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					Architectural Engineering Recruitment
Company Name                                 First Day   Second Day
Accenture                                    NO          NO
Affiliated Engineers                         NO          YES
AMERICAN CONSTRUCTORS, INC.                  NO          NO
Arup                                         NO          YES
Atkins                                       YES         NO
Bechtel OG&C Inc.                            YES         NO
Calpine Corporation                          NO          YES
Capgemini                                    NO          YES
Capital One                                  YES         NO
CDW                                          YES         NO
CH2M Hill                                    NO          YES
City of Houston,Dept of Public Works & Engineering       YES
Dockwise                                     YES         NO
DPR Construction                             NO          YES
Education Service Center, Region XIII        NO          YES
Epic                                         YES         NO
Etherios                                     NO          NO
ExxonMobil                                   NO          NO
General Motors                               NO          NO
Halliburton                                  NO          NO
HNTB                                         NO          YES
HTS                                          NO          YES
J.R. Butler, Inc.                            NO          NO
Jacobs                                       YES         NO
Jaster-Quintanilla (JQ)                      YES         NO
KBR                                          YES         NO
L. A. Fuess Partners                         NO          NO
Linbeck Group, LLC                           YES         NO
Lower Colorado River Authority               NO          NO
Mustang                                      NO          NO
Navy Officer Programs                        NO          YES
NCI Building Systems                         YES         NO
Nelson Architectural Engineers, Inc.         NO          NO
PowerAdvocate, Inc.                          NO          YES
Sandia National Laboratories                 NO          YES
Schlumberger                                 NO          NO
Shah Smith & Associates, Inc.                NO          NO
SMART Scholarship Program                    NO          YES
Smith, A Schlumberger Company                YES         NO
Southland Industries                     NO   YES
Texas AirSystems                         NO   YES
Turner Construction                      NO   YES
Verizon                                  NO   YES
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.   NO   NO
WorleyParsons                            NO   NO
     Both Days   Booth Number
     YES         177
     NO          367
     YES         168
     NO          341
     NO          434
     NO          446
     NO          449
     NO          418
     NO          113
     NO          369
     NO          420
     NO          163
     NO          140
     NO          372
     NO          447
     NO          155
     YES         345
     YES         135-136
     YES         429-430
     YES         142-143
     NO          368
     NO          370
     YES         412
     NO          311
     NO          408
     NO          452
     YES         401
     NO          355
     YES         194
     YES         306
     NO          437
     NO          365
     YES         195
     NO          307
     NO          174
     YES         170-171
     YES         126
     NO          351
     NO          439
NO    317
NO    439
NO    155
NO    160
YES   403
YES   313

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