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AL-01106 Micro CT Scanner -


									                             Request for Proposal
                             CFI/ORF Infrastructure Grant

                                 MicroCT Scanner
                   For the Sustainable Archaeology Curation Facilities


Proposals accepted until noon on [15 April 2011]

Contact: Andrew Lazarito
Phone: 519-661-2111 x84589
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                       7-NOV-11
15 April 2011



    1.1. The University of Western Ontario (Western), the third largest university in
         Ontario, has a full and part-time enrollment of more than 33,329 graduate and
         undergraduate students and includes affiliate University Colleges. The Western
         campus covers 487 hectares and is located about 4 km north of the centre of
         London. There are approximately 3200 Full-Time Staff and Faculty. An additional
         5,000 Part-Time Staff and Faculty represent approximately 3,800 Full-Time
    1.2. Western's web site is


    2.1. The Sustainable Archaeology initiative is a cross-institutional partnership between
         The University of Western Ontario (at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology) and
         McMaster University (at McMaster Innovation Park). The project has been funded
         to construct research facilities for archaeological collections. A microCT scanner is
         required for non-destructive examination, 2D cross section and 3D volumetric
         reconstruction of archaeological artifacts or organic remains, to be housed in the
         Ancient Images Lab at the Western Facility at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology
         in London. Examples of applications include the examination of trabecular
         architecture in vertebrae, the distribution of enamel, cementum and dentin in teeth,
         the material composition of ceramics and mineral inclusions, and the
         characterization of source morphology and inclusions in stone tools.
    2.2. The Sustainable Archaeology project’s website is:


    3.1. The successful proposal will require:
            3.1.1.    The scanner specimen chamber must be large enough to
                 accommodate large artifacts or skeletal objects (e.g., ceramic pot, large
                 mammal skull), as well as very small objects (e.g., glass bead or nut)
            3.1.2.    The range of materials for analysis will include (but is not limited to)
                 bone, tooth, shell, ceramic, brick, fabric, paper, leather, wood, plant, metal,
                 plastic, and stone.
            3.1.3.    Specimens must require minimal (or ideally no) preparation
            3.1.4.    The system must be easy to use, include all necessary equipment,
                 software and options to scan the range of objects planned, and require
                 minimal maintenance and ongoing support.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                   7-NOV-11
15 April 2011


    4.1. A microCT scanner will be used for the analysis of archaeological materials.
    4.2. The primary function of this system is for research purposes.
                   UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                        7-NOV-11
15 April 2011



    5.1. Western is not responsible for any expenses incurred by Proponent(s) in preparing
         and submitting a response to this RFP.
    5.2. Proponents may not use Western’s name or markings for any external marketing
         purposes without the express written permission from Western.
    5.3. Unit prices will govern where arithmetical errors may occur in the extension of
         prices. Where it appears a major mistake in calculation has been made, Western
         shall consider the intent of the Proponent and may accept the proposal for
         consideration and subsequent correction.
    5.4. Proposal pricing shall be irrevocable for one hundred and eighty (180) days
         following the closing date of the RFP.
    5.5. Western may issue purchase order(s) to the Proponent(s) whose submission offers
         the best value to Western.
    5.6. The lowest cost Proposal or any other Proposal may not necessarily be accepted.
    5.7. Western is not under any obligation to award a contract and reserves the right to
         terminate the Request for Proposal process prior to award and to withdraw from
         discussions with any or all of the Proponents who have responded, without liability
         being incurred by Western for any expense or cost incurred by the Proponent(s).
    5.8. The successful Proponent(s) may be required to provide:

                5.8.1.    Proof, from the Broker, of commercial liability insurance of at least $5
                     million per occurrence. The liability insurance should include personal
                     injury and property damage, non-owned automobile liability, owners and
                     contractors’ protective coverage and contractual liability coverage.
                5.8.2.     Proof, from the Broker, of automobile liability insurance with
                     coverage of at least $ 2 million per occurrence for liability arising at law for
                     damages caused by reason of bodily injury (including death) or damage to
                     property by employees or sub contractors.
                5.8.3.    A current Certificate of Clearance from The Workplace Safety and
                     Insurance Board (WSIB) or equivalent.
                5.8.4.    Provide information, such as company policy, relating to construction
                     safety measures.

    5.9. All workers on Western property must be covered by WSIB for the duration of the
         contract and that a Certificate of Clearance is maintained in good standing
         throughout the contract by the successful Proponent(s). Western reserves the right
         to request proof of coverage at any time throughout the term of the contract.
                   UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                      7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

    5.10.     The successful Proponent(s) shall be in compliance with the Occupational
        Health and Safety Act of Ontario and its regulations: : http://www.e-
    5.11.      Where the successful Proponent(s)’ scope of work falls under the
        management of a General Contractor, the General Contractor will monitor the job
        site to ensure safety requirements are met. Infractions could result in loss of
    5.12.      The successful Proponent(s) shall ensure that all operators and vehicles used
        for deliveries on Western properties meet the legislated requirements for
        protective devices, clothing and other related items.
    5.13.      The successful Proponent(s) shall comply with all Western’s policies
    5.14.      The successful Proponent(s) shall not assign or sub contract any portion of
        its contract without the written consent of Western.
    5.15.      Western reserves the following rights:

                5.15.1. To open submissions privately,
                5.15.2. To award different items to different Proponents or one Proponent
                     based upon Western’s evaluation of proposals,
                5.15.3. To reject any or all submissions received,
                5.15.4. To, in its sole discretion, request clarification and/or further
                     information from one or more Proponents after closing without becoming
                     obligated to offer the same opportunity to all Proponents,
                5.15.5. To waive irregularities and/or minor non-compliance by any
                     Proponent(s) with the requirements of this Request for Proposal. An
                     irregularity and/or minor non-compliance effects form, rather than
                     substance, does not affect price, quality, quantity or delivery of the bid and
                     if corrected the Proponent(s) would not gain an unfair advantage over

    5.16.      All submissions must be signed by an authorized company representative
        (refer to Appendix A).
    5.17.      Any terms or conditions, which cannot be fulfilled, should be clearly stated in
        your submission.
    5.18.      All the terms and conditions stated in this bid document are deemed to be
        accepted by the Proponent and incorporated into the Proponent’s proposal
        submission. The complete submission document and any attachments shall become
        part of any contract entered into between the successful Proponent(s) and
    5.19.      Any conflict in the wording of the successful Proponent’ invoice and/or sales
        agreement and the wording of the terms and conditions of this proposal, shall be
        resolved in favour of Western and shall be deemed to be incorporated into the
        Proponent’ invoice and/or sales agreement.
    5.20.      The laws of the Province of Ontario shall govern in any dispute the may arise
        as a result of the successful Proponent’s submission and the subsequent contract
        awarded to the successful Proponent(s).
                  UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                  7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

    5.21.    Proponents must familiarize themselves with the “FAIRNESS IS A TWO WAY
        STREET (Construction Labour Mobility) Act, 1990. Proponents must:

                5.21.1. Be aware of this Act Reinstatement which took effect on March 9,
                5.21.2. Be cognizant of the news release dated Feb. 2, 2002 from the Ontario
                     Ministry of Labour,
                5.21.3. Be familiar with the suggested contract language related to the Act,
                5.21.4. Compliance with the Act is mandatory.

    5.22.      If the successful Proponent(s) fails to carry out the agreement satisfactorily
        in accordance with the terms, Western will, by giving written notice, specify the
        default(s) that require remedy. In the event that the specified default(s) is/are not
        remedied within two weeks from giving such notice, Western reserves the right to
        terminate the agreement immediately.
    5.23.      All plans, materials and electronic or digital files paid for by Western or its
        Associated Companies are the property of Western or its Associated Companies.
    5.24.      The Proponent(s) shall treat the contract and all documents, drawings,
        specifications and information connected with this Request for Proposal as
        confidential and shall not disclose any information or documents acquired by it or
        its employees, agents or sub-contractors to any third parties, nor use, or copy the
        information, except as required to perform the Proponent(s) obligations in fulfilling
        the terms of this contract.
    5.25.      The successful Proponent(s) shall indemnify and hold harmless Western. Its
        directors, employees, students and agents from and against all actions, suits, claims,
        causes of action, demands, penalties, fines, costs and expenses including legal fees
        or other proceedings of any kind or nature directly or indirectly arising out of
        performance of the Work or Supply of Goods, including but not limited to personal
        injuries to anyone, breach or alleged breach of intellectual property laws,
        environmental non-compliance, product liability or property damage.
    5.26.      The acceptance of the successful Proponent’s bid and the subsequent award
        of the contract contemplated by this bid document is subject to Western’s internal
        approval processes, approval of external funding and /or budgets.
    5.27.      Where applicable, Proponents should state if they will provide Western
        access to its source code for any software used in the equipment.
    5.28.      Where applicable, Proponents must specify if any of the new version or
        release, either the hardware or software, as identified in their RFP submission will
        be provided to Western free of charge if a new version or release is brought to
        market within 120 days after acceptance of the hardware or software by Western.
    5.29.      No substitutes shall be permitted without the express written consent of
    5.30.      If applicable, please identify if any of the following are contained within the
        equipment you are quoting: x-rays, lasers Class IIIB or higher, anything potentially
        dangerous i.e. mercury, radioactive materials, etc.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011


    6.1. Proponents shall structure their bid submission in the following format:
            6.1.1.   Section 1      One page executive summary
            6.1.2.   Section 2      Signed acknowledgment Appendix A
            6.1.3.   Section 3      Completed Questionnaire Appendix B
            6.1.4.   Section 4      Pricing Appendix C
            6.1.5.   Section 5      RFP terms and conditions acknowledgment/exceptions
            6.1.6.   Section 6      Specifications and drawings
            6.1.7.   Section 7      References and company information
            6.1.8.   Section 8      Brochures/product information
            6.1.9.   Section 9      Implementation/Project Plan

    6.2. All questions and answers during the RFP period will be communicated by email
         with the primary contacts as well as posted on
         under this document. Questions pertaining to the RFP must be received no later
         than 08 April 2011.
    6.3. Proposals received after the closing time and date may be, at the discretion of
         Western, returned unopened to the sender.
    6.4. Proponents must acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of this
         document and respond to any exceptions, by referencing the clause of the RFP.
         Failure to do so will be deemed that all the terms and conditions have been
         accepted by your organization. Submitting your organization’s standard terms and
         conditions may not be acceptable to fulfill this requirement.
    6.5. Bidders must submit 2 hard copies and 1 electronic copy of their proposals.
         Sealed responses should bear the name and address of the prospective Supplier
         and be clearly marked with: Proposal for a MicroCT Scanner UWORFPAL-
    6.6. The Proponent(s) shall treat the contract and all documents, drawings,
         specifications and information connected with this Request for Proposal as
         confidential and shall not disclose any information or documents acquired by it or
         its employees, agents or sub-contractors to any third parties, nor use, or copy the
         information, except as required to perform the Proponent(s) obligations in fulfilling
         the terms of this contract.
    6.7. Proponents interested in submitting proposals must provide their primary contact
         email address to Andrew Lazarito, 519 661 2111 x84589, 519 661 3772 fax, immediately upon receipt of the bid documents to facilitate the
         forwarding of any additional information or amendments.
    6.8. Western is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to invite qualified suppliers to
         submit proposals, in accordance with the terms outlined below, for the supply of a
         microCT scanner for the archaeological artifact laboratory.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

    6.9. Proposals for the microCT scanner will itemise and provide details and price for
         each seperate component of the device, including the scanner itself, operation and
         reconstruction workstation equipment, operational accessories, filters, software,
         optional enhancements, furniture, or other seperately priced elements needed to be
         considered during the selection process.
    6.10.       Professional services for required and optional software, equipment
         installation, shipping, training and support will be itemized, detailed and priced out
         individually in the bid.
    6.11.       As an infrastructure grant, the funding for this project does not cover
         ongoing operational costs such as licensing fees or consumables. Costs for these
         items can be detailed but quotes should be adjusted with these limitations in mind.
    6.12.       Proposals will include product, brochures, specification sheets, or urls to
         access equipment spec or software information for all products priced.
    6.13.       Amendments or changes to proposals may not be accepted after the closing
         date and time. Submissions must be prepared in accordance with the conditions
         outlined in this and any associated documents. Failure to comply may result in the
         disqualification of the proposal.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011


    7.1. All communications regarding this RFP must be in writing or via email to:

                              Andrew Lazarito, Senior Buyer
                              519-661-2111 x84589

    7.2. Responses to this Request for Proposals will be received up to Noon on 15 April
         2011 as indicated by the stamp clock in the Services Support Building in London,
         Ontario and should be submitted to:

        Hand Deliveries:
                              The University of Western Ontario
                              Purchasing Department
                              Support Services Building
                              Suite 6100
                              1393 Western Road
                              London, ON N6G 1G9
                              Attention: Andrew Lazarito, e-mail

    7.3. If Bidders are using Couriers to deliver their RFP responses, Couriers must deliver
         to the following UWO location:

        Courier Deliveries:
                              The University of Western Ontario
                              Support Services Building
                              Western Office Supplies, Dock 19
                              1393 Western Road
                              London, ON N6G 1G9
                              Attention: Andrew Lazarito, e-mail
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                     7-NOV-11
15 April 2011


    8.1. The Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is a national granting agency that
         will provide funds for the purchase of new and replacement equipment and for the
         renovation and upgrading of new and existing space. CFI’S mandate is to increase
         the capacity of Canadian Universities and other not-for-profit institutions to carry
         out world class scientific research and technology innovation development. To
         implement its mandate, the CFI promotes innovation by investing in research
         infrastructure, jointly with institutions and their funding partners.
    8.2. The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation matches federal CFI funds with
         the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) in order for provincial universities, hospitals,
         colleges and research institutes to enhance the infrastructure needed for scientific
         research and technology development.
    8.3. The Federal Government has established stringent guidelines for the purchases
         funded by the CFI/ORF, whereby universities acquiring certain commodity types
         may obtain matching funding when those commodities are sold to the University
         below the “best normal educational pricing”.
    8.4. To qualify for matching funding, we require that your proposal clearly indicate the
         “best normal educational pricing” as a separate line within the pricing of your
         proposal and the “in-kind” contribution. “In-kind” contributions must be calculated
         as specified in our example below and will be tested for appropriateness using
         multiple criteria that satisfy CFI audit requirements:

  Description       List Price    Best Normal        In-Kind         UWO Net           % of
                                   Education       Contribution       Price          In-Kind
  Equipment A      $ 55,000.00     $ 45,000.00        $ 9,000.00     $ 36,000.00        20 %
  Extended          $ 4,000.00       $3,500.00        $3,500.00            $ 0.00      100 %

    8.5. In-Kind contributions can be in the form of:
            8.5.1.    Additional trade or cash contributions
            8.5.2.    Additional training.
            8.5.3.    Donations in cash or equipment where the value of the donation is
                 calculated in the same manner.
            8.5.4.    Extended warranty up to a three (3) year period beyond the standard
                 manufacturer’s warranty (Adjustments to any best normal university
                 warranty can be valued and qualify as in-kind contributions).
            8.5.5.    In addition, payment discounts such as 2/10 will qualify as in kind
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                  7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

    8.6. Proponents shall describe the basis and supporting documentation for their best
         educational price. If the list price and the best educational prices are the same,
         Proponents should provide a statement to explain the rationale behind their pricing
    8.7. The grant obtains 40% of the project money from CFI and 40% from ORF based on
         the matching of a 20% in-kind contribution received from vendors.
    8.8. In Kind contributions will form part of the evaluation criteria.
    8.9. Proponents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the CFI guidelines
         located at the followings web site: . See Programs – CFI
         Policy and Program Guides – clauses 3.4 and 3.5.
    8.10.      The initial application for funding is a business case based on pricing
         received from vendors from a formal Request for Proposal or Quotation process.
         The application for the grant is then submitted for approvals (which is a lengthy


    9.1. The scope of work must address the following topics in their submissions:
            9.1.1.     Key Features/ Functionality (based on the Functional and Technical
                 Features described in Sections 13 and 14).
            9.1.2.     Utility requirements. Identify and provide detailed specifications on
                 the physical space required for placing the equipment in a lab, outside
                 dimensions and weight of equipment, range of movement if applicable, all
                 necessary utility/plumbing requirements, and required supporting
                 equipment, etc. (reference Section 14)
            9.1.3.     Training and support that will be provided (reference Section 17)
            9.1.4.     Packaging, shipping, delivery and offloading requirements (reference
                 Section 18).
            9.1.5.     Installation requirements (reference Section 19)
            9.1.6.     Warranty and service requirements (reference Section 20)
            9.1.7.     Support, training and maintenance (reference Section 21)
            9.1.8.     Implementation of project plan (reference Section 22)
            9.1.9.     Trouble resolution (reference Section 23)
            9.1.10. Testing and acceptance (reference Section 24)
   9.2 In addition to the aforementioned topics, proposals must address the following areas
       and be presented in the following sequence:

                9.2.1   Financial Capability and Stability
                9.2.2   Demonstrated experience
                9.2.3   Project Management expertise
                9.2.4   Implementation expertise
                9.2.5   Provide any references for heritage, museum or archaeological
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                   7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

   9.3 Provide any available reports or publications regarding use in archaeological,
       forensic, museological or other cultural heritage context.
   9.4 User manual, system manual, trouble-shooting guidelines.
   9.5 PARTNERSHIP: The Proponent(s) is urged to consider any potential for partnership
       in the development of novel applications of the product, beta testing of new releases,
       use of output for public relations or vendor directed applications, etc.
             Western is interested in participating with the selected supplier in any
             initiatives that are mutually beneficial and can give Western strategic or
             economic advantages in the areas of administration, research or teaching.
             Initiatives that would benefit the student and graduate populations would also
             be valued. Bidders should provide any evidence of previous partnering
             arrangements where they have collaborated on mutually beneficial initiatives
             with clients, providing them with strategic or economic value beyond the
             narrow scope of the supply arrangement.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

                                SELECTION PROCESS


    10.1 The following criteria will be used to evaluate the proposals submitted. Western
        will follow a ‘Best Value Analysis’ for evaluation of proposals. The following criteria
        and weighting will be used, unless stated otherwise:

          Evaluation criteria:                                           Suggested %
          Value                                                                30%
          Non-value                                                             5%
          In-Kind contribution:                                                15%
          Specification or solution (Functional & Technical):                  35%
          Service and support:                                                 15%

        NOTE: In-kind or cash contributions calculated as specified in Section 8 are tested
        for appropriateness using multiple criteria that will satisfy CFI audit requirements.

    10.2 “Value” includes, but is not limited to price, partnering, track record, energy
        efficiency, value of the offering.
    10.3 “Non-value” includes but is not limited to money spent that is not directly related
        to the product (e.g. renovation to a laboratory).
    10.4 “Specification and solution” includes but is not limited to how well the solution
        addresses the outlined functional and technical criteria.
    10.5 “Service and support” includes, but is not limited to reputation, availability of
        service personnel and expertise, access to high-level personnel for troubleshooting
        beyond vendor-support capability, comprehensive support for planning,
        installation and commissioning.
    10.6 A short-list will be determined from the evaluation.
    10.7 Western reserves the right to enter into negotiations prior to award with the
        Proponent(s) who offers the best overall value. During such negotiations, the scope
        may be refined, responsibilities will be designated, implementation issues clarified
        and the final terms and conditions of any contract will be determined.
    10.8 If negotiations with the selected Proponent are unsuccessful, Western reserves the
        right in its sole discretion to enter into negotiations with any other Proponent(s).
    10.9 The Evaluation Committee reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine the
        feasibility and acceptability of any alternative solution proposed.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011


    11.1 Following evaluation of all submissions, Western may facilitate site visits of the
        short listed proponents and/or may require a presentation/demonstration from
        the Proponents.
    11.2 Preferred location: Sustainable Archaeology Facility, Museum of Ontario
        Archaeology, London, Ontario
    11.3 Western reserves the right, at its sole discretion to request clarification and/or
        further information from one or more Proponents prior to award without
        becoming obligated to offer the same opportunity to all Proponents.


    12.1The successful Proponent awarded the contract will be contacted by telephone. The
        RFP status and final award decision will be posted on WEsternBuys
    12.2 Unsuccessful Proponents may request a debriefing session to review their
        competitive bid. Requests must be made within 15 calendar days from receipt of
        written notification of their unsuccessful bid or after posting of the award on the
        Western Buys website. Discussions will relate to the unsuccessful Proponent’s
        submission only and is intended to provide general feedback regarding the
        proposal relating to the cited criteria. The debriefing process is intended to assist
        Proponents to understand where improvements might be made on future
        submissions. Requests shall be submitted in writing to the University contact noted
        in Section 7 of this RFP document.
                  UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                     7-NOV-11
15 April 2011


    13.1 The proposed system must provide a variety of output capabilities including dicom
        for integration to post-processing/3rd party analysis or visualization software.
    13.2 The output of the proposed system must be calibrated in Hounsfield units (HU).
    13.3 The proposed system must provide high-speed reconstruction and visualization
    13.4 The proposed system must include reconstruction and visualization software.
    13.5 The proposed system should have a high through-put.
    13.6 Batch inspection capabilities are a desired option.
    13.7 The proposed system must be easy to use, with a user programmable interface.
    13.8 The proposed system must require minimal training.
    13.9 The proposed system must be easy to maintain and have minimal service
    13.10       The proposed system must not interfere with other equipment, such as a
        digital x-ray cabinet, lab-based laser scanners, a radiofrequency identification
        tagging system (RFID) or security motion detectors.
    13.11      The Proponent must be validly licensed to sell radiation emitting devices in
        Canada and the proposed system must meet Health Canada standards.
    13.1.      Proposals should clearly indicate the minimum specifications required (e.g.
        power supply; dimensions of equipment, lighting, specialised electrical or plumbing
        needs, etc.) to operate the proposed system.
    13.2.      Please indicate minimum and maximum scan times.


    14.1.          MicroCT Scanning Cabinet
                14.1.1. The cabinet of the proposed system will provide a fully protective
                     enclosure, requiring no special badges or clothing and continuous failsafe
                     monitoring during operation.
                14.1.2. The cabinet should be wheeled for ease of movement.
                14.1.3. The cabinet should be large enough to contain all x-ray equipment
                     and peripherals.
                14.1.4. The cabinet will need to accommodate samples 300mm or more in
                     diameter (from the size of a coin or bead to a large mammal skull).
                14.1.5. State the width, height and weight limitations for scanned items.
                14.1.6. The source will be based on an open x-ray tube.
                14.1.7. The scanner must use cone beam geometry.
                   UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                      7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

                14.1.8. The energy range of the scanner should be continuously variable.
                14.1.9. The source to detector distance should be adjustable.
                14.1.10. The detector panel on the cabinet should provide optimal
                14.1.11. Adjustable spatial resolution should be 5m or finer.
                14.1.12. Rotating transmissive and reflective targets are desired.
                14.1.13. An automated system with auto-centering is a desired option.
                14.1.14. A geometric magnification of up to 100x or better is a desired option.
                14.1.15. The temperature within the unit must be stabilized, a cooler must be
                     provided. If optional, the price of this accessory needs to be provided as a
                     seperate line item.
                14.1.16. Provide detailed specifications on the physical space required for
                     placing the equipment in a lab, outside dimensions and weight of
                     equipment, range of movement if applicable, all necessary
                     utility/electrical/plumbing requirements, and required supporting
                     equipment. If specialized floor treatment is required, please specify.

    14.2.          Workstation
                14.2.1. An advanced, high speed operation and reconstruction workstation
                     will be priced out. The workstation will include a host computer with a 64-
                     bit operating system that will allow for control, reconstruction and
                     visualization of digital files. The workstation detailed will be priced to meet
                     optimal (vs minimal) operation specifications (e.g., processor speed, RAM,
                     monitor array, graphic card acceleration, hard disk drive speed and
                     redundant storage capacity).
                14.2.2. The host computer should be quoted alone and with optional
                     alternative for parallel computer cluster for rapid volumetric 3D
                     reconstruction. Please indicate the difference in scan times between
                     computer configurations.

    14.3.          Software
                14.3.1. System software must provide source and camera control, image
                     preview, acquisition, volumetric reconstruction, region of interest (ROI)
                14.3.2. Software must also provide dimension measurement, morphological
                     analysis in 2D and 3D, 3D rendering and virtual manipulation of
                     reconstructed object.
                14.3.3. Data output should offer a variety of file types for optimal software
                     compatibility (e.g. BMP, TIFF, JPG, AVI, DICOM).
                  UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

    14.4.          Options
                14.4.1. Any optional accessories for the scanner (e.g., filters, multi-metal
                     target, batch inspection capability, ion chamber meter, etc.) should be
                     listed, detailed and priced out individually and separately.
                14.4.2. An ion chamber radiological survey meter will be required by the new
                     facility to monitor radiation levels within the Ancient Images Laboratory
                     where the digital x-ray and microCT scanning equipment will be housed. If
                     the Proponent would like the opportunity to quote Third Party
                     hardware/interface software/cables, these items should be itemized and
                     priced separately.
                14.4.3. Furniture/Cabinets/Racking for the workstation, if considered
                     optional accessories, need to be itemized and priced out.
                14.4.4. Recommended 3rd Party software for manipulation and operation of
                     images offline, or for working in tendem with system provided software,
                     should be itemized. Cost of purchasing this software through the successful
                     vendor, and any discount through bundling of software with scanner will
                     be priced out.

    14.5.          Alternative Proposals
                14.5.1. In addition to responding to the defined specifications/requirements
                     of this RFP, Proponents(s) may submit separate and individual proposal(s)
                     for alternative solutions that the Proponent(s) consider feasible solutions
                     that would meet the defined specifications/requirements. Any alternative
                     solution must include the same level of detail as the information requested
                     in response to the original requirements.
                14.5.2. The Evaluation Committee reserves the right in its sole discretion to
                     determine the feasibility and acceptability of any alternative solution
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011



    15.1 Pricing must be in CAD (Canadian) or USD (United States), excluding taxes. If
        quoting in USD, please specify CAD exchange rate used. Please complete
        Appendix C, attached.
    15.2 Prices must be guaranteed for the duration of the contract.
    15.3 Western would like to take advantage of any promotions, rebates, incentives,
        aggressive discounts, price decreases or new technologies that become available
        during the term of the contract. Proponents should state their policy related to
        future pricing and technology releases.
    15.4 The successful Proponent(s) guarantees that all pricing offered and agreed to in
        this contract is as low as or lower than any being paid to date by any institution in
        Canada, including the Federal Government, for good identical on this contract and
        sold by the successful Proponent. Should the successful Proponent(s) offer to sell
        goods identical to those on the on the contract to any institution in Canada at a
        lower price than those being paid for by Western; the successful Proponent(s) will
        adjust all prices for goods covered by this contract to the lower prices being offered
    15.5 Pricing must include all costs including, but not limited to, all delivery and set up
        costs, license fees, drawings, permits, inspection, documentation, training
        requirements, extended warranty costs, unloading and rigging, installation, testing
        and acceptance.
    15.6 As a part of the evaluation criteria stated in Section 10, proponents will be
        evaluated on the value of the in-kind contribution provided. For the specific
        weighting of the in-kind contribution, please refer to the evaluation criteria found
        in Section 10. Please refer to section 8 for further information and examples of in-
        kind contributions.


   16.1Payment terms are net 30 days after delivery, commissioning/installation and
       testing/acceptance. Please specify in your proposal any payment terms that may
       differ, e.g. 2% 10 days.
   16.2 For work assigned to a General Contractor, the monthly billing (progress draw) is
       to be accompanied by statutory declarations (affidavit) indicating payment of
       obligations to Subcontractors, for purchase of materials, and own payroll to the date
       of the billing. A 10% holdback and 2% maintenance retention fund is applied to
       such contracts. Contractor’s holdback releases are paid in accordance with the
       requirements of the Construction Lien Act. Note: Supplier must have their
       documentation to the General Contractor prior to the 31st of each month so it is
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                     7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

       passed over to the consultant for review and certification and sent to Western by
       the 8th of the month for payment on the 15th.
   16.3 Western will not consider any prepayment terms. Western will issue a purchase
       order for specific work and the successful Proponents(s) will invoice against these
       purchase orders once services are rendered.
   16.4 HST is to be shown as a separate line on all invoices, when applicable.
   16.5 The successful Proponent(s) must be registered in Ontario for the collection and
       remittance of HST from the sale of goods and services.
   16.6 All packages, packing slips, correspondence, customs documentation, and freight
       bills must quote the Western purchase order.
   16.7 All invoices must quote the Western purchase order number. Failure to include the
       purchase order number will result in invoices being returned and delays in
   16.8 The successful Proponent(s) should have the capability to accept EFT payments.
   16.9 Proponents should state if they accept payments using Western’s Visa Purchasing


   17.1 Training, support and service costs must be itemized and included in the quote.
   17.2 State the number of hours of training that is included. Is training provided on site?
       If the training is off site, identify the dates and locations and include travel costs in
   17.3 State any limitation on the number of individuals who can take the training
       sessions. What is the rate for additional training?
   17.4 Identify any additional costs related to training.
   17.5 Indicate nature, range and duration of support provided, and if the company has a
       technical support centre. If so, state the hours of operation.
   17.6 Provide any user and/or operation manuals and any other material typically
       distributed during training.
   17.7 State the cost of a Preventative Maintenance program for each year of the contract
       beyond the warranty period. Indicate preferred scheduling of maintenance service.
   17.8 Indicate the estimated operation life and replacement costs of equipment parts that
       are normally expected to be replaced (.e.g, x-ray tube, etc.).


   18.1 The proponent will be responsible for shipping, off-loading and installation. All
       delivery and off-loading costs must be itemized and included in the quote.
   18.2 Proponents should state the standard lead time for delivery of the equipment
       and/or goods.
   18.3 Delivery is DDP London, ON or FOB Destination Western (Museum of Ontario
       Archaeology), including in-transit insurance.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                   7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

   18.4 Time shall be of the essence and all goods shall be delivered and installed in
       accordance with the delivery dates and quantities as specified on the Western
       purchase order. Failure to meet the specified delivery date shall entitle Western, at
       its sole option, to cancel any portion or all of the order without incurring any
       liability costs.
   18.5 Goods must be packaged and transported in accordance with all relevant Federal,
       Provincial, and State regulations.
   18.6 Goods must be insured for the actual value of the goods/hardware, where
   18.7 The successful Proponent(s) bears the risk of loss with respect to hardware/goods
       until delivery and/or installation is complete and Western has accepted the
   18.8 Delivery to Western shall include delivery to the designated site, unloading, all
       packaging and waste removed and disposed of.


    19.1 Quote must include the supply and install of the proposed microCT system.
    19.2 Provide details as to any specific operating and/or environmental requirements
        the hardware requires.
    19.3 State if your company is ISO registered.
    19.4 All equipment must meet legislated standards and externally bear a mark or label
        approved by the Standards Council of Canada or equivalent. (i.e. ULC, CSA, FDA)
    19.5 Proponent(s) must be available for consultation on the placement of hardware to
        accommodate the system infrastructure, power and ventilation requirements,
        building restrictions, etc. and to maximize workflow and staffing issues.

   20.1         Proponents should state the duration of the manufacturers’ warranty on all
       hardware and software associated with the system.
   20.2         Proponents should state the location of their distribution centre.
   20.3         Software patches and service pack releases must be supplied at no
       additional cost.
   20.4        Is there a fee associated with software updates and/or software
       maintenance? If so, identify the term and cost with updates/or maintenance.
   20.5         Service technicians must be fully trained, factory authorized and certified by
       the manufacturer to perform their service
   20.6         The Service Agreement must include remote maintenance for expert
       technical consultation and software support
   20.7         The microCT scanner must be guaranteed to function properly and, if
       defective, must be replaced at no cost to the project.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                 7-NOV-11
15 April 2011


   21.1       The proposed system must be installed according to a schedule determined
       in coordination with the facility.
   21.2       The schedule should identify the scope of work, roles, responsibilities,
       constraints, milestones and estimated time to completion.
   21.3       Proponents should state the typical time, material and service costs over 5
   21.4       Provide details as to any specific operating and/or environmental
       requirements the equipment requires (i.e. power requirements).


   22.1       State your return policy. Identify any costs associated with returned goods.
   22.2       Describe support for emergencies, such as system failures and disaster
       recoveries, including associated costs.


   23.1        Unless otherwise stated, the specified supplies/materials/equipment must
       be new, in good condition and fit for the purpose for which they are being acquired.
   23.2        Post-implementation assessment will be performed to determine that:
              23.2.1 All specified features outlined in sections 13 and 14 are present and
                     function as expected.
              23.2.2 Equipment complies with Provincial and Federal standards.

   23.3      The University of Western Ontario reserves the right to hold back 5% on
       payment until post-implementation acceptance criteria are met.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                              7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

                                            Appendix A
                       Attestation to be returned with your quotation


SUBMITTED BY (Company): ________________________________________

Name:                          _________________________________________

Address:                       _________________________________________



Telephone:                     _________________________________________

Facsimile:                     _________________________________________

Email:                         _________________________________________

I/We the undersigned have read and understand the Terms and Conditions set out in this
RFI document and are duly authorized to execute this Proposal on behalf of:

                Name of Prospective Supplier

                Authorized Signature



Dated at the
                       City / Province

This             Day of ____________, 2011.
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                            7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

                                          Appendix B
                     Attestation to be returned with your quotation


       Questions to be answered and returned with       Answer        Comments
  No                 your submission                    Yes/No
   1 Quotation in Canadian Dollars?
   2 Have you marked "Confidential" all aspects so
   3 Have you indicated how long your quote is valid?
   4 Have you indicated your payment terms i.e.
     2%/10 days net 30 days or net 30 days?
   5 Have you included drawings?
   6 Have you offered an alternative offer?
   7 Have you clearly described your warranty?
   8 Have you identified users with a similar
   9 Have you included at least three references?
  10 Are you prepared to arrange for a demo?
  11 What is your delivery lead-time?
  12 Do you have a local representative or
     technician, and enclosed their details?
  13 Have identified how your ‘in-kind’ is made up?
  14 Are you licensed to sell radiation emitting
     devices in Canada?
                UWORFPAL-01106 MICRO CT SCANNER                                    7-NOV-11
15 April 2011

                                              Appendix C
                        Attestation to be returned with your quotation


    Description           List Price    Best Normal        In-Kind       UWO Net        % of
                                       Education Price   Contribution     Price       In-Kind
Item 1:
Micro CT Cabinet
Item 2:
Item 3:
Item 4:
Item 5:
Delivery & Offloading
Item 6:
Item 7:
Item 8:
Item 9:
Extended Warranty

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