Naval Submarine League 2010 Annual Report by dfgh4bnmu


									                                                                                                VANGUARD Successor Programs was
      Naval Submarine League                                                                    well-received. VADM Andrew Matthews,
                                                                                                RN, challenged and entertained as the
                                                                                                speaker at a sellout banquet audience. Mr.
        2010 Annual Report                                                                      Ron O’Rourke’s thought-provoking analysis
                                                                                                of the Navy’s submarine program was a
         For the Fiscal Year Ending 31 March 2010                                               crowd-pleaser at lunch. CAPT Robert Burke,
                                                                                                COMSUBDEVRON 12, chaired the Fleet
                  Report from the Chairman                                                      Needs session where three Commanding
                                                                                                Officers reported on their unique operations. L-R: VADM Matthews; RADM Johnson
Sadly, the League lost VADM J. Guy Reynolds, League President for nine years, after his         CAPT Ken Swan, Commanding Officer of the Submarine Learning Center, reported on the
valiant struggle with lung cancer. A Dolphin Scholarship in J. Guy and Jan Reynolds’ name       status of submarine training.
was established and is being endowed in perpetuity by individuals and corporations. The
Commander Submarine Force honored Admiral Reynolds with the addition of a new Fleet             VADM Reynolds issued two challenges at STS; first, to train on operating submarines without
award, the VADM J. Guy Reynolds Award for Excellence in Submarine Acquisition. The First        dependence on satellites and second, to explore opportunities to expand submarine weapons
Reynolds Award will be presented at the League’s Annual Symposium 20-21 October 2010            beyond the present limits of our torpedo rooms and VLS tubes. He also noted one of the
that will be held at the Hilton McLean in Tysons Corner, VA.                                    technical papers discussed the development of a weapon system that never runs out of
                                                                                                ammunition, is suitable for a number of different types of targets, and can easily fit into the
In Fiscal Year 2010 (1 April 2009 – 31 March 2010) the Naval Submarine League                   footprint of an existing submarine. I applaud his innovative thinking.
experienced success on many levels. My report this year focuses on League events, Corporate
Benefactors, and finances.                                                                      The Annual Symposium was held 28-29 October. A highlight of the Symposium was
                                                                                                honoring the 2009 Awardees. There was a full slate with seven Fleet awards. Mr. Mike Toner,
League Events: All the annual events were very successful this year in terms of attendance                                                               the Distinguished Civilian, was
and finances. The Submarine History Seminar, “Submarines In Land Attack,” was held                                                                       recognized for his leadership at
jointly by the NSL and the Naval Historical Foundation on 15 April 2009 at the Navy                                                                      General Dynamics in submarine
Memorial. The Seminar reviewed the history of submarine-launched missiles including                                                                      design, construction, maintenance,
Regulus and Tomahawk. Seminar Chairman RADM Jerry Holland and Moderator Dr. John                                                                         and modernization that had a direct
Sirmalis, former Technical Director of the Naval Undersea Weapons Center, Newport, were                                                                  impact on our naval shipbuilding
                                                              supported by CAPT Peter                                                                    programs. Team Submarine was
                                                              Fullinwider, Executive Officer                                                             recognized as the Distinguished
                                                              of USS TUNNY (SS 282), who                                                                 Submariner for their superior service
                                                              made three of the first five                                                               in support of submarine acquisition,
                                                              Regulus deterrent patrols,               2009 Fleet and League Awardees                    logistics support and technology
                                                              RADM Walter Locke, Program        development programs. The theme of the Symposium, “Submariners, Getting Back to
                                                              Manager of the Joint Cruise       Basics,” continues to be discussed in the press based on the briefings provided by ADM
                                                              Missile Project, who presented    Donald, VADM Donnelly, RADM McAneny, RDML Lotring and the two Force Master
   L-R: CAPT Fullinwider, RADM Locke, AMB Brooks
                                                              the buildup of the Tomahawk       Chiefs. VADM A.K. Singh, Indian Navy (Retired), discussed the history and future plans of
cruise missile program, and Ambassador Linton Brooks, Head of the U.S. Delegation on            his nation’s Submarine Force. Undersecretary of the Navy Robert Work reviewed the
Nuclear and Space Strategic Arms Reductions (START) Negotiations, who addressed the             innovative responses made by the Submarine Force during the first hundred years in
issues associated with the deployment of the cruise missile. This seminar, which focused on     responding to technical challenges. He stated current budget constraints may force a revised
the contributions of the Submarine Force in the strike mission area, continues to be an         building rate in the future for two submarines per year. I am happy to report that the current
outstanding resource in providing first-hand testimonies by submarine pioneers and preserving   shipbuilding plan contains funding for two VIRGINIA Class submarines per year starting in
the legacy of the Submarine Force.                                                              FY 2011 and the start of the funding stream for the OHIO Replacement Program.
VADM George Emery, Chairman of the 2009 Submarine Technology Symposium (STS),                   Corporate Benefactor Recognition Days were held 3-4 February 2010 with good attendance
“Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World,” did a superb job organizing the 12-14          despite threatening weather. This event was a success in every measure. Active duty
May classified forum, co-sponsored by the NSL and the Johns Hopkins University Applied          submarine flag officer participation and guest speakers were highlights of the event. More than
Physics Laboratory. The addition of the US/UK joint session on the OHIO Replacement and         240 members of the League’s submarine support community attended the reception following
                                ADM Donald’s remarks. The Honorable Sean Stackley,
                                Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development
                                and Acquisition spoke to luncheon attendees on the
                                importance of sound development policy and program
                                execution. At the Congressional breakfast Senator Jack Reed,
                                (D-RI), addressed members on the importance of achieving
                                the two submarines per year acquisition goal. He is a strong
                                supporter of the Submarine Force. In addition to the                  Naval Submarine League
                                Submarine Force leadership of VADM Donnelly and RADM
  ASN (RDA) Sean Stackley       Haney, RDML Dave Johnson provided an excellent report on
the OHIO Replacement Program and the incorporation of many new technologies that will                    2010 Annual Report
enable additional cost reductions and improved system reliability.
                                                                                                     For the Fiscal Year Ending 31 March 2010
Corporate Benefactors: Corporate Benefactors continue to provide exceptional services and
financial support to your League. Their willingness to sponsor our activities and offer in-kind
donations, equipment, and services allows us to maintain our budget while providing quality
service to the members. The benefactors have responded graciously to sponsorship
opportunities for League events. Over the past calendar year we added four new Corporate
Benefactors while losing only one, giving us a total of 74 at year end. Please thank our
Corporate Benefactors for their continued support.
Finances: The League had an improved financial year. Revenues were $900K while
expenses were reduced to $881K. The Auditor’s Report will be in the October 2010 issue of
The Submarine Review.
Membership: The membership program is maintaining our base. We continue to recruit new
members through Chapter events and outreach at the Naval Academy and Naval Postgraduate
School. The League sponsored six Junior Officers at the 2009 Submarine Technology
Symposium to help spread the word about Naval Submarine League activities. Our best
recruiters are our members. I ask that each of you recruit a new member. Applications are
available on the website or from NSL headquarters.
The Submarine Review enjoys wide readership outside the League. The feedback on the
articles continues to be very positive. The quarterly Review provides a venue for you to speak
to a wide audience including over 100 Members of Congress. I invite you to write an article, a
book review or comment on an article. I solicit your recommendations and comments on how
we can better serve you and the Submarine Force.
I am pleased to report that we have identified an exceptional candidate to serve as President of
the League. His nomination will be submitted to your Board of Directors for approval at their
20 October meeting and we will introduce him to the membership at the Annual Symposium.            USS GEORGIA (SSGN 729) Getting Underway

                                                                                                        “Undersea Dominance in 2040”
                                     Richard W. Mies
                                Admiral, U. S. Navy (Retired)
                                         Chairman                                                         Report from the Chairman

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