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									          Physics & Astronomy
Physicists consider themselves the most fundamental of scientists, for they are the ones who
examine the basic laws of nature. They maintain that all science has physics as a common base and
that the central thrust of research is to find some "unified theory" that explains the properties of
matter in all its forms. Physicists use mathematics to understand, explain, and predict their theories
and equations. They almost always apply their predictions and theories to other fields--chemistry,
biology, geophysics, engineering, communication, transportation, electronics and health.
Physics students learn about the physical world, they sharpen analytical skills and become adept
formulating and solving problems. Most students will continue into doctoral degree programs, while
others will pursue training in law and medicine. Many opportunities are also available for those who
choose not to pursue graduate education. One can pursue careers in teaching, data analysis,
engineering. Recent physics graduates are currently working at NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratories,
Dell, Microsoft, National Instruments, just to name a few places.

Useful Skills and Abilities
Ability to organize, analyze, and interpret data       Capacity for critical and analytical thought
Ability to analyze very large sets of data             Aptitude for accurate details
Strong computing skills                                Curiosity and creativity
Strong background in mathematics                       Ability to generate research ideas and projects
Making observations and sound decisions                Ability to question and solve problems
Ability to work with others

Career Options to Consider
The following is a list of related job titles/occupations that you may wish to further investigate. This
list represents a sampling of the opportunities available with this degree.

Researcher                                             Environmental Scientist
Research Assistant                                     Science or Technical Writer
Possible fields:                                       Geophysicist
Astrophysics                                           Seismologist
Nuclear                                                Health Physicist
Radiology                                              Statistician
Optics                                                 Technical Consultant
Fluids                                                 Laboratory Technician
Biophysics                                             Educator (from high school to College level)
Materials Sciences

Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and
accomplishments. Regardless of your career choices, increase your marketability to employers
through internships, responsible work experience, good grades, and involvement in college activities.
                             ONLINE RESOURCES

Professional Associations and Job                American Astronomical Society Job Listings

                                                 AIP Jobs:
(Note: most associations have links for
job databases)

Acoustistical Association of America                              Others

American Institute of Physics                                      CERN
American Physical Society                                      Occupational Outlook Handbook
                                                 Bureau of Labor Statistics
Society of Physics Students            
                                                 Physics Jobs
American Association of Physicists in Medicine                           

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics   Physicsworld                           

Biophysical Society                              National Radio Astronomy Observatory             

Institute of Physics                             National Optical Astronomy Observatory                     

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