What Hybrid Cars Will Look Like In The Future

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What Hybrid Cars Will Look Like In The
                                   A hybrid car is a vehicle that combines and uses the strengths of an electric as well as a gas powered engine.
                                   Hybrid car is a pollution-free, economical and eco-friendly option over the traditional gas powered and electric
                                   powered cars. The car has two sources of energy, which also result in fuel economy improvement. Hybrid cars
                                   are also referred to as hybrid electric vehicles.

                                   Many leading car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, and Ford have successfully introduced hybrid cars, and they
                                   are quite popular. Many people want to invest in a hybrid car, as the running costs are low, and so are the
                                   emissions. However, currently hybrid cars cost far more than conventional cars. Potential customers of hybrid
                                   cars simply cannot afford to purchase a hybrid car. Carmakers are aware of the potential of hybrid cars, and are
                                   doing extensive research in finding ways to reduce the cost of hybrid cars.

                                   Many carmakers are working ardently to make hybrid cars more affordable, and are looking at new technologies
                                   to help achieve this. With the success of the petrol-electric hybrid cars, the next development in hybrid cars will be
                                   development of an affordable diesel-electric hybrid car. Diesel powered cars are more expensive than petrol
                                   engine cars and car manufacturers who are working on developing diesel-electric hybrid will have to produce an
                                   affordable hybrid.

                                   Hybrid car industry still needs to improve a lot as there is a large market to capture worldwide. In future, many
                                   companies have focused on making the car more affordable and more innovative. To capture the potential market
                                   for hybrid cars, there will definitely be many innovative features that will change the outlook of the hybrid cars

                                   One of the expected changes in hybrid cars in future is its change from gas-electric hybrid to diesel-electric
                                   hybrids. The diesel hybrids will be more efficient, but it will increase the car cost greatly. For this purpose,
                                   development in hybrid batteries will be the area of focus. A lithium-ion battery in hybrid cars is a good solution to
                                   the problem. A lithium-ion battery costs half of the NiMH battery, used in the hybrid cars today, and is three times
                                   more efficient.

                                   There are expectations that the electrification of hybrid cars will be an established fact. It is a definite innovation,
                                   and for that, engineers will take a little more time, but when it actually happens that will mean complete change in
                                   the automotive industry. It s also expected that future hybrid cars will be electrified. Electrified vehicle is
                                   something very innovative; it will take a little time for engineers to work on it, but it will change the automotive
                                   industry completely.

                                   It is expected that future hybrid cars will cost less become more efficient, and more cars will be available in the
                                   market. Newer technologies will be introduced in hybrid cars, and the hybrid car will have the feel, and drive
                                   capabilities of conventional cars. They will be environment friendly, and fuel-efficient.

                                   Hybrid cars will not only change in models and designs over the coming years, but will also be more
                                   cost-effective. The changes expected in the hybrid car market include low price batteries and Electric Assist. The
                                   use of the technology, new features and more automation will change the look of hybrid cars completely.

                                   Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Porsche Cayenne hybrid, Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid, and Volvo Recharge are expected
                                   to be available in 2010.

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