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On the Ball


									                                             On the Ball
                    West Pymble Football Club                                                                  Inc
From the Former President                              What a season!
There is no doubt that this has been the most successful season for some years and a very
                                                                                                             OCTOBER 2007
enjoyable one it has been too. The success on the park has been tremendous and the social aspects
have been equally good. I think it would be easier for me to list some of the highlights:
• Membership grew a little to 940 members which means we are still the fourth largest club in
• We welcomed our Coaching Director, Greg Fuchs who introduced some fantastic programs.
• We worked with KDSA and Kissing Point club to put lights on Howson Oval to increase our
    training capacity.
• We were leading advocates in support of the KDSA’s wonderful initiative to introduce the
    small sided game for Under 6 and 7 age groups.
• Sponsorship and fund raising was increased as we secured two new sponsors and had
    wonderful social events such as the FA Cup Night, Club Dinner Dance and Trivia Night
• We had 7 Premiership winning sides and 6 Runners-up – the most ever in the club (see the list
    on page 3)
• This includes two Division 1 winning sides, our Under 10A and Over 35 Div 1. How about
    that for success at both ends of the spectrum? Both these teams have reached the quarter final
    stages of the Champion of Champions as this newsletter goes to print.
• Our All Age Premier league side had their best season for a few years finishing 4 in both
    firsts and reserves then going on to win the KDSA Cup for the 6th time (the most wins by any
    club)                                                                                                      Introducing our
• Our Over 35 team also won the KDSA Rick Close Cup for the 7 time (it has been in
    existence for only 9 years!)
                                                                                                               newest sponsor
• We had more representative players than ever before. Congratulations to all of our
    representative players:                                                                              Dr Ronny Marks —
    − Three of them, Annika Clayton, Meg Flannery and Ellie Moscou played in the Northern                Pymble Orthodontist is at
        Tigers U12 Girls side that was unbeaten this season.                                             the forefront in the
    − Annika and Meg have been selected to represent Northern Tigers in the Metro/North teams            excellence in orthodontics
        for the 2007 Football NSW State Titles Tournament in October along with Madison Lord             providing you with the
        in Under 14. It is a fantastic achievement by these girls to be playing at such a high level.
I could go on and on in this vein.                                                                       options
   We also to have acknowledge that there were some challenges and sadness too this season. We           •   Child and Adult treatment
had quite a few games cancelled this year because of the weather compounding the poor
condition of the pitches. And most disappointing of all, we said farewell in April to our longest        •   Invisible braces - Invisalign
serving player and life member, Rick Close, after his quite astounding battle with cancer. Rick
will be remembered and missed as someone who epitomised the fantastic spirit of the club.
   From my point of view it was my third and last season as President of this wonderful club, and
I handed over the reins at the AGM three weeks ago to IAN PLANT. As I said then, it has been
an absolute honour to work for the club as we have undoubtedly the best community in the
district if not the region. I have never been involved in an organisation with so many dedicated
and team oriented people. It is plain to me that, almost without exception, players and family                 Wahroonga Village
members always give so much to the club to make it better for everyone not just themselves. This                 0294876633
explains why we have remained strong since our days as the founding club of the KDSA. I wish
Ian all the very best for the coming season and I am sure that you will all support him as you have
me over the past three years. Thank you very much indeed.
   Lastly, I am delighted to announce that at the AGM the motion was passed to change the name
of the club to reflect the growth of our wonderful sport in the world stage. We are from now to be
known as West Pymble Football Club.
   As ever, if you have any ideas to help us all have a better time in football please don’t hesitate
to write to IAN at
“I wanna be a Pymble player……” he says with his foot firmly “On the Ball!”                  Steve Tatt
West Pymble Football Club                                                                                                                  Page 2

            PREMIER LEAGUE
                                                               Who are our Premier League players?
  We’ve seen them at the Bowlo on a Saturday night, we’ve read about their success in the Newsletter and we’ve
  watched them play some fantastic and skilful football, but what do we really know about our flagship team?
              Player Profile
          Player profile:                Kevin Johnson
          Favourite team:                Liverpool FC
          Favourite player:              Kaka
          Position:                      Sweeper
          Favourite food:                Thai
          Pre game Rituals:              Having an early lunch of scrambled eggs

    Season 2007 can only be described as a successful one for the         of the park, 'cranky' Hans and new boy Dave Porter were solid at
    West Pymble Premier League squad. Both 1st Grade and                  the back, and Trav showed himself to be amazingly versatile and
    Reserve Grade finished in the top 4 of their respective               skilful in playing just about every position on the park, including
    competitions, with the highlight of the season being the thrilling    goal keeper.
    triumph in the KDSA Cup Final against Asquith, a side that our
                                                                          First Grade had an up and down season — luckily the down
    1st Grade team had not beaten in the previous 6 years. The
                                                                          period was the middle of the season and the up period was at the
    season began with big changes all around with the most
                                                                          end. Our 1st Grade team were the best performing team in the
    noticeable being the appointment of Greg Fuchs as player coach.
                                                                          last 6 weeks of the competition culminating in 3–0 victories over
    Greg's focused approach to training and coaching deviated from
                                                                          both North Sydney (in the League) and Kissing Point (in the Cup
    past campaigns, and a few eyebrows were raised when Greg
                                                                          semi final): these teams ended up finishing 1st and 2nd in the
    implemented his 3-5-2 regime and 2 training sessions a week. At
                                                                          League. These outstanding results were topped by a 1–0 victory
    the end of the season all players were content with playing the
                                                                          over local rivals Kissing Point in the League which denied the
    possession (and more enjoyable) football that Greg encouraged
                                                                          old foe the Premiership. This performance could only be topped
    and this was reflected on the scoreboard with winning seasons
                                                                          by a Cup Final triumph, and 1st Grade duly obliged with a
    for both 1st Grade and Reserve Grade.
                                                                          courageous and memorable 2–1 victory over Asquith in the
    Reserve Grade had success with a solid finish in 4th place.           KDSA Cup Final, capping one of the most successful days in the
    Reserves only lost 4 of their 18 matches and played some top          history of the Club after Over 35s had earlier in the day won their
    notch entertaining and attacking football throughout the season       Cup Final. Under Greg Fuch's guidance the team developed
    — however when this was combined with a miserly defence,              throughout the season into a formidable combination, playing
    Reserves found themselves sitting just off 1st place with 4           creative attacking football and superb team goal scoring
    matches remaining. The end of the season was slightly                 combined with a solid defence and the traditional West Pymble
    disappointing as they were unable to topple the other teams           team spirit. This winning formula was was reflected in
    competing for the title. However the season total of 9 wins, 5        outstanding performances and a well-deserved Cup Final
    draws and just 4 defeats in a competition which seems to be           success. A 4th place finish in the League and the KDSA Cup
    getting tougher every year says it all. For the 3rd season in a row   triumph gives the team a lot to look forward to in 2008.
    Reserves finished towards the top of the table and showed that on     Outstanding performances throughout the year came from our
    their day they can beat any team in the competition; with more        new gun striker Josh Murphy who became more prevalent in
    consistency and a little more collective commitment next season,      front of goal as the season progressed, Greg Fuch's class in the
    surely the Reserve Grade Premiership is at their mercy. The best      middle of the park, and the consistently solid and committed
    reflection of the performance of Reserves was that approximately      performances provided by Nathan Rayment, Martin Laslett,
    half of the team played 1st Grade at one stage or another             Quinton Herbert and James Diment. Clem made a welcome
    throughout the season. Special mention should go to Gerrie            return to West Pymble in 2007 with an outstanding season
    Lenting, the Reserves keeper and Dutch import, who again              between the sticks. With Greg committing to coaching next
    excelled in his 3rd and final season with the Club. Other players     season, and most of the squad committing to returning for
    to excel were the skilful Rogerio and Thiago (our Brazilian           another campaign, you can be sure that other Clubs will be
    imports), Heath and Ron were solid and consistent in the centre       looking over their shoulders at us in Season 2008.

                                                            KDSA CUP
                                                     (Saturday 1 Sept, 2007)
                                                      West Pymble v Asquith A
                                                            Result 2–1
Page 3                                                                                                         West Pymble Football Club

                                       WPSC - 2007 KDSA Title Winners
                       Team                                           Division                                    Comment
                        10A                                       Under 10 – Div 1                                 Unbeaten
                        10B                                       Under 10 – Div 3                      Third year in a row for the club
                        11D                                      Under 11 – Div 6A                         Massive goal difference
                       W12 C                                   Girls Under 12 – Div 4                           Won all games
                        W14                                    Girls Under 14 – Div 3                         Lost only 2 games
                     Over 35/1                                      O35 – Div 1                                   Undefeated
                Over 35/1 Reserves                                 O35 – Div 1R                          Undefeated for second year

               Runners Up
                       Team                                          Division                                     Comment
                        10D                                      Under 10 – Div 8
                        W10                                    Girls Under 10 – Div 1
                     All Age 7                                    All Age – Div 7
                    Over 35/3B                                      O35 – Div 3
                   W Over 30/1                            W Over 30 Premier League
              W Over 30/1 Reserves                       W Over 30 Premier League –                     Undefeated – title lost on goal
                                                               Reserve grade                                     difference

                       Team                                         Cup                                       Comment
             All Age – Premier League                            KDSA Cup                        Sixth time – most by any club
                     Over 35 1                                 Rick Close Cup                Seventh time – out of 9 years played

 Committee 2008                                                      Junior Comp Co-ord                                 Ian Bentley
President                                        Ian Plant           U10 Co-ord                                   Phillipe Cordier
Secretary                                           unfilled         U11 Co-ord                                    Geoff Hancock
Vice President - Admin                     Scott Gresham             U12 Co-ord                                       Frits Moscou
Vice President - Football                     Brad White             U13 Co-ord                                     Martin Ralphs
KDSA Womens                          Mary Anne Stephens              Junior Non Comp Co-ord                          Mark Daniels
KDSA Junior                                     Steve Tatt           U8 Co-ord                                       Paul Fletcher
KDSA All Age                                     John Hill           U9 Co-ord                                      Danny Collins
Treasurer                                     Tim Taylor             Girls Co-ord                                 Channy Shergill
Communications Co-ord                         Sarah Plant            Asst Girls Co-ord                            Shaun Flannery
Webmaster                                Declan Murphy               Special Needs Co-ord                              Paul Phelan
Recorder                                 Margaret Taylor             Referees Co-ord                                 Kim Welinski
Sponsorship               Stewart Attewell/Kevin Johnson             Registrar                                        Graeme Burt
Fundraising                   Manjit Singh/Stuart Glover             Junior N/C Registrar                        Margaret Gordon
Clubhouse Co-ord                           Geoff Hancock             Junior Comp Registrar                          Martin Ralphs
Grounds Co-ord                               Nigel Dunn              Girls Registrar                              Lynton Dickens
Risk Manager                              Glenn Kirkman              Over 35 Registrar                            Lynton Dickens
Photographs Co-ord                         Darren Ashley             Women’s Registrar                            Alison Welinski
Director of Coaching                          Greg Fuchs             Historian                                Michael Jarosczewicz
Coaching Programs                          Kevin Howard              Gear Steward                                   Scott Gresham
All Age Co-ord                  Trent Bird/Martin Laslett            2nd Hand boots                                Darren Ashley
Over 35 Co-ord                              Louis Longhi
Women's Co-ord                          Stewart Attewell             *for a full list see the website
West Pymble Football Club                                                                                                       Page 4

                   JOB OF THE MONTH — CLUB SECRETARY
  The Secretary has 2 primary roles within the Club. Firstly the Secretary is responsible for organizing the efficient operation of
  the Committee via organizing meetings, agendas etc and preparing the minutes of meetings.

  The Second primary role is to act as the official contact for the Club (with President). Most official correspondence to the Club
  will be addressed to the Secretary. This is highlighted with the Club’s relationship with KDSA (the Association). All
  correspondence from KDSA is directed through the Secretary and conversely all contact with KDSA must go through the
  Secretary or President.

  This contact includes:
  ∗    The affiliation of the Club with KDSA each year.
  ∗    Organising the Training Ground allocation with KDSA.
  ∗    All pre season ground booking requests and insurance sanctioning of same.
  ∗    Special Time requests.
  ∗    Weekly correspondence from KDSA of forfeits, draw changes and suspensions.
  ∗    Distribution of general correspondence from KDSA to appropriate club officials.
  ∗    Attending KDSA information meetings and AGM (with president).
  ∗    Gala Day activities.
  ∗    Handling all WPSC members’ enquiries to KDSA.

  In addition since I have been secretary I have taken on some other roles which are related to Secretary. These are:

  ∗    Child Protection Officer – Organise for the Working with Children declarations from all coaches, managers and officials
       and act as the contact for complaints concerning the treatment of children.

  ∗    Training Allocation within the Club – Recording training requests and allocating requested time slots.

  ∗    Ground dressing of Mimosa Oval – Organising dressing and undressing of ground.
                                                                                                                     Neil Hazelwood

   Please consider making yourself available to help with the running of the Club.
   If you feel you can help please let us know via email

          BRA CUP
      WON AGAIN BY W30s
 The second annual Brooklyn Bra Cup was
 won by a combined team from West Pymble,
 representing all three W30 teams from Season

 Defending their title on Saturday September 1,
 the WP ladies made it to the final with style.
 Just as in 2006 they then won the final in a
 thrilling penalty shoot out against Berowra.

 Pictured (team for final): Lenore George,
 Margaret Gordon, Jane Taggart, Teresa
 Mills, Diaan Wajon, Jane O’Connell, Jane
 Randall, Susie Fletcher, Sally Dickens,
 Merryn Cooper, Nancy Parsons.

             ‘If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.’              Terry Venables
Page 5                                                                                                 West Pymble Football Club

                                 TROPHY WINNERS SEASON 2007
                              Perpetual Trophies
    Coach of the year                         Geoff Hancock           U10A                        ‘Well, we got nine and you
    Junior Non- Comp Player of the Year       Henry Morris            U8A
                                                                                                 can't score more than that.’
    Junior Comp Player of the Year            Jonathon Chong          U18A
    Junior Girls Player of the Year           Serena Hope             G12C                                  Bobby Robson
    Junior Team of the year                   U10A

                                        Team Awards — Junior Teams

   Coach’s Award      Peter Plant                  U6Scorpions       Best & Fairest       Harrison Devenish-Meares     11Bombers
   Best & Fairest     Andy Scott                   Bears             Best & Fairest       Thomas Chirnside             11C
   Best & Fairest     Charlie Williams             Eagles            Best & Fairest       James Handsaker              11D
   Best & Fairest     Flynn Covey                  Lions             Best & Fairest       Charlie Roberts              12A
   Best & Fairest     Mathew Steel                 6E's              Best & Fairest       Michael Hazelton             12B
   Best & Fairest     Jackson Wonderlich           Redbacks          Coaches Award        Liav Shalev                  12C
   Best & Fairest     Margan Quan                  Sharks            Best & Fairest       Liam Flottman                13A
   Best & Fairest     Ryan Wood                    U7 Tigers         Best & Fairest       Alexander Worsley            13B
   Best & Fairest     Nicholas Moody               Lions             Best & Fairest       Nathanael Merchant           14
   Best & Fairest     Georgia Cooper               Pumas             Best & Fairest       Sunny Wu                     15A
   Best & Fairest     Katrina Ryder                Cheetahs          Best & Fairest       Jonathan Chong               18A
   Best & Fairest     Lucas Asher                  Panthers          Best & Fairest       Will Daly                    18B
   Best & Fairest     Raz Aziz                     Leopards          Best & Fairest       Lucy Mackie                  W10
   Best & Fairest     Rupert Campbell              7H's              Best & Fairest       Rhianna Dawson               W12A
   Most Valued Player Emma Watkins                 8A                Most Improved        Sarah Korte                  W12A
   Best Team Player William Grant                  8B                Player of the Year   Tania Van Zyl                W12B
   Best & Fairest     Dean Ockenden                8C                Best & Fairest       Serena Hope                  W12C
   Best & Fairest     David Hazelton               8D                Best & Fairest       Tessa Pollard                W14A
   Best & Fairest     Felicity Buchmaier           8E                Players Player       Claudia Gray                 W14B
   Players Player     Jake Morgan                  8F                Best & Fairest       Amanda Skellern              W14C
   Best & Fairest     Christopher Spencer          8G                Best & Fairest       Kimberley Skellern           W14C
   Player of the Year Mathieu Cordier              9Aces             Best & Fairest       Ashleigh Hastings            W16A
   Players Player     Patrick Johansson            9Bulldogs         Players Player       Jacqueline Coleman           W16B
   Best Team Player Robert Zammit                  9C                Players Player       Alice Rowley                 W16B
   Best & Fairest     Benjamin Howes               9D
   Players Player     Trenton van Loon             9D
   Coaches Award      Katrina Jiminez              9E
   Best & Fairest     The entire 10B Team          10B
   Best & Fairest     William Watt                 10D
   Best & Fairest     Jourdon Whitfield-Horesh     11A

                                      Team Awards — Senior Teams
    Players’ Player   Bobby Colville      35/1                   Coach’s Award     Clem Burgmann       PL
    Players’ Player   Greg Lynch          35/1R                  Players’ Player   Kevin Johnson       PL Res
    Players’ Player   Karl Penn           35/2                   Players’ Player   Jane Randall        W30/1
    Players’ Player   Jason Horn          35/2R                  Coach’s Award     Bronwyn Hand        W30/1
    Players’ Player   Brad White          35/3 Scars             Coach’s Award     Nancy Parsons       W30/1
    Players’ Player   Don Frankish        35/3R Scars            Players’ Player   Louise Tiller       W30/1R
    Players’ Player   Shaun Flannery      35/3 Warriors          Coaches’ Award    Jane Taggart        W30/1R
    Players’ Player   Mohommed Dandan     35/3R Warriors         Coaches’ Award    Margaret Gordon     W30/1R
    Players’ Player   Paul Fletcher       35/4                   Players’ Player   Jane Worthington    w30 pl d2
    Players’ Player   Dave Hunt           35/4r                  Coaches’ Award    Caroline Pilot      W30/2
    Players’ Player   Matthew Davies      PL
    Coach’s Award     Raymond Lee         PL
West Pymble Football Club                                                                                                          Page 6

    West Pymble Under 10A Win the Canterbury Junior Soccer Club Gala Day
                                The winning team!

                                                                                 Back (left to right): Geoff Hancock (coach), Kiran
                                                                                 Best, Sam Orchard, Xav Cordier, Hayden
                                                                                 Tucker, Greg Fuchs (Director of Coaching)

                                                                                 Middle: Brad Paikin, Thomas Heward-Belle,
                                                                                 Jason Cohen, Angus Morrissey

                                                                                 Front: Zac Tome, James Benson, Conor
                                                                                 Parsons, Patrick Flottmann, Aidan Hancock,
                                                                                 Daniel Alessi

                                                                                 Missing: Hans Belle (coach)

                                                                                 For the full report see your July Newsletter

          Dinner Dance 2007
                  28 July 2007                                            TRIVIA NIGHT 2007
               Avondale Golf Club

   Christmas In July was celebrated with                     What a sensational night!
   great style by WPSC at Avondale Golf                      It was a full house at West Pymble Bowling Club for the WPSC
   Club. It was a night of good food, music
                                                             inaugural Trivia Night: a night of challenging trivia, hilarious games
   and fun.
                                                             and fabulous raffles on offer. We had a successful silent auction
   The Clubman of the Year Award went to                     which included great prizes donated by junior and senior teams and
   Lynton Dickens.                                           some sports memorabilia. We also had some wonderful prizes
                                                             donated by generous members of the club.
   President’s Awards were presented to:
   Aidan Kinder, Stewart Attewell, Sally                     A huge thank you to the
   Dickens, Tim Taylor, Graeme Burt and                      following local businesses
   Neil Hazlewood. These were one off                        who donated vouchers as
   awards for great service to the club in                   prizes: Thai Tucka Gordon,
   recent years.                                             The Ranch, North Ryde and
                                                             West Pymble Newsagency.
   Aidan Kinder                                              Approximately $6,000 was
   receiving his                                             raised on what will be the
   Award                                                     first of many trivia nights for
                                                             West Pymble Soccer Club.          Outgoing President, Steve Tatt in
                                                             Congratulations to the Taylor     the dummy spitting competition.
                                                             table who were the winners.
                                                             Thank you to our age coordinators and team managers for your
                                                             wonderful support and time organising hampers from your teams.

                                   Aidan Kinder,
                                   Stewart Attewell                                                                     Sally Dickens

                   ‘I felt a lump in my mouth as the ball went in.’          Terry Venables on the opposition scoring
Page 7                                                                                     West Pymble Football Club

 Age            Group    Winner                   Runner Up
 U7             8        West Pymble 7B

 U7             24       West Pymble 7H                                       HAPPENINGS AT
 U9             7        West Pymble A            Bannockburn G
                         (joint winners)          (joint winners)
                                                                               THE BOWLO
 U10            1        West Pymble A
                                                                               DINING ON THE NEW DECK
 U10            2                                 West Pymble B
                                                                          We plan to commence our “cook your own”
 U11            1                                 West Pymble A           dining (Friday and Saturday nights and
                                                                          Sunday brunches) around the first week of
 U11            4        West Pymble D                                    Oct.
 U13            2                                 West Pymble B
                                                                            WATCH THIS SPACE AND BRING ON
 U15            1                                 West Pymble                      THE SUNSHINE!
 U18            1        West Pymble A
                                                                          A very positive meeting was held at the
 U18            2                                 West Pymble B           Bowlo in August consisting of representa-
                                                                          tives of the following clubs: bowling, soccer
 U14G           2                                 West Pymble A           and netball. The idea is to form a sporting
                                                                          association so that the sporting clubs of
 U14G           3                                 West Pymble B
                                                                          WP can combine (inc. swimming, rugby,
                                                                          and cricket). This will give us a stronger
                                                                          voice with council and sponsers etc. and
                JUNIOR GALA DAY RESULTS                                   will make the Bowlo the hub of social and
                     (SAT AND SUN)                                        sporting activities for the families of WP.

       ‘If you can't outplay the opposition, you must outnumber
       them.’                                   Terry Venables

                                                          WHERE HAS BEANIE BEEN?
                                                                    Season 2007 Winner!!!

       Colour in the player
 Draw a picture of your favourite West
 Pymble player (it could be you!) and send it                               Oliver Owens
 to                                            Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
West Pymble Football Club                                                                                                               Page 8

                                     Keeping it in the family
 WPSC is a community club with a strong family focus. There are many families in the area who all play the “world game”. Each month the
 Newsletter will feature one of these families. If all the members of your family play for WPSC send us a story (

                        Playing, coaching, managing, refereeing...and more…
 The Taylor family moved to West Pymble in 1998 towards the end of the season so did not get involved with the Club
 until the 1998/99 season when eldest boy Mike joined the mighty U7Es with dad Tim as coach. Mike has played
 every season since and is now in the U15As battling in Div 1 and juggling school soccer commitments on Saturday
 mornings. His nickname “D10” came from the number of games he missed in year 7 with so many Deten(10)tions!.
 This year he’s also qualified as a “man in black” joining dad in the ranks of KDSRA referees.

 Tim, having coached Mike for a couple of seasons re-found the playing bug after giving away all age football with
 North Sydney at the tender age of 34, joining the inaugural O35 team in 2000/01 as goal keeper. He’s seen the
 growth from struggling to get 9 un-injured players on the park in that first season, to the ten teams and 160 plus
 players we have today. In 2004 after a career in goal, he decided to have a run around on the park and was top
 scorer in Div 2 for West Pymble in that first year!! Over the last three seasons he’s worked his way back to left back
 in the Div 1 reserves. 2006 was his most successful season so far, being part of the Div 1 reserves premiership and
 the KDSA O35 Rick Close Cup winning sides. He joined the committee in 2002 and since then has held the jobs of
 gear steward, recorder and treasurer, the position he currently holds.

 Next to join the ranks of the West Pymble army was youngest son Bill who joined the U6Es in 2002 with mum
 Margaret as coach and has, like Mike played every year since, currently in the 11As. Like dad he has displayed a
 talent for goalkeeping, but like dad loves running around on the park and scoring goals when he can. 2006 was
 also a good year for Bill, when his team, the 10Bs won the Div 3 premiership and Gala day.

 Margaret, having coached Bill and gained her level one coaches certificate and stood on the sideline watching the
 “boys” young and old, enjoying the beautiful game, decided in 2005 that she was missing out on too much fun and
 joined the inaugural O30 womens team, the “Chardys” who enjoyed early success finishing runners up to the
 other West Pymble team the “Champers”. Easy to see where the post match focus of the ladies’ teams lies!! This
 year she has enjoyed a more social season with the Div 2C team with, you guessed it, Tim as coach. Margaret took
 over from Tim as recorder and still looks after all the results for the Club each weekend of the season.

                              RICK CLOSE CUP (Saturday 1 Sept, 2007)
                                      West Pymble A v St Ives
                                             Result 5–0

   Our Vision: Fair play and fun will bring success to our community football club
Page 9                                                                                                  West Pymble Football Club

                                   ASK GUS…
             Do you have football question you just can’t answer?                              Macquarie University
                Does the offside rule still leave you confused?                                Tuesday—Men’s
                       Are match reports an enigma?                                            Thursday—Women’s
  Just ask Gus…
                                                                                               Cost $125 for the summer.
     Gus, there must be some really, really famous football fans in the world. Can you
     name some?
                                                                                               All players must be registered
  Here’s my top 10 famous football fans:                                                       with WPSC.
  10      Warren Mitchell
  Famous as the West Ham supporting racist bigot, Alf Garnett in the BBC sitcom “’til          See the website for registration and
  death us do part”, Mitchell was actually a Tottenham Hotspur fan and a regular at            further details
  games. He is now an Australian citizen.
  9       Pope John Paul II
  Was a goalkeeper in his youth. When he met the then Liverpool goalkeeper and fellow
  Pole, Jerzy Dudek, he said he was a fan of Liverpool and always watched for their
  result. Mind you he said that about a lot of teams.
  8       Luciano Pavarotti                                                                         ‘It's a 90 minute game for
  Was rumoured to have played for his home town team Modena in slimmer times.                      sure. In fact I used to train
  Quoted thus “Every Italian play football. The first gift they give you when you are 3 is a       for a 190 minute game so
  ball. Then they teach you how to fall in penalty box.” He didn’t say that last bit.              that when the whistle blew
  7       Sylvester Stallone                                                                       at the end of the match I
  Played a pilot-turned-goalkeeper in the risible 1981 football film “Victory.” Last season        could have played another
  was seen at Goodison Park, the home of Everton where he declared, “I'm an Everton fan            90 minutes.’
  now. Reading's goal was offside, or whatever.”
                                                                                                                    Bill Shankly
  6       Rod Stewart
  Was once an apprentice at Brentford and is football crazy. Although sounding like a
  cockney he has genuine Scottish ancestry. He wrote the Scotland team song for the
  1978 World Cup, which included the memorable line, “ole ole, ole ola, we’re going to
  bring the World Cup back from over tha’.” He once offered the use of his back garden
  to Glasgow Celtic when they were short of a training pitch.
  5       Boris Becker                                                                             3 NIGHT GET-A-WAY
  The ginger German and former Wimbledon champion is often seen at games of the                        SHOAL BAY,
  national team. He is also a fan of football club Bayern Munich and serves on its                   PORT STEPHENS
  advisory board.
  4       Diana Ross
                                                                                               Tired and stressed — need a
  Not strictly a football fan. But she did take part in the opening ceremony for the 1994
  World Cup, where she had to kick a plastic football into an open goal from 6 yards. She
  missed.                                                                                      A gorgeous, newly refurbished 3
  3       Julio Iglesias                                                                       bedroom beach cottage, only a
  Played in goal for Real Madrid before being hospitalized in a car crash in 1963. While       short distance to beach, cafes,
  there he was given a guitar by a nurse and the rest is history. In what is surely a          restaurants and shops. Outdoor
  coincidence, Clive Jackson, Coach of West Pymble O35s Div 2 was recently seen                BBQ area, Foxtel for those who need
  leaving a guitar shop with two bulky packages.                                               their sport and news! Bikes of
  2       Elton John
                                                                                               varying sizes are in the garage if
  Nephew of Roy Dwight, who broke his leg in the 1959 FA Cup final, Mr John
                                                                                               you would like a ride. Sleeps 6 (2 x
  bankrolled Watford when they were in the old English 4th division and, as Chairman
  oversaw their rise to the first division. Cried at the 1985 FA Cup Final, in which           queen and 1 x twin room)
  Watford lost 2-0 to Everton. Although no longer Chairman, he is still right behind the       So much to see and do; whale
  players of Watford.                                                                          watching, tobogganing, rock
  1       Albert Camus                                                                         climbing, great shopping, cafes and
  The Nobel prize winning author and philosopher once played in goal for the University        beaches.
  of Algiers team before TB finished his football career. Out of his mouth came possibly
  the most famous quote about football, still seen on T-shirts everywhere: “All that I         Easy 2 hour drive from Sydney
  know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football.”                         (Pymble to Shoal Bay).

  That’s it for Ask Gus for this season. So until next season...
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West Pymble Football Club                                                                                        Page 10

           Samuel King Oval 25 Aug 07: W Pymble o35 Div 1R’s celebrate back-to-back undefeated Premierships

    In September West Pymble o35’s completed an            intact their unbeaten sequence that extends back
    unprecedented treble by securing all three major       to 2005. A 2-0 win at St Ives completed the 1R’s
    honours in the KDSA 2007 competition:                  title defence and held off a valiant, season-long
    Premierships in both Div 1 Firsts & Reserves and       challenge from N Sydney.
    the Rick Close o35 Knockout Cup. And the
    victories were achieved in style, with the Div 1       Throughout the season there were some
    squad undefeated all season [until they met the        impressive individual contributions, such as Bobby
    Div 2 squad in the intra-club Waratah Cup, that        Colville’s 31 goals and 1sts’ skipper-sweeper Paul
    is!]                                                   Cummins marshalling his defence to concede just
                                                           two away goals. However the success belonged to
    The treble success was a tribute in particular to      an entire squad effort – not just in Div 1, but the
    five men who have inspired the o35 ranks of the        ten o35 teams which W Pymble fields each
    club in their different ways: the late Rick Close;     weekend.
    the outgoing Club President, Steve Tatt; Guvnor
    for the previous two seasons, Stuart Codling; the      An afternoon facing W Pymble o35 Div 1 in 2007
    man who started it all, Richard Williams; and          put opponents under constant pressure from 1pm
    long-standing Div 1 Manager, John Hill.                to 4.30pm. Each interchange player continued to
                                                           turn the screw tighter until all-comers cracked.
    Fittingly, W Pymble’s first ever Div 1 Premiership
    title was secured by beating winners for the last      But the season is not yet over. WP o35 1sts go on
    five seasons, Chatswood Rangers, 4-0 in the            to represent KDSA in an effort to become the
    defending premiers’ own back yard at Castle            district’s first ever NSW o35 Champion of
    Cove. Champagne football on the park was               Champions. Three more victories would see WP in
    followed by sparkling (if not so tuneful)              the Grand Final at Valentine’s Park on Sun 28
    celebrations off it.                                   October.

    As if to emphasise their dominance, WP 1sts went       It is too early to be booking the date in your
    on to defeat comfortably their only near rivals, St    diary. However, with the           spirit of the
    Ives, twice in the following two weekends: the         Close/Tatt/Codling/Williams/Hill fivesome behind
    first was a 3-1 wallow in the mud, to complete the     them, who is to say this squad could not create a
    undefeated record; the second was a 5-0                little more history for season 2007?
    thrashing, on the lush turf of Mills Park, to take
    out the Rick Close Cup.                                                                         STAT-MAN
                                                           Update: Season 2007 not yet over for o35 1sts —they
    By contrast the 1R’s showed true grit and pride to     had a 5-0 win on 23 Sept in Rd 2 of NSW Champ of
    snatch a late equaliser at Castle Cove and keep        Champs, so onto Qtr Finals. Will it ever end?

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