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									JOB #: 083
CLIENT: Public Sector
ROLE: Program Manager
TERM: 12 month
DUE DATE TO APPLY: October 22 .
RATE: Open

The Identity, Access and Privacy Program will enable secure access and the safe exchange of Personal Health
Information (PHI) between health care recipients and providers in Ontario. The Identity Access and Privacy (IAP)
Program is responsible for the development and deployment of critical eHealth infrastructure components
required for the operation of the Diabetes Registry, including:

    •   Data Acquisition & Management to support Data input and update to the registries
    •   Client Registry (CR)
    •   Provider Registry (PR)
    •   User Registry (UR)
    •   Consent Management
    •   Compliance Management (Audit)

All Registries will fully leverage existing Ontario and local provider investments to accelerate solution delivery
timelines, decrease risk and drive adoption. The leveraged assets include:

    •   Registered Persons Data Base (RPDB) and Corporate Provider Database (CPDB)
    •   The Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) implemented under the Access to Care Program
    •   Client Registration Identity Management (CRIM) Program deliverables
    •   People, processes and technology in place at eHealth and in local provider organizations

Client Registry
The CR is a prerequisite to both the Diabetes Registry and EHR. It will provide the necessary Client profile
information (including identification and demographic information) from trusted sources that contribute to the care
of patients in Ontario and enable their participation in eHealth. The Data Acquisition function supports client
information from the Registration Claims Branch’s (RCB) RPDB will provide the foundation for a comprehensive
Client Registry Repository (CRR).

Provider Registry
The purpose of the Provider Registry (PR) Project is to facilitate the positive (unique and accurate) identification
of anyone who provides care in Ontario or who participates in the collection, use and disclosure of Personal
Health Information (PHI) across the continuum of care. This will be accomplished by developing a standards-
based repository of core provider profile information which will become the authoritative and trusted source for
Ontario. The core uses of this Registry will be to:

    •   Provide a reference source for provider credentials (i.e. real identity) for registration and verification
    •   Provide web services to assist with positive identification of providers (i.e. persons and organizations)
    •   Enable information look-ups by e-Health applications (i.e. CDMS - Diabetes Registry, eReferral, and
        Medication Management at authentication and run time

This initiative enables the deployment of electronic health record (EHR) initiatives (such as CDMS - Diabetes
Registry) by providing the necessary provider information. It facilitates the collection of provider profile information
(such as identity, role, status, and location information and the relationships between them) from Registrars such
as regulatory colleges and trusted organizations to make it the single, authoritative, comprehensive source for
provider profile information in Ontario.

User Registry
The purpose of the User Registry (UR) project is to ensure users of eHealth services have undergone an
appropriate identity verification process. The User Registry (UR) will track the

electronic identity of prospective individuals that interact with eHealth systems (approximately 13.5 million clients
and 350,000 providers).
The primary goals for the User Registry are as follows:

    •   Enabling secure Client access to their personal health information
    •   Enabling secure Provider access to their client’s health information
    •   Enabling single sign-on access to eHealth systems
    •   Shared authentication and authorization across multiple identity providers

The UR will bind a user's login identity (ID) to their real “identity” as contained in the Client and Provider registries.
The UR’s vision is to ensure that all Clients and Providers in Ontario have secure access to personal health
information through on-line eHealth Services. The UR solution will augment the current OneID solution by
enabling authorization in a federated environment where there will be a number of verified Identity Providers
(IdPs). For a UR to be efficient and effective, the maintenance of user information should be relatively simple and
managed locally (i.e. by providers, hospitals, etc

Consent Management & Compliance Enablement (Audit) Services
The purpose of Consent Management & Compliance Enablement (Audit) Services projects is to provide a privacy
protecting environment within the framework provided by Ontario legislation & policy to:

    •   Allow Clients to exercise their rights with respect to the sharing of their Personal Health Information (PHI),
        as provided for in the Personal Health Information Privacy Act (2004) (PHIPA);
    •   Ensure that disclosure(s) of PHI are made in accordance with the Consent Directives provided by the
    •   Ensure that all requests that involve the collection, use, or disclosure of Clients’ PHI are recorded in an
        audit log to support monitoring and reporting;
    •   Ensure that Clients can be provided with reports that will enable them to review the disclosure of their
    •   Ensure that Health Information Custodians can be provided with reports and notifications that will enable
        them to review the activity of their staff;
    •   Provide user privacy compliance monitoring services that will enhance the overall security of Ontario’s
        Electronic Health Record (EHR). The Privacy Audit projects will create confidence and trust in eHealth
        Ontario and assure the public and providers that a client’s privacy is effectively protected according to
        PHIPA and Ontario’s health information privacy policies.

The role of the program manager for the purposes of this RFP are to primarily support the deliverables of the
Consent Management (CM) & Compliance Enablement (Audit) (CE) Services while ensuring the requirements
support the interdependencies of the broader IAP and eHealth Ontario programs.

Description of Deliverables

Program Manager
   • Assist the Sr. Project Manager, CM, and CE in the development of project charters and integrated project
   • Develop and maintain detailed Gantt charts that integrate the activities of the various sub-domains in the
       program schedules
   • Develop and maintain detailed program budgets
   • Maintain program schedules, resources and financial tracking
   • Manage these practices within the CM and CE programs
   • Complete and update program status reports
   • Create and maintain program logs including but not limited to Integrated program schedule, weekly and
       monthly scorecard, Steering committee review documentation, Issues, Risks, Actions, Changes
   • Manage external and internal vendors to meet the timeline
   • Manage Program Change Requests seeking appropriate approval from approved bodies by following
       standard eHealth processes
   • Work with internal stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of all releases

   •   Ensure to maintain knowledge repository & information management process for the program consistent
       with eHealth Ontario via the IAP and ISO (Initiative Support Office)
   •   As directed by the IAP Senior Manager for Program Management implement and manage the program
       governance along with continual improvement
   •   Provide knowledge transition plan and training for transition to full time eHealth Ontario resources
   •   Ensure that program knowledge transfer is conducted to the eHealth Ontario designated personnel on
       completion of the contract term
   •   Complete other deliverables as determined by the IAP Senior Manager for Program Management and
       other designated Cornerstone Services Leadership team members
   •   Provide external stakeholder relationship management transition to full time eHealth Ontario resources
   •   Assist in planning and development of Fiscal 2011/12 Operational Plan for IAP Create CM & CE lessons-
       learned report
   •   Prepare formal documentation for knowledge transfer.
   •   Conduct formal knowledge transfer to eHealth Ontario full time employee
   •   Lead and contribute to the continual improvement of the program governance and process’s in addition to
       the broader IAP program including involvement within new initiatives and overall process improvements
       as required.
   •   In conjunction with the other assigned IAP Program Managers, ensure consistency of governance and
       on-going business operations Category Mandatory Skill Set

Project Experience

   •   5 years of Senior level knowledge and experience with project planning, coordination and control with
       large complex systems development projects with multiple stakeholders
   •   Knowledge of project management and information management best practices
   •   Strong knowledge of and experience with MS Project & MS Visio
   •   Good applied knowledge of PMBOK, PMP designation also desirable
   •   Demonstrated strong business acumen
   •   Demonstrated know-how to get IT projects delivered under challenging circumstances
   •   An ability to build strong relationships with clients
   •   Superior communication skills
   •   Well-developed analytical and dispute resolution skills
   •   experience with managing large and complex enterprise level projects with a demonstrated record of
       accomplishment of delivering successful business outcomes that are aligned to the project or program
       business case
   •   Demonstrated experience in leading, supporting and mentoring the team to ensure knowledge transfer
       and team growth
   •   Demonstrated experience in building and maintaining team moral
   •   Demonstrated experience of providing information and updates to all levels within the project structure.
       Use of plain English Methodology
   •   Excellent conflict resolution and negotiation skills
   •   The ability to build and maintain productive working relationships with internal stakeholders

Discretionary/Desired Experience

Program/ Project Experience

   •   Knowledge of the health care industry
   •   Previous experience with the public service and the broader health sector and capacity to work
       collaboratively with client, stakeholder organization
   •   Program and portfolio management knowledge is a minimum requirement
   •   IT infrastructure and ITIL experience is an asset
   •   Undergone formal Project Management training, with a PMP designation is a strong asset
   •   Project management experience with a history of delivering successful outcomes aligned to organization
       business plans and strategies

    •   Sound knowledge and experience of Software Development managing project budgets and tracking to
    •   Experience with and knowledge of Microsoft Office tools including Microsoft Project, Excel, Visio, and
    •   Experience with MS Project Server 2003 highly desirable
    •   Experience with project methodologies and standards (PLC, DLC, ITIL) and tools, e.g. SharePoint
    •   Excellent written and oral communication skills including presentation to internal clients, external clients,
        and stakeholders
    •   Proven track record of leading and managing teams in high functioning work environment with tight
        timelines and critical milestones
    •   The ability to manage cross functional project teams in a matrix environment
    •   Knowledge or experience of the Health Sector and/or government is an asset.

   • Knowledge of eHealth Ontario initiatives, strategies and directions in Ontario and other jurisdictions


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