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									Israel Enters the Promised Land
     Israel Enters the
      Promised Land
I  n the last Lesson, we learned about
   Israel rebelling against God. The
people groaned and complained over
                                                 Canaanites and their cities. But Israel
                                                 became discouraged and spoke
                                                 against God and Moses, just like they
and over again. They did not like the            did many times in the last Lesson.
living conditions or the food in the                “Why have you brought us out of
wilderness. They also did not like hav-          Egypt to die in the wilderness?” they
ing Moses rule over them.                        said. “There is no bread or water!”
   Do you remember what happened                    God again punished the Israelites
when Korah led a rebellion against               for rebellion by sending fiery serpents
Moses? In the end, 14,700 people died            among them. Many people died.
for their sin of rebellion.

         Fiery Serpents

Soon after Korah’s rebellion,
Israel began their march into the
Promised Land. Along the way,
they encountered many inhabi-
tants who wanted to fight. Their
first battle was with the
Canaanites. God did as He said
He would. He helped the
Israelites utterly destroy the
1                                                                        CHILDREN’S BIBLE LESSON
                          Illustrations by The Restored Church of God
   The Israelites soon realized what        The next morning, Balaam told the
they had done—they had sinned            elders of Moab that God refused to
against God once again! They asked       allow him to curse Israel. So the elders
Moses to pray that God take away the     returned home and told Balak the
serpents. Moses did so. God told him     news. The king was upset. He decided
to build a brass serpent and have the    to send people who were of higher
people look upon it when they are bit-   rank to tempt Balaam with even
ten. If they did, they would live.       greater riches.
                                            The new messengers said to
          Balak Sends Messengers         Balaam, “Please come with us. The
                                         king will honor you greatly and will
After winning several more battles,      do whatever you say. Please come and
the children of Israel pitched their     curse Israel for us.” The thought of
tents in the plains of Moab, near        great wealth caused Balaam to inquire
Jericho. The Moabites were afraid.       of God on the matter once again. So
They had heard about the battles that    Balaam told the men to stay
Israel won. Balak, king of the           overnight.
Moabites, called for the elders of his      That night, God said to Balaam, “If
people. He told them to take money to    the men come to you in the morning,
the prophet Balaam, and tell him, “A     go with them. But you must only
strong people have come from the         speak the words that I tell you.”
land of Egypt. They are a strong and
mighty people. Please come and help                A Donkey Speaks!
me by cursing them. I know that
whomever you bless is blessed, and       The next morning, Balaam saddled his
whomever you curse is cursed.”           donkey and went with the men of
   The messengers told the king’s        Moab. While Balaam’s donkey was
words to Balaam. The false prophet       walking on the path toward Moab, it
told the messengers to lodge with him    suddenly turned off into a field.
for the night. Turn to Numbers 22:12     Balaam became so angry, he hit the
and write down what God said to          donkey. He could not see what his
Balaam.________________________          donkey had seen—an angel of God
______________________________           standing in the path holding a sword!
______________________________              The path then wandered between
______________________________           two vineyard walls. Again, the donkey
LEVEL 3 / LESSON 8                                                              2
saw an angel standing in the way. The         Can you imagine a donkey talking?
donkey pushed itself up against the wall      Balaam replied, “I hit you because
and crushed Balaam’s foot. So Balaam       you abused me. And you made me
struck the donkey in anger again.          look like a fool in front of my servants
   Farther down the trail, the donkey      and the other men. If I had a sword
encountered the angel standing in a        right now, I would kill you!”
tight space. This time, there was no          Balaam was so filled with rage that
place for it to go. It became so scared    he did not stop and consider that a
that it fell to the ground. Balaam was     miracle was taking place.
furious! He hit the donkey for a third        “Am I not your favorite donkey—
time.                                      the only one you have ridden since I
   All of a sudden, God performed a        became yours? I have been faithful to
miracle: The donkey was able to            you all this time. I have never treated
speak! It said to Balaam, “Why have        you as harshly as you have just treated
you hit me three times? What have I        me.” Balaam agreed with the donkey
done to you?”                              and was sorry.
3                                                                   CHILDREN’S BIBLE LESSON
                                              Balaam desperately wanted
                                              to curse Israel to receive a
                                              great reward from the king,
                                              but he was unable to do so.
                                              God actually forced Balaam
                                              to bless Israel four different
                                              times! Balak was greatly dis-
                                              pleased. He told Balaam that
                                              he missed an opportunity to
                                              receive large amounts of sil-
                                              ver and gold.

                                              Test Your Memory:

                                               1) With whom did Israel
                                               fight first?_______________
   Then God caused Balaam to see     2) Why did God send fiery serpents
the angel with the sword in his hand.among the Israelites?_____________
Balaam bowed his head and fell to    ______________________________
the ground in front of this powerful ______________________________
being. The angel said, “Why have     3) What did King Balak tell the
you struck your donkey three times?  Moabite elders to do?_____________
Your donkey moved out of the way to  ______________________________
avoid me. If he had not done so, I   ______________________________
would have killed you with my        4) Why did Balaam’s donkey wander
sword. Your way is perverse before   off into a field?__________________
God.”                                ______________________________
   “I have sinned,” admitted Balaam. ______________________________
“I will return home.”                5) How many times did Balaam hit his
   “No. You must continue on your    donkey?_______________________
journey. But you will speak to King
Balak only what I tell you to speak.”       Balaam Devises a Plan
   When Balaam finally arrived, he
told the king that he could speak the Balaam really wanted to receive the
words that God put into his mouth. great riches that were promised to him
LEVEL 3 / LESSON 8                                                         4
if he cursed Israel. This desire led him
to plot an evil scheme.                               Dividing the Land
    Balaam knew that as long as Israel
obeyed God, they would be blessed by       Before the children of Israel could
Him. But if Israel sinned, they would      enter the Promised Land, another cen-
be cursed by God. So Balaam devised        sus of the people had to be taken. The
a plan to cause the Israelite men to       last one had occurred more than 38
commit fornication with the pagan          years earlier. This census found that
women of Moab and Midian. “This            601,730 Israelite men were able to go
will surely cause God to curse Israel,”    to war. Turn to Lesson Seven and see if
he said. “Then I will be rich.”            this is more or less than the last census.
    Soon, the children of Israel were         God informed the Israelites of the
committing fornication with and even       boundaries that the tribes would
marrying the Moabite women. This           receive once they got to the Promised
sin led to further sins, such as wor-      Land. Most of the tribes were to settle
shipping idols and eating meat sacri-      on the western side of the Jordan
ficed to false gods.                       River. But the tribes of Reuben, Gad
    God became furious with Israel. He     and one-half of Manasseh were to set-
sent a plague to destroy those who were    tle on the eastern side. If you remem-
guilty of sinning with the Moabites.       ber from a previous Lesson, the tribe
    Just like Balaam, many people          of Levi would not receive an inheri-
today are led into doing evil—and          tance in the land since their inheri-
harming others—due to the desire to        tance is the priesthood. God told the
obtain money. Lusting after material       other tribes to set aside cities for the
possessions and wealth can result in       Levites to dwell in.
much trouble. Turn to I Timothy 6:10          Through Moses, God commanded
and write down what the apostle Paul       the Israelites to drive out all the inhab-
wrote about money.______________           itants of the land, else they would
______________________________             become a snare to the Israelites and
______________________________             lead them into idolatry. The people
______________________________             were to destroy all the molded images
______________________________             and all the places of false-god wor-
______________________________             ship.
______________________________                God reminded Israel to continue
______________________________             observing the weekly and annual
5                                                                    CHILDREN’S BIBLE LESSON
                                                Always remember, obedience
                                             to God results in blessings. And
                                             disobedience automatically results
                                             in cursings.

                                                  Joshua Becomes Leader

                                              “Bring Joshua near to you and lay
                                              your hands upon him,” said God
                                              to Moses. “He is to be the leader
                                              of Israel once you die. Give your
                                              authority to him, and tell the chil-
                                              dren of Israel that they are to be
                                              obedient to him.”
                                                 God reminded Moses that he
Sabbaths. These days of rest were        would not be able to enter the
signs that the Israelites were God’s     Promised Land due to his disobedi-
chosen people. Such days point to the    ence at Kadesh. Moses was only
true God. God knew that if they forgot   going to view it from atop Mt. Nebo.
about His Sabbaths, the children of      So Moses climbed the mountain and
Israel would begin to commit idolatry    saw the beautiful green valleys and
and worship false gods.                  rolling hills all around him. Then he
   Moses announced in great detail       died, just as God had said. All of
what would happen if Israel obeyed       Israel mourned for him 30 days. They
God—and what would happen if they        missed him dearly. Moses was a great
disobeyed Him. (Ask your parents to      leader.
help you write down some of the vari-       So Joshua took command of the
ous blessing and cursings.) Moses also   congregation of Israel. God comforted
said to the people, “I call heaven and   him, saying, “Be strong and of good
earth as witnesses today against you,    courage, for I am with you. All the
that I have set before you life and      people of the land shall be delivered
death, blessing and cursing; therefore   into your hand. I will never leave you
choose life, that both you and your      or forsake you. Be sure to always obey
descendants may live” (Deuteronomy       My laws, and you will enjoy great suc-
30:19).                                  cess.”
LEVEL 3 / LESSON 8                                                               6
   The same is true for you. As long as
you obey Him, God will never leave
or forsake you.

      Crossing the Jordan River

The time had arrived for Israel to cross
over the Jordan and take possession of
the Promised Land. Turn to Joshua
1:11 and write down what Joshua said
to the officers of the people.________
______________________________             Israelites. Just before the two men fell
______________________________             asleep, she came to them and asked if
______________________________             she and her family could be spared
______________________________             from being killed when the city is
   News of this reached the city of        destroyed. The two men told her that,
Jericho. The people were exceedingly       if she told no one of what they were
fearful of the Israelites. They knew       doing, she and her family would be
that God was with them. There was          spared. Rahab then helped the men
nothing the people of Jericho could do     escape the city.
to stop Israel from advancing.                Three days later, the spies returned
   Joshua sent two men to spy out the      to Joshua. They told him all that had
city. They entered the gate of Jericho     happened. “Surely, God has delivered
and lodged at a woman’s house. Her         all the land into our hands!” Joshua
name was Rahab.                            said.
   The king of Jericho learned that the       The next morning, the priests car-
two spies were staying at Rahab’s          ried the Ark of the Covenant to the
home. But she hid the men on her           edge of the Jordan River. In order to
roof, so they were not discovered.         get to Jericho, the children of Israel
   Rahab did this because she knew         had to cross this mighty river. As
that God had given the land to the         soon as the priests entered the water,
7                                                                   CHILDREN’S BIBLE LESSON
it drained away to their left. And the
water stopped flowing from                        The Fall of Jericho
upstream. The priests remained at the
edge of the water until all the          As Joshua viewed the city of Jericho
Israelites passed through. Once the      from a distance, God appeared as a
priests reached the other side of the    man in front of him, carrying a sword.
river, a loud sound of rushing water     This was the Being who would later
was heard. The river began to flow       become Jesus Christ. He explained to
once again.                              Joshua exactly how the city of Jericho
   What an inspiring event!              would be defeated.
LEVEL 3 / LESSON 8                                                            8
   The army of Israel assembled to        Jericho were puzzled by these actions.
receive instructions from Joshua.         They had no idea what was going on.
They then proceeded to Jericho.              On the seventh day, the army of
Behind the army were the priests, each    Israel was instructed to circle the city
carrying a ram’s horn. Behind the         seven times. After the seventh time,
priests were the Levites, who carried     everyone stopped where they were.
the Ark of the Covenant.                  Then the priests blew their trumpets,
   The army marched around the city       and the people shouted at the top of
once a day for six days straight. While   their lungs. Turn to Joshua 6:20 and
marching, the priests blew the horns      write down what happened.________
continuously. The inhabitants of          ______________________________
9                                                                  CHILDREN’S BIBLE LESSON
______________________________             ence.” Turn to Joshua 23:13 and write
______________________________             down what would happen to Israel if
______________________________             they did not obey God.____________
______________________________             ______________________________
______________________________             ______________________________
______________________________             ______________________________
______________________________             ______________________________
______________________________             ______________________________
______________________________             ______________________________
   What an incredible sight this must      ______________________________
have been! The gigantic city walls            After Joshua died, Israel obeyed
came crashing down, and the Israelites     God for a little while. But they began
captured Jericho. They killed all the      to do what was right in their own eyes.
people and livestock, just as God had      They started to mix with the people of
commanded. However, they spared            the land and worship false gods, even
Rahab and her family.                      though God said not to do this. As a
   Joshua continued to lead Israel in      result, God punished Israel numerous
many battles throughout the Promised       times by allowing other nations to
Land. God caused Israel to defeat their    attack them.
enemies and settle in the land. All of
Israel was happy.                          Test Your Memory:

          A Reminder to the People         1) Why did Balaam plot an evil
Before Joshua died at the age of 110,      ______________________________
he called the children of Israel togeth-   2) Who became the leader of Israel
er. He reminded them of all the great      after Moses died?_______________
things that God had done for them. He      3) How many spies did Joshua send to
said, “If you continue to obey God, He     Jericho?________________________
will continue to fight your battles for    4) Who appeared with a sword in front
you and will bless you with wonderful      of Joshua?_____________________
things. Do not befriend any of the peo-    5) Who carried the Ark of the
ple of the land. If you do, they will      Covenant across the Jordan River?___
lead you into idolatry and disobedi-       ______________________________
LEVEL 3 / LESSON 8                                                              10
Published by The Restored Church of God.
Printed in the USA; All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2006

BIBLE MEMORY: Deuteronomy 30:19-20

                LEARNING TO CRACK A CODE
             Use the code below to learn what God said to Joshua after Moses died.

 “Only be ______ and very __________ , that you may
                  ✳✴✲✯✮✧                      ✣✯✵✲✡✧✥✯✵✳

 ________ to do according to all the ___ which Moses
 ✯✢✳✥✲✶✥                                                    ✬✡✷

 My servant __________ you; do not _____ from it to
                      ✣✯✭✭✡✮✤✥✤                               ✴✵✲✮

 the right hand or to the left, that you may _________

 _________ you go.”
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