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					A Career as a
Non-Commissioned Member
Musician                                                                                         PROUD Forces
                                                                                                 TODAY’S Canadian

           W H AT T H E Y D O Military Musicians (MUSCN) provide musical support for all aspects
           of military life, including ceremonial parades, graduations, ship ceremonies, etc. They also perform
           at government functions such as the opening of Parliament. Military Musicians, by means of public
           performances, provide an important public relations vehicle for the Canadian Forces.

           • Provide musical support for official military         Training
             and government functions
           • Perform as instrumentalists and/or conductors         Basic Military Qualification
             in various musical ensembles such as concert
                                                                   The first stage of training for everyone is the
             bands, parade bands, dance bands and small
                                                                   13-week Basic Military Qualification (BMQ)
             chamber groups.
                                                                   course at the Canadian Forces Leadership and
                                                                   Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu,
           Qualification Requirements                              Quebec. This training provides the basic core
           Since the closure of the Canadian Forces School         skills and knowledge common to all trades. A
           of Music in 1994, the Canadian Forces have              goal of this course is to ensure that all recruits
           been enrolling skilled musicians only. Competi-         maintain the CF physical fitness standard, as
           tions are held periodically for available positions     a result, the training is physically demanding.
           in the six Regular Force bands. In the past,            BMQ covers the following topics:
           successful applicants have typically been               • Policies and regulations of the Canadian Forces;
           experienced, professional musicians, many of            • CF drill, dress and deportment (the “three D’s”);
           them having a degree in Music Performance.              • Basic safety;
                     This remains the standard expected of         • First aid;
                     applicants today. Musicians must be
                                                                   • Personal survival in nuclear, biological and
                     multi-talented performers with experi-
                                                                      chemical conditions;
                     ence in several musical styles, and
                     must be able to adapt to all types of         • Handling and firing personal weapons;
                     performance situations and to diverse         • Cross-country navigation; and
                     audiences. Musicians must have a good         • Personal survival in field conditions.
                     memory and learning ability as well as
                     superior manual dexterity and spatial         Advanced Military Occupation Training
                     perception. They must also be able to         and Specialty Training
                     perform detailed, repetitive tasks and
                                                                   Personnel who demonstrate the required ability
                     work well with others.
                                                                   and ambition will undertake advanced military
                                                                   occupation training through formal courses or
                                                                   on-the-job training as they progress in their
                                                                   careers. Specialty training may also be available.
                                                                   Below are examples of training related to this
                                                                   military occupation.
      Advanced Training Course                                                     Working Environment
      • Conducting/Scoring (Assistant Director of Music)
                                                                     While on duty with a Regular Force band, personnel could
      Specialty Training Course                                      find themselves in a wide variety of performing environments
      • Voluntary Band Instructor                                    and venues, from performances in concert halls to providing
                                                                     musical support at ceremonial parades, all of which are
                                                                     integral parts of the military Musician’s life. Band schedules
      Career Development                                             are very hectic with frequent travel and varying periods of
      This military occupation offers many unique opportunities      time away from home and family. Loading, unloading, and
      for qualified professional musicians. Excellent musical train- setting up and taking down of equipment for performances
      ing or experience is provided in the six professional Canadian becomes a strenuous part of the schedule. As highly visible
      Forces bands. In addition, military Musicians enjoy many       representatives of the Canadian Forces, Musicians must
      exciting travel experiences. The following is a list of the    be aware of the need for exemplary dress, behaviour, and
      Regular Force bands:                                           overall professionalism.

      • The Stadacona Band of the Maritime Forces Atlantic,                        Appropriate training, environmental clothing and equipment
        Halifax, Nova Scotia                                                       are provided, and Musicians’ health, safety and morale are
                                                                                   closely monitored.
      • The Naden Band of the Maritime Forces Pacific, Victoria,
        British Columbia                                                           Related Civilian Occupations
      • The Royal Canadian Artillery Band, Edmonton, Alberta                       • Instrumental Musician
      • The Royal 22e Régiment Band, Courcelette, Quebec                           • Band or Orchestra Leader
      • The Central Band of the Canadian Forces, Ottawa, Ontario                   • Singer
      • The Air Command Band, Winnipeg, Manitoba                                   • Arranger or Composer

                                                                               For more information, please call the Canadian Forces Recruiting   RIA 871E-0204
                                                                                                      at  1-800-856-8488,
                                                                                      or visit our Web site:

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