; Cheap Homemade Recycled Christmas Card Ideas
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Cheap Homemade Recycled Christmas Card Ideas


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									Inexpensive Homemade Recycled Christmas Cards Ideas

It's easy to create homemade Christmas greeting cards for less using recycled materials you might already
have on hands. You can also very easily make free digital Xmas ecards to send to distant loved ones by
email, which can save you money both on the cards and also the postage. To complete these types of card
making projects, you will need to collect recycled materials for example junk mail, advertising flyers, mags,
old Christmas cards, postcards, recycled design paper, photographs, computer misprints, utilized Christmas
wrapping paper, bows and ribbons to make use of in your free Xmas card projects. You'll likewise require
some scissors, glue stays, a metal ruler, a craft knife plus some cheap 8 1/2 through 11 inch card stock in a
number of different colors. Fold the card stock in two before starting these Xmas card projects. If you want
to make a Christmas ecard, it's also helpful to possess a digital camera or scanning device.

Photo Christmas Card

The easiest method to make a cheap personalized Christmas card would be to include a photo of yourself as
well as your family. Get creative as well as. For best results, your photo ought to be no larger than three by 6
inches. Cut a photo matte through recycled construction paper or even Christmas wrapping paper in order
that it surrounds your photo. To get this done, place the paper over an item of corrugated cardboard.
Measure the matte to ensure that its outside dimensions tend to be 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches therefore it will fit
the front from the. Measure the inside of the matte in order that it frames the subjects of the photo. Use your
ruler as well as craft knife to carefully minimize both the ouside and also the inside dimensions of the actual
matte. Also cut down your own photo if necessary in order that it fits the front from the photo Christmas
card. Print out a greeting for example "Merry Christmas" on your pc. If you prefer, you can also cut out a
Christmas greeting from the recycled Christmas card or even magazine. Paste the photo within the front of
the card first utilizing a glue stick, then paste the matte on the top. Then paste the Christmas greeting along
with the matte. Write your own personalized Christmas message on the medial side your homemade card.

Electric Christmas Card

Download some pictures of the kids or family from the digital camera or scan them with your computer.
You can also scan recycled materials for example ribbons, old Christmas cards, Xmas greetings, wrapping
paper and much more for your Christmas ecard. Use free photo processing software for example GIMP,
Windows Live Photo Gallery or even Picasa to resize your photo and put in a Christmas greeting. If you
already possess or Paint Shop Pro on your pc, you can use those software packages as well. You may also
create your photo Christmas ecard online on websites such as Picnik. com as well as FotoFlexer. com. Use
the photo running software or online ecard site to provide your card a Xmas frame, add and creative effects.
Save your photo having a new file name as well as send it by email to your family and friends.

Santa Christmas Card
Minimize a picture of Santa Claus from a vintage Christmas card, a mag, a postcard or a good advertising
flyer. Use a glue stay with attach it to the front of an item of green or red cards stock. Attach a Xmas
greeting above or beneath the picture of Santa claus. Make some small snowflakes or even gift wrapped
packages through recycled Christmas wrapping papers, then use them in order to embellish the empty spaces
within the card.

Snowman Christmas Cards

Get some recycled white-colored paper, such as misprinted inkjet printer paper, white Christmas covering
paper or construction papers. Cut out three groups in slightly decreasing dimension, making sure they will
fit the leading of your card. Get an item of red, green or azure card stock. Attach the biggest white circle
first having a glue stick. Then attach the following smallest circle, slightly overlapping it using the larger
one. Then glue within the smallest circle, overlapping the actual medium circle. Use indicators, colored
pencils or to draw within the snowman's face and control keys. Use recycled ribbon to create his scarf,
brown paper or marker to create his twig arms, and black paper to create his top hat.


Find some recycled eco-friendly wrapping paper or design paper. Carefully draw a Christmas tree onto it or
print out the Christmas tree template and transfer it towards the paper. Cut out the Christmas tree and make
use of a glue stick to adhere it an item of red, blue or precious metal card stock. Use sequins, aluminum foil
or metallic paper to create tiny ornaments for the actual tree. Attach them with craft glue or perhaps a glue

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