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									           System @ Law Quantum On-line
            spotlights comparative verdicts

         Find Quantum in minutes with System @ Law Quantum On-line
System@Law Quantum On-line helps you find current and relevant                  You can also use free-text searching to find matches for factors such as
Queensland personal injury quantum decisions in a fraction of the usual time.   specific medical procedures or plaintiff characteristics.

Quantum On-line lets you access the very latest decisions from your desktop     Relevant case information is presented as a structured summary to assist you
and allows you to find meaningful quantum comparisons and cases that were       to identify easily and quickly all relevant factors.
once too difficult or time-consuming to find. Quantum On-line includes all
Queensland quantum decisions that are published electronically. New cases       With Quantum On-line, your search for Quantum is over.
are added weekly.
                                                                                System@Law Quantum:
With Quantum On-line you      can search on meaningful combinations of          your search for Quantum is over
variables, including:
* multiple injury keywords    * legal and medical practitioners
* percentage disability       * judge presiding
* plaintiff information       * cases cited.

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