Capacity-building_ Education and Training Forum by pengxiang


									          Capacity-building, Education and Training Forum
                    World Climate Conference-3

                         2 September 2009 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
                                 Co-sponsored by:

3:30     Welcome
         Dr Gordon McBean
         Chair, START International and Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction,
The      University of Western Ontario, Canada

3:35     Introduction to the Forum followed by Moderated Discussion
         Dr Sailesh Nayak
         Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, India

3:45     Discussant 1: Capacity–building lessons learned from climate disaster risk
         Dr Maxx Dilley
         Chief, Disaster Reduction and Recovery Team, UNDP Bureau for Crisis
         Prevention and Recovery

3:55     Discussant 2: Capacity-building lessons learned from Africa
         Dr Bruce Hewitson
         DST Research Chair in Climate Change, University of Cape Town, South

4:05     Discussant 3: Capacity-building lessons learned from Latin America
         Dr Walter Baethgen
         International Research Institute for Climate and Society
         Columbia University, USA

4:15     Discussant 4: Capacity-building lessons learned from ecosystems-based
         Dr Eduard Müller
         University of International Cooperation, Costa Rica

4:25     Discussant 5: Self-driven capacity development
         Dr Ehrlich Desa
         IOC Capacity Development Unit, UNESCO

4:35     Q&A with the audience
         Moderated by Dr Sailesh Nayak

4:55     Summary and follow-up from the Forum
         Dr Sailesh Nayak

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