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Mitsui Mining Company, Limited - Company Capsule


WMI's ‘Mitsui Mining Company, Limited - Company Capsule’ is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to access key information about ‘Mitsui Mining Company, Limited’. WMI's ‘Mitsui Mining Company, Limited - Company Capsule’ report utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. WMI strictly follows a standardized research methodology to ensure high levels of data quality and these characteristics guarantee a unique report.

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									Mitsui Mining Company, Limited


Mitsui Mining Company, Limited                                          Key Employees
                                                                        Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                   Director - of General
                                                                        Hajime Myoi
Headquarters Address             1-11-1, Osaki, Tokyo, 1418584, Japan                              Research Institute
                                                                        Harufumi Sakai             Director
Telephone                        + 81 3 54378028

                                                                        Hiromichi Shibata          Director
Fax                              + 81 3 54378029
                                                                                                   Director - of Micro Circuit
                                                                        Jun Fujii
Website                                                           Business
                                                                                                   Director - of Micro Circuit
                                                                        Kosuke Watanabe
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange    N/A                                                               Business
                                                                                                   Director - of Battery
Number of Employees              9,851                                                             Material Business in Main
                                                                        Masahisa Morita
                                                                                                   Functional Material
Fiscal Year End                  March                                                             Business Unit
                                                                        Mitsuhiko Hasuo            Director
Revenue (in US$ million)         4.47
                                                                        Mitsuru Uekawa             Director
Revenue (in JPY million)         392.36
                                                                        Osamu Higuchi              Director
                                                                                                   Chief Operating Officer,
                                                                        Sadao Senda
                                                                                                   President, Director

                                                                        Company Overview

                                                                        Mitsui Mining Company, Limited (MITSUI
                                                                        MINING & SMELTING CO., LTD) is a company
                                                                        engaged in the production and supplies of
                                                                        nonferrous metal intermediates, coke, coal and
                                                                        chemical      engineering     machineries.    The
                                                                        company carries out its business in five
                                                                        business segment. The Mining and Basic
                                                                        Materials segment manufacture and sells zinc,
                                                                        gold, silver and zinc alloys, as well as mining of
                                                                        zinc and lead; Intermediate Materials segment
                                                                        deals in electrolytic copper foils, batteries
                                                                        materials, ceramic products and rare metal
                                                                        compounds; Assembly and Processing segment
                                                                        offers automobile functional parts, powder
                                                                        metallurgical products and automobile catalysts;
                                                                        Environment and Recycling segment is engaged
                                                                        in the treatment of battery scraps, the recycling
                                                                        of precious metals, the investigation of soil and
                                                                        the treatment of industrial waste; Engineering
                                                                        segment is engaged in the engineering of
                                                                        industrial plants and environmental equipments,
                                                                        the civil, construction and repair works, as well
                                                                        as the manufacture and sale of polyethylene
                                                                        pipes. It is also involved in selling and
                                                                        distribution of building materials and other real
                                                                        estate operation. The company carry out its
                                                                        operations in Japan, North America, Asia, and
                                                                        has it’s headquarter located at Tokyo, Japan.

                                                                        Key Competitors
                                                                        ALCONIX Corporation (Ticker: 3036)

                                                                        Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd. (Ticker: 5714)

                                                                        Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (Ticker: 5711)

                                                                        Nihon Seiko Co., Ltd. (Ticker: 5729)

                                                                        Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. (Ticker: 5563)


Mitsui Mining Company, Limited - Company Capsule                                                                 Page 1
Mitsui Mining Company, Limited

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