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 C o urse s +
 C e rtifica te with
 Building Gre e n, Inc.
 w w w           Yann GEFFROTIN certification validation on ALISON | Diploma in English Language and Literature
 Multimedical                                                                                                                                                    Print
 O nline Inve stiga to r
 T ra ining - Spo nso r,            Certificate Number: AC-277-730067
 C R A, & Site
                                    T his ALISO N C e rtifica te va lida tio n p a ge pro ve s the a uthe nticity o f
 C o lla bo ra tio n
                                    the ce rtifica te pro vide d to o ur le a rne rs.
 w w w .TrifectaMultim

 Learning sty le                    ALISO N C e rtifica te which Y a nn ha s co m ple te d to the ce rtifica tio n
 assessment                         sta nda rd (ge ne ra lly 80% a ve ra ge a cro ss a ll quizze s a nd te sts,
 By e x pe rie ntia l               plus a ll le a rning o bje cts co m ple te d) a ppe a r be lo w.
 le a rning e x pe rt
 Da vid Ko lb. Find o ut            If yo u ca nno t find the ce rtifica te with the pro vide d num be r, the n
 yo ur style no w                   the ce rtifica te m a y no t be a uthe ntic. P le a se re po rt a ny such
 w w w
                                    insta nce to info @a liso m .
 MBA Hospital
 MBA in Ho spita l &                 Name:               Y a nn GEFFR O T IN
 He a lthca re Mgt
 100% inte rna tio na l              Email:              ya nnge ffro tin@gm a m
 T o p De gre e !
 w w w
                                     Country:            Fra nce
 Training                            Certificate Details
 P rinciple s o f C R a nd
 susta ina bility 1-da y
 fo unda tio n co urse                             Diploma in English Language and Literature                                          ( 99.2% quiz score )
 w w w .tw otomorrow

                                     Course Details

                                     ALISO N's fre e o nline Diplo m a in Eng lish La ngua ge a nd Lite ra ture co urse give s yo u the
                                     o ppo rtunity to ga in a co m pre he nsive k no wle dge a nd unde rsta nding o f im po rta nt a spe cts o f the
                                     English la ngua ge a nd English lite ra ture . T he English la ngua ge m o dule s co ve r the funda m e nta ls
                                     o f gra m m a r, a nd e ffe ctive spe a k ing a nd writing sk ills. T he English lite ra ture m o dule s a na lyse
                                     lite ra ture with a n e m pha sis o n re no wne d a utho rs a nd p o e ts, such a s Sa m ue l C o le ridge , Arthur
                                     Mille r a nd W illia m Sha k e spe a re . T his co urse is ide a l fo r le a rne rs who ha ve a lwa ys wa nte d to
                                     study English la ng ua ge a nd lite ra ture in gre a te r de ta il, a nd fo r le a rne rs who a re studying English
                                     a s a se co nd la ngua ge , a qua lifica tio n in this Diplo m a co urse is the ide a l wa y o f de m o nstra ting
                                     yo ur pro ficie ncy in the English la ngua ge .

                                     Modules and Topics Studied

                                       Intro ductio n to Sa m ue l C o le ridge
                                       C o le ridge Kubla Kha n
                                       C o le ridge T he Eo lia n Ha rp
                                       C o le ridge T his Lim e -T re e Bo we r, My P riso n
                                       C o le ridge Fro st a t Midnight
                                       Intro ductio n to Ma cbe th by Sha k e s pe a re
                                       Ma cbe th Act O ne
                                       Ma cbe th Act T wo
                                       Ma cbe th Act T hre e
                                       Ma cbe th Act Fo ur
                                       Ma cbe th Act Five
                                       Ma cbe th T he m e s
                                       T he C rucible Act O ne
                                       T he C rucible Act T wo
                                       T he C rucible Act T hre e
                                       T he C rucible Act Fo ur
                                       T he m e s in T he C rucible by Mille r
                                       Asse ssm e nt
                                       English - W riting
                                       T rigge rs fo r W riting
                                       W riting fo r a n Audie nce
                                       Sto ry W riting
                                       C o m e dy W riting
                                       De scriptive W riting
                                       Myste ry, Spy , & Scie nce Fictio n W riting
                                       Instructio na l W riting
                                    O pinio na tive W riting
                                    P o e try W riting
                                    R e fle ctive W riting
                                    Asse ssm e nt
                                    R ule s fo r e ffe ctive co m m unica tio n
                                    W o rds, wo rds, wo rds
                                    Ne w a nd tro uble s o m e wo rds
                                    Spe lling
                                    P unctua tio n
                                    Using full sto ps a nd co m m a s
                                    Se m ico lo ns
                                    C o lo ns
                                    Apo stro phe s
                                    Spe e ch m a rk s
                                    O the r P unctua tio n
                                    P unctua tio n re vis io n
                                    No uns
                                    Ve rbs
                                    Adje ctive s
                                    Adve rbs
                                    P re po sitio ns
                                    P ro no uns
                                    Adje ctive , no un, ve rb, pro no un, pre po sitio n o r a dve rb ?
                                    Asse ssm e nt
                                    Intro ductio n to Sha k e spe a re
                                    Sha k e spe a re His life a nd tim e s
                                    Sha k e spe a re T he the a tre sce ne
                                    Sha k e spe a re T he a tre a udie nce s
                                    Sha k e spe a re T he Glo be T he a tre
                                    Sha k e spe a re Lite ra ry de vice s
                                    Sha k e spe a re P ro se
                                    Sha k e spe a re Scripts a nd Line s
                                    Sha k e spe a re Sha k e spe a ria n La ngua ge
                                    Sha k e spe a re So lilo quie s
                                    Sha k e spe a re So lilo quie s vide o s
                                    Sha k e spe a re A Midsum m e r Night's Dre a m
                                    Asse ssm e nt
                                    English: Intro ductio n a nd co urse o utline
                                    English: W riting fo r diffe re nt purpo se s a nd a udie nce s
                                    Ho w jo urna lists g o a bo ut the ir jo bs
                                    Ana lysing the la ngua ge o f the m e d ia
                                    An a ppro a ch to s tudying a te x t
                                    Ana lysing m e dia la ngua ge
                                    T e x t a na lysis o f T he Gre a t Ga tsby
                                    Appro a che s to English
                                    Using la ngua ge e ffe ctive ly
                                    Effe ctive pre se nta tio ns
                                    P e rso na l a nd im a gina tive writing
                                    W ha t is a n issue ?
                                    R e se a rching issue s
                                    Issue a na lysis
                                    Using la ngua ge e ffe ctive ly 1
                                    Using la ngua ge e ffe ctive ly 2
                                    Using la ngua ge e ffe ctive ly 3
                                    Using la ngua ge e ffe ctive ly 4
                                    Using la ngua ge e ffe ctive ly 5
                                    Hints a nd tips fo r e x a m s
                                    Glo ssa ry
                                    Asse ssm e nt


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