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					                                            Les Actualites

                                       Napoleon: Hero or Tyrant?
Assignment: You are working for a French newspaper, the year is 1815. Your newspaper portrays
Napoleon as a hero or a tyrant. You will publish a 2-4 page newspaper that must include articles on:

       Napoleon editorial - What he is doing for France, is he a hero or a tyrant? This is your
       Art or Artists of 1815
       Scientific Advancements of the day (1815)
       A review of a recent (1815) work of literature
       What are the current (1815) fashions (Optional)
       What are the current (1815) musicians up to? (Optional)

                             Use the following link to get ideas for a newspaper name:

Artists of the day:

Musicians: Beethoven, Liszt, and Rossini
Writers: Chateaubriand, Washington Irving, Jane Austen, Byron, Shelley, Mme. De Stael, and Goethe,
Painters: Ingres, Constable, and Goya.
Science: Early steamships and steam power engines are being field tested at this time, and Lamarck is
writing about biological species.
You should include pictures in each of your articles. Make sure you proof-read your articles for
grammar and spelling.

Writers Checklist:

        ____ Title page (name for your newspaper
        ____ Article titles
        ____ Author of article
        ____ Appropriate pictures for articles
        ____ Captions for your pictures
        ____ Edit your article
        ____ Your article tells the reader what you want them to know
                                             Grading Rubric

       100 points    Newspaper articles are thorough and complete. Information is accurate.
                     Pictures are included in the newspaper. No grammatical or spelling errors.
                     Use of complete sentences. Newspaper is creative and informative, showing
                     evidence of quality and time well spent. Newspaper includes a title.

1212                 Newspaper is complete. Information is accurate. Articles are
         80 points   thorough, however they lack some detail. Few grammatical errors/
                     spelling errors. Use of complete sentences. Newspaper is creative
                     showing evidence of time well spent. Pictures are included.
                     Newspaper includes a title

                     Newspaper is complete. Articles are missing several important facts
         60 points   and details. Information is accurate. Many grammatical/spelling
                     errors. Newspaper is not creative and no pictures are used. No title.

       40 points     Newspaper shows little or no effort. Articles are not completed.
                     Unacceptable grammatical/spelling errors. No creativity.

       0 points      Assignment not completed

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