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									                           capitolstreets ANC reports
                               “It’s really scary that someone could go out
                           and get some shoddy construction contractor,”
                           said Commissioner Ryan Velasco, echoing the
                                                                              ANC 6D
                           panel’s concerns about the broader implica-        Commission Discusses
                           tions of the incident.
                                                                              Community Gardening, Dining
                           New Grants Committee Shares                        and Entertainment
                           the Wealth                                         by Roberta Weiner
                                With a bank balance just shy of $100,000
                           and perceived ignorance of the grants system

                                                                                        discussion during the April Advi-
                           among 6C residents, the ANC has spent                        sory Neighborhood Commission 6D
                           months weighing ways to get more money                       meeting on the need for a children’s
                           in community coffers and benefit-worthy              playground and other outdoor amenities in
                           causes. That discussion has now come to a          Southwest led the commission to unanimous-
                           close, as Wirt announced a new eight-point         ly approve a resolution presented by Commis-
                           plan that establishes newly refined grant           sioner Andy Litsky that asks for the temporary
                           guidelines and a soon-to-be appointed, citi-       adaptive reuse of the parcel of vacant land at
                           zen-led Grants Committee.                          the northeast quadrant of Waterfront Station.
                                Per the ANC announcement, the com-            This parcel is currently in the portfolio of the
                           mittee will be overseen by – but not chaired       Deputy Mayor for Economic Development
                           by – Commissioner Lena Brown. Brown is             (DMED) and is slated for residential housing
                           tasked with making sure all grants remain in       and retail development as part of Phase 2 of
                           compliance with the new standards and ap-          the Waterfront Station project, now delayed
                           pointing a new citizen chair to lead the new       for several years.
                           panel. A regular meeting time, date and ven-            The resolution asks that DMED, working
                           ue will be established once the membership         with the community and Ward 6 Council-
                           is in place.                                       member Tommy Wells’ office, develop a plan
                                Along with headhunting within the com-        for the use of the land for, among other pos-
                           munity, the ANC is also calling for regular        sibilities, a children’s playground, a dog park
                           postings on church bulletin boards and in          and a community garden. It also asks that the
                           local newspapers to raise awareness of the         land in the northwest quadrant, until it is built
                           Grants Committee and the process required          on, be left as open space for picnicking and
                           to obtain funds. Under the new guidelines, all     community special events.
                           proposals will be subject to a “suggested,” but
                           flexible, $1,500 maximum. Another new ad-
                           dendum calls for all grants applications to be     Uncle Sam’s Jam
                           submitted at least two weeks in advance “to            If the management of Christina’s Hogates
                           allow sufficient time for the Grants Commit-         and Zanzibar, the waterfront establishments,
                           tee and the commissioners to review [them],        meet stringent conditions set by the ANC, a
                           as well as…the DC Auditor.”                        new addition to the District’s pre-fireworks
                                Capping off the plan is a final suggestion      celebrations will be added to the Southwest
                           that the new committee work towards fund-          waterfront with the ANC’s support.
                           ing “proactive efforts,” such as neighborhood           Uncle Sam’s Jam, an outdoor party, will be
                           cleanups and the beautification of the Hill’s       held in the parking lots on either side of the
                           historic call boxes by local artists.              adjoining establishments, as well as indoors,
                                                                              and will feature recorded music and outdoor
                           ANC 6C meets the second Wednesday of the           bars for up to 5,000 celebrants. According to
                           month at 7 p.m. at the Heritage Foundation, 214    the promoter and representatives of both Ho-
                           Massachusetts Ave. NE. Call 202-547-7168 or        gates and Zanzibar, Water Street will not be
                           visit for more information and       closed, and there will still be available parking
                           meeting agenda.                                    in the underground lots across the street from
                                                                              the water.
                                                                                  The conditions that must be met include:
                                                                              • Having the proper permits – a one-day
                                                                                   substantial liquor license change from
                                                                                   the District’s Alcoholic Beverage Regu-
                                                                                   lation Administration (ABRA) and a
                                                                                   special event permit from the District’s

52 ★ HillRag | June 2010
                                               The Capitol Hill Restoration Society
     Department of Consumer
     and Regulatory Affairs
                                                      Community Forum
• Approval from Metro-                                                 All Are Welcome*
     politan Police Department
     First District Commander
     David Kamperin, who
     has already met with the                                                                Speaker
     event’s organizers and who
     has said that they will need
                                                                                         Stephen T. Ayers
     16-20 off-duty police for                                                         Architect of the Capitol
     security in addition to their
     own planned security force.
• Notification of, and support                                                   Thursday, June 17, 2010
     from, the event’s neighbors,                                              St. Peter’s Catholic Church
     particularly residents of the
     Gangplank Marina.                                                      313 2nd St., SE Washington, DC
• A Community Coopera-                                                 Reception: 7:00 p.m. • Remarks: 7:30 p.m.
     tive Agreement, which is
     currently being negotiated
     with the ANC.                       *You do not have to be a member to attend.
    The commission voted to
support Uncle Sam’s Jam 5-1-1,
with Commissioner Sobelsohn
in opposition.

Nationals in the
      Gregory McCarthy, vice
president for Government and                      Your Neighbor On The Hill
Municipal Affairs of the Na-
tionals, updated the ANC on
Nats activities in Southwest. He
                                            “The road to success
spoke about the team’s project of           is not always straight;
renovating the playing field at
the King-Greenleaf Recreation
                                        let me help you through the
Center and is hopeful of find-           real estate maze to a happy
ing city funding for an irrigation
system to keep it green.                and successful destination”
      The team, he said, is prov-
ing four scholarships for local
children to attend their four-day
Home Run Camp, which in-                          Deborah Charlton
cludes two days at the ballpark
and a two-day sleep-away camp
at Georgetown.                                    Long & Foster
      He reported that 55 per-
cent of game-goers are now us-
ing Metro and the Circulator to
                                                  (202) 415-2117
get to the game, but he agreed
with the community that more
                                                  (202) 944-8400
vigilance is needed in the neigh-       
borhood when the stadium is             
full and there’s both people and
traffic congestion, and people are
still using local streets that are off
limits to drive through and park.
He said he wants to work on up-
ping enforcement. He also noted
that the RFK buses are no longer
                                                                                                        ★ 53
                                                                                         running, but the parking lot under        late night noise at the establishment.
                                                                                         the freeway at South Capitol Street       They agreed to take no action on
                                                                                         has been opened at cheaper rates.         four establishments with which the
                                                                                             Finally, he recapped the successful   ANC has voluntary agreements and
                                                                                         April Southeast/Southwest Neigh-          about which there have been no
                                                                                         borhood Day at the stadium, and           complaints: Vie de France, Capitol
                                                                                         presented the ANC with a bat auto-        Yacht Club, Cantina Marina and
                                                                                         graphed by slugger Adam Dunn.             Jenny’s. The remaining 11 licens-
                                                                                             In a related item, Naomi Mitch-       ees—primarily hotels—do not have
                                                                                         ell of Councilmember Wells’ office          voluntary agreements with the ANC,
                                                                                         reported on an erstwhile meeting at       but also have no reported problems,
                                                                                         which the District Department of          and the ANC took no action on the
                                                                                         Transportation (DDOT) was sup-            renewals. Finally, the commission
    Call Your                                                                            posed to discuss the Traffic Opera-         voted to support a new liquor license
    Neighborhood                                                                         tions and Parking Plan (TOPP) for         for a new cruise boat, the Patriot II
    Locksmiths                                                                           Nationals Stadium events in 2010.         with Commissioner David Sobelson
                                                                                         Agency representatives came with-         voting in opposition.
                                                                                         out any parking or enforcement
    Capitol Hill’s
                                                                                         specialist, leaving the 75 people in
    Professional Locksmiths                                                                                                        Other Actions
    Serving the Hill                                                                     attendance unhappy. As a result, ac-          In other actions, the ANC:
    for Over 25 Years                                                                    cording to Mitchell, there was “a lot     •     Heard from MPD Lt. Nick
                                                                                         of internal discussion at DDOT”
    Complete Lockout Service for Homes,                                                                                                  Gallucci that the overall crime
    Autos and Businesses
                                                                                         and the meeting was rescheduled for
                                                                                                                                         rate in Police Service Areas
    Locks installed, rekeyed
                                                                                         May 27, with a full complement of
                                                                                                                                         104 and 105 is down close to
    and repaired                                                        202.415,0483     DDOT experts, including agency
                                                                        202.547.8236                                                     30 percent from the same pe-
    Window Bars                                                                          director Gabe Klein.
                                                                                                                                         riod last year. Naomi Mitchell
                                                                                                                                         added that she had looked at
                                                                                         Liquor Licenses                                 citywide statistics, and those
                                                                                             It was a busy meeting with 16 li-           PSAs are the lowest in the
                                                                                         quor licenses up for renewal. To add            city.
                                                                                         another element to the mix, by co-        •     Heard a presentation on the
                                                                                         incidence, Southwest resident Diane             planning for the renovation of
                                                                                         Schultz reported earlier in the eve-            the 14th Street NW Bridge, a
                            Washington's leading used book store for                     ning about the number of tour buses             project of the Federal High-
                                                                                         parking illegally and idling on Water           way Administration. Although
                           Washingtoniana!                                               and Fifth streets SW, as their occu-
                                                                                         pants cruise on the boats berthed
                                                                                                                                         funding is still being sought
                                                                                                                                         for the construction, an En-
          Riverby Books has the world's finest, largest, most comprehensive              at the marina. Schultz detailed her             vironmental Impact Study is
        collection of books about Washington, DC and Capitol Hill authors.
                                                                                         efforts to talk with the boat opera-             now underway, and commu-
       Constance McLaughlin Green, John Clagett Procter, Karhy Smith, Sam Smith, and     tors, MPD, and parking enforce-                 nity meetings will be held to
           of course, Marguerite Kelly, Tom Kelly and Katy Kelly's "Lucy Rose" series.   ment about letting the bus operators            discuss the various options un-
              OCTOBER? Well then come fest on Riverby's once-a-year                      know they were parking illegally and            der consideration.
                    (or sometimes twice) 30% off book sale.                              were subject to fines for idling ($500     •     Was told that, for the second
                                                                                         for more than 10 minutes), and had              summer, there will be programs
                                                                                         received no positive response.                  at Amidon School, including
                                                                                             As a result, the ANC voted                  Kid Power and Heads up. Jef-
                                                                                         unanimously to protest the license              ferson Middle School may also
                                                                                         renewals of Capitol Elite Spirit                be open.
                                                                                         Cruises, the Spirit of Mount Ver-         •     Voted to have, with other lo-
                                                                                         non, the Spirit of Washington, and              cal organizations, an August
                                                                                         Odyssey Cruises, on the grounds of              forum for citywide candidates.
                                                                                         problems with “peace, order and qui-
                                                                                         et, and parking” with the intention       New Meeting Site
                                                                                         of working out a positive solution to         The next meeting of ANC 6D
                                                                                         the problem.                              will be June 14, 7 p.m., in the build-
                                                                                             The commission voted 6-0-1,           ing housing its new office, 1101
                                                                                         with Chairman Ron McBee ab-               Fourth St. SW, second floor. Visit
                                                                                         staining, to protest the license re- for more informa-
                                                                                         newal for Christina’s Hogates be-         tion. ★
                                                                                         cause of repetitive complaints about

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