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									  WorkBridge Mobile Baggage Handling Solution

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                                    It’s better. It’s simpler. And it’s far less expensive.
WorkBridge introduces
new Mobile Baggage Handling Solution
Meeting security needs without slowing down baggage handling operations is a top priority for all airports,
ground handlers and their customers.

The new Mobile Baggage Handling Solution from WorkBridge is a fully integrated checked baggage screening
solution that gives airports and ground handlers a streamlined and efficient baggage loading process.

With WorkBridge, everybody has something to gain. Management will like it because it improves productivity and
security. Baggage handlers will appreciate its time-saving simplicity. And your finance people will definitely like the
fact that it costs far less than other systems. Not just up front, but also in terms of total cost of ownership.

Get these advantages                                           How it works
   Fast baggage reconciliation during handling,                   Registration and Validation: Wireless scanners
   sorting and loading.                                           transmit the barcode data to the central system
   Increased efficiency through the elimination of                for validation and registration which is integrated
   manual handling—and the risk of human error—                   with the BSM system.
   of baggage tags/bingo cards.                                   Handling Bingo Cards: Bingo Cards with bar-
   Staff access to real-time information regarding                codes and/or other documents can be printed
   status, destination and routing of the baggage                 out for each cart or container based on scanned
   progress, specific item information, baggage                   information, eliminating manual processing.
   location in containers, etc.                                   Inquiries or Reports: Staff can make real-time
   Highly efficient documentation and tracking of                 queries at any time, or use data for reports or
   operational performance, bottleneck identification,            statistical purposes.
   metrics, etc.                                                  Information Sharing: Time critical information can
   Mobile enabled, both terminal side, ramp side                  be sent to staff using PDA's; airline customers or
   using scanners and passenger side using infor-                 other relevant third parties can access data on a
   mation PDA’s.                                                  dedicated website.

Streamline your entire process

  Baggage Check In         Baggage Sorting         Baggage Loading           Aircraft Loading        Documentation
                                                      (Terminal)                  (Ramp)

                                                                  WorkBridge Baggage Handling

   All baggage is scanned during loading into carts               When a cart or container is ready to be loaded
   or containers; this information is transmitted                 onto the aircraft, a form with all the baggage
   wirelessly to the central computer for validation              information (including barcodes) is printed and
   and registration.                                              can be attached to the cart/container.
   Reconciliation is done automatically by checking               Information about the loaded baggage in the
   the BSM for checked baggage.                                   central database enables baggage handlers and
   Baggage handlers are alerted to any discrepancies.             gate coordinators to get status information using
                                                                  website or their handheld PDA’s.
                                                                  If baggage must be removed from a flight, the
                                                                  container ID can be retrieved instantly using a
                                                                  PDA or Web based application to check the
                                                                  database. This will speed up the procedure and
                                                                  cut the time the aircraft needs to wait at the gate.
WorkBridge System Components
Easy to implement. Simple to use.

                                   Wireless                              PDA lookup
           Terminal                R/F         WorkBridge                               Information Solutions
           Baggage                             Baggage Handling                         Gate Coordinator,
           Scanners                            server and DB                            Management & Customers


           Ramp Baggage                                                                     Operator
           Scanners                                                                         Admin System

                                                                        “Bingo Cards”
                                                                         Print out


     Terminal Baggage Scanners: Lightweight handheld scanners are used in fixed locations such as sorting
     areas. They read and interpret the barcodes and send data to the central application using a wireless
     radio module (one radio can service several scanners).

     Ramp Baggage Scanners: For mobile environments on the ramp side, workers use a Wireless enabled
     scanner, supported by GPRS, WiFi or Docking Replications to ensure extended coverage and reach—a
     potential problem with radio-based solutions.

     Baggage Handling Server and DB: This server and DB run on WorkBridge Baggage Handling soft-
     ware, which controls the entire process. It receives signals from the different scanners and stores this
     information in a central database and enables the interface to the BSM system(s).

     Operator Admin System: Terminal workers have instant access to system set-up facilities, operational
     status information, and can make basic queries for specific baggage items and bingo card handling.

     BSM Integration: This open interface is used to validate and consolidate the baggage that was registered
     in the BSM to assure perfect results in the sorting process.

     Printer: For the Terminal side of baggage handling where Bingo Cards or other forms of documentation
     are used, printers are placed close to each sorting area for convenient printing of individual “bingo cards”.

     Wireless Information PDA: Gate Coordinators and others can use their PDA’s to lookup individual
     baggage items and request status or container ID for baggage location to expedite removal procedures.

     Information Solutions: WorkBridge’s web-based solution allows management and/or customers to
     login and access operational data. They can use this information to calculate profitability by customer,
     optimize planning based on business intelligence or to follow up on the operation in progress.
Exclusive WorkBridge Features
Big advantages. Small business price.

          Feature                                  Function                                                         Benefit

  Mobile Enabled         The solution is operational both for fixed locations            Workers can move freely for better productivity and exchange
                         (Baggage terminal) and for mobile environments (baggage         information in real-time. The best price/performance/usability
                         loading, ramp side). Supports radio, wireless, GPRS and         technology available.
                         replication solutions.

  Central Baggage        All baggage is scanned at check-in and during loading           Historical information is kept in the Database, enabling queries
  Registration           onto carts or containers. The information is transmitted        and KPI reporting. Data from decentralized operations can be
                         wirelessly back to the central PC and Database for stor-        consolidated for operational statistics.
                         age, validation and registration.

  BSM Reconciliation     When a baggage is scanned, it is automatically checked          Automated electronic registration enables direct reconciliation
                         (reconciled) against the BSM to verify that it is valid and     and minimizes human error.
                         being directed to the correct aircraft. An alert is issued if
                         this is not the case.

  Support for            For Bingo cards, it is possible to print a page with all the    Eliminates manual handling of Bingo Cards, greater efficiency
  Bingo Card Handling    barcodes for the baggage loaded (similar to the page that       and minimal risk of human error.
                         is produced traditionally using the barcode stickers).

  Scanner Based          Terminal based scanners can operate using specific              Less training needed.
  User Interface         “instruction barcodes” for system functions like “print”,       Significantly higher productivity for baggage workers.
                         “new cart”, etc. to maximize efficiency.

  Open Interfaces        The system and information in the system is open and            Enables integration with a range of other systems and seam-
                         based on latest technology standards like XML and Web           less integration to existing infrastructure. Future proof.

  Web Based              Web based user interfaces, enables all relevant parties to      Real-time status information can be sent to all relevant parties
  Information System     make information inquires on individual baggage items,          across technology platforms and facilitate better collaboration
                         aggregated information at flight level, general reporting,      and efficiency.
                         status, etc.

  PDA Lookup Facility    Gate coordinators can use PDA’s to lookup container             Possibility for real-time baggage location look-up means fewer
                         numbers in real-time and quickly identify baggage for           delays.

About WorkBridge
WorkBridge, a unit of e2e factory, has extensive experience integrating large, complex systems and mobility
solutions. The company also has an in-depth knowledge of the air transportation system, and its team members
bring other specialized strengths to the program.
Our approach is to work collaboratively with airports, ground handlers, airlines and security personal to develop
effective checked baggage processing solutions for individual airports.
Because every airport terminal has different needs, WorkBridge customizes installations for each facility to
deploy the most appropriate solution and ensure maximum levels of customer service.
For more information about WorkBridge and how it is working to improve baggage operations in major airports
today, please contact us.

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