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Organization       Description & Services                                                                                                           City            State   Country   Name      Name         E-Mail
                   We are a resourceful supportive housing community that ends homelessness for families and adults. We reuse existing
                   housing and convert our natural resources into green businesses and green jobs. The Growing Youth Project is a youth-led
Alameda Point      urban farm. Ploughshares is a native, drought-tolerant plants nursery. Cycles of Change lets the youth of APC fix and sell high-                                                          dbiggs@apcollaborative.o
Collaborative      quality used bicycles.                                                                                                           Alameda         CA      US        Doug      Biggs        rg
                   Ashbury Images, a social enterprise nonprofit of New Door Ventures, offers custom screen printed and embroidered apparel
                   and promotional products to corporations, nonprofits and schools nationwide, including You Tube, Habitat for Humanity and
                   Haas School of Business. We give first job opportunities to San Francisco youth suffering from risk factors such as
                   homelessness and extreme poverty. 100% of Ashbury Images profits are funneled back into our programs to employ more                                                                       cpappajohn@newdoor.or
Ashbury Images     youth in San Francisco.                                                                                                          San Francisco   CA      US        Stefani   Feist        g
                   Three members of Benicia High School's SAGE Team will display information about their social enterprises and projects.
                   Students have a water audit business which targets low income home owners and identifies opportunities for water
                   conservation in their homes. Their water bottle business has a goal of reducing use of environmentally harmful disposable
                   water bottles and the profits are being used to fund water chlorinators in Haiti to provide clean water there. Students will
Benicia High       have sample water audit reports, water bottles, and pictures of their social project in Haiti to share with exhibit visitors.                                                             pfarina@beniciaunified.o
School SAGE                                                                                                                                         Benicia         CA      US        Polly     Farina       rg
                 Blue Skies Cafe is a green certified social enterprise that operates with the social objective of creating job training and
                 employment for people who have faced barriers to employment due to their mental illness. It blends social and commerical
Buckelew         business practices to generate revenues to support Buckelew's social mission of creating jobs and housing; and it                                                              Norris-
Programs         demonstrates environmental values and sustainable resource practices.                                                          San Rafael          CA      US        Shelley   Alvarez
                 Chemists Without Borders is designed to ease human suffering by using proven chemical technologies and related skills. In
                 the Information Age, our power is in our network. We each add value through both our professional and personal networks,
                 linking us to expertise, equipment, etc. Goals include, but are not limited to, providing affordable medicines and vaccines to
                 the most needy, supplying clean water in developing countries, facilitating sustainable energy technologies, supporting
                 chemistry education, and providing emergency disaster relief. Our Approach: * Mobilize global resources and expertise,                                                                      begogerber@chemistswit
                 knowledge and creativity * Develop self-reliance operating models * Organize around sharable processes and activities *                                                           ;
Chemists Without Partner through social entrepreneurs and humanitarian organizations                                                                                                                         http://www.chemistswith
Borders                                                                                                                                         Sunnyvale           CA      US        Bego      Gerber
                 We are a supportive housing provider that provides on-site tenant services for our residents. We also have an Employment
                 and Training Department dedicated in assisting formerly homeless individuals-living in supportive housing gain employment.
                 Through our Social Enterprise CHP Enterprises, we provide employment opportunities to persons with barriers to
                 employment, by providing contracted services in the Property Management and Maintenance fields. FRONT DESK SERVICE
                 CHP Enterprises offers front-desk staffing on a full-time, temporary and on-call coverage for the front desks of residential
                 buildings. MAINTENANCE SERVICES CHP Enterprises offers Maintenance Services that can be tailored to meet the property
                 management needs of individual customers, everything from turnover of residential apartments, to prepping commercial
                 spaces for rent, to special deep-cleaning and remediation projects. PEST REMEDIATION We take the worry out of personnel
                 management (i.e., hiring, supervising, scheduling shifts and finding replacements on short notice.)
CHP Enterprises                                                                                                                                 San Francisco       CA      US        Felisia   Thibodeaux
                 Community Gatepath operates social business enterprises that provide job opportunities for people with disabilities while
                 also generating revenue support for the agency. Gatepath operates a landscaping business, an inclusive preschool, private
Community        pay therapy services and other ventures that all include a focus on inclusion for individuals with disabilities into the
Gatepath         community.                                                                                                                     Burlingame          CA      US        Malyka    Chop
                   Community Interest Companies (CICS) are limited companies, with special additional features, created for the use of people
                   who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit. This is achieved by a "community interest test" and
COMMUNITY          "asset lock", which ensure that the CIC is established for community purposes and the assets and profits are dedicated to
INTEREST           these purposes. Registration of a company as a CIC has to be approved by the Regulator who also has a continuing                                                              CICREGULATOR@COMPA
COMPANIES          monitoring and enforcement role.                                                                                             CARDIFF              UK    SARA      BURGESS     NIESHOUSE.GOV.UK
                   CVE is a nonprofit social enterprise that offers wellness and vocational services for people with mental health disabilities
                   under a proprietary model of Wellness through Employment. CVE owns and operates 3 for-profit social enterprises in San
CVE, Inc.          Francisco: a janitorial company, a temporary staffing agency and 3 cafes.                                                    San Francisco   CA   US    Antonio   Aguilera
                  Our mission is to evolve and to demonstrate an ethical and sustainable method of international and intercontinental trading.
Fair Winds        Our aim is to address the issues of global warming, peak oil, and economic inequality, through the fair trade and ecological                                                   antonia.swinson@ssec.or
Trading Company transport of produce that enhances bio-diversity.                                                                                                    UK    Antonia   Swinson
                  FIRST 5 LA SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ACADEMY Recognizing that expanding earned income is a compelling and challenging
                  sustainability strategy, First 5 LA provides the LA Social Enterprise Academy for current and former grantees. The Social
                  Enterprise Academy is a one-year program designed to help organizations select and develop viable, mission-related
                  ventures that can be used to expand their income. The program provides training in developing/enhancing an earned
                  income service or product, conducting market research, creating and implementing an operational plan, addressing staffing
FIRST 5 LA SOCIAL issues, and generating and analyzing financial projections. Participants also draw on the assets of other dynamic leaders in a
ENTERPRISE        peer-to-peer learning environment that promotes collaborative problem solving and the exchange of resources and contacts.
ACADEMY                                                                                                                                           Los Angeles   CA   US    Deliah    Adkins
                  Social Enterprise Ventures: Halo Truffles: delicious chocolate truffles Fresh Starts Catering: A full-service catering business
                  The Key Room: A 150-seat event space with full audio-visual equipment in Novato, CA (Fresh Starts Catering can meet any
                  food needs for events, workshops, and conferences in this space) Fresh Starts Cooking School: Celebrity Chef's from around
                  the Bay Area teach cooking classes to the general public All 4 of these social enterprise ventures provide employment and on-
                  the-job experience to 30+ students and graduates from Homeward Bound's "Fresh Starts Culinary Academy" job training
                  program. This 5-month certified program provides job skills to low-income and homeless adults hoping to enter the food
                  industry. Proceeds from these social enterprise ventures support Homeward Bound of Marin's job training programs and 13
Homeward Bound shelter and affordable housing programs for homeless adults and children.
of Marin                                                                                                                                          Novato        CA   US    Paul      Fordham
                  IdeaEncore Network ( ) is an online learning marketplace (like eBay) for nonprofits and those who
IdeaEncore        support them to share, sell, and buy all types and forms of practical knowledge and information assets - - including ready-to-                                     Bechtler-   ScottB-
Network           use tools, templates, training content, policies, procedures and plans.                                                         Encinitas     CA   US    Scott     Levin
                  Fair Inspirations is a social enterprise which has been set up with support form Scotland UnLtd which aims to: * Raise the
                  profile of fair trade and its benefits to the producers and the environment in a fun and informative way. * Offer a range of
                  quality fair trade products along with information and support. * Assist community based groups to run fair trade events and
                  activities and generate an income for their charitable aims via fair trade sales. An important aspect of the activities is
                  working with young people to develop skills and understanding of social enterprise and fair trade. Campbeltown Grammar
                  School have been actively involved in taking forward Fair Inspirations.
Insiralba                                                                                                                                                            UK    Ailsa     Clark
                   kidsLINK provides a broad range of programs and services to help children, youth and their families facing – or at risk for –
                   social, emotional and mental health challenges. kidsLINK also provides consultation and training for professionals who work                                                   KClouthier@kidslinkcares.
kidsLINK           with children and youth.                                                                                                       St. Agatha    ON   CAN   Kevin     Clouthier   com
                   Tools for Life: Relationship-building Solutions is a set of tools designed to help children from 3 to 10 years old to learn
                   positive communication and relationship skills. It is a comprehensive training resource assisting teachers to support children                                      
kidsLINK           in becoming more resilient.                                                                                                    St. Agatha    ON   CAN   Terry     Smith       m
Mansour            mansour foundation for development is an non-for-profit organization working in the field of social developement since
Foundation for     2001 in Egypt . our programs focus on education , health and capacity building                                                                                                   rania.hamoud@mansour
Developement                                                                                                                                        Cairo           Egypt   Rania     Hamoud
                  marymac social enterprises is in a pre-venture research and development phase. The business plan is focused initially on
                  helping to improve quality of life for family caregivers and older adults. Classes to be offered at community health centers
                  north of Boston, MA include: family caregiver relaxation through restorative yoga, breathing and meditation; movement for
marymac social special populations (people living with limited mobility due to Parkinsons, MS, brain injuries, stroke, dementia) using music                                              
enterprises       and dance.                                                                                                                   Topsfield       MA   US      Mary      MacDonald     m
                  NCN is a network of entities that provide quality, stable workspace for nonprofits and education for people who are creating
Nonprofit Centers successful capital projects nationwide. We advocate the creation of Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Centers as a sustainable
Network           infrastructure solution to meet the needs of nonprofits.                                                                     San Rafael      CA   US      Shelley   Hamilton
                  Sharing PARC's Heart in San Francisco! We will have info about our Dry Cleaning Partnership, PARC Thrift Store
PARC     partnership, jewelry, pottery and art business samples.                                                     San Francisco   CA   US      Nancy     Giles
                  RainWorks OmniMedia LLC is a producer of traveling museum exhibitions for science and natural history museums, and                                                                founder@rainworksomni
                  events for the parent and teen markets. This benefit company aims to make rain for girls literacy and clean water programs                                              ;
RainWorks         in Asia and Africa through its benefit recipients: Room To Read, CAMFED USA,, Charity: Water and Action Aid.                                              Vida          www.rainworksomnimedi
OmniMedia LLC                                                                                                                                       Chicago    IL   US      Gail      Hamburg
                   ReliaTech is a leading provider of high quality, professional and affordable computer repair service and Gold Star Certified
                   Renewed Computers for consumers, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
                   ReliaTech's services include on-site dispatched technical support to residential consumers and small businesses, managed
                   service for small and medium-sized businesses, and walk-in computer repair service at our three locations. ReliaTech is also a
                   major refurbisher of computers, helping the environment by diverting usable equipment and recycling equipment that is at
                   the end of life. Our refurbished computers go to low-income individuals, schools, churches, senior centers and other
                   nonprofit organizations around the Bay Area. ReliaTech is the social venture of The Stride Center (
                   ReliaTech provides on-the-job, hands-on technology training, a transition path into the technology field, and employment for
                   many Stride Center graduates.
ReliaTech                                                                                                                                           Oakland    CA   US      Ben       Delaney
                   Rubicon National Social Innovations is the laboratory for scaling social change. Building on 15+ years of experience starting
                   and operating social enterprises, we are developing the next generation of social enterprises that can be scaled nationally.
                   Stop by our booth to learn more about how we collaborate with local nonprofits to replicate our portfolio businesses across
Rubicon National the country that create jobs for the hard-to-employ, reduce landfill waste, and provide an alternative to predatory lending to
Social Innovations low-income workers.                                                                                                                         CA   US      Kari      Ness Riedel
                   Rural Returns is founded on two premises. One is the potential market we have seen for heirloom red rice varietals endemic
                   to Sri Lanka, which are tasty, aromatic, colorful and healthy, with unusual nutritional compositions. The second is the
                   potential to address rural poverty in Sri Lanka by building a value chain that pays a higher initial price to farm communities
                   and helps them spend it wisely. Our model is similar to Ceylon Tea, which is to develop an umbrella brand for products from
                   the rural communities we work with, extending beyond rice as and when we can add new lines. Rural Returns will be the
Rural Returns      minder and driver of this business connecting organic & fair trade markets for these products which have a sustainable
Social Venture     comparative advantage. We will manage the complex supply chain needed to aggregate the supply and ensure reliable and Los Angeles           CA   US      D.C.      Jayasundera
                   SAGE Mission To help the standards our partners require.
                   high-quality supply to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations and social enterprises
SAGE (Students     address our world's major unmet needs. What Is SAGE? Under the helpful and guiding eye of their university business
for the            consultants and mentors, SAGE provides high-school students from throughout the world with an opportunity to complete
Advancement of     business and social ventures to improve their communities. At the end of the academic year, the student teams showcase
Global             their efforts on a regional, national and world stage. With guidance from their university mentors, the team must then
Entrepreneurship   complete at least one commercial and one social entrepreneurship venture during the academic year.
)                                                                                                                                                   Chico      CA   US      Curtis    DeBerg
                  Santa Monica SAGE aims to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility in their peers and community. This
                  exhibit table will feature two of the high school's social ventures: Tote-a-lly Awesome and the trading partnership with SAGE
                  Uganda. Tote-a-lly Awesome: makes eco-friendly fashion accessories from recycled and upcycled products. 60% of all net
Santa Monica      profits go directly to two causes close to our heart; Heal the Bay and our own SAGE team. Trading with SAGE Uaganda: These
High School SAGE products are made by Ugandan teens with discarded plant materials and other local products. This project encourages youth
(Students for the to use entrepreneurial skills to raise money for living and education costs rather than handouts. Most of the Ugandan teens
Advancement of involved must care for themselves and other family members, while trying to pay for their own education costs. Last year,
Global            Santa Monica SAGE was able add value to these products through marketing which resulted in a donation of 150% of the
Entrepreneurship retail price requested from the Ugandan teens.
)                                                                                                                                                Santa Monica   CA   US       Teri      Jones
                  Small Giants Developing Ventures is ensuring there is a global transformation to sustainable practices through impact
                  investing. Impact Investments are often regarded as opportunities designed to solve social or environmental challenges
                  while generating a positive return on capital. Impact entrepreneurs actively seek to establish businesses that can utilise the                                        
                                                                                                                                                 Ho Chi Minh         Viet
Small Giants      positive power of enterprise.                                                                                                  City                Nam      Stewart   Davies    .au
                   Social Traders is an independent company established in 2008 to facilitate, support and advocate for the development of                                                        david.brookes@socialtrad
Social Traders     social enterprise in Australia                                                                                                Melbourne           AUS      David     Brookes
                   We are an apex body of third sector organisations. We offer an array of social enterprise services. We will showcase our
Third Sector       African Third Sector Art & Crafts produced by underinvested and underprivilaged members thereby creating enterprise,          Kampala -                                        thirdsectoruganda@yaho
Foundation         employment and empowerment for the many rural artist and producers in Uganda.                                                 Uganda              Uganda   Charles   Mugasa
YouthBridge        We are a 130 year old new organization seeking to help children's non-profits increase capacity and sustainability through:
Community          Education on business management & earned income; Helping enable endowment develpment by providing training,
Foundation         support; Enabling enterprise expansion capital.                                                                               St. Louis      MO   US       Rex       Reed

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