don’t sing in the shower’’ he lied in defence, hoping she would believe him but she
just shook her head smiling at him.
‘’Its ok Tim, I believe you’’ she patted his shoulder and turned to Hillary ‘’so what
would you rate him’’ she laughed.
‘’you say anything and that’s it for us Hillary’’ Tim warned but he was grinning.
She simply smirked at him ‘’I wouldn’t do that to you… least not when your around’’
she added in a whisper to Zoe
He didn’t have time to argue further as Zoe’s face suddenly split into a wild grin, the
band had finished the last song and they were beginning a new song, ‘Ready Set Go’
by Tokio Hotel, which the crowd were in an uproar over.
‘’Oh I love this song’’ Iyana squealed jumping up, ‘’I’m going to go dance, who’s
‘’Already down there’’ laughed Olivia literally already jogging down the steps.
‘’What about the rest of you’’
‘’Actually I was going to go for a walk, all this noise it’s giving me a headache’’ Luna
told them standing up, she did look a little pale and she wasn’t her usual quirky yet
odd self this evening.
‘’Do you want some company?’’ Neville asked standing up as well.
There was a flash of colour to her cheeks and she smiled. ‘’Sure, that would be nice’’
she admitted and his smile grew as they walked off.
‘Is there something going on with them too’’ Zoe asked watching the pair leave.
‘’Not yet no, is that obvious’’ Tim laughed
‘’maybe they’ll finally tell each other how they feel’’ said Iyana ‘’its about time,
they’re made for each other, but they wont admit… anyways who’s coming’’
‘’I fancy a dance’’ replied Hillary. ‘’Are you coming Tim and Zoe?’’
‘’No thanks I don’t dance’’ replied Tim with a wave of his hand they already knew
this but Zoe looked crestfallen at the news
‘’Oh please’’ she begged
‘’I can’t dance’’ he confessed‘’ honestly I’ve got two left feet’’
‘’Than I’ll teach you, come on Tim, it’s just a bit of fun’’ she stared tugging on his
sleeve like a little girl and fixed him with a pair of sad looking puppy dog eyes.
Sighing frustrated, he really couldn’t dance, he didn’t want to make a fool of himself,
but she wasn’t giving up, he gave in at last, keeping her happy and she might leave
him be for the rest of the night. ‘’Fine one dance, but that’s it’’ he ordered sternly.
She started clapping and stunned him as she wrapped her small arms around him, best
she could due to his size as she gave him a hug. He immediately turned a deep scarlet
embarrassed by the sudden affection, his arms pinned down, not sure what else to do.
He couldn’t meet Hillary’s eyes but he knew she was finding this all very comical and
no doubt holding back the laughter.
‘’Thank you Tim, I promise I’ll go easy on you’’ she laughed flashing him with a
bright smile.
Hillary and Iyana both held the same look, each with a raised eyebrow as they looked
down on the pair, holding back the giggles. ‘’So you coming Tim’’ Iyana asked with
smile to match Zoe’s.
‘’Suppose I got no choice’’ he caved, standing up and following them down the steps
to join a frantic Olivia on the dance floor.

Zoe was an incredible dancer, as they soon found out, bopping and weaving round
Tim, who mostly just stood their looking uncomfortable and embarrassed. She even
grabbed his arms and made him move with her but he was sure people were watching
him and laughing so he tried to remain motionless, going into a kind of possum
defence and playing dead.
Soon as the song finished he expected to be able to walk off now but she wouldn’t let
him, grabbing onto his arm with an iron grip she pulled him back, with a huge smile.
‘’Your not getting away that easy tiger’’ she smirked pulling him deeper into the
He tried to struggle to be free but she placed his hands on her hips and he instantly
stopped looking down at her nervous.
‘’Come on you promised me a great night’’ she tilted her head to the side giving him
the puppy dog eyes again.
Sighing, he gave in and nodded, nothing he said was going to get him out of this
maybe she was right, maybe it would be fun. ‘’If I must, just don’t laugh’’
‘’I promise I wont’’ she replied, stepping forward placing his hands on her hips, she
felt his body stiffen, obviously embarrassed so she started rocking her body to the
sides and moving with his hands she gripped his forearms lightly, they slowly started
dancing to the softer track that was being played.

‘’She’s a bit full on isn’t she’’ Olivia laughed.
‘’Well she’s...’’ Iyana didn’t know what she was, nobody really did, they knew Tim
well enough to know he was dying of embarrassment right now and it surprised them.
‘’Well as long as she makes Tim happy that’s all that matters’’ Hillary added, hoping
her friend was finally happy now.
‘’Come on lets get a Butterbeer, cool down’’ said Iyana motioning to the queue.
‘’Might as well’’
Taking one last look at Tim and Zoe in the crowd they made their way out and to the
side of the room.

McGonagall had being watching from the shadows of the benches, content with the
balls great success, the students were enjoying them selves and that was the goal.
‘’ It’s a going good isn’t it Minerva’’ squeaked Flitwick walking over with a smile to
his lips as he looked up at her.
‘’Yes it is, I don’t believe there has being any problems yet, thank you for suggesting
the band again Fillius, they… seem to go down well with the youth’’ she replied
through pursed lips.
‘’They certainly seem to make an impression’’ he chuckled as a Hufflepuff pair
danced by them, bopping their heads franticly to the song being played.
‘’I will have to leave soon, I have an appointment with Albus’’
 ‘’Do we know when he’ll be returning to work’’ he quizzed.
‘’Albus is a very busy man he…’’ in truth she didn’t know what to tell him, the
Professors had being trying to get answers from her for sometime and she kept
repeating herself.
‘’He hasn’t being seen by anyone except for you for over a month’’ he retorted
quietly so the students didn’t hear. ‘’If there’s something wrong Minerva we have a
right to know’’
‘’I assure you Fillius, nothing is wrong, your jobs are quite safe, now I really must be
going I don’t want to be late. Can I trust you to keep things under control in my
‘’Everything will be just as you left it’’ he replied not happy with her lack of
‘’Thank you Fillius’’
He just nodded as she walked out of the Hall, something was happening at Hogwarts
and he didn’t like how things we’re being run recently.

Walking at a brisk pace down the corridors she headed for the Gargoyle protecting
Dumbledore’s office. He had told her to return as soon as she could, since the
Hogsmeade trip, he had grown weaker, to a state where he couldn’t walk without
assistance and he was falling into deep sleeps that lasted for days on end. His
unexplained illness was getting worse and he still refused her informing St Mungo's.
Stopping at last she took a deep breath as she did each time before entering, afraid of
what she would find inside.
‘’Sugar Quill’’ she called out simply, the words would of seemed confusing to most
people but the gargoyle hopped aside revealing a revolving staircase to the tower
above and Dumbledore’s office. Calmly raised to the large oak doors, they
automatically opened, allowing her access, sensing her presence.

The office was the seemingly the same as ever, the curved walls lined with thousands
of ancient books in foreign covers and unknown languages. The spindly tables and
glass cabinets decked with silver antiquates and artefacts, buzzing and twirling with
magical senses. The walls laid with portraits, past leaders of Hogwarts, painted on
canvas to be forever remembered. But the large dark oak wood table, so beautifully
crafted was the most curious piece in the room, something so simple yet held such
Though a magic remained in the room, there was an undistinguishable air of death in
the shadows, a pulsating evil that reeked of suffering and pain. Dim candlelight
flittered with meagre warmth around a frail grey faced Dumbledore, he looked so
weak and thin, a ghost of his former self. Wearing midnight blue robes decked with
miniscule silver stars that danced in the little light that caught across their surface.
Slowly moving his gaze up, sensing the presence of another, his thin grey face lit up
with a sad smile at the sight of his most trusted of friend.
 ‘’Good evening Minerva, I must say you look rather stunning this evening’’ his voice
was weak, a croaky whisper but his eyes still held the shining mischief of his former
‘’Good evening Albus’’ She smiled at his compliment, a rose tint to her cheeks,
stepping quickly across the room she found herself standing next to his chair.
‘’The Ball’’
‘’Everything is taken care of Albus, Fillius is taking charge in my absence, you need
to worry more about getting better’’ she demanded in motherly fashion as she laid
her hand on top of his.
He smiled thanking her and letting his eyes droop as he reserved his strength. ‘’It’s to
be tonight Minerva’’
‘’What you ask Albus… it’s not right, you would put their lifes in danger, you would
have them follow orders for task that has little hope of working’’ This discussion had
being a long standing argument between them. No matter what she said he stayed set
on his plan. ‘’Why do you not have The Order help you, have people of knowledge
with the right resources to help you through this, you need professional care
something I can not give you forever’’ she added sadly, tears threatening to break free
once more like they did so often now.
He lifted his head higher and took her hand in his, the grip light but it kept her from
moving. ‘’Minerva, you know there is a traitor within the order, the future of
Hogwarts is hanging on the lie you keep so strong to your heart’’ he replied with
sadness, he didn’t want to make her do something she felt uncomfortable doing but he
needed her.
‘’But why will make them help you? Why would use children instead?’’ she wanted
to make him see sense, even if that meant she had to hurt him.
‘’I don’t make them Minerva, they do not have to agree’’
‘’But the consequence’s are to great Albus, if they don't agree. What would happen to
you, to us?’’ she emphasised the 'us' and his smile dimmed.
‘’Minerva… time grows short’’ he couldn’t bring himself to say the words that
lingered on his lips.
She nodded silently, knowing her cause was in vain. ‘’Nothing I say will change your
decision, I hope you know what your doing’’ giving his hand a small squeeze she
pulled it away and walked back to the doors, to fulfil her task. She prayed he would
call her back that he would stop this foolishness now but her wish fell on deaf ears as
the door closed behind her a dull thud echoing against the grey stone as a glistening
tear fell solemnly down her cheek.

The ball was in full swing now, as people danced, ate and drank enjoying the night,
professors stood at the sides overlooking their students. The music drifted out of the
open door and into the moonlit grounds, where there was a scatter of young couples
and friends enjoying the night air with high excitement.
Neville and Luna were walking across the banks of the lake, soft grass underfoot as
they made there way along in silence, both unsure what to say but stealing glance's at
one another at times and smiling brightly. There was stillness to the lake, broken only
by the fall of a leaves onto his mirrored surface or an inhabitant of its dark waters
breaking free to see the starlit sky. There was soft breeze to the air carrying a bitter
‘’Cold tonight isn’t it’’ Luna smiled, breaking the silence as she hugged herself
slightly rubbing her bare arms.
‘’Err yeah, a little’’ Neville replied nervously with small smile, kicking a small pebble
down the grassy bank, the splash that followed echoing until the silence returned and
they both looked away.
After a few uncomfortable minutes Neville spoke ‘’It’s being a good night hasn’t it,
the music being good’’
‘’Yeah, the bands really good, a little too loud’’ she chuckled dryly which Neville
joined in.
‘’I think they’re more Tim's crowd, Nutter’s’’ he laughed airily, treading carefully in
the conversation.
‘’Your really funny sometimes, Neville’’
This was a simple comment and might not have meant much to most people but it
made Neville’s night.
‘’Thanks Luna, your really funny yourself’’
‘’You mean weird’’ she corrected looking ahead now as she hugged herself slightly
‘’No I mean funny, your just being you and I admire that’’ he complimented blushing
slightly as he too looked straight ahead.
She snuck a glance and smiled at him. ‘’I admire you to’’ though in truth she meant
more to these words, she could never tell him the truth.
He smiled back as they walked on and she shivered slightly but it didn’t go unnoticed.
‘’Your cold’’ he knew he was stating the obvious but he didn’t know what else to say.
‘’A little’’ she shrugged.
‘’Err if I had a cloak or something I’d give it to you but…’’ he tried to think but
nothing came to mind.
‘’Its ok Neville, I like the cold’’ she replied laying her hand on his arm and stopping
his frantic search when she knew he wouldn’t be able to find anything.
He smiled but still felt he was letting her down, but they walked on stopping
underneath a large beech tree.
‘’it’s a beautiful night isn’t it’’
‘’Yeah, the full moon and the stars, its being a great Halloween’’ he replied holding
his hands behind his back.
‘’What are you doing here Neville’’
The question caught him off balance and he just looked down on her unsure how to
reply. ‘’Err well I came to keep you company’’
She turned round, looking up and tilting her head slightly to the side. ‘’But why, you
didn’t have to come, I didn’t ask you too’’ she was doing as Iyana told her a month
ago, better late than never, she was taking control.
‘’I wanted to come’’ he said it with such determination, if she would protest it
wouldn’t matter, he knew why he came.
‘’Do you like me Neville’’
‘’Cause I do’’ he chuckled, Luna was always asking weird questions but surely she
must know the answer to that already.
‘’You’re not like the others… they all think I’m weird, I know they do’’ she shrugged
not really minding. ‘’They don’t say it, they don’t have to, but your different’’ she
 ‘’Is that a good thing?’’ He asked, watching her with interest now, wondering what
this all meant.
‘’Yes… I like it but-‘’ she cut of looking at the ground now and playing with her
silver bracelet, pulling on the small love heart charm.
He reached out placing his hand on hers attentively ‘’Go on Luna… you can tell me
She couldn’t stop looking at his hand on hers almost as if it belonged there, to always
hold hers, but she forced her gaze away and looked up at him, his dark hazelnut eyes
filled her vision. ‘’But…but why, why do you treat me different to the others’’ she
asked it simply but the words had a greater impact on Neville.
‘’Because I see you differently I suppose’’
‘’How do you see me Neville?’’ she stepped forward forcing him to look down at her,
the question hanging in the air.
‘’I see a great friend, someone I can talk to and have fun with’’ he shrugged not sure
what she wanted to hear.
‘’Is that all you see me as, a friend?’’
‘’What are you asking me Luna?’’ he was confused, she often brought up an odd
discussion but she looked serious and upset.
‘’Neville, sometimes you are so blind, you can’t see what’s right under your nose’’
she pleaded he would understand but he kept a face of confusion. ‘’I like you
‘’I like you to’’
‘’no… I mean I really like you’’ she kept her eyes locked on his, willing him to
understand what she was saying.
‘’Luna what are you saying to me, just spit it out’’
‘’Oh Merlin’s beard Neville, I have feelings for you’’ she finally cried out happy that
she finally said it but angry at him for making her do so like this.
He just stood there not sure how to reply as he took in the information and he saw her
face change from happiness to sadness.
He didn’t feel the same way, she’d made a fool of herself and he was going to be his
sweet self and let her down slowly but she just wanted to run but she couldn’t pull
herself away from his eyes.
‘’Luna… if I knew-‘’
‘’you don’t need to say anything Neville, forget I said anything… it is quite cold isn’t
it, I think I'm going to go back to my dorm’’ she muttered breaking the eye contact
and hurrying off, trying to escape.
Breaking out of his thoughts he turned round and hurried after her. ‘’Luna, please
She slowed down and turned her head a fraction. ‘’just forget it Neville, its better that
way, for everyone’’
‘’maybe it would be better for you but not me’’ he took a deep breath and moved
closer to her ‘’I have feelings for you to’’ he said this with such force as he loomed
over her, reaching out for her hand. ‘’I feel the same way’’
The words seemed to drift around her, the cold winds dispersed as a red blush rose to
her cheeks, he radiated a soft warm heat and she just wanted to be enveloped in it, she
wanted him to hold her. So she walked forward, slowly laying her arms round him
and letting her head fall into the folds of his robes.
He smiled and wrapped his arms round holding her close, the silhouette of the two
figures bold against the bright full moon. Time seemed to stand still, a calm silence
broken by each others soft breathing in the cold air.
Neither could believe what had happened, the truth was finally out and that which
they feared was forgotten, they only had each other.
‘’I should get you back inside before you catch a cold’’ he whispered sweetly into her
ear and she shivered slightly but not from the cold.
‘’Do we have to? I’d much rather just stay here’’ she smiled hugging him tighter, to
prove this, he was warm, she just wanted to cuddle into his chest, she was too happy
to think about the cold and what it was doing to her immune system.
‘’We’ll stay out here for as long as you like’’ he soothed, brushing a stray hair from
her face and looking down on her with care. The moonlight on her pale skin, gave her
a light lunar glow, her bright crystal blue eyes, the slight rose tint to her cheeks from
the cold wind. She looked so tranquil and perfect and he never wanted to look away.
She gazed back, finding herself grow warmer at his kind full face. The deep comfort
she felt from looking into his eyes, she felt so safe in his hold but she wanted more.
They urge was strong in her heart, moving her hand onto his chest she leaned up
slowly offering her lips to him.
He was a little taken back at first but this was everything he’d dreamt of for so long,
following her example he leaned down as well closing the barrier between them,
wanting nothing more than feel her lips on his.
‘’ahem’’ McGonagall gave a slight cough to make herself known, she didn’t mean to
interrupt them in such a compositing position but she needed Neville.
They both jumped at the noise, not realising they had an audience. Stepping away
from each other and blushing madly, embarrassed at being caught. Neville was staring
at his feet whilst Luna looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
‘’Forgive me for intruding but I wish to speak to Mr Longbottom’’ she requested
curtly, like them she wished she hadn’t interrupted such a personal moment.
‘’Have I done something wrong Professor?’’ he asked nervously, he thought it was ok
to be outside the doors where open. The last thing he needed was to get Luna in
trouble after what they accomplished tonight.
‘’No Mr. Longbottom but I need to speak to you in private, if you please Miss
Lovegood’’ she motioned to the tree a short distance away.
‘’Oh… ok Professor’’ she gave Neville a reassuring smile as she turned, purposely
brushing her fingers against his arm as she headed for the tree.
He was grinning as he turned to McGonagall but it faded away and he looked nervous
once more.
‘’Mr Longbottom, first of all let me apologise for interrupting you and Miss
Lovegood, I ensure you it was not my intention’’
‘’Erm… thank you Professor we…’’ he trailed of not really wanting to get into his
love life with his Head of House.
‘’Quite, you don’t have to explain’’ she waved it off begging he didn’t she was just as
embarrassed about the situation.
‘’So what did you need to see me about Professor?’’ glad she didn’t take the matter
‘’You are requested to go to Professor Dumbledore’s office, he wishes to speak to you
about an urgent matter’’ she spoke stiffly doing as she was ordered but hating every
minute of it. ‘’You’re to wait outside until further notice’’ she didn’t show any
‘’But Professor what is it I’ve done?’’ he didn’t want to leave Luna not now, not after
what had happened.
‘’You are to go to Professor Dumbledore’s office and wait’’ she repeated putting
more force into her words. ‘’Now Mr. Longbottom’’
‘’Can I at least tell Luna, where I’m going’’
‘’You may’’ she didn’t say anything else; she simply turned round sharply and
walked at a brisk pace back up to the castle to complete her task.
Luna returned just as McGonagall was leaving ‘’is everything ok Neville?’’ she asked
cautious and intrigued by the secrecy of the short conversation.
‘’I don’t know apparently I have to go see Professor Dumbledore’’ he replied. ‘’right
now, I don’t know why, she didn’t say but I haven’t done anything wrong unless...
unless it’s Grandma, what if there’s being an accident’’ the fear caught on his voice as
he wringed his hands nervously
‘’I’m sure every things ok Neville, she would have gone with you for something as
important as that, maybe its good news’’ she argued reaching out for his hands and
calming him.
‘’I hope so… she said I had to go now’’ he repeated hinting sadly.
She nodded ‘’I’ll wait here for you ‘’ she smiled ‘’for as long as it takes’’ she added
with comforting smile.
He returned it with equal happiness. ‘’I’ll come back as soon as I can, we need to
finish our talk’’ he added with a sheepish grin.
‘’I can’t wait’’
He gave her hands a quick squeeze and unwillingly let go, looking down on her and
taking in his fill, the moonlight shining off the reflecting scales that made up her
unique dress. It only made her look even more beautiful and with the image locked
inside his mind, he quickly made his way back to the castle unaware of what lied in

Whilst Dragonbred played a rather loud and powerful rendition of ‘Shake It’ by Metro
Station, making the dance floor tremble with everyone jumping around to the beat,
there was an increasing queue to the bar, the dancing making many of them thirsty.
On the shaking dance floor, Tim who was in no state to be jumping, his face beetroot
red and his eyes shifting from student to student with caution, he was extremely
embarrassed and he had the feeling everyone was watching him. However Zoe
refused him from leaving the dance floor, she said he was being paranoid. That maybe
so, but to him it was even more reason to stop and leave but she continued to refuse
him the right.
She was ecstatic as she jumped and danced around his uncomfortable robotic
movements with surprising energy, it was like she drank a whole cauldron of
Invigoration Draught.
As the last guitar notes were drowned out by the cheers of the crowd he tried to make
another escape attempt, taking his chance whilst she was preoccupied cheering with
the other students and he was successful.
Sighing with relief he fell into a line of people queuing up for the bar and a smile
overtook his red face when he saw Olivia’s head bobbing about near the front.
Making his way down, it faltered when he saw why she was bobbing about, his sneer
filling his vision as Malfoy’s eyes darted up.
‘’Well look who it is’’
‘’Push of Malfoy’’ Tim snarled, curling his hands into fists, tonight was meant to be
fun, why did he have to ruin it all now.
‘’Tim don’t rise to his level, he’s not even worth thinking about’’
It was Hillary who spoke and that’s when he took in the rest of the group. Next to her
he noticed a man he’d never met before, like every other man here, he was wearing
the simple yet smart black dress robes. Searching his face for recognition, the sky blue
eyes and short wavy blonde hair But he didn’t recognise him so he turned his
attention to the others.
Surprisingly, next to Iyana he saw Avonlea, the girl who fell of the step earlier in the
week. She was wearing an unusual frilly white dress with large sapphire blue polka
dots. She had her long white blonde hair falling down her back in natural waves and
her pale blue eyes looked up meeting his but she quickly looked away nervously or
guiltily, he wasn’t sure.
Next to her and he wasn’t expecting to see her tonight of all nights was Elia, the girl
who ‘attacked’ him at The Three Broomsticks a month ago. Her golden blonde
streaked hair was held back loosely to reveal her thin pale face. She was wearing a sea
blue dress that fell in ripples just past her knees, almost like water. It fit snugly to her
figure, but he wasn’t paying attention to the tightness of her dress, his eyes were fully
alert and pieced onto hers. She returned the icy stare and he instantly stood taller,
trying to look intimidating before breaking the eye contact.
Returning his gaze onto Malfoy and Blaise, who he noticed was stood slightly back
from Draco and sneering.
‘’What do you want Malfoy?’’
‘’Now, now Helyard, manners’’
‘’Just leave us alone, your not wanted here’’ Olivia hissed
‘’Not until I get an answer’’
‘’What’s he want an answer to?’’ Tim asked looking to Hillary for the answer. Maybe
if he got it he’d leave without trouble.
‘’We were talking and he came over asking Avonlea to dance’’
‘’So what do say Wickantower, fancy a spin, wanna do the Horizontal waltz’’ he
grinned turning his attention to Avonlea.
‘’Screw you Malfoy’’
‘’that’s what I'm suggesting’’ he responded eyes lighting up and Blaise snorted
stifling the laughter behind him.
‘’I think you said enough don’t you’’ Tim responded keeping his voice low as he half
stepped in front of the others, as if to protect them from Draco.
‘’Keep out of this Fat Boy, its got nothing to do with you’’
‘’It’s got everything to do with me when my friends are involved’’ he growled
‘’Tim, please don’t do anything stupid, the teachers are watching’’ Iyana begged
trying to get through to both of the men. The testosterone levels were off the roof,
what was it with boys and always trying to pick a fight.
‘’Come on Helyard, have a go just like last time, only this time I’ll be looking’’ he
taunted tapping his sharp pointed chin, allowing him.
‘’Tim, don’t do it’’ It was Avonlea who spoke now and he turned round slightly to
look at her but kept his eyes on Draco. ‘’Just leave him he’s only doing it for attention,
doing it to look big for his daddy’’ she mocked her voice was sharp but her face held
a smile.
‘’don’t even try and think you know me Wickantower’’ Draco practically snarled.
‘’hit a nerve have we’’ Hillary added.
‘’I think its time you left Malfoy’’ Tim was trying to take the high road but he wasn’t
making it easy for him.
‘’And what if I don’t want to go’’ he retorted staring up at Tim with equal hatred.
‘’Than I’ll make you’’
‘’Try it Helyard, than after I knock your fat arse to the ground, I’ll have that dance
with one of your girls’’ he smirked.
They both knew he wasn’t talking about dancing right now he was definatly willing to
give into the anger and finish this once and for all. He was just about to punch Draco
when Zoe appeared behind Iyana and for the second time that week her interference
got him in trouble.
‘’Tim what’s going on?’’
He turned his head to answer her and Draco saw his chance, ripping his wand out his
pocket and slashing through the air there was an earth shattering crack and a blinding
flash of light. Everyone shielded their face from the brightness feeling the blast of air
on their face as he cast the non-verbal curse and Tim’s yell of surprise was stifled. He
was blasted off the ground and thrown backwards through the air, smashing into the
patch of carved pumpkins.
The music cut off abruptly at the disturbance, Pendragon was halfway through a solo
and he wasn’t happy with being stopped, everyone in the crowd gasped, turning their
focus away from the band and onto a smirking Draco.
‘’WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HIM’’ Hillary screamed charging at Draco
furious and upset. Daniel was quicker though as he grabbed her round the middle
holding her back, she kicked out trying to attack Draco, who was laughing with Blaise
and most of the crowd, mainly made up of Slytherin’s. She was hitting Daniel in
doing so but he didn’t seem to mind, preferring she hit him than got herself in trouble
and the same way as Tim had ended up.
There was a groan from the middle of the crushed pumpkins and a large hand
appeared out the orange residue followed by his robed arm and the large grizzled long
haired head. His dark lock furrowed around his face as he shook it away glaring
behind broken glasses at his enemy, truly pissed now. Before anyone could say
anything to him, he had his wand out and ready to inflict pain upon his attacker.
‘’REDUCTO’’ he roared crashing his wand down, there was a blast of red light which
Draco just dodged. Unfortunately the wooden bar behind him was caught by the spell
it instantly blew up under the impact. Splintered wood rained down on the crowd,
bottles of Butterbeer rolled out tinkering down the black marble dance floor. The
crowd weren’t laughing anymore; it was replaced by screams of terror as both men
went into battle. Throwing themselves to the floor, dodging curses shooting through
the air with murderous rage, they weren’t going to give up until one of them was
unconscious or worse.
‘’TIM STOP IT BEFO-’’ Iyana’s words were cut off by the cheers from the
Slytherin’s as they goaded their champion on.
Rousing from under the broken wood and doused in Butterbeer and broken glass the
small House-elf waiter poked his tiny wrinkled head out. His droopy ears and large
brown eyes were fit to explode as he trembled with fear. He had to get help he thought,
jumping out the wreckage and scurrying to the open doors, he narrowly dodged a
curse, the wall exploding above him as he headed out the doors.
Daniel was having trouble keeping Hillary from jumping on Draco and getting into
the battle whilst the others were shouting at Tim to stop before he got hurt. However
for him, all sound was blocked out; all his focus was centred on Draco and his hopeful
destruction. Nobody knew what to do and the teachers were shouting to get through
and stop the commotion but they couldn’t get past the students who were desperately
trying to dodge being hit by one of the misfired spells.
‘’Come on Helyard, that the best you got’’ Draco laughed dodging the jinx and
aiming a stun at Tim head.
‘’I’m going to kill you, they’ll be nothing left when I’m finished with you’’ he
threatened trying to spot him through the brick dust that was falling over their battle.
‘’Your going to have to hit me first’’ he laughed cruelly as his stun narrowly missed.
Tim had just managed to dodge the beam of light, spotting the scarlet flash erupt
through the dust, he could feel the heat brush his face and knew how close he was to
being hit. It smashed into the stands and exploded, covering Tim in splintered wood.
‘’Quit moving I’m trying to curse you’’ Malfoy laughed moving into the dust, blind to
what he’d find.
The cascade of wood had confused Tim, he’d somehow lost his wand but he wasn’t
down yet, his glasses were smashed and the scene in front of him was blurry enough
as the brick dust stung his eyes causing them to dampen. Not knowing what else to do,
he had to get Draco before he got him, so he picked up a large thick piece of broken
wood from the stands and charged at the shadow nearing him, using the wood as a bat.
Draco saw the huge shape nearing him and the curse was on the tip of his tongue,
ready to finish this once and for all, he was sick of seeing Tim swan around her like
he owned the place. He was doing nothing wrong and he was misjudged for speaking
to them well, if he wanted to play with the big boys lets play.
Seconds away from each of them being badly injured Draco from a splintered two by
four to the head and Tim to a curse that would quite possibly have him in the hospital
wing unconscious for sometime. There was a sudden flash of light and the dust was
blown away, the force erupted between them and they were both blown backwards by
the invisible force field. It felt like they were hit with sledgehammers and they
dropped their weapons sprawled out on there backs some distance away from each
other, the cheering Slytherin’s were silenced. The whole crowd were silent, looking
past the two fallen warriors to the open doors of the Great Hall where a very angry
looking Professor McGonagall was waiting, a the small House-elf at her side panting
from his run for help.

One hand on her waist the other holding her wand out, aimed and ready for Tim and
Draco, lips tightly shut in a scowl, fury in her eyes and magic seemingly radiating off
her. Everyone knew who cast the shield charm now and they all brought their gaze
down, even a couple of the teachers who’d being struggling to get through the crowd.
McGonagall had a way of making you feel like you were 5 years old and caught with
your hands in the cookie jar.
‘’Mr Helyard, Mr Malfoy… stand immediately and collect your wands, you will
refrain from attacking one another’’ she ordered her voice was cold and the air
seemed to freeze as her eyes darted to each of the men. They didn’t move for a second
simply stared at each other with fury, blaming the other for what ever was to come.
Slowly standing up Malfoy managed to retrieve his wand quite quickly whilst Tim
was forced to search through the wreckage ignoring the students whispering.
He found it under the remains of a slightly burnt Gryffindor flag, caused by a misfired
spell, the caster would never be known but one thing was sure, they were in big
They both stepped forward, they were taller than McGonagall but the way she looked
at them made them feel like they were 2 foot tall and they shrank under her furious
She kept it focused on them both for a second than surprsing them she looked aside
and into the crowd. ‘’Mr Ginsky please release Ms Gannon, than both of you step
He blushed realising he still held her round the waist, letting go and stepping back he
smiled sheepishly at her. ‘’Sorry but you err…’’
She just nodded, her face just as red as she thought about where his hands had being
she turned away not able to look at him and hurried forward to stand with Tim.
McGonagall must have seen her trying to attack Malfoy and she was being punished
as well, so long as she got to see Draco squirm she didn’t mind. She felt Daniel walk
up behind her but paid him no attention. She was still too embarrassed to look at him.
Expecting to leave, she surprised them still and called the rest of their group.
 ‘’Ms Wickantower, Ms Scarlett, Ms Bass and Ms Fareli will you kindly join us’’
All four girls looked at each other slightly worried they hadn’t done anything, why
were they being called. The news had the crowds in an uproar of gossip. Zoe looked
less than happy that she wasn’t asked, she was his date, if anyone had any right to go
with him surely it was her. So she followed the four girls thinking Professor
McGonagall must have forgotten her, couldn’t of seen her through the carnage, sadly
she was wrong.
‘’Miss Lee I do not remember calling your name’’ McGonagall said tartly.
‘’But Professor I-‘’
‘’I do not remember calling your name’’ she repeated and it was Zoe’s turn to blush,
as she was caught under her icy glare which was returned with equal power. They
wouldn’t be surprised if icicles formed on the end of their noses, caught between their
Breaking the look Zoe walked in-between Hillary and Tim and stood on her tip toes
so she could speak to him. ‘’Meet me by the Whomping Willow after your done with
the Ice Queen’’ she whispered so only he could hear, feeling adventurous and
knowing it would make McGonagall even angrier she kissed him on the cheek. ‘’See
you soon Grizzly’’ she giggled heading back into the crowd where she spotted Helena
whispering with Lavender Brown.
Tim’s reaction was unmistakable; he froze in complete shock and embarrassment.
That wouldn’t have meant much to the average student but to him that was the most
embarrassing thing to happen to him. Draco was holding back laughter at Tim's red
face whilst Hillary, Iyana and Olivia who knew him best were feeling both sorry and
slightly glad for their friend.
McGonagall frowned at them at all and raised her head to look down or up in same
‘’Your behavior in such a public forum as a school ball is simply unacceptable. I
expect more from some of Hogwarts finest students.’’
Everyone lowered their gaze at this, feeling deeply sorry now though, Avonlea, Elia,
Iyana and Olivia had no idea why they were here.
‘’You will follow me, Professor Flitwick, Professor Snape, Professor Sprout can you
please clear up the mess these two boys have caused’’ she didn’t wait for an answer
she simply turned sharply moving down the hall at a brisk pace leading the eight of
them along, not knowing what was in store for them.

‘’Professor, why are we coming along’’ Elia asked, bravely stepping carefully on the
conversation so McGonagall wasn’t angered.
‘’Everything will be explained when we arrive’’
‘’When we arrive where? Where are we going’’ Tim asked sharply as Hillary repaired
his glasses, he wasn’t in the mood for this he was trailing behind, his friends near him
making sure he didn’t attack Draco who kept turning round and mouthing death
‘’You are expected before Professor Dumbledore’’
Everyone seemed have the same thought running through their head. ‘’Why me?’’
They remained silent as they continued walking, heading up the moving staircase to
his office.
Neville was stood with his back against the wall, staring at the ceiling and counting
the cobwebs and the cracks muttering how many there were to himself when he heard
footsteps. His attention caught he lost count and looked down the corridor surprised to
see McGonagall leading his friends and others towards him, Tim and Draco looking
worst for wear.
‘’Professor’’ he nodded politely standing tall, back straight as he watched her near.
‘’Mr Longbottom’’ she returned the nod and stopped before the Gargoyle taking her
time. Everyone else crowded up behind her and Neville walked to Tim and the girls,
giving them a questioning look which they refused to answer, not at that minute
something bigger than a scuffle between Tim and Draco was going on.
Taking a deep breath which didn’t go unnoticed, McGonagall focused on the
Gargoyle simply to get her mind off the nagging doubt, her want to dismiss them all
now and tell the right people about Dumbledore’s condition but she couldn’t defy her
friend like that, she respected him to much to do it to him. So there was only one thing
left to do, allow him to make his own mistakes and hope the students saw sense and
refused, no matter the consequences may be.
‘’Are we going up or what’’ Draco scoffed
Everyone glared at him except for McGonagall who surprisingly said nothing but the
password. ‘’Sugar Quill’’
The Gargoyle instantly hopped aside and after 6 years of magical learning no one was
mildly surprised by this nor the stairs that magically elevated them all to the tower
above as they followed McGonagall, going in single file with Neville taking up the
The huge doors loomed over them and they opened up as soon as McGonagall
stepped off the stairs and onto the small white marble porch.
Everyone followed her inside where Dumbledore’s chair was vacant along with
Fawkes perch. None of them had ever being in Dumbledore’s office before, few
students had ever had the liberty and the reasons why were never good. So they were
taking in their fill of the rich splendour, even Draco couldn’t find anything bad to say
about it. Before the large beautiful ornate desk, were nine tall backed oak chairs set in
a crescent moon position around the desk. They seemed to be for them all to sit down
at but nobody moved, they just gathered in the middle of the room waiting for
McGonagall walked behind the desk standing next to the empty chair, so it was
guarded by her and the perch. ‘’Please take a seat’’ she waved her hand over the
chairs which looked slightly more comfortable all of a sudden and not as stiff and
rigid but inviting. Nobody moved for a second, until Tim moved forward, walking
round and taking the centre chair he crossed his legs, laying his hand on his lap and
Draco scoffed at this but followed the rest of them, who taking a leaf out of Tim’s
book, chose to sit down.
On Tim left he was unfortunately sat next to Elia, who looked just as unpleased but
the rest of the seats were already taken and she didn’t want to make a fuss about it so
she kept her eyes forward but alert if he tried anything again.
Avonlea sat next to her and Draco who saw his chance to get on Tim’s nerves
knowing her wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. So he sat next to her, making
sure he was close. Olivia took the last seat so she could be near McGonagall and the
desk and be the closest to hear them.
On his right, Hillary chose to sit down and make sure he didn’t give into temptation
and take the chair to Draco’s head, already seeing happen if he wasn’t careful, she
kept sneaking a glance to see what he was thinking and than looking to her right
where Daniel sat and quickly looking away, remembering him holding her back.
Daniel was thinking just the same as he too stole a glance, they both unfortunately
caught each other at the same time and smiled but quickly turned away not continuing
afterwards. Iyana was staring around the room in awe at the simple beauty of his
office, she smirked seeing Hillary and Tim sitting next to each other and caught her
looking at him. Neville took the last seat and he was staring at the window, thinking
about the girl who was lying in wait for him. He would do anything to get out this
room and go meet her, to go be with her instead of stuck in this stuffy room. It looked
great but there was a sharp metallic smell on the air, it was medical like and seemed to
stick to the back of your mouth and irritate you.
Everyone was silent, just doing there own thing and waiting for what seemed like a
millennium until suddenly there was a burst of fire from the perch and their attention
was drawn as the flames dispersed and the figure within was revealed. Every one
seemed to hold their breath as Fawkes rose his golden plumed head to them, catching
them, under his deep wise dark eyes. He was magnificent and everyone was staring at
him amazed, they’d studied Phoenixes or touched on the subject with Hagrid last year
and they’d seen images in their text books, crude drawings from tribes and clans but
none of them could truly picture the beauty of the being before them. They were all
hit by an invisible wave of heat that radiated from his feathered body and any hatred,
sadness, fear, confusion and nervousness was slowly faded away by his presence. As
he turned away the warm aura remained but they felt safer under his gaze.
McGonagall and Fawkes just seemed to stare at each other, almost as if they were
having a non-verbal conversation, they watched until Fawkes broke the gaze and
turned to them all, once more, hit by the wave of comforting warmth.
‘’Please sit and await my return’’ she ordered moving behind the desk and taking the
stairs behind. Up unto what they presumed where Dumbledore’s private quarters.

After a few minutes of silence and soon becoming uncomfortable staring on Fawkes
part they heard the soft pad of footsteps above them. Sitting straight and being polite,
aware of whom the footsteps may belong to. They saw the midnight blue cloak first,
where a pair of large pink bunny slippers were hidden underneath. They stifled a
laugh at the sight of the big fuzzy ears, remembering who the owner was, as the tip of
his beard appeared. That’s when they noticed he was being supported by McGonagall,
she had her arm under his and she was helping him down the steps slowly. Sitting
taller they looked to one another sensing there was something wrong about this scene
but they remained quiet, allowing him time to come down hoping things were going
to be explained.
Once he was sat down in his chair, which was done with difficulty, his whispered
instructions were so faint they could barely hear him and he kept his head bowed.
Once he was sat however, they all waited on the edge of their seats now, looking from
McGonagall to Fawkes but not able to keep their eyes on Dumbledore, he just looked
so frail and tired, it wasn’t he same Dumbledore.
‘’Good evening students’’ he finally spoke and raised his head and they all stifled a
little gasp but he smiled at them, a painful smile that would never be full.
‘’G-good evening sir’’ Hillary replied and everyone answered in the same fashion,
with a slight nod or a weak smile.
‘’I hear you’ve… you’ve being in a little scuffle boys’’ he gave a dry chuckle but
Nothing could make them feel worse than right now, even Draco refused to look him
in the eyes. ‘’I’m sorry Professor… it was immature and stupid of us to do so. We…
well I was angry and I wasn’t thinking of the consequences at the time’’ Tim replied
keeping his eyes on Dumbledore.
But he waved it off, lifting his hand and brushing the problem away. ‘’that is not why
called you… yes your actions tonight were less than desirable but there was another
reason’’ his voice was still faint but there was a shadow of his old self there, the
Dumbledore who defeated Grindlewald, who is the only known wizard Voldermort
fears, the wisest and greatest Headmaster, Hogwarts has ever had.
McGonagall stiffened at his side and Fawkes took a deep breath pushing his feathered
chest out and standing proud on his perch whilst the others watched suspicious and
confused by this sudden change in character.
‘’What was that reason sir’’ Elia asked being cautious of whom she was speaking to.
‘’Minerva’’ he turned away, this was something she could tell them, he needed to
reserve his strength.
She nodded and stepped forward into the light, cast by a single candle on his desk.
‘’Professor Dumbledore’s absence from school life has being wildly speculated, as
I’m sure you yourselves have discussed it with each other or others’’ A few of them
nodded slightly looking at Dumbledore apologetic for gossiping about him but he
seemed to of fallen asleep, because he was lying quite still and his eyes were closed.
‘’Well there is a reason, an important reason, one of which we are going to tell you’’
Everyone was ready now, what was happening was extremely important and
something was going to happen.
‘’Professor Dumbledore has being stricken by a life threatening disease’’ not letting
them stop her she continued. ‘’He has being ill for sometime now and the condition as
you see has took much of his strength away but there’s something more than that, he
is not only dying but he is losing his magical ability over time and so the schools
defences are faltering’’ she gave them a minute to let the information sink in.
Nobody knew what to say to this, why were they telling them and why now, if the
school was in danger and he was ill than surely he should be at Mungo’s with people
who can help him not sitting before them dozing in his chair getting worse. Nobody
knew what to say but they weren’t surprised to see Olivia step forward.
‘’Is he going to be ok, is there a cure’’ she looked close to tears, Dumbledore was
greatly respected and thinking about him like that didn’t feel right.
‘’There is a man who maybe able to help but we don’t know his current location, he is,
he disappeared 38 years ago, his name was Nathanial Hope, he was a scientist, a
Squib and a great mind’’ Draco snorted finding the idea of a Squib a great mind
comical, everyone overlooked this except for Dumbledore who woke up suddenly
with a little gasp of pain.
‘’Albus are you ok’’ she hurried to his side taking his hand in hers and crouching low
so they could see one another.
‘’Yes… but time grows short’’
She nodded understanding and rose to continue. ‘’Nathanial is the only man who has
the knowledge that could save Professor Dumbledore’s life. However he has not
being seen or heard of for so long, he may of passed away’’
‘’Sorry Professor McGonagall but why are you telling us this, I mean…I’m sorry
Professor Dumbledore but I think I speak for everyone when I ask, why are you not at
St Mungo’s surely that’s where you should be in your condition. I’m really sorry
Professors but I don’t understand why your telling us, how can we help?’’
Dumbledore smiled, and there was the old shine in his piecing blue eyes, just for a
second but it was there, a sign of him old self trying to break free. If you could help,
would you?’’
They all turned to Tim, who was unsure how he could answer that. ‘’I suppose… yes
if I could help I would but I can’t I’m a fair student but I’m nothing compared to you
and McGonagall so if you’re not able to solve it… I won’t be able to’’
‘’I do not ask you to-‘’ he stopped short and started coughing, it was a dry airy cough
at first but it got worse and he heaved forward contorting in pain with each cough.
McGonagall was trying to help him as she placed her hand on his back muttering
charms of ease and peace but they fell on deaf ears as the coughing continued and got
When he finally stopped, of his own accord he was an ashen grey and looked terrible,
his eyes bloodshot and he was having difficulty breathing as McGonagall rubbed his
back, helping him.
He looked up staring at Iyana who was looking really scared for him and a she too
was close to tears, Olivia wasn’t able to keep them back and they slowly slipped down
her rosy cheeks. ‘’I’m ok Miss Bass… Miss Scarlett’’ they both nodded silently and
bit back the tears.
‘’Professor this proves you should be cared for by St Mungo’s. Professor McGonagall
you’ve known about this, why haven’t they being notified?’’ Avonlea asked angrily,
she always had great respect for her but this was something else.
‘’I won’t allow her’’ Dumbledore answered with his eyes closed, Fawkes flew down
from the perch and tucked his head under Dumbledore’s hand and raising it. What
ever Fawkes was doing Dumbledore was getting slightly stronger from it, like Fawkes
was a battery, giving him energy.
‘’Why not though sir, I’m sorry but you look awful’’
He gave a little chuckle, but it was dry and rough. ‘’Ever the truthul Miss
Wickantower... so must I be’’ he was taking his time to speak, time they didn’t have.
‘’If my condition was to be discovered… the school would become unprotected and
free for Voldermort to take control’’ Everyone but him and Fawkes winced at hearing
his name.
‘’But why are you telling us this and not your Order’’ they all knew about it, everyone
knew about Dumbledore’s Order of the Phoenix since Rita Skeeter got the info from
her underground sources and the secret was out.
‘’Because there is a spy in my Order’’ his voice was sharper but he winced afterwards,
they deserved to know the whole truth ignoring McGonagall’s intake of breath. ‘’I
have known there is a spy for sometime… but not who… which leads me on to why I
called you all here’’
They were all anxious to know about this secret information and why they were being
told. ‘’Continue in your own time sir’’ Tim gestured noting how weak he was.
He nodded his thanks and smiled. ‘’I can not tell my Order… I can not tell the
ministry… only those currently in this room know of this… I need Nathanial Hope to
help me’’ He took a deep breath this was the conclusion they’d being waiting for. ‘’I
need you to find him’’
Nobody spoke for a second until Draco started laughing lightly. ‘’Are you serious,
you want us to go look for some old man who probably died 30 years ago which is a
more logical explanation’’
‘’Mr Malfoy, your remark is not needed at this time’’ McGonagall scolded curtly.
‘’No… it’s ok Minerva, they have good reason to question me’’
‘’To right we do, now if that’s all, I have a Ball to return to’’ he stood up smirking at
Tim and heading for the doors but they wouldn’t open. He tried pulling and twisting
but they remained shut and everyone watched from the chairs. Even Dumbledore held
a smile at the failed attempts but he let it slip when he came back over. ‘’Are you
going to open the doors or what?’’ he asked frustrated and humiliated by the whole
‘’They will open when I have finished my proposal, please, Mr Malfoy, sit’’
But Draco wasn’t going to play these games. ‘’No, your alright I think I’ll stand’’ and
so he did, leaning on the bookcase not caring about the scowl he received from
McGonagall or the glares from the others. Only Dumbledore seemed not to mind
almost as if he knew this would happen.
‘’I know what I ask of you is a lot to hand onto 9 seventeen years olds, but I chose
you all for a reason and you wont be going single handed’’ he stated closing his eyes
for a second and drawing strength from Fawkes who wasn’t looking as strong nor
powerful, what ever he was giving off, it was fading away fast. ‘’Fawkes… if you
would’’ he lifted his hand away freeing him, who immediately looked stronger as he
puffed his chest out and nodded. He bowed his head to a bare patch of stone wall not
to far from the Draco.
Amazingly it was suddenly erupted with a spurt of flame and Draco jumped out the
way in shock. Nobody moved and this seemed to surprise them most. They weren’t
sure if it was shock that the bare wall was suddenly on fire but they didn’t find a need
to put it out, instead they let it grow, flickering and burning. However it wasn’t like
real fire, nothing was damaged and the flames were cooling, like a soft sea breeze.
They could see something seem to merge inside, it was large and dark, but it just
seemed to of materialised out of nowhere. The flames softened and faded away into
the panelled wood. Nothing was left to prove there was even flames there nothing
except a large dark wooden door, under a stone archway which was marked with large
unknown Runes. It wouldn’t mean much if someone just walked in and saw it but
they knew it wasn’t there before and it suddenly started pulsating almost like a
heartbeat, the force was magic.
 ‘’Those Runes what do they mean?’’ Daniel asked, more interested in the meaning
than what was behind it or how it got there.
‘’That is unknown, they are an old language, a language not even I have knowledge
of… that or they’re just some silly etchings’’ he chuckled but had to stop as he placed
his withered hand over his heart.
 ‘’What is it sir’’
‘’It is a door Miss Gannon… nothing more but wood and stone, it is the contents that
hold the true worth’’ He smiled knowing he had their full attention as he turned in his
chair holding out his hand, McGonagall took him under the arm and helped him to
stand. He seemed so much shorter and thinner, his robes draped off him badly as he
slowly walked to the door with aid. Fawkes flew of his perch and landed lightly on his
shoulder giving him a sudden surge of energy that made him walk a little faster and
with more ease as he stopped at the door and turned to them.
‘’Please may you step forward students’’ he was slightly smiling at them but it was
weak and forced.
Nobody stepped forward for a second until Tim, confused about everything that had
happened believed the conclusion was behind that door so he stood up, running a
hand quickly through his hair as he always did when he nervous or excited or… really
when ever, he just liked running his hand through his hair. He walked forward and
the others took strength from this, following his example, starting with Elia, than
Draco until everyone was standing before the door and they felt colder being so close
to Dumbledore, not a nice cold but bitter and sharp. However Fawkes was able to
radiate some comforting warmth that dispelled it away over time.
‘’I wish you to enter this room and retrieve one item, just one item each and return
once you have done so’’
‘’What’s in there sir’’ Neville asked from the back of the line clearly a little nervous
about all this secrecy, and the door that appeared in Phoenix fire, all of them were,
even if Draco was sneering like it was a stupid question.
‘’The room was built before me so were the contents, please enter Mr Longbottom
and discover for yourself’’ He smiled and reached out turning the brass doorknob and
opening it slightly but averting his gaze as did McGonagall. ‘’Please enter and do as I
ask’’ he said it simply but none of them could say no to a dying man. So led by Tim
who was the closet to the door they headed inside blindly
It was a long dark tunnel the walls were made of a shiny black stone and the iron
brackets blazed with fire all of a sudden.
‘’Tim are you sure about this’’ Hillary asked from behind Avonlea
‘’Right now I’m not sure if I’m even awake, I don’t know maybe Malfoy’s curse did
something with my brain because this cant be true’’
‘’But it is Tim, I’m real I know I am-
‘’come on we should just do as he said and get the answers we need’’ Elia interrupted
walking past Tim and further down the tunnel.
So they all followed her in when they reached the end of the short corridor the room
beyond was completely dark until Tim, who had gained his place at the front once
more passed the threshold and the brackets in the room erupted, illuminating the room
with an fiery orange glow. Everyone held their breath as they saw the contents
Dumbledore was speaking about. It was like Aladdin’s cave, huge chests spilling gold
coins out onto the black stone floor, silver antique bowls of rubies and sapphires,
pearl necklaces and golden trophies lined the walls, suits of goblin armour and
weapons, axes, spears and swords. It was incredible and nobody said anything for a
‘’We were told to retrieve one item so… do we do as he said’’ Iyana asked eyes
darting from item to item in awe.
‘’I guess so’’ replied Tim as he walked inside running his hands through the nearest
bowl of emeralds and gasping as he felt how hard and real they were.
The rest of them walked in and started searching for an item to take out, some
thinking about others just choosing a random object.

Once all 9 of them were equipped they headed back out the tunnel with no idea what
the point was, they stepped out and smiled at Dumbledore.
‘’It was incredible sir, so beautiful’’ Olivia gushed still not believing what she saw.
He smiled and nodded closing the door.
‘’So what did you take’’ They all held out their hands showing him, no sooner had
they done it than he stumbled backwards slightly and had to be supported by
McGonagall. They were shocked to find a pink tinted tear leave his bright blue eyes.
‘’Professor what’s the matter’’
‘’I’m sorry…I half hoped you would disappoint me, but you have brought these 9
items of your own will’’ Looking down he took in the beauty of each one in turn.
Tim was holding a thick pewter ring with a large rectangular pale green peridot jewel
inside. Elia, a silver hair comb, with silver flowers made of milky white pearls and
diamond petals. Neville had a silver pocket watch emblazed with the face of an old
man, made up of leaves, The Green Man, a common folk legend. Hillary had a
lavender coloured round but rough crystal about the size of her fist. Daniel was
holding a small thin spyglass, which had a weird shimmering crystal lens. Olivia was
holding a sleek golden quill with a large scarlet feather protruding from the end.
Draco was holding an onyx orb in a mesh of silver held by a thick black cord.
Avonlea had a rectangular mirror in a golden frame it would just be able to fit in her
pocket. Last of all was Iyana who had a pale gold coiled bracelet etched with strange
runes, much like that on the archway, they were defiantly related in some way.
‘’What do you want us to do with them sir’’ Tim asked as he slowly moved the ring
around his palm using his index finger, it seemed to pulsate warmly.
‘’As you all know Hogwarts was founded by 4 great witches and wizards of their
time’’ everyone nodded even first years knew this stuff. It was the first page in
Hogwarts: A History. ‘’Well they did this to teach other witches and wizards how to
control their power. These items you hold so well once belonged to 9 others, 5 men, 4
women… They were the first students our Founders taught and they alone
individually created them all’’
‘’Wait so your saying I'm holding something that was… over a 1000 years old’’ Elia
gasped holding the hair clasp with two hands in case she dropped it. They all took
greater care of their item; even Draco tightened his grip on the cord, but more out of
‘’It is believed so; the room you just left was created to house these items, to keep
them safe. The four founders barricaded the door by powerful magic and it was
blessed by a phoenix’’
‘’Fawkes’’ Daniel registered catching on ‘’ So Fawkes was around when Hogwarts
was built’’ he asked curiously
Fawkes bowed his head respectfully, ‘’but sir, this still doesn’t tell us what you want
us to do, you say Fawkes was around a 1000 years ago, ok I understand that,
Phoenixes live on after they die we all know that but why did you cry when you saw
these, why did you not want us to bring them’’
‘’Because they are yours, they… if you choose to accept my proposal, will help you’’
‘’Sir I don’t know if we can do this, I don’t know if I can do this I don’t understand’’
Tim confessed. ‘’I think you’ve chosen the wrong person, I’m sorry’’ He walked past
the others and placed the ring on the desk. ‘’that doesn’t belong to me and it never
‘’Mr Helyard… Tim, that ring belonged to the first student, his name was Ignatius
Blackstone. Not much is known of these students… but I know that the ring you
believe is not yours is an item you would need. It blesses the wearer with increase in
strength but physically, mentally and spiritually, he was a leader and a strong man as
are you… you doubt yourself but you lead without knowing it.
‘’Sir I’m not a hero, I’m not what you think I am’’
‘’I know that… you are your own man, you do not have to accept but the ring is yours,
I know in my heart… it goes to the right man’’
Dumbledore than with difficulty walked over, taking it slow as he stood beside Tim
he picked up the ring ‘’it belongs to you’’ he placed it in his hand with a teary smile
as he turned all these items… belong to you and they all pos…possess…power’’ he
having difficulty breathing now and Fawkes was close to fainting. McGonagall
hurried forward and held him up, keeping him standing as his knees suddenly buckled
and he fell forwards.
‘’Mr Helyard if you please’’ she requested and he nodded starting forward and
helping, together they managed to lead Dumbledore’s limp form back to his chair.
He still had the ring in his hand, so when he sat down the others doing so as well,
even Draco he wasn’t sure what to do or think. This was all happening so soon, he
needed time to think, he needed to be alone to think this out and try and make sense of
it all. ‘’Professor, can I be excused please… I need to think’’
Dumbledore didn’t answer; he was in no fit state, so McGonagall did so for him.
‘’You may leave Mr Helyard but we need you to return in an hour with your answer,
before midnight’’
‘’But why does it have to be before midnight?’’ Iyana asked as she attentively turned
the bracelet in her hands.
‘’Halloween, is a specifically magical night, Dumbledore is at the peak of his magical
strength this night and he may slip into another coma soon’’
‘Another Coma’ the words had a desired effect everyone felt a need to leave and think.
Draco however just wanted to get out.
‘’We will Professor, could I ask… do you know who made my quill?’’ Olivia asked
unsure if it was the right time but Tim got to know his, she wondered if hers was
something like that.
She smiled at her curious nature. ‘’Yours Ms Scarlett was a young wizard called
Loren Portus; he was a writer and quite a brilliant man, he was also the creator of the
Portkey enchantment. He blessed the quill with a balance of the mind and sight, when
placed on a piece of parchment it will draw a detailed map of any location you desire
simply by thinking about its name’’
‘’Wow… thank you Professor’’ she started admiring the quill carefully.
Daniel opened his mouth to speak but McGonagall cut him off knowing what he
‘’Zurial Alliance, he was a traveller, he ventured to distant lands all over the world
discovering new creatures and others with magical abilities, he created that spyglass
to detect magic, if you look through it reveals anything of magical wealth, go on Mr
Ginsky look through’’ she gestured.
He slowly and carefully pulled it out and placed it to his eye, soon as they were joined
there was an explosion of colour and he gasped at the sight before him, it was still
Dumbledore’s office but there were small eruptions of coloured light around certain
areas some brighter than others. Fawkes was the brightest of all, which wasn’t
surprising seeing as he was a Phoenix they were incredibly powerful. Bringing it
down he had to blink a few times to overcome what he saw, he was still seeing the
faded blasts of colour the were burned into his retinas.
‘’that was incredible’’ he gushed folding it away and placing it on his lap.
‘’Are you going to tell us about the rest of us Professor’’ Neville asked as he opened
and closed his pocket watch with interest.
‘’Yes Mr Longbottom, your was created by Hurishio Tsumura, he and his son were
experimenters of time, together they manage to create the Time Turner, what you hold
is their first prototype, it will show you any point in present time, you can see anyone
you wish to a certain extent. There was magical barriers to consider, it’s hard to
control, but I have full reassurance in you Mr Longbottom’’ she smiled weakly.
‘’Thanks professor’’ he returned the smile and ran his hand over image on the front.
‘’Miss Fareli’’ McGonagall called and Elia looked up with sad smile. ‘’What you
hold belonged to Katrina Appleton, she was a scholar, believed to of being Rowena
Ravenclaws best student, the hair clasp she enchanted with clarity of mind, it is
believed when worn to open the world to new ideas, you will see things anew’’
She nodded silently and pocketed the hair clasp; she didn’t know what to say to
something like that. This was an incredible gift but how they give something so
beautiful and pure to her.
‘’Mr Malfoy, do you still wish to stay’’
He sat back and nodded ‘’Tell me so I can leave’’ he retorted stubbornly.
McGonagall’s face showed no emotion, no one was sure if she was going to scold or
inform him until finally she spoke. ‘’ Tomotalus Charpentier was a young French
aristocrat, the pendent is sealed in a pure silver mesh, the black onyx is encased in a
powerful enchantment which will dispel all darkness for the bearer’’
He didn’t smile, that was all, he Hand of Glory for that, what use was a piece of trash
like this, his displeasure showed but McGonagall overlooked it. Dumbledore warned
her something like this would happen. So she moved on to the next person.
‘’Ms Bass, you’ve being rather quiet’’
‘’Sorry Professor… it’s just a lot to take in’’
‘’You don’t have to apologise, do you wish to know about your bracelet’’
She nodded slowly and listened. ‘’Her name was Catherine Shield, she was a very
good woman, living the rest of her days helping others and spreading the word of
Hogwarts, she successfully led other young wizards and witches to the safety of
Hogwarts with the help of that bracelet. It will protect you Ms Bass, from the forces
of Dark Magic, nothing but the pure evil will affect you whilst you wear that
Her eyes were as wide as saucers she couldn’t believe what she held the ultimate
defence in her hands. ‘’Thank you Professor… I’ll take really good care of it’’ she
McGonagall nodded, knowing more than anyone, Iyana was telling the truth. ‘’Ms
Gannon and Ms Wickantower, your artefacts I'm sure you will be delighted to learn
are united by their creators’’ she informed them simply and they both turned at the
same time to look at the other
‘’Ariana Fielding created that mirror Ms Wickantower, its made of a reflected crystal
plate, she was also the sole creator of the truth potion known as Veritaserum. She
successfully managed to harness the power into a solid object by tainting the mirror
reflection, when held before someone it will reveal the truth behind their words, they
can not lie when held before the mirror will, but… you must use it wisely for the truth
may not always be what you wish to hear, remember that Ms Wickantower’’
She nodded understanding, she had shared a lot with McGonagall, since she arrived
she was like a mother to her, looking out and giving her advice. She was one of the
few people she actually trusted ‘’Thank you professor, for everything’’
She smiled and turned to Hillary. ‘’Ms Gannon, this crystal you hold, is a very
powerful tool indeed and perhaps the most difficult to control. The crystal will
intertwine with the bearers heart and lead them to what they truly desire, however, the
heart is complex, when can ever know what we truly desire? Because of this, the
crystal may try and trick you, to deceive you and in doing so cause you great harm.
Take precaution when using this artefact Ms Gannon, you must learn control before it
controls you’’
‘’I will Professor I promise’’ her voice wasn’t kind and soft as it usually was instead it
was full of determination and truth, it seemed that one of the 9 had already made her
choice. ‘’You said our creators were united can you explain please’’
She smiled and nodded. ‘’Ms Gannon the creator of that Crystal was a young woman
called Robyn… Robyn Fielding, twin sister to Ariana Fielding’’
‘’Twin sister’’ both Hillary and Avonlea said it at the same time and they surprised
each other with this.
McGonagall smile grew slightly ‘’indeed, it is rumoured they were the first magically
born twins, now the time grows short’’
They understood standing up in their own time they said their goodbyes and started to
walk out the room, where the doors had opened, they walked in silence, not knowing
what they could say to one another.

When they reached the bottom they gathered outside the gargoyle and looked to one
another for the answers to unknown questions.
‘’So has anyone decided what to do?’’ Neville asked he wanted to leave and go see
Luna; perhaps she could help him with his decision.
‘’I’m doing it’’ Hillary said plainly ‘’I’m going to tell Josh that I…I love him and I’m
going to quickly pack than I’m going’’
‘’Hillary are you sure you know what your doing?’’ Iyana asked
‘’Yes, I knew when they told me, before I was given this crystal I was going to say
yes, it’s just something I have to do’’
‘’No matter how dangerous it might be’’
‘’No matter Tim, If you came to I’m sure you’d protect me’’ she smiled hinting.
He would, to the end but this was something else, he didn’t think she’d thought it
through what about lessons, family what would everyone think when 9 students
disappear soon after Harry, Ron and Hermione have done the same, they’d have the
Ministry of Magic on their back in no time and it wasn’t a safe world out there
‘’Like I said in there… I need time to think’’ he told her simply before turning away
and walking off ignoring his friend’s calls for his return.
‘’Are the rest of you going?’’ Hillary asked, shaking her head giving up on her plea.
‘’I need time to’’ Olivia said ‘’it’s not something you do lightly Hillary’’ she said as
she quickly left heading for the Gryffindor Common Room.
‘’Why is everyone leaving all of a sudden’’
‘’Because not all of us can choose so easily Hillary, I’m on the fence sought a speak, I
want to help him but I’m afraid’’ Iyana admitted
‘’It’s alright to be afraid Iyana, so am I’’ Neville told her
‘’What are you doing Daniel’’ Elia asked, he was the only person here she knew,
putting the past behind her, she needed a friend not another enemy.
‘’I think I’m going as well, this spyglass, if you saw what I saw, what it shows, its
incredible, beautiful. I want to see more and this seems like the best way, Hillary can I
come with you I need to see Kyle before I leave’’
‘’Of course’’ she replied with a small smile.
‘’I need to go for a walk, think this through’’ she replied quietly as she walked off.
‘’What the hells wrong with you people, have you got any common sense you’d
screw this and go back to your Common Rooms, I’m not going to do the work for the
old man he’s already dead’’ Draco sneered cruelly. ‘’You all get powerful enchanted
antiques, I get this useless bit of crap, this marketplace piece of tat’’ he scoffed
showing them the pendent he shook his head and headed for the Dungeons but
stopped to register Avonlea. ‘’Are you coming Wickantower’’
Avonlea looked at the others, she hadn’t said much, because she didn’t know what to
say. ‘’Yeah I’m coming, but not with you, we’re simply going the same way, I don’t
follow your beliefs’’ she informed him harshly not forgetting what he’d said at the
‘’What ever you say’’ he rolled his eyes as they walked off in the same direction.
‘’I need to meet Luna guys’’ Neville blurted out suddenly, he didn’t want
Dumbledore to die but how could he help.
‘’You mean you and her…’’ Iyana let the question trail for him to finish
He shrugged, walking off and heading for the lake, he wasn’t going to give them the
chance to question him.
‘’what are you doing Iyana’’ Hillary asked, it was just her and Daniel going so far.
‘’I’ll give you my answer when we meet up I think… I need to speak to Fred’’
‘’How are you going to speak-‘’ she never managed to finish her sentence Iyana was
already walking off.
‘’Guess it’s just me and you’’ Daniel said simply and she nodded.
‘’Guess so. You don’t have a problem with that do you?’’
‘’No of course not’’
‘’Well we better go tell our brothers, we can’t tell them where we’re going or why. I
would be best if you try and say as little as possible’’
He smiled slightly, she was certainly bossy. ‘’What ever you say Hillary’’
She narrowed her eyes and he was worried she was able to read his mind until she
shrugged it off and led him in the same way as Olivia up to the tower.

The halls were empty except for a few ghosts, lazily floating along as they walked in
silence, trying to decide what they could tell the boys and how they would react.
When they were a short distance from The Fat Lady, she stopped Daniel, placing her
hand on his chest. She quickly pulled it back a little embarrassed but it went unnoticed.
‘’Wait here please, I’ll bring them out’’
‘’Ok, take your time Hillary I understand’’ he smiled.
She nodded and quickly gave the password in a hushed tone, so Daniel wouldn’t hear,
he might be a good guy but the passwords were there for a reason. So whilst she went
to get their brothers he took a seat on wooden bench between two book cases.
Humming an inaudible tune to himself with a small smile to pass away the time.
She returned a few minutes later dragging Josh by the sleeve of his dressing robe he
seemed to of being asleep judging by the eccentric yawn and dull eyes. Kyle was
being dragged in her other hand, he looked anything but sleeping, lipstick smeared
across his face and neck, this was definite evidence that his date went well.
‘’Daniel will you tell your girl to get her hands of me’’ Kyle ordered irratated by the
whole moment.
‘’She’s not my girl’’ he argued angrily and embarrassed.
‘’Hillary what are you doing’’ Josh asked, sleepily, he didn’t have it in him to fight
after Kyle dragged him out of bed.
‘’Will you both be quiet, we’re going to have Filch on us in seconds’’ she exclaimed
releasing them both at last.
‘’Well tell us why you got us out here and than we can leave’’ Kyle said plainly.
‘’Kyle, I need you to do me a favour’’
‘’What you done now’’
‘’I’ve done nothing its what I’m about to do, I… we need you to keep a secret’’
‘’Josh as well’’ Hillary added taking a seat next to Daniel.
‘’Alright what’s going on’’ Josh questioned as he sharpened up, but than he made the
biggest mistake that night. ‘’don’t tell me your pregnant Hillary’’
His comment rewarded him with a very hard smack to the head by Hillary and she
tried really hard not to scream and beat him to a pulp. ‘’No I am not pregnant you
cheeky little-‘’
‘’Hillary calm down, there’s something more serious and we don’t have much time’’
Daniel ordered and she sat back down, glaring at her brother angrily. ‘’We… myself
and Hillary that is and some and others perhaps will be leaving the school tonight and
we need you to tell mum and dad nothing, you don’t know anything ok. We really
shouldn’t be telling you this but we couldn’t leave without saying goodbye’’
‘’What do you mean your leaving, where are you going?’’ their attention caught, Josh
forgot about the attack as his brotherly instinct kicked in.
‘’We don’t know, even if we did we wouldn’t tell you, I’m sorry Josh but its better
you don’t know’’ Hillary replied felling sorry for hitting him now.
‘’Are you sure you know what your dong Daniel, mum and dad wont be happy to hear
your leaving like this’’
‘’I’m sure, besides dads away working for Gringotts and mum well… she’ll have
Wesley to turn to for support, but this is something we have to do, it extremely
important. Hillary wanted to say goodbye and well, I need your help Kyle, brother to
‘’Are you ok Josh’’
‘’Yeah I just… I don’t want you to go Hillary… I’m going to miss you and I don’t
want you to get hurt’’ he shrugged and she was close to tears now.
‘’Oh Josh I’m going to miss you too’’ she replied lurching forward and pulling him
into a hug ignoring his cries for freedom as well as Daniel and Kyle who were
laughing quietly at the sight.

Iyana was in the corner of the Hufflepuff common room. It was a large spacious room
with buttercup yellow walls and light wood floors. It was all completely round with
curved ceiling, built like a badger’s sett, with round barrel like doors leading into a
various underground tunnels where their dorms were situated. These spread out under
the grounds of Hogwarts in a complex maze of corridors.
It was empty except for the odd couple dozing off to sleep in the plush black leather
chairs. She was turning the bracelet in her hand whilst she quickly wrote on a piece of
seemingly normal parchment. It was in fact magically enchanted, a piece of
Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes merchandise. She had a hand in creating this product. It
was Classroom Furtive Parchment, or C.F.P as it was better known. An easier way of
passing notes in class, there were two rolls of parchment, any quill and ink would
work. You wrote your message and activated it by tapping the corner of the page. She
was given a unique type, Fred maximised the charm, which took a quite a long time
and effort so it could reach right across the country to London and further if need be.
She wouldn’t have to wait for owl delivery anymore and they could still keep in touch.
She just hoped he was still awake and if so he was carrying the parchment with him.
‘’Fred, are you there honey I really need to talk to you’’
It was a few minutes till she got a reply.
‘’Hia Peaches, what can I do for you this wonderful night?’’
‘’don’t call me that, its embarrassing,’’ she gushed and quickly added ‘’ I’m kinda in
some trouble or a friend of mine is and I don’t know what to tell them’’
‘’What do you mean trouble’’ he panicked already thinking about the location of his
coat ‘’should I come over I can be at Hogsmeade in five minutes’’
‘’No honey its ok, there’s nothing you can do to help, I just need to speak to you, I
need your advice for my friend’’
‘’Well it depends what the trouble is, what’s going on Iyana’’
‘’I can’t tell you, I know we shouldn’t have secrets but this is something bigger than
us both, if you trust me you wont ask’’ She was begging he didn’t, it was killing her
keeping this from him it only made her feel worse as he took his time to answer.
‘’Tell me what you can Iyana’’
‘’I might be leaving Hogwarts with some friends to help my friend, they need me but I
don’t know if I can leave’’
‘’Where are you going, I can help, we can help them together’’
‘’No Fred, you can’t know more than that I’m sorry’’
‘’Can you at least tell me when your leaving?’’
‘’Tonight maybe’’
‘’Who are you going with?’’
‘’I don’t know, Hillary and a guy called Daniel’s doing it but maybe Tim and the
others as well, there’s 9 of us in total, I wont do anything if you tell me to stay’’
‘’I cant tell you anything Iyana, you’re a free spirit, that’s the reason I love you so
much but I worry about you and I’m frightened of what’s out there, I cant tell you
what to do, I don’t like it but you have my support and you know where I am if you
need me’’
She smiled weakly and wiped away the stray tear quickly writing a response.
‘’I love you Fred more than you’ll ever believe’’
‘’I love you too Peaches’’
‘’don’t call me that’’
‘’Promise you’ll take the parchment, its charm will last hopefully where ever you go it
will keep its connection, I take it you cant send owls’’
‘’I’ll take it I promise and it seems very unlikely’’
‘’Does this have anything to do with Ron and the others?’’
‘’No this is something much worse, I’ve got to go Fred I haven’t go much time but I
love you, even more than ever''
‘’I’ll always love you Iyana, look to your tattoo and know that its speaks the truth, you
will always have me by your side maybe not physically but you have my heart’’
She didn’t reply she forced herself not to because she was worried she’d never leave
and reading his words like that would only make it worse to leave so she delibertly
rolled up the scroll, he’d understand one day. Looking to her left wrist, she smiled
absent mindedly, Turning it and reading the sentence. I was written in German, ‘Du
Bist Nicht alleine, Ich bin and deiner seile’. Translated it read ‘you are not alone; I am
by your side’. Picking herself up from the chair she knew what she had to do, Fred
had helped her decide so she headed for her dorm to pack.

Avonlea and Draco had made it back to the Dungeons quite quickly, they walked in
silence and the only word uttered was the password. Until the silence grew too much
and it was Draco who decided to break it at last. For the past five minutes he’d being
laid up on the sofa, swinging the Onyx pendent slightly, whilst he stared at her as she
looked at her own reflection in the mirror.
‘’You didn’t say what you were doing back there, whether you were going’’ he said it
in a simple tone but it brought her crashing back down to earth.
‘’Maybe because I haven’t got an opinion on the matter’’
He smiled, swinging his legs of the sofa arm he leaned forward watching her. ‘’So
your thinking about it, why would you help him, what’s he done for you?’’
She didn’t reply if she was going to speak to anyone about this it wouldn’t be him.
‘’Come now Wickantower, don’t be like that, I thought we had something and you
never gave me an answer to my question, do you still fancy doing the horizontal
waltz’’ he sniggered trying his luck.
‘’Shut up Malfoy’’
‘’Oh I love it when you get angry’’ he growled playfully
‘’Just go away, your not going so it has nothing to do with you’’
‘’I don’t know I might be persuaded if the right offer came alone’’ he cocked his head
to the side taking her dress in at last especially where it had come up a bit in her
sitting down showing a bit more leg than she particuely wished to show.
She caught him watching her and quickly pulled her legs up under her and moving the
dress so nothing was shown; his response was even more irritating than his voice as
he flashed her with a cheeky smile.
‘’So your thinking about it, hmm maybe I’ll tag along too’’
‘’Maybe I’ll jump in the lake, promise to join me than’’ she hissed.
‘’Oh you send shivers up my spine’’ he taunted ‘’you’re feisty… I like that and yes I
would if only to see you nice and wet’’ he raised an eyebrow.
She forced herself to remain calm as she looked down on the mirror, ‘’Professor
McGonagall said, it reflects the truth’’ she said to herself as she continued ignoring
Draco. ‘’so if I told it, I don’t want to help Dumbledore, it would calculate whether
I’m lying and-‘’ She was cut short as her reflections suddenly came to live, and a soft
musical voice replied her words but the truth of them. ‘’I do want to help
Dumbledore’’ She smiled slightly brushing a lock of her hair behind her ear.
Even Draco was impressed by what he just saw but he put on a rather fake show that
he wasn’t. ‘’So your going to do what ever the mirror tells you’’ he scoffed.
‘’No I'm going to do what the truth told me’’ she corrected him, standing up. ‘’it’s a
good thing you decided not to go Malfoy, you wouldn’t be needed, you’d only ruin
everything’’ she told him cruelly wanting to hurt and embarrass him, like he did her at
the Halloween Ball and so many times before. She started walking past him but he
grabbed her wrist and stopped her, his hold tight as he looked up at her with his silver
grey and blue eyes. ‘’Don’t ever think to speak to me like that again Wickantower, if
anyone’s not needed its you, you came here in your 6th year, you were little more than
squib, so don’t try and understand me, because your just going to end up hurt… got
it’’ he whispered deadly.
She ripped her arm out his grasp and stared down at him with disgust. ‘’don’t ever
touch me again’’ she warned him before storming off, storming was the right word for
it as there was a sudden deep roll of thunder outside for a second but it went
He watched her go a smile taking over his tight lips and he leaned back in the chair.
Maybe this trip wouldn’t be too bad, stuck with five rather good looking ladies, pick
of the bunch Draco he thought to himself. He had to admit, he liked Avonlea’s
feistiness, most indefinitely. Swinging the pendent in his hand for a bit he quickly
grabbed it and smiled. ‘’What the hell, beats hanging around here with these losers’’
he laughed jumping up just as two Slytherin 6th years came through the entrance; he
passed them on his way to the boys dormitories. Putting on a smile and winking at
them both ‘’Ladies’’
They raised perfectly style eyebrows at the same time and flicked their long blond
hair back. He just caught their mutter of ‘nerd’ from one of them and he froze up.
That decided it he was going.

Olivia had made it back to the Common Room; quite quickly she was deeply
confused about what to do, close to tears as she ran up the stairs and they finally
erupted out when she slammed the door to her Dorm. Thankfully the room was empty,
Lavender and Parvarti must still be at the Ball she thought through the sobs, she was
pleased by this, because she wanted to be alone.
Sitting on her bed she reached into the drawer of her bedside cabinet and pulled out a
series of thick letters held together by an elastic band, she was holding 5 years worth
letters sent by Harry, nobody knew she kept them. She did so because she liked to
read all their old letters when ever she was feeling upset or angry because seeing his
handwriting always made her feel better, it was the closest thing she could have to
him until they met up over the summer, usually at the Burrow. When she couldn’t
speak to him, she would head to her dorm and read the letters somewhere private and
it always gave her answers or made her feel better..
Pulling off the elastic band she started scanning the envelopes with a frown, as she
wiped the tears away with her sleeve. ‘’I wish you were here Harry, you’d do it, I
know you would but what if I’m not good enough without you’’ She questioned
herself as she slipped the parchment out and started reading his sweet young words
forever remembered in black ink.
She sat back on the bed, resting her back against the headboard and reading through
the tears she so quickly wiped away. She was angry with him for so long leaving her
without an explanation, they weren’t dating but she always hoped he would see her
differently, one day and see that she wasn’t just his friend, that she loved him, with all
her heart. His leaving was the worst moment of her life, losing the one friend she
could truly say she loved everything about, the little wrinkle in nose when he was
concentrating, his gentlemanly manner of opening doors for her and complimenting
when she walked in the room. Most of all she loved his messy black hair that refused
to stay down, how many times she had sat with him, trying to tame it but knowing it
would never work.
Thinking about these things made her feel even worse and it just revealed how close
they were but how he still refused to console in her about where he was going. She
always hoped that there was a reason, but perhaps he was just being a friend and it
was easier to leave without telling her than she was useless after all. She wasn’t good
enough to leave with him, she wasn’t as smart as Hermione or as brave as Ron, he had
his best friends, he had all he wanted, and she would just get in the way and ruin what
ever he was doing. He never felt the same way she did and that what hurt the most,
crushing the letter in her hands as the ink was ran with the angry splashes of her tears,
her hands shook uncontrollable, she curled up and hugged her knees, dropping the
letter as it fell to the end of the bed.
She never heard footsteps nearing the room nor registered the door opening until
someone sat on the bed next to her and placed a sensitive hand on her shoulder to
comfort her. ‘’Olivia what’s the matter’’
She sobbed even harder as she tried to control herself, Hillary’s voice kind and
soothing it eased her suffering and she collapsed into Hillary arms, whose shoulder
was soon wet. She tried to calm her into speaking as she hugged her and crooned over
like a mother, or a really good friend. ‘’Its going to be ok Olivia, let it all out’’ she
nudged one of the letter with her foot and shook her head.

Tim was walking the edge of the forest, he’d promised to meet Zoe at the Whomping
Willow after he’d seen McGonagall, though in reality it was more she ordered him to
go. He wasn’t going to ignore her but he wasn’t going for the reason she wanted. She
seemed like a really nice girl and she was, to start but than the cracks started showing.
She wouldn’t leave him alone all night, she was possessive and manipulative, still a
really sweet girl but not always. She liked things done her way and he liked to be free,
they weren’t right for each other. He only accepted because she asked him, he would
never have had the nerve to ask, so it seemed like his lucky night at the time. He saw
the truth now, she didn’t kiss him on the cheek earlier because she wanted to she did it
because she wanted to get on McGonagall’s nerves. She was using him and that not
what he wanted so there was only one thing to do. Changing his direction he headed
up hill.
He didn’t have to walk far till he saw her, standing against the full moon’s light, she
was hugging herself and he wasn’t surprised to see her scowling, obviously irritated
that I hadn’t come earlier. ‘’Finally I’ve being waiting here all night, what kept you so
‘’McGonagall had something to tell me, something… important’’ he sighed focusing
on the moon behind her instead.
‘’Anyway, you’re here now’’ the smile taking over as she reached for his hand.
‘’Fancy warming me up’’ she grinned.
‘’Yeah look Zoe, tonight’s being-‘’
‘’I know fun right, you really smashed that place up everyone’s talking about it, so
‘’No Zoe, no it wasn’t cool, someone could of gotten hurt, that’s not cool at all’’
‘’Oh cheer up, every ones fine’’ she smiled and moved in front of him, she wrapped
her arms around him, pressing into his chest as she looked up. ‘’You looked kinda
sexy when you were fighting him’’ she giggled.
He just stared at her confused, until it sank in and he reached round unclasping her
hands from his back. ‘’Zoe, I don’t know what you think you saw, but that wasn’t
sexy, that was something I hated and never wish to become again, have you got that’’
She glared at him for a second than it faded away and she was grinning. ‘’I love it
when you get all high and mighty’’ she replied.
‘’Zoe, I’m sorry if you thought something was going to happen but your mistaken’’
‘’What do you mean, I thought we had a great night’’
‘’No Zoe, no we didn’t, look I'm sorry I really am but I don’t see a connection
between us. I want us to be friends though’’ he suggested.
‘’I realise I might have come on a bit strong, but that’s only because I liked you so
much… I suppose your right’’ she shrugged turning away and looking out to the
grounds. There was an uncomfortable silence, which neither knew how to break. ‘’I
suppose we better head back to the castle’’
‘’Yeah I suppose so, are we going to be ok’’ he asked uncertain, this was all new to
‘’I’ll be ok honestly, you’re a really sweet guy Tim but you need to pick up on your
dance moves’’ she giggled shrugging the moment off, least they’d still be friends.
‘’Rub it in why don’t you but I’m glad we see eye to eye Zoe’’ he smiled down on her.
‘’Everything alright you seem a little… preoccupied’’
‘’It will be I just need to do some stuff’’
‘’Well you’ve being a gentleman all night, continue to do so and escort me to the
castle’’ she ordered, but sweetly.
‘’It would be a pleasure’’ he replied holding out his arm which she interlocked hers
‘’Thank you kind sir’’
He blushed a little as they headed up to the castle.

Neville had hurried as fast as he could to get back to the lake; he hoped she was still
there like she said she would. To his delight he saw a small figure huddled up under
the tree trying to stay warm. She really did stay out here waiting for him, smiling
guiltily for keeping her out he realised she’d fallen asleep so he quietly sat himself
down to her and slipped his arms round, to keep her warm.
They just sat there together for a few minutes until she slowly roused and a smile
overtook her face as she saw who she was with.
‘’Did you have a nice sleep’’ he asked brushing the hair from her eyes.
‘’Better now you’re here’’ she smiled falling deeper into his arms.
‘’Your shivering Luna, you should of gone inside’’
‘’I’ll be ok, I told you I’d wait… so I did’’ she replied her eyelids fluttering.
‘’Thank you, I hope you don’t catch a cold because of me though’’
‘’Stop worrying Neville’’ Than she remembered why he left so she sat up slightly to
listen. ‘’What did Dumbledore say, is everything ok’’
His smile faded as he remembered what Dumbledore wanted, could he leave her after
everything they accomplished tonight. He couldn’t tell her everything, it was for her
own safety, but perhaps she could help him decide.
‘’He wanted to talk to us about something confidential’’
‘’Us, who else was there?’’ she was just being curious but she could see he was
holding back and she didn’t want to be nosy.
‘’Tim, Iyana, Olivia, Hillary, but there was Malfoy and that Avonlea girl, Daniel
Ginsky and Elia, the girl from Hogsmeade, remember with Tim’’
‘’Yeah I think we all remember her’’ She stifled a giggle and nodded. ‘’What did he
want you for, if you don’t mind me asking’’
‘’I don’t want to keep secrets from you Luna but I can tell you I’m sorry’’
She nodded understanding as she reached for his free hand and held it rubbing the
back with her thumb a small smile on her lips. ‘’You don’t have to Neville, I trust
He smiled too as he held her tighter, holding her and loving her but Dumbledore
plagued his mind, the mysterious illness he’s under and the pocket watch, he could
feel it in his pocket, the cool silver against his leg. But to do this quest, would mean
leaving Luna, they might only have found out about the other but these feelings had
being with him for so long, he had a big decision to make, one he couldn’t do alone.
But how could he tell her and keep the information secret at the same time.
‘’Knut for your thoughts’’ Luna whispered, she’d being watching him with interest
smiling at the little things. Like the crease in his forehead when he was in deep
thought, how he licked his lips without knowing it, he’d narrow his eyes like he was
trying to see something in the distance.
‘’I’m just thinking’’ he replied dully still not sure what he was going to do.
‘’Is this about Dumbledore?’’
‘’What do you mean?’’ he questioned, worried she might know something.
‘’just you’ve come back like you’ve got something on your mind, something
‘’I do, something big and I don’t know what to do’’
‘’Can’t you tell me something, I want to help Neville’’ she pleaded holding his hand
tighter and trying to comfort him.
He thought about what she could know, if he left, everyone in the school was going to
know, nine students leaving overnight wont go down unnoticed. He didn’t have to tell
her why just he might have to leave to help someone. He was nervous about telling
her, worried about how she was going to react.
‘’Luna, I really like you and tonight has being the greatest and the worst night of my
life’’ he looked down on her with sad eyes, trying his best not to blurt it all out now.
‘’the greatest because well we both really like each other’’ he smiled sheepishly and
she nodded verifying this. ‘’The worst because… I might have to leave and I don’t
know what to do’’
‘’You mean go to your dorm, that’s ok we can see each other in the morning Neville’’
‘’No, if I leave you wont see me for a while, I don’t know how long I’ll be gone’’
‘’You mean… leave Hogwarts’’
He took his time to answer, giving her a small nod.
‘’Neville… is there something else, something you can’t tell me’’
He bowed his head, unsmiling as he watched her, ‘’I don’t have to go, but-‘’
‘’You know you have to, in your heart’’ she finished for him as she placed her hand
onto his chest, over his heart which she felt beating powerfully within.
‘’I won’t go if you tell me to stay’’ he meant this, she only had to say no and he
‘’I could never do that Neville, I’m sorry but only you can make this decision but I’ll
wait for you’’
He raised his head at the last part. ‘’No Luna, I couldn’t make you do that, you have
your own life to lead’’
‘’I don’t have a life without you Neville, I’d wait a thousand years if only to see you
once more, for just a moment’’
He took a deep breath and pulled her into a hug, holding her tightly she returned the
closeness laying her head against his. ‘’Thank you Luna’’
She nodded into his shoulder, holding back the tears that threatened to fall, they just
held each other under the moonlight, and the gleaming surface of the black lake, not a
ripple only still mirrored water. It felt like they were there for hours, but in reality it
was only 10 minutes, time was pressing on and he knew he would have to leave soon,
he had to pack but he didn’t want to let her go.
‘’Neville, I want you to take something with you’’ her dreamy voice broke through
the silence and he moved his head a fraction to look at her.
‘’What is it Luna?’’
Raising her hand she started fumbling with her ear and he couldn’t see what she was
doing but when she took his free hand, he saw her as if it was for the first time. The
reflected moonlight on her face, she looked like she was glowing, her eyes were
slightly teary and he hated he had caused this. Lifting her head and smiling weakly
she placed the object in his hand and he smiled at the familiar sight of an orange
radish, her favourite earrings. ‘’Take that with you and you’ll remember I’m here
waiting for you when your ready to come back’’ she started to close his fingers over it
but he stopped her.
‘’Luna I cant, they’re a pair they belong together’’
‘’And they will be… when we’re together’’ the crystal droplet of her hearts desire
managed to escape and she let it run down her cheek.
His eyes followed the tear and his heart broke seeing it, there were few words that
could explain how he felt, but there was something he could do. Leaning forward and
slipping a finger under her chin he raised her head so they were looking at each other.
Her breath caught as their hearts beat as one, united for their undying love. So little
space between their lips, he waited for her response, she could feel his hot breath on
her lips, the hardness of his chest against hers. He was so tall and strong, she felt so
safe under his eyes and she gave into her impulse, closing the gap. Locking their lips
together, the world erupted with colour and she let the tears spill, tears of anguish and
pain, of loss and suffering but also of happiness, of fulfilment and joy and most of all
Brushing his finger along her cheek, he slowly ran his hand behind her neck and into
her soft white blonde hair. He could taste the thick strawberry lip gloss and the
sweetness exploded in his mind. Surprising him, she slowly opened her mouth
offering him to deepen the kiss, their first kiss. Running his tongue against her teeth,
as she reached out and wrapped her arms round his neck pulling him down as she
slipped deeper into his arms. The taste was incredible, her whole body was shivering
and it wasn’t because of the cold, this was her first kiss and she was so glad that it was
with Neville, it was with her one true love; she felt safe in his arms, protected and
Nervously placing his hand on her waist and started to caress her under sweetly as she
smiled into the kiss, his hands warming her, she pulled him down into the shadow. He
pulled away slightly to look down on her, eyes full of adornment. ‘’I love you Luna, I
always have, my heart beats only for you and I want to spend the rest of my life
beside one another’’
She gasped a little not believing he said it, he loved her, and there was only one way
she could reply with the truth. ‘’I love you to Neville, even more than Crumple
Horned Snorlaks’’
He couldn’t help himself from laughing out loud, laughter full of joy and compassion
his eyes lighting up, if he was to leave tonight he left with his heart full and his soul
replenished. Cutting of his laughter she pulled him back down, crashing his lips
against hers with more force, they held each other under the tall oak, its branches
casting shadows from the full moon light it was becoming a truly magical night.

Tim and Zoe had made it back to the Castle safely, passing the Great Hall; they saw
the few still dancing to the sweet ballads. They’d decided to stop to watch for a
minute smiling at the sight of Professors, Flitwick and Sinistra dancing in the middle
of the room as she smoothed down his hair, she was twice his size but there was
something rather sweet and comical about it all’’
‘’You know you never did give me a slow dance Tim’’ Zoe smirked and he quickly
shook his head.
‘’There is no way I’m slow dancing, I’m sorry Zoe’’
‘’Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to find another boy to drag onto the dance floor,
thank you for a great night though, I really did have fun’’
He smiled and took her hand raising it he grazed the back with his lips. ‘’The pleasure
was all mine’’
‘’Well aren’t you a charmer’’ she blushed as he let go and bowed. ‘’Take care of
yourself Grizzly’’ she winked, turning and walking into the Great Hall.
He watched her go and smiled seeing her quickly sit next to Edward Creed. He was
well known for his Quidditch skills and lack of height for the Ravenclaw Team,
they’d be perfect for each other seeing as they were both the same height as well.
He couldn’t help but laugh slightly as he saw her drag him from the bench onto the
dance floor, already positioning his hands on her hips to dance. She certainly liked
things her way and he didn’t seem to mind where his hands were.
‘’So you and Zoe not dating’’
He jumped at the voice spinning round to find himself face to face with Elia. She’d
being watching from near the stairs all along, with no where else to go, if she went to
the Common Room she’d have Helena questioning her, so she decided to hang
outside the Great Hall.
Tensing up once more and trying to look superior, this was the first time they’d
spoken to each other since Hogsmeade. ‘’No, she’s a great lass but she’s not the girl
for me, besides looks like she’s got her sights set on someone else’’ Turning his head
a fraction and smiling as he saw Zoe lay her head on Edward chest, turning with the
‘’She’s my best friend, I wouldn’t want her getting hurt’’ Elia added.
‘’why would I hurt her Elia, I wouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally’’ He saw he lips
twitch she wanted to say something but she was forcing herself not to and it just made
him angrier. ‘’Is there a reason you were spying on me’’
‘’I wasn’t spying’’ She protested raising he head and glaring at him. ‘’I’ll cut to the
chase are you going with the others’’
‘’You mean for Dumbledore… I suppose so yeah, I can’t let them go without me, I’d
never forgive myself if they got hurt’’ She nodded and they simply stared at each
other for a minute. ‘’Are you going?’’
She raised her chin to look at him again. ‘’Yeah, I was going soon as he told me he
was ill, I’d do anything for Dumbledore’’
‘’Very good, so we’re both going, I don’t know about the others though’’
‘’Hillary and Daniel are’’ she reminded him and he nodded.
‘’So there’s four of us’’
‘’Sure is’’
He nodded again, why was she still here, they weren’t friends, nothing like that at all
and they never will be, not with the way she acted out. Was she trying to say
something or was she just being annoying, he’d had enough of this, he had better stuff
to do than stand about being stared at, if she had something to say she could say it
now before he left.
’I suppose I better go pack than’’ he said shaking his head slightly.
‘’Yeah… me too’’
‘’Well I’ll see you at Dumbledore’s Office than’’
She didn’t reply, instead she turned away and quickly walked up the grand staircase
taking left to the Ravenclaw Tower, he followed but slower and took a right heading
in the different direction. ‘’I’ll never understand woman’’

The corridor was empty outside the Stone Gargoyle, there was only 15 minutes until
midnight and still no one had come. Dumbledore had woken up again using Fawkes
to keep him going, he had to stay awake, he’d being conserving his energy for the past
month, the sudden sleeps were understandable, but they were only going to get worse,
they needed help, all they could do was hope as McGonagall and Dumbledore
watched the clock together.
Everyone was in their Common Rooms or Dorms now, the ball had finished at 11:30
and Filch was already roaming the corridors trying to catch anyone who was taking
their time. But there was an unusual silence to air.
All of a sudden there was movement at the end of the corridor, and they became
clearer under the light as Hillary and Olivia arrived. Her eyes were still slightly red
from her tearful breakdown but Hillary had managed to talk her round into going.
They were no longer in dresses, deciding on simple warm clothes instead as they
waited outside for any others, bags at there feet with suitable clothing and a few
personal items.
They didn’t wait long until Iyana appeared carrying a large rucksack on her back with
a sad smile.
‘’Glad you came Iyana’’ Hillary smiled
‘’Well I can’t let you have all the fun’’ she replied. ‘’Where are the others?’’
‘’We don’t know, we haven’t got much time, if they’re coming they have to hurry-‘’
‘’Did you miss me that much Gannon, you can’t get me out your head can you’’ his
snide voice reached them and they turned round together to see Draco, followed by
Avonlea who was walking a suitable distance away from him.
‘’didn’t think we’d see you here Malfoy’’ Olivia said naturally confused after his last
response to the idea.
‘’Well what can I say I had a change of heart’’ he droned dropping his bag against the
wall and leaning against it crossing his arms.
‘’Hia Avonlea’’ Iyana greeted her kindly which was replied with a small smile.
‘’We going in or what’’ Draco asked rudely.
‘’We’re waiting for the others’’ Hillary replied refusing to look at him, fear of what
she’ll do if she did.
He muttered something they couldn’t hear and the silence returned for a few more
minutes until they all heard footsteps nearing. Tensing up they wondered if it was
Filch. The panic was over and they all sighed seeing Daniel and Elia.
‘’So it’s just Tim and Neville to come’’ Iyana stated.
‘’I saw your friend Tim earlier… he said he was coming’’ Elia told them bluntly as
she rested her back against the wall and pocketed her hands.
‘’There’s not much time left, he’ll have to hurry’’
‘’I never keep a lady waiting Hillary, you should know that by now’’ they all turned
at once and Hillary smile grew seeing her friend.
‘’I knew you’d come’’
‘’Who’s going to watch your back otherwise’’ Tim smiled slightly heaving his bag up
and joining them all. ‘’Where’s Neville?’’
‘’He hasn’t come yet, do you think he will’’
‘’His stuff was still there when I left the dorm’’ Tim informed her sadly.
‘’But do you think he’ll come’’
Before Tim could answer, Draco got his opinion in. ‘’Are you kidding me, Loser
Longbottom actually making something of his life, he’ll just get in the way, don’t
know why he was even asked’’.
‘’Like your any better, a Death Eaters son to save their biggest threat’’ Everyone
turned to Tim, seeing another fight break out as Draco reached for his wand.
‘’don’t even think about it’’ Olivia warned him, she already had her wand pointed at
Draco’s heart. ‘’I’m sick of this stupid male pride you both have; you have no right to
say that about Neville. As for you Tim you always want to pick a fight why cant you
just shut up for once’’ Her voice was low and full of anger she had enough stopping
her from going and seeing him like this all time was making her want to stay. ‘’If
we’re to do this for Dumbledore you have to put your petty battle aside and stop
throwing a tantrum, because he needs us right now and your not making it any easier’’
Everyone else nodded their agreement, glaring at them both just as Neville appeared
out of breath and clutching a stitch in his side.
‘’Nobody expecting you be best buddies Tim but you need to take the high road for
once in your life’’ Hillary added and Draco was grinning behind her. It didn’t go
unnoticed as Iyana stormed forward.
‘’You need keep your spiteful comments to yourself as well Malfoy, we don’t want to
hear it and we don’t deserve to be treated like that’’
‘’So the both of you can shut up and back down now or I’ll make you’’ Olivia
threatened pointing the wand from one to the other and she would do so without a
second thought.
‘’I wouldn’t waste my energy on him anyway’’ Draco replied coolly.
‘’I’m sorry Olivia’’ Tim added ignoring Draco.
‘’Right we’re all here so I think we should go up don’t you’’ Hillary sighed shaking
her head she turned to go up but stopped and stared at Neville in shock not believing
what she saw. ‘’Neville do you have… lip gloss on’’ she questioned naturally
He’d got his breath back and was trying to figure out what had started it this time but
Hillary’s question knocked him off balance. ‘’Lip gloss, no’’ he quickly wiped his
lips with his sleeve blushing madly. Everyone was watching him now, that’s when
Iyana spotted it, pinned to his chest was the small orange radish earring and her eyes
widened in shock, putting two and two together.
‘’Neville have you being kissing Luna’’
His face was scarlet red now and he couldn’t meet any of their eyes, he was too
embarrassed. So he tried lying but it just came out an inaudible mumble.
‘’Don’t lie to me Neville, I’ll come over there and smell your lips if I have to because
Luna always wears Spellbinding Strawberry Lip Gloss’’
‘’Fine… yes we kissed’’ he admitted just to get them off his back.
Hillary and Iyana had to refrain themselves from squealing and Olivia smiled sweetly,
least someone was happy.
‘’Nice one mate, I knew you had it in you’’ Tim laughed clapping Neville on the back.
‘’Oh Neville, tell us everything please’’ Hillary begged.
‘’Guys sorry to break up this Brady Bunch moment but, shouldn’t we be going
upstairs, its 7 minutes to midnight remember what McGonagall said’’ Avonlea
reminded them, she was smiling, she’d spoken to Luna before and found her really
interesting but she didn’t really know the rest of them.
‘’Avonlea’s right, we need to go’’ Neville agreed, wanting to get away and change the
subject but he was grinning madly.
‘’We’ll talk about this later’’ Iyana ordered. ‘’Your not getting away that easily’’ she
smiled as they all picked up their bags. ‘’I’m really happy for you Neville’’
‘’Well done mate’’ Tim congratulated as he headed for the Gargoyle, it didn’t even
wait for the password, it must of being waiting for them, soon as they stepped on the
staircase they were elevated to his office..

They arrived with 5 minutes to spare, Dumbledore was smiling proudly at them all
whilst McGonagall was tight lipped and Fawkes was brimming with energy his chest
puffed out as he stood tall on his perch. But the most curious object in the room was a
small sculpture of a Phoenix on a white marble pedestal. It seemed to be taking off in
flight leaving a tail of fire behind, the whole thing was made with some shiny black
stone, like that of the walls in the corridor to the treasury. They noticed the door had
disappeared, it had returned to a simple stone wall, but did the corridor and room still
exist behind it.
‘’Are you sure you all want to do this’’ McGonagall asked watching the students
stand in a line before them.
‘’Yes professor, Dumbledore had given so much to us all, wisdom, truth, protection.
Its time we returned the favour’’ Tim replied proudly bowing his head to Dumbledore.
‘’Thank you all’’ Dumbledore smiled as he slowly stood up with a little help from
McGonagall. ‘’I wish I never had to ask you all’’ they noticed the tears to his eyes
once more, threatening to burst forth.
‘’Its ok Professor, we understand, we’re choosing to do this in the end, we know the
risks, we’re willing to do so’’ Elia replied giving him a small smile, meaning every
‘’I think we all have our own little reasons for doing this, the fact that we’re helping
you makes it easier for us’’ Daniel said
‘’Albus, there’s not much time left’’ McGonagall interrupted as she pointed to the
large antique clock by the door, the minute hand was at three minutes to midnight.
‘’We’re ready Professor’’ Hillary informed him and everyone nodded their agreement
basking in his comforting but pained smile.
Stepping back McGonagall allowed him his independence, letting him stand alone
whilst he pulled out his wand, holding it lightly. Closing his eyes and gathering his
energy for the spell he was about to cast. McGonagall could have done it with ease
but he wanted to do it because it might be the last time he ever did. He wanted to
savour the moment casting his hand down through the air. He made it seem like he
was doing some sort of eccentric dance move, until the statue started to shimmer with
a pale electric blue light. He looked fit to fainting afterwards but he managed to stay
standing. McGonagall stepped forward holding a large canvas bag. ‘’We have this for
you, it’s well stocked and there’s currency inside, we hope it will be suitable’’
Daniel took it off her hands with a smile recognising what it was. ‘’Thank your
Professor I’m sure its fine’’
There was very little time left but Dumbledore wanted to thank them all. So as they
stepped forward he reached to take their hands, shaking each one in turn. They
couldn’t believe how frail his hand was so weak and light. Tears were welling up in
his eyes as he looked at them all. Olivia was already letting the tears fall and she
ignored his hand hugging him instead which almost brought him to his knees but he
returned it best he could. ‘’Take care of yourself Ms Scarlett’’
‘’I will sir’’ she sobbed in his robes.
‘’Olivia, we have to go’’ Tim told her sensitively as he reached out for her hand.
She forced herself away from Dumbledore wiping the tears away with her sleeve she
blushed realising what she’d done. ‘’I’m sorry Professor’’
He waved it off and smiling sadly at them all. ‘’I wish you a safe journey my friends
and a bountiful return’’ He wanted to call it off, to stop them from going, but there
were higher forces at work here. There was only one thing left to say. ‘’Goodbye’’ It
was such a simple word but why did it break his heart so.
Soon as he said it the clock struck, and they all turned to the first chime and said their
goodbyes to Dumbledore, McGonagall and Fawkes, as they continued.
They all had a hand on the statue, situated in a circle they looked up at each other
silently agreeing to do this to the end no matter what as they counted, waiting until the
twelfth and final chime. They took a deep breath on the 11th and turned to
Dumbledore, taking in the reason why they were doing this, there was sudden flash of
light, before they were ripped away disappearing into the blue flash, leaving nothing
behind but faint whispers of their individual promises.
                                  Chapter Four

Galloway Forest has always being a hot spot for ramblers and natural world
enthusiasts because it was Britain’s largest forest. Located on the edge of the Scottish
borders into England, it’s inhabitants soon grew common to seeing Human trespassers;
Fat old greying men with bristly moustaches and army approved binoculars, so they
can feel like a real man, swinging against their protruding bellies; Short mousy
women carrying plastic Tupperware, contents being cheese and pickle sandwiches
and flask of good old British tea. They were always padding along the roads whistling
show tunes as they went along their way. So when the night came the animals would
breathe a sigh of relief. Kestrels, Sparrowhawks and all manner of other birds would
nestle in the tree tops and rocky crags. The waters would ripple with the movement of
small sleek furred otters under wooden bridges. There were the bleats of wild goat in
the forest as they search for warmth from the bitter night cold or deer as they huddle
together for the sweetness of a starlit sleep. But night wasn’t always so quiet and
silent as nocturnal animals would rouse from their slumber. The air would be filled
with resounding hoots of large owls and the stifled scurry of a small rodent who sadly
couldn’t escape the hunt; Bats will swoop over the dirt paths and natural ponds in
search of insects and the underground is busy with the scramble of badgers as they
expand the Setts that run throughout the forest and delight in finding a successful
meal of fat pink worms in the damp soil. It sounds like a beautiful time for any animal
and it is. There’s little chance of being disturbed except for the few campers and star
gazers. They were used to it all but this was one Halloween night none would have

The night was a blistering cold, the wind strong but short and the moon high and
bright, managing to slip through the canopy of trees above to illuminate paths and
walkways. There was a small clearing a few acres away from Loch Macaterick, where
a small herd of Fallow Deer were sleeping. The golden brown leaves dropped from
the skeletal trees to flutter down upon a young fawns head and it snorted in frustration
opening its eyes and blinking in the dark as it sensed something and tried to stand up.
Tipping its head to the side it followed owls decent across the sky and it could feel the
breathing of its mother doe on its fur, everything was silent so it lay back down to
return to sleep.
All of a sudden the air was cracking with static and small light appeared in the middle
of the clearing right before the fawn. It jumped up in shock; too frightened to move as
the others were woken from the strange happenings. The light grew before them and
there was huge flash followed by soft thuds as a series of objects dropped around
them. Scared and confused the Deer sprang to attention and sensing danger they flew
into the safety of trees away from the noise and light in fear as they began to move.
Lying on her back the wind knocked out of her, Elia hated Portkey’s, she opened her
eyes and was surprised to see a small herd of deer running away, catching sight of a
small fawn, its light brown body dashed with small white spots as it scrambled over a
rotten log. The first thing that came to mind was Bambi and she couldn’t help but
giggle slightly at the sight even after everything that had happened. She tried to pull
herself up with difficulty due to the bag on her back but someone grabbed her hand
and helped her. She smiled and allowed them to do so she was about to thank them
she suddenly cut off seeing who it was and she deliberately took her hand back.
‘’Don’t mention it’’ Tim nodded as he dropped his bag on the floor to help Iyana up.
Hillary was having the same trouble and was glad that Daniel took both her hands
helping her up but he almost got dragged down and they laughed about it. Avonlea
protested against Draco helping her and he simply watched in delight as she struggled.
‘’Where are we’’ Neville questioned stretching out and following Tim’s example he
dropped his bag next to his.
‘’A forest’’ Olivia answered standing next to him and looking round.
‘’No! Really I never would have guessed’’
‘’Don’t be facetious Malfoy’’ she replied angrily
‘’Oh big words from such a small girl’’
‘’Alright both of you shut up’’ Elia ordered as she looked around to. ‘’It’s a forest but
can anyone tell us which’’
‘’It’s too dark and unless there’s a sign somewhere, no. Besides I don’t think it
matters we’re still in Britain aren’t we?’’ Hillary asked walking forward with Daniel
and rubbing her neck, Portkey’s always gave her a nasty fall at the end.
‘’Looks like it but we wont know for sure until the morning’’ Tim replied.
‘’So what do we do just sit here all night and than walk until we find someone?’’
Iyana asked hoping she was wrong.
‘’I don’t know, maybe, what did McGonagall give you anyway Daniel?’’ Tim asked
suddenly remembering the package.
‘’She gave me this’’ he picked up the cylindrical bag and with a few tugs he pulled it
out, what looked like a huge large thick bedspread and everyone’s eyes lit up. ‘’A
tent’’ he chuckled seeing the white fabrics, metal pegs and tangled rope.
‘’Least we have something to sit in, it’s a wizards tent isn’t it’’
‘’I hope so, does anyone know how to put one together’’
‘’Sometimes Helyard, your too much of a muggle’’ Draco scoffed. ‘’One word…
‘’Well I’m proud of being Muggleborn, I don’t like resorting to magic for every little
thing’’ he defended.
‘’Can we at least use it for this because I don’t know how to do it and I’m pretty
cold’’ Hillary shivered.
‘’I could figure it out if I had time’’ he muttered as he shook his head giving up on the
matter. ‘’Do you want to do the honours Hillary.’’ Might as well have it put up now
so they could get warm.
‘’Id love to’’ she smiled pulling out her wand from her back pocket, she started
whispering various incantations and the fabric suddenly shot up, the ropes snaking
around and the pegs hovering in mid air as they created some sort of erratic dance,
until finally standing before them was a large white bell tent. It was a proper camping
type, fit for use by bird watchers because it was large enough for one person to use as
a home or that’s what it looked like anyway.
‘’Looks good Hillary, I suppose we better go in and see where we’re living. I still
can’t believe we actually just left Hogwarts’’
‘’I know Neville I feel the same, it doesn’t feel right for some reason’’ Iyana agreed.
‘’Lets go in, it will be warmer than out here’’ Tim suggested trying to keep up spirits,
they knew what they were doing when they agreed to this, there was no going back
So picking up their bags, they all ducked down and headed inside, moving the flap
Avonlea was the first one inside, she’d heard about magical tents but she’d never
actually being in one and her eyes widened in mild surprise soon as she entered. The
flap she recently moved aside was now a large arched thick wooden door with thick
iron lock. Before her was an open archway that led into the main room. There was
large oak cupboard of some sort to her right, built into the wall with a shiny brass
door knob but she ignored it, smiling at the sight of something so random as a
wooden umbrella stand and letting the others enter she passed through the archway.
The living room was completely round, all the walls curved and even the furniture
against it, there were two small glass cabinets and to their surprise and joy an antique
looking drinks cabinet with various bottles of alcohol behind the frosted glass. In the
middle of the room there was a coal black furnace with an empty metal bucket at the
side. Circling the furnace was a large black sofa able to seat three, with a twin set of
two seat sofas and a single armchair and foot stool. They were all comfortably padded
and they curved around the furnace, so when they sat down they’d all be able to look
at one another with ease. There were even potted plants underneath arched windows
which they could see out into the forest with ease. The walls were a midnight blue and
specked with silver dashes resembling stars, it was like looking out to the sky above
and the ceiling was a canopy of drapes, made of the similar print but in different
shades of blue with a large white Japanese lanterns hanging off. A black iron pipe
rang out into the centre of the roof to release the smoke and there were small glass gas
lamps dotted about the walls emitting soft fiery light. The carpet was thick and warm,
a deep purple with gold trimming around the walls. It was all so rich and lavish but it
had a warm homely feeling to it, just needing a personal touch.
Spreading out they went to investigate the other rooms. Opening a dark wood door, it
was arched like every other passageway there, Neville walked inside to find three
black cast iron beds. The walls were crème with a black ceiling, skirting boards and
border and there was a huge mahogany wardrobe in the corner. Next to each bed was
small bedside cabinet and lamp. There were two other rooms like this except the last
one only had two beds and it was slightly smaller than the others making a total of
eight beds. Inside the wardrobes there were stacked supplies of different coloured
striped linen for each of their houses, duvets and extra pillows.
There was a large spacious kitchen which was a sunny yellow and white. It had all the
cooking utensils and modern technology they would need with a small breakfast table
counter and three stools. The dining room was right next door and there were two
archway entrances leading from the living room and the kitchen. There was deep
chocolate brown wooden panelling on the bottom half with Bache wallpaper striped
wallpaper. Set in the middle of the room was a unique slightly curved dining table
made of ash; it was shaped to move with the dimensions of the room itself; Nine
chairs, tall backed and seemingly comfortable to sit on were placed around awaiting
to be used..
The last two rooms were a small study with large oak writing desk and bookcase
along the wall, stacked with thick dusty volumes that made Daniel’s mouth water at
the sight and he picked thick faded leather bound tomb down and brushing his hand
across the author’s name. ‘’Original texts of Abraham Wolfenstein, these are worth
thousands’’ he gushed not believing what he holding as she showed and equally
interested Olivia. There was a small but adequate bathroom, which was a pale
aquamarine blue and pearl white. It had a powerful looking shower and all your
modern bathroom essentials with added bonus of white fluffy towels and even a large
and surprisingly varied magazine rack; with The Quibbler, FHM, Kerrang and even
some rather odd knitting and cross stitch patterns issues, the best thing was they were
issues that weren’t to come out for a another month.
Once they’d all finished searching the rooms, gasping, smiling or having a quick
snide comment they all fell into the living room. No one knowing what to say, the
place was brilliant, it had everything they needed even Draco was finding it hard to
say something against it once he found the FHM, or more importantly what was
‘’So what do you all think’’ Hillary asked, wondering if they were excited as her, she
felt guilty for feeling like this after what was happening with Dumbledore but she
couldn’t help herself.
‘’It’s amazing have you seen some of those books, some are hundreds of years old’’
Daniel replied feeling the same as Hillary.
‘’What about the bathroom, that shower looks like it could even make Filch look
presentable’’ Iyana laughed.
‘’You’ll never believe this’’ Tim called from the foyer, the closet door open.
‘’What is it Tim’’ called Hillary walking back through and gasping at what he’d
‘’Brooms, they got our brooms, they brought them from the Stadium and they got
yours as well Iyana and Olivia’’ he gushed not believing it as he pulled out Hillary’s
Firebolt and his own custom model broom ‘Call of Greatness’.
‘’How did they know we were going to say yes though’’ Hillary asked amazed but
happy about it because they would come in handy.
‘’I guess they knew from the start’’ he replied putting them back and closing the door.
‘’This place is truly incredible, they thought of everything’’ he laughed kneeling at
the drinks cabinet and checking the stock.
‘’I will admit it’s great but there’s something we’ve not mentioned, there’s only 8
beds and there’s 9 of us’’ Elia informed them which caused their smiles to fade,
except for Draco who on the contrary was looking more happy about this snippet of
‘’I guess I drew the short straw, me and Wickentower will bunk up’’ he sighed
shaking his head but grinning mischievously. ‘’You should know I like to spoon’’ he
winked before taking a seat on the sofa behind.
Avonlea glared at him biting her tongue when really she wanted to throw him through
the window. Luckily got Draco, Olivia stepped forward to speak and minimise the
problem. ‘’It’s simple really, do we all agree that the girls should get the beds because
I don’t think one of us will feel comfortable sharing with a boy’’
‘’Goes without question’’ Tim replied, but that wasn’t helping the situation, there
wasn’t room for more than one in those beds and he was sharing with Neville.
‘’Good, than its up to you four boys to decide whose sleeping on the sofa than, whilst
your doing that I'm going to bed, we can discuss what we’re doing in the morning,
goodnight everyone’’ without another word she took the last bedroom, the one with
only two bed where she dropped her bag and got ready, pulling out the scarlet and
gold striped linen and undressing as she got ready for bed..
‘’I’m heading to bed as well I think, try not to start a fight Tim’’ Iyana asked placing
her hand on his arm and smiling up at him before knocking on Olivia’s door. She got
an answer and entered greeted by Olivia who was just getting into bed.
‘’Right is anyone going to volunteer?’’ Elia asked smiling slightly as each of the men
stood rigid; none of them willing to give up the comforts of a good night sleep in a
bed to sleeping on the curveded sofa.
Finally a smile came to Draco’s lips again and he crossed his legs sitting back. ‘’I’ll
sleep here, your alright boys I'm willing'' he replied acting way to cool about the
whole situation. Tim noticed his eyes trailing over the three remaining girls and he
understood exactly why he wanted to stay out here.
‘’Your alright Draco, I think its best I do, the beds look to short for me, I’ll be more
comfortable on the sofa length wise’’
‘’Are you sure about this Tim, they don’t look that small’’ Neville questioned.
‘’Honestly, it probarly better this way for everyone, I’ll be happier knowing I'm
watching the door encase something wanders inside’’ he assured him patting him on
the back and giving Draco a very fake smile. ‘’You all better get some sleep, like
Olivia said we can talk about our situation tomorrow’’
Draco wasn’t exactly happy about losing out but least he had a bed to look forward to,
the sofa was to stiff to his liking. ‘’Do what you like Helyard I don’t actually care,
least I wont have your face to see in the morning’’ he sniggered jumping to his feet
and picking up his bag. ‘’Sweet Dreams Wickentower, see you in my bed later
‘’In your dreams Malfoy’’
‘’Oh you will be’’ he winked again closing the door with a laugh.
‘’Why’s he even here, he’s not helping anyone’’ Hillary asked angrily as she grabbed
her bag staring at Avonlea for the answer.
‘’He does it for the attention, I don’t know, I didn’t want him to come either’’ she
protested just because they were in the same house didn’t means she was like him.
‘’Go to bed Hillary, get some sleep and we’ll sort it out in the morning I promise’’
‘’Thanks Tim’’ she yawned, covering her mouth surprise. ‘’Excuse me, I really am
tired, I’m heading off guys, goodnight’’
‘’Night night Hillary, don’t let the bed bugs bite’’ Tim laughed.
‘’Oh I’m sure I can call on you if I find myself a midnight snack’’ she giggled.
Laughing at her turned to the others with a smile ‘’You four might as well head off to,
I’m just going grab a blanket and pillow than I’m going to bed’’ Tim informed them
watching the centre bedroom door close, as Hillary left them.
Saying there goodbyes they did as they were suggested and headed to the bedroom
whilst Tim grabbed his blanket like he said, getting changed before hand in the men’s
bedroom. He was laid up on the sofa, arms behind his head as he watched the front
door, it was securely locked but he couldn’t sleep with his head to the door, he had to
be facing it. This was a common condition to most people, it was something to do
with the human mind and paranoia, and we always felt safer if we faced the doorway
so we wouldn’t be snuck up on by an intruder. He didn’t expect any but he simply had
bigger things on his mind like finding this Nathanial guy and saving Dumbledore,
how long did they have a months, weeks… days. They had no idea where they were
going to start or who they were even looking for except for a name. He didn’t know
when it happened but somehow he managed to get sleep even through the mental
conflict that infected his brain, the only sound was muffled snores and the howl of the
wind outside.

They all woke up late in the day, Olivia practically screamed when she looked her
watch on he bedside cabinet she was half asleep and believed she was still in
Hogwarts so she was very late for classes but after a rather difficult but comical battle
with the duvet that had tangled around her body the result of which was a heavy drop
out of bed, the previous evening came back to her with a small bump to the back of
the head. How Dumbledore had told them all he was dying and she was given a
magical quill, than they used a Portkey and appeared in a forest spending the night in
a tent. She hoped it was all a dream, sadly she was wrong.
‘’Morning Olivia’’ Iyana grumbled under the golden yellow and black duvet.
‘’Good morning Iyana… sorry for waking you up’’
‘’What time is it’’
‘’10:42… Iyana… Iyana’’ there was no answer because she’d fallen back asleep,
shaking her head Olivia detangled herself from the duvet and sat on the edge of the
bed, holding her face and trying to gather her thoughts as she reached for the hair
brush. Suddenly something cooking caught her nose and she sniffed the air,
suspiciously putting the brush down and ignoring the fact she was still in her pyjamas,
a vermillion satin with a silver initials embroiled on the left. Grabbing her dressing
gown she pulled it tight around her figure and slipped into a pair of fuzzy slippers,
opening the door and following her sense of smell to the kitchens.
It was surprisingly warm and she saw the furnace had a fire crackling merrily inside
and the steel bucket was filled with thick broken branches. The door to her left opened
and Hillary emerged wearing pale pink flannel pyjamas and pulling crystal blue
dressing robe tight round her figure as she sniffed the air sleepily.
‘’M-morning Olivia’’ she yawned trying to smile.
‘’Morning, sleep well’’
‘’Surprisingly well’’ she muttered cocking her head at the sight of wood and lit
furnace but an empty sofa the used duvet was folded up neatly at the end with the
pillow on top.
Suddenly they both heard quiet banging, mixing with the sounds of soft rock music
from the kitchen. They shared curious looks and choose to investigate, they quietly
crept closer, the thick carpet muffling their footsteps as they peeked round. Getting
the shock of their life they stifled their giggles and watched in amazement as Tim
moved about. He had a large mixing bowl under his arm as he whisked the pancake
batter. The whole kitchen was a mess, broken eggs shells, flour dusted the cabinets
and there were bags of chocolate chips, chopped fruit, sugar, freshly squeezed lemon
juice and bottles of maple syrup. But that was nothing to what Tim was getting up to,
he obviously didn’t know they were awake because this was the first time they’d ever
seen him do something like this. The music they realised was coming from a large
antique looking radio, they didn’t know the band but Tim seemed to be enjoying it as
he danced about. Hillary scrambled back to her room stifling giggles as she got her
phone, appearing a minute later and hiding with Olivia they started to film him in mid
dance, just as he started singing.
Tim had got up early and wanting make up for last night at the Halloween Ball with
his friends, he went in search for some firewood. Only to decide he was going to
make breakfast for them all, hopefully they could come up with some plan over
breakfast if they ever woke up. He wasn’t the best singer, his voice was too deep and
he danced like a buffoon but he was comfortable and he thought he was alone. He’d
being mouthing the start but he suddenly felt the urge to break out in song.
C'mon, take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can't get enough

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet yeah

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah
He was moving about rapidly nodding his head as he danced really badly but enjoying
himself completely clueless that the girls were filming him. That was until Neville
appeared behind them rubbing his eyes sleepily and yawning ‘’M-morning girls’’
They both jumped and turned as there was a crash from the kitchen and a stifled yell
of a surprise over the music which was quickly turned off. The girls couldn’t contain
the laughter any longer and they collapsed into a fit of giggles, supporting each other.
A confused Neville stood looking blankly into the kitchen at a very red faced Tim, his
boots covered in pancake batter along with much of the floor. The sound woke
everyone else up and they appeared just as confused one by one.
‘’What’s happened? Tim, are you alright?’’
‘’I'm fine, tell me you weren’t filming that’’ He pointed an accusing finger and
Hillary who was smirking and taunting him with the phone.
‘’Maybe’’ she giggled
‘’Delete it now’’ he ordered but there was a smile to his face. He couldn’t believe
he’d being caught.
‘’Your going to have to make me’’ she took a step back still waving the phone in
front of her as she continued to taunt him and stuck her tongue out.
‘’I said delete it’’ he laughed, lurching forward to grab it but she jumped back and
pressed the play button, giving everyone a very bad rendition of Pour some Sugar on
me by Def Leppard.
‘’Is that you?’’ Avonlea asked staring at the small video screen of a very large man
dancing and cooking as he sang.
‘’Wow… that’s something’’ Elia added not sure how to react.
‘’Didn’t know you had it in you Helyard’’ Draco sniggered.
‘’Funny! Hillary give me that phone now’’ Tim ordered trying to grab it again but she
was quick, throwing it to Olivia who caught it with ease and turned up the volume.
‘’Olivia, please’’ he begged but he was still smiling like a fool.
She sighed and held it out for him grinning madly. ‘’Go on, it’s not fair’’
‘’Thank you’’ he reached out and stopped the video and thankfully the singing.
‘’It wasn’t that bad’’ Daniel shrugged sleepily from the back.
‘’He’s right you know, I'm surprised Tim, I didn’t think you had moves like that’’
Hillary giggled reenacting one with more grace though.
‘’How do you delete this thing’’ he asked in frustration, pressing random buttons but
doing nothing.
‘’Why do you want to delete it? It was really funny’’
‘’She’s right Tim, you made our day with that’’ Olivia agreed smiling up at him.
‘’What were you doing anyway’’ Avonlea asked looking into the kitchen at the floor.
‘’Besides making exploding cupcakes’’ Thank you Dr Seuss, she thought to herself.
‘’Well I got up early, so I thought I’d make everyone breakfast just do something nice
but I dropped the bowl when I saw them so that’s why it’s a bit of a mess’’ he sighed
handing the phone over and giving up, he was rather proud of himself but he was
extremely embarrassed about being caught. ‘’Keep it but if I see that on You Tube,
I’m coming after you Hillary’’
She pocketed the phone and gave a very fake shocked expression. ‘’How could you
say such a thing I would never think of doing that’’
He raised a skeptic eyebrow and turned to the mess again, ‘’Look why don’t you all
sit down by the fire I made, there’s a good stock of wood for now. I’ll clean up this
mess and we’ll sit down to breakfast and discuss things like we said we would’’
‘’Are you sure you don’t want some help Tim’’ Iyana offered as the others headed for
the seating area, laughing about the video.
‘’No its ok Iyana, go sit down and get warm, it will be ready soon’’
‘’Ok, thank you Tim, your really sweet’’ she patted his arm and took the seat next to
Neville who was already telling them about all the times he suspected Tim of dancing
in the dorms. .
Some friend you are, Tim thought to himself as he slipped into the kitchen and got to
work cleaning up and continuing breakfast preparation.

20 minutes later the tempting wafts of breakfast were too much for them all and they
were delighted to hear Tim’s call from the dining room. Standing up and walking
through, hungry amazed smiles fell across their lips. He was standing by one of the
large arched windows, flour in his hair, and a tea towel over his shoulder with
satisfaction in his eyes.
But their gaze fell to the table were huge stacks of pancakes stood, racks of toast
dripping with golden butter. Bowls of sliced strawberries, bananas and honeydew
melon; Maple syrup, whipped cream, sugar, spreads and lemon juice; English muffins,
bacon, eggs, the list was endless along with boxes of cereal and large jugs of freshly
squeezed orange juice, coffee pots and a large porcelain white tea pot.
‘’I hope every things to your liking’’ he grinned running a hand through his hair and
untying it.
‘’Tim… it’s incredible’’ Olivia gushed taking a seat not sure where to start.
‘’Amazing, you’ve out done yourself’’ Hillary added.
‘’Thank you Tim, you’ve done too much’’ Avonlea smiled up at him as she passed,
taking a seat as well.
‘’Well everyone take a seat and tuck in because your all doing the washing up’’ he
laughed throwing the tea towel into the kitchen and taking a seat at the head of the
‘’It’s the least we could do’’ Elia smiled a little as she grabbed the nearest box of
‘’Toasts a bit burnt, the pancakes looks like hell and the bacons to crispy’’ Draco told
them ‘’suppose it will do’’ he didn’t want to admit he was impressed as well.
‘’Well no ones forcing you to eat Malfoy, if it’s not to your liking you know what you
can do don’t you’’ retorted Tim angrily.
‘’No relieve some of that magnificent wisdom and why don’t you tell me’’
‘’Tim, you’ve done us proud don’t so something stupid not after all this’’ Neville said
sternly sitting on his right next to Iyana.
‘’Can we just all calm down and enjoy this wonderful breakfast Tim has being kind
enough to make for us’’ Elia begged seeing the start of another fight.
Draco said nothing, he just started eating his pancakes again, trying to ignore how
delicious they really were. Tim on the other hand nodded and smiled at her which she
didn’t return.
‘’So are we going to talk about Dumbledore than’’ Daniel asked as he poured himself
and Hillary orange juice
‘’Might as well, get it over and done with. What do we know so far?’’ Tim asked.
‘’We know he’s dying… losing his magic in the meantime and his only hope is this
guy, Nathanial Hope’’ Iyana answered sadly reaching for a slice of toast.
‘’He wont go to St Mungo’s’’ Avonlea added as she sipped her coffee, getting her
morning caffeine rush and waking herself up.
‘’Because if He Who Must Not Be Named finds out the school will be attacked’’
‘’Yeah but surely the Ministry of Magic can defend them Tim’’ Neville argued.
‘’Who knows how many supporters there are in the Ministry, I never trust the
government, they’re bringing this country downhill’’ Daniel replied and Tim nodded
his agreement to this statement.
‘’So Dumbledore sent us to find Nathanial, he can’t have his Order help-‘’
‘’Because there’s a spy’’ Olivia interrupted Hillary with an apologetic smile.
‘’What do we know about Nathanial than?’’ Tim asked knowing the answer.
‘’Nothing, except he’s a Squib’’ Draco answered getting involved.
‘’Well he has being missing for 30 years, that must help’’ Elia hoped
‘’It will when we look him up there must be some documents or books on him
surely’’ said Hillary.
‘’Maybe, we haven’t had a look at the book case yet’’ suggested Olivia.
‘’Well we can have a look at that after Breakfast, if we don’t find anything of use, we
review the situation, for now lets just enjoy ourselves, I think we deserve it’’ Tim
smiled finally picking his knife and fork up and tucking into his pancakes, covered in
sliced strawberries and chocolate chips. Everyone silently agreed by continuing their
breakfast, the talk to Tim’s dismay returned to his recent escapades in the kitchen.

The rest of the morning was spent pulling down the think volumes and scanning the
contents, they weren’t even taking the information in. Just looking out for the one
name, Nathanial Hope, so far they had nothing.
‘’Daniel fancy passing another one from that Laurence guy’’ Tim yawned from the
armchair, placing his current copy down onto the small stack at his feet.
Daniel did as he asked coming from the small office room, with the large dark leather
bound tomb under his arm.
‘’Here you are Tim, last one… are you finished with those’’ nodding his head to the
small stack.
‘’Thanks... yeah I am, I’ll take them back after I finished this’’ he muttered laying it
out, the leather bind cracking with age.
‘’Its ok, I’ll do it make me feel useful’’ Daniel smile crouching down and picking the
stack up with care.
‘’You sure, thanks mate, any luck with you and the girls?’’
Daniel, Olivia and Hillary had being sat in the office, pouring over the books for
hours, scribbling down anything that sounded useful. But it was soon becoming a lost
cause. ‘’Nothing so far, something will turn up it has to. I mean why give us the books
unless they could help in someway’’ he argued, trying to reassure himself more than
‘’Maybe, we’re going about this the wrong way’’
‘’Say again Elia’’ Tim asked looking up for a second to the sofa beside him were Elia
was sitting.
‘’Maybe, we’re going about it the wrong way, shouldn’t we use our magic artifacts to
perhaps find the answer’’ she added.
‘’We were given them to help us’’ Daniel agreed.
‘’I don’t see how mine can, unless it’s moving some very heavy books’’ Tim
‘’But maybe Neville and Hillary can’’ Elia said ignoring Tim inability to be funny.
‘’You’ve got a point there… we’ll call them through than and give it a try’’ Tim
nodded standing up and stretching before heading to the boys bedroom to get Neville.
Daniel walked back to retrieve Hillary. Elia just sat there continuing her research with
a smug smile to her lips.
A couple of minutes later they were in the seating area, Neville and Hillary sat
together holding their artifacts nervously.
‘’So anyone know what to do, we didn’t exactly get a manual for these things’’ said
‘’Well Neville, yours can see anyone in present time, so try asking it. You want to see
Nathanial Hope or something a see what it does.’’ Daniel suggested scratching his
chin in deep thought.
Doing as he was told, he carefully opened the watch smiling at the tiny little silver
hands and the delicately painted numerals. The other side was a reflective glass of
some sort, it was completely blank but the light reflected beautifully in a rainbow of
colors against the wall. Clearing his throat and rolling his shoulders he wasn’t sure
what he was doing but here goes. ‘’I wish to see, Nathanial Hope’’ They all looked
down at the watch with baited breaths, hoping something would come up. But the
glass remained empty and they sighed with frustration.
‘’Try again Neville… command it’’ Tim suggested. Maybe it just needed to know
who was boss, its not being used in so long maybe it needed waking up.
‘’Command it right’’ repeated Neville sitting taller and trying to look intimidating but
feeling foolish. ‘’ I command you to show me Nathanial Hope… I am your new
master, you will obey’’ he ordered loudly and they had to stop themselves from
laughing. ‘’Oh yeah that’s it everyone laugh at Neville, I don’t know what to do with
it, its obviously not working… besides if it was that easy, why didn’t Dumbledore or
McGonagall just do it last night than we wouldn’t be here’’ retorted Neville angrily.
‘’Its not you Neville, well it is, I’m sorry it’s just funny seeing you shout at the
watch’’ apologized Hillary. ‘’Let me try’’ she smiled patting his hand and turning the
crystal in her hand. Taking a deep breath and focusing, she closed her eyes and
repeated over and over in her head. ‘’I want to find Nathanial Hope, I want to save
Dumbledore, I need to know where Nathanial Hope is’’
They watched the crystal looking for some change, anything… but it didn’t shake, it
didn’t flash, it didn’t change color or talk, it just remained as it was and they shook
their heads as Hillary opened her eyes looking hopeful.
‘’They did say these were the trickiest ones to manage, maybe we just need time to
practice, has anyone used theirs yet’’ Daniel asked trying to look on the bright side.
‘’The rings in my bag, I didn’t know what else to do with it’’ Tim shrugged.
‘’I placed the hair clasp in my bedside draw for now’’ Elia replied looking down
‘’Does anyone else think this is really weird… I mean we’re all given something that
belonged to Hogwarts first students, they’re priceless they deserve to be in a museum
or what about their family’s, surely these should of being passed down’’ Daniel
thought out loud, suspiciously.
‘’Maybe they didn’t want that, perhaps there was a reason they put them aside in that
room, to be used for something like this… the only one who might know this is
Fawkes’’ Tim answered. ‘’He was there at the time remember, so… maybe there is a
reason but we can’t find out yet’’ he shrugged, that sounded a bit prophetic really.
‘’Can we take a break’’ Iyana interrupted from her bedroom, the door open, they
could see her pop her head round.
‘’A break does sound good’’ Hillary agreed.
‘’Well you lot can but I’m going to carry on, I’m alright for now’’
‘’Are you sure Tim’’
‘’Honestly Hillary, I’d feel more useful if I’m doing something, why don’t you go for
a walk, maybe we can find out where we are’’ he suggested picking up his book and
opening it once more.
‘’A walk sounds good’’ Iyana smiled walking over; they noticed she was already
wearing the bracelet and they smiled at the sight.
‘’That really suits you Iyana’’ Tim complimented.
‘’It’s really pretty’’ Elia added with a smile.
‘’Thanks guys, I really like it too, so are we going for the walk’’
‘’Do you mind if I come as well?’’ Elia asked unsurely.
‘’More the merrier’’ Hillary answered. ‘’I’m going to ask the others, Neville, Daniel
are you two coming’’
‘’I’ll pass thanks, I didn’t get much sleep last night, I might have a nap instead’’
Neville declined standing up. ‘’Enjoy yourselves though’’
‘’Ok Neville, sure your ok you seem a little down’’
‘’Yeah, I’m just tired, half an hour and I’ll be right as rain’’ he chuckled but there
wasn’t any laughter in his eyes as he turned and headed back to his room. Ignoring
Draco, who was laid on his own bed, reading a FHM magazine instead of researching
like everyone else, was doing. As he lay down on his bed, turning away from Draco,
he opened the watch and stared at the second hand move around with a sad smile.
‘’Is he alright Tim’’ Hillary questioned soon as the door closed.
‘’He doesn’t look it, I think he’s a bit depressed about the whole Luna thing, I mean
that was a big step especially for Neville and he leaves right after it cant be a good
‘’Poor Neville, I hope he’s going to be ok’’ said Iyana sadly starring at the door.
‘’He will be, we just have to be there for him, when he’s ready to talk’’
‘’Your right Tim’’ Hillary sighed wishing she could help still. ‘’Do you want to come
Daniel’’ she asked kindly.
He looked up surprised and thought about it for a second. ‘’Thank you… but I think
I’m going to stay here and do research as well’’ he smiled picking up one of the books
Tim had already read and sitting down on the sofa.
‘’If your sure’’ she replied a hint of disappointment in her voice which he didn’t pick
up on she turned away heading for the girls bedrooms.
Avonlea was sat on her bed, the book was open next to her but she wasn’t reading
instead she had her mother’s necklace entwined around her fingers as the small tear
drop pendent moved with the motion of the planet turning. She kept her hand steady
but the simple movement was enough. She closed her eyes, tightening her grip on the
chain as she wished to see her face once more. Resting her head back as the old
memory flittered across her eyes. She wasn’t sure if it was a real memory, she
couldn’t really picture it but it filled her with peace just thinking about it. The hazy
image of a tall, slight beautiful woman, long flowing white blonde hair in the wind
and the loving motherly smile as she leaned down to kiss her forehead; she felt
something brush her brow in real life and she smiled into the thought, letting it fill her,
love her. There was a soft pulsating light from her hand as it made the image slightly
sharper. She just wanted to run into her arms, to be comforted and held, to be loved by
the mother she never had growing up. ‘’Avonlea… my daughter… my love’’ the voice
was as faint as the wind; it flowed around her, rippling at the pages of the book and
combing through the waves of her hair. There was a faint smell of wet grass after a
spring shower in the air and she inhaled the scents hungrily, losing herself in the field
of fragrant flowers, the bed and its hard springs and scratchy linen was lost as she felt
grass springing out at her side, the ground was soft and she melted into the hillock.
Running her free hand through the grass and clinging lightly as she slipped her shoes
off and felt the grass scratch against her skin.
Suddenly there was a thunderous roar above her and the rolling booms of an
oncoming storm interrupted her she was shot back to reality dropping the pendent on
the bed and opening her eyes she pulled herself up and grabbed the book, just as the
door opened. The thunder must have being Hillary knocking she thought quickly,
pulling the duvet cover over the pendent and hiding it from Hillary’s view.
‘’Oh sorry… hi we were just wondering if you wanted to come out, some of us are
taking a break from the research to go for a walk and see if we can find out where we
actually are’’ she smiled leaning on the door frame slightly
Avonlea could see the others behind Hillary, sat about the furnace but she returned
her gaze, she was still a bit shaken up over what she just felt, she’d never felt it that
strong before. She wished she hadn’t being disturbed, that she could remain in that
state for just a little longer. Sighing frustrated at the thought she sat up and shook her
head. ‘’Thank you Hillary, but I don’t feel like going for a walk’’ her sharply voice
sharp and final ash she lifted the book again and silently dismissing her.
‘’Oh… ok than I guess’’ she replied shutting the door behind her, she felt she might
have offended her but she didn’t know how.
Avonlea wasn’t concerned about what Hillary thought of her, she had disturbed a very
precious time. Sitting back she gave up on the research completely and simply closed
her eyes, perhaps she could salvage some of the bliss she felt.
The hope was short lived when there was another knock at the door and she angrily
opened them again, why couldn’t she be left alone, she just wanted to be by herself.
So she remained silent perhaps they’d go away thinking she was asleep. Sadly they
just grew more impatient and repeated their knock only louder and longer.
Picking up the pendent and looking down with a hopeless wish she attached it back
around her neck and hid it under the collar of her T-shirt, angrily turning to the door.
‘’Come in’’
She expected to find Hillary again or one of the other girls. Surprisingly it was Draco
and he leant on the door frame as the door open seemingly at it’s own will but it was
in fact his foot, which was hidden by the end of the bed. ‘’How you doing
‘’Right now, less than happy what do you want Malfoy’’ putting up her guard as she
sat up at the back of the bed, legs crossed.
‘’Oh you know this and that’’ he sighed looking around the bedroom absent mindedly.
‘’Was there a reason you came here’’ she asked stiffly.
‘’Not really’’
‘’Do you mind leaving than’’
‘’What do you mean’’ confused and frustrated by the question she raised her head to
‘’Why do you want me to leave, don’t you like me being in your bedroom… afraid?’’
he smiled triumphantly.
‘’No I just don’t see why your standing there, if you don’t want anything go away
‘’What if I did want something you going to give it to me’’ he asked raising an
eyebrow and leaning into the room slightly.
‘’Please leave Malfoy, I’m not in the mood’’ she sighed tired of it all.
‘’Actually I did want something’’
She raised an eyebrow at him she thought she made it clear she wasn’t interested.
Catching the look he chuckled to himself and shook his head. ‘’No not that, least not
right now, actually I came to see if you wanted to go for a walk’’
‘’No thank you’’
‘’Now why not’’
‘’Because I said no to Hillary and I’m saying no to you, I don’t fancy going for a
‘’But with Hillary, you don’t get my charming self, now how can you pass on an offer
like that?’’ he asked, looking mildly shocked.
‘’Unsurprisingly easy actually’’ she glared. Why wouldn’t he just take no for an
answer, his persistence was more annoying than anything.
‘’Come on’’ he gave a look that meant if that doesn’t work you’re a hopeless cause.
Well she was a hopeless cause than. ‘’Goodbye Malfoy’’ she picked up he wand from
the bedside table and with a short flick the door shut of is own accord. Barley giving
him time to get out the way.
‘’I’ll take that as a no’’ he called through the door, even with a two inches of wood
between them, she could feel his sneer.
‘’Take it as what ever you want just go’’ she ordered angrily.
There were a few minutes of silence and she sighed, he was gone. Pulling the pendent
back out she smiled and held it in her palm, trying to remember the face of the woman,
who she believed was her mother. For some reason she could never remember
afterwards. Closing off the rest of the world she willed herself to fall into the memory,
once more.
To her dismay there was another knock at the door and she almost ripped the pendant
away in fury, the tent giving a little wobble at the same time as the wind picked up for
a second. She rolled off the bed, slipping her shoes back on and practically stomping
to the door, which she wrenched open, almost ripping it off its hinges, only to reveal
‘’Yes I'm fine! No I don’t want to go for a walk! Malfoy didn’t say anything to me’’
she yelled thinking he had come because Draco was here, why he couldn’t keep his
nose out of her business, she could look after herself just fine. ‘’Now what do you
want?’’ she’d had enough of being nice around here, she just wanted to be left alone.
Why couldn’t they respect her and just leave her to be alone.
‘’I-I was wondering if you wanted a sandwich, I’m making them for everyone who
wants one’’ he replied, startled by his response for knocking on her door.
‘’A sandwich’’ she repeated dumbfounded.
‘’You know, two slices of bread with some sort of filling, cheese or meat perhaps’’ he
shrugged trying to smiled down on her.
She shook her head and barged by him, which wasn’t easy, stifling a cry of numb pain
in her shoulder, what was he made of brick or something. Not stopping to pull her
coat down from the hook, she’d risk the cold weather just to get away from them all,
she charged out the front door, slamming it behind her.
‘’I’ll take that as a no than’’ Tim called sarcastically over the slam of the door,
knowing she didn’t hear. He shrugged and turned to Daniel instead. ‘’You wanted
ham didn’t you’’
‘’Please, if you don’t mind’’
‘’No that’s fine, I can touch it I just don’t eat it’’ he informed him, speaking about
being a Vegetarian which Daniel discovered when discussing what to cook for dinner.
Draco had watched the spectacle from the far wall with a smile she was certainly
feisty. Shaking his head at the two men and their sandwich talk he stood up and
scuttled out the door, grabbing his blazer of the coat rack and leaving as well.

Avonlea didn’t know where she was going she just walked as fast as she could into
the trees away from the others to be alone. If she knew she was going to have this
much trouble she’d have reviewed the idea of coming with them. It was a reasonably
sunny day for once, something you didn’t see very often at Hogwarts anymore, the air
was sweet but cold and she held herself as she scurried over the logs and roots,
pushing through the fallen leaves. There was something magical about this forest, it
was brimming with life, were ever she looked there was something happening. From
the smallest things as a butterfly flittering across the corner of her eye or a herd of
bucks in the distance, charging over the lands.
Sighing with the beauty of the land, she calmed down and was surprised at how far
she had walked. Time just seemed to fly by and pretty soon she heard running water.
Curious as to the source of the sound, she changed direction heading into the midday
sun. After a short walk, the sound getting much louder until it was practically roaring,
she found her path grew harder and the trees were more spaced and smaller.
She stopped at the source of noise, a hint of a smile to her lips as she looked down
into the rushing waters smashing against the rocks as it charged along. Standing on a
jutted piece of rock, below her was a sheer drop into the river. The waters were crystal
clear, frothing up as they hit the dark wet rocks breaking the surface. It ran down far
into the horizon and continued down seeming endless. She suddenly felt nervous
standing so close to the edge and took a step back, straight into something… or
Whipping round she lost her balance and stumbled falling backwards with a little gasp
of shock. Luckily he was quick enough, thanks to his Seeker training, to grab her arm
before she fell over the edge. Holding tight he laughed and pulled her back, only for
her to land in his chest.
‘’Watch yourself Wickentower, that last steps a douse’’
‘’What are you doing here Malfoy’’ she sounded more angry than thankful that he
saved her from falling over the edge.
‘’What, cant a guy take a walk’’ he replied not letting go.
‘’Did you follow me?’’ she questioned getting angrier by the second.
‘’No… after you declined my offer I thought I’d go alone and we just happened to be
going the same way it seems, I saw you so I walked over’’ he lied looking past her
shoulder over the edge with a raised eyebrows. ‘’Lucky I did really’’
That’s when she realized how close she was to him, how he held her so securely, not
roughly and demanding but… something else. Raising her head to lock eyes with him
she clenched her jaw. ‘’Let go of me Malfoy’’
‘’Do you really want that?’’
‘’Yes now let me go’’ she repeated putting more force in her words though her voice
faltered slightly at the end. She didn’t like the look in his eyes.
He smiled and after tightening his grip for just a second, he let her arm go and she
took a step back from him
‘’What are you afraid of Wickentower?’’ he asked looking down on her.
‘’What would I have to be afraid off?’’ she argued
‘’You don’t like me being this close to you do you’’
‘’No so can you go away please’’ putting up her guard.
‘’Are you afraid of losing control of yourself’’ he practically purred the words into
her ear as he leaned down slightly.
Soon as he said that she tensed up and took another step back and building up a
faltering defense. ‘’Just go away Malfoy I mean it’’
Any sensible man would know when their beaten but Draco wasn’t just any man.
Instead his smile grew and he took a small step forward. ‘’Your frightened of giving
in’’ he stated like it was an obvious fact.
‘’I have nothing to give to’’
‘’I disagree, if you were only to take a man’s offer when you know it’s a sensible one.
So if I say step forward now you might want to do it’’ noticing how close she really
was to the edge.
‘’Don’t tell me what to do’’ she snarled, deliberately taking another step back.
‘’Avonlea… if I was you I’d re-think that’’
‘’Well your not me, now leave me alone go back to the tent, go into the forest I don’t
care just leave me al-‘’ as she was speaking the small edge of rock she was standing
on was straining to take her weight, after years of erosion it was already starting to
crumble. All of a sudden there was a crack and she lost he balance, falling backwards,
arms flailing she did the only thing she could think of she grabbed Draco’s hand
begging for help.
Time just seemed to collapse upon itself in seconds, all they felt was the bitter wind
on their face and the loss of gravity. Their screams of shock and fear were chocked in
their throats until everything crashed in by means of icy water smashing against them,
every bone in their body shuddered under the impact emitting silent screams stifled by
the frozen waters filling their open mouths.
Completely submerged Avonlea couldn’t see anything but rushing darkness and the
stabbing icy shock suddenly hit her, it was like being stabbed thousands of times and
her whole body was going numb as the rushing river charged into her back pushing
her down, sucking her into a watery grave. The fear welled up inside her she struggled
to escape the waters pull but the cold was taking over, all her strength was leaving her.
You see it on the TV, people swimming in the Atlantic waters but never realize just
how cold it was, she would rather just give up but something inside her refused. On
the brink of passing out, her lungs screaming for oxygen, her body numb with cold
something suddenly shot down taking her hand once again. She didn’t know what it
was but they were strong, determined not to let her go as it gave her hand a squeeze
and pulled. She tried to help it as best she could, kicking her legs uselessly, her long
skirt clinging to her frame she didn’t have the energy.
Breaking the surface the first thing she saw was blinding white light as the sun
beamed down on her and she pulled her free hand out to block it out. Confusion
racked her brain and she finally managed to turn her body and look upon her savor.
Struggling to keep afloat himself Draco was holding her hand and forgot all about her
wish for him to go; right now she wanted to be safe so she clung to his body as the
water smashed them into rocks.
‘’AVON... HOLD ON… I’M GO-‘’ he was struggling to speak as the water pulled
him under and he erupted back up spluttering and chocking only to be pulled under
again in seconds, it was a desperate fight for control and he was trying to reach his
She blinked through her wet hair and sobbed into his shoulder praying it would all
stop as he held her tightly trying to move them away from the rocks and when they
couldn’t he’d push himself in front of her, taking the back breaking impact if only to
save her the pain.
‘’Draco I’m scared’’ she admitted not knowing or caring if he heard her over the roar
of the rapids.
He did and held her tighter not willing to let her go. ‘’I am too’’
Before either of them could do anything they were smashed into a spire of rock, dazed
and confused by the collision she slipped out of his arms, pulled beneath the surface
again. Avonlea had hit her head when they collided and there was a deep cut just
above her right eyebrow. The darkness fell in around her and she couldn’t keep her
eyes open, the urge to sleep was to strong in seconds she was sucked down
unconscious as it took them both down stream.
Diving down Draco struggled to save her, he forced himself down as far as he could
but the darkness and cold was getting to him, the water stang his eyes and he was
finding it hard to move as his muscles seized up. He couldn’t give up; he had to fight
this he had to get her before it was too late. He screamed out a cascade of bubbles and
forced himself deeper into the black abyss.

The river had settled some distance away as it opened up at the mouth into a wide
expanse of water called Loch Macaterick. Its crystal shores were blank and empty but
in the summer months it was loud with young couples and families enjoying
themselves. Now it’s cold and bitter silence was only broken by the scarse appearance
of a herd in graze before they walked on searching for warmth.
Something dark and rippling was moving under the water, pushed by the weak current
it slowly floated up, breaking the surface. It drifted along at first looking like some
sodden rags from upstream, some campers clothes that the stream pulled away.
Suddenly the larger of the rags, threw it self up gasping for breath as a skeletal white
hands reached out thrashing around in the water as the other rags left him. Gaining a
strong grip he pulled it back to his chest and started a rather erratic backstroke pulling
it with him. He was panting heavily as he dragged it up against the shore, pulling
himself up at the same time and swearing in rage and pain.
What people would have suspected as rags was in fact Draco and Avonlea who’d
managed to make it through the rapids with serious consequences. Heaving her up the
grassy banks with all his strength, it had taken everything from him to bring her
ashore; he only hoped it wasn’t all in vain.
Looking down on her with worry as he brushed her long white blonde hair away from
her face, instantly he knew something was wrong. He looked down on her chest and
his breath caught in his throat and he placed his two fingers on the side of her neck
just under her chin and swore loudly.
‘’No pulse’’ he panicked running his free hand through his hair furiously to see better,
he kept his fingers there waiting to see if there was any change but she was just lying
there still, she’d being under for to long even now it might be too late.
Eyes bulging in fear and shock he didn’t know what to do, she wasn’t breathing there
wasn’t a pulse, technically she was dead. She couldn’t be dead, this couldn’t be
happening, there must be something he could do, someway he could do to save her.
Not thinking anymore he knelt down at her side and grabbed her tight wet T-shirt,
ripping it down the middle ignoring the sudden exposure of her bra and cleavage. He
hooked his finger under her chin and placed his hand on top of her head he tipped it
back, raising her lips up for easy access, he took a few deep breaths and lowered his
head, holding her nose with one hand and keeping her head tilted up with the other as
his lips closed over her open mouth forcing air into her lungs. He repeated the action
watching her chest, to his dismay it wasn’t rising like it should be. Swearing he got
back up and placed his left hand in the middle of her bosom, to inches from the
bottom of her rib cage. Taking a deep breath as he interlocked his right hand over,
closing his finger around it as he started pushing down with force. Counting out loud
as he tried to restart her heart. On the 30th he crashed his lips down on her mouth once
more forcing air into her twice more.
He never stopped he just kept blowing air into her and beating down on her chest,
putting more force into it as he bit his lip in frustration. He wasn’t going to give up on
her, he wasn’t going to lose her, not after everything he did to keep her safe in the
rapids and she couldn’t do this to him now. ‘’BREATH YOU STUPID COW’’ he
yelled thinking the worst; she was as cold as ice, her lips a slight pale blue he felt her
slipping away entirely.
Just as he was forcing air into her lungs she suddenly erupted into life, coughing and
spluttering she moved her head to the side slightly and managed to cough out the
water and rolled onto her back lying unconscious and taking shallow ragged breaths.
Draco dropped back and sighed, taking deep breaths himself, she was alive. He held
his head and watched her, a small smile appearing. It was a bit of an adrenaline boost
saving someone’s life like that and she was breathing, he could see her chest rising
and hear her, it was weak but she was breathing which meant she was going to be ok
Taking a minute to gather himself and think what to do, he reached into his pocket to
get his wand and hopefully shed some warmth. His eyes widened in shock suddenly
as he found them empty, all of his pockets were. He looked back to the lake and
swore he must have lost it in the rapids remembering he was trying to get it out at the
time. After a few minutes he shakily got himself to his feet, every muscle in his body
was screaming for rest, but they had to get back. Looking down at her, she was in no
state to be walking, he didn’t even know how far away they were, they could be
looking all night and it was getting dark. They had to think, they had no means of
communication, soon it would be too dark to walk and they didn’t have wands. So he
started looking around, getting a feel of their situation and deciding what to do.
30 minutes later, Avonlea was starting to stir, opening her eyes slowly and peering
straight up, her head was pulsating with a dull ache and she was incredibly weak and
cold but there was a soft heat on the left side of her body. She was lying on the hard
dirt ground inside a mountain cave the soft heat was from a large camp fire, the
flickering flames illuminating her ghostly pale face under a large heavy coat. It was
slightly damp and scratchy which she thought was odd, struggling to get herself she
finally managed it and took in her surroundings. Every thing was slightly blurry and
the heavy coat slipped down, the cold hit her and she felt vulnerable and exposed for
some reason. Peering down she froze and let out a small squeal of shock grabbing the
coat and covering herself up, to her horror she was in her underwear, the coat the only
thing that was keeping her dignity.
‘’Oh you’re awake at last’’ called a familer voice behind her.
 ‘’WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO’’ She shrieked as she turned to confront him,
making sure the coat covered her she glared at Draco, pure hatred and fury in her once
pale blue eyes were dark and alert. It didn’t help that he was shirtless and sneering.
Standing in just his tight dark jeans, he had athletic toned body but she wasn’t much
paying attention to this, to in.
‘’Your skirts drying by the fire, it should be done by now actually’’ he didn’t seem
bothered by the unusual circumstances.
‘’It shouldn’t be at the fire I should be on me, how dare you undress me’’ she shrieked
shuffling backwards away from him to the white skirt that was laid out on a big flat
stone a safe distance from the fire.
‘’Well it was either that or you catch hypothermia’’ he muttered crossing his arms and
shivering slightly.
‘’W-where the hell are we’’ she couldn’t remember much, the last thing she
remembered was standing at the river and telling him to go back to the tent and leave
her alone, how did she get in this cave and most of all how did he end up undressing
her. ‘’Where’s my T-shirt’’ she asked grabbing the skirt, it was dry and warm in her
hands a comforting heat in this bitter cold wind.
‘’I don’t know I this cave so I thought we better make camp and your T-shirt, at least
what’s left of it is over there’’ pointing behind her where what she took for some dirty
rags was the remains of her T-shirt. It was ripped and covered in mud and leaves,
completely useless.
‘’What the hells going on Malfoy’’ her head was hurting her more than ever.
 ‘’We fell off the cliff into the river ending up in some lake or something but you got
badly wounded in the rapids’’ nodding to her forehead, which she raised a hand to and
winced. ‘’You cut your head, its only shallow don’t worry I treated it best I could we
don’t exactly have a first aid kit, just don’t move about to much you probably have
concussion’’ he replied logically as he stepped forward. ‘’Mind if I sit by the fire?’’
he didn’t wait for an answer he just did it.
‘’I’m a bit dizzy’’ she admitted holding herself tighter and calming down as the
memories slowly returned, she remembered being thrown about and being sucked
under the water than taking someone’s hand… his hand. ‘’How long was I under?’’
He sighed and looked down ‘’I don’t know, when I dragged you to the bank you
weren’t breathing and there was no pulse so I started CPR that’s how your shirt got
‘’Y-you saved my life’’ she whispered not believing what she was hearing.
‘’If you like’’
She stared at him for sometime, playing with the edge of her dress until she was ready
to speak. ‘’Thank you’’ she replied quietly, her voice was sharp or angry she was in
shock, if he hadn’t being there, if he hadn’t done what he had she might be... She
didn’t want to think about it.
‘’Don’t mention it… really don’t, you’ll ruin my reputation’’ he winked the smile
returning. ‘’You better get dressed, take my shirt’’ pointing to the black shirt beside
the rock that once held her skirt. It too had being drying.
‘’What about you’’
‘’Well I was hoping I could get my coat back’’ he laughed.
‘’Could you turn away please’’
‘’Why it’s nothing I've not already seen’’ he smirked.
She returned to glaring at him in seconds because of this comment. ‘’It will be the last
time as well, is that what it takes for you to see a woman, she has to almost drowned
first, now turn around’’ she ordered sternly.
‘’Fine, fine have it your way’’ he smiled turning away from her, not before flashing
her with his best smile and a wink.
She simply glared at the back of his head for a minute, making sure he didn’t turn
around she let the coat fall and slipped into the white skirt as fast as she could,
grabbing his shirt which was way to big but it would cover her up.
‘’You can turn around now’’ she said throwing his coat over the fire once he did as he
was told.
‘’Thanks’’ he muttered shrugging it on and ignoring the dampness it seemed to be
getting colder by the second, the fire wasn’t doing them much good either.
‘’Have you contacted the others yet’’
‘’Oh how do you presume I do that, smoke signals’’
‘’I don’t know, red sparks or something, a Patronus’’ she fought back.
‘’Lost my wand’’ he muttered.
‘’What do you mean you lost your wand how do you lose your wand’’
‘’I must of lost when I was diving down, risking my life to save you, where your
wand?’’ he questioned, he wasn’t going to take that, she was a witch why couldn’t she
do it.
She didn’t reply at first, but his snide smile was burrowing into her brain until she
finally erupted. ‘’I left it alright, I didn’t think I would pestered and fall into a river
only to be washed up god knows where and wake up in a cave with you’’
‘’So neither of us have our wands… we have no idea where the tent is and it’s getting
dark… I think its best we just stay here till its light than go look’’
‘’I’m not staying here with you’’ she argued.
‘’Would you rather end up in a bog or something, we have no idea what’s out there.
Might be wolves or bears plus its dark chances are you’ll trip over a break your leg,
than what you going to do?’’
She remained quiet this time choosing to give him the silent treatment instead of a
‘’Just as I thought, throw some more wood on the fire will you’’ he asked calmly
indicating the pile of dry thick branches and sticks he’d gathered earlier they were set
a small distance away from the fire.
Complying to his wish because she was incredibly cold she grabbed a few of the
sticks and dropped them on the fire which didn’t go down well with Draco.
‘’Just leave it, I’ll do it, honestly can you do anything useful’’ moving over to the
sticks that she dropped on so lazily and pulling them out and rearranging them to burn
better and not risk the fire catching or dying out.
‘’Have we got anything to eat’’ she asked, wishing she took Tim up on his offer of a
sandwich now, while she was wishing she wished she never left the tent at all.
‘’No… you’ll just have to wait until the morning, unless you see a McDonald’s
anywhere around here’’ he replied sarcastically.
‘’Well there’s berries and stuff isn’t there’’ she defended herself poorly.
‘’Probarly somewhere but chances are they’ll come back to haunt you and I don’t
admit to being a big hunter’’
‘’So we just starve all night’’
‘’Yeah about right, don’t have the time by chance my watch has stopped, must of
being when I was saving you’’
‘’For someone who said don’t mention it, you seem to be doing rather a lot of
mentioning don’t you think and no I don’t have the time, I don’t carry a watch’’
‘’So we don’t even know how many hours, you know I blame you for all this’’ he said
through the flames.
‘’Me… what did I do’’ she replied angrily.
‘’Well for a start you pulled me down with you’’ recalling the scene on the cliff edge.
‘’If you just did as I said and stepped forward we wouldn’t be here’’
‘’And if you just left when I told you to, we wouldn’t be here’’ she argued cracking
one of the twigs threateningly.
‘’I’m not in the mood for this Avonlea… just…be quiet’’
She couldn’t believe this, he was the one that brought it up and he had the nerve to tell
her to be quiet, she was going bash his head in with the stick in a minute. ‘’As you
wish Malfoy, you don’t talk to me and I wont talk to you, just make sure you stick on
that side of the cave she warned’’
He simply grunted in reply and continued to stoke the fire with one of the sticks,
trying to build up the flames and make their store of wood last them through the night.
There was complete silence except for the crack of flames or a small rustle in the
forest outside.

The girls, excluding Avonlea returned a few hours later in high spirits, the boys knew
they were coming back before they even opened the front door because they were
laughing and giggling that loud. Tim, Daniel and Neville all sharing the same look, a
universal guy look that meant ‘Girl’s’.
It was Iyana who was first in through the door, followed by Elia and Olivia with
Hillary taking the rear and they were still giggling as they came through to the seating
area only to find the boys slouched about talking amongst themselves about the
Hogwarts Quidditch League that they were going to miss, especially Tim because he
was on the Gryffindor Team. They were at that minute discussing how angry Ginny
was going to be to find her Keeper and Chaser had disappeared and not long after
Harry and Ron, it wasn’t looking good for the Team at all this year.
‘’Hia boys, you miss us’’ Hillary giggled sitting down on Tim’s stomach who was
laid out on the three seated sofa enjoying himself.
‘’Jeez Hillary give a man a break’’ he begged winded but laughing from the action.
‘’Well move your legs, be a gentleman and let a lady sit down’’ she retorted standing
back up as he sat up giving her space to sit down. ‘’Thank you’’
‘’So did you find anything out’’ asked Daniel getting straight to the point ‘’you were
gone long enough’’
‘’Actually we did, we’re in Galloway Forests, it’s in Scotland right at the bottom
there’s loads of rivers and lochs or lakes and stuff’’ Olivia replied sitting in the
armchair alone and bringing her legs in as she shivered from the cold outside, she was
the only one who didn’t look as enthusiastic as the others.
‘’How did you find all this out than’’ Tim questioned as he put a few more broken
branches into the furnace.
‘’We met somebody, well some people’’ Hillary giggled, blushing slightly.
‘’What she means is, we met some lads on a camping trip that’s why we were so
long’’ Iyana smiled taking a seat next to Daniel whilst Elia took the one next to
‘’Where they Muggle’s’’ Neville asked quickly.
‘’Yeah and cute ones at that’’ Elia winked at Hillary and she burst into a fit of giggles.
Tim just rolled his eyes at the whole girly scene and waited till it giggled itself out
before he continued. ‘’So what exactly did you tell these Muggle boys’’
‘’Don’t worry we just said that we were driving through and we stopped by for a walk,
we got talking and they told us about the place and themselves’’ Iyana smirked.
‘’So they didn’t follow you I mean’’ Tim asked alert, they never really thought to put
up magical defenses that would have to be something he fixed.
‘’Well Damian offered to walk us back but Hillary talked him out of it’’ Elia
informed him a little stiffly.
‘’Damian’s one of the Muggle’s’’ it was a statement not a question. ‘’So what exactly
did you say to him?’’ he asked pressing for details.
‘’Well its more what did she do’’ Olivia corrected him with a small smile.
‘’Than what did you do?’’ asked Tim, his voice a bit more persistent and she could
see the protective side of Tim already coming out; it was both annoying and sweet.
‘’I gave him my phone number that’s all he wanted really’’ she blushed.
‘’That’s all’’ he said hoping it was.
‘’That’s all’’ she repeated shaking her head at him.
‘’Well put cute boys out your head for now girls because we need to discuss what
we’re doing here’’
‘’I’ve got a boyfriend thank you very much Tim’’ Iyana objected with a smile, there
was no harm in looking.
Olivia opened her mouth to say something similar but stopped herself, what was she
going to say I have a Harry who left me to go do some secret mission. Sitting back in
silence as it went unnoticed.
‘’Shouldn’t Malfoy and Avonlea be here to?’’ asked Hillary noticing they were two
‘’She wasn’t with you’’ Tim asked curiously. ‘’I thought she went after you, because
she left pretty soon after you did… now I think about it I never did see Malfoy leave
is he still here’’
Neville stood up and looked in the bedroom shaking his head and knocking on the
bathroom door but there was no answer. ‘’He’s not here’’
‘’Than where is he and where’s she, it’s getting late they should really be back by
now’’ Daniel thought out loud.
‘’Maybe they are coming they’re probarly out walking or something I don’t know, we
can’t wait for them to come back they might be ages yet’’ Tim sighed wanting to get
straight to business.
‘’Ok than, what did you find out here than’’ Elia asked like Tim, wanting to get on
with it and stop all this fooling about when there was something important to think
‘’Nothing… that’s the problem, everything we’ve read so far, not one mention of
Nathanial Hope, there’s maps and things, places all over the world and other famous
people stuff like that alone with some spell books and potions but nothing about
Nathanial’’ he admitted they’d being searching all day and it was getting on their
‘’Not all the books though there must be something’’ Olivia disagreed.
‘’Maybe there is but this is taking too long, what about using a computer’’ he
Neville, Daniel and Elia all looked confused at this strange word and Olivia explained.
‘’A computer is a muggle device we can research things by going on something called
the internet, think of it like a big book full of information on everything, we could
find Nathanial on there maybe, but I doubt he’s Twittered anytime soon Tim’’
‘’Maybe not, but he’s a Squib… maybe he’s being in the newspapers or mentioned in
a blog, we might even find his address if we can search long enough, the internet can
find anything if its used by the right person’’
They didn’t look convinced in fact they looked more than a little confused.
‘’I’m hungry’’ sighed Hillary. ‘’All that walking worked up an appetite’’ she admitted
silently hinting.
‘’I’ll make something soon’’ Tim sighed catching on but there was a smile to his lips.
‘’Thank you’’ she cheered smiling again. ‘’What about Malfoy and Avonlea’’
‘’If they’re not back by the time we’ve eaten… I don’t know, they’re probarly
messing about doing something stupid’’ he grunted. ‘’Forget about them what do you
all want to eat?’’ he asked standing up and walking into the kitchen whilst everyone
shouted their orders through and they made up a meal over discussion.

Draco and Avonlea had tried silence for 40 minutes now and already it was taking it
strain they were both bored, cold and hungry and nothing was helping. Draco had
taken to tapping two small pebbles against each other whilst Avonlea hummed over
and over. Both trying to wear the other down into talking first there was nothing else
to do.
When they’d done it for an complete hour, or what they believed to be an hour,
because they didn’t have a working watch the humming was coming out a angry
moaning and sighing and the stone tapping had turned to banging to fist sized stones
against one another until all they were doing were making angry noises.
Draco couldn’t take it any longer and he finally threw the stone across the room and
against the cave wall. ‘’ENOUGH ALREADY’’
‘’Ha I win’’ she smiled crossing her arms and sitting smugly but the smile faded it
was a hollow victory when all it did was return them to boredom and indefinite
‘’What was that you were humming anyway’’ Draco asked trying his best not to bash
his own head in with the rock that was left.
‘‘Rainbow Veins by Owl City’’ she shrugged.
‘’Oh my god even your music sounds blonde’’ he sighed grabbing the stone and
considering the results maybe just hard enough to knock himself out.
‘’Well what do you listen to’’ she retorted
‘’Bit of this and that, Black Sabbath I suppose’’
‘’Your kidding right, I do not believe they qualify as music.’’
‘’Black Sabbath, are you kidding me!’’
‘’I think the decapitation of bats with one's teeth hath truly affected Mr. Osbourne's
singing voice.’’
‘’What are you on about, Wickentower?’’ Draco sneered.
‘’Love the music, and yet he has no clue about the workings of the Muggle world!’’
she laughed triumphantly ‘’what happened to you not wanting to talk anyway?’’
‘’Well between silence and talking with you they sort of balance each other out’’
‘’Oh I feel so blessed’’ she muttered pulling her legs up and hugging herself.
‘’You tucked away in a convent or something.’’ He retorted.
Avie's triumphant smile faltered. ‘’Orphanage’’ She corrected quietly. The word
seemed to echo around the cave. Draco was silent for a moment, a bit tripped up by
the word and the look on her face. ‘’Oh, don't give me that pity look Malfoy’’
seething she started to trace circles in the dirt with her fingers. ‘’At least I never had
to live with your mother’’
‘’Hey! What do you know about my mum?’’ he defended, settling back into their old
‘’Only that she gave you the name Draco. It sounds like the name of a glue company
or something ridiculous like that!’’
‘’You know... I'm not even going to try to find the reason behind that apparent insult,
and just move on to mine: Wickentower. What the hell kind of name is that!’’
‘’A nice one’’
‘’It sounds like a candle company.’’
‘’Ugh a point for turning my own insult against me’’ she sighed.
Draco smirked. ‘’So where does it come from than?’’ He asked, curiosity taking over.
Avonlea chewed on her lip a bit. ‘’It's just a family name.’’
‘’Are you related to a character from Lord of the Rings?’’ he chuckled.
‘’Oh, shut it Draco.’’ She said, not even realizing she had called him by his first name.
‘’And if you must know... it shows my origin and clan-’’
‘’-Of elves?’’ he interrupted laughing.
Avonlea opened her mouth a bit, than closed it. ‘’Not quite’’ She said sadly. ‘’And
where does Malfoy come from anyway’’ She asked, looking up at him and changing
the subject.
Draco stared back for a moment. ‘’It's French. It means bad faith.’’
‘’It suits you.’’
‘’You don't know the first thing about me, Avonlea.’’ Draco hissed, not realizing he
too had called her by her first name. ‘’I'm not like my name.’’
 ‘’Please… you've been nothing but an insufferable, conceited, arrogant, pompous ass
since the day we me Avonlea laughed.
‘’And you’ve being a stuck up, quite frankly annoyingly self righteous cow’’
‘’Oh touché’’ she smirked, but it hurt more than it showed. He lay back against the
hard ground; his damp coat fell back at the movement revealing his bare chest. ‘’Why
don’t you put a shirt on already Malfoy’’
‘’Because your wearing it’’ He grinned. ‘’Take it off id you wish’’
‘’Piss off’’
‘’Such vulgar language’’
‘’What can I say you bring it out of me’’ she replied tight lipped.
‘’I can bring more than that out of you’’ he muttered and she would of slapped him if
it wasn’t to much work standing up and walking round the fire to do so. He wasn’t
worth the trouble.
‘’Why haven’t the others come yet, they should be here’’
‘’Maybe they thought we ran off together to live long nights of deep hot passion in
each others arms, feeding off each others lust’’ he laughed at her face.
‘’You’re a real A-hole you know that’’
‘’Don’t you just love it’’ She ignored him and continued to trace circles in the dirt; it
was soon becoming a maze of spirals, arches and curls. He watched her out the corner
of his eyes and sighed. ‘’Do you have any siblings’’ he knew it was a stupid question
but she wasn’t giving him much to work with.
She was silent for a minute before she spoke and her voice was blank and quiet.
‘’No… I don’t have any family’’
‘’They’re overrated anyway’’ he sighed he didn’t even tell Scorpius that he was
leaving there was no need his parents wouldn’t care until it got to the newspapers.
‘’I never thought I’d hear those words uttered out the mouth of Malfoy’’
‘’Like I said earlier you don’t know anything about me’’
‘’Same as you don’t know about me’’ she retorted turning it back on him.
He raised his head slightly looking and sighed. ‘’So seeing as it seems we’re stuck
with each other for a while, why don’t you tell me about yourself’’
‘’There’s nothing you need to know’’
‘’So much for talking’’ he muttered
‘’Fine… I came in my 6th year because I had no knowledge that I was a witch until
my 16th birthday, I wasn’t on the Ministry’s records so I’ve had to work harder than
anyone in that school to get where I am’’
‘’Oh… so how did they find you’’
‘’I accidentally undressed the Orphanage care worker’ she smirked.
‘’Do you want to repeat that’’ he said shooting up and staring at her laughter in his
eyes as he rubbed his arms, Goosebumps erupting on his arms it was incredibly cold.
‘’She was shouting at us all and I… got angry, it’s not the first time something like
that’s happened. There was a blast of wind she got caught in it and all her clothes
were gone’’ she smiled remembering the scene and how she was chased out the
orphanage by her own clothes.
‘’What happened to her’’
‘’The muggle police were contacted about a mad old woman running down the street
in her knickers and shouting about enchanted clothes, the Ministry of Magic heard
about it and they found out about me and I was forced to go to Hogwarts’’
‘’That quite possibly just made my night’’ he laughed sitting back again.
‘’What about you’’ she’d told him something she expected the same gesture.
‘’Nothing to say’’ he shrugged scratching his chest. ‘’Everyone knows my back-
‘’That the Malfoy’s support He Who Must Not Be Named’’
‘’Your speculating again Wickentower, but you have every reason to its not like
you’re my biggest fan’’
She shook her head angrily ‘’Maybe if you stopped being so skeptical about
everything and started being nice to us’’
‘’Why, lets face it. I’m not wanted here am I, so I’m not going to bother trying’’
‘’Than why did you come, you weren’t willing to back in Dumbledore’s Office’’
‘’I have my reasons’’ he replied bluntly.
‘’Care to explain’’
‘’No, not really’’
‘’So your just going to sit there with a sour face until we find Nathanial’’ He
remained silent and closed his eyes. ‘’I bet I know why you came’’
‘’Good for you’’ he said quietly not opening his eyes he was having trouble seeing all
of a sudden. Everything was just kinda dark and murky for some reason, thinking it
must of being the water and he was going to be fine with time so he cast it aside for
‘’Your not as stone hearted as you make out. You came here because you want to
change, you can’t say you enjoy everyone hating you, it must be lonely’’
‘’If you say so’’
‘’It’s not nice when people see you as something your not, is it’’ she automatically
reached for her pendent around her neck and lay down on her side curling up in the
Draco watched her for a minute and stood up letting the blazer fall from his shoulders
he walked round the fire holding it tightly until all of a sudden he dropped it and
looked down surprised. Shrugging it off he picked it up again, his hands were a little
numb from the cold that’s all so he draped it over her shivering body before walking
to the cave entrance to stand guard.
She turned over slightly and smiled at his retreating back, snuggling under the coat
and drawing warmth from it. He could be nice if he just tried, silently thanking him.
She watched him under the moonlight where he stood, just for a little longer than
turned over and closed her eyes.

The others were all sat around the furnace relaxing and letting the magnificent meal
settle, which Tim, Daniel and Neville had prepared together. A grandfather clock
struck in the corner and they shared the same confused and slightly nervous look on
the 10th and last dime. Avonlea and Draco had still not returned and it was starting to
show, nobody wanted to say it but they all thought the same, either something bad had
happened or they’ve deserted the cause and gone back to Hogwarts.
‘’Tim, I’m worried’’ Hillary admitted at last breaking up the current conversation
about suspected locations of Nathanial.
‘’Why… because of Avonlea and Malfoy’’
‘’Yeah they should have being back by now, what if something happened to them’’
‘’Hillary they’ll be fine’’
‘’You don’t know that Tim, they’ve being gone for hours and its dark out there what
if they’re hurt… we should go look’’ she thought out loud.
‘’No… your not going out there Hillary’’ Tim ordered very much serious.
‘’If they’re hurt we should-‘’
‘’Hillary you said it yourself, its dark out there we don’t know the area all we’ll do is
end up getting lost as well. I’m sorry but I’m not going to let you go out there and risk
your life as well’’
‘’I don’t need you permission’’ she stood up determined and walked straight for the
coat hook. Pulling down a thick hot pink coat and slipping it on.
Tim was getting angry now and he stood up following her and standing in the
archway blocking it off, whilst everyone else watched from the sofas. ‘’I said your not
going Hillary, It’s not safe out there’’
‘’That’s exactly why I’m going it’s not safe for them either’’
‘’They can look after themselves, I’m not going to let you go out and get hurt as
‘’I know you don’t like him but would you let him die’’ she said quickly but regretted
it afterwards and she looked down ashamed of herself.
‘’If you knew me Hillary, I shouldn’t have to answer that… I don’t want you going
because I don’t want to see you hurt’’ he told her forcefully it hurt that she would
think something like that. ‘’Dumbledore put me in charge now I’m taking charge and
telling you your not going out there’’
She looked like she was close to tears. ‘’Dumbledore might have given you that ring
but a real leader would know how to use it and when… if anything happens to them
Tim, I blame you’’ Shaking her head at him she stormed off, heading straight for her
room and slamming the door behind her.
He ran a hand through his hair and stared at the closed door behind him.
‘’We’ll speak to her’’ said Iyana standing up with Olivia and giving him a small smile.
‘’Elia do you want to come’’ Olivia asked kindly, they’d all become good friends in
that short expanse of time. She nodded and the three of them headed into the room.
Tim just caught sight of Hillary on her bed before Elia closed the door on him. She
looked like she was close to tears and he longed to go in there and be the one to
comfort her but right now he was the cause not the cure.
‘’Tim are you alright’’ Daniel asked trying to understand what had just happened.
‘’No… not really, I’m going to lay them enchantments, we don’t want any Muggle’s
popping by’’
‘’Ok… do you need some help’’
‘’I’ve got it thanks’’ walking right out the door before they could stop him.
For the rest of that night there was silence, they all did their own thing, slowly
retreating to their beds until it was just Tim left alone on the sofa. The clock struck
once and remained silent as the echoing sound faded, lifting a small glass he tipped
the whisky back and wincing as it hit the back of his throat. A bottle of Jack Daniels
at his side, it didn’t have the same effects of Firewhisky but it sure packed a punch.
Sitting back on the chair and holding his head he stared at the front door waiting for
them to come through.
After 30 minutes of pointless staring and another whisky he pulled out the ring, he’d
decided to keep it on the end of his chain and storing it under his shirt so it was
always near him and it was safe. He didn’t want to wear it on his hand just yet.
Undoing the clasp and pulling it out he let the ring fall down. It was cold to the touch
and he moved it about his palm a little eyes slightly drooping as the whisky took
‘’Hillary’s right… this wasn’t meant for me’’ he sighed tipping the glass, the few
drops of whisky dropped down like amber rain and he licked his lips, placing the glass
on the floor next to the bottle. Holding the ring out at arms reach as he laid down, he
could see one of the white lanterns through the band. ‘’What kind of a leader loses
two people in less than a day’’
Closing his eyes slightly as the alcohol took over his hand dropped off the side
causing him to let go of the ring in the motion. It rolled under the furnace but he
didn’t make any move to pick it up as he fell into an alcohol induced sleep, turning
onto his side and curling up in the dying heat of the furnace. A door closed with a
sudden click, but it went unnoticed as the room was filled with Tim’s breathing.

Avonlea suddenly started to wake under the coat, she didn’t know what time it was
but she could tell from the darkness it was late. As the heavy coat slipped off her
slight shoulders, she sleepily opened her eyes and sat up a little confused at where she
was but she slowly remembered. The river and almost drowned but she was saved,
Draco said he preformed CPR, than waking up in her underwear in a cave with a semi
clothed Draco. Thinking about Draco she turned around slowly expecting to see him
by the fire as well but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. ‘’Malfoy’’ calling out, her
voice was dry and she felt a nagging headache appearing, she was famished having
not eaten since breakfast. When she didn’t get an answer she pulled herself up,
shivering madly even in the fires flickering warmth. The cave entrance led out to the
forest, a starry sky just visible in distance with a less than full moon. Rubbing her
eyes and trying to wake herself up she scanned the cave and called out again using his
name this time. ‘’Draco… are you still here’’ she was a little worried, thinking he left
her here.
Standing up and slipping on his coat for some warmth, the wind whistled through
cave and she drew the coat in tighter, shielding herself but it was no use as it flickered
across her tangled white blonde hair, shivering her teeth rattling she stepped out into
the night and regretted it as the darkness swallowed her whole. The cave led down a
long steep slope into the trees.
‘’DRACO’’ shouting out into the darkness the silence was starting to unnerve her,
they didn’t know what was in these forest what if there were wolves and he was taken
by them or worse what if he left her. No she couldn’t think like that so she took a few
steps down calling out his name. ‘’DRACO… DRACO MALFOY… ANSWER ME
PLEASE’’ the sound disturbed a lot of the animals and they erupted out the trees.
Walking further down in the dark, it was hard to see and she stumbled suddenly, her
foot making contact with something large and soft. Stepping away and looking down
she was shocked to find Draco, curled up and shivering madly.
Dropping to her knees she quickly and carefully turned him over so he was looking up
at her. ‘’Draco, can you hear me, speak to me please’’ she begged feeling for a pulse,
it was there but it was slow. Leaning down she felt his breath on her cheek but again it
was slow and shallow, his eyes closed. She wasn’t sure what was going on but he was
alive and he was breathing, he was also covered in dirt and leaves so she suspected
that he’d rolled down here at some point. ‘’Draco can you hear me… if yes blink,
move just do something’’ Grasping his hand she felt him squeeze it slightly but it
showed that it took a lot out of him to do that. ‘’I’m going to get you back in the
cave’’ she told him as she hooked her arms under his, slowly and angrily dragging
him up the slope ‘’you need to lose some weight Draco, lay of the pumpkin pasties
once in a while’’ she grumbled pulling him along and using all her strength in doing
Five minutes later they were back in the cave and she had him at a close but safe
distance from the fire, in the light she could see how bad he really was. His face was a
ghostly pale white and there was a slight blue tinge to his lips, ears and on closer
inspection she saw his fingers were as well. She didn’t know what was happening but
judging by his shaking and the blue tinge he was cold, the cold could kill you. They’d
being the river she should have thought about him as well, he was walking around
shirtless because she was a little cold, he hadn’t being by the fire because he was
standing guard for her. She felt that she was to blame, if he hadn’t given her his coat
he might be ok, if they shared guard duty he might be alright, if she didn’t pull him
off that cliff… he would be alright.
‘’I’m so sorry Draco’’ she whispered laying a hand on his shoulder, he flinched at her
touch and she felt how cold he really was and he continued to shiver violently and she
ripped the coat off and threw it down on him tucking it under and trying to keep
himself warm. ‘’I’m going to get you out of this I promise’’ she vowed throwing
some more sticks on the fire to get it going. He started muttering inaudible words and
she leaned down to hear, but he was just groaning. She remembered reading
something about survival in the cold you have to find someway to insulate the body to
keep them warm. There was no snow to make an igloo, she wasn’t going to cut an
animal open and put him inside; Eww Han Solo thinking of the Star Wars movie, The
Empire Strikes Back.
After a further five minutes of pointless ideas from putting him in the fire to sticking
twigs down his trousers she had one solution and she knew he wasn’t going to let her
live it down. Getting him as close as she could to the fire without burning him, she
laid down as well and slipped under the blazer, unsurely placing her arms around him
and holding him tightly, she was warming him by using her own body heat. Pushing
her self right against him, she slowly ran her hand up his arm trying to warm him up
and she talked to him. Just so he could hear a voice and know he wasn’t alone, she
wasn’t talking about anything in particular she was just rambling on, just keeping him

Soon as the dawn light erupted in the distance the sky slowly lightened and the air
was sweet with morning dew. Nocturnal animals closed their eyes and fell into their
own slumber whilst others opened there bleary eyes and padded down to the creek.
The sunlight flittered through a crack in the curtains, shining down on Tim’s face, its
pale golden sheen giving him a look of a Greek god as he was slowly roused from his
drunken sleep. Giving an almighty yawn that resembled a wild beast he stretched out
and glanced down at his watch, the pewter hands pointing out the time. Shaking his
head he was instantly awake and jumped to attention heading for the bathroom to
freshen up. Splashing cold water onto his face and running a wet hand through his
hair, a pale ashen faced man looked back at him, his eyes a dull and his smile lost.
There was silence to the tent until someone started slamming his fist on the doors
shouting for everyone to wake up, stumbling and falling out of beds, throwing on
dressing gowns and padding out grumbling and groaning to find Tim at the dining
table, laying down a simple breakfast of toast and cereal.
‘’Tim what’s going on’’ asked a stunned and very tired Iyana as she rubbed her eyes.
‘’Where’s the fire’’ asked Neville who looked like he would drop any second.
‘’No fire, just breakfast eat and get ready, we’re going out’’ he answered walking
back into the kitchen and getting the orange juice and tea pot.
‘’Going out… going out where’’ questioned Hillary taking a seat gruffly she was still
angry with him about last night.
‘’To look for them idiot Slytherin’s of course, so eat quickly no fancy stuff today we
need to get out early’’ he said sitting down at the head of the table.
She nodded slowly but remained silent reaching for a slice of toast instead and
everyone followed their example.
20 minutes later they were gathering in the living room, pulling down coats and
scarves, it was a nice bright day but it was cold windy still. Daniel was the last out
and he quickly wrapped his scarf round himself as they formulated a plan.
‘’We don’t know where they are or what’s happened but this place is huge. They
might not even be in the forest anymore’’
‘’Do you think they went back to Hogwarts than Tim’’ asked Daniel thinking
‘’I don’t know what to think, its seems the most likely option’’
‘’We can still look though’’ Hillary argued.
‘’Yes we’re still going to look, we’ll split into pairs search the area we got the brooms
to our use as well’’
‘’There’s the mountain, someone could fly up there and have a perfect view of the
area on the broom’’ said Olivia thinking out loud
‘’I’ll do that’’ Tim said not needed to think about it. ‘’Anyone else a fair flyer by
chance, because I’m fast’’
‘’I’d go but I was going to check the forest’’ said Hillary.
‘’Mind if I search with you Hillary’’ asked Olivia stepping forward. ‘’What about you
and Tim’’ she suggested looking at Iyana.
‘’I can’t keep up with him, I never can’’ she chuckled giving Tim and warm smile.
‘’I’ll go alone it’s alright’’ he shrugged with a slightly sad smile.
‘’Elias fast’’ said Daniel thinking out loud ‘’The Ravenclaw team want her to play but
she keeps refusing them’’
‘’Because I don’t like competing I do it for the fun of it’’ she defended wishing he
hadn’t said anything.
‘’Do you think you might be able to keep up with Tim’’ Iyana asked, pairing them off.
‘’I… I don’t know how fast he is’’ she replied sourly.
‘’Well none of us can so your our best option, plus if Tim goes with some there more
chance of finding them, the rest of us can check the land’’ said Hillary. ‘’It settled,
you and Tim will take the birds eye view, me and Olivia will check the forests and
you three… you know Damian said there was a lake, why don’t you check out the
‘’Sounds good to me’’ Daniel smiled at her, Iyana and Neville agreeing.
‘’Lets get going than, we’ll meet back here at… shall we say noon and see if we’ve
discovered anything new’’ suggested Tim as he opened the closet getting his broom.
Leaving the tent and meeting up with their partners whilst Tim and Elia tied back
their hair and insulating themselves for a cold flight. ‘’You know where your going
don’t you Iyana’’ Tim asked getting on his broom.
‘’Yeah you just go south-west and we’ll find the river or some lead and we’ll carry on
from there’’
‘’Good, Daniel you got your spyglass, it might pick up on something, I doubt there’s
many wizards out here’’ he continued looking out and spotting a clear path through
the trees and up.
‘’I brought it just in case yeah’’
‘’I forgot my hair clasp’’ Elia gasped giving Tim and apologetic smile. ‘’I wont be a
minute’’ She dropped her broom and ran back into the tent.
‘’You guys go on, you know where your going’’ Tim said shaking his head at Elia.
‘’We’ll see you later than mate’’ said Neville with small smile as he, Iyana and Daniel
headed into the forest.
‘’Watch yourself up there Tim, try and come back in one piece’’ Olivia gave him a
soft smile waiting for Hillary.
‘’Will do, take care of yourselves… I guess I’ll see you at noon than Hillary’’ he
didn’t look at her choosing to busy himself with checking his coat was buckled up
tight. They hadn’t mentioned what happened last night and he didn’t want to cause
another fight so he’d said very little to her.
‘’Tim… look I’m sorry about what I said, I was wrong to say that to you I know you
were right I just… I was angry’’
‘’It’s ok Hillary, it’s forgotten’’ he looked up for a second, she had nothing to
apologize for she was right he wasn’t made to be a leader, he was here by a mistake
he told Dumbledore that but he didn’t listen.
‘’I am sorry though Tim’’ she gave a small smile and they started heading into the
trees going the opposite direction, he was still angry about it she could tell.
Watching her go, he was broken from his trance by Elia as she walked out putting
something in her pocket at the same time, giving him a small smile trying to be polite.
He noticed she had the hair clasp fixed securely in her hair and he smiled a little more,
it looked good on her he had to admit. When she caught him looking she narrowed
her eyes giving him nothing but a look of pure loathing.
‘’We flying or what’’
‘’Ready when you are’’ he replied calmly.
Once she was prepared she suddenly shot into the sky leaving him in a cloud of dust
and dirt, coughing heavily into this hand and cursing her. He grabbed hold of the
handle and kicked off, leaving a larger cloud of dust and smashing straight through
the treetops and catching up with her. He smiled smugly and speeded up arching into
the sky and in the direction of the mountains. She couldn’t help but be quite
impressed by his speed, or more so of his broom. Sparking her Nimbus 2001 into
action she followed him gaining up as they flew alongside each other.

They’d all being roaming the forests for the best part of an hour and they still didn’t
have any leads on Avonlea and Draco. Daniel kept glancing through his spyglass but
it wasn’t showing anything to proof they had passed this way. When they came upon
a fork in the river they chose to go straight on ahead. Continuing their search hoping
they could would come to find something.
Hillary and Olivia soon found walking the woods in style wasn’t the best thing and
wished they had a pair of hiking boots to save their poor damaged feet. Olivia had put
cushioning charms on the innersoles but they weren’t helping much and working on
such a small breakfast wasn’t helping either. They struggled on for the sake of finding
Avonlea and Draco however.
Tim and Elia weren’t having much luck either and the day was just getting worse for
Tim, he was attacked by a rather nasty looking kestrel when he flew to near to its nest.
The result of which was a hand to wing fist fight and finishing in Tim nursing a
shallow scratch down the side of his face from some rather sharp claws. Every time he
heard the beat of wings he got all nervous and looking around expecting it to come
back to finish him off. It had a comical effect on Elia, who had saved him by sending
a creating a thunderclap and scaring it away. She fell into a round of giggling when
ever it would happen, which only made him even angrier.
Iyana, Daniel and Neville had finally made it, following the river down it started to
thin out and weaken till it ended in a small babbling brook and they still hadn’t seen
‘’See anything Daniel’’ Neville asked shielding his eyes from the sunlight and
scanning the area.
‘’Nothing so far, maybe if we went up-‘’ he cut off suddenly as color blazed in front
of his eyes, the source was at the edge of the stream in a small outcrop of wet rocks.
‘’What’s the matter Daniel’’
‘’Something over there, come on’’ closing the spyglass and jogging down the hill they
followed and best they could finding him kneeling at the waters edge pulling out wet
leaves and gunk throwing it to the side until he pulled out a stick he was about to
throw that to but he stopped himself.
‘’What did you find Daniel’’ Iyana asked coming in closer to get a better look.
‘’Someone’s wand’’ he answered confused.
She took a closer look and nodded looking back up the river pulling all the evidence
together ‘’It’s in good condition but it was trapped in that stuff so it must have come
down stream’’
‘’Whose is it though’’
‘’The chances of finding some ones wand out here around this time is very slim. So
when we are looking for two people who have being missing all night and they’re
know wand users… I think we can guess who it might belong to’’ Iyana replied
taking the wand off him. ‘’This cant be good news, we should find the others’’
‘’We should be heading back anyway, we have to meet them in… 40 minutes’’
Neville said flipping open his pocket watch, the same one he got from Dumbledore.
‘’Right we better hurry than and look out for any sign of them they can’t have gone
far from their wands’’
They didn’t walk they jogged back the way they had come following the river up
stream where the wand had come down. Luckily they came across a friend as Tim
called down to them from above.
He shouted something back but Tim couldn’t quite hear him over the wind, he was
making frantic moves for him to come down however so he did as he was ordered,
Elia following closely behind.
‘’Tim we found something, a wand and we think it might be one of theirs’’ Iyana
gushed still a little out of breath from jogging up hill, Neville was in the same position
but Daniel looked like he was in his element there.
‘’Where did you find it’’ he asked quickly looking from one to the other.
‘’It was at the bottom of the river, it could of washed down. Least that’s what Iyana
believes’’ said Daniel.
‘’The river cut off into two Tim, we followed this one, what if the wand was taken
down here but they were taken down the other river’’ said Iyana,
‘’You think they fell into the river’’ Tim asked looking down on her seeing where she
was going with this thinking about it.
‘’I think… that they might of, yeah’’ she nodded.
‘’Right than we head down the other river than and see what we find. Elia could you
go find Hillary and Olivia and tell them what we’re doing’’ Tim said turning round.
‘’What did your last slave die off’’ she replied shaking her head as she accepted but
she wasn’t happy about it.
‘’Tell them to meet us there, we’re going to head down now’’ said Iyana in lot softer
nicer voice.
‘’Ok Iyana it’s that river over there isn’t it?’’ she asked pointing into the woods and
Iyana agreed. With nothing else to say she kicked off and Tim noticed she didn’t
leave a cloud of dirt and dust behind, unlike earlier.
‘’She doesn’t like me very much’’ Tim thought out loud and Neville gave him an
apologetic smile.
‘’Now who would not like you Tim, when your so loveable’’ Neville laughed turning
Tim’s own catchphrase back onto him.
‘’Ha Ha, come on, we better see about this river, I saw a bridge you can cross over
and than follow the other river’’ Tim replied with a smile as he kicked off slowly and
hovering into the tree tops. ‘’I’m going to fly ahead and see what I find’’ he called
down speeding off to look for them both.

‘’Draco… Draco are you awake… can you hear me’’ Avonlea had being repeating
this for over an hour and she still hadn’t gotten an answer but she was close to
fainting and the headache was worse than ever, her throat dry and scratchy Talking
was becoming harder and harder. ‘’Draco do something please… move… talk… do
the hokey pokey if you like just do something’’
She was still hugging him to keep him warm but the fire was dying out, they’d run out
of wood 20 minutes ago and she didn’t want to leave him, incase something happened
in her absence, least this way she could prevent it or resolve it if she had to.
She thought she could hear voices in the distant but she wasn’t sure, thinking it was
hallucinations from not eating and drinking for so long she chose to ignore it. The
voices thought otherwise however as they chose to get louder and closer until she
could make out what they were saying. Why was she hearing her name being called
and why Draco as well. They were calling for her, maybe she should call back, but
her throat was hurting to much to yell and when she did it just came out a dry wheeze.
Giving up she sank back down and returned to repeating Draco’s name until I mixed
with the voices. They weren’t going away. Until she finally snapped and managed to
shout ‘’SHUT UP’’ the order echoed in the cave and she was glad to hear the voices
‘’AVONLEA IS THAT YOU’’ called a familiar voice
‘’YES ITS ME NOW SHUT UP’’ she replied thinking it was her own mind still.
‘’TIM I FOUND HER, THEY’RE IN HERE’’ the voice called and she heard
footsteps, running footsteps and lot of them, turning over under the coat and glancing
at the cave entrance as figures erupted out of the light.
‘’Avonlea are you alright’’ Hillary questioned being the first one through and
hurrying to her side.
‘’Hillary… Tim… everyone else, what are you doing here’’ she was confused
thinking they weren’t really there until Tim put his hand to her head, she didn’t have
it in herself to slap him and tell him to get his hands off her, she could barely blink.
‘’She’s cold as ice and no wonder if they’ve being out all night in this, we need to get
them back now’’ Tim ordered overlooking the strange position they were in.
‘’We should probarly fly them back don’t you think’’ said Neville popping up behind
Tim and giving her a warm smile.
‘’No… there’s no time’’ he answered checking over Draco now who was still
shivering but it was less frequent now, Avonlea hoped that was a sign of him getting
better but the look on Tim’s face told her otherwise. ‘’I think he’s got Hypothermia’’
‘’Are you sure’’ said Olivia standing over them and ripping her coat off to give to
Avonlea and Neville did the same they needed them right now more than them.
‘’The signs are there, the blue tinge to the lips and fingertips, the pulse and shallow
breathing, he’s lucky we got here in time, but he’s not shivering every much. He’s
passing into the critical stage. I need to get him back to treat him as soon as possible,
moving him by broom is too much stress on his hear… it’s a long shot but I think its
best we move him by side-along apparation’’ he told them keeping his finger on
Draco neck checking his pulse. ‘’Give me all your scarves and hats we need to close
off the head and legs and hands, that’s where the heat loss is, we need to keep him
alive until we get there’’
They started passing over their hats and scarves and the cold hit them properly at last,
it was a miracle that they both survived this. ‘’Have you done Side-along Apparation
before’’ Hillary asked as she pulled off her gloves.
‘’Once… with Neville over the summer and you turned out alright’’ he replied
looking up at him with slight smile.
‘’I was missing half my hair’’ he replied sourly.
‘’Yeah but it grew back fine thanks to your grandma, it was my first time’’ he
defended himself. ‘’Look he won’t survive if we don’t get him back soon as
‘’Save him Tim… please’’ Avonlea begged, her voice barely heard, now they were
here it was easier just to slip away and she closed her eyes knowing she was going to
be alright, now they had come.
‘’I will I promise’’ he replied looking down on her and than to Hillary. ‘’It’s our only
choice beside making it worse for him’’
She looked down on the two huddle figures under the pile of coats and scarves piled
on them and she nodded at last. ‘’Do it Tim, get him back before it’s too late’’
He smiled and got to work. Slowly withdrawing Draco from Avonlea’s clutches, she
had a tight hold on him but with Neville and Daniel’s help they managed it and
dressed Draco up as warm as they could, stuffing him with coats and piling hats on
his head they wrapped his trainers with scarves to keep the heat in until he resembled
a something you find living in a cardboard box down an alley and begging for money.
‘’You sure you know what your doing Tim’’ Hillary asked as he held onto Draco arm
tightly and prepared to leave.
‘’Trust me, I’m a genius’’ he winked and leaving them with a loud crack and another
of his familiar catchphrases that managed to bring a smile to her lips.
‘’Right come on, we need to get Avonlea back’’ said Elia taking over now Tim had
gone, she’d watched it all from the side and choosing to say nothing unless she had to.
Now he was gone she decided to take his place.
Together, Elia and Daniel managed to hook Avonlea onto her broom, to get her back
as soon as possible, the rest were going to apparate there; Neville picking up Tim's
broom patted Hillary on the back.
‘’It’s going to be alright, they’re in good hands’’ he assure her and she gave him a
slight smile but remained silent.

Appearing safely outside the tent entrance, Tim instantly checked Draco over to make
sure he hadn’t splinched in anyway and more importantly his heart was ok, the pulse
was slightly quicker than last time but he got away with it. Sighing he reached down
and picked him up cradling Draco’s body in his large arms, he was heavy but he
managed it and they headed into the tent, kicking the door open. He laid Draco on the
long sofa for now, just until he was ready to be moved, throwing a couple more
branches into the furnace and bringing the heat up with magic, he heard the faint
cracks of the others return and soon enough they charged into the room.
‘’What can we do’’ asked Iyana hurrying forward.
‘’I need thick blankets and hats and stuff we need to keep him warm as possible.
Neville could you fill up some water bottles, it needs to be warm water, not hot
because that could kill him, remember warm to the touch. Olivia could you go into the
bathroom, behind the mirror you’ll find a medical kit. Bring me that quickly. Daniel
could you go to the office and see if you can find anything at all on medicine, I know
what I’m doing but I want to be sure. Hillary, could you go outside and wait for
Avonlea and Elia, I take it, she’ll need help bringing her in’’ he ordered taking a deep
breath afterwards and throwing even more wood in. ‘’we need heat lots of heat’’ he
muttered as everyone went to do their jobs.
Five minutes later, Draco was covered in a huge yellow and black duvet and a large
pink and white bobbled hat with ear flaps and a pair of fuzzy earmuffs his closed eyes
just visible underneath it all. Tim was preparing an electrical aural thermometer; the
book which Daniel had found two minutes into researching had said rectal
thermometers were better but there was no way Tim was doing that besides… they
didn’t have one he checked.
‘’Got those warm water bottles for you’’ Neville said handing over the red rubber
pouches, they were perfect.
‘’Thanks Neville, you should go help Daniel, he sounds like they’re having trouble
with Avonlea’’ he suggested pulling back the duvet and slipping two hot water bottle
between each arm pit and to his dismay a fair number on Draco’s groin, it didn’t go
unnoticed and Iyana and Olivia both stifled giggles as the others came through the
‘’The book says its best to, trust me I don’t go laying hot water bottles on men’s
genitals for fun. Besides I feel he’ll be really angry if he gets frost bite down there’’
but even he had to laugh at that.
They got Avonlea to one of the smaller sofas, because she was shorter and Iyana, still
laughing headed off to get her a blanket as well while Neville got more hot water
bottles ready and Tim finally took Draco temperature by sticking the strange device in
his Draco’s right ear canal, removing the pink ear muff for a second and registering
the results after a small beep.
‘’95 degrees Fahrenheit’’ he told everyone with a smile.
‘’Is that good’’
‘’That’s excellent, he’s going to make a full recovery we caught him just in time and
thanks to Avonlea he survived the night’’ he told them as Hillary slipped a hat onto
her head and Iyana draped the gold and red duvet over, tucking it in at the side, it
seemed quite right after all she was a hero. ‘’She saved his life’’ he added heading
Taking her temperature as well just to make sure, she was fine at 110 degrees
Fahrenheit and he stood up with a smile as the others took over keeping them warm.
Iyana tended to Avonlea’s cut on her head, cleaning it with warm water whilst Daniel
did the same for a few cuts on Draco’s face.
Tim walked into the kitchen pouring him self a glass of orange juice, it had being a
long day. If the others hadn’t being there he wouldn’t have done it. He heard someone
coming in but paid no attention until they spoke.
‘’You did good today Tim’’
Turning round he was surprised to see Elia there and looking less than comfortable
about admitting this, he could rub it in her face but he choose to take the high road,
she had him pegged as something he’s not he didn’t want to prove to her, she was
right by acting like a big headed idiot now. Instead he smiled and nodded. ‘’Thank
you Elia, you did pretty well yourself, you spotted the caves and suggested we have a
look and you got Avonlea back. I think we all did it in the end’’
‘’Yeah we did, it was lucky we found them, lucky… lucky we had you to help them’’
Smiling proudly and surprised he leaned back against the counter and it didn’t go
unnoticed. ‘’Right well I got patients to see to’’ he said putting the glass in the sink.
She wasn’t finished however and she stopped him from leaving. ‘’I think I have
something of yours’’ she smiled reaching into her pocket.
‘’What is it’’ curious, he stopped and waited.
He was expecting his wand, or maybe a book mark or something normal but instead
she pulled out a large silver ring. Reaching down and picking up his hand, hers were
tiny compared to his, she placed the ring in the middle of his palm closing his fingers
over it, her hands were soft and firm.
‘’I think it might have come off its chain, I found it under the furnace earlier. You
should take better care of it Tim, its means a lot I have no doubt in my mind that it’s
made for you’’ she added looking up and giving him a warm smile
He didn’t know what to say to her, he never had chance to as Elia walked away to talk
to Olivia. Opening his hand and looking down on the ring, the pale green stone
shining under the kitchen lights and a small smile creeping over his lips. He walked
forward, standing in the doorway he saw Elia by the bathroom door. He turned to
Hillary who was laughing with Daniel and than onto Avonlea and Draco until finally
they returned to Elia.
She caught him looking again and gave him the slightest of nods. Lifting his hand he
showed her what he was doing and slipped the ring on this forth finger of his right
hand, he smiled and mouthed ‘happy now’.
Her smile grew and she returned to speaking to Olivia as if nothing had happened in
the kitchen.
Looking down on the ring with small smile he had to admit it did look good on him,
almost as if it belonged there, almost as if it belonged to him.
                                    Chapter Five

Three weeks had passed since they’d left Hogwarts and they were still no closer to
discovering who or where Nathanial Hope was. They’d stayed in Galloway Forests
while Draco and Avonlea recuperated from their fall. They hadn’t revealed much
about what had happened; either they couldn’t remember or something occurred
which they wished to remain secret. Friendships were slightly better and the whole
Tim nursing Draco’s health had made them less sceptical and angry with each other.
They weren’t best buddies, they couldn’t stand each other but the verbal abuse had
softened to a degree that was noticeable and that was better than nothing for the time
In the time they had been away things had gotten harder for them all because their
families had being informed of their disappearance from Hogwarts. The Ministry
couldn’t legally do anything about it because they were all of age and allowed to
leave school. However soon as the Daily Prophet got wind of the story, they laid out a
full two page spread, featuring interviews with their parents and a collection of recent
photographs. This led unto favours at the ministry being returned and Daniels older
brother Wesley Ginsky was making his place of power met making sure his brother
was found safely for his mother.
On the seventh day, the streets were newly littered with posters, their own faces
staring back at them with cash reward for any information on recent sightings. They’d
had to dispose of their phones because they kept getting calls from their parents and
when Damian, the young man Hillary had made such a big impression on, a short
time before, contacted her they knew they had to move. His friend had seen one of the
posters and remembering Hillary and the other girl’s he’d called the number revealing
their last known location. If it wasn’t for Damian’s warning they would have gotten
caught, mere seconds into receiving said call the alarm was raised and they packed up
and apparated to their next location to lie low.
That was eight days ago, since then they’d being living in a large patch of woodland
in Yorkshire dales, it belonged to elderly rich couple whom owned a large manor
house and the woods were part of their land.
Hillary and Daniel had managed to lay some powerful charm work however and the
elderly couples Muggle gamekeeper was magically averted when ever he came near
their settlement. All they could do was lie in wait for now, bide their time until
something came up.

Daniel and Hillary where in bathroom when there was a loud slightly feminine scream
from inside followed by a lot of giggling.
‘’It’s too cold’’ Daniel squealed pulling his head out from under and dripping water
all over the white tiled floor, shivering but laughing still.
‘’Oh don’t be such a wimp, look I’ll turn the heat a bit more’’ she laughed stepping
back into the shower. She did as she promised and turned the plastic dial more to the
red indication. ‘’What’s that like?’’
Reaching forward he placed his hand under the rushing water from a metal shower
head, letting it fall onto his hand he tested the warmth and nodded. ‘’Much better
thank you’’
She smiled stepping out and standing behind him as she unhooked the shower head
from above him and ducked under the metal hoe attached. ‘’No problem Daniel, right
bend over and put your head over the basin’’ she commanded directing the water
He did as she instructed making himself comfortable as the water started raining
down on the back of his head, the gentle beat of each drop echoing inside his skull he
felt her fingers combing through his hair and heard her giggling as she did so.
‘’So who did you do this for last time?’’ he asked trying to make conversation and
lighten the mood.
‘’This is my first time’’
‘’You’ve never done this before?’’ his voice slightly sharper.
‘’Nope, you’re my first’’ she tittered. ‘’Don’t worry I followed the instructions’’
‘’What if I loose all my hair?’’ he laughed but it was laced with worry.
‘’I’ll buy you a wig.’’ she winked at his reflection in the medicine cabinet. ‘’You
worry to much and keep your head down your going to get water everywhere’’
‘’Sorry’’ he muttered, moving back over the sink. ‘’So how’s it look so far?’’
‘’It’s… different’’
‘’Is that a good different or bad different?’’
‘’I think it’s a good different. I’m nearly done, it will look better when your hairs
He decided to let her take over in the end and he watched the dark grey water empting
down the plug hole lighten with time until it was clear enough and she shut the water
off. Running her fingers through it a few times just to make sure and back combing
his hair it spiked up wildly before she grabbed one of the fluffy white towels from the
rack throwing it over his head with a chuckled.
‘’All done, get your hair dried and I’ll tell the others’’
‘’Thank you Hillary you’re a really good friend’’ he mumbled under the towel.
‘’The pleasure was all mine, it really suits you. I’ll see you in a few minutes than,
come out when your ready’’ taking one last glance and smiling at their
accomplishment she opened the door and left him to finish.

A few minute later as promised he stepped out to find an audience, it seemed Hillary
wasn’t joking when she said she was going to gather the others for the grand revealing.
When the others went shopping earlier they had picked him up a hair dye kit. Due to
the posters being out there, Daniel came up with the idea of disguises out in public but
he decided to go one step further by completely changing his hair colour so he
wouldn’t be noticed. His sunny short blonde hair was now raven black He laughed at
their faces at their faces as he shook out the new look, waiting for their opinion.
‘’Honestly what do you all think?’’
‘’You look great Daniel, really handsome’’ Avonlea commented nodding her head
and approving.
‘’It’s better than that moppy blonde stuff’’ Tim laughed taking a seat on the arm of
Neville chair.
‘’Moppy hair! You can talk’’ Iyana defended but they all started laughing as Tim ran
both hands through his hair and gave a heroic pose jutting his chin up in the air
‘’Kinda feminine don’t you think Helyard’’ scoffed Draco.
‘’Says the boy who’s uses enough product to put a hole in the Ozone’’
‘’Its takes time and effort to look this good’’ Draco smirked and Avonlea snorted
behind him trying hard not to laugh.
‘’Putting Tim’s and Draco’s hair aside, have you had it cut Daniel?’’ Olivia asked
looking up from her notebook and giving him the once over.
‘’A slight trim, Hillary’s idea’’
‘’It does look good though Daniel, whole new person’’ Neville thought out loud.
‘’Well that was the plan’’ Hillary laughed. ‘’Do you think we should take a little more
off the sides?’’
‘’We don’t want it to be too short, I think it looks good as it is’’ Elia answered and the
others agreed.
‘’You really think it looks good’’
‘’Yeah Daniel don’t worry about it’’ Tim replied. ‘’We’d tell you otherwise, its looks
good take it from a guy with exceptional hair’’ he ignored the mutter from around
Draco’s region, knowing it wasn’t something he’d approve off.
‘’Thanks you everyone’’ he beamed and walked to the mirror to give it a proper look.
‘’Your next Tim’’
‘’You can think again Hillary, no one touching my hair’’
‘’Oh go on, just a bit off the back and sides, or maybe some highlights, you ever
thought about going blonde they do say they have more fun’’
‘’I can second that’’ Avonlea grinned.
‘’Your not coming near me with them scissors’’
‘’I’ll get you while your sleeping’’ she threatened using her fingers to represent
scissors and giggling.
Shaking his head he decided to use the moment to tell them all his recent plan of
action. ‘’Right forget about my exceptional hair for now I’ve being thinking-‘’
‘’Oh here we go’’ interrupted Elia sitting down next to Hillary and Avonlea who
‘’No really it’s a good idea. Remember a few days ago when we talked about using
the internet to research Nathanial’s location well I think we should try it’’
‘’There’s a bit of a problem with that Tim, we don’t have a computer or the internet’’
Iyana argued with a small smile.
‘’So we go to the nearest big town and we go in one of those internet cafes’’
‘’You can get coffee from the internet?’’ Draco asked knowing how stupid that must
sound but asking anyway.
‘’No it’s a café with computers around the walls for everybody to use. You can buy
coffee and muffins and stuff there as well though’’ Avonlea explained and he nodded
understanding now and flashing her with a flirty smile which she ignored
‘’I don’t know about this Tim’’ Hillary argued. ‘’What if you get caught than what?’’
‘’We wont if we go disguised and only two of us go in. Get it over with as quick as
possible and get out of there before we’re recognised’’
‘’Have you decided who’s going to go as well?’’ Elia asked looking at Tim and
giving the plan a start.
‘’Actually yes I did, I thought it might be best if me and Olivia went’’
‘’Why do you want me to come’’ Olivia asked surprised thinking she might have
misheard him.
‘’Well we need someone who good at research I would say you and Daniel are the
best here. However Daniel doesn’t know what a computer is, no offence mate’’
‘’Non taken’’
‘’I’m quite good with computer plus if we need to get out fast for what ever reason I
can side-along apparate. If you don’t want to do it say so Olivia but I think it’s a good
‘’No it’s ok Tim, I’ll go’’ she replied with a small sigh. ‘’When were you thinking?’’
‘’No time like the present’’
‘’Do you know where to go’’ Avonlea asked.
‘’Well there’s this small place in Leeds, The Internet Café’’
‘’Very original name’’ Draco scoffed shaking his head at the Muggle owners choice.
‘’It easy to remember and you know what it is’’ Neville defended.
‘’Are you going to get ready than Olivia’’
‘’Just give me five minutes to get changed’’ she smiled standing up and heading to
her room to slip on a sweater and thicker jeans.
‘’Do you think you’ll find anything?’’ Daniel asked looking at Tim
‘’I hope so, if we don’t we can try again somewhere else but it’s our best hope at the
minute and we’ve got nothing to lose’’
‘’Just make sure your not seen Tim, your not exactly hard to miss’’ Hillary smirked.
‘’All taken care of don’t worry’’ Tim smiled as he walked to the coat rack instead of
pulling his long leather coat with the silver buckles he chose his black navy captains
coat, the one he bought from an Army Surplus Store over the summer along with
grabbing a black peaked beanie cap. Hiding his hair inside the coat and pulling the
cap low he turned to the others all you could see was the bottom of his face and a
gleam of glasses in the shadow.
‘’Yeah I think that will do, just make sure you don’t do anything stupid, if they look
like they recognise you get out as fast as you can’’ Hillary ordered sternly.
‘’Alright don’t worry, she’s in good hands’’
‘’I’m more worried about you Tim… maybe someone else should go, just in case’’
‘’Hillary too many people will just bring attention to us’’ he objected.
‘’Draco… will you go’’ she asked ignoring Tim and everyone most of all Draco was
surprised by this.
‘’Me… you want me to go with him and her’’
‘’I agree with Hillary’’ said Avonlea quickly and staring at Draco. They didn’t say
anything but they both knew the other was thinking about the cave, how he admitted
he knew he wasn’t wanted so he wasn’t going to bother trying. It seemed he was
wanted now and she was going to force him to try no matter what he said.
‘’Look we’ll be fine, he doesn’t want to come so I'm not going to force him’’ Tim
replied simply as if that was the end of the matter.
‘’Who said I don’t want to come? Don’t tell me what I want Helyard! Yeah I’ll go,
because chances are he’ll mess it up and I’ll have to solve it’’ Draco sneered.
‘’Fine… I guess it’s already decided no matter what I say’’ Tim mumbled pulling his
hat lower and glaring at Draco. ‘’You going to get ready, we’re not waiting for you’’
‘’Chill big man, I’m going, I’m going’’ he laughed turning to Avonlea with a small
smile before walking to the boys bedroom, flashing her with another smile but she
deliberately looked away this time.
When the door shut Tim continued under the suspicion that Draco couldn’t hear.
‘’Did you have to invite him, why not Daniel or Neville’’ he was angry and it showed.
‘’Because this is a team Tim, you can’t discriminate him from the group for being
who he is’’ Avonlea replied surprisingly defending him.
‘’Tim, your always going on about how people in the streets take one look at you with
your wild hair and size and see you being trouble, you have no right to do the same to
him’’ Hillary added.
‘’Sounds to me like you’re a Hypocrite Tim, plain and simple’’ Elia ended it off and
the three of them stared at him waiting for an answer, one he didn’t have.
‘’Fine… but I’m not taking any of his crap, you hear me there’s only so much a guy
can take till he snaps’’ he replied giving in, it was like being stared at by the Three
Gorgons, he half expected snakes to appear in their hair and he’d turn to stone.
‘’Olivia’s going as well, maybe it’s what you both need, you need to put this petty
feud behind you for Dumbledore at least’’ Iyana said speaking a lot kinder than the
‘’For Dumbledore’’ he muttered as Olivia’s door opened and she appeared wearing
one of the famous Weasley jumpers, scarlet with gold trimming at the sleeves and
collar. ‘’Your ready than, Malfoy’s coming now as well’’
‘’Almost and whys he coming all of a sudden?’’ she didn’t try to hide the distaste in
her voice as she took down her white pea coat.
‘’Apparently the girls think it will be a good male bonding session, to get to know
each other and live all happy and free’’
‘’Timothy Helyard, don’t you dare speak about us like that’’ Hillary warned and he
looked away from her guiltily. ‘’Now we’re not forcing you but you need to put this
whole vendetta behind you, maybe if you try… Draco will try’’ she made sure he
heard her use Draco first name. Calling him Malfoy was an insult in the end and it
was time they started sorting this stuff out.
‘’Alright… I wont say anything for now, can we just get going’’ Tim asked not
wanting another fight with her.
Olivia remained tight lipped, not saying a word about it but frowning when Draco
stepped out the boy’s bedroom, wearing designer jeans, brand new trainers; a sleek
leather jacket that was worth more than any of them could scrape together on a good
day along with designer sunglasses and black cap hiding his white blond hair. He was
certainly looking the part if he was going for a part in the new bond film. Choosing to
say nothing Tim smiled and gestured to the door.
‘’We’ll be back in about two hours, we’ll try and bring back good news’’
‘’Just bring yourselves back Tim’’ Iyana replied frowning, this was a little two risky
for her liking.
‘’We’ll be fine, we just need to stay incognito’’ Olivia replied with a smile as she
finished her Weasley ensemble with knitted gloves and a scarf, both made by Mrs
Weasley for her 16th birthday.
‘’Can we finish this later, we’re only going for two hours, were you this bad when
they went shopping’’ said Draco, frustrated he leaned on the doorframe into the foyer.
‘’Alright we’re coming… see you in a bit’’ called Tim as he started ushering Draco
out the tent and Olivia following.
Draco was about to say something else when they all got out but Tim didn’t give him
time, Olivia had already given him her hand wanting to get this over with so he
grabbed Draco’s not being nice about it and the complaints were stifled by the loud
crack as they disapparate away from the tent leaving no trace behind.
‘’Think they’ll be ok’’ Daniel asked bluntly.
‘’Hell no’’ Avonlea and Hillary said at the same time and they looked at each other
suspiciously before smiling and sitting back.

Lovell Park in Leeds was calm due to children being in schools and the cold weather
keeping most of the people indoors. However there was the random old man jogging
around the paths using newly bought MP3’s but having no idea how to work it so he
could listen to The Shadows. Young couples holding hands as they walked their dog,
staring longingly into one another’s eyes, the woman thinking about the engagement
ring she saw in the window, whilst the man blankly stares at another woman bending
over to reveal much more than she bargained. The Park was calm but nobody paid any
attention to neither the loud crack nor the series of swearing mutters and grumbles as
three young people detangled themselves from one another under a large tree,
thankfully they were in the shade so they weren’t seen very well.
‘’Can’t you do anything right Helyard’’
‘’Oh shut up Malfoy for once in spiteful little life, shut up’’ Tim replied angrily.
‘’Why don’t you make me’’
‘’Oh I will in a minute’’
‘’Well come on than big boy you wanna play-‘’
They both turned to Olivia as well as some of the other occupants of the park and she
blushed slightly as she pushed a loose hair from her face. ‘’We haven’t got time for
this you too, now stop bickering like a pair of toddlers. Tim lead the way and Malfoy,
watch our back and fix your cap, this is exactly what we don’t want, we don’t want to
bring any more attention to ourselves are you listening?’’ placing her hands on her
hips and even though both Draco and Tim were very much taller than her, they both
shrank under her glare and gave in.
‘’Sorry Olivia’’
‘’Yeah… what he said’’
‘’Good now, lets go because I think they’re still watching us, Tim if you please’’
He nodded catching glimpse of a old man in bright blue ‘to short to be worn’ shorts
and sweat bands around his forehead, he was licking his lips and trying to get a good
look at the three of them. Knowing they had to leave he gave Draco a little push and
took Olivia by the arm issuing her on before the old man recognised them from one of
the posters.
‘’Alright don’t push I can walk’’ Draco replied angrily storming off so he wasn’t
looking like he was walking with them but he didn’t know where he was going so he
ended up falling back in the end.
‘’How far is it Tim’’
‘’About 10 minutes that way’’ he told her pointing into the direction of a lot of
building and some high white towers. A series of roads and charging cars, luckily it
wasn’t rush hour and they managed to get across unscathed but Olivia kept repeating
the Green Cross Code over and over, willing Tim and Draco to stop and think before
they just ran across the road lined with speeding cars; Tim half leading, half dragging
her with them and breathed a sigh of relief on the other side only to yet more similar
roads, it was enough to bring her to tears.

Like Tim said, it only took about 10 minutes to reach the area, there were the usual
chain brand clothing stores but they were looking for somewhere else. Stepping into
the indoor market and making sure their hats were low, that they’re scarves covered
their faces and sunglasses masked their eyes. It was pleasantly warm inside and the
scarves itched, the hats made his heads hot and Draco was getting some unusual stares
for wearing sunglasses indoors.
After scanning the curious small shops names and pulling Olivia away from a cute
little shoe shop, Draco was the first one to spot their destination.
It was a reasonably large place, with a bright pink neon sign in the window reading
INTERNET ACCESS; above this was the cafés name, The Internet Café with a corny
illustration of a computer monitor, coffee and some sort of muffin. It wasn’t the best
looking place but it had the internet and they needed that, now more than ever. Draco
had taken off his sunglasses and he was staring at the neon sign in amazement, it was
like watching a fly and a bug zapper. They half expected him to start butting into the
window attracted by the light.
‘’Malfoy, you coming in or what’’ laughed Tim holding the door open and bringing
him back down to earth with a bump as he put the sunglasses back on trying to hide
his embarrassment; pushing past a grinning Tim and entering the small café.
The walls were lined with small brightly painted wooden booths, with matching
chairs and a computer; the rest of the café was made up of small round tables and
stools being used by baby faced teenagers and students. There was a smell of roasted
coffee beans and steamed milk, the room was quite busy with most of the computers
booths occupied. There was an air of general chat of student life as they talked about
the latest phone or the new N-Dubz album, sharing gossip about the latest celebrity
boob jobs and split ups. The radio was playing the latest from Alicia Keys in the
Ignoring the odd stares as they walked in, the trio headed to the counter were a cute
waitress was serving, her golden blonde hair tied up in a bun, bright baby blue eyes
and a perfect complexion of youth. She had a pencil behind her ear as she hurried to
make two lattes, for pair on table four, before turning round obviously in a frantic
‘’What can I get you’’ her voice was high and sweet but painfully fake; you could see
the stress in her eyes, the pure need to sleep and wish to close shop.
‘’Hi, we were hoping to get one of the computers’’ Tim said stepping forward and
raising the hat just a little.
‘’You want three computers’’
‘’No, just the one, but all three of us are using it’’
‘’I’m sorry sir but we can’t have more than two people at the booth, it our policy’’
‘’Oh... err let me speak to my friends for a minute’’ he smiled and she rolled her eyes
going to the next customer. ‘’I don’t know if you heard her but its only two at the
booth, so me and Olivia will research you need to keep a low profile’’ Tim warned
looking at Draco sternly.
‘’You two nerd’s do what you want, I’m only here to make sure you don’t mess up’’
‘’Glad to see we’re sorted than, I’ll get us a booth’’ Tim smiled to Olivia walking to
the counter again and sorting out the transaction. ‘’Did you two want a drink?’’
‘’I’ll have a coffee’’ he muttered just loud enough for Tim to hear though.
‘’Olivia do you want one’’
‘’I’m fine thank you’’
After the drinks were served and the booth was booked for 30 minutes the longest
they could have, apparently this was peak times they left Draco talking to the cute
blonde waitress. Olivia and Tim moved over to their booth, it was small so they had to
squeeze in due to Tim’s size but they managed it. Punching in the password the
woman gave him and clicking a few icons they got to work.
Draco watching the pair from the counter chose to turn his attention onto the cute
blonde smirking as he took a stool. ‘’So you got a name love’’
‘’I’ve got a name and it sure isn't love, boy’o’’ she grinned brushing a stray lock of
hair away from her face.
‘’Care to share’’
‘’What use would my name be to an out of towner like you’’
‘’My thirst for knowledge perhaps’’
‘’If your thirsty, drink your coffee’’ she winked turning to a group students wanting to
pay their bill.
Draco sat back watching he, glancing at the Tim and Olivia, mildly interested in the
computer thing they were on, the whole place was a buzzing and tapping excitedly it
was all very alien to him though and the lighting was hurting his eyes. Lifting the cup
to his lips and taking a sip he gave a little sigh of delight and smiled at the blonde
She returned the smile and busied herself with cleaning the tables, all the time feeling
his eyes burrowing into the back of her head and she couldn’t help but smile. She
often got attention from the customers but they were always spotty comic book nerds.
Coming to his table and taking her time wiping it down as she slipped him a flirty
smile. ‘’So what’s your names out of towner?’’
‘’Why should I tell you when you wont tell me yours’’
‘’Fair point… ok my names Kelly, now what’s yours?’’
‘’Dr-Drake’’ he replied quickly catching his mistake and making it work.
‘’It’s nice to meet you Drake, have we met before? You look familiar’’
‘’If we had you wouldn’t have forgotten me’’ he grinned taking another sip. ‘’It’s my
first time in Leeds’’
‘’Let me be the first to welcome you than. Are you sure I don’t know you?’’
‘’Very sure’’ putting more force into his words. ‘’Why don’t you have a seat and keep
me company’’
‘’I can’t really, I’m meant to be working’’
‘’I’m sure you can give me five minutes of your time’’ he purred.
‘’Maybe just five minutes’’ she giggled taking a seat opposite him.
‘’Good girl’’
‘’I can be a naughty girl as well’’ she flirted in low voice.
‘’Oh I bet you are’’ he chuckled but stopped abruptly, his eyes widened in shock for
just a second and he stifled a gasp. Plastered against the window of a shop opposite
was one of the many posters that they’d recently discovered. Nine faces looked back
at him one of which was his own, it was a Muggle photograph because it wasn’t
moving but it still showed his face quite clearly, too clearly.
‘’Drake are you alright? Are you ill? Do you want a glass of water?’’ Kelly asked
seeing the look on his face.
He quickly broke out of the shock and tried to smile, like nothing had happened.
‘’Actually could I get another coffee please?’’
‘’Sure… on the house just don’t tell my uncle’’ she giggled.
‘’You are naughty’’ he teased watching her go back behind the counter until he stood
up heading to Tim and Olivia, who were researching various old news bulletin
websites. ‘’Have you found anything?’’
‘’No not yet, we’ve still got time’’ Tim replied scrolling down the page and scanning
for anything useful.
‘’How’s things on surveillance?’’ Olivia asked a bit kinder voiced than Tim.
He wasn’t sure whether he should mention the poster or not, they didn’t have long and
they needed to find this guy so he stayed quiet about it and smiled. ‘’Things are fine,
just hurry up and find something’’
‘’We’re working as fast as we can, go do what ever you do’’ hissed Tim, he didn’t
need him on his back.
He could have comeback with something but he didn’t want to start a fight, he
actually remembered where they were and what that would mean if they did so.
Instead he smiled and walked back to his table just as Kelly appeared holding a sheet
of paper and looking at him oddly.
‘’Drake, where did you say you were from again?’’
‘’Nowhere special, is that my coffee?’’ he thanked as he took it off her hands and
took a much needed sip, the warmth spreading.
‘’What’s your last name Drake’’
‘’What’s with all the questions? Why don’t we talk about something other than me?’’
he was getting more and more nervous with each word.
‘’If I was to say Malfoy… what would you say?’’ she asked looking at him through
her eye lashes as she laid something down before him.
He tensed up and stifled the swearing as he placed his coffee on the laid out sheet
leaving a dark brown stain over Neville’s face. ‘’Where did you get that?’’
‘’Some odd looking stranger wearing a cloak, he told me to put them up. I said I
would later. That young man looks awfully like you don’t you think?’’ She was
pointing to the bottom row, centre square where he was looking at a picture of himself.
‘’Yeah he has a resemblance, you know I really should be going, thanks for the coffee,
I’ll pop in again sometime’’ he said quickly as he slipped off the stool and heading to
Tim and Olivia whist she hurried to the phone behind the counter and quickly dialled
in the number.
‘’We need to go’’ Draco shoved the keyboard away and pressed one of the big
buttons on the computer tower and luckily the whole screen went black just as he
‘’What the hell are you doing we might have had him than’’ Tim replied furious and
he jumped up causing the chair to fall back and the other customers looked up alert
and staring at the trio.
‘’We need to get out she knows’’ Draco hissed looking over at Kelly speaking into a
strange device he was about to reach for his wand but Tim grabbed his arm and along
with Olivia’s and pulled them to the door throwing Draco out and hurrying Olivia
through as they ran away; ignoring the shouts, people caught on and one guy actually
tried to give chase and catch them thinking they’d stolen something.
When the chasing guy wouldn’t give up Draco shot down a side alley pulling Olivia
down, Tim followed and they waited on baited breaths. Soon as they saw the guy run
past and they waited until they were sure he was gone.
Taking deep exhausted breaths Tim shook his head not believing they almost got
caught, Olivia looked like she was about to pass out and Draco, well Draco was
grinning like the cat that got the cream.
‘’That was fun’’ he laughed looking up at Tim and keeping the grin.
‘FUN!’’ he yelled curling his fists but Olivia stopped him by standing in front of
‘’I think we need to get back Tim, before we are caught’’ putting force into her
request and glaring at him until he uncurled his fists and nodded.
‘’You can make your own way Malfoy!’’
He didn’t answer he just disapparated with a crack and Tim turned to Olivia leaving
and taking her with him.

Storming into the tent followed by Tim and Olivia, Draco made a beeline for the
couch and slumped in it with a grin like what had happened was fun as he took his
sunglasses and cap off.
Avonlea and Hillary were the only ones in the room and Olivia didn’t waste any time
in going to her room to talk to Iyana and get away from the fight they knew was about
to break out..
Hillary looked between the grinning Draco and the seething Tim and shook her head
in frustration. ‘’What happened Tim?’’
‘’You want to know what happened? He happened that’s what!’’ he yelled pointing
an accusing finger at Draco; who made it worse by looking behind him confused like
he expected Tim to be pointing at someone else and he gave a mock look of surprise.
‘’Seriously Hillary I'm going kill him!’’ Tim snarled in fury he couldn’t believe this
was happening to him.
‘’Alright Tim, just calm down explain what happened. Were you spotted?’’
‘’Well he’s not all that easy to overlook now is he Gannon’’ Draco smirked looking at
Tim goading him on as he fingered his wand in his pocket one excuse that’s all he
needed and than he wouldn’t be bothered by him again.
‘’Draco be quiet!’’ Avonlea ordered sternly shooting him daggers.
‘’Things were going fine, we got to the place and we put him on surveillance. Myself
and Olivia were doing great we might have actually found something until he dropped
the ball’’ Tim said trying to calm down but seeing him there wasn’t making it easy.
‘’What happened? Explain please Tim’’ said Avonlea shaking her head but trying not
to laugh at Draco and his stubborn persistence to smile even now.
‘’A girl happened, the waitress got talking with him and instead of doing his job he
decided he would do us better by flirting. Instead of keeping a low appearance he
brought attention to us and she had some of them posters by looks of it or something
because she knew it was us we just got out as she was ringing the number and we got
‘’Yeah and who saved us’’
‘’Tim calm down, now’’ Hillary ordered stepping in front of him again.
‘’So Malfoy’s being flirting with some girl and she got a good look at him’’ Avonlea
said not looking at him and her choice of returning to calling him Malfoy went
‘’Yeah pretty much, you didn’t see me chatting up some bit of skirt’’
‘’Helyard, if you think about what you just said you’ll agree where you went wrong
with that’’ Draco smirked and Hillary had to grab Tim and pull him away this time
before he did punch Draco.
He just sat there laughing in their faces at what was happening actually enjoying
‘’What do we do now?’’ Avonlea asked simply ignoring Draco.
‘’There’s nothing we can do, try another internet café I suppose. We really need time
to look into it but I can tell you now he will not be coming with us you hear me!’’
‘’I think we should stay low for a bit Tim just for a few days’’ Hillary suggested but
Tim was already shaking his head.
‘’We haven’t got time, every day we’re out here is one less day for Dumbledore, its
being three weeks and we haven’t found anything. I’m sure that article has what we
need. I just need time to read it and look for the sources and stuff. If we just had
access to a computer we need it now’’
‘’So what we go to another one of these Internet Cafes than’’ said Avonlea believing
that’s where he was going.
‘’Too risky’’ Draco replied still smirking.
‘’As much as I hate to say it Malfoy’s right, everyone’s after us and when they hear
about that they’ll be catching on and probably have the others watched. We need to go
somewhere private where they won’t think to look for us and we can research this
‘’You sound like you have an idea’’ said a voice behind them and they turned to see
Elia standing in the doorway of the girls bedroom.
‘’Actually I do’’ smiled Tim raising his head. ‘’Right I know it’s a bit of a risk but I
trust this girl, she’s done me right in the past and she’s got no connection to my
family so I don’t see them tracking us down. There’s one problem though’’
‘’Which is’’
‘’She’s a Muggle and she doesn’t know I’m a wizard’’ he replied bluntly scanning
their faces and hoping they looked past this.
There was a long silence after this and nobody knew what to really say until Elia
broke it and looked squarely onto Tim. ‘’How well do you actually know this Muggle
‘’Her names Natasha and really well, I mean… we haven’t actually met in real life.’’
blushing a little he knew Draco’s smirk just grew.
‘’Than how did you meet Natasha?’’ Elia continued suspiciously.
‘’I met her on a RPG which I do on the computer; it’s with loads of other people all
over the world and I doubt you would understand if I explained it. Think of it like
writing a story with a bunch of other people. Besides I know I can trust her and it
worth the try don’t you think, I know where she lives as well’’
‘’I’m not saying it’s not risky… but Tim’s right we do need to find out about
Nathanial before its to late and the worst she can really do is not let us in’’ Avonlea
‘’So it’s decided, we leave in the morning and go see her. If we go there around noon
than people will be at work or they’ll be having their dinners and we have less chance
of being seen in the streets’’
‘’You’ve thought about this?’’ said Elia, it was a rhetorical question but he answered
her anyway.
‘’I never stop thinking about this’’ he replied quietly looking across to her, looking at
her, no… looking into her. She felt his gaze more than she saw it she felt the sadness
and the pain he felt. There was more to this statement than he was admitting and she
saw it in his eyes and simplest things like the way his forehead creased or his arms
hung at his sides.
‘’We can sort out the details later that unexpected sprint took a lot out of me’’ he
continued looking away quickly. ‘’If no one minds I’m going to grab a shower’’
Without another word he walked away and they returning to doing their own thing.

They arrived in Tamworth late into the morning as they planned, after a long and
extensive talk about needing to get out of the tent, their need for some space and
freedom, they all decided that one team could see Natasha, whilst the others had some
fun and had a break.
Tim had to go because he was the only one who knew Natasha and she wasn’t one for
letting in random strangers of the street. Olivia offered her services as researcher
along with Daniel who was interested in seeing this computer. Avonlea volunteered
feeling she hadn’t really participated much; after the results of falling away from the
group last time caused her to almost drown she was willing to join in a bit more and
work as a team. Open hearing this Draco insisted that he should go with them. Of
course Tim said no, that he wouldn’t have him on his team again but when the only
other choice was leaving him with Neville, Hillary, Elia and Iyana; he had to accept if
only to save the others from the task. He’d rather take the strain than deposit him on
So dressing warmly not sure what the weather would be like down there and making
sure they had their wands and other such equipment they apparated to their next
destination, leaving nothing but the faint echo of a multitude of cracks.
They reappeared in the shadows of tall bare trees, the sound of moving water near by
and the general talk of the public far into the distance as they took deep breaths and
shook of the sinking feeling they were all suffering from.
‘’Where are we?’’ Neville coughed in his fist taking in the surroundings.
‘’Tamworth Castle, like we were heading’’ Tim replied simply. It was lucky they all
put on thick coats because there was biter cold to the still air which was thick with fog.
He could just make out the others in the grey vapour smog. ‘’Sure you still want to
explore Tamworth guys?’’
‘’Yeah! We’ll be fine, we can meet up later and hopefully you’ll have good news for
us. We just want to see the sites we need the break’’ said Elia as she fixed her scarf.
‘’Very well than, we meet up back here at the castle and wait for the other team to
return and go from there’’
‘’Sounds good, watch yourselves if she can’t help get out of there and wait for us
here’’ Hillary ordered passing him to stand next to Elia and Iyana.
‘’Ok! Don’t worry we know what we’re doing you four just make sure you don’t get
caught, keep a low profile. Neville look after them’’
‘’We don’t need looking after’’ Elia cut in sharply glaring at a confused Tim.
‘’I know I’m just-‘’
‘’We can look after ourselves’’ she continued.
‘’I know that I’m simply saying-‘’
‘’Well don’t’’
There was a short silence broken by Avonlea. ‘’Shall we leave now Tim?’’
‘’Yeah your right, come on. See you four later than and Neville…’’ Elia looked up at
him daring him to say it and he smiled. ‘’…Look after them’’ he left it there turning
away and walking off whilst the others said their goodbyes, Elia looking like she
needed to be restrained.

‘’How can you be friends with a guy like that?’’ she seethed once the others were
Hillary smiled synthetic ‘’Tim’s a really good guy Elia honestly. He’s not perfect, far
from it. After all he’s arrogant, big headed, extremely deluded, always saying the
wrong thing…’’
‘’A control freak who needs to be the leader, he finds it hard to trust people who have
let him down and he’s over protective…‘’ Iyana continued grinning.
‘’Not to mention he has a super weird obsession for his hair’’ Neville laughed joining
‘’However he’s caring, creative and he tries to help, he’s always putting himself out
there for others and well he’s being there for us when we needed him’’ Hillary
finished with a warm smile. ‘’Just don’t judge him too soon, he’ll surprise you one
‘’You all really care for him don’t you’’ Elia stated simply and she remembered how
he looked at her yesterday and it did calm her.
‘’He’s our friend’’ Iyana answered.
‘’He’s my best friend’’ Neville added quietly and Elia softened hearing this coming
from such a big guy like Neville it was sweet.
‘’Maybe I have misjudged him, but I don’t need looking after’’ She sighed moving
her sleeve and looking at her watch. ‘’We should go. We haven’t got much time’’
‘’ What are we doing?’’ asked Neville unsurely and little nervous.
The three of them looked at each other with identical smiles reading each others mind
they said it together with gleeful smiles. ‘’Shopping!’’
Laughing at Neville’s groan, Hillary and Iyana locked arms with him and, Elia doing
so with Hillary, they pulled him unwillingly into the fog, heading for town and the

Keeping their heads low and trudging on through the fog, they kept chat to minimum
so as not to draw attention to themselves. They were all following Tim as he made his
way just a confused through the streets passing identical looking houses and shops,
stopping to read a street sign before turning back. They were doing this more and
more often until Olivia finally called them to a stop.
‘’It’s just down that way I’m sure of it’’ said Tim though they knew he was lying
‘’Alright, alright… I’m not sure where we are, you got me. Sorry’’
‘’Why didn’t you say so earlier my feet are killing me’’ Avonlea moaned hugging
herself from the cold warning Draco with her eyes that if he even thought about
placing his arms round her she would snap them off and he smirked that famous
cheeky smirk he always did around her.
‘’Do we even know where we are now?’’ Daniel asked looking up and down their
current street.
‘’No, not really’’
‘’Good going Helyard’’
Before Tim could reply to Draco and he so wanted to right now, Olivia was pulling
him away down the alleyway of two boarded up houses making the others follow.
‘’Right lucky for us all I have the solution. I pulled you down because I didn’t want
the Muggle’s seeing’’ she said in a low voice once Daniel arrived.
‘’What do you mean Olivia?’’ asked Tim as confused as the others.
Her answer was reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small golden object about
the size of Avonlea’s manicured finger nail. Along with a large piece of parchment,
her wand and he usual scarlet plumed quill.
‘’Olivia, I could kiss you!’’ He laughed catching on and not believing he hadn’t
thought of it already
‘’I’d prefer if you didn’t Tim’’ she teased kneeling down on the dirty cement floor of
the alley she started to unfold the parchment so it was flat she than attached the
enchanted quill nib she had chosen from the Dumbledore’s Office. She hadn’t
properly tested it for something this big, she’d being asking it to do simple things like
the tents kitchen, or bedrooms and it managed to do the woods after a few tries. They
just had to hope that it worked for them now.
Once attached and knowing they were all depending on her she placed it neatly in the
middle of the parchment and there it stood without being held.
‘’Can it tell us the exact way there?’’ asked Daniel suddenly.
‘’You mean plot out a path, yeah it can’’ she smiled as she took her wand and placed
it flat on the ground beside the parchment. ‘‘Point me!’’ The order was received and
the wand turned abruptly until it was pointing north,
It was a simple spell she had discovered and taught Harry in his forth year, the same
one which helped him through the final task. Just thinking about him was hard for her
so doing the spell brought up a few memories.
‘’Ok! Apparently that’s north’’ she said more to herself than anyone turning the paper
so when the quill started they’d know where to start from. ‘’Tim what’s her address?’’
Olivia asked and no sooner had he told them, the quill gave a little shudder and shot to
work so fast so that Avonlea stumbled backwards over a broken brick in surprise
slightly falling into Draco who caught her with ease.
‘’We have to stop doing this Avonlea, people will talk’’ he teased pulling her back to
her feet and winking at her.
She was just as quick to pull away from him and she shot him with a look that could
curdle milk but as always it just made him grin even more.
They both turned to watch the quills work and in the few seconds it had started a large
section of the parchment was already covered with small detailed sketches of houses
and streets.
‘’That is so cool!’’
‘’It’s so accurate’’
In 60 seconds exactly the quill had drew out an exact map of the surrounding area
including the path, which if they headed back they could get to in about 10 minutes.
The quill seemed to amaze them more as they realised they didn’t even need to use
ink. Something so simplest made it so much greater.
On the very edge of the parchment after finishing the street it fell onto its side and
Olivia scooped it up smiling proudly at their accomplishment whilst Tim scanned the
map once sure it was right they headed off journeying back into fog.

The others were walking about in the Akerside Shopping Centre and Neville had
being following the girls calmly at first, putting on a smile and not making a fuss.
However there was only so much girlish giggling, pointing out of shoes and worst of
all cute boys a man could take. So when they talked about heading to the lingerie shop,
he had to put his foot down and he demanded they get something to eat blushing
madly at where they might have being heading. They apologised forgetting he was
still there and did as he said. He looked so embarrassed just than, it was cute to see so
they agreed to get something to eat from the McDonalds they’d just passed.
Ten minutes later they were sat on small plastic benches outside a men’s clothing
store, opening brown paper bags and handing out the contents with ravenous smiles.
‘’Do you think the others have gotten there yet?’’ asked Iyana.
‘’Should of done. Tim was leading them so hopefully we can get this information and
we’ll find Nathanial in no time’’ Hillary replied trying to convince herself as well.
‘’Lets talk about something else this is meant to be a break away from the
assignment’’ said Elia frowning. ‘’So do either of you have a boyfriend or girlfriend
in Neville’s case’’ she giggled with Iyana and Hillary at his face.
‘’Well I’m single’’ Hillary replied. ‘’Boys are just too immature sometimes’’
‘’I agree with you there’’ Elia laughed. ‘’What about you Iyana, I heard you were
dating one of the Weasley’s a few years ago’’
‘’You heard right. Fred Weasley and we’ve being together for just over three years
‘’Wow, so it’s serious than’’
‘’Oh yeah! He’s really sweet. You all see his practical joker side but he’s so cute and
romantic behind closed doors’’ she giggled blushing slightly.
‘’Your so lucky, I wish I had someone like that’’ Elia replied with a small smile
hiding the jealousy she had for Iyana’s life right now. ‘’What about you Neville, do
you have a girlfriend?’’
He took his time answering, making it seem like he was chewing his burger. He knew
he had to answer at some point but in the end he didn’t know the answer. ‘’I don’t
know’’ he shrugged at last looking up at them. ‘’I like Luna a lot but we had to leave
so I don’t know if we’re-’’ he cut of feeling a little embarrassed and returned to his
‘’Luna’s really sweet Neville, you’ll see her again soon’’ Elia smiled warmly, like
Hillary and Iyana she was sorry for him, he wasn’t anything like people made him out
to be he was really sweet and his embarrassment only made him cuter.
He never replied but she understood why and there was an uncomfortable silence in
which they just ate their dinner and watched people pass by doing their own thing.

‘’So Mr Weasley what do you think, is it large enough for you?’’
‘’I’m seeing potential Mr Ashford. I shall have to discuss it with my brother and we’ll
contact you about setting up another appointment with both of us this time than we
can discuss the financial side’’
‘’Very good sir, very good indeed’’ the owner of the voice was a large round man
with bushy grey beard and wispy greying hair. He was walking closer to the four of
them with a tall slick red haired man who was wearing a smart black suit with a
cheeky grin.
Iyana gasped when she noticed the red haired man and she looked at the others who
all had identical looks of amazement.
What did they do? Leave and hurry off before he saw them or would that bring
unwanted attention and ruin the whole point of running? Maybe if they just stayed
still he wouldn’t notice them.
‘’I will get back to sometime tonight however I think we have good reason to believe
we will be investing your shopping centre’’ Fred smiled down at the manager.
‘’Oh you’re making a wise choice there sir. I do so look forward to your call-‘’
‘’Mr Ashford sir! We have an emergency!’’ interrupted a huge heavy built man with
the small gleaming security badge on his chest and a wire looping behind his ear.
‘’What is it Jackson cant you see I’m talking with a client’’ Ashford replied angrily
and apologising to Fred for the interruption.
‘’Oh sorry sir! Your needed in the office, we have a shoplifter in custody and the
police have being informed and they’re on their way’’
‘’Oh good grief! I am sorry Mr Weasley but I need to take care of this, I wish you a
safe journey home. This happens very rarely and we have an excellent security system
as you see’’ he smiled turning to Jackson who puffed up his chest and stood to
‘’It’s not a problem Mr Ashford and I do see that. I assure you we are still interested
in taking the lease’’ Fred replied looking at his watch quite tired with this muggle
‘’Oh good, good! Well I’m needed elsewhere. Until tonight than Mr Weasley,
Fred watched them go and shook his head amused by the Muggle’s antics he turned
away to disappear into the crowds and return home when he saw someone he never
expected to see here, today of all days and eating McDonalds on a plastic bench.
In a split second of noticing one another they shared an identical grin and they both
ran into each others arms not caring what the Muggle shoppers thought as she
practically jumped into his arms and they were instantly glued to one another.
‘’I think we can safely say we’ve being spotted’’ said Neville staring at the scene
before them as Iyana passionately kissed Fred in the middle of the crowd, some of the
Muggle’s smiling or laughing at the pair. Others disapproving of the public display of
‘’That is so sweet’’ Elia gushed watching the pair in each others arms.
‘’It’s like they haven’t seen each other for years’’ Hillary smiled as the three of them
watched from the benches but they held identical worried smiles.
After a short walk retracing their steps by using Olivia’s map, Tim and the others
were soon standing opposite Natasha’s house. They were standing underneath a street
lamp across from the large red brick house identical to so many others they were
discussing what was the next course of action.
‘’Remember let me do the talking, she’s going to be a bit freaked no doubt and we
don’t know to what extent the ministry’s search has reached’’ Tim continued speaking
in a hushed tone as they watched a young woman pass by pushing a pram laden with
plastic shopping bags.
‘’Anything look’s bad, we get out’’ Daniel added.
‘’Agreed, what about magic, if it comes to that’’ said Avonlea unsurely and looking to
Tim suspecting his answer.
‘’No… I won’t have anyone using magic on her, she’s a good friend of mine I trust
her besides it won’t even come to that’’
‘’Are we going to stand about all day or are we doing this because I'm freezing my b-
‘’Alright Malfoy, we’re going! Shut up whining’’ Tim retorted cutting him short and
ignoring Avonlea who couldn’t help but giggle slightly.
Taking one last look up the street, it was empty except for the few cars and an elderly
man making his way down to the shops. With a small nod he made his way quickly
across the street, undoing the latch and pushing the white wooden gate open. The
others followed keeping quiet as they padded down the stone path to the front door
Tim had already rang the doorbell.
After a minute when there was still no answer, he tried again… and again. Until after
five tries and with no response he gave up.
‘’So we come all this way and she’s not in’’ Daniel stated saying what they were all
thinking. ‘’The one thing we didn’t suspect, all the planning and scheming about
making sure we weren’t spotted and pointing out worst case scenarios. The one thing
we didn’t think about, what if she’s not home’’
‘’Maybe she is, maybe she’s simply in the garden or something or upstairs… or in the
shower’’ Tim tried to reason with them feeling like this was his fault.
‘’Than why don’t we simply knock a bit louder’’ Draco suggested stepping in front of
Tim and before anyone could stop him, he started kicking the door as hard as he could
and banging his fists against the hard wood making a loud constant rhythm of banging.
‘’What the hell are you doing!’’ Avonlea hissed dragging him away from the door.
‘’If she didn’t hear that than she’s not home’’ he shrugged defending himself.
She was about to reply when they all heard it, footsteps from inside the house and
muffled angry voices, the louder that of mans and they contemplated whether or not
to make a run for it.
This idea was demolished when the door was wrenched open from the inside
revealing a furious looking young man. He was average height with short, slightly
spiked blonde hair, he looked like the kind of man who would be found with a cheeky
grin but right now he was furious.
‘’What the hell is your problem?’’ she yelled stepping out and forcing them all to take
a step back from him.
‘’I am really sorry about that, my friend wasn’t thinking straight. I’m looking for
Natasha Alcock’’ Tim said getting straight to the point and glaring at Draco beside
‘’Who’s asking?’’ he quizzed narrowing his eyes and closing the door slightly to hide
the contents or protect them.
Tim never got to answer this time because the door was suddenly ripped open once
more and a young woman jumped out. Her dark brown hair twisting in the breeze,
eyes that were usually found with a shine like stars were now dark and empty. Her
young petite beautiful face was bent in fury as she charged upon the five of them.
‘’What do you think your doing? You don’t come to someone’s house and start
banging about like a blind elephant!’’ She screamed at Draco because he was the
closet her fist curled at her side. He was frozen on the spot unable to speak, afraid if
he did she would punch him.
‘’How would you like it if I came to your house and started banging your door down?
Who the hell do you think you are to come here and do as you please-‘’
‘’Hia Natasha… controlling your temper I see’’ Tim interrupted with a nervous smile.
She rounded on the speaker but her face began to soften, her hand unclenching and
she even seemed to smile slightly as she slowly took in Tim’s appearance. Soon as he
pulled down the scarf covering the lower half of his face she gave a little gasp of
surprise at finally recognising him
‘’Timmy!’’ she laughed completely losing the anger and running into him she pulled
him into a tight hug.
Soon as the name was released Tim blushed and Draco soon overcame the shock of
her shouting at him and stifled the laughter along with everyone else behind him. He
wouldn’t be surprised if you could fry an egg on his forehead now, he was that
‘’What are you doing here?’’ she giggled letting him go at last and forgetting about
the absurd knocking on her door. She stepped back to the young man, who seemed to
tense up the sight instead of relaxing.
‘’I would like to say it’s a social call but I kinda need your help’’ he admitted trying
to ignore the others who were really trying hard not to burst out laughing at the whole
spectacle. He didn’t want to lie to her she deserved more than that.
‘’Oh my you better come in then’’ she replied quietly ushering the man inside and
opening the door for the rest of them.

The living room was simply decorated, nice and homely with pale pastel colours and
plush thick armchairs. Draco and Daniel looked perplexed at a lot of the electrical
items in the room like the Television. Natasha however seemed to go into mother
mode as she moved about the room, tidying it up quickly, gathering woman’s
magazines and moving empty tea stained cups, even though it was already quite tidy.
She ushered them all into the seats at last and once everyone was seated, Tim deciding
to stand so the girls could take the small sofa and Daniel sat on the arm whilst Draco
lounged comfortably in one of the armchairs, Natasha sat on the yet to be introduced
mans knee taking the last armchair. He was looking at Tim with what seemed to be a
softened frustration or perhaps jealousy.
‘’So what is it you wanted?’’ asked the unknown man at last cutting the pleasant
‘’Tom, be nice he’s a friend’’ Natasha ordered looking down on him sternly. ‘’You
remember me telling you about Tom don’t you Timmy’’ Draco gave a short snigger
again but they ignored him.
So that was Tom, it finally dawned on him and he did remember. ‘’Yeah I do. It’s
nice to finally meet you Tom’’ he replied holding out his hand which Tom hesitated
but shook firmly without a word.
Avonlea gave a little fake cough staring at Tim and he took the hint smiling
apologetically. ‘’Oh sorry! These are my friends, Olivia, Avonlea and Daniel then
err… Draco over there’’
‘’Avonlea, that’s a really pretty name’’ Natasha complimented smiling at her.
‘’Thank you, it’s a family name’’ Avonlea returned the smile.
‘’Sorry Natasha, but we had to come because we need your help?’’ Tim interrupted.
‘’Oh right of course sorry. What’s the matter Timmy?’’
‘’I know it sounds weird but we need to use you laptop’’
‘’No that doesn’t sound weird at all, perfectly normal’’ Tom interrupted not bothering
to hide the resentment in his tone.
‘’Tom be nice it’s the last time I’m going to tell you’’ Natasha ordered her voice
getting sterner and returning to the fiery self they saw at the door, he met her eyes and
nodded giving in as he muttered an apology.
‘’It’s ok’’ Tim replied not really minding. Natasha had told him a lot about Tom, he
could be jealous sometimes and protective of her but it was only because he loved her
so much and didn’t want to lose her. He wasn’t a bad guy he just cared a lot.
‘’Natasha, I don’t suppose you’ve seen any posters with my face on have you?’’
‘’Posters! No… but I thought I saw you on TV… and you’’ she pointed at Daniel. ‘’I
was sure you had blonde hair in the picture’’ she added confused.
‘’I had it dyed yesterday’’ confessed Daniel with a small smile there was no use lying
now if she already knew them that was it.
‘’Great so we’re on the telly’’ Olivia interrupted looking to the window like she was
expecting the police to come in and cart them off.
‘’It said something about 9 missing students from a private school, suspected
runaways or something. I wasn’t really listening. What’s going on Timmy? Are you
in trouble with the police?’’ Natasha asked getting nervous about his response.
‘’No! We just… we can’t be seen, we’re doing something important, its nothing bad
don’t worry but It’s a secret and I really need your help’’
‘’Your not getting my girlfriend involved and I don’t care if you need help, we’re not
doing anything dodgy’’ Tom objected putting his foot down now.
‘’It nothing bad I promise. I just need to use your laptop because I haven’t got access
anywhere else. I cant go home and the last time we used a public used computer it
didn’t go down too well’’ Tim informed them turning to Draco and back to Natasha
who was looking at the floor in thought as nervously twisted the ring on her finger
‘’Natasha, I wouldn’t come here unless I was desperate’’
She looked up at last and slowly nodded her agreement and ignoring the worried sigh
from Tom. ‘’Ok but you have to hurry; my dad will be home soon. The laptops
upstairs in my bedroom, I’ll show you’’ she agreed standing up and brushing down
her blue jeans she waited for Tim at the door.
‘’Olivia and Daniel, I’ll need you. Avonlea and Draco stay down here, if you see any
need for us to get out, call for us. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid please
Avonlea’’ Tim instructed taking charge again as he glanced at the ring on his finger,
the green peridot stone gleaming in the light.
‘’I’m only human’’ she argued smiling.
He returned the smile thanking her with his eyes and pouring his support into the
simple gesture before turning and following Natasha upstairs with Daniel and Olivia.
Tom watched them the whole time, debating whether he should follow or watch the
two who were left behind. Who were these five strange people, they knew they were
wanted by the police… the phone was so close he could just-
‘’Thank you for letting us do this Tom’’ said Avonlea breaking his train of thought.
‘’Its Natasha’s house, Natasha’s laptop, I’ve got nothing to do with it’’ he replied
simply shaking the idea off. Natasha would never forgive him for it.
‘’Oh! Well thank you anyway’’ she chuckled nervously looking to Draco who was
whistling a tune and looking at the framed photographs on the mantelpiece.
‘’So what’s that thing?’’ he asked Tom pointing to the Television.
‘’That would be a TV’’ he answered shaking his head and muttering under his breath.
‘’ You say something Muggle?’’ Draco retorted angrily reaching for his wand, he
wasn’t going to be criticised by him.
‘’What the hell is a Muggle?’’ Tom laughed at the insult; he’d heard worst come from
five year olds.
‘’Draco stop it!’’ Avonlea hissed.

Breaking the long, deep kiss at last and hugging her tightly Fred couldn’t believe his
luck and he laughed at the looks they were receiving. ‘’Iyana what are you doing
‘’Me! What are you doing here?’’ she retorted pulling away and looking up at him
confused but more than anything overwhelmed with happiness.
‘’I’ve had a meeting with Mr Ashford, about renting one of the vacant slots here. It
was George’s idea about going into a Muggle practical jokes. It’s cheaper
productivity and it’s a bigger customer ratio. Look can we forget about business, I
thought you said you were doing something for a friend? Your mother is really
worried about you, we all are’’
‘’We still are. I'm sorry Fred, I really am, you wont believe how much I've missed
seeing you but you’ve being receiving my messages haven’t you?’’
‘’Every night, I replied remember’’ he smiled leaning down and kissing her once
more, how he missed her.
The messages were only saying things like goodnight or how much they loved each
other, simple things. This was because she didn’t want the others knowing she was
still contacting Fred and she had to do it in secret which wasn’t easy in such a small
tent and everyone wanting to tag along when you left for a walk.
‘’I know it’s just so hard Fred, are they both ok?’’ she asked speaking about her older
sister and mother.
‘’They’re just worried, they’ve being looking for you, your mother can be really scary
sometimes, she puts mine to shame’’ he chuckled. ‘’You know she cornered me at
Hogwarts thinking I had something to do with your disappearance’’
‘’Oh I’m so sorry Fred’’ she apologised but she couldn’t help but smile picturing the
scene of her mother yelling at him, if she was scary Iyana was tenfold as scary when
she wants to be.
‘’Every one’s looking for you and some Ginsky guy in the ministry, the department of
Magical Co-operation, has contacted the Muggle Police chief. Iyana you’re on those
Telly boxes’’ he said looking worried that someone would notice them.
‘’I’m on the TV’’ she repeated pulling him to the side were the others were watching.
‘’You need to get out of here, there’s things watching us everywhere, Mr Ashford
showed me these Telly boxes and they showed all the Muggle’s shopping’’
‘’CCTV’’ she corrected alarmed why didn’t they think of course there was CCTV
video cameras. ‘’We need to get out of here without being caught and fast’’ said Iyana
informing the others desperately.
Before any of them could comment however Fred was the first to see them. Two large
built men, like Jackson, they were speaking into small black boxes and definitely
walking towards them.
‘’To late Iyana, they’ve found you’’ he whispered pulling out his wand. ‘’Run I’ll
catch up with you I promise’’ The men must have sensed their escape because they
walked considerably faster.
‘’Fred what are you going to do?’’
‘’Buy you time, just hurry and go while you can’’ he replied giving her a slight push
and Elia took her hand pulling her on as well.
‘’Come on Iyana, we need to go he knows what he’s doing’’
She wanted to object but Fred gave her another push and Elia wouldn’t let go so in the
end she ran. Neville and Hillary right behind them as they left Fred to take care of the
security officers
‘’Oy Ginger, you with them kids?’’ called the taller broader man while the other
spoke into his walkie talkie, alerting the other officers in the vicinity.
‘’I don’t know who your talking about’’ Fred replied acting dumb.
‘’Those kids, the four of them running we saw you talking to them’’ he harassed
puffing up his chest.
‘’Oh them kids… yeah I was talking to them. Asking the time’’
‘’Steve! They’re heading to the back exit come on’’ ordered his friend getting his
orders from the black box, a scratchy voice speaking back, the owner a man sitting at
the TV screens watching the Iyana and the others run across the screens.
Fred had to give them time to get away but he couldn’t start a fight, they looked like
they could bend him like a pretzel. So he used the one thing they couldn’t he used
magic, letting them pass, his arm at his side and his hand his wand.
He gave his wand a little flick indicting the beside him it suddenly exploded outwards
showing the public in dust and plasterboard as a water pipe burst forth charging into
the two men and a dousing a few of the shoppers. Smiling at the carnage Fred gave
another flick and another pipe burst on the opposite wall, making a wall of water.
There were a few screams as some of the shoppers got soaked but they were replaced
by laughter as the two security guard fought to get back on their feet despite the
charge of water falling down on them. Nobody knew what had happened but a few
more security officers appeared and their trying to help ended up making it worse but
more entertaining for the shoppers.
Fred joined in the laughter and whilst everyone was preoccupied by noise and comedy
he mysteriously walked through the gushing water without getting wet. It seemed to
divert and curve round him instead. Taking one last look at the large men slipping and
sliding in the water and fighting their way through he took off running to catch up
with Iyana.

‘’It’s just in here’’ Natasha informed them opening the bedroom door and leading
them inside. It was nice, not girly but it had a feminine touch. She rushed to a small
black laptop on her bed pulling the screen up and turning it on.
‘’Have you got a table and chair to work at’’ Tim asked feeling a little uneasy about
being in her bedroom, thankfully the others were there.
‘’Yeah there’s a desk behind you’’ she replied passing it over. ‘’Do any of you want a
drink?’’ she asked politely playing hostess.
‘’Could I have a glass of water?’’ asked Daniel.
‘’Sure long as you don’t mind out of a tap, not as some posh swanky private school
now’’ she teased ‘’Olivia?’’
‘’I’m fine thank you’’
‘’Timmy do you want anything? Juice, coke, tea?’’
‘’You and your tea, no I’m fine thank you’’ he laughed.
‘’Teas the greatest thing on this earth’’ she giggled ‘’How can you not like it?’’
‘’Tastes like sweaty gym socks’’ he joked typing something down.
‘’That’s why you love me’’
‘’Yeah, I do ’’
‘’Don’t let Tom hear you say that’’ he teased looking to the open door and wondering
if he could hear.
‘’I’m sorry about him. He’s just looking out for me’’
‘’I know don’t worry about it. Thanks for helping us out Natasha you’re a real friend’’
‘’No problem Timmy, you’ve helped me before when I needed you. Right glass of
water for Daniel coming up’’ she replied walking out the room and heading
‘’She’s really nice Tim’’
‘’Thanks Olivia, right we need to get to work’’
‘’What do you want us to do?’’ Daniel asked looking over Tims shoulder at the
strange laptop.
‘’I found this website about scholars of mythical magic and legends. Seems
Nathanial’s made a big name for himself amongst scholars of Folklore’’
‘’Folklore’’ Daniel questioned.
‘’It’s all about local legends like elves and unicorns. I guess, he would know a lot
being in the Magical World, kind like cheating isn’t it’’ said Olivia disapprovingly.
‘’That doesn’t matter right now look I found a fans webpage on him it tells us a lot,
where he was born, where he’s studied and such. I need you to write down what I tell
you and we can discuss if need be.
‘’Sure thing’’ Olivia replied pulling out more spare Parchment and her quill but
taking the golden nib off.
Clearing his throat and making sure they were ready, he read out the important notes.
‘’Nathanial Quentin Hope was born 1954, Portsmouth, Hampshire. His Father and
Mother are Albert and Gwen Hope. Mother originated from Cardiff, Wales; Father
was from Portsmouth. He attended the Mayville High school from the age of two, it
was an independent school and it seems quite the posh place.’’ He muttered leaning
forward and skipping the useless information.
‘’Oh here's something seems Nathanial has a severe case of Dyslexia, but despite this
he left with incredible results at the age of 16. He’s considered to being the brightest
student of his year and the greatest success story in the school’’
‘’Wait I thought he was a wizard’’ said Daniel confused about why he was going to a
school for Muggle’s.
‘’Daniel don’t use the W word, remember where we are and he was a Squib,
Dumbledore told us that before we left. They can’t do ‘stuff’ so they’re placed in
normal schools instead of Hogwarts. It’s considered easier for them in for their future
careers than being in… our world’’ Olivia replied quietly and watching the door in
case Natasha returned.
‘’Oh I see… Sorry, please continue’’
‘’Thank you, right… seems he was considered a child genius he has a fierce thirst for
knowledge which only grew stronger with time. He attended The University of
Oxford where he studied Zoology, Ancient History and Archaeology. However he
made his way into the field of Folklore in his late 20’s. Nobody knew where he came
from but he brought forward intresting theroies which I can only guess the Ministry
have kept quiet’’
‘’What else do we know about his education’’ quizzed Olivia.
‘’Thats it! His education is sketchy I can only suppose he learnt by other means’’
‘’I see… his parents perhaps, they would have attended Hogwarts they would know
some things maybe they taught him as well’’ she thought outloud.
‘’Exactly what im thinking, theres this huge gap right here, between his late 20’s to
his late 40’s. It says he traveled the world living in the wild and such but theres not
much detail. Oh here we are… oh that’s nice, he got married to his colleage and
partner a Ms Abigail Parker. They settled down and bought a home in Germany… the
Black Forest’’
‘’The Black Forest… think he might still living there?’’ asked Daniel, maybe this was
it their journey would be over and Dumbledore would be saved.
‘’No… I very much doubt it, it continues to say that Abigail died 3 years into their
marriage. She was found in the river Rhine, she died from blood loss and sufficent
damage to her internal organs including various servere lacterations which were
believed to have caused the blood loss. Whats a lacteration?’’
‘’It’s a jagged cut to the skin, she must have being hurt pretty badly. Do we know
how it happened?’’asked Daniel softly.
‘’No… she was missing for a week and than her body was discovered, Nathanial
wasn’t seen or heard from again, that’s it, that’s Nathanial Hope story from a
Muggle’s point of view. Perhaps if we could find someone who really-‘’
‘’Im back’’ Natasha called opening the door and passing the glass of water over to
Daniel than taking a seat on her bed next to Olivia. ‘’Everything alright with the
computer Timmy?’’
‘’Yes thank you, we got what we needed but if you don’t mind im going to take a
little longer see if I can find somemore’’
‘’No problem, do you want to stay for lunch?’’
‘’No we cant. Thank you but we have friends who will be waiting for us’’ he
apolgised with a small smile.
‘’Oh! Ok than, its nice to see you again Timmy, properly I mean’’
‘’It nice to see you to, your family alright, how Ella-may’’
‘’Oh shes so sweet and cute Timmy, I wish you could see her and shes so funny’’ she
giggle thinking of her neice ‘’She spit up on Tom when he first held her’’
‘’Really, I bet he wasn’t happy’’ laughed Tim.
‘’No I wasn’t’’ Tom replied stepping into the bedroom ‘’Ruined my brand new shirt’’
‘’She didn’t mean to Tom’’ Natasha defended as she continued to giggle.
‘’I know lucky for her she cute enough to get away with it’’ he winked sitting next to
her and wrapping his arm round her waist. ‘’like you’’ he flirted as he kissed her on
the lips, instantly forgettng about the others.
She blushed pulling away and smiling vry much knowing the others were there but
she liked the thought and it was always sweet when it came from Tom.
‘’Where Avonlea and Draco?’’ Olivia interupted before they could continue, she was
trying to hide her jealosy at what the two of them had, what she craved.
‘’I left them downstairs, we’ve got nothing to worry about have we?’’ Tom asked
skeptical if he made the right decision.
‘’No Avonlea will keep him under control’’ Daniel chuckled.
‘’Tim could I quickly go on the laptop? If Natasha doesn’t mind’’ asked Olivia.
‘’Sure you can Olivia, move it Timmy’’ she teased. ‘’So are they a couple?’’ Natasha
asked loving a nice bit of romantic gossip.
‘’Avonlea and Draco, you must be kidding, they’re at eachothers throats 24-7 I swear
they even dream about fighting’’ Tim replied looking away from the screen and
letting Olivia take over.
‘’What about you Timmy have you got yourself a lucky girl yet’’
‘’No free and single that’s how I roll’’ he winked at her despite the blush that risen to
his cheeks at the question.
‘’You know I have a friend-‘’
‘’Don’t even go there! I am not getting hooked up on a blind date’’ he interupted and
they all laughed at him.
‘’You never told us, why are you being shown on the news Timmy? Why did you
leave your school’’ Natasha asked.
‘’Because we’re classed as missing, we’re doing something important but if they stop
us well bad things are going to happen’’
‘’What do you mean bad things?’’
‘’Honestly Natasha It’s better the less you-‘’ he never got to finish because they were
interupted by a thundering explosion underneath their feet which made the whole
house shudder followed by a series of loud crashes and banging. Jumping to their feet,
Natasha and Tom leading the way they hurried down stairs to investigate leaving
Olivia at the computer.
The crashes were joined by yelling and screaming and then the TV and Stereo playing
full blast. A thick dark smoke erupted out the living room and kitchen as they came
down the stairs and Avonlea came hurtling out coughing into her hand and using
some well chosen swear words which unsurprisinginly were all directed at Draco
inside the carnage.

Iyana, Elia, Hillary and Neville had made it to the glass doors but Iyana insited they
stop and wait for Fred. She was woried what if he got caught? She didn’t want him
getting in trouble for her. So when she heard screaming and laughter behind her she
knew he had a hand in it and she giggled as she saw his head bobbing up in the crowd
as he ran to her, chased by a squad of dripping wet very angry security guards.
‘’Time to leave I think’’ he laughed grabbing her hand with that cheeky grin and wink
which she adored. They jumped out the automatic doors surprising the public and
making an old man fall over in shock which slowed down the guards giving them
enough time to escape.
‘’Fred I really love you sometimes’’
‘’I love you as well’’ he laughed bringing her into a quick kiss as they ran with the
others down the street, heading for the castle to lay low.

They arrived at Tamworth Castle a short time later, taking deep ragged breaths and
laughing with excitment as they hid in the shadows of the stones walls.
‘’That was a buzz’’ Elia paned resting her back against the cool stone.
‘’Why were they all wet’’ Neville quizzed and they looked to Fred who was grinning
that cheeky grin again, making Iyanas heart melt.
‘’Theyhave a slight problem with their plumbing, seem to have sprung a leak’’ and he
showed them his wand with a raised eyebrow.
‘’You did that… what about the ministry, what if they find out-‘’
‘’Chill Hillary, they wont think much of it, they’ll send Dads old partner Perkins, it’s
a Muggle enquirement and by the time the paperwork gets to the Law Enforcement
Squad it will be forgotten beside the place will collect on the insurance. Trust me
pranks are my thing I know how to get away with it and if they did catch me it only a
small fine to pay’’ Fred shrugged putting it aside.
‘’We got away, lets just be content with that’’ Elia sighed.
There was a bit of an akward silence and Fred would have preferred to speak to Iyana,
have a bit of time alone seeing as they hadnt seen eachother for so long. Hillary must
have picked up on this because she suddenly excused them all. ‘’Iyana we’re going to
wait by the tree’’ she instructed giving the others a don’t argue with me look. ‘’Fred
don’t keep her to long’’ she winked, ushering Elia and Neville away.
‘’Shes in good hands’’ he laughed slipping his arm round Iyanas waist.
‘’Very good hands’’ she agreed with a coy smile as she slipped into his hold and
wrapped her hands round his neck pulling his head down.
‘’I’ve missed you’’ he purred leaning down with no objection.
‘’Less talk more kiss’’ she ordered running her hands through his hair.
‘’I love it when you order me around’’ he whispered, his voice deep and alluring, lips
so close to hers..
She giggled and pulled him down and started kissing him deep and passionatly. He
moaned into the kiss and turned her as he pushed her against the wall running his
hands slowly up and down her sides and she quivered at his touch. Being that they
were in a public place made it so much more exciting.
Pulling away at last her lipstick smeared and his lips sufficently redder she giggled
and wiped them down with her thumb and he took her hand kissing her fingers and
holding her tightly just as a family of four passed by.
They smiled poligising for interupting as they hurried by. A little boy, who looked
about 7 years old was making gagging sounds at the scene and his older teenage sister
scolded him for it looking at the Fred and approving of Iyanas choice. The parents
were looking at each other with soppy eyes like they remembered the days of a quick
fondle in the shadows of random public places.
‘’Kids’’ Fred laughed lightly kissing her again once the family were out of ear shot.
‘’One day-’’ she whispered resting her head on his chest and wraping her arms round
his back, she felt his heart beating against her cheek ‘’-that will us’’
He smoothed down her hair and led her to the bench next to them. ‘’I can’t wait… I
love you Iyana Bass’’
‘’And I love you Frederick Weasley... Frederick’’ she giggled.
He blushed slightly and held her as they sat down. ‘’ How long do I have with you?’’
‘’Until the others get back’’ she sighed snuggling into his chest and trying to look out
through the thick fog but she couldn’t see anything.
‘’Than lets make the most of the time we got’’ he smiled lifting her chin and leaning
down, once more she melted his arms as he kissed her. All her fears and worries
leaving her with the cold as she shared his warmth and love letting it fill her.

‘’MALFOY’’ Tim roared charging into the smoke and pulling out his wand he
stopped abrutly when he entered the kitchen and saw the huge roaring fire against
what was once the wall was now a huge gaping hole.
‘’Timmy! Whats happening?’’ Natasha begged from the living room door with Tom
and she screamed seeing the flickering flames inside as the sofa was ablaze. ‘’FIRE!’’
Whilst everyone was upstairs, Avonlea was in the living room keeping a look out at
the windower whilst Draco had followed Natasha into kitchen where she left him.
Growing up in a wizarding home he had no knowledge of Muggle kitchen appliances
such as the microwave. So because he was curious he pulled out his wand and tried to
get it working until he lost his patiance and he accdiently went to far with his tapping.
The next thing he knew he was blown across the room englufed in flame. This was
the explosion they heard, the same one which managed to blow up the wall shared
with the living room and caused the fire to erupt out. The blast threw him hard against
the kitchen counter and he sent accidently sent out a volley of curses which richoceted
and caused further devestation including the TV and Stereo system going out of
‘’AGUAMENTI’’ there was a surge of water from Tims wand and he directed it
against the fire in the shattered wall. Someone slowly moved behind him and he
repeated the charm battling the flames with Tim and groaning as he did so.
Avonlea and Daniel had gotten to work putting out the fire in the living room whilst
Natasha sobbed into a wide eyed Toms chest. The four of them knew they were
breaking some serious laws right now with showing magic that didn’t matter they
needed to egstinguish the fire before it spread and the whole house was up in flames.
Avonlea was waving her arms round her head muttering continusly whislt Daniel
pulled the windows open letting the smoke spill out with Avonleas aid it was
dispelled through and they could see the details of Dracos mistake. The wall had
indeed being blown through and the rubble scattered the floor, crumbled blackened
brick and smouldering wallpaper. The sofa was charred and steaming and there was a
thick cloying stench of smoke which burnt the back of their throat.
Once the last flames were put out in the kitchen Tim turned to the cause, a blacked
Draco who was wide eyed and painfully weeping as he rubbed his eyes in irratation
moaning with pain. All cocky behaviour, for once in his life was lost for and Tim
wasn’t angry at him, instead he was concerned.
‘’Did you get it in your eyes?’’ he asked taking Draco by the shoulder and leading
him to the sink. He nodded stubbornly in return but allowed Tim to lead him knowing
he needed help more than his pride he allowed Tim to help wash his eyes by cupping
the crystal clear water and splashing it into Dracos face washing his eyes and soothing
the irratation. ‘’You don’t want to rub them your just going to make it worse and your
going to end up blind or something’’
‘’Screw him, what the hell happened to my house’’ Natasha screeched her face
streaked with tears and Toms shirt had a large damp patch where she had being crying
into. ‘’What the hell did you do Timmy? Where did all that water come from? What
was she doing with her arms? What the was that?’’ she quizzed getting angrier with
each question and soon as she looked at the hole she started crying out of despair and
‘’Right theres a lot I have to explain and your not going to believe me’’ he answered
holding up his hands defending himself and revealing his wand which he was still
holding, bad move Timmy.
‘’What did you do?’’ she repeated trying to calm down but failing and Tom opened
the back door leading out into the garden trying to get rid of the smoke as well..
‘’Just hear me out Natasha please! You know I told you I went to a private school for
the gifted. Well its more gifted than you could imagine… it’s a school of magic’’
‘’So you can pull a rabbit out your hat, so what! That doesn’t explain why theres a
huge hole going into the living room now does it?’’ Tom argued as Daniel and
Avonlea stepped out through the hole stumbling on the rubble they took their time.
‘’No! Not that kind of magic look this is my wand see’’ and he showed her the stick
he was carrying. ‘’This is how we could make water appear and Avonlea directed the
smoke out using wind’’
‘’Timmy!... I thought you were my friend and your trying to make me look like an
idiot!’’ Natasha cried out. ‘’You come to my house banging on the door and asking
for help! I see you on the TV as being a missing person and than your friend blows up
my kitchen and half the living room with it!’’
‘’I’m not Natasha please you have to believe me I really am a wizard, so is Daniel and
Draco; Avonlea and Olivia are witches. I would never lie to you I promise’’
‘’Your promises don’t mean anything to me Timmy!’’
‘’Now get out!’’ Tom finished, he’d had enough of them all.
‘’Listen to him you stupid Muggle! He’s telling the truth’’ Draco yelled his face
dripping wet and his eyes red and puffy.
‘’Like we’re going to listen to the guy who blew up the wall!’’ Tom replied balling
his fist. ‘’I’ve heard enough you can-‘’
He had stopped abrutly because they heard the front door slam and heavy footsteps as
large man burst into the scene. He was broad shouldered with short dark hair, the
same colour as Natashas. He was looked about in his late 40’s with definite qualities
of a hard working man. The furrowed brow and dark rings around his eyes caused no
doubt from lack of sleep. However right now they were full of anger and shock and he
dropped his car keys on what was left of the counter, the small bit which wasn’t
destroyed by the explosion. Mouth agape he scanned the wreakage and eyes locked on
each of them inturn until he saw Natasha and Tom.
‘’Oh! Hi Dad’’
 Before he could reply there was a scream of sirens from the open windows and even
in the fog they could see the flash of red a blue coming down the road.
‘’Merlins Beard what now?’’ Daniel cursed jumping over the rubble and running to
the window. ‘’Tim what do we do now? What is that?’’
‘’Police!’’ he swore under his breath. ‘’Come on we need to get out of here!’’
Natashas Dad had other plans however as he moved from the kitchen doorway to the
back door blocking the only availble exit. ‘’Your not going anywhere till I get some
answers. What the hell happened to my kitchen?’’
‘’Look Mr Alcock im sorry for the trouble, Natasha will explain but we need to get
out of here now’’
‘’I said your not-‘’ there was a sudden flash from behind and Mr Alcock went as stiff
as a board, his arms stuck to his side as he teetered on his feet for a few seconds
before falling forwards onto Tim who caught him just in time but didn’t have a strong
hold so he slipped out his arms and fell onto his back petrified.

Natasha screamed.
Avonlea swore continusly.
Daniel shut the curtains wide eyed and in shock.
Tom threw himself in front of Natasha as a human shield
And Draco calmly slipped his wand back into his pocket looking smug.
‘’What? He wasn’t going to let us go so now we can hop out without trouble’’ Draco
shrugged not caring less of the consquences
‘’YOU KILLED HIM’’ Natasha screamed running at Draco but Tom was holding her
tightly afraid that she would get hurt and defending her from what ever just happened
to her dad.
‘’Oh be quiet, hes not dead hes only petrified’’ Draco scoffed ignoring her fevish
attempt to attack him. ‘’We leaving or what?’’
‘’No! We’re not leaving for…’’ Tim trailed off running his hands through his hair and
swearing under his breath as he looked down on Mr Alcock.
‘’Tim, some men are coming out those big metal things’’ Daniel informed them
nervously from his spying through the curtains.
Looking up from the body he could so easily run right now, they wouldn’t have to
worry about it leave Natasha to sort it out hererself, leave a great big gaping hole in
the wall and her dad petrified. The ministry would come and sort it out. They would
modify their memories and there wouldn’t be any problem. NO! Natasha meant more
to him than that and he’d being wanting to tell her for long enough he just wished it
was under better circumstances than this. Taking a deep breath he formulated a plan

‘’Right, Avonlea, Draco, Daniel fix this mess nothing happened here, there wasn’t an
explosion try and make it look normal. Natasha, I meant it when I said I was a wizard.
Your dads going to be fine, think of it like hes being knocked out’’
She was breathing heavilly and her eyes were glazed with more tears but she nodded
slowly listening to what he had to say she was in a state of shock nothing else could
happen surely.
‘’There is such things as Magic but we, wizards and witches we hide it because of
things like this happening. Draco wasn’t thinking and he’s made things worse but you
have to trust me, im still the same old arrogant Timmy. The school, Hogwarts, is
where we learn to control magic it is a school but for wizards and witches. Look we
havent got time we need to get out of here and I need your help. Your Dad is going to
be fine I promise but I need your help… please’’
They didn’t have time to give them a full lesson on the Magical world and he knew it
was a lot to take in but they were in a hurry.
She looked to Tom who was staring at her Dads body mouth opening and closing as
he continued to shield her he was still not beliving what was happening. When she
saw Daniel, Avonlea and Draco waving their wands and muttering strange words she
was in awe. The wall was repairing itself, the broken charred bricks were shooting
back together and sealing up the hole; including the kitchen counters and cupboards
the contents following back to their origonal places. Everything was moving,
repairing like Timmy said, like there wasn’t an explosion… this really was magic.
‘’Natasha… Natasha!’’
‘’We’ll help you’’ she replied looking down on Tim with determination. ‘’What do
you need us to do?’’
‘’Thank you, thank you so much! Right we need to get your Dad in the living room
and get rid of the-‘’
He stopped because there was a rapid knock on the front door.
‘’Police, open up please’’
‘’-them’’ he finished panicing he turned to Tom ‘’Right I need you to grab his legs
we’ll carry him into the living room and put him on the sofa’’ Tim ordered standing
up but Tom refused to move. ‘’Tom I need your help mate please for Natasha if not
for me’’
‘’Please Tom, trust him’’ Natasha pleaded and this seemed to awaken something in
him as he leaned down taking Mr Alcocks legs which remained stuck together.
‘’Good god Natasha! Your Dad really needs to lose some weight’’ even in the most
difficult of times he knew how to make her laugh.
‘’I’ll tell him you said that’’
‘’You better have some good reason for doing this Tim’’
‘’I do I promise. Your saving someones life for helping us, your saving hundred of
lifes in the end’’ he replied sadly as they lugged the body out of the kitchen door and
the police continued their knocking more repeatedly and with more force.
‘’One minute please im just getting dressed’’ Natasha called to the door behind us and
blushing at the odd look we both gave her.
‘’Natasha can you go get Olivia, tell her we need to leave’’ instructed Avonlea as she
opened the living room door wider.
The room was back to normal the TV and Stereo switched off. The half burnt sofa
was looking just as it did and Natasha gasped at the sight, it was exactly as they left it
before the explosion before they even came. Quickly shaking the shock off she ran up
the stairs to get Olivia.

When they all heard the explosion downstairs and the others jumped up to investigate,
Olivia was the only one who stayed where she was; because at that exact minute she
was checking her e-mails. She was going to follow but something got her attention
which was a lot more important in her eyes and she couldn’t believe it when a small
white box popped up in the corner which read.
HermioneToothFairy023 is Online
Automaticly she started clicking it fevershly opening up a Messanger window she
might never have another chance and she wasted no time in typing a message.
-Hermione is that really you
On the other side of the country Hermione was laying on her bed in the tent with the
laptop infront of her, the boys had gone to collect firewood and she decided to go
online and use the internet to help them with their mission, the were currently feeding
of someone elses WIFI and with a little bit of magic she got it to work for her
succesfully. So she was just as surprised as Olivia to find her online and typed her
reply just as quickly thinking the same as her.
-Are you ok? Where are you? Wheres Harry and Ron?
-We’re fine. I can’t tell you. They’re out its just me. how are you on a computer,
why are’nt you at Hogwarts???
 -I can’t tell you Hermione.
-Olivia are you hurt? Whats happened please tell me!
-I’m doing something important that’s all I can tell you. I’m sorry but I cant tell
you either. I reallly wish I didn’t have to keep secrets but you must understand I
would tell you if I could.
-Olivia he really is sorry, He didn’t want to leave you, it was the hardest decisions
he ever had to make and he’s being regretting it ever since but I promise its better
you didn’t come.
Olivia was close to tears immediately soon as she read this, she knew it would come
up and she also knew it would be hard to learn the truth. She deserved more respect
than that thought after everything she’d done for him, after everything she was willing
to do… she would have given him her heart if he hadnt already taken it as his own.
Stifling a sob she took her time to reply, not even hearing Natasha or the seeing the
smoke spiral up the stairs.
-BETTER! For who, you and Ron. I see he took you two with him but he wouldn’t
think twice about me would he. Im just his friend and that’s all I’ll ever be to him
no matter how much I wish otherwise.
This was the first time she had actully admitted that she had feelings for Harry. They
all knew there was intimacy between the two of them, just like the knew it with
Neville and Luna but they never spoke about it.
-Olivia please don’t think that about us. He didn’t want to bring us either but we
made him. I wish he was here to explain how long can you talk he’ll be back soon
and than you can speak to him.
There were sirens in the distance but Olivia thought little of it as she replied believing
it must be somewhere else her attention was engrossed on the computer screen as she
continued to type.
-No! I’ll be in touch I don’t want you to lie but he cant know yet. I’ll try and
contact you somehow in the future but things are just kinda hard right now and I
don’t want him knowing about me.
-Ok… Are you ok though? Are you safe wherever you are?
‘’OLIVIA’’ Natasha suddenly burst into the room, pale faced and wide eyed she
looked like she was about to have a heart attack. ‘’You need to go, the police are
‘’The Police, where are the others? Whats happened?’’
‘’No time! Come on you need to get out of here now!’’ she urged and they heard the
police knocking on the door again they were getting irrated and any second they
would be charging the door down.
Olivia didn’t want to go she had to speak to Hermione she had to find out what was
happening but there wasn’t anytime. Going against everything she wanted she shut
the laptop down cutting its power and its connection to Hermione.
Who on the other side of the country was left staring blankly at the screen where it
told her Olivia had gone offline but why so abrutly, what happened to cause it? She
prayed that she was ok as she shut her own laptop to think about what to do. She
could hear the pair of them returning did she keep it a secret....

Running down the stairs everyone was waiting at the botttom for them.
‘’Olivia, what were you doing? Come on we havn’t got time we need to get out of
here’’ Tim whispered knowing full well the police were on the other side of the door.
‘’What about my dad?’’
‘’I’ve lifted the spell, he’s asleep on the sofa perfectly fine I promise but we need to
get out’’ answered Tim moving to the kitchen and everyone following.
‘’Tom! Answer the door keep the police busy while I get them out the house’’
instructed Natasha as she shut the kitchen door and leaving him to do as she said the
rest of them ran out into the garden. Feet padding on the damp patio, they slipped
slightly through the wet soil to the tall wooden fences that lined the garden. There
gate hasn’t being open in years, rusted shut it would take to long to get it open and
they didn’t have time to spare.
There was a long dirt path road on the other side which they could sneak down and be
away before the Police knew what was happening.
Wasting no time in getting over, Tim holding out his hands, cupped together he
helped them in turn get over by making a lift and forcing them over. Draco and Daniel
going first to catch the girls on the other side so they didn’t get hurt.
Draco took his time letting Avonlea down, his arms round her back so she slid
through against his chest and her held her close and she tried to ignore his usual smirk
flipping her hair and catching him in the face he rubbed his cheek and laughed.
It was just Olivia and Tim left.
‘’You ready? Your next up Olivia’’
‘’Wait Timmy! Have you got a phone?’’ Natasha asked an idea forming.
‘’No we had to get rid of them because people kept ringing us and we couldn’t be
‘’Than take this, Toms number is inside I want to be able to talk to you and make sure
you got away ok’’ she said as she pulled out a shiny new I-Phone which was pressed
into Olivias open hands because knowing Timmy he would refuse.
‘’Natasha we can’t its-‘’
‘’It’s a phone Timmy, your safty means more to me’’ she cut him off with a look that
meant your taking it no matter what you say so shut up and get going.
‘’Thank you Natasha, we’ll be in touch’’ Olivia answered slipping the phone into her
pocket and with Tims help she was proppelled over the fence falling into Daniels
arms. They were just waiting for Tim to get over now.
‘’I guess this is goodbye’’
‘’Just you look after yourself you big idiot’’ she smiled pulling him down into a hug.
‘’Watch that friend of yours doesn’t blow up anymore kitchens’’
‘’I’ll come again sometime after all this has finished. You ok with the old wizard
‘’Well you can explain it properly next time, just make sure you look after them lot
and get yourselves away’’
‘’I will, thank you Natasha you really are the best’’ he surprised he suddenly as she
felt his lips brush her cheek before pulling away and quickly grabbing the fence he
threw himself making the wood creek.
He landed on all fours like and cat dusting off his hands he nodded to the others and
they were off, running into the fog down the dirt path.
Natasha was blushing because of the kiss but she quickly recovered when she realised
the police were at her door. Jogging back into the house, she heard something unusul,
almost like a car backing up into another, a sharp echoing crack that somehow she
knew was Tim and the others.

‘’Sorry Officer can we help you’’ said Natasha in her sweetest voice as she appeared
behind Tom who gave her a questioning look her reply was a smile which he returned
now knowing they were succesful in the escape.
‘’Miss Alcock’’ said a large, bald black officer with deep set eyes and 40 years of
experience in the police force written across his face.
‘’Yeah that me. Is there a problem?’’
‘’We got a call from your neighbour, a Mrs Charlotte Way. Regarding unusual noises,
loud bangs and crashes including what she described as an explosion. They reported
seeing smoke coming out the windows’’ he informed her indicting the large fire truck
in the street, lights still flashing the occupants looking confused and more than angry
about the false claim.
‘’Oh sorry about that, me and Tom were fooling around with the TV and things kinda
got too loud’’ she blushed looking all inocent and cute which Tom was finding hard
not to laugh at.
‘’Can I come in please miss?’’
‘’Sure, we’ve got nothing to hide. That smoke was my fault again im afraid I burnt
my Dad’s lunch bit of a clutz today’’ she chuckled opening the door and leading him
‘’Is it just you two here’’
‘’No my Dads’s in the living room taking a nap if you want to look’’ she replied
opening the living room door and showing him inside where her Dad was only just
waking up, looking tired and confussed as he looked up at the police officer from the
sofa and rubbing his eyes.
‘’Can we help you officer’’ he grunted standing up looking to the wall behind him he
scratched his head. It must have being a dream but he was sure the wall had blown up
and there were five odd looking kids with sticks…
‘’So you’ve being asleep in here sir?’’ the officer asked suspiciously and taking in the
room which was ordinary looking
‘’Seems so’’ he muttered but he didn’t remember lying down.
‘’You slept through the noise these two were making with the TV’’ he quizzed
indicating Natasha and Tom who were keeping up their innocent looks.
‘’He’s a very heavy sleeper’’ Natasha answered. ‘’As you can see officer this has all
being a big misunderstanding’’
He narrowed his eyes looking down on them but eveything seemed in place the
neighbours supposed belief that of an explosion didn’t have any evidence. The noise
and smoke was explained for. ‘’So it is, sorry for disturbing you from your nap sir.’’
‘’No problem about time I woke up’’ he grunted
‘’There doesn’t seem to be any problem so I’ll inform my colegues and leave’’
‘’I’ll show you to the door’’ Natasha smiled leading him out.
‘’Once more miss, excuse us for interupting but try to keep the noise down in the
future, be tolerant of your neighbours’’
‘’I will, sorry for bringing you out here officer its seems to be a waste of your time’’
‘’Goodbye Miss Alcock’’
‘’Bye bye’’
Watching him walk back the way he had come exchanging a few words with the other
policemen she closed the door with a sigh of relief as she slipped down the wall onto
the floor where Tom came out to join her and she smiled.
‘’So they got away?’’
‘’I gave them my I-phone so we could keep in touch’’
‘’Did we do the right thing?’’ Tom asked unsure if he was saying the right thing as he
watched herr closely and took her hand. ‘’They’re wanted people Natasha’’
‘’And Timmy’s my friend’’ she replied simply sitting back and hoping they were ok
where ever they dissapered to.

Iyana and Fred were still sat on the bench in each others arms, she was listening to the
beating of his heart loosing herself in the gentle thuds as he held her in his strong
arms. Sadly this moment was short lived as they heard familer voices in the fog
nearing them until at last they could make out 8 figures, they’d returned.
‘’Did you get what we need though Tim’’
‘’Olivia and Daniel have the infomation’’
‘’In my pocket, but it doesn’t tell us much only a Muggles perspective and we know
hes famous in the wizarding world as well’’
‘’Its all we have to go on for now’’
‘’Better than nothing’’ someone agreed.
‘’Did you do it than’’ Iyana asked sitting up.
‘’Yeah we did… Whats Fred doing here?’’ Tim asked stopping himself from saying
more just in time, he already heard to much.
‘’We bumped into eachother, we’ve just being waiting for you, what happened?’’
‘’How much does he know?’’ he continued ignoring her question.
‘’Nothing! Don’t worry Tim she won’t tell me anything and she didn’t know I was
here’’ Fred answered truefully.
‘’Sorry but you have to understand Fred-‘’
‘’I do. If Iyana says she cant tell me who am I to question her, I’ll go along with
anything she says and I wont tell anyone I saw you I promise’’
‘’Thank you Fred, im sorry but we have to leave we just had a run in with the police
we’ll explain everything back at the tent’’ Avonlea replied seeing Hillary and Elia
about to question her.
‘’Can you just give us five minutes guys, to say goodbye’’ Iyana asked, now it was
happening again she wasn’t sure if she could do it. Last time she didn’t have to see
‘’Take your time Iyana, we’ll be waiting for you’’ Olivia smiled sadly as they all
headed back the way they had come.
‘’I guess this is goodbye-’’ she started but Fred cut her off with his lips, leaning down
and cupping her cheek she felt her heart merge with his.
‘’It will never be goodbye’’ he whispered lifting her hand moving the sleeve back to
show her the tattoo she held on her wrist. ‘’Remember what I said Iyana. I love you’’
‘’I love you to Fred’’ she whispered tears filling her eyes she threw herself into his
arms hugging him tightly and resting her head chest as they walked down to the
There was just Tim and Olivia left who waited to make sure Iyana got back alright.
‘’Everything alright guys’’
‘’Yeah just a bit upset that’s all’’ Fred replied turned to Iyana brushing the tears from
her eyes as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. His touch was cool but it left her
feeling warm inside like someone was always hugging her. ‘’Look after yourself
Iyana and come back to me safe’’
‘’I will’’ she whispered she was too upset to say anything else so she tilted her head
up pulling him down to kiss her, just to feel his lips one last time before she walked to
Olivia, refusing herself from looking at him incase she ignored the mission and
simply went home with him. Olivia put her arm round her and they were gone with a
Fred closed his eyes and bit his lip at seeing how upset she was he could relate. ’You
better be taking good care of her Tim, if I find out shes being hurt or-‘’
‘’You have my word Fred. I would lay my life down if Iyana and the other would be
safe, shes in good hands I promise you’’
‘’Thank you… What your doing is it dangerous?’’
‘’No. Not that we believe I know this must be hard not knowing, not being able to
help her but you’ll be so proud when you find out the truth’’
‘’I already am proud. Shes special to me Tim, just make sure she returns to me one
day and look after yourself. Your still practicly kids yourself‘’
‘’You left when you Hogwarts when you were our age and you opened a buisness,
age doesn’t mean anything compared to experience’’
He nodded listening and understandinf ‘’You better get going. I meant it I wont tell
anyone you were seen but the ministry is getting active Tim. They know this is more
than a simple teen spirt gone wild and they’ll be looking for you more and more as
time go’s by and one day they’re going to catch you’’
‘’Well we’ll carry on until than. We’ll stay low, today was a mistake. thank you
Fred’’ Tim nodded holding out his hand.
‘’Look after yourself’’ he smiled shaking hands firmly. ‘’You know where I am if you
need my help’’
‘’We do, goodbye Fred’’ without another word he was gone as well, leaving no
evidence of where they were.
Fred watched the spot where Iyana had left for a short time, selfishly wishing her to
return but it remained as it was so he turned away sadly walking back up the hill to sit
at the bench, just to steal those precious memories he had with her there.
The night air whistled through the trees under a surprisingly bright lunar moon, the
stars full and watching over the land and their people with blessed smiles. The large
white tent that housed the 9 students was unwillingly silent. All engrossed in their
own troubles and thoughts as they slept so soundly unknowing of the plots which
were being formed under their feet. Buried deep into the earth there are secrets and
mysteries which would baffle the greatest of minds. Lost cities of the past in ruins, all
that remains are the foundations of these great temples of kings and lords.

Out of the darkness five figures suddenly stepped forward in union, walking up the
small hillock. Each figure was hooded in a long rich plum robes, their heads bowed,
draping sleeves held together like monks they were whispering and muttering,
inaudible words which reeked of unharnessed power.
The air was light and sweet with the icy cool touch of the frozon waters that
surrounded their little island and there was the soft roar of water against the jagged
rocks near by causing the glowing mists.
When they reached their destination, they were silenced and they knelt around a large
dark flat stone circle set in the ground. It was 6 foot in diameter and etched with
strange runes no living man has yet to have knowledge of. It looked like a round
fallen gravestone…
One of the hooded figures lifted their head ever so slighlty as they reached within
their sleeve to reveal a long ceramonial dagger. Its silver reflected light dancing
before there eyes. The hilt was large thin white dragons tooth wrought in silver spirals
and simuler etchings as that of the stone circle. The blade, long thin and sharp; a
strange purple sheen when tilted against the glow of the mists.
He held out his left gloved hand so the white sliver of his wrist was visible under the
sleeve and the others raised their heads. The hoods hiding there faces in shadow.
There was a sudden flash of the blade the smell of hot fresh blood. The stone circle,
its runic language doused in the figures blood the figure next to him giggled as drew
the dagger back across his slit wrist slowly healing the wound and leaving the faintest
of pink lines.
His payment met, he passed the dagger unto the figure kneeling on his right, the same
one who giggled. She repeated the same action as she gave her due payment of blood
and passed it on untill all five had finally given their payment.
They watched as the blood was soaked into the runes, the etchings filled in as a scarlet
red language shinging in the strange glowing mists. They waited until the last drop
was taken to stand and they remained hooded and robed.

‘’Who arranged this meeting’’ asked the smallest of the figures, a woman with a sharp
tone that cut through the air with a poisonous strike.
‘’It was I, Anneka’’ replied the man on her left. He spoke with an air of superiourority,
believing himself better than the others with his interlectual tone.
‘’Can we hurry this up you seemed to have interupted me when I was entertaining’’
giggled the same woman as before as she turned her head to the large man beside her,
the weilder of the dagger which was being placed back into his robes..
‘’Be patiant my love’’ he replied softly turning to her he lifted a gloved hand and
raising her chin as he leaned in. ‘’We will continue soon enough’’ his tone deep and
sexy, so alluring, she quivered at his touch and melted into his lips..
‘’Thaddeus, Garnet are we to be forced to watch your show of affection once more
when there are matters to attend to’’
‘’Oh pish posh Archibald’’ Garnet giggled running her tongue across Thaddeus’s lips,
teasing him.
There was a deep grunt from next to her and she turned to the largest being of the
group. He was as wide as he was tall and his huge dark skinned fists clenched at his
‘’Fine Bartimeus!’’ she growled. ‘’We’ll have to continue this later Thaddy’’
‘’Continue Archibald’’ instructed Thaddeus with a sweep off his free hand, just as
angry at the intrusion that had occurred .
‘’Thank you. We’ve had news from our contact in the Wizarding school, Hogwarts.
You have all heard of the nine students who escaped’’
‘’What does the news of some waylaid children have to do with our cause’’ Anneka
argued skeptic of the current subject and her being here.
‘’Its why they left that involves us’’ he continued calmly with a hint of smuggness.
‘’Than why did they leave?’’ quizzed Thaddeus who unlike Anneka was listening
intently because he trusted Archibalds opinion over hers.
‘’How they escaped is unknown. Our contact has being taking specific notice of the
school and the Headmasters-‘’
‘’Insufferable fool’’
‘’- unusal absence from school life and he has grown more distant as time passes’’ he
continued like he hadnt being interupted. ‘’There was a sighting yesterday of the said
students by many Muggles’’
‘’Back to the children, why are they so important’’ groaned Garnet not hiding the fact
she bored with the converstation and wishing to be somewhere else… with someone
‘’Why would they leave? What possible reason is there for 9 students to leave their
school on Halloween? This is what I found intresting, so using my role in the ministry
I discovered where the sighting was and I went to investigate this afternoon. They’ve
were seen in a placed called The Internet Café. Muggles go here to use things called
compuers and they control them to find information on something called the web’’
‘’Spiders web’’ Garnet smiled, giving him a knowing look under the hood.
‘’Quite amusing. After some persuassion with the waitress I discovered the subject of
which they were searching for is none other than Nathanial Quentin Hope’’
The name got everyones attention and there was no giggling, interuptions or
jokes.They were all looking Archibald surprised by the news. Thaddeus was the first
to speak and as they were all thinking the same he challenged Archibalds claim.
‘’Are you quite sure your not mistaken?’’
‘’I thought you wouldn’t believe me so I decided to bring a friend’’ he replied bowing
his head in respect to the others before retreating back down the small hill and
disaperring into the mists. They heard his his smart black shoes rapping along the iron
grill walkway which was the only exit off the island and he was gone.
A short time later they heard his return only this time there was an extra pair of shoes
on the walkway and the sound of muffled wimpering and moans as they neared.
Archibald remained hooded but he was leading a young woman infront of him. She
didn’t mean anything but she held the answer and that’s what they craved as the pair
The young woman was pushed to her knees infront of them all, her hands tied
together with a black plastic cable tie, which dug into her wrists causing them to bleed
from the friction. Her golden blonde hair was tangled and spilling over her baby blue
eyes, which were darting fearfully upon the other figures surrounding her; her once
prefect complextion was grimy and streaked with the marks of tears she could cry no
more. Duct tape was masking her mouth refusing her the abilty to speak but she
whimpered and whined, breathing through her nose with difficulty.
‘’Who do we have here than?’’ Thaddeus asked turning to Garnet and they shared an
identical hideous thought. They didn’t need to see eachothers faces to know what they
were thinking.
He knelt down so he was level with her as he raised his hand and ran his gloved finger
down her cheek were a long thin cut was visible and she shuddered at his touch. His
smile grew as he slowly tugged on each individual glove finger pulling it off. She
gasped behind the tape, her eyes wide with shock and disbelivement at what she was
seeing. His hand wasn’t human, it was a pearly blue silver, each finger oddly long and
sharp like a talon, worst of all was the icy aura it radiated. Raising an extended finger
he watched her try and squirm away but his other hand grabbed her shoulder kepping
her still.
‘’Careful now we don’t want any accidents’’ he whispered as he ran the extended
finger along the tape and it cut like a hot knife through butter creating a gap for her to
breath and speak to some extent. She started taking deep ragged breaths and he
calmed her down by instructing her to breath, she was too scared to even think about
screaming for help. ‘’So tell me what’s your name?’’
She didn’t answer at first but when he moved the strange silver hand again she was
afraid he was going to hurt her so she confessed. ‘’K-Kelly B-B-Brooks’’
‘’Kelly… such a sweet name’’ he whispered lightly comforting her as he brushed the
back of his finger down her cheek, its touch was cool and it sent a shiver down her
spine deep within stirring emotions she’d never felt before.
‘’Shes the waitress at the café where the students were searching for him. She can
verify what I’ve told you’’ Archibald informed them calmly watching the scene
deeply amused.
‘’Tell me Kelly dear, who came into your café yesterday? What were their names’’
Thaddeus continued to question looking deep into her eyes.
‘’D-D-Draco Malfoy, Timothy Helyard and Olivia Scarlet’’ she remembered the
captions under each of the photos on the poster.
‘’No one else’’
She shook her head eyes darting to the others who watched her behind those hoods
and she started getting unnerved again.
‘’Have you seen these people before?’’ he continued taking in her clothes which he
noticed were dirty, stained and ripped. Archibald has being having fun.
‘’On the p-posters’’
‘’They were the missing children?’’
‘’Y-yes’’ she nodded gathering the courage she pleaded for his help trying but failing
to reach out. ‘’P-please where am I? I w-want to go home! Please I’ve not done
anything!’’ she cried out through the small slit in the tape.
‘’You will I promise, now tell me one more thing and than we’ll let you go, I
promise’’ his voice lifted her spirts slightly unlike his hand it was warm and she was
willing to divulge everything she had to him. ‘’What were they searching for?’’
‘’I d-don’t know. Someone called Nathanial Hope’’
Soon as she said he leapt to his feet and looked at the others figures, though he
couldn’t see their faces, knew this was the acomplishment they’d being waiting so
long for.
‘’Its true! So these students they must know something!’’ Garnet gushed stepping into
Thaddeus’s open arms.
‘’Its something to go on’’ he replied just as happy as he let his hands wander down
her robes closing into to reveal a shaply figure until they rested on her hips tightly
pulling her into his chest.
‘’We find them?’’ grunted Bartimeus speaking for the first time, his voice was slow
and slurred like he was having difficulty to speak. This was due to an accident he had
in his childhood. Healers at St Mungos couldn’t do anything for him, he had being hit
by a powerfully cast stray confundus charm which affected his mental health
excessivly, because of this he preferred to remain silent.
‘’Yes Bartimeus, we’re going to find them’’
‘’What about the girl’’ Anneka pointed out.
‘’B-b-but you said I could go home’’ she begged looking up at Thaddeus the fear
returning she knew it was usless but she tried crying.
‘’B-b-b-but you said I could go home!’’ Garnet mocked watching her with hungry
‘’Yes I did’’ Thaddeus replied letting go of Garnet and steppng forward her helped
herto her feet keeping the warm smile. ‘’One thing you have to learn little Kelly…
never trust a man with a silver hand, you know that just isn’t anything good’’ his
smile turning cruel and cold in second as he leaned in and crashing his lips against her
tape he slipped his tongue into the slit and forced the kiss on her.
Garnet watched from the side lines and moaned with pleasure at the sight licking her
lips. Kelly was struggling against his hold trying to pull away but he was to strong.
No matter how much she tried to free herself from his grasp he simply held her tighter
before he pulled away at last and swept his hand lazily through the air with one finger
Her death was instant, as soon as her neck was exposed he drew his finger along the
center cutting the major nerve and killing her. The blood gurgled out her exposed
wound as he shoved her backwards and she dropped off the hillock smashing into the
crystal glacier filled waters below. Ingulfed by the icy waters, a cascade of bubbles
and blood spilt tainted water was all that remained as her ghostly white face with the
baby blue eyes now so empty of life and love, the darkness took her as it’s own.
Garnet walked up behind him running her hands up his strong hard chest, digging her
nails into the soft robes as she groped his body pushing her chest against his back.
When she noticed blood on Thaddeus’s fingers, Kellys blood her eyes lit up and she
reached across taking his hand and leaning down she slowly sucked his finger clean,
the icy cool sending the same shivers deep down inside her and she giggled as she
withdrew licking her lips.
‘’I want those kids found and fast’’ Thaddeus ordered not taking his eyes off Garnet.
‘’If you’ll excuse us, we have some buisness to take care off’’
She giggled jumping into his arms and locking her legs around his waist she pushed
her chest up against him and started kissing him deeply. He could taste Kelly’s blood
on her tongue and it excited the both the lust of the kill as he carried her into the
glowing mists.
                                  Chapter Six

Since receiving the information they needed to know about Nathanial all 9 of them
were finally united in happiness, after everything they’d gone through; over three
weeks of searching for him and all it took was 5 minutes on a computer, that is the
magic of modern Muggle technology; even Draco admitted it was a kinda cool how
fast it picked up on the guy and this coming from a Malfoy.
The night they returned from their abrupt meeting with Natasha they all sat around the
dining table retelling their stories and for once enjoying themselves; there wasn’t any
bickering or snide comments, instead it was replaced with humorous banter and
teasing mainly focused on Draco who had to admit it was kinda stupid of him to blow
up the microwave. They all decided than and there that Draco was to be supervised
when entering the kitchen.
This left one thing to discuss. What was the next step? They had some information on
Nathanial but would it be enough? In the end after a tremendous shuddering yawn
from Iyana’s side, they decided to discuss it in the morning, they had all had enough
excitement for one day and they could do with a good nights sleep.

The next day, after finishing a hearty breakfast of Tim’s famous pancakes, with no
musical floor show unfortunately, no matter how much they begged; they were sat
around the furnace and the late November weather was simply awful with hurricane
like winds shaking the tent to breaking point. Hillary had tried to put up some charms
to ease the winds off but they weren’t working as well as they hoped. An almost
completely horizontal rain hammered the ceiling and the lack of firewood wasn’t
keeping their spirits up nor was it taking away the cold.
They huddled up together on the sofas buried under the thick blankets, scarves and
hats trying to drown out the ever growing storm with the Wizarding Wireless from the
kitchen playing a special on some modern psychedelic pop punk band called
‘Unicorn’. It wasn’t to everyone’s taste,
‘’How longs it being raining?’’ Avonlea mumbled between Iyana and Hillary on the
large sofa poking her head up from under the blanket and pouting.
‘’Since before we woke up. Which was hours ago’’ answered Draco who wearing
large black fur coat which she simply found hilarious. He rolled his eyes at her
‘’It will stop soon surely’’
‘’Who knows Iyana, It could be like this for days’’ replied Daniel thinking the worst.
‘’Try and ignore it, look on the bright side because we have bigger matters to
discuss’’ said Olivia getting straight to business.
‘’Your right, do you have it on you?’’ Tim asked tucking his hair into his T-shirt for
insulation, they needed more firewood.
She smiled at Tim’s unique way of staying warm as she groped under the blanket
searching her pockets; until finally she pulled out a dog eared piece of parchment
handing it to Tim by passing it along their circle.
‘’Where were you thinking we start Timmy?’’
‘’What have I said about calling me that, Iyana’’ he retorted shaking his head and
blushing slightly at the name.
‘’Oh come on its cute, Timmy’’ she teased.
Ever since they had all heard the story about Natasha, she decided to continue calling
him it and to his horror all the girls took up on this and did it as well knowing full
well they were teasing him and having fun whilst they did it.
So far the men were standing by him, though Draco hadn’t decided where his
loyalties lied at the time being.
‘’Just ignore them Tim’’ Neville chuckled, it was funny but he put friendship first.
With a heavy sigh Tim opened up the parchment reciting the notes Olivia and Daniel
had took.
‘’It’s all we could find plus it was a Muggle fan webpage, so we have very little to go
on. We don’t have any real locations for his current residence but maybe if we
checked out his German home we can find a clue’’
‘’So we’re going to Germany?’’ Iyana asked getting excited at the prospect.
‘’I think that’s a good place to start. We check out The Black Forest and try and find
his house. Maybe his neighbours will know something or they might have seen
something that would help us. Either way it’s the only real lead we’ve got at the
minute’’ he continued thinking aloud.
‘’We all know why your so excited to go there Iyana. Hoping to see those Tokyo
Hotel boys maybe’’ Hillary teased playfully.
‘’A girl can dream’’ she giggled. Just thinking about those four boys always sent into
a fit of fan girl giggles.
‘’So are there any objections?’’ Tim asked. ‘’After all we’re a team’’
‘’I’ve got a question Timmy. How are we meant to get to Germany?’’ asked Avonlea
which took the smile from Iyana’s face.
‘’Good point, I don’t think its really possible to Apparate all the way there it would
take to long and well we don’t specifically know the area all that well so we don’t
know where we might end up’’ Tim thought a loud leaving people to add their
‘’Portkey’’ Neville interjected.
‘’We haven’t studied them. There might be a book in the study but if they’re not
created properly they can have serious consequences. Its really powerful magic and
we won’t be able to just pick up the skill. I’m sorry but I’m not using a Portkey made
by any of us’’ Elia argued before people got used to the idea.
‘’She has a point, if something did go wrong than everything will be ruined, it might
not even take us to Germany’’ Daniel agreed and the others started seeing the down
side to it. ‘’So we can’t use a Portkey and we can’t Apparate…’’ Tim sighed sitting
back. There was a silence as everyone tried to think of the best transport.
‘’We fly there!’’ Hillary piped up startling everyone. ‘’We have the brooms, we could
use them to fly there don’t you think?’’
‘’I can’t fly’’ Neville blushed and Hillary smiled sheepishly. They all remembered
their first year when they were learning to fly with Madame Hooch. He broke his
wrist which meant he never truly learned how to fly afterwards.
‘’Well me neither Neville so your not alone’’ Avonlea smiled reassuringly she didn’t
want him thinking he was the only one. ‘’No one ever taught me to fly a broom’’
‘’Besides I don’t think we could fly in this weather and it’s quite a distance’’ Tim
sighed as he sat back in deep thought. That was when it dawned on him and he shot
up his armchair with a cheer. He liked to sit in the only armchair because it made him
feel special and in charge.
The action made Neville, who was sitting on the foot stool legs crossed, fall back
clumsily and he cursed Tim under his breath.
‘’However! Now this is just an idea but what if we fly across the English Channel.
Hear me out first, we land down at Calais in north of France. Than take a train from
there to Germany. They won’t be looking for us in France so it will be fine and
Dumbledore seemed to think we were going abroad because he gave a lot of Euros
which will pay the fare.’’ he told them reaching down from the chair and pulling
Neville to his feet.
‘’We can have a rest on the train and it will safer’’ Daniel agreed.
‘’That might just work Timmy… Your right they wont be looking for us in France,
Iyana you speak German don’t you’’ said Olivia sitting up and seeing the plan join
together she was getting excited herself.
‘’And Spanish if that helps’’ she beamed.
‘’So what are we saying? We fly across the English Channel to France?’’ quizzed Elia.
‘’When the weathers died down and it’s safe to do so’’ Olivia answered.
‘’Than we get a train from Calais in north of France to somewhere near The Black
Forest, Germany. I suppose we can go on from there and discuss what to do on the
train’’ said Draco tapping his chin and thinking about it.
‘’One problem, what about Passports’’ said Iyana. ‘’They’re not going to let nine 17
year olds enter the country without Passports.’’
‘’Nothing a Confundus Charm wont fix’’ said Avonlea with a sneaky grin and
blushing slightly at Draco’s wink.
‘’Wait! Let us get this straight so everyone understands what we’re doing. We fly the
brooms to Calais, when the weathers calmed down. Than we get a train to Germany
after we charm the Muggle desk clerk into thinking we gave them our Passports.
Leaving us to plan on the train how we find Nathanial’s house in The Black Forest,
thus hopefully leading us to Nathanial’s current location. We take him to Dumbledore,
everything’s back to normal and we return heroes’’ With each sentence Elia said her
smile grew and it must have being infectious because soon all of them were beaming
under the cover of blankets and scarves, their eyes lit up with excitement, it seemed
‘’Exactly, does anyone object to this plan’’ Tim asked in a serious tone.
No one said anything there was nothing to object to. They all believed it would work
until Neville suddenly raised his hand and they stopped smiling.
‘’Remember me and Avonlea can’t fly’’
‘’And I don’t actually own a Broom’’ Daniel added wincing at the resounding groan.
‘’You could share’’
They were surprised to find it was Draco who had spoken and they all turned to him.
‘’I mean, if there’s only three of you who can’t fly for what ever reason than it’s
pretty simple, they partner up’’ he continued a smug smile breaking through, he had
actually said something right and the looks he was receiving made it better.
‘’Merlin’s saggy Y-fronts; is this really Draco Malfoy actually participating in the
conversation with nothing to gain’’ Avonlea teased him.
‘’Well I don’t know about that, I’m willing to share with someone’’ he winked at her.
‘’There is balance to the earth’’ Hillary laughed shaking her head. ‘’So who’s going
to share? Timmy you have a big broom do you think you can take someone?’’
‘’Maybe Avonlea because she’s pretty small, I’ve never really tested ‘Call of
Greatness’ with someone else. She’s a custom model broom I never had her made for
someone else to ride with me so it might not take to the shift in balance’’
‘’I’ll take Avonlea… I’ll be the perfect gentleman’’ Draco smirked holding his hands
up in defence he knew what they were all thinking. ‘’I promise’’
‘’It’s up to you Avonlea whoever you want to fly with’’ Tim shrugged running a hand
through his hair. He didn’t mind either way, she could take care of herself. He was
trying to give them all a bit more independence after Hillary had had a little word with
him in private. Just a little warning how she knew he only meant best but he was
coming off a tad bit too harsh with certain people.
‘’I’ll fly with Draco. If your broom wont take it Timmy than I’ll have to’’ she told
them quietly. ‘’If you mess around, I’ll hit you so hard we both go down’’ she warned
him and his smirk didn’t falter.
‘’I’ll be too busy flying. You just watch where you put your hands’’ he replied
flashing her with a devilish smile.
‘’So that’s one down, two to go’’ said Hillary patting Avonlea’s hand under the
blanket for taking one for the team.
‘’I don’t mind who I fly with, I’ve flown I just don’t have a broom with me. I’m not
really for playing Quidditch unlike my brother’’ said Daniel feeling like he had
complicated the plan.
‘’Well I hate flying’’ Neville admitted rubbing his left wrist the same one which was
broken 6 years ago.
‘’Hillary and Daniel and Iyana and Neville’’ Tim paired up. ‘’Hillary’s an excellent
flyer and if you’ve flown before Daniel she’ll be best suited I think. Iyana you’re a
soft flyer, you do it for leisure so Neville’s best off with you. So long as you both
don’t mind’’
‘’Happy to help’’ said Hillary with a bright smile to Daniel which he returned.
‘’I’ll take good care of you Neville’’ Iyana replied with a warm smile and he was sure
she would.
‘’So we all agree when the weathers calmed down we leave?’’ Tim asked.
There were resounding nods of agreement and the odd mumble of yes.
‘’In that case I’m going to prepare my broom, I think we should all pack up and get
ready to leave so theirs no messing about later’’ said Tim standing up and pulling his
blanket away. He stretched and padded his way across the room to the broom closet.
‘’Timmy, I’m going to go get some more firewood. That rain isn’t stopping anytime
soon and lets face it we’re going to freeze otherwise’’ said Hillary as she slipped out
the blankets following him and pulling down her neon pink coat from the stand. Not
exactly camouflage but it would keep her warm.
‘’It’s pouring it down out there and we’ll be leaving soon… I hope’’ he argued
coming out the broom closet holding his huge custom broom.
‘’You hope. Exactly Timmy, we don’t know how long we’re going to be waiting for it
to stop so I'm going to make sure we’re kept warm until than’’ she replied.
‘’Than I’ll go’’ he continued to argue and he put the broom down, reaching for his
long thick leather coat but she grabbed his arm and pulled it back.
‘’No you wont! Every day we’ve being here you’ve being cooking nearly every meal;
you’ve being getting the firewood; you’ve being tidying up after us; you’re worst than
my mother Timmy’’ she laughed, liking that he did it all but he did to much for them
and she felt guilty about it.
‘’Now I’m going to go because it’s only fair. I want you to take care of your broom
and be ready for leaving later. You’ll need your strength because I don’t know the
way to the Calais I sure hope you do’’
‘’No buts, It’s only a bit of rain. Think of your hair’’ she teased knowing his Achilles
heel, his weakness.
‘’That’s a good point I just conditioned this morning’’ he mused speaking to himself
as he so often did as he ran his hand through… as he so often did!
‘’I might join you’’ Avonlea called slipping out the blanket and shivering. ‘’I haven’t
pulled my weight around here it’s about time I do something’’
‘’You’ve done loads Avie’’ Hillary argued calling her by the nickname she had
thought up last and Avonlea liked it. ‘’Sure you can come. I could do with the help
carrying it back’’
‘’In that case I’m coming as well’’ Elia told them standing up, the hair clasp she
received from Dumbledore’s office was still in her hair as it had being since
Avonlea’s search party left a few weeks ago.
‘’Great! So the three of us will get the wood, you can’t object to that Timmy’’ Hillary
beamed, it would be more fun than going alone.
‘’If I let you go will you stop calling me Timmy?’’
‘’Hmmm… No!’’ she teased zipping the coat up and Avonlea and Elia taking theirs
down, getting ready to leave.
‘’You know you girls might need a bit of muscle-‘’
‘’I’m going to stop you right there Draco because your on washing up duty’’ Tim
ordered with a smile. ‘’Avonlea did it yesterday, it’s your turn’’
He slumped back down in the sofa defeated and remained silent.
‘’Just don’t stay out to long, last thing we need is the three of you coming down with
a cold and sneezing for the rest of the trip’’
‘’Aww he’s such a worrier’’ Avonlea teased giggling with Hillary and Elia.
‘’Go on than! Go get the wood we’re freezing our butts off in here’’ Daniel laughed
and Hillary giggled a bit more.
‘’And what a nice butt it is’’ she teased playfully with sly wink in his direction before
she left him blushing bright red in his seat.

Soon as the three of them stepped out they were hit by the thunderous weather, it was
incredible. The rain beat against them and the wind threatened to throw them aside
like rag dolls, they’d never felt such fury.
They pulled up their hoods as they laughed about the conditions and headed into the
trees in search for suitable firewood.
‘’Is there something going on with you and Daniel’’ Avonlea asked Hillary, she had
to speak loudly over the roar of the winds, they wouldn’t calm down.
‘’No! We’re just friends’’ she laughed hugging herself against the cold.
‘’Well it didn’t seem that way back there, but I agree he does have a cute bum’’
Avonlea giggled and Elia and Hillary joined her. ‘’You know I saw him come out the
shower the other day, talk about hot’’ she teased, fanning herself.
‘’I was just playing with him. Besides I would have thought Draco was more for you
Avie’’ said Hillary raising an eyebrow.
‘’What ever did happen in that cave’’ Elia added thinking the same.
‘’Please! He’s a rat’’ she objected but there was a hint of a smile to her lips. ‘’Nothing
happened what kind of girl do you think I am!’’
‘’No I didn’t mean it like that but you were wearing his shirt’’
‘’Because he ripped mine when he… look I don’t want to talk about’’ she objected
losing the smile. She’d being getting some weird dreams since than, she kept
dreaming off being submerged and try as she might to fight the current it kept
dragging her down, down to something familiar, something that scared her. She never
saw what it was because someone always woke her up. Usually Hillary throwing her
pillow in her face; in the morning which led to the usual morning pillow fights. The
boys would have a fit if they heard about that.
‘’Well he certainly has a thing for you’’ Hillary interjected as they walked deeper into
the trees. ‘’What is it with this weather? It seems like it will never stop’’
‘’Be glad it’s not snow or we’d never get out of the tent’’ said Elia who had being
wondering the same.
‘’You don’t think the tent will get flooded do you’’ Avonlea asked because she was
currently having trouble with the wet soil as she trudged through trying not to slip.
Hillary reached out and interlocked arms with her and she smiled thankful for the help.
‘’We’ll be leaving soon… It has to stop and if it doesn’t we pack up and apparate
somewhere’’ said Elia her mind elsewhere. She never did see the tree root propping
out the ground until it was too late.
Hooking her foot round she couldn’t stop herself and she fell hard into the wet mud
completely submerged. She managed to close her mouth at the last minute thankfully.
Hillary and Avonlea stopped just in time, holding back the laughter they bent over to
help her and she rolled over. She was completely covered in wet sticky mud,
crumbled brown leaves and thin twigs which plastered her coat. She reached up
angrily wiping it off her face and out of her eye’s still in shock.
‘’Are you ok?’’ Hillary asked biting her lip to stop from laughing now.
‘’Do you think this is funny?’’ Elia asked.
‘’Sorry but yeah’’ she laughed happily trying to stop but failing. ‘’H-here give m-me
your hand’’ she reached down politely and Elia took her chance.
Taking a tight hold, a mischievous smile lifting her lips, it was almost wicked. Hillary
never had chance to escape her clutches as she pulled her down to join her in the mud.
Landing with a soft thud and like Elia she was completely covered, they expected her
to scream and shout but she surprised them by laughing. It was high and musical
laughter which Elia joined in and Avonlea watched shaking her head.
‘’Oh don’t be such a stick in the mud’’ Hillary laughed.
‘’Looks more like your in the mud’’ Avonlea retorted but she was smiling.
‘’We must look a mess’’ Elia sighed shaking her wet hair out.
‘’You’ve looked better’’
‘’Give us your hand’’
‘’You must be kidding, your not getting me like you did Hillary’’
‘’That was funny though’’ interjected Hillary who was slipping about as she got to her
feet using the tree, who owned the root, to get herself up. She reached for Elias hand
and helped her up so the three of them stood there soaking wet and chilled to the bone.
‘’We should get that firewood and you two need a shower’’
‘’Your right. Come on and watch your step Avie or you’ll end up like me’’ Elia
giggled as the three of them walked on.

Tim could hear the girl laughter even against the hammering rain. He’d returned to his
armchair, the broom on his lap with a ruler and pair of broom clippers. He needed to
get the exact size right. She’d taken quite the beating at their Quidditch Practice; it
was the night he was hit by the stray Bludger; the same night he met Zoe. It seemed
like a millennium ago and it was times like that he missed. Tiresome Practices of
Quidditch tactics and moves, flirting and failing miserably with pretty girls, he even
missed Potions with Prof. Snape in the Dungeons.
‘’Sounds like the girls are having fun’’ said Neville
‘’They just better hurry up with that firewood’’ grumbled Draco who had snuggled
back into his dark fur coat trying to get out of doing the washing up by hiding.
‘’Yeah we don’t want to ruin Daniels cute bum now do we’’ Tim teased looking up
from the broom. ‘’Hillary’s a good lass… and a very good friend of mine’’ he added.
‘’So in other words hands off! Tim gets first digs’’ Draco laughed.
‘’Don’t talk about her like that Draco and I haven’t forgotten you’re washing up; and
you will be for the rest of the week if your not careful. I’m simply saying I care for
her a lot and no… I'm not after her’’ Tim replied as he shook his head.
‘’Wait… You think I am?’’ Daniel asked looking more than a little uncomfortable
about this conversation
Iyana and Olivia had gone into the bedroom so it was just the four men sat in the
seating area, salvaging the dying heat.
‘’Well she’s never commented on me having a cute bum’’ Tim replied suddenly
realising how weird that sounded and punching a laughing Neville in the arm.
‘’Forget that! I’m just saying she is a good friend of mine’’
‘’Are you trying to hook him up’’ Draco asked rolling his eyes as Neville sat next to
him so he didn’t get another punch from Tim.
‘’No Draco I’m not trying to hook him up but if he did-‘’
‘’I’m not going after her!’’
They all looked at Daniel.
‘’You lost your mind how can you not go for someone like that’’ Draco argued.
‘’Geez man if I had my way-‘’
‘’Finish that sentence and I’ll be clipping another twig off!’’ Tim interjected waving a
threatening pair of clippers.
‘’Draco has a point though, Hillary is one of the better looking girls in Gryffindor’’
said Neville with a slight shrug.
‘’I’m not debating that but I’m not going after her… I’m not going after any girl’’
said Daniel feeling like he was before jury.
‘’Oh… Are you…? Well… Do you play for the other Quidditch Team?’’ Tim asked
and Draco and Neville shared the same curious look because they were sharing a
room with him but they didn’t like to say it.
‘’No I am not a Homosexual!’’ Daniel retorted shaking his head in frustration. They
weren’t listening to him.
‘’He was a bit quick to answer’’ Draco commented.
‘’I like girls… A lot’’ Daniel defended. ‘’I just… I’m just not looking. Why does a
guy have to have a girlfriend?’’
‘’Ohh I get yeah, you’re a free spirit, love um and leave them’’ said Draco with an
approving nod. ‘’Knew you Ravennerds weren’t frigid’’
‘’Tim can you shut him up please’’ Daniel asked with a heavy sigh.
‘’Trust me I’ve tried’’ Tim replied wishing he could. ‘’So your not looking for a
girlfriend. That’s alright. nothing wrong with that’’ he shrugged, he didn’t understand
it. He’d wanted to find that girl who would put up with him for sometime.
‘’Everything’s wrong with that’’ said Draco rolling his eyes.
‘’I just don’t see what a girlfriend can do for me right now’’ Daniel continued looking
down at the floor.
‘’Trust me a girl can do a lot for you right now’’
‘’Draco go do the washing up now!’’ Tim yelled with the clippers in his hand once
‘’Fine, keep in mind what I said Daniel’’ Draco laughed standing up and walking to
the kitchen to do his chores.
‘’Sorry Daniel continue’’
‘’There nothing more to say Hillary’s a lovely girl… A really lovely girl to be quite
honest; but you don’t have to go all protective best friend on me because I’m not after
her’’ Daniel concluded propping his feet on the sofa and reaching down he returned to
reading his Wolfenstein book.
‘’She is a good lass though’’ said Tim simply as he picked up his broom and got to
work and not saying anything about the fact he noticed the book Daniel was reading
was upside down.

‘’Do you think this is enough?’’ Avonlea asked her arms full with suitable wet wood.
They planned on using a drying charm when they got back into the tent to make it
flammable in the furnace.
‘’Might get a bit more’’ Hillary replied moving further into the trees.
‘’Oh come on Hillary. I’m cold, I’m wet and I’m covered in mud cant we just head
back to the tent already’’ Elia argued padding along after her and fighting the wind
and rain blasting into her side.
‘’A bit more wont hurt anyone come on’’
‘’Well didn’t Tim say not to go too deep in’’ said Avonlea reluctantly following.
‘’Since when did we listen to Tim and his overprotective nature’’ Elia replied with a
smile. ‘’He’s being silly you know what he’s like no one in their right mind is going
to be out in this weather’’
‘’We are’’ Avonlea laughed.
‘’Yeah but we’re covered in mud and carrying sticks, that’s not exactly being in our
right mind’’ Elia said bending down to pick some more wood but stopping halfway
and looking out to the darkness in the trees.
It was only early but it was dark due to the awful weather caused by the storm and the
dense trees. She wasn’t sure what it was she saw but she knew something suddenly
ran by in the distance. She ended up putting it down to being a bird or something.
She shrugged the feeling off and picked up more firewood.
‘’And who’s fault is that?’’ Hillary giggled watching her she hadn’t seen anything.
‘’You were laughing at me’’ Elia defended standing up and turning round. ‘’Where’s
Avie gone?’’
‘’She was right behind me’’ Hillary answered but when she turned round she realised
she was gone but the firewood she had being carrying remained. It was scattered on
the ground like someone had dropped it.
‘’Did she go back. She said she wanted to’’ said Elia stepping forward and looking
down at the forgotten firewood. ‘’She could have took the firewood with her’’
‘’I didn’t even hear her say she was leaving, did you?’’ Hillary asked feeling hurt that
she had just left like that.
‘’No! What did we do to upset her?’’ asked Elia bending over and picking up
Avonlea’s forgotten firewood.
‘’Nothing I don’t think’’
‘’Well come on lets try and carry what we can. I’ll be having a word with her when
we get back’’ Elia said shaking her head at Avonlea’s selfishness.
‘’You alright Elia you seem a bit tense’’ Hillary asked joining her in retrieving the
firewood off the floor.
‘’Fine I just… forget it. It’s nothing’’ she shrugged the feeling off again.
‘’You sure you just seem a bit nervous about something’’
‘’Well I thought I saw something that’s all’’
‘’What did you see?’’
‘’I don’t know’’
‘’Oh well that’s helpful’’ Hillary teased shaking her head and standing back up.
‘’Well… it was big really big but fast but I’m probably seeing things its dark out here
and the rains getting on my nerves’’ Elia sighed thinking it was stupid when she
thought about it.
‘’Just think about the fire we’re going to have when we get back and those boys,
imagine what they’ll think when we tell them we’ve being wrestling in the mud’’
Hillary giggled.
‘’Two gallons on Tim’s eyes popping out his head’’ Elia laughed as they walked back
in the direction of the tent no sign of Avonlea anywhere.
‘’Boys, they’re so immature’’
‘’If they weren’t so damn cute’’ Elia defended with a cheeky grin.
They laughed as they walked along but Elia couldn’t shift a feeling she was being
watched it caused her to look back suspiciously but she never saw anyone or

The rain and wind had strengthened and they were trying harder and harder to battle
their way through, the sky rumbled with a rolling thunder and they saw flashes of
white light in the shadows above, lightning was soon to follow and they didn’t fancy
being around to see that. Quickening their step the tent coming into view in the far
distance that was until Elia fell victim to her greatest foe, a tree root.
‘’It official this tree hates me’’ she cried out shaking the mud of her face and getting
back up off the ground with Hillary’s help, who was sympathetic and remained silent
now after her second fall it wasn’t a laughing matter. Muttering a thank you Elia
suddenly froze with fear and gave a small gasp as she saw something emerge in the
darkness again.
There was a flash of lightning which illuminated the scene and she saw a huge
mountainous figure standing between the trees. It was so sudden, soon as the lightning
flashed again the shadowed figure was gone, leaving no trace except for the few
fleeting seconds she had thought she saw something.
‘’What’s the matter?’’ Hillary asked nervously noticing the fear in her eyes.
‘’D-Did you see that’’ she asked franticly pointing into the distance where she had
seeing him standing.
‘’See what…? There’s nothing there. Elia what’s the matter? What did you see?’’
Hillary quizzed looking from the direction she was pointing and back to Elia.
‘’I… thought I saw someone. Watching us, they were huge and there were just…
watching us… I must be seeing things, I’m sorry’’ she quickly apologised standing up
and not paying attention to the dropped firewood.
‘’Are you sure your ok, your kinda pale’’ said Hillary
‘’Yeah I’m fine it’s just this weather I might be coming down with a cold I think’’
‘’Timmy wont be happy, that’s why he didn’t want us going out’’ Hillary smiled
trying to cheer her up.
It made Elia feel a little better but she couldn’t stop thinking about what she might
have seen. This was the second occasion and she had the feeling of being watched as
they walked back it was unnerving. She could remember that coldness that swept over
her body when she noticed him. She could feel his eyes piecing into her, hungrily
watching even. Avonlea had suddenly disappeared, they never heard her leave and
why would she leave the firewood. It didn’t make sense but what if she was-
‘’Earth to Elia’’ Hillary interrupted Elias train of thought by waving her hand in front
of her face to get her attention. ‘’Your not ok!’’ she stated like it was a clear fact.
‘’Come on we better head back get out of this storm’’
‘’Sorry Hillary’’
‘’Its ok, this will be enough to keep us warm for now, I think I will send Timmy out
with the other boys later instead’’
‘’Yeah that sounds like a-‘’
There was another flash of lightning and they both saw it this time, the huge figure
had returned but he wasn’t alone there was what resembled three more figures and
they weren’t standing still. Two of them seemed to be fighting against each other and
Hillary recognised one of the fighters. She gasped seeing Avonlea with her hooded
captors hand over her mouth trying to silence her.
She managed to escape it seemed because her captor gave a shrill scream of pain as
Avonlea sank her teeth into the hand covering her mouth.
‘’RUN!’’ Avonlea order free of her captors grip and charging at them but her joy of
freedom was short lived as a red flash smashed into her back, the source of the stun
was the one she had bitten.
Avonlea crumbled down into a heap in the wet soil and the rain, lightning flashing
everywhere out of control and illuminating the darkness.
Elia and Hillary both reached into their pockets coming over the shock of what had
happened and drawing wands they started firing random curses.
The attack was instant and it took them by surprise as Bartimeus, the largest figure
charged with a ravenous cry of rage.
Hillary and Elia were throwing curse after curse but he was deflecting each attack
with a wave of his wand creating a seriously powerful shield charm; he continued his
Though they didn’t want to leave Avonlea to the mercy of their assailant they couldn’t
take on this man alone definitely not with his friend, Garnet who had decided join the
chase with glee. The last one Anneka was retrieving Avonlea’s body.
They had no choice but to run to the tent and get help, Hillary grabbing Elia’s wrist
dragged her away and back to the tent screaming as they continued to fire curses over
their shoulder begging it would stop one.
Each figure was hooded in strange plum purple robes but these couldn’t be the
ministry they were something entirely different and more dangerous which only made
them more terrifying.
‘’HELP-TIMMY! PLEASE HELP US!’’ Elia screamed as Hillary continued to drag
‘’RUN ELIA! COME ON’’ Hillary begged as she pulled her ahead and they tried to
escape though the mud which was sucking their feet under to the extremes where Elia
lost her shoe. Everything was against them as they ran for what seemed their lifes.
They could hear a girlish giggling getting closer and Elia risked a look over her
shoulder to see big guys friend practically skipping through the mud which wasn’t
affecting her as she chased after them, she seemed to be dancing over it with a
ballerina’s grace.
She deflected it away with another giggle and she stopped tipping her head back in
laughter as she aimed her wand.
‘’HILLARY’’ Elia screamed for help but it was too late. A thick magical silver chain,
glowing with an eerie pale blue light, erupted out the wand and with a mind of its own
snapped around Elias ankle; she was ripped off the ground with sharp tug from Garnet
and it brought her smashing face first into the ground and taking a mouthful of mud.
‘’Tsk tsk little girlie. We were going to have some fun’’ Garnet giggled reeling her in
like the catch of the day. ‘’1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Once I caught a fish alive’’ she sang.
‘’HILLARY RUN’’ Elia spluttered, coughing the mud out of her mouth as she tried to
fight the chain but it was to strong.
‘’Oh baby! Mamas got herself a whopper’’ Garnet continued to cackle like she’d
forgotten her medication and pulling the chains back in, enjoying the feeble struggle.
The front door to the tent suddenly burst forth, spilling the night with a golden glow
as familiar figures rushed out but it was too late.
Hillary turned when she heard her voice being called and saw Elia being pulled back
digging into the ground to fight against the inevitable capture but it was useless.
That was when the mountainous figure shot out of the night air; he’d just appeared
and she was tackled to the ground. Crushed by his massive weight, she gasped,
desperate for air, the world spinning around her as darkness rushed in from all sides
and her eyes closed. She was suddenly overcome by a weightless feeling and the
voices of her friends were drowned out by the welcoming ease of a painless sleep
brought on by the pressure.

‘’Did you hear something’’ Daniel asked swinging his legs of the sofa and sitting up
alert. He swore he heard someone screaming over the rain which was steadily rapping
down on the tent roof. It had being joined by the flashes of lighting about 5 minutes
‘’Didn’t hear anything’’ Tim shrugged returning to his broom tail measuring.
‘’I swore I heard-‘’ he cut off listening and jumped to his feet causing the rare
Wolfenstein text to fall from his lap, it crashed unto the carpet with a thud; It’s spine
cracking from age, broken by the impact it received.
‘’I heard that!’’ Neville agreed standing up and staring at the front door.
‘’Get the girls!’’ Daniel ordered running to the door with Tim who had threw the
broom aside and was right behind whilst Neville ran to get Iyana and Olivia.
‘’I understand Olivia I really do. I miss Fred everyday but you hav- NEVILLE EVER
HEARD OF KNOCKING’’ Iyana bellowed as a red faced Neville threw himself into
the room.
They were both on Iyana’s bed, a box of tissues between them and the definite marks
of crying streaking down Olivia’s face in shining tearful stains.
TO EXPLAIN’’ he retorted turning around and running off, not caring about charging
He was joined by an equally determined Draco wearing a pair yellow rubber gloves
and the remains of a bubble beard which was washed away in the hurry to the door.
His wand at the ready he had put his foolish behaviour with the sink aside when he
heard Daniel and jumped to attention.
Daniel was the first out followed by Tim, the rain and wind smashed into them both
as they stepped out and they saw the flashes in the near distance of curses being fired.
They were rooted on the spot for a second not truly believing what they were seeing.
Elia was dragged off with some lunatic in purple robes. They could hear her giggling
over the storms thunderous winds.
Hillary was running at them when they saw a rift open up, it was like someone had
simply drawn a blade through reality and opened up a doorway. Something dark and
fluid was spilling out along with another purple robed figure, he was huge and he
didn’t waste time as he threw himself onto Hillary and taking her out. That was when
Daniel reacted.
Crying out like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings he threw himself down the gentle
muddy slope and at the giant figure who was raising a limp Hillary of the ground.
Daniel slashed through the air using his wand as a sword and he caused giant bursts of
white fire to slash across their attackers arm and back leaving smouldering gashes in
his robes. Bartimeus cried out like a wounded animal, his back arching and the hood
falling back.
They weren’t sure what he expected but it wasn’t this. What should have being the
man’s normal, perhaps grotesque head was encased in a silver helmet.
It was moulded around his face and the back of his head but bore the resemblance of
some giant breed of bear. It had the furrowed brow and jutted jaw with a full set of
bared tusk like teeth. It curved around the back of his head and there was no sign of
the human they believed was beneath. The mask was perfect, no scratch nor
indentation and that for some reason made him seem even more frightening.
Bartimeus dropped Hillary’s body and turned on Daniel, the flames receding off his
robes as he raised his wand and there was a flash of green light which Daniel barely
managed to dodge throwing himself to the side and landing in the mud.
He recognised that spell as being one of the unforgivable, the Killing Curse. However
realising he had come so close to his death didn’t stop him from his need to save
Hillary as he jumped up and ran at the bear faced man who was picking up Hillary’s
body again and heading for the rift.
Neville joined Daniel whilst Tim and Draco hurried to save a screaming Elia who was
being wrapped in the magical chains.
Tim and Draco were united in the casting and the two jets of light smashed into
Garnets shield charm throwing her off balance and into the mud, her hood fell back
too. However unlike Bartimeus, hers was, what they believed to be a lioness, it was
the same strange mask that looked like it had being moulded onto her face but a bright
red hair spilled out from underneath.
Tim threw himself at Elias side and tried to undo the chains but they wouldn’t move
and he was burnt by a cold fire in trying.
Draco had his wand aimed at Garnet who was giggling behind the mask like she knew
something they didn’t.
‘’What’s she laughing about? WHAT YOU LAUGHING ABOUT?’’ Tim yelled
unnerved by her loose behaviour and pointing his wand at her, his arm shaking with
rage that had filled him.
‘’Bye bye cutie’’ she gave a little wave and grabbed Elias ankle, before either of the
men could stop her she dropped through the ground and dragged Elia with her.
‘’NOOOOO ELIA’’ Tim roared trying to grab her hand as she was taken from them,
to pull her back, their fingers touching and trying to grasp one another but she was
swallowed whole by the ground. ‘’ELIA’’
He started digging uselessly, stabbing his hands into the wet mud but it was to avail,
she was already gone.
‘’DRACO’’ Iyana screamed for help close by and they both saw another of the figures
walking forward with her wand digging into Avonlea’s neck, holding her hostage. She
was limp in Anneka’s arms but they saw she was still breathing which was a start.
Draco ran to her aid and Anneka pressed the wand in tighter warning him.
‘’Don’t be a hero blondie’’ she snarled walking backwards away from the four of
them to Bartimeus who was fighting off Daniel and Neville with Hillary at his feet.
‘’Let her go!’’ Draco replied trying to keep his tone calm but holding his wand to
breaking point.
‘’I don’t think so blondie. We’ve got plans for her and these plans involve her being
alive so if I were you I’d back off before I get a little too excited’’ She told him.
‘’NOW BACK OFF!’’ she roared dragging her across the ground.
‘’Ok… Ok just don’t hurt her’’ he begged, unwillingly standing back and placing his
hand on Tim’s chest to stop him from charging. ‘’Why don’t we talk about this? Who
are you? What do you want her for?’’
‘’It’s what she’s going to do for us’’ Anneka laughed dragging her back still.
‘’Take me… Leave Avonlea and take me’’ Draco pleaded willing to do so freely and
throwing his wand to the ground so he was defenceless as he took a step forward
‘’Nice blondie, real nice’’ she snickered. ‘’Stop playing with the children and lets go
already’’ she called to her friend, Bartimeus, in a disproving tone.
Bartimeus was shielding himself against the frequent attacks from Daniel and Neville
they were little more than a pair of irksome pests which he planned on destroying
when he got a chance.
It wasn’t until Neville made the mistake of taking a step closer that Bartimeus saw his
chance and swung out with his right leg catching him unawares and kicking him hard
in the stomach, winding him and sending him crashing back into the mud. He than
turned on Daniel who ducked his first punch but the second hit him square on and his
jaw shattered like it was made of glass throwing him to the ground.
Anneka had caught up with him at this point and she threw Avonlea in his direction
when he reached down and retrieved Hillary, throwing her like a sack of potatoes onto
his shoulder.
He never waited for Anneka instead he caught Avonlea and strode through the rift that
continued to excrete a strange black substance.
Anneka was about to follow through when she was hit by burst of white light and the
whole clearing was blinded, everyone of them had to shield their eyes until it faded
away, destroying the rift.
Olivia was the first to overcome and she wasted no time in stunning Anneka who was
groping for her wand.
Everyone else was shaking off the effects of what ever just happened and when their
vision cleared they saw Draco shaking like a leaf and the small onyx crystal ball, the
pendent he had only recently decided to wear around his neck, was now in his hand.
He was breathing heavily and he looked like he was about to faint, Olivia ran to his
aid and kept him standing when his legs suddenly gave way.
Nobody knew what to say, the rain hammered upon their backs and the wind roared
against them, Neville coughing and taking deep breaths as he sat up and Daniel trying
not to succumb to the pain of his broken jaw; Tim and his constant shouting of the
girls names or Iyana who was trying to calm a feverish Draco; Olivia who holding
back the tears at what they had just seen happen. Neither of them knew what to do,
Avonlea, Elia and Hillary had just being kidnapped and they had managed to
somehow stop one of them from escaping.

It was cold and wet when Elia finally started to wake up; there was a strange smell, it
was thick and sour like mould with a metallic edge. Reluctant to open her eyes she
slowly stretched out, shuddering and groaning every muscle in her body was on fire
when she moved. Opening her eyes slightly the first thing she saw was a thin jagged
crack in the grimy, damp concrete floor.
She raised her head, which felt strangely heavier than usual. Her hair was damp and
tangled covering her face despite the silver hair clasp that remained in the back of her
head. She lifted a heavy hand to rub her eyes and something stopped her, she was
struck by a wave of fear as she turned to the obstruction.
There was thick rusted iron bracelet on her wrist followed by a thick chain and they
were glowing with pearly blue light. Instantly she started to panic and everything in
her mind, body and soul was screaming that it wasn’t true that she was dreaming. She
was chained to the wall, locked away like a prisoner. Pulling on the chain she
franticly tried to get free by ripping it out of concrete wall she was chained to. She
didn’t even realise she was crying she felt the wetness of her tears on her hands and
she cried out in terror.
She stopped pulling and looked around franticly swearing she heard her voice being
called but it was weird, dull and quiet like it was from far away. ‘’Hello! Who is it? ’’
‘’Elia it is you!’’ the voice cried out happily and she recognised it.
‘’Hillary… Hillary where are you?’’
‘’I don’t know’’ she admitted struggling to stand up and pressing her head against the
concrete wall where she could hear Elias voice. ‘’I can’t see anything its too dark in
here but it stinks and it’s wet! Elia I’m trapped!’’ she cried out pulling on a similar
like chain attached to her wrist.
‘’Me to! Hillary what the hell is going on? What happened?’’
‘’I don’t know. I just woke up like this and I heard you making noise’’
‘’Where’s Avie?’’
‘’She’s ok she’s next to me but she’s still asleep, least… I think she’s asleep’’ Hillary
chocked on the last statement hoping Avie was only asleep.
‘’Where are the others?’’ Elia asked knowing she didn’t have the answers. She
couldn’t stand her leg was shaking and she was afraid she would fall if she even tried
so she took in her surroundings, unlike Hillary she did have a light, it was coming
from a single oil lamp hanging above her in the ceiling
 Like the floor, which was a dark grey cement cracked and broken, so where the walls.
There were strange patches of a dark brown and she shuddered at the thought of what
left them. The smell must have being the water or the mould because all around her
she could see small puddles where water had being dripping from the cracks in the
ceiling and landing with echoing plops. The room was a cube, about 12 feet in every
direction and the only entrance was a large round metal door from floor to ceiling.
There was a small letterbox shaped hatch but no handle or lever in sight which meant
she wasn’t meant to be able to leave. At the back of the room there were a large
bundle of stinking rags in the corner and she turned away disgusted by the smell.
Someone had being here before because there were scratches along the wall were
someone or something had being scratching their nails across it; small spots of dark
stains made her look away and the tears continued.
‘’What do you remember?’’ Hillary called biting her tongue.
 ‘’I don’t know… I remember collecting firewood and it was raining really hard and
than… Avie walked away and we were heading back than…’’ She trailed of finding it
hard to remember and keep her voice from breaking. The answer was there in the
back of her mind but she couldn’t quite grasp it.
‘’Nothing’’ Hillary finished she was having the same problem. There was something
but she had to be dreaming she see it now, the face of a silver bear snarling down on
and she shuddered at the thought when there movement at her side.
‘’Avie you’re alive’’ Hillary gasped clutching the bedazzled blonde into a hug that
took the breath out of her.
‘’Not for much longer! C-can I breath please?’’ she chocked pulling against her but
smiling until she realised something was wrong.
‘’Sorry! Avie what do you remember?’’ Hillary asked quickly only now noticing her
coat had being removed but she still had the remains of mud in her fingernails and
‘’I-I don’t know… Someone grabbed me’’ she responded sitting up and staring at the
glowing chain she was shackled to. ‘’Where are we?’’
‘’Avie! Who grabbed you?’’ Elia yelled through the wall.
‘’I don’t know, he was big, really big I mean he makes Tim look like a munchkin’’
she stated trying to remember. ‘’I never saw his face but there were two more’’
‘’I remember, she grabbed me with a chain like this’’ Elia said picking up her chain
and weighing it in her hand. That explained the blue glow.
‘’So they’ve kidnapped us’’ Hillary said not believing what she just said, it was crazy
but it happens.
Before they could say anything else there was screech that echoed around them
followed by something huge scraping across stone and loud heavy footsteps from
behind the huge metal doors.
Suddenly Hillary and Avie’s room was shed light as the oil lamp hanging from their
ceiling was lit. Blinking away the effects they looked around their room it was
identical to Elia’s except there weren’t as many scratches. They barely had time to
take in what was happening when they heard him.
‘’Ladies… Woken up I see’’ someone called from behind the door, his voice was
deep and smooth, it seemed to caress them with its power.
‘’Who are you?’’ Elia asked the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up once
he spoke but she tried to get closer to the door to hear him.
‘’How are you all feeling?’’ he replied ignoring her question and they heard
something else scrape across the ground as he sat down on a small wooden chair.
‘’Open this door and I’ll show you exactly what I’m feeling’’ Elia snarled beating her
fist against the metal door, making a dull thud the chain was holding her back still and
it glowed brighter the more she fought against it.
‘’Now now Elia why don’t we calm down huh?’’ he chuckled and she could
practically hear him roll his eyes which just got her madder.
‘’Tell me where we are now or else!’’ Elia ordered trying to ignore the fact he knew
her name. How did he know her name?
‘’Or else’’ he repeated musing over her threat ‘’Your not really in a position to be
threatening people now are you’’
‘’Who’s making all this noise?’’ giggled a female voice over the sound of high heels
on stone as someone else walked into the room and Elia stopping banging on the door,
she remembered that voice, it sent a chill down her spine.
‘’That would be Elia. Your right she will be fun to play with’’ said the man his voice
growing more seductive as he spoke.
‘’Just make sure all you do is play!’’ she replied curtly ignoring the fact the girls were
near by and could hear what they were saying.
‘’Do you want to see them?’’ he asked as he pulled out his wand.
‘’Oh yes please’’ she giggled forgetting her worries in an instant.
Elia, Hillary and Avonlea barely had time to get out the way when there was a snap of
metal, like something clicked on the other side. The huge metal door swung outwards
and they blinked in the firelight.
There was a tall broad figure against the light. Like their kidnappers he was wearing
the same strange purple robes with the gold bands on the sleeves, only he wasn’t
hooded or masked nor was the woman this time.
He was devilishly handsome young man around his mid twenties yet he seemed
immortal, a god. He was perfect and they couldn’t help admiring him. He had long
dark brown hair which reminded them of charred drift wood; tied back tightly into a
ponytail which reached the small of his back; a strong chin, dimples and sun kissed
skin with a golden glow. As there gaze wandered higher taking in the broad nose and
full ever so kissable lips, they found him forbidden yet lustful. That’s when they
noticed a flaw but it made him even more masterful. There was a small black leather
patch covering his left socket however his right eye was extrodinary; slate grey, deep
and wise it caught them in a hypnotic trance where they couldn’t look away. They felt
naked under his gaze, vulnerable and bare like nothing they could do or say would
stop him from knowing the inevitable truth.
The woman was beautiful, stunning Hollywood star beautiful. She had a soft heart
shaped face, rosy cheeked by a sufficient amount of blush with ‘out the bottle’ fake
tan; dark red hair but it was the kind you would by of the counter. Her hazelnut brown
eyes lit up with a hungry spark at the sight before her. She had full ruby red lips
which pulled back grinning gleefully and showing perfect white teeth. She didn’t
captivate them like the man because they saw behind the makeup and the toothy
smiles. Everything about her was fake including her chest.
Elia had stiffened remembering exactly who she was and how she came to be here,
chained to the wall. She could see Timmy trying to grab her hand on the edge of her
vision and she looked more scared than ever.
‘’Who are you?’’ Elia asked again trying not to stare at the man but he was drawing
her in like a magnet, it took every inch of her strength to look away and she used the
memory of Timmy’s desperate struggle to remind her where she was.
 ‘’I guess there’s no harm in you knowing… You may call me Thaddeus’’ he replied
with a playful smile that they might almost fall for if it wasn’t for the knowledge of
what his friends had done.
‘’Oh Thaddy they’re so cute!’’ The woman giggled hopping forward to Avonlea and
Hillary’s cell whilst clutching Thaddeus’s arm with a move that the girls would
understand meant ‘hand’s off he’s mine’; This woman had some serious issues.
‘’Oh can I keep one?’’
‘’Keep one! We’re not dogs!’’ Avonlea cried out angrily forgetting where she was.
‘’No Bitch! You can’t-‘’ her words were cut off when she was brought to the ground,
tears to her eyes. There was a large red mark on her cheek shaped like a hand, and it
left her with a strange cold burn.
Hillary stood there in shock not sure what to make of what happened it was all so
quick she never saw it and Elia was chained in the cell next door unaware of what
happening she could just see the edge of Thaddeus’s robes.
Thaddeus had lost all beauty, his face was twisted in rage, that lustful aura he held
over them was lost and replaced by a cold fear. His right hand raised, the same leather
gloved hand he had used to strike Avonlea down.
‘’You will show your masters more respect’’ he said it in a calm quiet tone but each
word cut through the air and it made Avonlea shudder, like they struck her once more.
‘Now beg for forgiveness’’
‘’N-never’’ Avonlea refused lifting her head, she had cried from the pain he’d struck
her with but she would never beg for anyone’s forgiveness instead she spat at his feet.
Thaddeus’s gaze hardened, he was going to teach this girl respect. He enjoyed a rebel,
that’s why he was so attracted to Garnet but she knew her place. There was a sudden
flash of light in his eye and he gave quick flick of his wrist pointing his index finger
down towards Avonlea back.
She screamed in pain as the back of her T-shirt suddenly slit across the shoulder
blades and an invisible dagger cut across drawing fresh blood. He repeated the action
and cut her again, this time across the shoulder causing her to scream out. She clawed
at the concrete floor, tears rolling down her face freely as the searing pain struck her.
Hillary threw herself at Thaddeus but her chain was ripped back rattling back into the
wall, dragging her with it until she only had a foot of chain left and she had to stand.
‘’AVIE! HILLARY WHAT HAPPENED?’’ Elia begged. She couldn’t see them but
she heard Avonlea screaming and she pulled against her restraints to help but it was
 ‘’NOW BEG!’’ Thaddeus roared reaching down and taking a fistful of her white
blonde hair he pulled her up and threw her at Garnets feet, in doing so he pulled out a
small chunk of her hair.
Avonlea continued to refuse remaining silent except for the sobs she couldn’t hold
back and her cuts burned, warning her about what defiance would cause. The cuts
weren’t normal; he had shown that already by cutting her down with his hand. All he
had to do was snap his fingers and she believed he might snap her neck; but she
refused to give in to this monster. He was a bully and she knew you have to stand up
to bullies or they just continue to do so.
He raised his hand with an evil smirk.
‘’AVIE JUST DO IT’’ Elia cried, her heart breaking at what she was hearing unable
to help her.
Hillary was still fighting against the chain but it wouldn’t come out and she even tried
to kick Thaddeus but she wasn’t close enough.
‘’Listen to your friend’’ Thaddeus whispered in her ear as he knelt down beside her
instead of hitting her. ‘’Before we have to get serious’’ he breathed, turning to Hillary
with a hungry smile.
Avonlea could feel his hot breath on her neck and she froze for a second following his
gaze and she lost all reluctance and begged for their forgiveness, to save Hillary.
‘’I-I’m sorry! P-Please forgive me!’’ She begged on her hands and knees, she could
feel the condensation from his breath on her neck and smell the musky scent of his
aftershave as the tears rolled down her cheeks; tears of pain, fear and humiliation.
‘’Aww! Bad puppy had to punished but I forgive you’’ Garnet replied in an overly
sweet tone as she crouched down and brushed Avonlea’s stringy damp hair. Her
action might have being mistaken for motherly but her touch was wrong, it was hard
and rough and her long scarlet nails cut across Avonlea’s scalp making her wince in
‘’You will respect your masters or next time we might not be so forgivable’’
Thaddeus said looking down on Hillary like he was a saint and everything he had
done was for their own good.
His beauty had returned and he was holding the playful grin once more but they
weren’t fooled they’d seen his true colours.
Hillary had stopped fighting the chain and it slowly slipped back out the wall but she
was breathing heavily out of rage, her fists balled, her only desire was to wipe that
grin of his slimy face and show him how much pain she could cause.
‘’Now where were we?’’ he thought aloud. ‘’Oh yes! I was going to introduce you to
my lady friend, this is Garnet’’ he smiled indicating the woman who had being
stroking Avonlea’s hair.
‘’Hia girlies’’ Garnet greeted flashing them with another fake toothy smile.
‘’What do you want from us?’’ Hillary’s asked trying to control herself as Avonlea
moved over closer and they held each other.
‘’You will discover everything if you comply too our wish’’ Thaddeus answered.
‘’What is your wish?’’ Elia asked treading carefully so as not to anger so he’d have to
punish one of them again.
‘’All will be explained soon. The youth of today always in a hurry’’ he sighed shaking
his head as he spoke to Garnet.
There was something he had said which Elia found curious, ‘the youth of today’ but
he couldn’t be much older than 25 surely. Everything about this man was mysterious
and as try as she might she couldn’t understand why she was here, what she had done
to deserve this, they were simply inhuman.
She didn’t have anymore time to think about this because she saw something at the
huge doors from which Thaddeus and Garnet entered; there was a man there and he
filled the space, casting a shadow against the grey stone floor. The bright white light
shined behind him and she hadn’t even thought to see what was beyond the doors, she
had being to preoccupied with Thaddeus. It was the same man who had chased them
she was sure but he wasn’t wearing his mask either.
He was a deep, dark chocolate brown and his skin was weatherworn; his bald head
gleamed in the firelight and he was simply huge, built like a tank. The strange purple
robes they all wore were stretched across his biceps which were bigger than his head
and his head was pretty big. He had a simple blank slack jawed style to him but he
stood alert. Obviously they didn’t use him for his intellect. He just stared at her
through a pair of small designer sunglasses. She was sure he was staring at her, least it
looked like he was but you couldn’t see his eyes. He wouldn’t move he just stood
their waiting.
‘’Bartimeus… Welcome’’ Thaddeus greeted seeing him and stepping back into Elias
view. Bartimeus’ gaze left Elia and turned to Thaddeus.
‘’Wanted me’’ he said gruffly, staying where he was, his fists, which were the size of
hams, hanging at his side
‘’Yes I did, I need you to bring… Who shall we start with Garnet’’
‘’Puppy’’ she answered turning to Avonlea who was still with Hillary as they held
each other, the cuts in her back were still bleeding badly and the back of her T-shirt
was sodden with blood.
‘’No- No you’re not taking her!’’ Hillary objected clinging onto Avonlea’s arm.
‘’Come on Puppy’’ Garnet giggled patting her knees and whistling.
‘’I’m not going anywhere’’ Avonlea replied clinging onto Hillary.
‘’Please! Please we don’t know anything. Please just let us go home’’ Elia pleaded
pulling the chain as far as she could to get to the doors.
‘’Get the girl’’ Thaddeus ordered ignoring their protests and holding out his hand.
‘’Oh Thaddy thank you’’ Garnet squealed skipping over and taking his offered hand
she kissed him squarely on the lips, leaning up on her tip toes because he was so much
Bartimeus walked past them and headed straight for Hillary and Avonlea’s cell.
‘’NO! NO! YOUR NOT TAKING HER’’ Hillary screamed lashing out at him with
all her strength, slapping his arm and beating him but he didn’t even flinch.
‘’Take her to my workroom’’ Thaddeus called over his shoulder as he walked out
with Garnet. ‘’I wish to question her’’
Bartimeus’ reply was an irritated grunt as he pushed Hillary away with a wave of his
hand and smashed her into the wall.
Avonlea tried to fight him off as well slapping his face and squirming in his hold but
she was weaker than she thought. He reached down and scooped her up ignoring her
attempted escape and throwing her onto his shoulder, pushing her down with his giant
hand pressing into her back. As he turned around he looked to Hillary who now had a
small cut to her forehead and she looked quite dazed.
She returned his gaze and tried to focus but the world was spinning so she could stop
him from taking Avonlea.
‘’Daniel… very brave but very stupid’’ he told her with a menacing smile, his tone of
voice didn’t have the beauty of Thaddeus’s but it held out of fear and she suddenly
remembered seeing Daniel racing towards her in the rain.
Bartimeus didn’t wait any longer, he just stepped out the room and Hillary tried to
stand to fight again but the chains pulled her back to the ground and her cries of anger
and sadness echoed falling on deaf ears.
Elia couldn’t speak all she could do was cry. She wanted to scream, to stop them to do
anything just to save her but she was terrified. She was forced to watch them carry her
away into a white marble corridor blazing with light until suddenly the large metal
doors started to close and she let out a heavy sob of despair which the door silenced
with a resounding click of the lock.

Soon as they could gather their thoughts, Iyana had taken control of the situation back
in the forest. She managed to shut Tim up, who was still calling out for Hillary,
Avonlea and Elia; refusing to believe they were gone. She than ordered for Neville to
take Draco who it seemed was unconscious, he was breathing but nothing would wake
him up. That left their assailant who Olivia had stunned. Tim stepped forward at this
point and he dragged her unconscious body into the tent where he conjured thick
ropes to bind her to his arm chair. She knew where the girls where and they were
going to get the information one way or another.
‘’Timmy we should get the police’’ Olivia pleaded stopping his frequent pacing
across the living room.
‘’Than what! Tell them we decided to do a bit of camping when some freaks in purple
robes and silver animal masks kidnapped our friends!’’ he shouted letting his
frustration out on her.
‘’They’ll know what to do! We’re in way over our heads and you know it!’’ she
shouted back, she was just as worried and she didn’t appreciate his tone.
‘’What about Dumbledore, he warned us we couldn’t get caught, his life is in our
hands’’ he argued running a hand through his hair.
‘’You think I don’t know that! What do you think we’ve being doing all this time
sitting on our butts!’’ She yelled returning the favour. ‘’We n-need to get the police!’’
she sobbed as she hit him as hard as she could in the chest, tears rolling down her eyes.
‘’They took them Timmy… They t-took Hillary and-and I’m scared alright, I’m
scared a-and your j-just-‘’ she broke off as he pulled her into his chest and let her cry.
‘’I’m sorry Olivia’’ he whispered holding tightly. ‘’It’s my fault’’ he admitted taking
a shaky breath.
‘’Timmy! How is it your fault?’’ Iyana argued. She had being watching the scene
from the large sofa where Daniel was laid out; she had being trying to fix his broken
jaw when they started fighting.
Draco meanwhile was sprawled out behind her on one of the smaller sofas, still
unconscious like their hooded attacker who Neville was standing guard over.
‘’I shouldn’t have let them go. I should have gone out and gotten the wood myself. I
let them leave and now they-‘’
‘’Than it would be you they’d have taken’’ interrupted Iyana shaking her head. ‘’You
couldn’t have known this was going to happen’’
‘’But I could have stopped them if I’d just being a little quicker’’
‘’T-Timmy please’’ Olivia pleaded she couldn’t bear to listen to it anymore she pulled
away from him and wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her hooded sweater.
‘’What are we going to do Tim?’’ Neville asked in a quiet tone.
‘’I don’t know Neville. I have no idea what to do next… How’s Daniel holding up?’’
he asked Iyana rubbing his stiff neck.
Daniel answered by making a gurgled choke and wincing in pain as he tried to talk
but Iyana pushed him back down with a mothering smile to comfort him.
‘’They broke his jaw, I can’t find the correct spell and Draco is still out cold… What
happened back there?’’ she let the question hang in the air.
Daniel gurgle/chocked again and Tim walked over quickly relieving Iyana of the job
and pulling out his wand.
‘’Don’t try to talk. This is going to hurt a little bit’’ Tim said thinking back to the
voluntary Healer classes he’d being taking with Madame Pomfrey since it started in
his 4th year. Taking a deep breath and calming himself he placed the wand over the
right side of Daniels cheek. ‘’Vigormala’’ he said loudly and clearly because there
was a risk of removing all his front teeth if it was said wrong, Neville learnt that hard
There was a soft flash of white light and small cry of pain from Daniel as his jaw was
fixed and his teeth straightened out.
‘’How you feeling’’ Iyana asked over Tim’s shoulder.
‘’Like I just got punched by a rhino…Bit of toothache’’ he grumbled rubbing his
cheek were a nasty bruise was already showing. ‘’I saw Draco, I have no idea what it
was but it came from that pendent he got from Dumbledore’’ he told them sitting up
ignoring the stiffness as he talked and he indicated the onyx crystal dangling from
Draco neck.
‘’What did Dumbledore say it does again?’’ Iyana asked thinking the same as
‘’Something about dispelling darkness I think’’ Neville answered not taking his eyes
off their prisoner.
‘’That would explain the flash’’ Tim thought aloud. ‘’Why is he unconscious though
and what exactly did it do?’’
‘’There was that… that portal thingy’’ Iyana said trying to think of a name. ‘’When
the light was gone so was the portal, it had all that dark stuff pouring out of it as
‘’Dispels darkness’’ Tim whispered to himself drawing the information together. He
lost his train of thought when there was groan behind him and Draco started to stir.
It was slow at first he was just making groaning sounds than he started to move and
with Tim and Daniels help they sat him up and waited for him to be ready to talk.
‘’Wh… Where’s Avie?’’ he whispered his voice was croaky and he looked like he’d
run a marathon and ended up losing.
Tim reached down and picked up a small pencil torch he than opened Draco’s eyes
wider and checked his pupils. ‘’Slightly dilated but nothing to worry about. How you
do you feel?’’
‘’Where’s Avie?’’ he repeated raising his voice but groaning as an icy white pain
rushed over his eyes, the after effects of the flash.
‘’I… They’ve being taken we don’t know who by but they got Avonlea, Hillary and
Elia. We got one of theirs as well thanks to you’’ Tim replied and he moved out the
way to show him who they had tied in the chair.
It took Draco a second to focus and the pain faded away, replaced by fury as he
recognised who it was. ‘’She’s the one who had Avie’’ he snarled trying to get up but
he was wobbling so he fell back exhausted.
‘’Calm down we don’t know the extent of what’s happened to your body’’ said Tim
remembering his training.
‘’Are we going to the police?’’ Daniel asked believing what his answer would be.
‘’Do you think we should?’’
‘’No! They’re not going to believe us Tim. Who would believe a story like that’’
Daniel said shaking his head angrily.
‘’We have one of them though’’ Iyana argued quietly.
‘’I think I get what your saying Daniel… they’re idiots in the Ministry and
Dumbledore said we couldn’t be found. There’s You-Know-Who’s spies everywhere.
Maybe she’s one of them’’ said Tim sitting on the arm of the sofa and glaring at her
unconscious form.
‘’So what do you presume we do?’’ Olivia asked her eyes still slightly red but she’d
stopped sobbing.
‘’She knows where they are! I say we ask her!’’ Tim nodded his head to Anneka and
before anyone could stop him he jumped up and ripped her hood back but reeling in
shock and staring wide eyed, he should have expected something like this.
Like the other two attackers who got away, the bear and lioness she had a similar
mask but it was a cobra. The jaws were open revealing large fang like teeth and the
metal was grooved in small scales, it was just like the others, it seemed to me melted
onto her face like she really did look like that and nothing would surprise them.
‘’Think she can hear us?’’ Neville asked taking a step back after seeing the mask.
‘’If she can she better start answering some questions because I’m not in a very good
mood’’ Tim threatened. ‘’Where are the girls? What did you do with them?’’
She remained still like she was still unconscious.
‘’Who are you? What do you want with the girls?’’ he said raising his voice and
getting closer. The mask seemed to radiate an icy aura which he could feel on his
cheek. She wasn’t even breathing or so it seemed, maybe they’d killed her. ‘’What the
hell are you?’’ he roared.
He was looking right into her eye sockets of the mask but they were an inky black,
bottomless and infinite and they chilled him to the bone.
That was when she struck by swinging her head forwards with incredible speed she
smashed her masked forehead into his face and made him cry out in pain drowning
out the sickening crunch.
Falling back onto the carpet and narrowly missing the unlit furnace; the fire had gone
out already and nobody planned on retrieving firewood. There was fresh blood
everywhere and it dripped down Anneka’s mask, she remained still, sitting up alert
and though they couldn’t see her eyes they could feel her gaze on each of them. They
were rooted to the spot not sure what to do as Tim slowly stood up cupping his face,
his nose was gushing with thick scarlet blood and it drenched his white shirt.
‘’Timmy! You ok?’’ Iyana asked hurrying forward.
‘’Fine!’’ he growled shaking it off and dripping more blood onto the carpet. ‘’Your
going to regret that!’’
Anneka raised her chin cocking her head to the side and there was a soft hissing like
laughter from inside but other than that she didn’t move or speak.
‘’Is there anyway we can take that mask off it’s really unnerving’’ Olivia asked
refusing to look at Anneka.
‘’I don’t think it is a mask… least not a real one’’ said Daniel his brain working
overtime He found it weird how it was perfectly shaped around their heads. ‘’Its
magic… I’m sure of it and I think I can prove it’’ he jumped out the sofa before
anyone could question him, hurrying into the boys bedroom and returning with the
spyglass he handed it over to Tim.
Who was sceptical but he looked through and wincing, he knew his nose was broken
and he felt nauseous and dizzy but there wasn’t any time to waste. He was hit by an
explosion of colours but the brightest thing in the room, that he could see, was her
mask but that wasn’t all. There was darkness a lot like a second shadow only living, it
was moving around behind her like it had a mind of its own; thick like syrup it was
slithering over her body and suddenly it took shape and hissed at him. It was a cobra,
a huge cobra made of darkness and than he realised what it was.
‘’Remember that stuff we saw coming out that portal thing, have look through this’’
Tim said handing the Spyglass to Daniel who had the exact same response.
‘’She’s covered in it! What ever that stuff is she covered in it!’’ he exclaimed passing
the spyglass to Iyana.
Everyone saw the exact same thing but only by means of the Spyglass. She looked
perfectly normal, for a large, purple robed, silver cobra. Now what it was exactly…
they had no idea but you didn’t need to be Merlin to know that was some very dark

Whilst Anneka was tied up in the chair, being questioned by Tim and the others they
were blind to the knowledge that Thaddeus was doing the same thing to Avonlea.
She was slumped in a metal chair, made of a black iron. It shaped like a twisted body
of a man, so she was sat in his lap. Soon as Bartimeus dropped her in the chair it came
alive the metal arms twisted around her wrists as did the chair legs so she was held
down, caged in by the chair. She tried to fight it but it was useless, all she could do
was move her head. So she fought in the only way she could she glared and cursed
them using a very unflattering vocabulary.
Garnet was laid out on a table against the wall, only it wasn’t a table. It looked like
one, it was a thick dark wood with four legs and you could probably eat of it.
However there was a cranking mechanism at the bottom with thick ropes and
gleaming metal shackles pushed aside. It was a rack, they would use them in the
Middle Ages to torture people, stretch them until their limbs were ripped off.
Bartimeus stood in the corner, his muscular arms folded over his hard chest; he just
stood there staring at her behind the small sunglasses with a scowl.
Thaddeus meanwhile was doing something behind her and she couldn’t see him. That
was until he walked around.
He’d removed his purple robes and he was dressed in a smart, tight black suit with a
crisp white shirt and black, silk tie. His hands remained gloved and her cheek was still
‘’What the hell do you want from me?’’ Avonlea yelled as she finally stopped
swearing at them.
‘’Do you kiss your mother with that mouth’’ Thaddeus laughed standing against the
rack, Garnet trailing her finger up his arm playfully. ‘’No… I don’t suppose you do.
You don’t have a mother do you?’’
She blinked slowly and looked away, she knew what he was trying to do and she
wasn’t going to give up, she wasn’t going to let him control her. ‘’You don’t know
‘’Avonlea Wickantower; 17 years of age, you’re a student at Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizarding; You were placed in the Slytherin House; Raised from
Infancy in the Cottonmill Orphanage by a Ms Garr; Forgotten by the ministry you
didn’t attend Hogwarts until your 6th year. Birthday is the 1st of June and you’re a
Gemini… Shall I go on or have you heard enough?’’ Thaddeus asked after revealing
only a small piece of the information they had on her; being very smug. Archibald had
being working late into the night discovering all this including their location.
‘’What do you want from me?’’ she replied, her tone was bitter to hide the fact she
was so shocked at how much he already knew
‘’Answers’’ he replied narrowing his gaze. ‘’Tell me why you left Hogwarts’’ he
ordered getting straight to business.
‘’We’re on a road trip. We’d had enough of school so we left and we don’t want to go
back. We want to see the world and this is the best way, we’re just having some fun’’
she replied in a simple plain tone like she was reciting it from memory,
‘’She’s lying’’ said Garnet sitting up looking eager.
‘’I’ll give you a chance to tell the truth, do not lie to me again’’ Thaddeus warned
‘’I’m not lying’’ she replied her voice faltering. ‘’We’re taking a-‘’ she was cut off as
he slapped her hard.
‘’LIE’S’’ he roared slapping her again only harder so she was left reeling. ‘’Do you
think I’m a fool?’’
‘’N-no’’ she stuttered tears stinging her eyes.
‘’Than do not treat me as one!’’ he hissed in her ear. ‘’Tell me how you got out the
school?’’ He ordered his eye bulging out its socket, daring her to lie.
‘’I-I don’t know’’
‘’P-p-please I don’t’’ she cried out.
He sprang forwards and grabbed her suddenly, his large gloved hand was weirdly
freezing as he squeezed her cheeks together and ripped her head up to face him. ‘’Tell
‘’I dub’t nove’’ she replied with difficulty due to his grasp. Her skin was starting to
burn but I was a freezing numbing burn. The tears rolling down her face froze and she
gasped as it intensified,
‘’Your going to make me do something I really want to do’’ he smirked tightening his
grip and licking his snake like lips as he leaned down.
He turned round slightly and saw Garnet out the corner of his eyes she had being
filing her nails when she heard him and she didn’t sound happy about what he wanted
to do. He flashed a winning smile and she raised a perfectly arched eyebrow in
‘’You going to tell me or are we going to have a little fun’’ he whispered in Avonlea’s
ear. She felt something wet touch her ear lobe she shuddered, closing her eyes.
He released her but his hand hovered in warning as he waited for her answer.
As she leaned forward ever so slightly and opened her eyes she tried to keep her voice
from shaking. ‘’Go to hell’’ she answered before spitting in his face.
He reached up and wiped it off with a grim smile of disgust. ‘’I’m going to enjoy
this’’ His hand sprang forwards running through her white blonde hair he grabbed a
large chunk and the chair released her so he dragged her out; throwing her to floor at
Bartimeus’ feet, who still hadn’t moved or made any sign of emotion.
‘’String her up! I’m not quite finished with her just yet’’ Thaddeus ordered licking his
lips with a glint in his eye as he watched her feeble attempt of escape by scampering
to the door.

Anneka had being getting questioned for a solid two hours and she still remained
silent. Tim was roaring at her but she didn’t move, she didn’t make any sound, she
was trained not to crumble under torture and these kids were pathetic. They didn’t
have the murderous hunger like Thaddeus. They would never think to hurt her to get
the information they needed, they just shouted and jumped around a bit. She found it
all quite amusing as she counted the minutes by in her head.
‘’Tell us where they are and we’ll let you go!’’ Tim said for the third time in 20
minutes. ‘’You have my word’’ he lied.
‘’She’s not going to give Timmy, its useless. We should be contacting the Ministry
and letting them deal with this, they will have Veritaserum and all sort of other stuff’’
Olivia explained from the study archway, an open book in her arms.
Neville had the idea of making a batch Veritaserum and Olivia had discovered the
right book but you needed to let it brew under a full moon, which was tomorrow night
and the full brewing would take two months, they didn’t have that time.
‘’We already explained they’re not going to take us seriously!’’
‘’Than you come up with a plan!’’ she shouted slotting the book back onto the shelf
crossing her arms.
‘’What do you think I’ve being trying to do!’’
‘’I don’t think anything because apparently everything I recommend goes in one ear
with you and out the other. You more thick that Crabbe and Goyle’’ She yelled.
‘’Olivia we decided it-‘’
‘’No you decided Timmy. I don’t remember taking a vote’’ she interrupted getting
angrier the more he spoke.
‘’Fine everyone take a vote. Who thinks we should go to the ministry. Forget that
Dumbledore is dying and we’re his only hope, give ourselves in and than by the time
they’ve stopped questioning us the girls will properly be dead’’ He didn’t mean to say
that but it just came out. He regretted it when he saw the tears rolling down her cheeks
she was lost for words and so was he. ‘’Olivia I-‘’
‘’Save it! I don’t want to hear anything you have to say Timothy Helyard you can
burn in hell for all I care you pig headed idiot!’’ she cried charging into her room and
drying her eye with her sleeves she slammed the door behind her. If she stayed there
any longer she was likely to end up killing him.
‘’Nice going Timmy…’’ Iyana sighed disappointed in him and she went to see how
Olivia was.
‘’Was there any need for that Tim? You were out of order!’’ Daniel said shaking his
head at him.
‘’We’re all upset Tim. None of us want to give up on Dumbledore but what would he
say right now. He would tell us to go to the Ministry, he knows their lifes are more
important than his and we may be able to still help him’’ Neville explained. ‘’Daniel
you have a brother in the Ministry he can help us out can’t he?’’
There was nothing like losing the respect of 5 friends simultaneously time, nothing
they said could make him feel any worse.
He wasn’t really listening to Draco until he said his name and he expected something
cynical and hateful, he was wrong.
‘’I agree with Tim. If we tell the ministry the first thing they’ll do is pin it on us.
Three girls disappearing in a forest with a group kids it screams ‘the kids did it’. Far
as I see it she has the answers and there are other methods’’ he let the suggestion hang
there. He’d remained quiet for some time just staring at his reflection in the full length
‘’Torture’’ Tim said staring at him in disgust and shock, he couldn’t be serious.
‘’Just because I’m a Slytherin you jump to that conclusion. Only you Gryffindor's can
be brave; I wasn’t brave when I protected Avie in that river and had I gave her CPR,
she was dead in my arms!’’ He shouted with a deep sadness in his eyes, that was the
worst moment in his life and they had no idea about who he was or what he could do.
‘’Wake up Tim! The houses are only are general outlook on the person, don’t mark
me as the villain when I’m only trying to help! No, not torture… We’re Wizards you
ever thought of opening a book or using that fat head instead of combing your god
damn finger through it all the time!’’ Draco was shaking with fury now and he wanted
nothing more than to punch him in the face.
There was an echoing silence in the tent after this outburst, Olivia and Iyana’s door
opened a crack as the girls listened to what was going on.
Tim was looking at his feet, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him like
it did Elia. He was an idiot he wasn’t making any right decisions right now. His gaze
turned to the ring on his finger and he remembered what Dumbledore had said.
‘’you are your own man, you do not have to accept but the ring is yours, I know in my
heart… it goes to the right man’’
The right man, sure the right man to ruin everything and hurt people; than another
voice filled his head, Elia’s voice.
 ‘’ I have no doubt in my mind that it’s made for you’’

The two people who believed he was the bearer of this ring for a leader where the two
people who depended on him right now.
As her words drifted through his mind, he felt her warm smile and he finally sensed
the truth in their words; but there was something else, he wasn’t sure if he was
imaging it but he felt a warm rush brewing deep within and it filled him. He could feel
it seeping through his veins and he swore his skin was aglow in a soft golden light but
nobody acted on it so he must have being seeing things. He felt cold and sad until the
strange feeling washed over him, now he felt confident and he knew what he had to
‘’I'm sorry’’ Tim said quietly raising his head.
‘’I’m sorry. Really Draco, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions, your right I guess I
should look beyond the house sometimes. You haven’t given me much to believe in
you in the past but you’re not bad. I don’t know what its like to have someone die in
your arm, I pray I never have to’’ Tim continued drawing strength from the golden
warmth. ‘’You are a good man and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me
I’m upset but as Neville said we all are. You’re a better man than me…’’
‘’Thank you Tim… I accept you’re apology’’ Draco replied slowly holding out his
hand which Tim stared at for a second before taking it with a firm grasp. ‘’I
understand how your feeling more than you might think’’
‘’How touching’’ hissed a voice behind Tim and they quickly turned to Anneka who
was still strapped in her chair.
‘’She speaks at last!’’ Neville said tightening his hold on his wand and taking a step to
the side to see her better.
‘’Is she going to speak to us though’’ Tim thought aloud letting go of Draco’s hand.
‘’What do you want to know big boy?’’ she laughed cocking her head to the side and
tapping her fingers they were long and pale, she wasn’t a stranger to darkness than.
‘’Where are the girls?’’ Tim asked quickly not bothering to care about the sudden
change of heart.
‘’They’re safe… for now’’ She replied simply before turning her head to Neville.
He met her gaze but it chilled him to the bone. The dark hollow sockets of her mask
grew and filled him with a bitter cold. Luna’s brilliant smile floated before his vision
and he felt the hold tighten on him.
He could see her walking down the Charms Corridor but a hand shot out and pulled
her behind the tapestry to a secret alcove behind. Luna’s surprise was replaced my
humor as she looked up at her captor as did Neville who was following. He was tall
and muscular with ice blue eyes and thick golden blonde curls with a face and body
that was chiseled from marble.
Neville was forced to watch as Luna leaned in and she kissed him to the sound of
Neville’s heart breaking. She didn’t care that he could see them, she was enjoying it.
Neville and his soft simple manner, she needed a real man and she shivered as the
mysterious blonde man slipped his large hand up her the outside of her thigh stroking
her slightly under her skirt as he kissed her neck and she nibbled on his ear lobe with
a moan of pleasure..
The image was buzzing around after someone called his name but it fought against it
and strengthened, it blocked it out.
Luna chose that time to look at him, her lipstick smeared as she stared at him with
such disappointment. ‘’Why did you leave me? Neville’’
‘’I didn’t want to. I’m sorry’’ He pleaded trying to reach for her hand. They could get
through this, he loved her and he didn’t want to lose her. He could forgive her and
everything would be fine.
She didn’t take it, instead she backed up however and the man slipped his arms
around her waist and lifted her sweater slightly as he kissed her neck and she moaned
her excitement at his touch. ‘’I don’t want your excuses… I’ve moved on’’ She replied
tilting her head back and offering herself.
‘’Luna, don’t say that please. I love you’’
She started laughing and it was high and cruel, she was laughing at him. Her eyes
were black and glassy when she looked at him. There was nothing there but darkness.
‘’Love! You’re pathetic Neville. You were always pathetic it took you two years to
make a move’’
‘’You don’t mean that you love me too’’ he argued close to tears now.
‘’You shouldn’t have left me’’ she replied turning away from him and facing the
blonde man who she pushed into the wall. ‘’Say hello to Timmy for me, tell him I’ll be
waiting. Now he was a real man’’ she whispered slipping her hands up the man’s
chest and ripping his shirt open, popping buttons. She gasped and started laying kisses
down his bronze toned body.
Neville wanted to scream and look away but he was being forced to watch, he
couldn’t move. He was willing to rip his eyes out because he saw her with another
man; he was shaking with anger and sadness, tears rolling down his red cheeks.
All of a sudden he was engulfed in a wave of water and he shot up soaking wet. He
tried gasping for air but got a mouthful of water instead. Spluttering and choking there
were voices shouting around him but he couldn’t hear until the water was relieved and
someone stared shaking him.
‘’NEVILLE! CAN YOU HEAR ME!’’ Tim shouted trying to get through to his friend.
Nobody knew what had happened except Neville had crumbled to the floor and
started mumbling Luna’s name along with repeatedly saying he loved her. When he
started shaking uncontrolably they thought he was having a fit and Tim panicked and
tried to get through to him by using his wand to splash him with a tide of water.
As Neville’s vision returned, the image of Luna and the man was burned into his
retinas only the man wasn’t blonde and he was a lot bigger and broader. It was Tim, it
was Tim, his best friend with Luna and he remembered what she said. ‘’Say hello to
Timmy for me, tell him I’ll be waiting. Now he was a real man’’
‘’Your alive’’ Tim laughed happily he was so scared he was going to lose his best
friend after everything that happened.
Neville surprised everyone, most of all Tim by throwing himself onto him and he
started smashing his fists into Tim’s face and body. ‘’HOW COULD YOU? WHY
TIM?’’ he roared tears rolling down his face with each punch.
‘’NEVILLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’’ Iyana screamed trying to pull him off but
he was too strong.
‘’YOU KNEW I LOVED HER. DAMN YOU TIM’’ He was in full blown tears now
and Draco and Daniel tried to drag him off but he couldn’t be restrained. He wanted
to see him dead; he wanted to kill him for what he’d done. ‘’I LOVED HER!’’
‘’Yes… kill him… he had her Neville… they made sweet hot love on your bed… can
you see them… can you just feel their lust’’ Anneka’s voice whispered only for him to
hear and driving him on, Tim wasn’t even fighting back he didn’t have chance to.
‘’Kill him and she’ll return to you’’
‘Neville let go. Stop this!’’ Daniel tried to reason with him but all Neville could hear
was Anneka’s voice.
‘’She screamed his name… you are pathetic… nothing but a joke… who could love
you…? Tim was always so much cooler… stronger… he was there for her he wasn’t
weak. Prove to him you’re not weak… KILL HIM!’’
‘’What the hell is the matter with him?’’ Draco yelled pulling on Neville’s arm but he
lashed out and smashed Draco in the side of the head throwing him across the room.
They were little more than a nuisance, fly’s he would swat away as he pulled his fist
back for the final hit to kill his best friend.
‘’Daniel get out the way’’ Olivia ordered aiming her wand at Neville. Soon as he let
go and backed off, it was just in time as a red light blasted Neville off Tim before he
could land the final blow. It sent him rolling into the sofa knocking it over and lying
in a heap stunned.
‘’BUT I WAS SO CLOSE!’’ Anneka screeched, before anyone could stop her she
stood up the ropes that had kept her tied down were burning into ash at her feet. She
could have freed herself when ever she liked but she didn’t.
‘’You will listen to me you pathetic mortals. Your friends have until the stroke of
midnight tomorrow night. If we don’t receive what we want we will burn them alive
and leave their desecrated bodies before your precious school of magic. Tell anyone
of this and their death will come sooner and we won’t be as merciful’’ she snarled, the
darkness was visible and growing around her like flickering flames. ‘’Heed my
warning’’ she finished and the darkness exploded out filling the room and blinding
The dank, dark cells of Elia and Hillary’s prison were dripping with water more
frequently and they could hear Avonlea’s screams echoing against the grey stone. She
would scream his name in defiance and they wept for their friend, as their hearts
They had tried screaming for help but it soon became clear no one would be coming
to their aid. They were alone.
They couldn’t speak to each other, Avonlea’s screams drowned them out and they
didn’t trust themselves; if they even tried to speak they would surely break down. So
they remained in their cells, shackled to the walls like an animal and curled up against
the chill; trying anything to block out the screams, the terror and the cold but it was
What felt like days but was in fact only hours later, the screams stopped and they both
looked up fearful of why this might be. They shared the same thought, terrified that
Avonlea wouldn’t return.
The minutes passed, each second sounded by the gentle drip of the water which was
beginning to slow down now. That was until they heard the large doors on the outside
opening, followed by something being dragged across the ground.
‘’Avie’’ Elia sobbed quietly getting as close to the door as the chains would allow her.
They had learnt you were given freedom when you were good but try to escape and
they simply dragged you straight back.
‘’She’s not able to talk right now’’ Thaddeus replied instead and he deeply amused.
‘’What did you do to her?’’ Hillary begged trying to stand up but she was so weak
from lack of food and water.
He didn’t answer straight away; instead he banished his wand and Hillary’s cell door
swung outwards. There they stood, Thaddeus and Bartimeus, thankfully Garnet was
nowhere in sight. Hillary’s gaze shot to their feet however where there was a large
black bag with a zip. It was similar to a sleeping bag, but you never woke up inside of
‘’OH MY GOSH, AVIE’’ Hillary wailed throwing herself to the floor and trying to
reach out to the body bag. ‘’NO SHE CAN’T BE’’
‘’Why don’t you see for yourself’’ Thaddeus laughed heartily hooking his foot
underneath it and rolling it into the cell. Hillary dragged it the rest of the way and
fumbled with the metal zip.
‘’HILLARY! HILLARY WHAT’S HAPPENED?’’ Elia screamed banging her fists
into the wall. ‘’AVIE SPEAK TO ME!’’
Hillary wasn’t listening she finally got a hold of the zip but she just couldn’t do it, she
was afraid of what she would find; The salty wet tears falling from her emerald green
eyes leaving pool’s in the creases of the body bag which held her friend.
Her fingers numb with cold and shaking out of sadness. She wished she had never
accepted to go on this stupid mission. She was only 17 and she was being forced to
look upon the body of her friend who she heard die only minutes ago.
Wiping away the tears with a grubby sleeve she pulled down the zip

‘’He’s coming around!’’ someone yelled, their voice sounded weird, like they were
shouting down a plastic tube.
‘’Give him some room’’
‘’Draco get some water’’
‘’I’ll get it’’
‘’And a tea towel’’
‘’Oh my- Look at his face!’’
‘’Shhh Olivia he’s going to be ok. Come on Daniel hurry up with that water’’
‘’Got it and here’s the tea towel’’
Something cold and wet suddenly dripped over Tim’s forehead and it was stinging but
it did seem soothing after a few seconds. He wanted to tell them to back off but he
couldn’t speak. His throat was stiff and clogged up, his tongue wouldn’t move, least
not for him to speak; and He started recognizing voices as they slowly became clear,
he was forced to hear but not respond.
‘’Can you hear me Timmy?’’ Iyana asked sweetly her voice echoing around him but
of course he couldn’t answer.
‘’Is he going to be alright’’ Olivia asked quietly.
‘’I don’t know. He’s alive that’s what matters but I don’t want to perform any charms
until we make sure he comes around I might make it worse’’ Iyana said continuing to
dab the cold wet flannel against his face to mop away the blood. ‘’How’s Neville?’’
‘’He still won’t talk to us. He just keeps crying out Luna and Tim’s name’’ said
‘’And more but it’s not for your delicate ears’’ Draco added.
‘’I locked him in the bedroom, he’s not getting out but he’s smashing up the room’’
Daniel continued with a heavy sigh of what they would find.
‘’What’s gotten into him? I mean this is Neville we’re talking about. Neville… He
couldn’t hurt a fly’’ Iyana exclaimed confused.
‘’Well he’s sure proved us wrong’’ said Draco.
‘’And what was with the passing out. No I don’t believe that was Neville back there,
he must be under a curse or something’’ Olivia objected. ‘’The unforgivable,
‘’Maybe’’ Daniel agreed slowly as he started thinking. ‘’Why did she sit there for two
hours in silence if she could of gotten away when ever she liked? And how did she do
this to Neville?’’
‘’You think she did this?’’ Olivia asked thinking the same but wanting to know if they
shared ideas.
‘’No other explanation… She was looking at him remember. He started twitching
than he fainted and started shuddering she never took her eyes off him’’ Daniel said
aloud as he paced the living room, drawing the facts together.
‘’But she didn’t have a wand. Where’s her wand?’’ Olivia asked.
‘’… It must still be out there. Nobody found it’’ Daniel replied. ‘’She’s probably got
it back now if she knows where it is’’
‘’Than its wandless magic… Think! What kind of magic is wandless?’’ Daniel said
clicking his fingers frustrated.
‘’You’re the nerd! Don’t you know’’ Draco responded.
‘’I prefer academically superior- LEGIMENCY’’ Daniel yelled clapping his hands
together and startling everyone.
‘’That’s why you’re the nerd’’ Draco smiled, they were finally getting somewhere.
‘’I prefer academically super-‘’ Daniel repeated but was cut short.
‘’Will you two shut up! Daniel what do you mean Legimency?’’ Iyana ordered there
was no time for this.
‘’Well Legimency is the magic where you can penetrate another’s mind. It’s really
difficult plus it requires a wand. However there have being cases where a Legimens
can do so without a wand but eye contact is essential’’ Daniel explained.
‘’And she kept eye contact with Neville’’ Olivia verified.
‘’Why did she stay in the chair all that time if she could of gotten free? Why didn’t
she kill us? Why didn’t she take us like she did the girls? Ughh there are so many
questions but no answers?’’ Daniel cried out angrily.
‘’What are we going to do now? That’s the big question. We have no idea where the
girls are being kept and if we tell the ministry they’ll kill them. Tim’s semi-conscious
and we don’t even know if he can hear us; Neville still acting the Hulk in there. Olivia
said what they were all thinking.
‘’But why is it still affecting him if she’s not got eye contact?’’ Iyana asked.
‘’Because… she’s left a false image… in his mind’’ whispered a frail voice behind
them and they all quickly turned round to confront the speaker.
It was Tim, he was still sprawled out on the sofa looking like he had being hit by a
bus and every word he spoke made him cringe and writhe in pain but he was speaking,
that meant he was going to be ok… right? They had being so sure they were going to
lose him it was good to hear his know-it-all voice.
‘’Timmy’’ Olivia squealed rushing forward to hug him but stopping herself. ‘’Are
you ok?’’ she asked but keeping her distance so she didn’t hurt him.
‘’Fine…’’ he sighed closing his eyes and starting to drift again.
‘’Wait! What did you say about an image?’’ Daniel asked quickly.
‘’False… false image… Neville’’ Tim whispered trying hard not to pass out.
‘’Timmy…’’ Olivia started kneeling beside him.
‘’I…didn’t mean… what I said… I’m sorry…’’ He apologized and closed his eyes as
he went limp.
‘’He’s ok Olivia… he’s just passed out again’’ Iyana told her checking his pulse.
‘’And he gave us the answer!’’ Daniel said tapping his head and trying to think.
‘’False imagery… it’s a Simple Legimency skill in which the trained Legiman’s can
use a person’s worst fear against them. They will manipulate memories and thoughts
to create a lie, thus creating their worst fear in a false image’’ he told them in a simple
informative tone as he recited the book.
‘’So what you’re saying is… she made Neville see something that involved Tim and
Luna, because he’s calling their names and it was so bad that he ended up trying to
kill Tim’’ Draco simplified.
‘’But I was so close…’’ Olivia whispered.
‘’Excuse me?’’ Daniel questioned.
‘’That’s what she said… But I was so close. She was trying to kill Tim and have
Neville do it for her. She could have gotten free and done it herself but she didn’t
because she wanted Neville to do it. She was never our prisoner she was doing this for
fun, all along!’’ Olivia said angrily.
‘’So we know what the problem is. Now all we need is a solution’’ Draco thought
aloud reaching for the pendent hanging round his neck and looking to the boy’s
bedroom where Neville’s crashes were sounding every so often.

‘’BOO!’’ Garnet laughed hysterically as she threw herself up and out the body bag
grabbing Hillary’s shoulders and grinning like a lunatic as she screamed bloody
‘’’ARGGGGHHHHHHH!’’ Hillary flew back into the wall, screaming in terror as
Garnet continued to wave her arms about like a ghost. She was expecting to see
Avonlea and the shock had her heart beating a mile a minute.
Thaddeus and Bartimeus were laughing heartily watching her. ‘’Oh Garnet you were
right that was funny!’’ Thaddeus told her wiping a tear from his eye.
Bartimeus’ laughing made the room shudder but Hillary was already shaking like a
leaf in the corner. That was the cruelest joke they could have played on her. She
watched Garnet clap enjoying herself as she pulled herself out the body wearing a
very skimpy black leather vest and trousers. She had an assortment of crude knifes
strapped around her on a belt and she ever had one strapped to her thigh and ankle.
‘’HILLARY! WHAT’S GOING ON?’’ Elia yelled she needed to hear her voice all
she heard was Hillary’s scream before it was drowned out by laughter. ‘’WHERE’S
‘’She’s perfectly fine’’ Thaddeus answered still laughing as he reached out for
Garnets hand, which she took firmly and he pulled her up, leading her out the cell. He
than kissed her hand and she gave a little giggle. ‘’Bartimeus you can put her in this
time’’ Thaddeus ordered looking over his shoulder.
Bartimeus grunted in reply and reached down for something in the shadows of the
wall. Hillary didn’t have time to move and someone was thrown onto her.
‘’Avie’’ She gasped pulling herself together and checking Avonlea’s pulse, she was
still breathing but she was in no state to talk right now.
She was dripping wet, her white blonde hair matted with dirt and water. Her lips were
blue and her skin icy cold but the worst thing was the blood. Her clothes were covered
in blood and there were large slashed tears in the back of her T-shirt.
When Thaddeus had thrown Avonlea to the floor in his work room he ordered
Bartimeus to tie her up. She had her wrists bound together by thick ropes; hung up, a
foot off the ground and forced to face the dark, grey stone wall and swinging gently.
For the next hour and half she had being hosed down by water, she suspected came
from the Antarctic because of the icy cold temperature. It was a fireman’s hose and it
was powerful enough to leave her with some strange looking bruises as she was
swung around by the force.
She was questioned about how she escaped Hogwarts but she kept her silence and
said nothing; nothing but the foulest of insults, all directed at Thaddeus. This defiance
only enhanced her torture when he brought out a strange leather whip which was
blazing with a magical black fire. She was whipped to an inch of her life. It cut and
burned her internally but the firemen’s hose managed to put out the fires before they
gave her too serious burns. Needless to say she kept to her story and refused to tell
him the truth. She was whipped and hosed down until she was unconscious and even
than they continued for their own amusement.
‘’Your meal’’ Thaddeus said reaching to the side and dropping a dry husk of a bread
loaf into one of the larger puddles of drip water. ‘’Oops… Bon Appetite’’ he smiled
wickedly turning to leave.
‘’Just you wait till I get out of here’’ Hillary threatened as she hugged Avonlea’s
unconscious body. ‘’I’m going to kill you myself’’ she whispered struggling to speak
because she was shaking with fury.
‘’I’ll look forward to that’ he replied softly licking his snake lips and admiring her.
‘’It would be a shame to destroy you’’
‘’Go to hell!’’
‘’I’ve being, it’s quite nice this time year’’ he replied winking at her before Garnet
pulled out her wand and shut the metal door on them. Not before giving Hillary a rude
hand signal and look that could curdle milk.
‘’I don’t like you talking to other girls like that’’ Garnet hissed quietly.
‘’Oh don’t be jealous. You’re the only woman for me’’ he whispered curling his arm
round her waist and pulling her into his chest, hard.
‘’I’m not jealous’’ she protested giving him the sweet and innocent look and paying
more attention to a lock of her own red hair.
‘’Could of fooled me’’ he smirked hooking her under the chin with his finger and
lifting her head he bent down and. kissed her slowly. She didn’t pull away but neither
did she return the kiss much to his irritation so he let her go and turned away.
‘’It needs feeding Bartimeus’’
‘’Yes Thaddeus’’ Bartimeus replied walking to the far wall where there was a large
iron hatch, like a laundry chute. Soon as he opened it he was hit by the overwhelming
stench of mangled bloody meat. Picking up a clay bowl he scooped out the contents.
He was rewarded with a large heap of what could be considered food. It was a mesh
of raw, pink bloody meats, consisting of blobs of fatty flesh and grizzle; the blank
staring eyeball staring back at him. He didn’t seem bothered by the stench.
He walked to Elia’s cell door and pushed down on the handle, he didn’t need magic to
pull it open he could manage it with ease.
Elia was waiting for him on the other side she planned on taking him hostage to get
out; she just had to get him close enough. So she pretended she was going to pass out
and faint, hoping there was some humanity in him and he’d catch her.
She wrinkled her nose at the smell when he appeared, walking straight in. This was
easier than she thought; if she could just get the chain round his neck.
The problem was he wasn’t paying her any attention. Instead he was heading for the
pile of rags in the far corner.
‘’What’s that?’’ she asked indicating the bowl, her curiosity to strong; she was trying
hard to resist the urge to vomit.
He didn’t answer he just dropped the bowl and the contents near the pile of rags.
‘’EAT!’’ he yelled aiming a strong kick into the rags.
She was expecting her captors to be crazy but not like this. He was talking and
feeding some rags… Maybe his sunglasses were prescription. She was about to say
something but the rags suddenly moved and after a second kick there was cry of pain
like a wounded animal, it made her stiffen and back up to the wall her original plan
‘’EAT!’’ Bartimeus repeated with a wide smile of enjoyment at kicking these rags
which he did again only harder judging by the cry of pain.
He stopped so he must have being satisfied with the results and he turned around,
gone before she could come to her senses.
The click of he lock brought her round.
‘’WAIT! WHAT IS THAT?’’ she begged crawling to the closed door taking terrified
glances at the rags, she could feel something watching her but what was it?
All of a sudden the small letterbox hatch in the door was shifted aside and Thaddeus’s
one eye looked in from the other side.
‘’Didn’t we tell you about your roommate’’ he laughed knowing full well he didn’t.
‘’Maybe If you ask politely he might share his dinner’’ he continued in a mocking
‘’What is it?’’ she repeated turning her back to Thaddeus and watching the rags shift.
‘’It doesn’t have a name. So be good now. I don’t want to come back and see you’ve
eaten her like the last one’’ he teased.
‘’Please don’t leave me in here!’’ Elia begged trying to get as far away from the rags
as she could
That was when a long thin skeletal arm slipped out; Ending in a gnarled hand with
three fingers and thumb. Each of them ending in inch long curved black claws. It had
a dark granite color leathery skin; stretched tight over thin bony arm along with faint
scars covering nearly every inch of its exposed skin.
It was groping around looking for the dropped meat. When it touched, what
resembled a liver it grasped it firmly, ripping it back into the cover of rags. She could
hear the sickening squelch of something chewing, ripping and tearing it to pieces
‘’You two have fun now’’ Thaddeus replied ignoring her plea and laughing as he shut
the latch. She heard him walking off and the doors shutting.
‘’NO! PLEASE LET ME OUT!’’ she screamed trying to rip the chains out but it was
The creature’s attention was focused on her now as she saw two pairs of dark, blood
red eyes staring at her under the rags. This explained the scratches in the wall and
door, it had being with her all along… watching her possibly.
‘’Elia what is it?’’ Hillary called. ‘’Whose in there?’’
‘’Not who… What?’’ Elia corrected biting her lip and hugging her self as she stared
right back at the red eyes, she could still hear it chewing and it continued to reach out
for the meat but its gaze never left her.

‘’You sure this is going to work’’ Iyana said standing outside the boys bedroom with
Olivia and Daniel their wands aimed at the door and waiting for their cue.
‘’Hay it worked with the portal thingy’’ Draco shrugged. In truth he had no idea
whether it would work. The idea was ludicrous but it was the best they had.
Dumbledore said ‘’-the black onyx is encased in a powerful enchantment which will
dispel all darkness for the bearer’’ It had proved this already but couldn’t do simple
things like put out lights. He had tried it the first chance he had but it wouldn’t do the
simplest thing as put out the lamp… because it wasn’t that kind of darkness.
It was a metaphor for darkness as in evil, bleak, sadness and despair. He had to admit
he was feeling less depressed since leaving Hogwarts. Sure they were a load of nerds
but Avie was kinda cool. It had gotten rid of the dark portal which was quite defiantly
This Legimency memory thing was created with an evil purpose so he came up with
the idea that it would banish the evil of Neville; like an exorcism. It had to work but if
it didn’t Neville would be hit by three stunners and that was just funny to watch.
‘’You ready Draco?’’ Daniel asked his hand on the doorknob.
‘’As I’ll ever be’’ he replied lifting the pendent from round his neck and holding it out.
‘’Just make sure you three are ready to stun him. I’m just way to pretty to end up like
Tim’’ he smirked winking at Iyana, who had rolled her eyes. Even she had to admit he
had a certain charm about him but he was no Fred.
‘’On three’’ she said making sure her wand was aimed. ‘’One…’’
‘’…Two…’’ Olivia added with a small worried smile.
‘’THREE’’ Daniel yelled turning the doorknob and breaking the charm. The door was
instantly ripped open and Neville appeared wild eyed and bloodthirsty. It just wasn’t
right for Neville to look like this. He was the sweetest Herbolagist you could find and
his plants could verify this. Right now he looked murderous and evil.
Soon as he saw Tim's body laid out unconscious on the sofa he gave a weird low
growl and charged forward to finish the job. Ignoring the three wands trained on him
and Draco standing there holding the pendent out like he was offering a gift.
‘’NEVILLE STOP’’ Olivia ordered but he just ignored her and charged on with only
Draco to stop him.
‘’This may hurt a little’’ Draco told him raising an eyebrow at the barbaric behaviour
and willing the pendent to do its magic.
Nothing happened for a few seconds, Neville continued to charge and he was going to
trample right over Draco until the pendent gave a soft shudder and Draco was able to
see it this time. A small pinprick of white light in the centre, growing like the
headlamps of a car in a tunnel until the pendent was brimming with the white light.
A small smile crept to his lips as it exploded outwards knocking everyone back in the
flash; Neville was thrown 10 feet into the air and he landed hard on his back.
The flash only consisted three seconds until it faded away but Draco was having
trouble to stand again. It wasn’t as bad as last time but he still felt a little too weak.
Daniel came to his aid, rubbing the back of his neck he grabbed Draco’s arm and
pulled him to his feet, stopping him from falling.
’It’s alright! I got you. You did good Draco’’ he congratulated as Olivia and Iyana got
up and kept their wands aimed at Neville, who was starting to move off the floor
looking confused and quite clearly in pain.
‘’But did it work that’s what matters’’ Olivia said.
‘’Did what work?’’ Neville asked groaning and rubbing his head, which seemed very
heavy and the world was spinning around him. ‘’Feels like I’ve just wrestled a Devils
Snare on his monthly pruning’’
‘’Sure sounds like Neville’’ Iyana replied risking a step forward. ‘’Do you still want
to kill Timmy? Neville’’
‘’Kill him! I… What happened?’’ he replied quickly. He could remember something
on the back of his mind and he prayed it wasn’t true.
‘’You tried to kill Tim. You’ve being wreaking the bedroom, Neville you beat him
up’’ Daniel told him indicating Tim’s body on the sofa. He was starting to wake up
again because of the flash of light.
‘’I-I did didn’t I’’ Neville replied remembering it clear as day including the memory
and what Luna had said.
‘’Neville...’’ Tim whispered holding out his hand and beckoning him forwards.
‘’Oh Tim, mate I'm so sorry’’ before they could stop him Neville was at Tim side and
he looked generally sorry instead of the bloodlust they saw in him only minutes
before. In fact he looked sickened at what he had done as he stared at his fists, Tim’s
blood caked his knuckles and they were stiff and swollen like he’d being punching a
‘’What did you see?’’ Tim asked looking tired. His left eye was swollen and purple,
he could just see out the small slit but the rest of his face was cut up but it had stopped
bleeding. His nose broken once again, his lip split and everything else was badly
bruised. There was no knowing what he’d done to his body but the way Tim was laid
out it couldn’t be good.
‘’Tell me the truth… Have you and Luna ever?-‘’ he chocked up not sure he could say
it. ‘’Have you ever… being with her?’’
‘’Neville what are you on about, we’ve all being with her’’ Iyana said confused, he
had the cheek to ask questions after trying to kill him and what kind of question was
‘’I mean… Have you ever being intimate with her?’’ Neville corrected himself
bowing his head. One word, that’s all he needed to hear to believe him, they’ve being
friends since their first year but he needed to hear him say it.
‘’Neville… I love her like a sister… Like I love you as a brother’’ Tim replied trying
to sit up but wincing and falling back down. Broken ribs he was sure of it; and his
shoulder judging by the pain. ‘’I would never, never do that to you’’
Neville nodded slowly knowing it was true and he was ashamed for even thinking any
thing like that. He opened his mouth to explain but Tim cut him off.
‘’Forget it… You weren’t thinking straight… You weren’t you’’ Tim smiled painfully
holding out his good hand. ‘’Friends’’
Neville took his hand tightly and nodded. ‘’Always’’ he answered shaking hands but
stopping when Tim winced. ‘’What the hell did I do to you?’’
‘’Forget it… We have bigger problems than me right now’’
‘’Tim we should really get you fixed’’ Iyana started but he shook his head and
screamed out in pain.
‘’Definitely broken ribs’’ he said speaking to himself. ‘’I heard Anneka before I
passed out’’ he told them breathing heavily and letting it hang in the air
‘’What are we going to do’’ Daniel asked balling a fist without knowing it.
‘’We’re going to get them back’’ he replied.
‘’But… I’m sorry but we don’t know where they are and your in no condition to be
freeing anyone Tim’’ said Olivia. ‘’The ministry-No we cant do that’’ she corrected
herself remembering Anneka’s last words.
‘’Olivia’s right we don’t know where they are’’ Draco said, the colour returning to his
face and he didn’t need Daniels help but he was still weak.
‘’But we can find out’’ Tim said looking to Neville. ‘’You got your pocket watch?’’
‘’Never go anywhere without it’’ he replied reaching into the pocket of jeans and
withdrawing the silver pocket watch with the ‘Green Man’ on the front. The same one
he obtained from Dumbledore’s Office with the magical ability to show anyone or
anywhere the bearer wishes in present time.
‘’Have you got it to work for you yet?’’ Iyana asked seeing where he was going with
‘’No… Still nothing’’ Neville said sadly.
‘’It will work because I have an idea’’ Tim replied trying really hard not to cry out in
pain as he pulled himself up and biting his lip he could taste the blood now.
‘’Tim if you really have broken ribs, let us fix them and stop moving’’ Olivia ordered.
‘’I told you later! I’m fine for now!’’ he snapped. ‘’I’m sorry but we haven’t got time,
it doesn’t hurt that much’’ he lied awfully.
‘’What’s your idea?’’ Draco interrupted he was right they didn’t have time for this.
They had by his count 29 hours to find the girls and that was only if they told them
everything. Knowing Avonlea in this short space of time of living together, that
wasn’t very likely.
‘’Iyana I need you to go into the girls room and bring back any hairs you might find
on one of the girls pillows’’ Tim ordered licking his dry lips. He was really thirsty but
they didn’t have time.
‘’Hair’s’’ she repeated confused.
‘’Don’t ask me how I know this. I’m just going off instinct right now but I need hair
and it has to be one of theirs. Trust me’’
She was confused but she did as he said thinking Neville probably damaged his brain
or something. She returned a minute later holding something between her fingers.
‘’I got it off Elia’s bed’’ she told him but he didn’t take it.
‘’Perfect, we just have to hope they’re all in the same place. Neville I want you to put
it on the clock face and ask for Elia. Beg if you have to’’ Tim told him and Daniel
gasped understanding.
‘’DN-Who’’ Draco started but Daniel ignored him.
‘’I’m right aren’t I’’ he asked Tim.
‘’I think it might help. I don’t know why but I’ve just got this idea’’ he told them
looking down at his arms, his skin was still glowing. It was dimmer but defiantly still
glowing which meant only he could see it still. Maybe he was going crazy from the
‘’Neville try it’’ Daniel urged. ‘’This might be the answer to finding the girls’’
Neville wasn’t listening he was already placing Elia’s hair strands on the clock face as
he stared at the blank silver hands ticking by. ‘’Please I beg you to show us Elia exact
location. Her life depends on it’’
The silver screen stayed the same, reflecting a rainbow of colours shimmering in the
lamp light but that was all.
‘’Its not- WAIT’’ Neville was about to give up hope when something happened the
screen moved. There were ripples like a pool of water and someone dropped
something inside. Than he saw it an image no bigger than pin head but growing until
the whole screen was filled. He was lost for words I was working. ‘’I’VE GOT
SOMETHING!’’ He yelled and people jumped forward taking a closer look.
‘’There’s nothing there’’ Daniel objected seeing nothing but the shiny surface.
‘’No! I can see it look closer’’ Neville argued showing it to him but it was the same
for everyone else even Tim. All they saw was the blank shiny screen.
‘’Only you can see it Neville’’ Tim told him. ‘’It’s your watch so only you can
control it’’ he continued speaking without even thinking. What was coming over him?
Even the ribs weren’t hurting as much he felt… better. He wanted to get up and take
on the world and he believed he could do it as well.
To no one else but Neville saw the screen and it showed a bird’s eye view of a huge
populated town, it was British; and it was London because he just passed Big Ben, he
could see the London Eye at the edge of the screen. Suddenly the magical camera
showing all this took a drop the screen rushed by like they were riding a rocket going
through all the streets and building regardless of obstacles like brick, wood or human
beings. It started to slow and it rested on an image of a large wooden white stadium; it
looked old. He didn’t recognise but he made sure he would later before they shot
forwards taking him through walls and heading down until they reached solid brick he
expected to go through but not what he found behind.
He was speeding down rough dirt tunnels and he felt nauseous with all the twists and
turns, he couldn’t remember how many U turns he made and he had to close his eyes
to stop feeling so dizzy. When he finally opened his eyes he was speeding up to a
huge set of wooden doors and through into what was clearly some sort of prison. The
walls were lined with huge round doors like a bank safe and he was thrown into the
second to last.
‘’I SEE HER!’’ he yelled. ‘’I SEE ELIA. TIM YOU DID IT!’’
‘’Where is she? Is she alive? Is she ok?’’ Everyone started pestering him with
questions because he was only one who could see.
‘’Is Hillary ok’’ Daniel asked begging that he had the ability to see.
‘’She’s not in here… It’s just Elia… She’s chained to the wall and she’s crying…
Wait! NO!’’ He cried out tapping the screen.
‘’WHAT? What’s happened to Elia?’’ Tim asked quickly fearing the worst.
‘’I’ve lost her’’ Neville replied sadly.
‘’You mean she’s…’’ He couldn’t say it.
‘’No… I don’t know… The screens gone, I lost the connection or something but I
know where she is, well I saw where’’ he told them.
‘’Where was it’’ Olivia asked quickly. ‘’She’ll be ok, it gave us what we wanted and
it’s cut off that’s all like you said lost the connection’’
‘’I don’t know what it’s called but it’s in London. It was a big wooden stadium, sort
of round and it had a stage inside but now roof.’’
‘’Draw me it’’ Olivia ordered running to fetch parchment and a quill.
Soon as he got it he put pen to paper and drew it out.
‘’SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE’’ Olivia gasped tapping the paper once the picture
made sense and she was furious.
‘’Who and what’’ Draco said feeling like an idiot but Neville was just as clueless.
‘’Shakespeare was the greatest play writer that ever lived. Shakespeare’s Globe, it’s
his stadium, where he had his plays acted out’’ she told him. ‘’Are you sure about this
‘’Yes! They’re underground that!’’ he told them tapping the paper.
‘’Than we know where they are’’ Daniel said looking at each of them in turn before
looking at Tim. ‘’What do we do?’’
Everyone did the same even Draco. Somehow Tim would know what to do. He was
their leader that was clear to see and they had to admit they were impressed.
Tim waited for about a minute before he spoke. ‘’Like I said, we’re going to save the
girls. Dumbledore appointed us to find Nathanial Hope. He believed in us and knew
we would come across perils with the ministry, he knew we could handle anything
they threw at us. We’re going to London. We’re going to get them girls out and
destroy anything that gets in our way’’ He told them feeding off the golden glow for
‘’First of all we need to plan’’ Olivia interjected and Tim nodded. ‘’This can’t be like
yesterday we need to know what to do if something goes wrong’’
‘’Plus I need to heal Tim’’ Iyana said sitting down on the edge of the sofa at his feet.
‘’No buts! You’ve got broken ribs and I’m going to need you to tell me what to do
and you need a million stitches’’
‘’When do we leave? We don’t have much time’’ Neville said pulling out his pocket
watch and looking guilty about what happened to Tim when he heard Iyana.
‘’Tomorrow at dawn’’ Tim answered. ‘’We leave tomorrow, I need my rest and we
need to plan. I promise you we will find the girls… and I will personally punish who
ever took them away from us’’ he growled clenching a fist, the invisible golden glow
growing stronger. He guessed it was like Neville only he could see it because only he
was meant to see it.
                                 Chapter Seven
                           ‘The Circle of Caratacus’

The night was awful on both sides. Tim’s wounds were worse than they presumed. It
turned out, his ribs were indeed broken but the spell wasn’t working, it wasn’t
powerful enough so he was given sufficient doses of Skele-grow instead. All he had
to look forward to be a night of writhing in pain as his ribs were repaired the painful
way. His looked like the remake of the Frankenstein Monster as Draco so kindly
pointed out. Refusing help for the smaller ailments like his black swollen eye, the split
lip and various other cuts and bruises that marked his face and body. He was walking
with a limp and every step caused him to feel nauseous but he told them this normal.
He was too proud and stupid to ask for help, not when his friends were in trouble.
Soon as he was up on his feet they left the small private woods, taking the tent and
everything with them; only after making sure any proof of their being there was
destroyed. They apparated further east to a place called Dalby Forest, Tim said he
visited the forest a lot in his childhood and they wouldn’t be found because it was
closed to the public this time of the year.
Their enemy had already proved their current defences were useless when Anneka left
by however she did. Daniel, Olivia and Draco had set every spell to their knowledge
at a 10 foot radius of the tent including some nasty little traps curtsey of a Slytherin’s
devious mind. The tent was now un-plottable and impenetrable to everything from
fire and rain to the insects and even smells; they weren’t taking any risks.
They sat in the seating area and planned their next move until the clock struck 12 and
Iyana couldn’t stifle another yawn. Draco took first watch and despite being tired and
weak after his ordeal Tim demanded he was involved and they allowed him to assist.
They sat on the wooden chairs at the front door wrapped in their blankets and their
wands in hand guarding the others in case anyone did come back.
Some might have said this was paranoid but they were scared and no one was afraid
of admitting this, only a fool wouldn’t be.

Whilst their night was filled with planning and guarding Elia, Hillary and Avonlea’s
were cold, wet and hungry. Hillary retrieved the soggy bread from the puddle and her
stomach begged her for sustenance but every time she raised the wet crust to her lips
she dropped it in disgust. She would rather die of starvation than let Thaddeus have
the satisfaction.
Avonlea had woken up and she revealed her terrible experience to the others; whilst
she talked, Hillary helped her by using her hands to cup puddle water and washed
away the blood from her back. There were no wounds beneath however, no scars, no
burns; nothing except for the bruises from the force of the water. The blood didn’t
appear out of nowhere this was obviously Thaddeus’s handiwork. He wouldn’t want
to break his toys too soon not when there was still so much fun to have with them.
Elia meanwhile had managed to retrieve a piece of broken clay pot. When, what ever
was under the rags, wasn’t looking she pulled it closer by using her foot. She was
placed in Ravenclaw for a reason. It was about 6 inches and curved but it was sharp,
sharp enough to piece flesh. She watched a lot of prison documentaries at home, her
dad was a fan. Her mother was a Muggle so luckily she was one of the few kids at
Hogwarts who knew what a television was. She learned from there that the prisoners
would create crude knifes, which they called Shiv’s from anything they could get their
hands on; such as toothbrushes and razor blades. So long as it was sharp enough to
piece someone’s body it could be a deadly weapon. She ripped her sleeve off and
wrapped it round the end to make a handle and removed her shoe laces from her
muddy trainers she kept it intact. It was now a worthy weapon to defend her self.
Thaddeus wasn’t a smart as he thought it seemed.
The only problem was her roommate. It had finished eating and she had her
suspicions about the smell, all this meat couldn’t agree with its digestive system. It
wouldn’t stop staring at her, it wasn’t even moving anymore. She decided to keep her
distance and it might loose interest. She curled up in the corner keeping her
conversations going with Hillary and Avonlea, holding onto her crude knife for safety,
looking anywhere but those blood red eyes in the dark.

The sun broke over eastern horizon; as the golden orb of fire rose it cast its warm
solar rays over the carnage of last night’s storm. Trees were uprooted, the ground was
swamped and a wave of despair loomed over the small Yorkshire villages nearby the
manor house woods.
The response was a deep pained grunt from under the covers on the large sofa.
‘’Tim… Come on mate you need to wake up’’ Neville repeated giving him a sharp
poke in the back.
‘’Neville…What time is it? Where am I?’’ Tim asked grumpily rolling over and
looking confused as he blinked in the bright lights.
‘’10:00 and your on the sofa. Draco woke me up he said you’d fell asleep in the chair
so I took over the rest of your shifts. You need your rest more than anyone…’’ he
trailed off, realising why he needed more rest.
‘’Oh… Right, thank you Neville you better wake the others’’ Tim ordered sitting up
with a groan and feeling his chest. He was still in pain from the bruising but the ribs
seemed to have popped back in place thanks to Iyana and the Skele-grow.
‘’Already done they’re in the kitchen getting something to eat than we’re leaving
when your ready’’ He continued stepping back. ‘’We gave you and extra half hour-‘’
‘’Half an hour! Neville you really shouldn’t have done that. Thank you but we
haven’t got time’’ Tim sighed dragging himself out of bed and heading to the

Five minutes later they were all standing in the kitchen snaking on anything they
could find, no one was in much of a mood for cooking a big meal. They were all
dressed in their best clothes and ready to leave when Tim entered.
‘’Morning sleeping beauty’’ Draco nodded but it wasn’t his usual snappy insult he
would usually have for when Tim slept in. He was wearing a black fedora to hide his
white blonde hair along with a tight leather jacket zipped up to his sharp chin as he
drank a black coffee.
‘’Morning Timmy’’ Iyana and Olivia said in union. They were both wearing a light
layer of make up and they’d made extra effort to look more beautiful than ever; both
were dressed in sensible shoes and simple yet elegant outfits that complimented them
very well.
‘’We’re ready to leave when you are’’ Daniel said to Tim looking over the designer
sunglasses he borrowed from Draco. His hair was taken care off but his bright sky
blue eyes might give him away. He had his grey leather American football jacket on
with blue jeans and white trainers.
‘’I’ll just have a glass of orange juice and I’ll be ready’’ he replied holding his head in
his hand as he sat on one of the tall stools at the breakfast counter and poured with the
other hand.
Neville came in with a pair of Tim’s spare glasses on and they stifled a laugh at how
ridiculous he looked.
‘’So what do you think’’ he asked giving them a twirl. He was wearing Tim’s baggy
jeans with a blue and white checked shirt, open with a Superman T-shirt underneath.
His hair was stuck up with a lot of hair wax and he’d shaved leaving only a little
‘’Wow… Neville you look’’ Iyana started but she was lost for words.
‘’Like a normal Muggle student’’ Tim answered. ‘’Don’t forget your backpack’’
‘’It’s on the sofa. You still need to get ready’’ Neville said.
‘’I am ready’’ he retorted showing off what he was wearing; dark jeans with his huge
black boots and a black Iron Maiden hooded sweater complete with added Iron
Maiden patches. His hair was loosely tied back.
‘’Oh… Right you always look like a Muggle student’’ Neville smiled forgetting he
was Muggleborn. ‘’You looked like you always do’’
‘’Which is why I’m going to do the talking’’ Tim replied downing his orange juice.
‘’Is everyone ready?’’
‘’Can we go over the plan one last time’’ Daniel asked cleaning the sunglasses with
the tea towel.
‘’If we must, its simple me and Neville are going to go in first. The story is we’re a
couple of students studying the works of William Shakespeare and The Globe was
part of the assignment. Hopefully we won’t get asked too many questions on this If
any at all. Using Natasha’s phone she gave us I will ring the phone box two streets
down where you will be waiting. You will answer and we talk and start step two’’
Tim explained as he retied his hair
‘’Where the four of us are pretending to be on date’’ Olivia replied, she wasn’t as
happy about this arrangement but it was the only way.
‘’Have you decided who your partner is Olivia?’’ Tim asked. They didn’t need
another petty fight about her not wanting to play the girlfriend it was the only way,
the girls lives were on stake.
‘’Daniel’’ she answered. ‘’He’s the better of two evils’’
‘’So what’s that make me’’ Draco started but he rolled his eyes and chose to overlook
it, he didn’t have it in him for another fight.
‘’Daniel with Olivia than your with Draco, Iyana. Are you ok with that?’’ Tim asked.
‘’I’m fine with it’’ she smiled. ‘’Just don’t let Fred hear about this’’
‘’We’re pretending to be on a date so what’s that mean exactly?’’ Daniel asked. This
was where he had problems. As nice as Olivia was he didn’t want to be kissing her
and getting all cosy, it would be really uncomfortable because he hardly knew her.
‘’What ever young people do on dates; your double dating so I don’t know. Hold
hands at least. Who’s playing the winning role?’’
Olivia raised her hand with a worried smile. ‘’Are you sure this is going to work
‘’We need a diversion. I’d do it but well a man faking a pregnancy isn’t going work
very well. Anyway! Can you do it Olivia?’’ Tim asked holding out one of the purple
square cushions from the chair.
‘’I suppose I’m going to have to’’ she replied snatching the cushion. She turned
around and stuffed it up her sweater. ‘’So how do I look than?’’
‘’About 9 months’’ Tim smiled. ‘’Iyana can you make it look a bit more…’’
‘’No problem’’ she quickly pulled out her wand and the cushion shrank and merged
until it looked more like a round bump of a pregnant woman than a girl who had stuck
a cushion up her sweater.
‘’Excellent, lets get going than’’ said Tim grabbing his bag and heading for the door
with everyone else following behind and getting into character.

Elia was sleeping softly, curled up in the corner of her cell. She’d fallen asleep out of
exhaustion and hunger, snoring quietly over the rumble of her stomach. It was cold
and clammy, the floor was hard and there was always that smell but she felt soothed.
She could feel someone brushing her hair and she didn’t mind because that’s what
soothed her and she smiled in her sleep.
Opening her eyes slowly the situation started to sink in and she realised it wasn’t a
dream. Someone… something was stroking her hair. She tried not to move and find
her makeshift knife. She could feel it with her little finger… if she could just… almost.
Grasping it firmly she span round kicking out at the same time and slashing the air.
There was a howl of pain and the source shot to its nest of rags where she saw it
cowering in the corner.
She gasped in shock at what her roommate actually was. He certainly wasn’t human
but he didn’t look like any Magical Creature Hagrid had taught them about.
He, at least to her he looked like he was male, had leathery dark grey skin but it was
strange sort of bumpy and coarse, it reminded her of stone. He was small about 3 feet
high and he reminded of her of toddler the way he was crouched. He was gangly and
skeletal so he couldn’t get fed very often. He was also holding his face, which was
mostly a beak like mouth and nose, his eyes didn’t look as evil because they weren’t
glowing but they were a dark blood red. He might have being some strange cross
between a lizard and dog. He was even wearing a soiled blanket like a toga. Long thin
white scars decorated his body and she was guilty for adding another when she saw
the small bead of black blood dribbling from under his clawed hands. He wasn’t
staring at her with anger or hunger, it was fear.
‘’I-I’m sorry’’ she apologised quietly not sure why, it wasn’t like he could answer or
even understand her. She dropped the makeshift knife in disgust. She didn’t want to
hurt him but she frightened him. ‘’Just stay away from me’’
He nodded quickly and kicked out with his legs which she noticed were both shackled,
he was kicking the rags out to build a wall between them. It was really more afraid of
her than she was of him.
No answer.
‘’Hillary are you there?’’ she asked again only louder and more worried. She was left
in suspense for a few more seconds before she got an answer.
‘’Yeah I’m here’’ she replied but her voice sounded weird; like she’d just being
‘’Are you ok?’’
‘’Not really; is it still there?’’
‘’It was brushing my hair’’ Elia said shuddering at how creepy that was. She reached
up to touch her head and she gasped. Her hair clasp was gone; the one Dumbledore
had given her. Did Thaddeus or one of the others come back and take it. She did have
it on but… ‘’Hillary I think it took my hair clasp’’
‘’It was touching you! Oh Elia just stay away from it. Don’t even look at it!’’
‘’Hillary it’s got the hair clasp. I need to get it back!’’
‘’Elia, no! It might attack you’’
‘’I’ll be ok. I’ve got my knife thing’’
‘’Elia please don’t’’
Elia wasn’t listening she reached for the makeshift knife beside her instead and slowly
stood up with difficulty, her legs were cramped and stiff. They just stared at each
other for a minute until Elia took a small step forward and he cringed holding his beak
harder and trying to burrow away.
‘’Just give me my hair clasp back!’’ she ordered holding out her hand.
It gave a weird cry like a cat when you tread on its tail but it was deeper.
‘’Give me it now!’’ she said, raising her voice. She didn’t making it afraid of her or
hurting him but she needed it and he scared her. She was afraid Thaddeus was right
and he would attack, she didn’t want to hurt him but if she had to she was prepared.
He pulled a gnarled hand down from his beak and she saw his hands were covered in
his black blood. She must cut him deeper than she thought. He was groping around
under the rags until he finally pulled out a small silver object. It was her hair clasp.
‘’Give it to me!’’
He held it tightly to his frail bony chest for a minute and she stared at him confused as
he started opening and closing his mouth like he was trying to speak but that was
impossible… right.
‘’Bad?’’ he said pointing at his chest and making Elia take a step back in shock. There
were tears in his eyes. ‘’Shiny’’ he muttered looking down at the hair clasp like it was
it was the greatest thing in the world.
‘’You sp-sp-spoke’’ she stuttered.
‘’Elia please don’t ignore us’’ Avonlea called she’d being woke by all the noise and
Hillary had filled her in on what had happened. ‘’What’s it doing?’’
‘’It… he… it spoke’’ she babbled and he seemed confused like it was a bad thing to
speak but the humans did it all the time. That’s how he had learned.
‘’Alright Elia, just get away from it before he-‘’
They were silence by the sound of the large heavy doors opening on the outside and
the creature quickly hid under its rags taking the hair clasp with him.
Elia had lost interest in the creature; she quickly hid the knife in her sock pulling
down her mud caked jeans to hide it from their kidnappers.
‘’Good morning girls’’
It was different voice. One they hadn’t yet heard but he was male and he sounded
very cheery. Nobody replied. If they stayed silent he might think they were still asleep.
No luck sadly when he didn’t get an answer he opened the shutter on the doors and
looked inside, they could see him straining to do so. He wasn’t as tall as Thaddeus or
Bartimeus it was a small comfort to see this small man trying to spy on them. He was
wearing thick framed glasses and he had really pale skin and mud brown eyes. He
didn’t captivate them or fear them like Thaddeus and Bartimeus. Neither did he sicken
them like Garnet. He was the runt of a litter.
‘’Well hello there’’ he said looking into Avonlea and Hillary cell. ‘’Good morning’’
‘’Go to hell’’ Hillary growled.
‘’You woke up on the wrong side of the bed didn’t you’’ he replied with a little shake
of his head. ‘’Tsk tsk Hillary where are your manners?’’
‘’Open the door and I’ll show you’’ she snarled throwing the soggy bread from last
night at him. Fortunately he shut it in time and it bounced off the metal, landing with
a splash in the same puddle.
They could hear him laughing to himself as he moved to Elia cell and he opened
another shaft. ‘’Well well… I guess it can’t have being that hungry or you didn’t
agree with him’’ He smirked looking down on Elia who was staring at the wall
opposite her remaining silent.
There was a whimper from the rags and the man looked over them with a studious
stare. ‘’Thaddeus wishes to see you’’
‘’And he sent you to bring me?’’
‘’No he sent Bartimeus but I wanted to see you my dear’’ he replied in a way to
casual tone for her liking.
‘’Well you saw me so piss off’’ she still refused to look at him.
‘’Such vulgar language’’ he scolded and waved Bartimeus forward. ‘’Get the girl’’
Before she could reach for the knife in her sock, her arm was ripped back and she
pulled into the wall, made to stand because of the chains. They seemed to have a life
of their own and they were really starting to annoy her.
Bartimeus had opened the door and she wouldn’t have time to get it out. Standing still
she let him unshackle her and lead her out like a good girl.
‘’Oh yes. No that’s a lot better’’ the man smiled as she stepped out. Bartimeus had
pulled down the chains from the wall and tied her hands together.
He was exactly like she pictured; he was the nerdy little boy who would sit at the
front of the class right in front of the teacher’s desk. He probably gave his teachers an
apple in the morning. He was shorter than her only about 5’’7 and he had wispy
auburn hair, he wasn’t shy of going to a hair dressers but he needed a stylist. He was
wearing a tight black suit that looked like it had being painted on. He was so small
and frail looking she couldn’t help but laugh at the odd couple scenario of him and
Bartimeus. She wondered if they ever went to a pub together after kidnappings to chat
up witches.
‘’What are you laughing about?’’ he asked sharply the goofy nerd look fading and he
looked murderous with fury.
‘’You’’ she said with a smirk. She wasn’t going to let them bully her around anymore.
‘’You find me amusing’’
‘’Very’’ she teased and looked up at Bartimeus. ‘’Who’s he your boyfriend?’’
Bartimeus frowned and looked like he was trying to solve a difficult mathematical
problem in his head.
‘’You wont find me so amusing soon girl!’’
‘’Oh lighten up specs’’
‘’My name is Archibald’’ he spat getting angrier and it started to get colder quite
abruptly all of a sudden.
‘’Alright Archie chill out-‘’ She was suddenly thrown into the wall by a huge blast of
wind and she slid down falling in a heap on the floor and started flailing about like a
fish out of water. She couldn’t breath, she was gasping for breath but there was
nothing. Her lungs were empty but Archibald and Bartimeus seemed fine.
‘’My name is… Archibald!’’ he whispered grinding his teeth and clenching his fists.
His hair was moving in the breeze but there was no wind down here.
She was going blue in the face now but she nodded to tell him she understood because
she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t breathe and if she didn’t get air soon she was going
to suffocate. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she collapsed just as he
granted her release.
‘’Get the other!’’ Archibald ordered. ‘’I’ll take this one myself’’ he removed his
glasses and pulled out a sunny yellow handkerchief from his breast pocket. He just
stood there looking over her unconscious body as he breathed on the glasses and
cleaned the lens.
Tim and Neville had bought their tickets and they were walking with the crowd of
tourists as they gathered up in a small wooden corridor for their tour guide. The
tourists were of all nationalities. A small American family were snapping pictures at
everything. They’d already taken a photo album’s worth of them standing outside the
toilets and now they were asking Tim to take one of them all. He agreed so they
wouldn’t bring to much attention to themselves.
‘’Say cheese’’
‘’CHEESE’’ they laughed together posing; the mother and daughter looking very
glamorous whilst the father and two sons made faces.
He took the picture quickly and held out the camera for them. The father swaggered
over in a very loud shirt of the British flag and it was stretched over his bulbous
stomach a Yankees baseball cap over his thick blonde hair. He had a very thick
America accent but Tim could just make him out.
‘’Good on you boy’’
‘’No problem sir; It was my pleasure’’ he smiled still holding out the camera urging
him to take it and leave him alone.
‘’You mind if we get one with you’’ he asked taking the camera and hooking his arm
over Tim’s shoulder.
‘’Actually yeah I-‘’
To late there was a flash and the deed was done. ‘’That one going in the album’’ he
told him cheerfully. ‘’I’ll be seeing you round mate’’ he laughed doing a very awful
British accent and snapping more shots as he headed to his family. His young
daughter, who looked like she was 12, chewing gum and playing with her hair as she
stared love struck at Tim
Quickly turning away he headed back in line standing next to Neville who was
holding back the laughter.
‘’Don’t say a word’’
‘’I wasn’t going to’’ Neville replied peeking out of the crowd to the girl. ‘’She kinda
cute maybe you can ask her out for a tea party’’ he laughed.
‘’I said shut up! Pass the phone I need to call my mother’’ he ordered shaking his
head and smiling as people looked over because of all the noise.
Neville did as he said and fished out the phone handing it Tim who speed dialled the
phone box number.
‘’Mum… Hia how are you doing? Aha... Aha… Oh really.’’ He said into the phone
only it wasn’t his mother he was ringing.
‘’Are you being a good little boy for your mummy?’’ Draco asked into the receiver
with a very comical woman’s voice.
‘’Yeah the train was fine. It’s being a lot of fun so far’’ Tim replied ignoring Draco on
the other end and holding the phone so tight his knuckles were white. ‘’No we’re
going to get the train back tomorrow morning instead’’
‘’I hope you packed a clean pair of underpants than’’ Draco teased as the others
laughed behind him. Even Iyana giggled at this she knew it was mean but she couldn’t
help it.
‘’Yeah well I better get going then. We’ll be going in soon. I just wanted to tell you
we’re both alright’’
‘’Oh you are a good boy. Kisses for mummy’’ Draco started making kissing noises
before Iyana pulled it off him shaking her head.
‘’Sorry Timmy He got the phone before I could stop him. Are you ready for us?’’
‘’Yeah ok than love you too mum. See you later. Yeah see you tomorrow’’
‘’Ok we’re on our way Timmy’’ Iyana replied putting down the phone and trying not
to laugh at Draco.
Tim quickly turned off the phone and stuffed it in his pocket. He forced a smile, but
he was clenching his teeth.
‘’It’s time’’ Iyana said closing the door to the red phone box. ‘’Timmy’s going to kill
you Draco’’
‘’Well it’s a good thing I changed my underwear this morning than and I don’t have
to worry when the Healers find me. You should always wear clean underwear you
never know when you might be in an accident’’ he told them as they headed down the
street to Shakespeare’s Globe still laughing.
‘’How’s your mum’’ Neville asked seeing the signs of one of Tim’s outbursts.
‘’She’s good. Said she can’t wait to see us over for Sunday Lunch tomorrow’’ he
replied cheerfully, which meant they’d being told and they were coming.
‘’I look forward to it’’ Neville replied smiling. Now they just had to wait.

Elia woke up screaming. Her whole body was on fire, the hairs on the back of her
neck were erect and her body contorted in pain. All she could see was the blinding
flash of artificial lights and somebody else was screaming beside her but she couldn’t
make out what they were saying.
Just as soon as it started it stopped and she fell forwards breathing heavily. There was
a slight smell of burning in the air and she realised it was coming off her.
‘’Elia! Elia speak to me’’ Hillary begged hysterically.
‘’Do I have to repeat myself?’’ Thaddeus asked with a hungry look in his eye. He was
standing quite close to Elias left and she could see him out the corner of her eye,
holding something in each hand. There was a thick electrical cable hanging from each
one and they snaked around him to a large black box. She recognised it as a car
battery and they were something called jump cables.
She slowly closed her eyes out of exhaustion and let her mind take her to an old
memory of her childhood. She was running to tall burly man with stubble rash and
wavy blonde hair. He was tinkering about at the front of a large black car. When he
heard her coming he jumped out with a cheerful smile scooping her up and laughing
as she giggled in his arms. The exact same thing was in the front of the car, the large
black box. She saw the reflection of a five year old self in the windscreen with her
father. They shared the same smile and it broke her heart to think she might never see
her parents again.
 ‘’Elia please speak to me! Oh I’m so sorry’’
The memory vanished and she realised the voice was Hillary’s, she remembered
where she was and what had happened to her and she filled with nothing but pure
hatred. ‘’Don’t… Don’t tell him anything’’ she gasped taking deep breaths and
pulling herself up her whole body was tingling and her vision was dazed but she
managed it
‘’That’s not a very wise thing to do’’ Thaddeus sighed in a disappointed tone.
‘’Screw you’’ It didn’t have quite the impact Elia would have wanted but she was still
coming over the fact she had just being electrocuted with a car battery.
‘’Don’t test my patience. Now who helped you escape? I won’t ask again’’
He clashed the two crocodile clips he was holding together and they set off small
shower of sparks in warning.
‘’The tooth fairy’’ Elia answered glaring at him.
He didn’t take kindly to the joke, he touched both pegs against her skin and she
screamed as electricity coursed through her body, and she was thrown backwards
against the chair.
‘’Please no I’ll tell you!’’ Hillary cried.
He took them off and Elia fell forward taking deep ragged breaths.
‘’Tell me!’’ Thaddeus ordered speaking over Elia who was pleading with her eyes.
‘’W-we escaped thanks to a house-elf’’ she lied quickly.
‘’ There’s this House-elf, her name’s Willow’’ she continued remembering the name
of the elf who ran the bar at the Halloween Ball. ‘’We asked her to get us out the
castle and… And well elves have a different magic you see. There’s doesn’t work
‘’I already know about Elfish magic’’ he snarled anger flaring. ‘’So you asked this
elf-’’ he spat the word out with disgust. ‘’-and she transported you out of the castle’’
he repeated simply but he didn’t look convinced instead he looked furious.
‘’Yes, I swear I tell you the truth!’’ Hillary replied putting as much force into her
words as she could her hands were shaking and she was so pale, so hungry and
‘’… You know what I find amusing?’’ he asked quietly putting the crocodile clips
down on the table with the car battery. He reached into his pocket and withdrew three
different sized twigs which he placed onto the battery.
Elia and Hillary knew they were more than sticks; they were in fact their wands. If
they could just get free they could take him down. He must have read their minds.
‘’Don’t even think about it. I’ll kill you before you can even touch them.’’ He warned
raising an eyebrow he took a second than continued his speech ‘’I have asked you a
simple question yet you continue to lie to me’’ he stated with his head cocked to one
side slightly and a look of disappointment and anger. ‘’You’re digging your own
graves girls, time you told me the truth; don’t you think?’’
‘‘’No I swear it’s the truth’’ Hillary begged him to believe her but it was useless.
‘’Respect’’ he barked. ‘’That is what I deserve yet you have the ordacity to act with
such defiance in this sacred home!’’ he said getter closer to Elia with a glint in his
‘’Now I know you’re strong Elia… But is Hillary just as much?’’ he asked her softly.
‘’We don’t need all three of you. Answer my questions or I’ll kill her’’ he whispered
in her ear clenching his fist so tight they could hear the crack of his leather gloves.
‘’Would you stay so silent than?’’
Elia turned ever so slightly to the side and saw tears sparkling like diamonds from
Hillary’s emerald green eyes but there was a look of defiance also. She remained
silent. He was bluffing surely.
Thaddeus nodded slowly taking in their decision to remain silent. ‘’As you wish’’
before they could react he grabbed Hillary’s chair and dragged it to the side so she
was about 10 feet away from Elia now
‘’What are you doing?’’ Elia asked getting nervous. ‘’Hillary its going to be ok’’
‘’No Hillary… No it isn’t’’ Thaddeus corrected whispering in her ear. ‘’Not at all’’
He jumped back to the edge of the room where the medieval rack was stood unused.
He reached to the side and pulled out a large metal canister which he shook to check
if it was empty. The contents were some kind of liquid which sloshed against the sides,
there was the same hungry look in his eye and he looked excited.
‘’What is that?’’ Hillary demanded she thought she knew and she prayed she was
He didn’t answer. Instead he unscrewed the metal cap throwing it to the side and
raising the canister up he started to douse Hillary in petrol.
‘’NO! PLEASE! DON’T!’’ Elia cried out as Hillary spluttered and tried to escape, her
clothes instantly sodden in the highly flammable substance.
‘’Tell me how you escaped!’’ Thaddeus yelled throwing the canister to the floor and
pulling out a cigar from his pocket. Placing it neatly between his pursed lips he
withdrew a matchbook from a strip dancing club.
When the orange flame struck up, Hillary took and intake of breath praying he
wouldn’t. Instead he lit his cigar but kept the match lit, his glassy silver grey eyes
reflecting the brilliance of a lit flame.
‘’D-don’t tell him anything. He’s bluffing!’’
‘’Am I Elia. Do I look like the kind of man who would care? Now tell me! Or would
you rather watch her burn!’’ he threatened behind the cigar smoke.
Elia looked horrified. She was utterly speechless, staring at the flame in his hand she
didn’t know what to do. There were lives at stake if he found out about Dumbledore’s
‘’Fine, burn it is!’’ He decided tossing the lit match.

Draco, Daniel, Olivia and Iyana had made it to the Shakespeare’s Globe in time
though people were extremely shocked to see a heavily pregnant Olivia sprinting
down the street.
They stopped running once they got to the ticket booth were a kind old lady with a
silver grey hair and large dangling ear rings was sat. She had a kind smile, a
grandmother’s smile that reminded you of fresh baked cookies and warm hugs. When
she saw Iyana running her first response was, like much of the public, sheer terror.
‘’Oh my! Miss you really shouldn’t be over exerting yourself like this. Not in your
condition’’ she gasped holding her hands over her mouth.
‘’M-my condition?’’ Olivia panted like the others. She was confused by what the old
lady had said. What condition was she in exactly?
‘’The baby’’ Draco said in a concerned tone, so they didn’t blow their cover too soon.
‘’What baby- Oh the baby! Oh but we were just so excited about coming here. We
didn’t want to miss the tour. We haven’t missed the tour have we?’’ she rambled
mentally cursing herself.
‘’No miss you haven’t’’ the old lady replied still quite concerned for the fake baby
and the mother judging by her reaction. ‘’They run every 30 minutes, I have 4
placements left your lucky’’
‘’Good thing we ran than’’ Daniel said holding Olivia’s hand and smiling up at the
woman but it faded when she gave him an icy stare. ‘’Or not, after all it might have
hurt the baby’’
‘’How far gone are you?’’ the old lady asked typing into the computer.
‘’Err 37 weeks’’ she answered quickly.
‘’Not much longer left to wait’’ she pointed out. ‘’That will be £42.00 please’’
Iyana pulled out her purse and Draco watched the exchange of banknotes with a
puzzled expression.
‘’Your tickets’’ She handed them four white cards which Iyana gladly accepted.
‘’Please follow the signs, the tour group will be about to leave in 5 minutes’’
‘’Ok thank you’’ Iyana said looping arms with Draco and walking on.
‘’Have a nice day’’ The old lady called, watching them leave. Once they were out of
sight she shook her head muttering something about silly girls, teen pregnancy and
The Jeremy Kyle Show.
‘’Well that could of gone better’’ Iyana sighed.
‘’I forgot I was pregnant’’ Olivia whispered apologising. ‘’I’m not used to it’’
‘’We got in that’s what matters’’ Draco said shrugging it off. He thought it was kinda
funny seeing the Muggle’s pointing them out along the way. Only now he
remembered why they were here and he didn’t quite feel like joking around.
‘’Come on Timmy and Neville will be waiting for us’’ Olivia said following the
arrows and stubbornly taking Daniels offered hand. They were meant to be on a date
after all and he was the father of her fake baby.
The arrows led them to a crowded corridor and they joined the queue.
Tim and Neville popped their head out and spotted the others, giving them the
slightest of nods which they returned. It was all very Mission Impossible but it was
the only plan they had and they had to follow it to a tee.
‘’Good morning ladies and gentlemen, boy’s and girls and welcome to Shakespeare’s
Globe. My name is Peggy and I will be your tour guide this morning’’ called out a
young woman no older than 21. She had strawberry blonde hair and a cute heart
shaped face; she was wearing a red uniform with a gold badge that said Peggy;
Shakespeare’s Globe Tour Guide.
‘’If you are all ready we will begin the tour. It will last 45 minutes where I do so hope
we will all have fun and learn about one of the greatest play writers of his time,
William Shakespeare. We will be seeing original costumes and props and learning the
history of the theatre and the impact Shakespeare had on the public. There will also be
a short play of two famous scenes from Romeo and Juliet; which is considered one of
Shakespeare’s most popular plays to date and personally one of my favourites’’
There was a lot of excited murmuring as tourists considered this bit of news.
‘’So if you will all please follow me we will begin’’ she smiled showing perfect white
teeth behind her ruby red lips. Her gaze wandered down the line as she silently judged
each of them. She rolled her eyes when she saw the American family still snapping
photos of one another.
The group followed her and listened to her long informative talk about William
Shakespeare’s childhood but she didn’t have everyone’s attention
Neville was replaying the stopwatch vision over and over in his head. Trying to spot
anything that looked familiar, anything that might give them a clue to where the girls
might be hidden.
Tim meanwhile had a notebook out and he looked like he was taking notes of what
Peggy said but he was in fact writing a detailed plan of their tour; noting down access
points and possible security threats, places they could hide for later tonight.
One such threat was the various security cameras in the rooms. Learning from others
mistakes at the shopping centre in Tamworth he was purposely looking down and
hiding his face. The last thing they needed was to be recognised.
‘’Anything yet Neville’’ Tim whispered.
‘’Nothing, I’m sorry Tim. It just all looks the same to me’’
‘’It’s ok. We’ve still got time. Just try your best’’ he encouraged as they walked into a
large dimly room with huge glass cases. The contents of which were plastic dummies
displaying various costumes and hats and other such props; none of which helped
Neville. He didn’t remember any of this in the vision and they couldn’t take the tour
again, it would be too suspicious.
So they acted like they were paying attention, listening to the tour guide ramble on
about men in dresses or something and scold the American family for taking photos
when it wasn’t allowed in certain rooms.
It seemed so normal, you wouldn’t believe there were three girls being kept prisoner
by sick minded individuals in a network of tunnels right under their feet.

Elias screamed with Hillary as the flame struck the floor and the petrol doused stone
was instantly ignited. White hot flames rushed up her legs and she kicked out
screaming trying to put it out but it was useless.
‘’DUMBLEDORE HELPED US!’’ Elia confessed. Screaming she tried to throw
herself forwards to put out the flames but it was useless.
‘’Tell me where Nathanial Hope is?’’ Thaddeus asked all of a sudden.
The question took Elia by surprise, Hillary’s legs were already on fire, and it wouldn’t
be long until the rest of the petrol caught fire.
‘’I-I DON’T KNOW. HONESTLY WE DON’T’’ Elia screamed hysterically she
didn’t know what to do.
‘’WE DON’T KNOW I PROMISE’’ Elia repeated. She didn’t, none of them did and
she didn’t know or care how Thaddeus knew him.
In seconds Hillary’s whole body was up in flames, the chains holding her down,
stopping her from escaping the immortal hell she was undergoing. Her screams were
so shrill and heartbreaking that Thaddeus might not have heard Elia. Luckily for her
he did, after considering whether she was telling the truth and taking a second to
savour his cigar; he waved his right gloved hand. The fire was extinguished instantly
leaving a cold breeze in the air.
Hillary stopped screaming but she was crying hysterically, slumped forward in her
chair. Her clothes were blackened, burnt and smouldering and her hair was horribly
burnt, the right side of her face was blistered as were her arms and any other exposed
skin. Her legs were the worst, the rubber on the soles of her shoes had melted and the
exposed skin such as her ankles was black and charred. She was shaking so badly she
couldn’t talk. All she could do was cry
Elia was speechless, she didn’t think he would actually do it and now her friend
was… She couldn’t bear to look at her, the tears burst from her eyes she screamed
continuing to throw herself at Thaddeus.
‘’Hmm, something smells good.’’ He teased as he sniffed the air with an amused
smile to his lips. ‘’Oh calm down your only going to hurt yourself’’
Rolling his eyes at her feeble escape as he continued to smoke his cigar like Hillary
being on fire hadn’t even happened.
‘’I’LL KILL YOU!’’ she screamed, remembering the makeshift knife in her sock.
‘’Oh I’m sure you would’’ he replied softly watching her struggle. ‘’Dumbledore
helped you escape… Now why would he do a something like that I wonder’’
‘’I don’t know!’’ she spat.
‘’You continue to lie even after our little barbeque’’ he sighed shaking his head
causing the cigar smoke to spiral. ‘’I think you need a little more time to think…
The door opened instantly to reveal a short wizard with curly Auburn hair. He’d being
listening in, which was why he had such gleeful smile on his thin pale face.
‘’Yes Thaddeus’’
‘’I’m finished with them… for now’’ Thaddeus said like a spoilt child bored with his
toys. ‘’You may take them now’’

They’d being on the tour for a good 20 minutes now and they were no closer to
finding anything that could help them.
Peggy had shown them where the audience would sit, explaining how only the rich
would have seats with a thatched roof to keep the rain of their heads. Whilst the poor
peasants were made to stand for hours in the cold rain pushed about like cattle. It was
worth it to see one of Shakespeare’s plays. The tour group were standing in what
Peggy called the yard, the same place the peasants would be stood. There was no roof
above them and they could see grey storm clouds forming above them. They prayed it
wouldn’t rain but it would sure give the tour some realisation to how the peasants
would have felt.
They were about to watch the two Romeo and Juliet scenes and the crowd were
excitedly talking amongst themselves when Peggy called for their attention and once
there was silence she continued.
‘’I hope your all as excited as I am. We will be seeing Shakespeare’s Romeo and
Juliet, act II, scene II. It is the scene where the dashing hero of the story Romeo
declares his love for young sweet Juliet under her window. I must ask that you don’t
take any photographs because they can be distracting and try to be quiet as possible so
we can all enjoy this wonderful scene. Thank you’’
Once she stepped down from the stage there was a deathly silence for a second than
someone started playing the piano and it echoed around them, coming out of the
speaker system above their heads but played somewhere in the back room.
‘’Act II… Scene II’’ the voice came from the speaker, possibly the same man playing
the piano and a spotlight illuminated a corner of the stage.
There a young man in his twenties with bronzed skin and pearly white teeth appeared
he was wearing tanned breeches and large open white shirt that showed a toned chest.
He winked a Peggy who giggled as he walked out to centre stage and started by
looking up to the balcony and holding his heart.
Suddenly another spotlight illuminated the balcony. It seemed a bit like cheating to
Tim, they wouldn’t have being so lucky in Georgian times.
A young woman dressed in a tight, quite flattering dress appeared, her golden blonde
hair cascaded off her shoulders in rippling waves of beauty as she thrust her bust out
to the crowd leaning over the railings. One thing was for sure she already had the
men’s attention.
Romeo cleared his throat and spoke out to the Juliet his voice ringing out to the crowd.
‘’But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the
sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief,
that thou her maid art far more fair than she. Be not her maid, since she is envious; her
vestal livery is but sick and green and none but fools do wear it; cast it off.’’
He spoke so clearly and with such velocity it was as if they truly were in the
Shakespeare’s time and the crowd was captivated, some of the men even turned away
from Juliet’s more winning performance of standing on the balcony.
’’It is my lady, O, it is my love! O that she knew she were! She speaks yet she says
nothing: what of that? Her eye discourses; I will answer it. I am too bold, 'tis not to
me she speaks. Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, having some business, do
entreat her eyes to twinkle in their spheres till they return. What if her eyes were there,
they in her head? The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars, as daylight
doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven. Would through the airy region stream so bright, that
birds would sing and think it were not night. See, how she leans her cheek upon her
hand! O, that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!’’
There was a smatter of applause and Romeo, being so vain bowed before Juliet could
She rolled her eyes and waited for him to face her before she started, thrusting her
bust out furthermore. ‘’Ay me’’
‘’She speaks; O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art as glorious to this night, being
o'er my head as is a winged messenger of heaven; Unto the white-upturned wondering
eyes of mortals that fall back to gaze on him; When he bestrides the lazy-pacing
clouds and sails upon the bosom of the air.’’ He continued moving about the stage.
‘’O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I'll no longer be a Capulet.’’
‘’Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?’’ he asked the crowd.
‘’Tis but thy name that is my enemy; Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What's
Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to
a man. O, be some other name! What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any
other name would smell as sweet; so Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd, retain
that dear perfection which he owes without that title. Romeo, doff thy name and for
that name which is no part of thee take all myself.’’ She was close to falling out the
balcony if she leaned anymore forward.
‘’I take thee at thy word. Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized; henceforth I
never will be Romeo.’’

Neville had being watching the play, though this was the first time he’d being to
theatre he had to admit he was rather enjoying it. It was ironic that the Muggle’s could
create magic from words instead of wands because he was captivated. Not by the
Juliet but the acting itself. If he had a choice he think he would have gone into this
acting lark it looked like a lot of fun.
All of a sudden something caught the corner of his eye and he was distracted from the
play instantly. At either side of the stage there were two identical doors, probably
leading to changing rooms; but what caught his attention was a huge figure that was
walking towards them.
He was a hug dark skinned man wearing a small pair of designer sunglasses. He was
dressed strangely in a plaid shirt and pale blue jeans, ripped at the knees; he didn’t
look comfortable nor did they look like his style. There was something about the man,
something unnerving and he reminded him of someone, he couldn’t quite put his
finger on it. Was he another tourist, if so why was he sneaking by to the door.
Than it hit him, literally; Tim nudged him hard in the ribs to get his attention. He’d
being trying and it seemed like Neville was ignoring him but the look he instantly
shut up at the look he received.
‘’Neville- What is it?’’
‘’It’s the door over there; the one that man just went into!’’ he whispered urgently as
the door closed and the man got through with ease. ‘’That’s the door we need, the one
that leads to the girls’’
‘’Are you sure?’’
‘’Definitely, it will be full of costumes and there was a piano and swords and allsorts
of other weird stuff, I saw a skull as well. Look that’s the door I know it, somewhere
in there you go down to the tunnels and where ever the girls are being kept’’
‘’We should tell the others. Get ready Neville!’’ Tim ordered the play was forgotten
they had a lead they’d being hoping for. They just needed to check it out.
Before Tim could leave Neville grabbed his arm. ‘’Tim the man I saw; the man who
went through the door; I think he’s one of the kidnappers. The one me and Daniel
fought and kidnapped Hillary, with the bear mask!’’ he explained obviously nervous
about what might be waiting behind the door.
‘’What if it’s a trap or something, he probably knows we’re here. What are we going
to do?’’ Neville asked glancing back and forth between Tim and the door.
‘’…We go ahead with the plan’’
‘’Are you sure?’’
‘’She said until midnight! This might be our only chance and we need to find the
entrance today or we risk losing the girls and I cant let that happen; I wont let that
‘’Than I’m going with you’’ Neville declared.
‘’I can’t let you do that. Neville you have your own role out here we decided all of
this last night. We stick to the plan’’
‘’That guy took on me and Daniel and we still lost, who knows what you’l find
behind that door’’ he argued only because he was concerned.
‘’He hasn't gone up against me.’’ He argued balling a fist. ‘’Besides we need you out
here remember, I'll be fine I can look after myself’’ without another word he slipped
around the back to speak to the others.
 ‘’What’s happening have we found anything?’’ Draco asked quickly snapping his
attention from Juliet when he saw Tim.
‘’Yeah Neville’s recognized the door in the stopwatch but that’s not all’’ Tim replied
pointing out the door beside the stage. ‘’We think one of the kidnappers is here, he
went through that door. So we know it’s where the girls are being kept that’s the good
‘’We’re going a head with the plan though aren't we?’’ Daniel said.
‘’Yeah, It’s our only chance. Olivia, think you can still do it? There are more people
than I thought there would be’’ Tim said looking over the crowd.
‘’Don’t worry about us. You just make sure you look after yourself Timmy’’
‘’When your ready than’’
She nodded slowly taking deep breaths and Tim sneaked back a few places making
sure he wasn’t seen as he bided his time.
Everyone was engrossed by the actors they weren’t expecting what happened next.
Olivia started groaning taking deep breaths and holding her stomach until all of a
sudden there was pain filled scream and she recoiled backwards. A few of the tourists
looked over their attention caught.
‘’Is there a problem we’re trying to act over here’’ Juliet called angrily at being
interrupted by the screaming woman.
Olivia screamed again falling into Daniels arms, tears were welling up in her eyes and
she was putting on such a good show they all thought it was serious.
‘’She’s having the baby!’’ someone shouted in the crowd.
‘’Madam are you ok?’’ Peggy asked stepping closer ‘’Do you need assistance?’’ She
shot back however with the rest of the crowd when a well placed Agumenti charm
suddenly flooded the floor.
‘’My waters have broken!’’ She cried out hysterically ‘’OH MY LORD’’ She
screamed holding her stomach and taking deep breaths as people started talking all at
once and trying to get out the way of the growing puddle.
‘’Somebody call an ambulance’’ Iyana yelled.
Daniel took Olivia’s hand and guided her to the stands sitting her down. ‘’Olivia it’s
going to be alright; deep breaths now. That’s it deep breathes’’ he was gesturing with
his free hand and encouraging her.
‘’HAY! If you don’t want me to stuff that camera down your throat, get it out my face!
RIGHT NOW’’ Olivia roared at the American dad who was trying to get a clear shot.
He quickly jumped back sliding in the puddle and falling into another man they
crumbled to the floor and suddenly everyone was in an uproar. They were screaming
‘’she’s having the baby, she’s having the baby’’ and Draco’s Confundus charms
didn’t help as people pushed to get as far back as they good whilst others wanted to
get a closer look. It wasn’t everyday a young girl gave birth in Shakespeare’s Globe/
Neville was pushing the crowd back and trying to answer their questions, stupid
Muggle’s they couldn‘t just give the girl her space. Good thing she wasn’t really
pregnant because this would have being embarrassing.
‘’We need a doctor’’ Daniel yelled. ‘’Is there a doctor in the house’’
Whilst everyone was preoccupied in all the excitement, Tim had managed to sneak to
the door at the side. Hearing Daniel he shook his head. He told him not to say that.
Such a cliché but thankfully it went unnoticed. As did Tim as he opened the door and
threw himself inside.
‘’I’m a doc-‘’ Neville started but another man stepped forward he was in his early
twenties, strawberry blonde hair and red blushed cheeks. He was rather pale as well
but that was due mostly due to the shock of what was happening.
‘’I’m a medical student’’ he said maneuvering himself around the puddle
Olivia’s eyes widened in shock, this wasn’t meant to happen.
‘’Is someone ringing that Ambulance’’ He shouted into the crowd ripping off his
jacket and throwing it to the floor at Olivia’s feet making her hold Daniels hand
tighter. ‘’How far apart are the contractions?’’
‘’I-I don’t know’’ she stuttered looking to Iyana for help. He wasn’t meant to be here.
Neville was meant to take over.
‘’Err couple of minutes’’ she panted. ‘’I thought it was just indigestion’’
‘’Somebody get that crowd back! I’m Dr Philips, don’t worry miss. Everything’s
going to be ok. Can you tell me your name?’’ he asked looking between Daniel and
Olivia as he rolled up his sleeves.
‘’Olivia and this is Daniel. What are you doing?’’ she asked watching him.
‘’Are you the father Daniel?’’
‘’Yeah! She asked you a question’’ Daniel replied looking to Neville for help but he
was just as clueless.
‘It’s ok Olivia. I’m just going to make sure everything’s ok for the baby’’ he replied
‘’OH HELL NO’’ Olivia yelled pushing herself against the seat this wasn’t part of the
plan and there was no way she was agreeing to it.
‘’Olivia, calm down. We need to make sure everything is ok for the baby. I don’t
think we’re going to make it to the Hospital. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before’’
out as he reached forward.
Her foot made contact with his face and he was kicked backwards in a yelp of pain
crumbling blood gushing out his nose.
‘’NO ONE’S COMING NEAR ME!’’ She was going to kill Tim for this. She was red
in the face from embarrassment and she couldn’t quite believe she was doing this.
All of a sudden there was a huge explosion behind the crowd and the stage exploded
out; showering the crowd in broken burning timber. The explosion came from back
Everyone started screaming and running about but one thing remained on Iyana,
Neville, Daniel, Draco and Iyana’s minds. Timmy was back there.
Neville was right, when Tim entered the room he was surprised and in awe. The room
was huge sort of built like a warehouse with huge corridors, shelves stocked with all
kinds of stuff. There was allsorts of strange props and he wished he had time to take a
closer look. There were canes, staffs, wooden plates and iron goblets; set designs and
step ladders including stage equipment such as thick cables, ropes and harnesses.
There were also various cardboard boxes with sheet music and old theater pamphlets.
There were various weapons like swords and axes, spearheads and huge bronze
Down both corridors there were wooden mannequins with frilly silk dresses or strange
battle amour, more costumes were hung up on a metal rail. It was a storage room of
course but he Bartimeus was nowhere to be seen. As he walked he kept up his guard.
There was something nagging at the back of his mind, something dark and he had a
horrible feeling Neville was right and this was a trap after all.
All of a sudden there was a twisted feeling in his gut and every nerve in his body was
screaming for him to jump out the way but he wasn’t fast enough. A huge steel hook
appeared out of darkness and it smashed into his chest sending him hurtling into the
shelves; the contents of which collapsed on top off him and he was buried under the
‘’Didn’t your mummy ever say curiosity killed the cat’’ someone laughed stepping
out the darkness and dusting of his hands. Bartimeus was grinning like a fool stopping
at the small heap of props between them. ‘’Foolish boy’’ he grunted kicking a gold
goblet out the way.
The impact of that hook would have killed him instantly; there was just the small
problem of disposing off the body. He could join the others Bartimeus thought to
himself kicking another goblet.
However Tim wasn’t dead, no one was more shocked than him but he groaned under
the wreckage and started to pull himself out. His chest was bruised but that was all
and he was right he should be dead judging by the stupid look of shock on Bartimeus’
‘’Not possible’’ he muttered balling a fist and getting angry at the fact his kill wasn’t
a kill.
‘’Where are the girls?’’ Tim demanded shaking the effects of what ever happened off
and standing up. ‘’Tell me now or else’’
‘’Boy should be dead’’ he replied speaking to himself. ‘’No matter, I get to kill him
again’’ he said lifting his fist and swinging for Tim’s head.
He was ready for it this time. He had no idea what made him do it, he was acting on
impulse but he managed to duck this time and throw himself backwards. He ducked
and dodged every attack that was thrown at him and it only made Bartimeus angrier.
‘’STAND STILL! LET ME CRUSH YOU!’’ He roared as his fist hit the wall and it
shattered under the impact, the fist crashing through. Tim threw himself between his
legs and kicked him hard in the back pushing him into the wall.
‘’Why? When we’re having so much fun’’
Bartimeus grabbed the nearest weapon, a huge iron sword and threw it at Tim’s but he
dodged it with ease, making it look like a poor remake of Matrix film. He was toying
with him, getting him to drop his guard and make mistakes he was blind with rage.
‘’Where are the girls?’’
‘’Why wont you die?’’ He bellowed tossing a shield like a Frisbee which Tim beat
back with a wave of his hand. It didn’t even hurt, like swatting a fly aside.
‘’You’ll never find them’’ he growled throwing anything he could get his hands on.
Tim just batted it away like they were cotton buds. He was on fire, the adrenaline
coursing through his veins. Did they slip something in his orange juice this morning?
He’d never felt so alive, so strong. He didn’t register that his skin was glowing with a
faint gold aura again.
However he wasn’t the only one on fire. He didn’t think much of it at first but it was
seemed to be getting hotter and all of a sudden Bartimeus was taking a step forward
he left footsteps of flickering fire behind. ‘’Anneka fail to kill you… I won’t’’ he
‘’Bring it big man’’ Tim didn’t want to admit it but he was getting nervous now.
There was something about the fact this giant man who was on fire and wanted to kill
him that made him nervous.
Bartimeus’ fists were ever ignited now, the orange flames flickering up his arms but
his clothes remained unaffected. Smoke issuing from behind his sunglasses which
started to melt. The frame was dripping with molten metal as flames flickered from
his eyes. This was impossible. Everything he passed caught fire, dresses, paper, and
weapons melting. Everything was up in flames and the fires raged to the ceiling until
the whole room was on fire.
‘’YOUR END IS NOW’’ He roared holding his hands over his head about to deliver
the final strike. There no knowing whether this sudden immunity would withstand this
kind of fire.
Before Bartimeus could react Tim ripped out his wand and aimed it as his exposed
chest. Using his instinct his wand arm was shaking but not out of fear but power. He
could feel it vibrating down his arm and poured it into the spell ‘’BOMBARDUM!’’
There was a huge explosion and the sound like a cannon as a flash of red light erupted
between them and the explosion blew them apart including much of Shakespeare’s
Globe. The two men faded away absorbed by a strange white light.

The crowd were screaming and running for the fire exits. They were pushing each
other aside to get to safety via the Fire Exits. Juliet and Romeo were the first out,
pushing an old couple aside to save themselves. There was so much carnage and
destruction. Nobody knew what to do. There were sirens in the background as
Olivia’s ambulance parked outside just as the explosion occurred. The driver was
already getting back-up.
 ‘’It was a trap’’ Neville whispered staring dumbstruck at the flames as people pushed
past him he just stood staring at what used to be the door to the storeroom. ‘’Tim…’’
‘’TIMMY’’ Iyana yelled pushing against the crowd and dodging the raining wreckage.
Olivia and ripped the cushion out ignoring Dr Philips who looked like he’d seen the
impossible and jumped over him with Daniel and Draco following. ‘’He can’t be!’’
she gasped running for the fire but Draco pulled her back.
‘’It’s too late. We need to get out of here before they start asking questions’’ he told
them noticing Dr Philips running off looking between the fire and Olivia. ‘’He knows
we faked the pregnancy. Those please men will want to speak to us’’
‘’Police men’’ Olivia corrected ignoring him and calling out still. ‘’Timmy was in
there. He can’t be-‘’ she broke off biting her lips she didn’t want to say it.
There were more sirens and most of the tourists had gone now. They had to escape.
‘’What would Tim tell you to do’’ Draco said, even he was worried about the giant
‘’…He’d say get out’’ she answered wiping a tear from her eye.
‘’Its up to the Muggle’s now… He knows the plan better than anyone’’ Daniel said in
a dull tone. ‘’We need to go back to the tent and prepare’’
Without another word they started disappearing with a series of loud cracks. Olivia
was last and she bowed her head and prayed he would be ok.

Elia was thrown back into her cell and the shackles snaked along the floor trapping
her before she could even act on escaping. As the door closed behind her she made a
vow that the dagger she crafted would only be used on Thaddeus, her revenge for
what he had done to them all; for what he had done to Hillary.
The monster was still there when she turned around and he still had her hair clasp.
She was too angry to even care. She just dropped to the ground and hugged her knees
close to her chest ignoring the curious stare he was giving her.
‘’Elia… What happened? Where’s Hillary?’’ Avonlea called from her cell next door.
‘’They’ve put her in another cell… They don’t want any of us interfering with her
punishment’’ she replied wiping tears from her eyes.
‘’What did he do to you?’’
‘’He questioned us, same stuff about how we escaped Hogwarts… I had to tell him
Avie, I’m sorry. You were so strong, you didn’t tell him anything but I couldn’t let
him-‘’ she broke off remembering her screams.
‘’What did he do to you Elia?’’ she repeated with more force.
‘’He made me watch. He gave me a choice, tell him everything or he would k-kill
Hillary… He set on her fire. The sick son of a bitch doused her in petrol and set her
on fire’’ Elia revealed hugging herself and burying her head into her sodden jeans.
‘’We’ll get out of this Elia… Someone will find us and I’ll spit on him when they
send them to Azkaban’’ Avonlea said after a long silence she was shaking with rage.
Elia didn’t want to say, because if she did she would be verifying her worries to
herself. She didn’t believe they would be found. She didn’t mention that they knew
about Nathanial. They couldn’t know much or they wouldn’t be questioning her about
him. They were willing to kill for the information.
She was crying into her knees when he tapped her on the shoulder and she raised her
head to find the creature beside her. She didn’t scream or back away she didn’t have it
in her to react to anything. She did notice the long thin scar across his beak, where she
had attacked him. He healed really fast but she still felt sorry for it.
He took her hand and she couldn’t stop thinking how weird it felt, it was stiff and
leathery but and course kinda like granite and really cold. She’d never felt anything
like it before in her life.
He turned her hand around so he could see her palm and he surprised her by placing
the hair clasp there and closing her fingers over it. She was trying to understand what
was happening as she stared at her closed hand but when she made eye contact she
forgot about how weird it was. His eyes were so… human, they were a dark red but
they were human still, she could feel the sadness and pity he felt for her and he was
surprised as her when she opened her arms and pulled him into a hug.
He didn’t protest, he actually returned the hug allowing her to cry into his filthy toga.
It was so strange but she felt comfort from this creature, like he alone understood her.
She couldn’t explain it even If she wanted to. So they didn’t say anything he stroked
her hair and it wasn’t creepy anymore she felt safe in the hands of this monster as
weird as that sounded because he wasn’t a monster anymore… He was a friend.

‘’You look so tense Thaddy. Want me to give you a massage?’’ Garnet asked
watching Thaddeus pace across the room.
‘’No I'm fine’’
‘’You sure… Not even one of my special ones’’ she purred raising an eyebrow.
This made him stop for a second but he shook it off. ‘’No I haven’t got time, I need to
think. Later’’
She pouted and let her head tip back, letting out a long frustrated sigh and clicking her
They were in a large circular room with a dark wooden table in the middle of the
room. There were six chairs were located around this table and they were all
beautifully old antiques. Five were identical, tall back and carved with roses and sharp
thorns winding up the sides. The sixth wasn’t so much a chair as a throne. It was like
some one had carved a seat out of a huge onyx crystal, it seemed to suck all light from
the room.
Archibald was sat in his own chair, straight back as he cleaned his glasses with a
white handkerchief watching Garnet, who was sat on the table directly opposite him
in front of her chair instead.
There was another young woman next to him and she was sat like him but stiffer and
alert, like she didn’t ever let her guard down. Her dark hair was tied back in a long
ponytail so tight it was stretching her face. A small and dainty woman but she looked
quick; she was the only one wearing the purple robes. She was watching Thaddeus
and she refused to take her eyes off him. Anneka preferred to wear her mask but
Thaddeus demanded that he saw their faces at their more social meetings. He needed
to see their faces, so he could be sure he wasn’t being lied to.
All of a sudden the door opened and Bartimeus stepped through the archway. He
wasn’t wearing his sunglasses and his shirt and jeans were blackened and dirty. He
was the largest and strongest person there but he when he walked in he was looking at
his feet and holding his ham sized fists behind his back.
‘’Do you want to explain what the hell happened up there?’’ Thaddeus said stopping
his pacing at last.
Bartimeus didn’t look up nor did he answer, he was too scared.
‘’You could of ruined our whole operation you idiot. At least tell me you killed him’’
‘’Helyard man exploded’’ he answered biting his lip.
‘’Oh Thaddy, your upsetting him’’ said Garnet slipping off the table. ‘’Don’t be so
mean. He just got a little carried away that’s all’’
‘’Little carried away… He blew up the Globe Garnet. He gave himself away and now
we have the Muggle’s everywhere’’
‘’They wont find anything, the defenses are to strong’’ Archibald said. ‘’I hope
you’ve being successful with your little girls’’
‘’Yes… How is the interrogating going?’’ Garnet asked stiffly. ‘’I thought you would
have got all the information you need by now’’
‘’It’s taking longer than I thought but you were right Archibald it would seem
Dumbledore is more involved in this than we first anticipated. He helped them
‘’How do we know they’re not lying?’’ Anneka asked as Bartimeus slowly took a seat
next to her.
‘’It doesn’t matter if they are’’ said Archibald looking smug. ‘’What about Hope…
What did you find out about him’’
‘’Nothing… Yet’’
‘’Oh this is stupid. I say we just kill them, I’m sick of waiting’’ Garnet said pulling
out a thin silver dagger from the belt of her leather cat suit and heading for the door.
‘’I’ll do it myself’’
‘’Garnet! Your being rash, your letting your jealousy cloud your mind. I told you
‘’-And I told you!’’ she yelled spinning round and wielding the dagger. ‘’I’m not
jealous. I wonder what’s clouding your mind!’’
‘’I just need a little more time’’
‘’Time! TIME! You want more time to do what exactly. You said it yourself your
getting nothing from them. So let’s just kill them and continue with the monster’’
‘’Garnet… Please, honey’’ he said taking a step forward and holding out his hand.
‘’Elia is the weakness, she told me everything when she’s put under enough pressure’’
‘’Yeah we know all about you and your pressure techniques’’ she muttered.
Archibald laughed at this but he masked it into a cough and smiled at Anneka
disapproving stare, whilst Bartimeus looked perplexed.
‘’How about this? We were planning on killing them all tonight anyway so… let me
keep Elia and you can kill Hillary. She hasn’t got long left not after the way I left her.
We can make her tell us everything by threatening to kill the others, I’m telling you
she’ll break’’ he said confidently. ‘’What do you want me to do? Beg?’’
She raised an eyebrow sheathing the dagger. ‘’You promise I can kill them’’
‘’You can do what ever you like to them’’ he promised taking another step and giving
her his puppy dog eyes.
‘’What ever I like’’ she mused licking her scarlet lips.
‘’I promise. You can kill one of the girls if Elia doesn’t tell us everything tonight. If
she still refuses after that than we kill another. If there’s nothing by tomorrow night
we continue our work with the monster’’
She took a minute to think it over. ‘’Ok… So how do you plan on getting the
information from her’’
‘’I think its time they knew why they’re here and what we want from them’’ he
answered raising his head. Instantly there was uproar from the others as they argued
this decision but he kept his head high.

Olivia had brought the Wizarding Wireless into the living room to hear the Muggle
news reports. They listened in silence but when nobody was so far discovered in the
wreckage it brought hope that Tim might still be alive. If so why hadn’t he come back
to the tent?
‘’We need to decide what we’re going to do’’ Draco said breaking the silence. The
Wireless had being off for 20 minutes and so far no one knew what to say so they just
remained silent.
‘’What do you mean?’’ Olivia whispered. Her mind was elsewhere.
‘’Like are still going ahead with the plan? We’re one man short’’ he said stiffly. ‘’We
need to decide where we go from here’’
Nobody said anything; they didn’t know what to say.
Finally Neville plucked up the courage to speak. ‘’We go ahead with the plan… He’s
still alive I know he is’’
‘’How can you be so sure though?’’
‘’Because Daniel, I know Tim and he’s too damn stubborn to even let death stop
They all smiled slightly, it was true if anyone was going to meet the Grim Reaper and
sulk it was Tim. ‘’We go ahead with the plan, yes there’s complication’’ Neville
brought out his pocket watch to check the time. ‘’We have three hours until midnight,
we need to leave like right now.’’

The first sensation Tim felt when he opened his eyes was pain. It felt like someone
had taken a frying pan and slammed it across his head repeatedly than done tap
dancing on his spine. He slowly gained conscious thought and remembered what had
happened, the pain eased but it was replaced by nausea which only grew worse as he
stood up. He held onto the wall to stop from falling.
He didn’t register where he was until the nausea faded as well and his jaw dropped in
amazement. He was stood in a roughly dug tunnel, a soft flickering heat coming from
ignited torches in iron brackets. The light reflected of the walls which he realized
where glittering with natural crystals, the colors were beautiful against the flickering
flames. The tunnel seemed endless before it finally forked into two separate tunnels at
either side. He had no idea how he got here or where here even was.
He tried to playback what had happened, he’d had fought with one of the kidnappers
who was making fire erupt from his fingertips and than there was the explosion of
course. There was no logical explanation of why he woke up underground though, as
beautiful as it was than there was the fact he was still alive even after being hit by that
giant hook and being blown up. He bore the marks, his Iron Maiden hoody was
charred and burnt and a little dirty but he felt fine.
So after thinking it over he decided to explore the tunnels, try and find an exit or
hopefully someone with the answers, either one would do him good right now.
Dusting himself off, he took a few shaky steps deeper into the tunnel. His strength
quickly returned though his body was kinda stiff and his muscles were burning. He
marked the floor with a his wand creating a large arrow back the way he had come
just in case he needed to find his way back. Happy with the results he continued his
search taking a left at the fork and following the torches.

Elia was surprised how at comfortable she was with the creature when she finally
lifted her head, his toga damp with tears he actually looked concerned and it was
scary to think how human he acted around her. When she noticed the scar again she
lifted her hand and he winced like she was going to hit him.
‘’Its ok… I’m sorry I…’’ she touched the white line over his beak and traced it with
her finger. ‘’I am sorry’’ she repeated letting her hand drop. She still had the hair
clasp in her hand and she opened it slowly with a sad smile. ‘’I shouldn’t have
attacked you but I was scared… I still am but not so much of you’’
He nodded as he listened to her but he had a short attention span because he was
started to trail off and play with a loose thread in his toga pulling it out with his
strange three fingered hand.
‘’You spoke earlier. Didn’t you?’’
‘’What are you? Sorry that must be really rude of me but I’ve never met anything like
you before I’m curious’’
He dropped the thread and stared up at her with sadness in his eyes. ‘’Monster’’ he
answered. Before she could stop him he stood up and limped back to his bed of
blankets, the chains attached to his ankles scraping across the floor.
‘’Your not a monster’’ she whispered bowing her head. ‘’Your just… unique’’
He raised his head and watched her like he was about to say something but he just
shook his head and curled up into a ball.
‘’If I ever get out of here… I’ll save you’’ she said to herself placing the hair clasp in
her hair. ‘’I’ll kill him… and free you’’

All of a sudden the lights in each of the three cells were extinguished and they were
left in complete darkness. Elia stood up and reached for the knife but the chains pulled
her arm back. Avonlea was yelling in the cell next door so she suspected it happened
to her as well. Something big was happening.
They heard the doors opening and before they had time to react, Archibald, Anneka
and Bartimeus entered the cells wearing purple robes with their hoods up.
Archibald took care of Hillary, who couldn’t even move, her legs were horribly burnt.
She was found whimpering in the corner strung up by her arm and he found great
delight in this as he let her drop to the floor.
Anneka meanwhile took Avonlea. She was already registered as being a possible
threat, Slytherin’s were cunning and sly after all so who better than Anneka. She had
a long solid black stick in her hand, a policeman’s truncheon.
Avonlea was strung up by her arm, admiring her fingernails when she entered. ‘’Oh
goodie room service. What do you recommend?’’
Anneka didn’t see the funny side but she did smile when she broke Avonlea’s hand
with the truncheon.
Bartimeus on the other hand took a more direct approach by grabbing Elia’s arms and
pulling the shackles out the wall; he tied her hands behind her back and led her out.
He didn’t even find it curious that she didn’t try and fight back.
She took one last look at the creature, which had hidden himself in the blankets when
the lights went off. It cocked his head to the side, feeling sorry for her as Bartimeus
pulled a black sack over her head and blindfolded her; the others doing the same with
their prisoners.
They were marched along in silence because Hillary couldn’t walk Bartimeus was
forced to carry her and Archibald took care of Elia. They couldn’t see where they
were going but Elia had a good idea, she counted the turns and every so often she let
her hand wander outwards to touch the walls. They were all the same, a smooth white
marble stone until it turned to rough rock. The air was cold but sweet and they could
hear the echoes of rushing water in the distance. Their feet left stone and they were
walking over a small curved bridge onto soft earth where they continued to walk a
gentle slope upwards.
‘’On your knees’’ Archibald barked when they finally stopped.
They did as he ordered with difficulty because Avonlea’s fingers were broken and
Hillary was badly burnt. There was silence for a few minutes than footsteps on the
metal bridge, two pairs and one was wearing high heels Elia thought to herself. They
didn’t have to wait much longer until the hoods were ripped from the girl’s heads.
The first thing they saw were the five hooded figures in purple robes standing around
them in a circle. They were kneeling on a soft grassy hillock and air was so damp
because the whole wall in front of them was in fact a waterfall. They were in a huge
circular chamber, roughly dug out with tunnels branching off. The walls were shining
with strange crystals and there were iron brackets with lit torches revealing a path that
curved around the back half of the room. There was a metal bridge, made of cast iron.
It was the only access to the island on which the girls were knelt. The hillock itself
was an island in a huge crystal blue lake which has large columns of ice floating
around through the mist. The waterfall was feeding the lake, smashing down on large
jagged black rocks; it curved around the other half of the room. The mist made it
impossible to tell how high it was but it was high judging by the noise it was making.
That’s when they saw what was in front of them everything else was forgotten. There
was a large 6 foot stone circle with strange markings etched into it. The thing was
they had seen these markings before, they had seen the runes before in Dumbledore’s
office and on Iyana’s bracelet.
Thaddeus saw the surprise in their eyes before they could hide it and a smile rose to
his lips.
‘’I told you they know something’’ he said to the others and they all took better notice
raising their heads and nodding. ‘’Remove your hoods’’
They did as he said only once again human faces didn’t lie behind them. Bartimeus
was the bear; Garnet a lioness and Anneka a cobra.
Archibald and Thaddeus were also masked. They thought Anneka’s was the scariest
until they saw Archibald. There were two pairs of pincers forming over the mouth and
his eyes were a pair of domed black crystals reflecting their fearful faces back at them.
Hillary gave a little squeak and bit her lip. She really didn’t like insects so when you
see a human sized silver spider your first reaction is always a little squeamish.
Thaddeus was probably the weirdest shaped. Like Anneka, his mask wasn’t smooth it
was inscribed with feathers, overlapping one another. Two beady black eyes loomed
over them and as always he captivated them. There was a long beak coming off the
mask, sharp as a knife. He was a raven and as crude and evil as he was, it still seemed

Tim had being walking for about an hour; he had forgotten his watch when he was in
the bathroom that morning washing his face. So the only way he could register time
was to count in his head and it helped him from screaming out and punching the walls.
So far he had found nothing, his feet were aching and stiff making it harder to carry
on; finding his own arrows so often wasn’t helping his moral. His stomach growled
but he was too tired to even think about food at a time like this so he just walked
begging that he would find someone soon.
When he heard voices he thought he’d finally gone crazy until he turned the corner
but stopped immediately, just managing to push himself against the tunnel wall and
hide in the shadows. He was looking into the huge chamber where there was a
waterfall, a lake, an island but also 5 purple robed psychopaths and the girls!
Reaching for his wand he stopped again and reconsidered. One man against 5 others,
all who knew some seriously powerful Dark Magic and DADA had never being his
favorite subject. He had to plan this out, he would react if he needed to but sometimes
it was better to hide and observe than to jump in headfirst so he pushed himself deeper
into the shadows of the tunnel wall and waited. His gaze never faltering from the three
girls knelt in the centre of the group.

‘’Oh good, we don’t have to suffer by looking at your ugly faces’’ Avonlea taunted. It
was the only thing she could do to them and she wasn’t going to be silenced by a
broken hand.
‘’Your lucky your still alive’’ Garnet growled. ‘’If I had my way I’d have cut your
tongue out before now’’
‘’Why are we still alive than?’’ Elia demanded looking at Thaddeus. ‘’We don’t know
anything so why not just kill us and be done with it’’
‘’Because my dear you do know something’’ he argued not noting how Garnet
clenched a fist when he called her his dear. ‘’You might think you don’t but you have
the information I need somewhere in that pretty little head of yours’’
‘’Enlighten us! What do you need?’’
‘’We already know how you escaped but think you have information on this
interesting artifact’’ he said indicating the stone circle. ‘’This is why you’re here’’
‘’I’ve never seen that before in my life’’ Avonlea argued telling the half truth.
‘’Your not a very good liar. So I suggest you don’t do it at all because I'm trying to
quit smoking and I don’t need the stress’’ he smirked speaking more to Elia
She understood there was more behind the statement and placed a hand on Avonlea’s
good one stopping her from reacting for their own sake.
‘’Go on than… Question us’’
‘’Archibald would you like to do the honors’’
‘’Thank you Thaddeus’’ he nodded his spider masked head as he lifted his hands out
to mid air. A light breeze wafted through the air and the mist from around the island
flooded into the circle. He continued to move his hands, manipulating the mist whilst
the girls watched, surprised but very interested.
When he finished there were four different people, standing like mannequins over the
stone circle. The tallest, a man was about a foot high and the others were only a little
bit shorter. They all seemed solid and real looking but also familiar.
‘’You have all attended Hogwarts’’ Archibald said breaking their trance. They hadn’t
realized they’d being staring. ‘’In your time of education you should have learnt about
Hogwarts founders; Godric Gryffindor’’
When he said the name the tallest figure stepped forward drawing a sword and
showing some impressive skills. He had long grizzled hair under a beaten wizards hat
and a kind weather worn face. He bowed to the three girls with flourish before
stepping back.
‘’Helga Hufflepuff’’
The shortest figure, a plump woman with short curly hair; her bright childish eyes and
heart warming smile made her motherly and huggable. She curtsied to them and blew
a kiss before stepping back still smiling.
‘’Rowena Ravenclaw’’
A hauntingly thin but beautiful woman stepped forward wearing a strange crown. Elia
recognized her from the common room statute. She flicked her wand and swirls of
mist coiled around her head, flicking at her long dark hair as she stepped back.
‘’And Salazar Slytherin’’
The last remaining figure stepped forward he was bald with a long pointy beard and
sharp eyes; he was also wearing a strange scarf around his neck. When it moved all of
a sudden they realized the scarf was a really a long fat snake which snapped at them
as he stepped back.
‘’They were the four founders of Hogwarts noted as the greatest minds of Wizarding
since Merlin himself. They joined together and created a school where they could
teach the Wizarding youth control of their powers safe from the Muggle’s
Elias mind turned to the hair clasp still in her hair that was created by the Wizarding
youth he talked about. Was that why they were here? Why not just take it than?
‘’We know all of this’’ Avonlea said. She wasn’t giving them attitude she was
speaking simply but Anneka reached for her truncheon warning her. It seemed
interruptions wouldn’t be tolerated.
‘’I’m sure you did know that. I’m sure your teachers, your headmaster told you this
story’’ Archibald said glancing at Thaddeus who gave him the slightest of nods.
‘’They wouldn’t tell you the truth!’’
This got everyone’s attention because it was clear to the girls there was unrest in the
group, Garnet looked away ever so slightly and Anneka gripped the truncheon tighter.
Even Bartimeus balled a fist and Archibald tensed up. Only Thaddeus remained cool
and content, only he believed it was a good idea but his single vote still.
‘’You know only a small section of the truth. Your precious four founders were not
the only founders, there was another and his name was Baron Caratacus’’
Archibald waved his hand over the four figures and they merged together, the mist
coiled and quivered until it took shape and another man stood in their place.
He was 3 foot high with long brilliantly white hair tied loosely down his back; sharp
hawk like eyes and furrowed brow. He was dressed in long purple robes with thin
white bands around the collar and sleeves. More shapes were merging behind him,
men and woman, children all raising from his misty feet.
‘’That’s impossible!’’ Elia started staring at the figure in disbelief.
Anneka raised her truncheon but Thaddeus stopped her with a shake of his head much
to the annoyance of Garnet who shot him a dirty look under the mask.
‘’Why is it impossible Elia? Is it because you haven’t read about it in a book? Or
being taught about it by your teachers?’’
‘’If there was five founders than why have we never heard about him?’’
‘’Archibald I’ll take it from here and nice show by the way’’
He nodded, glad to be relieved of his role; he made the figure fade away.
‘’Baron Caratacus was stronger and wiser than any of them. He created magic that the
others didn’t believe was proper; but they still used his power to create the school and
gather the students. They banished him when they saw no more need for him. They
didn’t believe in the future he sought and so he swore revenge’’
‘’And who are you exactly? How do you know all of this?’’ said Elia glancing at the
stone circle.
‘’We are the Circle’’ he replied raising his hands and indicating the others. ‘’The
Circle of Caratacus have being around for nearly a 1000 years. Garnet, show them our
mark’’ he ordered.
Garnet clicked her tongue but nodded curtly and turned around, pulling down the
scruff of his robes and lifting her mask slightly. Thaddeus brushed her hair a side so
they could see a small tattoo on the bottom of her neck; perfectly placed to bee hidden
by most items of clothing. It showed a large letter C with a pentagram inside a circle.
It was simple and not at all elegant.
‘’A branding’’ Elia snorted. ‘’A prize cow you got there Thaddeus, always brand your
‘’There will always be five members, each ready to lay down their life source for him
and bear their wounds to the Baron!’’ Anneka shouted getting angry.
‘’Caratacus will live again and bring forward his full power; he will lay siege to your
mortal world and only the strong will live and serve him in his future’’ said Garnet
glancing at the stone circle and glaring at Elia with pure hatred.
‘’We are his generals, his trusted and closest followers and it will be us who are
praised beyond any other, us who will lead the march over the weak’’ Archibald
grinned rubbing his hands with glee.
‘’Caratacus will be free’’ Bartimeus finished.
They were all staring at the stone circle and Elia had a horrible feeling about what it
actually was. ‘’This Caratacus, when you say he will live again’’ she said quietly
staring at the stone circle and praying she was wrong.
‘’Yes Elia, you kneel before him. You kneel before Baron Caratacus’’ Thaddeus
answered smugly indicating the stone circle with the inscribed runes. It was a
gravestone to his tomb. ‘’Caratacus knew the world was to narrow minded for him so
he created this temple to house his body until the time was ready. Soon a 1000 years
will have passed and we will free him and you, Elia will help us or your friends will
‘’We’re not afraid of you’’ Hillary growled. ‘’Do what you like we wont tell you
‘’That would be unwise. Caratacus was and continues to be the greatest Wizard of the
ages. You don’t realize the true power he possesses, the power he taught us. Everyday
you use his power and you don’t even realize it. Caratacus was the true creator of
‘’LIES’’ Elia roared getting angry now and standing up, she did so awkwardly trying
to hide the fact she slipped something up her sleeve. ‘’There’s nothing but bones and
dust in that grave! Your kidding yourselves if honestly believe he’s still alive in there,
that he’s waiting for you to free him! Your more stupid than you look, have you even
seen yourselves, your like a bunch of kids playing dress up!’’ She dodged Anneka’s
truncheon which was aimed for head and took a step back glaring at Thaddeus.
‘’You will be silent’’ Thaddeus ordered in a deep husky voice. The air was growing
colder as he spoke, so cold their hands started to go numb and their teeth chatter. Frost
was forming over the grass and seeping onto the grave stone.
‘’You worship a dead man; a ghost; a memory and you have no proof this even
happened your idiots the lot of you’’ She could see her breath in midair and her knees
were shaking but she continued knowing this might be her only chance of escape.
Anneka tried to hit her again but Elia was too quick dodging the truncheon for the
second time. It grazed the side of her face.
‘’You want proof?’’ Thaddeus asked turning to Bartimeus who had being waiting for
the moment. ‘’It’s a full moon tonight. Did you know that Elia? Have you ever heard
of the Lycan curse’’
‘’Were-wolfs’’ Avonlea corrected her forehead creasing in thought.
‘’Caratacus created the Lycan gene; it was one of his many experiments. They do
make such good hunters and servants’’ he chuckled pulling out his wand.
He muttered a series of words, pointing into the mist above which faded away to
allow moonlight from a tiny hole in the ceiling, flooding the circle with a lunar glow.
When it touched Bartimeus’ chocolate brown skin he gave them a crooked smile.
He had everyone’s attention, his eyes were a dark muddy brown but as they watched
they saw a darkness take over until there nothing but inky blackness. His crooked
smile broke as he reared back and soothing deep within him was growling. His once
bald head grew stubble and it kept growing until it was longer than Tim’s hair. His
robes were stretching, tearing at the seams where tufts of dark chocolate brown hair
poked out. He was huge to start but he was getting bigger before their eyes.
‘’Is this enough proof for you Elia’’ Thaddeus laughed as Bartimeus dropped to his
knees snarling and spitting. He stroked the man beasts head like he was a dog as the
change continued.
Bartimeus was savagely ripping at his robes with huge clawed hands tearing the
purple material away as his bones reformed; clicking, snapping and cracking. His jaw
jutted forward and he snarled as it reformed revealing a full set of vicious yellowed
teeth dripping with saliva.
For once Avonlea was speechless she grabbed Hillary’s hand who winced but allowed
herself to be dragged up, leaning onto Avonlea for support. Elia stood beside them
paralyzed by fear, she’d heard about the Werewolf change being painful but she never
suspected anything like this. All of a sudden she felt the makeshift blade fall into her
palm and she snapped out of it when Bartimeus howled.
It was a blood chilling sound that made her want to scream as she cupped her ears. It
was so loud in fact it made Tim momentarily deaf as he feel to his knees in the
shadow and winced in pain.
‘’Now you will see the full power of a Caratacus’’ Thaddeus smiled continuing to
stroke Bartimeus' head. Werewolves are savage uncontrollable creatures but
Thaddeus was treating him like a puppy.
Elia had had enough of this, taking a tight hold on her knife she charged at Thaddeus
and screaming. She’d caught them by surprise, they weren’t expecting an attack and
Thaddeus was to slow to defend himself as she smashed into his chest and drove the
knife deep into his side.
His eyes were bulging as he grabbed a fistful of her hair with his right hand, she felt
the freezing cold grip her but she drove it in harder and twisted which made him
scream as he ripped her off and threw her down the hill.
She rolled down to the edge of the water, stopping just in time she stood up; Avonlea
and Hillary were already running. In all the confusion they saw an escape and hurried
down the hill, Hillary wincing painfully from her burns, she stumbled and gasped but
it meant freedom. They were already going across the iron bridge with Elia right
The shard of ceramic pottery was sticking out the side of his robes and the wound was
bleeding badly as he grabbed the hilt, the remains of Elias sleeve coiled around to
make a handle. Gripping it tightly he twisted it back and ripped it out with a sickening
thud and crying out like a wounded animal. His eyes were burning with silver fires as
he pointed it at the escaping girls. ‘’STOP THEM!’’ his voice was no longer his; it
was deeper, crueler, inhuman.
Garnet clapped her hands together creating a thunderclap that sent the water around
the island smashing into the bridge like a tidal wave but the girls managed to get
across just in time. Archibald inhaled a deep breath and blew out a hurricane like
wind, the air whipped at the girls hair sending them hurtling forward onto the floor.
Just as Anneka clenched a fist and the earth started shaking like an Earthquake.
Tim fell backwards into the shadow as he lost his balance dust trickled from above
him and he was temporally blinded. The girls couldn’t get back up; huge chunks of
stone were smashing into the water and path around them.
Bartimeus charged down the hill, in a flurry of ripped purple robes and brown hair,
salvia dripping from his jaws as the wolf impulses took over and he saw his prey,
vulnerable and lying on the floor. He leapt over the girls and roared grabbing Avonlea
before she could run he snapped his jaws looming in for the kill as she screamed and
fought against him.
‘’STOP!’’ Thaddeus ordered holding his side where a scarlet stain was spreading. ‘’I
want them alive’’ he continued breathing heavily from his wound.
Luckily for Avonlea because Bartimeus was about rip out her throat. Elia tried to
stand up but he put his huge furry foot onto her back pushing her back down despite
her swearing he listened to Thaddeus.
‘’Take them back to the cells! You have an hour to tell me everything you know about
Nathanial Hope and why you’re looking for him. After that I’ll let you play the part of
Bartimeus’ chew toys. Get them out my sight’’ he growled allowing a teary Garnet to
help him as his legs gave way and he fell back holding his side.
Bartimeus dragged the girls back to the cells with Archibald and Anneka following.
Tim meanwhile watched in disdain, his eyes red and blurry, he was forced to see them
taken away and he couldn’t help them yet, he had an hour to get them out. Wishing he
didn’t have to he turned around and hid in the shadows waiting for Thaddeus and
Garnet to leave before he made his next move.

The girls were thrown into different cells, where shackles snapped over their wrists
pulling them into the wall. They were left in complete darkness and to ensure no more
trickery was planned Archibald set a silence charm over the rooms. So no matter how
much they screamed at each other they couldn’t be heard.
The Creature was still in the cell and he was delighted to see Elia still alive as he ran
to her aid helping her back up.
‘’Thank you’’ she whispered sitting against the stone wall, she saw the blood on her
hands and quickly wiped it on her ripped jeans. ‘’It’s useless, we’re dead’’
He laid his head on her shoulder and she petted his arm but it didn’t make her feel any
better. Not even when he gave her a hug it just felt empty and cold, time was ticking
by she was out of ideas. They couldn’t tell them about Dumbledore but he said he
would kill the others if she didn’t do as he said. Sobbing into the knees until she could
cry no more, this was the end there was no escape.
All of a sudden she heard the click of the lock on her door. An hour couldn’t have
passed already; they must have changed their mind. She didn’t have a knife now but
she did have her own fists she was going claw their eyes out before she came quietly.
As the door opened a brilliant white light appeared behind the large muscular figure
and she threw herself at him screaming but he was quicker as he grabbed her wrists in
a powerful grip and pulled her back as she gasped in amazement.
‘’What kind of welcome is that’’
‘’I come to save your life and you still call me that’’ he sighed letting her go but she
surprised him by throwing her arms round his neck and hugging him. She than kissed
his blushing red cheeks and laughed in sheer amazement that he was even here. He
smiled and wrapped his arms around her. ‘’That’s better’’
‘’I knew you wouldn’t leave us!’’
‘’Alright but quieten down’’
‘’Where are the others?’’ She asked letting him go at last and blushing herself. She
had a thousand questions to ask him.
‘’If they stick to the plan we’ll meet them along the way’’ He replied checking out the
chain attached to her arm and trying to break them with his wand but they remained
intact and solid.
‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’Long story! Hold on’’ he gripped the chain in both hands and surprising them both
he pulled them apart. The links snapped like a paper chain and rattled to the floor, the
shackle opened up and fell next to it, the spell broken.
‘’How did you...?’’
‘’No time, come on we have to get the others and get out’’
‘’No wait you have to free my friend’’ she argued grabbing his arm and pulling him
back into the cell. The creature was nowhere in sight, he’d hid back into the rags
when Tim appeared. She started dragging them out and found him curled up in ball
and shivering out of fear.
Tim’s pointed his wand at him and jumped back a step. ‘’What the hell is that thing?’’
‘’I don’t know but he’s a prisoner too. Timmy please I can’t leave him in here I
promised I would free him he’s just like us they tortured him’’ she indicated the scars
holding out her hand for the creature to take. ‘’I wont leave him here’’
Tim looked between them with a skeptic eyebrow, he’d never seen anything like him
and he was top in Care of Magical Creatures, he didn’t look threatening just scared.
‘’Fine but we haven’t got much time’’ he sighed dropping to his knees and grabbing
the chain that were attached to the creatures ankle.
He snapped at Tim for the first time showing large tusk like yellow teeth, all crooked,
bent and misshapen. Tim narrowly avoided losing a couple of fingers.
‘’No he’s a friend, he’s going to get us out of here’’ Elia replied in a soft motherly
voice and taking the creatures hand.
‘’Friend’’ he repeated looking to Elia to confirm it.
‘’Best friend’’ she corrected giving Tim a devoting smile and making him blush more.
‘’Please Timmy’’
‘’Stop calling me that’’ he muttered but he smiling when he took the chains again and
being wary of the creature he snapped the chain just as easily as Elias. ‘’Right come
They found Avonlea screaming a series of foul curse words and seeing Tim only
made her swear more as he freed her and she rewarded him with a hug. He was so
red-faced now he expected he was glowing in the dark. She sniffed at the Creature
who was holding Elias hand outside the cell; he was cowering behind her leg looking
Hillary’s cell was the hardest to find. There were at least a hundred cell doors and
they all looked alike. They searched nearly everyone until they found her at last
weeping in the corner as she tended to her wounds.
When the light fell onto her Tim was overcome by a similar rage to the creatures as he
knelt at her side and stared open mouthed at her legs.
‘’What have they done to you?’’
‘’Timmy… Oh Timmy! Thank Merlin you came’’ she cried as she grabbed his hand
holding tightly, tears in her eyes. Seeing her like this was not what he wanted to see.
She was always so strong and smart, she was the brains he was the muscle that was
their friendship from the start.
‘’I’m sorry guys but we should really get going’’ Avonlea said quietly. She didn’t
want to ruin the moment but time was limited.
‘’She’s right’’ Tim whispered looking at Hillary and trying to be strong for her. ‘’Can
you walk?’’
‘’N-Not really’’
‘’Than I’ll carry you’’ he decided grabbing the chains and ripping them out the wall.
‘’Come on, I’m getting you all out this hell hole’’

They ran as fast they could down a white marble corridor. The walls were lit by iron
torches flickering with golden fires. Tall Greek style pillars held aloft a midnight blue
mosaic ceiling. The floor was pale grey stone with a path of black iron girding leading
the way. Crystal blue waters charged by underneath leading to the dungeons; that
explained the cold, wet, damp feeling.
Between each pillar was a large 7 foot statue, carved out of huge blocks of Obsidian.
They all displayed the same man. A crude faced man with long hair tied in a ponytail
and the same harsh murderous eyes. Each statue was displaying him in an act of a
heroic deed or disgusting murder. The worst was him walking over the small
mountain of dead bodies holding the severed head of quite possibly his foe. The
carving was so perfect they caught the shock and fear exactly to the tee, the head was
screaming before it was removed. The thing was Elia and the girls recognized him, he
was Caratacus, the same figure Archibald had created out of the mist, the one they
‘’Tim where are the others’’ Avonlea whispered for the forth time.
‘’I told you I don’t know but they‘ll be coming, I know the way out we just have to
make it to the main chamber and out the tunnels’’
‘’Oh no’’ gasped Elia. She cursed under her breath and stopped with the creature.
‘’What is it now?’’
‘’They’ve got our wands’’
‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’Timmy, they took our wands we can’t go with out them’’
He sighed looking up the white corridor and back again. ‘’Do you know where
they’re being kept?’’
‘’They were in Thaddeus’s work room last time I saw’’
‘’Do you know where that is?’’
‘’ I think so… We were always blindfolded when we were taken out the cells but I
counted the steps and turns every time’’ she said looking back the way they had come
and thinking. ‘’It’s down the next corridor’’
‘’Right come on. If they’re not there we need to get out. I have no idea where they all
are and they have a Werewolf prowling the corridors I narrowly got away coming
‘’That’s Bartimeus’’ Hillary whispered remembering the transformation and wincing.
‘’Yeah I had a little run in with out Pyromaniac friend’’ Tim replied following Elia.
‘’We blew up Shakespeare’s Globe’’
They made note to question Tim on this late but they didn’t have time. They could
hear footsteps coming up fast behind them so they hurried into the workroom and shut
the door just in time. The footsteps continued on and they breathed a sigh of relief.
‘’What is this place?’’
‘’Its where Thaddeus questioned us’’ Avonlea replied staring at the hook dangling
from the ceiling with disdain. ‘’He would do anything for the information’’
‘’Can we just find the wands and get out of here’’ Hillary begged she couldn’t look at
the charred remains of the chair any longer.
Elia appeared next to them clutching three wands. ‘’He’s not as smart as he thinks he
is’’ she laughed passing them out the creature was chewing his talons now as he
stared up at the humans with interest.
‘’Right lets get out of here’’ Avonlea said as she gripped her wand tightly and opened
the door. She was about to step out when she found the way blocked by a huge hairy
Bartimeus turned around and growled, it was a deep raspy growl, his jaw opened
slowly and they felt his hot musky breath on their faces, he smelled of blood and
sweat. His ham sized paws were gripping the doorway as he stepped through making
them back up.
‘’I don’t suppose there’s another door out of here’’
‘’I don’t know’’ Avonlea replied aiming her wand for the Bartimeus’ head but she
couldn’t hide the fear in her voice.
‘’Than lets make one’’ Elia replied pointing her wand at the wall. ‘’BOMBARDUM’’
There was a thunderclap and a blast of brick dust that took out the whole wall
exploding out the force sent Bartimeus to the side in howl.
‘’RUN!’’ Tim ordered hauling Hillary through the newly made hole and leading the
others away.
They could hear Bartimeus starting to rouse from underneath the rubble.
They were running for their life’s now, he was right behind them and they didn’t need
to look back to know he was gaining, the noise was enough. They could him
smashing down the corridor, knocking over the statues and pillars with ease and
snapping at the air with a savage hunger. Molten lava was frothing from his open jaws
melting through the metal girding.
They thought they lost him when they shot down a small corridor and hid in the
archway but he soon sniffed them out and they narrowly escaped because Hillary was
either seriously brave or really, really stupid because she slapped him. Tim was happy
to say he had never being a victim of Avonlea’s slaps and he was amazed at the
impact they brought; looked like he’d being hit with a flat sledgehammer. The impact
managed to throw Bartimeus aside and gave them just enough time to run away. Not
many people could say they slapped a Were-wolf.
They were driven into the main chamber where the lake and island with the
gravestone was held. The waterfalls were smashing down on jagged rocks below but
they were getting closer to the exit they just had to make it into the tunnels.
Bartimeus was faster; now that they got into an open area he threw himself over their
heads and blocked the tunnel entrance. Molten lave bubbling from his jaws his eyes
were lit with a thousand flickering fires behind the darkness; there was a cloying
smell of burnt fur in the air.
‘’You. Will. Go. No. Further’’ He snarled raking his clawed hands at the ground
leaving scorched stone.
Tim knew this was impossible. Were-wolves are monsters when in this form, they
were completely animal, primitive and hungry but the idea of them speaking was
ludicrous. It meant they were capable of rational thought and choice, which meant
they didn’t have to kill and attack they could choose their decisions.
‘’You don’t want to kill us. Let us go and we wont tell anyone about what happened
here’’ Tim bargained taking a step back with the girls. No slaps would save them now.
‘’You’re wrong’’ he rasped licking his lips and progressing forward. ‘’I really want
He didn’t get to finish his sentence because a flash of white light smashed into his
back and threw him 20 feet into the air, through the misty ceiling where he landed in
the icy lake with an eruption of steam.
Standing in the tunnel entrance were 5 people he couldn’t have being happier to see,
Iyana, Olivia, Neville, Daniel and very weak looking Draco holding his pendent out;
he looked like he was going to faint, it really took a lot out of him that thing.
 ‘’You can thank me later’’ Draco whispered refusing Iyana’s help when he saw
Avonlea because he didn’t want to look weak. ‘’Maybe with a kiss’’ He asked
looking at her with a hopeful glint in his eyes.
Before she could respond Tim answered. ‘’You saved our life but I’m not that
grateful.’’ Even in a life of death situation it felt good to laugh. ‘’How did you find
us?’’ Tim asked quickly and seriously there was no time for pleasantries.
‘’We used this’’ Olivia produced a piece of parchment with a detailed map of tunnels
and corridors branching out from a large circular room. She’d used her enchanted
‘’Your hairy friend seems to be finished with his swim so I suggest we start running’’
Neville suggested pointing into the distance.
He was right they could see a huge figure dragging him self out the water. Not only
that there were loud voices coming from the white marble corridor at the other side of
the room and four shadowed figures appeared one of them was leaning on a cane but
that didn’t make him any less scary.
‘’GET THEM’’ Thaddeus roared and the others all started firing hexes and curses.
The others cast shield charms but they weren’t strong enough to hold them forever.
‘’We need to get out of here’’ Iyana yelled over the noise and confusion as she
deflected a nasty looking Hex back and it narrowly missed hitting Garnet in the face.
‘’They’re getting closer. What are we going to do?’’
‘’We retreat’’ Draco answered firing everything he had at Bartimeus who scuttling
across the stone wall but they just bounced off his magical hide.
‘’No’’ Tim said surprising everyone. ‘’You all need to get out, Daniel take Hillary’’
he ordered passing her off to startled Daniel. ‘’I’m going to hold them back and give
you all a chance. Olivia that map got you here, it should get you out as well just
follow the arrows I left’’
‘’Timmy your not serious’’ Elia started, the creature was holding her hand so tight she
was loosing circulation.
‘’I’ll be alright I’m gong to block the tunnels, slow them down but I’m going to need
you to- IYANA!’’
A silver arrow had managed to shatter Iyana’s shied charm; she wasn’t fast enough to
dodge the attack. She was blasted off her feet and thrown into the wall where she lay
slumped on the floor.
Tim and Elia hurried to see if she was alright whilst everyone else fought them off but
they were getting closer and closer.
‘’Iyana! Iyana speak to me’’ he pleaded putting two fingers on the side of her neck
and checking her pulse.
She opened her eyes slowly and looked up mildly confused. ‘’I’m fine’’ she mumbled
trying to get back up despite the fact she should have being dead or at least mortally
‘’You’re not fine, you should be… What did you do?’’
‘’Nothing I… I can’t explain it, I felt it hit me but it was more like being punched but
I’m fine Timmy’’ she was staring her bracelet with an amused smile.
He didn’t look convinced but Elia interrupted him before he could argue.
‘’She’s fine Timmy, we have to go!’’ she pleaded.
‘’Right!’’ he took Iyana’ hand and helped her up. ‘’Olivia get them out of here, use
the map. I’ll follow you all’’
She gave a brisk nod and started running whilst pulling the map out, they all ran into
the tunnels. The others slowly pulled away and ran as well. Daniel carried Hillary out,
taking care of her due to the burns. She had her arms around his neck, holding on with
her life as they escaped she was watching his back and casting shield charms. Tim and
Neville took up the rear and created obstacles to slow down the enemy.

‘’We’re almost there’’ Olivia called down, they could hear the obstacles being
destroyed, they were getting closer by the second.
‘’Get to the tent I’ll meet you there’’ Tim called after them stopping at last. ‘’I can
hold them off, give you time to get away’’
‘’Timmy don’t be stupid come on’’ Elia grabbed his arm and tried to pull him along.
‘’Elia you need to- LOOK OUT!’’ He yelled over the blast of white light that shot
from the bottom of the tunnel; it hit the stone ceiling above them. He threw himself at
Elia tackling her and the creature to the ground just in time to save them all from
being buried alive as the ceiling shattered down on them.
He groaned from the impact of hitting the floor and realized Elia was lying on top of
him, their lips dangerously close. She opened her eyes and must have had had the
same realization because her eyes widened slightly. Neither knew what to say to each
Luckily, Neville interrupted them and helped Elia off. Tim shot to his feet and looked
more embarrassed than worried about the fact they were going to be killed in seconds.
‘’Are you alright? ‘’ Neville asked quickly.
‘’Fine’’ Elia answered though she couldn’t meet Tim’s eye. She picked up the
creature and held him in her arm.
‘’Neville take Elia and her friend and get them out of here. I’ll see you all at the tent I
‘’ Are yyou sure?’’
‘’Yeah now get her out of here‘’
He didn’t need telling twice deflecting another curse he waited for Elia to follow
‘’Be careful Timmy’’ she whispered looking up at him, she made an odd movement
like she was going to do something but decided against it and ran off with Neville.
Tim turned around realizing he was still in a lot of trouble with five highly trained,
evil minded people, one of whom was a Werewolf the next few seconds were a blur.
He remembered raising his wand arm to destroy the entrance but all of a sudden
something huge charged out of the shadow.
It smelled like burnt hair and ash and it was twice his size, four times as heavy and
very hairy. As they wrestled to the ground, tumbling and rolling over as he tried to
fight the creature off. The snap of his jaw was close enough for Tim to smell the
spearmint toothpaste whilst saliva dripped onto his glasses. Bartimeus was on top of
him now, though he preferred Elia, his jaws open awaiting the taste of fresh blood, the
only thing keeping him at bay was Tim as he pushed with all his strength against the
heavy bulk. Two hungry black eyes shining with savage animal urges loomed closer
and he smashed his fist repeatedly into Bartimeus’ face fighting for his life.

‘’Where’s Timmy?’’ Iyana asked when Elia and Neville caught up.
‘’He’s back down in the tunnels’’ Elia said hoping she made the right choice.
‘’What! Why’’ Hillary cried out from Daniels arms, he was getting tired but struggled
on for her sake.
‘’He said he’s going to block the entrance, come on we can’t stop’’ Neville said
speaking more to Olivia.
‘’We need to get out these tunnels’’ Draco said stumbling slightly but Avonlea caught
him and he gave he thankful but worried smile.
All of a sudden a white light formed in front of them and before they could stop they
all ran through it fading away from existence.
The same light appeared in the burnt and blackened remains of Shakespeare’s Globe.
It was where the store room was, a secret hidden magical access point to the tunnels.
When Tim didn’t come back they continued with the plan and left the tent to save the
girls. Unfortunately there were police guarding the wreckage, sat in their patrol car.
Olivia had managed to place a strong sleeping charm over them and they sneaked by.
They than searched the wreckage for Tim to avail but Daniels spyglass revealed a
magical access point hovering in mid air and they used it to get into the tunnels.
They dropped into the wreckage from ten feet in the air and landed in a large heap
crushing the charred remains. They got all stood up, helping one another and looking
‘’We made it’’ Daniel moaned as Hillary rolled off him. She was lucky enough to
land on something soft, him.
‘’We can’t just leave him back there’’ Hillary said once she got herself up painfully,
she didn’t even care how she got here. ‘’He can’t take them all on’’
 ‘’Hillary, he’ll be coming through any minute’’ Daniel said trying to comfort her. ‘’I
said I would look after you and I’m getting you out of here you hear’’
‘’I’m not going back there’’ Avonlea argued she didn’t care if it was selfish she
thought she was going to die tonight and this was her only way out she was taking it.
Tim knew what he was doing… right.
‘’How can you be such a selfish- He’s the only reason we’re even out of there’’
Hillary yelled pushing Daniel back when he tried to take her hand and help her up.
‘’I agree with Avie’’ Draco said angrily. ’’Case you might have forgotten we all came
to get you. We’re not going back just because your big man wants to play hero’’
 ‘’Guys will you shut up’’ Olivia hissed. ‘’I can hear something’’
They all stopped abruptly and listened, she was right. There were loud voices in the
distance and they saw the lights and silhouetted figures.
‘’It’s the police’’ Iyana whispered making herself look as small as possible. ‘’The
charm must have worn off’’
‘’What are the police doing here, where are we’’ Avonlea asked cradling her hand;
the fall had hurt more than she thought and her broken hand was really hurting now.
‘’We’ll explain at the tent. Guys we need to leave’’ Draco said quietly taking
Avonlea’s good arm.
‘’What about Timmy’’ Hillary said ignoring everything else.
‘’He knows what he’s doing’’ Draco replied stiffly watching the police men get closer.
‘’We need to go before they find us’’ Olivia said.
‘’You go’’ Elia said. ‘’But I'm going back, I shouldn’t have left him’’
‘’Elia don’t be mad’’ Iyana whispered. ‘’You can’t do anything for him’’
‘’No I'm not leaving him there’’ she retorted dropping to her knees and turned to the
creature who had become forgotten in all the confusion and running. ‘’Please we
can’t leave him’’ she pleaded grabbing his gnarled claws and holding firm. ‘’He
didn’t leave you’’
The creature stared up at the eight humans, taking in the sadness and despair, the fear
and anger. Humans were so difficult, but when he looked at Elia he knew what he had
to do and nodded. ‘’ We save best friend’’
He stood up tall and reared his head back, the rags that covered his frail body bulged
in the back and all of a sudden a huge pair of leathery bat wings was growing out of
his back. Before anyone could even think about stopping him he leapt of the ground,
snatching Elia of the ground. She barely squeaked as they disappeared in a flash of
white light.
The policemen sprang round attracted by the light and their torches illuminated the
rag tag group, who very much looked a mess.
 ‘’Time to go’’ Daniel said grabbing Hillary’s hand and disapparating with a loud
crack. Draco grabbed Avonlea’s arm and did the same, Iyana, Olivia and Neville
following as they left heading back to the tent. Leaving to bewildered policemen
staring at the spot they had disappeared from

 ‘’Bartimeus heel’’ Thaddeus yelled grabbing a tuft of the werewolf’s neck and
throwing him back against the wall with surprising strength.
Anneka reached down and dragged Tim up, hooking an arm around his neck; despite
his struggle he couldn’t break free, she was stronger than she looked. His airway was
cut off and he struggled to breath but she seemed more pleased by this.
‘’What are we going to do with him?’’
‘’I could suggest a few things’’ Garnet growled slapping him hard across the face
making him recoil but Anneka grip held. ‘’That’s for ruining my night, I was looking
forward to killing them girls’’
‘’Calm down Garnet, he's going to be punished’’ Thaddeus said stepping forward. He
was leaning on a cane due to the fact he had being stabbed in the stomach. His silver
fingers dancing on the small silver raven head at the top. ‘’You’ve caused a lot of
trouble tonight’’
‘’Gli u cad hal’’
‘’What did he say? Anneka loosen your hold’’
She did as she was instructed but made it clear any trouble and she would snap his
neck like a twig.
‘’I said… Glad I could help!’’ Tim panted taking deep ragged breaths and staring at
the man in front of him. ‘’Nice accessory old man’’
Thaddeus gave the faintest of nods and Anneka tightened her grip chocking Tim and
putting off his air supply again while he kicked out, flailing and pulling on her arms.
His wand was inches away from his grasp.
Archibald saw what he was trying to do and laughed reaching down and plucking it
up he waddled his finger and smiled.
‘’You shouldn’t have come’’ Thaddeus sighed. ‘’Now I’m going to have to kill you
all at once. Oh think of the mess, Garnet you better lay down some plastic sheeting’’
Tim said something but it wasn’t understandable however his hand gesture was as
was the close kick between the legs.
‘’I was going to make it quick, now I’m really going to enjoy myself. I think Hillary’s
a little underdone, maybe another five minutes on the grill’’
Tim struggled against his captor trying to get Thaddeus but Anneka only held firmer
and Thaddeus laughed
‘’That little minx Elia, now there’s a girl I will have fun with; I think I’ll take my time
with her’’ he smiled getting up close. ‘’Oh and think of those other two new beauties.
Oh I feel like a kid in a candy store’’ he taunted watching Tim’s face steadily turn red,
to purple to a worrying shade of blue.
‘’Can we hurry this up they’re getting away’’ Garnet said.
‘’They wont get far’’ replied Archibald spinning Tim’s wand. ‘’They don’t know the
magic of the tunnels, they’ll go mad looking for one of the exits’’
All of a sudden something shot out of the shadows and threw itself onto Anneka’s
back were it sank its teeth into her arm and made her drop Tim to the floor and release
him. She screamed and tried to beat it off but it only held tighter and bit harder; its red
eyes blazing in the darkness.
Archibald started forward to get it but the creature was quicker, giving Anneka one
last bite he threw himself off and smashed into Archibald arms and started scratching
at his face clawing his glasses off and throwing them on the floor, broken and bloody.
Garnet was giggling at the sight whilst Thaddeus tried to get a clear shot.
‘’Will you stop moving unless you want your head blown off’’
Tim lay forgotten on the floor as he pulled himself onto all fours coughing into the
dirt and rubbing his throat. He didn’t care why they were screaming but he could
breathe, that’s all that mattered to him right now.
In all the confusion no one saw the figure sneaking along the shadows heading for
Tim. She knelt down beside him and pressed a hand over his mouth.
‘’It’s my time to rescue you’’ Elia whispered winking at him and handing over his
wand which she summoned when Archibald was busy fighting.
He smiled beneath her hand and she tried to get him up, biting her tongue about how
heavy he was she hooked his arm over her shoulder whilst he rubbed his throat taking
deep ragged breathes.
Bartimeus was sniggering, it was a weird half growl kinda snigger but he stopped
when he caught Elia out the corner of his eye, eyes lighting up he charged at them’’
‘’Elia look out’’ Tim yelled pushing her aside just as the last minute as Bartimeus
smashed him into the wall and he screamed feeling his jaw sink into his shoulder. Hot
blood exploded in Bartimeus mouth and he lapped it up hungrily biting harder as Tim
screamed in agony.
The creature turned around at the sound and Anneka took her chance grabbing him by
the throat and ripping him off Archibald’s face, which dropped to his knees swearing.
She slammed the creature into the ground and pressed a foot down on its neck,
stopping him from getting back up.
‘’That’s enough Bartimeus’’ Thaddeus ordered sternly.
He growled in reply, making bubbles of blood as he stepped back and let go of Tim,
he slid down the wall clutching his heavily bleeding shoulder. He was staring at Elia,
mouthing for her to run.
Unfortunately Thaddeus took notice and before she could even move he plucked her
off the ground, grabbing a handful of her hair. ‘’Will you look at this everyone, seems
one of them was brave to come back for their fallen warrior’’
Tim raised his wand and pointed it at Garnet, holding a hand over his shoulder to put
pressure on his wound. ‘’LET HER GO’’.
Thaddeus replied by pulling on his cane, there was a flash of silver and before Tim
could react he placed long thin sword to Elia’s neck. The hilt of which was silver
ravens head, the sword was hidden in his cane. ‘’Put down your wand hero!’’
‘’Let her go!’’
‘’Put down your wand or I’ll slit her throat’’ Thaddeus argued making Elia gulp, her
throat touching the very real, very cold and very sharp blade.
‘’Let her go or I’ll kill her’’ Tim replied raising it to point directly at Garnets heart.
‘’Put your wand down or she dies’’ Thaddeus snarled pressing it tighter against her
neck, he accidentally caught her and small bead of blood appeared.
‘’OK’’ Tim yielded raising his hands and dropping the wand.
‘’That’s better’’ Thaddeus smiled. ‘’Kick it to me’’
Tim did as he was told, keeping his hands up as it rolled a little closer to Thaddeus.
‘’You shouldn’t have come here Elia’’
‘’I couldn’t let them kill you‘’ she whispered.
‘’Oh how cute’’ Thaddeus smirked. ‘’And she’s such a pretty girl isn’t she?’’
Thaddeus taunted stroking her cheek.
‘’What are you going to do with us?’’ Tim asked trying to keep his cool, but he was
feeling dizzy from loss of blood. He watched Garnet saunter over to Archibald and
check his face which was heavily bleeding and scratched.
‘’Your more trouble than your worth’’ Thaddeus replied. ‘’Easier just to kill you now,
an eye for and eye don't you think Elia?’’ he whispered in her ear.
‘’You said you‘d let her go‘’ Tim said taking a step forward but stopping when
Thaddeus pressed the sword tighter in warning
‘’Than mmaybe I’ll kill you and keep her as a little pet’’ he thought out loud. ‘’Would
be a shame to ruin such a beautiful neck wouldn’t it’’ he purred, as his slate grey eyes
followed the curve of her slender neck. He smiled as he leaned in and ran his long
tongue up her cheek making her cringe.
‘’Would you like that Elia?’’
‘’Stop it’’ Tim yelled getting angry but he couldn’t do anything, Thaddeus could quite
easily cut her throat without a moments hesitation.
‘’Let the girl speak’’ Thaddeus said in a very snide tone. ‘’I repeat… Would you like
to be my little pet Elia’’
She glanced at Tim, tears in her eyes as she gave him a small worried smile. She was
meant to be saving him but she only made it worse than an idea formed.
‘’Yeah I would’’ she replied quietly tilting her head ever so slightly to look up at
Thaddeus. ‘’If it means I get to live I would do anything… anything’’
‘’Oh I do like her’’ Thaddeus grinned speaking to a confused Tim and his hold
loosening slightly without knowing it. ‘’Anything hmm; why don’t you prove it’’
‘’Will you let me live?’’
‘’Oh you’ll live’’ he replied ignoring Garnet who was glaring at him.
Elia smiled and fluttered her eyelashes as she let hand slowly run up his side touching
the area where she had stabbed him, leaning up slightly at the same time.
‘’Now that’s what I'm talking about’’ Thaddeus purred his sword moving out a few
inches so he had better accessibility, she turned around to face him.
Their lips only a few centimeters away she smiled seductively with a mischivous glint
in her eyes, the same look she gave Tim in the Three Broomsticks two months ago
just before-
She grabbed a fistful of robes and before he could do anything to protect himself she
slammed her knee as hard as she could into his groin. Thaddeus’s eyes bulged and he
gasped in pain as he stumbled back holding his inflicted area, sword swinging he’d let
go of Elia.
She ducked under the sword and threw herself at Anneka slamming her into the wall
and freeing the creature. Tim meanwhile snatched his wand back shot Garnet with a
powerful Reducto that sent her 20 feet back down the tunnel before she could even
blink. Bartimeus was getting ready to leap onto Tim and finish off what he started but
the creature sprang onto his back and rode him like a rodeo cowboy. Archibald,
bloody and scratched charged at Tim, who slammed his fist into the tiny wizard’s
nose, shattering his broken glasses and sending the tiny man to the floor out cold.
Thaddeus swore as he punched the wall; getting himself together he raised the sword
and charged at Elia when she had her back to him, she was too preoccupied with
Anneka at the time.
There was a flash of silver, a wounded scream and the soft sickening thud of a sword
entering the human body.

‘’TIMMY’’ Elia screamed spinning round and staring open mouthed at the back of
Tim’s head, Thaddeus standing in front of him with a gleeful smile.
Tim’s legs couldn’t hold him anymore as he dropped to his knees; a raven headed hilt
with the sword attached was sticking out of his chest where a scarlet red stain rapidly
spread with the bite wound.
Thaddeus laughed and took hold of the hilt, placing a shiny polished black shoe onto
Tim’s chest he pushed him back and withdrew his sword slowly to Tim’s painful
whimper. He fell back when the sword was withdrawn and Elia caught him, tears
welling up in her eyes as she hugged Tim's body waiting for the final blow from
Thaddeus as he drew back to finish them both off.
Bartimeus suddenly appeared, the creature clinging to his back. He jumped off before
leading the Werewolf smashing into Thaddeus and Anneka who were sent crashing
into the wall and buried under the dazed werewolf.
‘‘Come on Tim, I’m going to get you out’’ Elia pleaded pulling on his arm and trying
to get him up but he was in to fit state to walk
‘’Elia… go… save… go’’ he whispered his eyes rolling back.
‘’I’m not leaving you!’ she cried.
The creature appeared beside them, the bat wings extended as he stared at the fatal
wound, the lights were fading from the man’s eyes.
‘’We need to get him out’’ Elia pleaded staring horrorstruck at his chest.
The creature gave a brisk nod and reached down with surprising strength he took
Tim’s body away from Elia and despite the fact Tim was more than twice his size and
10 times as heavy he cradled him in his frail bony arms. ‘’My back’’ he ordered Elia
stretching his wings and displaying a perfect area for one small person so climb onto
and ride. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hooked her legs under his wings,
holding on with her life; before anyone could stop them he charged past a heavily
swearing Thaddeus as he untangled himself from Bartimeus, leapt off the ground and
flew into the air charging into the tunnels away.
They were sweeping through the shadows, making tight corners and meeting dead
ends but he seemed to know where he was going despite Elia screaming behind him.
They erupted out tunnels and into the main stadium where the waterfall was roaring.
They flew up into the mists, heading up the huge waterfall where sea spray hit her; the
salty cold water dampened her hair. They were swallowed by the mist and darkness
leaving the Circle behind.

The night sky was awash with a midnight blue, the shining stars winking at a full
lunar moon that illuminated a quaint fishing village on the white cliffs of Dover. The
local drunken lout was stumbling out ‘The Smugglers Inn’ that night. His peaked cap
crooked as he sway drunkenly along the pier singing sea shanties, a bottle of the
Smugglers finest ale swinging from his wool gloved hands. The next day he would be
swearing he saw a monster flying over the moon with a pair of victims being carried
away to the demons coup but like most of his stories they would blame it on the drink
and he’d be laughed out of the, once again.
Except what he saw was the truth, after a long flight of underwater tunnels and
narrowly missing the many obstacles of stalagmites and waves of sea water they flew
up and erupted out of a small crevice in the white cliff face, scaring a flock of gulls
that had chosen to settle within.
Spitting out the feathers Elia yelped with joy, taking deep greedy breathes of the sea
air, she never thought shed be so happy to be hit in the face by gulls but it meant she
was alive. She leaned over the creatures shoulder to check on Tim. He was only
getting worse and the moment of joy was short lived when she saw the seriousness of
his wounds. He was so pale and clammy his burnt hooded sweater sodden with his
own blood he could barely keep his eyes open.
‘’E-E-Elia’’ he whispered opening his eyes more ever so slightly and wincing.
‘’Come on Timmy! Stay with me’’ she pleaded; she had to keep him talking. ‘’Oh
you’re an idiot you know that’’
He gave a small frail chuckle but had to stop because it hurt him so much, his chest
was tightening and he was finding it harder to breath. ‘’I’m… Sorry’’
‘’Don’t apologise just stay with me or I’ll will make you sorry’’
‘’Elia… Tell… Tell the others-’’
‘’I’m not telling anyone anything Timmy, you can because your going to be fine,
we’re going to get you help’’
‘’Timmy I don’t want to hear it, you can’t die on me it’s not fair. Why did you have to
do that?’’ she cried reaching down and taking his hand. It was wet and sticky with his
own blood but she held it tightly and refused to let go as his eyes slowly closed, a
small smile on his lips.
‘’Timmy… TIMMY’’
There was no answer but he was still breathing, but barely and she shook the tears
from her eyes as the creature flew harder and the wind whipped against them.
He seemed to know where they were going, Elia didn’t dare question him as he flew
over mountains and vast forest lands, lakes and towns in a matter of seconds. The cold
wind stung her eyes, her fingers were going numb and the tears were all dried up
leaving two streaks of despair on her frozen white face. She could do nothing now but
hold his hand and pray they made it there in time.
After what felt like hours but was only minutes he stared circling a specific patch of
woodland, trying to find a safe passage through the trees. He swept down dodging
thick club like branches and trying to keep Tim’s body stable. There was nothing but
a frozen grassy land beneath but than all of a sudden a large white bell tent appeared
where Daniel and Olivia were standing looking up with fear in their eyes. The charms
and defenses hadn’t worked on him. They calmed down when they saw Elia but it
quickly returned when they took in Tim’s appearance and Daniel started barking
orders into the tent.
Soon as the creature touched ground, Elia jumped off but made sure she didn’t let go
of Tim’s hand, everything after that was a blur. Someone had conjured a stretcher,
voices were shouting orders all around her but she never looked away from his pale
white skin, the bluish lips or the closed eyes, begging what ever higher force there
was in this world that they would open again.

Several hours later Elia’s wish was granted as Tim slowly opened his eyes. He was
instantly blinded by artificial lights looming over him and he groaned blinking fast
and trying to move but there was a tight grasp in his chest and he couldn’t handle it.
Something loomed over him, blocking the lights, it was saying something but all he
could hear was a muffled buzzing until it leaned down and he felt the long wet tongue
running up his cheek. Someone had removed his glasses so his vision was poor but no
human had a nose that big. He continued to squirm painfully until another voice
shouted and pulled his attacker back. He was thankfully relived of the licking but his
rescuer laughing hysterically and shouting his name he was sure of it. What the hell
was going on?
‘’He’s awake! Timmy’s awake! Timmy can you hear me? Speak! He’s awake!’’
He heard a door being thrown open and more unrecognizable faces appeared and
joined in the hysterical behavior, though thankfully no one else was licking his face.
‘’How are you feeling?’’
‘’You lucky Git’’
‘’I swear Timothy Helyard’’
‘’Can’t I ever get rid of you?’’
‘’Why isn’t he talking? What’s the matter with him?’’
‘’Someone get him some water’’
‘’Where are his glasses?’’
‘’There on the cabinet’’
Someone pushed something onto his face and his vision cleared up so he could make
out the faces surrounding him, the artificial lights made spots appear before his eyes
but he could see better as time went on. He was in Neville bed because the bedroom
door was opposite him. That’s when he realized he was shirtless where bandages were
wrapped over his chest and left shoulder, her never felt so aware that he was half
naked. Opening and closing his mouth stupidly too confused to know why he had an
audience or why they were shouting at him.
‘’Will you lot shut up. He’s just woke up give him some air!’’ Elia yelled making her
self known and glaring everyone into silence, they all backed off. ‘’Timmy… Can
you hear me?’’
His head felt as heavy as a boulder but he managed to turn it slightly to his right
where he saw her sitting in one of the dining room chairs with a concern in her eyes.
She was wearing a fuzzy pink dressing gown and pajamas with owls in flight
scattered around. It took him a minute, his mouth was horribly dry but he managed to
croak out a response. ‘’Yes’’
‘’Oh thank Merlin’’ she sighed taking an offered glass of water from Draco who
appeared back from the kitchen. ‘’Drink this it will make you feel better’’ she pressed
the glass to his lips, being careful not to spill as she helped him take small sips and
everyone else waited on baited breathes. He coughed a little and despite her help it
dribbled down his chin but she only smiled and wiped it off before putting the glass
on a wooden bedside cabinet beside him.
‘’How are you feeling?’’ Iyana repeated from the back of the crowd and he slowly
turned to her with a weak smile.
‘’Awful… What happened?’’
‘’You’re a hero that’s what happened’’ Neville laughed. ‘’I could punch you for what
you brought us through’’
‘’Get in line’’ Elia smiled winking at an even more confused Tim.
‘’What are you talking about’’ he groaned closing his eyes and taking small slow
breathes slowly regaining his strength.
‘’Don’t you remember?’’ Draco asked shaking his head. ‘’Just like him’’
‘’Guys I think Timmy’s a little tired, he’s just woke up’’ Elia said giving them all a
sharp stare. ‘’Let me explain, he’s alive that’s the good thing’’
‘’Alive’’ he repeated, his forehead creasing. ‘’Since when was I dead’’
‘’Guys’’ Elia repeated nodding to the door.
‘’She’s right’’ Daniel agreed. ‘’I told Hillary I was going to see how you were she’ll
be happy to know your ok now’’
‘’Is she-’’
‘’She’s fine Tim. Badly burnt but she’d be ok. The girls have bandaged her legs and
I’ve being keeping her company. She’ll come see you a bit later as well just rest for
‘’Thank you Daniel’’
‘’My pleasure’’ he smiled opening the door for everyone. ‘’Elia will explain
everything Tim. Come on he needs rest now’’
‘’We’ll see you later Timmy’’ Iyana smiled leaning down and kissing his forehead.
‘’Just rest’’ she ordered walking out.
‘’don’t be getting too comfortable in my bed’’ Neville smirked and winked as he
walked out as well.
‘’Thank you Timmy’’ Avonlea said placing a hand on top of his, her eyes were
slightly red from crying, her pearl drop necklace was back around her neck where it
glowed with a soft blue light, barely visible.
‘’You always have to have the limelight’’ Draco muttered waiting for Avonlea. ‘’You
got lucky this time’’ This was Draco’s way of saying get well, he followed Avonlea.
‘’If you need anything Tim just call’’ Olivia said. ‘’I hope you feel better’’
Soon as everyone was gone, Daniel looked down at Elia and gave her small smile
which she returned and he closed the door. Leaving a very confused Tim with Elia
and what he realized was the source of the licking was the creature.
‘’How did I get here’’ Tim asked after a long silence.
‘’I don’t know all the details’’ Elia admitted taking the seat next to his bed. ‘’but you
were hurt protecting the rest of us’’
‘’The bandages’’ he replied looking down at his chest. ‘’I… I think I remember
something… There was a monster’’
The creature shifted and looked down at his feet; he was still dressed in his rags, his
wings folded behind his back as he played with his hands.
‘’No not you… but I do remember you’’ Tim continued. ‘’I was flying with … I
thought it was a dream, I was flying with an angel under the stars’’
‘’You were flying with me and Solomon’’ Elia replied softly.
‘’So I was half right’’ Tim muttered speaking without thinking and blushing just as
much as Elia at the compliment. ‘’Wait whose Solomon’’
‘’Oh err… He is’’ she said pointing out the creature. ‘’Least that’s what he likes to be
called now, he says he doesn’t have a name least nothing nice’’
‘’Solomon’’ he repeated pointing at his chest.
‘’Hello Solomon’’ Tim greeted trying not to stare. ‘’Why were we flying… The
monster it was a… a…’’ he suddenly realized and lifted his hand, it was heavy and
slow but he touched his shoulder remembering.
‘’Were-wolf’’ Elia finished tears threatening to break free; she didn’t think she could
cry for him anymore tonight. ‘’You were bitten Timmy’’
‘’Bitten’’ he replied touching the bandages gingerly. ‘’By a Were-wolf’’
‘’Its going to be ok Timmy, I… We…’’ she didn’t know what she could say to make
it alright, it only took one bite and you were cursed forever. ‘’I’m sorry’’
‘’Don’t be…. It’s not your fault’’ he replied in a dull tone.
‘’If I hadn’t come back though, he was coming for me Tim if you hadn’t-‘’
‘’If I hadn’t pushed you aside you would be in this bed’’ Tim replied letting his hand
drop and turning to her and keeping eye contact he was momentarily lost in the
caramel brown that glistened in her eyes. ‘’I wouldn’t wish this on you Elia… That’s
why I jumped in front of Thaddeus’’
She couldn’t hold them back anymore, she burst out in tears and despite his wounds
she hugged he and he didn’t cry out from the pain. Sometimes there are injuries that
even a hug can heal and this was one of those times.
‘’It’s ok Elia, like you say I’ll be ok I just… I just need some time to digest all this. Its
slowly coming back, I thought it was a dream, if only I could be so lucky’’
She nodded slowly and let him go. ‘’I’m sorry I just-‘’ she bit her lip and he nodded,
she didn’t need to say it, he already knew, he was feeling the same way.
‘’You need you rest’’ she whispered standing up to leave but he grabbed her arm.
‘’Can you just… Just stay for a little while. I would prefer it’’
‘’Of course’’ she replied giving him a weak smile and sitting back down. ’’I’m sorry
‘’Elia please stop apologizing there was nothing you could do’’
‘’No I’m… I’m sorry for misjudging you’’ she replied wiping her eyes were her
‘’I thought you were an idiot.’’
‘’Thanks’’ he huffed giving her a small smile and closing his eyes slightly, he wasn’t
sure what it was but he was feeling kinda sleepy now.
‘’Sorry… I just thought you were another testosterone filled Gryffindor but your not.
You saved my life Timmy and I won’t ever forget that. I’m sorry for the way I’ve
being acting with you. I guess first impressions mean a lot and after tonight don’t
think you meant how it came out in Hogsmeade. I just wanted to say I’m sorry.’’ she
 When she looked back at him she realized he’d fallen asleep and she shook her head
in disbelief. ‘’Just like them Gryffindor’s’’ she smiled sadly speaking to Solomon
who nodded knowing more than she would have believed. ‘’Just when I’m
Reaching over and moving a lock of hair across his face she removed his glasses and
folded them and put them next his glass of water.
‘’Sweet dreams Timmy’’

Right after leaving Tim, Daniel headed next door. Making sure he knocked first he
was allowed entry and he smiled seeing Hillary sat up in bed and returning the smile
eager with questions. He also noticed her eyes were slightly red but he didn’t mention
that just yet. She was dressed in bright pink Pajamas, her bandaged feet just poking
out under the Gryffindor duvet and she looked strained and tired but she refused to
sleep just yet.
‘’How is he?’’
‘’Tim’s fine, he’s speaking that’s what matters and he’ll make a full recovery. Elias
telling him what happened’’
‘’Thank you Daniel’’ she sighed, a sadness in her eyes as she thought about what had
happened to him. She patted the chair next to her bed which he took gladly. ‘’Thank
you again for coming for me’’
‘’Well Tim technically rescued you’’
‘’But you came and you carried me out, you got me here’’ she argued still smiling up
at him. ‘’Even when I refused’’
He shrugged it off but he was smiling proudly at her compliments. ‘’So how are you
‘’The legs hurt’’ she replied losing her smile and finding more interest in a small hole
in sleeve. ‘’I’ll be ok’’
‘’Do you want to talk about what happened?’’
‘’There’s nothing to talk about Daniel’’ she replied making it clear she couldn’t look
at him now. ‘’So what do you think of Solomon, he’s kinda weird isn’t he’’
He’d being trying to get her to talk but every time he brought up the subject she
would change it, just like now.
‘’Yeah he is. Never seen anything like him, he’s like a dragon or something. Maybe
Tim will know he’s good with Care of Magical Creatures’’
‘’Yeah he is. I think he looks like those things on old churches, Gargoyles’’
‘’Excuse me!’’ she replied narrowing her eyes at the comment and looking offended.
‘’Hmm oh no I mean, It’s not a Gargoyle it’s a Grotesque. It’s a common
misconception, you see Gargoyles are different they were fashioned from the French
word Gargouille; which originally meant throat. That’s what a Gargoyle does you see
they’re a throat, water gurgles out it’s sort of like a drain pipe’’ he explained sitting
up to make himself comfortable. ‘’The Grotesque is actually the statue of the little
monsters who are thought to ward of evil spirits, they’re protectors. It’s a common
misconception I just… you know’’ he shrugged feeling stupid that he knew something
like that.
‘’Oh right’’ she giggled. ‘’I never knew that thank you Daniel’’
‘’Useless gothic knowledge’’ he shrugged chuckling slightly.
‘’Well I found it interesting’’
‘’Few people do’’
‘’Well count me as one of the few’’ she smiled at him patting his hand.
He looked at her hand and smiled a little more. ‘’She said he was in the cells with her,
locked up and judging by the scars he’s being hurt- Hillary!’’
When he mentioned the cells, she’d stopped patting his hand and her face went a
chalk white, getting paler when he mentioned the scars until she looked away hot
tears bursting forth.
‘’Oh Hillary I never meant’’ he started standing up as she continued to cry. She
couldn’t look him in the eye as he sat on the bed next to her and wrapped his arm
around her. ‘’Its going to be ok, they’re not going to get you again. Your legs are
going to heal and everything’s going to be ok’’
She couldn’t hold it in anymore, she wanted to curl up in ball and cry. She’d being
holding it all in since she got back to the tent but when he put an arm around her she
couldn’t deal with it anymore. Clinging to his chest like when he carried her out she
cried into his shoulder and held her just as tight.
‘’Its going to be ok Hillary… Everything’s going to be ok’’ he whispered rocking her
slightly and
‘’I thought he was… Daniel he was going to… he was going to kill us’’ she sobbed
holding so tight it hurt him but he didn’t protest, he didn’t have it in his heart.
‘’I’m here Hillary, its ok. They can’t hurt us now; they can’t find us here’’ he only
half believed it himself. ‘’Your safe now, I’ll protect you’’
‘’Thank you Daniel’’ she whispered closing her eyes tight to block out the images
trying to break though. Images of torture and pain she could his laughter ringing in
her ears and her legs started to burn as the laughter grew louder inside her head.

The Ministry of Magic was scarcely empty except for the few who preferred to busy
themselves in their early workload as the dawn sun rose over London.
It was in a lavishly sized office were Wesley Ginsky, Head of the International
Magical Office of Law. He was head of the small division of the International
Magical Co-Operation Department. A very dull area of work, one that he found most
exciting because he got the thrills of law enforcement but none of the wizards wanting
to kill him. He was hard at work, writing up a report for the Minster of Magic himself.
He often came in before dawn to get a firm grasp on his work load. He was meeting
his mother at dinner; they had to discuss his little brother’s disappearance from school.
Daniel had had his mother in hysterics for over a month now. Not even an owl to say
he was ok, that he wasn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. He promised his mother he
would find him, get him a job at the ministry when he left school but the way he was
going, he’d be lucky to get a job in maintenance.
There was a sharp knock on the door breaking his train of thought and he looked up,
his brow creased with confusion and surprise. Who would be knocking on his door at
this time in the morning? Sharon, his secretary didn’t come in for another hour. Well
only one way to find out. Fixing his tie and checking his appearance. He was a young
slim built man with a neat perfectly trimmed weakly haircut, short soft light brown
hair; sky blue eyes behind a pair of thin framed reading glasses perched on his thin
sharp nose. Dressed in a perfectly sized pinstripe charcoal grey suit he sat up straight
and put on his best smile.
‘’You may enter’’
The door opened casually and a short man with wispy auburn hair and thick framed
glasses entered, fixing his bowtie and smiling at Wesley like a friend would. His face
was heavily scarred and scratched however.
‘’Mr. Morgan sir, this is a pleasure’’ Wesley stammered standing up for the head of
Magical Law Enforcement and so Wesley worked under him. He tried not to stare at
the man’s strange appearance but it was rather hard not to.
‘’Sit down Ginsky. This isn’t good news I’m afraid’’ Archibald said waving the
comment off like an irksome fly.
He did so straight away, sitting straight back but his confusion grew when a
maintenance wizard in navy blue overalls appeared pulling along with him a large
black box with glass screen, firmly placed on a metal trolley. It was something the
Muggle’s called Television but why was it being brought in here.
‘’Please sir take a seat’’ Wesley said gesturing towards two comfortable leather
padded chairs in front of his desk. ‘’Can I get you anything, sir?’’
‘’No thank you’’ Archibald replied curtly taking a seat and raising an eyebrow at the
office attire whilst the maintenance wizard fixed up the TV.
‘’Err what is this sir?’’
‘’This Ginsky is the reason I’m here’’
‘’I see’’ He didn’t of course but it was better just to play along.
When he’d finished his work with the wires and the TV, the wizard tipped his soft cap
as gave a small bow as he closed the door behind him, leaving the two officials alone.
‘’I’m sure you’ve heard about the unfortunate incident yesterday afternoon’’
Archibald said once the door clicked shut.
‘’You mean at Shakespeare’s Globe? The Muggle landmark attraction, sir’’
‘’The very one’’
‘’Of course sir, it’s all over the news. The Muggle’s are saying it was a terrorist attack
I believe’’
‘’Which is the story we’re feeding them of course. However I sent one of my
inspectors to review the situation and something interesting came up which is why
I’m here’’
‘’This includes the television than, sir?’’
‘’Indeed it does, I sent one of my best men. Inspector Podwood and he spoke to the
Globes, head of security, a Mr. Cage; where he managed to obtain a copy of this
footage from their security system. I thought you might like to see it’’ he explained
lifting the remote and clicking play to a VCR attached underneath.
There a buzz and whirl and the screen went fuzzy for a second until a black and white
image popped onto the screen. Archibald must have watched it already because he
was more interested in Wesley’s reaction.
The video continued to play showing what looked like a stage in a stadium because
there were wooden seats about. The video only showed a small section of the area. He
watched a large group, Muggle’s he believed, walk into the stadium. They didn’t
seem to be anything out of the ordinary a young woman, the leader got on stage and
she was speaking but there was no audio. Then he saw a young mans legs as he
walked about taking her place, they must having being doing their acting routines.
Until suddenly one man, a large man with long hair tied back, he strangely dressed
one of those urban youths no doubt standing on street corners. He was caught moving
backwards to smaller group of four where they spoke in a closed group.
Wesley sat up slightly, interested as they watched one of the group members, a young
women stumble back in what seemed like pain. She moved out of shot with a lot of
the crowd. Meanwhile the large man from before was moving away from them all,
sneaking away to a door beside the stage where he entered and disappeared. Wesley
was leaning on his interlocked fingers now, this was getting very curious.
Nothing happened for a short while except for a lot of talking amongst the tourists
until all of a sudden there was a huge explosion from behind thee stage which
Archibald paused, in mid explosion so they could see a few of the Muggle’s being hit
by the force and thrown to the side along with burning wreckage
‘’We believe the culprits of the explosion were those 6 people who grouped up’’
Archibald explained tapping the screen.
‘’That was my first thought as well, sir. Do we have a clear description of the
assailants especially that long haired lout, I would believe he caused the explosion
because he entered the source’’
‘’Did you not get a clear view of one of the culprits’’ Archibald asked rewinding the
video and resisting the urge to smile he pressed pause again, clicked another button
and the screen zoomed in on a single figure in the small group. It was hard to make
out because of the black and white video but Wesley thought he looked a lot like…
‘’It can’t be’’ He gasped blinking fast and removing his glasses like they were
obscuring his vision. ‘’This must be a mistake’’
‘’No mistake Ginsky. I understand your brother left Hogwarts with 8 other students
last month.’’ He fished out one of the many posters Wesley had asked to be placed in
shop windows. It was slightly crumbled but it showed a young man, much like
himself with the same sky blue eyes, only it was Daniel.
‘’Now I must protest, sir… Daniel wouldn’t… I… Mr. Morgan, sir, really-‘’
‘’We believe he may be also be involved in disappearance of a young girl, a Miss
Kelly Brooks’’ Archibald continued revealing a black and white photo of a young
woman with what he supposed golden blonde hair, fairly young and pretty.
‘’This can’t be Daniel!’’
‘’She was from Leeds, a waitress for her Uncles café. The large man with the long
hair was spotted running out of the shop with two others; the large man who we have
identified as Mr. Timothy Helyard. His partners were a Miss. Olivia Scarlett and a Mr.
Draco Malfoy.’’ He said zooming in on the figures in the video.
‘’Miss Brooks never went returned home a two nights ago, the store was left unlocked,
no sign of a struggle and her parents have being trying to contact her to no avail. She
seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The café security camera was out
of order at the time unfortunately but we believe your brother is involved and may
know the were-a-bouts of Miss Brooks and the source of the explosion. I don’t have
to stress how important this is’’
‘’Sir, if Daniel is involved it’s not his fault. He’s being misled by these other youths’’
‘’Be that as it may he is involved and he needed for questioning’’
‘’Oh what will mother think’’ Wesley moaned running a hand through his hair in
disbelief. ‘’What is the next course of action?’’
‘’It wont be long until the Daily Prophet and that Skeeter woman gets her clutches
into the story. I must ask you Ginsky has your brother contacted you at all since
leaving the school, any messages of any sort?’’
‘’No sir’’
‘’I see… If he does you must tell him to come forward immediately. If he is charged
he may get a shorter sentence for giving himself up. Tell him all we need to do it talk;
he might not know what he’s gotten himself involved in. If you co-operate I will
ensure he is given all the help he can get’’
‘’Charged’’ Wesley repeated looking frantic.
‘’This is serious Ginsky. We will be contacting you soon with further notice until than
keep trying to contact him. Do you understand?’’
‘’Yes sir’’ Wesley chocked loosening his tie and blinking fast.
‘’Remember, any contact you must inform us immediately you might just save your
brothers life’’
‘’You think it’s that serious’’
‘’I think your brothers getting involved in something very serious, yes’’ Archibald
replied standing up. ‘’I’ll send for the Television to be removed’’ he said clicking a
button and ejecting the video tape which he took with him. ‘’Good day Ginsky’’
‘’Good day Mr. Morgan’’
Soon as the door closed behind him Wesley opened a hidden draw in the bottom of
his desk and pulled out a small glass and a scarcely used bottle of Ogden’s finest
Firewhisky. Tipping the bottle and splashing out a generous amount he raised the
glass to his lips and looked over a recent small family photo of himself with his two
brothers and parents.
‘’What have you got yourself into Daniel? You fool!’’ he tipped the glass back and
winced as it hit the back of his throat, steam issuing out of his ears and nose.

Meanwhile Archibald was walking down the deserted corridor, looking over his
shoulder and making sure he wasn’t seen he slipped into an empty office and pulled
out a small silver disk. It was the same shape and size of a CD but it was perfectly
smooth and reflective only it didn’t show his own. Waving his hand over the disk a
silver fog appeared within and he waited for it to fade away.
Thaddeus appeared behind the mist, his face well grooved with worry lines and stress.
His eyes were bloodshot and his skin paler, he no longer looked captivating and
handsome only tired and old.
‘’Is it done’’ he barked skipping the pleasantries.
‘’The brother has being informed. The children have being framed, if Helyard has not
being killed by your attack he will die in Azkaban I can assure you’’
‘’Good… Continue your work Archibald. I want him swinging by his shoelaces in his
cell you understand me. Keep us informed of any changes and only use this line if it’s
serious, we need to keep a low profile for a few days. We can’t have them spreading
rumours now can we? If you’ll excuse me I need to go relieve some stress’’ he sighed
taking a deep breath.
‘’Say hello to Garnet for me’’ he smirked. ‘’I hope Elia hasn’t ruined your chance of
relieving stress Thaddeus’’
‘’Very funny’’ Thaddeus snarled waving his hand over his own large disk in the
centre of the round table; it was the size of a car wheel. He made Archibald fade away
in the mists and sighed. When the door opened up behind him however he smiled
hearing the soft tap of her high heels on the stone.
‘’Did I hear you needed to relieve some stress’’ Garnet whispered slipping her hands
around his waist from behind and his smile grew feeling her lips on his neck.
‘’So your not angry with me?’’
‘’I think you’ve learnt your lesson Thaddy. There’s only one woman for you’’ she
purred in his ear.
‘’I most heartily agree’’ he smiled turning round and holding her firmly. ‘’We’ll have
them back soon and I promise this time you can kill them with no delay’’
‘’Oh you give me the best presents’’ she whispered eyes lighting up with the games
she was going to play.
                                 Chapter Eight

A week had passed and things had finally resolved themselves. Hillary’s burns were
healed practically over night and she was walking as she normally would in a matter
of days but she was still having trouble emotionally.
Avonlea had forgotten about her broken hand in all the confusion and fear for Tim’s
life, Draco healed it with a simple wave of his wand but she was given a small dosage
of Skele-grow as well, much to her discomfort for the night ahead. Draco offered to
help soothe her and ease the nights suffering. She replied with a threat to ease him of
manhood and to make sure he got the message she was waving a carving knife at the
same time; he soon dashed off.
Solomon had suffered a few scratches and cuts from hitting sharp rocks in their
escape from the cliffs but by the next morning there was nothing more than a few
more white scars to add to his collection.
Tim wasn’t so lucky, his wounds were extremely serious, his bandages had to be
changed twice a day and his bite purified by special complex potions; luckily they had
a suitable store of potion ingredients which they’d found in the larder. Elia often
volunteered for these jobs because she felt guilty despite what he said.
The stab wound was healing well and the stitches held. However the Werewolf bite
was causing him a lot of sleepless night and pain despite the potions. It was rapidly
swelling and on the second day after the full moon it started to darken and bruise
whilst oozing a strange black substance. This was all common or so the medical
books in the study told them. He was constantly weak, kept on a regular dosage of
purification and blood replenishing potions along with sleeping and pain relieving
which did little good.

Solomon soon made himself at home and showed how much of a mischief he could
be. When he wasn’t chattering on and questioning everything they did he was busy
inspecting and taking things apart. Five times that week they found him under the sink
with what was left of the Wizarding Wireless on his lap with a cheeky glint in his eye.
He’d taken to wearing clothes after the incident with his loose item of clothing and a
windy day. Avonlea still couldn’t get the image of his big grey butt out her head and
he couldn’t make eye contact for a few days afterwards. After a quick trip under
disguises to a few children’s clothing stores he was properly dressed with no risk of
sudden unexpected exposure.

On the 7th day, early in the afternoon Daniel caught Solomon rummaging through the
potions larder and stealing ingredients. Solomon tried to deny the crime, but the green
caterpillar bits stuck between his broken yellow teeth argued the claim and he ran for
it. Unfortunately Daniel was quicker and grabbed his tail, after a short scuffle it ended
in Solomon holding onto Daniels back and riding him about the living room like some
strange rodeo clown.
The noise finally managed to wake Tim up from his early afternoon nap; it was less
painful to sleep in the day. He hadn’t realised he’d fallen asleep. He turned over with
a groan and fumbled about looking for his glasses which someone had removed. His
hand hit a glass of water and it fell of the bedside table with a smash. The sound was
heard outside the room because someone gave a sharp knock and peeped inside.
Elia’s bright smile and warm caramel brown eyes were revealed and he gave her a
small sleepy smile as she walked inside and flicked her wand, the glass shards
reformed on the table.
‘’How are you feeling sleepy head’’ she giggled taking a seat on the edge of his bed.
He pulled himself up and winced, biting his lip as a burning sensation ran through his
shoulder. ‘’I’m alright’’ he assured her when she gave a stifled a gasp watching him
The first month was always the painful the curse was still making its way through his
blood stream, or so the book they found told them. Usually he would have being kept
in St Mungo’s where they had methods of easing the pain and making him more
comfortable but they couldn’t go there, too many questions.
She nodded slowly and reached down to the floor lifting a large leather bound journal,
dripping wet because the glass of water had feel on top of it. With a flick of her wand
the pages were bone dry. ‘’What’s this Timmy?’’
‘’Oh it’s nothing just something I’ve taken to writing’’ he muttered snatching it off
her and putting it at the side of the bed away from her.
‘’Are you sure your ok?’’ she pestered a little offended.
‘‘Yeah the shoulders just a bit irritable today that’s all’’ he replied, it wasn’t a lie but
neither was it the truth. ‘’What’s all the noise about anyway?’’ he asked quickly
changing the subject.
‘’Oh that’s Solomon and Daniel’’ she replied pointing out the open door where Draco
was trying to pull him off Daniels back. ‘’Thank you for letting him stay again’’
‘’It’s alright I like him’’ Tim replied putting his glasses on and chuckling softly when
he saw what was going on. ‘’How is he settling in anyway’’
‘’Well I caught him eating the soap yesterday’’ she admitted making him laugh.
‘’Curious little fella isn’t he? I’ve never seen anything like him’’
‘’He’s unique’’ Elia answered as Draco finally got Solomon off and he repaid the
gesture by licking Draco face and running off with Draco giving chase.
‘’Yeah unique’’ Tim muttered running a hand through his hair.
‘’Knut for your thoughts’’
‘’Hmm oh I don’t know it’s just… I don’t know’’ he chuckle. ‘’Do you ever get that
feeling that we might have made a big mistake?’’
‘’What do you mean? In Solomon?’’ she asked.
‘’Well… Ok don’t get mad but we don’t know anything about him. What if he’s
dangerous, not all Magical Creatures are safe Elia’’
‘’Timmy, Solomon cant be dangerous you just need to look at him to know that’’ she
replied, confident with her answer.
‘’I wish it was an as simple as that Elia. Something’s being bugging me for a few days
and I know you don’t have the answer but maybe you’ll see where I’m thinking. Why
was he a prisoner Elia?’’ Tim asked softly knowing how much of a sensitive subject it
could be.
‘’Your right… I don’t know… But he was a prisoner just like us you’ve seen the scars,
they didn’t treat him like a friend’’
‘’That doesn’t make him any less dangerous Elia. I just don’t want you to get too
attached’’ he explained placing a hand on top of hers.
There was a loud thud and clang from the seating area and they saw Draco’s legs up
in the air behind an upturned sofa and Solomon swinging from the furnace pipe. His
large pair of leathery wings was stretching out from two slits in the back of blue
hooded sweater he wore; getting ready to take flight.
‘’I better go stop him before he breaks something’’ Elia said pulling her hand away
like she’d just being stung. ‘’I’ll come check on you later, try and get some sleep
Without another word she stood up and hurried out the door, closing it shut behind her.
Tim gave a long low sigh as he removed his glasses and slipped back under the covers
biting his lip from the pain.

He managed to get a full ten minutes worth of sleep when someone started
hammering on his door again and woke with a painful start. Scrambling for his
glasses the door opened and he blinked quickly trying to focus. Elia was standing in
the doorway holding Natasha’s phone in her hand.
‘’Timmy, it’s that Natasha girl; she said it’s urgent… I told her you were resting but
she wouldn’t listen’’ There was a slight bitterness in her voice but everything else she
said was ignored once she said the call was urgent.
’’Quick give me the phone than’’ he pleaded holding out his hand ignoring his
shoulder, which was screaming with discomfort. Taking the phone he covered the
receiver and looked up at Elia who was standing over his bed.
‘’Can you just… It might be personal’’ he explained trying to be sensitive.
‘’Fine I’ll just go than!’’ Elia winced; she looked like she’d just being slapped.
Storming out the room she shut the door with slightly more force than was needed.
He didn’t have time to wonder what was wrong, someone was calling his name under
his hand and he remembered the call. ‘’Natasha, What’s going on?’’
‘’Timmy! I’m using a payphone so I cant speak for long I need to get back before
they notice I’m gone’’ she replied in a hurried nervous voice.
‘’What’s going on Natasha;’’ he repeated forcefully.
‘’It’s not me it’s you. What have you being doing Timmy? It’s all over the news. You
didn’t do it did you’’ she pleaded holding the phone close to her ear and looking over
her shoulder from the glass cabinet of the phone box.
‘’Do what? I have no idea what’s going on Natasha!’’
‘’It’s on the news and in the papers, they say you’re involved in the Brooks girl
disappearance, they say it might even be murder’’
‘’What! Who the hell is Brooks? Natasha, take a deep breath and explain everything
as calmly as possible’’
‘’It was in the paper a few days ago that a young woman had gone missing. She was a
waitress at The Internet Café where they showed a photo from CCTV footage of you
running away from the scene with your two friends Olivia and Draco. Your wanted
for questioning, they think you might have something to with it and now people are
saying you kidnapped and murdered her’’
‘’That’s Dragon Dung! I have nothing to do with any missing woman!’’
‘’They say you kidnapped her’’
‘’KIDNAPPED HER’’ he yelled holding the phone to crushing point. ‘’It’s a lie
Natasha I have not kidnapped anyone. It’s sick! I didn’t even know the damn girl. ’’
‘’It’s not just you though Timmy, they’ve got a nine suspects and it’s everyone who
left that private school with you. It’s your friends’’ she continued speaking quieter
into the mouth piece so she wasn’t heard.
‘’This is bad’’ he muttered seething with anger.
‘’Bad doesn’t cover it, you’re a suspect for the bombing at Shakespeare’s Globe
Theatre as well Timmy. They showed the CCTV on the news, it’s clearly shows you
walking away and the explosion is a couple of minutes later.’’
‘’I can explain that one’’
‘’I thought you were dead Timmy! I’ve being trying to get a hold of you for days.
What the hell is going on? Timmy what have you got me involved in?’’
‘’Hand on my heart Natasha. This is all a lie. The explosion wasn’t me, I was there
but it wasn’t me. I was at the café but I never touched that girl. None of us did. You
have to believe me’’ he begged.
‘’For some stupid reason I do Timmy’’
‘’Thank you Natasha, I’m going to need you more than ever now’’
‘’Everyone’s after you Timmy, the girls parents are rallying a campaign and
everything. Your fast becoming Britain’s number one wanted Timmy’’
‘’I’ll get to the bottom of this. Everything will be ok you can trust me’’
‘’I gotta go my credit’s running out. Look after yourself Timmy, I’ll try and ring
again soon.’’
‘’We’re hiding Natasha, the signal isn’t very good here but keep trying’’
‘’I will I promise. My dads keeping me watched all the time he thinks you’ll come
after me next’’ she admitted quietly. ‘’I’m really sorry’’
‘’It’s not your fault Natasha but you have to believe me. I’m being framed’’
‘’I don’t believe a word of it. Goodbye Timmy, look after yourself’’
‘’I will. Goodbye Natasha’’
The phone went dead on the other side and everything seemed to come crashing in on
him at once. There was the waitress at the café; the explosion at Shakespeare’s Globe;
Solomon and whether we could really trust him when we didn’t even know what he
was; there was Thaddeus and the others in The Circle and what they were doing now;
the fact they were some sick cult who planned on bringing back the supposed fifth
founder; finding Nathanial Hope who might not even be alive anymore; saving
Dumbledore’s life before they lost him for good and top it all off he was going to
become a Werewolf in a matter of weeks. He felt like he was going to explode.

Reaching over the side of the bed her groped about for a bit until he found the long
thick staff Neville had made for him. It was his way of an apology for beating him up.
He’d found a sturdy tree branch, cut the bark off and shaped it into a worthy walking
stick with a roughly carved bears head at the top. People thought it might have being a
little insensitive because of Bartimeus and the Werewolf bite but Tim loved it. The
bear was his Patronus and it came in handy when he was trying to get to the bathroom
in time without falling over or having to ask someone to take him.
Throwing the blankets off and biting his lip he prepared himself by holding onto the
stick and standing up as quickly as possible. It was excruciating pain, his shoulder
burned, his legs quivered, his head was spinning and he felt sick in the bottom of his
stomach but over than that he felt fine. Taking small steps he headed for the door, the
others had to know about this. He grabbed the doorknob and pulled only for the door
to be thrown open and a small gang of people fall at his feet startling them all.
It seemed Elia, Daniel, Hillary, Avonlea, Draco and Solomon where all
eavesdropping in on his conversation. He was so far gone furious with everything he
found out he just barged past Solomon and into the living room.
‘’Timmy we… I… What did Natasha want?’’ Elia asked helping Hillary get back up
with Daniel.
‘’You didn’t hear everything you want at the door. Maybe use and empty glass next
time I hear that works well’’ he snapped making her look down guiltily.
‘’Screw that. What was she calling for? What was that about kidnapping?’’ Draco
quizzed helping Avonlea up. She looked angrier that he had opened the door on her
rather than guilty for eavesdropping on him.
‘’Apparently I’m wanted for questioning over a woman’s disappearance and that’s not
all so are you Draco and you Elia, we all are’’
‘’Explain Timmy’’ Olivia demanded coming out of the study.
‘’You remember that waitress at the Internet Café. The one Draco was flirting with’’
‘’The blonde’’ Avonlea answered dropping onto the sofa with a huff. ‘’Yeah you told
us all about her when you got back’’
‘’She’s the woman whose missing. They have footage of the three of us running away
after she discovered we were the people on the posters well now they’ve got wanted
posters out for us’’ he told them holding onto the armchair back so he wouldn’t loose
his balance, his legs weren’t what they used to be.
‘’That can’t be true’’ Hillary gasped. ‘’Timmy you never-‘’
‘’No I bloody didn’t!’’ he snapped. ‘’But I’m getting the blame for that and blowing
up the Shakespeare’s Globe last week’’
‘’What’s this mean than?’’ Iyana asked softly.
‘’It means everyone who owns a TV, reads the Newspaper or listens to the Radio will
think we’re involved with arson and kidnapping now. Unless we meet a Hermit we’re
screwed’’ Tim said pulling out the phone and pressing buttons.
‘’What are you doing now?’’ Daniel asked as they all digested this information. ‘’I’m
checking the news; I need to know what’s going on. Shakespeare’s Globe wasn’t
me… not technically because that was Bartimeus’’
‘’Do you think this is all over the Wizarding news as well?’’ Neville pointed out
scratching his chin. ‘’It might be in the Daily Prophet’’
‘’Good question… If we can get our hands on a Daily Prophet we can see what’s
happening’’ Elia said watching Tim who looked like he was about to faint. ‘’Timmy
sit down before you wear yourself out, please’’
He ignored her at first but she was persistent and made him sit in his armchair, it felt
good to be out of bed, he only wished it was under better circumstances. He didn’t
even have time to speak to Hillary, who he hadn’t properly seen in ages. He was too
stressed with the news to do anything else.
‘’I’ll go get one’’ Daniel said heading for the coats. ‘’I’ve changed my hair, they have
less chance of spotting me, I’ll get a paper and get out’’
‘’It’s too dangerous’’ Hillary argued. ‘’I’ll go’’
‘’How is it less dangerous for you than?’’ He argued throwing his American Football
jacket on and pulling down a black cap and shades. ‘’I’ll be in and out’’
‘’In and out’’ she repeated obviously worried.
‘’I promise’’ her smiled pulling the shades down slightly and winking at her. He lefty
her standing there smiling and apparated away soon as he got out of the tents defenses.
They all took a seat and waited for him to come back, no one knew what to say. Tim
was holding his shoulder, his eyes closed and trying to ignore the discomfort. Whilst
Draco tried to engage Avonlea in a conversation she seemed awfully stubborn and
hesitant to even look at him. Elia was stroking Solomon’s head whilst he chewed his
fingernails, blind to the knowledge of what was happening. Neville was making tea
where the kettle had boiled five minutes ago, he wasn’t listening. Everyone was
nervously waiting for the door to open.

10 minutes after Daniel left they heard the front door open and he appeared covered in
snow flakes, his legs caked with frost and snow. He stomped the welcome mat to
shake it off, his hands were red raw and his cheeks flushed. He looked positively
freezing and Hillary hurried forward, helping him to the furnace to warm him by the
flickering flames.
‘’Is it snowing?’’ Draco asked only to receive a sharp stare from Olivia. ‘’What did I
say?’’ he shrugged with his coy smile.
‘’Did you get the paper Daniel?’’ Iyana asked cutting them off before a fight broke
out, there wasn’t time for bickering.
He nodded quickly and removed his shades and cap, withdrawing a neatly folded
Daily Prophet from inside his jacket and passing it over to Neville. Reliving himself
of the burden he practically threw his hands into the fire.
‘’Where did you get it from? Your frozen solid Daniel’’ Hillary said as she helped
him remove his jacket which was damp with melted snow, summoning a fleece
blanket from the bedrooms she threw it over him and rubbed his shoulders trying to
get his blood circulation going again.
‘’Hogsmeade’’ he gasped clinging onto the blanket. ‘’It’s like a blizzard out there’’
‘’You got the paper that’s what matters’’ Elia smiled down at them both.
‘’It’s the 1st December’’ Neville interrupted in a dull tone.
‘’No it’s not’’ exclaimed Elia shaking her head. ‘’It can’t be’’
‘’That’s the date on the paper’’ He argued showing them all. ‘’It’s already
December… 25 days and it will be Christmas’’
Everyone already felt pretty bad but that just dampened their spirits intirerly. No one
wanted to say it but they wouldn’t be going back to Hogwarts. They wouldn’t be
seeing their friends and family for Christmas, in 17 years not one of them had missed
a Christmas with their loved ones.
‘’What does the paper say Neville?’’ asked Tim slowly getting straight to the point of
why they bought a paper. Christmas would have to wait for now.
He rifled through the pages muttering page column headlines when he found a two
page spread labeled The Accused by Jeremy Kyle.

One page was completely filled with nine moving photographs of themselves with
small captions underneath featuring their names. The photos had being tampered with
because they were all looking like they were up to no good. They were smirking,
blowing kisses and simply looking like a load of good for nothing delinquents.
Neville’s showed him wearing a metal studded heavy leather jacket and he had never
wore nor owned a leather jacket in his life. It made him look like a brutish thug as his
photo growled back at him. He showed the pictures to everyone.
‘’They can’t get away with that?’’ Iyana argued clenching a fist. ‘’They making us
look like… like’’
‘’Like the accused’’ Draco said reading the title. ‘’Mind you I do look good’’ he
muttered watching his image wink at him, he was wearing long black trench coat and
leather gloves the shades slipping down his nose as he caught the viewer in a piecing
smoldering look
‘’That is such an insult’’ Hillary growled.
‘’Read it out Neville’’ Elia said biting her bottom lip nervously. She was watching her
photo self in a ripped up short black skirt and knee high striped socks. It was blowing
a kiss to the photo of Tim, next to her.; that was dressed in a black motorcycle jacket,
his hair as messy as ever but held back by a bandana covered in skulls. He looked the
meanest of the lot as he snarled at the group, his arms crossed over his broad chest.
She was embarrassed by her photos actions but thankfully the real Tim still had his
eyes closed, at least she thought he did. A small smile crept to his lips but it went
unnoticed as Neville cleared his throat and turned the paper around reading out what
the paper said for everyone to hear
                             The Accused by Jeremy Kyle

There has being much speculation over the disappearance of nine students, formerly
attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding. It was on the 31st of October
Halloween night that the nine rebelling students decided to end their magical training
and runaway; believed to have followed in two former students escape two years
Mr George Weasley and his twin brother Fred, currently in a relationship with Iyana
Bass who is a known member of ‘The Accused’. The twin brothers are the well known
owners of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes Magical Joke Shop. They caused a high
amount of destruction in their years of Magical education and it was only under the
rule of Dolores Umbridge that they managed to escape by means of broom flight,
leaving yet more destruction in their wake.
Nine brooms were reported to be stolen from schools Quidditch games broom shed on
the night in question. It seems the twins have being giving more than just practical
jokes the students of Hogwarts but also ideas. When questioned about this assumption,
Fred Weasley had this to say.
‘’Iyana and the others have done nothing wrong. It was their choice to leave and I
hope they’re having fun where ever they are. This has all blown out of proportion;
there are no real facts to accusations made against them, just another ministry official
locking onto the middle class Wizarding folk. Iyana wouldn’t hurt a fly, she’s the
kindest woman you could hope to meet, she might even pity these damn reporters; you
sack of-’’
Sweet words Mr Weasley, on a personal note I recommend staying clear of any
offered treats from these villainous twins, their temper is as fiery as their hair.

The nine students, who are all of age in their 7th and final year at Hogwarts, were
reported as missing and the information was given the correct procedure by the
Ministry Law Enforcement. There was a reported sighting from a young Muggle man
who reported he had seen and spoken to four of the Female students whilst on a
camping trip with friends. When a Ministry official went to investigate they
discovered the camp had recently being vacated, a quick getaway indeed.

On the 22nd of November they were spotted on a Muggle security device called CCTV.
It is able to copy and replay scenes that are caught in its view. Three of the missing
students were caught entering a Muggle shopping area in Leeds. A short time late the
same device caught them running away from the area where an unknown Muggle man
gave chase. The three students had caused some trouble in a café in that short time,
including a fight with the waitress.
  Later that same night the same waitress, a Miss Kelly Brooks was required to close
the café. This was not done and she hasn’t being seen nor heard from since. The nine
students are wanted in connection with the Muggle girl’s disappearance.
Two days later, similar Muggle security devices caught a number of the missing
students at a popular Muggle attraction; Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.
They were spotted drawing the attention of the crowd whilst the supposed leader of
the group; Mr Timothy Helyard made his way unseen to theatre’s storage room
where minutes later an explosion erupted destroying half of the theatre. The attack
ensured minor injuries to the public and sufficient damage to transport from flaming
wreckage. Timothy Helyard is thought to have caused the explosion for reasons
unknown. Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Archibald Morgan had this to say-

‘’Archibald’’ Avonlea interrupted sitting up and staring at Elia and Hillary.
‘’It can’t be’’ Hillary protested. ‘’He was a psychopath, they can’t have him working
in the Ministry surely’’
‘’Which is why I don’t trust the Ministry or any Government, Magical or Muggle’’
Tim muttered massaging his left bicep, the curse was making slow progress through
his blood stream, he could feel it but massaging it made it easier.
‘’Read the rest Neville’’ said Olivia. ‘’It might give us the answer’’
He flipped the paper and cleared his throat and continued.

‘’The Ministry is doing everything in its power to find the Muggle girl and her
kidnappers. The Nine students are known to be highly dangerous and I can’t stress
enough how dangerous any vigilante justice would be. They are armed and capable of
highly dangerous Dark Magic. If anyone has any information, please ensure your
safety and send an urgent owl to the contact details at the bottom of the page. These
culprits must be caught before they cause anymore damage. I repeat do not try to
apprehend the suspects, contact the Ministry or your local Magical Enforcement
Wise words indeed Mr. Morgan but is the ministry doing everything they can to
apprehend the students and what exactly are they capable of doing.

Harry Potter better known as the Boy Who lived or The Chosen One and his two
friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley are on the list of missing people; they
never boarded the Hogwarts Express. Olivia Scarlet was a well known friend of this
trio, revealed by current Hogwarts 7th year student Lavender Brown, a pretty
Gryffindor roommate of Olivia Scarlet. This is what she had to say on the matter.
‘’Oh yeah, she’s always hanging round him like a bad smell. Wont leave him alone I
mean talk about desperate, she’s always had a temper on her that girl. She was worse
when he was dating Cho Chang, you could fry an egg on her forehead. She’s always
being jealous
 Their disappearance is being treated as suspicious as this reporter believes it should
be. Could a woman scorned be out for revenge? Has Scarlet seen red?

Could this student be part of a greater killing spree? Destroying Britain’s monuments,
kidnapping and causing havoc to the International Stature of Secrecy. Will these
students be caught in time or will the Wizarding and Muggle world be made to suffer
due the Ministry and their failings of law and order?
On that intriguing note I take my leave. There can be no doubt that the Wizarding
world is caught in the mass hysteria. What has the world come to when nine 17 year
old students can escape their school and cause such fearful acts of murderous

Neville stopped reading and looked up from the page at everyone else wondering
what their thoughts were on the matter. Underneath the article there was contact
information Archibald mentioned.
‘’What a loud of Dragon Dung’’ Avonlea hissed standing up and ripping the
newspaper from Neville she crumpled it up into a ball. ‘’This is what I think of your
article you stinking pile of Doxy Droppings’’
She stepped over Daniel, who was still getting warm by the fire, wrenched open the
furnace grate and threw the newspaper inside. It burst into flames and quickly turned
to ash as she slammed the grate shut causing a few hot embers to fall out and catch
fire on Daniels blanket.
‘’Oh sorry Daniel’’ she extinguished the small flames with her wand. ‘’Can you
believe that trash, they’re making us seem like gang members or something’’
‘’Those photos were faked as well, that against the law isn’t it’’ Olivia said her anger
turning to sadness; they thought she had something to do with Harry disappearance.
She hadn’t spoken to Hermione since she was at Natasha’s house. She wished she
knew what was happening. She’d tried to contact them via Natasha’s phone but there
no signal and when ever she did get on Hermione weren’t answering.
‘’Oh families are going to be reading this’’ Hillary said n a depressing tone. ‘’At least
Fred still believes in Iyana but what about the rest of us. What are our families going
to think about these accusations’’
‘’Good luck trying to find mine’’ Avonlea mumbled under her breath.
‘’What did you say’’ Olivia said looking up confused.
‘’’Nothing’’ she answered quickly.
‘’I heard you say something-‘’
‘’She didn’t say anything just drop it Olivia’’ Draco said sharply standing up and
cutting her off. He heard what Avonlea said and he remembered a month ago when
they’d fallen into the river. It just seemed best not to bring it up. Avonlea gave him a
rare, appraising smile whilst Olivia huffed and turned away. ‘’We need to figure out
what our next move is because right now we’re wanted felons’’ he continued walking
around the sofa.
‘’We all know no one here is capable of kidnapping and that explosion wasn’t Tim,
least he didn’t mean it’’ Neville said. ‘’So maybe we should just… Contact them and
‘’Oh yeah that will go down great Longbottom, why don’t you do it I'm sure they’ll
like a nice big boy like you in Azkaban’’ Draco mocked leaning on the back of the
sofa behind Avonlea.
‘’Than why don’t you come up with something that pretty boy. What do you think?’’
Neville retorted balling a fist.
‘’I say we contact my dad he’ll sort it out for us’’
‘’Hmm good plan get daddy to pay some men off and get his son out whilst the rest of
us go down’’ said Olivia standing up as well. ‘’How do we know you aren’t involved.
You were getting pretty friendly with the waitress if I recall’’
‘’What a guy cant compliment a girl now and than’’ he smirked. ‘’Not my fault if she
had a thing for me. You were there as well, what about Potter ay… Where is the
Golden Boy?’’
‘’Don’t you dare bring him in on this’’ Olivia hissed.
‘’Did he knock you back? Is that it? You threw yourself at him all scarlet lips and
short dresses and he wasn’t interested so you thought you’d get your revenge. He’s
probarlly sleeping with the fishes am I right, must be a better lay than you’’ Draco
sneered watching the tears well in her eyes.
‘’SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH MALFOY!’’ Elia roared standing up and pulling
out her wand. ‘’Carry on and I’ll shut it for you’’
‘’Oh you don’t have look sexy when you get angry’’ he mocked pursing his lips into a
kiss and winking at her.
‘’You Slytherin’s are all alike, murderous killers just like You-Know-Who’’ Elia
seethed, the nastiest, cruelest curses coming to mind none of which were good enough
for him; she wanted him to really feel pain.
‘’Hay don’t bring our house into it’’ Avonlea argued standing up as well and
withdrawing her wand. ‘’Id rather be a Slytherin than some stuck up, frigid cow like
you’’ she snarled.
‘’You want to see a cow look in the mirror Avonlea!’’ Tim shouted from his chair. He
tried to stand up but he didn’t have it him and fell back to weak to move.
‘’Oh you can shut up!’’ Draco yelled. ‘’Who the hell made you in charge? You’ve
being walking around thinking your Mr. Big but you’re a joke!’’
‘’Leave him alone’’ Elia defended. ‘’He’s done more for us than anyone. He saved
your life if you don’t remember. After you were getting all cozy with that slapper in
the caves’’
‘’You wanna repeat that!’’ Draco roared whipping his wand out.
‘’Put the wand down Malfoy’’ Iyana ordered getting in between. ‘’You don’t want to
do anything stupid’’
‘’He cant help it he’s naturally thick!’’ Neville shouted over their heads.
‘’Says Fatbottom! You cant cast the simplest of spells without blowing your eyebrows
off, what the hell are you even doing here where’s that tasty bit of blonde Luna ay?’’
‘’Don’t you even mention her name?’’ Neville snarled drawing his wand pointing his
wand at Draco along with Elia, he was trying to get a good shot but Iyana was in his
way trying to keep some order.
‘’Oh no wonder they call her Loony if she’s willing to get it on with you Fatbottom’’
‘’Why don’t you shut up! Malfoy’’ Hillary yelled stepping in as well now. ‘’What
gives you the right to talk about her like that, you don’t know the first thing about her
or any of us’’
‘’Your sticking up for them!’’ Avonlea pointed out. ‘’After everything they said to
Draco and me?’’
‘’It doesn’t give him any right to talk about Luna like that’’
‘’Oh so he cant say nothing about Luna but you lot can say what ever you like about
Slytherin’s’’ Avonlea said giving Hillary her best dirty look and flicking her white
blonde hair aside and catching her in the face.
‘’They haven’t said anything that isn’t true’’ Hillary replied giving her daggers.
‘’Sounds like they got you two down to a tee’’
‘’Come on Hillary say what’s really on your mind’’
‘’Where are your scars from Thaddeus? How come I was set on fire and you come
back with not even a scratch on you?’’ Hillary pointed out thinking back to the cells.
‘’You think I’m in league with them?’’
‘’You were taken first in the woods’’ Elia supported. ‘’Or did you just walk away and
show them how to get us, seems to me you got off lightly’’
‘’You ask me they’re both involved!’’ Olivia cried out causing a tear to break free.
‘’Guys come on just calm down!’’ Iyana yelled trying to get order. ‘’Timmy say
‘’Oh I've got a lot to say’’ he replied still struggling to get out the chair.
 ‘’You didn’t even want to come at first’’ Hillary said speaking to Draco.
‘’What changed your mind?’’ Neville quizzed. ‘’ And what about you Avonlea, you
didn’t come till your 6th year what the deal with that?’’
‘’His father was a Death Eater’’ Tim said coming to the same conclusion. ‘’Just what
is your story Avonlea… Why do you always wear that thing around your neck’’
‘’I saw it glowing once’’ Elia said. ‘’I bet you she’s in league with them psychos, it
probaly some sort of communication device or something’’ she yelled and before
anyone could stop her she lurched forward reaching for the necklace with the teardrop
pearl around Avonlea’s neck.
Avonlea met her half way and grabbed her blonde streaked bronze hair and ripping
her to the floor screaming. Elia joined her in the screams and lashed out grabbing her
arms and fighting her off as they rolled about on the floor.
‘’I say we tie them up!’’ Neville yelled. ‘’INCARCEROUS’’ thick ropes sprang from
wand tip and they lassoed Draco tightening around him.
Luckily he was quicker and slashed his wand through the air as they caught him; they
were severed into pieces at the same time. ‘’RICTUMSEMPRA’’ he roared and a
Neville was thrown into the kitchen smashing into the cupboard; a whole stack of
plates fell out and landed on his head smashing to pieces and momentarily knocking
him out.
Solomon lashed out by leaping off the sofa and biting Draco leg, sinking his teeth into
his black slacks and not letting go. Draco screamed and punched at his head but every
hit just made him bite harder and Draco scream louder.
Hillary and Olivia where trying to drag Elia and Avonlea apart. Hillary managed to
get Elia off, who screamed as Avonlea pulled out a chunk of her hair.
Avonlea pushed Olivia away and waved the lock of hair in Elia’s face, taunting her.
Elia threw herself away from Hillary and tackled Avonlea into the sofa, causing it to
fall back and the both o of them rolled over to the bathroom scratching and snarling
like animals.
Iyana was shouting at Solomon trying to get him whilst Tim continued his struggle to
stand up, using his walking stick to hit Draco in the head when ever he came close at
the same time.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang like gunshot and a blue light shot everyone off
everyone else, all wands went flying. The blast was so strong it sent Solomon flying
into the rafters where he got stuck in the midnight blue satin drapes. Everyone was
slightly dazed now and they were blinking quickly trying to discover who caused it.
Daniel was standing up on the footstool, his wand in the air, his blanket, slightly
burned in the corner draped over his shoulders and the fury brimming in his eyes.
‘’LOOK AT YOURSELVES; just look at yourselves’’ He roared looking around the
room and making sure everyone was listening. ‘’You’re acting like a bunch of
squabbling 6 years olds… You’re 17.Have you no pride! Can’t you see this is exactly
what they want’’
‘’Tell that to Malfoy’’ Olivia yelled. ‘’He started it’’
‘’NO! No you all started it but I can tell you know I’m finishing it! You’re all
blaming each other. You’re scared I get it. Don’t even say it Draco, you are scared
because I am as well. Only a week ago we thought we might all die and now you’re
killing one another cant you see the irony’’
Avonlea looked to the ground and dropped the locks of Elia’s hair she’d ripped out.
Elia replied by combing her hair back with her fingers and taking a shaky breath.
Neville wobbled into the room from the kitchen, a deep cut on his forehead. He
looked dazed but he was listening intently as he glared at Draco. Iyana was still
making sure Draco didn’t do anything stupid as he half glanced at his wand out the
corner of his eye and nursed his leg. Solomon was picking his teeth and grumbling
about a bad taste in his mouth. Olivia was silently wiping her eyes with her sleeves
and biting her lip from saying something else. Tim was finally standing but only just
as he massaged his bicep in silent thought. Only Hillary could actually look up at him
and she couldn’t have felt worse in her whole life.
‘’We’ve hit rock bottom when we start blaming each other; I wish I never got that
newspaper. It’s done nothing but cause trouble. Just look at one another, your animals
the lot of you. I can’t even stand to be in the same room as you’’ he jumped down
from the footstool letting the blanket fall from his shoulders as he strode past the
overturned sofa.
‘’Daniel I-‘’
‘’I don’t want to hear it Hillary… I just need to think’’ he sighed walking out the front
door without a coat and leaving everyone behind feeling guilty and ashamed of
Everyone went their own way after that, residing back to their bedrooms or the study,
just staying out of one another’s way. The sofa was pulled back up and the plates
repaired but there was a still an air of discomfort.

Daniel didn’t come back until late in the night and people were worried he might have
gotten caught. As time passed the beds were filled and the tent sounded with the deep
slumber and snores. Hillary waited in the kitchen for her milk to boil so she could
have a hot chocolate she was the only one still awake, still worried. A clock struck
from the living room and she gave a heavy sigh as it revealed the time was midnight.
All of a sudden the front door clicked and creaked open, followed by footsteps on the
welcome mat.
Hillary hurried out to the living room being careful not to wake Neville on the sofa or
Solomon who’d taken to sleeping in the rafters. The dying embers of the furnace cast
a warm red glow and she saw Daniel standing in the door way. His eyes usually so
full of knowledge and happiness were dark and sullen.
‘’I’m going to bed’’ he replied turning away and heading for the boys bedroom.
‘’Daniel please’’
‘’Hillary, I’m tired I don’t have time to listen to excuses. We can talk in the morning’’
‘’I don’t have an excuse I just wanted to… To make sure you were ok’’ she replied
twisting the cord of her dressing gown around her fingers. ‘’Where have you being’’
‘’Nowhere, we can’t go anywhere now I was just sat at the creek skipping stones’’ he
sighed stopping outside the door.
‘’Your right. What you said earlier, we were acting like animals’’
‘’Your angry I understand’’ he replied quietly turning slightly at the same time to face
her. She looked so nervous and sad, like a rabbit caught in headlights. Was it because
of him? He didn’t want her to feel like that around him. ‘’What are you doing up’’
‘’I couldn’t sleep. Do you want some Hot Chocolate I was just making some, thought
it might help’’ she smiled slightly but it didn’t show in her eyes.
‘’It was pretty cold out there’’ he thought aloud. ‘’I’d love one’’
She nodded and led him into the kitchen where a blue flame was the only source of
light from the hob, a small pan warming the milk.
‘’I'm sorry about my behavior earlier’’ Hillary said turning the gas off and searching
the cupboards for another mug.
‘’I rather we just put it behind us Hillary. You have nothing to be sorry for. You were
angry, you all where’’ he replied taking a seat at the breakfast counter on one of the
high stools rubbing his hands together.
‘’We’ll put it behind us than’’ she said hoping they could. She pulled down a mug and
shared out the warm milk evenly, there was less for her now but she didn’t mind if it
meant sharing with Daniel.
‘’Thank you, I think that’s best for everyone’’ he nodded watching her work. ‘’So is
everyone in bed?’’
‘’Yeah it just me and you I’m afraid’’ she smiled slightly placing his Hot Chocolate
on the table and taking a seat opposite him. ‘’Be careful it’s hot’’
‘’I will thank you Hillary it looks great’’ he took it in his hands and took a generous
sip sighing with comfort as it filled him with chocolaty warmth. ‘’It tastes great as
well’’ he grinned.
She gave a little giggle, her eyes lighting up as she watched him take another sip.
‘’It would be better if we had some mini marshmallows, or some grated chocolate and
whip cream’’ he thought aloud.
‘’I think we have’’ she said glancing at the top cupboard where they kept the baking
ingredients. ‘’I swore I saw Olivia hide a bag behind the Plain flour’’
‘’Do you think they’re still there?’’
‘’Only one way to find out’’ she smirked standing up and opening the cupboard, she
searched about for a minute standing on the tiptoes of her slippers before pulling out a
small colorful bag of tiny pink and white marshmallows.
‘’I think there might still be some Belgium chocolate of Avonlea’s in the back of the
fridge and some whip cream’’ he said hopping down and searching in the fridge. He
pulled out a half eaten bar of chocolate and a can of whip cream.
She gave a little excited clap and giggled as she opened the bag and sat back down.
‘’Do you think they’ll mind?’’ he asked glancing nervously at the bedroom doors and
taking his seat again.
‘’I’ll buy them some more’’ she replied holding the bag open for him. ‘’Go on
Daniel… live dangerously’’ she teased waving them about in front of his nose.
‘’Maybe just one or two’’ he agreed reaching in and plucking out two pink ones.
‘’Or more’’ she giggled tipping the bag and letting a large amount cascade into his
mug making it spill slightly.
‘’Hillary no stop it’’ he laughed taking her hand and pulling it back up. ‘’Aww I'm
‘’You are such a nerd Daniel’’
‘’I am not’’ he argued picking up a mini marshmallow that had never made it into the
mug. ‘’You are’’
‘’I like nerds’’ she giggled tipping the bag and empting it into her own mug but taking
more care.
‘’Because you are one’’ he replied throwing the mini marshmallow at her.
It bounced off her nose and she gasped staring at him wide eyed. ‘’How dare you
attack a young woman’’
‘’What are you going to do about it’’ she laughed quietly.
‘’This’’ she grabbed the can of the whip cream and pulled the plastic cap off, holding
down the nozzle and before he could defend himself she sprayed him in the face. He
was covered in whip cream in seconds, it was in his hair, his eyes and even up his
nose. He waved his arms about and grabbed the can; turning it back on her.
He dropped the can and grabbed the chocolate and grater rubbing it down and
sprinkling her in chocolate shreds.
She pushed him back giggling and grabbed the other mini marshmallows that had
missed his mug throwing them at his face.
‘’Will you two shut up. Some of us are trying to get some sleep’’ Neville grumbled
from the living turning over and mumbling about childish behavior
They fell into a fit of giggles, taking deep breaths as they tried to stop laughing but it
wasn’t that easy. Hillary pressed her hand over his mouth and put her finger to her
lips, shushing him.
‘’You look a mess’’ he mumbled under her hand.
‘’So do you’’ she giggled quietly and removed her hand as she glanced at Neville’s
siloheted form on the sofa. ‘’Big Grumpy Grutts’’
‘’Grumpy Grutts’’ Daniel repeated biting his bottom lip to stop from laughing.
‘’They’re the grumpiest of all Grutts’’ she replied like it was totally feasible.
‘’What’s a Grutt?’’
‘’I have no idea, I just made them up but he defiantly one of them’’
He couldn’t stop himself from laughing this time and she had to place her hand over
his mouth again to shut him up as Neville groaned.
‘’Shh you’ll get us in trouble’’ She hissed but still giggling quietly. He stopped
laughing and she let him go. ‘’Drink your Hot Chocolate before it goes cold’’ she said
reaching forward and scooping whip cream from his face and dropping it in her mug.
She took a sip but chocked laughing at his face.
‘’How dare you’’ he exclaimed reaching forward and scooped up an even larger
amount from her, choosing one covered in chocolate shreds.
They started giggling again as they sipped their drinks being careful not to choke.
When the last dregs were drunk and the cream was starting to melt into their scalps
they agreed to call it a night.
‘’Goodnight Daniel, its being… fun’’ she smiled dropping the mugs into the sink and
walking with him through the archway.
‘’What about the mess’’ he said looking back.
‘’It can be sorted in the morning’’ she said scooping another bit of cream off him and
sucking her finger with a cheeky smile.
‘’Will you stop doing that’’
‘’I can’t help it you taste so good’’ she giggled.
He blushed under the cream and mini marshmallows. ‘’Can I walk you to your
room?’’ he asked holding his hands behind his back.
‘’I need to wash this out first’’ she said pointing to her hair and moving to the
Daniel pulled out his wand and with a simple wave and a few muttered incantations
she was completely clean dressing gown and all with a faint smell of strawberries and
cream. ‘’So can I walk you to your room?’’ he repeated grinning.
‘’You may’’ she giggled, she couldn’t stop giggling tonight. She interlocked her arm
with his and leaned on his shoulder ever so slightly, she was suddenly very tired.
His face was so hot he was melting the cream now but he walked with her around the
seating area and to her door.
‘’Goodnight again Daniel, thank you for a very memorial night’’
‘’No thank you, it’s the most fun I've had in a long time’’ he smiled down at her.
‘’Night night Hillary, don’t let the bed bugs bite’’
‘’I’ll come get you if they do’’ she giggled opening the door. ‘’Your such a nerd’’
‘’Takes one to know one’’ he replied as she closed the door. He swore he heard her
call him a nerd again and he laughed to himself as he headed for his own room.
‘’Goodnight Neville’’
‘’Night!’’ he replied in a frustrated tone as he turned over again trying to get
It was strangely quieter that night, usually the room would be filled with Solomon’s
muttering snores but he was strangely silent. Daniel just shrugged it off and went to
bed, repeating the incantation he did for Hillary on himself.
For the first time that week, Hillary got a good night sleep without the nightmares of
flickering flames and cynical laughter plaguing her dreams as it always did recently.

The next day everyone woke up to discover the results of Hillary and Daniels little
midnight food fight. They stood before the group desperately holding back the
laughter because it felt like they were on trial. No one was in the mood for another
fight so it was quickly forgotten and cleaned.
Everyone was still pretty sullen about yesterday’s performance, they didn’t know
what they could possibly say to one another; whether it was forgotten or someone was
still holding a grudge. The atmosphere was stiff and weird, the only two people who
actually spoke to one another was Hillary and Daniel. They were slouched on the sofa
watching the others walk by whilst at the same time throwing balls of paper onto a
napping Draco sprawled out on the three seat sofa.
‘’Nice shot’’ Daniel whispered as Hillary managed to hit Draco on the nose. There
was a moment of fear that he might wake up but he only snorted in his deep sleep.
‘’Thank you’’ she beamed up at him. ‘’So what do you think about the newspaper
‘’What do you mean?’’ he asked supplying more warfare buy scrunching used
‘’Well what do you think of it? How are we going to clear our names? I don’t know’’
she shrugged watching Elia pass Avonlea, there was an awkward glance between
them and a quickening of steps that made her sigh.
‘’I don’t think we can. At least not without giving ourselves up and than they’ll start
asking questions and we just cant tell them the answers’’ he replied tossing the ball
and hitting Draco's foot. ‘’Than there’s Solomon of course, we don’t even know what
he is. The Ministry will have a field day with that. Next headline will be The Accused
on Animal Cruelty Scandal’’
‘’Has no one bothered to ask him yet?’’
‘’Well Elia sat him down tried to talk to him the other day but he just lost interest in
her and wandered off’’
‘’Maybe he has ADHD’’
‘’Who knows what he might have. He’s an enigma’’
‘’A mystery’’ he revised.
‘’Good choice of words’’ she smiled slightly as Olivia wandered by. ‘’Hia Olivia’’
She gave a brisk nod in reply giving Draco an icy stare as she headed to the boys
bedroom to speak to Tim about the phone reception, she really needed to contact
Hermione right now.
‘’Oh this is stupid!’’ Hillary sighed angrily.
‘’What’s the matter?’’ Daniel asked sitting up and watching her keenly.
‘’No ones speaking to anyone and when they are they’re in a big mood. We can’t go
on like this’’ she retorted. ‘’Olivia come back’’
‘’What are you going to do?’’
‘’I don’t know Daniel but something needs to be done’’ she replied shrugging her
shoulders. ‘’Olivia’’
She appeared at the door way and folded her arms over her chest.
‘’Olivia sit down’’
‘’Why? What do you want?’’ she replied in a frustrated tone.
‘’I want you to talk’’ Hillary replied. ‘’I want everyone to start talking’’
‘’Hillary I haven’t got time for this’’ She turned away to go back in the bedroom.
‘’Well make time!’’ Hillary ordered standing up. ‘’All of you get in here now, please
we need to discuss something’’
Everyone heard her and they slowly made their way into the living room.
‘’Timmy’s passed out’’ Neville said coming out the boys bedroom behind Olivia and
standing stiffly behind the armchair.
‘’Alright Neville, let him sleep than’’ Hillary sighed. ‘’I think we need to discuss
what happened yesterday, we can’t go on like this’’
‘’There’s nothing to discuss’’ Olivia retorted lashing out. ‘’Some home truths were
revealed and I for one am happy. He’s a lazy rich boy who doesn’t do any work and
she’s a hateful snake lipped cow and quite frankly-‘’
‘’Oh don’t hold back’’ Avonlea interrupted leaning against the kitchen archway,
Olivia gave her a dirty look but Avonlea remained expressionless. ‘’Oh I’m sorry
weren’t you finished? Please go on I’m interested to know what you were going to
say. I do take it I’m the snake lipped cow?’’
‘’Believe me honey I’m being nice’’ Olivia hissed.
‘’You don’t know the first about me!’’ retorted Avonlea biting her tongue and trying
to control her emotions. The fire in the furnace was extinguished by a chill wind but
not even that was as frosty as the looks they were giving each other.
‘’I know enough!’’
‘’Girls please, Avie, Olivia can we just stop all this fighting’’ Iyana begged stepping
out of the study. ‘’This is just silly’’
‘’Don’t tell me tell her’’ Olivia argued.
‘’Have you heard yourself.’’ Avonlea snorted. ‘’Don’t tell me tell her’’ she repeated
mocking Olivia’s voice.
‘’Avie that’s not helping’’ Hillary sighed.
‘’What you’re not agreeing with her now? You sure changed your tune all of a
sudden’’ Avonlea replied turning to face Hillary; she’d take on the lot of them she
didn’t care.
‘’Don’t start on Hillary, she the only one trying to fix this mess’’ Daniel defended.
‘’It’s ok Daniel’’ Hillary said laying a hand on his shoulder. ‘’She has every right to
be angry I did say some horrible things yesterday. I don’t blame her for hating me’’
she continued looking up at Avonlea sadly.
‘’I don’t… I don’t hate you’’ Avonlea replied softly, looking at the floor. ‘’I don’t
hate anyone but when I'm being accused of… I just wish I never came on this stupid
thing now. I was better of at Hogwarts’’
‘’Well I’m sorry you feel like that’’ Hillary said. ‘’Because I’m glad I did. I mean… I
know things have happened and I know what it feels like. In case you’ve forgotten I
was there too. I was just as scared as you and I’m sure Elia can agree; we were all
there in the end. We all had to face them and I’m just glad I got to face them with my
friends… Hell I’m even happy I got to face them with Draco’’
‘’Thanks’’ Draco mumbled into the leather of the sofa making her jump.
‘’Have you being awake this whole time?’’ Daniel asked glancing at the paper balls at
his feet.
‘’You mean while you were throwing paper at my head… Yeah’’ he replied rolling
over sleepily and struggling to sit up. A cascade of paper balls fell off him.
‘’Oh! We’re sorry about that’’ Daniel apologized sheepishly.
‘’I’m not bothered’’ he yawned looking around at everyone in the room. ‘’I’ll admit
I’m not the first to offer when work is involved. Your right Olivia, I am a lazy sod if
you like but don’t call Avie a cow she’s done nothing wrong’’
‘’Oh don’t go the moral high ground with me Malfoy’’ Olivia snarled.
‘’I’m not, I’m just saying don’t call her a cow. I think Hillary’s right we need to
discuss what happened yesterday’’
‘’You got some cheek Malfoy. You’re the worst of the lot’’ Elia said angrily. ‘’How
many times have we had to deal with you and your cronies calling us all names and
whispering behind our backs at school, hexing us and making our life’s a living hell’’
‘’I’m not saying I’m perfect-’’
‘’Well that’s an understatement’’ Olivia mumbled under her breath.
‘’But that’s me’’ he continued staring at them all individually. ‘’That is Draco Malfoy,
not you Hillary, or you Olivia, or even you Neville’’
‘’What are you going on about?’’ Neville asked raising a skeptic eyebrow.
‘’I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t like you in the slightest‘’ Draco said making
sure that much was clear.
‘’The feelings mutual’’ Neville retorted folding his arms over his chest and getting
ready for another fight.
‘’I didn’t mean what I said about Luna, I don’t know her at all. I mean she is a bit
weird and kind of freaks me out a little bit’’
Avonlea made a show of clearing her throat and he caught on.
‘’That’s beside the point though, that’s just my opinion and I guess I should keep it to
myself sometimes. I just want to say I’m… sorry’’
Neville was silent for a minute, his knuckles white, fists balled and jaw clenched.
Nothing would have given him greater pleasure than to break his nose but instead he
let his arms drop and nodded. ‘’I accept your apology’’
‘’Thank you Draco and Neville’’ Hillary smiled at them both.
 ‘’I’m sorry about your hair’’ Avonlea said all of a sudden looking at Elia. If Draco
Malfoy was capable of apologizing than everyone was. ‘’I shouldn’t have done that, it
was stupid and childish well…I’m really sorry if I hurt you’’
‘’Yeah you did’’ she replied stiffly meeting Iyana’s eye. ‘’I’m sorry too, for what I
said to you. I think we were all just really angry and we said some thing’s in the heat
of the moment’’ she continued.
‘’Yeah we did’’ Avonlea said looking at the floor. ‘’If you want I can French braid
your hair sometime, make up for it’’
‘’French braid, I’ve never had a French braid before’’ Elia thought aloud. ‘’I’d like
that, thank you Avie’’
‘’I think we’re all sorry about what we said aren’t we’’ Iyana smiled softly. ‘’Like
Elia said it was the heat of the moment.
They all nodded and agreed even Solomon who walked up to Draco and hugged his
leg, throwing his arm around him and burying his face into Draco sweater.
‘’Solomon sorry’’ he mumbled into the fabric and holding tighter. ‘’He was
protecting friends. Solomon very sorry’’ he repeated actually crying, tears soaking
into the sweater as he clung so tightly.
Draco gave him a small smile and patted his head but his eyes were pleading with the
others to get him off, he didn’t see the funny side nor did he look comfortable being
hugged. They just looked so cute that no one wanted to separate them.
‘’Aww I think you made a new friend Draco’’ Avonlea teased making him scowl.
Elia finally stepped forward and biting her lip to stop from laughing she carefully
pulled Solomon away and he climbed up into her arms still crying. She’d made a
close connection to him over this short time.
 ‘’There’s one more thing’’ Hillary said glancing at Daniel. ‘’I had sometime to think
about it and well an accusation was made yesterday. It was stupid and I really don’t
think they had anything to do with what happened to us. It was really stupid thing to
say and I’m really, really sorry’’
‘’Its forgotten’’ Avonlea replied glancing at Draco and in the few fleeting seconds of
eye contact they saw that there would always be the accusation hanging over their
heads; simply because of their house and for their past so in the end they truly only
had each other.
‘’I still believe he had something to do with it’’
‘’Olivia’’ Iyana said sharply
‘’No, You can all enjoy your little Kumbaya moment but I’m not falling for it!’’ she
snapped, glaring at Draco. ‘’There are just something that’s cant be taken back!’’
without another word she stormed off to her bedroom, slamming the door shut.
Iyana was about go after her but Draco grabbed her arm. ‘’It’s ok Iyana. I don’t blame
her she has every right to hate me. You all do but this is me and I’m not changing for
anyone but I’ll try and keep my opinion to myself’’ he sighed scratching his chin.
‘’Maybe we all should sometimes, after all we don’t have to like each other just put
up with each other’’ Elia said what they were all thinking.
Hillary nodded slowly and looked over Olivia’s door. She hoped everything was
sorted but like Olivia said, something’s couldn’t be taken back and she didn’t feel this
would be the end of it.

Another two weeks passed and though Olivia refused to even acknowledge Draco and
Avonlea’s existence she did at least sit in the same room. The tension was still there
but they didn’t expect miracles. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Tim was up on his feet; his stab wound nicely healed leaving only an inch long scar
just below where his heart was located. The only reason he was still alive was because
Thaddeus’s aim was so poor. However the bite wound was still bad, just a chuck of
grizzled bruised flesh, ripped and torn under a cover of worn out bandages and
medical salves. The pain was getting worse, endless infinite burning; he was weaker
than ever, he could barely stand without help. In basic terms he was a burden; no one
said anything but he knew he was causing trouble for them. They couldn’t even leave
England because he couldn’t be moved on such a strenuous journey in this state which
meant Dumbledore had to suffer as well.
Every night Tim went outside and sat on a log outside the tent staring through the
cracks of the branches above. A once small sliver of lunar moon was growing,
becoming fuller; each day the sun set was another day lost.
Whilst Daniel was glad things had sorted out, he couldn’t shake off the fear of what
was happening in the world. They weren’t willing to risk buying the daily prophet so
they took it in turns to sneak into Hogsmeade. Searching through bins at the dead of
night, as disgusting as it was they claimed the newspapers and discovered things were
getting worse with each day. The Daily Prophet had started interviewing the public,
getting their views and everyone was thinking the same, no one seemed to believe
they were innocent. The investigation was raised to a Priority One next to You-Know-
Who. There was even suspicion they were working with the Death Eaters.
When they discovered that a Wesley Ginsky had being promoted to work alongside
Archibald Morgan in the case Daniels world seemed to cave in around him. Since he
found out about this he had not being able to get it off his mind. So he came up with a
very risky plan.

Everyone was still in bed when Daniel crept out of the boy’s bedroom and got ready
to leave being careful not to wake Neville or Solomon hanging in the rafters. Soon as
he was sure his identity was covered, with a thick coat, scarf and hat he opened the
front door and left.
‘’Morning Daniel’’
Daniel jumped back, holding his chest and spinning round, reaching for his wand but
stopped when he saw Tim in his long leather coat, sitting on a frost covered log. His
staff was in one hand keeping his balance. When Daniel thought about it Tim’s bed
did look pretty flat when he passed it only minutes ago.
‘’Tim! What are you doing out here?’’
‘’I couldn’t sleep last night, shoulders playing up so I came out here to think’’ he
sighed looking out into the trees. ‘’Besides I could ask you the same thing’’
‘’I… I was going to get some firewood’’ he lied.
‘’Neville got some last night if I’m not mistaken’’
‘’Yeah but you can never have enough firewood’’ he argued glancing into the woods.
He hadn’t expected to be stopped.
‘’True, than I’ll go with you’’
‘’No’’ Daniel objected speaking louder than he meant to.
‘’Why not I thought you might like the company’’ Tim said raising an eyebrow and
waiting for the truth.
‘’Your not stupid are you Tim’’ Daniel sighed ‘’I’m going to meet Wesley’’
‘’Your brother… The one who works at the Ministry’’
‘’Yeah, look don’t try and stop me because I know what I’m doing, I sent him an
express owl from Hogsmeade Post Office. Under a false alias of course but when he
reads it he'll know I sent it. I’m going to see if he can help us, I need to explain things
first, things that can’t be explained in a letter’’
‘’I’m not going to stop you’’ Tim replied wincing slightly. ‘’I would do the exact
same thing, I’ve being thinking the same in fact’’
‘’Really’’ Daniel said surprised, the only reason he was sneaking out was because he
didn’t want to be caught; he didn’t think anyone would allow him.
‘’It’s risky but I took the same risk when we went to Natasha’s didn’t I’’ Tim said
with a small smile. ‘’I hope it turns out better’’
‘’Well we wont have Draco to blow up anymore kitchens’’ he chucked. ‘’Thank you
Tim, for understanding’’
‘’You best go before Hillary wakes up and drags you back in’’
‘’She would as well wouldn’t she’’ he laughed looking back at the tent.
‘’Only because she cares about you though’’ Tim said sweeping a hand through his
hair and looking back at the tent. ‘’And she really cares for you a lot’’
‘’I care a lot about her as well’’ Daniel said with a long sigh.
‘’Well you better get going, don’t want to keep Wesley waiting.’’ Tim said
interrupting his train of thought. ‘’What kind of name is Wesley anyway?’’
‘’Trust me, it suits him perfectly’’ Daniel replied. ‘’Oh this is going be tough’
‘’Don’t you get on?’’
‘’Ha that’s an understatement. I’ll be back soon Tim and thanks’’ without another
word he walked off into the forest and disappeared with a loud crack leaving Tim
alone on the log staring into the trees and returning to his thoughts.
Daniel reappeared behind some bins, down the alleyway of a Starbucks. A place he
knew very well, before it became a Starbucks it was an antique shop owned by a Mrs.
Dobbins, a friend of his mothers. She was small friendly old woman always smiling
and with a spring in her step. She lived in a small flat above the shop but the shop
never got much service. He was would plead to go with his mother to pop by the shop
to see Mrs. Dobbins over a cup of tea and a gossip; she even brought out the special
chocolate biscuits just for Daniel. It was a sad day when he was 8 years old and he
discovered Mrs. Dobbins had died in her sleep. There weren’t any more special
chocolate biscuits. It was just another heart breaking memory that plagued his
childhood of growing up around here.
Mrs. Dobbins had a nephew, her only next of kin, who inherited everything, he sold
the shop to the Starbucks cooperation and it was made into another one of their
branch coffee shops. It was once unknown and secret but now it was noisy and
crowded with Muggle college students.
He made his way out and took in the scenery of his home town of Oxford. His house
was only a few miles away; he could catch a bus and go home now. His mother would
be home from work, she was a part time assistant at Madame Malkins. His Dad might
even have gotten home from his travels, he worked for Gringotts as a curse-breaker
and he hadn’t seen him since he left for Hogwarts and even then it was only by means
of the fireplace, his father was always busy. It was very tempting but he couldn’t do it
to the others, it wouldn’t be fair if he got caught.
Pushing aside the tempting thought he found himself a table outside Starbucks instead,
which wasn’t hard because of the weather most people were inside in the warmth. He
could smell the roasted coffee beans and cream, warm bagels and brownies, it wafted
out each time the large glass doors were opened but he had to wait for Wesley.
Luckily he didn’t have to wait to long until there was a faint crack down the same
alleyway and a tall slim man in long black trench coat flapping in the wind walked out.
He was wearing a smart grey suit, his hair perfectly swept to the side with his head
raised high and his back straight; briefcase in hand and newspaper under his arm. He
glanced over the few people waiting outside, twice overlooking Daniel until he
realized who he was and took the seat in front of him.
‘’You came than?’’ Daniel smiled pulling down the scarf slightly to speak to him; at
least it was a start.
‘’I had no choice. When my little convict of a brother sends me and owl expressing
his need to meet up I suppose I had to’’ Wesley replied stiffly.
‘’Do you want a coffee?’’ Daniel asked trying to be civil but the smile quickly faded.
‘’I’ll have a decaf’’
‘’Could you… err…?’’ Daniel pulled out the money looking uncomfortable. ‘’In case
they recognize me’’
‘’When your wearing such a brilliant disguise’’ Wesley mocked standing up and
ignoring the £5 note Daniel was holding. ‘’I don’t think much of the hair’’ he
muttered heading inside to order their drinks making sure he took the paper and the
briefcase with him.
It was 8am by Daniels watch so he waited for Wesley to return by watching people
pass by as they headed for work; men in fluorescent jackets were collecting litter and
emptying the bins; colorful clothed students with big hair carrying coffees to go and
hurrying to college and than there was similar looking men to Wesley; in suits with
briefcases and the morning paper, stiff and unsmiling.
Wesley appeared with two piping hot coffee’s in a cardboard holder. He sat back
down and shared out the milk the sugar sachets.
‘’So Daniel, how’s life as a fugitive?’’ Wesley asked tipping the sugar sachet into his
coffee and watching him with keen eyes.
‘’I’m not a fugitive’’ He argued.
‘’Where have you being Daniel? You’ve being missing for over 7 weeks, not a word
and than you send me an owl just out of the blue’’
‘’I needed to talk to you Wesley, we’ve read the papers’’
‘’We, I take it this we are the other eight students’’ Wesley said lowering his voice as
a young woman sat down two tables away with her coffee and buried herself in a
Jackie Collins book
‘’Yeah we are and I need your help’’
‘’Daniel, mother is worried sick; father had to get time off work because of you. What
were you thinking leaving school like that; it was immature, stupid, and reckless.
You’re a Ravenclaw for a reason; you’re meant to have some smarts up there. Where
have you being hiding?’’
‘’I can’t tell you that’’ Daniel said quietly stirring his coffee with a plastic stick.
‘’Can’t tell me! Do you know how much trouble I could be in for even speaking to
you right now?’’ he hissed.
‘’I know and I'm glad you came. You’re the only one who can help us Wesley, I know
I can trust you’’
‘’If you trust me than do as I tell you and give yourself up; If you do that and supply
them with the right information I might be able to get you a pardon, the very least a
short sentence in Azkaban but you need to give yourself up’’ Wesley explained in a
strict formal tone.
‘’Wesley, I’ve done nothing wrong’’ Daniel protested taking a sip of his coffee.
‘’I know that, your being brain washed, led astray by those hooligans. So give
yourself up and tell-‘’
‘’Your not listening to me Wesley! None of it is real’’
‘’What are you talking about?’’ Wesley scoffed.
Daniel gave a long sigh and looked over Wesley’s shoulder at an old man walking his
Golden Retriever proudly. He passed by as Daniel tried to think.
‘’Where’s the girl, Daniel?’’
‘’We don’t know. We had nothing to do with her, I promise. Yes they went into her
café and they ran because she recognized them but we never had anything else to do
with her Wesley’’ Daniel explained his train of thought broken. How can you really
explain anything like this over coffee?
‘’And Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, you going to tell me that wasn’t you either? We
have proof Daniel. Your leader Timothy Helyard blew it up and you were involved
Daniel don’t deny it’’
‘’I wont deny we weren’t there at the time but we never blew it up that was
Bartimeus’’ Daniel argued sadly. This wasn’t going like he hoped.
‘’Whose Bartimeus? He wasn’t one of the missing students. Is he the ring leader? Is
he making you do these things Daniel? What’s his last name? Why wont to speak to
me?’’ Wesley quizzed, his coffee soon forgotten.
Daniel was leaning back against the metal chair now, his head felt like it was going to
explode and he’d only being with him a few minutes. This was what Wesley did to
him every time they were even in the same room.
‘’Let me speak!’’ Daniel growled letting the frustration out. ‘’Bartimeus is a member
in The Circle of Caratacus, he’s the real culprit’’
‘’Are you a member too?’’
‘’No! They’re killers Wesley, some sort of magical cult we think and they tried to kill
us. They kidnapped my friend Hillary and tortured her. They set her on fire!’’ he
confessed clenching his teeth and balling a fist, every time he thought about it he got
so angry.
‘’Hillary… Is that Hillary Gannon?’’
‘’Yeah and she would have being killed if we didn’t save them. That was three weeks
ago, the day the Globe was destroyed that’s were the secret base is. There’s some sort
of magical portal and these tunnels. Its underground, they worship the fifth founder of
Hogwarts and I think your boss is a member too’’ Daniel said taking a deep breath
and looking over his shoulder like he expected the men in white robes to cart him off
to the St Mungo’s.
‘’Daniel… You’re my brother I care about you so tell me the truth’’ Wesley said
calmly. ‘’Have they being taking drugs?’’
‘’Your not listening to me! They’re trying to kill us. You need to tell the Minister,
peoples lives might be in danger’’
‘’Have they given you any strange tonics or food; anything that tasted funny
‘’I’m not making this up Wesley’’ Daniel retorted getting angry.
‘’You can’t expect me to believe this tripe. They’re brainwashing you Daniel. There
is no fifth founder. you need medical help. Mr. Morgan is not a member because there
is no such thing as The Triangle of Cactus’’
‘’The Circle of Caratacus’’ Daniel corrected trying to keep his voice level.
‘’There is no such thing. You need to come with me Daniel, I can get you help before
its too late and you ruin your future at the Ministry’’
‘’I don’t want a future at the Ministry. I came here because I thought you might be
able to help, seems like I was wrong. I’ve told you everything, it’s up to you what you
choose to do with it’’ Daniel said standing up. ‘’Thanks for the coffee’’
‘’You’re making a big mistake Daniel’’ Wesley said loosing the desperate brother
look and staying seated. One hand on the coffee, the other on the paper he’d kept so
close. ‘’If you leave now; that’s it between us. You’ll be a felon and I wont be able to
help you’’
‘’I don’t need your help, I thought I did but it was wrong, you care more about your
image at the Ministry than you do about your family’’ Daniel replied looming over his
brother, eyes wide and furious.
‘’Daniel don’t be a fool, if you leave now your only going to make things worse for
yourself and the family name’’
‘’You don’t care what happens to me. All you care about is your role, happy hunting
Wesley’’ Daniel said turning away and walking off.
‘’I’m sorry it had to happen like this’’ Wesley sighed unfolding the paper, hidden
inside was his wand which he took firmly and aimed at Daniel retreating back.
Daniel saw more in the next few seconds than he would ever have believed of Wesley.
He never thought it was weird that the young woman sat a few tables back had not
turned the page once or drank her coffee since sitting down. The old man he saw with
the Golden Retriever had somehow made his way back, retracing his route for the
second time. The men in fluorescent jackets didn’t have anymore litter or bins to
collect so why were they still around. The men in suits speaking on phones were
abnormally still.
Soon as he had started to walk away they all reacted alongside Wesley, pulling out
wands from behind their book, hidden pockets and even from inside the bins
themselves. The whole thing was a trap.
Daniel spun round catching a glimpse of movement out the corner of his eyes and he
saw him, a man dressed in a pinstripe suit was coming out of the alleyway; he was a
considerably short man with thick glasses and wispy auburn hair, his face was
covered in thin pink lines, scars from a savage attack and they stretched across his
face as a wild menacing smile took over.
There were a million flashes of color coming from all sides of Daniel, including the
sky as broom riders charged down. The air was screaming with the sound of cracks as
more wizards and witches in midnight blue robes appeared carrying wands and black
truncheons crackling with electricity, The Magical Law Enforcement Squad.
Daniel caught a small glimpse of Wesley. There was nothing of his brother in those
eyes, he’d set him up, he’d told the Ministry everything and they planned this ambush.
He kept his brother’s eye contact as the jets of light came closer on him and with mere
seconds to spare; he managed to disapparate just before the spells collided. There was
a huge explosion of sparks and light followed by the Muggle’s screaming whilst
Archibald roared at their loss.
Daniel reappeared on his back on the outskirts of the tent in agony. He screamed out
for help and clutched his left arm to his chest where blood was rapidly soaking into
his coat. The world was spinning around him, he felt faint as darkness seeped in
blocking the winter sun. He could hear loud running footsteps a someone screaming
his name but it sounded odd like it was coming from inside a cave. The last thing he
saw were two emerald green eyes before he passed out from the pain.

Daniel could feel something cold, damp and soft patting his head as he slowly became
conscious. Someone was humming also, he didn’t know the tune but it reminded him
of hay and horses and some sort of barn dance. He smiled at the thought at the patting
stopped abruptly.
‘’Daniel… Are you awake?’’
He opened a bleary eye and found that it took most of his strength to just do that but
his smile grew as he saw who was humming. The same Emerald green eyes he saw
when he passed out where above. Hillary was leaning over him a damp cloth in her
hand, there were small wet streaks down her cheek from where she had being crying
and he found his heart breaking more and more this day. He was laid down on his bed
in the semi-dark, the covers up to his chin. The only source of light was a small
lantern on the bedside table.
‘’Oh Daniel, what happened?’’ she whispered dabbing his head again.
There was movement in the corner and Tim limped forwards into the lamp light, his
face was ashen and empty of emotion as he watched Daniel waiting for an answer.
‘’It was a trap’’ Daniel replied softly, his mouth was incredibly dry and he still felt
dizzy but over all furious. ‘’Wesley set me up and they tried to ambush me’’
‘’Who tried to ambush you Daniel? Was it Thaddeus and the others’’ Tim asked in a
serious tone.
‘’Yes and no’’ he replied blinking slowly and trying to wet his mouth. ‘’Archibald
was there, we were right. It is the same Archibald’’
Hillary gasped and squeezed the damp cloth making the cold water trickle down his
forehead she quickly apologized and mopped it up watching Tim.
‘’What happened, tell us everything it might be important’’ Tim said taking a seat on
Neville’s bed with a grunt of discomfort.
So Daniel explained everything, from leaving that morning after speaking to Tim.
How he went back to his home town and how Wesley appeared and they drank coffee.
He explained about the people in disguises and how he and Wesley argued and he
walked away. That was when the trap was sprung and he only got away at the very
last second. After that he had his own questions because he remembered a lot of pain
in his left arm but now he couldn’t feel the pain, in fact he couldn’t feel anything.
‘’Tim… What happened’’ He asked closing his eyes, he had a thought and he prayed
he was wrong, that this was some side effect to passing out.
‘’I’m really sorry Daniel’’ he replied quietly as Hillary closed her eyes and laid a
hand on Daniels shoulder. ‘’When you disapparated you… You splinched’’
‘’How bad is it?’’ Daniel chocked biting his lip.
‘’Its going to be ok Daniel, there will be people to help you when we get our names
cleared’’ Hillary said trying to look on the bright side but it wasn’t easy.
‘’How bad is it?’’ Daniel repeated raising his voice.
She reached down and pulled the blankets down to show him, at the same time he
lifted his arms out. His breath caught in his throat and he bit his lip. His right arm was
fine but his left arm was heavily bandaged up to his elbow, halfway down his forearm
it simply cut off into nothing. He started breathing heavily and shaking his head, he
couldn’t believe it, he’d lost his hand. Somewhere outside Starbucks in Oxford there
was a severed hand on the street, his hand.
‘’Its going to be ok Daniel, we managed to stop the bleeding and repair the area but
we couldn’t find you’re…’’ Tim stalled not sure how he could say it.
‘’Why is this happening to us?’’ Daniel whispered slowly sitting back up and cradling
his injured arm, brushing his thumb along the bandages. ‘’We truly are on our own
now, my own brother is working against me’’
‘’Things will sort themselves out. Soon as we find Nathanial, Dumbledore can help
us’’ Hillary said, speaking to herself also.
‘’If we find Nathanial’’ Daniel whispered letting it hang in the air.

Another week passed and the mood was growing colder as the days were ticked off,
Christmas neared but there was no festive joy in their hearts. They wouldn’t be able to
see their families; some had already shown they could not be trusted. The full moon
neared with each setting of the sun and Tim’s condition grew tragic. Olivia had
searched and searched for the instructions to a Wolfsbane potion from the start but
very few Potion Masters in the world knew the secret, only 5 of which lived in the UK.
They knew their own Potions Master, Professor Snape could help them but they
couldn’t contact the school, they couldn’t contact anyone who might be able to help
them at St Mungo’s. They were truly alone as Daniel said.
Since leaving Hogwarts, Elia, who knew Daniel best, saw a change in him. He was
much happier and to see him laugh was good but since his brother betrayed him, since
he lost his arm he had returned to the old Daniel only worse. He scarcely talked
anymore not even to Hillary who had grown the closest to. He was too proud to ask
for help, he refused to let his disability show he was weak. So he struggled on when
he ate his meals, when he read a book and even when he tried to dress himself.
The day had finally arrived for the full moon and Tim had never looked worse. He ate
his breakfast, he took his nap and he went on like it was any other day. Like Daniel he
also was too proud to let it take over, he hadn’t changed yet. No one objected when he
said he was going for a walk through the forest and he’d be back later.

When walking grew too tiresome Tim sat down at the slopping frost capped hills.
Below him a small creek ran through the forest, it was foot deep and crystal clear. The
bottom littered with small smooth pebbles and rocks. There was a large tree looming
over the creek, its branches bare and aged with time. A thick blue rope hung from a
sturdy branch for those brave enough to swing across.
It seemed to cold and deserted but in the summers when the sun was hot and the grass
green there would families from all over England, huge busloads just coming for a
nice day out or a picnic. He smiled to himself remembering, so lost in his own past he
never heard the soft footsteps behind him until something large and heavy was draped
over his back startling him.
‘’You’ll catch a cold if your not careful’’ she smiled sitting down beside him.
‘’A cold is the least of my worries right now’’ he replied calming down and shuffling
into the fleece blanket, it was rather cold. ‘’What are you doing here Elia?’’
‘’I fancied a walk, it’s not illegal is it?’’
‘’No it isn’t. I just found it unusual that you should walk into me and with a blanket
on this day of all days’’ he replied looking back out to the creek.
‘’A coincidence I suppose’’ she said following his gaze and smiling slightly.
‘’So you weren’t following me than? Coming to see if I was ok?’’
‘’Such an accusation Timmy’’ she gasped. ‘’I wouldn’t do anything so sly and
‘’No you wouldn’t’’ he smiled to himself. ‘’I’m sorry for my accusation’’
‘’Thank you’’ she replied returning the smile. ‘’Though now you mention it. How are
you feeling?’’ she gave a nervous giggle as he turned to her still smiling.
‘’I came here when I was a younger you know’’ he said ignoring her question. ‘’All
of us, my whole family and it was the most fun we ever had. Dad would make a
barbeque over there and my mum would be unpacking the car’’ he said pointing out a
plain field in the distance a small way off.
‘’I’ve never really thought of you as having a family Timmy’’ Elia confessed.
‘’Well I didn’t just spring out the ground’’
She giggled. ‘’I know but, I suppose I haven’t really spoke to you’’ she thought aloud.
‘’Well your speaking to me now. What do you want to know?’’
‘’How many brothers and sisters do you have?’’ she asked starting simple.
‘’Three sisters, the oldest is Tina, than Annette and my little sister Thomasina. Than I
have an older brother, Tony’’ he answered. ‘’Do you have any brothers and sisters?’’
‘’One, a little sister her name’s Elizabeth she went to Beaxbatons instead, better
charm work there’’ she said pulling her knees up and hugging herself.
‘’So you’re a pure blood?’’
‘’No Half-Blood, my mums a Muggle and my dads a wizard’’ she replied. ‘’You’re a
Muggleborn aren’t you?’’ she asked interested.
‘’Yeah, all my family are Muggle’s, don’t know what they’re thinking about all this’’
he sighed shuffling into the blanket as a chill wind blew against him.
‘’So tell me more about this forest, you said you came here as boy’’
‘’Yeah I did before I became a wizard. Best place in the world, there all kinds of
creatures in that forest. Magical as well, I didn’t realize until later on what they were
but no one believed me when I talked about wooden fairies throwing pinecones at
me’’ he laughed making her smile. ‘’After I did find out what I was, we kind of
stopped coming, the others got older and my little sister wasn’t so comfortable with
who I am’’ he admitted in a saddened tone.
‘’Oh I’m sorry about that’’
‘’Its ok, I deal with it. What she’s going to be like when she finds out I’m a Werewolf
I don’t know’’ he laughed but it sounded hollow in the empty wind.
‘’Your not ok are you?’’
It was a simple question but it made a huge impact. He shook his head and closed his
eyes trying to drown out the urges to tell her everything.
‘’Its ok Timmy, I can’t believe how brave you’ve being till now. Just because you’re
a Gryffindor doesn’t mean you can’t show fear sometimes. I wouldn’t be able to go
through what you have’’ she admitted laying a hand on his good shoulder.
‘’I am scared Elia, so very scared. In a matter of hours the sun will set and I don’t
know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if I’ll even be me afterwards’’ he
confessed shutting his eyes tighter.
‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’Its nothing forget I said anything’’ he muttered trying to shake it off.
‘’I cant forget Timmy, please talk to me, I know we’re not exactly best friends but I
can see something’s bothering you and it helps to talk about these things’’ she pleaded.
‘’Not all things Elia’’
‘’So you do agree something’s are so why is this any different? Why are you any
different?’’ she argued and making a good point. ‘’What ever you say to me I promise
it wont leave here’’
He watched her out the corner of his eye for a long time and finally nodded, taking a
deep breath and trying to regain himself. ‘’I… I’m scared not so much of the
transformation. I know it will hurt, I know I won’t have felt pain like it’’
‘’Nah Timmy Helyard is strong as an ox’’ she smiled nudging him slightly and almost
making fall to the side but she caught him.
‘’Yeah real strong’’ he muttered blushing at how easy she was able to do that. ‘’It’s
what will happen afterwards that I’m afraid off’’ he continued.
‘’What will happen afterwards?’’ she asked intrigued by his confession.
‘’Not everyone survives the first transformation’’ he said in a dull quiet tone. ‘’Even
if I do, there might be some changes’’ he continued and it looked like he was finding
it hard to continue.
‘’What do you mean changes?’’ She asked trying not to think about the other.
‘’Personality wise, physical appearance’’
‘’Well unless you start peeing up lampposts and shedding on the sofa I think you’ll be
ok Timmy’’ she smiled trying to cheer him up and it did make him smile slightly.
‘’You don’t understand though Elia, even now I can feel it taking over. Elia… I’m a
Vegetarian you know this’’
‘’Sure, we all do we cant make bacon because you get sick at the smell’’ she said
watching the change in his face. He looked so much weaker even older the more he
spoke and she felt for him, she really did.
‘’I’m just so… so… hungry’’ he chocked pulling on the blanket. ‘’I want… I need
meat’’ he said through clenched teeth.
‘’Oh’’ It’s all she could think to say,
‘’Exactly! Who’s ever heard of a Vegetarian Werewolf’’
‘’Oh Timmy’’ she started giggling softly, she couldn’t help herself. The last thing she
wanted to do was hurt his feelings but she couldn’t help herself.
‘’It’s not funny!’’
‘’No, no your right its not’’ she replied stifling the laughter. ‘’I’m sure your not the
first Vegetarian Werewolf though Timmy’’
‘’It’s not just that though, Werewolves are vicious creatures, hated and feared by the
public. I find it hard enough to be accepted as it is’’
‘’Well you’ll always have us Timmy. I won’t think of you any different just because
you’re a Werewolf’’ she promised giving his shoulder a small squeeze.
‘’I can feel him stirring’’ he said turning to meet her gaze. ‘’He’s like a parasite
drawing on my strength and I’m never going to be normal again’’
‘’Since when did you start being normal’’ she argued finally making him laugh.
Despite everything he said she always had an answer, she could always put a spin on
it and make it bearable at least. Although he was far from happy they both knew there
was nothing they could do about it for now and it felt good to laugh with her.
She suddenly shivered and held herself closer as a chill wind blew against them but it
didn’t go unnoticed. Tim gave her a small smile and handed the blanket over.
‘’No I’m fine, you keep it’’ she protested shaking her head.
‘’I insist’’ he argued throwing it over her shoulders. ‘’What kind of gentleman would
I be if I didn’t’’
‘’Thank you’’ she beamed huddling up inside the blanket.
He shrugged it off as another cold wind came and just like her he tried not to shiver
but it wasn’t that easy. They shared a look and she opened up the blanket offering to
share, it was a small gesture but they both knew it meant a lot more than that.
He shuffled closer and took hold of one side of the blanket, snuggling up close to
fight against the cold. He wasn’t quite ready to head back yet and she wasn’t willing
to leave him alone so they sat close together in silence.

Elia was sleeping quietly, leaning into Tim’s arms; who was in a similar position as
he rested his head against hers, his arm protectively curled around her side keeping
her close. Elia had fallen asleep first and Tim was too caught up in the moment to
protest and wake her up so he let her sleep. He hadn’t planned on passing out soon
after from the cold.
As they slept so peacefully, content in each others company the time passed by and
the sun began to make its slow descent for the day to give way to night, the bearer of
the moon and tonight would be at its fullest, a time that a Werewolf is unleashed.
The setting sun cast a ruby red glow over the pair where Elia felt so warm and safe in
his arms she never wanted to leave, the musky aftershave and strong broad body felt
right. His hair tickled her cheek slightly and she buried her head into his good
shoulder trying to rid her self of the irritation. Unfortunately the simple movement
caused a heavily weak Tim to lose his balance and they fell to the side, with him
landing on his wounded shoulder.
‘’ARRRRRGGGGHHHH’’ he screamed like someone had prodded him with a white
hot poker and impaled him through the shoulder and instantly woke them both as he
gritted his teeth, tears in his eyes.
Elia was slightly disoriented at first but she jumped back when she realized she was
laying on him blushing crimson and stumbling to her feet. ‘’Oh Timmy, I’m so sorry,
Are you ok?’’ she pestered helping him back up, but he was very heavy.
‘’It’s ok. I’ll be fine’’ he winced clenching a fist and trying to get himself together. ‘’I
just banged it’’
‘’Are you sure?’’
‘’Yeah honestly it will be fine’’ he replied sitting back up, closing his eyes for a
second. When he re opened them they widened and he gasped at the sight before him.
The green fields were red with the setting sun. A fiery blaze across the sky as
darkness took over. There only a sliver of the sun left on the horizon.
‘’We must have fallen asleep’’ she said quietly looking quite embarrassed as she
remembered what it was like in his arms. ‘’Timmy what’s wrong?’’
He’d turned a sickly shade of green and his mouth was opening and closing stupidly.
She followed his gaze and it sunk in, she held her breath and took a step back.
‘’You need to run’’ he whispered taking deep breathes as he got himself up with the
staff, ignoring the pain sweeping down his arm at the simple task. ‘’Get back to the
tent now!’’
‘’Timmy, what are you going to do?’’
‘’Forget about me! Get to the tent; tell them to turn off all the light s everything! Just
go Elia please!’’ he begged giving her a small push back and stumbling away at the
same time he tried to run and get as far away from her as he could; putting all his
weight on the staff as he started to lose control of his limbs.
‘’RUN!’’ he roared whipping round and she covered her mouth when she saw him.
His silver grey and blue eyes weren’t warm and intelligent but cold and fearful; it was
already taking him over. ‘’Please just run’’ he begged before screaming out and
dropping on all fours.
She wanted to run, she knew she had to but she was paralyzed by fear, she couldn’t
move her legs; she couldn’t speak or breathe.
He was painfully screaming into the air as the moon became fully visible in the indigo
sky, the clouds drifted across and the curse took over. His back arched into the air as
he clawed his fingernails into the grass, feeling the earthy soil between his fingers.
A white hot burning spread from his shoulder and when he opened his eyes the pupils
were thin slits like a cat; tears flowed down his cheeks as a golden yellow spread
across. A deep growl rolled out from his snarling lips as he ripped huge chunks of
earth out and his breathing got heavier. Dark chestnut brown hair sprouted over his
face and he shook his head vigorously; his jaw opened wider cracking and stretching
as it jutted forward with thick tusk like teeth. The long leather coat was expanded
against his growing frame until finally the straps snapped and the coat tore at the
seams, where tufts of hair were poking out. Clawed hands ripped out at his body,
tearing his clothes and flesh into shreds as he ripped away the mortal self. There was a
series of faint sickening pops as his body reformed, bones snapped and reshaped with
the echoing savage screams.
‘’RUN ELIAAAAARRRRRHHHHH!’’ he screamed using the last dregs of his
mortal self, if only she could be safe.
Tears sprang in Elias eyes as she watched the pain he had to go through, slowly she
found the strength to move. She took a step back and than another until she was
jogging and the jog turned into a run; she kept getting faster and further until she was
charging across the field and into the trees
The Werewolf was snarling like a beast at the remains of his clothes; his eyes were
glowing like molten gold, saliva dripping from his open jaws as he stood up on his
hind legs and raised his head to the moon. He was huge, 7 foot tall and three times as
wide, covered in the same dark chestnut brown hair; a grizzled mane ran off his
muscular shoulders. Silhouetted against the night sky he reached back and let loose a
bloodcurdling howl
Elia was blindly making her way through the trees that surrounded her; their branches
whipped across her face and pulled at her hair and clothes but she fought her way on.
When the howl reached her ears she froze and dared herself to look back.
She could see him, far into the distance a sliver of light between the trees where the
hulking figure was twisted back in pain. All of a sudden the figure gave a strange
lurch and she saw two pinpricks of gold, he’d seen her. She could feel her body freeze
up as the golden eyes lingered over in the far distance. With a shaky hand she reached
for her wand and started to run; turning away from the hungry eyes she ran for her life,
fighting the stiffness in her joints from fear threatening to take over.
The hunt was on, the Werewolf could sense it; she stank of fear. He was lost in this
new world but the primal urges were soon becoming orders as he lolled forwards;
slow at first but he steadily grew into a charge as he broke through the trees letting
hunger and savage pride take over.
Elia kept sneaking glances over her shoulder afraid of what she’d find. She screamed
when she saw the figure give chase and plunged deeper into the trees; unbeknown to
her she was heading away from the tent.

Elsewhere in the forest, the others were desperately trying to find Tim and Elia.
They’d split up into pairs using everything they could to help find them but it was
becoming fruitless; not even Solomon, who had a knack for finding things was able to
do so. They all knew the seriousness of the situation; she was out with a Werewolf on
his first full moon.
Draco and Daniel had being paired and he was using his Spyglass to find anything
with a magical trace; all he found so far was the minor magical creatures such as
rouge Bowtruckles' and fairies appearing with soft shades of color against the
overwhelming darkness.
‘’You got anything?’’ Draco asked holding his ignited wand out to cast a glow against
the thick tree trunks and undergrowth.
‘’Nuthim yub’’ he answered with difficulty because his wand was between his lips, he
only had use of one hand now and he was still coming to terms with the difficulties
involved and trying to make do.
‘’What did you say?’’
Daniel lowered the spyglass and glared at him, after a little struggling he managed to
take out the wand whilst holding onto his Spyglass. ‘’I said nothing yet!’’
‘’Alright, alright don’t bite my head off’’
‘’Shut up Malfoy! Just look for Elia’’ he ordered struggling to look through the
Spyglass and hold his wand in his mouth.
All of a sudden there was a crack behind them and they both span round, Daniel
struggled to put the spyglass under his arm and grab his wand at the same time.
Fortunately it was only Neville and Avonlea.
‘’What are you doing sneaking up on people?’’ Daniel yelled lowering his wand.
‘’Shout at me again and I’ll stuff that Spyglass down you throat’’ Avonlea replied
giving him her best icy stare, she didn’t take kindly to be spoken to like that.
‘’Have you found Elia yet?’’ Neville interrupted.
‘’Does it look like we have?’’ Draco sneered crossing his arms. ‘’Nothing but Dragon
Dung in your head, Longbottom’’
Avonlea was about to argue with him when all of a sudden a shrill howl rang through
the trees like a siren. Before anyone could say anything it was followed by a terrified
scream far in the distance. Forgetting everything they ran into the trees and towards
Elias scream’s begging they weren’t too late.

Elia could hear him gaining up on, the deep lumbering husky breaths and crash of his
body against the trees. Her face was cut and scratched from being whipped by
branches but fear kept her moving.
There was a huge broken tree, half uprooted by serious weather coming up and she
considered climbing it; all of a sudden she plummeted down, falling through the
crumbling earth under her feet. It was a short fall but she landed hard and twisted her
ankle in doing so. She was crouched in a makeshift bed of dry leaves; the walls were
like a large dug out cave with gnarled tree roots coming out the ceiling. She’d
unknowingly fallen into an abandoned badger sett, with only seconds to decide she
scrambled to her feet and pulled herself into the shadows of the wall trying to get as
far out of the open as she could.
Soon as she was huddled up, hugging her body and holding her breath she heard a
noise directly above; her heart started to hammer, her palms were suddenly sweaty
and she felt like she was going to faint. It was snuffling sound but deep and husky.
The sett suddenly didn’t feel so much protective as more a cage, the only way out was
the hole in the ceiling where moonlight cast a shadow over where she had landed.
The Werewolf had followed the scent, urges spurring him on as he got used to the
new body and world but the scent had gone cold. It was so abrupt and quick he was
furious that he lost his hunt.
Elia was crying now, salty tears left streaks down her dirt stained face as she begged
for someone to come, she had her wand but her mind was blank, she couldn’t hurt him,
no matter what. that was still Timmy out there so she had one other choice, escape.
Furiously wiping the tears from her eyes she took a shaky breath and formulated a
plan, this was a badger sett, which meant it had tunnels, which meant they would lead
to an entrance or exit.
The walls were lined with tunnels but they were all too small, all but one. Directly in
front of her there was a large tunnel entrance going directly under the tree’s roots, if
she could just get across but that meant passing under the hole, what if he saw her.
There was a chance he might just go away but there was also a chance he might find
her anyway, she had to do it. Slowly pulling her self up and biting her lip when a
spasm of pain hit her ankle she peered out slightly to catch a glimpse.
He was leaping about digging up earth and clawing at the trees like he was having
some kind of childish tantrum. Seeing this was her chance she crept forwards. Eyes
never leaving the large hole above her, she tried to keep to the shadows and creep
ever closer to the tunnel. She was inches away when she accidentally stood on a twig,
like a gunshot the crack echoed in the night air and the crashing above subdued
replaced by a vicious growl.
Throwing herself through the tree roots she barraged into the large tunnel and crawled
her way inside. At the same time the Werewolf seemed to have found interest in the
hole and all the noise she was making, it only took him a second to work out what
was happening and he roared triumphantly as he threw himself down landing on all
fours and seeing her retreating figure in the tunnel.
Elia screamed and scurried through as fast as she could as he started to snap at her
feet and rip at the walls making the tunnel large enough for him to reach her. Soil
filled her mouth and nostrils, she hit her head repeatedly on large stones and the walls
were so close together it was a squeeze but she delved deeper into the darkness.
All of a sudden the noise behind her stopped and so did she. Struggling to turn around
she saw him crouched low and waiting, the golden eyes transfixed on her. With little
effort he jumped out of set and back into the forest above.
‘’He’s gone’’ she whispered to herself gasping for breath she started to laugh and let
her muscles relax. He’d given up; he knew he couldn’t reach her in the tunnel so she
was safe.
The happy thought didn’t last long because all of a sudden she heard something,
scratching getting louder and closer, it was above her. Letting instinct take over she
threw her self further into the tunnel and started scurrying.
She’d managed to move just in time as a huge hairy arm shot down where her legs
where followed by another as he clawed out a hole. She screamed again when his
golden eyes met hers and just as soon as he had appeared he was gone and there was
further burrowing above her and she quickened her pace as his hand broke through
and grabbed the back of her ankle.
‘’ARGGGGHHHH! Get off me!’’ she screamed trying to kick her way out of his
grasp but it only got tighter. His black talon-like claws were digging into her ankle.
The earth was caving around her as he dug her out, falling into her eyes and blinding
her so she couldn’t get a clear shot with the wand, the walls were too close she
couldn’t turn around properly

All of a sudden a shadow leaped out of the darkness of the trees at a freakishly fast
pace, it barraged into the werewolf and they smashed into a tree; the force of which
uprooted it on impact. They landed in a heap on the hard ground, two pairs of eyes
glowing in the darkness, golden gleam of a new day sun and the scarlet red of fresh
drawn blood.
His grip on Elia leg had loosened when he was hit but it still tore a huge gash in her
leg and she inhaled a mouthful of earth as she screamed out. Coughing and spluttering
she blinked a few times and saw to her surprise a young man standing over her with
his arm outstretched waiting for her to take it.
He looked around his early twenties with thick shoulder length dark hair, twisted in
the wind it fell across his perfect white skin. He had a certain lunar glow about him
but it was the eyes that caught her, the scarlet red was fading and replaced by a warm
oak brown, so dark they almost looked black. He was wearing a Vermillion red
leather coat that fell towards his knees, flapping in the breeze; along with tight black
leather trousers and a silver belt buckle in the shape of a skull but he was shirtless.
She was slightly embarrassed at the thought but she couldn’t help but let her eyes
wander down the muscular chest, her gaze tracing his firm abs, almost hungrily.
‘’Take my hand if you want to live’’ His voice was deep, like melted chocolate it
washed over her, removing the cold fear and terror that the Werewolf had brought
over her, she let it consume her and reached out taking his hand firmly and never
wishing to let go.
He smiled a perfect smile and pulled her out of the tunnel, so carefully and with such
ease she might have weighed less than a feather. Soon as her feet made contact with
the ground she stumbled forwards because of the sprained and found her head pressed
against his chest, his firm warm chest.
The werewolf was taken by surprise by the sudden attack but instinct took over and he
rolled off the broken tree trunk, landing on all fours and growling at his attacker with
pure savage hatred.
‘’Get behind me’’ the mysterious man ordered Elia his eyes glazing over with the
scarlet red again. ‘’I’ll take care of our little friend here’’
She wanted to submit to him, let him take over and kill the beast; his voice was just so
deep that she wanted him to do so much more. Than she remembered who the beast
was and the warm passionate moment was shattered.
‘’No you can’t kill him! He’s my friend, it’s his first full moon; please this isn’t
him!’’ she begged clutching the lapels of his jacket. He was so much taller than her so
she had to stare up at him and he made her knees go weak.
‘’The beast is your friend!’’ he growled looping an over protective arm around her
waist and slowly moving her behind him. ‘’He will be dealt with’’ he replied and
before she could stop him he charged forward; at the same time the Werewolf leapt
upon his prey.
They conflicted with each other in the air and despite the size difference the mystery
man was incredibly strong and fast. Elia barely blinked and he’d managed to do a
series of intricate and beautiful movements with his limbs. Slashing his right hand
through the air, it raked across the Werewolves chest.
He screamed out like a wounded animal and doubled back holding his chest where the
dark chestnut brown fur was wet and matted with a dark red substance, the same stuff
was on the mans hands.
The man was crouched down low, waiting for the next attack, Werewolves were
predictable, savage primitive beasts, no imagination or skills just replying on their
hunger and instinct this would be a breeze for him.
Elia was watching all of this, rooted to the spot and her heart breaking at the pain she
saw in her friend’s eyes, the golden glow was dimmer, weaker after the attack but he
regained his posture.
The Werewolf wasn’t giving up that easily, before the man could see it coming he
lashed out with a right hook, catching him under the chin and sending him hurtling
into the air where he landed on the uprooted tree trunk, spine snapping in the night air.
The Werewolf sprang on top of him, jaws opening about to rip out his throat but the
man was still alive and seemingly uninjured though surely he should have being dead
from that fall.
He caught the open jaws and stuck his hands inside holding them open and fighting
against the Werewolves immense strength. His breath was quite fresh and smelled of
mint, getting a good grip he pulled his legs up and kicked out throwing the Werewolf
off; at the same time he grabbed the mans red coat and they both fell onto the floor
rolling about and throwing punches. Each impact sounded like a gong in the still air.
They were flailing and scratching at any exposed flesh, the snap of jaws and the smell
of fresh blood was making Elia nauseous. Bits of fur and red leather were flying
Finally the man was thrown off and he landed cat like on all fours in-front of Elia,
heavily bleeding and with a badly torn coat but with a surprisingly cheeky smile
despite the panting he was enjoying the thrill of the fight.
The Werewolf however had sustained serious wounds in the fight, huge chunks of fur
were missing and he was matted with blood, not all of which was his own. He was
clearly exhausted but he refused to give up.
‘’Who the hell are you’’ Elia gasped reaching out to lay a hand on the mans shoulder
but stopping at the last minute, the red eyes were a little unnerving
‘’A friend’’ he winked tossing back his hair and glaring at the Werewolf who only
had eyes for Elia. ‘’Let the young woman be, beast! Your quarrel is with me, do you
submit?’’ he asked his body stiffening up and getting ready to fight.
Before the Werewolf could answer there was a series of lights in the distance
followed by loud voices calling out Elia name and running towards them. He snarled
at the strange man and took his fill of Elia’s beauty before turning away with a howl
and leaping into the trees, running away.
Elia wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the light, the fact she was so exhausted or simply
everything that had happened to tonight but she swore she saw something in his eyes.
The golden glow seemed to flicker for a second and she saw Tim’s silver grey and
blue instead, for only a second but that was long enough.
Before she had chance to think further about this the man was standing up and
stretching, his body gave a short weird spasm and he clicked his neck with a sigh of
relief. ‘’Ugh that’s going to hurt in the morning’’ he grunted turning around and
facing her with the same cheeky smile. ‘’Are you ok madam?’’
‘’I… He… What?’’ she babbled making his smile grow. That’s when she noticed the
wounds he’d being inflicted by. There were four long and deep scratch marks across
the left of his chest. His face was heavily cut as well along with various bruises, he
was sure to have a black eye.
Before she knew what she was doing she reached up and gingerly laid her hand onto
the savage cut across his chest. He winced slightly and she stopped but he raised his
own hand and pressed it over hers.
‘’Its ok, I’m a lot stronger than I look’’ he whispered holding her hand there for a
second, there was a strange warm feeling under her palm but she was caught in his
deep dark eyes. When he pulled her hand away the wound was healed over, leaving
nothing but a faint pink line that was even fading over as she watched. All of his
wounds were; it was like he had never even being in the fight if it wasn’t for the blood
and torn coat, she was completely and utterly amazed.
‘’Who are you?’’ she repeated unaware that he was holding her hand.
The voices in the background got louder and closer along with the lights and he shot
up like a rabbit caught in the headlights, senses twitching, like the Werewolf it was
best if he wasn’t here when they arrived.
‘’I told you already, a friend’’ he replied raising her hand and kissing the back of it
lightly, the feel of his lips on her skin sent a cool chill down her body, awaking
something deep within her. Before she could comment on the action let go and span
round, leapt up onto the fallen tree which was a good 10 feet away and turned to face
her one last time.
‘’But you must have a name!’’ she shouted after him trying to run at the same time
but her ankle gave way and she stumbled.
‘’They call me Fabian’’ he replied. ‘’Your friends will take care of you now Madam’’
‘’Please… call me Elia’’
All of a sudden a small crowd burst out of the trees with lit wands ready to strike,
Solomon was leading the charge. With Hillary and Daniel right behind followed by
Draco who had his wand in one hand, the onyx pendent in the other. They all came in
from between different trees and Elia looked away from Fabian.
‘’Elia! Where is he? Where’s Timmy?’’ Hillary begged running up to comfort her as
the others spread out.
Elia ignored the question and turned back to the fallen tree but he was gone, as quick
as he had appeared he was gone.
‘’Elia what happened? Where is he?’’ Hillary shouted when she didn’t get an answer.
‘’Its ok… He’s gone you scared him off’’ she replied turning her attention back to the
others and taking the weight off her ankle.
‘’Did he hurt you?’’ Daniel asked holding his wand out just in case as the others
calmed down.
‘’No... I’m ok, I just sprained my ankle’’ she said showing him the swollen ankle.
‘’You got here just in time’’ she felt for some reason she shouldn’t tell them about
Fabian, not just yet. Solomon crept forwards, wrapped her arms around her and
started sobbing as she stroked his head.
‘’We better get her back to the tent than’’ Olivia said.
‘’Before he decides to make a U-Turn’’ Neville added swallowing the fear that had
built up inside his throat.
‘’Come on Elia I’ll give you a hand’’ Daniel said pocketing the wand next to the
Spyglass and offering her his shoulder to lean on.
She smiled thankfully but couldn’t take her eyes off the fallen tree or the few shreds
of red leather on the floor. It all went unnoticed as they disapparated and appeared
back outside the tent, back to safety.
The next morning, everyone was still pretty worked up over what had happened. Elia
couldn’t sleep and when she did all she saw was Tim getting bitten over and over
again, seeing his eyes turn to molten gold as he screamed in agony. In the end she sat
up in bed for the rest of the night thinking about the strange man she met, there was
something strangely familiar about him but she couldn’t understand what.
When the sun was finally up and everyone was awake, refreshed and fed the men left
the tent to find Tim. They didn’t know what condition they would find him in so they
thought it was best if he still had some dignity left.
Daniel and Neville searched the forest together with Draco and Solomon scouring the
skies on a broom.
It took them a few hours but they found Tim passed out beside a stream, there was a
blue rope swing hanging from the tree branch above his head. He was completely
naked, curled up in a bed of what must have being Werewolf hair. He was covered in
mud and dried blood and his body lined with faint pink lines. The bite had healed over
night though the skin was still bruised and blackened. Thankfully he was still alive
and before Draco could even consider criticising the scene Daniel summoned a cloak
to cover him up; Neville at the same time created a stretcher and working with Draco
they carried him back to the tent.
To save him any further ridicule and embarrassment he was checked over by Daniel,
who besides Tim had the most medical experience. He was declared fit and healthy
and the current state was simply sleeping from exhaustion; down to the Werewolf
burning up all his energy last night. He must have being in a fight with a pack of
wolves that explained the blood and scratches that healed over. So they left him to
sleep in Neville’s bed, it wasn’t until midnight that he finally woke up

He groaned as he was gently roused from the swallowing darkness, his whole body
was sore and he felt like he’d competed in a triathlon. The bed was soft and so
comforting he felt like he could fall asleep again and never wake up. Finding some
strength to at least open his eye he gave a small weak smile at his carer. He tried to sit
up or at least move. Elia wasn’t here to watch over him this time but was still pleased
to see Hillary despite the lingering disappointment.
‘’Just take it easy Timmy, you’ve being through a difficult night’’ She soothed
pushing him back down.
‘’What… What happened?’’ he gasped, his jaw felt like it was rusted up and his throat
was burning like he’d being singing Slipknots greatest hits all night.
‘’It was a full moon Timmy, its ok we found you and brought you back to the tent.
Every things going to be ok’’ she whispered moving her chair closer and reaching for
his hand.
‘’Hurts’’ he chocked lifting a filthy hand to his chest.
‘’It will do, the book said your going to be sore for a day or two’’
‘’How…How long have I?’’
‘’About 18 hours, you lazy sod’’ she smiled giving his hand a squeeze.
He gave a short brief chuckle and closed his eyes. He felt sick and dirty, nothing
would give him more pleasure than to get a shower and wash his hair but there were
images, dark terrible images on his mind.
‘’Where’s Elia?’’ he asked, ‘’Did I…’’ he couldn’t finish the sentence.
‘’She’s absolutely fine Timmy, she sprained her ankle but Daniel fixed it up a treat.
You want to be careful or he’ll be taking your job’’ she teased but there was
something she wasn’t telling him and he knew it.
‘’What did I do last night Hillary?’’ it wasn’t so much a question as an order, he was
holding her hand so tight it hurt slightly but she refused to give up on him.
When he opened his eyes they were pained and fearful, a look that broke her heart to
see her best friend feeling like this. So she took a deep breath and explained
everything that Elia had told them last night over a cup of tea to calm her nerves.
She told him about the change, how he’d fallen asleep with Elia and woke up when
the sun was setting. Her voice broke when she had to tell him the Werewolf hunted
Elia down. She made sure she said Werewolf, because it wasn’t Tim last night, he had
to remember that it wasn’t his fault, the only reason a Werewolf was involved is
because he saved Elia life in the first place. She continued to give him a brief
explanation of how it attacked her in the badger sett but then she and the others
managed to scare him off before anything serious happened. Neville found him that
morning at the stream.
Elia remained silent about Fabian and Tim didn’t remember anything when the
Werewolf took over, it was like someone had flicked a switch and turned him off last
night. So with only Elia knowing about her mystery savior he was overlooked.
Tim listened to it all staring blankly at the door, every so often he would wince like
someone had struck him across the face only the pain was in his heart. There was a
long silence after she finished and she remained silent, it was a lot to take in all at
once and he was still so weak.
‘’I could have killed her’’ he whispered at last.
‘’Timmy please don’t talk like that’’ Hillary begged holding so tight to his hand her
nails were digging into him. ‘’Every thing is going to be ok, we’ll be better planned
next time’’
‘’There wont be a next time’’ he replied looking away from her.
‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’I should leave… Before I hurt someone’’
She remained silent for a second digesting the information. Before he knew what had
happened she was standing over him, his let go she swung back and slapped him
across the face ‘’I don’t ever want to hear you say that again Timothy Helyard. You
are not going anywhere, I wont allow it you hear me’’
‘’I’m a danger to you all’’ he growled, his face was on fire and tears threatened to
break free but he wouldn’t look at her, he was too afraid to.
‘’You are one of my closest friends Timmy, I don’t know what I would have done if I
didn’t have you’’ she argued, she felt like crying too but she kept it in.
‘’I’m not safe to be around’’
‘’We’ll make better precautions’’
‘’They’re all afraid of me and they have good reason’’ he replied, his jaw clenched
and his body was shaking.
‘’They’re not afraid of you Timmy, they all understand it not your fault’’
‘’Hillary, why is no one else here?’’ he challenged her and she didn’t have an answer.
‘’I… Its late Timmy, they’re all in bed I suppose’’ she replied glancing at the door.
‘’Daniel and Draco aren’t!’’
‘’Timmy please, we wont give up on you I promise’’ she was practically begging him
to stay, she couldn’t loose him, last night was terrible for everyone.
‘’Leave me’’ he chocked burying his head into the pillow.
‘’GET OUT’’ he roared as hot tears ran down his cheeks. He managed to find the
strength to rip his hand out from hers, but it was who supplied that strength that made
him so much madder.
She took a step back and stared down him, he’d shouted at people before but that
voice… that wasn’t his. Her legs mover with a mind of their own as she left him there,
she couldn’t bear to see him like that any longer. The door clicked behind her and she
slid down the wall, holding a hand over her mouth and silently crying.
Daniel sat down beside her and moved his arm a