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   and Related Information


   Spotsylvania County Schools
           Grades 9-12
Page 1                                     Spotsylvania County Schools                                2009-2010

                                           Superintendent’s Message

This Catalog of Secondary Course Offerings and Related Information contains descriptions of all our high school
courses, programs, and requirements for the 2009-2010 school year.

Graduation requirements, including an explanation of the necessary verified credits, are included in this document.
It remains extremely important for all students and parents to maintain close contact with not only their school
counselors, but also the classroom teachers concerning progress towards graduation.

We have many resources and people available to assist students and parents in making the best informed decisions
about class schedules, course selections, college, and career choices. It is important to understand that we use your
class choices to staff schools, acquire materials, and ready our schools for opening in August. You should choose
your courses carefully and with a great deal of commitment.

Excellent school attendance is a key component of student and school success. It is obvious that students cannot
make academic or social progress without being in class. Our current alternate-day scheduling model provides
longer blocks of instructional time in an effort to utilize more student engagement and interaction in learning. With
such, excellent regular student attendance takes on added significance. As we attempt to meet the No Child Left
Behind mandates, it becomes much more important that the partnership among the student, the parent and/or the
guardian, and the classroom teacher remain in constant communication. A new program has been implemented to
increase communication with parents and to strengthen the home-school connection: P.A.S.S., Parent Access for
Student Success. This web-based program gives parents the opportunity to monitor their child’s progress and
historical information.

I encourage every student to select the most appropriate challenging courses available that meet your abilities and
goals, and I wish you the greatest success in all your endeavors.

                                                                                               Jerry W. Hill, Ed.D.
Page 2                                   Spotsylvania County Schools                             2009-2010

                                          MISSION STATEMENT
                         …to prepare all students to excel in a dynamic global society

                                         VISION STATEMENT
SCS provides a premier education of world class distinction in a positive, collaborative environment with high
  levels of community engagement. All organizational structures support the primary purpose of preparing
                            students to be responsible and productive citizens.

                             DEVELOPING YOUR EDUCATIONAL PLAN

In order to prepare students to live and work in society, opportunities are provided by the Spotsylvania County
Public Schools to help students develop to the fullest of their capabilities. Extensive course offerings are
geared to meet the needs, interests and abilities of all students.

The process of developing a student’s educational plan begins as early as grade 7 and continues with the
annual review of progress toward established goals. Parents and students, working side by side with school
counselors and teachers, provide the direction for the future by making appropriate course recommendations
and yearly schedule plans.

Serious consideration should be given to the class registration process by students and their parents as choices
are made regarding school subjects and career preparation. The High School Program of Studies presents
students and parents with essential information needed to take an active role in this decision-making process.
This course description guide has been prepared to enable students to make wise and appropriate choices in
the selection of their classes at the secondary level.

During the class registration process, counselors distribute packets of information about the timelines and
opportunities for students and parents to gain additional information by attending workshops. Students
participate in classroom guidance lessons in grades seven through eleven to review course descriptions and
examine ways to make the best decisions about course options. Individual and group counseling sessions are
scheduled for all students with school counselors to discuss and plan a course of study. Parental approval is
needed for the course selections. Counselors and teachers welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions
and to further assist parents and students in this process.
Page 3                                                               Spotsylvania County Schools                                                           2009-2010

       TABLE OF CONTENTS                                         Business and Information                                              attendance
Superintendent’s Message ..................... 1                 Technology ............................................. 27       The school staff is responsible for
Developing Your Educational Plan ....... 2                       Occupational Courses .............................. 27            fostering good student attendance by:
Student Attendance Regulations ............ 3                    Elective Business Courses ....................... 28              1. modeling good daily attendance
Graduation Requirements ...................... 4                 Family and Consumer Sciences .............. 28                    2. relating to the students the
Course Selection Information ................ 5                  Marketing ............................................... 29          importance of daily attendance
Academic Rigor and Course Selection .. 5                         Technology Education ............................ 30              3. providing an atmosphere in which
Advanced Placement Program............... 5                      Career and Technical Center                                           students can become actively
College Credit Through Dual                                      Programs ................................................ 30          involved in the learning process
Enrollment Courses ............................... 6             Trade and Industry Cluster ..................... 30               4. communicating to the students how
Virtual Advanced Placement School ..... 6                        Trade and Industry Program                                           daily attendance is directly related to
College Credit for AP Classes. .............. 6                  Completion Courses ............................... 31                  good grades
School Counseling Program                                        Construction/Mechanical Trades ............ 31                    5. developing the habit of consistent
and Services........................................... 6        Information Technologies Courses ......... 32                         attendance necessary to be successful
Course Availability................................ 7            Mass Communication Courses ............... 33                         in the world of work
SOL Testing .......................................... 7         Transportation Courses........................... 33              6. providing interesting lessons which
Course Load .......................................... 7         Personal Services Courses ...................... 34                   encourage students to want to attend
Grades and Promotion ........................... 7               Architectural/Mechanical Drafting,                                    class
High School Subjects Taken in                                    Design & Cad ......................................... 34         7. providing appropriate incentives and
Middle School ....................................... 7          Metal Trades........................................... 34            any necessary discipline
Schedule Adjustments ........................... 7               Family and Consumer Sciences
Auditing A Course................................. 7             Cluster .................................................... 35   Parents are responsible for promoting
Transfer Credits ..................................... 7         Health, Medical and Protective                                    positive school attendance by:
                                                                 Services Cluster ................................. 35/37          1. developing within the student an
                                                                 Additional Opportunities ........................ 37                 appreciation for the worth of
      RELATED INFORMATION                                                                                                             becoming an educated person
Academic Recognition .......................... 8                                                                                  2. creating a support system (safe,
State Board of Education Seal ............... 8                     INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES                                          healthy home environment) that is
Governor’s Seal ..................................... 8            NEW TO SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY                                         conducive to learning
Early College Scholars .......................... 8              Study Hall............................................... 38      3. making sure that the student is in
State Board of Education Career and                              Athletics/Activities ................................. 38            school on time each day
Technical Education Seal ...................... 8                Bus Transportation ................................. 38           4. being an active part of the student’s
State Board of Education Seal of                                 Clubs ...................................................... 38       school activities (e.g.: consulting
Advanced Mathematics and                                         Examinations .......................................... 38            school calendar for key dates;
Technology ............................................ 8        Records Required for Enrollment ........... 38                        attending parent-teacher conferences
State Board of Education Seal for                                Procedure to Withdraw a Student ........... 39                        and other school functions;
Excellence in Civics Education ............. 9                   PSAT, SAT and ACT College                                             communicating with
Spotsylvania Seal of Academic                                    Admission Testing.................................. 39               school personnel; being active in
Excellence ............................................. 9       Textbooks ............................................... 39         parent-teacher organizations, etc.)
Community Service Seal ....................... 9                 Student Planning Guide .......................... 40              5. recognizing the importance of
Articulation Agreement                                                                                                                positive feedback as it relates to the
with Germanna Community College ..... 9                                                                                               development of a positive, success-
Athletic Eligibility ................................. 9                    STUDENT ATTENDANCE                                        oriented self-image for their student
National Collegiate Athletic Association                                       REGULATIONS                                         6. sending to school an appropriate
(NCAA) Eligibility Requirements ......... 9                                                                                            excuse note the morning that the
Grade Point Average and Class Rank .... 9                        With eight extended class periods on an A/B                           student returns to school after a
Services for Gifted Students ................ 10                 schedule for 2009-2010, excellent attendance                          legitimate absence.
The Commonwealth                                                 is even more important.
Governor’s School............................... 10
Special Education Services .................. 10                 Students are responsible for being in
Summer School ................................... 10             school and class on time. A positive
Course Offerings ............................ 10/11              attitude toward school attendance will
Course Descriptions ............................ 12              enable students to:
English............................................ 12/15        1. define their goals and reach their
Fine Arts .............................................. 15         fullest potential
Art ....................................................... 15   2. take advantage of the American free
Theater Arts ......................................... 16           public education system
Music ................................................... 16     3. obtain credit for courses necessary to
World Languages ........................... 17/19                   complete a high school education
Health and Physical Education ............ 19                    4. take full advantage of both classroom
Mathematics ................................... 20/22               and extracurricular activities
Science ........................................... 22/24        5. develop the habit of consistent
Social Sciences ............................... 24/26               attendance necessary to be successful
Career and Technical Education .......... 26                        in the world of work
Agricultural Education ................... 26/27                 6. accept responsibility for their
Page 4                                                             Spotsylvania County Schools                                                                  2009-2010

                                                               +Beginning with the ninth-grade class of 2000-01,                          Earth Science, Biology,
 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                                       two of the electives must be sequential from the                            Chemistry or Physics
                                                               fine or practical arts.
  Spotsylvania County high schools offer                                                                                      History/Social Sciences ....................... 4
                                                                         Verified Credit Requirement
  three types of diplomas: a Standard                                                                                            World Geography, World History,
                                                                            for Standard Diploma
  Diploma, an Advanced Studies Diploma,                                                                                              U.S. and Virginia History,
  and a Modified Standard Diploma.                                                                                                 U.S. and Virginia Government
                                                               A Verified Credit is earned by passing the
  Information about the requirements for
  these diplomas is described below. Other                     course and passing an SOL End-of-Course
                                                                                                                              World Language ............................... 3-4
  diplomas and certificates recognized for                     Test in:
                                                                                                                              Three years of one language or two years
  graduation include Special Diploma,                                      English 11 Writing
                                                                                                                              each of two languages
  General       Achievement       Diploma,                       English 11 Reading, Literature, Research
  Certificate of Program Completion, and                                        Algebra I
                                                                                                                              Health and Physical Education .......... 2
  the General Education Development                                            Geometry
                                                                                                                              Fine or Practical Arts .......................... 1
  Certificate (GED). For information about                                     Algebra II
                                                                                                                              Electives ............................................ 1-2
  qualifications and eligibility for these                                    Earth Science
                                                                                                                              Total Credits ...................................... 24
  certificates and diplomas, please contact                                     Biology
  the school counselor.                                                        Chemistry
                                                                                                                                  Verified Credit Requirement for
                                                                            World Geography
                                                                                                                                    Advanced Studies Diploma
  Students are required to earn specific                         World History 1500 AD (C.E) to Present
  verified credits for the Standard and the                                   U.S. History
                                                                                                                              For students enrolling in grade 9 in
  Advanced Studies Diploma. A verified                                                                                        2000-2001 and beyond with graduation
  credit is earned by successful completion                    Additionally, there are other tests whose
                                                                                                                              in four years (2004 and beyond), the
  of the requirements for the course and the                   scores may substitute for the SOL to earn a
                                                                                                                              student must earn 9 verified credits: 2 in
  achievement of a passing score on the                        Verified Credit. Please see your school
                                                                                                                              English, 2 in mathematics, 2 in science,
  End-of-Course SOL test or additional test                    counselor for complete information.
                                                                                                                              2 in history/social science and 1 student-
  for that course as approved by the Board
                                                                                                                              selected. No Local Verified Credits may
  of Education.                                                       Award of Local Verified Credits                         be earned to satisfy graduation
                                                                         for a Standard Diploma                               requirements for the Advanced Studies
             STANDARD DIPLOMA                                  A Local Verified Credit may be awarded in
                                                               science or social studies under defined
                                                                                                                              A Verified Credit is earned by passing
                                                               guidelines for students who pass the course,
English .................................................. 4                                                                  the course and passing an SOL End-of-
                                                               but have failed the subject SOL End-of-
Mathematics ......................................... 3                                                                       Course Test in:
                                                               Course Test two times. At least one score
                                                                                                                                         English 11 Writing
                                                               must be in the 375 to 399 range. For more
Courses completed to satisfy this                                                                                             English 11 Reading, Literature, Research
                                                               information about qualifications and
requirement shall be at the level of                                                                                                          Algebra I
                                                               eligibility, contact the school counselor.
Algebra and shall include at least two                                                                                                        Geometry
course selections from among:                                                                                                                 Algebra II
                                                                        State Board of Education Seal                                      Earth Science
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or                                         for Standard Diploma
other mathematics courses above the                                                                                                            Biology
level of Algebra and Geometry.                                                                                                                Chemistry
                                                               Students who earn an average of an “A” (4.0
                                                                                                                                         World Geography
                                                               GPA and above) will receive the State Board
Laboratory Science.............................. 3                                                                                World History 1500 AD (C.E.) to
                                                               of Education Seal on their diploma. See
Must include two different sciences from                                                                                                       Present
                                                               Academic Recognition section for more
these:                                                                                                                                      U.S. History
Earth Science, Biology,
Chemistry or Physics                                                                                                          Additionally, there are other tests whose
                                                                          ADVANCED STUDIES
                                                                                                                              scores may substitute for the SOL to
History/Social Sciences ...................... 3*                                                                             earn a Verified Credit. Please see your
World Geography, World History,                                                                                               school    counselor      for     complete
U.S. History and Virginia History,                             English .................................................. 4   information.
U.S. and Virginia Government                                   Mathematics......................................... 4
                                                                                                                                          Governor’s Seal
                                                               Courses completed to satisfy this                                 for the Advanced Studies Diploma
Health and Physical Education .......... 2
                                                               requirement shall be at the level of Algebra
Fine or Practical Arts .......................... 1
Electives ............................................ 6*+     and shall include at least three course                        Students who receive Advanced Studies
Total Credits ...................................... 22        selections from among:                                         Diplomas and earn an average “B” (3.0
                                                                                                                              GPA and above) and complete one AP
*Beginning with the ninth-grade class of                         Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or other                    or college-level class will receive the
1997-98, the Spotsylvania School Board                            mathematics courses above the level of                      Governor’s Seal on their diploma. See
requires 4 years of social studies for both the                                Algebra II.                                    Academic Recognition section for more
22-credit and advanced studies 24-credit                                                                                      information.
diplomas. The fourth social studies credit                     Laboratory Science.............................. 4
may be substituted for one of the elective                     Must include three different sciences from
credits required.                                              these:
 Page 5                                           Spotsylvania County Schools                                              2009-2010

     State Board of Education Seal                                                                     ADVANCED PLACEMENT
     for Advanced Studies Diploma                                             Standard                      PROGRAM
                                                                               Units of
 Students who earn an average of an “A”              Discipline Area           Credit             The Advanced Placement (AP) Program
 (4.0 GPA and above) will receive the                                         Required            provides students with the opportunity to
 State Board of Education Seal on their            English                        4               pursue college-level studies while still in
 diploma. See Academic Recognition                 Mathematics1                   3               high school and to receive advanced
 section for more information.                     Science2                       2               placement and/or credit when entering
                                                   History and Social             2               college. Academically oriented students
                                                   Science3                                       are strongly encouraged to participate in
                                                   Health and Physical            2               the Advanced Placement Program in the
                                                   Education                                      Spotsylvania County high schools.
                                                   Fine or Practical              1
                                                  Arts                                            Advanced Placement (AP) courses
         MODIFIED STANDARD                         Electives4                     6               follow the suggested College Board
             DIPLOMA                               Total                         20               course descriptions and serve to prepare
                                                                                                  students for the AP examinations in
1. The Modified Standard Diploma               Courses completed to satisfy this requirement      May. In addition to preparing students
                                              shall include content from among the                for the AP exam, AP courses allow
   program is intended for certain
                                              applications of Algebra, Geometry, Personal         students to experience the pace and
   students at the secondary level who
                                              Finance, and Statistics in courses that have        intensity of college-level courses while
   have a disability and are unlikely to      been approved by the Board.
   meet the credit requirements for a                                                             still in high school. Some AP courses
   Standard Diploma.        Eligibility and   2                                                   may explore opportunities for students to
                                               Courses completed shall include content from       work in teams on interdisciplinary
   participation in the Modified Standard     at least two of the following: applications of
   Diploma program shall be determined                                                            themes or projects.       Such activities
                                              Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
   by the student’s Individual Education                                                          would be designed to provide students
                                              in courses approved by the Board.
   Program (IEP) team and the student,                                                            the opportunity to solve real-world
   where appropriate,          at any point   3
                                               Courses completed to satisfy this requirement      problems across AP subject areas. The
   after the student’s eighth grade year.     shall include one unit of credit in U.S. and        AP courses are challenging and
2. The school must secure the informed        Virginia History and one unit of credit in U.S.     stimulating, require more work and more
   written consent of the parent/guardian     and Virginia Government in courses approved         time than other high school courses, but
   and the student to choose this diploma     by the Board.                                       are ranked by former AP students as the
   program after review of the student’s                                                          most valuable experience of the high
   academic history and the full               Beginning with the graduating class of 2003,       school education. In late May, all
   disclosure of the student’s options.       courses to satisfy this requirement shall include   students scheduled for AP courses will
                                              at least two sequential electives in the same       receive      the     required     summer
3. The student who has chosen to pursue a
                                              manner required for the Standard Diploma.           assignments and due date for
   Modified Standard Diploma shall also
   be allowed to pursue the Standard or                                                           completion. These assignments form the
   Advanced Studies Diploma at any time                                                           basis of class work in the first weeks of
                                              COURSE SELECTION INFORMATION                        school and are crucial for student
   throughout that student’s high school
   career.     The student must not be                                                            participation.
   excluded from courses and tests                    ACADEMIC RIGOR AND
   required to earn a Standard or                                                                 The Advanced Placement examinations,
                                                       COURSE SELECTION                           provided and graded by the College
   Advanced Studies Diploma.
4. Beginning with the ninth grade class of                                                        Board, are administered each year during
                                              Students are encouraged to select rigorous          the second and third weeks of May.
   2000-01, students pursuing the             courses that will provide an intellectual
   Modified Standard Diploma shall pass                                                           Usually three hours in length, each exam
                                              challenge and also will better prepare them         consists of a multiple choice section and
   literacy and numeracy competency           for future courses and educational and/or
   assessments prescribed by the Board                                                            free-response section that requires essay
                                              career pursuits beyond high school. In              writing or problem solving.          Every
   (Grade 8 SOL for English and Grade 8       considering students’ applications for
   SOL for math). No verified credits are                                                         examination receives an overall grade
                                              admission, colleges and universities look           from a team of carefully selected college
   required to earn this diploma.             closely at the number and kind of advanced
5. Credits required for graduation with a                                                         professors and high school AP teachers
                                              courses students have taken. The academic           on a five-point scale: 5 (extremely well-
   Modified Standard Diploma are listed:      rigor can be a significant factor in a student      qualified),    4    (well-qualified),    3
                                              being accepted by the college of his/her            (qualified), 2 (possibly qualified), and 1
                                              choice.                                             (no recommendation).

                                                                                                  An AP Grade Report is sent in July to
                                                                                                  each student, the high school, and if the
                                                                                                  student requests it, to the college. All
                                                                                                  enrolled AP students are encouraged to
                                                                                                  take AP course examinations. Financial
                                                                                                  assistance for the cost of the AP exams
                                                                                                  may be available for students in need.
Page 6                                           Spotsylvania County Schools                                              2009-2010

                                                                                               Each high school has a Career Center
 COLLEGE CREDIT THROUGH                               COLLEGE CREDIT                           supervised by a paraprofessional who
 DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES                                   FOR                                 assists students and parents in searching
                                                ADVANCED PLACEMENT CLASSES                     for information and opportunities related
Dual Enrollment is a unique enrichment                                                         to:
program in which high school junior and       Although each college determines what AP         College and career exploration/career
senior students are given the opportunity     examination grades it will accept for credit     assessments Vocational and technical
to take college courses in their own high     and/or advanced placement, the majority of       school exploration
school through Germanna Community             colleges accept grades of 3 or better and        The college application process and
College’s program.        Students earn       award the student credit in the subject matter   meeting with college representatives
college credits while completing their        tested. In some cases, no credit is given, but   College admission test registration
high school requirements.          Credits    the student begins the program of study at an    information (PSAT, SAT & ACT)
normally transfer to all Virginia             advanced level.                                  Financial      Aid      and   scholarship
Community Colleges and most colleges                                                           opportunities/searches.
and universities. Courses are taught by       Many colleges will grant sophomore               Part-time school-year job opportunities
high school instructors who have the          standing to a student who presents               and full-time post graduation job
qualifications to teach at the college        acceptable scores on three or more AP            opportunities.
level. Interested students should discuss     examinations. Students wanting to know           Armed Forces ASVAB testing and
dual enrollment options with their high       what AP scores are considered acceptable by      recruiter visits.
school counselors.                            the colleges in which they are interested        Selective         Service     registration
                                              should contact the Director of Admissions of     requirements.
Prospective students will be required to      the college or consult with their school          All students in grade 9 complete a
complete a Germanna Community                 counselor.      The Advanced Placement           computerized Career Interest Inventory
College Application for Admissions,           Program in the Spotsylvania County high          and sign up for an online free College
provide qualifying SAT scores, or take a      schools consists of the following courses:       Board account. Students can sign up to
placement test administered at the high                                                        visit with college, military and business
school. Qualifying students will register     AP English 11  AP Music Theory                   representatives and to take advantage of
through the high school in spring and         AP English 12  AP French                         any of the opportunities offered by the
will pay the tuition to the high school at    AP German      AP Latin                          School Counseling program through the
the beginning of the school year. For         AP Spanish     AP Calculus                       Career Center.
more information on dual enrollment,          AP Statistics  AP Computer Science
visit website        AP Biology     AP World History                  Each high school counseling program
                                              AP Government AP U.S. History                    offers workshops for students and
The Dual Enrollment Program in                AP Chemistry   AP European History               parents designed to enhance orientation
Spotsylvania County high schools              AP Psychology AP Studio Art                      to academic success, awareness of the
consists of the following courses which       AP Human Geography                               college admission process, scholarship
are described in more detail in the                                                            and financial aid opportunities, and
subject listing by department. These                                                           transitions after high school. Counselors
courses are offered dependent upon             SCHOOL COUNSELING PROGRAM                       support the regional college night
availability of qualified staff and student           AND SERVICES                             program.
demand for the course.
                                              Students are assigned to a school counselor      Check your school newsletter, school
    English                                   for the duration of their high school years      website and special announcements on
    Pre-calculus                              alphabetically based on the student’s last       the Spotsylvania Schools website and
    Biology *                                 name. Together, the counselor, parents and       educational broadcasting channel to
    Chemistry *                               student will build the relationship needed to    learn more about the programs at your
    Drafting offered at SCTC                  better assist in academic planning, and goal     high school.
    Early Childhood offered at SCTC           setting as well as provide support through
                                              the college admission process. Parents are       School counselors may be contacted at
*Offered at The Commonwealth Governor’s       encouraged to participate in the development     each of the schools by using the
School                                        of the student’s program of studies that maps    following numbers:
                                              the route to the chosen diploma option and
                                              graduation.      In addition to the annual       Chancellor High School ......... 786-2606
       VIRTUAL ADVANCED                       academic planning and course selection
       PLACEMENT SCHOOL                       sessions, counselors provide programs to all     Courtland High School ........... 898-4445
                                              students through classroom guidance, small
This is an online, fee-based program          group and/or individual sessions on topics       Massaponax High School ....... 710-0419
developed in conjunction with former          such as study skills, test-taking strategies,
Governor Warner’s Early College               decision-making and time management              Riverbend High School .......... 548-4051
Scholars Initiative. Spotsylvania County      strategies. Counselors assist students and
students may enroll if an AP class is not     parents to address other issues that create      Spotsylvania High School ...... 582-3882
offered at their school due to low student    challenges to academic success.
enrollment requests.      Information is                                                       Spotsylvania Career and
available online and from the school                                                           Technical Center .................... 898-2655
Page 7                                           Spotsylvania County Schools                                           2009-2010

      COURSE AVAILABILITY                        Freshman 0-4 units                            Dropping a Class: student who
                                                 Sophomore 5 units                             withdraws from a class after the first
All courses are available to students who        Junior 10 units                               nine weeks grading period will receive a
have met the stated prerequisites.               Senior 15 units                               “WF” (withdrew failing) or a “WP”
Teachers and counselors will advise                                                            (withdrew passing) which are treated as
students and make recommendations, but        The Spotsylvania County Schools grading          an “F” when calculating the GPA.
if a student or parent insists on a certain   scale for high school students is:               B. A student may not drop a required
course, that desire will be granted if                   A = 94-100                                course at any time.
possible     Occasionally, a particular                  B = 86-93
course will not be available due to an                   C = 78-85
insufficient number of students desiring                 D = 70-77                                    AUDITING A COURSE
the course or a scheduling conflict. If a                F = Below 70
student selects one or more of these                                                           A student may decide to audit a course
courses, an alternate class must be                                                            to gain increased subject mastery or to
chosen. While every effort is made to         HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECTS TAKEN IN                    improve the course grade. A course can
resolve conflicts, in certain situations,            MIDDLE SCHOOL                             be taken as an audit only if the student
students may need to consider alternative                                                      has completed the course, received a
choices. The school will attempt to           If a middle school student successfully          passing grade and earned a credit. The
contact students and parents when this        completes a high school credit course, the       student will not receive a credit for the
becomes necessary.                            credit earned is counted for the specified       audited course; however, the grade
                                              subject required for graduation, and for         earned will be calculated into the
            SOL TESTING                       meeting the total number of units required       student’s cumulative GPA.
                                              for graduation. The grades earned are
Students who first entered the ninth          included when calculating the student’s          Serious consideration must be given to
grade in 2000-2001 and beyond will be         grade point average.                             the decision to audit a course. Auditing
required to achieve passing scores on six                                                      a course is usually beneficial if the
(6) End-of-Course Tests to receive a          NOTE: Each parent has the opportunity            student earned a low grade, passed the
Standard Diploma or nine (9) End-of-          to request that the credit and grade be          course but did not pass the SOL or if the
Course Tests to receive an Advanced           removed for a high school course taken           student took the course and received
Studies Diploma.      See your school         during the middle school years. The              credit in a different school system where
counselor for the list of End-of-Course       Request to Remove the Grade and Credit           the curriculum did not align with
Tests and substitute test list. Courses       form must be completed no later than 5           Spotsylvania County. The impact of an
which require a Standards of Learning         days after receipt of the final grade 8          audited course on the cumulative GPA
End-of-Course Test are marked with            report card. Once the student has entered        and the student’s educational plan must
EOC Test in the title and description,        high school (July 1 following grade 8), the      be evaluated. The parent must submit a
i.e,                                          grades and credit cannot be removed.             written request to the school counselor
                                                                                               for the course audit. After review of the
                                                    SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENTS                       educational plan, the counselor will
           COURSE LOAD                                                                         advance the request to the school
                                              Students and parents are encouraged to make      principal for final decision.
Students are to be full-time enrolled and     all course request changes as soon as the
scheduled in classes that total at least      need for the change is apparent. Since the
five units of credit. Any exceptions          master schedule for each high school is                 TRANSFER CREDITS
must be approved by the Superintendent.       created in late spring based on student
High school principals will require that      requests and staff availability, changes after        EARNING CREDIT
any senior whose parent or guardian           the end of school may be more difficult to        FOR COURSES TAKEN FROM
requests early release must have already      obtain. Counselors review student requests          APPROVED ON-LINE &
passed all the SOL End-of-Course Tests        and make schedule adjustments prior to the       CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAMS
required for the chosen diploma option        opening of school when the following
before the principal will recommend           circumstances occur:                             A high school student and parent may
early release. The principal will forward                                                      apply in writing to the high school
the parental request for early release to     a. student’s failure of a course which is a      principal requesting permission to enroll
the Superintendent for final decision.            prerequisite for a scheduled course          in an on-line or correspondence course
Students enrolled in Co-operative                 or graduation requirement                    for credit when it is appropriate for the
Education classes such as marketing or        b. clerical error                                completion of the student’s educational
business will be given early release to       c. change in the student’s educational plan      plan. Parents are responsible for any
meet requirements associated with the         d. balancing of class sizes                      fees and expenses charged by the course
course. (School Board Policy IHD)             e. requested course has low enrollment and       provider. The courses may be obtained
                                              will not be offered.                             from the Department of Education
    GRADES AND PROMOTION                                                                       sponsored Virtual Advanced Placement
                                              All requests for course changes must be          Program, any other        public school
Grade level classification is based on the    made in writing and signed by parent.            division in Virginia which offers on-line
total number of units of credit                                                                credits, or any approved correspondence
accumulated as follows:                                                                        program. Parents are directed to contact
                                                                                               the school counselor in advance of
                                                                                               making the written request to determine
Page 8                                         Spotsylvania County Schools                                             2009-2010

approval status of the online or            courses which the student can verify that          EARLY COLLEGE SCHOLARS
correspondence program. Spotsylvania        he/she has taken in private school or through
County students may NOT take an on-         home instruction. For sequential courses         The Early College Scholars Program
line course for credit which requires an    such as English and math, if the student         allows eligible high school seniors to
End-of-Course Test unless the student       cannot successfully pass those examinations,     complete their high school diploma and
has already passed the test and needs the   he/she will be required to take the              concurrently earn at least 15 hours of
course credit to complete the verified      examinations of courses taken previously.        transferable credits toward a college
credit unit.                                                                                 degree, resulting in a more productive
                                                   RELATED INFORMATION                       senior year and reducing the amount of
A transcript from the virtual or                                                             college tuition for families. Eligibility:
correspondence school must be supplied            ACADEMIC RECOGNITION                       Students should have a “B” (3.0 GPA or
to the high school counseling office on                                                      higher) average, be pursuing an
or before June 1 of the year in which the   Recognition is provided in several ways for      Advanced       Studies       diploma,     be
student desires the credit to be included   students of Spotsylvania County high             completing or have completed college
on his or her official transcript. The      schools who excel in their academic pursuits.    level course work (Dual Enrollment
grade earned will be recorded for GPA       To be on the Honor Roll, a student must          and/or Advanced Placement courses)
purposes according to county weighting      have a final nine weeks grade of at least 86     that will earn at least fifteen transferable
requirements.                               in all subjects with any weighted grades of      college credits. Students can contract to
                                            “C” or better included.         To earn an       become an Early College Scholar
 FROM ACCREDITED SCHOOLS                    Academic Letter, the student must earn a         beginning in grade 9.             See your
   AND HOMESCHOOLING                        3.50 or better grade-point average for the       counselor for a contract and more
                                            school year, have no grade lower than a 78,      information.
Upon receipt of an official transcript      and earn at least five credits.
from the student’s previous school, the                                                       STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION
counselor will review the courses taken     Seniors who have a final grade point average        CAREER AND TECHNICAL
and accept credits earned from              of 3.20 - 3.89 are recognized as honor                 EDUCATION SEAL
accredited secondary schools in other       graduates at Commencement. Seniors with
school divisions. Courses accepted to       a final grade point average of 3.90 and above    The Board of Education’s Career and
meet Virginia graduation requirements       are recognized as graduating with special        Technical Education Seal will be
must be those recognized as such by the     distinction at Commencement.              The    awarded to students who earn a Standard
Virginia Department of Education.           senior(s) who has the second highest final       or Advanced Studies Diploma and
Course credit may be accepted as            grade point average is recognized as the         complete a prescribed sequence of
elective credit instead of a required       Salutatorian. The senior(s) with the highest     courses in a career and technical
course when the course does not align       final grade point average is recognized as the   education concentration or specialization
with Spotsylvania County courses.           Valedictorian.                                   that they choose and maintain a “B” (3.0
Course credits and grades are converted                                                      GPA or higher) in those courses; or (i)
to reflect a fair comparison to the                                                          pass an examination in a career and
Spotsylvania County grading scale.                     STATE BOARD OF                        technical education concentration or
Only credits earned in AP courses and                  EDUCATION SEAL                        specialization that confers certification
Dual Enrollment will carry a weighted                                                        from a recognized industry, trade or
quality credit value. Students who wish     Students who complete the requirements for       professional association or (ii) acquire a
to enroll in post-secondary programs        a Standard Diploma or Advanced Studies           professional license in that career and
before graduation from high school may      Diploma with an average of “A” (4.0 GPA          technical education field from the
be awarded course credit leading to high    or higher) will receive this academic seal.      Commonwealth of Virginia.
school graduation if it is part of the
student’s educational plan; however,                                                          STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION
prior approval must be granted by the                 GOVERNOR’S SEAL                             SEAL OF ADVANCED
principal and the course must be given                                                              MATHEMATICS
by the college for degree credit.           Students who complete the requirements for            AND TECHNOLOGY
                                            an Advanced Studies Diploma with an
FROM NON-ACCREDITED SCHOOLS                 average grade of “B” (3.0 GPA or higher)         The Board of Education’s Seal of
  AND NON-ACCREDITED HOME                   and successfully complete at least one AP or     Advanced Mathematics and Technology
         SCHOOLING                          college-level course for credit will earn this   will be awarded to students who earn
                                            academic seal.                                   either a Standard or Advanced Studies
Spotsylvania County reserves the right to                                                    Diploma and (i) satisfy all of the
determine credit and appropriate grade                                                       mathematics requirements for the
level placement of students transferring                                                     Advanced Studies Diploma (four units of
from non-accredited private schools or                                                       credit including Algebra II; two verified
non-accredited     home      instruction                                                     units of credit) with a “B” (3.0 GPA or
programs. This determination will be                                                         higher) average; and (ii) either (a) pass
based on available transcripts of past                                                       an examination in a career and technical
academic work, standardized test scores,                                                     education field that confers certification
and     criterion   referenced      tests                                                    from a recognized industry, or trade or
administered by Spotsylvania personnel.                                                      professional association; (b) acquire a
The student will be required to take a                                                       professional license in a career and
final examination for the subject.                                                           technical education field from the
Examinations will only be given in
Page 9                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                             2009-2010

Commonwealth of Virginia; or (c) pass             COMMUNITY SERVICE SEAL                        student must pass four subjects each
an examination approved by the Board                                                            marking period, two of which must be
that confers college-level credit in a       Students may earn the Spotsylvania County          with a grade of “C” or better.
technology or computer science area.         Schools Community Service Seal on their            (Spotsylvania County Schools)
                                             diplomas by performing 144 hours of
 STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION                    community service during their high school             NATIONAL COLLEGIATE
   SEAL FOR EXCELLENCE                       career. For specific information on what               ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION
    IN CIVICS EDUCATION                      constitutes community service, pick up an            ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS
                                             information packet in your guidance office.
To earn a Board of Education Diploma                                                            ATTENTION: All prospective student-
Seal for Civics Education, a student must     ARTICULATION AGREEMENT WITH                       athletes first entering a collegiate
satisfy each of the following four            GERMANNA COMMUNITY COLLEGE                        institution on or after August 1, 1996
criteria:                                                                                       who want to play NCAA Division I and
1. Satisfy the requirements to earn a        Articulation      agreements  have     been        II intercollegiate athletics. The NCAA
    Standard Diploma or Advanced             established with Germanna Community                has established a central clearinghouse to
    Studies Diploma; AND                     College to provide college credit in certain       certify athletic eligibility to Division I
2. Complete Virginia and United States       career and technical education programs.           and II institutions. Students who intend
    History and Virginia and United          These programs include Business and                to participate with or without a
    States Government courses with a         Information Technology, Marketing and              scholarship as a freshman in college,
    grade of “B” (3.0 GPA or higher);        Trade and Industrial Education, and Health         must register with and be certified as
    AND                                      Occupations. Specific information has been         eligible by the NCAA Initial Eligibility
3. Complete 50 hours of voluntary            noted in the descriptions of the classes           Clearinghouse. Please note that initial
    participation in community service or    eligible for college credit.                       eligibility certification pertains only to
    extracurricular activities; AND                                                             NCAA requirements for participation in
4. Have good attendance and no                                                                  Division I or II athletics and has no
    disciplinary infractions as determined                                                      bearing on student admission to a
    by local school board policies.                                                             particular Division I or II institution.
                                                                                                Please note the following: It is best to
Additional information about activities                                                         register after the junior year grades have
that meet the guidelines are available                                                          appeared on the transcript in Mid June.
from the school counselor and VDOE                                         ATHLETIC             Registration materials may be obtained
website:                                               ELIGIBILITY           from the high school counselor.

                                             To be eligible to participate in sports in         Information about NCAA eligibility can
    SPOTSYLVANIA SEAL OF                     Spotsylvania County, (a) the student shall be      be obtained by the student-athlete and
    ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE                      currently enrolled in not fewer than five          parents in several ways:
                                             subjects, or their equivalent, offered for
Beginning in the 1999-2000 school year,      credit and which may be used for graduation         Website at
Spotsylvania County is offering a Seal of    and have passed five subjects, or their    
Academic Excellence. Students may            equivalent, offered for credit and which may        Hotline to call for copy of “Guide for
obtain this seal on their diploma by         be used for graduation the immediately               the College-Bound Student Athlete” at
earning 26 credits. To earn the Seal of      preceding year or the immediately preceding          (800) 638-3731
Academic Excellence, a student must          semester for schools that certify credit on a       NCAA Clearinghouse office hours are
meet the criteria for the advanced           semester basis; and (b) for the second               8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time,
diploma, and:                                semester be currently enrolled in not fewer          Monday through Friday, at (877) 262-
1. Take four years of a world language       that five subjects, or their equivalent, offered     1492
   (four years of one or two years each      for credit and which may be used for
   of two different languages). These        graduation and have passed five subjects, or
   courses may be begun in middle            their equivalent, offered for credit and which          GRADE POINT AVERAGE
   school.                                   may be used for graduation the immediately                AND CLASS RANK
2. One Fine Arts elective and one            preceding semester. [Note: Credit for courses
   Practical Arts elective is required.      must be recognized by the State Department         The GPA (Grade Point Average) is
3. All English, mathematics, science,        of Education. Such credit is to be awarded         obtained by:
   social studies and world language         for the semester in which the work is              1. All high school courses and courses
   courses must be taken at the              scheduled to be completed. Credit for                 attempted prior to the ninth grade
   “advanced” or higher level where          summer school work must be applied on the             which are considered to be high
   multiple levels are available (this       immediately preceding semester or year.]              school courses (Algebra I, Spanish I,
   requirement does not include AP and       (2008-09 Virginia High School League                 etc.) are figured in the GPA.
   college level courses).                   Handbook & Policy Manual, 28-4-1                   2. Each letter grade is assigned a
4. A total of at least three (3) AP or       Scholarship Rule, p. 58).        Virginia High        number of quality credit points:
   college level courses from the            School League regulations also apply to                 Non-Weighted 4.5 Scale
   available offerings must be               transfer students and to custody and                        98-100 = A = 4.50
   successfully completed.                   guardianship issues. These rules are very                   96-97 = A = 4.25
                                             specific and detailed. Any questions or                     94-95 = A = 4.00
Contact your school counselor for a          concerns about athletic eligibility should be               92-93 = B = 3.75
more specific definition of criteria.        immediately addressed to the activity                       90-91 = B = 3.50
                                             director at each high school. In addition, the
Page 10                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                           2009-2010

        88-89 = B = 3.25                                   SERVICES FOR                        Honors Math Analysis with Discrete
        86-87 = B = 3.00                                 GIFTED STUDENTS                        Topics (3162G)
        84-85 = C = 2.75                                                                       Advanced Placement Calculus BC
        82-83 = C = 2.50                      In the ninth through the twelfth grades,          (3178G)
        80-81 = C = 2.25                      gifted students in each county high school       Advanced Placement Statistics (3192G)
        78-79 = C = 2.00                      are offered services through an academic         Science
        76-77 = D = 1.75                      year governor’s school, advanced classes,        Honors Earth Science (4210G)
        74-75 = D = 1.50                      Advanced       Placement     classes,    Dual    DE Biology (4700G)
        72-73 = D = 1.25                      Enrollment, college/university classes, inter-   DE Chemistry (4420G)
        70-71 = D = 1.00                      disciplinary classes, independent study,         Advanced Placement Environmental
        69 or less = F = 0                    appropriate      seminars/internships     and     Science (4270G)
                                              counseling services. A member of the staff       Advanced Placement Physics B (4570G)
        Weighted 5.5 Scale                    at each high school coordinates services for
        98-100 = A = 5.50                     gifted students.                                 SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES
        96-97 = A = 5.25
        94-95 = A = 5.00                                                                       Special education classes are offered for
        92-93 = B = 4.75                              THE COMMONWEALTH                         students with special needs who have
        90-91 = B = 4.50                              GOVERNOR’S SCHOOL                        been evaluated and identified as having a
        88-89 = B = 4.25                                                                       disability and in need of special
        86-87 = B = 4.00                      The Commonwealth Governor’s School               education.          Coursework        and
        84-85 = C = 3.75                      (CGS) is an academic year governor’s school      accommodations are designed to meet
        82-83 = C = 3.50                      that provides gifted and highly motivated        the emotional, academic, and/or physical
        80-81 = C = 3.25                      high school students with a challenging,         needs of students with disabilities. All
        78-79 = C = 3.00                      differentiated, and interdisciplinary program    coursework is then adapted according to
        76-77 = D = 2.75                      in science, mathematics, social sciences, and    the unique needs of each individual child
        74-75 = D = 2.50                      English. This half-day program utilizes real-    and in accordance with his/her
        72-73 = D = 2.25                      time interactive audio/visual technology,        Individualized Education Program (IEP).
        70-71 = D = 2.00                      field experiences, and team teaching to
        69 or less = F = 0                    create a regional community of learners from                SUMMER SCHOOL
                                              Stafford, King George, and Spotsylvania
The subjects listed below are designated as   counties.                                        A summer school program is offered
“weighted courses”:                                                                            each year in Spotsylvania County.
                                              The CGS curriculum is problem-based,             Students who have failed a course during
All Advanced Placement Classes Dual           student oriented, and designed to focus on       the regular year may repeat that course
Enrollment Classes                            community       issues    of    environment,     in summer school, if the course is
*Weighted Courses transferred from            development, and service.        High speed      offered. A few new credit classes are
other school divisions that do not            Internet access, desktop video conferencing,     offered which are based on student
correspond with this list will not receive    and e-mail enables students to reach             enrollment requests. Unlike the regular
weighted credit in Spotsylvania County.       worldwide resources for special interest         school year, a tuition fee is charged for
                                              projects and in-depth research. Advanced         all students in summer school. Specific
3. The points obtained for the final          Placement and Dual Enrollment options are        information about courses and location
   grade in each course are added and         available. Students participate in electives     of the summer school program is
   then divided by the number of              and activities at their home-based high          announced and available in the school
   credits attempted to arrive at the         school.     Visit the CGS website at             counseling offices and on the website in
   cumulative GPA.                          See your Gifted        the spring of each year.
4. Audited Courses (courses repeated          Coordinator for application information.
    in which credit has previously been                                                               COURSE OFFERINGS
   earned) do not grant credit but are        English
   calculated in the GPA.                     Honors English 9 (1131G)                         ENGLISH
5. When a course is failed and                Honors English 10 (1141G)                        English 9 Literature and Literacy
   subsequently repeated, both grades         Advanced Placement English Literature            English Grade 9
   are counted towards the GPA.                and Composition (1196G)                         Advanced English Grade 9
6. WF (Withdrew Failing) and WP               Advanced Placement English Language              English Grade 10 Workshop
   (Withdrew Passing) are treated as an        and Composition (1195G)                         English Grade 10
    “F” when calculating the GPA.             Social Studies                                   Advanced English Grade 10
7. GPA is calculated for each student at      Advanced Placement European History              English Grade 11 Workshop
    the end of each school year. For           (2399G)                                         English Grade 11
   seniors, an additional GPA                 Advanced Placement U.S. Government               Advanced English Grade 11
   calculation is made at the end of the       (2445G)                                         Advanced Placement English Language
   first semester.                            Advanced Placement U.S. History                   and Composition 11
8. Rank in class: After calculation of         (2319G)                                         English Grade 12 Workshop
    the GPA for all students, students are    Advanced Placement Human Geography               English Grade 12
    ranked according to that figure.           (2211G)                                         Advanced English Grade 12
                                              Mathematics                                      Advanced Placement English Literature
                                              Honors Algebra II (3135G)                         and Composition 12
                                              Honors Geometry with Trigonometry                Dual Enrollment College Composition
                                               (3143G)                                         Public Speaking
Page 11                                      Spotsylvania County Schools                                    2009-2010

Reading Intervention (SHS only)           Sports Medicine                            Business Law
Journalism I                                                                         Business Management
Journalism II                             MATHEMATICS                                Criminal Justice
Journalism III/IV                         Algebra I, Part 1                          Debate
Yearbook Production I/II/III              Algebra I, Part 2                          Equine Management
Photojournalism                           Geometry, Part 1                           Finance
Creative Writing I                        Geometry, Part 2                           Keyboarding
Creative Writing II                       Personal Living and Finance                Marine Science
Humanities                                Algebra I                                  CTC Mentorship Program
                                          Geometry                                   Mentor Apprenticeship Program
FINE ARTS                                 Algebra Functions and Data Analysis        Meteorology
Art I                                     Algebra II                                 Music Theory/Appreciation
Art II                                    Advanced Algebra II                        Psychology
Art III                                   Discrete Mathematics                       Recreation and Wellness I/II
Art IV                                    Mathematical Analysis                      SAT Preparation
Art Seminar                               Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus               Small Animal Care
Advanced Placement Studio Art I/II         (MTH 163-164)                             Sociology
Art History/Appreciation                  Computer Mathematics (Visual BASIC)        SOL Preparation
Theater Arts I                            Computer Mathematics (C++)                 Sports Medicine
Theater Arts II                           Advanced Placement Statistics
Theater Arts III                          Advanced Placement Calculus AB             CAREER AND TECHNICAL
Theater Arts IV                           Advanced Placement Computer Science-       Agricultural Education
Band Class                                 JAVA                                      Intro to Plant, Animal & Mechanics
Percussion Class                                                                     Technology
Concert Performance Band                  SCIENCE                                    Agri-Science & Technology II
Symphonic Performance Band                Earth Science                              Agri-Science & Technology III
Performance Jazz Band                     Advanced Earth Science                     Agri-Science & Technology IV
Concert Performance String Orchestra      Earth Science II                           Small Animal Care
Symphonic Performance String              Biology                                    Equine Science
Orchestra Women’s Chorus/Men’s            Advanced Biology                           Veterinary Science
Chorus                                    Biology II - Seminar                       Horticulture Science
Concert Chorus                            Human Anatomy and Physiology
Select Women’s Chorus/Men’s Chorus        Advanced Placement Biology                 Business and Information Technology
Vocal Ensemble                            Chemistry                                  Information Technology Fundamentals
Music Theory/Appreciation                 Advanced Chemistry                         Accounting
Advanced Placement Music Theory           Chemistry II                               Advanced Accounting
                                          Advanced Placement Chemistry               Computer Information Systems
WORLD LANGUAGES                           Physics                                    Business Administration
French I                                  Advanced Physics                           Word Processing
French II                                 Environmental Science                      Adv. Computer Information Systems
French III                                Marine Science                             Design, Multimedia and Web
French IV                                 Astronomy                                    Technologies
Advanced Placement French                 Meteorology                                Advanced Design, Multimedia and Web
German I                                                                               Technologies
German II                                 SOCIAL SCIENCES                            Cooperative Office Education (COE)
German III                                World Geography                            Business Law
German IV                                 Advanced Placement Human Geography         Business Management
Advanced Placement German                 World History and Geography:               Finance
Latin I                                    1500 AD (C.E.) to Present                 Keyboarding
Latin II                                  Advanced Placement World History           Computer Application for Seniors
Latin III                                 Virginia and United States History
Latin IV                                  Advanced Placement United States History   Family and Consumer Sciences
Advanced Placement Latin                  Virginia and United States Government      Individual Development/Resource
Spanish I                                 Advanced Placement United States            Management
Spanish II                                 Government                                Life Planning
Spanish III                               Advanced Placement European History        Nutrition and Wellness
Spanish IV                                Advanced Placement Psychology              Family Relations and Parenting
Advanced Placement Spanish                Psychology
American Sign Language (Elective)         Sociology                                  Marketing Education
English for Speakers of Other Languages   African American History                   Introduction to Marketing
                                          Debate                                     Marketing
HEALTH AND PHYSICAL                       Criminal Justice                           Advanced Marketing
EDUCATION                                                                            Fashion Marketing
Health and Physical Education Grade 9     COURSES OFFERED .5 CREDIT                  Marketing Management
Health and Physical Education Grade 10    African American History                   Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation
Recreation and Wellness I                 Art History Appreciation                    Marketing
Recreation and Wellness II                Astronomy
Page 12                                     Spotsylvania County Schools                                              2009-2010

Technology Education                     Family & Consumer Sciences
Foundations of Technology                Culinary Arts I and II
Technology Transfer                      Early Childhood Education I and II                     NOTE REGARDING COURSE
Manufacturing Technology                                                                              SELECTION
Construction Technology                  Health, Medical and Protective Services
Technical Drawing and Design             Health and Medical Sciences                         The Workshop classes in grades 10-
Engineering Drawing and Design           Dental Careers I                                    12 are designed to provide a
                                         Dental Careers II                                   supportive environment for students
Trade and Industrial Cluster             Firefighting                                        who need additional support in reading
CTC Mentorship Program                   Emergency Medical Technician                        and writing.          These classes are
Construction and Mechanical Trades       Practical Nursing I                                 designed to help students develop the
Communication Pathways                   Practical Nursing II                                language arts (reading, writing, oral
                                                                                             language) competencies necessary for
TRADE & INDUSTRY PROGRAM                     ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES                        a fulfilling life in the demanding world
COMPLETION                                                                                   beyond high school.
                                         Independent Study
Construction/Mechanical Trades           Mentor Apprenticeship Program                       The English 9, 10, 11 and 12 classes
Carpentry I                              SAT Preparation Class                               are designed to provide a challenging
Carpentry II                             SOL Preparation English                             program by developing the language
Electricity I (Residential Wiring)       SOL Preparation Mathematics                         skills necessary for continuing
Electricity II (Residential Wiring)      SOL Preparation Social Studies                      educational, professional, and personal
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning   SOL Preparation Science                             progress beyond high school. Students
 and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) I            Teachers for Tomorrow                               are trained in critical thinking; in the
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning   JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers’                     speaking and writing of standard
 and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) II            Training) I, II, III, and IV                       English; in the collection, evaluation,
                                         Study Hall                                          and presentation of information from a
Bricklaying/Masonry I
                                                                                             variety of sources; and in the
Bricklaying/Masonry II
                                                                                             appreciation and close reading of texts
                                                 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS
                                                                                             chosen for personal relevance as well
Information Technologies                                                                     as for cultural and historical
Cabling/Telecommunications               Standards of Learning Objectives (SOLs) are the
Computer Networking                      foundation for the curriculum in all courses for
Computer Systems Technology              which the State Department of Education has
                                                                                             The Advanced English 9, 10, 11 and
Electronics (AC/DC-Analog)               developed SOLs. Locally developed objectives
                                                                                             12 classes are designed for students
Electronics (Digital)                    in curriculum guides reflect, amplify or go
                                                                                             who have demonstrated the capability
Robotics Technology I                    beyond the objectives developed by the State.
                                                                                             and motivation to perform accelerated
Robotics Technology II                                                                       work beyond the expected level for the
                                         The term “offered grade” in this catalog is the
                                                                                             grade. Close study and evaluation of
Mass Communication Courses               designation of when a course is normally taken.     literacy texts and writing of critical
Graphic Imaging Technology I             Eligibility for enrollment is to be determined by   essays are taught and practiced.
Graphic Imaging Technology II            meeting course prerequisites.                       Additional attention is given to
Radio/Television Broadcasting I                                                              literacy theory and rhetoric and style.
Radio/Television Broadcasting II
Advanced Radio/Television

Transportation                                                                               English 9 Literature and Literacy
Auto Collision Repair I                  English courses are designed to strengthen          (1133)
Auto Collision Repair II                 and extend students’ ability to communicate.        Credit: 1 Unit
Auto Service Technology I                At each grade level, the study of literature        Offered Grade 9
Auto Service Technology II               and composition are complemented by                 Prerequisites: None
                                         activities in reading both fiction and              This course is designed to aid students in
Personal Services                        nonfiction, in academic and technical               reading, writing, and other language
Cosmetology I                            writing, as well as in speaking and listening.      skills and fulfills the Standards of
Cosmetology II                           English courses in grades nine through              Learning for English 9. It is required
                                         twelve are required for graduation and must         for those students who have not
Architectural/Mechanical Drafting,       be completed sequentially. Some elective            passed the Grade 8 English Standards
Design & CAD                             courses are sequential; others are non-             of Learning Test, those students who
Drafting, Design and CAD I               sequential.                                         would be in jeopardy of failing the
Drafting, Design and CAD II                                                                  Virginia End-of-Course Test in English,
                                                                                             or students whose English 8 class grades
Metal Trades                                                                                 or benchmark scores generate a
Metal Trades I (9th Grade)                                                                   recommendation by the 8th grade teacher
Metal Trades II (10th Grade)                                                                 or school counselor.. If a student is
                                                                                             scheduled for this class but passes the
                                                                                             eighth grade English SOL Test,
Page 13                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                               2009-2010

consideration will be made for a change       English Grade 10 (1140)                            English Grade 11 (1150)
in placement to English 9. The literature     Credit: 1 Unit                                     Credit: 1 Unit
anthology is       supplemented      with     Offered Grade 10                                   Offered Grade 11
instruction in the reading strategies         Prerequisites: English Grade 9                     Prerequisites: English Grade 10
necessary     to     increase    reading      English Grade 10 is designed for both career-      English Grade 11 is designed for both
comprehension and prepare students for        and college-bound students. Students will          career- and college-bound students. The
the demands of subsequent high school         develop proficiency in critical reading,           eleventh-grade student will be able to
courses.                                      thinking, and writing. The tenth grade student     make and analyze persuasive oral
                                              will become a skilled communicator in small        presentations with attention to the
English Grade 9 (1130)                        group learning activities. The student will read   accuracy of evidence and the
Credit: 1 Unit                                and critique literary works from a variety of      effectiveness of delivery. Appreciation
Offered Grade 9                               eras and cultures, including those cultures        for literature will be enhanced by the
Prerequisites: None                           studied in World Geography. Attention will be      study of both classic and contemporary
The purpose of this course is to meet the     given to the analysis of printed consumer          American Literature. The student will
needs of both career- and college-bound       information, such as labels, owners’ manuals,      be able to identify the prevalent themes
students. Students will read and discuss      warranties, and contracts. Students will apply     and     characterizations     present    in
literature from various eras and cultures     critical reading skills across the content areas   American Literature which are reflective
and apply knowledge of literacy terms         including history, science and mathematics.        of the history and culture; furthermore,
and forms to the analysis of literature.      Writing instruction concentrates on the            the student will identify the contributions
Vocabulary growth and the development         development of the multi-paragraph paper with      of other cultures to the development of
of writing skills will also be emphasized,    an emphasis on organizational techniques,          American Literature. The student will
as will research and oral presentation        sentence structure and mechanics, as well as       be able to write clear and accurate
skills. Students will continue to develop     growth in editing skills and vocabulary usage.     business and technical correspondence
their reading comprehension skills and        The student will critique the writing of peers     and reports for research and other
apply those skills across the content         and professionals to improve his/her own           applications in all subjects. The student
areas.                                        writing skills.                                    will develop expository and persuasive
                                                                                                 compositions by locating, evaluating,
Advanced English Grade 9 (1131)               Advanced English Grade 10 (1141)                   synthesizing, and citing applicable
Credit: 1 Unit                                Credit: 1 Unit                                     information with careful attention to
Offered Grade 9                               Offered Grade 10                                   organization and accuracy.
Prerequisites: Must pass Grade 8 SOL          Prerequisites: English Grade 9
before taking Advanced English                Advanced English 10 is designed for                Advanced English Grade 11 (1151)
Advanced English 9 is designed for            students who demonstrated the capacity and         Credit: 1 Unit
students who demonstrate the capacity         motivation to complete accelerated work            Offered Grade 11
and motivation to complete accelerated        beyond the expected level for the grade.           Prerequisites: English Grade 10
work beyond the expected level for the        Through the study of literature and use of         Advanced English 11 is designed for
grade. Writing focuses on drafting and        critical thinking skills, students learn to        students who demonstrated the capacity
revising       descriptive,     narrative,    recognize the universality of literary themes      and motivation to complete accelerated
expository, and persuasive essays.            and heighten their aesthetic appreciation of       work beyond the expected level for their
Literature study explores themes of           well-written works. Students are exposed to        grade.    Emphasis is placed on the
various authors to include Shakespeare.       a wider variety of writing than in English 10      development of critical thinking skills
Students learn to analyze fiction beyond      and time is spent to allow students to             and an individual prose style; use and
the literal level, to search for abstract     develop a personal style of writing. The           evaluation of research materials; and the
meaning, and to apply the ideas studied       majority of writing assignments complement         study of literature as an art and
to their own lives. The course further        the study of literature.                           component of a culture. The Advanced
exposes students to public speaking.                                                             English 11 student will write in various
                                              English Grade 11 Workshop (1153)                   forms and modes; speak expressively
English Grade 10 Workshop (1143)              Credit: 1 Unit                                     and articulately before a group; and
Credit: 1 Unit                                Offered Grade 11                                   develop an extensive and versatile
Offered Grade 10                              Prerequisites: None                                vocabulary.      Literature read will
Prerequisites: None                           This course is designed for students who           represent major American authors,
This course is designed for students who      require support in reading and writing to be       genres, movements, or stylistic devices.
require support in reading and writing to     successful in future courses or those who
be successful in future courses or those      would be in jeopardy of failing the Virginia       Advanced Placement English
who would be in jeopardy of failing the       End-of-Course Test in English. Intensive           Language and Composition 11 (1196)
Virginia End-of-Course Test in English.       instruction is given in a small group              Credit: 1 Unit
Intensive instruction is given in a small     environment to enable students to become           (also college credit or advanced placement
group environment to enable students to       successful in reading and writing. The             as college allows)
become successful in reading and              English textbook is supplemented with              Offered Grade 11
writing.     The English textbook is          instructional materials designed to develop        Prerequisites: English Grade 10
supplemented        with      instructional   reading comprehension skills and apply             Advanced Placement English Language
materials designed to develop reading         those skills across the content areas. All         and Composition prepares students to
comprehension skills and apply those          local and state objectives for the grade are       take the Advanced Placement Exam for
skills across the content areas. All local    met. SOL End-of-Course Tests (2) are               qualification to receive college credit.
and state objectives for the grade are         given during the English Grade 11                 Students will write in a variety of forms:
met.                                          Workshop.                                          narrative, expository, and argumentative,
                                                                                                 about a variety of subjects from personal
Page 14                                            Spotsylvania County Schools                                                     2009-2010

experience to public policies, and from        classics of British and world literature. Works          Public Speaking (1300)
popular culture to imaginative literature.     studied are representative of major periods,             Credit: 1 Unit
Upon completion of this course, students       authors, styles, genres, themes, or structural           Offered Grades 10-12
should be prepared to read complex text        elements. Opportunity is provided for the                Prerequisites: None
with understanding and write mature            organization and presentation of group and               Public Speaking provides the student with
fully-developed prose.            Students     individual reports.         Class discussion             an overview of the communication process.
participating in Advanced Placement            emphasizes the development of abstract                   Students study and experience the many
classes are expected to take the College       reasoning which is required for analysis and             facets of the complex process of
Board Exam in addition to fulfilling all       interpretation of text.                                  speechmaking         and      communicating
the requirements of the specific course.                                                                effectively. Students learn the specific
                                               Advanced Placement English Literature and                purposes for making a speech, the key
English Grade 12 Workshop (1163)               Composition 12 (1195)                                    aspects of the delivery of a speech, the art of
Credit: 1 Unit                                 Credit: 1 Unit                                           oral interpretation and debate, and the
Offered Grade 12                               (also college credit with appropriate score on college   personal value of effective communication.
Prerequisites: None                            credit exam)
This course is designed for students who       Offered Grade 12
require support in reading and writing to      Prerequisites: English 11
be successful in future courses or those       Advanced Placement English involves students
who would be in jeopardy of failing the        in both the study and practice of writing and the
Virginia End-of-Course Test in English.        study and analysis of literature. Writing                *Reading Intervention
Intensive instruction is given in a small      includes exercises in exposition, argument, and          (1180)
group environment to enable students to        personal narrative. The study of literature              Credit: 1 Unit
become successful in reading and writing.      focuses on challenging works of recognized               Offered Grades 9-12
The English textbook is supplemented           literary merit from several genres and periods.          Prerequisites: As identified in selection
with instructional materials designed to       Students participating in Advanced Placement             criteria
develop reading comprehension skills and       classes are expected to take the College Board           Reading Intervention is a supplementary,
apply those skills across the content areas.   Exam in addition to fulfilling all the                   diagnostic course designed to help the
All local and state objectives for the grade   requirements of the specific course.                     individual student improve his/her skills in
are met.                                                                                                reading.     Each student’s instructional
                                               Dual Enrollment College Composition                      program is designed from the results of a
English Grade 12 (1160)                        (ENG 111-112) (1177)                                     diagnostic reading test administered upon
Credit: 1 Unit                                 Credit: 1 Unit                                           entry into the class. The classroom is a
Offered Grade 12                               (also college credit (6 hours) with a grade              laboratory environment with students
Prerequisites: English Grade 11                of 78 or better each semester)                           working alone or in small groups. Grading
The purpose of this course is to meet the      Offered Grade 12                                         is based on the student’s individual progress
needs of both career- and college-bound        Prerequisites: English Grade 11 + GCC                    and performance to improve reading skills.
students. The twelfth grade student will       entrance requirements                                    *This course is limited to Spotsylvania
use organizational skills, audience            Dual Enrollment College Composition is a                 High School.
awareness, appropriate vocabulary and          Germanna Community College course taught
grammar, and both verbal and nonverbal         in high school. GCC entrance requirements                Journalism I (1200)
presentation skills to plan and deliver an     must be met as well as payment for tuition for           Credit: 1 Unit
effective 5-10 minute oral presentation.       the class. Tuition is based on in-state or out-of-       Offered Grades 9-12
The student will analyze British               state residency by the community college                 Prerequisites: None
literature and literature of other cultures,   system. Dual Enrollment is designed to                   Journalism I is a study of the newspaper and
with attention to classic works. When          develop the student’s writing ability for further        other forms of technical writing and media.
possible, selections will include those        study or the workplace. Writing assignments              Styles and types of writing are studied in
which relate to other subjects, such as        are developed from the student’s experiences             detail with emphasis upon clarity,
the study of American and Virginia             and observations, as well as the literature read         conciseness,       and       accuracy      in
government. Writing will include the           and researched. Students are guided to learn to          communication.        The study of the
production of technical and expository         write through a process approach. Students               mechanics and technicalities of assembling
papers which are organized logically and       learn to recognize and incorporate the audience          and producing publications are also course
contain clear and accurate ideas. The          and purpose for writing in their products; to            components.
student also will produce a well-              explore ideas and information; and to utilize
documented research paper.                     various techniques of revision and editing.              Journalism II (1210)
                                               Integral components of the course are                    Credit: 1 Unit
Advanced English Grade 12 (1161)               experiences in listening and speaking and the            Offered Grades 10-12
Credit: 1 Unit                                 emphasis of the thinking skills necessary to             Prerequisites: Journalism I
Offered Grade 12                               support all learning. Second semester includes           Journalism II continues the study of
Prerequisites: English Grade 11                the study of British literature in conjunction           publications and various writing styles.
Advanced English 12 is designed for            with a continued emphasis on the development             Students participate in an in-depth study of
students who demonstrated the capacity         of writing skills. Dual Enrollment College               layout and design. Emphasis is placed on
and motivation to complete accelerated         Composition is an intensive course in writing.           the development of clear and concise written
work beyond the expected level of their        Credits normally transfer to all Virginia                communication through analysis of
grade. Time is devoted to the creation,        Community Colleges and most colleges and                 information, selection of facts and opinions,
development, and analysis of a literary        universities.                                            and techniques of editing and revision.
research paper. Reading is chosen from                                                                  Students enrolled in Journalism II must be
Page 15                                             Spotsylvania County Schools                                                   2009-2010

prepared to participate in after-school          Creative Writing I (1171)                            Art I (9120)
publication activities.                          Credit: 1 Unit                                       Credit: 1 Unit
                                                 Offered Grades 10-12                                 Offered Grades 9-12
Journalism III/IV (1211/1212)                    Prerequisites: None                                  Prerequisites: None
Credit: 1 Unit                                   Creative Writing I is designed for students          Note: Lab fee required
Offered Grades 11-12                             who enjoy writing imaginatively and have             Art I introduces the creation and
Prerequisites: Journalism II                     demonstrated competence as a writer.                 appreciation of art. Emphasis is placed on
Journalism III/IV students are responsible to    Various types of imaginative writing are             learning to draw, on understanding art as a
take a leadership role for planning              explored to help develop an original voice           visual language, and on recognizing the
publications, editing work, and formatting       and style.      Students learn and practice          relationship of art to other fields. Students
layouts. Students will continue to improve       strategies to create, revise, polish, and adjust     are expected to provide some of their own
their journalistic style in concentrating on     their writing to their needs and the                 supplies (such as drawing pencils, erasers,
written communication for various                requirements of various audiences. This is           sharpener, art pads, and colored pencils) for
publications.       Students enrolled in         not a literature course; literature is used only     completing homework assignments.
Journalism III/IV must be prepared to            as an instructional model to improve writing
participate in after-school publication          skills.                                              Art II (9130)
activities.                                                                                           Credit: 1 Unit
                                                 Creative Writing II (1172)                           Offered Grades 10-12
Yearbook Production (1220, 1221, 1222,           Credit: 1 Unit                                       Prerequisites: Art I
1223)                                            Offered Grades 11-12                                 Note: Lab fee required
Credit: 1 Unit                                   Prerequisites: Creative Writing I                    Art II provides in-depth experiences in
Offered Grades 10-12                             Creative Writing II provides students an             drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture and
Prerequisites: Staff approval                    opportunity to extend their interests and            crafts. The aim of this class is the
In Yearbook Production, students learn the       capabilities as imaginative writers. Using           development of each individual’s ideas and
publication process while assisting in the       the concepts and techniques learned in               the skills needed to express them.
production of the high school yearbook.          Creative Writing I, students continue to             Continued exposure to various artists and
Students are responsible for the                 develop and pursue long-term individual              their contributions to the history of art are
development of the yearbook from planning        goals and projects; practice advanced                examined. Students are expected to provide
to distribution of the completed publication.    strategies for composing and revising;               some of their own supplies (such as drawing
Students enrolled in Yearbook Production         experiment with sophisticated genres and             pencils, erasers, sharpener, art pads, and
must be prepared to participate in after-        literary techniques; and develop their own           colored pencils) for completing homework
school publication activities. Computer-         unique voice and style of writing.                   assignments.
assisted layout and writing are integral parts
of the program.                                  Humanities (1515)                                    Art III (9140)
                                                 Credit: 1 Unit                                       Credit: 1 Unit
Photojournalism (1215)                           Offered Grades 11-12                                 Offered Grades 11-12
Credit: 1 Unit                                   Prerequisites: None                                  Prerequisites: Art II
Offered Grades 10-12                             Humanities involves students in thinking             Note: Lab fee required
Prerequisites: None                              about, discussing, and responding to the             Art III is an intensive inquiry into and
Photojournalism is designed for students         ideas of authors, historians, artists,               discussion of the various art areas.
who wish to study photography and layout         filmmakers, and philosophers from various            Emphasis is placed on individual interests
and the accompanying styles of technical         eras and cultures. The emphasis is on                and abilities of those taking the class. Art III
writing. Students learn to use Single-Lens       making connections among these varied                classes also investigate the history of art to
Reflex (SLR) camera to include basic             expressions. Students develop strategies             gain a perspective of the student’s own
camera handling as well as shooting and          for expressing themselves effectively in             work. Students are expected to provide
developing procedures to take correctly          writing and in creative projects.          In        some of their own supplies (such as drawing
exposed and composed photographs for the         addition,    students     research     topics        pencils, erasers, sharpener, art pads, and
school yearbook, newspaper and other             independently and present what they have             colored pencils) for completing homework
literary publications. Studies also include      learned. Both critical and creative thinking         assignments.
digital    photo-manipulation     programs.      is encouraged; students are assessed on
Students must have access to an SLR              writing, presentations, and projects.                Art IV (9145)
camera (digital or 35mm) that is fully                                                                Credit: 1 Unit
adjustable with a flash and should also be                                                            Offered Grade 12
prepared to provide some supplies and pay                       FINE ARTS                             Prerequisites: Art III
dues for darkroom use. Students are                                                                   Note: Lab fee required
encouraged to purchase a digital camera                                                               Art IV is an in-depth study of art areas
(disposable cameras and some film will be        The Fine Arts curriculum includes the areas of       specifically designed for the student. The
provided, or at least have access to digital     art, drama and music. The Fine Arts classes are      emphasis is on the students developing their
images place pictures on a CD).                  for pupils with either a special ability in a        own style, as well as experimentation with
                                                 particular area or a high level of interest in any   different materials and methods. Students
                                                 one of these areas.                                  are expected to provide some of their own
                                                                                                      supplies (such as drawing pencils, erasers,
                                                                                                      sharpener, art pads, and colored pencils) for
                                                                                                      completing homework assignments.
Page 16                                             Spotsylvania County Schools                                                         2009-2010

Art Seminar (9196)                               production.     The course emphasizes skill
Credit: 1 Unit                                   development        and      provides   theatrical                             MUSIC
Offered Grades 11-12                             opportunities that enable students to determine
Prerequisites: Enrollment in Art III or IV       personal areas of interest.
and teacher recommendation                                                                                Band Class (9232)
Note: Lab fee required                           Theater Arts II:                                         Credit: 1 Unit
Art Seminar is intended to allow a talented      Dramatic Literature and Theater History                  Offered Grades 9-12
art student to pursue in-depth art experiences   (1420)                                                   Prerequisites: None
under the supervision of the art teacher.        Credit: 1 Unit                                           The student must provide
Serious art students will further complete       Offered Grades 10-12                                     his/her own traditional concert
their portfolio and prepare for post high        Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation                    band instrument and method books. This
school art studies. Students are expected to     and/or audition                                          class offers individualized and small group
provide some of their own supplies (such as      This course will integrate and build upon                instruction on any instrument, except
drawing pencils, erasers, sharpener, art pads,   concepts and skills from Theater Arts I.                 percussion, at the student’s ability level. No
and colored pencils) for completing              Through various modes of expression and                  concerts or events are required of students
homework assignments.                            performance, students investigate dramatic               enrolled in this class.
                                                 literature, theatrical styles, and historical periods.
Advanced Placement Studio Art (9149              Students will study and respond to a variety of          Percussion Class (9297)
General Portfolio, 9150 Drawing Portfolio)       theater experiences that will refine their               Credit: 1 Unit
Credit: 1 Unit                                   communicative,          collaborative,     analytical,   Offered Grades 9-12
Offered Grade 12                                 interpretive, and problem-solving skills.                Prerequisites: Middle school band or
Prerequisites: Art II at the minimum and         Students will expand their artistic abilities and        director’s recommendation
teacher recommendation                           appreciation of the theatrical arts.                     The student must provide his/her own snare
Note: Lab fee and portfolio evaluation fee                                                                drum and mallets for performing on timpani
required                                         Theater Arts III:                                        and mallet instruments, and method books.
Advanced Placement Studio Art is a               Intermediate Acting and Playwriting (1435)               This class offers individualized and small
rigorous college-level course which requires     Credit: 1 Unit                                           group instruction on all traditional
the production of an extensive portfolio.        Offered Grade 12                                         percussion      instruments.         Public
Students who enroll in Advanced Placement        Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation                    performances are at the discretion of the
Studio Art should do so with the                 and/or audition                                          director.
understanding that they plan to participate in   This course integrates and builds upon concepts
Advanced Placement evaluation. Students          and skills from Theater Arts II. Through various         Concert Performance Band I/II (9233,
are expected to provide some of their own        modes of expression and performance, students            9234)
supplies (such as drawing pencils, erasers,      investigate acting styles and the process of             Credit: 1 Unit
sharpener, art pads, and colored pencils) for    playwriting,      which     includes     character       (one unit of credit is earned each year course is
completing homework assignments.                 development, research, dramatic structure,               taken)
                                                 conflict and resolution, and will develop artistic       Offered Grades 9-12
Art History/Appreciation (9170)                  criteria that will be applied to performance and         Prerequisites: Middle School Band or
Credit: .5 Unit                                  directing. Students will study and respond to a          Director’s Recommendation
Offered Grades 9-12                              variety of theater experiences that will refine          The enrollment in this class is limited based
Prerequisites: None                              their collaborative, analytical, interpretive, and       on a selected instrumentation, which is
Students will recognize the many ways art is     problem-solving skills. Students will deepen             determined by the total band enrollment in
integral to every person’s daily life.           their artistic abilities and appreciation of the         the high school. All students who elect this
Students will identify outstanding works of      theatrical arts.                                         class are required to play all music and
art, including paintings, sculptures,                                                                     participate in all concerts. Grades are
architecture, and crafts, from a variety of      Theater Arts IV:                                         awarded on the basis of class and concert
cultures and historical periods. Students will   Advanced Acting and Directing (1440)                     performance.
be able to explain and evaluate various          Credit: 1 Unit
works of art historically, culturally, and       Offered Grade 12                                         Symphonic Performance Band I/II (9241,
structurally. The class will require extensive   Prerequisites: Teacher Recommendation                    9242)
reading on the lives and works of artists        and/or audition                                          Credit: 1 Unit
                                                                                                          (one unit of credit is earned each year course is
throughout history.                              This course is designed to help students refine
                                                 the concepts and skills from Theater Arts III.
                                                                                                          Offered Grades 9-12
                                                 Through research, performance and evaluation,
                                                                                                          Prerequisites: Audition required
          THEATER ARTS                           students will develop artistic criteria that will be
                                                                                                          The enrollment in this class is limited based
                                                 applied to performance and directing. Students
                                                                                                          on a selected instrumentation, which is
                                                 will study and respond to a variety of theater
                                                                                                          determined by the total band enrollment in
Theater Arts I:                                  experiences, showcasing their collaborative,
                                                                                                          the high school. Students who elect this
Introduction to Theater (1410)                   analytical, interpretive, and problem-solving
                                                                                                          class are required to play all music and
Credit: 1 Unit                                   skills.
                                                                                                          participate in all concerts. Grades will be
Offered Grades 9-12                                                                                       awarded on the basis of class and concert
Prerequisites: None                                                                                       performance.
This course is designed to provide students
with a survey of theater arts, allowing
students opportunities to experience and
appreciate dramatic literature and participate
in the creative processes of performance and
Page 17                                                Spotsylvania County Schools                                                  2009-2010

Performance Jazz Band I/II (9298/9228)              music is introduced at this level. Students are      Students are required to provide prescribed
Credit: 1 Unit                                      required to provide prescribed concert attire and    concert attire and are required to participate
(one unit of credit is earned each year course is   are required to participate in school and public     in school and public concerts.
taken)                                              concerts.
Offered Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Audition required                    Concert Chorus I/II (9285/9286)
The enrollment in this class is based on            Credit: 1 Unit (one unit of credit is earned each
selected instrumentation which is, in part,         year course is taken)                                Music Theory/Appreciation (9222)
determined by the total band enrollment in          Offered Grades 9-12                                  Credit: .5 Unit
the high school, musical expertise of the           Prerequisites: Audition required                     Offered Grades 9-12
students, and at the discretion of the music        Concert Chorus is a performance-based class.         Prerequisites: None
director. Each student must furnish his or          The enrollment in this class is limited based on     Music Theory/Appreciation will expose
her own instrument. Students who select             a balanced ensemble, and in part determined by       students to the fundamentals of music
this class are required to play all music and       the total choral enrollment in the high school.      theory and appreciation. This includes a
participate in all concerts. Grade will be          Emphasis is placed on vocal techniques, ear          study of intervals, scales, keys, triads, and
awarded on the basis of class and concert           training, and note learning. Choral balance,         chords and their working relation to one
performance.                                        diction and phrasing are considered in all work.     another. A survey of music history is
                                                    Choral students are introduced to various styles     incorporated so that a better understanding
Concert Performance String Orchestra                of chorus music from madrigals to rock.              and increased reference knowledge may be
I/II (9237, 9243)                                   Movement in music is integrated into the             applied to newly developed skills.
Credit: 1 Unit (one unit of credit is earned        curriculum at this level. Students are required
each year course is taken)                          to provide prescribed concert attire and are         Advanced Placement Music Theory
Offered Grades 9-12                                 required to participate in school and public         (9226)
Prerequisites: Middle School String                 concerts.                                            Credit: 1 Unit
Orchestra or Director’s Recommendation                                                                   Offered Grade 11-12
The enrollment in this class is limited based       Select Women’s Chorus/Men’s Chorus I/II              Prerequisites: None
on a selected instrumentation, which is             (Women’s 9296/9265, Men’s                            In Advanced Placement Music Theory, a
determined by the total strings enrollment in       9299/9267)                                           student develops the ability to recognize,
the high school. Students must furnish own          Credit: 1 Unit (one unit of                          understand, and describe the basic
violin, viola, cello or bass, with larger           credit is earned each year                           materials and processes of music that are
instruments (cello and bass) provided for in-       course is taken)
                                                                                                         heard or presented in a score. The student
school use. Grades are awarded on the basis         Offered Grades 9-12                                  studies fundamental aural, analytical, and
of class and concert performance. Thirty            Prerequisites: Audition                              compositional skills using both listening
minutes of daily practice is expected.              required                                             and written exercises. Building on this
                                                    These choirs are performance-               based
                                                                                                         foundation, the course progresses to more
Symphonic Performance String                        classes. The enrollment in this class is limited
                                                                                                         creative tasks, such as the harmonization of
Orchestra I/II (9238, 9239)                         based on a balanced ensemble, and in part
                                                                                                         a melody by selecting appropriate chords,
Credit: 1 Unit (one unit of credit is earned        determined by the total choral enrollment in the
                                                                                                         composing a musical bass line to provide
each year course is taken)                          high school. Emphasis is placed on vocal
                                                                                                         two-voice counterpoint, and the realization
Offered Grades 9-12                                 techniques, ear training, and note learning.
                                                                                                         of figured-bass notation. Students are
Prerequisites: Audition required                    Choral balance, diction and phrasing are
                                                                                                         expected to provide their own workbook.
The enrollment in this class is limited based       considered in all work. Choral students are
                                                                                                         Students who enroll in Advanced
on a selected instrumentation, which is             introduced to various styles of chorus music
                                                                                                         Placement Music Theory do so with the
determined by the total strings enrollment in       written specifically for the soprano/alto range in
                                                                                                         understanding that they plan to participate
the high school.         This is a music            Women’s Chorus, and for tenor/bass range in
                                                                                                         in Advanced Placement evaluation.
performance class for more experienced              Men’s Chorus.         Movement in music is
players. Wind players and pianists may be           integrated into the curriculum at this level.
admitted based on director recommendation           Students are required to provide prescribed
and instrumentation need. Students must             concert attire and are required to participate in
furnish own instrument, with larger                 school and public concerts.                                   WORLD LANGUAGES
instruments (cello and bass) available for in-
school use. Grades are awarded on the basis         Vocal Ensemble I/II (9289/9290)
of class and concert performance.                   Credit: 1 Unit (one unit of credit is earned each    Students who elect to study a world
                                                    year course is taken)
                                                                                                         language should demonstrate reliable work
Women’s Chorus/Men’s Chorus I/II                    Offered Grades 9-12
                                                                                                         and attendance habits and be prepared to
(Women’s 9260/9262, Men’s 9261/9263)                Prerequisites: Audition required
                                                                                                         participate actively in classroom activities.
Credit: 1 Unit (one unit of credit is               Vocal Ensemble is a performance-based class.
                                                                                                         In acquiring proficient skills in listening,
earned each year course is taken)                   The enrollment in this class is limited based on
                                                                                                         speaking, reading and writing, students
Offered Grades 9-12                                 a balanced ensemble, and in part determined by
                                                                                                         should      expect     regular     homework
Prerequisites: None                                 the total choral enrollment in the high school.
                                                                                                         assignments, a variety of classroom
This is a performance-based                         Emphasis is placed on vocal techniques, ear
                                                                                                         activities designed to develop facility with
class. Emphasis is placed on basic vocal            training, and note learning. Choral balance,
                                                                                                         language learning, and frequent assessments
techniques, ear training, and note learning.        diction and phrasing are considered in all work.
                                                                                                         to monitor and assist their progress.
Choral balance, diction and phrasing are            Choral students are introduced to various styles
considered in all work. Choral students are         of chorus music written for the smaller, more
introduced to various styles of chorus music        select choral ensemble. Movement in music is
from madrigals to rock. Movement in                 integrated into the curriculum at this level.
Page 18                                            Spotsylvania County Schools                                                     2009-2010

French I (5110)                                 participating in Advanced Placement French              Advanced Placement German (5270)
Credit: 1 Unit                                  are expected, in addition to the requirements           Credit: 1 Unit
Offered Grades 9-12                             of the course, to take the exam provided and            Offered Grade 12
Prerequisites: None                             graded by the College Board.                            Prerequisites: German IV
An introduction to the language of French-                                                              This course is designed to develop
speaking people, French I concentrates on       German I (5210)                                         proficiency in German for highly motivated
the acquisition of basic vocabulary and         Credit: 1 Unit                                          language students. The course seeks to
grammatical skills to enable a student to be    Offered Grades 9-12                                     develop all skills emphasizing language for
able to converse in simplest terms in a         Prerequisites: None                                     communication using authentic materials in
manner to be understood by a native             An introduction to the language of German-              preparation for the advanced placement
speaker. Vocabulary reflects aspects of         speaking people, German I concentrates on               language exam. Students participating in
daily life and of the cultures of French-       the acquisition of basic vocabulary and                 Advanced Placement German are expected,
speaking people. The course emphasizes          grammatical skills to enable a student to be able       in addition to the requirements of the course,
listening and speaking throughout; reading      to converse in simplest terms in a manner to be         to take the exam provided and graded by the
and writing skills receive attention as         understood by a native speaker. Vocabulary              College Board.
students’ vocabulary and grammatical skills     reflects aspects of daily life and of the cultures of
develop.                                        German-speaking people.                The course       Latin I (5310)
                                                emphasizes listening and speaking throughout;           Credit: 1 Unit
French II (5120)                                reading and writing skills receive attention as         Offered Grades 9-12
Credit: 1 Unit                                  students’ vocabulary and grammatical skills             Prerequisites: None
Offered Grades 9-12                             develop.                                                Latin I is designed to give the students a
Prerequisites: French I                                                                                 working knowledge of basic Latin
French II begins with a brief review of basic   German II (5220)                                        vocabulary and grammatical structures to
French I material to ensure maximum             Credit: 1 Unit                                          enable them to comprehend connected Latin
competency before beginning more                Offered Grades 9-12                                     passages. Simultaneous study of English
advanced vocabulary and grammatical             Prerequisites: German I                                 derivatives from Latin words and Latin roots
concepts. The class is designed to increase     German II begins with a brief review of basic           in use in English gives students a powerful
the students’ proficiency in listening,         German I material to ensure maximum                     tool in increasing their English vocabulary
speaking, reading and writing. Students also    competency before beginning more advanced               as well. In addition, aspects of Roman life
continue the study of aspects of French         vocabulary and grammatical concepts. The class          and culture are explored to broaden the
culture.                                        is designed to increase the students’ proficiency       students’ awareness of the ancient world and
                                                in listening, speaking, reading and writing.            its contributions to their own culture.
French III (5130)                               Students also continue the study of aspects of
Credit: 1 Unit                                  German culture.                                         Latin II (5320)
Offered Grades 10-12                                                                                    Credit: 1 Unit
Prerequisites: French II                        German III (5230)                                       Offered Grades 9-12
French III begins with a brief review of        Credit: 1 Unit                                          Prerequisites: Latin I
French II material. Students continue to        Offered Grades 10-12                                    Latin II introduces more complicated
develop skills on a more advanced level in      Prerequisites: German II                                grammatical structures within the context of
listening, speaking, reading and writing        German III begins with a brief review of German         Latin readings and continues to emphasize
French. The study of aspects of the cultures    II material. Students continue to develop skills        acquisition of Latin vocabulary within the
of French-speaking people is an important       on a more advanced level in listening, speaking,        same functional framework. Much attention
part of the course.                             reading and writing German. The study of                is given to concurrent study of Latin roots
                                                aspects of the cultures of German-speaking              and English derivatives to help students to
 French IV (5140)                               people is an important part of the course.              increase their English vocabulary as well.
Credit: 1 Unit                                                                                          Aspects of Roman life and culture are
Offered Grades 11-12                             German IV (5240)                                       explored to broaden students’ awareness of
Prerequisites: French III                       Credit: 1 Unit                                          the contributions of the Greco-Roman world
Students in French IV read literary             Offered Grades 11-12                                    to Western civilization.
selections in addition to increasing            Prerequisites: German III
proficiencies in listening, speaking, reading   German IV is designed to further develop                Latin III (5330)
and writing skills. Students continue to        proficiency in the language and to increase the         Credit: 1 Unit
study the cultures of French-speaking           students’ understanding and appreciation of             Offered Grades 10-12
people.                                         German culture. Through intensive studies of            Prerequisites: Latin II
                                                the grammar and vocabulary as they pertain to           Latin III completes the student’s
Advanced Placement French (5170)                comprehension and communication, students are           introduction to the essential grammatical
Credit: 1 Unit                                  able to function in the German language with            structures of the language in the context of
Offered Grade 12                                increased competence. Students are expected to          more sophisticated and authentic literature.
Prerequisites: French IV                        read and write in German with added                     In-depth study of Roman history from the
This course is designed to develop              proficiency.                                            founding of Rome through the Republic
proficiency in French for highly motivated                                                              serves to illuminate the background of the
language students. The course seeks to                                                                  literature read. Students will develop
develop all skills emphasizing language for                                                             increased facility in interpreting Latin with
communication using authentic materials                                                                 attention focused on analysis of syntax and
in preparation for the advanced                                                                         literary devices. Continued acquisition of
placement language exam. Students
Page 19                                           Spotsylvania County Schools                                              2009-2010

Latin vocabulary and concurrent study of       Spanish II (5520)                                 English for Speakers
English derivatives are stressed.              Credit: 1 Unit                                    of Other Languages (ESOL)
                                               Offered Grades 9-12                               (5710 - 5731)
Latin IV (5340)                                Prerequisites: Spanish I                          Credit: 1 Unit
Credit: 1 Unit                                 Spanish II begins with a brief review of basic    Offered Grades 9-12
Offered Grades 11-12                           Spanish I material to ensure maximum              Prerequisites: English Language
Prerequisites: Latin III                       competency      before    beginning      more     Evaluation
Students in Latin IV will focus on the         advanced vocabulary and grammatical               English for Speakers of Other Languages
literature of the late Republic and early      concepts. The class is designed to increase       is designed for foreign-born students or
Empire with special emphasis on the history    the students’ proficiency in listening,           students whose home language is one
of the principate of Augustus. Grammar and     speaking, reading and writing. Students also      other than English and who have limited
syntax will be reviewed in context as          continue the study of aspects of Spanish          English proficiency. The ESOL program
students read authentic texts of prose and     culture.                                          will provide the EL student with the
poetry. Analysis of poetic meter (where                                                          language ability for academic success
applicable), literary devices, and genre are   Spanish III (5530)                                and to participate fully in the total school
major topics of consideration in developing    Credit: 1 Unit                                    program. A student may enroll in up to
student appreciation for and response to       Offered Grades 10-12                              four years of ESOL depending on the
Latin literature. Concurrent acquisition of    Prerequisites: Spanish II                         level of English proficiency and
Latin vocabulary and study of English          Spanish III begins with a brief review of         individual needs. A student may earn
derivatives remain integral parts of the       Spanish II. Students continue to acquire          credit in English or World Language or
course.                                        vocabulary in specific contexts as they           as an elective. For students intending to
                                               develop stronger skills in listening, speaking,   earn a standard diploma, an EL student
Advanced Placement Latin                       reading and writing. The study of the             is expected to pass English 11 and earn
(5370 Vergil)                                  cultures of Spanish-speaking people is an         the verified credit. For an advanced
Credit: 1 Unit                                 important part of the course.                     studies diploma, three credits of ESOL
Offered Grade 12                                                                                 can satisfy the world language
Prerequisites: Latin IV                        Spanish IV (5540)                                 requirement.
The Advanced Placement                         Credit: 1 Unit
Latin course examines Vergil’s Aeneid,         Offered Grades 11-12
the aims of which are progress in the          Prerequisites: Spanish III
reading, understanding, analyzing and          Students in Spanish IV read literary
interpreting of Latin. This epic is among      selections in addition to increasing                         HEALTH AND
the most frequently studied in                 proficiencies in listening, speaking, reading            PHYSICAL EDUCATION
comparable college courses with                and writing skills. Students continue to
emphasis on developing ability to              study the cultures of Spanish-speaking
translate accurately from Latin into           people.                                           Two units of health and physical
English the poetry under consideration.                                                          education are required for graduation.
In addition to fostering an understanding      Advanced Placement Spanish (5570)                 The two units are usually taken in grades
of the literary techniques of Latin writers    Credit: 1 Unit                                    nine and ten with at least 40% of
and of poetic meter, stylistic analysis is     Offered Grade 12                                  instructional time being devoted to
an integral part of the advanced work in       Prerequisites: Spanish IV                         health in ninth grade and Driver
both courses. The Advanced Placement           This course is designed to develop                Education in tenth grade.
Latin course also includes study of the        proficiency in Spanish for highly motivated
cultural, social, and political context of     language students. The course seeks to            Health and Physical Education
the literature. Students are expected to       develop all skills emphasizing language for       Grade 9 (7300)
take the exam provided and graded by           communication using authentic materials in        Credit: 1 Unit
the College Board.                             preparation for the advanced placement            Offered Grade 9
                                               language exam. Students participating in          Prerequisites: None
Spanish I (5510)                               Advanced Placement Spanish are expected,          In grade nine, students complete the
Credit: 1 Unit                                 in addition to the requirements of the course,    transition from modified versions of
Offered Grades 9-12                            to take the exam provided and graded by the       movement forms to more complex
Prerequisites: None                            College Board.                                    applications across all types of physical
An introduction to the language of Spanish-                                                      activities – games, sports, dances, and
speaking people, Spanish I concentrates on     American Sign Language (5999)                     recreational pursuits. They demonstrate
the acquisition of basic vocabulary and        Credit: 1 unit – Elective Credit                  the ability to use basic skills, strategies,
grammatical skills to enable a student to be   Offered Grades 9-12                               and tactics. Students demonstrate more
able to converse in simplest terms in a        Prerequisites: None                               specialized knowledge in identifying and
manner to be understood by a native            This course introduces the fundamentals of        applying key movement concepts and
speaker. Vocabulary reflects aspects of        American Sign Language (ASL) used by the          principles. They assess and develop a
daily life and of the cultures of Spanish-     deaf community. It includes basic to              personal physical activity program
speaking people. The course emphasizes         advanced vocabulary, syntax, linguistic           aimed at improving their skill
listening and speaking throughout; reading     aspects, finger spelling, conversational          performance.         They apply their
and writing skills receive attention as        competence, and grammatical knowledge.            understanding of personal fitness to
students’ vocabulary and grammatical skills    ASL focuses on communicative competence,          lifelong participation in physical activity.
develop.                                       culture and literature.                           Students demonstrate independence of
                                                                                                 others in making choices, respect all
                                                                                                 others, avoid conflict but are able to
Page 20                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                                 2009-2010

resolve it appropriately, and use             variety of activities. Each student will             offerings. Such choices expand student
elements of fair play and ethical             develop a personal wellness strategy to              knowledge in practical matters, as well as
behavior in physical activity settings.       implement and improve the current level of           in mathematical topics.
Students demonstrate the ability to plan      fitness. The student will gain knowledge of
for and improve components of fitness         the benefits of a variety of activities                    Explanation of Math Credits
and achieve and maintain a health-            designed to develop physical, social, and
enhancing level of personal fitness.          emotional well being.                                To receive a Standard Diploma, students
During the classroom phase, such                                                                   must earn 3 credits of Mathematics and
subjects as community health, first aid,      Recreation and Wellness II (7651)                    complete 2 standard courses.
environmental health, consumer health,        Credit: .5 Unit                                      Only one Part 1 and Part 2 sequenced
wellness, family life, and water safety       Offered Grades 11-12                                 course may be counted once as 2 math
are covered.                                  Prerequisites: Recreation and                        credits. A second Part 1 and Part 2
                                              Wellness I                                           sequenced course may only be counted as
Health and Physical Education                 Students will continue to work with their            one math credit and one elective credit. A
Grade 10 (7405)                               personalized fitness/wellness plan, which            student MUST complete Algebra I and
Credit: 1 Unit                                they began to implement in Recreation and            Geometry to earn a Standard Diploma.
Offered Grade 10                              Wellness I. Each student will reevaluate the
Prerequisites: Health and Physical            fitness goals that were previously set and           To receive a Modified Standard Diploma, a
Education Grade 9                             continue to work on improving their fitness          student must be identified as having a
Students in grade ten are proficient in all   level in many areas (strength, flexibility,          disability and eligible for an IEP. If
fundamental movement skills and skill         muscular endurance and cardiovascular                students are working on this diploma, they
combinations are competent in self-           fitness). An emphasis will be placed on              must have 3 math credits. Students taking
selected physical activities that they are    studying current health and fitness issues           a course that requires an End-of-Course
likely to participate in throughout life.     such as: American obesity in youth and               Test must take the test; however, the
The classroom phase requires a                adults and the health problems this causes,          student is not required to earn a passing
minimum of 36 periods in classroom            dietary supplements, diet plans, fitness             score to qualify for the Modified Standard
driver education instruction. They            programs, and equipment on the market                Diploma. Students may take Personal
understand and apply key movement and         today. The students will also work on                Living and Finance to count as a math
fitness principles and concepts for all       various methods of fitness monitoring such           credit toward graduation. If students are
activities in which they demonstrate          as body fat, heart rate, lung capacity and           not on a Modified Standard Diploma, this
competence. Students are good leaders         anaerobic and aerobic fitness tests. They            course is only an elective credit.
and good followers, respect others, and       will continue to participate in a variety of
anticipate and avoid unsafe physical          activities throughout the semester which will        To receive an Advanced Studies Diploma,
activity situations. They develop the         employ aerobic and anaerobic fitness.                a student must earn 4 math credits at or
ability to understand and anticipate how      Students      will   self-select   areas  of         above Algebra I. The student can only
physical activity interests and abilities     concentration to study such as aerobics,             count a 2-part course once toward math
change across a lifetime.         Students    dance, weight training, self-defense, as well        credit.    The minimum math courses
demonstrate competency in at least three      as both individual and team sports.                  required for this diploma are Algebra I,
lifetime physical activities and plan,                                                             Geometry, and Algebra II. (Algebra II is
implement, self-assess, and modify a          Sports Medicine (7630)                               the key for the Advanced Studies
personal fitness plan.      Students are      Credit: .5 Unit                                      Diploma.)
prepared to lead a physically active          Offered Grades 11-12                                 If there are any questions, please contact
lifestyle.                                    Prerequisites: None                                  your school counselor.
                                              This is an elective course in which students
The classroom phase requires a                study common sports injuries and their               Algebra I, Part 1 (3131)
minimum of 36 periods in classroom            appropriate treatment. Students learn proper         Credit: 1 Unit
driver education instruction. The course      warm up and stretching exercises designed to         Offered Grades 9-10
covers defensive driving techniques,          reduce injuries. Basic taping techniques are         Prerequisites: None
SEEIT, and other related skills for           included. Other topics include the role of           This course is the first part of a two-part
pedestrians, passengers, and operators of     nutrition, hydration, and diet in athletics as       Algebra I course. It begins with a review
vehicles.    This classroom phase of          well as emergency treatment, proper use of           of mathematical vocabulary, equations, and
Driver’s Education is an integral part of     heat and ice, basic first aid and CPR training.      inequalities. Students will explore rational
PE 10 and is required of all students                                                              numbers by solving and graphing linear
regardless of whether or not the student                                                           equations. Statistics will be integrated
possesses a valid driver’s license. The                    MATHEMATICS                             throughout the year. Students will use
students also cover a unit on mental                                                               appropriate technology throughout this
health and family life in which reading,                                                           course to include a graphing calculator.
research and guest speakers are utilized.     The mathematics curricular choices provide
                                              sequential and non-sequential offerings              Algebra I, Part 1 (3131DB)
Recreation and Wellness I (7650)              designed to meet a variety of student                Credit: 1 Unit
Credit: .5 Unit                               requirements. Thus, the course choices must be       Offered Grades 9-10
Offered Grades 11-12                          made in accordance with individual student           Prerequisites: None
Prerequisites: None                           needs, abilities and level of maturity, as well as   This course is the first part of a two-part
This elective course is designed for          course prerequisites.      Many of the non-          Algebra I course that will be taught every
eleventh or twelfth graders to prepare the    sequential choices provide enrichment for the        day for one semester. It begins with a
student for lifetime participation in a       student enrolled in sequential mathematics           review of mathematical vocabulary,
Page 21                                            Spotsylvania County Schools                                                  2009-2010

equations, and inequalities. Students will      along with various dimensional figures.
explore rational numbers by solving and         Constructions    will   be      emphasized.           The infusion of technology in the course will
graphing linear equations. Statistics will be   Appropriate technology will be utilized.              assist in modeling and investigating
integrated throughout      this course to                                                             functions and data analysis.
include a graphing calculator.                  Geometry, Part 2 (3145)
                                                Credit: 1 Unit                                        Algebra II (3135)
Algebra I, Part 2 (3132)                        Offered Grades 10-12                                  Credit: 1 Unit
Credit: 1 Unit                                  Prerequisites: Geometry Part 1                        Offered Grades 10-12
Offered Grades 10-12                            This course will complete the geometry two-           Prerequisites: Algebra I and Geometry
Prerequisites: Successful completion of         year series by reviewing Part 1 concepts and          Algebra II is an advanced study of the
Algebra I, Part 1                               then using algebra skills to identify similarity      following topics within the framework of
This course will complete the Algebra           and proportionality. Additional concepts              the real number system: exponents and
two-year series by reviewing Part 1             involving right triangles and trigonometry            radicals, polynomial and rational
concepts and then exploring polynomials         will use the Pythagorean Theorem. Students            functions, linear and quadratic functions
and factoring methods. Students will                            will                                  and     relations,    exponential     and
solve quadratic equations, study                                 analyze plane figures and            logarithmic functions, and systems.
matrices, and solve systems of linear                            investigate surface area and         Complex numbers are also introduced.
equations. Students will use appropriate                         volume.      Coordinate and          This course is not the prerequisite for
technology throughout this course to            transformational geometry will also be                mathematical analysis.
include a graphing calculator.                  studied. Appropriate technology will be
                                                utilized.                                             Advanced Algebra II (3136)
Algebra I, Part 2 (3132DB)                                                                            Credit: 1 Unit
Credit: 1 Unit                                  Geometry (3143)                                       Offered Grades 9-11
Offered Grades 9-10                             Credit: 1 Unit                                        Prerequisites: “C” or better in Algebra I
Prerequisites: Successful completion of         Offered Grades 8-12                                   Advanced Algebra II is the prerequisite for
Algebra I, Part 1                               Prerequisites: Algebra I                              Mathematical Analysis and Calculus.
This course will be taught every day for        Geometry is offered to students who have              Advanced Algebra II is a more theoretical
one semester. It will complete the              successfully completed the standards for Algebra      approach to the study of the following topics
Algebra two-year series by reviewing            I. In this course, students will study angle          within the framework of the real number
Part I concepts and then exploring              relationships, parallel lines, polygons, symmetry,    system: exponents and radicals, polynomial
polynomials and factoring methods.              circles, and constructions. Formulas for surface      and rational functions, linear and quadratic
Students will solve quadratic equations,        area and volume will be used to solve practical       functions and relations, exponential and
study matrices, and solve systems of            problems. Proofs are approached intuitively,          logarithmic functions, systems, matrices,
linear equations. Students will use             then formally as the student is prepared to           sequences and series. Complex numbers
appropriate technology throughout this          analyze, to synthesize, and to reach conclusions.     and analytic geometry are also introduced.
course to include a graphing calculator.                                                              Graphing utilities will be used.
                                                Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis (3134)
Algebra I (3130)                                Credit: 1 Unit                                        Discrete Mathematics (3154)
Credit: 1 Unit                                  Offered Grades 11-12                                  Credit: 1 Unit
Offered Grades 7-12                             Prerequisite: Algebra I and Geometry                  Offered Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: Successful completion of         Course must be taken before Algebra II. May           Prerequisites: Successful completion of
Math 8 and Math 8 SOL                           be applied toward an advanced diploma if              Algebra II
Algebra I is a study of the real number         followed by Algebra II.                               Discrete Mathematics is the study of
system and its properties. Students study the   Within the context of mathematical modeling           mathematics needed for the 21st century.
solution of linear and quadratic equations,     and data analysis, students will study functions      Topics to be studied include probability,
linear inequalities, systems of equations,      and their behaviors, systems of inequalities,         statistics, logic, matrices, graph theory,
polynomials, graphing, and data analysis.       probability,     experimental      design      and    recurrence relations and mathematical
Tables and graphs are used to interpret         implementation, and analysis of data. Data will       modeling.       Emphasis is placed on
algebraic expressions, equations, and           be generated by practical applications arising        problem solving, real world applications
inequalities and to analyze functions.          from science, business, and finance. Students         and statistics.
Appropriate technology is used as a tool to     will solve problems that require the formulation
assist in problem solving.                      of linear, quadratic, or exponential equations or a   Mathematical Analysis (3162)
                                                system of equations.                                  Credit: 1 Unit
Geometry, Part 1 (3144)                                                                               Offered Grades 10-12
Credit: 1 Unit                                  Through the investigation of mathematical             Prerequisites: Advanced Algebra II
Offered Grades 10-12                            models and interpretation/analysis of data from       (Math faculty approval or
Prerequisites: Successful completion of         real life situations, students will strengthen        recommendation)
Algebra I                                       conceptual understandings of mathematics and          The content of Mathematical Analysis will
This course is the first part of a two-part     further develop connections between algebra and       serve as appropriate preparation for a
Geometry course. It begins with a               statistics. Students should use the language and      calculus course. It is an in-depth study of
review of basic geometry and builds on          symbols of mathematics in representations and         functions and their characteristics. The
working with the coordinate plane.              communications throughout the course. A               study will include, but not be limited to,
Students will investigate undefined             transformational approach to graphing functions       polynomial, rational, radical, exponential,
terms, definitions, postulates, theorems,       and writing equations when given the graphs will      and piece-wise-defined functions.        A
and deductive reasoning.               The      aid the student in building strong connections        thorough treatment of trigonometry is
Pythagorean Theorem will be explored            between algebraic and graphic representation.         provided through the study of trigonometric
Page 22                                             Spotsylvania County Schools                                             2009-2010

definitions, applications, graphing, and         Computer Mathematics                               and graphs, lines and conics). This
solving trigonometric equations. Emphasis        (Visual BASIC) (3199)                              course covers both theory and
is placed on using connections between right     Credit: 1 Unit                                     applications of integral and differential
triangle ratios, trigonometric functions, and    Offered only for Seniors who need credit to        calculus. The course follows an outline
circular functions. Graphing utilities will be   graduate                                           proposed by the Advanced Placement
used.                                            Prerequisites: Algebra I, Parts 1 & 2 and          Board and is presented at a college level.
                                                 Geometry, Part 1                                   Graphing      calculators    are     used
Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus                     Taking advantage of BASIC’s user-friendly          extensively. Students participating in
(MTH 163-164) (3161)                             development environment, this course presents      Advanced Placement Calculus are
Credit: 1 Unit                                   structured programming principles - such as        expected, in addition to requirements of
(also college credit (6 hours) with a grade      problem solving, top-down modular program          the course, to take the exam as provided
of 78 or better each semester)                   design and programming style - in a format that    by the College Board. For college
Offered Grade 12                                 is ideal for students with no prior programming    credit, an acceptable score, which varies
Prerequisites: Advanced Algebra II; staff        concepts in general, and to familiarize the        from college to college, must be earned.
approval, Germanna entrance requirement
                                                 students with the elements of BASIC. Students      The score earned on the exam does not
Students should not have previously taken
Mathematical Analysis or higher level courses.   will learn to write readable, reliable and well-   affect the grade or credit awarded at the
Pre-Calculus (MTH 163-164) is a                  documented programs.                               local school.
Germanna Community College course that
is taught at the high school and presents the    Computer Mathematics (C++) (3184)                  Advanced Placement Computer
concepts and methods necessary for the           Credit: 1 Unit                                     Science – JAVA (3185)
study of calculus, including algebra, analytic   Offered Grades 9-12                                Credit: 1 Unit
geometry, and the study of algebraic,            Prerequisites: Geometry                            Offered Grades 11-12
exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric      (recommend grade of “C” or better)                 Prerequisites: Algebra II and
functions.                                       The major focus of this course is to provide       Computer Math (C++)
                                                 experience in using the computer to solve          Advanced Placement Computer Science
Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus is designed         problems set up using mathematical models.         involves students in programming
for seniors who are interested in continuing     Programming is a major emphasis of the             methodology, algorithms, and data types
their study of mathematics beyond                entire course ranging from simple programs         and structure.     The course includes
Advanced Algebra II. The course allows           to the more complex programs written in the        applications of computing and the
seniors to earn high school credit and           C++ language. Students are encouraged to           development of computing techniques.
college credit simultaneously and is taught at   take Computer Math in addition to Algebra          Java is the programming language used
the high school. Dual enrollment Pre-            II, Advanced Algebra II, Discrete                  in this course. The course follows an
Calculus is comparable to Math Analysis.         Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, or             outline proposed by the Advanced
Credits normally transfer to all Virginia        Calculus.                                          Placement Board and is presented at a
Community Colleges and most colleges and                                                            college level. Students participating in
universities. Tuition is required for this       Advanced Placement Statistics (3192)               Advanced Placement Computer Science
class, and the fee is based on Germanna          Credit: 1 Unit                                     are expected, in addition to requirements
Community College’s designation of in-           Offered Grades 10-12                               of the course, to take the exam as
state or out-of-state residency requirements.    Prerequisites: Algebra II                          provided by the College Board.
                                                 (Math Analysis recommended but not
Personal Living and Finance (3120)               required)
Credit: 1 Math credit for Modified               Advanced Placement Statistics is a college-
Standard Diploma, 1 Elective Unit for all        level, non-calculus based course in
others                                           introductory statistics.     The course will
Offered Grades 11-12                             include observing patterns and departures
Prerequisites: Solid foundation in               from patterns in exploring data, planning
general mathematics                              what or how to measure in a study,                 The high school science program in
This course explains money management            anticipating patterns in advance, an               Spotsylvania County is experientially
skills for individuals and families. It          introduction to probability and simulation,        based and offers courses in the areas of
focuses on skills such as opening a bank         and statistical inference. There will be           biology,    chemistry,    physics    and
account and comparing banking services;          several special problem investigations that        Geosystems.         The integration of
balancing a checkbook; completing loan           culminate in a written report like a short term    technology throughout high school
applications; choosing and buying                paper.     The Texas Instruments TI-83+            science courses allows students to
insurance policies; consumer rights and          graphing calculator and a computer will be         collect, organize, analyze, and interpret
responsibilities;      financial     debt        used as tools for learning in this course.         real-time data; conduct research; design
management; state, federal and local tax                                                            science experiments; and explore science
computations; computation of interest            Advanced Placement Calculus AB (3177)              concepts through simulation and
rates; simple contracts; and contesting          Credit: 1 Unit                                     application software. Our Programs of
incorrect bills.                                 Offered Grades 11-12                               Study are based on the Standards of
                                                 Prerequisites: Mathematical Analysis               Learning for Public Schools in the
                                                 Advanced Placement Calculus is intended            Commonwealth of Virginia and the
                                                 for students who have a thorough knowledge         National Science Education Standards.
                                                 of college       preparatory    mathematics,
                                                 including – algebra, axiomatic geometry,
                                                 trigonometry, and analytic geometry
                                                 (rectangular and polar coordinates, equations
Page 23                                           Spotsylvania County Schools                                           2009-2010

Earth Science (4210)                           motion, and the exploration of space.            and physiological concepts. Careers in
Credit: 1 Unit                                 Students who complete Earth Science II may       the medical sciences are explored.
Offered Grade 9                                not enroll in the ½ unit courses Astronomy
Prerequisites: None                            or Meteorology.                                  Advanced Placement Biology (4370)
Earth Science presents a broad overview                                                         Credit: 1 Unit
of four areas: geology, the study of the       Biology (4310)                                   Offered Grades 11-12
earth’s processes; astronomy, the study        Credit: 1 Unit                                   Prerequisites: Grade of “B” or better
of space; meteorology, the study of            Offered Grade 10                                 in Biology and Chemistry
weather; and, oceanography, the study of       Prerequisites: None                              The Advanced Placement Biology
oceans. Through the use of lectures,           The general Biology course is designed to        Course is designed to be the equivalent
labs, class activities, and audio-visual       expose students to basic biological concepts     of a college introductory biology course.
materials, the students develop a              and to develop an understanding of and           Topics discussed in depth include:
practical knowledge and appreciation of        appreciation for the biological processes that   biochemistry, cell energetics, cell
the forces which shape the earth and           relate to all organisms.           Laboratory    composition, molecular genetics, and the
affect our lives.        This course is        investigations are conducted which reinforce     systematics, physiology, and ecology of
recommended for students who have              principles taught in the classroom.              organisms including humans.           The
scheduled Algebra I, Part 1 or Algebra I,                                                       course is also designed to promote an
Part II for their freshman year.               Advanced Biology (4315)                          understanding and appreciation of
                                               Credit: 1 Unit                                   scientific research. Course topics are
Advanced Earth Science (4215)                  Recommended Grade10                              reinforced with required laboratory
Credit: 1 Unit                                 Prerequisites: None                              activities. In addition to completing the
Offered Grade 9                                The Advanced Biology course is designed to       requirements of the course, students
Prerequisites: None                            provide students with the scientific             participating in Advanced Placement
In Advanced Earth Science, the students        background and rigor necessary to prepare        Biology are expected to take the
explore the four areas of geology,             them for advanced high school courses and        Advanced Placement exam as provided
meteorology,         astronomy       and       college. Students are required to learn          by the College Board. The course
oceanography. They are required to             formal names of biological terms and             proceeds at a rapid pace following an
learn the latest concepts developed in         develop a sophisticated vocabulary. Written      outline proposed by the Advanced
explaining the complex natural forces          lab reports are required; therefore, students    Placement Board.          The Advanced
controlling the earth in terms of our          must have the ability to write correctly,        Placement score does not affect the
weather, the oceans, crustal processes,        reason and conceptualize in order to function    grade or credit awarded at the local
and space exploration. Emphasis is put         well in this course.                             school. Students selecting this class will
on the students’ inductive reasoning                                                            also be scheduled for a block-long
powers to lead them to a more thorough         Biology II - Seminar (4320)                      laboratory class.
understanding of the earth sciences.           Credit: 1 Unit
Labs, lab reports, use of graphs, or           Offered Grades 11-12                             Chemistry (4410)
projects also challenge the students and       Prerequisites: Grade “B” or better in            Credit: 1 Unit
enrich their pursuit of knowledge of our       Biology and successful completion or             Offered Grades 11-12
dynamic earth.                                 simultaneous enrollment in Chemistry             Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra I.
                                               Seminar is designed for science-oriented         Simultaneous enrollment in or
Advanced Earth Science is recommended          students who wish to develop a deeper            completion of Algebra II recommended
for students who have a B or better in 8th     understanding of the processes of science        General Chemistry is a math intensive
Grade Science and have scheduled               through research, advanced laboratory            course designed to provide a broad,
Geometry or Algebra II for their freshman      activities, and data analysis. Course topics     general     understanding     of     the
year, and should be strongly considered for    include       Entomology,       Comparative      fundamental principles of chemistry.
those students who have a B or better in 8th   Vertebrate Anatomy, Bacteriology, Botany         Laboratory investigations are conducted
Grade Science and have scheduled Algebra       and Genetics. These topics are college-level     which reinforce principles taught in the
I for their freshman year.                     subject areas not readily available in other     classroom.
                                               science courses.
Earth Science II (4220)                                                                         Advanced Chemistry (4415)
Credit: 1 Unit                                 Human Anatomy and Physiology: An                 Credit: 1 Unit
Offered Grades 10-12                           Introduction to the Medical Sciences             Offered Grade 11- 12
Prerequisites: Earth Science                   (4330)                                           Prerequisites: Recommend completion
Earth Science II is designed to be an in-      Credit: 1 Unit                                   of Algebra II prior to class
depth study of the topics of Astronomy         Offered Grades 11-12                             The Advanced Chemistry course is
and Meteorology introduced in Earth            Prerequisites: Grade of “B” or better in         designed to delve more deeply into the
Science. Students collect and analyze          Advanced Biology and “C” or better in            fundamental principles of chemistry than
weather data to forecast the weather.          Chemistry or simultaneous enrollment in          the general course. It is recommended
Storms and other related weather               Chemistry                                        for students who plan to take college
phenomena are studied.          Students       Human Anatomy and Physiology provides            chemistry or major in a scientific area or
investigate thermal, electrical, optical,      college-bound students with an in-depth          a related field.
and other properties of the atmosphere.        understanding and working knowledge of the
Astronomy topics include methods and           human body. It covers the ten systems of the
tools used to investigate the universe,        human body with emphasis on the
universal    laws,    galaxies,    stellar     mechanisms that maintain homeostasis.
evolution, the solar system, planetary         Strong emphasis is placed on laboratory and
                                               clinical case studies to illustrate anatomical
Page 24                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                            2009-2010

Chemistry II (4420)                           Physics (4510)                                   Astronomy (4260)
Credit: 1 Unit                                Credit: 1 Unit                                   Credit: .5 Unit
Offered Grades 11-12                          Offered Grades 11-12                             Offered Grades 10-12
Prerequisites: Grade of B or better in        Prerequisites: Recommended completion of         Prerequisites: None
Chemistry and successful completion           Algebra I and Geometry                           Astronomy is designed to
of Algebra II                                 Physics is designed to explore physical          be a more in-depth,
Chemistry II is strongly recommended          phenomena observed in our everyday world.        mathematical treatment
for all students who are college bound        Emphasis is placed on the study of motion,       of the concepts presented in Earth
and who may have an interest in a career      forces, energy, optics, and electricity and      Science. Topics such as the universe,
in chemistry or any related fields such as    magnetism. Laboratory work with proper           universal     laws,    galaxies,   stellar
biology, engineering or medicine. This        collection and analysis of data is stressed.     evolution, the solar system and its
course is designed to provide in-depth        Physics is recommended for college bound         motion, and the exploration of space will
and state-of-the-art studies for the          students who may not be majoring in math,        be discussed.       Students who take
academically talented student. Units of       engineering, or a science. An understanding      Astronomy and/or Meteorology may not
study        include        biochemistry,     of basic mathematical concepts is an integral    enroll in Earth Science II.
chromatography, nuclear chemistry,            part of this class. It is also recommended for
qualitative and quantitative analysis,        vocational or technical students who may         Meteorology (4610)
oxidation reduction, equilibrium, gas         need a broad background in physics.              Credit: .5 Unit
laws, and stoichiometry.                                                                       Offered Grades 10-12
                                              Advanced Physics (4515)                          Prerequisites: None
                                              Credit: 1 Unit                                   Meteorology will involve students in
                                              Offered Grades 11-12                             scientific study of the earth’s
                                              Prerequisites: Recommend successful              atmosphere. It includes the day-to-day
                                              completion or current enrollment in              variations of weather conditions, the
Advanced Placement Chemistry (4470)           Mathematical Analysis                            study of electrical, optical, and other
Credit: 1 Unit                                Advanced Physics is designed to examine          physical properties of the atmosphere,
Offered Grade 12                              the fundamental laws that are basic to all       weather forecasting, and other weather-
Prerequisites: Recommended “B”                sciences. Major emphasis is given to the         related phenomena. Students who take
average in both Chemistry and                 quantitative applications of classical           Astronomy and/or Meteorology may not
Algebra II                                    mechanics and conservation laws. Advanced        enroll in Earth Science II.
The Advanced Placement Chemistry              Physics is strongly recommended for
course is the equivalent of a college         students who plan careers in all areas of
introductory general chemistry course.        science, mathematics, computer science or                SOCIAL SCIENCES
It is designed to enable students to attain   engineering. Because of the emphasis on
a depth of understanding of the               quantitative analysis, it is recommended that
fundamentals of chemistry and a               the student have a strong background in
reasonable competence in dealing with         Geometry and Algebra II.                         World Geography (2210)
chemical problems. Upon successful                                                             Credit: 1 Unit
completion of the course, students will       Environmental Science (4340)                     Offered Grade 9
be able to comprehend the development         Credit: 1 Unit                                   Prerequisites: None
of principles and concepts, to                Offered Grades 11-12                             World     Geography examines            the
demonstrate application of principles, to     Prerequisites: Successful completion of          environmental and cultural patterns of
relate fact to theory and properties to       Earth Science and Biology                        the major world regions.           Critical
structure, and to understand systematic       Environmental Science places emphasis on         thinking skills are developed and applied
nomenclature.        The course will          the    concepts     of communities      and      as students examine demographic and
emphasize chemical calculations and           ecosystems. Using lecture, lab studies, and      economic data and investigate the
mathematical formulation of principles.       various student activities, the cycles and       causes, effects, and possible solutions to
It will focus upon the following areas:       interrelationships of living and non-living      current international conflicts, problems,
structure of matter, states of matter,        components of our environment are studied.       and environmental concerns. Map skills
reactions and descriptive chemistry.          Particular focus is upon man’s influence on      are extended as students use an atlas and
Laboratory experiences will emphasize         these systems and the development of             varied types of maps in regional studies,
experimental procedures, observations of      necessary attitudes for environmental            build spatial perceptions, and develop a
chemical substances and reactions,            stewardship.                                     mental map of the world. Democratic
recording of data, and calculation and                                                         values and citizenship are reinforced as
interpretation of results based on            Marine Science (4620)                            students develop an appreciation of the
quantitative data. The course follows an      Credit: .5 Unit                                  cultural diversity of the world, learn to
outline proposed by the Advanced              Offered Grades 10-12                             work cooperatively with classmates, and
Placement Board. Students participating       Prerequisites: Successful completion of          build an appreciation and concern for the
in Advanced Placement classes are             Earth Science and Biology                        environment. Students are expected, in
expected to take the College Board exam       Marine Science is a survey course in the         addition to the requirements of the
in addition to fulfilling all the             biology of marine life, and how it interacts     course, to take the World Geography
requirements of the specific course.          with the environment, ocean chemistry and        End-of-Course Test, if not
Students selecting this class will also be    physiology. Saltwater aquaria are maintained     previously taken.
scheduled for a block-long laboratory         as a part of the classroom instruction.
Page 25                                           Spotsylvania County Schools                                                 2009-2010

Advanced Placement Human                                                                            relationships between economic and
Geography (2211)                                                                                    political freedoms. Economic content
Credit: 1 Unit                                                                                      includes the United States market system,
Offered Grades 9-12                                                                                 supply and demand, and the role of the
Prerequisites: None                                                                                 government in the economy. Democratic
This Advanced Placement class introduces       Virginia and United States History (2360)            values and citizen participation are stressed
students to the systematic study of patterns   Credit: 1 Unit                                       throughout the course.
and processes that have shaped human           Offered Grade 11
understanding, use, and alteration of the      Prerequisites: None                                  Advanced Placement United States
earth’s surface. Students employ spatial       Virginia and United States History chronicle         Government (2445)
concepts and landscape analysis to             the history of the United States from the first      Credit: 1 Unit
examine human social organization and its      European exploration of the Americas to the          Offered Grade 12
environmental consequences. They also          present.      Individuals and groups that            Prerequisites: None
learn about the methods and tools              contributed to the unique evolution of the           Advanced Placement United States
geographers use in their science and           United States are studied. Both domestic and         Government gives students an analytical
practice. Advanced Placement Human             foreign policies are examined at various points      perspective on government and politics
Geography is offered to qualified students     in time as the United States developed into a        in the United States. Students learn
who wish to complete studies in secondary      democratic world power. While focusing on            basic facts, concepts and theories
school equivalent to an introductory           political and economic history, this course          pertaining to United States government
college course in human geography. The         includes a study of the American culture.            and politics, understand typical patterns
course follows an outline prepared by the      Students are expected, in addition to the            of political processes and behavior and
College Board. All students enrolled in        requirements of the course, to take the Virginia     their consequences, and analyze and
this class are expected to take the exam       and United States History End-of-Course Test,        interpret basic data. The course is
provided by the College Board, as well as      if not previously taken.                             presented at the college level and
the World Geography End-of-Course Test,                                                             follows an outline proposed by the
if not previously taken.                       Advanced Placement United States History             Advanced Placement College Board.
                                               (2319)                                               Students are expected, in addition to the
World History and Geography: 1500              Credit: 1 Unit                                       requirements of the course, to take the
AD (C.E.) to Present (2216)                    Offered Grade 11                                     exam provided by the College Board.
Credit: 1 Unit                                 Prerequisites: None
Offered Grade 10                               Advanced Placement United States History is          Advanced Placement European
Prerequisites: None                            designed to provide students with the analytic       History (2399)
World History and Geography: 1500 AD           skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal       Credit: 1 Unit(also college credit with
to the Present explores the diversity of       critically with issues and problems in United        appropriate score on college credit exam)
culture and the evolution of human history     States history. This course includes an in-depth     Offered Grades 10-12
from the Renaissance to the present.           analysis of major developments and                   Prerequisites: None
Students examine the development of the        assessments of historical materials, evidence,       Advanced Placement European History
world’s major political, economic, and         and interpretations. Students learn to assess        surveys the major events, movements,
legal systems; artistic and literary           historical materials, develop the skills necessary   and personalities in European History
movements; technological changes; trade        to arrive at conclusions on the basis of an          from the late Middle Ages to the present.
patterns; religions; and the influential       informed judgment, and to present reasons and        Students will develop an understanding
people of history. Students are expected, in   evidence clearly and persuasively in essay           of the principle themes in modern and
addition to the requirements of the course,    format. The course is presented at the college       historical interpretation, and an ability to
to take the World History and Geography:       level and follows an outline proposed by the         express historical understanding in
1500 AD to the Present End-of-Course           Advanced Placement College Board. Students           writing. The course is presented at the
Test, if not previously taken.                 are expected, in addition to the requirements of     college level and follows an outline
                                               the course, to take the exam provided by the         proposed by the Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement World History               College Board, as well as, the Virginia and          College Board. Students are expected,
(2996)                                         United States History End-of-Course Test, if         in addition to requirements of the course,
Credit: 1 Unit                                 not previously taken.                                to take the exam provided by the College
Offered Grades 10-12                                                                                Board.
Prerequisites: None                            Virginia and United States Government
Advanced Placement World History               (2440)                                               Advanced Placement Psychology
provides a rigorous, thematic survey of        Credit: 1 Unit                                       (2902)
global history from 8,000 BCE to the           Offered Grade 12                                     Credit: 1 Unit
present. Students examine and analyze the      Prerequisites: None                                  Offered Grades 11-12
broad themes of cross-cultural interaction     Virginia and United States Government                Prerequisites: None
that have shaped human history. The            examine the structure and functions of our           Advanced       Placement      Psychology
course is presented at the college level and   federal form of government. The decision-            introduces students to the systematic and
follows an outline proposed by the             making processes at the local, state, national,      scientific study of the behavior and
Advanced Placement College Board.              and international levels are emphasized. The         mental processes of human beings and
Students are expected, in addition to the      foundations of American government, the              other animals. Students are exposed to
requirements of the course, to take the        politics of American democracy, and                  the psychological facts, principles and
exam provided by the College Board, as         constitutional rights and responsibilities are       phenomena associated with each of the
well as the World History and Geography:       explored in depth. United States political and       major subfields within psychology.
1500 AD to the Present End-of-Course           economic systems are compared to those of            They also learn about the methods
Test, if not previously taken.                 other nations, with emphasis on the                  psychologists use in their science and
Page 26                                         Spotsylvania County Schools                                              2009-2010

practice. The course covers such topics      a presentation that is timely and includes       Agri-Science and Technology II (8008)
as:     biological bases of behavior;        poise, articulation, complex vocabulary and      Credit: 1 Unit
sensation and perception; states of          other      desirable     public      speaking    Offered Grades 10-11
consciousness;      learning  cognition;     characteristics. Students engage in debates      Prerequisites: Introduction of Plant,
motivation and emotion; developmental        within class and with other county schools.      Animal and Mechanics Technology
psychology; personality; testing and                                                          Applied Science and Technology II is a
individual      differences;   abnormal      Criminal Justice (2420)                          one-year course that continues the
psychology; treatment of psychological       Credit: .5 Unit                                  development in general practical life
disorders and social psychology. The         Offered Grades 11-12                             skills. The course is an in-depth look
course is presented at the college level     Prerequisites: None                              into animal husbandry and further
and follows an outline proposed by the       Students study the problem of crime in           development of mechanical concepts
Advanced Placement College Board.            America and the legislative and judicial         found with the agriculture industry.
Students participating in Advanced           responses to it.      Topics include crime       Emphasis is placed on leadership skills
Placement Psychology are expected, in        statistics, law enforcement procedures, the      thru participation in the FFA, the co-
addition to the requirements of the          judicial process, and appropriate legislation.   curricular agriculture organization. Labs
course, to take the exam provided by the                                                      will focus on animals and shop skills.
College Board.
                                                                                              Agri-Science and Technology III
Psychology (2900)                                     CAREER AND                              (8022)
Credit: .5 Unit                                   TECHNICAL EDUCATION                         Credit: 1 Unit
Offered Grades 10-12                                                                          Offered Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: None                                                                           Prerequisites:     Agri-science      and
Psychology introduces students to the        The career and technical curriculum provides     Technology II
study of individual human behavior.          classes with a wide variety of interests and     Agri-Science and Technology III
Students are given the opportunity to        talents. There are both sequential courses       emphasizes building business concepts
explore subjects studied by behavioral       (i.e., the two-year block programs) and non-     through advanced agriculture mechanics
scientists and apply psychological           sequential courses contained in the course       plant and animal projects. Students will
concepts to everyday human problems          offerings. Particular attention should be        use the lab to develop a practical
and life.                                    given to the prerequisites and length of time    knowledge of the agricultural world.
                                             for completion of programs in the career and     Further development of leadership skills
Sociology (2500)                             technical curriculum. The student should         will be imbedded through SAE projects
Credit: .5 Unit                              carefully consider his/her skills, physical      while taking part in the co-curricular
Offered Grades 11-12                         stamina and interest before enrolling in a       student organization, the FFA. Students
Prerequisites: None                          two-year program.                                may utilize the early release agriculture
Sociology is focused upon the causes                                                          cooperative program, through this
and consequences of the various human        Co-curricular Organizations - Students are       course.
relationships. It is designed to promote     expected to participate in the co-curricular
an awareness of basic human needs and        organizations for each career and technical      Agri–Science and Technology IV
the development of skills and attitudes      area. The organizations are: FFA, FBLA,          (8024)
that enable individuals to contribute        FCCLA, HOSA, DECA, TSA and                       Credit: 1 Unit
positively toward improved human             SkillsUSA.      Organizational dues are          Offered Grade 12
relations in the family, school, and         required.                                        Prerequisites: Agri-Science and
community.                                                                                    Technology III
                                             NOTE: Some of the programs require the           Agri-Science       and      Technology      IV
African American History (2371)              purchase of workbooks and other                  emphasizes various business opportunities
Credit: .5 Unit                              specified equipment or materials.                available in the agricultural area from the
Offered Grades 9-12                                                                           perspective of the owner/operator.
Prerequisites: None                                                                           Classroom           activities        simulate
African American History examines the                   AGRICULTURAL                          entrepreneurial activities such as machinery
role African Americans have played in                    EDUCATION                            repair and greenhouse operation. In this
American history and promotes cultural                                                        course, the student is able to apply theories
awareness. Critical thinking, through the                                                     and competencies learned in prior
lens of power, politics, economics, and      Intro to Plant, Animal and Mechanics             agricultural     courses.      Early    release
geography, is developed. Students trace      Technology (8006)                                cooperative opportunities with supervised,
the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of    Credit: 1 Unit                                   on-the-job work experience, is an important
race relations in the United States.         Offered Grades 9-10                              part of this course as well as leadership roles
                                             Prerequisites: None                              in the FFA.
                                             Intro to Plant, Animal and Mechanics
Debate (2905)                                technology, a one-year, single-period course
Credit: .5 Unit                              in developing practical life skills. Basic
Offered Grades 9-12                          skills are achieved in woodworking,
Prerequisites: None                          welding, plant science and small animal care.
Students learn the fundamentals of           Emphasis is placed on leadership skills
debating. Topics include researching a       through participation in the FFA, the co-
subject in order to debate the pros and      curricular agriculture organization. Labs
cons of the subject, as well as, preparing   will cover plant, animal and shop skills.
Page 27                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                            2009-2010

Small Animal Care (8083)                      receive instruction in using soil and other       Accounting (6320)
Credit: .5 Unit                               plant-growing media and in identifying,           Credit: 1 Unit
Offered Grades 9-12                           propagating and growing horticultural plants      Offered Grades 10-12
Prerequisites: None.                          in the greenhouse and land laboratory.            Prerequisites: None
This hands-on course introduces the           Instruction is provided in safety practices       Students study the basic principles,
student to common small animals               and leadership development through the            concepts, and practices of the accounting
directly influencing our everyday lives.      FFA.                                              cycle.    Students learn fundamental
Topics include careers, nutritional needs,                                                      accounting procedures using a manual
breeds, and care and handling of small                                                          and an automated system.
animals. The topics of grooming, training,
caring for, and housing needs of such                   BUSINESS AND                            Advanced Accounting (6321)
animals are also covered. Students are                  INFORMATION                             Credit: 1 Unit
exposed to leadership development through               TECHNOLOGY                              Offered Grades 11-12
participation in the FFA, the co-curricular                                                     Prerequisites: Accounting
student organization.                         The business program offerings are designed       Students gain in-depth knowledge of
                                              to meet two widely recognized goals:              accounting procedures and techniques
Equine Science (8015)                         1. Attainment of business skills and              utilized in solving business problems and
Credit: .5 Unit                                   knowledge, including career                   making financial decisions. Specialized
Offered Grades 9-12                               exploration for all.                          accounting software is used to analyze
Prerequisites: None                           2. Preparation for entering business              and interpret business applications.
This course introduces students to basic          occupations and for pursuing                  Students may earn three Germanna
horse concepts. Topics include breeds,            additional education.                         Community College credits upon
nutritional and health needs, first aid,                                                        successful completion of this course.
parasite control, foot care, breeding,                                                          Seniors taking this course may
showing, judging, and housing needs of                  OCCUPATIONAL                            participate in the Cooperative Office
horses. Students also study the different                 COURSES                               Education Program.
riggings and tack that are necessary for
riding, showing, and caring for the horse.                                                      Computer Information Systems (6612)
Students are exposed to leadership            The completion of Information Technology          Credit: 1 Unit
development through participation.            Fundamentals plus two or more other               Offered Grades 10-12
                                              occupational courses results in becoming a        Prerequisites: Information Technology
Veterinary Science (8088)                     program completer.                                Fundamentals
Credit: 1 Unit                                                                                  Students refine and develop skills
Offered Grades 11 or 12                       Information Technology Fundamentals               learned    in    Keyboarding/Computer
Prerequisites: Small                          (6670)                                            Applications. Students apply problem-
Animal Care and/or                            Credit: 1 Unit                                    solving skills to real life situations
Equine Science                                Offered Grades 9-10                               through database, spreadsheet, and word
This course provides students with the        Prerequisites: None                               processing software. This course also
employability and technical skills            This course introduces students to a wide         includes an introduction to the Internet
needed to succeed in a post-secondary         range of basic computer topics including an       and telecommunications. Students may
education and a career in veterinary          introduction to the Microsoft Office package      earn six Germanna Community College
medicine or a related occupation.             from MS Word to Excel, along with                 credits upon completion of this course.
Course content will include the               computer networking, maintenance and
integration of academics and career           troubleshooting issues. The highlights of the     Business Administration (6621)
skills and instruction in the use of tools,   course include basic movie and cartoon            Credit: 1 Unit
equipment and facilities for veterinary       design, basic web page design, and lessons        Offered Grades 10-12
medicine.        Business management,         on the many opportunities in the IT industry      Prerequisites: Information Technology
leadership and FFA activities are             with a focus on: Information Services and         Fundamentals
included in the course. Students enrolled     Support, Network Systems, Programming             Students enhance word processing and
in this course should have a strong           and Software Development, and Interactive         communication skills as they develop
background in math and science and            Media. Instruction will take place in a           competencies needed by administrative
knowledge of small animal care.               computer lab with access to a variety of          support professionals. Students study
                                              software applications and hardware systems        office procedures such as information
Horticulture Science (8034)                   including digital cameras, video recorders        processing,         telecommunications,
Credit: 1 Unit                                and presentation devices.        In addition,     electronic records management, and
Offered Grades 10 or 12                       students will learn fundamental computer          financial records management.
Prerequisites: Recommend                      skills in the following areas: IT technology
Introduction      to    Plant,                basics, computer hardware, desktop/MS             Word Processing (6625)
Animal & Mechanics Technology                 Windows operations and file management,           Credit: 1 Unit
In this course, students develop the          computer safety, networking concepts,             Offered Grades 10-12
necessary knowledge, skills, habits and       internet     research   and     usage,     and    Prerequisites:
attitudes for entry-level employment and      programming basics. At the end of the             Information Technology Fundamentals
advancement in areas such as                  course students take the industry certification   Students develop intermediate to
floriculture,      landscape     design,      Certiport® IC3 exam.        This course is a      advanced level word processing skills
greenhouse operation, nursery plant           prerequisite for all business occupational        using a variety of software functions, to
production, and turf management. They         courses.                                          include desktop publishing. This course
Page 28                                           Spotsylvania County Schools                                                2009-2010

will prepare a student for Microsoft           Certification Application Specialist (MCAS)          Finance (6120)
Office      Certification  Application         certification.                                       Credit: .5 Unit
Specialist (MCAS) certification in MS                                                               Offered Grades 9-12
Word. *Seniors taking this course may          Advanced Design, Multimedia,                         Prerequisites: None
participate in the Cooperative Office          and Web Technologies (6633)                          An elective course in which students
Education program for an additional            Credit: 1 Unit                                       explore many facets of financial
credit.                                        Offered Grades 11-12 (36 weeks)                      decision-making involved in daily life.
                                               Prerequisites: Design, Multimedia and Web            Skills    in     money     management,
Advanced Computer Information                  Technologies                                         recordkeeping,      and   banking    are
Systems (6613)                                 Students develop advanced skills in creating         enhanced through the study of basic
Credit: 1 Unit                                 interactive media, web sites, and publications for   concepts of economics, insurance, credit,
*Cooperative Office Education 1 Credit         print and electronic distribution. Students work     and other related topics.
Available                                      with sophisticated hardware and software,
Offered Grades 11-12                           applying skills learned to real-world projects.      Keyboarding (6151)
Prerequisites: Computer Information            Completion of this course may prepare students       Unit: .5 Unit
Systems                                        for industry certifications. This course will        Offered Grades 9-12
Students develop advanced skills in            prepare a student for Microsoft Office               Prerequisites: None
word processing, database management,          Certification Application Specialist (MCAS)          Keyboarding is a semester course for
and     spreadsheets.         Networking,      certification. *Seniors taking this course may       students interested in acquiring the basic
integrated software, and multimedia            participate in the Cooperative Office Education      techniques of keyboarding. Students
applications are also covered. Use of the      program for an additional credit.                    will learn to produce letters, outlines,
Internet is an integral part of the course,                                                         reports and tables for personal use.
to include Web page development. This          Cooperative Office Education (6799)
course will prepare students for               Credit: 1 Unit                                       Computer Application for Seniors
Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOS)          (supervised on-the-job training)                    (6614)
certification. Seniors taking this course      Offered Grade 12                                     Credit: 1 Unit
may participate in the Cooperative             Prerequisites: : Seniors must be enrolled in         Offered Grade 12
Office Education Program. This course          Word Processing, Design/MM, Adv.                     Prerequisites: None
will prepare a student for Microsoft           Design/MM, Adv. Accounting, or Adv. CIS.             This course is designed to meet the
Office       Certification     Application     Cooperative Office Education combines                needs of seniors who have not taken
Specialist      (MCAS)        certification.   classroom instruction with supervised on-the-job     computer courses in the business
*Seniors taking this class may                 training during the school year in a business        program. Students begin by refreshing
participate in the Cooperative Office          office. The teach-coordinator develops with the      their keyboarding skills and then move
Education program for an additional            on-the-job training sponsor and the student an       to     word    processing,      database,
credit.                                        individualized training plan identifying learning    spreadsheets,    desktop      publishing,
                                               experiences that are compatible with the             computer presentations and web design.
                                               student’s occupational objective.                    Students become proficient in the use of
                                                                                                    computer applications needed for the
                                                                                                    workplace and/or the college classroom.
                                                         BUSINESS COURSES
Design, Multimedia
and Web Technologies (6630)                                                                                     FAMILY AND
Credit: 1 Unit                                                                                               CONSUMER SCIENCES
*Cooperative Office Education 1 Credit         Business Law (6131)
Available                                      Credit: .5 Unit
Offered Grades 11-12                           Offered Grades 10-12                                 Individual Development/Resource
Prerequisites: Word                            Prerequisites: None                                  Management (8210)
Processing/Computer Information                In Business Law, students examine the                Credit: 1 Unit
Systems                                        foundation of the American legal system.             Offered Grades 9-12
This is a course in which students             They explore economic and social concepts            Prerequisites: None
develop proficiency in using desktop           as they relate to legal principles and to            Individual Development / Resource
publishing software to create a variety of     business and personal laws.                          Management is a single period, one year
printed and electronic publications.                                                                elective course. Units are based on
Students will incorporate journalistic         Business Management (6135)                           individual interests, needs and concerns of
principles in design and layout of             Credit: .5 Unit                                      students. The course focuses on the
publications. Students will use                Offered Grades 10-12                                 practical problems faced by adolescents at
sophisticated hardware and software to         Prerequisites: None                                  this critical stage of their development.
develop web sites and multimedia               In Business Management, students study               Emphasis is placed on enhancing personal
presentations. The complexity and              basic management concepts and leadership             development and self-esteem, managing
rapidly expanding usage of multimedia          styles as they explore business ownership,           stress, achieving career goals, enhancing
presentations in many organizations            planning, economics, international business,         family and peer relationships, and
make this portion of the course very           and human relations issues such as employee          managing conflict. In addition, the course
important for students planning to pursue      motivation and conflict resolution.                  focuses on the practical problems related
business or further education                                                                       to managing human and material
opportunities. This course will prepare a                                                           resources, making consumer decisions,
student for Microsoft Office                                                                        and feeding, clothing, and housing the
Page 29                                         Spotsylvania County Schools                                            2009-2010

Life Planning (8227)                                                                           Fashion Marketing (8140)
Credit: 1 Unit                                             MARKETING                           Credit: 1 Unit
Offered Grades 10-12                                                                           Offered Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: Individual Development                                                          Prerequisites: None
Life Planning is a single period, one year   Introduction to Marketing (8110)                  Fashion       Marketing
elective course which expands the            Credit: 1 Unit                                    provides students with a basic
knowledge and skills acquired in             Offered Grades 9-11                               knowledge of the apparel and
Individual Development. The course           (preference given to 10th graders)                accessories industry and the skills
focuses on using practical problem           Prerequisites: None                               necessary for successful entry-level
solving to set goals regarding life          Fundamentals of Marketing provides                employment in fashion marketing
choices in the areas of career, personal     students with the competencies needed for         careers. Students learn how apparel and
and family relationships, wellness and       successful entry-level employment in              accessories are designed, manufactured,
use of resources. The course looks at        marketing occupations.       Students learn       distributed, and promoted.        Students
factors that influence the coordination of   social, economic, and marketing skills            learn how trends develop, how buyers
personal and career responsibilities, the    necessary for employment in marketing             select merchandise for retail stores, and
development of career goals, and the use     occupations including retail, wholesale, and      how the basic marketing functions of
of resources.      In addition, students     service businesses. Specific skills learned       planning, pricing, promoting and
explore ways of building and                 include    interviewing,     resume-writing,      distributing work in the fashion industry.
maintaining strong, functional families.     selling, marketing, math and business             Students also learn basic human
                                             communications.                                   relations, math and economics skills as
Nutrition and Wellness (8229)                                                                  they apply to this fast-paced industry.
Credit: 1 Unit                               Marketing (8120)
Offered Grades 11-12                         Credit: 2 Units                                   Marketing Management (8132)
Prerequisites: None                          (meets 1 block plus supervised on-the-job         Credit: 1 Unit
Nutrition and Wellness is a single           training)                                         Offered Grade 12
period, one year elective course based on    Offered Grades 11-12                              Prerequisites: None
an in-depth study of good nutrition and      Prerequisites: Introduction to Marketing          Marketing Management is a specialized
physical and mental wellness.         The    (waived with staff approval)                      course for seniors with a career interest
course focuses on three practical            Marketing provides students with competencies     in marketing, management or business
problems: What should I do regarding         that enable them to obtain and succeed in their   who plan to attend college. It is also
ensuring wellness? What should I do          chosen marketing occupation. Students develop     recommended for students majoring in
regarding food choices? What should I        skills in selling,, communications, product       medicine, law, engineering or other
do      regarding     preparing     food?    development, promotion, interviewing and          fields who will be responsible for the
Laboratory experiences, an essential         human relations. Skills learned in this course    operation of a practice or business. The
component of the course, are centered        can be applied to a wide range of careers.        course is designed to provide students
around those three questions. Content        Students combine classroom instruction with       with an understanding of planning,
includes: promoting wellness and good        supervised on-the-job training in a local         implementing and controlling marketing
health, relating food choices to wellness,   marketing business – an average of 11 hours       activities.   These activities include
planning food choices, obtaining and         per week for 36 weeks. On-the-job experience      designing products/services to meet
storing food, preparing and serving food,    is planned, supervised and documented by the      customer needs, designing pricing
and selecting and using equipment.           marketing coordinator. On-the-job training        strategies to achieve profitable use of
                                             during summer months may be counted if            resources, implementing distribution
Family Relations and Parenting (8225)        supervised by the marketing coordinator with a    procedures, and evaluating personal
Credit: 1 Unit                               training plan.                                    selling and sales promotion activities to
Offered Grades 11-12                                                                           assure users have sound basis for their
Prerequisites: None                          Advanced Marketing (8130)                         buying choices.
Family Relations and Parenting is a          Credit: 2 Units
                                             (meets 1 period plus supervised on-the-job
single period, one year elective course.                                                       Sports, Entertainment, and
The course focuses on two questions:                                                           Recreation Marketing (8175)
                                             Offered Grade 12
What should I do to build a strong                                                             Credit: 1 Unit
                                             Prerequisites: Marketing
family? and What should I do about                                                             Offered Grades 10-12 (36 weeks)
                                             Advanced Marketing is designed to provide
parenting? The problems are posed                                                              Prerequisites: None
                                             students with in-depth knowledge of the
through case studies and shared                                                                Students develop skills in the areas of
                                             marketing functions and prepare them for
experiences, and examined using critical                                                       marketing analysis, event marketing,
                                             employment in supervisory and / or
questions that will lead to ethical                                                            communication, and human relations,
                                             management        positions.    Competencies
decisions and reasoned action. The                                                             along with a thorough understanding of
                                             learned include supervision, human resource
content will include the following: the                                                        the sports, entertainment, and recreation
                                             development, purchasing and inventory
significance of families, nurturing                                                            industry and career options available.
                                             control, distribution, market planning and
human development, building healthy                                                            Academic skills (mathematics, science,
                                             sales     promotion.     Students     combine
family relationships, managing work and                                                        English, and history/social science)
                                             classroom instruction with supervised on-
family roles. Also included is content in                                                      related to the content are a part of this
                                             the-job training in a local marketing business
preparing for parenting, meeting                                                               course.     Computer and technology
                                             – an average of 11 hours per week for 36
development needs, and building                                                                applications supporting this course are
positive parent-child relationships.                                                           studied.
Page 30                                        Spotsylvania County Schools                                              2009-2010

                                            operators, personnel managers, and a variety       Students should see their school
                                            of other manufacturing careers.                    counselors for application materials.
                                                                                               Career Pathways classes are offered to
                                            Construction Technology (8431)                     students in grades 10, 11 and 12. It is
The goal of the technology program is to    Credit: 1 Unit                                     recommended that classes, which are
assist students with the application of     Offered Grades 10-12                               offered in a two-year sequence, begin in
advances in science and math in solving     Prerequisites: Recommend Manufacturing             Grade 11. Preference for enrollment to
everyday problems in the fields of          Technology                                         the Career Pathways classes will be
engineering, construction, drafting,        Students design, build and test scale model        given to Grade 10 students. Preference
communication, environmental studies,       structures and work with projects that help        for enrollment to classes that have a 1st
and manufacturing. Electronic advances      them to understand the jobs of architects,         and 2nd year which lead to a program
in the fields of computers, CD-ROMS,        carpenters, electricians, plumbers, surveyors,     completion certificate will be given to
videodiscs, and video enable students to    contractors, masons, design engineers and a        Grade 11 students. Seniors are allowed
explore options previously not available    variety of other construction careers.             to enroll in first year courses or Career
in the classroom. These same electronic                                                        Pathways courses only on a space
advances enable students to experiment      Technical Drawing and Design (8435)                available basis. Metal Trades is offered
with robotics and computer-controlled       Credit: 1 Unit                                     to Grade 9 and Grade 10 students only
machinery.                                  Offered Grades 9-12                                (refer to the Metal Trades descriptions
                                            Prerequisites: None                                for prerequisites). Nursing is offered to
Foundations of Technology (8403)            Technical Drawing and Design is a                  seniors only (refer to the Practical
Credit: 1 Unit                              foundation course for students to experience       Nursing descriptions for prerequisites).
Offered Grades 9-12                         the basic language of industry and
Prerequisites: None                         technology. Students design, sketch, and           Each course is a two- or four-period
Foundations of Technology is designed       make technical drawings. The course is             block. Career Pathways classes are
as the beginning high school course in      especially    recommended       for    future      offered to Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade
technology education. Students acquire      engineering and architecture students.             12 students, as well as, other classes
a foundational knowledge and apply                                                             offered in a two-year sequence
processes     associated     with    the    Engineering Drawing and Design (8436)              beginning in the junior year. Seniors can
technological thinker.      Working in      Credit: 1 Unit                                     participate in various work-based
groups, students build and control          Offered Grades 10-12                               learning opportunities. Students who
systems     and      creatively   apply     Prerequisites: Technical Drawing and               select these courses should understand
mathematics, science, and engineering in    Design                                             that participation in co-curricular student
the development of a technology.            Engineering Drawing and Design is an               organizations is strongly encouraged.
                                            advanced drawing and design course which           Students also participate in local, state,
Technology Transfer (8405)                  enables students to use a graphic language         and national skills competitions. All
Credit: 1 Unit                              for product design, technical illustration and     Career and Technical Center students are
Offered: Grades 10-12                       assembly.       Students use computers,            expected to join and participate in their
Prerequisites: Foundations of               calculators, and descriptive geometry and          trade-related student organizations.
Technology                                  adhere to established standards to solve
Students work with a variety of             design problems.
computers, materials and systems to
improve their skills and knowledge.                                                                      TRADE AND
Groups work together applying math,                                                                   INDUSTRY CLUSTER
                                                         CAREER AND
science, and communication concepts on                                                                Career Pathways Courses
                                                      TECHNICAL CENTER
a project that combines systems such as                   PROGRAMS
production, energy, communication,
transportation, biotechnology, and other                                                       CTC Mentorship Program (0029T)
technologies. Thematic activities engage                                                       Credit: .5 Unit
students in community problems where                                                           Offered Grade 12
they transfer the technological method to                                                      Prerequisites: First year completed of
address recycling, space exploration, and                                                      sequence course at SCTC and approval of
housing.                                                                                       instructor
                                                                                               Career Mentorship is a formal paid work
Manufacturing Technology (8425)                                                                experience performed during the summer
Credit: 1 Unit                                                                                 between the junior and senior year of high
Offered Grades 9-12                         Courses listed in this section are taught at the   school. The student is matched with an
Prerequisites: None                         SPOTSYLVANIA              CAREER          AND      adult in a professional field related to
Students organize and operate a             TECHNICAL CENTER. Programs are                     his/her career and technical class. If a
manufacturing company to explore            divided into three clusters: a) Trade and          student is selected for a position through
careers and work habits typical of the      Industry, b) Family and Consumer Science,          the interview process, he/she must
American industry’s free enterprise         and c) Health and Medical/Protective               complete a minimum of 90 hours and
system.    Students make projects or        Services. Students ride a bus to the Center        maintain a log of activities and complete
products in the “company” which can be      and back to their home school for these            required other assignments in order to
sold. Students experience the work of       classes.                                           receive an education credit. Student will
planners, designers, engineers, machine     There is an application process in place for       receive a grade for the course that will be
                                            admittance to many of these classes.
Page 31                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                            2009-2010

included in the GPA. See SCTC guidance                                                          Electricity I (Residential Wiring)
counselor for further information.                     TRADE AND INDUSTRY                       (8533)
                                                      PROGRAM COMPLETION                        Credit: 4 Units
Construction and Mechanical Trades                          COURSES                             Offered Grade 11
Career Pathways (9070)                                                                          Prerequisites: Recommend
Credit: 2 Units                                                                                 Construction/ Mechanical Trades
Offered Grades 10-12                             CONSTRUCTION/MECHANICAL                        Career Pathways, Algebra I
(preference for enrollment will be given to              TRADES                                 In Electricity I, students are taught
10th graders)                                                                                   different types of circuits along with the
Prerequisites: None                           Carpentry I (8601)                                basics of residential and commercial
Students will be exposed to four areas        Credit: 4 Units                                   wiring. Students use a variety of hands-
of home construction via nine-week            Offered Grade 11                                  on classroom activities to master wiring
exploratory classes in Masonry,               Prerequisites: None                               concepts and test electrical appliances.
Carpentry, Electricity and Heating,           In Carpentry I, students learn about a            The causes and effects of electricity and
Ventilation, and Air-conditioning             variety of building materials, proper use of      electronics are studied.          A good
(HVAC). During the course of the              tools, leveling and layout. The class covers      background in mathematics, basic
year, students will learn appropriate         building      plans,    reading     building      technical drawing, and physical science
safety    procedures,    tool    usage,       specifications, codes, and footings of            is very helpful. Students will also be
construction and mechanical theory.           foundations, forms and roofing. Students          enrolled in the National Association of
Students will have opportunities to           learn about shop safety and OSHA                  Home Builder’s (NAHB) Residential
perform hands-on procedures in each           standards on the job. House construction is       Construction Academy. Enrollment in
area of the construction trades. A            the main line of study with commercial            the academy includes listing the student
combination of labs, shop work,               building construction mixed in.            A      in a national registry that is accessed by
projects and tests will be used to            background in technical drawing, math, and        potential employers.
evaluate student performance. This is         general shop procedures is recommended.
a great introductory course for any           Students will also be enrolled in the             Electricity II (Residential Wiring)
student who is interested in an               National Association of Home Builder’s            (8534)
overview of the building trades               (NAHB)         Residential      Construction      Credit: 2 Units
industry or who may want to                   Academy.        Enrollment in the academy         Offered Grade 12
specialize in a particular construction       includes listing the student in a national        Prerequisites: Electricity I
or mechanical area.                           registry that is accessed by potential            Students in Electricity II study basic
                                              employers.                                        electronics, electrical procedures for
Communication Pathways (9072)                                                                   maintenance, and the service and repair
Career Pathways Credit: 2 Units               Carpentry II (8602)                               of AC and DC electric motors. Students
Offered Grades 10-12 (36 weeks)               Credit: 2 Units                                   learn the theory of electricity and
Prerequisites: None                           Offered Grade 12                                  electronics, mathematics as it applies to
(Preference for enrollment will be given      Prerequisites: Carpentry I                        electricity and wiring, along with the
to 10th graders)                              In Carpentry II, the installation of windows      reading of schematics and other
Students will spend time in the               and doors, exterior finishing, insulation,        scientific principles.        Class work
following classes, Mass Media Studies         interior finishing, and trim are covered.         includes a variety of wiring projects both
and Graphic Imaging Technology.               Students are introduced to stair construction,    in the classroom and occasionally
These classes will introduce students         cabinet making, and installation of               outside the classroom. Students will also
to the interconnectedness of all              insulation, drywall, and trim. Other forms of     be enrolled in the National Association
communication media from basic                optional construction are also covered.           of Home Builder’s (NAHB) Residential
graphic design, print production to           Classroom work is supplemented with a             Construction Academy. Enrollment in
analyzing various media. This class           variety of laboratory projects. Occasionally,     the academy includes listing the student
will provide an overview of careers in        Carpentry II students go outside of school to     in a national registry that is accessed by
each of these areas and demonstrate           work on small local construction jobs. A          potential employers.
how they relate to one another.               senior work experience program is available
Students will have the opportunity to         to qualified students. Students will also be      Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
explore each industry via lecture, and        enrolled in the National Association of           and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) I (8503)
hands-on projects using state of the art      Home Builder’s (NAHB) Residential                 Credit: 4 Units
equipment. A combination of labs,             Construction Academy. Enrollment in the           Offered Grade 11
shop work, projects and tests will be         academy includes listing the student in a         Prerequisites: None
used to evaluate student performance.         national registry that is accessed by potential   This class provides the student with a
This is a great introductory course for       employers.                                        solid foundation in basic knowledge and
students interested in any information                                                          skills for entering the HVAC/R field.
or communication career field.                                                                  Instruction includes shop and trade
                                                                                                safety, hand tool use, principles of
                                                                                                thermodynamics, refrigeration cycle,
                                                                                                compressors,      piping    and   tubing
                                                                                                instruction, soldering and brazing,
                                                                                                mathematics for HVAC/R, electrical
                                                                                                fundamentals and customer relation
                                                                                                skills. Students will learn EPA laws and
                                                                                                regulations     pertaining    to  proper
                                                                                                refrigeration handling. Students will
Page 32                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                            2009-2010

have the opportunity to receive               do masonry projects for local schools. A          Computer Systems Technology (8622)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)         senior work experience program is available       Credit: 2 Units
Certification for refrigerant recovery.       to qualified students. Students will also be      Prerequisite: None
                                              enrolled in the National Association of           Offered Grades 11 or 12 (36 weeks)
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning        Home Builder’s (NAHB) Residential                 Students learn to construct, troubleshoot,
and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) II (8504)          Construction Academy. Enrollment in the           service, and repair computer systems,
Credit: 2 Units                               academy includes listing the student in a         related components, and software on
Offered Grade 12                              national registry that is accessed by potential   both clients and servers, and to install
Prerequisites: Air Conditioning and           employers.                                        and maintain local area networks.
Refrigeration I                                                                                 Students will explore contemporary
Provides students with opportunities to         INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES                        Information Technology issues such as
further their knowledge and skills in the               COURSES                                 virus, worm, bomb, and Trojan horse
field of HVAC/R. Instruction includes                                                           identification and removal, issues of
troubleshooting      electrical   circuits,   Cabling/Telecommunications (8650)                 computer-related business ethics, issues
residential and commercial systems, heat      Credit: 2 Units                                   of copyright ownership and infringement
pumps, and gas and oil furnaces.              Offered Grades 11-12                              and computer-related privacy, functions
Students will learn EPA laws and              Prerequisites: None                               of firewalls, network security issues,
regulations     pertaining     to  proper     This class is designed for students interested    identity theft and harassment issues
refrigeration handling with an emphasis       in the physical aspects of voice and data         involving computer use, and employer-
on EPA certification. Emphasis will           network cabling and installation. The course      employee       issues    of     electronic
continue on EPA laws and regulations          focuses on cabling issues related to data and     documentation ownership.
pertaining to proper refrigeration            voice connections and provides an                 Certifications: CompTIA A+ and
handling. Students will have the              understanding of the industry and its             CompTIA Server+
opportunity to receive Environmental          worldwide standards, types of media and
Protection Agency (EPA) Certification         cabling, physical and logical networks, as        Electronics (AC/DC-Analog) (8536)
for refrigerant recovery.                     well as, signal transmission. Students will       Credit: 2 Units
                                              gain expertise in installation, maintenance,      Offered Grades 11-12
                                              and troubleshooting of copper, fiber, and         Prerequisites: None
                                              wireless      networks     for    commercial      This class introduces student to the
                                              applications. Students will gain experience       language of computers and other
                                              in home technology integration including          electronic components. Using state-of-
Bricklaying/Masonry I (8512)                  installation, integration and troubleshooting     the-art electronic test equipment students
Credit: 4 Units                               of the following sub-systems:            Home     will develop a basic foundation in analog
Offered Grade 11                              Security, Audio/Video, Computer Networks,         electrical/electronic theory.     Students
Prerequisites: None                           Electrical Controls, HVAC (Heating/Air            will acquire skills necessary to assemble,
In Masonry I, students learn to identify,     Conditioning Systems) Control, and                install, and maintain analog equipment
handle and maintain tools, machines, and      Cable/Satellite     Television    distribution.   such as motors and drive systems for
materials used in the masonry field. The      Students are eligible to take the ETA Data        DVDs, VCRs and amplifier circuitry for
program provides both shop and                Cabling Installer, Fiber Optic Installer or       stereos.     Students will build basic
classroom instruction in layout of            CompTia certification exams.                      amplifiers, power supplies and design
projects, basic mathematics skills and                                                          series, parallel and compound-analog
the reading of project sheets. Students       Computer Networking (8542)                        circuits. Upon successful completion of
should be in good physical condition and      Credit: 2 Units                                   the class the student may sit for the
have the stamina to work steadily with        Offered Grades 11-12                              ISCET exam. Successful completion of
brick and block-building materials.           Prerequisites: None                               the exam will give the student National
Students are required to work                 Students will concentrate on networking           Certification.
individually and as part of a team.           using Cisco equipment and proper methods
Students will also be enrolled in the         and techniques involved in data cabling           Electronics (Digital) (8537)
National Association of Home Builder’s        installation. The course will provide the         Credit: 2 Units
(NAHB)        Residential    Construction     student with a basic foundation in Cisco          Offered Grades 11-12
Academy. Enrollment in the academy            networking and help prepare the student to        Prerequisites: None
includes listing the student in a national    take the Cisco Certified Network Associate        This course introduces students to the
registry that is accessed by potential        (CCNA) Intro exam. Particular emphasis is         world of digital electronics including
employers.                                    given to using decision-making and                robotics, lasers and telecommunications
                                              problem-solving     techniques   in    the        cabling. Students work and train on
Bricklaying/Masonry II (8513)                 application of science, mathematics,              solid-state    digital    circuitry  with
Credit: 2 Units                               communication and social studies concepts         emphasis in integrated circuits. Students
Offered Grade 12                              to solve networking problems. Students will       will complete projects in robotics and
Prerequisites: Masonry I                      learn how to install and configure Cisco          sensing systems; they will design and
In Masonry II, students are exposed to        switches and routers in multi-protocol            build lasers and laser targets as well as
the construction of fireplaces, stoops,       networks using local- and wide- area              develop skills in telecommunications.
steps, brick veneer of residential            networks (LANs and WANs), provide Level           Both copper wiring and fiber optic cable
buildings, and the operation of the           I troubleshooting service, and improve            terminations skills are taught which can
masonry saw and gas mortar mixer.             network performance and security. The             lead to cabling certifications. Successful
Students complete a variety of classroom      competencies in this course are mapped to         completion of the electronics program
projects but may also be called upon to       the CompTIA Network+ certification and the        allows students to sit for several
                                              CCNA Intro exam and A+ exam.
Page 33                                             Spotsylvania County Schools                                                 2009-2010

different National Certification exams,          current computer technology, digital                 Radio/Television Broadcasting II (8689)
including ETA, ISCET and NOCTI.                  photography, scanners, film assembly                 Credit: 2 Units
                                                 techniques, plate making, offset press               Offered Grade 12
                                                 techniques and bindery and finishing                 Prerequisites: Radio/Television
                                                 procedures. At completion of this course,            Broadcasting I
                                                 the student will be able to safely design,           In Radio/Television Broadcasting II,
                                                 layout, print, and bind various products using       students build upon skills from the first
                                                 the basic duplication equipment. Students            level class. In addition, they become
                                                 take the National PrintEd exam in                    proficient in editing, videography, and
                                                 Introduction to Graphic Communications at            audio mixing for broadcast. Students learn
Robotic Technology I (8557)                      the end of the course. Upon successful               how to design sets, produce, and direct
Credit: 2 Units                                  completion, students will receive a national         both video and audio programming. Upon
Suggested Grade Level(s): 11 - 12 (36            certification.                                       completion of levels I and II of
weeks)                                                                                                Radio/Television Broadcasting, students
Prerequisite: none                               Graphic Imaging Technology II                        are prepared for an entry-level position at a
This course provides an introduction to          Credit: 2 Units (8661) 4 Units (8662)                radio or television station. The course
robotics operations. Students will learn         Offered Grade 12                                     provides the groundwork for two- or four-
basic computer programming, electronics,         Prerequisites: Graphic Communications I              year      college    level      study      in
motor control, and feedback systems used         Graphic Imaging Technology II provides the           communications,        public      relations,
in robotic assembly and manufacturing            student with additional opportunities to gain        advertising, or broadcast journalism.
settings. Students will work and train on        advanced skills in layout and design, electronic     Students will obtain a Television
solid state digital circuitry as it applies to   imaging, film assembly, plate making, press          Production certification through NOCTI
robotics. In addition, students learn how to     operations, and bindery operations. Students         upon successful completion of the NOCTI
design and assemble basic robots and learn       will spend a major portion of their class time       exam.
how to program a microcontroller for             performing production work, and learning basic
robotic manipulation.                            management and maintenance techniques                Advanced Radio/Television
                                                 necessary for the operation of a small graphics      Broadcasting (8690)
Robotics Technology II (8558)                    company. Students who successfully complete          Credit: 2 Units
Credit: 2 Units                                  both years of the course will be able to enter       Offered Grade 12
Offered grade: 12                                some phase of the graphics industry after            Prerequisites: Instructor
Prerequisite: Robotic Tech I                     graduation from high school. Students may            Recommendation and
Building on the knowledge obtained in            take the National PrintEd exam in “Digital File      Radio/Television Broadcasting I
Robotics I students will continue their          Preparation and/or Offset Press Fundamentals”        This class is available to second year R/TV
study of power systems and explore               at the end of the course. Upon successful            students who may want to extend their
practical uses for robotics. They will           completion, students will have the opportunity       knowledge and experience in the field by
learn to take schematics, tech drawings          to receive national certification.                   participating in an instructor supervised
and specification sheets to design and                                                                independent study during another section
build robots that will accomplish various        Radio/Television Broadcasting I 8688)                of the Radio/TV Broadcasting class, or for
tasks. Students will learn to interface          Credit: 4 Units                                      students who cannot fit the 8689 R/TV II
robots through PC networks and learn             Offered Grade 11                                     class into their schedule due to an
how to program. Students will become             Prerequisites: None                                  academic conflict. This class will cover
familiar with how robots operate                 Radio/TV Broadcasting I includes instruction         the same competencies as R/TV II and will
studying gears, electric motors, and             in how to operate television cameras and             extend them via projects for students taking
mechanical drives. Pneumatic and                 editing equipment. Students also learn how to        this class in addition to Radio/TV
hydraulic systems will also be explored.         use lighting controls, audio recording devices,      broadcasting II (8689). Students will
Students will also be able to compete in         and digital video tape recorders. Students also      obtain a Television Production certification
regional competitions and have the               work on digital editing software in this fast        through      NOCTI        upon    successful
opportunity to take a National                   growing industry. Other skills students work         completion of the NOCTI exam at the
Certification exam.                              on are scripting for news, advertising and           conclusion of the course.
                                                 public relations. In this class, students have the
MASS COMMUNICATION                               opportunity to hone communication skills both           TRANSPORTATION COURSES
COURSES                                          in front of the camera and behind the scenes.
                                                 This class helps students become effective           Auto Collision Repair I (8679)
Graphic Imaging                                  communicators.                                       Credit: 4 Units
Technology I (8660)                                                                                   Offered Grade 11
Credit: 2 Units                                                                                       Prerequisites: None
Offered Grade 11                                                                                      The Auto Collision Repair Program is
Prerequisites: None                                                                                   based on an I-CAR and NATEF program
Graphic Imaging Technology is a two-                                                                  of instruction in the repair of automobile
year program in graphic technology that                                                               collision damage. The student, through a
is designed to provide the student with                                                               variety of classroom and hands-on shop
occupational skills relating specifically                                                             activities, is prepared in the basics of non-
to the graphics industry. Through hands-                                                              structural analysis and damage repair,
on activities, students will learn layout                                                             structural analysis and damage repair, and
and design techniques, electronic                                                                     refinishing.      Experiences in Applied
imaging which includes working with                                                                   Science and Technology and especially in
Page 34                                            Spotsylvania County Schools                                               2009-2010

sheet metal work are helpful to the student.    instruction is also given in automotive air         Computer Assisted Design are taught and
The student should have a strong interest in    conditioning. Students are eligible to take         utilized in class.
automobiles and a creative ability with         various ASE tests, as well as, participate in the
metals and plastics. Students are eligible to   Automotive Youth Services Program (AYES),           Drafting, Design and CAD II (8531)
take various ASE tests in Collision Repair.     which involves interning and job shadowing          Credit: 4 Units
                                                opportunities.                                      Offered Grade 12
Auto Collision Repair II (8680)                                                                     Prerequisites: Drafting, Design and
Credit: 4 Units                                    PERSONAL SERVICES COURSES                        CAD I
Offered Grade 12                                                                                    DRF 201Computer Aided Drafting and
Prerequisites: Auto Collision Repair I          Cosmetology I (8527)                                Design II Dual Enrollment may be
In Auto Collision Repair II, the student will   Credit: 4 Units                                     available with tuition for this class. See
improve upon competencies learned in            Offered Grade 11                                    the school guidance counselor for more
Auto Collision Repair I, including the areas    Prerequisites: Recommend Life                       information.
of structural repair and non-structural         Management Skills I                                 Students can specialize in either the
damage repair. Advanced topics, such as         In Cosmetology I, students are introduced to        mechanical or architectural aspect of
frame inspection and repair, plastic repair     the selected theory and manipulative skills         drafting and design. Both board and
and adhesives, will be covered.                 required of a licensed cosmetologist.               Computer Assisted Design are taught and
Refinishing techniques will be improved,        Emphasis is placed on safety and sanitation         utilized in class. In mechanical drafting,
as well as, solving paint application           procedures, bacteriology, professional ethics,      students learn various thread types and
problems and learning the operation of a        skills associated with hair styling, facial and     patterns used in industry,              CAD
computerized paint-mixing system. Body          scalp treatments, manicuring procedures, and        terminology and construction, spur, bevel,
shop management skills are developed, and       wiggery.                                            and worm gear terminology and
the student will be introduced to estimating                                                        construction; prism, cylinder, pyramid and
repair damage. In the second semester, the      Cosmetology II (8528)                               cone line development and construction to
student may be eligible for the senior work     Credit: 4 Units                                     make line, bar and die charts; basic shop
experience program.                             Offered Grade 12                                    processes, and machine shop layout, and
                                                Prerequisites: Cosmetology I                        various engineering design problems. In
                                                In Cosmetology II, students continue their          architectural drafting, students learn
                                                study of the theory and practice of the             foundation construction, symbols and
                                                manipulative skills required for licensure.         terminology; various wall sections; stair
                                                Those same competencies taught in                   layouts, wall sections with windows
                                                Cosmetology I are reinforced, with emphasis         illustrated; plot layouts including house
                                                placed on anatomy and physiology,                   style and orientation; the rules for
                                                advanced hair design techniques, and salon          architectural dimensioning; how to identify
Auto Service Technology I (8506)                management.      In addition, all chemical          roof types used; how to draw a complete
Credit: 4 Units                                 procedures are taught and practiced in the          set of house plans including foundation,
Offered Grade 11                                second year. Students will be eligible to take      HVAC layout, electrical and plumbing
Prerequisites: None                             the State Board Cosmetology tests for               layout, elevations, plot layout and artist
Auto Service Technology I follows a             licensing upon conclusion of the course.            rendering. Upon completion of the course,
NATEF Curriculum and includes                                                                       students are eligible for the American
instruction in career opportunities, safety,      ARCHITECTURAL/MECHANICAL                          Drafting and Design Association (ADDA)
tool and equipment use, and general shop            DRAFTING, DESIGN & CAD                          “Certified Drafter” test.
practices. In-depth theory, diagnosis and
repair of the automotive electrical and                                                                        METAL TRADES
brake systems are covered, as well as, a
brief introduction to manual transmissions                                                          Metal Trades I (9th Grade) (8672)
and drive lines. The student is exposed to                                                          Credit: 2 Units
the automotive service industry through                                                             Offered Grade 9
classroom lectures, audio-visual media,                                                             Prerequisites: Recommendation by home
shop demonstrations, and hands-on               Drafting, Design and CAD I (8530)                   school personnel for first time ninth
experience using components, donated cars       Credit: 4 Units                                     graders
and trucks, and customer motor vehicles.        Offered Grade 11                                    The Metal Trades (9th Grade) program is a
Students are eligible to participate in the     Prerequisites: None                                 two-credit program offered in the mornings
Automotive Youth Services Program               DRF 151 Engineering Drawing                         at the Career and Technical Center to
(AYES), which involves interning, and job       Fundamentals/Dual Enrollment may be                 students previously identified by their
shadowing opportunities.                        available with tuition for this class. See the      home school. Students enrolled in the
                                                school guidance counselor for more                  program will receive two credits in metal
Auto Service Technology II (8507)               information.                                        trades. Students will work individually and
Credit: 4 Units                                 Students learn the fundamental elements of          in groups on a variety of shop activities
Offered Grade 12                                drafting and engineering including measuring,       including metal art, tool repair, and metal
Prerequisites: Auto Service Technology I        placing views and dimensions, sectioning            construction projects.       Students will
Auto Service Technology II continues with       isometric and auxiliary views, drawing              become familiar with the many uses of
the NATEF Curriculum and includes the           residential house layouts including floor plans     metalworking. Students will learn safety
theory of operation and service of the          and elevations, civil engineering including         procedures, the use of a variety of hand
suspension and steering systems and fuel,       maps, plot, contour and topographic drafting,       tools, tool fitting, layout work, and sheet
ignition and emission systems. Limited          and electronic layouts.        Both board and       metal work. In addition, students will be
                                                                                                    introduced to Oxyacetylene Welding,
Page 35                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                                   2009-2010

Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal         Culinary Arts II (8276)                             Associate (CDA) National Credential by
Arc Welding, and Gas Tungsten Arc             Credit: 4 Units                                     the Council for Professional Recognition.
Welding.                                      Offered Grade 12
                                              Prerequisites: Culinary Arts I                         HEALTH, MEDICAL AND
Metal Trades II (10th Grade) (8673)           Students participate in the National Hospitality    PROTECTIVE SERVICES CLUSTER
Credit: 2 Units                               and       Tourism       Association      (NHTA)
Offered Grade 10                              PROSTART 2 Program. In Culinary Arts II,            Health and Medical Sciences
Prerequisites: Recommendation by              instruction includes the preparation of special     Career Pathways (8302)
home school personnel                         dishes and salads, methods of broiling, deep fat    Credit: 2 Units
The Metal Trades (10th Grade) program         frying, steaming, menu planning, commercial         Offered Grades 10-12
is a two-credit program offered in the        food management, and management of food             (preference for enrollment will be given to
afternoons at the Career and Technical        service personnel, waiter and waitress training,    10th graders)
Education Center. This program is             along with laboratory and food operation.           Prerequisites: None
especially appropriate for students           Instruction also includes advanced baking and       This is an exploratory course designed
thinking about a construction or              pastry      techniques,      commercial      food   for students interested in careers in the
transportation career and technical           management, management of food service              health care field. Students will explore
program for their 11th and 12th grade         personnel, catering, menu design, and product       the diverse opportunities available in the
years. Many of the skills and procedures      pricing. Students will spend a major portion of     health care industry, as well as, the
used in these classes are introduced in       their class time in kitchen production. Students    educational      requirements,    personal
Metal Trades. The Metal Trades portion        are eligible for the PROSTART 2 certification       characteristics,      and      professional
of the program will build on many of the      at the end of the year. This certification allows   responsibilities of the various areas of
areas covered in the Metal Trades (9th        for articulation with various post-secondary        health and medical science fields. The
Grade) program, including advanced            culinary training institutions.                     anatomy,         physiology,       medical
types of arc welding. Students will also                                                          terminology, infections control, and
be introduced to blueprint reading, weld      Early Childhood Education I (8285)                  legal, ethical, and consumer issues
inspection, and metallurgy. During the        Credit: 4 Units                                     pertaining to healthcare are studied.
spring semester, students will be given       Offered Grade 11                                    CPR and basic First Aid Certifications
the opportunity to explore other              Prerequisites: Recommend Family Relations           may also be obtained. Students who are
vocational areas. A student need not          and Parenting                                       interested in pursuing Dental Careers
have taken Metal Trades in 9th grade to       Students prepare to be primary providers of         and Nursing are encouraged to enroll.
take the 10th grade class.                    home, family, or institution-based childcare
                                              services by focusing their study on the             Dental Careers I (8328)
     FAMILY AND CONSUMER                      planning, organizing, and conducting of             Credit: 2 Units
       SCIENCES CLUSTER                       meaningful learning, child monitoring and           Offered Grade 11
                                              supervision, recordkeeping, and referral            Prerequisites: None
Culinary Arts I (8275)                        procedures.       Critical thinking, practical      Dental Careers I students are introduced to
Credit: 4 Units                               problem-solving,        and     entrepreneurship    dentistry and the jobs associated with a
Offered Grade 11                              opportunities within the field of early childhood   dental team. The course also covers dental
Prerequisites: None                           education are emphasized. Teachers highlight        ethics and the law; anatomy and physiology
Students participate in the National          the basic skills of math, science, and              with an emphasis on Head, Neck and Dental
Hospitality and Tourism Association           communication when appropriate in content.          Anatomy.           Students practice recording
(NHTA) PROSTART 1 Program.                    Students will intern in local childcare and         patient information, dental assessment,
Students learn hands-on restaurant            educational facilities.                             preventive dentistry and nutrition as well as
training and sanitation, and acquire skills                                                       handling medical emergencies. Basic
as waiter staff and kitchen staff. The        Early Childhood Education II (8286)                 laboratory          skills pertaining        to
fundamentals of baking and pastry             Credit: 4 Units                                     infection control, patient care and preventive
making, as well as food preparation           Offered Grade 12                                    dentistry are also introduced. During this
techniques, equipment identification,         Prerequisites: Early Childhood Education I          class students will become certified in CPR.
meal presentation, menu planning, and         CHD120 Intro to Early Childhood Education           In Dental Careers I, students are taught
time management are also taught. In           Dual Enrollment with tuition may be                 to understand the duties, educational
Culinary Arts I, students receive             available for this class. See the school            requirements,        characteristics,      job
instruction in microbiology of food           guidance counselor for more information.            responsibilities and opportunities of the
spoilage, nutrition, storage preparation,     Building on the elements of childcare covered       dental assistant. They study nutrition
food handling, and cost accounting. Life      in Part I, the second year emphasizes the           and anatomy and physiology as it applies
Management Skills provide students            variety of occupations available in the childcare   to dentistry, correct charting markings
with basic skills for success in Culinary     industry. Students prepare for positions in         on dental records and microbiology as it
Arts. Students will spend a major portion     childcare centers as childcare attendants,          applies to the transmission of disease.
of their class time in kitchen production.    kindergarten aides, or childcare assistants; as     Students learn to record microscopic
Students are eligible for the PROSTART 1      foster parents; or as entrepreneurs. Cooperative    findings, to remove plaque, to assist in
certification at the end of the year. This    (on-the-job) education or an internship under       incision and draining of abscesses and to
certification allows for articulation with    the supervision of the instructor is an option.     prepare bacterial cultures. In addition,
various post-secondary culinary training      Teachers highlight the basic skills of math,        students are taught to recognize
institutions.                                 science, and communication when appropriate         emergency symptoms and prepare for
                                              in content. Completion of this sequence may         and assist the dentist with emergency, as
                                              prepare students for the Child Development          well as routine dental treatments.
Page 36                                               Spotsylvania County Schools                                            2009-2010

Dental Careers I students also study               program.         Instruction includes fire        Practical Nursing I (8357)
Radiology and are required to pass a               department organization; use of various           Credit: 4 Units
certification test that makes them eligible        kinds of equipment; methods of entry and          Offered Grade 12 and post-high school
for employment in a dental office                  rescue; salvage practices and equipment; fire     Prerequisites: Algebra I and Biology;
between their first and second years of            and arson inspection and investigation            Chemistry highly recommended
study. Students learn to use appropriate           techniques; hazardous materials recognition       NOTE: The Practical
charting procedures; to apply topical              and identification; response to hazardous         Nursing Program is a
fluorides and pits and fissure sealant; to         materials incidents and mitigation to the         twenty-month program
prepare endodontic tray setup and assist           operations level. Students will have the          consisting of the first
with orthodontic procedures; to assist in          opportunity to participate in supervised          ten-months     at     the
oral surgery using sterile techniques and          training at various fire department training      Spotsylvania Career and Technical
instruct patients in post-operative care;          facilities. Participants will be encouraged to    Center and the second ten-months at
to assist the dentist with crown, bridge,          consider membership with a volunteer fire         Germanna Community college.
and denture preparation and to handle              company or rescue squad. Students will be         Prerequisites: Algebra I and Biology;
business transactions carried out in a             eligible to take the VA Fire Programs             Chemistry highly recommended.
dental office including concepts in                Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 test at the       Nursing I is a two block or
bookkeeping and business forms.                    conclusion of the course.                         approximately 3-hour per day class for
                                                                                                     seniors and high school GED/diploma
Dental Careers II (8329)                           Emergency Medical Technician (8333)               graduates. The pre-clinical practical
Credit: 4 Units                                    Credit: 2 Units                                   nursing student studies personal
Offered Grade 12                                   Offered Grades 11 or 12                           vocational relationships, anatomy and
Prerequisites: Dental Careers I                    Prerequisites: Per state                          physiology,         introduction        to
Dental Careers II students spend the               regulations, students                             administration       of      medications,
majority of instructional time in the dental       must be 16 years of age                           introduction of medical/surgical nursing,
lab. Areas of study include performing             by the first day of class to enroll               nursing arts and geriatrics. The course
infection control techniques, managing             This course will focus on the role and            includes review of basic mathematics for
hazardous chemicals and waste, assisting           responsibilities of emergency rescue              the calculation of medicine dosages and
with pharmacology and pain control,                workers; basic medical terminology; health        administration of medications. Strong
meeting the needs of the special patient,          care skills, and CPR. Students are cadets of      basic math skills are a highly
performing       radiographic      procedures,     Spotsylvania County Fire and Rescue and           recommended prerequisite. During the
demonstrating chair side procedures,               Emergency Management (SCFREM) while               spring semester, all students are required
performing laboratory procedures and               participating in this program. Instruction        to take a 3-credit developmental
learning how to gain and maintain                  emphasizes proper use of emergency                psychology course at Germanna
employment in the dental field. Eligible           equipment and safe methods for lifting and        Community College.
students will participate in clinical rotations    transporting injured patients. Students will      Entrance Requirements:
with local dental offices during the second        have the opportunity to participate in training   This is a regional program for high
half of the year, putting all of their             and patient care experiences supervised by        school seniors and high school
knowledge and skills to practical use.             the Spotsylvania County Department of Fire,       GED/diploma graduates living in the
Students must be able to provide their own         Rescue, and Emergency Management.                 following areas: City of Fredericksburg
dependable transportation to and from their        Program completers may take the state             and the counties of Caroline, King
assigned dental office.         Dental office      certification examination administered by the     George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford.
assignments will be changed periodically so        State Health Department. Students will have       High school applicants must have a 2.5
students have a variety of clinical                the opportunity to participate in supervised      GPA overall average on a 4.0 scale, be
experiences. Purchase of a specific dental         training at various fire department training      recommended by the school counselor,
uniform is required to be eligible to              facilities. Participants will be encouraged to    complete the application form signed by
participate in the clinics. Parents will be        consider membership with a volunteer fire         a parent, and submit it to your guidance
required to attend an information meeting          company or rescue squad.                          counselor. Post-high school applicants
about the clinical experience prior to the start                                                     must be high school graduates with a 2.5
of the school year. Students will be eligible                                                        GPA overall average on a 4.0 scale or
to take the Virginia Department of                 NOTE: The State Office of Emergency               have a General Education Development
Education Radiation Safety Certification           Medical Services regulates the instruction        Certificate, complete the application
Exam. Passage of the exam makes students           and guidelines for all EMT instructional          packet (which includes high school
eligible for externship and future                 programs. All state regulations are in effect     transcripts and submit it to the practical
employment as a dental assistant.                  for this class.                                   nursing school director). An interview
                                                                                                     with the director is also required. All
Firefighting (8705)                                                                                  applicants must take a computer based
Credit: 4 Units                                                                                      pre-entrance       nursing        aptitude
Offered Grades 11 or 12                                                                              examination as part of the application
Prerequisites: Per state                                                                             process.     In May, the admissions
regulations, students must be 16 years                                                               committee meeting will take place to
of age by the first day of class to enroll                                                           make the final selection. Once accepted
Students will learn to fight fires and                                                               into the program, all applicants are
control the outbreak of fire. Students are                                                           responsible for obtaining a physical
cadets of Spotsylvania County Fire and                                                               exam with vaccination records, a TB
Rescue and Emergency Management                                                                      skin test, dental examination, criminal
(SCFREM) while participating in this                                                                 background check, urine drug screen,
Page 37                                            Spotsylvania County Schools                                              2009-2010

two written reference letters, and current      currently offered within the school                passed specific End-of-Course Tests
CPR certification.                              curriculum.     Prior to the school year,          should be assigned to a semester course
Cost: Tuition for high school seniors is        students must have met with a committee to         in the area(s) of their weakness(es). This
paid by their respective school systems.        review the written proposal. If approved, the      semester course in math, English,
All students will have the following out        student will be engaged in research and            science or social studies provides
of pocket expenses during the first 10          activities which will lead to a minimum of         students the opportunity to strengthen
months of the program: Textbooks,               one major product, two oral presentations,         academic skills prior to taking End-of-
uniform to include lab coat and shoes,          and two minor products. A limited number           Course Tests.
physical exam, immunizations, criminal          of proposals will be accepted. The course is
background check, urine drug screen,            counted as an elective and graded on a             Teachers for Tomorrow (9062)
dental exam, CPR certification, tuition         regular basis. Student will receive a grade        Credit: 1 Unit
for Psychology course at GCC,                   for the course that will be included in the        Offered Grade 12
stethoscope and eye protection.                 GPA. For more information, see your Gifted         Prerequisites: 2.7 GPA, teacher
                                                Coordinator or school counselor for an ISC         recommendations, and completed
Practical Nursing II (8358)                     brochure.                                          student application
Credit: No High School credit is given                                                             The mission of the Teachers for
but students receive twenty-nine (29)           Mentor Apprenticeship Program (0029)               Tomorrow course is to encourage and
colleges semester hours from Germanna           Credit: .5 Unit                                    prepare academically capable students
Community College as well as a Careers          Offered Grade 12                                   who possess exemplary interpersonal
Studies Certificate. Students also receive      Prerequisites: None                                and leadership skills to consider teaching
a Practical Nursing Diploma from The            The Mentor Apprenticeship Program consists         as a career through participation in a
Fredericksburg Area School of Practical         of independent research, group seminars, and       world class curriculum structured to lead
Nursing based at the Spotsylvania Career        off-site real world experience within the          them through the history of education,
and Technical Center. Course offered to         mentor’s career field. The student is matched      the functions of schools, and focused
post-high     school       students     after   with an adult in a professional field or in an     experiences of teaching. An internship
completing the PN 1 course only.                area which the learner has interest. The student   field experience of twenty class periods
Classes offered at Germanna Community           will maintain a log of activities, complete an     in a nearby elementary or middle school
College's Locust Grove Campus.                  individual project, conduct interviews, and        with a cooperating teacher is required.
Prerequisites: Practical Nursing I              critique readings in the field of study. Student   The student must be able to provide
(required grade of a "C" or better); High       will receive a grade for the course that will be   transportation for the field experience.
School Diploma or GED certificate               included in the GPA. For more information,
Practical Nursing II, this 10-month             see your Gifted coordinator.                       JROTC I (7913)
period of classes, consists of three                                                               Credit: 1 Unit
semesters of study with a total of 29           SAT Preparation Class (9820)                       Offered Grades 9-11
college semester hour credits and               Credit: .5 Unit                                    Prerequisites: All interested students
provides clinical practice and instruction.     Offered Grades 10-12                               are required to complete an application
The classes are coordinated with                Prerequisites: None                                and submit it to their counselor and the
students' clinical experiences. The             SAT Preparation Class is an                        appropriate Senior Army Instructor.
courses     taught     are:    Orientation,     intensive class to prepare students for            Each unit is capped at 165 students due
Maternal/Infant Health, Nursing Process,        successful SAT completion. Both the math           to restrictions by the United States
Medical/Surgical Nursing I and II,              and writing sections of the new SAT I will         Army. Seniors may be allowed if space
Mental Health Nursing, and Trends in            be covered. In addition, topics related to         is permitted. The student must be able
Practical Nursing.                              success in college, such as study skills, time     to participate in the physical training
Germanna Community College charges              management, using the computer as a                program.
tuition per credit hour for the clinical        resource tool and test-taking strategies are       This course is the first in a sequence that
phase, which is paid directly to                emphasized.                                        combines the development of critical
Germanna by the student. In addition,                                                              thinking, planning, communication, and
students must purchase books, uniforms          SOL Preparation Algebra I (3133)                   organizational skills with the study of the
and supplies needed for their studies.          SOL Preparation Algebra II (3137)                  fundamental aspects of American
Financial aid is available through a            SOL Preparation Biology (4312)                     citizenship, physical fitness, and an
variety of federal, state, and institutional    SOL Preparation Chemistry (4412)                   overview of American history. Students
programs. Areas of employment for               SOL Preparation Earth Science (4212)               learn the dangers of substance abuse and
LPN's include hospitals, nursing homes,         SOL Preparation English (1515)                     the importance of personal goal setting.
doctors' offices, clinics, industry,            SOL Preparation English-Reading (1152)             Additionally, students study Army
schools, public health, home health and         SOL Preparation English–Writing (1154)             customs, consumer education and
mental health agencies.                         SOL Preparation Geography (2212)                   budgeting, ceremonial drill, and current
                                                SOL Preparation Geometry (3142)                    events. Wearing of the supplied Army
  ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES                      SOL Preparation Math (3199)                        uniform is required on a weekly basis, as
                                                SOL Preparation World History (2214)               well as minimum personal appearance
Independent Study (0115)                        SOL Preparation US History (2361)                  standards. The National Endowment for
Credit: 1 Unit                                  Credit: .5 Units each                              Financial Education program is also
Offered Grades 10-12                            Offered Grades 9-12                                presented.
Prerequisites: Committee Approval               Prerequisites: None
The Independent Study Course (ISC)              Students who have not passed the 8th grade
allows the students the opportunity to          SOL Assessment, who have experienced
pursue a topic of interest that is not          academic difficulties, or who have not
Page 38                                          Spotsylvania County Schools                                             2009-2010

JROTC II (7916)                               STUDY HALL (yr9999/sem9989)
Credit: 1 Unit                                Credit 0                                                   TRANSPORTATION
Offered Grades 10-12                          Offered Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Completion of JROTC I.         Prerequisites: None
Students must have the approval of            Students may request that a study hall be          Transportation to and from school is
their principal and the Senior Army           included in their daily schedule. Study hall       provided at public expense, and students
Instructor to enroll. The student must        is not recommended unless the parent,              are encouraged to use school buses as a
be able to participate in the physical        counselor and student believe a need is            means of transportation, especially
training program.                             present. This non-credit course is                 during inclement weather.
This course builds upon the skills and        recommended if a student needs additional
knowledge taught in level I. Students         academic support to pass the SOL exams,
continue their study of citizenship by        and/or if the student needs time to access
examining ethical dual behavior and the       resources available at school such as                         EXAMINATIONS
principles of participatory democracy.        computer lab or library. Student use of the
They develop team building skills while       library during study hall periods is available
developing their skills in drill. Students    to students having a pass issued by a subject                   Comprehensive exams are
learn leadership and management               area teacher.                                                     given in each course at
qualities, first aid skills, intermediate                                                                      the end of each semester.
map reading skills, American history,                                                                         The grades earned on these
and different aspects of technology and                                                                     examinations are calculated
communication.         Wearing of the                                                            into the semester grade.
supplied Army uniform is required on a
weekly basis, as well as, minimum                        ATHLETICS &                             Benchmark examinations are given each
personal appearance standards.                            ACTIVITIES                             quarter in grades 3-12 in the academic
                                                                                                 core areas that have an SOL test. These
JROTC III (7918)                                                                                 benchmark exams reflect course content
Credit: 1 Unit                                                                                   and are aligned with the curriculum map
Offered Grades 11-12                          Chancellor, Courtland and Spotsylvania             for the subject.
Prerequisites: Completion of                  High Schools compete in the Battlefield
JROTC II(LET-1) Students                      District, Region I, Group AA, and
must have the approval of their               Massaponax and Riverbend High Schools                      RECORDS REQUIRED
principal and the Senior Army                 compete in the Commonwealth District,                       FOR ENROLLMENT
Instructor to enroll. The student must        Northwest Region, Group AAA. Athletic
be able to participate in the physical        activities currently offered at each school
training program.                             include the following:                             School Board Policy JEC identifies who
This course builds upon the skills and                                                           is eligible to enroll in Spotsylvania
knowledge taught in level II. This                Baseball            Soccer                     County Schools. Which school a student
course focuses on Advanced Leadership             Basketball          Softball                   attends is based upon the address of the
and    Principles     of     Management,          Cheerleading        Swimming                   parent, custodial adult or guardian with
                                                  Cross Country       Tennis
Advanced Life Skills, Orienteering and                                                           whom the student resides. Registration
                                                  Field Hockey        Outdoor Track
History. Wearing of the supplied Army             Football            Volleyball                 information is completed by the
uniform is required on a weekly basis, as         Golf                Wrestling                  parent/.guardian at the school and the
well as minimum personal appearance               Indoor Track                                   following documents must be provided
standards.                                                                                       at that time:
                                                                                                        Proof of residence
JROTC IV (7919)                                                                                         Academic records from the
Credit: 1 Unit                                               CLUBS                                          previous school such as
Offered Grade 12                                                                                            report card or transcript
Prerequisites: Completion of JROTC I,                                                                   Certified copy of birth
II and III. The student must be able to       Additional VHSL activities currently offered                  certificate
participate in the physical training          at each school include the following:                     Immunization records
program.                                      Debate                                                    Student’s Social Security card
This course builds upon the skills and        Creative Writing
                                                                                                        Medical examination by a
knowledge taught in Levels II and III.                                                                      medical doctor
The curriculum focuses on advanced            Theater Festival
                                              Yearbook                                                  Proof of custody/guardianship
leadership principles and application,
                                              Academic Challenge Competitions
organization of the department of
                                              In addition to the activities listed above, non-
defense and teaching skills. Select
                                              VSHL activities offered at each school
students will get the opportunity to assist
                                              include the following:
in teaching Level I students.
                                              Art Contests        Band Competition
                                              Choral Festivals    Essay Contests
Page 39                                              Spotsylvania County Schools                                                2009-2010

          PROCEDURE TO                                           COLLEGE
       WITHDRAW A STUDENT                                    ADMISSION TESTING
                                                               PSAT, SAT, ACT
Notification of at least 2 school days is                    ADMISSION TESTING
essential in providing an effective               College admission testing is an important            Basic textbooks are issued free to all
withdrawal process for the student and            element in the college application process.          students.     The purchase of certain
school. The parent/guardian must                  Students have opportunities through course           consumable materials and vocational
provide a written request to the high             selection and online test preparation                texts is the responsibility of the student.
school counselor to withdraw the                  programs to prepare, analyze scores and              Students are required to pay for books
student. The parent/guardian must                 improve their performance. Information               found to be unduly damaged or lost.
provide the school with information as to         about test dates, registration procedures,           Students having an outstanding debt for
the reason for withdrawal and the name            costs and fee waivers can be obtained in the         damaged or lost books are not issued
and address of the new school the                 High School Career Center located in the             additional books until settlement is
student will be attending. Upon receipt           School Counseling Office at each high                made.
of this written request, the teachers are         school.
notified. It is the student’s and parent’s
responsibility to return all textbooks and        Typically, students take the PSAT in grade
materials to the school..         Once the        10 then again in Grade 11 to be considered
student has completed the “sign out“              for the National Merit Scholarship Finalist
process, the counselor prepares a packet          Program. SAT can be taken multiple times
for the student that contains withdrawal          with the first testing recommended for spring
grades and other important documents              of grade 11. The ACT is recommended to be
that can assist in the enrollment at the          taken in grade 11 or grade 12.
new school.
                                                  Students have opportunities to take other
                                                  tests by making arrangements through the
                                                  High School Career Center such as the
                                                  ASVAB and COMPASS test when they are                 The school division is committed to
                                                  considering community college or military            maintaining       open      lines     of
                                                  future plans.                                        communication. We offer every parent
                                                                                                       the opportunity to monitor student
                                                                                                       performance,       communicate      with
                                                                                                       classroom teachers and review historical
                                                                                                       information about your child’s progress
                                                                                                       throughout the school system. P.A.S.S.
                                                                                                       (Parent Access for Student Success) was
                                                                                                       piloted during the 2008-2009 school year
                                                                                                       and is fully operational. You may
                                                                                                       activate your child’s account by
                                                                                                       contacting his or her school for the
                                                                                                       appropriate log-on information.

                                                    NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY

 The Spotsylvania County School Division does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, creed, marital status, age or
 disability in its programs, activities, or employment practices as required by the Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, Section 504, and ADA
 regulations. Jane Rice, Director of Special Services, 8020 River Stone Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22407, (540-834-2500), is responsible for
 coordinating the division’s efforts to meet its obligations under Section 504, Title IX, the ADA, and their implementing regulations.
Page 40                            Spotsylvania County Schools                        2009-2010

  Program Planning Guide                             Program Planning Guide

  School Year of _______ Grade 9                     School Year of _______      Grade 11
  Course     Name of                                 Course      Name of
  Type       Course Taken    Credits/Verified        Type        Course Taken   Credits/Verified
  English                                            English
  Social                                             Social
  Studies                                            Studies
  Math                                               Math
  Science                                            Science
  PE                                                 Elective
  Elective                                           Elective
  Elective                                           Elective
  Elective                                           Elective
  Total Number of                                    Total Number of
  Credits:                                           Credits:

  Program Planning Guide                             Program Planning Guide

  School Year of _______       Grade 10              School Year of _______ Grade 12
  Course    Name of Course                           Course      Name of
  Type      Taken            Credits/Verified        Type        Course Taken   Credits/Verified
  English                                            English
  Social                                             Social
  Studies                                            Studies
  Math                                               Math
  Science                                            Science
  PE                                                 Elective
  Elective                                           Elective
  Elective                                           Elective
  Elective                                           Elective
  Total Number of                                    Total Number of
  Credits:                                           Credits:

           Diploma Type: □ Advanced Studies □ Standard □ Modified Standard

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