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Noodles, a common ingredient in

many Asian menus are usually

cooked with various sauces and can
be eaten anytime of the day. They

make a nutritious and satisfying one-

dish meal. There are oodles of
different noodles - all versatile, quick
to cook and can be used
interchangeably in most recipes.
WORLDFOODS’ range of noodle
sauces enables you to recreate
authentic Asian noodle favourites
right in your own kitchen with
minimal efforts, stirring up your
passion for noodles.

Product Benefits
• Convenient and easy to use.
• 100% natural made using                                   MALAYSIAN                THAI                             SINGAPOREAN               MALAYSIAN                  MALAYSIAN
  authentic herbs and spices.                               ‘HOKKIEN’                ‘PAD THAI’                       ‘XIN ZHOU’                ‘CHAR KWAY                 ‘MEE MAMAK’
• Do not contain artificial                                 NOODLE                   NOODLE                           NOODLE                    TEOW’                      NOODLE
  preservatives,         colouring,                         SAUCE                    SAUCE                            SAUCE                     NOODLE                     SAUCE
  flavouring, MSG, gluten or                                A classic dark noodle    One of Thailand’s                Fragrant spices make      SAUCE                      A sweet and savoury
  genetically modified ingredients.                         sauce with sweet         most popular and                 up this aromatic          A popular hawker           concoction of tomato
                                                            onions and fragrant      wellknown dish.                  sauce, which gives        dish cooked with flat      paste and spicy
• Suitable for vegetarians, vegans                          garlic. Simple yet       Toss this sweet                  a burst of flavour to                                chillies. Perfect to
                                                                                                                                                rice noodles, prawns,
  and coeliacs.                                             satisfying, prepared     tamarind and chilli              your noodle dish.         eggs, bean sprouts         create an authentic
                                                            with yellow Hokkien      noodle sauce with                Simply stir-fry           and chives. This dark      Mee Mamak dish,
                                                            noodles, meat and        soft rice sticks stir-fried      with rice vermicelli,     savoury sauce is the       a Malaysian Indian-
Product Usage                                               vegetables.              with prawns, chives              onions, meat and          secret to this mouth-      style fried noodles.
                                                                                                                      vegetables for a          watering noodle dish.
•   Simply add noodles, vegetables,                                                  and bean sprouts
                                                                                                                      delicious Singaporean
    meat or seafood and toss gently                                                  then garnished with
                                                                                                                      fried noodle dish.
    with this noodle sauce to create                                                 roasted peanuts,
                                                                                     coriander and lime
    a complete meal in minutes.
                                                                                     wedges to serve.
                                                                                     Simply delicious!

                                                                                                                                                    UK                           US
                                                                Code Product
                                                                                                                   Jar Size                        150ml                       5 fl. oz
                                                                N-HN Malaysian 'Hokkien' Noodle                    Pack/Case                         6                            6
                                                                N-PT Thai 'Pad Thai' Noodle
                                                                                                                   Net Case Weight                0.99kg                      2.18lbs
                                                                N-SF Singaporean 'Xin Zhou' Noodle
                                                                N-KT Malaysian 'Char Kway Teow'                    Gross Case Weight              2.10kg                      4.62lbs
                                                                     Noodle                                        Case Dimensions        10.2cm x 15.5cm x 17.2cm      4.02” x 6.10” x 6.77”
                                                                N-MK Malaysian 'Mee Mamak' Noodle                  Cases/Pallet                     744                          744
                                                                                                                   Cases/Layer                       62                          62
                                                                                                                   # of Layers                       12                          12
                                                                                                                   Case Cube                     0.0027 m3                    0.096 ft3

                                                                    Note: Weights are calculated based on average weight of all products. Actual weights may vary slightly.

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