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                                                                     Yearbook – Offshore Industry in Denmark

Danish Offshore                                                      Oil, Gas and Offshore Services
– busier than ever
                                                                     Offshore Wind Energy
The Danish offshore industry is currently busier than ever.
High oil prices, the issuing of the 6th licensing round of oil/gas   Health and Safety
concessions, the awards of two new Danish offshore wind
farms, Horns Rev II and Nysted II, and a general economic
                                                                     Human Resources,
boom in the Danish economy have resulted in full order books
among offshore companies.                                            Research and Development

As if the high activity level in Denmark was not enough, focus       Offshore Center Danmark
has also increasingly been directed outside the Danish borders.      Projects
Danish offshore companies possess a range of core compe-
tences. These exist within a number of areas, for example ex-        Offshore Center Danmark
traction of oil & gas from marginal fields, high-tech preventive
service & maintenance, training, offshore wind as well as a
multitude of tailor-made components for the offshore industry.
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Many of the competences and products are unique and are thus      Offshore Center Danmark is a
highly demanded. As a consequence, many Danish offshore           member based organization with
companies are increasingly becoming involved in operations
                                                                  a main purpose to strengthen
                                                                  the Danish offshore industry on
This Danish offshore yearbook reflects development and com-        the global market.
petences of the Danish offshore industry. The basis of the book
has been a wide range of development and technology activi-       The centre ties together the
ties undertaken by the members of Offshore Center Danmark
(OCD) during the past years.
                                                                  different parties of the offshore
                                                                  community: Industry compa-
The book has been divided into 3 main topics – Oil and Gas,       nies, Consultants, Universities
Offshore Wind and Education, HSEQ and Research. These are         and Governmental institutions.
accompanied by general info from Offshore Center Danmark,
e.g. a section with descriptions of networking activities and
development projects as well as a complete description of the
members of the center.

Offshore Center Danmark operates through initiatives and
activities, which develop the knowledge and promote coop-
eration between all the active partners in the Danish offshore
sector: Offshore industry companies, consultants, educational
institutions and governmental institutions.
                                                                  Our members count 150+ and
We hope that you will enjoy reading the ON/OFF 2007 Year-         include all key players on the
                                                                  Danish offshore market - from
Peter Blach                                                       oil/gas operators over offshore
Director, Offshore Center Danmark                                 wind farm developers to sup-
                                                                  pliers of equipment, tools and

Offshore Center Danmark
ON/OFF Yearbook
February 2007
Editor: Morten Holmager
Graphic production: Jan C Design & Kommunikation

                                                                                  Offshore Center Danmark   3
                                                                                            Yearbook 2007

The international Dimension ...........................................................7       Microturbine Technology for Platform Power................................38
By Johnny Søtrup, Mayor                                                                        By Business Development Manager Verner Andersen,
                                                                                               Pon Power Oil & Gas BV
Facts about Danish offshore oil & gas and offshore wind ...............8
                                                                                               Strategic Risk Assessment of Power Supply ..................................40
Offshore Center Danmark opened as a Technology Centre ...........12                            By Bjarne Sloth Jacobsen, Head of Department, AN Energy Esbjerg

                                                                                               Line-X gains a Foothold in the Offshore Industry .........................42
                                                                                               By Kasper Helger, director, Line-X Denmark
Oil, Gas and Offshore Services
The 6th Licensing Round in Denmark ...........................................15               Exploring the Opportunities in the North Sea ...............................43
By Katja Scharmann, Danish Energy Authority                                                    By Frank Øgaard Mouridsen, Blue Water Shipping A/S

Risk and Safety Studies for the                                                                GEUS’ Core Store ..........................................................................44
Vincent FPSO Development Project ..............................................18              By Sten Troelstrup, Geological Survey of Denmark
By Christian Eilersen, Maersk Contractors, Jesper Thomsen,                                     and Greenland (GEUS)
Ramboll and Lars Wahl Andersen, Ramboll.

Comfort is important on the new giant Drilling Rig
“Mærsk Innovator”.........................................................................22   Offshore Wind Energy
By Ole Winther Nielsen, Odegaard & Danneskiold-Samsoe A/S
                                                                                               A new Model for developing offshore Wind
Subsea Installations in Model Scale ..............................................24           Farms in Danish Waters .................................................................46
By John Cross-Whiter, Senior Naval Architect, Hydro and                                        By Maria Hagen Jørgensen, Danish Energy Authority
Aerodynamics and Christian Schack, Head of Department,
Hydro and Aerodynamics, FORCE Technology                                                       A2SEA first out at Horns Rev II
                                                                                               - Soil Investigations for DONG Energy/GEO................................49
3000 m depth Co-operation Work ..................................................26            By Martin J. Huss, A2SEA and Jens Brink Clausen, GEO
By Kjeld V. Christensen, A/S Oilpower Hydraulics
                                                                                               Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) ..............................50
Room also for a small Innovator ....................................................28         By Vestas Offshore
By Peter Willumsen,
                                                                                               Grid Connection of Offshore Wind Farms .....................................52
Advantages in the Use of water-based Primer ...............................30                  By Joana Rasmussen, Electrical Engineer, COWI A/S
By René Rasmussen, Commercial Director,
PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S                                                                      Offshore Wind Farms of the World ................................................53

Focus on Gas Quality .....................................................................32   Wave Forecasting for Offshore Wind Farm....................................54
By Jan K. Jensen and Leo van Gruijthuijsen,                                                    By Vagner Jacobsen, DHI Water & Environment
Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s
                                                                                               Offshore Monitoring System with Remote Diagnostics
Reduced Size and lowered Maintenance........................................34                 Service gives Uptime .....................................................................56
By Christian B. Nielsen, Danfoss A/S                                                           By Account Manager Steen Christian Knudsen,
                                                                                               Brüel & Kjær Vibro
Quality Management in the North Sea ..........................................35
By Managing Director John Andersen, Vetco Gray Denmark                                         Offshore Wind Farms and the Environment...................................58
                                                                                               By: Simon B. Leonhard, Maks Klaustrup and
Possibilities of MEOR Implementation in Chalk Fields ................36                        Bettina S. Jensen Orbicon.
By Svetlana Rudyk and Leif W. Jørgensen, Aalborg University Esbjerg                            Jette Kjær, Vattenfall. Charlotte Boesen , DONG Energy as.

4         Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
                                                                                                With a View of the World ...............................................................73
                                                                                                By Christian Fries, the Industrial Educational Institutions
Health and Safety                                                                               (IU) and Dansk Metal

Standards in the Offshore Sector ...................................................60          Tests according to the ATEX-directives for
By Eigil Jensen,                                                                                hydraulic Pumps and Engines ........................................................75
Survival Training Maritime Safety                                                               By Peter Pedersen, Vestjysk Hydraulik

From Local to Global Player ..........................................................61
By Niels Braad, Sales & Marketing Manager,
Falck Nutec Esbjerg                                                                             Offshore Center Danmark
Integrity creates Safety ..................................................................62
By Søren Dybdahl, Communication Consultant,                                                     New significant Market Segment for the Offshore Industry ..........78
Offshore Center Danmark, for Maersk Oil and Gas
                                                                                                POWER ..........................................................................................79
Rescue in the North Sea .................................................................64
By Erik Rau Jacobsen, ResQ                                                                      CMS2: Crisis Management Simulator 2 ........................................81

Personal Safety – Offshore.............................................................65       Electronic Chips for offshore Drilling Pipes..................................82
By Susanne Ingemann, PROCURATOR SAFETY A/S
                                                                                                Increased Oil Recovery from the Chalk Fields in the
Ergonomic Exposure Assessment on a Drilling Rig ......................66                        Danish North Sea Sector ................................................................83
By Chris Jensen, Research Unit of Maritime Medicine
                                                                                                Small Scale LNG Transport ...........................................................84

                                                                                                Aluminium as Construction Material
Human Resources,                                                                                for offshore oil/gas Installations ....................................................85

Research and Development                                                                        Plastic Composites as Construction Material for offshore
                                                                                                oil/gas Installations ........................................................................85
Offshore Center Danmark Courses ................................................67
                                                                                                Market Requirements and Competence Developments of
Jobcenter Esbjerg - Danish Employment Service                                                   Newcomers to the Danish offshore oil and gas Market .................86
has Focus on the North Sea ............................................................68
By Brian Damsgaard, Jobcenter Esbjerg                                                           Competences and Resources for the Oil Sectors - CROSS ...........87

The Blue University – a Network across Disciplines ....................69                       Offshore Book ................................................................................88
By Kristen D. Nedergaard, Head of Dep. of Maritime Research
and Innovation, University of Southern Denmark                                                  Angola Study: Market Opportunities for Danish
                                                                                                Companies within the Angolan oil and gas Industry .....................89
School Rides the Offshore Wave....................................................70
By EA Vest. Article by Carsten Nymann, Industriens Dagblad                                      ERFA Groups .................................................................................90

Education in Line with Time ..........................................................71
By Kursuscenter Vest (Training Centre West)                                                     Offshore
(part of EUC Vest). Article by journalist Teddy Gehrke.
                                                                                                Center Danmark

                                                                                                                                                           Offshore Center Danmark               5
                                                                                                                                                                     Yearbook 2007
    Your assets – our responsibility

    Services and technologies

    Inspection, testing and underwater technology
    • Advanced NDT services
    • Condition monitoring
    • Integrity of flexible pipe
    • Automated subsea inspection down to 600 m.

    Asset integrity management and consulting services
    • Materials & corrosion engineering, computer modelling
    • Risk Based Inspection planning and operation (RBI)
    • Maintenance optimisation (RCM)
    • Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM)
    • Corrosion management.

    Materials and structural analyses and modelling
    • Design, verification, design review and reassessment
    • Virtual simulation
    • Response analyses for hazard / extreme events.

    Offshore wind turbines
    • Inspection of monopiles, towers, nacelles etc.
    • Advanced automated inspection of blades
    • Approved full-scale blade test centre (type-testing).

    FORCE Technology is an international technological consultancy          FORCE Technology
    and service provider.                                                         Park Allé 345
                                                                                 2605 Brøndby
    Our customer base consists of e.g. the energy and process                  +45 43 26 70 00
    industry, the oil and gas industry, the pharmaceutical and food   
    industry, the maritime industry and the public sector.  

    We have companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia, the
    Netherlands, USA and Brazil.

6      Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
The international

Welcome to ON/OFF Yearbook 2007 - the              these contacts over to its members. Including    I will now make a quick jump home to Esbjerg
book written to raise international awareness      these foreign experts in our mindsets, could     – the offshore city of Denmark. Here, the high
of the Danish expertises within the offshore       prove an effective mean to defeat the lack of    activity level within offshore oil, gas and wind
sector. Hopefully, the book will be a source       employment.                                      is clear. We are pleased to once again notice
to knowledge and inspiration to the readers.                                                        that out harbour is being used for repairs of
                                                   Another challenge is to export the Dan-          oil rigs. In order to make that service even
The Danish offshore industry is doing              ish know-how to markets abroad. Several          better, the harbour is now making large
remarkably well. Last year I wrote about the       countries with major oil and gas reserves are    investments for optimization of the facilities.
increasing activities and this year the activity   on a lower technological level than we are in    Simultaneously, the harbour wants to estab-
level is even higher. The high oil prices, the     Denmark and are thus in need for knowledge       lish an area for environmentally sane decom-
issuing of the 6th licensing round of oil/gas      and expertise. Offshore Center Danmark is        missioning of offshore platforms. Preliminary
concessions and the award of the two new           assisting the Danish export organizations in     investigations are currently being conducted.
Danish offshore wind farms, Horns Rev II           this context, and also providing access for
and Nysted II, have increased the activities       its members to similar network organiza-         Again in 2007, we want to host international
even more.                                         tions as Offshore Center Danmark, in now         conferences within the offshore sector. First
                                                   six offshore countries. Also Offshore Center     time in February, where the topic will be
Almost all industries within the sector have       Danmark helps export organizations study         sub-soil technology and later in the autumn,
an immediate lack of employees. One of the         specific markets, examples being emer-            where the topic will be environmentally sane
major rig operators for example, expects to        ging offshore markets, in order to make the      decommissioning of offshore platforms.
be in need of 1,300 new employees over the         concrete opportunities for Danish companies
next few years. Currently, the company is in       more visible and also to achieve market          Denmark is in the top 3 among oil and gas
need of 100 new employees to solve the task.       awareness of Danish competences.                 producing countries in Europe. I find it obvi-
                                                                                                    ous that the Danish industry is bubbling from
In order to solve the employee problem it is       Another project under Offshore Center Dan-       innovation and drive, which will be contri-
necessary to recruit competent employees           mark is working with the establishment of a      buting to maintain our strength and position in
outside the borders of Denmark. Offshore           network within the offshore wind industry in     this time age of globalization. A small country
Center Danmark regularly receives ap-              order to increase the possibility for Danish     with a large experience is hard to miss.■
proaches from high educated foreigners,            companies to make entrance on the foreign
who offer their labour and their know-how          markets and in order to attract foreign exper-   Johnny Søtrup
to the Danish sector, and the centre passes        tise to Denmark.                                 Mayor of Esbjerg

                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark     7
                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Facts about Danish offshore
oil & gas and offshore wind

• Danish oil and gas production is done       • Global oil reserves: 160 mio. m3 (1 mia. bbl)   • In 2006, almost half of the surplus in the
  from 130 wells distributed among 19                                                             Danish government fi nances came from
  fields. Nearly 50 oil/gas platforms are      • Denmark is the 15th biggest oil producer          oil and gas production
  located in the Danish North Sea               in the world measured in bbl/inhabitant .
                                                year (25 bbl/inhabitant . year. Qatar no. 1     • The generation of Danish wind power is
• Danish oil production 2005: 21,9 mio. m 3     with 454 bbl/inhabitant . year)                   equivalent to 18.5% of the Danish electri-
  (378,000 bbl/day)                                                                               city demand. Offshore wind accounts for
                                              • Average recovery rate from Danish oil-            20% of all wind generated electricity
• Danish gas production, 2005: 11.5 mia. m3     fields: 20-25%
                                                                                                • A total of 801 MW offshore wind, dis-
• Danish oil reserves, 2006: 256 mio.   m3    • At the opening of the fi rst Danish oilfield        tributed over 395 turbines on 22 different
  (1.61 mia. bbl)                               (Dan, 1972) a recovery rate of 6% was an-         sites, have currently been installed – all in
                                                ticipated. Today the recovery rate is 26%         North Western Europe
• Danish gas reserves, 2006: 122 mia. m 3
                                              • In 1993, the amount of oil produced in          • 53% of all installed offshore wind capa-
• Total production of Danish oil, 2005: 277     Denmark reached a level equivalent to             city is located in Danish waters
  mio. m 3 (1.75 mia. bbl)                      the consumption. In 2000 it was twice
                                                the size of the consumption, rising to 2½       • The global energy demand is expected to
• Total production of Danish gas, 2005:         times by 2005                                     increase with 59% over the next 23 years
  162 mia. m 3
                                              • Denmark is expected to be self-sufficient
• Global oil production: 12 mio. m3 /day        in oil production for at least another 10-20
  (75 mio. bbl/day)                             years

8      Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007

                                             Your Offshore Power Partner
                                             Pon Power Oil & Gas provides you with the best engines, all
                                             the original spare parts and much more. Our POWERHOUSE
                                             has highly trained staff and valuable knowledge of installation,
                                             operation and servicing of power systems for all power needs.
Pon Power A/S
Øresundsvej 9 · DK-6715 Esbjerg N
                                             Pon Power Oil & Gas is ISO 9001 certified, and our services
Tel. +45 76 14 64 00 · Fax +45 76 14 64 01                              include:
                                             • 24-hour service
                                             • Advanced test and workshop facilities
                                             • Day-to-day delivery of spare parts
                                                                                                                    COPSØ A/S

                                             • Worldwide dealer network
                                             • Individual service agreements

Autoriseret MaK-forhandler                   We call it Powerhouse

                                                                                          Offshore Center Danmark               9
                                                                                                    Yearbook 2007

DONG Energy participates in licenses in Denmark, Norway, the UK       doorstep in Denmark and abroad. This ensures a highly reliable
and the Faroe Islands. In total we are active in around 70 licenses   supply of energy and gives us the necessary expertise for develop-
in the North Sea and the Atlantic Margin. We produce oil and          ing our company.
natural gas in the Norwegian and Danish part of the North Sea,
and from late 2007 from the Ormen Lange field I Mid Norway            Innovation is an important part of our everyday work. We are at the
                                                                      cutting edge in the development of renewable energy, not least in
We participate in every phase of the energy process all the way       the establishment and management of wind farms - from the north
to the consumer – from the rigs in the North Sea, power stations      of Norway to the south of Europe.
generating electricity and heat, and wind farms, until we market
the energy and convey it all the way to our one million customers’

10      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
Solar Offshore
– a sea of knowledge

Solar Offshore is a special department in Solar A/S,
one of the largest electrical wholesalers in Northern

Solar Offshore was formed in 1981 in the light of the
growth of Danish offshore industry in Esbjerg and is
today the leading supplier to both the offshore and
the marine business. Today we have our domicile at
Solar A/S in Vejen, where we can give our customers
direct access to the largest and most efficient central
warehouse in Denmark.

           According to the motto
       ”Solar gives you possibilities”,
         the customer will receive:

The right item
      – at the right time
      – in the right place
      – in the right quantity
      – and with the right technical support

Especially within the offshore/marine area the ability
to deliver the correct goods is a condition for having
success as a supplier. We have therefore spent many
resources on being able to offer a very attactive
product programme that includes everything from
special offshore cables, panels, junction boxes, and
luminaires to engines, alarm systems etc., Ex-equip-
ment for hazardous areas being our speciality.
With strong agencies, a wide range of products, and
not least a large central warehouse to support us,
we are able to deliver the solutions that our customers
require within a very short time.
At the same time our well-trained staff is also able to
provide technical support regarding ATEX regulations
and the use of electrical equipment in hazardous
Solar Offshore does not simply deliver equipment,
we bring the customer efficient and value added
services. This is the Solar Philosophy. The keyword
is availability – whether it concerns equipment,
knowledge, staff or services.

                                                          Solar Offshore
For further information reference is made to              Industrivej Vest 43, where information about                 DK-6600 Vejen

                                                          Telephone +45 76 96 21 50
Solar’s concepts, management, results etc.                Telefax +45 76 96 21 60
is available.                                   

                                                                       Offshore Center Danmark   11
                                                                                 Yearbook 2007
Offshore Center Danmark opened
as a Technology Centre

After having operated as a knowledge centre
for the Danish offshore industry for three
years, Offshore Center Danmark has ex-
tended its area of operation with the appoint-
ment as official offshore technology centre
by the Ministry for Science, Technology and
Development. With the appointment followed
a larger grant from the ministry for the years
2006 and 2007.

- Our objective as a knowledge- and technol-
ogy centre is to strengthen the competences
and competitive power of the Danish offshore
industry, nationally as well as internationally.
That is why we are happy and proud of the
support and backing of the ministry stated
Peter Blach, director for Offshore Center             - For instance within the offshore wind- and      He continues:
Danmark, at the opening of Offshore Center            waveenergy, Denmark is technologically in         - The crucial item will be to get the educa-
Danmark as technology centre, Friday the 1st          front, and here the experiences from the oil      tional institutions, including the universities,
of September.                                         & gas industry can be used. Only through          to keep and enlarge the amount of relevant
                                                      a steady development of new processes and         educations in the area, so that a large part
- The Offshore Industry is a branch in                improvement of the already installed base,        of the candidates from here stays in the area
growth. There have never before been col-             the offshore industry can expect to keep its      after completed education. It is a distinct
lected larger amounts of oil & gas from the           position on a market with many and large          objective to get the number of knowledge jobs
Danish underground, and Danish compa-                 international players. Offshore Center Dan-       to grow in the region, and this development
nies export their know-how to cooperation             mark can hopefully contribute to this work,       we will contribute to.
partners all over the world. At the same time         Peter Blach said.
there does not exist one governmental oil                                                               New projects within the
company, as in many other countries. In Den-          The target of the government in appointing        technology center
mark it has been chosen to let a number of            Offshore Center Danmark as the official off-       Over the past year, a number of ideas for new
players share the tasks, and there is a special       shore technology centre, is according to min-     innovative development projects has been
need to collect and coordinate that know-             ister of science, Helge Sander “preparing the     discussed intensively amongst the members
ledge, which many different players within            region in making use of the highly special-       of Offshore Center Danmark, e.g. companies,
the Offshore Industry generate, Peter Blach           ized knowledge and to create growth”. The         universities and knowledge institutions. The
continued.                                            objective is for Offshore Center Danmark to       process was initiated via workshops as well
                                                      be the leading knowledge- and technology          as face-to-face meetings amongst the mem-
Strong knowlegde environment                          centre, not only nationally in Denmark, but       bers, and the process in the end resulted in the
in Denmark                                            with a significant international interface.        definition of nine new development projects
Offshore Center Danmark operates as net-                                                                with more than 70 members companies in-
work, a knowledge communicator, a sparring            With the majority of Danish offshore, placed      volved. Of these nine projects, four have now
partner and an advisor for companies and              in the Region of Southern Denmark, offshore       been funded under the umbrella of the new
knowledge institutions in Denmark and in              is an important catalyst for the development      offshore technology center. The remaining
addition to this, one of the tasks of the centre is   in the region, states Carl Holst, President of    projects are expected to follow at a later stage.
to offer courses within offshore technology and       the Region of Southern Denmark.
demands to safety to interested companies. In                                                           The four projects have all been kicked off
cooperation with companies and knowledge              The offshore industry is contributing in          during the fall of 2006 and details related to
institutions, Offshore Center Danmark carries         creating knowledge jobs and is a proof, that it   the content and the status of the projects can
out relevant investigations and development           is wise to create strong knowledge environ-       be found elsewhere in this yearly magazine.■
projects to the benefit of the branch.                 ments, also outside capitals, says Carl Holst.

12      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
                                                                                                                   COPSØ A/S

Your competent steel partner
                                                                                             Promecon as
                                                                                             Sahara 4
                                                                                             6700 Esbjerg
As a department of Promecon, which has a total staff of more than 400 employees,
                                                                                             Tel. 76 11 55 00
we can, whenever required, draw on this considerable capacity for the involvement            Fax 76 11 55 01
of major projects or when peak situations occur.                                   

                                                                                    Offshore Center Danmark   13
                                                                                              Yearbook 2007
 In the ascendant

 Semco Maritime – One Contractor
     several advantages         numerous benefits             for all customers

 Semco Maritime develops and supplies complete innovative solutions and participates
 in major international projects as main- or subcontractor.

 We can offer:
 A wide range of engineering disciplines · fabrication yard · workshops · service and
 maintenance · tests and calibration · installation · manpower departments · component
 sales and logistics.

 Semco Maritime holds facilities in Europe, Asia, USA and Central America.

                                                                                                         COPSØ A/S


                                       Semco Maritime · Stenhuggervej 12-14 · 6710 Esbjerg V · Denmark
                                                            Tel +45 79 16 66 66 · Fax +45 75 15 65 80
14   Offshore Center Danmark
     Yearbook 2007
The 6th Licensing
Round in Denmark
By Katja Scharmann, Danish Energy Authority

The 6th Licensing Round was opened for
applications on 20th May 2005, and when
the time limit expired on 1st November
2005, the Danish Energy Authority had
received 17 applications, representing a
total of 20 participating companies. The
6th Round comprised all unlicensed areas
in the Central Graben with adjoining areas
in the Danish sector of the North Sea, west
of 6°15’ eastern longitude. The 22nd May
2006 Flemming Hansen, the Minister for
Transport and Energy, could award 14 new
licences to explore for oil and gas in the
North Sea.

Selection terms applicable
to the Round
A number of applications were compe-
ting for the same areas, so it was obvious
beforehand that it would not be possible to
meet all applications, representing a total of
20 companies.

The Danish Energy Authority held meetings        The results of the Round                          conditional part of the work programmes.
with – or offered to meet with – all appli-      On the 22nd May 2006 Flemming Hansen,             Further the rig rates have increased, and
cants, during which the applications were        the Minister for Transport and Energy, could      therefore the exploration costs will likely
reviewed and any queries were discussed.         award 14 new licences to explore for oil and      exceed the estimate.
The purpose of the meetings was also to          gas in the North Sea. The new licences en-
clarify the extent to which the competition      compass 3,490 km 2 , the equivalent of about      As a result of the 6th Licensing Round, a
issues could be resolved by adjusting the        one-fourth of the area offered for licensing.     number of new operators have been ap-
areas applied for, so that applications could                                                      proved, and a total of 18 companies partici-
be met where ever possible.                      The combined work programmes offered in           pate in one or several of the 14 new licences.
                                                 the 6th Round comprise seven unconditional        Several companies participate for the fi rst
The applications were evaluated and              wells (wells that the licensee is obligated to    time in the new licences and will presum-
selected on basis of the applicant’s techni-     drill) and 12 conditional wells (wells that are   ably give new inspiration to the exploration
cal expertise and fi nancial base, as well as     only to be drilled under specifically defi ned      in Denmark, and the companies that have
on the basis of the quality and scope of the     circumstances). In addition, the work pro-        more experience with the Danish part of the
work programme they offered. Thus, the           grammes comprise obligations to perform           North Sea can continue to explore.
scope and quality of the work programme,         seismic surveys and other investigations
assessed in the relation to the need for         of varying scope and density over the area        State participation (Nordsø-
exploration in the area applied for, was the     applied for.                                      fonden/Nordsøenheden)
most important selection criteria.                                                                 As a consequence of the Governments deci-
Insofar as the criteria on technical exper-      The exploration costs associated with the         sion in 2004 to privatize the state-owned
tise and fi nancial base were concerned, the      6th Round licences were estimated to total        company DONG, a reorganization of state
DEA had assessed that the applicants had         DKK 1.3 billion over the coming six-year li-      participation was necessary.
sufficient technical expertise and fi nancial      cence term. Since the licences are awarded,
capacity to realize the specific work pro-        there are indications that several of the new     In 2005 the Danish North Sea Fund was set
gramme tendered.                                 licensees are willing to perform additional       up to have the responsibility for the state’s
                                                 exploration activities compared to the un-        participation in new hydrocarbon licences.

                                                                                                                    Offshore Center Danmark   15
                                                                                                                              Yearbook 2007
The fund is independent and shall defray            North Sea Fund to incur costs about DKK
costs and receive income involved in new li-        300 million until 2012 for its share in the 14
cences. The state’s share of all new licences       new licences as well as its existing share in
are allocated to the Danish North Sea Fund,         two Open Door licences (1/05 and 2/05).
and from 2012, the Fund will also take over
a 20% share of DUC’s activities under the           The Danish North Sea Partner adminis-
Sole Concession on behalf of the state.             ters the Danish North Sea Fund, set up as
                                                    a small state entity under the Ministry of
The Danish North Sea Fund is participating          Transport and Energy. The entity is intended
with a 20% share in all 6th Round licences.         to make extensive use of the know-how and
On the basis of the 14 new licences work            services available in state departments and
programmes, it is expected that the Danish          agencies. ■

      With 30 years of experience..
                   - you can ask us
      Atkins has expanded our oil & gas activities within the offshore
      industry to Denmark. Our expertise spans all engineering disciplines
      and associated competencies. Atkins’ speciality is the combination
      of advanced analysis expertise with practical design and operational
      experience. We provide support throughout the life cycle, from the
      planning and feasibility stages of a project through to commissioning,
      operation, upgrade and abandonment.

      Atkins is one of the largest independent consulting firms                Our main areas of capabilities to the offshore industry are:
      providing engineering support to the oil & gas industry.                 Engineering & Design, Facilities Management, Project &
      Atkins as been active in the industry since 1975, working                Construction Management, Cost & Contract Management,
      for international oil corporations. Our worldwide experience             Safety & Reliability, Planning & Environment, Science &
      are based on the skills of our 400 oil & gas experts, placed             Technology
      in 11 offices around the world.

      Vestre Dokkaj 1, 6700 Esbjerg, +45 7612 4400 ■ Ørestad, Arne Jacobsens Allé 17, 2300 Copenhagen S
      - offices in Aberdeen, London, Glasgow, Paris, Houston, Perth, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Singapore. ■

16     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Offshore Center Danmark members
Business Areas and Competences

Offshore Center Danmark          Tools, equipment and materials                 Transport
acts as a strong unit            Chemicals & Drilling Mud                       Air Transport
representing all aspects
                                 Coating & Paints                               Automotive Transport
of the offshore sector – be
                                 Communication Systems                          Maritime Transport
it oil & gas, offshore wind or
wave and tidal energy. The       Compressors & Power Supply
more than 150 member             Cooling, Heating, Ventilation &                Service
companies of Offshore            Air Conditioning
                                                                                Accountancy, Financial, Insuarance & Tax
Center Danmark offer             Cranes & Crane Accesories
services within the              Diving & Underwater Equipment
following business areas:        Drilling Tools/Supplies
                                 Electrical Equipment, IT & Electronics
                                                                                Courses & Training
                                 Engine Cylinders & Accumulators
                                                                                Design & Engineering
                                 Fabrication & Construction
                                                                                Drilling & Well Services
                                 Generators & Engines
                                                                                Energy generation/Management
                                 Geotechnical Equipment
                                                                                Exploration & Production
                                 Hydraulics & Pneumatics
                                                                                General Information
                                                                                Geotechnical/Geophysical Services
                                                                                Inspection & Testing
                                 Leasing of Tools/Equipment
                                 Navigation Aids
                                                                                Maintenance, Modification, Optimization &
                                 Office Supplies (Furniture, Stationary, etc.)   Operation
                                 Offshore Wind Turbines - Foundations           Material & Product Handling
                                 Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation &        Networking
                                 Offshore Wind Turbines - Nacelles &
                                 Electrical Parts                               Planning

                                 Offshore Wind Turbines -                       Ports & Supply Bases
                                 Rotors & Rotor Blades                          Project Management
                                 Offshore Wind Turbines - Service               Supply Chain Management
                                 Offshore Wind Turbines - Tower
                                 Pipes, Pipelines & Risers                      Safety and Environment
                                 Process Control                                Cleaning of Tanks
                                 Pumps & Accessories                            Environmental Safety and
                                 Ropes (Wire & Synthetic)                       Environment & Monitoring

                                 Scaffolding                                    Firefighting

                                 Surface Treatment & Corrosion Protection       Recycling & Waste Management

                                 Tanks & Storage Equipment                      Safety & Security

                                 Transportation Equipment                       Sludge Removal

                                 Valves & Accessories                           Water Treatment

                                 Welding Equipment
                                 Wellheads & X-Mas Trees

                                                                                                 Offshore Center Danmark   17
                                                                                                           Yearbook 2007
Risk and Safety Studies for the
Vincent FPSO Development Project

By Christian Eilersen, Maersk Contractors,
Jesper Thomsen, Ramboll and                                                                                                     Location
                                                                                                                                of the Vincent
Lars Wahl Andersen, Ramboll.                                                                                                    field.

The Vincent oil field is located offshore
Western Australia in the Exmouth sub-basin,
an area with high FPSO (Floating, Produc-
tion, Storage and Offloading) activities
near Exmouth. Amongst others, the Enfield
FPSO, the Stybarrow FPSO and the Griffi n
FPSO are operating in the area.

The Vincent licence is owned by Woodside
Petroleum and JVP Mitsui, and Maersk
Contractors has been selected contractor for
the development and operation of the FPSO.
The field will be developed by use of subsea      of 120,000 bbl oil per day, 100 MMSCF as-       These activities include the following
wells tied back to the FPSO utilizing mul-       sociated gas per day and 230,00 bbl of water    sub-activities: Hazid identification, lay-out
tiphase pumps located at the mudline. The        produced per day.                               review, fi re and explosion, plume dispersion,
Vincent field is expected to be on stream in                                                      escape, evacuation and rescue, marine and
2008.                                            Ramboll was awarded the safety studies          mechanical risk analysis, analysis related to
                                                 for the FEED Phase late 2005, and upon          extreme weather (cyclones), QRA (Quantita-
The FPSO will be a conversion of one of the      fi nalization of the EPIC contract in the sum-   tive Risk Analysis), health risk assessment
Maersk E-class VLCC tankers of an overall        mer of 2006, Maersk Contractors granted         etc.
length of 333 metres, a breadth of 58 meters,    Ramboll the safety activities for the EPIC
a height of 31 metres and 308,000 DWT.           phase.                                          The main purpose of the risk and safety
After the conversion, the oil storage capacity                                                   activities is to give input to the design of the
                                                                                                 FPSO with respect to e.g. fi re walls, location
                                                                                                 of helideck, protection of equipment, lay-out
                                                                                                 and escape routes etc..

                                                                                                 In addition, the risk and safety activities
                                                                                                 will support the Safety Case for the project,
                                                                                                 which are to be approved by the Australian

                                                                                                 The identification of and follow-up on
                                                                                                 hazards related to the operation of the
    Visualisation of                                                                             facility forms an important part of the risk
    the Vincent FPSO.
                                                                                                 and safety activities. Each of the identified
                                                                                                 hazards will be registered in a hazard log

18     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
 Illustration of the increased temperature field due to gas turbines and compressor module              Typical cyclones in the Vincent
 around the FPSO and the helideck.                                                                     project area.

and then grouped in accordance with fre-               ture difference of up to 10 degrees. If the
quencies and consequences and compared                 temperature difference exceeds 2 degrees C,     Based on all the performed risk and safety
with the Woodside corporate risk matrix.               pay load restriction is enforced in order to    activities, an QRA (quantitative risk analy-
Depending on the location of the hazard in             provide safe operation during approach and      sis) report is to be prepared to support the
the risk matrix the hazard is to be threated           take-off from the helideck.                     Safety Case for the Australian authorities’
in the QRA or the health risk assessment or                                                            fi nal approval of the facility. The QRA sum-
the hazard is acceptable without any further           The Vincent FPSO will be deployed in an         marizes the risks connected with the largest
action.                                                area prone to cyclones. If a cyclone ap-        accident and compares it with predefi ned
                                                       proaches the area, the FPSO must be discon-     risk acceptance criteria. The risk acceptance
Dispersion of hot exhaust from the gas tur-            nected from the mooring/anchoring system        criteria will follow the ALARP (As Low As
bine generators and other types of machin-             and steam off/sail away to a safe location.     Reasonabl Practicable). The fi nal QRA for
ery on the FPSO is of great consequence to             For that purpose the turret is designed as      the Vincent project will be fi nalized early
the operation of the helideck on the FPSO.             the disconnectable type. It is expected to      2007.■
A change in air density due to a change in             disconnect 1.7 times per year on average to
the air temperature could jeopardize the safe          avoid cyclones. The risks related to cyclones
operation of the helicopter during take-off            are failure to predict the cyclones in due
and landing. To determine the temperature              time to disconnect the FPSO, or mechanical
field around the helideck from combustion               failures in connection with the disconnect
from the boilers and gas turbines dispersion,          system.
a calculation was made by the use of Com-
puter Fluid Dynamics (CFD). First, a sim-
plified 3D geometry of the Vincent FPSO
was established, and a calculation mesh was
applied to the geometry. Then, the bound-
ary conditions, such as wind speed and
direction combined with exhaust flow and
temperature, were applied, and calculations
were run on a multiple cluster computer. It
is a requirement for the safe operation of
the helideck that the temperature difference
does not exceed 2 to 3 degrees C. However,
some helicopters can cope with a tempera-

                         Illustration of the turret.

                                                                                                                         Offshore Center Danmark   19
                                                                                                                                   Yearbook 2007
     Basic Course in
     offshore oil/gas

     Offshore Center Danmark offers 2 basic courses in offshore oil/gas.
     The courses are independent of each other and are adapted for em-
     ployees with a need for knowledge about the most common terms in
     the offshore sector.

     The Production course provides the participants with basic knowledge
     about offshore production of oil/gas. Topics include: what is oil and
     gas, geology, the oil adventure in the North Sea, how is oil/gas ex-
     tracted, what is happening on the platform and distribution of oil/gas.

     The Safety provides an overview of the authorities, organizations
     and the legal frames within the offshore oil/gas area. The course also
     introduces the important area HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and

     Both courses run over 2 days and are held twice a year in Esbjerg.

     The courses are also offered as company specific courses where both
     the Production and Safety course are combined into one 2-day course.
     This can be held at the premises of your company and results in an
     economic benefit when your company has 10 or more people
     attending the course.

     Course programs and further info can be found at
     under the menu Uddannelse (in Danish) or by contacting Offshore
     Center Danmark: +45 3697 3670 /

20   Offshore Center Danmark
     Yearbook 2007
                                                              SA F E TY & S U P PO R T
                                                                      AT S E A

                                                               Flexible vessels
                                                              Despite the fact that ESVAGT’s fleet is geared
                                                              to solving highly specialist tasks at sea, the
                                                              individual ships are sufficiently flexible to
Environmentally Sustainable                                   handle a wide range of assignments. Our
                                                              core value is rescue service at sea – which all
Offshore Decommissioning                                      20 of our vessels can perform. At the same
                                                              time, the vessels are each designed and
                                                              equipped to solve a wide range of different

ESBJERG 2007                                                  offshore service jobs and to play their role in
                                                              combating oil spill.

 Call for Partnerships
       and Papers
                  Conference in Denmark
                   11-12 October 2007.
            Learn more on

            We hereby invite you as an exclusive
  partner for Decom Esbjerg 2007, and if you are interested
                      please contact

                  Phone: +45 75 12 37 44
             E-Mail: -

       Are you interested in giving a presentation at
                   Decom Esbjerg 2007?

Do you have any interesting views on the issue ‘Environmen-
     tally and Sustainable Offshore Decommissioning?’
            Please contact us before 1 March 2007

   Phone: +45 23 49 00 22 • E-Mail:

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                                                                                                    Yearbook 2007
Comfort is important on the new giant
Drilling Rig “Mærsk Innovator”

By Ole Winther Nielsen,
Odegaard & Danneskiold-Samsoe A/S
                                                            Length of side
                                                            (triangle deck):
                                                                                              89   m
Authoritative requirements                                  Total breadth:                   103   m
and Maersk Contractors’                                     Height of deck:                   12   m
                                                            Length of leg:                   102   m
wish for a good working                                     Largest depth of water:          150   m
environment have been
considered already at the                                   Weight of leg (total): 9,200 ton
                                                            Total weight:         25,700 ton
planning stage.

The world’s largest and most advanced jack-
up drilling rig for rough waters was delivered
to Maersk Contractors at the beginning of
2003. Later, a sister rig was delivered by the
shipbuilding yard HYUNDAI Heavy Indus-
tries in Ulsan, Korea.

Odegaard & Danneskiold-Samsoe (ØDS)
has performed noise prediction and provided
consultancy assistance to HYUNDAI with
regard to the measures needed to comply with
the noise requirements. The requirements are
among the strictest in the world due to the fact
that both rigs are to be registered in Denmark

The Danish Energy Authority requests a prediction
of the noise exposure for each job category. This
request made it necessary to calculate the sound
distribution room-for-room on each deck. The plot
illustrates the predicted noise distribution in an
engine room.

                                                     “Mærsk Innovator” is designed for a harsh
                                                     environment like the situation in the North Sea or
                                                     other places having a similar type of weather. The
                                                     distance between the accommodation module and
                                                     the production module is as large as possible. This
                                                     separation contributes significantly to a low noise
                                                     level in the accommodation module.

                                                     and are to perform drilling in the North Sea.
                                                     Subsequently, during experimental test at the
                                                     commissioning stage, all predicted figures
                                                     were in compliance with the measured figures.

                                                     Low-noise design
                                                     Even at the conceptual stage, noise was
                                                     considered. Thus, from the beginning, Maersk
                                                     Contractors has provided as large a separation
                                                     of the area of production and accommodation
                                                     as possible. Furthermore, Maersk Contractors
                                                     has designed an appropriate general arrange-

22      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
                                                                                                            ment. The assignment ØDS performed for
Noise exposure on                                                                                           HYUNDAI consisted in consultancy assist-
offshore installations                                                                                      ance within a wide range of detailed problems.

ØDS has performed noise measurements and prediction/simulation of the noise exposure of                     The noise analysis included every area on the
each job category. The employees of ØDS know the machinery and are experienced in being                     rig, which means both the area of production
offshore. It is therefore possible – in co-operation with the operator – to obtain a precise                and accommodation. The ventilation system
description of the typical pattern of work for each job category.                                           was a separate assignment; it consisted in
                                                                                                            performing a complete acoustical design.
Onshore the noise exposure is predicted/measured as the exposure distributed over an 8-hour
day. Offshore the authorities prescribe prediction /measurement to be carried out with a                    Simulation of job category
distribution over a 12-hour working day. By combining the duration of each job type with                    noise exposure
the typical noise level of the surroundings, it is possible to predict noise contribution, i.e. the         Simulation of the noise exposure was another
noise dose from the actual type of job. The accumulated contribution of a noise dose origi-                 important element, which each employee
nating from each type of job is therefore the individual noise exposure based on a 12-hour                  would be exposed to individually. This
working day.                                                                                                simulation was carried out for 27 different
                                                                                                            job categories. It was possible to perform the
                                                                                                            simulation for each job category after the
                                                                                                            prediction of the noise level in each room had
                                                                                                            taken place.■

     A strong team of specialists
                                                              – with a global perspective
     Are you aware that Deloitte has a locally placed Tax Depart-           As with all of our services, our long-term goal is to build a
     ment in Esbjerg which is specialised in helping both Danish            strong relationship with you and your assignees that is de-
     and international offshore companies?                                  signed to help you meet your global business objectives.

     •   Our assistance covers both companies which are taxed               Contact persons:
         according to the Danish Corporate tax act and companies            Tax partner Tom Eriksen
         which are taxed according to the Danish Hydrocarbon tax            Email
     •   We have also experience with handling the reporting                Tax consultant Anette Vium
         process to the Danish tax authorities regarding the em-            Email
         ployees regardless whether they are taxed according to
         special low tax rules or to the ordinary tax rules.                Tax consultant Søren N. Steffesen
     Our Tax Department in Esbjerg is working closely together
     with other tax departments in Deloitte in Denmark and

                                                    Frodesgade 125
                                                    DK-6701 Esbjerg Tel. +45 79 12 84 44              Member of
                                                                             Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

                                                                                                                             Offshore Center Danmark   23
                                                                                                                                       Yearbook 2007
Subsea Installations in Model Scale

By John Cross-Whiter, Senior Naval Archi-           ment equipment, and the motions of the tem-      nology possesses an advanced Vertical Planar
tect, Hydro and Aerodynamics and Chris-             plate were measured by underwater video          Motion Mechanism (VPMM) consisting of
tian Schack, Head of Department, Hydro              and a 3 DOF underwater motion measure-           powerful servo motors controlled by modern
and Aerodynamics, FORCE Technology                  ment system.                                     control software, allowing the winching
                                                                                                     operation to be performed as a combined
                                                    Tests were conducted in a range of sea           crane tip motion / lowering motion with high
FORCE Technology provides                           conditions and towing speeds, including a        accuracy. For these tests the crane motions
experience to the offshore                          zero speed survival wave condition. The          derive from either client provided sea-keep-
business worldwide in relation                      hydrodynamic coefficients developed from          ing data or numerical calculations performed
to hydro and aerodynamics                           the results of these tests were used by AMC      by FORCE Technology.
by utilising their large-scale                      as input to their numerical simulations of the
testing facilities. The rising oil                  body motions. Further, it was used to assess     The use of VPMM tests is very efficient and
prices have put more focus on                       the effects of unsteady hydrodynamic phe-        cost effective as well as it provides good and
marginal fields, and the                             nomena not included in the numerical             reliable data for the evaluation of the installa-
attention on various assign-                        simulation models.                               tion procedure for the subsea structure.
ments offered toward subsea
installations has increased.                        Installation of subsea                           Over-trawlability
                                                    structure                                        A series of over-trawling tests was recently
                                                    FORCE Technology has also been involved          conducted for FMC Kongsberg subsea on two
Transport and installation of subsea                in installation tests on a more conventional     subsea structures for the Ormen Lange field.
structures have always been critical jobs to        basis. During these tests installation of the    These units are large and complex structures,
undertake, and traditionally they have been         subsea structure in full scale is performed      with many potential risk areas for dropped
performed by utilising large crane ves-             with a large crane vessel. In model scale        object and over-trawling damage. In addition,
sels. However, contractors are constantly           these tests can be performed as complete         the subsea is complicated in that the pipeline
investigating other and less costly methods         tests with model of crane vessel in a scale of   ends are mounted within sliding sledge
of carrying out these tasks.                        typically 1:60. Alternatively, FORCE Tech-       structures, to allow for pipeline expansion

Tow out of subsea structure
Recently FORCE Technology conducted
tests on subsea structure for Aker Marine
Contractors (AMC). The purpose of the tests
was to assess the feasibility of a wet tow by
measuring motions and forces induced on
the structure, whilst suspended from a tow-
ing buoy during a wet tow operation. A scale
model of the subsea structure was manufac-
tured, and the full lifting bridle and
towing wire system were modelled. Care
was taken to match the structural proper-
ties in the main lifting chain and the weight
distribution of the towing wire.

FORCE Technology tested and measured
motion dynamics and forces in the structure
and towing buoy. The motions of the buoy
were measured by optical motion measure-

                          Full-scale installation
                            of subsea structure.

24     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
and contraction. Therefore, careful considera-
tion to the asymmetry of this structure was
required when developing the test pro-
gramme. The tests demonstrated that FORCE
Technology’s offshore expertise extends from
the surface to the bottom of the sea.

Prior to testing FORCE Technology exam-
ined the preliminary construction drawings
and offered a number of design modifications
to improve the ability to over-trawl, based
upon extensive prior experience in this field.
Together with a fishery expert from SINTEF
in Hirtshals, the likely fishing practices in
the Ormen Lange Sea area were assessed.
Selection and preparation of scaled models
of the trawl and doors were carried out, and
scale models of the two subsea structures
were constructed. Prior to testing in the tow-
ing tank, preliminary tests were conducted in
air by dragging a trawl door over the model
at various angles. This technique, whilst
not modelling the precise dynamics of the
trawl door passage over the subsea structure,
provides a rapid identification of potential
snag areas, allowing these to be addressed by
model modifications, thus saving time in the
tank tests.

Finally, the models were tested in the towing
tank, by towing a full trawl and door model      Towing setup in the towing tank.
at scaled speeds over the subsea structure
models resting on the tank bottom. The trawl     by fishing trawlers on the surface, a range of   tests have allowed FMC Kongsberg subsea and
behaviour was monitored by a downward            approach lanes and angles was tested.           their customer Norsk Hydro to install these
facing camera mounted in a clear-bottomed                                                        structures in the Ormen Lange field, confident
ship model towed by the carriage. To cover       The design modifications recommended by          that they are not vulnerable to dropped objects
the range of possible approach orientations      FORCE Technology and verified in the model       and accidental over-trawling damage. ■

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                                                                                                                  Offshore Center Danmark   25
                                                                                                                            Yearbook 2007
3000 m depth
Co-operation Work

By Kjeld V. Christensen,
                                                • Vibration system for vibrocore with 30 or
A/S Oilpower Hydraulics
                                                  150 Hz
The geotechnical structure of the subsea        • CPT penetration depth up to 12 m
underground is important, as these soil and     • Four hydraulic supporting legs for opti-
sand layers must support the above load           mized stability
from subsea and platform structures.            • Two swing-out thrusters for turning the rig
                                                • Water pump and bottom nozzles for easy
The Danish company Oilpower Hydrau-               lift off from sea bed
lics in Esbjerg has for many years worked       • Small auxiliary winch
together with GEO in this area. This has        • Hydraulic power unit with electric motor
ended up with the design and production of        placed in oil tank
the socalled GeoCeptor, reputedly the only      • Tanks for electronic components and for
combined Vibracore and CPT penetration            hydraulic valves
rig in the world.                               • Built in distance measuring and incli-
Kjeld V. Christensen enlightens us: “The        • Mounted with lights and camera
product is compact in design, has a reliable    • Compact base dimension 2,2 m x 3,0 m
construction, with many features and high       • Weight approx. 15 tons
working speeds for subsea testing.”
                                                Kjeld V. Christensen states: “But this coop-
That implies taking sea bed samples into a      eration with the skilled engineers and work-
liner and pressing a cone into the sea bed      ers at Oilpower Hydraulics is still going
with a certain speed while making all kinds     strong. Equipment has been made for ROV
of measuring.                                   built-on, for special testing inside piping,    Kjeld V. Christensen answers: “The answer
                                                hammer-head sample takings and so on.”          is a combination of knowing the high quality
Design started in January 2001 and with                                                         products on the market, to use the many
fi nal successful end testing in October 2001.   Oilpower is a small company without a spe-      years of design for built-up of special equip-
                                                cialised research and development depart-       ment and always have in mind to make serv-
Features for the GeoCeptor are:                 ment. So how is it possible for the company     ice facilities as good as possible. Add to this
• Designed for 3000 m water depth               to rapidly produce and deliver specialised      using skilled workers for efficient assembly
• Sea bed samples of up to 12 m length          equipment already from day one?                 and testing during built-up period.“ ■

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                                                                           is in e use
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                                                                web ish plea .dk.
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      •   Education offshore                                - for E ffshoreb
                                                                   . o
      •   Offshore events                                     www
      •   Daily updated offshore news

26     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Offshore Connections
ATCOM ApS delivers professional solutions,       The company has a number of skilled specialists
based on the clients demands, and which to       available, with many years of experience within
the greatest extent possible, are based on       communication in the offshore sector.
standard systems and hardware from some of
the leading suppliers on the marked.             ATCOM ApS undertakes design, installation and
                                                 service as well as consulting.
ATCOM ApS is vendor of products from lead-
ing suppliers of data transmission and network   Assignment examples undertaken by
equipment - wireless as well as cable based.     ATCOM ApS:
                                                 - VSAT-installations on rigs and platforms.
ATCOM ApS holds special knowledge within         - Installation, configuration and maintenance
areas such as LAN-solutions, Weather moni-         of large telecom systems.
toring system, VSAT, Wlan, PABX, VoIP, LOS       - Installation and configuration of wireless
systems and DECT-systems.                          telecom systems on platforms and ships
                                                   (ATEX approved).
ATCOM ApS implements total solutions within      - Automatic Weather Observation Systems (AWOS).
network systems, VSAT, Line Of Sight systems     - Remote control systems for VHF/UHF radios
and fibre network (PDH/SDH/ATM/VoIP/FRS).           via VSAT or Line Of Sight System.
Satellite TV system (CATV).                      - Mobile Satellite TV systems.

ATCOM ApS            Tlf. +45 76123200
Snedkervej 17        Fax +45 76123299
DK-6710 Esbjerg V    Email:

                                                                                                   Offshore Center Danmark   27
                                                                                                             Yearbook 2007
Room also for a small
Innovator                                                                                                                                                                                      License map of the Danish area
                                                                                                                                                                                           (from the Danish Energy Authority,
                                                                                                                                                                                               September 2006). The license in
                                                                                                                                                                                             question lies immediately north of
                                                                                                                                                                                                            the German border.
                                                                                                                               57                   57 9                  57
By Peter Willumsen,                                                                                DONG
                                                57°                                          6° 15'
                                                                                                       5706          5707
                                                                                                                DONG E&P A/S

In connection with acquiring a license in                                                                                                                                5610          5611

                                                                                                  5606        5607             5608                 5609
Southern Jutland onshore Denmark, Peter         56°     5603
                                                                     5604      5605            Arkay A/S
                                                                                                                                                                                    1/03              5612


Willumsen and weXco was asked the                       5503
                                                                                                                                             Jordan Dansk Corporation
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tethys Tethys


question whether he really thought that his                                                       5506        5507              5508             5509                    5510                 5511         5512

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              5514   5515     5516

“midget company” - weXco - could find oil                                                                                            Wexco
                                                55°                                                                                                                                                                   5513                     5416

where companies like Maersk and DONG                                                                                                  5408       5409
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5413   5414

                                                                                                                                                                         5410               5411            5412
could not.                                                                                                                              Geo-Center-Nord GmbH


“The answer is “possibly”, because the core
                                                        6th Round licences awarded in 2006                       Licences awarded 1962-2005                                                   Application in Open Door area          Open Door area
value of exploration is not company size, but
the strength of the geological concept along
with a suitable application of the available    is around 700 km2 - the area was bound to                                                                               we have had success with applying sur-
technology. The Southern Denmark 1/05 li-       attract attention again. After a short lived                                                                            face geochemistry and other less common
cense group believes it can make a difference   license to a group led by Lithuanian Minijos                                                                            exploration methods in identifying a number
in both areas”, Peter Willumsen explains.       Nafta, weXco and Odin were awarded the                                                                                  of prospects”.
                                                license in late 2005 together with the newly
Exploration tends to occur in cycles and the    formed State oil company Nordsøfonden.                                                                                  Peter Willumsen concludes: “Time will tell
exploration history of the Southern Jutland                                                                                                                             whether we are smarter – or luckier – than
area adequately demonstrates this:              So why do you think there is hope where                                                                                 our predecessors, or whether we join the
                                                others have given up? “Firstly we are focus-                                                                            ranks of companies that have tested their
• A total of 15 wells have been drilled         ing on the slope basinward of the Zechstein                                                                             geological concepts and failed. Even if we
  in Southern Jutland since the 1950’ies,       reef edge because this has yet to be tested                                                                             are not successful somebody else is bound
  including a number of wells for non-ex-       in Denmark”, Peter Willumsen states. He                                                                                 to come along and test yet another concept
  ploration purposes.                           continues: “Significantly it hosts several                                                                               or a different technology. Like us they will
• The initial exploration phase included 6      fair-sized oil and gas fields in Poland and                                                                              be standing on the shoulders of those that
  wells drilled in the 1950’ies on features     the former DDR a few hundred km along                                                                                   came before them and who delivered data to
  easily recognizable with the technology of    trend to the east. A geological analogy from                                                                            the ever-growing knowledge pool. Such is
  that period. Four dry wells were drilled on   Poland is shown on the figure. Secondly                                                                                  the nature of exploration”. ■
  basement highs, two on a salt pillow.
• After an extensive seismic program that
  defined the basin configuration, four
  exploration wells targeted at the Zech-
  stein were drilled by Maersk during the
  early 1980’ies. Two were dry whereas
  two tested gas rich in nitrogen with some
  condensate and oil, but not in commercial
• In the late 1980’ies – early 1990’ies time-
  frame Danop and DONG drilled a couple
  of wells without commercial success.

Common to a number of the wells in the
area were the presence of good oil and gas
shows, making Southern Jutland unique in
this respect onshore Denmark. And with          Cross-section over the Zechstein “Sulecin” field in Poland (after Gorska et al). The gas field
effectively only 5 wells drilled within the     on top of the structure is rich in N2; the oil field on the slope is in a stratigraphic trap similar
prospective facies belt - the size of which     to those indicated to be present within license 1/05 in Southern Jutland.

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                                                                    Yearbook 2007
Advantages in the Use of
water-based Primer

By René Rasmussen, Commercial Director,                                                                    A third party full scale test reportedly gave
PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S                                                                                  the following conclusion:
                                                                                                           The PHOENIX Water-Based Primer is a
To meet the restrictions of 2007 in the use of                                                             water-based primer with a much lower VOC
solvent based primer, PHOENIX INTERNA-                                                                     level. Tests for adhesion peel, sag, impact,
TIONAL A/S has developed a water-based                                                                     bend and cathodic disbondment have de-
primer for bitumen based coating systems on                                                                monstrated that an effective bond between the
steel pipes. The development started some                                                                  pipe steel and the coating was achieved.
years ago and succeeded in 2005.
                                                                                                           It was concluded that the water-based primer
The major reason for the need of such a prim-                                                              is suitable for use and the newly developed
er is the need to reduce or remove the use of                                                              water-borne primer is fully matching the
solvent based primers, due to the impact it                                                                conventional synthetic primer in regards to
has on health and the environment.                                                                         drying time, adhesion, flexibility, peel and
                                                  Drying Time                                              other parameters which have to meet the
Over the years severe problems have thus          Drying time is an important factor when                  specifications.
been reported for citizens living around or       it comes to pipe coating speed. Tests have
very close to factories using solvent based       monitored excellent drying time for the                  The water-based primer complies with EN
primer, despite the use of incinerators to        water-based primer when pipes are preheated              10.300:2005 which replaces BS4147 and is
remove fumes containing solvent. Personnel        to more than 30°C (max. 50°C). See above a               described under point It is suitable for
working at the factories have also been facing    comparison in drying time between conven-                the use to Category 1 enamel (oxidized bitu-
heavy health impact from the fumes during         tional synthetic and water-based primer.                 men enamel containing filler) and Category 2
their daily shift.                                                                                         enamel (modified bitumen enamel containing
                                                  Coverage:                                                filler) both described in EN10.300:2005.
One of the positive side effects in the use of    Due to a higher solid content in the water-
a water-based primer is the reduction of gas      based primer the coverage of pipe surface                For further information regarding contact
for running the incinerator. This is not only a   per litre is higher. PHOENIX Water-Based                 data to PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S,
cost reduction in gas and power consumption       Primer gives approximately 1.6 times higher              please find us in the suppliers list elsewhere
for the incinerator alone, but also a reduction   coverage than the synthetic primer based on              in this yearbook. ■
in costs of maintenance of the equipment,         obtaining the same dry film thickness.
again with reduced power consumption as a
positive impact on the environment.

Laboratory Test:                                    Test results:
The water-based primer is a single compo-           Test                Procedure       Bitumen Enamel          Procedure          Bituseal® Enamel
nent, and general characteristics and proper-
                                                    Peel                BS4147          30°C:   1,0   mm        Shell DEP         30°C:   110 N/20 mm
ties are as follows:                                                                    40°C:   2,0   mm        31403033          40°C:   70 N/ 20 mm
- Very low VOC (Volatile Organic Com-                                                   50°C:   1,0   mm                          50°C:   47 N/ 20 mm
                                                                                        60°C:   0,5   mm                          60°C:   25 N/ 20 mm
- Non-toxic                                         Impact              BS4147          4500 mm2                Shell DEP         4500 mm2
                                                                                        @ 25°C                  31403033          @ -10°C
- Excellent toughness and peel resistance
- Non-flammable                                      Bend                BS4147          >15 mm @ 0°C            Shell DEP         >15 mm @ -10°C
- High surface and coverage rate
- Rapid drying                                      Sag                 BS4147          0,5 @ 75°C              Shell DEP         0,5 @ 110°C
- Single component
- Airless spray application                         Cathodic            BS3900          8-12 mm                 BS 3900           5-6 mm
                                                    Disbondment         Part F11                                Part F11

                                                  25 μm dry thickness film of water-based-primer is
                                                  applied on grit blasted metal plate acc. Sa 2½ .
                                                  Enamel is then applied according to standard.

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Focus on Gas Quality

By: Jan K. Jensen and Leo van Gruijthuijsen,                                                            European wishes
Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s                                                                             The gas directive in principle opens for
                                                                                                        transport of gas across the frontiers, but as
The gas quality in Denmark has                                                                          there are many different gas qualities in the
been quite constant during the                                                                          European network, this creates problems in
entire history of the gas project.                                                                      practice. EASEE-gas (European Association
That was primarily due to the                                                                           for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange)
supply occurring directly from                                                                          therefore in 2005 published a Common Busi-
a few well-known fields in the                                                                           ness Practice (CBP) concerning the variation
North Sea. The introduction                                                                             area of the gas quality. The target group for
of gas from the new field ‘Syd                                                                           this CPB, is the gas transporters, and it is dis-
Arne’, gives occasion to some                                                                           cussed if the CBP is too “liberal” concerning
preliminary work on land, as the                                                                        requirements of the gas usage. That is exactly
gas from there has a bit differ-                                                                        why EU has entrusted CEN to prepare pro-
ent composition than normal.                                                                            posals to a standard for gas quality and an ex-
                                                                                                        amination of the gas market and the devices
With the introduction of CO2 quotas for                                                                 are going to support the work of CEN.
greater gas consumers, there has in the past
year also become renewed focus on the gas                                                               The problem with a large area of variation is
quality. An exact regulation of the CO2 emis-                                                           primarily that small devices such as kettles,
sion factor as well as knowledge of the exact                                                           cookers and radiators, are statically regulated
heating value, can have great economical                                                                to an exact gas quality. Usage of other gas
influence for the consumers.                                                                             qualities can cause bad combustion with the
                                                                                                        result of the creation of carbon monoxide
Danish requirements to                                                                                  (CO), which again can result in poisoning
the gas quality                                                                                         danger.
Natural gas quality in Denmark has to keep
a number of specifications, which is stated in                                                           Combustion technical
the Danish Gas Regulations act. The require-                                                            key numbers
ments include for instance a maximum limit                                                              Heating value, Wobbe-numbers, Metan-num-
to components like sulphur and water, and                                                               bers, ignition limits, speed of combustion and
intervals for heating value, Wobbe-index and                                                            CO2 emission are all quantities, which are
density. It is the Danish Safety Agency which                                                           closely connected to the composition of the
administrates the requirements to gas quality                                                           gas. Small changes in the gas composition
protecting the gas consumers against ac-                                                                can have great influence for the operation of
cidents and the pipe owners against damages                                                             gas devices, which therefore can be tested
on pipes, valves and meters.                                                                            with “boundary gasses” and be approved
                                                                                                        to particular “gas families”, which cover an
The natural gas is checked at the disembarka-                                                           area of variation for the gas quality. Typically
tion at the gas processing plant in Nybro. Here                                                         the device is tested for flame lifts and back
the water and hydrocarbon dew points can                                                                burning and the device gets approved for a
be adjusted, and the sulphur compound be                                                                particular Wobbe-number. Different gasses
removed, which however only have been nec-                                                              with the same Wobbe-number can, on the
essary in very few cases. The Danish company                                                            face of it, replace each other. monitors the gas composition in
the network and the actual composition at dif-    Figure 1: In the laboratory of DGC, the incinera-     City gas and Wobbe number
ferent locations respectively, Nybro, Egtved,     tion technical abilities of the gas are tested. The   The ongoing conversion from Citygas to
L1. Torup, Dragør Stenlille and Ellund, as be     picture shows a statement to the deciding of the      Citygas2 in Copenhagen (nature gas-air mix)
seen on the homepage of             upper and lower ignition limit.                       is a good example of the meaning of the gas

32     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
                                                                                  Figure 3: On the gas chromatograph of DGC the gas composition is ana-
                                                                                  lysed. DGC is the only laboratory in Denmark accredited to the gas analysis.
                                                                                  The analysis is used by DGC for instance in connection with the delivering
                                                                                  businesses, where an exact heating value is necessary to calculate the ef-
                                                                                  ficiency of the plant. Also at calculations of the CO2 discharge, gas analyses
‘Figure 2: “The ´do it yourself’ analysis’” DGC has developed a gas testing       from those plants are needed.
kit with a test gasometer which is sent to the customer, who has to take out
the gas test. Following the test gasometer is returned to DGC, where the gas
analysis is done on a gas chromatograph.

quality. The present Citygas already contains            a number of plants was established continu-         sources of energy like biogases and hydro-
considerable quantities of H2, CO and                    ously monitoring of the metan number, while         gen. There have already been established new
CO2, while Citygas2 apart from air, mainly               other plants – dependant of the motor type          plants, which can deposit renewable sources
consists of CH4. All around 160.000 existing             and operation method – just made smaller            of energy in the network, and one of the great
gas devices therefore have to be checked, and            adjustments on the motor.                           challenges will be to control which gas quali-
older devices must be replaced before Cit-                                                                   ties there are different places in the network.
ygas2 can be supplied. Furthermore picked                Gas measuring
devices are examined and the usage of gas in             Correct settlement of the gas consuming,            Finally the LNG market is in tremendous
the laboratory of DGC to ensure a transition             requires knowledge to the heating value,            growth and for instance in Norway a number
to Citygas2 without problems.                            pressure and temperature of the gas. Calcula-       of smaller local distribution networks are de-
                                                         tions for nature gas can normally be done           veloped with a supply of LNG. A correspond-
Gas motors and metan number                              under the assumption of, that the ‘ideal gas        ing LNG supply can naturally be established
Gas used as gas motor fuel is characterized              conditions’ can be used, as corrections for         in Denmark.
by for instance the metan number. The metan              the missing ideality happens with help from
number for a gas expresses as the octane                 a factor of correction. This factor depends on      Monitoring and control of the gas qual-
number for petrol “knock resistance”, i.e. the           the composition of the gas and especially at        ity – both for nature gases and gases from
ability to resist motor knocking. If the mean            higher pressures, and it is important to know       renewable sources of energy – must therefore
number is changed, it can cause operation                the exact gas composition, when correct             be expected to get a steadily greater focus in
problems on the decentralized thermal power              settlement has to be ensured.                       the years forward. If any further information
stations, which to a high extent use gas mo-                                                                 is wanted, then please contact Leo van
tors.                                                    Challenges                                          Gruijthuijsen, co-author of this article.
                                                         The handling of differing nature gas qualities      Contact data can be found at the members
The introduction of gas from the field ‘Syd               in the network is a challenge itself, but the       index of this yearly magazine. ■
Arne’ therefore gave occasion for a carefully            future can bring even greater challenges. Fo-
examination of all the Danish gas motor                  cus on environmental and supply conditions
plants in preparation for greater variations in          does, that many would like to use the nature
the metan number. This meant that there on               gas network as transport route for renewable

                                                                                                                                Offshore Center Danmark    33
                                                                                                                                          Yearbook 2007
Reduced Size and
lowered Maintenance
                                                                                                                   Currently the largest pump
                                                                                                                   - the base frame has the size of
                                                                                                                   a Euro pallet 30 m2 /h
By Christian B. Nielsen, Danfoss A/S

On offshore platforms space is limited, and
operators need to take this into consideration
when deciding which pump manufacturer to
choose. Furthermore, methanol easily starts
cavitations, thus conventional pumps quickly
break down due to cavitations inside the

When a major operator in the North Sea
needed to replace one of their methanol
pumps, they wanted a more reliable pump. In
this case the big issue was space, and choos-
ing traditional pumps would have meant a
                                                                                                      3x 600 l/h
costly expansion of the offshore structure.
                                                                                              - on less than 1m2

Instead the operator experienced that
Danfoss manufactures reliable pumps for
pumping methanol and other chemicals. One
of the secrets behind the robustness of the
pumps is the choice of exclusive materials,
Super duplex among others, and the ability to
machine these to finest tolerances.
                                                 The smallest pump, so compact it will fit in the palm of
                                                 your hand 0.6 m2
Danfoss has a huge experience - more than 15
years - in pumping the most difficult fluids,
and they have developed a chemical pump
suitable for pumping various chemicals. The      oil-hydraulics and in accordance with API
Danfoss pump is very compact and reliable,       676. The major advantages of the pumps are
thus neither space nor maintenance is no         extremely compact design and very long
                                                                                                                          The pump range is hydrody-
longer to be compromised with when choos-        service intervals. The advantages of the                                 namic balanced, thus there
ing pump manufacturer.                           Axial Piston Pump principle is gained from                               is no need for lubrication
                                                 flows of 300L/h and up, on the pressure side                              at all, and a minimum of
                                                                                                                          maintenance is required
The working principle of the pump series         the Axial piston pumps have their advantage
is a well-proven principle, originating from     from around 10 bar and up.■

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       Yearbook 2007
Management in
the North Sea
By Managing Director John Andersen, Vetco Gray Denmark

The general high activity level in the Danish part of the North Sea
also creates a high level of activity at Vecto Gray in Esbjerg. This
means busy workshops, lots of project work as well as offshore
maintenance, which totally keep 40 employees busy in Esbjerg. The
target is to employ half a dozen more within this year.
                                                                         Engineering and
                                                                         environmental assistance
Responsibility for operation
Vetco Gray has specialities within repair and service of the tub-        From the west coast office located in Esbjerg,
ing-/casing, Xmas-trees, wellheads and valves as well as Quality         NIRAS provide engineering and environmen-
Management of the installations. The company takes responsibility        tal assistance to the international offshore
for non-stop operation in vital areas such as prospecting, production    industry, within the following disciplines:
and transmission. This expertise is the trade mark of Vetco Gray,
and the company is the only one in Denmark, which has all the            • Structural
licences required to do thread cutting for ”casing”, ”drill pipe” and
                                                                         • Mechanical
                                                                         • Electrical (power, switchboard, load sharing)
The large activity level at Vetco Gray Denmark is supplementary          • Instrumentation
to the supply of Xmas trees, which are produced in Scotland and
                                                                         • Automation
shipped to Esbjerg as components. At the workshop in Esbjerg the
trees are built with the correct configuration, then tested and painted   • Production Process Control (SCADA)
prior to delivery in the North Sea.                                      • HVAC (heating, ventilation and airconditioning)
                                                                         • Safety (ESD, F/G)
Global and Scandinavian cooperation
Vetco Gray is continuing their 100 year long history, which started      • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and envi-
in San Pedro in California. Today Vetco Gray is a business with            ronmental surveys
4.500 employees worldwide and many more colleagues, having
                                                                         • Environmental communication including dialogue
recently been purchased by General Electric. In 1972 the Dan-
ish branch office was established. The Danish base has always               with authorities
been situated in Esbjerg, where Vetco Gray provides service to all       • Waste handling and treatment
producing operators and a range of new owners of licences in the
Danish part of the North Sea. The tasks are solved with the back-up      During partnership in OCE (Offshore Consortium
from the European parent company Vetco International UK and in           Esbjerg), NIRAS also provide turnkey projects and
cooperation with the sister company Vetco Aibel, Norway. Vetco           packages starting from detailed design through pro-
Gray is represented all over the world, at locations where oil and gas
                                                                         curement, manufaturing and installation to on-going
is being produced. This requires an efficient organization, which
                                                                         maintenance and service agreements.
builds on ”world wide” technology and service for global custom-
ers. Vetco Gray is split in three parts. An Eastern Region, a Western
Region and an Asia Pacific region, with Aberdeen, Houston and
Singapore as the respective head-offices. Vetco Gray Scandinavia
consists of Norway, Russia and Denmark, with Denmark including
also the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine. Altogether 500            For further information please visit
employees are situated in Scandinavia, with 2000 employees in the
Eastern Region including Scandinavia.

The 2007 target for Vetco Gray Denmark is to support the posi-
tion of existing markets as well as to gain new customers in both
Ukraine and Poland.■

                                                                                                            Offshore Center Danmark   35
                                                                                                                      Yearbook 2007
Possibilities of MEOR Implementation
in Chalk Fields

By Svetlana Rudyk and Leif W. Jørgensen,
                                                                                                                        Fig. 1: The dissolving
Aalborg University Esbjerg                                                                                              of pure chalk sample
                                                                                                                        in microbial solution
                                                                                                                        (gas bubbles on the
Nowadays the oil and gas industry is bloom-
                                                                                                                        chalk surface).
ing. The price for one barrel of oil is at the
highest level ever seen. This is caused by
many factors, including a new demand of
energy from emerging economies and con-
flicts in certain oil-rich areas, where large
oil and gas reserves are located. For this
reason, major oil and gas companies are try-
ing to develop oil fields as effectively as they
can, implementing enhanced oil recovery
methods to extract as much oil as possible
with modern technologies.

Some of the EOR (Enhanched Oil Recovery)
technologies, which gave promising results        Aalborg University Esbjerg is investigating   • carbonates neutralize generated organic
50 years ago, did not find wide application,       the possibilities of MEOR implementation        acids which inhibit microbial population
mostly because in the mid-1960s the oil was       in Danish chalk fields. The MEOR method        • permeability increases as the result of
in apparent abundance, and the price of oil       seems to be more promising and effective in     microbial rock solution, not yet drained
was too low to justify the use of any terti-      the carbonate rocks.                            sections of the reservoir rock are included
ary recovery processes. At present, these                                                         in the recovery
technologies are of interest again and get a      The advantages of chalk rocks in comparison
chance to acquire the deserved attention.         to sandstones are:                            Such parameters as high salinity, low perme-
One such technique is Microbial Enhanced          • injected bacteria spread wider and more     ability, high temperature and toxic elements
Oil Recovery (MEOR) which applies the                quickly through fissures, fractures and     can cause the limiting effect on MEOR. The
injecting of microbes and/or nutrients into          pure canals                                challenge is to find microbes, which can
the oil-saturated layer. Renewed interest
in microbial methods began 10 years ago
and has resulted in many successful field                                                                  Fig. 2: Oil leakage in a volumetric
                                                                                                          flask after 15 days of the experi-
applications in USA, UK, China, Russia,
                                                                                                          ment, no oil in a glass beaker after
Malaysia, Iran, Venezuela, Germany, India                                                                 30 days of experiment.
and other countries.

                                                                                                          Oil saturated chalk sample
MEOR methods can be applied in:
• viscous oil to reduce oil viscosity by                                                                  Oil leakage
  microbial decomposition of long-chain
• sour fields to reduce sulphur corrosion by
  injecting nitrate/nitrite
• depleted fields by injecting biopolymer-                                                                 Microbial solution
  generating bacteria and nutrients to block
  high-permeability beds
• paraffin control
                                                                                                          Oil saturated chalk in
• oil recovery enhancement by microbes
                                                                                                          formation water
  producing gases and other products of
  metabolism pressurizing oil reservoir and
  decreasing oil viscosity

36     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
withstand harsh conditions and produce by-       To check how the gas produced by microbes       These pictures are a good illustration of
products useful for the MEOR purposes.           interact with the chalk, the sample of oil      what is happening in the reservoir when the
                                                 saturated chalk was placed in the narrow part   microbes are injected. MEOR technologies
The experiments were conducted with              of volumetric flask with microbial solution      used in chalk fields, could hence prove to the
Clostridium, which showed good results in        in the lower part. After 15 days needed for     cheapest and simplest in application among
the similar rocks. The Danish fields have         microbes fermentation, the carbon dioxide       all known EOR methods. MEOR implemen-
high salinity, as many of them are adja-         produced by microbes went through the           tation just requires careful studying, analysis
cent to the salt domes. According to some        chalk sample forming miscible phase with        and preparations on a feasible scale. Further
publications, the salinity of formation water    oil which led to the oil leakage as shown in    experiments are expected in 2007 at the
increases from South to North up to 350 g/l.     Fig.2. For comparison, a similar chalk sample   Aalborg University Esbjerg.■
The pure cultures of the majority of microbes    was put in the formation water and after 30
are not able to survive at such conditions.      days only oil film appeared on the surface of
Firstly, the cultures need to undergo a series   the water.
of experiments to adapt them to high salinity,
temperature, pressure and other conditions of

                                                                   Bituseal® System
                                                                corrosion protection for the pipeline industry

         Cathodic Disbonding Problems?
         The Bituseal® System is a unique corro-
         sion resistant, strong, flexible, durable,
         and cost effective system with excellent
         cathodic disbonding properties. What’s
         more, it gives end-to-end pipeline pro-
         tection designed to last for more than
         50 years.

         Gronhojgade 45                                     Tel:     +45 7696 3400                   
         DK 6600 Vejen                                      Fax:     +45 7696 3401                   

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                                                                                                                            Yearbook 2007
Microturbine Technology
for Platform Power

By Business Development Manager Verner
Andersen, Pon Power Oil & Gas BV

The power supply for safeguarding on small-
er and unmanned platforms normally comes
from diesel driven electrical generation sets
(gen-sets). Often these are oversized for the
application, or not running the entire time,
in order to extend the time interval between
service and overhauls. Diesel driven gen-sets
are normally configured in redundancy,
complete with switchgear, battery starter or     Pon Power Oil & Gas installed the first mi-      The Capstone MicroTurbine is based on the
air starter and there will also be a need for    croturbine last year on a new platform in the   same technology as a jet engine and with an
frequent shipments of fuel.                      Dutch North Sea. This platform was equipped     integrated generator, equivalent in size to a
                                                 with a Capstone MicroTurbine, which was in-     household refrigerator and weighing around
With use of the microturbine technology          stalled by the US-based company Capstones´      500 kg. The generator, which features patented
however, costs will be cut and a long range of   distributor in north-western Europe, Pon        air bearings, is designed for continuous duty
other benefits can be expected.                   Power Oil & Gas BV.

     EXSIM Consultants AS
         - Your Partner in Combustion Hazards Analysis

     EXSIM Consultants AS offers computational fluid dynamic (CFD)
     analysis of combustion hazards using the EXSIM code

     EXSIM Consultants AS provide                     The EXSIM code is a well validated
     • Consequence predictions                        CFD code for analysing gas explo-
     • Accident Analysis                              sions, gas dispersion and gas fires in
     • Consultancy                                    industrial environments. The code has
     • Research & Development                         been developed by Telemark Tech-
     • Courses                                        nological R&D Centre in Porsgrunn,
                                                      Norway with support from Shell Re-
     Combustion Hazards handled are                   search Ltd., UK and the Commission
     • Gas explosions                                 of the European Communities (CEC).                  EXSIM Consultants AS
     • Gas dispersion                                                                                     Kjølnes Ring, N-3918 Porsgrunn,
     • Smoke & pollutant dispersion                   New developments in EXSIM include                   Norway
     • Mitigation                                     • Statistical loads
     • Ventilation                                    • Dispersion                                        Tel: +47 35 57 40 00
     • Fires & Radiation                              • Fires                                   
                                                      • Fluid-structure interactions            

38     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
without the need for lubricants or coolants,      The project mechanical and process contractor      The Capstone microturbine can run on natural
and is fuelled offshore by wellhead gas.          developed the platform´s gas treatment equip-      gas, flare gas and wet gas, with a wide range
The Capstone systems do not vibrate, so no        ment. This equipment is designed to remove         of compositions (i.e. low to high BTU gas, 30-
special skids are required. This means an         liquids and to bring the gas pressure down in      55MJ/cu m). This means they are also suitable
operator can save weight when switching from      stages from 250 bars to the 5 bars required for    for many different geographical locations, where
diesel gen-sets to microturbines.                 gas-fuelled operation of the microturbines.        excessive flaring is such a problem. A calcula-
                                                                                                     tion showing that even a “battery” of 20 x 60
The Capstone MicroTurbine reportedly has          In unmanned mode, the average load on the          kW microturbines units can be cost-effective.
the lowest Nox emission of any non-catalysed      platform of 120kW is spread evenly among           Taking into account factors such as low main-
fuel combustion system (down to 9ppm, or          the three microturbines. If one should fail, the   tenance, free fuel, reduction in gas flared, and
10gr/GJ), with no requirement for exhaust         other two should seamlessly pick up the load,      100% availability, the systems could pay for
clean-up devices. As the equipment features       while the fourth re-establishes N+1 turbine        themselves within one year. Payback on offshore
just one moving part and no gearbox, pumps        load as a safety margin. Each microturbine         installations is typically within one to two years.
or radiators, maintenance needs are minimal,      is designed to allow load sharing without the      Experience from the installed base over 2,500
with replacement of a filter or injector clean-    need for switchgear or other hardware. The         units worldwide has shown that these units can
ing typically following one to two years of       PowerServer function provides automatic duty       run for 40.000 hours continuously – equiva-
continuous full-load or load-following service.   switching, ensuring that all the microturbines     lent to five years – before a bigger overhaul is
                                                  run the same amount of operating hours. It         required.
The Capstone installation offshore in the         also enables more efficient load balancing, i.e.
North Sea was installed on the Q4-C plat-         two 60kW turbines run at full load rather than     A flexible configuration is possible and can be
form, which produces gas up to 6 MMcm/d.          running four at 50% load. For this platform        customized to work in conjunction with the
This installation included four gas-fuelled C60   an electrical company additionally developed       electric grid, operate on a stand-alone basis, or
MicroTurbines, one Caterpillar diesel generat-    a remote power and diagnostics management          in dual-mode, where the MicroTurbine can, as
ing set as backup, and a power management         system covering the microturbines, the Cater-      needed, automatically disconnect itself from the
system employing a Capstone PowerServer           pillar engine and zero-fluctuation transfer/syn-    grid and operate on a stand-alone basis, and then
networking device.                                chronization, all controlled from an operation     automatically return to a grid connected mode
                                                  center on-shore.                                   when appropriate. ■

                                                                                                                      Offshore Center Danmark   39
                                                                                                                                Yearbook 2007
Strategic Risk Assessment
of Power Supply

By Bjarne Sloth Jacobsen,                         development within Danish offshore, with             is assigned to formulate the strategic frames
Head of Department, AN Energy Esbjerg             an increase of the reserves in the Danish            for the supply and the quality during the
                                                  underground, has increased the demand for            project. Also, AN Group was involved in the
                                                  AN Groups expertises. In February 2006               planning and development of existing control
Safe and stabile power supply is vital for the    the company established a department on              and emergency systems.
offshore installations in the North Sea. The      Esbjerg – AN Energy Esbjerg – with the
continuous energy production on Danish,           intent to service the operators based in the         In order to achieve a safe operation of the
Norwegian and British offshore installations      city of Esbjerg.                                     power supply, there are a series of precautions
are sensitive to power failures, short-circuits                                                        that must be evaluated: trenching depths of
and voltage drops. A minimization of these        During the first year AN Energy Esbjerg has           cables in the seabed, dimensioning in order
factors helps optimize the oil and gas produc-    taken part in a series of projects and stud-         to avoid problems with voltage drops and
tion.                                             ies within calculation of short-circuits and         evaluation of the effect, both electrical and
                                                  voltage drops on the supply units as well as         mechanical, of a possible short-circuit in
Through monitoring and risk assessment            between the offshore installations and on the        different situations. The security of supply is
of existing power supplies, control sys-          offshore installations.                              vital, as operation does not include “ring-
tems and strategic system descriptions AN                                                              connections” between the different offshore
Group A/S has helped optimize the security        The latest assignment involves evaluation            installations which is known from on-shore
of supply to Danish and foreign offshore          of different product supplies for one of the         facilities. Such a solution would be far too
industry throughout the past 20 years. The        operators in the North Sea, where AN Group           expensive and troublesome given the condi-

                   The VIKING advantage                               Comprehensive
                                                                      offshore solutions
                                                                      with unique systems
                                                                      VIKING offers unique, custom designed evacuation
                                                                      and personnel transfer systems for fixed, floating
                                                                      and unmanned platforms and rigs.

                                                                      Comprehensive packages

                                                                      ■ State of the art unique evacuation and
                                                                        personnel transfer systems
                                                                      ■ First class liferafts
                                                                      ■ Extensive line of personal protective equipment
                                                                      ■ Total servicing packages

       Skaganeset . N-5382 Skogsvaag (Bergen) . Norway    103 Lakeshore Drive . Taylor Lake Village, TX 77586 . U.S.A.
       Tel: +47 815 00 325 . Fax: +47 56 32 61 10         Tel: +1 (832) 584-1565
       E-mail:                     E-mail:

40     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
                                                                                                 AN Group A/S offers competencies and
                                                                                                 capabilities within the following disciplines:

                                                                                                 • Maintenance, modifications and
                                                                                                 • Operational optimization and technologi-
                                                                                                   cal optimization in all project phases such

                                                                                                   - Feasibility studies
                                                                                                   - Conceptual Process design, incl. Func-
                                                                                                     tional Requirements specifications
                                                                                                   - Conceptional Engineering – Basic and
                                                                                                     Detail Engineering
                                                                                                   - Pre commissioning, commissioning
                                                                                                     and start up related to the following
                                                                                                     know how areas and disciplines
                                                                                                   - Mechanical Process
                                                                                                   - Chemical Process
                                                                                                   - Electrical systems, e.g. electronic sys
                                                                                                     tems and low voltage Electrical systems
                                                                                                   - Short Circuit & voltage drop calcula-
                                                                                                     tion, by using EDSA Technical 2005
                                                                                                   - Instrumentation, incl. IS-calculations.
                                                                                                   - Automation
                                                                                                   - Process control related to: Topside
                                                                                                     production facilities, Pumps- and Com-
                                                                                                     pressor- Control systems covered by the
                                                                                                     SCADA and ESD systems.
                                                                                                   - MES (Manufacturing Execution Sys-
                                                                                                     tems) / MIS (Management Information
                                                                                                   - Project Management
tions offshore. One solution, which is used     important Norwegian partner within supply          - Consultant
instead, is to deploy a back-up or emergency    management. AN Group has also begun                - AS BUILT documentation
generator. Such units are already used on the   observations on possibilities for cooperation
offshore installations today.                   on installations in the British and Norwegian    AN GROUP A/S was founded in 1977 as
                                                sectors.                                         an Industrial Engineering and Contracting
In 2006 AN Group took part in the prepara-                                                       Company and has since 1984 actively par-
tion of short-circuit calculations as well as   The goal is to offer maintenance, extension      ticipated in the development, establishment
consequence calculations regarding a new        and risk assessment of existing technical        and optimization of production facilities to
crane on one of the Danish offshore installa-   installations within oil and gas production as   ensure a successful outcome.
tions. The crane is supplied through a 11 km    well as within offshore wind. As a conse-
long 3 kV high voltage sea cable between two    quence of the desire for growth and develop-     AN Group A/S has four Danish depart-
platforms. Experience from that assignment      ment within the competences of the company,      ments. AN Group Esbjerg, with emphasis
and similar projects in the Danish part of      AN Group is currently seeking experienced        on the oil and gas industry, was established
the North Sea will be used as a leverage to     and/or new employees within disciplines          in February 2006. AN Group A/S employs
extend the cooperation with operators and       electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and      around 50 engineers within a long row of
other business partners within the offshore     process chemical. ■                              specialized areas.
industry world wide. So far, AN Group
has obtained accreditation at Achilles – an

                                                                                                                 Offshore Center Danmark   41
                                                                                                                           Yearbook 2007
Line-X gains a Foothold
in the Offshore Industry

By Kasper Helger, director,                      centimeters depth, walked upon after 30         only. Furthermore the extended time between
Line-X Denmark                                   seconds, used as silencer and used for non-     repaintings will cut costs even more.
                                                 skidding of pedestrian areas, and also as a
As the offshore industry is seeking new and      chemical- and polutionmembrane, as well         Surface treatment of steel in splashzones is
durable materials to increase the lifetime of    as being used for repairing of pipelines,       also one of the offshore areas, which Line-X
drilling rigs and process plants, an increased   helipads, cabin soles and other working areas   Denmark will be researching in 2007. The
focus on materials like Line-X has emerged.      offshore as well as onshore.                    paint can be exposed to water and damps
The material is an elastomeric urethane for                                                      much faster after appliance, and therefore
coating and was originally developed in          The product can hence be used for many          effects caused by the interaction of the tides
America, but is now gaining a foothold in        purposes, especially considering the flex-       can be solved.
Denmark and the North Sea Region. The            ibility, heat-resistant and wearing qualities
Danish branch office, Line-X Denmark, has         of the product. With only a few seconds dry     Furthermore the material has accordingly
during the last few years set the target on      up time, the product is actually suitable for   proved itself useful at tasks where no other
increasing the marketing effort towards the      coating in areas where ”down time” is highly    solutions have worked yet. As such Line-X
offshore industry.                               expensive or given high priority, such as       was contacted by Statoil refinery regarding a
                                                 in procestanks or in production areas with      problem nobody had solved. Three cracks in
Line-X is close to being an imperishable         high wear and tear. The fast dry-up time can    the “floating-roof” on a crude oil tank caused
alternative to traditional paint and corro-      give savings, compared to more traditional      oil leaking on the roof, which gave a risk of
sion protection. It can be applied in several    paints when looking at the “down time”          an explosion due to leakage.

  Advanced Generator Protection and Control
  and Versatile Alarm Monitoring of Critical Processes

                                                                                                 The advanced
 Selco A/S is a world
 leading manufacturer
 of electronic relays
 and equipment for
                                                                                                 and control
 control, monitoring and                                                                         of gen-sets including
 protection of power                                                                             extended power management
 generators and process                                                                          based on state of the art technology.

 Selco equipment is
 designed for use in harsh
                                                                                                          Selco alarm-
 industrial environments
                                                                                                          and indicator
 as found in many
                                                                                                          panels are
 offshore applications.
                                                                                                          suitable for
                                                                                                          monitoring of
 All products are
 approved by the major                                                                                    critical conditions
 marine classification                                                                                     in electrical installations and
 societies.                                                                                               industrial processes.
                                                                                                          The panels are widely used in
                                                                                                          alarm systems on oil rigs and
                                                                                                          on board ships.

  · phone: +45 70 26 11 22 · e-mail:

42     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
                                                   Exploring the
                                                   Opportunities in the
                                                   North Sea
Line-X Denmark took on the task at a short         By Frank Øgaard Mouridsen,
notice. The cracks were inspected one day,         Blue Water Shipping A/S
a safety course held at Statoil the following
day, whilst Statoil went looking for more          Blue Water consider the opportunities in the
cracks. The appliance of the urethane was          North Sea from another view with a knock-on
carried out the following day and took 4           effect to more branches. The interesting things
hours. Due to the short dry-up time, no extra      are the sixth round of tendering for the oil and
treatment was needed, as Line-X is weather-        gas concessions as well as the forthcoming
proof as well.                                     extensions of the offshore wind energy parks.        established wind energy parks, which have been
                                                   New players have entered the field, and others        operational for some years. Repairs, preventive
The cooperation with Statoil refinery illus-        may come forward.                                    maintenance and experience begin to accumu-
trated the possibilities of an efficient solution                                                        late, and now we experience operating and main-
to an untraditional problem, within coating        Sixth Round of Tendering                             tenance campaigns like the established offshore
and leaking barriers. As Line-X Denmark            New licence holders have tendered for the sixth      oil and gas installations. An interesting area, and
also cooperates with and does work for a           round of tendering, and they can prove to be         there is an expectation that the base companies
range of operators and subcontractors within       interesting to the base companies in the Port of     are likely to be involved in the projects.
the field of offshore, the goals and expecta-       Esbjerg, because a number of new oil and gas
tions of the company for 2007 are high. ■          explorations will be conducted for some con-         Competence, engineering and
                                                   siderable time ahead with a consequent demand        clarity
                                                   for base facilities.                                 Competence, engineering and clarity are key
                                                                                                        points of paramount importance to base opera-
 Line-X technical specifications:
                                                   Some of the new licence holders are small and        tions. According to Frank Øgaard Mouridsen the
 • Line-X technical specifications:                 medium-sized oil companies. Should the op-           strength of Blue Water is to ensure that sufficient
 • Flexible and unaffected at -40°                 portunity arise to exploratory drilling, it should   competence is available, and thus can provide the
    - 180° C                                       be expected that the oil companies purchase          very best logistics technology of all (administra-
 • Continuous, seamless and mono-                  services from the established oil companies or       tively and practically) and provide clarity to the
    lithic liner for flat, curved and sharp         companies that can offer a complete package          supply chain. This must be a well-known process
    cornered surfaces                              deal. The keys to the puzzle will be the open        in order to avoid misunderstandings.
 • Fast set 3-5 sec at any thickness               slots on the drilling rigs and new rigs in play,
    without intervals starting with 250            because there is a heavy demand for drilling rigs.   The company intends to have an overall know-
    to 50,000 μ                                                                                         ledge of the subject, and wants to cooperate with
 • No volatile organic content, 100%               Extension of the offshore                            customers who assign a high priority to col-
    solid, environmentally friendly                wind energy parks                                    laboration, and thus enables it to enter the initial
 • High resistance to severe weather               The base companies also take a great interest        phase of the project, with input of logistics and
    conditions                                     in the extensions of the offshore wind energy        transport solutions. This will give the opportunity
 • High resistance to broad range of               parks, as comparison can be made to the oil          to perform at optimum efficiency to ensure the
    chemicals, sea water, crude oil and            and gas activities.                                  best logistics and transport services, and thus
    outstanding abrasion resistance,                                                                    avoid risks of financial burden on the project,
    impact strength, tensile strength,             Intensified competition and a continual deve-         also as regards to safety.
    tear and high elongation percent               lopment of improved and extended offshore
 • High electric resistance (15 kw @               wind turbines increase the demands on the            Gearing up for the
    1,500 μm)                                      performance of logistics and transport services.     international market
 • High Di – Electric strength ap-                 Consequently, the base functions will be of          With a newly developed base concept, combined
    proved cathodic disbandment for                crucial importance as the infrastructure is a        with an accumulated expertise over many years
    petroleum applications                         vital factor.                                        within the logistics and transport areas, Blue Wa-
 • Environmentally friendly                                                                             ter are well equipped to be a co-operating partner
                                                   Maintenance and repairs of                           in the international market, where facilities and
                                                   wind energy parks                                    operations can be established speedily - based on
                                                   There are some exiting possibilities for the         the “Esbjerg Model”, according to Frank. ■

                                                                                                                       Offshore Center Danmark    43
                                                                                                                                 Yearbook 2007
GEUS’ Core Store

By Sten Troelstrup, Geological Survey of
Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

The access to relevant sample material is
crucial to most geological research, while
the storage of this material is not a matter of
great interest to the typical geologist. If left
to individuals, projects and departments the
storage could be haphazard and the material
could soon become difficult to access for
outsiders, and might be hard to find even for
insiders. This is why GEUS, like most geo-
logical surveys, has centralized its facilities
for sample storage, and made common data-
bases for the registration of sample material.

The sample material from the Danish off-
shore activities makes up the major part of
the material in GEUS’ central store facility
– often called GEUS’ Core Store although it
also holds different kinds of other material.
Since the start of the Danish hydrocarbon
exploration onshore and offshore, it has been
part of every exploration concession and
production licence that core samples, at inter-
vals specified by the Danish Energy Agency
(DEA), ditch cuttings and formation fluid
samples must be sent to GEUS, representing         quite a lot of construction work, the main       is full, every time a new box enters the front
the DEA. In parallel to the growth in sample       building now holds a large storage room for      door another box must leave through the back
material, research capacity was developed          the samples and a smaller one for field equip-    door. Which samples to scrap is probably one
in GEUS to use this material as the founda-        ment and instruments, a room for plugging,       of the most difficult decisions for any geologi-
tion for the Energy Agency’s supervision of        slabbing and other ‘wet’ activities, rooms       cal survey. Nobody will pay for the reproduc-
the exploration programmes and production          for maintenance of equipment, for unpack-        tion of samples from deep wells, and you can
plans. Today GEUS has world class expertise        ing and repacking and offices. In an adjacent     never be 100 per cent sure that they will not
on chalk reservoirs.                               building there are rooms for treatment of        be useful at some point in time. This makes
                                                   the sample material before it is placed in the   it even more important to use the space as ef-
Other material in the sample store originates      store – another ‘wet’ room, rooms for un-        ficiently as possible to postpone the scrapping
from salt research, raw material extraction,       packing, sorting and repacking the samples       of samples.
geotechnical and scientific wells and water         including bar-coding of the boxes, and com-
supply evaluations.                                puters for registration in databases. There      The sample store covers approx. 1500 m2
                                                   are also display rooms equipped with long        and the floor-to-ceiling height is 8 m. Most
Since 1999, GEUS’ sample store has been sit-       inspection tables, UV-light, microscopes etc.    sample material from deep wells is packed
uated in Rødovre, about 10 km from GEUS’           for visitors who come to study samples. The      in wooden core boxes approx. 15 x 15 x 122
headquarters. This location was chosen due         sample store has a staff of five.                 cm3. The core boxes all have their own bar
to its reasonable price and its capacity to hold                                                    code and are stacked on steel pallet modules,
the combined sample stores and the gear used       When the sample store was ready for use,         30 boxes on each, from which they can be
for field work, the marine-geologists’ instru-      GEUS’ management made it clear that no           taken out for inspection individually. The
ments etc. from the former DGU and GGU,            more extensions of the premises would be         pallet modules are bar-coded and placed on
after they merged to GEUS in 1995. After           possible. When in the near future the store      shelves, using the full height of the store

44      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
room – the top shelf being 7 m above floor         access. The sample store is fully equipped          analysis. When this is done, all results have
level. As of today the sample store holds         for inspection and description of the sample        to be reported to GEUS, and what is left of
more than 70,000 such core boxes plus some        material and for core workshops, including          the sample material has to be returned to
samples packed in other formats.                  photographic facilities and access to released      GEUS at the end of the project.
                                                  reports and well logs.
The passage between the shelves is 1.8 m and                                                          The standard price for using the sample
thus quite narrow, and the fork-lift truck is     Normally only non-destructive inspection            store and its facilities for core inspection can
specially made for such passages. It is con-      and description of the sample material are          be found on Visitors to the
trolled by impulses from an electric wire in      possible, but if the sample is large enough         sample store should make an appointment
the floor, the lift of the truck is programmed     and the project is considered valid, plugs and      prior to the visit to allow time for making the
to the intervals between the shelves, and the     other sample material may be taken out for          samples ready for inspection. ■
movement of the fork is programmed to the
right depth.

Samples from the deep wells are delivered
to GEUS under a five-year confidentiality
clause, and during this period only GEUS                                                                                    - RØR, FITTINGS, FLANGER
staff and staff from the oil company in
                                                                                                                            - BOLTE, PAKNINGER
question will be given access to the mate-                                                          ASTM/API/ANSI
rial. After the five-year period the material is     Håndværkervej 67 · 6710 Esbjerg V                                       - FILTRE

public property, and university scientists and      Tlf. 75 15 64 00 · Fax 75 15 61 43
                                                                                                                            - VARMEBEHANDLING
                                                    E-mail: ·
staff from other oil companies are allowed

                                                                                                                       Offshore Center Danmark   45
                                                                                                                                 Yearbook 2007
A new Model for
developing offshore Wind
Farms in Danish Waters
By Maria Hagen Jørgensen, Danish
Energy Authority                              Facts about the two projects

                                              Roedsand II
Denmark has gathered its fi rst experience     • A consortium consisting of Energi E2 A/S (now DONG Energy), E.ON Sweden AB and
with the tendering procedure for offshore       DONG Vind A/S has been appointed the winner of the tender at Roedsand.
wind farms. The Danish Energy Authority       • The tender bid submitted by the consortium contained the lowest kWh price of 49.9 øre
released in 2004 two calls for tender - one     eq. to 6.7 eurocent for 50,000 full-load hours. This is equivalent to approximately 14
for an area at Horns Reef in the North Sea,     years’ electricity production.
and one south of Sealand in the Baltic Sea.   • The wind farm should be in operation by the end of 2010. is responsible for
The winners of the two tenders are now          extending the electricity grid to the wind farm in cooperation with SEAS Transmission.
                                              Horns Rev II
The Energy Agreement from March 2004,         • Energi E2 A/S (now DONG Energy) was the successful bidder at Horns Rev.
which was signed by a majority of the         • Energi E2 A/S (now DONG Energy) submitted the tender with the lowest price. The
political parties in the Danish Parlia-         price is 51.8 øre/kWh eq. to 6.9 eurocent for 50,000 full-load hours. At Horns Rev that
ment, became the starting signal for a new      corresponds to about 12 years’ electricity production.
model for developing offshore wind farms      • It has been agreed that the wind farm will be commissioned during 2009. is
in Denmark. The market model is based           responsible for extending the electricity grid to the wind farm.
on competition between bidders to pro-
duce and deliver electricity for the lowest   General facts
possible subsidy and thereby for the lowest   • The offshore windfarm at Roedsand and Horns Rev will in total supply 400,000 house-
costs for the electricity consumers.            holds annually, which corresponds to approximately 3-4 % of the total Danish electricity
Characteristics of the                        • With the two new wind farms Denmark will reach a total of about 825 MW installed
Danish tendering procedure                      offshore capacity. The fi rst offshore wind farm was constructed at Vindeby in 1991, and
The Danish tendering procedure is based         the latest in 2003, Nysted Havmøllepark at Roedsand.
on the experience from eight offshore         • The next step for the two winners will be to carry out preliminary studies and to prepare
wind power projects already in operation        an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in order to clarify all impacts on nature and
in Denmark and to a wide extent also on         the environment. The EIA’s will be subject to a public hearing.
the experience from the previous oil and      • The winners of the tenders have not fi nally decided upon the type of windmill. Before
gas tender rounds.                              ordering the windmills, the winners will have to carry out a tendering procedure.

The tenders for the two wind farms were
carried out as a negotiated procedure         Furthermore, the Danish Energy Author-            In general, the overall focus in formulating
giving the applicants and the authority an    ity entered into a close cooperation with         the tender conditions was to reduce those
opportunity to reveal any possible unclear    the System Operator (TSO) about the time          risks which the bidders could not be ex-
tender conditions. In the fi rst so-called     frame and conditions for the grid-connec-         pected to have any influence on and thereby
pre-qualification round, the fi nancial and     tion of the wind farm which resulted in           pave the way for a cost-effective support-
technical capacity of the applicants was      precise description of the responsibilities for   scheme. Another characteristic of the Dan-
assessed. In close cooperation with other     the TSO and for the potential winner of the       ish system is the fact that the Danish Energy
relevant authorities the tender conditions    tender.                                           Authority has the mandate to plan for and
were formulated. Part of the tender condi-                                                      give licenses to build offshore electricity
tions contained models for the required       The awarding criteria for tender were – in        power plants on behalf of the Minister for
permits according to the Electricity Act,     prioritized order - the kWh-price in 50.000       Transport and Energy. Meanwhile the Dan-
as there is a twofold approval process        full-load hours, the location and design of       ish Energy Authority is also responsible for
for offshore wind power projects which        the wind farm and fi nally the time schedule       issuing the permit for the grid-connection.
include a licence for preliminary surveys     for the construction of the wind farm.            The authority to issuing the main licenses
and later a building permit.                                                                    related to an offshore wind power project is

46     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
thereby concentrated one place. Denmark          rests at sea, a screening of potential areas   Future offshore wind farms
has implemented a so-called one-stop-shop        for offshore wind farms were carried out       The experience developed from the tender-
system where the Danish Energy Authority         prior to the publication of call for tenders   ing procedure is considered positive. In the
plays the role as coordinator in relation to     on Horns Rev and Roedsand. The screen-         future one of the major challenges – seen
the other relevant authorities.                  ing was subject to a public hearing and led    from the point of view of the authorities
                                                 to different aspects to be considered in the   – is to select suitable areas offshore for
Screening of potential sites                     EIA procedure which has to be carried out      future wind farms. Just recently the Danish
In selecting suitable areas for the wind         by the winners of the tenders. In the tender   Government published the Energy Strategy
farms and preparing the tender documents         procedure the screening result and hearing     2025 - stating among other things – that off-
the Danish Energy Authority had a continu-       responses however gave the bidders a start-    shore wind power production is expected to
ous dialogue with other relevant authorities     ing point for an assessment of the specific     become competitive with growing prices on
regarding the different interests at sea, e.g.   area and provided them with information as     oil and CO2-quotas. As a consequence the
the grid connection, defence, navy, nature       to the conditions that would be set for the    Danish Government has initiated an overall
conservancy, raw materials, fisheries, visual     subsequent EIA process. The Danish Energy      screening of the Danish territorial waters for
impact and marine archaeology.                   Authority is also responsible for the EIA      potential sites for offshore wind farms. ■
With the purpose to assess and provide
information on the above mentioned inte-

                                                                                                                Offshore Center Danmark   47
                                                                                                                          Yearbook 2007
 Danish Offshore Industry (DOI) is an industry association for   DOI members have access via DI to international markets and
 both operators, contractors and subsuppliers                    network

 DOI is a member of The Confederation of Danish Industries       DOI provides its members with information about the Danish
 (DI)                                                            and international offshore industry

 DOI serves to represent its members’ political interests and    DOI offers a wide range of activities, e.g. meetings delegations,
 market related opportunities                                    exhibitions and networking, which supports the national and
                                                                 international activities of the companies
 DOI cultivates cooperation among its own members, as well
 as with sister organisations engaged in research, education,
 standards and
 other activities related to the offshore industry

                                                                 For further information please contact
                                                                 Senior Adviser Jens Holst-Nielsen, Danish Offshore industry
                                                                 C/O Conf. of Danish Industries
                                                                 18, H. C. Andersens Boulevard, DK - 1787 Copenhagen
                                                                 Phone: +45 3377 3377

                       · Preferred offshore agents
                         & logistic co-ordinators

                       · Chartering of offshore
                         support vessels

                       · Project & heavy lift cargoes                                                      Tel: +45 75 12 83 55
                                                                                                          Fax: +45 75 12 86 17

                       · Agency & port logistics                                                                Nordre Dokkaj 1
                                                                                                               DK-6700 Esbjerg
                       · Terminal services                                                                            Denmark


48   Offshore Center Danmark
     Yearbook 2007
A2SEA first out at Horns Rev II
- Soil Investigations for
By Martin J. Huss, A2SEA and Jens Brink
Clausen, GEO

A2SEA, usually associated with the towering
heights of offshore wind turbine construc-
tion, is now also helping to explore the depths
of the ocean floor. GEO of Lyngby Den-
mark, working on behalf of DONG Energy,
employed the SEA POWER and the SEA
ENERGY as host vessels for them when they
performed soils investigation work at the site
of the planned Horns Rev II offshore wind
farm off the west coast of Denmark.

Commenting on the project, A2SEA Sales
Director, Martin Huss said, “We are very
pleased to have supplied vessels to support
DONG Energy and GEO on this project.              A2SEA have constructed over 75% of all            design for the approx 215MW wind farm,
Although our core activity remains the instal-    offshore wind turbines, but on this project       planned for construction in 2009.
lation and servicing of offshore turbines, this   the vessel was being used to allow GEO to
market does not provide full utilisation for      undertake geotechnical work offshore.             The offshore investigation phase lasted 47
our vessels, and we are regularly looking at                                                        days including weather delays. SEA POWER
alternative uses for them. Previously we have     The project involved among others making          was used for operations in water depths up to
carried out heavy lift transport work, oil &      of 7 boreholes to approximately 40-50 meter       13 meters and SEA ENERGY was employed
gas jetty servicing, and met mast construc-       below seabed, 98 CPT’s (Core Penetrom-            to work at the deeper water locations.
tion, but this was our first opportunity to get    eter Test’s) to maximum 35 meter below
involved in seabed analysis.”                     seabed and 11 short vibrocore borings. The        Martin Huss added, “Our continued success
                                                  CPT’s were carried out using GEO’s special        in providing services in a range of markets
The Danish offshore construction outfit oper-      designed 20 tonne seabed rig “Scope”. The         demonstrates the flexibility of both our ves-
ates two unique leg-suspended crane vessels       results from the investigation will provide the   sels and the team at A2SEA. We hope that
that are able to provide a stable offshore        developer, DONG Energy, with important in-        this will be the first of many opportunities to
working platform in up to 25 m of water.          formation for the planning of the foundation      work on survey related activities.” ■

                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark   49
                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Offshore Windpark
Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ)

By Vestas Offshore

Danish wind turbine market leaders Vestas
have been active in the offshore sector since
the 90’s. In 2006 Vestas have produced
turbines for several of the active offshore
wind farms in Denmark, the UK, the Neth-
erlands and Sweden. In 2006 a new division,
Vestas Offshore, was established in order to
become even bigger on the growing offshore
wind market.

One of Vestas newest offshore wind projects
is the Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee,
located a few km off the Dutch North Sea
coast. The wind farm is being developed by
NoordzeeWind (a consortium between Nuon
Renewables and Shell Wind Energy) and
expected to be completed ultimo 2006.

Why is this park built?                         • Initiative of the Government in 1997 to        Why on this location?
• Longe-term (climate changes, energy             start a demonstration project.                 • Location is selected by the Government
  diversification)                               • By a public selection procedure the Gov-         in 2000 by means of an Environmental
• “The development of [6000 MW] offshore          ernment has chosen 2002 Shell and Nuon           Effect Report
  wind energy is a matter of major national       (supported by Ballast Nedam and, in that       • Location is the best compromise between
  interest” – Nota Ruimte                         time, NEG Micon) to realize this project.        some limiting conditions:
• Obligation for 9% sustainable electricity     • Experience of this project will help by fur-   • Costs (close to the coast)
  in 2010, which makes this project neces-        ther development of offshore wind energy       • Influence on men and environment
  sary.                                           in the Netherlands.                              (far from coast)
                                                                                                 • Navigation safety, etc
                                                                                                 • The windpark is situated, within the
                                                                                                   selected location, as far as posible from the
  Who are the stakeholders?

                                                                                                 What are the costs and what
                                                                                                 are the benefits?
                                                                                                 • Total construction costs are more than
                                                                                                   EUR 200 m
                                                                                                   - Windpark, Meteomast, Grid Connection
                                                                                                   - Monitoring- and Evaluation Programme
                                                                                                   - Project management
                                                                                                 • Full financed by investors Shell en Nuon
                                                                                                 • Government supports by
                                                                                                   - Subsidy CO2 reduction fund of EUR 27 m
                                                                                                   - MEP exploitation subsidy during 10 years
                                                                                                 • Sustainable electricity for over 100.000
                                                                                                 • CO2 emission saving of over 140 million
                                                                                                   kg per year

50     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
 OWEZ Meteo mast                                   Foundation
 built 2003 - 2004
 Foundation:                                       Monopile:
 Monopile ø 2,75 m 55 m length                     Diameter:               4600 mm
 Transition Piece ø 3,00 m                         Length:                 42,5 m
 (Grouted to monopile) 17 m high                   Average weight:         230 ton
                                                   Average piling depth:   26 m
 Temporary energy supply with small wind turbine
 and solar panels                                  Transition Piece:
                                                   Diameter:               4200 mm
 Platform height MSL + 2 m                         Length:                 27 m
 Lattice Tower of 104 m                            Weight:                 150 ton
 Total heigth MSL + 116 m

                                                                                                             Looking for offshore people
                                                   Total weight steel:     13680 ton

• Comparable with the CO2 emission of over
  35,000 cars
• Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience
• Effects on nature and environment are
  accurately mapped out by means of a
  “Monitoring and Evaluation Programme”.
• Reference measurements are made by the
• NoordzeeWind does measurements during
  the construction period and few years after
• The results of these measurements are
  being made public.                               Vestas V90
• NoordzeeWind also measures behavior of
  turbines, effects on radar, ship traffic, etc.    El. Capacity:           3MW
                                                   Hubheight:              70 m+ MSL
  ■                                                Rotordiameter:          90 m
                                                   Rotorsurface:           6362 m2
                                                   Rotation speed:         16.1 rpm
                                                   Tipspeed:               273 km/h
                                                   Cut-in windspeed:       4 m/s
                                                   Nominal windspeed:      15 m/s
                                                   Cut-out windspeed:      25 m/s
                                                   Tower weight:           110 ton
                                                   Nacelle weight:         68 ton
                                                   Rotor weight:           40 ton
                                                   Total weigtht:          218 ton
                                                   Total weight park       7848 ton

                                                                                          Offshore Center Danmark                         51
                                                                                                    Yearbook 2007
Grid Connection of
Offshore Wind Farms

By Joana Rasmussen,
Electrical Engineer, COWI A/S

The integration of large-scale wind power
in regional transmission grids is related to a
number of technical issues such as fluc-
tuating wind power production, dynamic
properties of wind turbines, need for active,
reactive power and voltage control in the
grid etc. The connection of offshore wind
farms has to comply with a number of tech-
nical requirements, which ensure security
of supply, reliable and stable power system

For that purpose, it is necessary to study
the wind power impact on the network using
load flow and short-circuit simulations as
well as data analysis of wind generation
patterns and severe power system events.
COWIs Energy Department offers studies
in connection with offshore connection of
wind farms to the electricity grid and power
                                                                                                 Fig. 1 Transformer platform for network connection
quality analyses in relation to grid codes and                                                   of offshore wind farm Nysted in Denmark
wind farm monitoring (SCADA). COWI
provides technical assistance and performs
specific power system analyses to reveal          nents for offshore wind farms, design of off-   voltages and power flows in electrical trans-
the need for network reinforcements and          shore transformer platforms (platform layout    mission systems with a significant amount of
improved control and protection facilities       and specification of high-voltage equipment      offshore wind generation.
in the system. In general, COWI provides         and electrical installations), project man-
a wide range of consultancy services in          agement, coordination and supervision of        The impact of a severe power system event to
electrical and mechanical design of offshore     construction and procurement works.             Nysted offshore wind farm is illustrated in a
wind farms such as tender specifications,                                                         case-study appearing in an Industrial Ph.D.
review of electrical and mechanical compo-       The amount of wind power in Eastern Den-        project at Centre for Electric Technology
                                                 mark has taken a significant step upwards        (CET), Technical University of Denmark.
                                                 when a 165 MW offshore wind farm at             The project was carried out in the period
                                                 Rødsand near Nysted south of Zealand was        2002-2006 in close cooperation with the Dan-
                                                 connected to the 132 kV transmission grid at    ish Transmission System Operator (Energi-
                                                 Radsted. The increase in utilization of wind Detailed description of the research
                                                 energy in Denmark is expected to continue       results is available in references [1], [2].
                                                 and replace production from conventional
                                                 power plants. Thus, it becomes more im-         On 8th January 2005, a severe storm passed
                                                 portant to gather precise information about     Denmark, and wind speeds were so high
                                                                                                 that wind turbines in a large number of wind
                                                                                                 farms disconnected from the transmission
                                                                                                 grid. Nysted offshore wind farm was among
                                                                                                 the wind power units that disconnected from
                                                 Fig. 2 Power production from                    the grid as a result of the internal protection
                                                 Nysted offshore wind farm
                                                                                                 of the wind turbines.

52     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
                                                Offshore Wind
                                                Farms of the World

The recordings of active power production       The offshore wind market is currently            planned offshore wind farms. The website
from Nysted offshore wind farm on 8th           developing itself with a high pace. At the       can be found at http://www.offshorecenter.
January 2005 from 13.00 to 14.00 h are given    end of 2006, 800 MW of offshore wind had         dk/offshorewindfarms.
in Fig. 2. In the first half hour, the average   been installed world wide (all of it in North
production was stable. Due to hard wind, all    Western Europe). This is however only the        In addition to basic data, the location of the
wind turbines at Nysted are one by one dis-     beginning. A recent study* shows that over       wind farms has been plotted into Google
connected from the grid in a 5-minute period    the next 4 years installation of almost 10,000   Earth. By downloading the OWF place mark
(13.30 to 13.35 h). After a period with zero    MW can be expected.                              collection (found at http://www.offshore-
power production on the wind farm, some of                                             , the location of
the wind turbines attempt to reconnect to the   To keep track of the development, Offshore       all existing and planned offshore wind farms
grid and resume their production. The case      Center Danmark has created a website             in the world can be viewed using the Google
reveals the close relation between the wind     providing information of all existing and        Earth application. ■
turbine rejection at Nysted and the monitored
parameters in the Eastern Danish power                                                                           Middelgrunden
system. ■                                                                                                        Offshore Wind Farm

1 Rasmussen J., “System Protection Schemes in
  Eastern Denmark” Ph.D. thesis, Ørsted•DTU,
  Technical University of Denmark, May 2006

2 Nielsen A.H., Pedersen K.O.H., Jørgensen
  P., Havsager, J., Olsen S.K., Rasmussen J.,
  “Phasor measurement units in the Eastern
  Danish power system”, published at CIGRE
  general conference 2006.

For further information contact:
Joana Rasmussen, COWI A/S, Kgs. Lyngby,
Energy Department:

                                                Existing and planned
                                                offshore wind farms in
                                                North West Europe.
                                                Green = Existing,
                                                Yellow = Planned,
                                                Red = Cancelled

                                                *) Supply chain study under the POWER project,
                                                                                                                 Offshore Center Danmark   53
                                                                                                                           Yearbook 2007
Wave Forecasting for                                                                                              Figure 1

Offshore Wind Farm
                                                                                                                  Interaction between meteorological
                                                                                                                  models and water forecast models,
                                                                                                                  set-up July 2006
                                                                                                                  Grey colour indicates wind model, light
                                                                                                                  blue is water level/current model and
                                                                                                                  dark blue is wave models

By Vagner Jacobsen,
DHI Water & Environment

When installing the foundation, the tower,
the generator, and the blades of an offshore
wind mill there are strict operating limits
for the installation vessel related to the wave
conditions. Such limits may apply to wave
heights and periods, to long period waves
(swell) heights and periods, and possibly to
the wave direction relative to the installa-
tion vessel. Accurate information on the
wave and swell conditions to be expected
is required for all marine operations. Wave
forecasts can be produced similar to weather
forecasts. Such wave forecasts are based on
the wind fields from the weather forecast.
Accurate wave forecasts have proved
beneficial in both increasing the safety and
reducing the downtime of marine operations
and hence significantly reduce the costs.
                                                  are based on DHI’s MIKE 21 SW (a WAM             considerably. In addition to assimilating on-
Wave forecast models have been used for           cycle 4 type model). The model operates on       line measurements into the forecast, the ap-
vessel routing on the open oceans for many        a flexible computational mesh which makes         plication of post-processing of forecast based
years. Since offshore wind farms are gener-       it possible to resolve local bathymetric vari-   on on-line measurements has been developed
ally located in shallow coastal areas, and        ations with a high resolution. The overall       as an additional improvement. Based on Ar-
often on top of shoals or reefs, the wave         model set-up and interaction between the         tificial Neural Network (ANN) techniques a
forecast model shall consider the local           various model elements is shown in Figure        correction algorithm has been developed and
bathymetric features, all shallow water wave      1 above. The model covers the North Sea          is being used for a number of offshore wind
dynamics and water level variations (due          and the Baltic Sea and it receives boundary      farms. The procedure is as follows:
to tide and wind), requirements which are         conditions at the open boundaries from a se-
not always met by general open sea forecast       cond model covering the North Atlantic. The      a) Online measurements are obtained once
models.                                           model bathymetries for these two forecast           an hour
                                                  models are shown in Figure 2. Also shown in      b) The latest wave forecast for the coming
In order to meet these requirements the           Figure 2 is a zoom-in on the Horns Rev area         days is extracted
wave forecast models operated by DHI have         on the Danish West coast. This was the first      c) Using the measurements this wave fore-
been improved from the start in 2001 to date      area, for which wave forecast was provided          cast is corrected with the ANN algorithm
to include:                                       for an offshore wind farm, starting with the
• a flexible computational mesh with a high        set-up in May 2002. The present set-up also      An updated forecast is thus available once an
   resolution in shallow areas                    includes the effects of varying water level,     hour to the users.
• inclusion of water level variation (due to      which is provided from the 3-dimensional
   tide and surge)                                hydrodynamic model, DHI´s MIKE 3. The            With the construction of large offshore wind
• an improvement of the short term fore-          effect of water level variation on the wave      farms at first in Danish waters and then later
   casts using online measurements                conditions is important in particular in areas   on in the waters of other European countries,
• a definition of swell in accordance with         with high tides, such as the Irish Sea having    a new user group with demands for high
   user experience                                a tidal range up to 10 m or more.                accuracy wave forecasts has emerged. The
                                                                                                   flexible mesh model can cover the entire area
The present wave forecast models within The       The use of on-line measurements can im-          affecting the waves at the specific shallow
Water Forecast (            prove the short term (some hours) forecasts      water site and at the same time resolve the de-

54     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
                                                                                                   tailed bathymetry in the area around the site.
                                                                                                   The result is improved accuracy in output,
                                                                                                   ease of model set-up and increased computa-
                                                                                                   tional efficiency.

                                                                                                   The principles of the post-processing correc-
                                                                                                   tion based on ANN techniques has been de-
                                                                                                   veloped under a grant from Eltra, Denmark,
                                                                                                   as a PSO (Public Service Obligation) project,
                                                                                                   2001-2003. ■
Figure 2
North Atlantic wave model area (top left) and model area
for North Sea and Baltic Sea with zoom-in on Horns Rev
area showing flexible mesh elements (bottom).

     Base Facilities
     Bonded Storage
     Freight Forwarding
     Offshore Containers

      Denmark:              Esbjerg, Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg, Padborg, Kolding, Billund, Herning, Hirtshals and Hanstholm.
      Worldwide:            Greenland, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Brazil,
                            Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China.

                                                                                                                    Offshore Center Danmark   55
                                                                                                                              Yearbook 2007
Offshore Monitoring System
with Remote Diagnostics Service
gives Uptime
By Account Manager Steen Christian
                                                                                                    diagnose any developing faults symptoms,
Knudsen, Brüel & Kjær Vibro
                                                                                                    determine the severity of the fault and give
                                                                                                    an early prognosis for maintenance action.
                                                                                                    Brüel & Kjær Vibro has a team of vibration
Since Brüel & Kjær Vibro installed their                                                            analysis specialists in a surveillance centre
first large-scale computerized vibration                                                             who are dedicated to this service. Working
monitoring system on a Statoil offshore oil                                                         in cooperation with the end-user or machine
& gas production platform over 15 years                                                             manufacturer, these specialists keep an eye
ago, invaluable experience has been gained                                                          on the status of the machines, and issue
to meet the new challenges presented by                                                             routine status reports as well as special alarm
unmanned platforms, sub-sea gas compres-                                                            reports. The reliability and effectiveness of
sor stations, FPSOs offshore wind turbines                                                          this “back office” in handling alarms is certi-
and other ‘hard to reach places’.                                                                   fied by Germanischer Lloyd.

Keeping machinery running reliably is more                                                          The Brüel & Kjær Vibro surveillance centre
important today than ever before. The de-                                                           takes a predictive maintenance approach to
mands for fast, reliable delivery, production                                                       the remotely located machines, where correc-
flexibility and increasing product quality are                                                       tive action is based primarily on the condition
compounded by an industry-wide reduc-                                                               of the machinery. This increases productivity
tion of maintenance budgets and personnel.                                                          by reducing or eliminating unplanned down-
This results in a significant loss of on-site                                                        time, reduces the time to repair machines (i.e.
knowledge and experience in condition                                                               focus work only on defective parts) and in-
monitoring, but despite this, the staff still      condition monitoring system and specialists.     creases the time between overhauls. In many
has to keep increasingly stressed machines         How can this be done with limited on-site        cases it is possible to monitor machines based
running longer with a greater output. This         expertise?                                       100% on the condition without any planned
downsizing strategy is not isolated to a few                                                        overhaul. This also reduces machine down-
installations but is being pushed “across the      The Solution: Predictive                         time and frees up maintenance resources and
board”. Ongoing globalization is forcing           Maintenance Supported by                         personnel for other activities, such as over-
companies to find ways to ensure that best          Remote Monitoring and                            hauling non-critical and spared machines, or-
practices are followed at all of their installa-   Diagnosis                                        dering spare parts, etc. The life expectancy of
tions worldwide.                                   The most effective solution consists of          equipment is also increased. For example by
                                                   advanced data acquisition and monitoring         correcting unbalance and alignment problems
It is hard to believe that some companies          hardware and software, integrated with a         at an early stage, this reduces the stress on the
are responding to decreasing maintenance           “back-office” surveillance centre staffed by      bearings, gearbox and coupling, thus signifi-
resources by adopting a short-sighted run-         specialists who do diagnosis and analysis of     cantly extending the time between overhauls.
to-failure approach. This puts an enormous         machine data.                                    A remote condition-monitoring program not
risk on machinery availability and often                                                            only decreases operational costs by detecting
results in even greater costs being incurred       Even if the monitoring system hardware and       a wide array of potential mechanical faults
for large emergency repairs and parts              software is highly reliable and uses state-      well before they become costly, but it also
inventory. Preventive or regularly scheduled       of-the-art monitoring techniques, it still has   minimizes unexpected failures, which can
maintenance is not cost-effective neither for      little value, if the data cannot be routed to    pose a threat to persons, the environment, and
most critical machines, simply because it is       people with the proper knowledge and expe-       related equipment.
difficult to detect maintenance problems that       rience. The remote monitoring and diagnosis
show up between maintenance intervals, and         solution bridges the knowledge gap by using      The remote condition monitoring solution
this occasionally leads to the replacement of      an external group of experts who keep a          goes beyond simply providing data. It delivers
parts that still have serviceable life remain-     watch on the mechanical health of rotating       the information needed to ensure equipment
ing. Many agree that a predictive monitoring       and reciprocating machines for a period          is performing optimally, reliably and cost
strategy holds the most promise to increase        of time. They evaluate the current status        effectively, while facilitating decisions about
machine uptime, but this requires both a           of the machines, take note of any changes,       maintenance.

56      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
                                                                                                    In the trend above 6-month advance warning
                                                                                                    before bearing failure is possible on a variable-
                                                                                                    duty machine using a specialized Brüel & Kjær
                                                                                                    vibration measurement technique.

Remote Monitoring System                          Another problem area for traditional moni-        End-user Expertise Can Also
Architecture                                      toring systems is monitoring variable-duty        Be Used
Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s remote monitoring            machines. In order to avoid false alarms in       If the end-user has sufficient in-house knowl-
and diagnostics program includes on-site          such systems, an alarm limit would have           edge to monitor and interpret the data, this
hardware and software that remotely trans-        to be selected for the “worst case scenario”      provides more flexible solutions. The cus-
mits time signals, vibration and process data     process class operating conditions (i.e. load,    tomer can share the diagnostic activities with
to a centralized server. The central server       and speed). This means monitoring is inef-        the Brüel & Kjær Vibro surveillance centre,
automatically monitors the data to alarm          fective for the other operating classes where     verify diagnoses made by the specialists,
limits specific to the current machine operat-     the vibration amplitude is less. One way to       or simply access the information to better
ing class, saves it to a database, and provides   get around this is to monitor the machine at      understand the condition of their machines.
diagnostic tools for detailed analysis, display   specific process classes, where each process       The monitoring system makes this possible
and trending.                                     class has its own alarm limits and reference      by allowing the customer to download the
                                                  baseline. The monitoring limits automatically     vibration and process data by Internet. Even
Even if the measured data is accurate, when       change as the process class changes. In some      the time waveform signals are available from
used, an improper alarm limit comparison          machines, such as wind turbines, a change of      each vibration sensor, so the customer can
technique in the system can still generate        the operation conditions has such a big im-       do their own diagnosis and analysis. Brüel &
false alarms or give insufficient informa-         pact on the vibration pattern, that a learning    Kjær can provide an analyzer software pack-
tion for predicting lead-time to maintenance      period with automatic acquisition of baseline     age for doing this, which includes machine
for detected faults. Alarm limits should          data as a function of operational conditions      fault frequencies, report facilities, etc.
be based on the actual baseline data of a         is necessary. Statistical calculations are used
properly functioning machine and allow for        on the values measured during the learning        For offshore structures and other out-of-
individual frequency or speed components to       period to establish individual alert limits for   the-way sites, the remote monitoring and
be automatically monitored. This allows low       the different machines. The learnt values en-     diagnostic service is a very effective predic-
energy faults associated with rolling element     sure a high sensitivity to vibration changes in   tive maintenance tool to help ensure reliable
bearings or gears to be detected accurately       a particular machine, giving accurate, early      machine uptime with minimal or no on-site
and early, which otherwise would be difficult      fault detection without false alarms.             monitoring expertise. ■
with the traditional single-value alarm limits.

                                                                                                                       Offshore Center Danmark    57
                                                                                                                                 Yearbook 2007
Offshore Wind Farms
and the Environment
Increase in benthic biomass and few effects on fish communities

By: Simon B. Leonhard ,                         the activity of harbour porpoises in the wind   considered the most important for these find-
Maks Klaustrup and                              farm areas decreased but seals on a nearby      ings. In the Horns Rev area the native fauna
Bettina S. Jensen Orbicon.                      sanctuary area were almost unaffected.          is typical for sandbanks in the North Sea and
Jette Kjær, Vattenfall.                                                                         the fauna is very variable and heterogene-
Charlotte Boesen , DONG Energy as.              Below the surface the introduction of           ous with more species of bristle worms and
                                                turbine foundations in most cases change        mussels including the thick trough shell, an
Wind power is one of the most important         the seabed habitat from rather uniform sand     important target species for the local fishery.
and promising forms of renewable energy         bottom habitat to a more complex and more       At Nysted, an area with lower salinity, the
being developed and Danish experience with      heterogeneous hard bottom habitat providing     bottom fauna is very homogeneous and
wind energy has shown that offshore wind        shelters, refuges, sanctuaries and substrate    typical for inner Danish waters. The bottom
farms are an attractive option although minor   for various different species of plants and     fauna is characterised by the presence of vari-
impact on the native marine environment will    animals including fish. As habitat loss, as a    ous mussels including the common mussel.
be the result.                                  result of the establishment of the offshore
                                                wind farms, mostly accounts for less than       At both wind farm sites the initial colonisa-
However, experiences from a comprehensive       0.2% of the total wind farm area the overall    tion of the common mussel was massive. At
environmental programme carried out in          change in habitat will only be negligible.      Nysted, mostly due to the lack of efficient
1999 to 2006 to evaluate the environmental                                                      predators, almost monocultures of this
impact of two to the largest offshore wind      The habitats introduced by the offshore wind    competitive mussel have developed covering
farms in the world the Horns Rev Offshore       farms at Horns Rev and Nysted were suitable     most parts of the turbine structures leav-
Wind Farm and the Nysted Offshore Wind          for colonisation by a variety of species of     ing no space for settlement of other animals
Farm have shown that it is possible to engi-    marine animals and algae. At Horns Rev the      or plants. At Horns Rev the presence of a
neer in an environmental sustainable manner     hard bottom structures were colonised by        keystone predator, the common starfish, has
without affecting or damaging the surround-     many species not previously recorded in the     reduced the distribution and predominance
ing environment or nature significantly.         native sandy seabed community increasing        of the common mussel developing a high
                                                the species diversity in the area, whereas at   diverse hard bottom community by making
I was found that the majority of bird spe-      Nysted most of the species colonising the       space available for other species. At Horns
cies generally show avoidance behaviour         hard bottom structures were found in the        Rev the common mussel is almost restricted
approaching the offshore wind farms but         natural benthic community surrounding the       to the uppermost parts of the foundations just
only negligible effects on the overall bird     wind farm. Differences in environmental         beneath the water surface and at other parts of
populations were found. During construction     conditions and recruitment potential were       the foundations a community of sea anemo-

58     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
                                                                                                   found near the foundations at Horns Rev
                                                                                                   and large shoals of two-spotted gobies were
                                                                                                   found at the foundations at Nysted.

                                                                                                   The use of an advanced monitoring technique
                                                                                                   using hydroacoustic devices has however,
                                                                                                   two years after the establishment of the wind
nes and other sessile organisms is developed.    The deployed hard substrates as a conse-          farms, not revealed any significant differ-
Two of the most numerous species at Horns        quence of the establishment of the offshore       ences in fish densities between the wind farm
Rev, some small crustaceans, are alien spe-      wind farms at Horns Rev and Nysted can            area and the area outside the wind farm or in
cies not previously recorded from Denmark.       be considered as artificial reefs. Deploy-         fish densities at the turbine sites compared to
More of the free living species common in        ment of artificial reef has traditionally been     the fish densities between turbine sites.
the area like the edible crab were found to      used to improve fishery locally in coastal
use the newly deployed artificial structures      marine areas. It is commonly known that fish       The cumulative effect of more wind farms
as breeding and nursery grounds.                 often are attracted to the reefs and that the     situated close together and the effect of ban
                                                 reef function both as shelter, breeding and       of trawling activities inside the wind farm
Compared to the native benthic communities       nursery ground for more fish species. The de-      areas may in the future show to be beneficial
a considerable increase in the biomass was       velopment of the reef communities typically       to the native benthic fauna and to vulnerable
found at the turbine sites attributable to the   takes several years and the full effect of the    species enabling the species to mature and
establishment of hard bottom communities.        deployed artificial reef structures can there-     reproduce increasing the population in the
Most of this biomass is available as food to     fore only be observed after several years.        area. Displacement of fish populations and at-
fish and other predators and this again will                                                        traction of fish to the artificial structures may
probably lead to an increase in the avail-       Shortly after deployment of the turbine struc-    opposite, although beneficial to the individual
able food to marine mammals and birds. A         tures, different fish species were observed        species population, show to be in disadvanta-
continuous succession in the development         foraging on the established hard bottom           geous to the local fishery. In other aspects the
of algae communities as found at Horns Rev       communities and more fish species often reef       cumulative effect may also be in disadvan-
will further increase the heterogeneity of the   related species, not found in the area prior to   tageous to seabirds due to displacement
communities and the food availability at the     the establishment of the wind farms, were         of feeding birds and increasing avoidance
deployed hard substrates.                        found using the crevices and space between        behaviour. ■
                                                 stones as shelters. Shoals of cod and bib were

                                                                                                                    Offshore Center Danmark   59
                                                                                                                              Yearbook 2007
Standards in the Offshore Sector

By Eigil Jensen,                                                                                     The national authorities and the individual
Survival Training Maritime Safety                                                                    companies have in joint cooperation developed
                                                                                                     a definition of what good safety training con-
The offshore industry has grown bigger                                                               sists of. It has proven that differences in cul-
after the wind turbine industry has gone                                                             ture and the geographically area of exploration
offshore. Since the start of the oil adventure                                                       play a big role for, which training is needed.
at the beginning of 1980´s, a lot of man                                                             In the North Sea with cold water a part of the
hours at sea had been used for the explora-                                                          training is protection against cold, survival
tion and drilling after oil.                                                                         suits and thermal protection. In warmer re-
                                                                                                     gions these elements are not so realistic.
Now the wind turbine industry also wants
part of the success, with huge new sea wind
turbine parks being installed at sea these         Which skills are needed? In the oil indus-
years. All over the world big parks are being      try the personal safety and behaviour is
planned, at locations where the wind is of a       important, in relation to safe work practice.
large magnitude, motivating the exploitation       Personal safety is first of all knowledge of the
of it.                                             personal safety equipment, which includes
                                                   transport suit for use during helicopter flights
This new industry has a lot in common with         and survival suit for use during and eventu-
the oil industry at sea. Even if the location      ally evacuation. A necessary instruction in
of the wind turbine parks can be closer to         use of hand extinguishers for limitation and
shore, it is at similar conditions employees       extinguishing of small fires, and knowledge
have to travel to work. They are travelling        of escape routes, platform rig safety, perform
by helicopter, or will be transported by           the elementary safety knowledge. Safety
ship to the work area. The rough weather           awareness and risk assessments (safe job          When the international offshore worker is
conditions are the same, meaning that the          analysis) are the dynamic tools, which are        sent on the job, he will often be met with con-
maintenance expenses at the installations          available for optimising the safety.              flicting demands to the education depending
can be very high, and hence the same set up                                                          on working area and the international author-
for contingency plans are necessary.               Furthermore a range of collective rescue          ity which has the influence at the education.
                                                   equipment and safety procedures are avail-        This often creates problems and sometimes
Before travelling to work in a wind turbine        able. The individual person will get a com-       irritation for the individual, because the
area, it is necessary to have a basic educa-       plete instruction in the usage of these during    training he maybe just has overcome in his
tion regarding the challenges that will be         a stay at a safety school and during their stay   local area, can no longer be used in connec-
met compared to a job onshore. Similar to          on board a helicopter or a ship.                  tion with the job he was sent out to perform.
oil offshore workers, most of the people are
skilled hand craft people, who with their          Both within the offshore industry and within      Special national demands from the individual
expertise can perform the often demand-            the wind turbine industry, international          operator regarding a specific training, will
ing jobs under the prevailing conditions.          companies are operating across borders. The       often send the offshore workers back to the
The wind turbine industry was early aware,         employees are sent long distance to remote        education system again.
that work offshore requires a well prepared        areas around the world, in order to participate
safety training, especially in areas which         in the exploration of the energies regardless     How can we train locals to work globally?
differ a lot from the job ashore. The wind         of whether this is oil or wind.                   This would be an advantage for everybody!
turbine industry looked over the shoulder of                                                         Hence there is an intensive work going on to
its bigger brother, the oil industry, because it   How can the international offshore workers        harmonize the educations. A standardization
here had been proven that exploring oil un-        be prepared and educated with the sufficient       of the educations is on the track, where the
der severe conditions, could be done at much       safety training, which will enable them to act    individual countries between each other ac-
less accident frequencies than in comparable       correctly regardless where in the world they      cept the training modules performed in each
jobs ashore.                                       are working should an accident happen?            country, and by this minimise the problems
                                                                                                     for all involved.

60      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
                                                 From Local
                                                 to Global Player

It is of utmost importance that the wind         By Niels Braad, Sales & Marketing                 branch of Falck Nutec is a fi ne example of
turbine industry, figuratively speaking, keeps    Manager, Falck Nutec Esbjerg                      an on-going internationalization of safety
the tongue straight in the mouth and does                                                          activities. Seven years ago the branch was
not dig itself down by protectionism, with       The present globalization of the offshore         merely the local Esbjerg Fire School. Now it
the purpose to create barriers for the free      industry has made it necessary to look at         has developed into an advanced provider of
employment. It is also of utmost importance,     safety from a new angle. International op-        safety training in line with the other 17 cen-
that the wind industry learns from the mis-      erators expect and demand stable safety all       tres for consultancy and education owned
takes of the oil industry, regarding national    over the world. Acknowledged procedures           by Falck Nutec. For instance Falck Nutec in
demands and instead creates a harmonized         are being implemented successively with           Esbjerg offers courses within fi re fighting,
standard, which as a minimum should be           new wells being established – no matter           survival in water, evacuation by helicopter
implemented by the individual countries,         where in the world new energy sources are         and development of safety standards.
who accept the standard.                         being looked for.
                                                                                                   In 2006 alone, 100,000 people completed
That does not mean that the individual           The need for stable safety procedures and         one or several courses within offshore
countries can not demand special training        competent safety consultancy has become           and other fields arranged by Falck Nutec.
scenarios conducted on their territory. But      a natural part of the globalization. As a         Furthermore Falck Nutec offers targeted
the standard training should be made com-        consequence, service providers for opera-         courses within shipping, wind turbines, in-
pulsory, so that the further training courses    tors in the North Sea, the Far East or in the     dustry and service as well as special courses
and hence skills, would be initialized by the    Mexican Gulf must relate to safety consul-        within maritime safety, ISPS security,
common standard.                                 tancy and course activity. Local needs of         chemical safety training, crisis management
                                                 safety are replaced by international rules        and safety management.
How are we going to achieve this? First of       emphasizing continuity. These rules are
all the wind park operators, who work world      often a lot more strict.                          The development of Falck Nutec as a
                                                                                                   modern and competent provider of courses
                                                 This globalization is a challenge for provid-     and consultancy within safety will continue
                                                 ers of safety courses and consultancy. In         in 2007 and the years to come. Due to the
                                                 order to offer the most recent and updated        efficiency improvements and expansion with
                                                 technique and knowledge, the providers            focus on a high level of safety within the
                                                 must move from local to global provid-            field of offshore, the demand for develop-
                                                 ers. Otherwise they cannot offer the same         ment will still be there. By developing new
                                                 products and services world wide. The             processes, establishing new wells in impass-
                                                 expansion of Falck Nutec is due to this pro-      able parts of the world, while still focusing
                                                 cess throughout the years. By targeting the       on competitive prices, there will still be a
                                                 internationalization, the focus is tightened      great demand of consultancy within safety
                                                 in order to offer a stable product all over the   management in the years to come. Falck
                                                 world.                                            Nutec is prepared to take on the task locally
wide, must be a part of the decision process,                                                      and globally. ■
at the same level as the national authority      Esbjerg is the capital within north Euro-
having the responsibility for the resort area.   pean offshore safety activities. The Danish
By creating such a powerful and acting
minded international forum, you should in
the future be able to standardize the neces-
sary safety educations for the benefit of the
trade and the individual. ■

                                                                                                                   Offshore Center Danmark   61
                                                                                                                             Yearbook 2007
Integrity creates Safety

By Søren Dybdahl, Communication                                                                       “And often there is a possibility to reduce the
Consultant, Offshore Center Danmark                                                                   risk. Offshore installations are complicated
                                                                                                      constructions, and we find issues that can be
                                                                                                      improved. It is the attitude of Maersk Oil and
The majority of the personnel accidents on                                                            Gas that we cannot just refer to the sub-sup-
Maersk Oil and Gas’ offshore installations is                                                         plier when accidents happen; it is our respon-
related to behaviour, e.g. incidents resulting                                                        sibility that both the behaviour-related and the
from faulty operation of tools, falls or inat-                                                        process related safety is adequate”.
                                                                                                      ”In order to make sure the process related
A great deal of attention is put on personnel                                                         safety is adequate, the integrity of the instal-
accidents and behaviour-related safety, and                                                           lations must be adequate. Furthermore we
these incidents are registered and investigat-                                                        often find that human factors play a role in
ed further in order to avoid similar incidents.                                                       accidents and incidents related to process
However, other types of risks caused by                                                               safety. It is thus important that systems are
defects on the installations exist. These risks                                                       robust to faulty operations. Maersk Oil and
can cause far more extensive accidents. Be-                                                           Gas operates with nine integrity areas that
cause of this, it is important to do an extra ef-                                                     put focus on process related incidents:
fort to prevent these process related incidents
(i.e. accidents caused by faulty equipment,                                                           •   Well integrity
faulty constructions and wear). We call it                                                            •   Structure integrity
process related safety and on many areas it is      “The process related incidents do not weigh       •   Pressure vessels / pressure systems
exactly the process that is in focus though the     much in the statistics, but the consequences      •   High voltage
expression also covers other serious facility       can be far more serious than those from           •   Emergency back-up systems
related risks, e.g. load-carrying structures.       behaviour-related incidents. At behaviour-re-     •   Safety systems
                                                    lated accidents it is often the person involved   •   Cranes / lifting gear
During 2002 and 2006 Maersk Oil and Gas             or maybe one nearby colleague who is              •   Marine equipment
registered 157 ”Lost Time Incidents” on             injured, while process related incidents can      •   Third party equipment
production platforms and drilling rigs, cor-        cause explosions or other critical situations
responding to 6.7 accidents pr. million man-        putting the safety of the crew in danger. As      Each of those nine areas has its own special
hour, or approximately 1/5 of the level for the     a consequence, Maersk Oil and Gas put an          risk factor, but all areas are important and
onshore industry. It is still too many though.      equal effort in minimizing process related        represent a potential for serious process
                                                    incidents as we do in minimizing behav-           related incidents. As seen with the accidents
90% of these accidents were attributed              iour-related incidents”, explains Per Angelo,     on Piper Alpha in 1988 and the explosion on
behaviour-related safety while the remaining        Group Vice President Engineering Opera-           the Gorm field in 2001, accidents can occur.
10% were caused by process related incidents        tions at Maersk Oil and Gas.                      Therefore it is important with focus on all the

62      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
                                                   New Course
                                                   – Offshore Safety
essential risk factors” Per Angelo says.
“Our target for the safety is 0 incidents – that
is a big challenge to achieve, but in principle
all incidents can be prevented, not taking into
account incidents caused by meteor impacts,
and we need to be prepared on all possibili-
ties and risks”.
                                                   The Danish offshore industry currently has
Lost Time Incidents is defined as incidents         an immense focus on safety. Operators and
which cause personal injury, which result in
                                                   sub-suppliers have set a common goal – to
exemption from duty on the day of the inci-
dent and the subsequent day. But even small        reduce the number of Lost Time Incidents,
accidents without damage on equipment and          making offshore installations an even safer place
persons are registered and examined closely        to work. To aid this process, Offshore Center
in order to reduce or eliminate any risk
                                                   Danmark has put together a basic course intro-
                                                   ducing the concept of offshore safety.
“We put a big effort to register and examine
“close-to incidents” – these incidents give us     During the course, participants will be presented
valuable experience”, Per Angelo says.             with different views on safety from an operator,
                                                   an authority as well as experienced providers of
“Every avoided incident is a benefit for the
crew on the installation and for the produc-       safety courses. This way, participants will gain
tion. Fewer incidents create bigger security       knowledge of the mindset and attitudes behind
for the crew, and we would like to be a com-       safe behaviour on offshore installations.
pany with a high safety, but in my opinion
it is worrying to consider safety on offshore
installations as a competition parameter. We       The course applies to all employees on offshore
have focus on safety, not to brand ourselves,      installations as well as onshore employees
but for the benefit of our crew”, Per Angelo        seeking a basic knowledge of the various terms
                                                   and attitudes within offshore safety.

                                                   For more info and registration please see
                                          or contact course coordi-
                                                   nator Morten Holmager on
                                                   +45 3697 3672.

                                                                                 Offshore Center Danmark   63
                                                                                           Yearbook 2007
Rescue in the North Sea

By Erik Rau Jacobsen, ResQ                      among the leading companies offering            ResQ is performing certified inspections
                                                rescue equipment at these new installa-         in accordance to EN 365 and regulations
Working in high constructions and bad           tions, as well as already known installations   issued by the Working Labour Service. All
weather are important parameters working        on- and offshore. The company, situated in      equipment delivered from ResQ is registered
offshore. Safety has fi rst priority, and ResQ   East of Denmark, offers a range of products,    in a database, and the company offers the
has specialized in working with solutions       which all have been tested and approved in      costumers to outsource the responsibility for
within fall arrest, evacuation and rescue       accordance to valid standards around the        inspection and maintenance to ResQ.
equipment in the North Sea. Taking the          world. The product range contains mobile
working situation into account, it is ResQ’s    and stationary equipment for:                   According to standards and regulations
goal to contribute with solutions that gives                                                    ResQ advises before or during tasks where
offshore companies the best basis and           • Preventing people from falling                safety equipment is needed or a contingency
knowledge for securing their employees in       • Catch/arrest a person if falling              plan is wanted. Training programs are
the best possible way.                          • Lowering or hoisting of injured and sick      produced for all companies using fall arrest
                                                  persons                                       and rescuing equipment. The programs are
Due to the 6. Concessions round in spring       • Evacuating or rescuing of persons in or       based on the rules of the Working Environ-
2006 a number of new installations and            from high constructions, sewers etc.          ment Service combined with our customers
wells will be established, and ResQ is                                                          wishes and demands. ■

64     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Personal Safety
– Offshore

By Susanne Ingemann,                              ISO                                               • Qualities – fit, protection, comfort etc.
PROCURATOR SAFETY A/S                             Susanne Ingemann explains:                        • Test results – according to EN offshore
                                                  “To underline our keen effort to always be          standards
Protection through                                on top of trends and developments, we are         • Approvals – EN standards and levels,
knowledge                                         now holding three DS certificates, DS/EN             chemical resistance etc.
Personal safety is a high-priority business,      ISO 9001:2000, DS/EN ISO 14001:2004 and
and many companies are these years giving         DS/OHSAS 18001:2004.                              The other way
it a lot of attention. This trend is priceless,                                                     “The business-to-business idea is not only
because who can put a price tag on health or      DS/EN ISO 9001:2000, with focus on con-           towards our customers, but to our suppliers as
life. The jungle of personal safety equipment     stant improvements as a natural part of every     well. Our company would like to be, and is,
is, because of the increasing focus, growing.     days work.                                        involved concerning future developments of
Susanne Ingemann explains: “For the un-                                                             safety equipment. This way the demands and
trained or the inexperienced, price would be      DS/EN ISO 14001:2004, environment has             wishes from our costumers can be met in the
the main focus, but we here at PROCURA-           great importance to us, because we believe        best way possible.” Susanne Ingemann says.
TOR SAFETY A/S would like in this area            that we all have an obligation to protect the
to think we are different, and dare to say        future of our kids locally and globally.          The company
that knowledge is a much more important                                                             PROCURATOR SAFETY A/S delivers
parameter.”                                       And finally DS/OHSAS 18001:2004, work-             helmets, hearing protection, eye protection,
                                                  ing environment, the aim to create the best       breathing protection, SCBA equipment, gas
The Danish way - know how                         possible environment for our employees,           detection, skin care, first aid, ergonomic
All companies are well aware of what they         enabling them to be on top giving you the         products, fall protection, gloves, clothing
are doing, and all personnel has or should        service that is required.“                        – including disposables, chemical resistant
have the desire to be protected. Susanne                                                            and fire resistant, footwear, education and
Ingemann states, “If you know what you            A glove is not just a glove                       knowledge.
work with, and where you work, we know            PROCURATOR SAFETY considers its
how you can protect yourself and your co-         slogan “Protection through knowledge” as          The supply of education includes courses in
workers“.                                         more than just a slogan but more as a part of     EN-standards, material characteristics and
                                                  its assortment of goods. “We are dealing in       practical use, as well as theme days tak-
And she goes on to elaborate: “The know-          safety equipment, knowledge and education.”       ing starting point in special costumers or
ledge base that has been built throughout         Susanne Ingemann says.                            business related wishes. This also gives an
the years on protection, safety, laws and                                                           opportunity to exchange experiences between
regulations, EN-standardized products, is         She continues: “One subject is the product        the participants.
available to our customers. We believe that       itself, another subject is what kind of protec-
without knowledge you might as well buy           tion the product covers, how is the product       The company is located with head office
your safety equipment at the local toy store.     being used, and how is the product suitable       and stock in the centre of offshore – Esbjerg.
We know that demands and requests are             for the working area in question.                 Beside a wide range of products, services of
different from company to company, and                                                              technical products are offered - SCBA equip-
therefore we have specialised in understand-      A glove is not just a glove – and a shoe is not   ment, gas detection and breathing protection.
ing the customer before advising a buy. It is     just a shoe. There are many requirements          The company is authorised by Miller within
important for us that our customers never         to meet – regarding CE marking as well as         service and repair fall protection.
have the feeling of being “just” a customer       special requirements from the operators in
but have been advised by someone that             the harsh North Sea conditions. It is crucial     “At PROCURATOR SAFETY you do not just
not just wants a sale but is interested in        to know you have chosen the right product         buy products – you buy protection through
the safety of the customer. Importance is         for the actual working situation.”                knowledge.” Susanne Ingemann concludes. ■
given to quality, comfort and punctuality, as
these are crucial factors for deliveries to the   Detailed information is required:
offshore business“.                               • Product description – material, surface,
                                                    treatment etc.
                                                  • Specifications – product number, sizes etc.

                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark   65
                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Ergonomic Exposure
Assessment on a
Drilling Rig
By Chris Jensen,                                                                                                                                       Here, we will briefly outline the principles of
Research Unit of Maritime Medicine                                                                                                                     the ergonomic exposure assessments carried
                                                                                                                                                       out on a drilling rig. The main challenge,
The Research Unit of Maritime Medicine                                                                                                                 when assessing exposure to awkward work-
in Esbjerg ( is                                                                                                                ing postures, is to use a method that may
involved in research projects on maritime                                                                                                              estimate exposures over entire work days in
health related to working environment expo-                                                                                                            a reliable way. We chose a method based on
sures in the offshore industry and seafaring.                                                                                                          work sampling, which was originally devel-
                                                                                                                                                       oped for construction work.
Both offshore and shipping companies have
focus on safety at work and have been suc-                                                                                                             The first step is to identify the specific work
cessful in reducing lost time injuries. For                                                                                                            tasks that constitute an entire job. This may
instance, in 2004 the frequency of lost time                                                                                                           be relatively easy, as the work tasks are often
injuries on offshore installations in the                                                                                                              described in existing management systems.
Danish Sector of the North Sea was 7                                                                                                                   The second step is to observe working
per million working hours. Onshore, the                                                                                                                postures. Each worker should be observed for
                                                                             Strongly forward bent trunk postures occur while
frequency was 36 for shipyards and 20 per                                    working on the drilling deck, but usually such                            periods of 1-2 hours, while he performs his
million working hours for construction work                                  postures were of short duration.                                          normal work tasks. At fixed intervals, digital
(Danish Energy Authority 2005).                                                                                                                        photos are taken, which are analyzed with
                                                                             of such exposures in the initial phase of the                             respect to working postures. For each work
During recent years we have experienced                                      project. While improving specific ergonomic                                task, several workers should be observed,
a growing interest for other occupational                                    conditions should be part of a “back project”,                            and ideally more than 100 pictures should be
health issues, which probably cause more                                     other interventions, such as physical exercise,                           taken. Afterwards, the pictures also serve as
sick leave days than working accidents. Since                                job training or improving psychosocial fac-                               documentation to identify work processes,
2005 one project has focused on ergonomic                                    tors could also be introduced to effectively                              which cause exposure to risk factors for
exposure assessments on a drilling rig in the                                prevent back problems at work.                                            health problems.
North Sea.
                                                                                                                                                       The method is suitable when applying a par-
The rig is owned by Maersk                                                                                                                                         ticipative approach, that is, when
Contractors, who decided to                                       100
                                                                                                        Deck/pipes                                                 the employees contribute with
increase their focus on lower back                                                                                                                                 suggestions for specific improve-
                                           Observation time (%)

                                                                  80                                    High pressure cleaning
problems among their offshore                                     60
                                                                                                        Handle containers                                          ments based on the philosophy
personnel. Lower back problems                                    40                                                                                               that workers are the front line
are common in the entire working                                  20
                                                                                                                                                                   experts on their own work tasks.
population, but also among people                                 10
                                                                                                                                                                   Before and after the observations
outside the labor market. It has                                                                                                                                   the participants are encouraged to

















been estimated that 80% of the                                                                                                                                     suggest and discuss possible solu-






Danish population will experience                                                                                                                                  tions. Afterwards, the ergonomic








back problems during their life-                                                                                                                                   benefits of each proposed solution





time. Therefore it is a challenge                                                                                                                                  should be considered in rela-






to determine, whether such health                                                                                                                                  tion to the actual observations of

problems are work related.                                                                                                                                         postures. If the ergonomic benefits
                                                                                                                                                                   are clear, other factors, such as the
However, occupational risk factors for back                                  An example of an ergonomic exposure assess-                               impact on safety issues, technical possibili-
problems are well known, e.g. heavy lifting                                  ment of work tasks performed by roustabouts.                              ties for implementation and economic costs,
and working in awkward postures, and any                                     The relative time spent in different postures is                          should be considered by the management.
work place intervention project directed to-                                 shown. Here, three different work tasks expose the                        This process ensures that decisions are made
wards reducing back problems should there-                                   roustabouts to different trunk postures, whereas                          on a scientific basis, and the effects may later
fore include an ergonomic work place survey                                  leg postures are very similar for all work tasks.                         be evaluated systematically. ■

66     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Offshore Center Danmark Courses

A big part of Offshore Center                      Time                 Type               Event                                            Location

Danmark’s activities are dis-                      6. February          Conference         Sub-soil Technology                              Esbjerg, Denmark
                                                   7. February          Network session    Introduction to Offshore Opportunities
semination of knowledge.                                                                   in Angola                                        Esbjerg, Denmark
One tool for this is courses.                      28. Feburary         Network session    Danish and British offshore wind
                                                                                           companies network session                        Esbjerg, Denmark
                                                   26-30. March         Conference         Spillcon 2007                                    Perth, Australia

Over the past two years                            21-22. April         Course             Basiscourse in Offshore Oil and Gas Production   Esbjerg, Denmark
                                                   11-12. April         Course             Basiscourse in Offshore Oil and Gas Safety       Esbjerg, Denmark
OCD has developed a row                            24. April            Conference         IT in the offshore industry                      Esbjerg, Denmark
of courses directed towards                        30. April - 3. May   Conference         Offshore Technology Conference                   Houston, Texas
                                                   7-10. May            Conference         European Wind Energy Conference &
different employees in the                                                                 Exhibhition                                      Milan, Italy

offshore industry.                                 30. May              Course             Basiscourse in Offshore Wind                     Herning, Denmark
                                                   14-15. June          Conference         POWER (Offshore wind conference)                 Bremen, Germany
                                                   Summer               Conference         LNG                                              Esbjerg, Denmark
OCD can now offer the following courses:           21. June             Course             Basiscourse in Offshore Oil and Gas
                                                                                           Process Technology                               Haslev, Denmark
                                                   4-7. September       Conference         Offshore Europe                                  Aberdeen, Scotland

Basis courses                                      14. September        Network session    Offshore Center Danmark Yearly Meeting           Esbjerg, Denmark
                                                   Autumn               Course             Pressurized Equipment                            Esbjerg, Denmark
These courses are primarily directed towards       Autumn               Course             ATEX-Directives                                  Esbjerg, Denmark
new employees or employees who need a              11-12. October       Conference         Decommissioning of offshore structures           Esbjerg, Denmark
                                                   4-6. December        Conference         European Offshore Wind                           Berlin, Germany
broad overview of the offshore sector.
                                                   Further details, preliminary, additions and updates
                                                   can be seen on
Offshore Oil & Gas
– Production
This course gives the course participants
the basic insight into the offshore produc-
tion of oil and gas. Topics include geology,       Offshore Oil & Gas                                        Pressurized Equipment,
seismic, the oil adventure in the North Sea,       – Process technology                                      Pipes and Fittings
offshore platforms, drilling rigs, drilling of     This course gives an insight into the diffe-              In this course the main emphasis is pipe
wells, processes on the topside and more. The      rent kinds of process installations used on               constructions and related equipment. The
course consists of lectures as well as visits to   offshore installations. The attendees will                experience with the directive (PED) as well
Danish offshore companies, which provide           obtain knowledge of the construction of                   as the use of ASME B31.3 and DS/EN 13480
the participants with a hands-on experience        process installations, operational principles             is illustrated. A lot of this experience can be
with some of the equipment used in oil & gas       as well as design of equipment and com-                   used by non oil/gas related companies, but
production.                                        ponents. In addition to this the course will              on the other hand some of the experience
                                                   give a general insight into the production of             from the land-based industry can with ad-
Offshore Oil & Gas – Safety                        offshore oil and gas - geology, construction              vantage be used within the oil/gas industry.
This course gives an overview over the             of platforms, drilling of wells etc.
authorities, organisations and legal aspects,                                                                The ATEX-Directives
which are valid within the offshore oil and        Offshore Wind                                             ATEX consists of 2 EU-directives in relation
gas industry. The course also gives insight        This course provides an insight into the                  to explosion protection of equipment, instal-
into the important HSEQ-field. (Health,             common occurring technologies encoun-                     lations – and protection of personnel – in case
Security, Environment and Quality).                tered in the offshore wind industry. Topics               of atmospheres involving explosion risks. The
                                                   include: Turbine technology, foundations,                 atmospheres involving explosion risks can
Offshore Oil & Gas                                 environment, service and maintenance etc.                 occur as a result of dust, steam or gases. This
– Company specific course                                                                                     course gives an overview of the directives,
A combination of the Production and the            Technical courses                                         the affiliated regulations and the specifica-
Safety course, this course is compressed into 2    These courses are directed towards techni-                tions/instructions. Furthermore the standards
days and does not include visits to companies.     cians employed in design, maintenance and                 will be explained in a simple way.■
The course can be used with advantage, if the      similar areas. Often, employees outside the
company needs to send many employees to            offshore industry can also make benefit of                 More information about the
the course at the same time. The course can be     the courses.                                              courses and registration can be
held at the company location.                                                                                found on

                                                                                                                                Offshore Center Danmark       67
                                                                                                                                          Yearbook 2007
Jobcenter Esbjerg
- Danish Employment Service
has Focus on the North Sea
By Brian Damsgaard,                               the companies have received a sufficient          become the main industry in the city during
Jobcenter Esbjerg                                 number of qualified applicants. This feature      the same period. In addition, the sector is
                                                  is complemented by the job services of           on a national level one of the best examples
The strong Danish economic recovery                                   of a competence cluster, where companies
has created a situation, where the general                                                         corporate and create consortiums in order to
unemployment rate is at its lowest level in       Many examples have shown that job ads            be able to handle bigger assignments.
30 years. Combined with full order books          have resulted in applications from countries
in the offshore companies, an expectation         outside Denmark. Jobcenter Esbjerg does          Jobcenter Esbjerg wishes to support that
towards increase in activities due to the         its best to ensure that potential offshore       development.
6th licensing round as well as new offshore       workers are given comprehensive informa-
wind farm projects puts the Danish Employ-        tion about the job, so that direct contact       The central forum
ment Service in a central role.                   with companies will not take place until the     The Regional Labour Market Council and
                                                  proper qualifications are at hand.                Jobcenter Esbjerg (previously AF-Esbjerg)
Employees in the oil and gas industry                                                              have for a long period paid close attention
must be of a high calibre. Besides from the       Due to the special qualifications and work        to the offshore sector in order to be able
professional competences and the right at-        patterns, the sector attracts employees          to support the demand of the necessary
titude towards stability and safety, working      from all over the country. Most employers,       qualified work force. Among other things,
in a close team situated more than 200 km         however, are situated in the Danish offshore     this happens by offering educational update
offshore, high demands to the individual          capital, Esbjerg, where Jobcenter Esbjerg        modules to skilled workers such as welders
employee personal character are set.              has its domain.                                  as well as educations to surface treatment
                                                                                                   workers, insulation workers and scaffold
The Danish Employment Service Esbjerg             After the decrease in the fishery sector du-      workers, which are among the most request-
(Jobcenter Esbjerg) is fully convinced that       ring the past decades, the offshore sector has   ed types of employees on the North Sea.
recruitment of new employees often re-
quires routes outside of the Danish Employ-
ment Service system. The need to assess
new employees and estimate, whether they
will meet the complex demands for work on
an offshore installation, is greater than it is
within most other industries. Thus the route
to employment at the North Sea often goes
through similar jobs onshore.

Jobcenter Esbjerg – the Public Employment
Service – is arranging courses together with
relevant educational institutions. During
the last years courses have been held in
welding, insulation, scaffolding, surface
treatment and security.

The site is
being evaluated continuously in order that
the information available for job seekers is
relevant and updated.

In their pursuit of qualified candidates
many companies have advertised their jobs
on The advertisements
– free of charge – can remain visible until

68     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
                                                The Blue University
                                                – a Network across
The website of Jobcenter Esbjerg, www.          By Kristen D. Nedergaard,, features a section devoted to the    Head of Dep. of Maritime Research
offshore sector where interested can fi nd       and Innovation, University of
information about which qualifications are       Southern Denmark
needed to possess the different jobs in the
oil and gas industry. Furthermore, a section    The 23rd of March 2006 The Blue Univer-
with a CV archive containing both potential     sity was founded with the Department for
for job rotation and unemployed, whose          Maritime Innovation and Research, Univer-
qualifications and interests are directed        sity of Southern Denmark Esbjerg, as the
towards the offshore sector, is under devel-    driving force. Already the Blue University
opment. The archive contains both persons       has proven to be an exciting and creative
with relevant professional educations and       platform for collaboration between all the
persons who can undertake service jobs          various academic disciplines in Denmark in
with cleaning and catering onboard offshore     the maritime field (for instance offshore tech-   “Thematic groups” are self-initiated groups
installations.                                  nology, maritime medicine, engine design or      of people who through their individual
                                                maritime economics).                             competencies and commitment engage
Offshore companies have both predict-                                                            into discussions, set the research agenda,
able long-term needs for employees and          “Innovation and creative thinking is the         formulate project ideas and tenders together
more acute short-term recruitment needs.        key to Denmark’s future”. These are the          concerning a specific topic which holds cross
Regardless of the time span, Jobcenter Es-      magic words that can be heard everywhere         disciplinary qualities. Till now four groups
bjerg wishes to be the central forum for all    today. Given the fact that Danish knowledge      have been established on: “Sustainable ship-
enquiries about recruitment and re-qualifi-      environments in general are small from an        ping”, “Short Sea Shipping”, “Maritime HR
cation of new employees.                        international perspective it is important to     Management” and “The Danish Maritime
                                                create dynamic synergies through collabora-      Cluster”. Next one could be on an offshore
Jobcenter Esbjerg wants to                      tion across the boundaries of traditional dis-   related issue – e.g. safety and security.
be challenged                                   ciplines. Furthermore do new challenges in
The offshore world is operational and with-     the maritime field call for inter-disciplinary    “MERCATOR” is a Scandinavian maritime
out long lines of command in order to make      ways of thinking and doing, such as ‘security    journal published four times a year by Iver
quick decisions. In compliance with that,       and risk management in open organizations        Weilbach & Co A/S, on behalf of The Blue
Jobcenter Esbjerg offers itself as co-opera-    - as those in the maritime and offshore in-      University. It informs professional, industrial
tion partner.                                   dustries’, ‘the human factor and technology’,    and governmental readership on the latest
                                                ‘intelligent e-work platforms with the in-       research, innovation, knowledge and devel-
Jobcenter Esbjerg wishes to do its very best    stantaneous integration of information flows      opments in the maritime world.
to ensure that the national and international   from multiple land and sea based sources’,
development opportunities for the offshore      ‘environmental management’ and so on.            “The Blue Conference” is an annual event
sector are supported by access to qualified                                                       which joins the whole maritime cluster to
labour force on all levels.                     Creating an inspiring environment for the        discuss and brainstorm on research results
                                                meeting between economists, engineers,           and new agendas, the consequences and
Due to the reform of the public service sec-    natural scientists, psychologists and other      opportunities of new technologies and in-
tor in Denmark, which is implemented by         experts from universities and leading con-       novations, new initiatives which support the
the 1st January 2007, our name was changed      sulting companies working with the maritime      cross fertilization of research domains in the
from AF-Esbjerg to Jobcenter Esbjerg.■          perspective, that is what the Blue University    maritime fields.
                                                is about. To meet these ambitions three
                                                activities have been launched:                   These activities are facilitated by the Depart-
                                                                                                 ment of Maritime Research and Innovation
                                                • Thematic groups                                and Maritime Development Center of Eu-
                                                • MARCATOR – semi-scientific journal              rope. For further information please contact:
                                                • The Blue Conference                            Head of Dept. Kristen D. Nedergaard:
                                                                                       , tel: +45 6550 1530 ■

                                                                                                                  Offshore Center Danmark   69
                                                                                                                            Yearbook 2007
School Rides the
Offshore Wave

By EA Vest. Article by Carsten Nymann,           “It may be a question of ensuring that the        The latter is an ambitious project running
Industriens Dagblad                              drilling and mechanical parts are not con-        into something between DKK 0.6 and 1.2
                                                 structed too narrow with no space for repair      million.
                                                 and maintenance.” Both young people with
Business Academy is well on its                  fresh science A-levels and mature people          “The idea was to allow all institutions of
way with new training courses                    with crafts training can apply for enrolment.     educations in the Esbjerg area to partici-
tailor made for the offshore                                                                       pate. The engineers of Aalborg University,
industry, and the academy has                    Drilling Platform Wanted                          Esbjerg were to draw, the smiths at Techni-
kick started a project that in-                  The next step of the Business Academy’s           cal School were to construct etc.” explains
volves nothing less than build-                  efforts to train people for the offshore          Soeren Pedersen, who has provided the fi rst
ing its own platform.                            industry is partly to up-grade the teaching       investors under the project name, oilrig2es-
                                                 programme for technical manager to a 3½-          bjerg. ■
                                                 year bachelor degree partly to construct a
The demand for new, qualified workers for         stationary full-scale pilot drilling rig.
the offshore industry is now so high that the
profit margins of the industry are affected.

Consequently, Business Academy West
has custom-made two new teaching
programmes leading to the AP Degree Pro-
gramme in Technical Offshore Operation (2          OILRIG2ESBJERG
years) and the Technical Manager Offshore          is the future offshore staff training centre.
programme (3 years).                               The idea is to gather all offshore teaching
                                                   programmes and courses under one hat
“As far as we know, the average age of plat-       along with offshore spare time activities
form workers is above 50, so we are very           and cultural arrangements. A dynamic
pleased that for the time being we have two        drive will be created that will make Esb-
groups of approximately 20 graduates who           jerg unique within this field. This innovative idea was fostered by the Technical manager
hopefully have good job opportunities,”            offshore teaching programme, which calls for a practical teaching approach. Theory
says Soeren Pedersen, programme coordi-            along with many practical exercises enhances the quality of the programme, says Soeren
nator. He mentions that there are still vacant     Pedersen, who is coordinator of the technical manager offshore teaching programme.
study places.
                                                   Says Peter Blach, manager of Offshore Center Denmark: “It has been a pleasure to
Main Project Paper on                              see the tremendous success Esbjerg Business Academy has enjoyed in connection with
Maintenance                                        its new offshore training courses. New teaching programmes have been created in the
The students of the business academy are           matter of no time and especially these years where the offshore sector badly needs well
specialized in managing and running main-          trained manpower. Also we wish Business Academy West good luck with the new oil-
tenance jobs on oil rigs.                          rig2esbjerg project.”

“But they can do much more than that. To-          A joint effort is the recipe to create the best teaching programmes for an industry that
gether with other specialists they will form       has an urgent manpower need, and it is our goal to create the very best programmes
development teams.                                 internationally.

We usually say that when the engineer              The project includes the positive experience gathered by technical manager offshore
draws a good idea, we make it work,” ex-           students who have been trainees at YIT during the construction of the Valdemar BA plat-
plains Soeren Pedersen.                            form. Martin Østergaard, HSEQ & Department Manager YIT says:” To put it straight, it
                                                   has been a success. These guys both can and will work.”

70     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Education in Line with Time

By Kursuscenter Vest (Training Centre
West) (part of EUC Vest). Article by
journalist Teddy Gehrke.

Next year Kursuscenter Vest (Training
Centre West) in Esbjerg carries through a
major rebuilding of the premises, where the
regional offshore companies already now
are re-training their employees. The new
modern workshops are closely combined
with the aim of constantly offering educa-
tions in line with time.

The Centre of Control and Regulation has
got approximately 25 years of experience in
the instruction of instrumentation and regu-
lation as well as hydraulics, but the method
of instruction is very different today. It used
to be a traditional educational establish-
ment, whereas today it is considered much
more to be a collaborator of the trade, where
the courses are arranged so that they fit          instrument pipe laying completed with a “Site   industry, and the offshore trade making us
the needs and schedule of each individual         test” have also become core areas. As a new     level both technologically as well as regards
company.                                          initiative courses in repair and maintenance    our competences with the industry that we
                                                  of offshore valves as well as inspection of     cooperate with. It is a necessity to ensure that
In 2006 more than 500 employees have par-         valves on offshore installations are offered    our courses constantly meet the demands
ticipated in one of the courses at The Centre     from 2007. Furthermore courses in control       made by the trades. A course is not static. It
of Control and Regulation within instrumen-       and straightening of couplings with laser       has to be constantly adjusted and adapted to
tation, calibration, regulation, hydraulics,      equipment as well as courses in operating and   the equipment and the demands of the indi-
pneumatics, basic electric courses, PLC as        maintaining transmissions including vibration   vidual industry, says the head of the centre,
well as courses in electric safety.               measuring and transmission analyzing are        Steffen S. Nielsen.
Common to all courses is of course the great                                                      Previously the industry had to adjust itself to
emphasis on safety, so that the courses at        Modern mechanical                               the courses, but now The Centre of Control
the centre are in conformity with the current     equipment                                       and Regulation makes it a virtue to adapt
standards within the offshore industry.           The centre has modern mechanical equip-         itself to the industry and its needs.
                                                  ment at its disposal matching the demands
The courses in hydraulics cover a wide field       the industry makes on automatics and            - This means that today many of our courses
from basic courses to specializing courses        process technology today. As an example         are unique in the way they are arranged so
meeting every need within the offshore            only SMART transmitters for instrumenta-        that they match exactly the educational back-
industry including operations and main-           tion and regulation are used mainly with        ground of each participant as well as the com-
tenance of e.g. cranes, winch equipment,          HART communication. Furthermore the             petences he or she needs to bring home. Some
actuator systems using accumulators as            industry has frequently used courses within     of our one or two week courses are changed
power units and other hydraulic offshore          instrumentation and calibration of process      so they take place in an open workshop where
equipment.                                        equipment.                                      we complete various courses at the same time
                                                                                                  but with less participants in each group. By
Courses in ISO metric drawing reading to          - We are in regular contact with leading sup-   means of the open workshops the companies
be followed up by courses for pipe fitter in       pliers of process technical equipment for the   will also be in a better position to arrange

                                                                                                                   Offshore Center Danmark   71
                                                                                                                             Yearbook 2007
re-training so that the employees are able to   The first six months of next year rebuild-       among the producers of equipment of pro-
attend a course at a time when they can be      ing will be the order of the day. The present   cess technology and automatics to have their
spared, Steffen S. Nielsen explains.            premises at The Centre of Control and           equipment tested directly by the users before
                                                Regulation have to be changed in order to       they procure it. Furthermore it will also be
Training and testing                            make them appear as an integrated centre.       possible for companies situated in the region
environment                                     When the work has been finished the centre       of the Centre to use the new facilities, if they
The past year The Centre of Control and         not only will dispose of twice the space it     wish to introduce their products to present
Regulation has also involved itself in          has today, but it also will be organised to     and potential clients. ■
concrete problem solving for a company          appear as a modern educational and testing
experiencing problems with their hydraulic      environment.
equipment. On the basis of their own docu-
mentation on the equipment the centre ar-       Kursuscenter Vest (Training Centre West)
ranged a specific course, which all employees    expects a great deal from the latter. The
involved have to attend.                        Centre estimates an increasing demand

72     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
With a View
of the World

By Christian Fries, the Industrial Educa-        The offshore industry first of all gives chal-
tional Institutions (IU) and Dansk Metal         lenges and experiences, which you have a hard
                                                 time to achieve in more traditional jobs. The
                                                 demands to staff and technical equipment
The extreme lack of offshore manpower            are huge and quite different than on land, not
requires an extraordinary effort and coop-       the least due to the high safety precautions
eration amongst the industry organizations       underlying all work. Those demands the                Facts about IU and
– the organization “Industrial Educational       offshore apprentice will be taught to live up to,     offshore smiths
Institutions” takes this challenge up.           provided he or she is made of the right mate-
                                                 rial. The offshore smith is naturally also valid      The IU is coordinated by industry organi-
Somewhere right now in the middle of the         as a general smiths education, however there          zations including Dansk Metal and Dansk
North Sea, a helicopter filled with white         is a special focus on offshore related matters.       Industri. The main task is to ensure that
collar and blue collar employees is probably     The project work and optional subjects are            the education and the training of person-
on its way to one of 40 different offshore       arranged, so you have the most highly required        nel within the Danish industry, as at a
platforms in the Danish part of the North        certificates and courses in place on the day           high standard and at the requested level.
Sea. The workplace is not quite similar to       the apprentice stands with his certificate of          Offshore smiths are in high demand these
anything on land or on the sea for that mat-     completed apprenticeship in the hand.                 years, hence a dedicated effort is made in
ter – the safety precautions and regulations                                                           that direction.
are immense and the focus on the matter is       On the way in the education, the smith will
at such a high level that the occupants of the   meet a number of challenging offshore                 There are three different sides of the
helicopter actually have good time to relax      technical crafts. That gives him or her more          offshore smith education, where focus can
and enjoy the view and the trip to work.         possibilities with their education – without ef-      be made namely: first repair and mainte-
All aboard have undergone thorough safety        fecting the competences and career possibili-         nance, second welding and automatic de-
training programs, and should the need oc-       ties on land. A valid certificate of completed         vices, and third control. An offshore smith
cur, the procedures will be well known.          apprenticeship as offshore smith, is valid both       will earn an excellent salary quickly, as a
                                                 on land and offshore.                                 fully trained offshore smith, even though
The smith education is one of the most im-                                                             he is home 3 weeks and works 3 weeks.
portant blue collar educations administered      As stated earlier, there are good career po-
by the IU, with a high demand offshore and       tentials in the offshore industry and this also       Esbjerg is the offshore-capital of Den-
with a great attractiveness to students. The     goes for the smith. Major Danish offshore             mark, from where most companies within
unemployment rate is practically nil, and        companies such as Semco Maritime and                  the sector are based.
the salary is high compared to land-based        Promecon are experiencing a good growth
jobs. And the teachers at the education take     these years, and the demand for offshore
safety seriously.                                smiths is high. And the companies applaud
                                                 the prospect of receiving new well-trained          cation, the apprentice receives good English
Apprentices within the offshore industry         manpower.                                           capabilities, an understanding of the impor-
receive a thorough training both onshore                                                             tance of cooperation on smaller workspace
and offshore. The education is quite differ-     Esbjerg is the greatest platform for offshore       than normal, and a proper understanding of
ent from anything on land. For newcomers         work in Denmark, but other cities like              the meaning of love of order.
it is not always easy to understand exactly      Aalborg are also active in that perspective.
what the offshore work encompasses, as the       According to EUC Vest (a centre for voca-           If the apprentice has not yet decided, whether
platforms are remotely located and difficult      tional education) the need for smiths is one        he or she wants to be smith on land or smith
to apprehend. After the fi rst visits offshore,   of the highest at all, and the offshore smith       offshore, this can wait. Everyone gets a pos-
this feeling changes dramatically, and it        education is one of the safest sources to work      sibility to look a little on offshore, especially
turns out that the offshore-education is one     in Denmark.                                         within the main subjects, such as Danish,
of the most attractive offers of all industry                                                        English and Social Studies. The apprentice
sectors. And why you may ask? Well for           Essential abilities                                 can then later choose optional subjects, and
many reasons.                                    Throughout the education, apart from lessons        thereby get the possibility to develop his or
                                                 in the technical challenges of the smith edu-       her education later. ■

                                                                                                                       Offshore Center Danmark   73
                                                                                                                                 Yearbook 2007
     Survival Training Maritime Safety

                                                 B    eing part of the Esvagt group, we work
                                                      with latest safety and survival equipment.
                                                 We work closely with our clients in order to find
                                                 the best solution to their needs and satisfac-

                                                 By following the guidelines for education
                                                 and training laid down by the Danish
                                                 Maritime Authority, our quality system helps
                                                 us performing the best safety training in
                                                 accordance with our clients’ requirements.          STMS
                                                                                                     Adgangsvejen 1
     At the STMS training centre, the clients are in focus. We offer a wide range of
                                                                                                     DK 6700 Esbjerg
     courses, many of which are tailor-made to our clients’ requirements. Our flexibility is
                                                                                                     Tel: +45 76 11 47 50
     our strength.
                                                                                                     Tel: +45 76 11 47 05
     Your concern is our challenge and we are able to arrange a full course package        
     including transport, accommodation and provision of meals at a competitive price.

     We have 25 years of experience in offshore and maritime courses and are able to
     deliver STCW, OLF and OPITO training.

     Please refer to our homepage for further information:                               STMS

       Value for money
       - Corrosion protection
       - Non-skid walkways
       - Other areas with need for high
       - Coating of pipelines
       - As chemical and oil membrane
       Avoid costly shut downs using LINE-X
       for coating and corrosion protection.
       Due to a few seconds drying time, the
       shut down period during maintenance
       is minimized.
       LINE-X is sprayed on all surfaces and
       suitable for coating for all purposes
       – and almost impossible to wear out.
       Line-X is the ultimate choice offshore.

                                                         LINE-X Denmark . Dalager 4 . 2605 Brøndby . Denmark .
                                                            Phone +45-39 30 33 88 . Telefax +45-39 30 33 99 .

74    Offshore Center Danmark
      Yearbook 2007
Tests according to the ATEX-directives
for hydraulic Pumps and Engines

By Peter Pedersen, Vestjysk Hydraulik           A great part of Bosch Rexroths axial pumps
                                                and motors have now been approved in ac-         Just in time
New players are these years entering the off-   cordance with the ATEX-directives, and the       Vestjysk Hydraulik has recently pub-
shore market, not the least due to the rapid    last are ready within a short amount of time.    lished a DVD called »Just in time«.
growth which the sector has been undergo-       Vestjysk Hydraulik and the Danish Institute      This DVD describes the process in the
ing in recent years.                            of Technology have held preliminary meet-        company from the arrival of a pump and
                                                ings. Here the possibilities of collaborating    till it is ready for dispatch, and can be
The companies meet challenging require-         on a test of the existing and repaired equip-    useful for companies entering the off-
ments to certifications and approval of their    ment were examined. The test should be           shore market or companies already in the
equipment to offshore conditions, and at        done with the help from the Danish Institute     market looking for inspiration. The DVD
Vestjysk Hydraulik A/S this development         of Technology, which is also conducting          is in several languages including Danish,
has resulted in a number of                                     tests of other components,       English, German, French and Spanish. A
activities.                                                       which have to meet the new     positive response on the DVD has been
                                                                     requirements. These re-     received from the customers, and speci-
At the moment the                                                      quirements took effect    men can be obtained from Anette Samsøe
company is prepar-                                                       mid-2006 and hence      in the administration, for contact data see
ing for ISO 9001                                                           the directives have   elsewhere in this magazine. The DVD
and AQAP 2120                                                                been on their way   can also be seen in a shorter version on
certifications,                                                               for a long time.    2½ minute on the homepage:
which should be
fi nished by the end of                                                  “At the Danish           If you and your employees would like
2006. Hence there has                                                 Institute of Technology    to have a guided tour of the plant, you
been extra activity at the                                         we have had a hard time       are more than welcome to have an ap-
factory. Beyond the daily                                        to fi nd a company, that         pointment with the author of this article.
work, the employees thus par-                                  could do those tests,” says       For contact data please find Vestjysk
ticipate in making the company                               machine engineer Frits Fynbo,       Hydraulik in the members index of this
ready for the certification.                     Danish Institute of Technology. Frits Fynbo      magazine.
                                                is looking forward to the cooperation with
Vestjysk Hydraulik has always been focus-       Vestjysk Hydraulik. It also implies a close
ing on quality, and the company has been        cooperation between the two companies,           The company also acts as a repair and service
certified by Bosch Rexroth Danmark. The          concerning the development of the abili-         supplier, and in special cases has delivery
company now wanted to achieve the desir-        ties hydraulic components on a number of         time down to 24 hours. Repairs are done for
able certificate, which should emphasize         fields. The Danish Institute of Technology        several customers. The
that quality is their trademark. AQAP 2120      has today an advanced machine park at its        company stocks approx.
is a military standard, which is required       disposal, which are doing a number of tasks      24.000 item numbers
in order to deliver products to the Danish      for private companies.                           and is known for
Ministry of Defence.                                                                             delivery world-
                                                Already today Vestjysk Hydraulik is a certi-     wide. ■
The work with the                                    fied service centre for piston compo-
certification is being                                  nents from the Bosch Rexroth AG
performed with                                           group. Via a direct admission to
the help from                                              stock and production lines on
external hired-                                              the Bosch Rextoth AG plants,
in personnel,                                                  a fast delivery of the after-
with a good                                                       market of the company is
knowledge                                                          ensured in the form of
of quality                                                        reparation or merging of
management.                                                     two new components.

                                                                                                                Offshore Center Danmark   75
                                                                                                                          Yearbook 2007
                                                   The Municipality of Esbjerg
                                                   - takes good care of the oil and gas industry

                                                   Sites        The Municipality of Esbjerg sells attractively situated, fully serviced industrial
                                                                sites to all types of companies within the oil and gas industry.

                                                   Offices       The Municipality of Esbjerg also provides an advisory service for investors
                                                                wishing to start businesses within the oil and gas industry. The Municipality is
                                                                ready with the answers to all types of questions concerning: the purchase of
                                                                land – electricity, water and heating supplies – taxation – town planning –
                                                                environmental clearance, and so on.

                                                   Factories The Municipality of Esbjerg can put you in contact with private firms of estate
                                                             agents, accountant and solicitors, and with banking firms, concerning the
                                                             purchase or leasing of:
                                                             - office space
                                                             - productions plants
                                                             - warehousing facilities
                                                             - workshop units.

                                                   Contact      Esbjerg Industrial Development Office
                                                                Mr. Tom Nielsen
                                                                Havnegade 1
                                                                DK – 6700 Esbjerg
                                                                Phone: +45 75 12 37 44
                                                                Fax: +45 75 45 27 01


     Continuous development and innovation has given H.J.Hansen Recycling Ltd. A/S                                             ■   Recycling
     knowledge and expertise in the field of recycling in general and specially recycling                                       ■   Demolition
     of wind mills and offshore installations. We are a full-service partner with a                                            ■   EE-waste
     sustainable, technologically developed production process                                                                 ■   Oil and chemicals
     in all areas concerning:                                                                                                  ■   Waste Management
                                                                                                                               ■   Individual solutions
                                                                                                                                    within recycling

                                                                                                  Contact H.J.Hansen
                                                                                                  for further informations.

                                                     H.J.Hansen Recycling Industri Ltd. A/S   I   Havnegade 110   I   DK - 5100 Odense C I Tlf.+45 6310 9100

76   Offshore Center Danmark
     Yearbook 2007
Offshore Center Danmark makes applications
on behalf of its members for funding of new
technology projects to various foundations,
including the Ministry of Science, Technology
and Innovation, EU, as well as public and
private foundations.

                                 Offshore Center Danmark   77
                                           Yearbook 2007
New significant Market Segment
for the Offshore Industry

The Danish offshore industry wishes to be in the forefront within          a receiving plant for platforms in the Port of Esbjerg. This gives an
environmentally correct removal and recycling of worn-out offshore         initial advantage of several years compared to the establishment of
platforms from the North Sea. This thought was born more than 7            corresponding plants other places around the North Sea.
years ago among the bright offshore companies in Esbjerg. Since then
there have been made many concrete initiatives to cultivate the lucra-     However that wasn’t all. Also considerations to repair and mainte-
tive and huge market. There are around 600 offshore platforms in the       nance of the gigantic drilling rigs used in the North Sea, had to be
North Sea alone, with 400 small and medium-sized platforms being           taken into account on the same receiving plant in the Port of Esbjerg.
within the scope of this project. The platforms typically have a life-     The VVM evaluation includes also this aspect, and several consor-
time of around 30 years. Even though the companies do a lot to extend      tiums within Esbjerg are expected to make use of this plant in the
their lifetime, some of the platforms from the 1970’s and 1980’s will      future.
be worn-out within the next 5-10 years.
                                                                           During 2006 the number of drilling rigs going to Esbjerg for repair
A great step towards realization of the project was taken, when            and inspection has increased steadily compared to earlier years, and
stakeholders within Offshore Center Danmark 6 years ago started the        with the new plant, this is a trend which can be expected to continue.
development project “Environmental correct removal of offshore con-
structions”. Last year the project moved from technical clarifications      A consortium with interest in decommissioning of offshore platforms
to commercialisation. This has involved a successful raise of capital      is now developing in Esbjerg. At the moment binding manifestations
to completion of a VVM evaluation and environmental approval of            are awaited from companies regarding participation in this task, and
                                                                           also to find a suitable offshore platform to give an offer to remove.

                                                                           All in all, the desktop ideas and the development project put in pro-
                                                                           duction in Offshore Center Danmark, now begins to emerge to be a
                                                                           commercial success, both for companies and for Denmark.

                                                                           Some of the participants in the development project are; Maersk
                                  Within the range of hydraulic            Contractors, Semco Maritime, Esberg Oilfield Services (now a part of
                                  equipment HYDROPOWER A/S                 Semco Maritime), Uniscrap, Promecon, Ramboll, Det Norske Veritas,
                                  offer the following services to the
                                  offshore field:                          Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg, Esberg Havn, Esbjerg Kommune, and
                                                                           Offshore Center Danmark.
                                 - Projecting/Construction
                                 - Construction
                                 - Trouble-shooting                        Please also read elsewhere in this magazine about the international
                                 - Service (World wide)
                                 - Repair/Maintenance work
                                                                           environmentally focused decommissioning conference, which will be
                                   (On-/Offshore)                          held October 11th and October 12th 2007, and in which the results of the
                                                                           project will be presented, as part of a larger conference in Esbjerg.■
                                  We stock high-quality Hydraulic
                                  equipment of all distinguished
                                  marks and have up-to-date repair
                                  facilities including a test rig in our
                                  workshop in Esbjerg.

 With over 30 years experience
 HYDROPOWER A/S stands for
 high-quality service and hydraulic

 Certificates: ISO 9001, KMS-
 Diplom & Miljønetværk Ribe Amt.                                                                             Visit
                                                                               Environmentally Sustainable
                      HYDROPOWER A/S                                           Offshore Decommissioning
                 Lammefjordsvej 2 - 6715 Esbjerg N
            Tlf. +45 75 14 44 44 - Fax +45 74 14 45 45                         ESBJERG 2007

78     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007

POWER is a three year project under the           erection, maintenance and the final removal
ERDF (European Regional Development               at the end of the life cycle have to be tackled
Fund) supported Interreg IIIB programme.          in a transnational perspective.
Danish partners are Offshore Center Dan-
mark and EU Vest. The project runs from           The offshore wind energy technologies
summer 2004 until autumn 2007.                    and the spatial, economic and educational
                                                  strategies dealing with offshore wind energy
The POWER project unites North Sea                are still in the early stages of development,     co-operation through exchange of their spe-
regions with an interest in supporting and        thus there is a huge demand and need for          cific experiences, lessons learned from other
realising the economic and technological po-      co-operation.                                     offshore wind energy projects, best and good
tentials of offshore wind energy. The project                                                       practice transfer, common transnational ac-
assesses environmental and planning as well       Economic Development                              tivities and real projects with tangible outputs
as acceptance issues of offshore wind farms,      Most of the regions involved in the POWER         in the fields of planning, economic support /
supports the development of a reliable sup-       project suffer from high unemployment             supply chain and skills development as well
ply chain for the sector, and elaborates skills   and economic decline, due to their often          as dissemination will be crucial for the fur-
development measures. Some 40 organisa-           relatively peripheral location, the collapse in   ther development of the partner regions and
tions take part, with representatives from        fish stocks and the decline in the traditional     for the North Sea Region as a whole.
Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom,                 offshore industries. Several of them are EU
Netherlands and Belgium. Transnational co-        Objective 2 areas (Esbjerg , Bremerhaven,         Climate Protection
operation between these regions is creating a     Lowestoft/Great Yarmouth, North East              Wind energy plays an important role in the
North Sea competence network for offshore         England, Husum). Offshore wind energy             context of climate protection and the need for
wind energy.                                      provides a unique opportunity to regenerate       a comprehensive change in energy produc-
                                                  the economies of these coastal communities.       tion. In several countries around the North
All partner regions face similar problems                                                           Sea Region (NSR) wind turbines already
and opportunities in the sector. A strength       The project partners have identified that          account for a considerable proportion of
of the partnership is the combination of          offshore wind energy could be an innovative       electricity supplies. However, onshore wind
regional expertise in onshore wind energy         motor for their regional and local develop-       turbines can be difficult to reconcile with
and in offshore oil and gas industries, which     ment, creating jobs and income for their          the many existing land interests and this,
makes exchange of experience and best             regions and cities. Therefore transnational       combined with new wind energy technology,
practise particularly beneficial.

POWER pursues the following objectives:
• To unify offshore wind competence
  regions around the North Sea
• To exchange experience and to learn from
  each other
• To set up common strategies and real
  business to business contacts overcoming
  economic changes
• To respond to new educational needs on
  the university and further education levels
• To disseminate the obtained results to

Transnational co-operation
Offshore wind energy is by its nature a trans-
national issue. Because most of the wind
energy farms will be erected within the
Exclusive Economic Zones, the planning,

                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark   79
                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
is paving the way for upcoming large-scale        The use of more offshore wind energy will
offshore wind farms in the NSR.                   also generate new markets in other sectors
                                                  than the direct offshore wind energy sector
Especially offshore wind (located in the 12       (e.g. tourism, aquaculture). These develop-
nautic miles and the Exclusive Economic           ing markets give the concerned small and
Zones - EEZ zones) has an enormous poten-         medium enterprises and their labour new
tial to contribute substantially to European      fields of activities and new job opportunities.
and global climate protection. The main aim       This helps to strengthen the economic and
of POWER is to push the use of offshore           social development of the offshore compe-
wind energy power in the participating            tence regions.
regions and to enable the public sector to deal
with the multiple challenges. The coastal         Outcomes
regions around the North Sea are already          The POWER project has so far resulted in a
confronted with these challenges, some of         number of studies and reports. These include:
them are responding with comprehensive            • Supply Chain Studies for Denmark, East
future oriented strategies, combining innova-       of England, North West Germany and Hol-
tive small and medium sized enterprises with        land
scientific facilities and open-minded public       • Supply Chain Study for the North Sea
administrations, forming together alliances         Region
to push their respective regions towards          • Summer School
offshore competence regions.                      • Qualification Requirements Study
                                                  • Case Study – A Survey for the Analysis
New Job Opportunities                               of the Experiences and Lessons Learnt by
The project partners expect that there will be      Developers of Offshore Wind Farms
a significant increase in job opportunities in     • Offshore Wind Energy in the North Sea
the coming years, which will also result in         Region
a higher demand for qualified labour. This         • Business Exchange events between regions
has an indirect impact on the respective
hinterlands of the coastal areas and thereby      Further info on
supports the social cohesion by reducing          The website features all reports created un-
differences in the development of towns and       der the project. On the website it is also pos-
their rural hinterlands.                          sible to sign up for the POWER newsletter.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Technology development
                                                                                                    • Search for companies

                                                                                                                                                                         • Invitation for tenders
                                                                                                                                      • Available positions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          • Education

 Your link to the Danish Offshore Companies
                                                                                                                                                              • Events
                                                                                                                             • News

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        • Links

80     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
CMS2:                                                                                                                      CMS
Crisis Management
Simulator 2
                                                                                                         Crisis Management System

                                                                                                      Project Partners
Leonardo da Vinci Training                                                                            RKK Rogaland, Norway
in Crisis Management                                                                                  Centro Jovellanos Integral Maritime
This EU sponsored offshore maritime                                                                   Safety Training Centre, Spain
project is coordinated by Offshore Center                                                             Estonian Maritime Academy, Estonia
Danmark with institutions from 3 other                                                                Antilope IT, Denmark
maritime countries as partners, namely                                                                Offshore Center Danmark, Denmark
Norway, Spain and Lithuania. The project
involves developing an on-line course for
personnel involved in the crisis management
of an oil spill. The target group is offshore    A prototype of a web solution for the training     training requirements. The project partners
personnel, national coast guards and emer-       in oil spill accidents has been created during     have participated in several oil spill exercises
gency preparedness agencies, port officials,      2006 and is now being tested by the Admiral        together with SOK and watched both opera-
navy, army, maritime schools and the press.      Danish Fleet for real-life scenarios.              tional communication and sailed offshore
                                                                                                    together with the rescue team.
The concept of the training module is to         The project recently included a new IT
serve as a communication tool helping to         partner – the Danish IT company Antilope           Setting up the pedagogical guidelines for the
conduct an effective dialogue at the occur-      IT since April 2006 - and this has accelerated     use of the training module, describing the
rence of an oil spill accident. An unlimited     the development of the training prototype.         procedure of training and the testing of the
number of institutions, participating in an      The current solution offers several password       completed system are the final steps in the
actual oil spill accident management, may        secured levels, including administrator, exer-     project.
be represented in the training system, giving    cise leader, trainee and a general window.
a possibility for the trainers to play various                                                      The training solution developed will be
roles while conducting the training.             Pre-defined training exercises are being built      interesting for a wide range of institutions,
                                                 on actual training scenarios and simulated         including:
                                                 in advance using the oil simulation tool Sea-
                                                 WebTrack. Exercises provide graphical maps         • Educational institutions and maritime
                                                 – satellite shots – with oil spill locations and     training centres
                                                 their development in time.                         • National and local environmental
                                                 The training exercises were conducted              • Coast guard authorities
                                                 together with the Admiral Danish Fleet             • Shipping companies
                                                 (SOK) and the other country institutions,          • Harbour authorities
                                                 using their experience in the actual national      • Police and offshore operators
                                                 oil spill exercises, and meeting their concrete    ■

                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark   81
                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Electronic Chips for
offshore Drilling Pipes

Electronic chips, which are activated upon                                                           use. That means that the drilling pipe now
activation of electronic power, have proven                                                          unambiguously can be identified, where after
useful in many connections. Best known is                                                            all the data of the pipe are getting available for
the new chip version of the payment card                                                             the drilling operator. In that way use, wear,
called ‘Dankort’, where electronic chip unam-                                                        servicing and maintenance of the drilling
biguously identifies the owner of the card, and    conditions, while sending out an ‘I am chip        pipes can be optimized, with considerable
carries out the payment. This chip techno-        number’ signal for use in identifying age, use,    savings as result.
logy is now innovatively used in a project of     and service record of individual drilling pipes.
development that Offshore Center Danmark                                                             The road forward towards this innovative
has been project manager on for 3 years.          The company Laybourn Trading & Techno-             use of the chip technology has been long and
                                                  logy from Gilleleje is an expert in the use of     challenging, and here the Offshore Center
The project develops an electronic chip for       modern chip technology, and is now also op-        Danmark knowledge of offshore companies
drilling pipes, so-called RF/ID tags, that are    erating in the offshore oil/gas industry. Here     and project management has been put in use.
able to handle extreme long-term mechanical       Laybourn Trading & Technology has together         Laybourns electronic chips must operate
stress under HP/HT drilling conditions in the     with Offshore Center Danmark and Maersk            stable under extreme physical conditions, with
North Sea. In an incubator-style set up, alarms   Contractors experimented with the use of           vibrations and chemicals being just some of
technology specialist Laybourn Trading &          chips to unambiguously register thousands of       the challenges. This is very far away from the
Technology - a one-man operation - teamed         drilling pipes, which are used when drilling       requirements of a ‘Dankort’, but not further
up with Maersk Contractors through Offshore       for oil and gas. Every single drilling pipe is     away than that Maersk Contractors is about to
Center Danmark to advance development             provided with an electronic chip, which is         order and mount thousand of Laybourns chips
of a chip that could stand 300 bar/178°C          automatically read when the pipe is taken in       on their drilling pipes. ■

                                          Oil- and Gas Technology
                                    Education, Research and Development
                Esbjerg Institute of Technology offers a master education in Oil- and Gas Technology.
                      The education is international and the language in the education is English.
    The education is offered as a full time 2 years education and as a part time education for persons who are in job
                                         and want to combine job and education.
                 For further information: contact Kirsten B. Kirchner on telephone +45 79 12 76 66
                                               or via E-mail:

                                                     Research and development
   Esbjerg Institute has extensive collaboration on R&D with companies in the Oil- and Gas sector partly through
   student projects and partly through R&D projects done by our scientific staff in collaboration with companies.
  Further the institute has a strong collaboration with Offshore Centre Denmark and supports the Centre’s efforts to
                          become technological knowledge centre in the South Danish Region.
                    For further information: contact Torben Rosenørn on telephone +45 79 12 76 66
                                               or via E-mail:

                                           Esbjerg Institute of Technology
                                                 Aalborg University
             Niels Bohrs Vej 8, DK 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark - Telephone: + 4579 12 76 66 - Home page:

82     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Increased Oil Recovery
from the Chalk Fields in the
Danish North Sea Sector
Oil in the Danish part of the North Sea is         In the experiment planning phase a number
mainly found in chalk reservoirs. Chalk is         of scenarios have been simulated and evalu-     Project team:
characterized by having high porosity but          ated and most prospective scenarios have        Offshore Center Danmark
low permeability - in other words: it can          been selected for experimentation.              GEUS (Geological Survey
contain a lot of oil, but the oil is hard to ex-                                                   of Denmark and Greenland)
tract. Due to the poor permeability it is only     The project is co-funded by Danish Ministry     Aalborg University Esbjerg
possible to extract a certain amount of the        of Science, Technology and Innovation, and      Ramboll Oil & Gas
oil - currently the average rate of extraction     is coordinated by Offshore Center Danmark,      Denerco Oil A/S
is around 23%. If it was possible to increase      with partners including Ramboll Oil & Gas,      Amerada Hess
that rate by only 1%, the extra production         GEUS and Aalborg University (Esbjerg            Baker Oil Tools
over a one year period would supply Den-           Institute).
mark with enough oil to cover the national
oil based energy demand for approximately 2        The companies supporting the project include
years. This Offshore Center Danmark project        Denerco Oil A/S, Amerada Hess and Baker
is looking into the challenges connected with      Oil Tools providing technical and advisory
increasing the extraction rate.                    support where appropriate.

The project has shifted from its initial           The project runs from 2005 to 2007. The
screening stage in 2005. Two research insti-       preliminary results were presented at an open
tutions – Aalborg University Esbjerg (AUE)         conference in February 2007. ■
and Geological Survey of Denmark and
Greenland (GEUS) – have now selected two
technologies for the increased oil recovery
(IOR) studies for further investigation, with
the subsequent laboratory experiments and/
or numerical modelling.

AUE focuses on Microbial Permeability
Profile Modification (MPPM) which encom-
passes in situ injection of nutrients to the
reservoir micro-organisms, whereas GEUS
works on CO2 injection.

AUE is currently investigating possibilities
for MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Re-
covery) implementation in the Danish chalk
fields. Microbe adaptation to salinity, forma-
tion water, reaction with molasses, reaction
of microbial fluid with chalk and gas leakage
is being tested.

GEUS has made a laboratory installation of
reservoir rig for simulation of water flooding
and the CO2-enriched flooding experiments.
The experiments will determine the satura-
tion evolution of a sample during a predeter-
mined and precisely controlled sequence of

                                                                                                                Offshore Center Danmark   83
                                                                                                                          Yearbook 2007
Small Scale LNG Transport

A growing market for the future energy sup-    In Europe there are presently 11 LNG termi-
ply is Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) transport.     nals with many new terminals on the way.            Project team:
Currently natural gas provides 25% of all      Export of LNG is not currently in place but         Offshore Center Danmark
energy consumption in the world, and the       set to start from Norway by 2006 from the           COWI A/S
International Energy Agency has forecast       Snøvit field in the Barents Sea. The primary         Danish Hydraulic Institute
that gas demand will grow at a faster rate     importer in Europe is France due to signifi-         Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s
than oil in the coming years. LNG is natural   cant lack of domestic supply, but also Spain        Endress & Hauser
gas, which has been refrigerated to a cryo-    and Italy are major importers. Germany and          Aalborg University Esbjerg
genic liquid at a temperature of under -161°   the UK are potential major importers in a
Celsius. An Offshore Center Danmark de-        future LNG import market.
velopment project is currently looking into
the challenges and opportunities for Danish    While large terminals and LNG transport
companies in this emerging market.             ships exist in the European market area, the
                                               development of small scale transport system
Currently world LNG transport is exported      which is economically feasible would be ben-
from South East Asia, the United States, the   eficial to the European countries in a future,    small scale transport of liquefied natural gas
Middle East and some African countries         where natural gas is predominant over oil        (LNG) in Denmark. While the project focuses
like Algeria and Nigeria. Import terminals     as an energy source. Currently economies         on the economic feasibility of such an energy
are primarily situated in Japan and the        of scale are making possible the develop-        resource in the future, technical aspects of
United States, but are expected to blossom     ment of huge liquefaction trains at terminals    small scale transport will also be considered.
elsewhere in the world in the coming years.    but small terminal sites along European          A SWOT analysis will be the basis of the
                                               shoreline (in harbours, bays, beachheads) in     project result, analysing the barriers and the
Douglas-Westwood, an international energy      the future are considered as an alternative to   possibilities for the Danish companies and
analyst, has stated that the growth of LNG     meet the demand for energy consumption.          institutions in this upcoming huge market,
in the period 2005-2009 will increase by       The project, partly financed by the Danish        including an assessment of the market, the
US$ 67 Billion. Expenditure on LNG facili-     Ministry of Science and Technology (VTU)         technology available today to develop this
ties will increase from US$ 7.2 billion in     runs from 2005 to 2007. It is designed as a      energy source and the gaps which could be
2004 to US$ 17.5 billion in 2009.              pilot project to analyse the future market for   filled by Danish companies. ■

84     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Aluminium as Construction Material
for offshore oil/gas Installations

Aluminium is characterized by light weight       corrosion and weight and looks upon alu-
and being non-corrosive. Aluminium is only       minium as a possible alternative material.          Project team:
sparsely used on Danish offshore platforms,                                                          Offshore Center Danmark
but has proven to be a viable offshore mate-     The project will identify and describe status,      AluCluster
rial within certain specialised areas. The       barriers and opportunities for the use of           Madsens Maskinfabrik
offshore industry has a massive focus on         aluminium as a construction material for            FORCE Technology
                                                                                                     Gimsing & Madsen
                                                                                                     Aalborg University Esbjerg

                                                                                                   offshore installations, using known installa-
                                                                                                   tions as a reference.

                                                                                                   The project will result in a concrete proposed
                                                                                                   solution for an alternative to a traditional steel
                                                                                                   solution - for example an offshore aluminium
                                                                                                   bridge. This will be carried out in close co-
                                                                                                   operation with the offshore industry.

                                                                                                   The project runs from 2006-2008.

Plastic Composites as Construction
Material for offshore oil/gas
Light weight and non corrosive plastic           for offshore installations. The project will
composites are only sparsely used on Dan-        further more identify what kinds of plastic          Project team:
ish offshore platforms. This can be seen as      composites there is a need for offshore.             Offshore Center Danmark
paradoxical, considering how widely used                                                              Plast Center Danmark
plastics are throughout a long range of ap-      The project will result in a concrete proposed       Fiberline Composites
plications onshore (buildings, cars, process     solution for an alternative to a traditional         Maersk Oil & Gas
plants etc.) and considering the massive focus   steel solution. This could be piping, gratings,      COWI
the offshore industry has on corrosion and       ladders or other topside structures. This will       Promecon
weight issues at offshore installations.         be carried out in close co-operation with the        Aalborg University Esbjerg
                                                 offshore industry.
The project will identify and describe status,
barriers and opportunities for the use of        The project runs from 2006-2008.
plastic composites as construction materials     ■

                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark   85
                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Market Requirements and Competence
Developments of Newcomers to the
Danish offshore oil and gas Market
To an increasing extent, small and medium-       Further description
sized Danish companies (SME’s) see the           The project has started in the autumn 2006       Project Steering Group:
offshore industry as a new and interesting       and will be completed 31st of December           Offshore Center Danmark
market and because of that, they are striving    2008.                                            University of Southern Denmark
to be suppliers to the market. The market is                                                      Fisheries and Maritime Museum Esbjerg
considered as having a good growth and a         The project includes 4 inter-connected activi-   Business Development Center Southwest
reasonable return on investment.                 ties:                                            (SVUF)
                                                 • Identification of the significance of finan-
The offshore sector is however highly techni-       cial advantages and employment opportu-       Project Participants:
cal and complex, which often can be seen as a       nities of the offshore industry in Denmark.   DONG Energy
high entrance barrier by new SME’s.                 Focus will be directed to the effects from    Hytor
                                                    small and medium-sized companies in the       Vetco Gray
A consequence of above mentioned is that            Region of Southern Denmark. Activity is       A/S Oil Power
small and medium-sized companies fre-               leaded by Fisheries and Maritime Museum       Alslev Rustfri Montage
quently contact Offshore Center Danmark to          Esbjerg.                                      GSS
get assistance and knowledge in connection       • Identification of the demands which the         AN Group
with market penetration at the offshore oil         small and medium-sized companies will         PNE Teknik
and gas area.                                       meet from the offshore industry. Acti-        Sturnus Engineering
                                                    vity is led by University of Southern
This new project will identify the entrance         Denmark.
barriers and lower them for the newcomers        • Elaboration of a Market Catalogue, from          offshore industry with regard to the above
to the Danish offshore oil and gas market.          which the companies can see, how these          Market Catalogue.
                                                    demands are achieved. Activity is leaded
Many industrial sectors are represented in the      by EU Vest and Offshore Center Danmark.       The activities end up in December 2008 with
offshore sector: operators, offshore service     • Elaboration of a course/webside/cd-rom/        summary, publication and a conference.■
and component providers, logistic and trans-        film concerning the demands from the
port providers, HR, IT, materials providers of
steel, aluminium, composites etc.

The project shall identify the opportunities
for the companies, and focus will be directed
to small and medium-sized companies in
Denmark. The project will result in a new
course learning interested SME’s about pos-
sibilities and challenges within the offshore
industry, and how to handle them.

At beginning of 2007 a number of small
and medium-sized Danish companies were
contacted to join the project. The firms will
ensure a useful and qualified outcome of the
ambitious project.

If you and your firm have interest in par-
ticipation in this project, do not hesitate to
contact Offshore Center Denmark.

86      Offshore Center Danmark
        Yearbook 2007
Competences and Resources for
the Oil Sectors - CROSS

                                                                                                 Project team:
                                                                                                 Offshore Center Danmark
                                                                                                 Danish Offshore Industry
                                                                                                 University of Southern Denmark
                                                                                                 Aalborg University Esbjerg
                                                                                                 JobCenter Esbjerg
                                                                                                 Sydvestjysk Udviklingsforum
                                                                                                 EA Vest
                                                                                                 Valtor Offshore
                                                                                                 150 OCD member companies

The Danish and international offshore          companies of Offshore Center Danmark and
industry was in 2006 busier than it had been   hence these results will be used to define the
for 20 years. This has resulted in a demand    size and the directions for competence deve-
for many new employees among the offshore      lopment and recruitment activities of 2007.
companies. Combined with a historically
low unemployment rate in Denmark a chal-       The focus in the project will not the least be
lenging situation for the offshore industry    on upgrading the existing educational level
has been created.                              of the present and the coming employees,
                                               so that they can work in the Danish offshore
Hence Offshore Center Danmark has initi-       sector and match the particular Danish
ated a development project “Competences        requirements.
and Resources for the Oil&gaS Sector” or in
short the CROSS project, bringing together     A common working scheme between educa-
the offshore actors in a collective effort     tional institutions and the industry will also
to provide higher competences and more         be a desirable output in order to create viable
resources to the offshore sector.              training programs.

The project has in 2006 investigated the       The project has been started in the autumn of
actual need of human resources. A ques-        2006 and will run for two years.
tionnaire was forwarded to all 150 member      ■

                                                                                                              Offshore Center Danmark   87
                                                                                                                        Yearbook 2007
Offshore Book

The offshore market is booming, with many      gas activities in the North Sea, the project
new people joining the offshore work force.    will help people in the offshore sector to
Hence the need has arisen for a comprehen-     meet the strong demands within both the
sive offshore book, describing the offshore    industrial and educational fields. Also, it
sector in detail, at a university level.       will be a good way to exchange knowledge
                                               and experience between European countries
A prerequisite for employee understand-        within different offshore areas.
ing and solving of the complex challenges
faced daily by the industry is a fundamental   The book will be narrated and coordinated
understanding and interpretation of the oil    by institutions and individuals, representing
and gas activities undertaken, starting with   the highest level of proficiency available on
personnel with the highest management          the market today. The book will be formed to
level to personnel with lower level service    be consistent with the actual demands from
tasks, including the students attending the    the market. The focus group amongst profes-
educational institutions.                      sionals will ensure the quality and recentness
                                               of the material.
Often the people working in the offshore
sector have a background different from oil    The specific aim of the project is to create a
and gas technologies, and often technicians,   good source of information and knowledge
managers or service employees offshore         about offshore energy activities for students
do not have enough basic knowledge in          of different post-highschool educational
engineering or practical offshore work.        levels and to people working in the offshore
These groups need that knowledge in their      sector and lacking a sufficient background
work environment as a basis for satisfactory   and knowledge. The book will cover all
services.                                      relevant offshore oil and gas activities and
                                               also include other offshore activities such as
The main objective of this project is to       offshore wind and tidal and wave energy.■
create an offshore text book, called the
Offshore Book. Focusing on offshore oil and

88     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Angola Study: Market Opportunities
for Danish Companies within the
Angolan oil and gas Industry
Offshore Center Danmark was recently            This will make Angola the biggest oil pro-        Maersk Oil Angola (Maersk Oil) and
approached by the Danish Industrialization      ducer in Africa. For Danish offshore sector       partners have recently entered Production
Fund for the Developing Countries (IFU),        companies interested in internationalization,     Sharing Agreements with the Angolan
who was looking for a partner to investigate    Angola should provide good opportunities, as      monopoly Sonangol on several blocks in
the oil & gas opportunities in Angola and       a growth market with lower entrance barriers      offshore Angola, with oil having been found
Nigeria for the concrete benefit of the mem-     than mature markets.                              in neighbouring blocks early 2007.
bers of Offshore Center Danmark.
                                                The study gives a brief introduction of the       The study was conducted in the period Sep-
The proven oil reserves in Angola have          magnitude, structure and workings of the          tember 2006 – January 2007 including site
tripled in the past seven years and com-        Angolan oil & gas industry, as well as a          visits and the resulting report can be obtained
prise 5.4 billion barrels as of January 2006.   market analysis of present offshore services      by contacting Offshore Center Danmark.
The majority of the reserves are located in     in Angola and finally an identification of gaps     Further studies of the other West African
Angola’s offshore blocks. Angola is presently   in the market relevant for Danish companies.      countries will follow in 2007.
sub-Saharan Africa’s second largest oil pro-    Also practical matters, like setting up a busi-    ■
ducer behind Nigeria. Oil production in 2005    ness in Angola, local partner requirements,
averaged 1.25 million bbl/d but is expected     investment possibilities will be described
to rise to 2 million bbl/d by 2008, when new    along with the political and economical
deep-water production sites are expected to     overviews.
come online.

                                                                                                                    AN GROUP

                                                                                                                     Industrial Engineers
                                                                                                                     and Contractors:
                                                                                                                     DK – Esbjerg
                                                                                                                     +45 73 46 10 00
                                                                                                                     DK – Lynge
                                                                                                                     +45 48 25 10 00
                                                                                                                     DK – Aarhus
                                                                                                                     DK - Kalundborg

        We create professional and reliable improvements for your projects and production, related to:
        Instrument – Electrical - SCADA and ESD - Project Management, Automation and Production IT.

                                                                                                                   Offshore Center Danmark   89
                                                                                                                             Yearbook 2007
ERFA Groups

An important part of OCD’s activities is the       Rope Access Denmark                             VSB Industri- og Stålmontage A/S
coordination of ERFA groups. Four groups           Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S                Aalborg University Esbjerg
were formed when the centre started up in          Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg
2003.                                                                                              Activities 2006:
                                                   Activities 2006:                                • Offshore inspection for operational condi-
The intention was to form networks of core         • Offshore safety and accidents, presentation     tions regarding noise, ventilation, flow and
business within specific business areas. The          by DONG E&P                                     insulation – presentation by Danish Energy
groups are comprised of Offshore Center            • Offshoresikkerhedsloven (Offshore safety        Authority
Danmark’s member companies, representing             law), presentation by Danish Energy Au-       • Visit to Valdemar offshore platform while
suppliers and subsuppliers as well as consul-        thority                                         it was in Esbjerg harbour for a repair at
tants, service providers, training institutions    • ISO/TS 29001 and other quality standards,       Esbjerg Oilfield Services
and universities. In this way academic know-         presentation by FORCE Technology              • 6th Danish Licensing Round – presentation
ledge has a chance to directly approach indu-      • Management System, presentation by              of results by Danish Energy Authority
stry with their innovations and get a feed-back      Maersk Contractors                            • Establishment of Offshore Consortium
or hear about the exact industrial needs.                                                            Esbjerg. The consortium aims to de-
                                                   Contacts:                                         liver package solutions for the oil and gas
The groups meet around 4 times a year to dis-      • Chairman Torben Rosenørn, Aalborg               industry and related professional areas, to
cuss current activities within their focus area.     University Esbjerg,                             optimize the economy in the solution of
Often, an external lecturer is invited to give a, +45 7912 7616                   the individual project, to reduce the time
presentation over relevant topics.                 • Coordinator Morten Holmager, Offshore           consumption and the execution period of
                                                     Center Danmark,                                 the project and to raise the quality of the
Approximately half of all OCD member com-  , +45 3697 3672             work. The consortium is comprised of 12
panies regularly participate in ERFA groups.                                                         member companies, experts within the
In this section of the Yearbook you can                                                              More about consortium can be found on
read about the four different ERFA groups.         Stationary and Mobile                             their homepage
Members of Offshore Center Danmark can             Offshore Installations
freely join the ERFA groups suited for their                                                       Contacts:
businesses.                                        Group members:                                  • Chairman Esben Marcussen, Promecon,
                                                   ABB A/S, Esbjerg                                  Aalborg University Esbjerg,
                                                   AN Group, Esbjerg                        , +45 76 11 55 00
                                                   COWI, Esbjerg                                   • Co-Chairman (education) Leif W. Jør-
HSSEQ                                              Danfoss A/S                                       gensen, Aalborg University Esbjerg,
                                                   Det Norske Veritas                      , +45 7912 7647
Group members:                                     Erhvervs Akademi Vest                           • Coordinator Gin Vagelas, Offshore Center
ABB A/S                                            FORCE Technology                                  Danmark,
Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s                        Hydropower A/S                          , +45 3697 3673
Det Norske Veritas                                 Jutlandia Terminal A/S
Esbjerg Safety Consult A/S                         Line-X Denmark
EUC Vest                                           NV Engineering
Falck Nutec                                        Ocean Team Scandinavia
Forskningsenheden for Maritim Medicin              Offshore Center Danmark
Maersk Contractors                                 Persolit A/S
Offshore Center Danmark                            PNE Teknik A/S
Peter Harbo A/S                                    Promecon
Pon Power A/S                                      Semco Maritime
Procurator Safety Denmark                          Sturnus Engineering
Promecon                                           Vestjysk Hydraulik A/S
Ramboll Oil & Gas                                  Vetco Gray Denmark

90     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
Offshore Wind                                  Decommissioning

Group members:                                 Group members:
ABB A/S                                        COWI
COWI                                           Denerco Oil
CT Offshore ApS                                H. J. Hansen Recycling Industry Ltd.
DTU                                            Ramboll Oil & Gas
Erhvervs Akademi Vest                          Semco Maritime/EOS A/S
Esbjerg Safety Consult A/S                     Olesen og Jensen
Esvagt A/S                                     Siemens A/S
EUC Vest                                       EUC Vest
Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet                      AMU Center Vest
FORCE Technology                               Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg
Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S                           Offshore Center Danmark
Jutlandia Terminal A/S
MT Højgaard a/s                                Activities 2006:
NV Engineering                                 • ERFA Group Decommissioning has been
Offshore Center Danmark                          hibernating for a year, due to an extreme
Orbicon A/S                                      activity level of the offshore business in
Peter Harbo A/S                                  2006, and the subsequent postponement of
Ramboll Oil & Gas                                any potential platform decommissioning
STMS - Survival Training Maritime Safety         projects. The ERFA group will restart in
Vestas Offshore A/S                              2007.
VSB Industri- og Stålmontage A/S               • The ERFA Group has been important with
                                                 reference to the ongoing activities at the
Activities 2006:                                 Port of Esbjerg, on the issue of an “Off-
• Burbo Offshore Wind Farm, presentation         shore Receiving Installation”. A 23.000
  by DONG Energy and MT Højgaard                 m2 offshore receiving installation for Rig
• Prediction of production from offshore         Repair and Decommissioning is hence be-
  wind farms, presentation by DTU                ing built by the Port of Esbjerg starting in
• Flow batteries to reduce fluctuations in        2007.
  production of offshore wind farms, presen-   • The ERFA Group is under reconstruction
  tation by Incoteco                             and will have a call for the 4th meeting at
• Horns Rev II Offshore Wind farm, presen-       the beginning of 2007.
  tation by Energi E2 (now DONG Energy)
• Kentish Flats Offshore Wind farm, presen-    Contacts:
  tation by Elsam Engineering                  • Chairman will be reappointed.
                                               • Coordinator Allan Christensen, Offshore
Contacts:                                        Center Danmark,
• Chairman Henrik Carstens, Ramboll Oil, +45 3697 3670 ■
  & Gas,, +45 7913 71 24
• Coordinator Morten Holmager, Offshore
  Center Danmark,, +45 3697 3672

                                                                                                Offshore Center Danmark                  91
                                                                                                          Yearbook 2007
                   Everybody has someone to come home to

                   Do you have the necessary skills
                   to save lives and values?

                   For more that 30 years Falck Nutec have provided safety          Falck Nutec Esbjerg A/S
                   training to the offshore industry, the petrochemical             Uglviggårdsvej 3
                   industry, the maritime industry, fire & emergency units,         DK-6705 Esbjerg Ø
                   the armed forces, public authorities and the service industry.
                                                                                    Tel: (+45) 76 12 13 14
                   Falck Nutec is a global company providing tailor made            Fax: (+45) 76 12 13 13
                   solutions cross border.

                   As well as being the Global leader in advanced safety  
                   training Falck Nutec also offers modern course and
                   conference facilities along with hotel facilities.
Center Danmark
Offshore Center Danmark is a member based organization currently
counting 150 members. As a member a series of favourable offers are

• Possibility to participate in business forums. Currently five forums
  have been established: HSSEQ (Health, Safety, Security, Environ-
  ment and Quality), Offshore oil/gas installations, Offshore Wind,
  Decommissioning and Internationalisation. Each forum counts 15-25
  companies and institutions and has about 4 meetings a year – often
  with locations rotating amongst the members and with special invited
  guests giving relevant presentations.

• Possibility to participate in special arrangements (conferences, semi-
  nars etc.) at a reduced price.

• Many options to network with the other partners in the industry.

• Possibility to participate in Offshore Center Danmark’s development
  projects. Offshore Center Danmark typically takes the role as project
  coordinator and is also available to help find funding for projects.

• Possibility to make use of Offshore Center Danmarks competencies
  within consultancy, network to the industry and funding for develop-
  ment projects.

• Listing in - a database featuring more than
  500 Danish offshore companies. Only members of Offshore Center
  Danmark achieve full listing.

• Access to the Tender section of Here it is
  possible to find and post tenders on various development projects in
  the offshore industry.

• Access to the Virtual Library of knowledge portal www.offshorecent- Here it is possible to find offshore relevant publications from
  companies, universities, authorities etc., as well as documentation and
  minutes of meetings from the board, the business forums and all the

The next chapter of ON/OFF Yearbook presents the members of
Offshore Center Danmark.

                                           Offshore Center Danmark   93
                                                     Yearbook 2006
Center Danmark

A/S Oil Power                                  Fire-Protect A/S                           Peter Harbo A/S
A2SEA A/S                                      Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet                  Phoenix International A/S
ABB A/S                                        Foga Aps                                   PNE Teknik A/S
Alslev Rustfri Montage A/S                     FORCE Technology, Esbjerg                  Pon Power A/S
Altinex Oil Denmark A/S                        Forskningsenheden for Maritim Medicin      Procurator Safety Denmark
Amerada Hess                                   Fredericia Maskinmesterskole               Promecon
AMU-Vest                                       FURUNO Danmark AS                          QA Consulting A/S
AN Group                                       Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S                       Ramboll Oil & Gas
Atcom ApS                                      Gammelgaards Svejse Service                Region Syddanmark
Atkins Danmark A/S                             Gardit A/S                                 ResQ A/S
Betech Seals A/S                               Germanischer Lloyd Denmark A/S             Ribe Maskinfabrik
Blue Water Shipping                            GEUS,Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske      Rope Access Denmark
Brüel & Kjær Vibro A/S                         Undersøgelse                               Rovsing Dynamics A/S
BTM Consult ApS                                Gimsing & Madsen A/S                       Roxtec ApS
Carl Bro A/S                                   Gulf Offshore Leasing Denmark ApS          Sanistål A/S
Chevron Denmark Inc.                           H. J. Hansen Recycling Industry Ltd.       Score Danmark A/S
COWI                                           Hempel A/S                                 Selco A/S
CT Offshore ApS                                HH-Consult                                 Semco Maritime
Damcos A/S                                     Hydropower A/S                             SGS Danmark A/S
Dan-Equip A/S                                  Hytor                                      Siemens A/S
DAN-EX Electric A/S                            IFU/IØ, Industrialiseringsfonden for Ud-   Siemens Wind Power A/S
Danfoss Ventures                               viklingslandene                            Solar Offshore
Danish Air Transport                           JEVI A/S                                   STMS - Survival Training Maritime Safety
Danish Marine & Offshore Group                 Jobcenter Esbjerg                          Sturnus Engineering ApS
Danish Offshore Industry                       JobInVest ApS                              SubCPartner ApS
Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s                    Jutlandia Terminal A/S                     Syddansk Universitet
Dansk Industri                                 Jørgen Kynde Isoleringsfirma                Sydvestjysk Udviklingsforum
Dansk Metal                                    Kirk Larsen & Ascanius                     Uniscrap, Åbenrå
Dansk Svejse Teknik A/S                        Laybourn Trading & Technology, L.T. & T.   Valtor Offshore A/S
Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktiesel-   LHJ Consult A/S                            Varde Kommune
skab                                           LICengineering A/S                         Vestas Offshore A/S
Den Danske Vedligeholdsforening                Lindpro                                    Vestjysk Hydraulik A/S
Det Norske Veritas                             LINE-X Denmark A/S                         Vetco Gray Denmark
DHI - Water & Environment                      MacArtney A/S Underwater Technology        Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S
DONG Energy                                    Madsens Maskinfabrik ApS                   Vindmølleindustrien
DTU, Department of Mechanical Engineering      Maersk Contractors                         VSB Industri- og Stålmontage A/S
Endress+Hauser                                 Masava Kemi ApS                            Welcon A/S
Energistyrelsen                                Maskinmestrenes Forening                   YIT A/S
EP TOOLS                                       Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og    Ødegaard & Danneskiold-Samsøe A/S
Erhvervs Akademi Vest                          Udvikling                                  Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg
Esbjerg Erhvervsudvikling                      Minus10dB Ole-Holst-Jensen ApS
Esbjerg Havn                                   MT Højgaard a/s
                                                                                          Offshore Center Danmark currently counts +150 members.
Esbjerg Kommune                                MultiPlus Solutions AS
Esbjerg Offshore Base K/S                      Mærsk Olie og Gas AS                       Membership can be obtained through un-
Esbjerg Oiltool A/S                            Niels Winther & Co.                        der the menu Medlemslogin (in Danish) or by contacting Offshore
Esbjerg Safety Consult A/S                     NIRAS A/S                                  Center Danmark: +45 3697 3670 /
Esvagt A/S                                     Nordsø Elektronik A/S
EUC Vest                                       NV Engineering
Europas Maritime Udviklingscenter              Ocean Team Scandinavia
Falck Nutec                                    Odfjell Well Services A/S
Fanø Kommune                                   Olesen & Jensen
FH Montage                                     Orbicon A/S
Fiberline Composites as                        Persolit A/S

94     Offshore Center Danmark
       Yearbook 2007
A/S Oil Power                                                   Phone: +45 65 47 70 70                                             Contact Person:
                                                                Fax: +45 65 47 70 71                                               Synnøve Røysland
Boven 2                                                         E-mail:                                             E-mail:
6700 Esbjerg
Phone: +45 75 12 55 55                                          Contact Person:                                                    Competences:
Fax: +45 75 12 57 09                                            Jan Ilsø                                                           Industry sector: Oil and Gas
E-mail:                                    Direct Phone: +45 65 47 71 00                                      Industry role: Operator
                                                                E-mail:                                       Industry expertise: Exploration and Production
Contact Person:
Kjeld Christensen                                               Competences:                                                       Profile:
E-mail:                                         Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,             Altinex Oil is a hydrocarbon exploration and production
                                                                Service, Safety and Environment                                    company in the process of building a diversified portfolio of
Competences:                                                    Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier,             high value oil and gas assets.
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,          Manufacturer
Service                                                         Industry expertise: Safety and Security, Compressors and
Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer         Power Supply, Tanks and Storage Equipment, Leasing of              Amerada Hess
Industry expertise: Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Pumps &            Tools/Equipment, Planning, Ports and Supply Bases, Fabri-
Accessories, Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and         cation and Construction, Ropes (Wire & Synthetic), Supply          Østergade 26B
Operation                                                       Chain Management, Pumps and Accessories, Offshore Wind             1100 København K
                                                                Turbines - Nacelles and Electrical Parts, Cranes and Crane         Phone: +45 33 30 12 33
Profile:                                                         Accessories, Navigation Aids, Firefighting, Cooling, Heating,       Fax: +45 33 30 12 99
Oilpower Hydraulics A/S can offer expertise in the following    Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Valves and Accessories,
fields:                                                          Inspection and Testing, Water Treatment, Process Control,          Contact Person:
Construction and service of hydraulic systems; Remanu-          General Information, Instrumentation, Sludge Removal,              Annette Bjørke
facturing of pumps, motors and cylinders; Manufacturing         Project Management, Personnel, Contractors, Courses and            E-mail:
of hydraulic winches; Subsea technology; Hydraulic pump         Training, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Electrical Equipment,
units; Industrial assembling; Advising and sale of hydraulic    IT & Electronics, Maintenance, Modification, Optimization           Competences:
components; Importer of Palfinger - Cranepower Mari-             and Operation, Design and Engineering, Generators and              Industry sector: Oil and Gas
necranes; Importer of Bauer Hydraulics; Importer of RAC         Engines, Communication Systems, Consulting                         Industry role: Operator
Hydraulic fittings.                                                                                                                 Industry expertise: Exploration and Production
                                                                ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies               Profile:
A2SEA A/S                                                       that enable utility and industry customers to improve              Amerada Hess is a part of the American oil and gas com-
                                                                performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB           pany Amerada Hess Corporation, which has about 11,000
Karetmagervej 11                                                Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and            employees world wide. Amerada Hess has been active on
7000 Fredericia                                                 employs around 103,000 people.                                     the North Sea since 1963 and has since the completion of
Phone: +45 75 92 82 11                                          In Denmark we are around 850 employees.                            the South Arne platform in 1999 started to be widely rep-
Fax: +45 75 92 63 75                                                                                                               resented in Denmark. In the Danish part of the organization
E-mail:                                                                                                            Amerada Hess have approximately 110 skilled, dynamic and
                                                                Alslev Rustfri Montage A/S                                         engaged employees working at the main office in central
Contact Person:                                                                                                                    Copenhagen and on Syd Arne.
Johnny Lykke                                                    Formervej 7
E-mail:                                            6800 Varde
                                                                Phone: +45 75 21 20 99                                             AMU-Vest
Competences:                                                    Fax: +45 75 21 17 99
Industry sector: Offshore Wind, Maritime                        E-mail:                                                 Sp. Møllevej 304-306
Industry role: Service Provider                                                                                                    6705 Esbjerg Ø
Industry expertise: Planning, Offshore Wind Turbines -          Contact Person:                                                    Phone: + 45 79 14 03 22
Service, Maritime Transport, Cranes and Crane Accessories,      Tommy Laursen                                                      Fax: +45 79 14 03 00
Offshore Wind Turbines - Foundations, Project Management,       Direct Phone: +45 76 94 05 12                                      E-mail:
Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and Commission-           E-mail:
ing, Design and Engineering, Maintenance, Modification,                                                                             Contact Person:
Optimization and Operation, Contractors                         Competences:                                                       Poul Viggo Fischer
                                                                Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                       E-mail:
Profile:                                                         Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer
A2SEA is the world’s leading supplier of offshore wind          Industry expertise: Fabrication and Construction, Pipes,           Competences:
turbine services. Established in 2000, A2SEA’s pioneering       Pipelines and Risers                                               Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind
approach is based on the concept of a ‘crane vessel with                                                                           Industry role: Educational Institution
legs’. This revolutionary technology involves purpose-built     Profile:                                                            Industry expertise: Courses and Training
vessels fitted with a high-reaching, heavy-lift crane and four   Alslev Rustfri Montage A/S has specialized in manufactur-
fully retractable legs that extend to the sea bed – ensur-      ing, delivery and installation of structures in stainless steel,   Profile:
ing rock-solid stability and safety. The company offers the     aluminium and “black” steel.                                       AMU-Vest is the leading centre for adult education in-serv-
complete range of offshore contracting services, including                                                                         ice training in Western Jutland.
installation of substructure and superstructure, repair and
service, turnkey meteorological mast installation and rapid     Altinex Oil Denmark A/S
crew transfer. Headquartered in Denmark, A2SEA has                                                                                 AN Energy – Esbjerg
offices in the UK and Germany and has worked with all the        Kongevejen 100C
leading wind turbine manufacturers.                             Postboks 110                                                       Main Office
                                                                2840 Holte                                                         Mejeribakken 8
                                                                Phone: +45 45 46 95 00                                             DK-3540 Lynge
ABB A/S                                                         Fax: +45 45 46 95 15                                               Phone: +45 48 25 10 00
                                                                E-mail:                                            Fax: +45 48 25 46 40
Emil Neckelmanns Vej 14                                                                                                            Mailto:
5220 Odense SØ

                                                                                                                                                           Offshore Center Danmark       95
                                                                                                                                                                     Yearbook 2007
Østre Gjesingvej 7                                              ATCOM ApS is Danish-owned and was founded in 2000.               ery. In addition, we work closely with some of the world’s
DK-6715 Esbjerg N                                               The company was established on the basis of many years           most renowned manufacturers, including Hallite, Flexitallic,
Phone: +45 73 46 10 00                                          of experience within communication in the offshore sector.       Reinz, and Barry Controls, all of which meet our stringent
Fax: +45 48 25 46 40                                                                                                             quality requirements.
Cell: +45 26 34 10 09                                           Examples of assignments undertaken by ATCOM ApS:
E-mail:                                          - VSAT-installations on rigs and platforms.
                                                                - Installation, configuration and maintenance of large            Blue Water Shipping
Contact Person:                                                    telecom systems.
Aksel Nielsen - Lynge                                           - Installation and configuration of wireless telecom              Trafikhavnskaj 11
Bjarne Sloth Jacobsen – Esbjerg                                    systems on platforms and ships (ATEX approved).               Postboks 515
                                                                - Weather observation systems (AWOS).                            6701 Esbjerg
Competences:                                                    - Remote control systems for VHF/UHF radios via VSAT             Phone: +45 79 13 41 44
Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                       and radio chains.                                             Fax: +45 79 13 46 77
Industry role: Consultant                                                                                                        E-mail:
Industry expertise: Instrumentation, Electrical, SCADA and
ESD, Project Management, Automation, Production IT              Atkins Danmark A/S                                               Contact Person:
                                                                                                                                 Kurt Skov
Profile:                                                         Vestre Dokkaj 1                                                  E-mail:
The people of AN GROUP are specialists within production IT     6700 Esbjerg
& automation systems, SCADA & ESD, Instrument Electrical        Phone: +45 76 12 44 00                                           Competences:
and Project Management.                                         Fax: +45 76 12 44 05                                             Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
The services of the company include advisory consultancy        E-mail:                                 Service
and project deliveries from idea levels to fully operational                                                                     Industry role: Service Provider
systems.                                                        Contact Person:                                                  Industry expertise: Offshore Wind Turbines – Service, Mari-
AN GROUP are registered and certified to Achilles, an oil and    Finn Ewert Christensen                                           time Transport, Air Transport, Automotive Transport, Ports
gas database company in Norway.                                 Direct Phone: +45 76 12 44 00                                    and Supply Bases, Material and Product Handling
Regardless of the content of a given project, we always work                                                                     Profile:
closely with our clients to achieve the best possible solu-     Competences:                                                     Blue Water is an international shipping, transport and freight
tion for our customers. The client has a unique knowledge of    Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Safety and          forwarding company with head office in Esbjerg. Blue
the company’s procedure and goals. That is why we prefer        Environment                                                      Water was established in 1972 and employs 540 people in
to include the client and thereby get an efficient partner who   Industry role: Consultant                                        Denmark.
gives us valuable and relevant knowledge while working          Industry expertise: Planning, Courses and Training, Safety
towards an optional solution.                                   and Security, Inspection and Testing, Consulting, Firefight-
                                                                ing, Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation,       Brüel & Kjær Vibro A/S
                                                                Offshore Wind Turbines – Foundations, Personnel, Project
Atcom ApS                                                       Management,                                                      Skodsborgvej 307 B
                                                                Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and Commission-            2850 Nærum
Snedkervej 17                                                   ing, Job/Career, Networking, Instrumentation, Design and         Phone: +45 77 41 25 00
6710 Esbjerg V                                                  Engineering, Fabrication and Construction, Pipes, Pipelines      E-mail:
Phone: +45 76 12 32 00                                          and Risers, Process Control
Fax: +45 76 12 32 99                                                                                                             Contact Person:
E-mail:                                          Profile:                                                          Steen Knudsen
                                                                Atkins has worked within oil and gas since 1975. Today At-       E-mail:
Contact Person:                                                 kins has 400 oil and gas experts distributed over 11 offices
Michael Thisgaard                                               in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia. Atkins works        Competences:
E-mail:                                             on all stages in typical oil and gas projects. From conceptual   Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
                                                                design through project management, pre-design, planning          Service
Competences:                                                    and commissioning to decommissioning.                            Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer
Industry sector: Service                                                                                                         Industry expertise: Maintenance, Modification, Optimization
Industry role: Consultant, Supplier, Manufacturer                                                                                and Operation, Instrumentation, Offshore Wind Turbines
Industry expertise: Communication Systems                       Betech Seals A/S                                                 – Service, Project Management, Design and Engineering,
                                                                                                                                 Courses and Training, Electrical Equipment, IT and
Profile:                                                         Industrivej 29                                                   Electronics
ATCOM ApS delivers professional solutions, based in the         6740 Bramming
customers demands, and which to the greatest extent             Phone: +45 76 56 26 00                                           Profile:
possible are based on standard systems and hardware from        Fax: +45 75 10 15 58                                             We are the leading European vibration monitoring company,
some of the leading suppliers on the market.                    E-mail:                                      with more than 50 years of dedicated expertise in systems
                                                                                                                                 and services capable of doing protective and condition moni-
ATCOM ApS is vendor of products from leading suppliers of       Contact Person:                                                  toring of rotating and reciprocating industrial machines.
data transmission and network equipment - wireless as well      Per Hyldstrup                                                    We are an independent supplier not tied to machine manu-
as cable based.                                                 E-mail:                                        facturers or process control suppliers, and has a worldwide
                                                                                                                                 network of specialists, which ensures optimum customer
ATCOM ApS holds special knowledge within areas such as          Competences:                                                     service through local contacts.
LAN-solutions AWOS, VSAT, Wlan, PABX, LOS systems and           Industry sector: Service
DECT-systems.                                                   Industry role: Supplier
                                                                                                                                 BTM Consult ApS
ATCOM ApS implements total solutions within network sys-        Profile:
tems, VSAT, radio chains and (PDH/SDH) and fibre network.        Betech Seals was founded in 1922 and is today one of the         I.C. Christensens Allé 1
The company has a number of skilled specialists available.      market’s leading suppliers of gaskets, seals, mouldings,         6950 Ringkøbing
                                                                bellows, vibration dampers, and sheet metal working. At          Phone: +45 97 32 52 99
ATCOM ApS can undertake installation as well as act as          our factory in Bramming, we produce customer-specific             Fax: +45 97 32 55 93
consultant.                                                     solutions within machine and hand-made seals. We also            E-mail:
                                                                perform sheet and plate work on state-of-the-art machin-

96        Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
Contact Person:                                                 Profile:                                                        struction work - Offshore wind turbine installation - Offshore
Birger T. Madsen                                                Chevron is one of the largest integrated energy companies      Cable installation
E-mail:                                              in the world. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, and
                                                                conducting business in approximately 180 countries, the
Competences:                                                    company is engaged in every aspect of the oil and natural      Damcos A/S
Industry sector: Offshore Wind                                  gas industry, including exploration and production, refining,
Industry role: Service Provider                                 marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and      Aaderupvej 41
Industry expertise: General Information, Consulting             sales, and power generation.                                   4700 Næstved
                                                                                                                               Phone: +45 55 78 72 00
Profile:                                                                                                                        Fax: +45 55 78 72 72
BTM Consult ApS, BTM-C, is an independent consultancy           COWI A/S                                                       E-mail:
company specialized in services regarding renewable
energy. BTM-C believes it is vital that its advice should be    Parallelvej 2                                                  Contact Person:
impartial and guards this independence carefully. The staff     2800 Kongens Lyngby                                            Per Simonsen
at BTM-C has been working with wind energy utilization          Phone: +45 45 97 22 11                                         E-mail:
since 1979.                                                     Fax: +45 45 97 22 12
                                                                E-mail:                                           Competences:
                                                                                                                               Industry sector: Oil and Gas
Carl Bro A/S                                                    Contact Person:
                                                                Lars Hansen
Granskoven 8                                                    Direct Phone: +45 79 18 17 80
2600 Glostrup                                                   E-mail:                                           Dan-Equip A/S
Phone: +45 43 48 60 60
Fax: +45 43 63 65 67                                            Competences:                                                   Taurusvej 18
E-mail:                                         Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Safety and        6700 Esbjerg
                                                                Environment                                                    Phone: +45 75 45 10 55
Contact Person:                                                 Industry role: Consultant                                      Fax: +45 75 45 10 82
Trine Borum Bojsen                                              Industry expertise: Personnel, Offshore Wind Turbines          E-mail:
E-mail:                                          – Foundations, Planning, Recycling and Waste Manage-
                                                                ment, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Project Management,           Contact Person:
Competences:                                                    Design and Engineering, Pumps and Accessories, Electrical      Knud Pedersen
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,          Equipment, IT and Electronics, Maintenance, Modification,       Direct Phone: +45 76 11 50 70
Safety and Environment                                          Optimization and Operation, Safety and Security, Consulting,   E-mail:
Industry role: Consultant                                       Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Process
Industry expertise: Consulting, Electrical Equipment, IT and    Control, Drilling and Well Services, Instrumentation, Com-     Competences:
Electronics, Fabrication and Construction, Geotechnical         munication Systems,                                            Industry sector: Service
Equipment, Offshore Wind Turbines – Foundations, Person-        Geotechnical/Geophysical Services, Fabrication and Con-        Industry role: Supplier
nel, Planning, Inspection and Testing, Maintenance, Modi-       struction, Compressors and Power Supply, Inspection and        Industry expertise: Pipes, Pipelines and Risers
fication, Optimization and Operation, Project Management,        Testing, Firefighting
Instrumentation, Transportation Equipment, Firefighting,                                                                        Profile:
Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and Commissioning,        Profile:                                                        Stockholder and supplier of: Pipes - ASTM/DIN, Fittings
Water Treatment, Geotechnical/Geophysical Services, Off-        COWI provides engineering assistance in all phases of          - ASTM/DIN/JIS, Flanges - ASTM/DIN/JIS, Valves - ASTM/
shore Wind Turbines – Service, Maritime Transport, Safety       development, operation and decommissioning of offshore         DUN/JIS, Bolts - ASTM/DIN, Structural pipes and sections
and Security, Recycling and Waste Management                    fields.                                                         - ASTM/API/DIN.

Carl Bro is part of the Grontmij Group, Europe’s fifth largest   CT Offshore ApS
consultant engineering company in terms of turnover and                                                                        DAN-EX Electric A/S
the sixth largest in terms of the number of employees.          Jernbanegade 32/st/th
                                                                5450 Otterup                                                   Grønlandsvej 11
The group provides consultancy services within the fields        Phone: +45 64 87 27 26                                         4681 Herfølge
of transportation, building, environment, water, industry and   Fax: +45 64 87 27 80                                           Phone: +45 56 21 35 00
energy, and is represented in the Netherlands, Denmark,         E-mail:                                     Fax: +45 56 21 35 01
the UK, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic,                                                                          E-mail:
Hungary, Ireland, Sweden and Vietnam, among others.             Contact Person:
                                                                Paw Cortes                                                     Contact Person:
                                                                E-mail:                                       Finn Simonsen
Chevron Denmark Inc.                                                                                                           E-mail:
Parken                                                          Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime          Competences:
Øster Alle 48                                                   Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                    Industry sector: Service
2100 København Ø                                                Industry expertise: Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Consulting,   Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier
Phone: +45 70 21 84 00                                          Diving and Underwater Equipment, Inspection and Testing,       Industry expertise: Electrical Equipment, IT and Electronics,
Fax: +45 70 21 84 01                                            Design and Engineering, Maritime Transport,                    Consulting
                                                                Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and Commissioning,
Contact Person:                                                 Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation,          Profile:
Poul Svendsen                                                   Offshore Wind Turbines - Service                               The Danish EX-center. We are specialist in EExi. Our
E-mail:                                                                                              experience is your safety. - Flameproof Electric Equipment
                                                                Profile:                                                        - EExde-Distributionboards - EExde-Switchboard & panels
Competences:                                                    Offshore Consulting Team - Company Expertise - Elabora-        - EExe-Terminalboxes in polyester and stainless steel -
Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                    tion of tender documentation - Evaluation of quotations &      EExde-Controlpanels - EExp-Pressurized panles - EEx-Alarm
Industry role: Operator                                         Project budget - Project management offshore - Offshore        equipment - EExi-Intrinsic Safety.
Industry expertise: Exploration and Production                  representatives - Installation supervisors - Offshore Con-

                                                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark          97
                                                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Danfoss Ventures - Danfoss A/S                                  Competences:                                                    Fax: +45 33 77 33 00
                                                                Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                    E-mail:
Nordborgvej 81                                                  Industry role: Industry Association
6430 Nordborg                                                                                                                   Contact Person:
Phone: +45 74 88 22 22                                          Profile:                                                         Anne Mette Høiler
Fax: +45 74 88 69 99                                            Danish Marine & Offshore Group is an association whose          E-mail:
E-mail:                                     members are Danish companies offering products, process
                                                                equipment and services to the offshore industry. The motto      Competences:
Contact Person:                                                 of the association is: ´together we are strong´and their pur-   Industry role: Industry Association
Morten Brandtoft                                                pose is to create a cooperation between the members so          Industry expertise: Consulting, General Information
Direct Phone: +45 74 88 70 63                                   they can support and complement each other and through
E-mail:                                          that gain various advantages for the customers.                 Profile:
                                                                                                                                The Confederation of Danish Industries (Dansk Industri - DI)
Competences:                                                                                                                    is a private organisation funded, owned and managed en-
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service, Safety and Environ-      Danish Offshore Industry                                        tirely by currently 6,400 companies within the manufactur-
ment                                                                                                                            ing and service industries.
Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                           H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18
Industry expertise: Pumps and Accessories, Hydraulics           1787 København V
and Pneumatics, Valves and Accessories, Compressors             Phone: +45 33 77 33 77                                          Dansk Metal
and Power Supply, Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Air         Fax: +45 33 77 33 00
Conditioning                                                    E-mail:                                                Nyropsgade 38
                                                                                                                                Postboks 308
Profile:                                                         Contact Person:                                                 1780 København V
The Danfoss Group is a leader in development and produc-        Jens Holst-Nielsen                                              Phone: +45 33 63 20 00
tion of mechanical and electronic products and controls.        Direct Phone: +45 33 77 30 17                                   Fax: +45 33 63 21 51
                                                                E-mail:                                               E-mail:
Within the Offshore business Danfoss develops and manu-
factures Chemical Pumps for gas injection.                      Competences:                                                    Contact Person:
                                                                Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,          Per Harding Madsen
                                                                Service, Safety and Environment
Danish Air Transport                                            Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Industry branch    Competences:
                                                                representative                                                  Industry sector: Service
Lufthavnsvej 7A                                                 Industry expertise: Consulting, General Information             Industry role: Industry branch representative
Postboks 80                                                                                                                     Industry expertise: Courses and Training, General Information
6580 Vamdrup                                                    Profile:
Phone: +45 75 58 37 77                                          Danish Offshore Industry is an association of companies         Profile:
Fax: +45 75 58 37 22                                            that share a common vision to further develop the Danish        Dansk Metal (Danish Metal) is an industry community for
E-mail:                                             offshore sector through cooperation.                            people with mechanical, technical, electronic and informa-
                                                                                                                                tion technical background. Part of Dansk Metal, Danish
Contact Person:                                                                                                                 Offshore Industry, is devoted to the offshore industry.
Gitte Eriksen                                                   Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s
                                                                Dr. Neergaards Vej 5B                                           Dansk Svejse Teknik A/S
Competences:                                                    2970 Hørsholm
Industry sector: Service                                        Phone: +45 45 16 96 00                                          Helgolandsgade 17
Industry role: Service Provider                                 Fax: +45 45 16 96 01                                            6700 Esbjerg
Industry expertise: Air Transport                               E-mail:                                              Phone: +45 75 13 13 99
                                                                                                                                Fax: +45 75 13 13 94
Profile:                                                         Contact Person:                                                 E-mail:
DAT is a Danish airline delivering everything from fixed         Thomas Wagner Sødring
scheduled flights to charter and transport assignments. Our      Direct Phone: +45 45 16 96 10                                   Contact Person:
business foundation is a bit unusual since it is not based on   E-mail:                                              Jens Vejvad
an aim of becoming a large airline with impressive aircraft.                                                                    Direct Phone: +45 76 12 18 44
We work with aircraft and flight because we like it. When        Competences:                                                    E-mail:
we choose aircraft type for our fleet, we take into considera-   Industry sector: Oil and Gas
tion not merely needs and financial circumstances but to a       Industry role: Consultant                                       Competences:
much larger extent our knowledge of the aircraft’s comfort,     Industry expertise: Environmental Assessment and Monitor-       Industry sector: Oil and Gas
safety, and strength. That is one of the reasons why we         ing, Consulting                                                 Industry role: Service Provider
deliver a very high level of dependability; or to put it in a                                                                   Industry expertise: Maintenance, Modification, Optimiza-
different way: We fly on time and keep our appointments.         Profile:                                                         tion and Operation, Fabrication and Construction, Welding
                                                                DGC is a specialized consulting and development company         Equipment
                                                                within energy and environment. DGC’s main focus area is
Danish Marine & Offshore Group                                  gas utilization.                                                Profile:
                                                                                                                                Dansk Svejse Teknik A/S is a Danish company in the busi-
Nørremarksvej 27                                                DGC offers consulting services, research and development,       ness of manufacturing mainly components and solutions for
9270 Klarup                                                     testing, measurement, demonstrations and teaching.              the offshore- and processindustry.
Phone: +45 98 31 77 11
Fax: +45 98 31 77 55                                                                                                            Deloitte Statsautoriseret
E-mail:                                             Dansk Industri                                                  Revisionsaktieselskab

Contact Person:                                                 H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18                                     Frodesgade 125
Mogens Tofte Koch                                               1787 København V                                                6700 Esbjerg
                                                                Phone: +45 33 77 33 77                  DANSK INDUSTRI          Phone: +45 79 12 84 44
                                                                                                                                Fax: +45 79 12 85 45

98       Offshore Center Danmark
         Yearbook 2007
E-mail:                                      Profile:                                                          Fax: +45 45 17 10 44
                                                                 Our primary service has since the start of the first Danish oil   E-mail:
Contact Person:                                                  and gas fields been verification of offshore installations and
Tom Eriksen                                                      pipelines. In this job our independence is the key; we are an    Contact Person:
E-mail:                                     independent body who provide our services without being          Lars Bruvoll
                                                                 influenced through ownership, commercial connections or           E-mail:
Competences:                                                     in any other way. In addition to this we have an increasing
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                      number of activities onshore among other things in connec-       Competences:
Industry expertise: Accountancy, Financial, Insurance and        tion with major building and construction jobs and pressure      Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Safety and
Tax Consulting                                                   equipment installations. We have over a period of 25 years       Environment
                                                                 built a strong competence in the major subject areas, but        Industry role: Operator
Profile:                                                          also drawn on a broad international network to guarantee         Industry expertise: Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and
Deloitte works with a wide range of both private and public      an optimum service to all our customers no matter where          Commissioning, Offshore Wind Turbines – Service, Drilling
organisations. We offer a range of support services including:   the job is.                                                      and Well Services, Energy generation/Management,
                                                                                                                                  Exploration and Production, Offshore Wind Turbines
• Auditing                                                                                                                        - Foundations
• Accounting                                                     DHI - Water & Environment
• Tax                                                                                                                             Profile:
• Relocation                                                     Agern Alle 5                                                     DONG Energy is the operator of the Siri field together with
• Information technology                                         2970 Hørsholm                                                    the Cecilie and the Nini fields. DONG Energy carries out ex-
• Environment                                                    Phone: +45 45 16 92 00                                           ploration and production of oil and gas in Denmark, Norway,
• Management consultancy                                         Fax: +45 45 16 92 92                                             United Kingdom, Faroe Islands and Greenland and carries
                                                                 E-mail:                                               out inspection, maintenance and repair of all offshore oil &
In Denmark the history of Deloitte goes back to 1901 to                                                                           gas transmission pipeline systems in the Danish Sector.
the very beginning of the profession in Denmark. Today we        Contact Person:
have 2,150 employees throughout the country in 20 cities         Vagner Jacobsen
of which 4 are in Greenland. We serve more than 13,000           Direct Phone: +45 45 16 94 21                                    DTU, Department of Mechanical
clients and we are part of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, which       E-mail:                                                Engineering
has 120,000 people in around 150 countries.
                                                                 Competences:                                                     Niels Koppels Allé
                                                                 Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Safety and          MEK
Den Danske Vedligeholdsforening                                  Environment                                                      2800 Kongens Lyngby
                                                                 Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, General Institu-    Phone: +45 45 25 25 25
Prinsessegade 83                                                 tion, Research Institution                                       Fax: +45 45 88 43 25
7000 Fredericia                                                  Industry expertise: Water Treatment, Design and Engineer-        E-mail:
Phone: +45 75 91 44 55                                           ing, Instrumentation, Recycling and Waste Management,
Fax: +45 75 91 44 56                                             Offshore Wind Turbines – Foundations, Pipes, Pipelines           Contact Person:
E-mail:                                              and Risers, Offshore Wind Turbines – Service, Consulting,        Preben Terndrup Pedersen
                                                                 Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and Commissioning,         Direct Phone: +45 45 25 13 86
Contact Person:                                                  Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation,            E-mail:
Svend Åge West                                                   Ports and Supply Bases
E-mail:                                                                                                          Competences:
                                                                 Profile:                                                          Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Safety and
Competences:                                                     DHI is an independent, self-governing, research and              Environment
Industry sector: Service                                         consulting company transferring knowledge of water into          Industry role: Consultant, Educational Institution, General
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                      value for our customers. With respect to design optimization,    Institution, Research Institution
                                                                 environmental impact assessment, and environmental man-          Industry expertise: Consulting, Courses and Training
Profile:                                                          agement of large-scale offshore projects (oil & gas as well
Den Danske Vedligeholdsforening (DDV) was established            as wind farms), DHI possesses a body of experience and an        Profile:
in 1978 with the declared purpose of creating a forum for        array of advanced problem solving tools, which are unsur-        Technical University of Denmark, Department of Mechanical
exchange of experience between Danish companies within           passed worldwide. We support project owners, developers,         Engineering
the area “maintenance”.                                          designers, contractors, consultants and authorities.

                                                                 We offer a wide range of services including:                     Endress+Hauser
Det Norske Veritas                                               Metocean monitoring systems;
                                                                 Data for design and operation;                                   Poppelgårdsvej 10-12
Bavnehøjvej 6                                                    Model testing (wave loads, scour protection);                    2860 Søborg
6700 Esbjerg                                                     Baseline studies (hydrographic, sediment, biological,            Phone: +45 70 13 11 32
Phone: +45 79 12 86 00                                           chemical);                                                       Fax: +45 70 13 21 33
Fax: +45 79 12 86 01                                             Assessment of seabed conditions;                                 E-mail:
E-mail:                                          Modelling of contaminant fate and effects;
                                                                 Decommissioning and cessation evaluation;                        Contact Person:
Contact Person:                                                  Laboratory tests, GLP studies;                                   Kasper Adsersen
Jørgen Traun                                                     Biodiversity surveys and monitoring;                             Direct Phone: +45 39 55 81 28
Direct Phone: +45 79 12 86 10                                    Pipeline design incl. landfall;                                  E-mail:
E-mail:                                     LNG terminals;
                                                                 Monitoring, model testing, CFD and numerical modelling.          Competences:
Competences:                                                                                                                      Industry sector: Oil and Gas
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,                                                                            Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer
Safety and Environment                                           DONG Energy
Industry role: Service Provider                                                                                                   Profile:
Industry expertise: Courses and Training, Maintenance,           Agern Alle 24-26                                                 Endress+Hauser is a leading supplier of measuring instru-
Modification, Optimization and Operation, Safety and Secu-        2970 Hørsholm                                                    ments and automation solutions for the industrial process
rity, Project Management, Inspection and Testing                 Phone: +45 45 17 10 22                                           engineering industry.

                                                                                                                                                         Offshore Center Danmark          99
                                                                                                                                                                   Yearbook 2007
Energistyrelsen                                                   EP TOOLS supplies tools and machines for the professional      E-mail:
Amaliegade 44                                                                                                                    Contact Person:
1256 København K                                                  It is our aim to maintain competetive power through compe-     Ole Ingrisch
Phone: +45 33 92 67 00                                            tence, fair price and prompt reliable service.                 E-mail:
Fax: +45 33 11 47 43
E-mail:                                                                                                               Competences:
                                                                  Erhvervs Akademi Vest                                          Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
Contact Person:                                                                                                                  Service, Safety and Environment
Anne Højer Simonsen                                               Sp. Kirkevej 103
E-mail:                                                6700 Esbjerg                                                   Profile:
                                                                  Phone: +45 76 13 32 00                                         The Port of Esbjerg is Denmark’s western gateway.
Competences:                                                      Fax: +45 76 13 32 01
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind                                                                                      In 2004 supply vessels made more than 700 calls at the
Industry role: Government Agency                                  Contact Persons:                                               port of Esbjerg and offshore related companies in Esbjerg
Industry expertise: General Information                           Søren Pedersen                                                 numbered upwards 250 representing a total turnover of DKK
                                                                  Direct Phone: +45 76 13 32 54                                  6.5 billion.
Profile:                                                           E-mail:
The Danish Energy Authority was established in 1976, and
as of 18 February 2005 is an Authority under the Ministry of      Else Pedersen                                                  Esbjerg Offshore Base K/S
Transport and Energy. The Danish Energy Authority carries         E-mail:
out tasks, nationally and internationally, in relation to the                                                                    Nordre Dokkaj 7
production, supply and consumption of energy. This means          Competences:                                                   6700 Esbjerg
that the Authority is responsible for the whole chain of          Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service                          Phone: +45 75 13 10 22
tasks linked to the production of energy and its transporta-      Industry role: Educational Institution                         Fax: +45 75 13 19 14
tion through pipelines to the stage where oil, natural gas,       Industry expertise: Courses and Training                       E-mail:
heat, electricity etc. are utilised for energy services by the
consumer. By establishing the correct framework and instru-       Profile:                                                        Contact Person:
ments in the field of energy, it is the task of the Danish Ener-   At Business Academy WEST we have today 10 different            Ole Kristensen
gy Authority to ensure security of supply and the responsible     short-cycle higher education programmes with approx.           Direct Phone: +45 76 13 59 14
development of energy in Denmark from the perspectives of         550 students and approximately 20 nationalities are            E-mail:
the economy, the environment and security. It is the task of      represented.
the Danish Energy Authority to advise the minister, to assist     The Business Academy WEST is a big school with a               Competences:
other authorities, to administer Danish energy legislation and    large number of students, but we are still focusing on the     Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service
to conduct analyses and assessments of the development in         nearness between students and teachers as being of high        Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier Industry Association
the field of energy, nationally and internationally.               priority.                                                      Industry expertise: Sludge Removal, Cleaning of Tanks,
                                                                                                                                 Chemicals and Drilling Mud, Personnel, Ports and Supply
                                                                                                                                 Bases, Automotive Transport, Generators and Engines, Drill-
EP TOOLS                                                          Esbjerg Erhvervsudvikling                                      ing Tools/Supplies, Planning, Job/Career, Tanks and Storage
                                                                                                                                 Equipment, Material and Product Handling, Accountancy,
Industrivej Nord 7 A                                              Havnegade 1                                                    Financial, Insurance and Tax, Leasing of Tools/Equipment,
Birk                                                              6700 Esbjerg                                                   Consulting, Scaffolding, Maritime Transport, Supply Chain
7400 Herning                                                      Phone: +45 75 12 37 44                                         Management, Compressors and Power Supply, Air Transport,
Phone: +45 96 26 82 00                                            Fax: +45 75 45 27 01                                           Transportation Equipment
Fax: +45 96 26 58 79                                              E-mail:
E-mail:                                                                                                         Profile:
                                                                  Contact Person:                                                Esbjerg Offshore Base (EOB) is closely connected with the oil
Contact Person:                                                   Tom L. Nielsen                                                 and gas activities in the Danish part of the North Sea. EOB’s
Ernst Poulsen                                                     E-mail:                                             most important task is - 24 hours a day - to be available for
Direct Phone: +45 96 26 82 00                                                                                                    service for the oil companies, operators and other partners,
E-mail:                                          Competences:                                                   in order to secure that the search for and production of oil
                                                                  Industry role: Service Provider, Industry Association          and gas can take place under the best conditions possible.
Competences:                                                      Industry expertise: Networking, Courses and Training,
Industry sector: Service                                          Consulting, General Information
Industry role: Supplier                                                                                                          Esbjerg Oiltool A/S
Industry expertise: Offshore Wind Turbines - Rotors and Ro-       Profile:
tor Blades, Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and Com-        Esbjerg Chamber of Commerce & Industry - The unifying          Håndværkervej 67
missioning, Offshore Wind Turbines - Nacelles and Electrical      centre for trade and industry in Esbjerg.                      6710 Esbjerg V
Parts, Offshore Wind Turbines – Foundations, Maintenance,                                                                        Phone: +45 75 15 64 00
Modification, Optimization and Operation, Offshore Wind            Esbjerg Chamber of Commerce & Industry is an association       Fax: +45 75 15 61 43
Turbines – Tower, Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Leasing Of         of companies, organisations, education centres etc. with the   E-mail:
Tools/Equipment, Offshore Wind Turbines – Service, Genera-        joint purpose of promoting trade and industry in Esbjerg.
tors and Engines, Ropes (Wire and Synthetic), Electrical                                                                         Contact Person:
Equipment, IT and Electronics, Hydraulics and Pneumatics,         Our mission is to create a solid basis for growth and          Alfred Sørensen
Compressors and Power Supply                                      development and to make it attractive to run and establish a   Direct Phone: +45 79 15 10 25
                                                                  business in Esbjerg.                                           E-mail:
EP TOOLS consult on the choice of equipment and tools to                                                                         Competences:
optimize workprocesses.                                           Esbjerg Havn                                                   Industry sector: Oil and Gas
                                                                                                                                 Industry role: Supplier
Focus is sale and service of generator sets, torque               Dokvej 3                                                       Industry expertise: Supply Chain Management, Pipes,
wrenches, tools and friction grip bolts                           6700 Esbjerg                                                   Pipelines and Risers, Valves and Accessories, Planning,
                                                                  Phone: +45 75 12 41 44                                         Wellheads and X-Mas Trees, Leasing of Tools/Equipment
                                                                  Fax: +45 75 13 40 50

100 Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
Profile:                                                          Contact Person:                                                  things fire and rescue for offshore, shipping, windmills,
Stockholders of: Pipes and Tubulars in ASTM/API Qualities        Bjarne Knudsen                                                   industry and service.
- Flanges and Fittings in ASTM/API Qualities - Studbolts         Direct Phone: +45 79 13 44 60
in ASTM/API Qualities - Gaskets in ASTM/API Qualities -          E-mail:                                            Furthermore a long line of special courses within maritime
Valves - Heat Treatment Consumables. Service/Rental: Heat                                                                         security and ISPS security, chemical training, crisis manage-
Treatment - Hot-tapping - Heat treatment in Furnances.           Competences:                                                     ment and safety advise are available.
                                                                 Industry sector: Oil and Gas
                                                                 Industry role: Educational Institution
Esbjerg Safety Consult A/S                                       Industry expertise: Courses and Training                         FH Montage

Fiskerihavnsgade 30                                              Profile:                                                          Måde Industrivej 21
6700 Esbjerg                                                     EUC Vest offers a wide range of educations within skilled        6705 Esbjerg Ø
Phone: +45 75 12 24 12                                           craftsmanship, service and in-service training.                  Phone: +45 76 12 44 44
Fax: +45 75 12 11 31                                                                                                              Fax: +45 76 12 44 40
E-mail:                                                                                                     E-mail:
                                                                 Europas Maritime Udviklingscenter
Contact Person:                                                                                                                   Contact Person:
Ib C. Nielsen                                                    Amaliegade 33                                                    Flemming Høgsberg
E-mail:                                    1256 København K                                                 E-mail:
                                                                 Phone: +45 33 33 74 88
Competences:                                                     E-mail:                                   Competences:
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,                                                                            Industry sector: Service
Safety and Environment                                           Contact Person:                                                  Industry role: Service Provider
Industry role: Consultant, Supplier, Educational Institution     Steen Sabinsky                                                   Industry expertise: Scaffolding, Pipes, Pipelines and Risers,
Industry expertise: Inspection and Testing, Consulting, Safety   E-mail:                                    Pumps and Accessories
and Security, General Information, Courses and Training,
Personnel, Air Transport, Project Management                     Competences:                                                     Profile:
                                                                 Industry sector: Maritime                                        We carry out various tasks onshore as well as offshore in
Profile:                                                          Industry role: Service Provider                                  Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. We can offer our
Esbjerg Safety Consult A/S offers high quality professional      Industry expertise: Networking                                   service, expertise and experience in the following areas:
consultancy and instruction in Health, Safety, Environment,
and Quality assurance (HSEQ). We have a proven record            Profile:                                                          Pipe welders; Pipe Fitters; Pumping activity; Service
and wide experience in these areas from the offshore             The objective of the Maritime Development Center of Europe       engineers; Stainless Steel industry; Shoer apparatus;
industry, offshore vindparks and the armed forces. Our           is to promote growth and development in the maritime             Stainless Steel; Mounting of ventilation; Carpenters/Joiners;
portfolio is based on fully documented concepts applied by       sector.                                                          Scaffolding construction.
leading companies all over the world. Our consultants have
a wide experience in working with HSEQ management and            This aim shall be achieved through close and unconven-
in cooperating with civil authorities on both national and       tional cooperation between the different participants in the     Fiberline Composites as
international levels. We offer high quality services match-      maritime sector and associated transportation segments.
ing the financial resources our customers wish to invest                                                                           Nr. Bjertvej 88
in HSEQ. Investing in HSEQ matters contribute towards            The center shall be a facilitator and generator of good ideas.   6000 Kolding
increased efficiency, improved working environment, and a         The ideas shall be transformed into tangible results through     Phone: +45 70 13 77 13
reduction in overheads.                                          the creation of new networks amongst different sectors.          E-mail:

                                                                 Another objective of MDCE is to strengthen practical             Contact Person:
Esvagt A/S                                                       research and education within the maritime and transport         Stig Krogh Pedersen
                                                                 sector at large. Denmark and Sweden host many highly             Direct Phone: +45 70 13 77 13
Adgangsvejen 1                                                   qualified institutions that have the ability to increase their    E-mail:
6700 Esbjerg                                                     activities in this regard.
Phone: +45 76 11 47 00                                                                                                            Competences:
Fax: +45 76 11 47 05                                                                                                              Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime
                                                                 Falck Nutec                                                      Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer
Contact Person:                                                                                                                   Industry expertise: Fabrication & Construction
Ole Ditlev Nielsen                                               Uglviggårdsvej 3
E-mail:                                            6705 Esbjerg Ø
                                                                 Phone: +45 76 12 13 14                                           Fire-Protect A/S
Competences:                                                     Fax: +45 76 12 13 13
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,           E-mail:                                 Hjulmagervej 15 B
Service, Safety and Environment                                                                                                   7100 Vejle
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                      Contact Person:                                                  Phone: +45 75 75 46 64
Industry expertise: Maritime Transport, Safety and Security,     Stig Vide Petersen                                               Fax: +45 75 85 46 64
Offshore Wind Turbines - Service                                 E-mail:                                        E-mail:

Profile:                                                          Competences:                                                     Contact Person:
Operating stand-by/rescue and supply vessels. Designing          Industry sector: Offshore Wind, Maritime, Service, Safety        Pieter Mouritsen
and manufacturing of rescue equipment.                           and Environment                                                  E-mail:
                                                                 Industry role: Educational Institution
                                                                 Industry expertise: Courses and Training, Firefighting, Safety    Competences:
EUC Vest                                                         and Security                                                     Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service, Safety and Environ-
Sp. Møllevej 72                                                  Profile:                                                          Industry role: Operator, Consultant, Service Provider
6700 Esbjerg                                                     Falck Nutec Esbjerg is an International Education Center         Industry expertise: Firefighting, Cooling, Heating, Ventilation
Phone: +45 79 13 45 11                                           which offers standard courses including among other              and Air Conditioning, Inspection and Testing, Surface Treat-
E-mail:                                                                                                        ment and Corrosion Protection, Coating and Paints, Leasing

                                                                                                                                                        Offshore Center Danmark       101
                                                                                                                                                                  Yearbook 2007
Of Tools/Equipment, Courses and Training, Personnel,              E-mail:                                       Profile:
Consulting                                                                                                                       The Research Unit of Maritime Medicine (RUMM) in
                                                                  Competences:                                                   Denmark is a research unit with statutory duties. From 1992
Profile:                                                           Industry sector: Maritime, Service                             to 1999, RUMM was an institute under South Jutland Uni-
Fire-Protect A/S is the only Danish company specialised in        Industry role: Service Provider                                versity Centre in Esbjerg, and it was then called the Institute
onshore and offshore application of passive fire protec-           Industry expertise: Maritime Transport, Communication          of Maritime Medicine. As of January 2000, the institute was
tion. We are therefore in a position to provide the very best     Systems                                                        reconstructed into an independent research unit affiliated to
solutions when you need to protect your crew, valuable                                                                           the University of Southern Denmark
equipment or steel structures in areas at risk of fire.            Profile:
                                                                  FOGA’s aim is to supply assistance of experienced fishing       It is the aim of the Research Unit to assist seafarers, fisher-
Choosing Fire-Protect A/S as your business partner, you           skippers as marine advisers to the offshore-industry and to    men and employees on marine platforms with expertise
are assured of the correct application of our products, the       contribute with establishing communication between the         within the specific fields of safeguarding and developing the
highest level of professional service and a wellqualified and      fishery and offshore industry and thereby create a coopera-     best possible working environment, health and safety. The
very experienced workforce.                                       tive environment.                                              aim is achieved through research, documentation, counsel-
                                                                                                                                 ling and training.
We have worked on large projects worldwide, and our cus-
tomers have expressed their satisfaction with our services.       FORCE Technology, Esbjerg
Our approach is characterised by attention to detail, profes-                                                                    Fredericia Maskinmesterskole
sional service and flexibility. We are well aware that the         Østre Gjesingvej 7
foundation of our business is customer satisfaction, and our      6715 Esbjerg N                                                 Center for Drift og Vedligehold
future lies in our ability to ensure future projects from our     Phone: +45 76 10 06 50                                         Fynsgade 24
customers – a philosophy for which we are often rewarded          Fax: +45 75 45 00 86                                           7000 Fredericia
when existing customers contact us with new projects.             E-mail:                                          Phone: +45 75 92 28 33
                                                                                                                                 Fax: +45 75 93 35 99
                                                                  Contact Person:
Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet                                         Niels Aage Giversen                                            Contact Person:
                                                                  Direct Phone: +45 76 10 06 65                                  Lisbeth Hansen
Tarphagevej 2                                                     E-mail:                                           E-mail:
6710 Esbjerg V
Phone: +45 76 12 20 00                                            Competences:                                                   Competences:
Fax: +45 76 12 20 10                                              Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,         Industry sector: Oil and Gas
E-mail:                                              Service, Safety and Environment                                Industry role: Educational Institution
                                                                  Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Educational       Industry expertise: Courses and Training
Contact Person:                                                   Institution, General Institution, Research Institution
Morten Hahn-Pedersen                                              Industry expertise: Design and Engineering, Planning, Off-     Profile:
E-mail:                                               shore Wind Turbines – Foundations, Project Management,         School providing maritime educations for almost 100 years.
                                                                  Diving and Underwater Equipment, Consulting, Courses
Competences:                                                      and Training, Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime                            Operation, Instrumentation, Surface Treatment and Corro-       FURUNO Danmark AS
Industry role: Research Institution                               sion Protection, Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Coating and
Industry expertise: General Information                           Paints, Safety and Security, Inspection and Testing, Welding   H.E. Bluhmesvej 77
                                                                  Equipment, Fabrication and Construction                        6700 Esbjerg
Profile:                                                                                                                          Phone: +45 75 13 22 66
It’s natural for a town by the sea, a town that owes its origin   Profile:                                                        Fax: +45 75 13 95 14
and its growth to its harbour, its shipping and fishing to have    Quality Systems - Non-destructive testing (NDT) - Materials    E-mail:
a maritime museum. Esbjerg is no exception: the Fisheries         - Corrosion - Design - Calibration - Welding - Environment
and Maritime Museum was opened on the occasion of                 - Radiation safety - Condition monitoring/maintenance          Contact Person:
Esbjerg Harbour’s centennial in 1968.                             - Polymer materials - Flexible pipes - Crane bearing           Oskar Thesbjerg
                                                                  maintenance - Concrete - Coating/painting - Evaluation of      E-mail:
The Fisheries and Maritime Museum is the largest institution      overtrawlability - Underwater vehicles - Dynamic potisioning
of its kind in Denmark focusing on Danish fisheries and ma-        - Risers and conductors - Marine operations - Seakeeping       Competences:
rine biology, the tidal wetlands (Wadden Sea), west Jutland       - Wind and current loads - Serviceability and safety - Pres-   Industry sector: Maritime
coastal shipping and the North Sea offshore industries. So        sure equipment.                                                Industry role: Supplier
the theme of the museum can truly be said to be “people                                                                          Industry expertise: Electrical Equipment, IT and Electronics
and the sea”.
Like any other state museum, the Fisheries- and Maritime          Forskningsenheden for Maritim Medicin                          Profile:
Museum is committed to collection, registration, preserva-                                                                       FURUNO DANMARK AS are providing the maritime industry
tion, research and consultancy within its particular field of      Østergade 81-83                                                with advanced electronic systems and products for naviga-
work. This work consumes the majority of the museum’s             6700 Esbjerg                                                   tion, communication and fish-finding. We are covering
resources, but all this is not really apparent to the museum’s    Phone: +45 79 18 35 61                                         the markets in Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Island,
visitors. However, these activities form the basis for the        Fax: +45 79 18 22 94                                           Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Israel and the Baltic Countries.
museum’s informative work, for the books, articles, lectures,     E-mail:                                        FURUNO SVERIGE AB and FURUNO FINLAND OY are compa-
videos, films etc.                                                                                                                nies in the FURUNO DANMARK AS Group.
                                                                  Contact Person:
                                                                  Vibeke Nygaard
Foga Aps                                                          Direct Phone: +45 79 18 35 61                                  Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S
Trafikhavnskaj 19                                                                                                                 Fiskebrogade 22
6700 Esbjerg                                                      Competences:                                                   6700 Esbjerg
Phone: +45 75 45 11 44                                            Industry role: Consultant, Educational Institution, Research   Phone: +45 75 12 36 00
E-mail:                                          Institution                                                    Fax: +45 75 12 36 21
                                                                  Industry expertise: Consulting                                 E-mail:
Contact Person:
Jenny Knudsen

102 Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
Contact Person:                                                of all new methods and techniques - especially in the North     Contact Person:
Poul A. Jensen                                                 Sea environment.                                                Martin Nielsen
E-mail:                                                                                                       E-mail:

Competences:                                                   Germanischer Lloyd Denmark A/S                                  Competences:
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,                                                                         Industry sector: Offshore Wind
Service, Safety and Environment                                Hvidovrevej 350 A                                               Industry role: Consultant
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier,         2650 Hvidovre                                                   Industry expertise: Consulting
Manufacturer                                                   Phone: +45 36 39 00 90
Industry expertise: Inspection and Testing, Transportation     Fax: +45 36 78 11 10                                            Profile:
Equipment, Leasing Of Tools/Equipment, Hydraulics and          E-mail:                              Gimsing & Madsen is an engineering company specialized
Pneumatics, Ropes (Wire and Synthetic), Sludge Removal,                                                                        in design, projecting and inspection of weight-carrying
Cranes and Crane Accessories, Scaffolding, Safety and          Contact Person:                                                 structures - in particular bridges.
Security, Offshore Wind Turbines - Tower                       Torben Jørgensen
Profile:                                                                                                                        Gulf Offshore Leasing Denmark Aps
All kind of steel wire ropes (Randers & Casar), chains,        Competences:
slings, fittings, kenter and accessories - Webbing slings,      Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime           Amerikavej 1, 1. sal
lashing - All kind and sizes of ropes - Safety equipment,      Industry role: Service Provider                                 6700 Esbjerg
hoists, cranes, winches, lifting clamps and tackle - Vacuum    Industry expertise: Inspection and Testing                      Phone: +45 79 12 88 88
lifting and components - Lifting magnets, yokes and tools                                                                      Fax: +45 75 17 15 65
- Mooring buoys and Fender - Ladders, pip clamps, fall         Profile:                                                         E-mail:
protection equipment - Container fittings, escape climbing      Germanischer Lloyd is to the forefront whenever it comes to
nets, helideck nets - Blocks, swivels, shackles and general    testing, researching and continual improving safety-relevant    Contact Person:
iron ware - Anchoring and mooring systems - Spreaders          factors. For more than 135 years Germanischer Lloyd (GL)        Helge Bach Nielsen
and grabs.                                                     has been offering its services to the shipping industry and     E-mail:
                                                               setting standards in technology, safety and quality. Over
                                                               the years, the spectrum of services provided has steadily       Competences:
Gammelgaards Svejse Service – GSS                              broadened so that GL ceased to be a pure ship classification     Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service
                                                               society long ago and is now a globally operating technical      Industry role: Service Provider
Høgevej 10                                                     monitoring group.                                               Industry expertise: Supply Chain Management, Fabrication
6705 Esbjerg Ø                                                                                                                 and Construction, Leasing Of Tools/Equipment
Phone: +45 75 15 82 00
Fax: +45 75 15 82 01                                           GEUS,Danmarks og Grønlands                                      Profile:
                                                               Geologiske Undersøgelse                                         Gulf Offshore Leasing Ltd, the first company in what was to
Contact Person:                                                                                                                become the Gridpath Group, was formed on the 9th January
Anne Ørtoft                                                    Øster Voldgade 10                                               1997. Its main business was the leasing of offshore contain-
E-mail:                                    1350 København K                                                ers in Doha in Qatar and Esbjerg, Denmark. Gulf Offshore
                                                               Phone: +45 38 14 20 00                                          Leasing forms the basis of the companies Leasing Division.
Competences:                                                   E-mail:                                            Gulf Offshore (Denmark) was formed as a branch office
Industry sector: Service                                                                                                       of Gulf Offshore Leasing Ltd in May 2003. Gulf Offshore
Industry role: Supplier                                        Contact Person:                                                 (Denmark) is managed by Helge Bach Nielsen who is also
Industry expertise: Pipes, Pipelines & Risers                  Erik Thomsen                                                    a Director of the company. The branch office is responsible
                                                               E-mail:                                              for offshore leasing and logistics operations in Denmark,
                                                                                                                               Norway and the Netherlands.
Gardit A/S                                                     Competences:
                                                               Industry sector: Oil and Gas
Erik Glippingsvej 6                                            Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Research           H. J. Hansen Recycling Industry Ltd.
8800 Viborg                                                    Institution
Phone: +45 86 62 44 99                                         Industry expertise: Geotechnical/Geophysical Services,          Havnegade 110
Fax: +45 86 61 11 99                                           Geotechnical Equipment                                          5000 Odense C
E-mail:                                                                                                       Phone: +45 63 10 91 00
                                                               Profile:                                                         Fax: +45 63 10 91 01
Contact Person:                                                The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, GEUS,
Ib Johanson                                                    is a research and advisory institute in the Danish Ministry     Contact Person:
E-mail:                                           of the Environment. The survey also operates in the private     Jørgen Lyngsø
                                                               sector. Energy resources is one of five Survey working areas:    Direct Phone: +45 61 61 02 49
Competences:                                                   A special obligation for GEUS is to support governmental        E-mail:
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Service           action plans and policies in Denmark and Greenland. The
Industry role: Service Provider                                aim is to provide data and advice to support a high degree      Competences:
Industry expertise: Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protec-    of domestic energy supply. Focus is on the effective explora-   Industry sector: Safety and Environment
tion, Firefighting, Personnel                                   tion and exploitation of Danish national resources of oil and   Industry role: Service Provider
Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation,          natural gas, and alternatives, notably geothermal energy.       Industry expertise: Recycling and Waste Management
Coating and Paints, Project Management, Leasing Of
Tools/Equipment, Scaffolding                                                                                                   Profile:
                                                               Gimsing & Madsen A/S                                            Protecting the environment and optimizing the utilization of
Profile:                                                                                                                        the world’s raw materials are two sides of the same coin.
Gardit A/S has set up af large organisation specialising       Jessensgade 1, 2.
in surface treatment and corrosion protection of steel         8700 Horsens                                                    For H.J.HANSEN the idea is not new -
constructions of any sizes. For more than two decades up to    Phone: +45 76 25 56 50                                          for more than 125 years this idea has formed the basis of
200 specialists have been constantly involved in corrosion     Fax: +45 76 25 56 56                                            our recycling business.
control and surface treatments at offshore structures. These   E-mail:
specialists know everything there is to know about this
highly technical field - and they continue to keep abreast

                                                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark      103
                                                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Hempel A/S                                                     Phone: +45 75 14 44 44                                         Profile:
                                                               Fax: +45 74 14 45 45                                           For the purpose of promoting economic activity in developing
Lundtoftevej 150                                               E-mail:                                     countries, IFU has been created to promote investments
2800 Kongens Lyngby                                                                                                           in these countries in collaboration with Danish trade and
Phone: +45 45 93 38 00                                         Contact Person:                                                industry.
E-mail:                                   Leif N. Dircksen                                               IFU offers capital and advice to joint venture enterprises in
                                                               Direct Phone: +45 75 14 44 98 - 244                            developing countries.
Contact Person:                                                E-mail:
Bo Bluhme
E-mail:                                          Competences:                                                   JEVI A/S
                                                               Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
Competences:                                                   Service                                                        Godthåbsvej 7
Industry expertise: Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protec-    Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer        7100 Vejle
tion                                                           Industry expertise: Ports and Supply Bases, Design and         Phone: +45 75 83 02 11
                                                               Engineering, Instrumentation, Maintenance, Modification,        E-mail:
Profile:                                                        Optimization and Operation, Hydraulics and Pneumatics,
The HEMPEL GROUP of companies was established in 1915          Valves and Accessories, Cranes and Crane Accessories,          Contact Person:
by Mr J C Hempel with the motto of “Quality and Service”,      Pumps and Accessories, Inspection and Testing                  Ole Steen Bæk
which is still the hallmark of the HEMPEL GROUP. Over the                                                                     E-mail:
years both content and meaning have been adjusted to           Profile:
meet changing market demands. HEMPEL operates within           We stock high-quality Hydraulic equipment of all distin-       Competences:
several strategic segments. These include marine paints,       guished marks and have up-to-date repair facilities includ-    Industry sector: Service
protective coatings, container coatings, decorative paints     ing a test rig in our workshop in Esbjerg. ISO 9001.           Industry role: Supplier
and yacht paints.                                                                                                             Industry expertise: Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Air
The first HEMPEL factory started production in 1915 in Den-
mark. The Group has since grown to become a world-wide         Hytor                                                          Profile:
enterprise comprising 3 global research and development                                                                       Through the many and varied tasks entrusted to JEVI we
facilities, 18 manufacturing plants, 47 sales offices and       Glentevej 13                                                   have gained an extensive knowhow. Combined with continu-
more than 130 stock points strategically located on all five    6705 Esbjerg Ø                                                 ous product development this gives JEVI the capacity to han-
continents. In short, wherever you are, HEMPEL is always       Phone: +45 76 14 19 00                                         dle large as well as small tasks. We maintain a programme
nearby, ensuring prompt delivery of freshly produced quality   Fax: +45 76 14 19 09                                           of regular investment in both production and employees, but
coatings supported by HEMPEL’s world-renowned service.         E-mail:                                          solid craftsmanship still remains our hallmark and the factor
                                                                                                                              which ensures the high quality standard.
                                                               Contact Person:
                                                               Finn Høst                                                      JEVI has maintained the basic philosophy as service sup-
HH-Consult                                                     Direct Phone: +45 76 14 19 41                                  plier to the industry and is therefore well able to cover the
                                                               E-mail:                                     customers’ changing requirements. Our knowhow ensures
Havnegade 19                                                                                                                  that we are frequently involved in the planning phase.
6700 Esbjerg                                                   Competences:
Phone: +45 76 10 40 55                                         Industry sector: Service
Fax: +45 76 10 40 56                                           Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer        Jobcenter Esbjerg
E-mail:                                     Industry expertise: Compressors and Power Supply, Mainte-
                                                               nance, Modification, Optimization and Operation, Electrical     Exnersgade 33
Contact Person:                                                Equipment, IT and Electronics, Fabrication and Construction,   6700 Esbjerg
Joan Bonde Bach                                                Leasing Of Tools/Equipment, Hydraulics and Pneumatics,         Phone: +45 76 16 73 00
E-mail:                                      Offshore Wind Turbines - Nacelles and Electrical Parts,
                                                               Design and Engineering, Cranes and Crane Accessories,          Contact Person:
Competences:                                                   Pumps and Accessories, Engine Cylinders and Accumula-          Jens Svenningsen
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,         tors, Contractors, Instrumentation, Consulting, Valves and     E-mail:
Service, Safety and Environment                                Accessories
Industry role: Service Provider                                                                                               Competences:
Industry expertise: Personnel, Consulting, Fabrication and     Profile:                                                        Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
Construction, Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protection,      Hytor is a trade and engineering company providing             Service, Safety and Environment
Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation,          products within the areas of process control, gaskets,         Industry role: Government Agency
Project Management, Job/Career, Safety and Security,           high-pressure equipment, compressors, pneumatics and           Industry expertise: Personnel
Inspection and Testing, Diving and Underwater Equipment,       special tools.
Design and Engineering, Planning                                                                                              Profile:
                                                                                                                              Danish Employment Service (Jobcenter Esbjerg) is charged
Profile:                                                        IFU/IØ - The Industrialization Fund for                        with procuring jobs for jobseekers and ensuring that
HH-Consult A/S is a company of consulting engineers estab-     Developing Countries                                           companies find the labour they need. Jobcenter assists all
lished in 1984, and is today part of the Holstberg Group A/S                                                                  applicants in finding help and guidance on recruitment, job
with office facilities and subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway      Bremerholm 4                                                   hunting or general information on the labour market.
and Sweden. HH-Consult employs engineers, inspectors,          1069 København K                                               Jobcenter offices and jobshops are distributed all over
project managers and other highly qualified professionals       Phone: +45 33 63 75 00                                         Denmark. At the local offices, you can find leaflets, use our
within a mulitude of disciplines which enables us to provide   Fax: +45 33 32 25 24                                           PCs or make appointments with Jobcener staff for personal
a wide range og services to the industry.                      E-mail:                                             guidance.

                                                               Contact Person:
Hydropower A/S                                                 Brian Muggeridge Andersen                                      JobInVest ApS
Lammefjordsvej 2                                                                                                              Vestkraftgade 1
6715 Esbjerg N                                                 Competences:                                                   6700 Esbjerg
                                                               Industry sector: Development                                   Phone: +45 70 30 09 64

104 Offshore Center Danmark
         Yearbook 2007
Contact Person:                                               Modification, Optimization and Operation, Personnel,              Courses and Training, Process Control.
Arvid Stück                                                   Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protection, Valves and
E-mail:                              Accessories, Fabrication and Construction, Cooling, Heating,     Profile:
                                                              Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Instrumentation, Insulation    LHJ Consult is a consulting engineering company founded
Competences:                                                                                                                   in 2001 by the company LHJ-Consult GmbH as LHJ Consult
Industry sector: Service                                      Profile:                                                          ApS, and became a public limited company in 2005. We
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                   Jørge Kynde Isolering is an insulating company with 35           work nationally as well as internationally.
Industry expertise: Courses and Training, General Informa-    years of experience within the following areas: Techni-          We employ engineers and other highly qualified staffs within
tion, Job/Career                                              cal insulation, sound insulation, establishing cold rooms,       the industry e.g offshore, construction, manufacturing,
                                                              delivery and erection of panel walls and ceilings as well as     pharmaceuticals, logistics and training and take on many
Profile:                                                       asbestos/fire insulation for both on an offshore facilities.      different kinds of projects, from the small to the very large.
JobInVest is owned by 3F Billund, 3F Varde, 3F Kongeåen,
3F Esbjerg og 3F Transporthuset Esbjerg.
                                                              Kirk Larsen & Ascanius                                           LICengineering A/S
Our goal is to be active in the development of the labour
force in the region.                                          Torvet 21                                                        Østergade 4/st/th
                                                              6700 Esbjerg                                                     6700 Esbjerg
                                                              Phone: +45 70 22 66 60                                           Phone: +45 75 18 16 88
Jutlandia Terminal A/S                                        E-mail:                                 Fax: +45 75 18 16 40
Europakaj                                                     Contact Person:
PO Boks 151                                                   Marina Moltke-Leth                                               Contact Person:
6700 Esbjerg                                                  E-mail:                                        Morten Christensen
Phone: +45 75 13 60 22                                                                                                         Direct Phone: +45 75 18 16 88
Fax: +45 75 13 69 00                                          Competences:                                                     E-mail:
E-mail:                                           Industry sector: Service                                         Competences:
                                                              Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                      Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime, Safety
Contact Person:                                               Industry expertise: Consulting, Accountancy, Financial,          and Environment
Jesper Børsmose                                               Insurance and Tax                                                Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier
E-mail:                                                                                                             Industry expertise: Diving and Underwater Equipment,
                                                              Profile:                                                          Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation,
Competences:                                                  Kirk Larsen & Ascanius is an attorney company, with experi-      Consulting
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Service          ence and competences in the offshore sector – oil and gas
Industry role: Service Provider                               as well as offshore wind.                                        Profile:
Industry expertise: Diving and Underwater Equipment,                                                                           LICengineering is an engineering company specialised in
Chemicals and Drilling Mud, Maintenance, Modification,                                                                          fluid dynamics, structural dynamics, subsea engineering
Optimization and Operation, Ports and Supply Bases, Tanks     Laybourn Trading & Technology, L.T. & T.                         and underwater acoustics. We deliver specialised services
and Storage Equipment, Planning, Project Management,                                                                           comprising analysis, design, project supervision and project
Material and Product Handling                                 Gilleleje Hovedgade 47                                           administration. We supply specialised components and
Supply Chain Management, Maritime Transport                   3250 Gilleleje                                                   structures for subsea applications.
                                                              Phone: +45 48 36 18 64
Profile:                                                       Fax: +45 48 36 18 14
You only need one partner i Denmark to take care of all       E-mail:                                      Lindpro
base requirements. Located in Esbjerg - Denmarks gateway
to the oil and gas fields in the North Sea. JUTLANDIA can      Contact Person:                                                  Bådebrogade 1
offer the following services: Hazardous and Non Hazardous     Bent Laybourn                                                    6700 Esbjerg
Chemical Handling and Storage - Drilling Mud Handling and     E-mail:                                      Phone: +45 76 11 49 00
Storage - Pipeyard - Office Accomodation - Warehousing -                                                                        Fax: +45 76 11 49 01
Stevedoring - Ships Agency - Logistics - Freight Forwarding   Competences:                                                     E-mail:
- Project Freight Forwarding and Management - Customs         Industry expertise: Electrical Equipment, IT and Electronics,
Clearance - Scnadinavian and European Distribution            Safety and Security, Design and Engineering, Communi-            Contact Person:
Systems-Rail-Sea-Road - Rail Tracks next to quayside          cation Systems, Material and Product Handling, Drilling          Morten Fals
- Chemical Supply - Offshore Containers and Tanks - Bulk      Tools/Supplies                                                   E-mail:
Plant Facilities - Own quay-10.5 mtrs deepth - Air Freight
- Courier.                                                                                                                     Competences:
                                                              LHJ Consult A/S                                                  Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime, Service
                                                                                                                               Industry role: Supplier
Jørgen Kynde Isoleringsfirma                                   Industrivej 7                                                    Industry expertise: Drilling and Well Services, Instrumenta-
                                                              6330 Padborg                                                     tion, Personnel, Navigation Aids, Ports and Supply Bases,
Hammeren 10                                                   Phone: +45 74 46 92 25                                           Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation,
Tarp                                                          E-mail:                                  Communication Systems, Safety and Security
6715 Esbjerg N
Phone: +45 75 16 81 00                                        Contact Person:                                                  Profile:
Fax: +45 75 16 75 30                                          Lars Højlund-Jacobsen                                            Lindpro is one of Denmark’s leading companies within elec-
E-mail:                                    Direct Phone: +45 51 88 92 25                                    trical and process control installations. The company has
                                                              E-mail:                                      more than 15 years of experience within the offshore sector.
Contact Person:
Jørgen Kynde                                                  Competences:
E-mail:                                    Industry sector: Maritime, Service, Safety and Environment       LINE-X Denmark A/S
                                                              Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Educational
Competences:                                                  Institution                                                      Dalager 4
Industry sector: Service                                      Industry expertise: Environmental Assesment and Monitor-         2605 Brøndby
Industry role: Service Provider                               ing, Consulting, Firefighting, Safety and Security, Fabrication   Phone: +45 39 30 33 88
Industry expertise: Design and Engineering, Maintenance,      and Construction, Engine Cylinders and Accumulators              Fax: +45 39 30 33 99

                                                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark       105
                                                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
E-mail:                                          The production primarily includes the use of stainless steel.    degreasing before painting. The products are useable on all
                                                                Over the last 25 years our company has upgraded and              water stands surfaces.
Contact Person:                                                 refined its production facilities and knowlegde of stainless
Kasper Helger                                                   steel.
E-mail:                                        Our keywords are high quality, honesty and co-operation.         Maskinmestrenes Forening
                                                                Since 1987, products to the offshore industry have been
Competences:                                                    developed and today, Madsens Maskinfabrik offers a wide          Sankt Annæ Plads 16
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Service            range of products including: Safety showers, hosereels and       1250 København K
Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                           foam stations, cabinets for tools and safety equipment,          Phone: +45 33 36 49 20
Industry expertise: Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protec-     telephone hoods, ducting and dampers, transport baskets,         Fax: +45 33 36 49 49
tion, Coating and Paints                                        access bridges (aluminium), tubing drifts (plastic).
                                                                Furthermore, our company develops machines and prod-             Contact Person:
Profile:                                                         ucts by request of the individual customer, and today, the       Per Jørgensen
LINE-X is an almost indestructible alternative to traditional   production also includes an increasing use of aluminium.         E-mail:
paints. Line-X is applied by spray and will place itself as a
dense membrane binding together aluminium, steel, wood,                                                                          Competences:
reinforced concrete, glass fibre, foam and more.                                                                                  Industry sector: Maritime
                                                                Maersk Contractors                                               Industry role: Educational Institution
                                                                                                                                 Industry expertise: Job/Career
MacArtney A/S Underwater Technology                             Kanalen 1
                                                                6700 Esbjerg
Gl. Guldagervej 48                                              Phone: +45 76 14 77 00                                           Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og
6710 Esbjerg V                                                  Fax: +45 76 14 77 32                                             Udvikling
Phone: +45 76 13 20 00                                          E-mail:
E-mail:                                                                                                     Bredgade 40
                                                                Contact Person:                                                  1260 København K
Contact Person:                                                 Ejnar Sørensen                                                   Phone: +45 35 44 62 00
Niels Erik Hedager                                              E-mail:
E-mail:                                                                                                        Contact Person:
                                                                Competences:                                                     Tina Rud Mogensen
Competences:                                                    Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime, Safety and Environ-      E-mail:
Industry sector: Maritime, Service                              ment
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier           Industry role: Operator, Service Provider                        Competences:
Industry expertise: Design and Engineering, Inspection and      Industry expertise: Contractors                                  Industry role: Government Agency
Testing, Navigation Aids, Fabrication and Construction,
Diving and Underwater Equipment, Ropes (Wire and Syn-           Profile:                                                          Profile:
thetic), Instrumentation, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Electri-   Maersk Contractors comprises a number of service                 The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation was cre-
cal Equipment, IT and Electronics, Geotechnical Equipment       companies providing varous specialised services to the oil       ated in November 2001 in extension of the former Ministry
                                                                industry. Maersk H2S Safety Services: Detection Equipment        of Information Technology and Research to comprise the
Profile:                                                         - Protection Equipment - H2S Safety Courses - Contin-            universities (research and education), industrial research and
The MacArtney Group supplies products and engineering           gency Planning/Consultancy - Equipment Maintenance               Denmark’s policy on technology and innovation.
solutions to the worldwide Underwater Technology Market.        - Fire Drills. Maersk Technical Services: Ultrasonic Testing
                                                                - Magnetic Particle Inspection - Eddy Current Testing - Dye      The object of the Ministry is to promote the interaction of
Our aspiration is to maintain our continued success by          Penetrant Testing - Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement             trade and industry, centres of research and education and
using our experience and our understanding of customers’        - Welding Supervision - Technical Consultancy - Infrared         to strengthen coordination in pursuance of industry and
expectation.                                                    Themography - Engine Overhaul - Vibration Monitoring             research policy.
                                                                - Corrosion Monitoring.

Madsens Maskinfabrik ApS                                                                                                         Minus 10dB
                                                                Masava Kemi ApS
Morsøgade 15                                                                                                                     Ole Holst-Jensen ApS
6700 Esbjerg                                                    Nordre Ringvej 18                                                Stokrosevej 29
Phone: +45 75 12 05 33                                          5700 Svendborg                                                   8330 Beder
Fax: +45 75 12 09 98                                            Phone: +45 66 10 90 60                                           Phone: +45 87 47 55 64
E-mail:                                  Fax: +45 66 10 90 13
                                                                E-mail:                                    Contact Person:
Contact Person:                                                                                                                  Ole Holst-Jensen
Erik Madsen                                                     Contact Person:                                                  Direct Phone: +45 20 15 87 73
E-mail:                                  Michael Schmidt                                                  E-mail:
Competences:                                                                                                                     Competences:
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service, Safety and Environment   Competences:                                                     Industry sector: Service
Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                           Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service                            Industry role: Supplier
Industry expertise: Maintenance, Modification, Optimization      Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer          Industry expertise: Insulation
and Operation, Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Air Condi-     Industry expertise: Chemicals and Drilling Mud, Cleaning of
tioning, Fabrication and Construction, Safety and Security,     Tanks, Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protection
Firefighting, Transportation Equipment                                                                                            MT Højgaard a/s
Profile:                                                         MASAVA KEMI has since 1970 been ahead at the                     Knud Højgaards Vej 9
Madsens Maskinfabrik, Esbjerg ApS is located in the Port of     development of environmental friendly cleaning detergents.       2860 Søborg
Esbjerg, Denmark’s largest fishing and offshore port.            Main product line: Water based detergents for cleaning,          Phone: +45 39 54 40 00
Our company produces equipment and machines to the              degreasing and disinfection used for applications on rigs,       E-mail:
offshore industry as well as to the fish meal industry and the   ships, tanks and in engineering etc. for separation of oil and
food industry.

106 Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
Contact Person:                                                Niels Winther & Co.                                            Phone: +45 75 12 07 44
Bente Østerbye                                                                                                                Fax: +45 75 12 42 73
Direct Phone: +45 22 70 96 67                                  Nordre Dokkaj 1                                                E-mail:
E-mail:                                     6700 Esbjerg
                                                               Phone: +45 75 12 83 55                                         Contact Person:
Competences:                                                   Fax: +45 75 12 86 17                                           Lars Bakken Jepsen - Peter Kirk Christensen
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind                    E-mail:                                    E-mail: - - pkc@
Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier                                                                           
Industry expertise: Fabrication and Construction, Project      Contact Person:
Management, Contractors, Offshore Wind Turbines                Henrik Otto Jensen                                             Competences:
- Foundations                                                  Direct Phone: +45 76 12 23 60                                  Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
                                                               E-mail:                                    Service
Profile:                                                                                                                       Industry role: Service Provider
With more than 5,000 employees and annual sales of just        Competences:                                                   Industry expertise: Pumps and Accessories, Offshore Wind
under DKK 7.4 billion, MT Højgaard is Denmark’s leading        Industry sector: Maritime                                      Turbines – Service, Navigation Aids, Firefighting, Electrical
contractor.                                                    Industry role: Service Provider                                Equipment, IT and Electronics, Instrumentation
                                                               Industry expertise: Maritime Transport
We work with customers across Denmark, and, as frontrun-                                                                      Profile:
ner in the development of efficient construction processes,     Profile:                                                        NORDSØ Elektronik do electomechanical, electric &
we routinely bring both large and small contracting projects   Niels Winther & Co. was founded as authorized shipbrokers      electronic services on board ships of all kinds, as well as
to successful completion. For us, the customer always          and shipowners in 1931. Since that time the company has        offshore & onshore services.
comes first. Whatever you’re building.                          developed by responding directly to the varied requirements
                                                               of the shipping industry.                                      Our workshops are equipped with up-to-date instruments to
                                                                                                                              meet the technical requirements of today.
MultiPlus Solutions AS                                         This background as shipbrokers and shipowners has
                                                               provided us with a sound foundation for the expansion of       We are specialists in maintenance, service, overhaul,
Datavej 26                                                     our shipping services offered by the company.                  rewinding, etc. of electric motors, generators AC/DC as well
3460 Birkerød                                                                                                                 as pump repairs.
Phone: +45 88 13 60 06                                         Niels Winther & Co is today a fully independent shipping
                                                               company which provides high quality services and represen-     We are specialists in navigation equipment such as: VHF,
Contact Person:                                                tation for many of the worlds best known companies.            Satelite TV, Ecco Sounder, Sonar, Radar, Fishfinding equip-
Susanne Gregersen                                                                                                             ment etc.
                                                               NIRAS A/S                                                      We are sole agent for SAM ELECTRONIC / STN ATLAS
Competences:                                                                                                                  Radars & navigations equipment in Denmark.
Industry sector: Service                                       Skolegade 30
Industry role: Supplier                                        6700 Esbjerg                                                   We do service around the clock, all year
Industry expertise: Consulting                                 Phone: +45 75 13 50 22                                         round since 1919.

Profile:                                                        Contact Person:
MultiPlus Solutions is in a unique position: we both own and   Henning Andersen                                               NV Engineering
develop tailor-made solutions based on the ERP suite. For      E-mail:
the customer, this entails a short route from contact person                                                                  Forskerparken CAT
to system adjustments and development - a shorter route        Profile:                                                        Universitetsparken 7. Postboks 30
than you’ll find most other places.                             With its 900 employees NIRAS is a large consulting engi-       4000 Roskilde
                                                               neering company in Denmark. The company was founded in         Phone: +45 46 74 0200
                                                               1956 and since then has expanded through natural growth        Fax: +45 46 74 0250
                                                               and acquisition of other companies.                            E-mail:
Mærsk Olie og Gas AS
                                                               The growth and mergers have enriched NIRAS with a large        Contact Person:
Kanalen 2                                                      number of competencies, both within the usual and the          Niels Vestergaard Jespersen
6700 Esbjerg                                                   specialised engineering disciplines, project management        Direct Phone: +45 46 74 0237
Phone: +45 75 45 13 66                                         and the development of human resources. We are therefore       E-mail:
                                                               in a good position to undertake and lead very large projects
Contact Person:                                                both in Denmark and at an international level.                 Competences:
Kurt Normann Nielsen                                                                                                          Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind
Direct Phone: +45 79 11 10 40                                  We combine our competencies across our business areas          Industry role: Consultant
E-mail:                                       and we work with external business partners when the as-       Industry expertise: Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Design and
                                                               signment requires it. Our main business areas are:             Engineering, Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and
Competences:                                                                                                                  Operation, Project Management, Consulting, Safety and
Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                   •   Agriculture                                                Security, Offshore Wind Turbines - Foundations
Industry role: Operator                                        •   Building and industry
Industry expertise: Exploration and Production                 •   Civil works
                                                               •   Energy                                                     Ocean Team Scandinavia
Profile:                                                        •   Environment
Mærsk Olie og Gas AS (Maersk Oil) is a company owned           •   Management sciences                                        Vesterhavsgade 56
by A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S, and is part of the A.P. Moller     •   Social sciences                                            6700 Esbjerg
– Maersk Group.                                                •   Transportation                                             Phone: +45 75 18 00 77
                                                                                                                              Fax: +45 75 18 10 56
Maersk Oil was established in 1962, when Mr A. P. Møller                                                                      E-mail:
was awarded the concession for oil and gas exploration and     Nordsø Elektronik A/S
production in Denmark. In 2003, the concession period was                                                                     Contact Person:
extended from 2012 until 2042 and terms and conditions         Vesterhavsgade 147                                             Jens Peter Thomsen
were adjusted as of 1 January 2004.                            6700 Esbjerg                                                   E-mail:

                                                                                                                                                     Offshore Center Danmark       107
                                                                                                                                                               Yearbook 2007
Competences:                                                         offshore companies, universities and other educational         the project cycle, from project identification and design over
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,               institutions, consultants and authorities. This is done        appraisal and feasibility studies to tender evaluations, imple-
Service                                                              through work shops, conferences etc.                           mentation and monitoring, including project management
Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer            • Knowledge - OCD collects, develops and disseminates            and financial analyses.
Industry expertise: Pumps and Accessories, Instrumentation,          knowledge within the Danish offshore industry.
Hydraulics and Pneumatics                                          • Projects - OCD coordinates development projects and
                                                                     helps companies establishing funding for projects.             Persolit A/S
Profile:                                                            • Education - OCD works close together with educational
Our company is independent and is continuously developing.           institutions and also provides offshore related courses        Tarp Byvej 147
- We are specialist in providing “total purity package solu-         for the offshore industry.                                     6715 Esbjerg N
tions” within lubeoil- & process systems on- & offshore. We                                                                         Phone: +45 70 20 06 13
are result driven and provide a high quality service utilising a                                                                    Fax: +45 70 20 06 31
small team which is focused on the needs of the client.            Olesen & Jensen                                                  E-mail:

                                                                   Ørnevej 1                                                        Contact Person:
Odfjell Well Services A/S                                          6705 Esbjerg Ø                                                   Kurt Ø. Hansen
                                                                   Phone: +45 75 14 22 55                                           E-mail:
Trafikhavnskaj 7                                                    Fax: +45 75 14 20 53
6700 Esbjerg                                                       E-mail:                                                Competences:
Phone: +45 76 12 90 12                                                                                                              Industry sector: Service, Safety and Environment
Fax: +45 76 12 91 12                                               Contact Person:                                                  Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier,
E-mail:                                                 Kenn Pedersen                                                    Manufacturer
                                                                   Direct Phone: +45 76 14 01 78                                    Industry expertise: Instrumentation, Leasing Of Tools/Equip-
Contact Person:                                                    E-mail:                                                ment, Insulation, Fabrication and Construction, Supply Chain
Bjarne Winum                                                                                                                        Management, Personnel, Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and
Direct Phone: +45 76 12 90 12                                      Competences:                                                     Air Conditioning
E-mail:                                                 Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Service
                                                                   Industry role: Service Provider                                  Profile:
Competences:                                                       Industry expertise: Drilling Tools/Supplies, Cooling, Heating,   Persolit A/S is a Danish engineering, manufacturing and
Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                       Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Cranes and Crane Acces-        contracting company with 60 years of experience in techni-
Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier                          sories, Generators and Engines, Instrumentation                  cal insulation onshore/offshore all over the world. Persolit
Industry expertise: Drilling Tools/Supplies, Leasing of Tools/     Pumps and Accessories                                            A/S has lately succesfully carried out manufacture and
Equipment, Contractors                                                                                                              installation of sound proofed Drillers Cabins on rigs, sound
                                                                   Profile:                                                          proofing of ducting, engines, compressors etc. Furthermore
Profile:                                                            Olesen & Jensen A/S is a modern electrical company,              soundproofing of controlrooms, accomodations, workshops
Odfjell Well Services Rental department is one of Norways          founded in 1919, the company has 130 employees, divided          etc has been carried out.
leading suppliers of drilling equipment. For rental purpose        over 3 sections, installation, electronic and electromechanic.
we stock a wide range of tubulars (drillpipe, drillcollar & tub-   Our workshop can offer every kind of electromechanic
ing) as well as related accessories and handling equipment.        services, including overhaul, repair, rewind, varnish etc. of    Peter Harbo A/S
                                                                   motors and generators. Total overhaul of all types of pumps.
Odfjell Well Services Casing department is Norways leading         Dynamic balancing. (up to 1600 kg.) Laser alignment SPM          Olievej 4
supplier of tubular running services to the Oil & Gas industry.    measurement of bearrings. Vibration measurement. Test of         6700 Esbjerg
                                                                   motors / generators, full load, up to 630 KW / 6000 VOLT.        Phone: +45 75 13 08 44
                                                                   Test of pumps, included pressure and flow measuring (16           Fax: +45 75 13 07 35
Offshore Center Danmark                                            bar - 2400 M3h.) All tests are documented. All instru-           E-mail:
                                                                   ments are calibrated The workshop is equipped with a 20 T
Niels Bohrs Vej 6                                                  capacity overhead traversing crane facility. Our customers       Contact Person:
6700 Esbjerg                                                       are power plants, offshore industry, ships, factories and        Claus Harbo
Phone: +45 36 97 36 70                                             privates. 24 Hours service.                                      E-mail:
Fax: +45 36 97 36 79
E-mail:                                                                                                      Competences:
                                                                   Orbicon A/S                                                      Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service
Contact Person:                                                                                                                     Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier,
Peter Blach                                                        Ringstedvej 20                                                   Manufacturer
Direct Phone: +45 36 97 36 70                                      4000 Roskilde                                                    Industry expertise: Cranes and Crane Accessories, Offshore
E-mail:                                       Phone: +45 46 30 03 10                                           Wind Turbines - Installation and Commissioning, Leasing Of
                                                                   Fax: +45 87 28 10 01                                             Tools/Equipment, Offshore Wind Turbines – Tower, Main-
Competences:                                                       E-mail:                                          tenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation, Ropes
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,                                                                              (Wire and Synthetic)
Service, Safety and Environment                                    Contact Person:
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Educational           Preben Boock                                                     Profile:
Institution, Industry Association                                  Direct Phone: +45 46 30 08 14                                    Supply of all kinds and sizes of the following: Wire ropes,
Industry expertise: General Information, Project Manage-           E-mail:                                      wire rope filings and slings, chains and chain accessories,
ment, Courses and Training, Planning, Consulting, Account-                                                                          webbing and roundslings, shackles in all sizes and rigging
ancy, Financial, Insurance and Tax                                 Competences:                                                     screws, polypropylene ropes up to 96 mm on stock. Lifting
                                                                   Industry sector: Safety and Environment                          equipment, hoists and winches up to 35 ton c/w hydraulic
Profile:                                                            Industry role: Consultant                                        power packs for rental. All sizes of blocks, sheaves, swivels
Offshore Center Danmark is a member based organization             Industry expertise: Consulting                                   for rental. Test and recertification of chainslings, hoists,
with a main purpose to strengthen the Danish offshore                                                                               winches, blocks. Escape climbing nets, helideck nets, lad-
industry on the global market. Key areas are oil and gas,          Profile:                                                          ders. Test equipment for cranes and life boats. Water bags,
offshore wind power and the maritime sector. OCD’s main            Orbicon offers engineering consultancy services with the         loadcells etc. (Water weight agent) Fall Protection Systems.
activities are centered towards:                                   expertise of more than 300 employees.                            Mooring bouys and fenders in all sizes for all purposes.

• Network - OCD helps establishing contact between                 We provide consultancy services related to all phases of

108 Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S                                          Competences:                                                    sales of approx. DKK 400 million in 2003.
                                                                   Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
Grønhøjgade 45                                                     Service
6600 Vejen                                                         Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer         QA Consulting A/S
Phone: +45 76 96 34 00                                             Industry expertise: Maintenance, Modification, Optimization
Fax: +45 76 96 34 01                                               and Operation, Fabrication and Construction, Genera-            Vesterhavsgade 44
E-mail:                                         tors and Engines, Personnel, Electrical Equipment, IT and       6700 Esbjerg
                                                                   Electronics                                                     Phone: +45 75 45 38 33
Contact Person:                                                                                                                    Fax: +45 75 45 38 55
René Rasmussen                                                     Profile:                                                         E-mail:
E-mail:                                         Caterpillar dealer for Denmark, offering Caterpillar and MaK
                                                                   diesel and gas engines, after sales services, switch-boards,    Contact Person:
Competences:                                                       re-powering and general manpower. - High quality products       Flemming Kristensen
Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                       - Prompt delivery of all Caterpillar spare parts to ports and   E-mail:
Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer            airports - Consultants in installation, repairs and mainte-
Industry expertise: Coating and Paints, Pipes, Pipelines and       nance - Qualified general manpower available for quick           Competences:
Risers                                                             turnout - Individual service contracts.                         Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Safety and Environment
                                                                                                                                   Industry role: Consultant
Profile:                                                                                                                            Industry expertise: Consulting, Safety and Security, Planning,
PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S is a global knowledge-based              Procurator Safety Denmark                                       General Information, Project Management, Fabrication and
company, specialising in high quality corrosion protection                                                                         Construction, Inspection and Testing, Personnel
for off- and onshore oil & gas pipelines. We are dedicated to      Stærevej 2
research and development of customized solutions for con-          6705 Esbjerg Ø                                                  Profile:
sulting engineers, operators and infrastructure authorities        Phone: +45 76 11 50 00                                          QA Consulting is based in Esbjerg, where our practical mix
within application adhesion and protection technologies.           Fax: +45 76 11 50 01                                            of some 30 engineers, marine engineers, and technical
                                                                   E-mail:                                      personnel in the first 20 years of our existence has primarily
                                                                                                                                   been serving the pulsating offshore industry.
PNE Teknik A/S                                                     Contact Person:
                                                                   Susanne Ingemann                                                We provide more than 37,000 man/hours per year for jobs
Magnoliavej 10                                                     E-mail:                                        requiring our core competences within maintenance. All our
Dyrup                                                                                                                              service activities are thoroughly documented via our efficient
5250 Odense SV                                                     Competences:                                                    hour/job management system. Our present activities take
Phone: +45 63 10 02 70                                             Industry sector: Safety and Environment                         place in close contact with local industry and are split into
Fax: +45 63 10 02 71                                               Industry role: Consultant, Supplier, Educational Institution    three categories: Providing skills (Manpower), major involve-
E-mail:                                        Industry expertise: Safety and Security, Welding Equipment,     ment in project, and handling minor ad hoc jobs.
                                                                   Firefighting, Courses and Training
Contact Person:                                                                                                                    The QA Consulting of the future is expecting growth within
Esben Erichsen                                                     Profile:                                                         the offshore industry and a spin-off effect in other branches
Direct Phone: +45 63 10 02 72                                      As a total suplier of personal safety equipment Procurator      requiring efficient maintenance systems.
E-mail:                                           Safety Denmark plays an active role in order to protect the
                                                                   employeed in every work situation possible.
Competences:                                                                                                                       Ramboll Oil & Gas
Industry sector: Oil and Gas
Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                              Promecon                                                        Willemoesgade 2
Industry expertise: Safety and Security, Water Treatment,                                                                          6700 Esbjerg
Valves and Accessories                                             Sahara 4                                                        Phone: +45 79 13 71 00
                                                                   6700 Esbjerg                                                    Fax: +45 79 13 72 80
Profile:                                                            Phone: +45 76 11 55 00
PNE Teknik supply products and technical solutions for the         Fax: +45 80 60 22 45
engineering industry, offshore and maritime industry. Our          E-mail:                                        Contact Person:
concept is the optimum solution for each individual job.                                                                           Kai B. Olsen
Our partners are leading suppliers of castings, forgings and       Contact Person:                                                 Direct Phone: +45 79 13 71 20
industrial products. We are always able to find the item re-        Esben Marcussen                                                 E-mail:
quired as well as the supplier of the product most suitable for    mail:
a specific job. Thus the technically best solution is usually the                                                                   Competences:
most profibale one - and we always aim to be cost-minded            Competences:                                                    Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,
on behalf of our customers. PNE Teknik have emerged from           Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,          Service, Safety and Environment
P.N. Erichsen A/S. We have currently adapted the delivery          Service                                                         Industry role: Consultant
programme to the existing requirements and will also in            Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer         Industry expertise: Design and Engineering, Consulting,
future be a reliable and trustworthy business partner.             Industry expertise: Fabrication and Construction, Project       Project Management
                                                                   Management, Supply Chain Management, Offshore Wind
                                                                   Turbines – Service, Leasing Of Tools/Equipment, Tanks and       Profile:
Pon Power A/S                                                      Storage Equipment, Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Offshore        Ramboll Oil & Gas offers overall solutions in design and
                                                                   Wind Turbines – Foundations, Offshore Wind Turbines             engineering for all types of oil and gas installations. The con-
Øresundsvej 9                                                      - Installation and Commissioning, Personnel                     tinued expansion of activities and installations in the Danish
6715 Esbjerg N                                                     Design and Engineering, Maintenance, Modification,               sector of the North Sea has given Ramboll Oil & Gas a solid
Phone: +45 76 14 64 00                                             Optimization and Operation Contractors, Offshore Wind           experience in the offshore disciplines jackets, topsides
Fax: +45 76 14 64 01                                               Turbines - Tower                                                and pipelines. The offshore experience has resulted in an
E-mail:                                                                                                       increasing number of assignments on onshore oil and gas
                                                                   Profile:                                                         installations, systems and storage facilities. New activities
Contact Person:                                                    Promecon carries out all forms of steel structures and          within offshore wind turbine structures are also products on
Verner Andersen                                                    industrial installations and has more than 60 years’            this knowledge.
Direct Phone: +45 76 14 64 46                                      experience in the Scandinavian and international markets.
E-mail:                                Promecon has 400 committed employees and delivered

                                                                                                                                                          Offshore Center Danmark       109
                                                                                                                                                                    Yearbook 2007
ResQ                                                            Contact Person:                                                   Stainless Steel and Metal, Machinery and Tools. Certified
                                                                Annette Risberg                                                   according to ISO 9002.
Korskildeeng 6                                                  Direct Phone: +45 44 20 08 37
2670 Greve                                                      E-mail:
Phone: +45 43 90 90 00                                                                                                            Score Danmark A/S
E-mail:                                            Competences:
                                                                Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime                            Østre Gjesingvej 14
Contact Person:                                                 Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier                         6715 Esbjerg N
Erik Rau Jacobsen                                               Industry expertise: Instrumentation                               Phone: +45 75 13 82 83
E-mail:                                                                                                               Fax: +45 75 13 92 22
Competences:                                                    ROVSING Dynamics A/S, headquartered in Herlev (the                Contact Person:
Industry sector: Safety and Environment                         suburbs of Copenhagen), Denmark, has over the last 10             Søren Haltrup
Industry role:                                                  years developed a unique product, the OPENpredictor™              E-mail:
Industry expertise: Safety and Security, Consulting, Courses    Predictive Maintenance Information System, which allows
and Training                                                    on-line machinery health prediction through the use of            Competences:
                                                                sophisticated electronic and computer technology.                 Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service
                                                                                                                                  Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer
Ribe Maskinfabrik                                               ROVSING Dynamics has developed a family of early                  Industry expertise: Leasing Of Tools/Equipment, Supply
                                                                machine fault detection algorithms with automatic fault di-       Chain Management, Maintenance, Modification, Optimiza-
Industrivej 4                                                   agnosis capabilities, which provides predictive maintenance       tion and Operation, Instrumentation, Valves and Accessories,
6760 Ribe                                                       through detection of most machine faults almost as soon as        Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Phone: +45 76 88 14 88                                          they develop and present the identified fault(s) and location
Fax: +45 75 42 13 04                                            to the operator in clear text.                                    Profile:
E-mail:                                                                                                          As an international organisation, Score provides a worldwide
                                                                The system can be used on almost any type of rotating             around the clock range of valve, actuator and gas turbine
Contact Person:                                                 machinery.                                                        services. Being open for business a full 24 hours per day,
Ole Jørgensen                                                                                                                     our technical sales and customer support staff, aided by
E-mail:                                                                                                            teams of specialist engineers, are always on hand to assist
                                                                Roxtec ApS                                                        our customers with even the most difficult and urgent
Competences:                                                                                                                      enquiries. Score Group plc is employee owned, and remains
Industry sector: Offshore Wind, Maritime, Service               Gl. Strandvej 10                                                  independent of all valve manufacturers and suppliers. The
Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                           2990 Nivå                                                         Group formed in 1982 to provide valve repair and re-certifi-
Industry expertise: Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Fabrication    Phone: +45 49 18 47 47                                            cation services, now employs over 500 personnel worldwide.
and Construction                                                Fax: +45 49 18 47 45
Profile:                                                                                                                           Selco A/S
Ribe Maskinfabrik A/S is part of RM-Gruppen who is a            Contact Person:
globally oriented company within metal manufacturing and        Peter van A. Bjerke                                               Betonvej 10
sourcing. RM-Gruppen has own offices and production              E-mail:                                             4000 Roskilde
facilities in Europe as well as Asia.                                                                                             Phone: +45 70 26 11 22
                                                                Competences:                                                      Fax: +45 70 26 25 22
                                                                Industry sector: Oil and Gas                                      E-mail:
Rope Access Denmark                                             Industry role:
                                                                Industry expertise: Surface Treatment and Corrosion               Contact Person:
v/Halberg Service                                               Protection                                                        Steen L. Andersen
Græsmarken 26                                                                                                                     E-mail:
3450 Allerød                                                    Profile:
Phone: +45 48 14 61 46                                          With creativity and an eye for design, Roxtec manufactures        Competences:
E-mail:                                 complete sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations.       Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime
                                                                Our products raise the quality, safety and flexibility in living   Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer
Contact Person:                                                 and working environments.                                         Industry expertise: Instrumentation, Electrical Equipment,
Allan Halberg                                                                                                                     IT and Electronics, Offshore Wind Turbines - Nacelles and
Direct Phone: +45 48 14 61 46                                                                                                     Electrical Parts, Generators and Engines
E-mail:                                 Sanistål A/S
Competences:                                                    Ørnevej 3                                                         SELCO manufacture and sell electronic equipment for power
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Service            6705 Esbjerg Ø                                                    generation, alarm annunciation and indication of discrete
Industry role: Service Provider                                 Phone: +45 76 14 63 00                                            signals. SELCO products are designed to operate in harsh
Industry expertise: Inspection and Testing, Scaffolding, Off-   Fax: +45 75 14 31 11                                              environmental conditions and are suitable for use in both
shore Wind Turbines – Service, Ropes (Wire and Synthetic),      E-mail:                                          land and off shore applications.
Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Operation, Air
Transport                                                       Contact Person:
                                                                Ole Rimme                                                         Semco Maritime
Rovsing Dynamics A/S                                                                                                              Stenhuggervej 12-14
                                                                Competences:                                                      6710 Esbjerg V
Marielundvej 41                                                 Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime                            Phone: +45 79 16 66 66
2730 Herlev                                                     Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                             Fax: +45 75 15 65 80
Phone: +45 46 90 72 00                                          Industry expertise: Valves and Accessories, Pipes, Pipelines
Fax: +45 44 84 60 40                                            and Risers, Supply Chain Management                               Contact Person:
E-mail:                               Profile:                                                           Jan E. Hansen
                                                                Steel, Bars and Plates, Joists and Hollow Sections, Pipes,        Direct Phone: +45 79 16 65 51
                                                                Fittings, Valves, Flanges, Galvanized Steel, Bolts and Chains,    E-mail:

110 Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
Competences:                                                   aids, light sources, linen goods and electric installations.    Contact Person:
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime,         Based within the intensive research and development effort      Eigil Jensen
Service                                                        of the concern an extensive range of highly technological       Direct Phone: +45 76 11 47 15
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider, Supplier,         products and services are offered.                              E-mail:
Industry expertise: Firefighting, Welding Equipment, Supply                                                                     Competences:
Chain Management, Leasing Of Tools/Equipment, Cooling,         Siemens Wind Power A/S                                          Industry sector: Offshore Wind, Maritime, Service, Safety
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Electrical Equip-                                                                   and Environment
ment, IT and Electronics, Scaffolding, General Information,    Borupvej 16                                                     Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Educational Institu-
Project Management, Valves and Accessories, Cranes and         7330 Brande                                                     tion
Crane Accessories, Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Hydraulics     Phone: +45 99 42 22 22                                          Industry expertise: Firefighting, Safety and Security, Courses
and Pneumatics, Personnel, Navigation Aids, Generators         E-mail:                                          and Training, Offshore Wind Turbines - Service
and Engines, Communication Systems, Fabrication and
Construction, Ports and Supply Bases, Consulting, Mainte-      Contact Person:                                                 Profile:
nance, Modification, Optimization and Operation, Inspection     Poul Skjærbæk                                                   STMS – (Survival Training Maritime Safety) is a result of
and Testing, Job/Career, Planning                              E-mail:                                            many years of co-operation between ESVAGT and the
                                                                                                                               marine rescue unit of the Maritime University of Denmark.
Profile:                                                        Competences:                                                    STMS today utilizes this knowledge and offers a wide range
From its North Sea Base in Esbjerg, Semco Maritime             Industry sector: Offshore Wind                                  of courses – with direct relevance to the offshore industry.
provides service for the international offshore industry via   Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                           Courses include obligatory offshore courses, wind turbine
subsidiaries and agents throughout the world. The services     Industry expertise: Offshore Wind Turbines - Rotors and Ro-     courses, FRB-courses as well as Search & Rescue (SAR)
are ranking from detailed design through procurement,          tor Blades, Offshore Wind Turbines – Tower, Offshore Wind       courses. Furthermore STMS offers individualized team
manufaturing, and installation to on-going maintenance and     Turbines - Service                                              building courses, which often are made in co-operation with
service agreements with all major operators in the area.                                                                       external consultants.
                                                               With the acquisition of Bonus Energy A/S December 1,
SGS Danmark A/S                                                2004, Siemens entered the rapidly growing wind energy           Sturnus Engineering ApS
                                                               business. The financial strength and the turnkey experience
Nitivej 10B                                                    of Siemens Power Generation combined with the technical         Naverland 2, 1
2000 Frederiksberg                                             know-how of Bonus Energy will create an even stronger           2600 Glostrup
Phone: +45 36 93 33 00                                         player in the global wind energy market: Siemens Wind           Phone: +45 43 42 54 28
Fax: +45 36 93 33 01                                           Power.                                                          Fax: +45 43 42 54 29
                                                                                                                               E-mail: SEDK@SEDK.DK
Contact Person:
Jan Ibsö                                                       Solar Offshore                                                  Contact Person:
E-mail:                                                                                                       Jørgen Eigil Hammer
                                                               Industrivej Vest 43                                             Direct Phone: +45 43 42 54 28
Competences:                                                   6600 Vejen                                                      E-mail:
Industry sector: Offshore Wind                                 Phone: +45 76 96 21 50
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                    Fax: +45 76 96 21 60                                            Competences:
Industry expertise: Inspection and Testing                                                                                     Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime
                                                               Contact Person:                                                 Industry role: Consultant
Profile:                                                        Kristen Guldager                                                Industry expertise: Tanks and Storage Equipment, Drilling
SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing    Direct Phone: +45 76 96 21 51                                   Tools/Supplies, Pipes, Pipelines and Risers, Hydraulics and
and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global      E-mail:                                            Pneumatics, Welding Equipment, Offshore Wind Turbines
benchmark for quality and integrity. With 42,000 employ-                                                                       - Rotors and Rotor Blades, Engine Cylinders and Accumula-
ees, SGS operates a network of about 1,000 offices and          Competences:                                                    tors, Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protection, Genera-
laboratories around the world.                                 Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime           tors and Engines, Pumps and Accessories, Process Control,
                                                               Industry role: Supplier                                         Fabrication and Construction, Valves and Accessories
                                                               Industry expertise: Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Air
Siemens A/S                                                    Conditioning, Navigation Aids, Communication Systems,           Profile:
                                                               Electrical Equipment, IT and Electronics                        STURNUS ENGINEERING is an engineering company who
Borupvang 3                                                                                                                    has had big success in solving development and construc-
2750 Ballerup                                                  Profile:                                                         tion tasks within machine and mechanical problems.
Phone: +45 44 77 44 77                                         Solar Offshore is part of Denmarks largest electrical
Fax: +45 44 77 40 29                                           wholesale company, A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni. Solar
E-mail:                                        Offshore has existed since 1981, and from our offices and        SubCPartner ApS
                                                               store rooms we can offer you a complete range of electrical
Contact Person:                                                material, Ex-equipment for hazardous areas being our            Tværkaj 2
Torben Engsig Thyrring                                         speciality. Solar Offshore has a number of agencies enabling    6700 Esbjerg
E-mail:                              us to provide you with e.g. lighting equipment, cables, cable   Phone: +45 70 23 21 22
                                                               glands, switchboards, junction boxes, electrical heating,       Fax: +45 76 10 04 69
Competences:                                                   speakers, and other approved products within the shortest       E-mail:
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Service           possible time of delivery.
Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer                                                                        Contact Person:
Industry expertise: Electrical Equipment, IT and Electronics                                                                   Lars Wigant
                                                               STMS -                                                          E-mail:
Profile:                                                        Survival Training Maritime Safety
The Siemens group in Denmark is part of the international                                                                      Competences:
Siemens concern, which with more than 430,000 employ-          Adgangsvejen 1                                                  Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Service
ees in 190 countries is one of the Worlds biggest corpora-     6700 Esbjerg                                                    Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier
tions within electronics and electro technique. The company    Phone: +45 76 11 47 50
solves assignments within the areas: energy, industry,         Fax: +45 76 11 47 05                                            Profile:
information, telecom, traffic, hospital equipment, hearing      E-mail:                                              PROFESSIONAL OFFSHORE SERVICES SubCPartner has

                                                                                                                                                      Offshore Center Danmark       111
                                                                                                                                                                Yearbook 2007
more than 20 years experience within the offshore sector         Uniscrap, Åbenrå                                                Competences:
with a wide variety of skills to suit your requirements. Since                                                                   Industry sector: Offshore Wind, Maritime, Service, Safety and
our introduction in the offshore windmill industry in 2002,      Kilen 29                                                        Environment
we have been fortunate enough to work on some of the             6200 Aabenraa                                                   Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer
biggest offshore windmill projects in Europe. Work shop          Phone: +45 74 62 27 87                                          Industry expertise: Offshore Wind Turbines - Installation and
activities: - Manufacture Steel Structures - Manufacture         Fax: +45 74 62 27 47                                            Commissioning, Offshore Wind Turbines - Rotors and Rotor
Hubs, clamps etc. - Inconel overlay welding - Black smith        E-mail:                                        Blades, Offshore Wind Turbines – Service, Offshore Wind
work Offshore activities - Diving operations - Construction                                                                      Turbines - Tower
and Installtion - Specialist in subsea and splash zone works     Contact Person:
- Inspection and NDT - Scour protections and bottom ptofil-       Mogens Møller-Hansen                                            Profile:
ing - Subsea cutting and welding Management, Engineering         E-mail:                                         Vestas is the world leader in wind technology and a driving
and Supervision in relation to above activities.                                                                                 force in the development of the wind power industry. Vestas’
                                                                 Competences:                                                    core business comprises the development, manufacture,
                                                                 Industry sector: Safety and Environment                         sale, marketing and maintenance of wind power systems
Syddansk Universitet                                             Industry role: Service Provider                                 that use wind energy to generate electricity.
                                                                 Industry expertise: Water Treatment, Recycling and Waste
Niels Bohrs Vej 9                                                Management                                                      Vestas offshore A/S was established as an independent
6700 Esbjerg                                                                                                                     Sales Business Unit as of 1st Jan. 2006 with Mr. Anders
Phone: +45 65 50 41 14                                           Profile:                                                         Søe-Jensen appointed as President.
Fax: +45 65 50 10 91                                             Uniscrap A/S is a Danish owned waste and recycling
E-mail:                                               company, which was created in 2002 by merger of Dansk           Four departments: Sales, Project & Technology, Customer
                                                                 Genvinding A/S, Uniscrap A/S Genvindingsindustri and            Service and Finance.
Contact Person:                                                  Dansk Flaskegenbrug A/S.
Svend Ole Madsen                                                                                                                 Approximately 125 employees – increasing to 160 at years
Direct Phone: +45 65 50 15 12                                                                                                    end (around 1/3 in the UK).
E-mail:                                           Valtor Offshore A/S
                                                                                                                                 CONTRACTING STRATEGIES:
Competences:                                                     Oddesundvej 5
Industry role: Educational Institution, General Institution,     6715 Esbjerg N                                                  EPC Contracting:
Research Institution                                             Phone: +45 75 14 44 11                                          • Vestas Offshore A/S covers the entire scope i.e. supply
                                                                 Fax: +45 75 14 44 99                                              and installation of foundations, WTG’s and electrical
Profile:                                                          E-mail:                                            infrastructure;
Knowledge is one of the prerequisites for growth in Den-
mark, where social welfare and competition within industry       Contact Person:                                                 Supply and Installation:
are increasingly dependent on research, highly skilled work-     Peter Toft                                                      • Vestas Offshore A/S delivers, installs and commissions
ers, and an industry with a flair for innovation and renewal.     E-mail:                                              the WTG’s on Employers foundations and electrical
The University of Southern Denmark, with campuses located        Competences:
in the southwestern part of Denmark - i.e. Funen and South-      Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Maritime, Service                 WTG delivery only:
ern Jutland - is a research and educational institution with     Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer         • Vestas Offshore A/S delivers the WTG’s ex works or at
deep regional roots and an international outlook. Reaching       Industry expertise: Supply Chain Management, Hydraulics           nearest harbour and commissions them after installation.
even further south, the university offers a number of joint      and Pneumatics, Instrumentation, Leasing Of Tools/Equip-          Limited warranty.
programmes in co-operation with the University of Flensburg      ment, Maintenance, Modification, Optimization and Opera-
and the University of Kiel. Contacts with regional industries    tion, Valves and Accessories
and the international scientific community are strong.                                                                            Vestjysk Hydraulik A/S
Every day approximately 1,100 researchers in Odense,             During its almost 20 years in the business, Valtor Offshore     Glarmestervej 3-5
Kolding, Esbjerg and Sønderborg are engaged in the search        A/S, with head office located at Esbjerg, has become             Sædding
for new knowledge and insight, while 15,000 students are         acknowledged in many parts of the world for reliable and        6710 Esbjerg V
working to further their education. The University of Southern   quality-proof supplies of all kinds of valves, actuators and    Phone: +45 75 15 30 77
Denmark offers comprehensive programmes in four differ-          related process equipment for the petrochemical industry.       Fax: +45 75 15 30 16
ent faculties - Humanities, Science and Engineering, Social      Valtor Offshore A/S has specialised in development and          E-mail:
Sciences, and Health Sciences. It incorporates 33 institutes,    supply of valve automation and in creating individual
29 research centres, and a well-equipped university library.     solutions of specific problems for the customers. Over           Contact Person:
                                                                 the years Valtor Offshore A/S has built up its own product      Peter Pedersen
                                                                 servicing department furnishing all kinds of valves, actua-     E-mail:
Sydvestjysk Udviklingsforum                                      tors, positioners etc. Service takes place at Valtor Offshore
                                                                 or on location at the customer, depending on the nature of      Competences:
Niels Bohrs Vej 6                                                the operation.                                                  Industry sector: Service
6700 Esbjerg                                                                                                                     Industry role: Supplier
Phone: +45 36 97 35 00                                                                                                           Industry expertise: Project Management, Pumps and Acces-
                                                                 Vestas Offshore A/S                                             sories, Ports and Supply, Bases, Maintenance, Modification,
Contact Person:                                                                                                                  Optimization and Operation, Valves and Accessories, Gen-
Erik Dam                                                         Alsvej 21                                                       erators and Engines, Fabrication and Construction, Courses
E-mail:                                              8900 Randers                                                    and Training, Consulting, Material and Product Handling,
                                                                 Phone: +45 97 30 00 00                                          Process Control, Inspection and Testing, Engine Cylinders
Competences:                                                     E-mail:                                        and Accumulators, Networking, Contractors, Cranes and
Industry sector: Service                                                                                                         Crane Accessories, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Automotive
Industry role: Consultant, Service Provider                      Contact Person:                                                 Transport
Industry expertise: General Information, Consulting, Courses     Morten Melin
and Training                                                     Direct Phone: +45 97 30 80 84                                   Profile:
                                                                 E-mail:                                        Vestjysk Hydraulik A/S is a certified Service Center for axial
                                                                                                                                 piston units from the Bosch Rexroth AG in Germany.
                                                                                                                                 We have direct access to the factory warehouse for Bosch

112 Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
Rexroth AG products, and our own spare parts store, which      See our full range of products at www.VIKINGsafetyshop.          E-mail:
carries around 24,000 item numbers, guarantees short           com or contact one of our worldwide offices for further
delivery times and reliability of supply for the spare parts   information.                                                     Contact Person:
you need.                                                                                                                       Jens Pedersen
                                                               When you choose VIKING life-saving equipment you choose          Direct Phone: +45 76 70 52 02
As well as providing a professional repair service, the        a sound long term investment.                                    E-mail:
customer service workshops of Vestjysk Hydraulik A/S also
document and analyse any damage that has occurred. The                                                                          Competences:
data obtained are then supplied to the customer service        Vindmølleindustrien                                              Industry sector: Offshore Wind
team.                                                                                                                           Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer
                                                               Vester Voldgade 106/1                                            Industry expertise: Fabrication and Construction, Offshore
                                                               1552 København V                                                 Wind Turbines - Tower
Vetco Gray Denmark                                             Phone: +45 33 73 03 30
                                                               Fax: +45 33 73 03 33                                             Profile:
Mådevej 37                                                     E-mail:                                     Welcon A/S is a Danish company in the business of manu-
6700 Esbjerg                                                                                                                    facturing mainly steel components and turn-key solutions.
Phone: +45 76 10 10 00                                         Contact Person:
Fax: +45 76 10 10 10                                           Bjarne Lundager Jensen                                           During the last 40 years we have developed and maintained
                                                                                                                                a very solid and competent know-how in the steel industry.
Contact Person:                                                Competences:                                                     This know-how, combined with targeted investments in
Svend Erik Petersen                                            Industry sector: Offshore Wind                                   production facilities and personnel, has resulted in our
E-mail:                      Industry role: Industry Association                              company being in the front line of the technological develop-
                                                               Industry expertise: Courses and Training, General Informa-       ment in welding processes. This makes us a front-runner for
Competences:                                                   tion                                                             supply of customer-tailored components and solutions.
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service
Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier, Manufacturer        Profile:
Industry expertise: Maintenance, Modification, Optimization     The Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA) is a non-profit       YIT A/S
and Operation, Ports and Supply Bases, Drilling Tools/Sup-     association whose purpose is to promote wind energy at
plies, Leasing of Tools/Equipment, Valves and Accessories,     home and abroad.                                                 Vestkraftgade 1
Drilling and Well Services, Wellheads and X-Mas Trees          The association was founded in 1981. DWIA today repre-           6700 Esbjerg
                                                               sents 99.9 per cent of Danish wind turbine manufacturing         Phone: +45 70 11 67 00
Profile:                                                        measured in MW and more than 122 companies with                  E-mail:
Competences within: ISO 9002/ISO 14001 Certification            activities in the Danish wind industry. For more details go to
- Wellheads & X-mas Trees - Exploration Systems incl.          our list of members.                                             Contact Person:
Mudline - Wellhead Maintenance - Chokevalves - Gate- and       We publish information about wind energy both printed and        Nils Skeby
Checkvalves - Controlvalves - Grayloc Clamp Connectors         online. Printed publications include our annual report.          E-mail:
- Oilfield Machine shop & Warehouse - Cutting of API            We are also engaged in advocacy. See our news section and
Threads, API Q1 Certified - Thread Cutting on Tubing & Cas-     policy section for more details.                                 Competences:
ing - License for all Premium Threads VAM, Antares NKK         The association is a member of the European Wind Energy          Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Service
- Portable Grayserv Machines.                                  Association, EWEA.                                               Industry role: Service Provider, Supplier
                                                                                                                                Industry expertise: Communication Systems, Personnel,
                                                                                                                                Instrumentation, Maintenance, Modification, Optimization
Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S                               VSB Industri- og Stålmontage A/S                                 and Operation, Job/Career, Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and
                                                                                                                                Air Conditioning, Contractors, Project Management, Electri-
Sædding Ringvej 13                                             Vandværksvej 42                                                  cal Equipment, IT and Electronics
6710 Esbjerg V                                                 Assentoft
Phone: +45 76 11 81 00                                         8900 Randers                                                     Profile:
Fax: +45 76 11 81 01                                           Phone: +45 86 49 51 44                                           YIT A/S supply integrated technical solutions and services
E-mail:                                 Fax: +45 86 49 42 47                                             for a wide range of applications. The company has more
                                                               E-mail:                                     than 20 years of experience with work in the offshore
Contact Person:                                                                                                                 industry.
Claus Omann                                                    Contact Person:
E-mail:                                     Flemming Werk
                                                               Direct Phone: +45 20 73 51 44                                    Ødegaard & Danneskiold-Samsøe A/S
Competences:                                                   E-mail:
Industry sector: Maritime, Service, Safety and Environment                                                                      Titangade 15
Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                          Competences:                                                     2200 København N
Industry expertise: Safety and Security                        Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime            Phone: +45 35 31 10 00
                                                               Industry role: Supplier, Manufacturer                            Fax: +45 35 31 10 01
Profile:                                                        Industry expertise: Offshore Wind Turbines – Tower, Coating      E-mail:
VIKING is an innovator in life-saving equipment for a wide     and Paints, Fabrication and Construction, Tanks and Storage
range of offshore installations. Our in depth knowledge        Equipment, Surface Treatment and Corrosion Protection            Contact Person:
of the offshore industry ensures optimal solutions in all                                                                       Morten Theill Jensen
phases. From putting together total packages for new           Profile:                                                          Direct Phone: +45 35 31 10 45
buildings, producing custom-designed evacuation systems        VSB Industri- og Stålmontage A/S is an order producing           E-mail:
or personal protective equipment, to professional and          company who can undertake all kinds of steel constructions.
convenient servicing and replacement.                                                                                           Competences:
                                                                                                                                Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Maritime
• Unique chute or stair based evacuation and embarkation       Welcon A/S                                                       Industry role: Consultant
• First class davit launched and throw overboard liferafts     Svindbækvej 1                                                    Profile:
• Extensive line of standard and custom made personal          7323 Give                                                        Ødegaard & Danneskiold-Samsøe are specialists within
  protective equipment                                         Phone: +45 75 73 44 41                                           acoustics, noise, vibration, machinery dynamics, and
• Total servicing package.                                     Fax: +45 75 73 46 99                                             failure analysis caused by an excessive vibration level. We

                                                                                                                                                      Offshore Center Danmark      113
                                                                                                                                                                Yearbook 2007
measure, predict, and prepare a proposal for solution. Both
before, during and after completion of construction of the
offshore plant.

We had our 25 year anniversary in 2005 so the experience
level is well established. The tool box comprising software
programmes and measuring equipment is also complete.
We operate worldwide.

The company was acquired by Lloyd’s Register in 2005, so
we are now part of the worldwide Lloyd’s Register network.

Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg

Niels Bohrs Vej 8
6700 Esbjerg
Phone: +45 79 12 76 66
Fax: +45 75 45 36 43

Contact Person:
Torben Rosenørn                                                  Environmentally Sustainable
Direct Phone: +45 79 12 76 16
E-mail:                                              Offshore Decommissioning
Industry sector: Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Safety and
Industry role: Educational Institution, General Institution,
Research Institution                                             ESBJERG 2007
Aalborg University Esbjerg is one of Esbjergs fastest growing
research and education institutions, meaning both the
number of students and the wide offer of educations. With         Call for Partnerships
700 students the University is not bigger than every one still
knows each other.
Aalborg University Esbjerg formerly known as Esbjerg
                                                                        and Papers
Teknikum merged with Aalborg University in 1995 and was                            Conference in Denmark
named Aalborg University Esbjerg. At the same time we                               11-12 October 2007.
started to use the project-oriented form of teaching that now                Learn more on
characterizes us.

                                                                             We hereby invite you as an exclusive
                                                                   partner for Decom Esbjerg 2007, and if you are interested
                                                                                       please contact

                                                                                   Phone: +45 75 12 37 44
                                                                              E-Mail: -

                                                                        Are you interested in giving a presentation at
                                                                                    Decom Esbjerg 2007?

                                                                 Do you have any interesting views on the issue ‘Environmen-
                                                                      tally and Sustainable Offshore Decommissioning?’
                                                                             Please contact us before 1 March 2007

                                                                    Phone: +45 23 49 00 22 • E-Mail:

114 Offshore Center Danmark
          Yearbook 2007
                                            OffshoreBase is the new focal
                                            point for the Danish offshore
                                            companies and institutions!.
                                            Here you will find potential
                                            Danish partners and suppliers,
                                            who match the exact qualifications,                         certifications etc., which
                                            you are looking for.
Your link to the Danish Offshore Companies
                                            But more than this, you may also
                                            find information about – What is
• Search for companies                      written in the media? – Which
• News                                      conferences and seminars are
                                            being held? – Which courses may
• Available positions                       you attend in Denmark?
• Events
                                            Within you will
• Invitation for tenders
                                            furthermore get an insight into the
• Technology development projects           many technologically challenging
• Education                                 development projects undertaken
                                            by the centre on behalf of its
• Links                                     members.

Knowledge taking people further---

                                         Ramboll Oil & Gas

                                                                                                           COPSØ A/S

    From 1 January 2007 Ramboll Oil & Gas with approximately 500 employees becomes a separate
    business unit within the Ramboll Group.
    Ramboll Oil & Gas is part of the Ramboll Group, which employs more than 5,000 dedicated specialists.
    We are a leading Nordic provider of knowledge services within engineering, management and IT in a
    broad international context.

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