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					                                                                                                                            in his concept, and the company
THE MARKET                                                                                                                    committed itself to developing a
In the summer of 1968, Mazda entered the                                                                                          viable, high-performance rotary
Canadian market by crossing the Pacific to                                                                                           engine, unveiling a proto-
open an office in Richmond, B.C.,                                                                                                      type sports car at the 1964
along with a few dealerships.                                                                                                           Tokyo Motor Show.
Initially, the company from                                                                                                                  Over the next 45 years,
Hiroshima, Japan, offered                                                                                                                Mazda would establish
a single product — a curi-                                                                                                               itself as one of the most
ous car called the Mazda                                                                                                                 creative and successful
R100 Coupe. This unas-                                                                                                                   automotive brands in the
suming import featured                                                                                                                   world. During the oil
the only production rotary                                                                                                              crises of the 1970s, the
engine in the world. The                                                                                                               GLC (“Great Little Car”)
little engine had no pistons,                                                                                                        gained popularity among
yet managed to outperform                                                                                                       cost-conscious consumers. 1978
cars with larger powerplants in races                                                                          saw the debut of the now legendary RX-7, a car
from Singapore to Germany. In time, the rotary         2004 model year, claiming the title of “Canadian        that would dominate the International Motor Sports
engine would come to symbolize the innovative          Car of the Year” for the Mazda3.                        Association (IMSA) race series for more than a
and nonconformist spirit of the Mazda brand.               Over the past four years, the company has           decade. In 1989, the company rekindled the idea of
     Mazda Canada Inc. is now based in another         won best-in-class titles with its rotary- and piston-   a two-seat convertible roadster with its Mazda
Richmond: Richmond Hill, Ontario. The com-             powered sports cars, as well as sedans, wagons,         Miata. In 1991, Mazda again made racing history
pany has grown to more than 160 dealerships            hatchbacks and multi-purpose family vehicles.           by winning the Le Mans 24-hour race with its four-
across Canada, sold over one million cars and          And the CX-9 — Mazda’s seven-passenger SUV              rotor 787B, becoming the only Japanese car com-
trucks and today offers a full lineup of sports        — topped 10 competitors to win Motor Trend’s            pany ever to win the prestigious race.
cars, family movers, SUVs and crossovers. But          2008 Sport/Utility of the Year.
it’s still a curious car company, albeit one
committed to building affordable, fun-to-drive         HISTORY
vehicles that stand out in a crowd.                    Back in 1920, a small company was
                                                       launched in Hiroshima and soon evolved
ACHIEVEMENTS                                           into a toolmaker. Just 10 years later, it had
The Canadian market is one of Mazda’s global           transformed into an ambitious manufacturing
success stories, with annual sales topping 80,000      concern, producing a three-wheeled truck
vehicles for the last two years. In fact, the Mazda3   called the Mazda-go. The little truck’s name
is now the second-best-selling car in the country.     was soon applied to the company as a whole.
    Mazdas have always been popular with                   In 1936, a logo was developed that represented          In 2002, Mazda introduced
Canadian journalists and critics, winning 20           the new company name — Mazda Motor                      the zoom-zoom brand concept, emphasizing an
Automobile Journalist Association of Canada            Manufacturer — as well as Hiroshima’s sur-              emotional connection with drivers — specifically
(AJAC) Car of the Year Awards since the Mazda          rounding mountains and city emblem. Those               “the emotion of motion.”
RX-7 took the Best New Sports Car title in 1986.       mountains would later shield Mazda’s factories
Nine of Mazda’s AJAC wins have come since              from the devastation wrought by the atomic              THE PRODUCT
introducing “new-generation” vehicles during the       bombing of the city at the end of World War II.         The first “new-generation” Mazdas were the 2004
                                                                          In 1949, the GB truck, nick-         Mazda6 sedans and wagons, which have since won
                                                                          named “Speedy Mazda,” began          more than 100 international awards. Next was the
                                                                          rolling off the assembly lines.      RX-8. Not only did this sports car feature ground-
                                                                          It played a vital role in Japan’s    breaking design — appearing to be in motion while
                                                                          reconstruction.                      standing still — it broke the mould when it came to
                                                                               Mazda introduced a two-         performance. The RX-8 took the World’s Best
                                                                          door passenger car in 1960.          Engine title for its RENESIS rotary engine and
                                                                          The R360 was compact, afford-        set numerous speed and endurance records on test
                                                                          able and remarkably light            tracks and in races.
                                                                          for the times. By the mid-               Today, the Mazda3 and Mazda3 Sport are
                                                                          ’60s, Mazda was working with         considered by many critics to be the best
                                                                          Germany’s NSU to adapt               performance/value combination in the compact
                                                                          inventor Felix Wankel’s rotary       segment. And the innovative Mazda5 — a
                                                                          engine to production vehicles.       six-passenger Multi-Activity Vehicle — presents
                                                                          Mazda’s engineers believed           a vibrant alternative for people with active

lifestyles and a visceral dislike for mini-
vans. MAZDASPEED editions are crafted
for performance enthusiasts and epitomize
the attributes of core Mazda models.
In 2007, the MAZDASPEED3 — based
on the Mazda3 platform — was named
Best New Sports/Performance Car (under
$50,000) by AJAC.
     Perhaps the most significant additions
to the Mazda product line have been two
new crossover vehicles. First out of the gate
was the all-wheel-drive Mazda CX-7. The
five-passenger CX-7’s dramatic and angu-
lar body style clearly announced the arrival
of a new category and design language.
     The Mazda CX-9 is a luxurious SUV
that accommodates seven passengers. In
addition to the Motor Trend Sport/Utility
of the Year award mentioned, the influen-
tial car comparison website named          electric system. And the stunning new Mazda              vehicles that are stylish, insightful and spirited.
the CX-9 to its Editor’s Most Wanted Vehicles list     Furai concept, which appeared at the 2008                The physical results of these traits are products with
for 2007. Its 273-hp 3.7-litre V6 engine with a        Canadian International Auto Show, is a 450-hp            distinctive designs, exceptional functionality and
six-speed transmission injects a strong dose of        supercar that runs on 100% ethanol (E100) fuel.          responsive handling. The experiential sum of these
zoom-zoom into the SUV market. And while it                Mazda’s environmental focus isn’t limited            parts is zoom-zoom — a feeling of youthful exuber-
may look like a million bucks, it’s not as pricey      to alternative fuels. 75% of all                                             ance only possible when motion
as many competitors.                                   plastic parts are now suitable                                               turns into pure joy.
                                                       for recycling, and all gaskets                                                   Mazda’s engineers and
RECENT DEVELOPMENTS                                    and brake pads are asbestos-                                                 designers immerse themselves
Mazda has committed itself to reducing the envi-       free. No ozone-damaging CFCs                                                 in more than materials and
ronmental impact of all of its vehicles, not just a    are used in Mazda’s foam                                                     technology in their pursuit of
few specialty “green” cars. Its engineers have         padding. Mazda has also                                                      zoom-zoom. They also look to
proven time and again that outstanding perform-        patented a unique paint sys-                                                 the contrasts and harmonies
ance is compatible with reduced emissions —            tem that dramatically reduces                                                found in nature, such as the
and zoom-zoom.                                         emissions of volatile organic                                                gentle curves and straight lines
    Consider the DISI engine introduced in the         solvents and CO2 — actually                                                  of a bird’s wing and the sense
MAZDASPEED6 and now powering the Mazda                 improving paint quality, dura-                                               of “oneness” between a horse
CX-7 and MAZDASPEED3. DISI (pronounced                 bility and rust protection in                                                and rider.
“dizzy”) stands for direct-injection spark-ignition.   the process.                                                                     The latest articulation of
Direct injection has long been used in diesel                                                                                       Mazda’s brand values can be
engines to improve fuel efficiency, but Mazda          PROMOTION                                                                    seen in its 2006–08 concept
added spark-ignition technology and a turbo-           Mazda’s most widely known                                                    vehicles. Five new designs,
charger to achieve the seemingly improbable:           advertising theme is the zoom-                                               including the Furai mentioned
great acceleration, power that doesn’t trail off       zoom song, which continues to                                                above, have been unveiled at
at higher revs and reduced exhaust emissions.          appear across media channels.                                                a succession of automotive
This powerplant achieves Japan’s tough SU-LEV          Today, Mazda vehicles past and                                               shows to rave reviews. Each
designation, meaning its exhaust emissions are         present are featured in several popular gaming titles,   concept is an expression of the Nagare design
                                                                               most notably Electronic Arts’    theme (pronounced “na-ga-reh”). Nagare, mean-
                                                                               Need for Speed Carbon.           ing “flow,” is one of a hundred or more Japanese
                                                                               Mazda Canada often plays         words that describe the embodiment of motion —
                                                                               long-form commercials in         on land, in the air and in water. Nagare concepts,
                                                                               movie theatres, has col-         including the Furai, illustrate an evocative surface
                                                                               laborated on a reality TV        language that will appear on future Mazda pro-
                                                                               show called Star Racer           duction vehicles.
                                                                               with Discovery Channel
                                                                               and has backed several
                                                                               battle of the bands compe-           THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT
                                                                               titions with music maga-             MAZDA
                                                                               zines and on college and
                                                                               university campuses.
                                                                                                                 H Mazda started out as a cork company in
                                                                                    The company’s 15-year
                                                                                                                   1920: Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd.
                                                                               sponsorship of the National
75% lower than 2005 standards. It was recently         Canoe Kayak Team is one of the longest cor-               H International exports began in 1932 with
named one of Ward’s “10 Best Engines.”                 porate sponsorships of a national team in                   three-wheeled trucks sold in China.
    Rotary engines are well suited to alternative      Canadian amateur sports history, providing finan-         H Mazda has invested $25 million in its Cana-
fuels such as hydrogen, and Mazda is testing           cial and transportation support to national, world          dian headquarters and a state-of-the-art
hydrogen/petrol and hydrogen/hybrid vehicles in        and Olympic competitors.                                    parts distribution centre.
Japan and Norway. The Mazda5 Hydrogen RE                                                                         H Domestic manufacturing plants have reduced
Hybrid is a concept car in which a hydrogen-           BRAND VALUES                                                direct landfill waste to near zero.
rotary engine with dual-fuel (hydrogen and             Since 1998, the firm’s brand identity has been
gasoline) capability is combined with a hybrid         defined by its Design DNA proposition: build


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