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					                  BGDHS    Annual Report 2006-2007
                         Ready for College, Ready for Life

     Our Lady of Victory Bell Tower and Courtyard
                        Dedicated May 2, 2007
           Special thanks to our Anonymous donor for the
                bell tower and courtyard renovation
   and to Jeanne Moulton, the Class of 2006 and Holy Cross Parish
                 for the donation of the victory bell.

          Dear Friends,
              I am pleased to share with you the 2006-2007 Annual Report of Bishop
          Garcia Diego High School. This report confirms the involvement of our valued
          volunteers and contributors for July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007. It is with a
          great deal of gratitude that we recognize our philanthropic partners who have
                     helped to bring about a renaissance at Bishop as we continue to
                     prepare students who are ready for college and ready for life.
…you have set            This year marks the seventy-sixth anniversary for the Cardinals of
the pace for a       Santa Barbara Catholic High and Bishop Garcia Diego High School and
renaissance at       we appreciate the opportunity to recognize individuals and businesses
 Bishop High.        in our community who are committed to providing quality educational
                     opportunities for our students through charitable giving. Seventy-six
                     years is indeed a time for reflection and expressing gratitude.
              The Board of Trustees, our students, parents, teachers and support staff thank
          you for your generosity. Last year, Bishop García Diego High School experienced
          a new record in philanthropic generosity: $3,695,646! These donations represent
          a “year of giving” more significant than any other year in the school’s history. The
          pictures in this report speak louder than words and provide you with a personal
          view of the life and growth this giving has afforded our campus. This community's
          generous support allows our school to build facilities, attract teachers of
          excellence, purchase curriculum materials, and most significantly, attract a diverse
          student body through an opportunity unparalleled in Santa Barbara, our Adopt-
          A-Student program.Your continued generosity in financing student tuition aid
          through Adopt-A-Student helps prepare every Bishop student to realize their
          God-given potential in a multi-cultural society.
              This year you have set the pace for a renaissance at Bishop High. Every year
          as we report on our efforts, we must also plan to meet the challenges of the
          future. We hope you will invest in our students, as you have done in the past, that
          you will partner with us in supporting our mission and help secure our future. To
          each of you who have given time, talent and financial support, on behalf of our
          school community I thank you and ask the good God to bless you and your family.


          Rev. Thomas J. Elewaut, C.J.                 John Gherini
          Principal                                    Chair, Board of Trustees

            2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
Annual Report

                  T A B L E            O F      C O N T E N T S
                              Leadership                    2-3
                              Financial                     4-5
                              Friends                      6-15
                              Legacy                      16-17
                              Alumni                      18-21
                              Students                    22-23
                              Thank You                      24

                           BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2006 - 2007

        Patricia Aijian   John Ambrecht, Esq. Keith C. Berry David Borgatello '60
      Most Rev. Thomas Curry Peter Da Ros '68 Rusty Fairly John Gherini, Esq. '64
         Sr. Angela Hallahan, CHF John Hebda '67 Carol Hoffer Ralph Iannelli
                 Rev. Rafael Marin-Leon Barbara Najera Carla O'Neill '65
                                 Lynette Patters B. Williams

                   CARDINAL HONORARy BOARD 2006 - 2007

                 Kitty Boeddeker Ron Boeddeker ‘56 Judy Borgatello ‘62
        Louise Borgatello Mario A. Borgatello ‘62 James Burkey Noelle Burkey
         Supervisor Salud Carbajal Rev.Virgil Cordano, OFM Rev. Bruce Correio
       Oswald Da Ros       Rev. Ludo DeClippel, CJ Linda Elmerick Robert Elmerick
             Perri Harcourt George Isaac Shari Isaac Msgr. Michael Jennett
               John Klink ‘67 Judge J. William McLafferty David Medina, MD
        Rev. Maurice O’Mahony Charles Oxton, Esq. ‘65 Rev. Salvador Parisi, OFM
                       David Peri David Pintard William H. Pintard

             A D m I N I S T R AT I O N               A DVA N C E M E N T T E A M
       Rev. Thomas J. Elewaut, CJ – Principal    Linda Baron – Director of Advancement
                 Amanda Combs –                 Sister Theresa Reis – Director of Development
            Dean of Activities/Librarian                     Debbie Herrera –
       John Dewey – Asst. Principal/Dean of     Director of Admissions & Public Relations
             Studies/College Counselor               Stacey Carr – Director of Alumni
        Dan Peeters ‘87 – Dean of Athletics              Relations & Special Events
        Ray Vazquez ‘86 – Dean of Students          Barbara Love – Database Specialist


 Annual Report

P r e s e r v i n g B i s h o p ’s A f f o r d a b i l i t y

The fiscal year ending June 30, 2007 represented another strong
year financially for Bishop Garcia Diego High School. Most
notably, the school received the largest pledge in its history,
with a $2.2 million gift from one anonymous benefactor for the
construction of the practice gymnasium project, bell tower and
courtyard landscape. Over the past three years, these projects
were all funded by one source totaling $4.35 million. In addition,
our fundraising activities and events income totaling $636,921,
is also at our highest historical level. Generous investors have
joined in the renaissance of our brand new day. The schools’
Board of Trustees which include John Gherini ’64 (Chair) and
Peter Da Ros ’68 (Building and Grounds Chair), also deserve our
thanks and gratitude for their outstanding leadership on behalf of
Bishop High.

One of Bishop High School’s hallmarks is the commitment to
enroll every qualified student whose family is in financial need.
During the 2006-2007 fiscal year, some $827,000 in financial aid,
another all-time high for the school, was provided to students
who demonstrated need. Salary and benefits for faculty, staff and
administration totaled $2.3 million or 66% while tuition income
totaled $1.9 million or 55% of the operating budget. Together,                    Father Tom Elewaut and John Gherini
financial aid and salaries represented 90% of Bishop’s total expenditures.

The challenge of containing costs becomes more formidable each year. Yet the school is committed to preserving tuition
affordability in the Santa Barbara area. Student tuition and fees consistently fall far short of covering Bishop High’s
operating costs and expenses. Please note that the construction projects are not included in the operating budget; no
tuition dollars funded these major projects. While tuition continues to rise so that we can offer a living wage to our school
personnel (teacher salaries for 2006-2007 were at 90% parity of local public schools), tuition is far below the actual cost of
educating each student; the school contributed $2,300 per student above the tuition rate.

The school continuously strives to operate in the most efficient and fiscally responsible manner possible, while keeping
tuition affordable and maintaining faculty salaries and benefits that allow the school to attract and retain outstanding

                [                                                                                          ]
                                               Mission Statement
                     Bishop Garcia Diego High School is an independent Catholic co-educational
                             secondary school that welcomes students of all faiths and
                       provides them with the spiritual, personal, and intellectual knowledge
                                  to meet the enduring challenge of realizing their
                                   God-given potential in a multi-cultural society.

                                 2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT

            [     Revenue
              Total: $5,796,198
                                            ]                                       Revenues

                                                                                                              Tuition & Fees
                                      Capital Improvement
                                     (Practice Gym, Courtyard
                                       Renovation, Main Gym

                                                 Fundraising Activities                                 Donations
                                                      & Events                                             17%
                                                         11%                                             $961,927
                                                       $636,921               Interest & Misc. Income

                                                                           Salaries & Benefits
                                                                                                 Total: $6,664,939
                                                                               $ 2,314,669

      Capital Improvement

                                                                                    $ 555,785

                                                                          Capital Equipment
                                                         Auxillary Activities $149,240

Bishop Garcia Diego High School has been audited annually since fiscal year 2004 – 2005 by McGowan-Guntermann, Certified Professional Accountants


                                          Memorial Funds
                                           & Scholarships
                                             2%, $65,822    Program & Department
                                                          Specific Support 5%, $161,043
                                                                                                 [   Donor Generosity
                                                                                                     Total: $3,695,646
                       Greatest Need 1%, $39,790
                                                                 Restricted 2%, $63,029
                  Gifts In Kind 4%, $133,197
Fall Special Event/Auto Raffle 3%, $95,926
       Spring Auction 4%, $162,961

                                                                                    Capital improvement
                                                                                  (Practice Gym, Courtyard
                                                                                    Renovation, Main Gym
            Adopt-A-Student                                                                  59%
              19%, $716,631                                                               $2,226,033

                     Bob Morrelli
                    Memorial Golf
                      1%, $31,214

   Adopt-A-Student                                 $716,631.20              Program & Department Specific Support continued
                                                                            Ready For College/Ready For Life           $9,400.00
   Fundraising                                                              Teachers Wish List                       $36,126.90
   Fall Event - Reverse & Truck Raffle              $95,926.00              Other                                    $13,035.00
   Spring Auction                                   $62,961.17
   Bob Morrelli Memorial Golf Tournament            $31,213.88              Restricted
                                                                            Capital Improvements (Restricted)         $2,226,032.90
   memorial Funds & Scholarships                                            Capital Improvements (Unrestricted)         $25,000.00
   Alumni Endowment Fund                                                    Special Project                               $2,600.00
     (Frs. Sal, Alexander & Alonso)                 $23,247.20              Teachers Salaries                           $25,000.00
   Charles & Margaret Keuhl Fund                     $1,250.00              Other                                       $10,529.00
   Darcy Stepka Fund                                  $525.00
   Lauren Ashley Herrera Fund                         $325.00               Other
   Mary Iannelli Fund                               $25,000.00              Greatest Need                               $39,790.27
   Mary Spencer Fund                                    $75.00              Gifts In Kind                              $133,196.85
   Rodney Shull Fund                                $14,575.00
   Other                                              $825.00               INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS as of June 30, 2007

   Program & Department Specific Support                                    Reserve Funds                              $411,586.00
   Athletic Fund                                    $34,094.36              Rodney Shull Memorial Scholarship Fund      $65,571.00
   Computer Technology                              $34,413.00              Mary Iannelli Memorial Scholarship Fund     $25,415.00
   Learning Resource Specialist                     $17,137.00              Practice Gym Building Fund                 $853,829.00
   Parent Advisory Board Support                     $3,305.00              Alumni Endowment Fund
   Pier Gherini Video Lab                           $13,532.00               (Frs. Sal, Alexander & Alonso)            $225,350.00
                                                                            E-Scrip                                      $3,185.00

                                          2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
                                    DISTINGUISHED DONORS

                  The Board of Trustees and the school administration acknowledge and offer special
                  thanks to those benefactors whose generous commitment has set the pace for a
                  renaissance at Bishop High. This giving has created a heritage of caring which benefits
                  all students as they enjoy their days on campus. In recognition of this unprecedented
                  circle of giving, we thank them for their faith in our dedicated governance of the school
                  as we work together to continue to preserve the affordability of a Bishop education.

                                                        PA C E S E T T E R
    compAssionAte                                          $500,000+
                                                           Anonymous                          gRAcious
                                                          PA R T N E R
               suppoRtive                              $150,000 - $499,999

                                                           PAT R O N                      visionARy
                                                      $100,000 - $149,999
           FAitHFul                               Catholic Education Foundation

                                                         $50,000 - $99,999                    tHougHtFul
                          blessed                        The Da Ros Family
                                                         The Gherini Family
                                        CARDINAL CLUB
                                           $25,000 - $49,999
              Keith & Tina (Craviotto) ‘67 Berry          Josephite Fathers in California
               Brian J. Kelly Family Foundation                marBorg Industries
             Foley Family Charitable Foundation           Our Lady of mt. Carmel Parish
                 Ralph T. & melissa R. Iannelli                 San Roque Parish
                                           H I G H F LY E R S
                                            $10,000 - $24,999
David V. Adams                                    martin & marcia Grano                       Martin & Joanne Perellis
David ‘60 & Louise Borgatello                     John & Christie Green                       Progressive Environmental Industries, Inc.
Mario A. ‘62 & Judy (Pahler) ‘62 Borgatello Jr.   Brett & marisa Grimes                          (Arturo & Annette Gonzalez)
Chris & Dori Carter                               George & maria Herold                       Bruce ‘72 & Isabelle Robles
Kathy Castagnola ‘45                              Knights of Columbus, Council 1684           Santa ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation
Bernice Elewaut                                   Danny & Stephanie Kwock                     Christopher Toomey
Frank Schipper Construction Co.                   Lauren Ashley Herrera memorial Foundation   Nicholas & Martha Vitalari
Edward & Elizabeth Gaylord                        Dr. Arthur & Barbara Najera                 Albert P. Wells
Thomas ‘69 & Cindy Gherini                        Dr. Timothy A. O’Connor                     Elizabeth A. Whitney
John ‘64 & Mary Ann (Garland) ‘65 Gherini, Esq.   Orfalea Fund                                Williams-Corbett Foundation

6                      BISHOP GARCIA DIEGO HIGH SCHOOL
RED WINGS - $5,000 - $9,999
                                                   RED TAIL - $1,000 - $1,999
                                                   Anthony’s Christmas Trees and Wreaths Inc.
                                                                                                 Nicholas P. & Eileen L. Curran
                                                                                                 Brian Delgiorgio ‘63
Boone Printing and Graphics                        AYSO of Santa Barbara                         John V. ‘47 & Norma Delwiche
mario F. & marguerite Borgatello Sr.               Joseph ‘56 & Angela (Favro) ‘56 Bear          Dr. Bernard J. & Marciana Drury
Andy & Dolly Granatelli                            Larry J. & Jane Beesley                       E-Pro Insurance Agency, LLC (Erica Salda, Owner)
Holy Cross Church                                  Laura & Ida Borgatello                        Facts management Co.
Edward D. & monica Langhorne                       Mickey ‘68 & Leslie (Field) ‘70 Cornish       Rusty & Lynda Fairly
Mark & Kristin Linehan                             Richard & Stephanie Danduran                  Marco Frausto ‘69
Walter & Barbara Meyer                             Oswald “Ozzie” Da Ros                         Glenda (Snyder) ‘63 & Mike Gabrielson
Jack & Franny Morehart                             George B. Page Foundation                     Theresa M. (Hardy) ‘82 & Theodore J. Gaffney
mosher Foundation                                  J. Paul & Renee Gignac                        Charles ‘60 & Beatrice Gandolfo
Brian Moulton ‘72                                  Jack ‘60 & Betty Lou Gleason                  Ophelia Gonzalez ‘71
Gerald & Pamela T. Pelton                          Douglas & Veronica Haynie                     William J. & Betsy Green
Francisco J. Perez                                 Bill & Jerri Hazard                           Fred ‘60 & Genny Guillermo
Elena Reis                                         Martin ‘72 & Debbie Herrera                   John Haggerty ‘54
Paul Renick ‘68                                    David & Jeanne Hoffman                        Hammock, Arnold, Smith & Company
Santa Barbara Bank and Trust                       Alan ‘87 & Michelle Lash                      Emmet ‘55 & Sally Hawkes, Sr.
Robert & Rosemary Shull                            Linehan Family Foundation                     Roger & martha Helkey
Solutions For People, Inc. (“B” & Linda Wiliams)   Brian ‘75 & Lynne McDermott                   Honda Of Santa Barbara
Darrel W. & Cheryl L. Wright                       Stephanie McHugh-Keasler                      Lynn Hotchkiss
                                                   McKeesport Properties LLC                     John Hurley ‘71
CARDINAL CREST - $2,000 - $4,999                   Dr. David Medina                              Michael & Eithne Jackman
Ambrecht & Associates                              Mission Roofing                               Joel W. Jamison
Betty Barnard                                      David Morrissey ‘60                           Jimenez Nursery, Inc.
J. Roger & Cristina Battistone                     Jim Osweiler                                  Denise Kale & Eric Rennacker
Mark Boeddeker ‘87                                 Peter ‘81 & Shelley Overgaag                  Ralph Anthony ‘62 & Alice Karleskint
Matt ‘89 & Kerri (Borgatello) ‘89 Boeddeker        John & Martha Peterson                        KBT Consulting, Inc.
Raymond ‘78 & Snezhana Bol                         Robert K & Barbara J Straus Foundation        Ladies of Charity of St.Vincent de Paul
Jim & Sandy Breen                                  John Spiess                                   James & Pam Langhorne
Billie A. Ceriale                                  Lawrence Stigney                              Las Floralias Club
Corporate Express                                  The Pepsi Bottling Group                      Brian F. ‘65 & Toni V. Lopez
Joan (Conway) ‘56 & James Cota                     Transcontinental Corporation                  James ‘56 & Barbara Magdlen
Peter ‘68 & Christina (Herold) ‘74 DaRos           Beverly (Pfeiler) ‘69 & Jerry Van Wingerden   michael & Nancy martz
Robert B. & Linda Elmerick                         Connie Van Wingerden                          mmC matching Gifts Program
Cleo Fisher                                        Richard ‘59 & Paula Whited                    Richard Monk ‘61
Erich E. & Cecilia Folk                            Mary Jo (Bohnett) ‘70 & Vern Williams         Matthew Murrin ‘81
Robert Hahn                                        John & Joan Xanthakis                         Margaret F. (Covarrubias) Nelson ‘42
William G. ‘83 & Donna Hardy                       Frances (Krahn) ‘59 & Cecil Yother            Robert & CindyPerlis
Kathy (Boeddeker) ‘79 & Jeff Harrison                                                            David J. ‘96 & Reva Redmond
John F. ‘67 & Barbara Hebda                        NEST BUILDERS $250 - $999                     Joe Reiken
Sharon Holzer                                      Albertsons Grocery Store                      Steven & Patricia ‘72 Renick
Jim Jaimes ‘80 & Christa Boerlage                  Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation                  Felix & Cecilia Rivera
Cary Beth (Boeddeker) ‘90 & Tim Krukowski          Anacapa Concrete Inc.                         Santa Barbara Cricket Club
Live Oak Bazzi Family Ranch, LP                    Deborah Anders                                Santa Barbara Pastoral Region
Dr. Jeff Peppard                                   Linda Baron                                   Santa Barbara Teleconnect
Ross Quigley ‘68                                   Victor ‘71 & Barbara Batastini                Stacey Sherwin ‘73
David R. & Mary L. Rubio                           Ken William ‘67 & Susan Bauer                 Larry & Ruth Sleep
Alison M. & Michael Schaumburg                     Dr. Thomas & Carol Beamer                     Zobianna “Zobie” (Cota) ‘57 & Gary Spencer
David ‘56 & Judy Schiefen                          Dolores “Dee” (Brady) ‘44 & George Bowman     Stewart Title Of Santa Barbara, Inc
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary      Sharon R. Breese ‘65                          Thermal Remediation Solutions, LLC
Ashley (Parker) ‘82 & Tim Snider                   Robert Brooks ‘57                             Kristine (Borgatello) ‘87 & Trent N. Throckmorton
Specialty Team Plastering, Inc.                    Cars 4 Causes                                 Tim ‘71 & Marcia Tremblay
Beth (Ochsner) ‘80 & Jack Tauber                   Catholic Daughters of the Americas,           Mary Theresa “Tessie” (Vizzolini) ‘60 & Bert Tritschler
The Roselyn Jackson-Harris Trust                    Court No. 293                                Valley Improvement Company
William H. Hannon Foundation                       Sal & James T. Staunton Climbolo              Alice ‘81 & Bruce Velasco
Leonard Pickett Inc. (“B” & Linda Williams)        Ron Conway ‘53                                Gustavo & Juanita Vera
Wynne Painting & Sandblasting, Inc.                William F. & Kathleen Crevier                 Wells Fargo Foundation Educational matching
                                                   Dr. Charles & Beatrice Curatalo                 Gift Program

                                       2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
                               GIVING OPPORTUNITIES

                                                                              The New Heart of the School
                                                                              … A SpecialThankYou
                                                                              The generous gift of a very special
                                                                              donor has had a transforming effect on
                                                                              our campus. The removal of the aging
                                                                              asphalt that covered the courtyard
                                                                              has encouraged students and teachers
                                                                              alike to do something they may not
                                                                              have been encouraged to do before…
                                                                              “Watch the grass grow.”

                                                                             This summer nearly 50 years of asphalt
                                                                             gave way to a central courtyard area
                                                                             that now serves as a friendly gathering
                                                                             place and proper heart for our school.
                                                                             New brick pathways connect school
                                                                             buildings as students move from class
                                                                             to class amidst park benches and
               This little sign, composed by Father Tom, captured the        mature trees. During summer vacation,
                imagination of students and campus visitors alike.           dedicated work crews overturned
                                                                             nearly 10,000 square feet of asphalt
surface enabling the earth below to become home to over 25 newly planted trees, 20 park benches, countless one
and five gallon shrubs and innumerable flats of sod. Sprinklers buzzed and birds found new homes. The first week of
school saw some emptied classrooms as students formed study groups and carried their work outside into the new
courtyard area.

As part of the courtyard revitalization gift, a bell tower now stands as a focal point in the courtyard landscape. It
is the new home to the Our Lady of Victory Bell. The bell had languished for 25 years in the front yard of Jeanne
Moulton and once donated to Bishop, it rested for two more years in the school library…not the sort of places
where it could perform its intended use! Now perched in the bell tower’s loft, it is rung by students for their athletic
victories and the personal victories they have achieved in their young lives, by our teachers who’ve recently earned
their advanced degrees and by our Alumni to note their victories in life.

A high school should be a place of learning where students begin to bridge the gap between who they have been
and who they will become during their life’s work. Bishop High’s efforts to graduate students who are “Ready for
College, Ready for Life” include encouraging the act of giving, making note of the growth dynamic between giver and

We wish to extend a special thank you to our donor who has made this much needed renovation possible through
their $750,000 gift. While they wish to remain anonymous, we collectively offer our appreciation. In more ways
than one they have set an example of growth. Such generosity underscores the rewards of giving and the personal
satisfaction afforded to all touched by such a gifting experience.

                                 GIVING OPPORTUNITIES

Master Plan … Setting the Pace for Bishop High

As Bishop High approaches its 50th anniversary on this campus, capital improvements along with strategies
to preserve the affordability of a Bishop High education, are integrated into the Master Plan. It’s a blue print
for Bishop High’s longevity - the big picture and the fine print of essential details.

Over this last year, several capital needs were addressed as Bishop High completed $4.3 million dollars in building and
upgrades. Thanks to generous donors, the all-asphalt quad became a park-like courtyard, and the practice gym was built in
conjunction with the main gym’s renovation, including locker room and restroom upgrades. Please consider making a
contribution to the following Master Plan projects in process:

• Refurbishment of the Science Wing: Bishop’s teaching staff has the know-how to optimize student
preparation for success in college level Science courses. To fulfill the potential of students and teachers alike,
upgrading current facilities and technology is essential.

• Weight Room Renovation: With 16 sports and 32 teams, our weight room has seen a great deal of wear and tear in the
last 15 years. Updated equipment will better address the training needs of our lighter framed athletes, male
and female, across a variety of skill levels.

• The Mary Iannelli Memorial Scholarship Fund: Founded in memory of mary Iannelli, mother of Board of Trustee
Member, Ralph Iannelli, the Iannelli Family wishes to honor her memory by assisting Bishop students who also
demonstrate an understanding of how important art is to our society.

                                                                             [                                       ]
The Master Plan reflects energy and forethought. Donors to                           For more information about
                                                                                         giving opportunities,
capital projects and those who contribute to the Endowment Fund,
                                                                                         contact Linda Baron,
Scholarship Funds and Adopt-A-Student round out the master Plan
                                                                                      Director of Advancement
initiatives of preserving affordability and maintaining proper facilities.              at (805) 967-1266, ext 119
We welcome your inquiries and assistance. Please stop by to view                  or email
our plans.

                                   2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                   martin & marcia Grano                       Samuel S. ‘75 & Christine Ojeda
Anna (Pappalardo) ‘80 & Royal Agnoli               William J. & Betsy Green                    Walter Bortolo ‘58 & Nancy Orso
Rita (Arnold) ‘58 & Michael Ardantz                Fred ‘60 & Genny Guillermo                  Danielle (Manriquez) ‘74 & Martin Osborn
J. Roger & Cristina Battistone                     John Haggerty ‘54                           Daniel ‘62 & Nancy (Nolan) ‘62 Panizzon
Ken William ‘67 & Susan Bauer                      Dr. Allan T. Hanretta ‘73                   Lynette Patters
Joseph ‘56 & Angela (Favro) ‘56 Bear               William G. ‘83 & Donna Hardy                Dr. Kathy (Donovan) ‘67 & Robert Perez
George Beidler ‘62                                 Kathy (Boeddeker) ‘79 & Jeff Harrison       Diane (Sebastian) ‘78 & Tom Pestolesi
Dan ‘70 & Charlotte Berryman                       Bill & Jerri Hazard                         James ‘70 & Marsie Peters
Mark Boeddeker ‘87                                 John F. ‘67 & Barbara Hebda                 Susan Peters ‘75
Matt ‘89 & Kerri (Borgatello) ‘89 Boeddeker        Frank & Lillian Heinen                      John & Martha Peterson
Raymond ‘78 & Snezhana Bol                         Roger & martha Helkey                       Dr. John ‘67 & Maryella (Anderson) ‘66 Petrini, Jr.
David ‘60 & Louise Borgatello                      Don Heller                                  Thomas A. & Debra Ploch
Laura & Ida Borgatello                             Mary (Shea) ‘56 & Ed Heron                  Ross Quigley ‘68
Dolores “Dee” (Brady) ‘44 & George Bowman          Larry & Gail Hess                           Russell J. & Patricia A. Redmond
Helena (Pleszczynska) ‘64 & Obie Bowman            Joel W. Jamison                             Elena Reis
Robert Brooks ‘57                                  Teresa Jamison                              Paul Renick ‘68
Christopher & Pamela Brown                         Robert ‘51 & Margaret Jennings              Lisa (Murphy) ‘86 & Noel Rivas
Ritz & Olga Brunello                               Robert Alan ‘72 & Elizabeth L. Julian       Marie Elaine L. Robinson ‘79 & Rodney Gilmore
Margaret (Munnemann) Cohen ‘52                     John ‘78 & Suzanne (Sargent) ‘80 Kafel      Thomas ‘51 & Carol Rohrback
Karen Conover, BVM ‘65                             Ralph Anthony ‘62 & Alice Karleskint        Diane (Dzierski) ‘76 & Kenneth Rukavina
Ron Conway ‘53                                     KBT Consulting, Inc.                        Charles Sacconaghi ‘48
Mickey ‘68 & Leslie (Field) ‘70 Cornish            Knights of Columbus                         Alison M. & Michael Schaumburg
William F. & Kathleen Crevier                      Albert & Lucy Kohansamad                    David ‘56 & Judy Schiefen
Dr. Charles & Beatrice Curatalo                    Frank Kronberg ‘55                          Sandra (Spencer) ‘67 & Glenn Shearer
Oswald “Ozzie” Da Ros                              Cary Beth (Boeddeker) ‘90 & Tim Krukowski   Jeff ‘84 & Christine M. Shepherd
Peter ‘68 & Christina (Herold) ‘74 Da Ros          Clare (Howard) Lechuga ‘73                  Stacey Sherwin ‘73
Teresa Julie (Valenzuela) ‘67 & Michael W. Davis   Linehan Family Foundation                   Larry & Ruth Sleep
Donna Dawson ‘72                                   Brian F. ‘65 & Toni V. Lopez                Ashley (Parker) ‘82 & Tim Snider
Mary Louise Days ‘57                               Pierina Ann (Guadagnini) Lowdermilk ‘66     Jim ‘58 & Linda Rae Spurbeck
Yldefonso “Pancho” De Rueda                        Gordon Machado ‘47                          Edward & marian Steffens
Brian Delgiorgio ‘63                               James ‘56 & Barbara Magdlen                 James Stewart ‘85
John V. ‘47 & Norma Delwiche                       Michael Arthur Maier ‘66                    Paul & Kathleen Strittmatter
Bernice Elewaut                                    Judith (Perez) ‘62 & Eugene Manriquez       Thermal Remediation Solutions, LLC
Alphonso B. Espinoza ‘75                           Marborg Industries                          Kristine (Borgatello) ‘87 & Trent N. Throckmorton
Facts management Co.                               Steve Marsango ‘72                          Transcontinental Corporation
Dee (De Bernardi) ‘53 & Bill Faulding              Martin’s Trucking                           Dorothy E. Tremblay
Marco Frausto ‘69                                  Janet (Wolff) ‘65 & Richard Maulhardt       Tim ‘71 & Marcia Tremblay
Glenda (Snyder) ‘63 & Mike Gabrielson              Dr. David Medina                            Alice ‘81 & Bruce Velasco
Theresa M. (Hardy) ‘82 & Theodore J. Gaffney       John & Debbie Minutoli                      Fernando ‘86 & Luisa (Capovilla) ‘86 Velez
Esther Garland                                     Susan Miratti ‘67                           Vinistics Financial Group
Col. Daniel Georgi ‘78                             Richard Monk ‘61                            Jean (Ireland) ‘54 & Joseph Welsh
Richard Georgi ‘74                                 Robert Lloyd Monk ‘58                       Richard ‘59 & Paula Whited
Thomas ‘69 & Cindy Gherini                         David Morrissey ‘60                         Karl Widiner
John ‘64 & Mary Ann (Garland) ‘65 Gherini, Esq.    G. Russell Morrissey ‘53                    John Michael ‘58 & Mary Lou Williams
William Girard                                     Jeanne Moulton                              Judith (Catherina) ‘71 & Rea Willson
Mary Alice Gonzales ‘56                            Jeanette (La Barge) Musser ‘75              Emily L. (Hutchings) ‘95 & Clint Wood
David ‘69 & Karen Gonzalez                         Dr. Arthur & Barbara Najera                 Jack ‘53 & Pat Woods
Ophelia Gonzalez ‘71                               Camilla (Holladay) ‘79 & Daniel O’Connor    Darrel W. & Cheryl L. Wright

                        BISHOP GARCIA DIEGO HIGH SCHOOL
                                                    John Thomas Daniels ‘66                            Holy Cross Church
Frances (Krahn) ‘59 & Cecil Yother                  Angelina (Bazzi) Daniels                           Sharon Holzer
Sally A. (Welsh) ‘55 & Albert R.Young               Oswald “Ozzie” Da Ros                              Honda Of Santa Barbara
James Frederick Zabler ‘58                          Peter ‘68 & Christina (Herold) ‘74 Da Ros          Lynn Hotchkiss
                                                    Teresa Julie (Valenzuela) ‘67 & Michael W. Davis   Robert Howard ‘07

ADOPT-A-STUDENT                                     Donna Dawson ‘72                                   Jim Jaimes ‘80 & Christa Boerlage
David V. Adams                                      Yldefonso “Pancho” De Rueda                        Teresa Jamison
Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc.                  Frances Delbrook Romero                            Robert ‘51 & Margaret Jennings
Ambrecht & Associates                               Brian Delgiorgio ‘63                               Jimenez Nursery, Inc.

Deborah Anders                                      John V. ‘47 & Norma Delwiche                       Josephite Fathers in California
Anonymous                                           Robert & Christine DeVries                         John ‘78 & Suzanne (Sargent) ‘80 Kafel
Anthony’s Christmas Trees and Wreaths Inc.
Betty Barnard
J. Roger & Cristina Battistone
                                                    Bernice Elewaut  L
                                                    Robert & Betty Dominguez

                                                    Facts management Co.
                                                                                                       Denise Kale & Eric Rennacker
                                                                                                       Karleskint Catering Company
                                                                                                       Ralph Anthony ‘62 & Alice Karleskint

Abbondio & Maria Bazzi                              Rusty & Lynda Fairly                               Kay Lemke Interior Designs
Dr. Thomas & Carol Beamer                           Dee (De Bernardi) ‘53 & Bill Faulding              Knights of Columbus
Joseph ‘56 & Angela (Favro) ‘56 Bear                Cleo Fisher                                        Albert & Lucy Kohansamad

                                                                                      L                                         L
Larry J. & Jane Beesley                             Erich E. & Cecilia Folk                            Cary Beth (Boeddeker) ‘90 & Tim Krukowski

George Beidler ‘62                                  Frank Schipper Construction Co.                    Danny & Stephanie Kwock
Keith & Tina (Craviotto) ‘67 Berry                  Marco Frausto ‘69                                  Ladies of Charity of St.Vincent de Paul
George Bobolia                                      Glenda (Snyder) ‘63 & Mike Gabrielson              Edward D. & monica Langhorne

Mark Boeddeker ‘87                                  Theresa M. (Hardy) ‘82 & Theodore J. Gaffney       James & Pam Langhorne
Matt ‘89 & Kerri (Borgatello) ‘89 Boeddeker
Ron ‘56 & Catherine “Kitty” Boeddeker
                                                    Edward & Elizabeth Gaylord
                                                    Thomas ‘69 & Cindy Gherini   L              L
                                                                                                       Kara Lappico ‘07
                                                                                                       Alan ‘87 & Michelle Lash

Boeing Gift matching Program                        John ‘64 & Mary Ann (Garland) ‘65 Gherini, Esq.    Lauren Ashley Herrera memorial Foundation

                                              L                                                                             L
David ‘60 & Louise Borgatello                       J. Paul & Renee Gignac                             Linehan Family Foundation
Mario A. ‘62 & Judy (Pahler) ‘62 Borgatello Jr.     William Girard                                     Mark & Kristin Linehan
Laura & Ida Borgatello                              Mary Alice Gonzales ‘56                            Live Oak Bazzi Family Ranch, LP
mario F. & marguerite Borgatello Sr.                Abel & Leona Gonzalez                              Brian F. ‘65 & Toni V. Lopez
Larry G. & Dixie Bousman                            Ophelia Gonzalez ‘71                               Gordon Machado ‘47

Dolores “Dee” (Brady) ‘44 & George Bowman           Andy & Dolly Granatelli                            James ‘56 & Barbara Magdlen

Jim & Sandy Breen                                   martin & marcia Grano                              Eugene & Jean Marasco

Sharon R. Breese ‘65                                John & Christie Green                              Marborg Industries
Brian J. Kelly Family Foundation
Robert Brooks ‘57
Christopher & Pamela Brown
                                                    William J. & Betsy Green
                                                    Brett & marisa Grimes
                                                    John Haggerty ‘54
                                                                           L                           Martha (Bazzi) Marsango
                                                                                                       Steve Marsango ‘72
                                                                                                       michael & Nancy martz
Ritz & Olga Brunello                                William G. ‘83 & Donna Hardy                       Toni (Marsango) Maulhardt ‘68

Erich Bubbel ‘07                                    Landon Harris                                      Stephanie McHugh-Keasler
Chris & Dori Carter                                 Kathy (Boeddeker) ‘79 & Jeff Harrison              McKeesport Properties LLC
Kathy Castagnola ‘45                                Douglas & Veronica Haynie                          Leslie meadowcroft

Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court No. 293   Bill & Jerri Hazard                                Dr. David Medina
Catholic Education Foundation                       John F. ‘67 & Barbara Hebda                        Walter & Barbara Meyer

Billie A. Ceriale                                   Don Heller                                         Susan Miratti ‘67
Ron Conway ‘53                                      George & maria Herold                              Mission Roofing
Joan (Conway) ‘56 & James Cota                      Mary (Shea) ‘56 & Ed Heron                         Richard Monk ‘61
Nicholas P. & Eileen L. Curran                      Martin ‘72 & Debbie Herrera                        Robert Lloyd Monk ‘58

                                        L   Adopt-A-Student Donors - $10,000 and above

                                        2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                    11
                                                         Fernando ‘86 & Luisa (Capovilla) ‘86 Velez        Brian ‘75 & Lynne McDermott
G. Russell Morrissey ‘53
Jeanne Moulton
Dr. Arthur & Barbara Najera   L
                                                         Gustavo & Juanita Vera
                                                         Nicholas & Martha Vitalari
                                                         Watanabe Dental Studio
                                                                                    L                      John & Debbie Minutoli
                                                                                                           Matthew Murrin ‘81
                                                                                                           Margaret F. (Covarrubias) Nelson ‘42

Lisa (Jones) ‘70 & Michael O’Connell
Dr. Timothy A. O’Connor                                  Albert P. WellsL
                                                         Ralph Waterhouse                                  Rev. Salvador Parisi
                                                                                                           James ‘70 & Marsie Peters

Jim Osweiler                                             Jean (Ireland) ‘54 & Joseph Welsh                 Jim Petrini ‘65
Our Lady of mt. Carmel                                   Richard ‘59 & Paula Whited                        Ross Quigley ‘68
Peter ‘81 & Shelley Overgaag                             Elizabeth A. Whitney                              Paul Renick ‘68
Jonathan Palmquist ‘07                                   Karl Widiner                                      Stacey Sherwin ‘73

Lynette Patters                                          John Michael ‘58 & Mary Lou Williams              Zobianna “Zobie” (Cota) ‘57 & Gary Spencer
Gerald & Pamela T. Pelton                                Williams-Corbett Foundation                       Thermal Remediation Solutions, LLC

Dr. Jeff Peppard                                         Darrel W. & Cheryl L. Wright                      Mary Theresa “Tessie” (Vizzolini) ‘60 & Bert Tritschler
Martin & Joanne Perellis                                 John & Joan Xanthakis                             Wells Fargo Foundation Educational matching Gift Program
Francisco J. Perez                                       Frances (Krahn) ‘59 & Cecil Yother                Lupton Anthony Wilkinson ‘60
Paul & Lydia Perez                                       Sally A. (Welsh) ‘55 & Albert R.Young             Judith (Catherina) ‘71 & Rea Willson
Lisa Perryman
Susan Peters ‘75                                         ALUMNI ENDOWMENT FUND                             ATHLETIC FUND
John & Martha Peterson                                   FRS. SAL, ALExANDER AND ALONSO                    Anonymous
Thomas A. & Debra Ploch                                  John P. Beauclair, MD                             J. Roger & Cristina Battistone
Russell J. & Patricia A. Redmond                         Dan ‘70 & Charlotte Berryman                      Jim & Sandy Breen
Elena Reis                                               Raymond ‘78 & Snezhana Bol                        Sal & James T. Staunton Climbolo
Paul Renick ‘68                                          mario F. & marguerite Borgatello Sr.              Robert B. & Linda Elmerick
Felix & Cecilia Rivera                                   Helena (Pleszczynska) ‘64 & Obie Bowman           George B. Page Foundation
Thomas ‘51 & Carol Rohrback                              Margaret (Munnemann) Cohen ‘52                    Col. Daniel Georgi ‘78

David R. & Mary L. Rubio                                 Mickey ‘68 & Leslie (Field) ‘70 Cornish           Robert Hahn
San Roque Parish                                         Judith (Flynn) ‘60 & Ed Danner                    John F. ‘67 & Barbara Hebda
Santa Barbara Bank and Trust                             Oswald “Ozzie” Da Ros                             Lauren Ashley Herrera memorial Foundation
Santa Barbara Cricket Club                               Kathryn Dekker ‘98                                Clare Montana, PhD ‘57

Santa ynez Band of Chumash Indians                       Rae (Ruggeiro) ‘60 & Bob Dickinson                Robert K & Barbara J Straus Foundation
  Foundation                                             Alphonso B. Espinoza ‘75                          Elizabeth A. Whitney
Alison M. & Michael Schaumburg                           Charles ‘60 & Beatrice Gandolfo
David ‘56 & Judy Schiefen                                Esther Garland                                    AUCTION 2007
Roger Schwarz ‘69                                        John ‘64 & Mary Ann (Garland) ‘65 Gherini, Esq.   Joseph F. Artuso ‘54
Beverly Sheldon                                          Jack ‘60 & Betty Lou Gleason                      Joseph ‘56 & Angela (Favro) ‘56 Bear

Larry & Ruth Sleep                                       Ophelia Gonzalez ‘71                              Keith & Tina (Craviotto) ‘67 Berry
Solutions For People, Inc. (“B” & Linda Wiliams)         Eustacchio ‘60 & Merle Guadagnini                 Ron ‘56 & Catherine “Kitty” Boeddeker
Scott & Terri Speier                                     Dr. Allan T. Hanretta ‘73                         Laura & Ida Borgatello
John Spiess                                              Marie L. (Smith) ‘55 & Darl Horsley               Max B. Bruce
Jim ‘58 & Linda Rae Spurbeck                             John Hurley ‘71                                   Ed Campbell ‘57
Lawrence Stigney                                         Kathleen (Fox) ‘60 & David “Jake” ‘58 Jacobsen    Kathy Castagnola ‘45
Paul & Kathleen Strittmatter                             Pierina Ann (Guadagnini) Lowdermilk ‘66           September Cizek

Beth (Ochsner) ‘80 & Jack Tauber                         Marborg Industries                                Patricia (Nicholson) Clevidence ‘52
Christopher Toomey                                       Deanna Marchiando ‘60                             Oswald “Ozzie” Da Ros
Transcontinental Corporation                             Martin’s Trucking                                 Joseph & Maria Fazio
Tim ‘71 & Marcia Tremblay                                Janet (Wolff) ‘65 & Richard Maulhardt             Dennis Flynn ‘59

                                                   L   Adopt-A-Student Donors - $10,000 and above

                           BISHOP GARCIA DIEGO HIGH SCHOOL
John ‘64 & Mary Ann (Garland) ‘65 Gherini, Esq.   Darcy Stepka Fund                                Lauren Ashley Herrera memorial Foundation
Andy & Dolly Granatelli                           David J. ‘96 & Reva Redmond                      Lisa (Jones) ‘70 & Michael O’Connell
martin & marcia Grano                                                                              Beverly (Pfeiler) ‘69 & Jerry Van Wingerden
Grayscale Inc.                                    Lauren Ashley Herrera Fund                       Connie Van Wingerden
Bill & Jerri Hazard                               Clare (Howard) Lechuga ‘73
John F. ‘67 & Barbara Hebda                       Judith (Perez) ‘62 & Eugene Manriquez            Campus Ministry
Roger & martha Helkey                             Edward & marian Steffens                         E-Pro Insurance Agency, LLC (Erica Salda, Owner)
Carol A. & Richard N. Hoffer                      Vinistics Financial Group                        Bernice Elewaut
David & Jeanne Hoffman
Rev. Charles Hofschulte CJ                        Mary Ianelli Fund                                Computer Technology Lab
Teresa Jamison                                    Ralph T. & melissa R. Iannelli                   Ken William ‘67 & Susan Bauer
John ‘67 & Patricia Klink                                                                          Dr. Charles & Beatrice Curatalo
Dr. Garvan ‘51 & Mariana Kuskey                   Mary Spencer Fund                                Foley Family Charitable Foundation
Patricia (Stephens) Lauer ‘64                     Jeanette (La Barge) Musser ‘75                   Glenda (Snyder) ‘63 & Mike Gabrielson
Lenvik & Minor Architects                         Sandra (Spencer) ‘67 & Glenn Shearer             Lauren Ashley Herrera memorial Foundation
marBorg Industries                                                                                 Dr. John ‘67 & Maryella (Anderson) ‘66 Petrini, Jr.
Tom mielko                                        Rodney Shull Fund                                Jeff ‘84 & Christine M. Shepherd
Dr. Arthur & Barbara Najera                       Matt ‘89 & Kerri (Borgatello) ‘89 Boeddeker
Art & Magdalena Overgaag                          mark & Sharon Caldwell                           Learning Resource Specialist
Martin & Joanne Perellis                          Mickey ‘68 & Leslie (Field) ‘70 Cornish          Ken William ‘67 & Susan Bauer
Perez Tax Service                                 Danielle (Manriquez) ‘74 & Martin Osborn         Orfalea Fund
Jesus & Esther Placencia                          Diane (Sebastian) ‘78 & Tom Pestolesi            Patrick ‘60 & Patricia Rogers
Janet (Savio) ‘64 & William Ravenscroft           Felix & Cecilia Rivera
Santa Barbara Pastoral Region                     Robert & Rosemary Shull                          Library
Santa maria Seeds                                 Ashley (Parker) ‘82 & Tim Snider                 Mary Kathleen Rayburn
Josef Schwaiger
Norm & Claire Slaught                             Memorial Scholarships - Other                    Parent Advisory Board Support
Larry & Ruth Sleep                                David ‘60 & Louise Borgatello                    Jim & Sandy Breen
Cherie (Gauthier) ‘62 & James Smith               Mickey ‘68 & Leslie (Field) ‘70 Cornish          Max B. Bruce
Stewart Title Of Santa Barbara, Inc               William F. & Kathleen Crevier                    Gary & Kathy Cummings
George & Robin Torrellas                          David ‘69 & Karen Gonzalez                       First American Title Company
Transcontinental Corporation                      James ‘56 & Terry Anne (Thompson) ‘59 Tabacchi   FLIR Systems, Inc.
Tim ‘71 & Marcia Tremblay                                                                          Hawkes & Co Realtors
Valley Improvement Company                        READY FOR COLLEGE, READY FOR LIFE                Bill & Jerri Hazard
William H. Hannon Foundation                      Peter ‘68 & Christina (Herold) ‘74 Da Ros        Teresa Jamison
                                                  Lauren Ashley Herrera memorial Foundation        Danny & Stephanie Kwock
BOB MORELLI MEMORIAL                              Jack & Franny Morehart                           Dr. Arthur & Barbara Najera
GOLF TOURNAMENT                                   Robert & Cindy Perlis                            Peter ‘81 & Shelley Overgaag
John ‘64 & Mary Ann (Garland) ‘65 Gherini, Esq.                                                    Steven & Patricia ‘72 Renick
Dr. Arthur & Barbara Najera                       PROGRAM SUPPORT                                  Brent & Darlene Reynolds
John R. & Susan J. Pate                           Art                                              Rogers Plumbing
Charles S. & Suzanne M. Wendelberger              Las Floralias Club                               michael Russer & Sean Garrity-Russer
                                                  mosher Foundation                                Rosie m. & Addison L. Thompson
MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                              Nicholas & Martha Vitalari
Charles & Margarent Kuehl Fund                    Band
Fred ‘60 & Genny Guillermo                        Richard & Stephanie Danduran                     Pier Gherini Video Lab
David Morrissey ‘60                               Robert Danduran ‘04                              Martin & Joanne Perellis

                                       2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
                                              Progressive Environmental Industries, Inc.         Children’s Medical Clinic of Santa Barbara
Elena Reis                                      (Arturo & Annette Gonzalez)                      William F. & Kathleen Crevier
                                              Justin Riggs ‘06                                   Richard & Stephanie Danduran
Scholar Athlete Program                       Keith & Carol Stein                                Mary Louise Days ‘57
John & Christie Green                         Tucker Stein ‘07                                   Brian Delgiorgio ‘63
                                              The Da Ros Family                                  Jack Donovan
Science                                       Stephen ‘77 & Jennifer (Van Son) ‘79 Winnewisser   Kathryn (Gauthier) Dunbar ‘65
Denise Skinner                                                                                   Facts management Co.
                                              Office Equipment                                   Marco Frausto ‘69
Teachers Wish List                            George & Shari Isaac                               Robert Gauthier ‘61
Anonymous                                                                                        Dr. Tom Gauthier ‘58
                                              Office Furniture                                   Richard Georgi ‘74
Theology                                      Corporate Express                                  Frank & Lillian Heinen
Dr. Bernard J. & Marciana Drury                                                                  Roger & martha Helkey
                                              Other                                              Larry & Gail Hess
GIFTS IN KIND                                 Linda Baron                                        Joel W. Jamison
Adopt-A-Student                               David ‘60 & Louise Borgatello                      Josephite Fathers of California
Leonard Pickett Inc. (“B” & Linda Williams)   Billie A. Ceriale                                  Robert Alan ‘72 & Elizabeth L. Julian
                                              E-Pro Insurance Agency, LLC (Erica Salda, Owner)   KBT Consulting, Inc.
Advertising                                   Hammock, Arnold, Smith & Company                   Knights of Columbus, Council 1684
Keith & Tina (Craviotto) ‘67 Berry            Dr. Garvan ‘51 & Mariana Kuskey                    Albert & Lucy Kohansamad
                                              Cardinal Roger mahoney                             Frank Kronberg ‘55
Athletic Department                           Rozhko Tile & Marble                               Michael Arthur Maier ‘66
Victor ‘71 & Barbara Batastini                Santa Barbara Teleconnect                          merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation
Mark Cavanaugh                                Paul & Kathleen Strittmatter                       mmC matching Gifts Program
Robert Hahn                                   The Herbal Spirit of Santa Barbara Inc.            Barbara (Gauthier) Morris ‘74
Emmet ‘55 & Sally Hawkes, Sr.                 Beverly (Pfeiler) ‘69 & Jerry Van Wingerden        Camilla (Holladay) ‘79 & Daniel O’Connor
Brian Moulton ‘72                             Case Van Wingerden                                 Dr. Timothy A. O’Connor
Joe Reiken                                    John & Dorine Van Wingerden                        Samuel S. ‘75 & Christine Ojeda
Bruce ‘72 & Isabelle Robles                   Walter & Allison Van Wingerden                     Walter Bortolo ‘58 & Nancy Orso
Specialty Team Plastering, Inc.                                                                  Daniel ‘62 & Nancy (Nolan) ‘62 Panizzon
Twin Lakes Golf Course                        Printing & Graphics                                Dr. Kathy (Donovan) ‘67 & Robert Perez
Wynne Painting & Sandblasting, Inc.           Boone Printing and Graphics (Andrew Ochsner ‘85)   Kroger Stores (Ralphs)
                                                                                                 Steven & Patricia ‘72 Renick
Baby Grand Piano                              Our Lady of Victory Bell                           Lisa (Murphy) ‘86 & Noel Rivas
The Roselyn Jackson-Harris Trust              Class of 2006,                                     Marie Elaine L. Robinson ‘79 & Rodney Gilmore
                                              Holy Cross Parish                                  Rudi Schulte Family Foundation
Construction & Landscaping                    Jeanne Moulton                                     Diane (Dzierski) ‘76 & Kenneth Rukavina
Anacapa Concrete Inc.                                                                            Charles Sacconaghi ‘48
Donald Dealie                                 GREATEST NEED                                      Richard Scholl ‘64
Giovanni’s Nursery                            Anna (Pappalardo) ‘80 & Royal Agnoli               Scolari’s Food and Drug Company
Edward D. & monica Langhorne                  Albertsons Grocery Store                           Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Scott Loepkey ‘70                             Anthony’s Christmas Trees and Wreaths Inc.         Cherie (Gauthier) ‘62 & James Smith
Marborg Industries                            Rita (Arnold) ‘58 & Michael Ardantz                James Stewart ‘85
Byron Montross ‘61                            AYSO of Santa Barbara                              Robert ‘48 & Genelle E. Stodden
Steve Montross ‘70                            Robert Batastini Jr. ‘75                           Target Stores
                                              Cars 4 Causes                                      The Pepsi Bottling Group

                        BISHOP GARCIA DIEGO HIGH SCHOOL
                                                    John & Martha Peterson
Kristine (Borgatello) ‘87 & Trent N. Throckmorton   Mary Jo (Bohnett) ‘70 & Vern Williams            The Krahn Family
Dorothy E. Tremblay                                                                                  Frances (Krahn) ‘59 & Cecil Yother
Tim ‘71 & Marcia Tremblay                           IN HONOR OF
Alice ‘81 & Bruce Velasco                           The Lopez Family                                 Marianne McKibben Zabler
Verizon Foundation                                  Brian F. ‘65 & Toni V. Lopez                     James Frederick Zabler ‘58
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational matching
  Gift Program                                      Jackie Spencer                                   Joseph P. McNamara
Emily L. (Hutchings) ‘95 & Clint Wood               Sandra (Spencer) ‘67 & Glenn Shearer             Robert & Rosemary Shull
Jack ‘53 & Pat Woods
James Frederick Zabler ‘58                          IN MEMORY OF                                     Joe and Marguerite McNamara
                                                    Vera Bowley                                      mark & Sharon Caldwell
RESTRICTED                                          David ‘60 & Louise Borgatello
Bell Tower                                                                                           Joseph Medina ‘65 & Carmen (Medina) Finn ‘65
Theresa Gayle Bauer ‘06                             Elisa Cavaletto                                  Ophelia Gonzalez ‘71
Nicholas Martinez ‘06                               James ‘56 & Terry Anne (Thompson) ‘59 Tabacchi
Kelly Masters-Melton ‘06                            Robert & Rosemary Shull                          Steenie Medina
Christina Ornelas ‘06                                                                                Mickey ‘68 & Leslie (Field) ‘70 Cornish
Jacob Sandoval ‘06                                  Kathleen L. Da Ros                               Dr. David Medina
Tessa Smith ‘06                                     Oswald “Ozzie” Da Ros                            William F. & Kathleen Crevier
Dean Valencia ‘06                                                                                    Ron & Kitty Boeddeker
Anita Watts ‘06                                     Lupe De Rueda
                                                    Yldefonso “Pancho” De Rueda                      Anna Melchiori
Capital Improvement                                                                                  James ‘56 & Terry Anne (Thompson) ‘59 Tabacchi
Anonymous                                           Manual Deras
Catholic Education Foundation                       Clare Montana, PhD ‘57                           Randall J Nelson ‘65
                                                                                                     Margaret F. (Covarrubias) Nelson ‘42
Commitment Fund                                     Maurice Elewaut
Keith & Tina (Craviotto) ‘67 Berry                  Bernice Elewaut                                  Victoria M. O’Connor
Peter ‘68 & Christina (Herold) ‘74 Da Ros                                                            Dr. Timothy A. O’Connor
John ‘64 & Mary Ann (Garland) ‘65 Gherini, Esq.     Velma Gauthier
Ralph T. & melissa R. Iannelli                      Cherie (Gauthier) ‘62 & James Smith              Theresa Stretchberry
Carla (Nielson) ‘64 & Desmond O’Neill               Robert Gauthier ‘61                              James N. & Patricia J. Strechberry
Stewart Title Of Santa Barbara, Inc.                Dr. Tom Gauthier ‘58
                                                    Kathryn (Gauthier) Dunbar ‘65                    Zina Provendi
Main Gym Renovation                                 Barbara (Gauthier) Morris ‘74                    Beth (Ochsner) ‘80 & Jack Tauber
                                                    Pier Gherini                                     Ubaldo Talevi
Other                                               Elena Reis                                       James ‘56 & Terry Anne (Thompson) ‘59 Tabacchi

                                                                                                     [                                          ]
mark & Patty Aijian
Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation                        Cipriano O Gonzalez                                       Did You Know?
Anonymous                                           David ‘69 & Karen Gonzalez                             No tuition dollars were used
Joanna (Pellizzer) Berland ‘60                                                                         for the new practice gym, the reno-
Dr. Arthur & Barbara Najera                         Mary Iannelli                                            vation of the main gym,
Catholic Education Foundation                       Ralph T. & melissa R. Iannelli                       or the courtyard improvements.
Elizabeth A. Whitney
Timothy & Nina Fessier                              Beth McEwen Jacobs
                                                    Sally A. (Welsh) ‘55 & Albert R.Young

                                        2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
                                 PRESERVING AFFORDAbILITy

                The Adopt-A-Student Program is a Bishop Garcia Diego High School Student Tuition Assistance
                Program enabling the enrollment of qualified students whose families are in financial need.
                This program has become an escalating priority for our school community as our families are
                increasingly challenged by the Santa Barbara economy. The BGDHS Student community embraces
                diversity and welcomes students of all religious and cultural backgrounds:

     [                                      ]
                                                  •        Current annual tuition cost is $11,250.
             Did You Know?                        •        Actual tuition cost to the school is $12,200.
         57% of our student body receives         •        For the 2007-08 school year, BGDHS will need to fund the
          some measure of financial aid.                   equivalent of 79 full tuition awards.
                                                  •        Since 2002, 100% of our graduating seniors have been
                                                           accepted to college.

                Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, community partners and businesses alike, through your charitable
                giving we can provide a faith-based, values-enriched, college preparatory education whereby all
                our graduates are ready for college and ready for life.

                Every fall we honor our Adopt-A-Student donors with our Annual Adopt-A-Student Report
                Card Luncheon. Our goal is to be accountable to our benefactors and highlight the growth their
                generosity has enabled.

                Bishop Faculty and Staff continuously strive to:
                •      Assist students in the development of critical thinking skills that utilize curricular
                       knowledge combined with the Cardinal Standards for complex problem solving,
                •      Guide students to know, love and serve God, such that we enable them to achieve their
                       God-given potential in a multi-cultural society,
                •      Offer an education honoring the role of parents as the primary educators of their children.

                “Once again, I thank you for everything that you have done for me and for other students like me.
                I promise to try my best and remain focused during my remaining years at Bishop Garcia Diego
                High School. I want you to know that you are the reason why I will be able to make a difference
                in the world. Because of your generosity I will be able to grow up and be somebody. You are
                truly appreciated.” Miguel, Class of 2009

                                            [                                                                        ]
                                                Become a partner in a student’s life, become a contributor to the
                                                 Adopt-A-Student Program. Please call Sister Theresa Reis, S.N.D..
                                                       Director of Development, (805) 967-1266, ext 106 or

                              legacy FA M I Ly T R A D I T I O N
Around the Bishop High campus it is not
unusual to hear students and their parents
remark that they are attending Bishop, just
as their parents did. That means we are very
pleased to report that due to our first annual
Grandparent’s Luncheon, students are now
speaking up about when their grandparents
walked the campus as “Cardinals”. Each year
our school community is enriched by those
families who continue the legacy of a Bishop

For the Chierici Family, Bishop High School has been a
family tradition for three generations.

Back Row: Arturo Gonzalez, Jr. ’09; Alan Chierici
’79; Massie Chierici ‘50

Front Row: Obedia (Padilla) Chierici ’49;
Annette (Chierici) Gonzalez ‘81

   “Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal”, is something these students learn firsthand from their grandparents, all Cardinal alumni.
Listed in order as Student: Parent, Grandparent:
Back Row: Sean McIver ‘09: Sherrie (Hawkes) McIver ‘76, Emmet Hawkes, Sr. ‘55; Mitchell Hawkes ‘08: Emmet ‘79
& Carol (Robitaille) ‘80 Hawkes, Emmet Hawkes, Sr. ‘55; Ray Nowak ‘10: Teresa (Kuskey) Nowak ‘79, Garvan Kuskey ‘51;
Nico Castagnola ‘11: Kathy Castagnola ‘45; Arturo Gonzalez, Jr. ‘09: Annette (Chierici) Gonzalez ‘81, Massie ‘50 &
Obedia (Padilla) Chierici ‘49; Michael Morando ‘11: Michael Morondo ‘55; Tyler Rogers ‘11: Maria (Rivera) Rogers
‘88, Patrick Rogers ‘60

Front Row: Alexis Rodgers ‘09: Maria (Rivera) Rogers ‘88, Patrick Rogers ‘60; Cassie Faulding ‘09: Dwight Faulding
‘79, Dee (De Bernardi) Faulding ‘53; Kaila Hayes ‘11: Michael Hayes ‘94,Theresa (Slavin) Hayes ‘66

                                   2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
                                A S S O C I AT I O N

                           O nce a Ca rd i n a l, Al ways a Ca rd i n a l

Frs. Sal, Alexander and Alonso Alumni Endowment Fund
In 2005, a special Alumni Endowment Fund honoring Fathers Salvadore Parisi, OFM, Alexander Manville, OFM, and Alonso
De Blas, OFM, was established. These three teachers represent many years of dedicated service to Catholic High and
Bishop High students. They are honored for their dedication to the Cardinal Standards, their years of service and the spirit
of leadership they imparted.

Bishop Garcia Diego High School (BGDHS) has established this fund for the future to support, uphold and perpetuate
the educational work of the school. An endowment is a fund that has been created so that the principal deposit remains
intact in perpetuity. Only the income that the fund generates may be expended. Friends of Bishop and Alumni alike are
encouraged to contribute to the Frs. Sal, Alexander and Alonso Alumni Endowment Fund to build a legacy so that young
people will continue to be educated with care, love and discipline. BGDHS is dedicated to graduating young people who
are “Ready for College, Ready for Life”.

Membership to the Cardinal Alumni Association is open to anyone who attended Santa Barbara Catholic High or Bishop
Garcia Diego High School.

                                   The Rodney J. Shull Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                   Rodney J. Shull was a 1982 graduate of Bishop High School, a natural leader, a good
                                   listener and the type of person who lit up the room when he entered. A gifted
                                   athlete, loyal friend and excellent student, Rodney went on to graduate from Stanford
                                   University in 1987. His adherence to high standards for himself whether on the field
                                   of an athletic event, or within the classroom defined him as an exemplary individual.
                                   His love of life was demonstrated in his love for children, all children, and his own in
                                   particular. A sudden illness took his life in 1998. He is a member of the Bishop Hall of
                                   Fame and has received the Bishop Lifetime Achievement Award. He is survived by his
                                   wife, Ashley, and three children. The Rodney Shull memorial Scholarship is a $2,000.
                                   award available to a BGDHS student who demonstrates good citizenship, college
                                   preparatory academic standards (minimum GPA of 3.0), athletic participation in two
                                   sports and financial need.

                                                        [                                                        ]
                                                               For Alumni or Special Events information,
    A S S O C I AT I O N O F F I C E R S                               please contact Stacey Carr,
              2006 - 2007                                   Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events,
         Coleen moriarty - President                                     (805)967-1266 ext. 105 or
        Dee Faulding - Vice President                                email
     Patty Charest - Secretary/Treasurer
 Melinda Graziani – Cardinal CatchUp Editor

                               AlumniFA C U LT y & S TA F F

         Top: Mr. Matthew Capritto '00, Mr. Ray Vazquez '86, Mr. Matthew Najera '90
         Bottom: Mrs. Jennifer (Van Son) Winnewisser '79, Mr. Dan Peeters '72, Mr. Carlos Estrada '94, Mr. Charles Roberts '66,
         Mrs. Bev VanWingerden '69

  "Bishop was a place that I wanted to be at; I was proud to be a Cardinal then as well as now."
            Mr. Ray Vazquez
                                   "Now is my chance to confirm the fact that the faculty and staff of Bishop High School continue
                                                                                    Mrs. Jennifer Winnewisser
                                   to care about the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being of its students. I’m so
                                       happy to be able to give back to the Bishop Community lessons that were taught to me!"

“I will never forget the positive impact that Coach Bob Morelli had on my life. I met my wife Harriet at Bishop in our sophomore year.
            Mr. Charles Roberts
We will have been married 40 years this coming July 4th. Who says high school romances don’t last …"

  "Participating in the intellectual and spiritual formation of young men and women is an awesome privilege, and a joy to witness."
                                                                  Mr. Matthew Najera

"Bishop gave me the tools to achieve success after high school. I am very grateful for the quality education I received, and the
                                                                                            Mr. Dan Peeters
many life long friendships I established during my years at Bishop. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this community
as an adult, and give back to the community that has been so influential in my development."

                    “I was never one to take on a leadership role or take up a cause publicly, at least not until I
                                          Mr. Carlos Estrada
                 found myself in my senior year, campus ministry class. That was the first time that I recall saying
                                 to myself that I’d like to be a person who is an agent of change.”

    "The relationships and experiences I had at Bishop will never be forgotten. Thanks!"
                                                     Mr. Matthew Capritto

                        "I am very proud to be a part of this growing program. Enlightened educators know the vital
                            Mrs. Bev Van Wingerden
                        role that music plays in the total education of our children."

                                     2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                             19
                                    GIVING by yEAR
                                   John Haggerty                     Joel Bernard Nagelmann              Carla (Nielson) O’Neill
Margaret F. (Covarrubias) Nelson   Jean (Ireland) Welsh              Terry Anne (Thompson) Tabacchi      Janet (Savio) Ravenscroft
                                                                     Richard Whited                      Richard Scholl
1944                               1955                              Frances (Spencer) Yother
Dolores “Dee” (Brady) Bowman       Emmet Hawkes, Sr.                                                     1965
                                   Marie L. (Smith) Horsley          1960                                Sharon R. Breese
1945                               Annette (BoisClair) Kingsley      Joanna (Pellizzer ) Berland         Daniel Claffey
Kathy Castagnola                   Sr. Estelle M. Kroger             David Borgatello                    Kathryn (Gauthier) Dunbar
Lorraine (Artuso) Taylor           Frank Kronberg                    Judith (Flynn) Danner               Brian F. Lopez
                                   Linda (Hayes) Loomis              Rae (Ruggeiro) Dickinson            Janet (Wolff) Maulhardt
1947                               Kathleen (Grant) Sullivan         Charles Gandolfo                    Ed marsango
John V. Delwiche                   Sally A. (Welsh) Young            Jack Gleason                        Jim Petrini
Gordon machado                                                       Eustacchio Guadagnini               Laurel Ann (Mocny) Renaud
                                   1956                              Fred Guillermo                      Richard Wesley
1948                               Angela (Favro) Bear               Kathleen (Fox) Jacobsen
Charles Sacconaghi                 Joseph Bear                       Deanna marchiando                   1966
Robert Stodden                     Ron Boeddeker                     David Morrissey                     John Thomas Daniels
                                   Gerald Boyer                      Patrick Rogers                      Pierina Ann (Guadagnini) Lowdermilk
1949                               Joan (Conway) Cota                Mary Theresa “Tessie” (Vizzolini)   michael Arthur maier
Victor Bottiani                    Anthony Dal Bello                   Tritschler                        Maryella (Anderson) Petrini
                                   mary Alice Gonzales               Lupton Anthony Wilkinson
1950                               Mary (Shea) Heron                                                     1967
Dolores “Dee Dee” (Greene)         Robert Loomis                     1961                                Ken William Bauer
  Combs                            James Magdlen                     Robert Gauthier                     Tina (Craviotto) Berry
                                   Margaret (Ruiz) Pettit            Tanda (Fitschen) Jennings           Teresa Julie (Valenzuela) Davis
1951                               David Schiefen                    Richard monk                        John F. Hebda
Owen Guitteau                      James Tabacchi                    Byron montross                      John Klink
Robert Jennings                                                      Douglas murray                      Susan miratti
Dr. Garvan Kuskey                  1957                                                                  Dr. Kathy (Donovan) Perez
Thomas Rohrback                    Robert Brooks                     1962                                Dr. John Petrini, Jr.
maria A. Ziliotto                  Ed Campbell                       George Beidler                      Sandra (Spencer) Shearer
                                   mary Louise Days                  Mario A. Borgatello Jr.
1952                               Clare montana, PhD                Judy (Pahler) Borgatello            1968
Patricia (Nicholson) Clevidence    Zobianna “Zobie” (Cota) Spencer   Ralph Anthony Karleskint            Roger Brown
margaret Cohen                     Lt. Col. marc Tyler               Judith (Perez) Manriquez            mickey Cornish
Patricia (O’Reilly) Levesque                                         Daniel Panizzon                     Peter DaRos
                                   1958                              Nancy (Nolan) Panizzon              Toni (Marsango) Maulhardt ‘68
1953                               Rita (Arnold) Ardantz             Cherie (Gauthier) Smith             Dorothy (Brereton) McGee
Ron Conway                         Barbara (Lionello) Cota           Ley Wertz                           Ross Quigley
Ann (Welch) Donati                 Dr. Tom Gauthier                                                      Paul Renick
Joseph Donati                      David “Jake” Jacobsen             1963                                Edward yee
Dee (De Bernardi) Faulding         Christine (Carlson) Kenny         Brian T. Delgiorgio
G. Russell morrissey               Robert Lloyd Monk                 Glenda (Snyder) Gabrielson          1969
Jack Tingstrom                     Walter Bortolo Orso               Celendra (Lenne) Grant              Jacqueline Ball
Luana (Lopez) Tingstrom            Margaret “Peggy” (Lord) Quast                                         marco Frausto
Jack Woods                         Jim Spurbeck                      1964                                Thomas Gherini
                                   John Michael Williams             Helena (Pleszczynska) Bowman        David Gonzalez
1954                               James Frederick Zabler            John Gherini, Esq.                  Anita (Craviotto) Mendoza
Joseph F. Artuso                                                     Robert Jelinek                      Roger Schwarz
michael Baird                      1959                              Patricia (Stephens) Lauer           Beverly (Pfeiler) Van Wingerden
Barbara (Nordlund) Chandler        Dennis Flynn                      Joan (Ireland) Miller

                           BISHOP GARCIA DIEGO HIGH SCHOOL
                              GIVING by yEAR

Janice (Pando) Cafarelli
Christina (Herold) DaRos
Richard Georgi

                                            [                                   ]
Mary Ann (Garland) Gherini
Maura Kennedy
Mary (Becker) Millikin                          Did You Know
Michael Mocny                                   the top seven giving years in
Barbara (Gauthier) Morris                             2006-2007 were:
Danielle (Manriquez) Osborn                     #1       1962     54,139.31
                                                #2       1960     53,329.31
                                                #3       1968     47,743.00
                                                #4       1974     28,388.00
                                                #5       1967     25,580.20
                                                #6       1964     22,714.00
                                                #7       1969     21,825.00

                              2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT
                         A S S O C I AT E D S T U D E N T b O D y

                                 A S S O C i AT E D S T u D E N T B O D y O f f i C E R S
                                                       President: Tucker Stein
                                                    Vice President: Michelle Hill
                                                    Secretary: Vanessa Estrada
                                                      Treasurer: Elaine Galang
                                                   Moderator: Ms. Amanda Combs

                       Back Row: James Curatalo, Michelle Hill,Vanessa Estrada, Elaine Galang,Tucker Stein,
                       David Espinosa, Liz Robitaille, April Peterson, Jonathan Palmquist, Garrett Garcia

                       Front Row: Angie Clark, Max Russer, Nicole Kohansamad, Bernadette Bascom, Heather Aijian,
                       Michael Schlesselmann,Veronica Manzo, Kristen Salazar, Christina Gonzalez, Julia Johnson

                                                                                                                   KRI STEN SALAzA R

                       BISHOP GARCIA DIEGO HIGH SCHOOL

                     SENiOR CLASS OffiCERS
                         President: David Espinosa
                       Vice President: James Curatalo
                           Secretary: Angie Clark
                       Treasurer: Jonathan Palmquist
                       Moderator: Mrs. Linda Williams

                     JuNiOR CLASS OffiCERS
                       President: Chritina Gonzalez
                       Vice President: Liz Robitaille
                        Secretary: Kristen Salazar
                         Treasurer: April Petersen
                         Moderator: Mrs. Sodusta

                  SOPhOMORE CLASS OffiCERS
                     President: Michael Schlesselmann
                      Vice President: Heather Aijian
                      Secretary: Bernadette Bascom
                     Treasurer: Nicole Kohansamad
                     Moderator: Mr. Jules Manfreda

                   fREShMAN CLASS OffiCERS
                       President: Veronica Manzo
                      Vice President: Garrett Garcia
                         Secretary: Julia Johnson
                          Treasurer: Max Russer
                       Moderator: Mr. Matt Najera

                       ST UDENT PRO F ILES
                         Aaron Skinner
Aaron is the consummate scholar-athlete. He has a 3.8 grade point
average and has played football, volleyball and basketball all four years.
In addition to his tireless commitment to studying and competing, he
has enjoyed membership in Campus Ministry and is the President of the
Student Ambassadors. Aaron has also played lead roles in the last two
drama productions. He would like to attend the University of Oregon.

                        Kristen Salazar
Kristen is an avid reader and helps to run the Book Club. She is one of
the founders of the school newspaper and writes a regular column. When
not burrowing through pages of text, Kristen can be found projecting her
beautiful voice on stage during mass. Kristen is an outstanding student
who has a 4.4 grade point average and is active in many clubs on campus.
She hopes to attend Yale University or University of Southern California.

           2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT                                           23
             t h a n k yo u
                     SPONSORS & VOLUNTEERS

                                                     S P O N S O R S
AUCTION 2007                        Special Thanks                 Home Realty Investments            merrill Lynch
High Flyer                          William H. Hannon Foundation   The Iannelli Family                Walpole CPAs
The Iannelli Family                                                marBorg Industries                 Pivot Financial
Cardinal Crest                      ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT            Santa Barbara City Firefighters    Bartlett, Pringel & Wolf, LLC
marBorg Industries                  Pepsi Bottling Group                                              Community West Bank
NS Ceramic                          Sports Sponsor Board           Tee Sponsors                       John & Susan Pate
Stewart Title of California, Inc.   2006-2007                      Business First National Bank       marBorg Industries
Red Tail                            Da Ros masonry                 The Gonzales Family                montecito Bank & Trust
John & Mary Ann Gherini             Flowers & Associates           The Grimes Family                  Lash Construction
David & Jeanne Hoffman              Giovanni's Pizza               The Kevin Hess Family              Floral
William & Ardyce Peeples            Keith Stein                    mcGowan Guntermann CPAs            In memory of Ed & marilyn
Transcontinental Corporation        mid-State Bank                 Hollandia Produce/Live               murrin
Tremblay Financial Services         Robitaille's Fine Candies       Gourmet                           In memory of Carol Ann
Nest Builder                        Santa Barbara Stone            Mike Pearl Sotheby's Realty          Bittle '72
Manny & Nancy Silva                                                Scott & Sherrie McIver             Rogers Plumbing
In-Kind Sponsors                    BOB MORELLI MEMORIAL           David & Louise Borgatello          Lauren Ashley Herrera
Fess Parker Winery                  GOLF TOURNAMENT                Hawkes & Company                     memorial Foundation
Robitaille's Fine Candies           Red Tail Sponsor               Ventura Toyota
Program Sponsors                    Keith Berry Real Estate        Clay Dickens Family                SPECIAL EVENT 2006
Frank Schipper                      BFI/Allied Waste               Bob Holzer Towing & Storage        Por La mar Flowers
  Construction Company              Craig Roofing                  McAdams Financial Services         The Borgatello Family
Keith Berry Real Estate             The Gignac Family              melchiori Construction

                                                  V O Lu N T E E R S
APPAREL SALES                       Keith C. Berry                 Dee Faulding - Vice President      PARENT BOARD 2006-2007
Annette Gonzalez                    David Borgatello               Patty Charest - Sec./ Treasurer    Nick Vitalari, Chair
Arlene Figone                       Most Rev. Thomas Curry         Melinda Graziani – Cardinal        Laurie Cortez,Vice Chair
Lupe Santana                        Peter Da Ros                    CatchUp Editor                    Mary Kohler, Secretary
                                    Rusty Fairly                                                      Andrea Carr, Treasurer
AUCTION 2007 COMMITTEE              John Gherini, Esq,             CARDINAL CLUB                      Robin Palmquist, Hospitality
Martha Vitalari, Adminstration      Angela Hallahan, CHF           ExECUTIVE MEMBERS
Christina Battistone, Dining &      John Hebda                     2006-2007                          SPECIAL EVENT 2006
 Beverages                          Carol Hoffer                   Peter Georgi, President            COMMITTEE
Pam Langhorne, Sponsors & Ads       Ralph Iannelli                 Ron Heller,Vice President          Sharon Verhasselt
maddy Bascom, Theme Décor           Rev. Rafael Marin-Leon         Mary Kohler, Secretary             Carolyn Taylor
Sharon Verhasselt, Catalogue        Barbara Najera                 Sharon Verhasselt, Treasurer       Cindy mcCarthy
mary Ann Gherini, Display           Carla O’Neill                  Lisa Carlson, Public Relations     Peter Georgi
Tina Da Ros, Display                Lynette Patters                Jerry Czuleger, Sports Rep Chair
Nick Vitalari, Master of            B. Williams                                                       PRINTING & GRAPHICS
 Ceremonies                                                        FOOTBALL                           Andrew Ochsner
                                    CARDINAL ALUMNI                Ann manzo, Tickets & Security
BOARD OF TRUSTEES                   ASSOCIATION                    Danielle Osborn, Tickets           WEBSITE
Patricia Aijian                     OFFICERS 2006 - 2007           Cindy Ornelas, Tickets             Sharon Verhasselt
John Ambrecht, Esq.                 Coleen moriarty - President    Jim Stovesand, Announcer

                        BISHOP GARCIA DIEGO HIGH SCHOOL
                              S TA N D A R D S

                SERVICE selF ReliAnce
Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this report is accurate and complete as of June 30, 2007. Despite these
best efforts, if we have inadvertently erred, please contact the Advancement Office. It is our desire to establish and cultivate a sense of
stewardship and camaraderie through our communications with the Bishop community.

                                    2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT

             High School
                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
                                                       santa barbara, cA
                                                         Permit No. 39
  Bishop Garcia Diego High School
  4000 La Colina Road
  Santa Barbara, CA 93110-1496

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This stained glass window of St. Gabriel is one of
the Chapel windows designed by long time art
teacher, Sandy Tollefson. This window is in memory
of Darcy Stepka, Librarian and Spanish teacher.

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