Patrick's Saint by pengxiang


									     Saint                                                                     October 9, 2011
                                                                     Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

             20500 West Maple Road
                    PO Box 10
                  Elkhorn, NE 68022                                                                      The Mass is changing - Part II
     s t p a t s e l k h o r n . o r g                          Last week I tried to tackle the word “consubstantial”. This week I would like to
                                                                tackle a simpler word-“many”. We all know that Jesus came into this world to
                                                                save everyone. Jesus was criticized for associating with sinners, tax collectors
                                                                and prostitutes. We know that Jesus did not come into this world to save just
                                                                the Jews or any other special group or nationality. Jesus came to save all of us.
                                                                This is clear in the prayer at consecration time. Jesus took the cup and said “this
                                                                is my blood…It will be shed for you and for all so that sins may be forgiven”.
                                                                This is the current translation of the Mass. The new translation will be different
                                                                and may cause some confusion. The new translation will have: “for this is the
                                                                chalice of my blood…which will be poured out for you and for many for the for-
                                                                giveness of sins”. “For many” has replaced “for all”. Why? As it turns out the
                                                                new translation is exactly how two of the 4 gospels writers describe the words
                                                                of Jesus at the Last Supper. (As I have said earlier, the new translation is more
                                                                literal and biblical). That still leaves us with a big theological question—did Je-
                                                                sus die for everyone or not? There is a section in Pope Benedict’s latest book,
      FR. GARY OSTRANDER, Pastor                                “Jesus of Nazareth, Holy Week,” that helps to explain this mysterious phrase
    FR. RODNEY ADAMS, Assoc. Pastor (pages 125-144). The pope says that we can speculate what was in Jesus’ mind
                                                                at the time of the consecration. Did he see his mission to just the Jews? Did the
          DANIEL PERCHAL, Deacon                                Church later come to see his mission for all people? The Last Supper words of
             JIM RICKETTS, Deacon                               Jesus were an echo of the words
           BUD SIMMONDS, Deacon                                 of the prophet Isaiah (Is. 53),“his
    Masses                                                      blood was poured out for many”.
    Saturday .......................................... 5:00 pm Thus the pope concludes “if Isaiah
    Sunday.... 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 am & 12:30 pm                  used the word ‘many’ to refer es-
    Monday-Friday ................................. 8:30 am
                                                                sentially to the totality of Israel,
    Holy Days .................. Announced in bulletin.
                                                                then as the Church responds in
    Parish Information
                                                                faith to Jesus’ new use of the
    Parish Office Staff ............. 402-289-4289 x 0
     Terry Krolikowski .......................... ext-1520      word, it becomes increasingly
      Vicki Payton ................................. ext-1521   clear that he did indeed die for
      Fr. Gary........................................ ext-1523 all”. So, when you hear during
      Fr. Rodney ................................... ext-1522   Mass that Jesus poured his blood
    Adult Formation, Beth Kathol ……… ext-1525                   out for many, think ALL. Fr. Gary
    Stewardship, Beth Kathol                             ex t-1525
    Liturgy/Music, Michael Willis ........... ext-1524               Sacraments
    Youth Ministry, Jenni Vankat .......... ext-1527                 Baptism: Baptism preparation classes are required for 1st time parents. Baptisms are celebrated with
    Fax ................................................. 763-9530   the parish community during weekend liturgies and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.
    Emergency..................................... 289-4288          Call 289-4289 to schedule dates/times.
    Religious Formation Information
                                                                     Matrimony: Preparations need to begin at least 6 months prior to wedding date.
    Religious Formation Office ..... 402-289-4947                    Call 402-289-4289 for information.
     Mary McMahon ............................. ext-1505
                                                                     Reconciliation: Saturday from 3:30-4:30 pm or by appointment.
     Gazelle Johnson ........................... ext-1504
    School Information                                               Anointing of the Sick: Available at anytime by calling Fr. Gary.
    Principal, Don Ridder .............. 402-289-5407                Receiving Holy Communion: Homebound visits can be arranged.
    Admin. Assistant, Kathy Moritz                                   Prayer Chain: Contact Lisa Seidl at 402-763-9770

    Here’s What’s Happening
    Sunday, October 9
                                                                  Mass Intentions                                          page      2
     9:00 & 11:00 am LWC                                          Mass Intentions
     9:00 & 11:00 am RF Preschool                                 Monday, October 10
     6:00 pm Ministry of Caring Mtg              Parish Center        8:30 am     † Special Intention-Sandy Windtberg
     4:00 pm SPY Core Team                         Boland Hall                       r.b. Family
     6:00 pm High School SPY                       Boland Hall    Tuesday, October 11
    Monday, October 10                                                8:30 am     † Betty Seidl
     7:00 pm Women’s Club                    Boland Hall Saints                      r.b. Family
     7:30 pm AA Meeting                                 Rm 331        2:15 pm     - Priest’s Intention
     7:30 pm Capital Campaign Cmte         Parish Conf. Rm 244       (Life Care Center)
    Tuesday, October 11                                           Wednesday, October 12
     9:00 am MOMS-New Group                         Family Rm         8:30 am     † Monica Pieper
     6:30 pm Music Practice                         Family Rm       (Marquis Place) r.b. Alice Brown
     7:00 pm Catholicism Project             Boland Hall Saints     11:00 am      Priest’s Intention
    Wednesday, October 12                                          (Brookestone Meadows)
     9:00 am MOMS-St. Agnes                         Family Rm     Thursday, October 13
     9:00 am MOMS-St. Veronica                        Rm 104          8:30 am     † Jerry Panzer
    11:30 am Horizons                                Sempeks                         r.b. Jackson & Joslyn
     4:00 pm Teen Choir                             Family Rm         3:00 pm     Community at Immanuel Lakeside
     4:00, 5:45, & 7:30 pm RF Classes                               (Immanuel Lakeside)
     7:30 pm Bible Study                   Parish Conf. Rm 244    Friday, October 14
    Thursday, October 13                                              8:30 am     † Debra & Mike Anderson
     9:15 am Scripture Study               Parish Conf. Rm 244                       r.b. Elaine Hodge
     7:00 pm Parish Pastoral Council       Parish Con. Rm 244     Saturday, October 15
     7:00 pm MOMS-New Group                                           5:00 pm     † Walter Stover
     7:00 pm RCIA                            Boland Hall Saints                      r.b. Kathy Stover
    Friday, October 14                                            Sunday, October 16
     6:00 am That Man Is You                     Parish Center        8:00 am     † Dolores Gross
     9:00 am MOMS-St. Rose                         Family Rm                         r.b. Mary Schnuettgen
    Saturday, October 15                                              9:30 am     † Bob Welshiemer
     5:00 pm LWC                                                                     r.b. Jerry & Marlene McPhiffips
    Next Sunday, October 16                                         11:00 am      † David Gilfillan
     Donut/Pantry Sunday                                                             r.b. Guthmanns
    9:00 & 11:00 am LWC                                             12:30 pm      - People of the Parish
    9:00 & 11:00 am RF Preschool
    10:30 am New Parishioner Orientation         Parish Center
     4:00 pm Archdiocesan Youth Rally                                    Archbishops Annual Appeal
     6:30 pm Kairos                                    Off Site           St. Patrick’s Goal            $64,142
                                                                          Total as of Oct. 5th            6,199
                                                                          Number of Donors                   38
                                                                          Have you returned your pledge card?
    Do you want to join St. Pat's Parish?
                   You can register at the next New
                   Parishioner Orientation Oct. 16th after
                   the 9:30 mass in the Parish Center, or
                   Monday Oct. 17th at 6:30pm in Boland
                                                                                        Sacrificial Offering
                   Hall St. Frances Room. If you have                              Sunday, October 2, 2011
                   questions or conflicts, please call Fr.                               Our Sunday Goal is the total of
                   Rodney, 402-289-4289 x 1522 or email                        Sunday Envelopes, ACH, and Credit Card Collections.
                                     Per Sunday Goal for
                                                                          Fiscal Year 2011-2012:                     $24,475
                                                                       Sunday Collection:                              14,312
    The Knights of Columbus would like to thank all                    Electronic Funds:                               13,242
                       those who supported their                       Total Collections:                            $27,554
                       BBQ Rib Feed Thursday,                          Church Plate:                                     1,101
                       Sept. 29th. The ribs were                       Votive Candles:                                      28
                       good and plentiful. Your sup-                   Children’s Collection:                               26
                       port was appreciated.                           Total Other Collections:                         $1,155
                        Proceeds support K of C                        All Saints:                                         $10
                       Charities.                                      World Mission Sunday:                              $102

    Catholic 101—8th Commandment:
               You Shall Not Bear False Witness                                                                page   3
                    Against Your Neighbor
        A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning I went to use the
    Men’s Room. There was a woman standing at the door who
    told me her son was inside, he told her he was too big to use
    the ―girl’s room.‖ I said I was going to use the one
    downstairs but she asked if I would go in because he had           Scripture Readings
    been in there a long time. Well, when I went in, he was            Today’s Gospel ~ Another parable! Today’s
    standing there pulling all of the toilet paper off the roll.       parable is about the wedding feast (heaven).
    When he saw me, he panicked and ran out of the rest room
                                                                       Those invited ignored the invitation. They were
    (without washing his hands). Not sure what to do, I walked
    out after him and there was Mom. How did he do? She
                                                                       busy with other things. How sad that we allow
    asked. Umm, well, look for yourself. I held open the door          other things in our life to become more important
    and she looked in, turned to her son and said: Tommy, (not         than our ultimate goal of eternal life with God.
    his name), did you do that? No, he said, it was like that
    when I went in there. I walked away.                               Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
       Why do we lie? We do it to get out of trouble; to avoid         October 16, 2011
    hurting someone’s feelings; to get what we want, and on
    and on. The CCC, in talking about the 8th commandment,             First Reading: Isaiah 45:1, 4-6
    says that it: Forbids misrepresenting the truth in our
                                                                       It is I who arm you, though you know me not,
    relations with others. This moral prescription flows from the
    vocation of the holy people to bear witness to their God who
                                                                       so that toward the rising and the setting of the
    is truth and wills truth. Offenses against truth…undermine         sun
    the foundations of the covenant (2464). In the Gospel of           people may know that there is none besides me.
    John, the words of Jesus are: If you continue in my word you       I am the LORD, there is no other.
    are my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth
    will make you free (John 31,32). In other words, to honor          Responsorial: Psalm 96:1, 3, 4-5, 7-8, 9-10
    truth, is to honor Jesus Christ. The most obvious way to live      Give the Lord glory and honor.
    this commandment is to just not lie. To lie is to intentionally
    deceive another by speaking falsehood. So a lie, is a lie, is a
                                                                       Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-5b
    lie. We call some lies, little white lies, but that doesn’t make
    what we said any less of a lie, and therefore immoral and
                                                                       For our gospel did not come to you in word alone,
    sinful. Figures of speech, teasing, jokes, hyperboles, and         but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with
    those types of things are not lies, because they lack              much conviction.
    intention, someone is just trying to be funny.
                                           Sometimes telling the       Gospel: Matthew 22:15-21
                                        truth can be a lie. In the     At that he said to them,
                                        movie Steel Magnolias, the     "Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar
                                        character played by            and to God what belongs to God."
                                        Olympia Dukakis says: If
                                        you don’t have anything
                                        nice to say about              Daily Scriptures for the Week
                                        somebody, sit next to me.
                                        Gossip, or what is properly    Monday, October 10
    called Detraction, is telling something true about someone,              Romans 1:1-7
    usually something embarrassing and confidential, with the                Luke 11:29-32
    only intention and purpose of ruining their reputation.            Tuesday, October 11
    Calumny is gossip that isn’t true, told for the same purpose.            Romans 1:16-25
    Both are immoral and therefore sinful. There is something
                                                                             Luke 11:37-41
    called Mental Reservation which is a way of withholding
    truth without lying. In other words, you hide or conceal the
                                                                       Wednesday, October 12
    truth by intentionally holding back some facts, usually only             Romans 2:1-11
    enough not to tell a lie. Now this isn’t to be done casually,            Luke 11:42-46
    because generally the expectation when asked a question is         Thursday, October 13
    that we will tell the truth. But not every truth is everybody’s          Romans 3:21-30
    business. For example, if asked a personal or inappropriate              Luke 11:47-50
    question, we have every right not to answer, but to lie, even      Friday, October 14 – St. Callistus I
    in this type of situation would be a sin. Intentionally lying is         Romans 4:1-8
    always considered a sin, even if the reasons are noble.
                                                                             Luke 12:1-7
    According to the Church, we were created by God to use our
    intellect to know the truth, so to intentionally distort it, is
                                                                       Saturday, October 15 – St. Theresa of Jesus
    wrong.            Fr. Rodney                                             Romans 4:13, 16-18
                                                                             Luke 12:8-12

    Youth Ministry News                                    School News                                             page    4
    SPY Core Team – meeting Sun. Oct. 9 4:00-5:30          SUE FLOR PRAYER GARDEN GOING THROUGH A
    pm in Boland Hall. Watch your email for the agenda.    SPRUCE UP BY THE CLASS OF 2012 - Many of you may or may
                                                           not have had a chance to visit the prayer garden located in the
    HS SPY Night – High school youth group MOVIE
                                                           courtyard in the center of our facility. It was made possible by
    NIGHT on Sun. Oct. 9th in Boland Hall from 6:00-
                                                           the family of a dear friend and supporter of St. Patrick's School.
    8:30 pm (longer time due to movie). Come see
    How To Save A Life, ―Everyone has problems. Not        Longtime parishioners, John and Sue Flor, notified Mr. Ridder in
    everyone has faith.‖ Pizza, popcorn and drinks         the beginning stages of building a school, that they completely
    available. Invite friends!                             supported the plan. They wanted their children to have a
                                                           Catholic education but in the late 90’s, there was not a Catholic
    Teen Choir Practice – Wed, Oct. 12th
                                                           School in this area.
    6:00-7:15 pm in the Boland Hall
    Family Room. No sign up, just show                     Sue wanted to help in any way she could to make sure this
    up! Enter through parish side doors.                   school not only got started, but that it was successful. She served
    Be aware of the Wed night parking lot rules noted at   on the first school board, helping to provide a strong foundation        to St. Patrick's School. Sue volunteered in just about every
    ParkingLotProcedures_11-12.pdf                         capacity including working full days in the office even as she
                                                           went through a lengthy battle with breast cancer. Sue lost her
    Go Underground – is next Sunday,                       battle with cancer on September 1, 2003. Her loving husband,
    Oct. 16th at St. Robert’s from 2:00-                   John, and her family donated the funds to dedicate the Sue Flor
    6:00 pm with Mass included. Those                      Prayer Garden in her honor.
    who registered, meet at St. Pat’s in the
    ―basketball hoop‖ parking lot (lot 3) at               John and his children are thrilled to know that the 8th grade class
    1:15 pm. Parents- check your email for                 is ensuring Sue’s continuing legacy by working to make the
    transportation info.                                   prayer garden an even more special place for all to enjoy. Take a
                                                           minute to come in and see this beautiful place that the Flor
    MS SPY Night – NO middle school youth group            family has shared with us all.
    session on the 16th due to Go Underground. Next
    session is November 6th – What’s New with the          HEY ST. PATRICK'S FRIENDS! Donate your Hy-Vee Smart Points
    Mass?                                                  to St. Patrick's. Here is how it works: For every $20 of Procter &
                                                                                      Gamble products you purchase at Hy-Vee
    KAIROS – Next session is Sunday, Oct. 16th in                                     through Dec 30th, you earn 100 SMART
    leaders’ homes from 6:30-8:00 pm.                                                 Points to donate to the school of your
    SPY Halloween Breakfast – Sunday, Oct. 30th                                       choice. Get 100 additional points when
    from 8:30-noon. Teen and adult volunteers needed       you purchase two (2) or more Sara Lee Fresh Bakery products in
    to prepare breakfast, seat guests, serve food, and     the same transaction as your qualifying $20 Procter & Gamble
    clean up! Shifts from 7:30 am-1:30 pm in 2 hour        purchase. Find the promotional code printed on your receipt of
    segments. Contact Tobin Brown, Henry Diers, or         purchase, and enter it by clicking on the "Donate Points" button.
    Jenni to sign up!                                      From there, select the school for which you would like to make a
                                                           donation. We have added to the link to the school website!
    Contact Info: Jenni Vankat, 402-289-4289 x 1527
                                                                            Scripture Study for Adults!
                                                                                          Join Michael Willis, our director
                                                                                          of Liturgy and Music, as he ex-
                                                                                          plores the readings for the up-
                                                                                          coming Sunday liturgy and how
                                                                                          they all connect. This is a great
           SPY Halloween Breakfast                                                        way to gain a deeper under-
                     Sunday, Oct. 30th                       standing of scripture and develop a fuller appreciation for
                                                             the mass. You can join in at anytime!
                      8:30 am – Noon                             Wednesday Evenings 7:30-8:45pm in the Conference
                       Parish Center                             Rm (244) (must enter the parking from Laramie Street
                                                                 and park in lot east of the Church).
                                                                 Thursday Mornings 9:15-10:45am in the Conference
                                                                 Room (244).
                                                             For more information, please contact Michael Willis at mwil-
                                                    or 402-289-4289 ext..1524.

    What’s Happening                                                                     Are you prepared for
                                                                                            the unexpected?              page   5
                    The Horizons will meet at Sempek’s                               No? Then save the date:
                    Entertainment Center on Wednesday,                               November 6th at 1:30 p.m. at St. Pat-
                    October 12th, at 11:30am. All are                                rick’s. Learn what you need to do to pre-
                    welcome.                                                         pare you and your family for the present
                                                                                     and future. More information coming
       St. Patrick’s Women’s Club BUNCO Night
                  Friday, October 21st!
    All ladies are invited. Bring your friends, your sis-                   Elkhorn High School and Elkhorn South High
    ters, and your mother. Enjoy snacks & drinks, win                            School Swim & Dive Team Tailgate
    prizes, and have lots of fun! Don’t know how to                           Friday, October 21st 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
    play, no problem… we’ll teach you.                                                  Before the big EHS vs ESHS Boys
    6:30 – Registration Begins                                                                    Football Game
    7:00 – Explanation of Rules then Play                                             $5 for Burger or Hotdog, chips, drink
    9:00 - Hand out prizes!!!                                                              and dessert (from Hy-Vee)
    Cost: $10/person –or– pre register                                                Buy raffle chances for $300 gift card
    with a friend for $15. That’s a $5 savings!)
    Return completed registration slip and cash or check pay-                                    PLAY BALL!
    able to Women’s Club by Monday, October 19th. Contact               The St. Patrick’s Athletic Committee is holding an infor-
    Nancy Sis with questions at 402-289-3957 or email                   mation meeting, Thursday, October 13th at 8:00PM in the Registration forms in the narthex.                 Parish Center to discuss the
                                                                        creation of a baseball and soft-
                                                                        ball program offered through
            Elkhorn Community Blood Drive                               St. Patrick’s. Representatives
                                                                        from the Parochial Athletic
                    Monday, October 17th                                League – PAL (boys 7th and
                      1:30pm-6:30pm at                                  8th baseball) and the Metro
        Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church                           Omaha Saints (boys 1st – 6th
                              To schedule your life-saving appoint-     baseball)/Catholic Girls Softball League (girls 1st – 8th)
                                      ment sign-up online @             will be present to discuss their leagues in more detail. As
                                         St. Patrick’s continues to grow, offering our children a
                                   (sponsor code 2489) or call          variety of athletic options while representing their school
                                                                        continues to be priority for the Athletic Committee. We
                                      Trista at 402 699-1129            look forward to seeing you there! If you have any ques-
      The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give Blood.   tions please contact Erik Carlson at
                                                               or Rob Else at
                                   Wine Club
                      Don’t drink wine or other spirits but             RF needs about 20-25 men’s short sleeve but-
                   enjoy good food. That’s OK, its bring your                       ton down shirts. (Sizes small & me-
                                  own drinks.                                            dium are best) These shirts make great
                                                                                         paint shirts. If you have some outdated
               St. Pat’s Sipper’s invite you to
                                                                                         button down shirts that you are willing to
     the October 11th outing to Metro Tech
                                                                                         donate to the RF Office for painting,
     Community College (30th & Fort St. Cam-
                                                                                         please call 402-289-4947.Thanks for
    pus) where students will prepare and serve a
                                                                                         calling first—we have a limited need.
    gourmet meal. If you have questions, and to
      RSVP contact Eddie Biwer 402-289-2807.
                                                                                        Parish Wide Food Drive…
                                                                                         Watch those sales and purchase non-
           Which U.S. President died on his 32nd                                         perishable grocery items for our 3rd an-
                       day in office?                                                    nual parish-wide food drive. Our parish
                                                                                         7th graders and their parents will be co-
                           If you know the answer, then
                                                                                         ordinating the food drive again this year.
                               sign up for Trivia Night!                                 Grocery bags will be distributed the
                          When: Friday night, November 4th                               weekend of October 29th/30th and food
                           Where: St. Pat’s Parish Center               collected and sorted the weekend of November 5th/6th.
                                                                        All items will be delivered to the Western Douglas County
                            If you would like to get involved           Food Bank for distribution in our community. A complete
                             please contact Ann Monday at               listing of needed items will be provided at a later date. If
                                             you have photo-copy size boxes, or boxes that will pack
      Registration forms in the narthex or online.                      and stack nicely, please drop them off at the RF Office.

                 We've got SPIRIT, yes we do,                                                                            The October
                                                                                                                         promotion has               page 6
                we've got SPIRIT, how 'bout you?                                                                         kicked off and a
    Thinking about ways to help with this year's SPIRIT                                                                  new local vendor was
    dinner/auction? Consider donating an item for auction.                                                               added,
                                                                                                                         They are offering a 15%
                                    We welcome anything you                                                              contribution on all gift
                                    can offer, give or share.                              cards purchased during the month of October and then
                                    Vacation properties,                                   10% after October 31st.
                                    event tickets, gift                                    Any family who places a Scrip order online
                                                                                           ( during October is entered into
                                    certificates, talents or                               a drawing to win their choice of one dozen cookies, cup-
                                    hobbies. The                                           cakes or cake pops. Two lucky winners will be picked.
    possibilities are endless. Show your "SPIRIT" by                                       Online ordering instructions can be found on the new
                                                                                           Scrip website at
    donating to this important parish-wide event! Please
                                                                                           The winners of the September Scrip promotion (families
    contact one of the event chairs with your questions:                                   who purchased $200 or more in Scrip gift cards) are, Jenn Copenhaver 402-964-1313                                       Michaela Corey, Renee Kudirka and Becky Reger.
    Renee at or Staci at                                                They will each be awarded $20 worth of pizza and movie
                                                                                           gift cards. At the end of September Scrip has raised                                                                      over $2000. Thank you for your continued support of

                                                                      S                                       Market on Maple Street
                                                                                                              St. Patrick’s - Elkhorn
                  Advent Parish Mission!                                                                      Friday, November 18, 2011
             Evenings of December 4th - 8th                                                                   Boland Hall - 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
                                                                                                               Are you amazing behind a sewing ma-
        The Main Thing is to Keep the Main                                                                     chine, a master with a paint brush, or
              Thing the Main Thing                                                        have a talent for exquisite jewelry design? The St Pat-
                Fr. Bob Gielow C.M.                                                       rick’s Ministry of Mothers Sharing invites experienced
                                                                                          crafters to register for the annual Market on Maple Street
                                                                                          - a Fall Boutique
                                                                                          If you are interested in applying to be a vendor for this
                                                                                          event, please contact Nicole Lakeman -
                                  Can’t find your favorite baking pan?           or
                                  Check out the shelf above the coat rack                 Betsy Ramm -
                                  in the Welcome Center. Dishes not                                    See your creativity shine at the
                                  claimed by October 25th. will be do-                                     Market on Maple Street!
                                  nated to St. Vincent DePaul Store.

    Oct. 15/16              5:00 PM                         8:00 AM                        9:30 AM                 11:00 AM                     12:30 PM
                  Sonja Dreher - Lector           Robert Sis - Lector           Dan Van Anne - Lector    Gazelle Johnson - Lector     John Michael Hogue - Lector
    Lector        Ann Johnson - Commentator       Glenn Benes - Commentator     Mike Rasmussen -         Mark Thiele - Commentator    Gina Antisdel - Commentator
                  Stacie Becker                   Pat Adler                     Shelli Bandemer          Joseph D'Elia                Mark Constantino
                  Sharon Derra                    Heidi Lou Friedenbach         Denise Ervin             Bernadette D'Elia            Sally Korth
                  Janet Hraban                    Judy Kline                    Marge Gell               Sean Kruger                  Mary Reed
                  Suzanne Kibbe                   Ken Kline                     Pat Hertel               Marty Nolan                  Jim Ricketts
                  Tracy Kill                      Bud Simmonds                  Nancy Meduna             Michele Nolan                June Schlegelmilch
                  Martie Law                      Kay Stegman                   Carol Obenauer           Larry Pearson                Mary Vondra
                  Dan Perchal                                                   Jan Oligmueller          Howard Poepsel
                  Ann Marie Seevers                                             Bud Simmonds             Patty Poepsel
                  Emily Seevers                                                 Nicole Strohman          Jim Ricketts
                  John Unruh                                                    Kevin Ziska              Joe Wherry
                  Jeanne Froelich - Life Care Center                  Cathy Friedt - Lakeside                      Mary Turley - Elk Ridge
                  Debbie Hautzinger - Life Care Center                Louise Speer - Lakeside                      Jeff Ramold - Brookstone
                  Dolly Welshiemer - Marquis Place                    Gary Blum - Heritage Point                   Sue Whorlow - Brookstone
                  Connor Kirkpatrick              Anthony Benes                 Josh Hotovy              Matthew Ginger               Joe Fees
    Server        Chase Kirkpatrick               Amanda Benes                  Libby Knudsen            Nolan Gottsch                Kyli Fees
                  Riley Kruse                     Logan Spanel                  Parker Watkins           Dylan Johnson                Matt Hotovy
    Sacristan     Paula Perchal                   Patti McArdle                 German Basso             Wendy Anderson               Joseph Fees
    Deacon        Dan Perchal                     Bud Simmonds                  Bud Simmonds             Jim Ricketts                 Jim Ricketts


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