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                         HISTORY IN OUR BACKYARD
                           No need to drive far to discover history!

 Monday, July 11, 2011          Volume 2, Number 31                                  32 Pages                  Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011       Page 1
“Treating the Bark vs. Adjusting
the Cause”
     You walk into your Chiroprac-
tor’s office, hop on a table and point
to where it hurts... expecting to get
adjusted right in that very spot. But
the Chiropractor starts working on
a totally different part of your spine,
not even close to where you feel the
pain. Why is that?
     There’s an old saying that goes
when you step on a dog’s tail, it
barks out the other end. In Chiro-
practic that means, where you hurt
(the bark) isn’t necessarily where the
problem is (the tail). Many times the
pain you feel in one area is actually a
referred symptom from somewhere
else. For example, someone with sci-          Combining the skills and ex-       cern for your well-being!
atica may feel pain down their leg,       pertise of chiropractic and wellness
but the source of their problem is        care, Dr. Laurie Mestdagh and the          When you are ready to start
a Subluxation (vertebral misalign-        Columbia Chiropractic team are         your journey towards Optimal
ment) in their spine.                     committed to bringing Columbia,        Health simply call our office on 618-
     Chiropractors recognize that if      Dupo, East Carondelet, Waterloo,       281-6167 to receive a complimen-
you remove the cause of someone’s         Valmeyer, Millstadt and Cahokia,       tary consultation and exam with Dr
symptom, the body will no longer          IL better health naturally by teach-   Mestdagh.
have a need to produce it. That’s         ing and practicing the principles of
why the main focus of a Chiroprac-        chiropractic and wellness care.
tic visit is to locate and correct the
underlying problem, and not the su-            When you
perficial effect. Chasing after symp-     choose       Co-
toms is like a dog chasing after its      lumbia      Chi-
own tail. You only end up spinning        ropractic you
around and around until you get           are assured of
dizzy, confused and frustrated. It’s      receiving only
much smarter to address the under-        the finest qual-
lying cause.                              ity care through
     At Columbia Chiropractic we          the use of mod-
are dedicated to saving lives, extend-    ern chiroprac-
ing lives, and improving the lives        tic equipment
of the residents of the Columbia,         and technol-
Dupo, East Carondelet, Waterloo,          ogy. Dr. Laurie
Valmeyer, Millstadt and Cahokia           Mestdagh and
areas.                                    his team have
                                          a genuine con-

Page 2        Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                           
Is Your Portfolio Like a Baseball                                                   aspirations.

Team?                                                                                You may never find yourself sur-
                                                                                 rounded by the greatest ballplayers
                                                                                 in the world — but remembering
    If you’re a baseball fan, you’re no   goal. And the mix of investments in these traits can help keep your port-
doubt aware that the MLB All-Star         your portfolio needs to work togeth- folio “in the game.”
Game is being played on July 12.          er to help achieve the various goals
But while you’ll probably appreci-        you’ve established, such as a com-         This article was written by Ed-
ate the grace and skill of the players,   fortable retirement, college for your ward Jones for use by your local Ed-
you may not realize just how much         children and a legacy for your fam- ward Jones Financial Advisor.
a baseball team can teach you about       ily. To work toward your individual
other aspects of life — such as in-       objectives, you will need to create an
vesting.                                  investment mix that’s based on your
    Specifically, consider the follow-    risk tolerance, time horizon, family
ing characteristics:                      situation and other factors.

    Consistency — Baseball teams               Flexibility — While every mem-
need to be consistent. They choose        ber of a professional baseball team
quality players and must have the         is a good player, one might be bet-
patience and discipline to stick with     ter than another in a given situation.
those players during slumps. As an        For instance, a faster runner might
investor, you should choose quality       pinch-run for someone else. And
investments and have the patience         as you move on in your “game” of
and discipline to stick with them         life, you will need flexibility in mak-
over the long haul.                       ing your investment decisions. As
                                          one example, when you near retire-
     Diversification — A baseball         ment, you may want to reduce your
team doesn’t have just one type of        exposure to risk somewhat, so you
player — it contains pitchers, catch-     might decide to replace some — but
ers, infielders and outfielders. Your     certainly not all — of your growth-
portfolio also needs to be diversi-       oriented vehicles with investments
fied because if you own only a single     that can offer greater protection of
type of investment, and a market          your principal.
downturn strikes that asset class
particularly hard, your portfolio          Good management — Even the
could take a big hit. Owning a diver-  best group of baseball players needs
sified mix of stocks, bonds, govern-   a manager to guide them and make
ment securities, certificates of de-   decisions during a ball-
posit (CDs) and other investments      game. And to help you
can help reduce the effect of market   make investment choic-
volatility on your holdings. Keep in   es during different times
mind, though, that diversification,    in your life, you might
by itself, can’t guarantee a profit or benefit from working
protect against loss.                  with a financial profes-
                                       sional — someone who
     Unity — While a baseball team knows your risk toler-
contains a diverse collection of play- ance, investment pref-
ers, they all strive toward a common erences and long-term                                    Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011          Page 3
                                   guest column
McLean County continues inching                                                  Hellhole” jurisdiction. The reality
                                                                                 is that businesses look carefully at
closer to becoming a “judicial hell-                                             where to locate a business and the
                                                                                 litigation climate is a significant fac-
hole”                                                                            tor in the decision making process. It
                                                                                 is not the only factor, obviously but
By Travis Akin                         Inc. when there was no evidence the       it certainly is something companies
     Executive Director, Illinois Law- plaintiff ever worked for these com-      consider. Once a county develops a
suit Abuse Watch                       panies or was exposed to asbestos         reputation as a magnet for lawsuits,
                                       by any products made by the three         it is difficult to recruit new business
     Illinois’ reputation as a lawsuit companies.                                and opportunities. The last thing
magnet was not made overnight. It           In a recent asbestos case filed      McLean County needs is a reputa-
took time as hotspots such as Madi- against Honeywell International              tion of being a plaintiffs’ paradise.
son, St. Clair and Cook Counties Inc., McLean County Judge Paul                       Lawmakers recently passed
became destination jurisdictions for Lawrence directed a verdict for the         significant tax hikes into law and
personal injury lawyers looking to plaintiff before the defense even had         put Illinois communities at a com-
hit the “Lawsuit Lottery.”             a chance to say anything. A few days      petitive disadvantage in terms of at-
     Madison, St. Clair and Cook later, the jury awarded the plaintiff           tracting new businesses and oppor-
Counties have long been fixtures in $4.3 million.                                tunities. We simply cannot afford to
the annual “Judicial Hellhole” re-          Judge Lawrence applied the           add to our growing reputation as a
port and for years these three coun- conspiracy theory to the case even          state hostile to job growth and job
ties have appeared to be unwilling to though neither the plaintiff nor her       creation by enshrining yet another
share the spotlight for being some of husband ever worked at Honeywell           “Judicial Hellhole” jurisdiction in Il-
the worst jurisdictions in the coun- or were in any way ever connected           linois.
try for legal fairness.                to the company.                                McLean County, and all Illinois
     Unfortunately for Illinois, the        This is the equivalent of filing a   counties for that matter, should be
usual suspects have apparently lawsuit against Sears for something               working to create more jobs instead
added a new member to the gang. that happened 50 years ago at a J.C.             of creating a litigation climate that
Last December, McLean County Penney store.                                       only serves to import lawsuits and
was cited in the American Tort Re-          In the past, Madison, St. Clair      drive jobs and opportunities away.
form Association’s annual “Judicial and Cook Counties have been at the                               ###
Hellholes” report as a jurisdiction center of Illinois’ growing legal cli-
to watch. The inclusion of McLean mate concerns. Now McLean Coun-                     Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-
County in the report was intended ty seems to be descending deeper               LAW) is a grassroots watchdog group
to be a warning of what could hap- and deeper into “Hellhole” status.            of concerned citizens, community
pen should the situation in McLean The situation is not improving rath-          leaders and small business people
County get any worse.                  er it is getting worse.                   dedicated to educating the public
     Sadly, the situation has indeed        It does not take long to build a     about the widespread costs of lawsuit
gotten worse.                          reputation as a lawsuit magnet but it     abuse. I-LAW has more than 10,000
     Shortly after being cited in the takes a long time to shed that repu-       supporters throughout Illinois. Any-
report, a McLean County jury de- tation. Just talk to the folks in Madi-         one interested in becoming a support-
livered an eye-opening $90 mil- son County.                                      er of I-LAW or learning more about
lion judgment against Honeywell                                                  stopping lawsuit abuse in Illinois can
International Inc., Pneumo Abex,            The last thing our state needs       visit www.ILLawsuitAbuseWatch.
Owens-Illinois Inc. and John Crane right now is yet another “Judicial            org.

Page 4       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                             
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         9am - 5 pn

    Published Weekly By       26 CONTAMINATION 2011
 Barnabas Grupo, Inc.         Conventions and conferences sweep through
      300 Lime Street         the St Louis area all year long. Most of them
      Dupo, IL 62239          designed to help sell products and services. But
                              there are a few that go far beyond that scope.

                              COVER: Photo by Monte Miller                              Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011             Page 5
Dupo Musicians Trying to
Take Next Step in Their Musi-
cal Journey

By Jamie Carter

     The music business is a tough,
competitive business to be in. With
so many musical styles and influ-
ences and so many more individuals
seeking to make music, the attempt
to be noticed and appreciated can
be a difficult one. The members          that would not fit the format of his
of Hearts Like Lead (Dupo natives        band ‘Delmore’. Delmore was a
Derek Carter and Deric Lindsey)          band consisting primarily of Dupo
are familiar with this despite their     musicians. (Carter, Lindsey, Ted
young age.                               Biermann and Aron Lowrey) Del-
     Hearts Like Lead recently played    more had some moderate success in
Ciceros Restaurant Club in the Uni-      the St Louis area playing clubs like
versity City loop. Ciceros is consid-    Van Patricks, Jailhouse Rock, Pops
ered a stepping stone venue for art-     and the now defunct Creepy Crawl.
ists in the St Louis area who seek to    The band built a respectable follow-
be signed by a recording label. It’s     ing but broke up after a three year
not easy to get added to shows there     run.
with so many artists competing for           Carter, determined to continue
slots. This is the second time that      his musical journey, continued to
Carter has played there, the first for   write and record by himself. Using
Lindsey.                                 the name Hearts Like Lead, Carter
     Hearts Like Lead is a musical       played St Louis clubs like Fubar,
project started by Carter about three    The Firebird and now Ciceros as a
years ago. Initially it was an outlet    solo act. Unsatisfied with how his from acoustic to electric guitar and
for some material he was writing         songs sounded live Carter moved then contacted his life-long friend
                                                                              Lindsey to join him on drums. The
                                                                              result has brought a new energy to
                                                                              the songs that had been missing and
                                                                              those hearing the duo last Saturday
                                                                              at Ciceros are responding.
                                                                                  With the bare bones instrumen-
                                                                              tation comparisons to the ‘White
                                                                              Stripes’ would be not be uncom-
                                                                              mon. But Lindsey’s beats are much
                                                                              more involved and not nearly as
                                                                                              continued page 22

Page 6       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                         
                           Around the Village
                                            Community News
Cahokia YMCA
offers summer
By Monte Miller

     Tired of hearing your kids tell-
ing you they’re bored? Well send
them to camp.
     They don’t have to pack their
clothes or sleep in a tent, All they
have to do is go to the YMCA.
     For the past four summers, the
Cahokia Area YMCA has offered
weekly summer camps for kids            in Spanish.”                            kids enrolled in the camps, but reg-
that exercise their bodies and their         Weekly camp themes this sum-       istration is open and Brown said she
brains.                                 mer include: Getting to know you,       and the YMCA staff would love to
     “We offer a traditional camp       Nature/Go green, Sports, Science,       see more.
with a bit of educational too,” said    Arts, Picture this, Public Safety,           Kids can join the camps each
program director Ann Brown. “The        Technology, Careers and Back to         week prices are $90 per week for
YMCA works with all of the Ca-          School.                                 YMCA members and $120 for non-
hokia schools so we know some of             Brown said the back to school      members.
the kids need a little help.”           week is designed to get kids ready to        Brown explained the YMCA
     The typical day begins around      hit the books again after a summer      also has scholarships available for
9 a.m. with breakfast served by Mi-     free from teachers and homework.        the summer camps and kids are
chelle’s Place daycare and after a      The goal is to get their mindsets       usually not turned away even if
quick break; the kids begin physical    back into learning and not just play-   their parents can’t afford to pay the
fitness activities by 10.               time.                                   full price. The YMCA is also always
     Brown said the children love to         The ages of the campers range      looking for volunteers of all ages.
play the game four-square and the       from six to 12 years old, who are            “We really want to get the mes-
competition can get very heavy.         chaperoned and mentored by kids         sage out,” Brown said. “We have fun
     The children rotate from the       13 to 15 years old.                     and we’re a safe place to be.”
physical fitness exercises to other          The Counselors in Training              For more information on the
activities that help them flex their    not only help out with the younger      YMCA summer day camps feel free
mental muscles. The children are        campers, but also learn valuable life   to contact Ann brown at abrown@
also served lunch at the YMCA if        lessons beneficial to teens.   or by phone at 337-
they can still long enough to eat.           Brown said one of the classes      2217.
     “Each week of camp has a           they were about to begin was fi-             There is a registration fee of $25
theme,” Brown explained. “One           nance or budget 101 to teach the        and CHASI is accepted.
week was green week and another         teens how to manage their money              Look for pictures of the sum-
was international week where the        and the value of a dollar.              mer camp activities in future issues
kids learned how to say a few words          Currently, there are about 50      of the Community Times.                                 Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011               Page 7
Success Story-                                                                   Cahokia Village
Princella Cotton                                                                 Website a Great
July 2011                                                                        source for infor-
    Why Atrium Health Care should
be your #1 Choice of Care!                                                              The village’s website is
    Atrium Health Care & Reha-                                             
bilitation Center of Cahokia would
like to congratulate Princella Cot-                                                     The village’s website is
ton on her successful return home.                                      .
Princella came to Atrium after a                                                        The website has so many
hospitalization and needed Therapy                                               helpful forms, tools, resources,
to get her on the road to recovery.      p Princella Cotton                      calendars, etc. for residents and
She was dependent on her daily care
                                                                                 businesses. Check out the website
and wanted to reach goals to return
                                                                                 as well as make suggestions for
home and live independent.
    She began Atrium Health Care’s                                               what you might want to see at the
Destination Home therapy program                                                 sight.
working on gait training, balance,
transfers, strengthening, and activi-
ties of daily living. Princella worked
with Physical Therapy & Occupa-
tional Therapy daily to reach her
goals to return home and live inde-
pendently again.
    Congratulations to Princella on
her successful return home from
all the staff and residents at Atrium
Health Care. We are happy you are
back home and doing great! If you
or someone you know could benefit
from our Destination Home skilled        p Huffmann School getting a new roof
services at Atrium, please contact       While the kids are away the workers will play. Well actually they will be
Susie at (618) 337-9400.                 working hard to get repairs and renovations done on all of the Cahokia
                                         schools. With summer break half over, the clock is ticking and it will be
                                         just a few short weeks until the halls will be filled with the pitter patter of

Page 8       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                             
Huffhines/Brouhard                    Ean Alexander Niewe-
Engagement                            glowski dedicated

                                                                            Cahokia Public
                                                                            Library District and
                                                                            Dianne Traiteur
                                                                            present the 2011
                                                                            Summer Reading
    Maria Christina Huffhines and         Ean Alexander Nieweglowski
Gregory Ray Brouhard anounce          was dedicated Sunday, July 3, 2011
                                                                               The Theme for this years Sum-
their engagement and wedding          at Bluffview Christian Center -
                                                                            mer Reading Program is A Mid-
plans on Saturday, September 3,       Church of the Nazarene with proud
                                                                            summer Knight’s Read ....Regis-
2011.                                 grandfather Pastor Ronald Hebel of-
    Their ceremony will be held at    ficating the dedication.
                                                                            tration begins on June 7 and will
Bluffview Christian Center in Dupo        Ean is the son of Chris & Lori    continue through June 21st.
with reception in Columbia.           (Hebel) Nieweglowski of Dupo.            Our first performer will be the
                                                                            St.Louis Zoo presenting Wonders
                                                                            of Water on June 28, followed by
                                                                            children’s author Loretta Haynes
                                                                            on July 5. Loretta will be present-
                                                                            ing her new book, 10 Little Pen-
                                                                            nies for some Bubblegum.
                                                                               Serengeti Steve will be bring-
                                                                            ing his snakes and reptiles on July
                                                                               We will have a knight in a real
                                                                            medieval suit of armor to tell us
                                                                            about values and chivalry on July
                                                                               Ms. Dianne asks that you please
                                                                            stop by the library to register, pick
                                                                            up some great books to read and
p A trucker carrying a coiled steal payload tried to make the turn onto join her for some summer fun.
the old Futura drive, only yo find itself out of room and in the ditch. Two
large tow trucks had to be used to get the truck out.                                Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011          Page 9
Levee District                           DuPont Levee District president
                                         Mike Sullivan. “It will satisfy FEMA.
                                                                                 had the same studies done on their
                                                                                 sections of the levees.
has a plan, but                          We’re working with the Corps, but
                                         there is just no funding. Right now
                                                                                     The England based Engineering
                                                                                 firm Amec is conducting the studies
does FEMA                                we are just waiting. ”
                                              Sullivan said there has already
                                                                                 for all of the levee districts.
                                                                                     The entire project to update the
agree?                                   been $2 million spent on the levee
                                         remediation that started with a de-
                                                                                 levee system is estimated to cost
                                                                                 $160 million.
                                         tailed study on the levees which in-        As the wait continues, Sullivan
By Monte Miller                          cluded core samples being drilled       assured residents the levees are fine
                                         and GPS flyovers for mapping.           and in no danger of failing. Nearby
    In 2007, the Federal Emergency            The study started in 2008 after    residents shouldn’t worry about
Management Agency said the levee         money was allocated from St. Clair      them even with the heavy rains
system that projects the metro east      County.                                 we’ve had in the past few weeks.
didn’t meet standards and threat-             “We had to pay 35 percent of the
ened to decertify the levee system       $2 million,” Sullivan said. “Chair-
because of water under seepage           man (Mark) Kern got us the money
through sand under the levees.           to get started. The Corps didn’t have
    This move would have cost the        the money to pay their half either,
region millions in business and          so he got us $1.25 million. St. Clair
cost homeowners who would be             County also joined together with
forced to purchase expensive flood       Madison and Monroe Counties.”
insurance.                                    The levee system in our back-
    Last month, the Prairie Du-          yard was not the only section affect-
Pont/Fish Lake levee district an-        ed. Levees stretching from Alton to
nounced their plans for repairs on       south of Columbia were in jeopardy.
the 14 mile section of levee in East     Sullivan said in addition to Prairie
Carondelet and Cahokia that would        DuPont/Fish Lake, Wood River and
handle a 100 year flood.                 Metro East levee districts have also
    At the same time, the Army
Corps of Engineers has a plan for
repairs to hold a 500 year flood that
would take until 2044 to complete.
The two parties are trying to com-
bine aspects of both plans.
    Although the Corps of Engi-
neers plan in more extensive and in-
volves more renovations, the Corps
doesn’t have the money to pay for
it. On the other hand, the levee dis-
trict does have the money to pay for
    The $18 million plan is expected
to take five years to complete and
will be paid for by a special tax that
was instituted by St. Clair County to
                                         p The Prairie DuPont/Fish Lake levee district have announced a five-
pay for levee repairs.
                                         year $18 million plan to remediate the levees and satisfy requirements set
    “We’ve got the money to do the
                                         forth by FEMA after they threatened to decertify the levees in 2007.
100 year flood plan,” said Prairie

Page 10      Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                            
Levee repairs
will affect land-
By Monte Miller

    The plans for levee remediation
will fix some problems, but nearby
residents and landowners will pay a
bigger price.
    A plan approved recently by
FEMA and implemented by the
Prairie DuPont/Fish Lake levee dis-       p Residents and farmers who own/use land along the levees may soon
trict calls for a couple of remedies to   lose some of their property to new berm blankets and relief wells called
the under seepage problem identi-         for in a remediation plan to keep the levees from being decertified by the
fied by the Federal Emergency Man-        Federal Emergency Management Agency.
agement Agency while inspecting
the levee system in 2007.
    “The engineering company has
suggested berm blankets and relief
wells,” Prairie DuPont Levee District
president Mike Sullivan explained.
“This is just 30 percent of the total
plan, but it satisfies FEMA and is a
100 year flood plan.”
    He explained berm blankets
simply mean adding more soil to the
land side of the levees and extending
the blanket of dirt further out from
the side of the levee.
    The plan calls for about 25 of
                                          p In this aerial shot of Dupo you can see the amount of flooding in the
these berm blankets to be placed
                                          river basin. Bluffview Elementary can be seen in the bottom center of the
in various sizes along the 14 mile
section of the levee covered by the
PDP/Fish Lake district. The same              Sullivan said the berm blankets          “Relief wells are 24 inch wide
recommendations have been made            are the most cost effective to install   pipes that go down to bedrock,”
and should be implemented by the          and there is really no upkeep costs      Sullivan explained. “They allow the
Wood River and Metro East levee           after installation. The additional       water under the levees to rise up
districts to the north.                   dirt that will extend into farm fields   the pipes instead of seeping under
    “Some of these can extend about       and even yards cannot be disturbed,      them.”
300 feet out from the levee,” Sullivan    thus the property will be lost.              Sullivan said the plans call for
said. “Some of them are a half mile           The second remedy recom-             between 180 and 200 of these relief
wide and others are much smaller.         mended to be added to the levee          wells to be installed along the levee
The biggest one is probably a mile        system are relief wells, which will      system at a cost of $60,000 each.
wide.”                                    also affect residents.
                                                                                                    continued page 20                                    Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011            Page 11
                                Business Feature
Safe and Sound: Monday Security
has business locked up in Cahokia
By Monte Miller                           and right, it can make things a little
                                          difficult for a security business, bust
    They protect the things you love      Monday has stayed afloat.
from the people you don’t. That is             “We run this company on hon-
how Monday Security president             esty, sincerity and diligence,” Mar-
Don Marston sums up his company.          ston explained. “You never, ever lie
    Monday Security Corporation,          to a customer and have to be inter-
which specializes in bank safes and       ested in everything they need, even
vaults, moved to Cahokia in 2004          if it is paper clips. In my opinion,
from Webster Groves, where it was         banks will always be around. People
based since 1921.                         want to walk into a real lobby and
    “Moving to Cahokia was the            drive-up windows have become in-
greatest thing we ever did,” Marston      creasingly popular. Nothing will
said. “We were warmly welcomed            ever take the place of polished,          ing back on the market. He would
and made to feel very comfortable.”       warm people.”                             then take the equipment back to St.
    Marston added their location               Marston purchased the compa-         Louis and sell it.
on Route 3 (Mississippi Avenue) is        ny from its founder Toby Monday in              Marston began his security ca-
great for the easy access to St. Louis    1968 on a handshake.                      reer nearly 50 years ago at age 20,
and all of the major interstates near-         Toby Monday was a master             when he began learning the ropes of
by.                                       locksmith, safe mechanic and lock-        safe mechanics.
    “It’s the easiest place to get I’ve   smith. When he moved to St. Louis,              “I’ m a hard-working farm boy,
ever worked,” he said. “Everybody         he would get up at 3 a.m. and listen      who does what he is told to do and
is happy with the location and the        to the radio for burglaries.              whatever is necessary,” Marston
building is excellent.”                        Most people that burglarize          said. “Opening safes is hard work.
    Monday Security Corporation           safes don’t get into them. He would       It’s a good profession, but you’ll nev-
deals in everything from refurbish-       then show up and open the safes           er get rich at it. It’s fun to be able to
ing 150 year old safes to the latest      that had been damaged. That’s how         help people.”
and greatest state of the art secu-       he got started and after a while, he            Although his shop in Cahokia
rity systems. The company also spe-       was being called on a regular basis       is filled with safes, vault doors and
cializes in banking needs from the        to open burglarized safes.                safe deposit boxes of all shapes
ground up.                                     Because there were no large se-      and sizes, some dating back to the
    “I don’t think there is a bank in     curity companies in St. Louis, Mon-       1850’s, waiting for refurbishing, his
this area that we haven’t sold some-      day began working for the larger          true love is for the large bank vault
thing to,” Marston said. “We can do       dealers, installing their products        doors that can weigh up to 40,000
anything from purchasing property,        into banks and businesses.                pounds.
engineering, architecture and con-             When the stock market crashed,             “There is nothing more roman-
struction of banking facilities. We       banks began to fail; Monday would         tic or makes more of a statement
can make it real easy if you want to.”    come into towns where the bank had        than a round vault door,” Mar-
    When your business depends            closed, buy the building, take the        ston said. “After the installation, a
on banks and banks are closing left       equipment out and have the build-         30,000-pound swinging vault door

Page 12       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                                
is so well balanced it can be opened
and closed with two fingers.”
     All of the installation and refur-
bishing of the old vault doors is done
by hand and that can sometimes be
a tricky process.
     “They are some of the most
beautiful things ever made,” Mar-
ston said. “And, they were only
made in one spot and that’s right
here in the U.S.”
     Marston told the story of install-
ing a 40,000-pound door in a bank
in Denver with a floor that was a bit
     “I told the people at the bank
that they had to shore up the floor       like the ones in movies.                  ventory that also includes safes of all
or they were going to die,” Marston            Systems, such as high tech retina,   shapes and sizes, safe deposit boxes
said. “If they didn’t shore it up, I      fingerprint and biometric scanners,       and anything else you can think of
was going to leave the door on their      as well as infra-red and temperature      that locks or keeps people, places or
front steps.”                             controlled security systems.              things secure.
     The men laid three sheets of         “Retina scans are stupid,” Marston
three quarter inch plywood and on         said. “If you have a bad cold or an
top of that laid steel strips to move     eye injury, the scan doesn’t work
the door into place.                      and you’re locked out. Thumbprints
     “The chairman of the board of        are the same way. If you hurt your
the bank was watching us and talk-        hand, your fingerprint changes.
ing,” Marston said. “I told him that           “Biometrics (x-ray) is the best
he had to be quiet so I could listen to   approach. Even if you have an inju-
the floor to hear if it was giving way.   ry, the scan will pick up three of the
I sent him, his family and everyone       five points in your hand. The pos-
else to the mezzanine to watch qui-       sibility of someone duplicating that
etly.”                                    is 1 in 100 million.”
     The men put 200 braces in the             Since moving to Cahokia, Mar-
basement to hold up the floor, and        ston said business is thriving. He
once t, and once the door was in          hasn’t had a vacation in 43 years and
place Marston asked the chairman’s        doesn’t plan on retiring any time
young daughter to close the door for      soon.
the first time.                           “A lot of things are exactly the same
     “She was a very small girl. I        as they were when I started,” Mar-
asked her if she had ever moved           ston said. “Now, we’re not just pro-
40,000 pounds of metal,” Marston          tecting the money, we’re protecting
said. “She said ‘no’ and then easily      the people that have it.”
swung the door shut with two fin-              A row of refurbished safes,
gers                                      some more than 150 years old, sit in
     Monday doesn’t just do safes and     the warehouse at Monday Security
vaults. They are also on the cutting      Corporation in Cahokia. These are
edge of electronic security systems       just a small part of the massive in-                                    Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011               Page 13
Tasers: A shock-                           has been controversial.
                                               “We have not encountered any

ing tool for law                           issues with the Tasers when dealing
                                           with the threat to officers or citizens

enforcement                                in the course of law enforcement
                                           duties,” Jones explained. “ However,
                                           we have encountered battery prob-
By Monte Miller                            lems with the Tasers.
                                               Jones added most of those issues
    In early 2004, the Cahokia Police      were with the original Tasers.
department began carrying Tasers               “Last year, our department pur-
on patrols throughout the village. At      chased new X26 Tasers for all the
the time, the Taser was the newest         patrol officers and those issues were
tool in the arsenal.                       resolved,” he said. “The X26 taser are    suspect is fine and shows no ill ef-
    “I feel the Taser is a great tool in   a smaller, lighter version of the M26.    fects from the Taser.
law enforcement, of course I believe       The X26 fits nicely on the officer’s          Some Tasers are also equipped
the best tool is a police canine,” Ca-     duty belt.”                               with a laser sighting system and
hokia Police Chief James Jones said.           Tasers are controlled energy          uses replaceable cartridges that are
“In some circumstances, the officer        weapons that use propelled wires to       a one-time use item. The cartridges
gains compliance with the combat-          conduct energy that affects the sen-      contain a capsule of compressed ni-
ive suspect by just removing the           sory and motor skill.                     trogen that fire the electrodes out at
Taser from the holster and advising            A Taser is considered a “less than    160 feet per second.
what could take place if the suspect       lethal” weapon that can be fired at           When the Taser is fired, two
continues to disobey an order.”            a distance of up to 21 feet and im-       wires shoot out of a cartridge and
    Since local police departments         mediately knocks the suspect down         stick into a suspect.
began using Tasers, the case of of-        with a 26 amp current of electricity.         The probes that shoot out of the
ficer injury have gone down, due to            The current attacks the central       cartridge need only be two and a
less physical contact between the of-      nervous system without affecting          half inches from the skin to be effec-
ficers and rowdy subjects.                 the heart rate, vital organs or leaving   tive thus, the Taser will still work if
    “The Taser allows an officer in        any permanent marks on the skin.          someone is wearing multiple layers
to avoid a hand to hand battle with            The electric current cycles for       of clothing or a heavy coat.
a combative suspect,” Jones said.          five seconds, or until the trigger is
“Since the institution of the Taser,       pulled again. After the cycle the                           continued page 22
officers injured as the result of a
combative suspect have been greatly
lowered, saving the Village of Ca-
hokia money in regards to worker’s
compensation cases.”
    They have also reduced the use
of pepper spray, which can subdue
a subject, but it also contaminates
the arresting officer and innocent
bystanders as well.
    Although Tasers have been in use
by thousands of police departments
around the country, and the overall
reports are positive, there have been
a few cases involving Taser use that

Page 14       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                                
Cahokia hosts air show performers
By Monte Miller                         just feet of each other as they per-      and made their way out of the other
                                        form numerous aerobatic maneu-            air traffic and headed out over Co-
     The skies above Cahokia and        vers like barrel rolls, loops and flips   lumbia and Millstadt before the
Dupo were alive with the sound of       all at break-neck speeds.                 pilots really showed their stuff per-
stunt and military planes Friday as           The team exclusively flies the      forming their aerobatics flawlessly.
the Fair St. Louis air show perform-    North American AT-6 Texan, which              After several hair raising stunts
ers made their practice runs.           first appeared in 1938. It was origi-     the planes made their way back over
     As it has for many years, St.      nally designed as a training plane        Cahokia and performed a few low
Louis Downtown Airport was host         for the newborn Army Air Corps.           speed passes over the neighborhood
to the flyers and their wide array of   The Texan was the primary trainer         surrounding the airport. After a
stunt and historic planes.              during World War II for pilots that
     The planes began arriving          later flew the P-51 Mustang, F4U
Thursday evening, and Friday the        Corsair, P-40 Warhawk and many
airport was buzzing with activity as    other of the early fighter planes.
the air acts made last minute preps           The AT-6 Texan has a wingspan
and took media and VIPs on flights      of 42 feet and a length of 29 and half
to show off their skills.               feet. It’s maximum take-off weight
     The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team       is 5,617 pounds, with a maximum
is just one of the dozens of flyers     level speed of 212 miles per hour.
performing at the 2001 Fair St. Lou-    The normal operating range is 870
is.                                     miles.
     The Aeroshell team of four pi-           The flight began as any other
lots have been performing for more      as the planes taxi out to the runway
than 20 years and have amassed          and wait for take-off clearance from
thousands of hours of flight time in    the tower.
front of air show audiences all over          When clearance is given, the
the country.                            planes take off one by one, but soon
     Pilots Bryan Regan, Mark Hen-      join each other in formation, just a
ley, Steve Gustafson and Gene Mc-       few feet apart at the wingtips.
Neely fly their vintage planes within   The quartet flew south over Dupo

                                                                                                   continued page 16                                  Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011             Page 15
flourish of a finish, the planes were
safely back on terra firma.
    Unfortunately, for the pilots,
they only had a few minutes rest and
were already prepping their planes
for a special private air show Friday
    The planes and their pilots will
be in Cahokia the entire weekend
and will be performing several air
shows on the St. Louis Riverfront
for the Fourth of July weekend.
    Air shows are scheduled for
noon and 4:30 p.m. on July 2, noon
and 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 3 and
1:30 on Monday July 4th.
B ut, if you live in Cahokia, all you   Why drive, when history is right
really need to do is go in your back-
yard, look up in the sky and you’re     here?
almost guaranteed to see something
special.                                By Monte Miller                          visitors to stay open, the historic
    Special thanks to Dwayne Hoff-                                               Martin-Boismenue house located
mann for his assistance in photo-            With gas prices through the         on Water Street in north Dupo has
graphing the flight and the planes      roof and the economy struggling,         been shuttered since 2008 and all of
on the ground.                          wouldn’t you like to take an historic    its artifacts were moved to the Ca-
                                        trip back in time and it hardly cost a   hokia sites.
                                        thing? Well you can.                          Maintenance is still done on the
                                             Hidden behind the Cahokia           property, but it is no longer open to
                                        village hall is one of the oldest and    the public regularly.
                                        most historically significant land-           The iconic courthouse was built
                                        marks in St. Clair County and even       as a residence around 1740, when
                                        all of Illinois.                         present-day Illinois was a colony of
                                             The Cahokia Courthouse has          France.
                                        been a fixture in the community for           In 1793, the structure was pur-
                                        many years, but there are some resi-     chased by the Common Pleas Court
                                        dents that have either never been or     of the United States Northwest Ter-
                                        take it for granted.                     ritory and subsequently became a
                                             Even if you are not that big on     center of territorial political and le-
                                        history, if you live in Cahokia or       gal activity.
                                        Dupo, this is part of your heritage.          The building is historically sig-
                                             During the spring, summer and       nificant as the oldest courthouse in
                                        fall, the courthouse and nearby Jar-     Illinois and the only one remaining
                                        rot Mansion receive about 300 visi-      from the state’s territorial period
                                        tors each month.                         (1787-1818).
                                             As with most state funded pro-           For twenty-four years the Ca-
                                        grams in Illinois the local historic     hokia Courthouse served as a U.S.
                                        sites have suffered.                     territorial courthouse and an im-
                                             Although the courthouse and         portant center of political activity in
                                        Jarrot Mansion still get enough          the Old Northwest.

Page 16      Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                             
     By 1814, with St. Clair County’s
jurisdiction decreasing to its present
size, demands for a centrally located
county seat, and floods constantly
threatening Cahokia, the county
seat was moved to the newly created
town of Belleville.
     In addition to serving as a pri-
vate residence, post office, county
seat, and courthouse, it has also
been a town hall, school and even a
saloon. The building itself has also
been well traveled and was almost
lost to history.
     By 1901, the condition of the
building had deteriorated so badly it
was just being used as storage shed
for farm equipment.                      p      The Cahokia Courthouse, Jarrot Mansion and Martin-Boismenue
     The Courthouse was moved to         House are time capsules that offer a look into early life in our area, the
St. Louis for the 1904 World’s Fair,     Jarrot Mansion and Cahokia Courthouse receive about 300 visitors each
and in 1906 to Chicago’s Jackson         month, but the Boismenue House in north Dupo has been shuttered since
Park, where it stood until 1939 when     2008.
it was moved back to Cahokia.
     At that time, an extensive arche-   with historical pictures of the differ-        The Cahokia courthouse and
ological dig began on the original       ent shapes and forms the structure         related sites are open to the pub-
courthouse grounds on Elm Street.        has taken over its 250-year plus life.     lic Tuesday through Saturday from
During the dig, the original, 2-feet     The displays also contains everyday        8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is closed Sun-
thick foundation was found and the       items unearthed in the archeologi-         day, Monday and all major holidays.
courthouse reconstructed on the          cal dig of the late 1930’s and histori-    For more information call 332-1782.
site.                                    cal accounts of the buildings role as      Admission is free.
     The courthouse was rededicated      a post office and a look at life at life
in May of 1940 and has been a fix-       in the colonial times.
ture ever since.
     One other interesting piece of
history from the Cahokia Court-
house was the six month visit of ex-
plorers Lewis and Clark.
     In the winter of 1803, the pair
and their entourage began using the
courthouse, which was the then the
center of government in the area, as
a place to send and receive informa-
tion from then president Thomas
Jefferson through the westernmost
post office in the United States.
     Inside the courthouse are fea-
tured displays detailing Lewis and
Clark’s visit as the physical history
of the building itself brought to life                                   Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011              Page 17
         sports from the grizzlies den
Grizzlies Split Double Header                                                       fourth in the league. Parker has 13
                                                                                    doubles, 7 home runs and four sto-
                                                                                    len bases.
     The Gateway Grizzlies and            phens and Luis Rivera home runs.              Lisk, who was selected as the
Washington Wild Things split a            The Grizzlies scored twice in the         starting designated hitter for the
doubleheader on Monday at GCS             third on an Agreste two-run single.       contest, leads the league with 44
Ballpark in front of 5,872, the third     Washington tacked on a run in the         runs batted in. In 39 games, he is
largest crowd of the season. The          fifth and two more in the sixth to get    batting .329 with 14 doubles, one
Grizzlies took game one 7-4 and           a 9-3 win and salvage the double-         triple and seven home runs. Lisk
Washington upended Gateway 9-3            header split. Ryan Juarez (0-1) took      is fourth in the league with 22 ex-
in game two. The win in game one          the loss for Gateway, giving up five      tra base hits and fifth with 90 total
gave the Grizzlies the series win,        runs in 2 2/3 in his first professional   bases.
their first in a month.                   start.                                        Brackman, who picked up his
     In game one, the Wild Things                                                   league leading sixth win Saturday
scored three runs on two hits in the      FOUR GRIZZLIES MAKE THE                   evening is currently sitting on a
first inning off of Grizzlies starter     ALL-STAR GAME                             6-2 record for the 2011 season. He
Blake Barber. Chris Sidick drove                                                    is currently tied for first with nine
in a run on a single, Derek Perren             The Gateway Grizzlies have an-       starts and leads the Frontier League
had a sacrifice fly and another Wild      nounced that four players have been       with 64 1/3 innings pitched. Brack-
Things run scored on a Barber wild        selected to the 2011 Frontier League      man carries a 2.24 ERA (fifth in the
pitch.                                    All-Star Game. First baseman Lo-          league) and is second with 55 strike-
     Gateway (17-25) came back            gan Parker,Catcher Charlie Lisk,          outs.
though to take a 4-3 lead in the          pitchers Mark Brackman and Chris              Enourato, who took over the
fourth inning. After DJ Fitzgerald        Enourato will represent the West          closer role a few weeks ago, came
grounded out, Brian Harris ripped a       Division in the mid-summer clas-          to the Grizzlies this past off-season
single to left and Joe Agreste drove      sic to be held at Lake Eries’ All Pro     after being released by the Toronto
him in on his first triple of the sea-    Freight Stadium on July 13th.             Blue Jays organization. In 16 games,
son. Logan Parker and Charlie Lisk             Lisk has been selected the previ-    he leads the Grizzlies pitching staff
then followed with back-to-back           ous four seasons. Parker and Brack-       in appearances and holds a team
home runs, the eighth of the season       man will be making their second ap-       best 0.44 ERA. He has three saves
for both of them.                         pearance while Enourato’s selection       to go along with 20 strikeouts in 20
     Gateway tacked on three more         is his first in the Frontier League.      2/3 innings pitched.
runs on three hits in the fifth to take   “I am very proud of these players,”
a 7-3 lead. Agreste drove in a run on     said Grizzlies Manager Phil Warren.       CRUSHERS EDGE GRIZZLIES,
a single and Parker knocked home          “They are deserving of this opportu-      TAKE SERIES
two with a double. Nick Walters (1-       nity and I know they will represent
1) got the win for Gateway, throw-        the Grizzlies and the West Division           Lake Erie scored three runs
ing a scoreless inning of relief. Rich-   accordingly.” Heading into Mon-           in the eighth and ninth innings to
ard Barrett went 1 2/3 to notch his       day’s contest, Parker and Lisk sit        break a 1-1 tie and edge Gateway
first save of the summer.                 first and second in batting average       4-1 on Wednesday evening at GCS
     In game two, Washington (17-         for the Grizzlies.                        Ballpark. The loss was the fifth for
24) scored once in the second and              In 38 games, Parker leads the        the Grizzlies in five games against
three times in the fifth to take a        Grizzlies and is sixth in the league      the Crushers this season. In ad-
6-0 lead that they would never re-        with a .340 batting average. His          dition the Grizzlies have now lost
linquish. The Washington third in-        38 RBI’s are good for second in the       three games in a row.
ning was highlighted by Eric Ste-         league along with 33 runs scored for          Kent Gerst got the Grizzlies on

Page 18       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                              
the board in the first inning with his   seven batters of the game reached
first home in a Gateway (17-27) uni-     base against Gateway starter Brad
form. Gerst, who hit just one homer      Stone. Kyle Shaffer capped off the
in 82 games last season with Windy       big first inning for Lake Erie with a
City and Southern Illinois, went         grand slam to right field.
deep over the right field wall.              Gateway made the score 7-2 in
     Patrick Norris delivered a two-     the third on a two-run home run by
out RBI single in the fourth for Lake    Joe Agreste, his fifth of the season.
Erie (20-24), tying the game at one.     But Lake Erie extended their lead
Norris struck again in the eighth        with two runs in the fourth. Nick
for Lake Erie. In a 1-1 game, Nor-       Mahin drove in a run on a single
ris drove in two on a double down        and Andrew Davis scored a run            “It doesn’t even matter how much
the right field line to give his team    with a double. Gateway finished off      we are struggling at that time, when
a 3-1 lead. The Crushers added an        the scoring in the sixth inning, get-    he’s out there on the mound, we feel
insurance run in the ninth on a Joel     ting a solo home run from Charlie        like we have a good chance to win
Collins RBI single.                      Lisk, his team-best ninth of the sea-    every time.”
     Gateway starter Corey Davisson      son.                                          As the undisputed ace and one
and Lake Erie starter Josh Roberts                                                of the few bright spots of a supreme-
(4-3) dueled throughout the major-       A SMOKIN’ ACE                            ly talented yet underachieving Griz-
ity of the game. Davisson gave the                                                zlies team, the Kansas City, MO na-
Grizzlies 5 1/3 innings, while sur-           Entering the 2011 season among      tive was one of four Gateway players
rendering only one run. Roberts          the top five in wins, strikeouts, and    to be selected to the 2011 Frontier
gave up just one run for Lake Erie in    innings pitched in Gateway Grizzlies     League all-star game. To Brackman,
seven innings of work to notch the       history, the expectations were quite     a second straight appearance in the
win. Ruben Flores pitched the final      high for Mark Brackman’s third sea-      midsummer classic is a symbol of
two innings to get the save, his sev-    son with the Grizzlies. And much to      success that will never be taken for
enth of the season, for the Crushers.    the dismay of the majority of eleven     granted. “It’s always humbling when
     The Grizzlies were scheduled        other teams in the Frontier League,      you are chosen for something like
to end their six-game home stand         Brackman has more than lived up to       that,” said the William Jewel Col-
on Thursday against the Lake Erie        that hype.                               lege product. “For what we’ve been
Crushers but persistent rain forced           Fresh off a winter of playing       through, as a baseball player, for me
cancellation. Thursday night’s game      baseball across the world for the Ad-    to be able to participate in an event
was also scheduled to be Ladies          elaide Bite of the Australian Baseball   like that with Charlie (Lisk), Logan
Night at the Ballpark, highlighted by    League, the 26-year-old has argu-        (Parker) and Chris (Enourato) will
the Diamond Dig! Both the game           ably been the most dominant pitch-       be something that I’ll will certainly
and the promotion will be resched-       er in the Frontier League over the       always remember.“
uled.                                    first month and a half of play.               For someone who was a 12th
                                              Brackman, who went 10-0 for         round selection in the 2007 MLB
GRIZZLIES DROP SERIES                    the Grizzlies in the second-half of      Draft by the Detroit Tigers, the two
OPENER                                   the 2010 season, is currently tied       consecutive all-star appearances is
                                         for the Frontier League lead in wins     just a small-stepping stone in a ca-
    The Lake Erie Crushers piled on      with six, while being second among       reer that has seen substantial im-
seven runs in the first inning and       starters in ERA (2.24) and tied for      provement since his two seasons in
cruised to a 9-3 win over the Gate-      fourth in strikeouts with 55. “At the    affiliated baseball. “Since he’s come
way Grizzlies at GCS Ballpark on         point of the season that we are at, it   here to Gateway, Mark has made the
Tuesday night. The Crushers scored       is almost like we are counting down      transition from being more of
seven runs on six hits to open the       the days until Mark pitches,” said
scoring in the first inning. The first   Grizzlies field manager Phil Warren.                      continued page 20                                   Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011            Page 19
Grizzlies continued                       Feelin’ Crabby?
a thrower to being a pitcher,” said
Warren. “Not only does that come
from experience, but it also comes
with work ethic. Since I’ve been
coaching, I haven’t seen a pitcher
who works harder than Mark.”
    That transition and work ethic
that Warren speaks so fondly of is
one that Brackman himself has ac-
knowledged. “As I told Phil (War-
ren) earlier this week, I honestly feel
like I am still improving every time
I get out there on the mound,” said
Brackman. “Until I stop having that
feeling, I guess I can take that as I
am still moving in the right direc-

                                          p Cahokia Area YMCA volunteer Sandy Eversman brought in a creepy
Levee continued                           crawly friend into the YMCA summer camp this week to show to the kids.
                                          Eversman brought in the crab (which had expired) and other shells and
                                          beach items from her recent trip to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. As a
     A main concern for these wells       special treat, and for being good, all of the kids got to try their first taste of
is the flooding it may cause since the    salt water taffy…after their lunch of course.
plans call only for ditches to be dug
without lift stations.
     A 500 year flood plan issued by
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
calls for pump stations, but the
Corps does not have the money to
fund their project expected to take
until 2044 to complete.
     Sullivan said their plan will be
somewhat invasive, but it will fix the
problems FEMA thinks there are
with the levees.
     He also assured that all residents
that might be affected by the levee
fixes will be notified and met with
before any work begins.
     Once started, the burm blanket
and relief wells work is expected to
take five years and have a price tag
of $18 million.

Page 20       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                                
Operation Miles for Smile: Dupo
native bikes across country for
By Monte Miller                           ate surgery.
                                              Given that $240 will cover the
    When you smile the whole              cost of a child receiving an op-
world smiles with you. Thanks to          eration, Gould decided to aim for
one Dupo native Nick Gould, the           100 smiles which transpires into
world and 100 children will be smil-      a $24,000 goal. He named the
ing even more.                            campaign, Operation: Miles for
    Gould, 25, is the leader of a group   Smiles, gathered a committee and
of volunteers that gathered together      launched his own website.
to raise funds for 100 corrective cleft       Because of Operation: Miles
lip and cleft palate surgeries by em-     for Smiles, 13 children have al-
barking on a cross country bicycling      ready been given a free operation.
expedition.                               Gould knew the project was am-
    This campaign aims to assist          bitious and the campaign started
Operation Smile in their mission to       with a budget of only $240 donat-        p      Dupo Native Nick Gould re-
promote awareness about cleft lips        ed by his parents Mike and Phyliss       cently finished a 3,000 mile char-
and cleft palates and to provide free     Gould, also of Dupo.                     ity bike ride across the U.S. to raise
corrective surgeries.                         A single donation of $240 will       money for Operation smile.
    “When I decided to ride his           cover the cost of a 45 minute op-
bike across America for a charity I       eration procedure that will heal the     Nick Gould grew up in Dupo and
thought back to my kindergarten           smile of a child.                        is an alumnus of the Illinois School
classroom where a teacher gave me             “I chose to ride for Operation       for the Deaf in Jacksonville, Illinois,
a fortune cookie that read, “Your         Smile because I often wondered           and Gallaudet University (a world
smile will change the world”,” Gould      how a single individual can change       renown liberal arts college for the
explained. “That fortune that stuck       the world,” Gould said. “There are       deaf) where he earned his Bach-
with me for 21 years. So, I began re-     a lot of big problems that need to be    elors’ in English and Communica-
searching non-profit organizations        fixed, but they all require big money,   tion Studies.
that believed in the power of a smile     big connects and big solutions.”             He recently graduated from
and discovered Operation Smile.”              Throughout the ride, Gould and       American University in Washington
    Gould, along with three other         his traveling companions use so-         D.C. where he earned a Master’s De-
cyclists who are also deaf, planned       cial networking sites like Facebook,     gree in Public Communication. In
the cross country bicycle tour to         Twitter and YouTube to keep their        the future, Nick hopes to find a job
raise $24,000 for Operation Smile.        friends and contributors updated on      in consulting and hopes to one day
    The 3,000 mile ride began May         their progress. During the trek, the     start his own non-profit organiza-
18th in Venice Beach California and       group amassed nearly 500 followers.      tion.
ended June 30th in St. Augustine,             For more information or to do-           Gould has a quite a few family
Florida, raising $4,100.                  nate to Operation Miles for Smiles       members living in the Dupo area
    Operation Smile is an award           you can go to their website at           including grandparents, siblings,
winning non-profit organization , where you can         cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, neph-
that provides children in developing      also map the route the team took         ews and in-laws.
countries free cleft lip and cleft pal-   across the southwest.                                    Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011              Page 21
Taser continued                           combative suspect, if an officer re- Hearts continued
                                          moves a Taser from their holster,
     The electrical current produced      please obey what the officer tells you simplistic as those made by Meg
by the Taser is not transferred body      to do.”                                White. Carter’s guitar licks may not
to body so multiple officers can sub-                                            be on the same par with Jack White
due a suspect without the officers                                               yet, but his sense of melody and his
being shocked.                                                                   ability to communicate through his
     To better protect police depart-                                            lyrics is impressive. For more on
ments, information inside the Taser                                              Hearts Like Lead check them out at
can be downloaded into a comput-                                        You
er to show each time the trigger is                                              can listen to their music there and
pulled.                                                                          receive more info about the band.
     Plus, the information cannot be
tampered with because as soon as
the gun is cracked open it is auto-
matically destroyed. Each cartridge
has a serial number that is recorded
for safety purposes as well.
     The Tasers operate on eight
double A batteries and deliver a cur-
rent of 26 amps.
     Before officers are allowed to
carry Tasers, they must go through
a training session that includes
classroom testing and they must
also take a hit from the Taser to fully
appreciate the effects of the weapon
before using it on a suspect.
     “I was trained with the Taser in
2004. I was one of four officer lined
up, arms interlocked. I was in the
middle. The two officers on the end
were attached with the wires from
the Taser,” Jones recalled. “We took
a one second “zap” from the Taser.
The voltage (up to 50,000 volts) trav-
eled from one wire to the other wire,
“zapping” all four of us. The feeling
was horrible and that was only a one
second blast.”
     Chief Jones also added a bit of a
warning to anyone that may come in
contact with Cahokia police while
they are performing their duties.
     “When an officer deploys a
Taser with a combative suspect, the
blast (cycle) is five seconds long,”
Jones said. “I would suggest to any

Page 22       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                          
                             state government
Senate Week in Review: July 4 - 8
     Okawville, Ill. - A report re-      way through the fiscal year played
cently issued by a state financial       the key role in the increase, as did
oversight commission shows state         the tax amnesty program which oc-
budget growth in Fiscal Year (FY)        curred in the fall.”
2011 was almost completely reliant           The state collected a 67 percent    Police in response to a Freedom of
on revenues from the January tax         increase in personal income taxes,      Information Act (FOIA) request.
hike, rather than from economic          which Senator Luechtefeld pointed           Prompted by concerns that re-
growth or job creation, while in oth-    out reflects the 67 percent tax hike.   leasing the FOID information could
er news State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld      COGFA’s report also shows that          be used by criminals and commer-
(R-Okawville) said that a major-         much of the state’s budget growth       cial solicitors, and could lead to
ity of board members at the Illinois     came in the form of one-time rev-       more straw purchases of guns or
Student Assistance Commission            enue injections, such as the state’s    non-compliance with registration
(ISAC) were replaced this week in        2010 tax amnesty program, pro-          laws, many lawmakers spoke against
response to controversy surround-        ceeds from the sale of tobacco set-     the release of the sensitive informa-
ing the state’s College Illinois! pre-   tlement bonds, interfund borrow-        tion. Proponents of House Bill 3500
paid tuition program.                    ing and money from federal sources      said that while they support FOIA
     Additionally, legislation to pro-   and match dollars.                      laws, releasing FOID information
tect the rights of gun owners was            Senate Republicans have con-        would compromise the privacy and
signed into law.                         sistently advocated that growing        safety of card holders.
     The Commission on Govern-           the economy and creating jobs is
ment Forecasting and Accountabil-        a better way to stimulate revenue
ity (COGFA) issued a report show-        growth. Without cutting spending
ing that FY 2011 budget growth was       and increasing employment, it will
due in large part to the 67 percent      be impossible to roll-back the “tem-
tax increase pushed though the Leg-      porary” tax increase as promised by
islature during the January lame-        Democrats in January.
                                                                                 State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld (R-
duck session.                                This week, the Governor signed
                                                                                 Okawville) q
     The Commission reported that        numerous bills, including legislation
base revenues grew $3.398 billion        that would prohibit the disclosure of
during the fiscal year, noting, “Obvi-   the names or information of Fire-
ously, the tax changes enacted half-     arm Owner’s Identification (FOID)
                                         card holders and applicants. House
                                                              Bill 3500/PA
                                                              97-0080 was
                                                              introduced in
                                                              response to a
                                                              decision issued
                                                              by the Attorney
                                                              General’s office
                                                              that asserted
                                                              FOID informa-
                                                              tion should be
                                                              released by the
                                                              Illinois State                                  Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011            Page 23
Weekly Devotional                                                                       power, and it’s not just because God
                                                                                        has given me the power to do a one-
                                                                                        eighty in many areas of my life, it’s
                                                                                        because this book, his Word, tells us
The 180 Degree Power of God                                                             that there is no situation beyond the
                                                                                        power of God to save.
Psalm 107:1-43                              also gave his life to Christ. He’s been     	 •	 If	 you	 feel	 like	 you	 are	 going	
                                            clean for 20 years now. He’s 69 years       nowhere while your life is ebbing
By Steve May                                old, he still tours, still sings rock and   away, cry out to the Lord in your
                                            roll, and he also works with drug           trouble, and he will deliver you from
     The name Chuck Negron may              counseling and intervention pro-            your distress. The Bible says...
not be immediately recognizable,            grams.                                      (v. 7) He led them by a straight way
but you have probably heard his                  I find Chuck’s story inspiring for     to a city where they could settle...
music. For more than a decade he            a couple of reasons. One, because he        (v. 8) ...for he satisfies the thirsty and
sang with the rock band Three Dog           kept trying. He didn’t give up, even        fills the hungry with good things.
Night. Do you remember them?                after one hundred failures.                 God can give your life meaning and
One Is The Loneliest Number...                   The second reason I find Chuck’s       purpose and direction. No more
Eli’s Coming ... An Old Fashioned           story inspiring is because it reminds       wandering.
Love Song ... Mama Told Me Not              that it’s never too late, no one is ever    	 •	If	you	feel	trapped	in	an	emo-
To Come ... Shambala ... Joy To the         too far gone. Chuck Negron ruined           tional prison, bound by chains of
World ... Pieces of April ...               his life, and in most people’s eyes he      iron, cry out to the Lord in your
     For a while Chuck Negron had           was a hopeless cause, but in God’s          trouble, and he will deliver you from
it all. Three Dog Night had eleven          eyes no cause is hopeless. Chuck            your distress. The Bible says...
top ten hits and sold 50 million re-        Negron went from singing rock, to                (v. 14) He brought them out of
cords. He was rich. He was famous.          smoking rock, to standing on the            darkness and the deepest gloom and
He was on top of the world. He had          rock. He did a complete one-eighty          broke away their chains...
everything -- including an addiction        in his life.                                     (v. 16) for he breaks down gates
to heroin. No matter how hard he                                                        of bronze and cuts through bars of
tried, he just couldn’t shake it. Dur-      IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE                     iron.
ing the course of his career he made        YOU’VE BEEN                                      God can free you from the pris-
more than 100 attempts at rehabili-                                                     on of despair, and he can fill your
tation -- including 35 hospitals stays          Many people have said, “It’s too        life with hope and light and a bright
-- and yet he failed again and again.       late. I’ve done too much wrong. I’ve        future.
     His addiction finally destroyed        gone too far. I’ve wasted too many          	 •	If	sin	has	made	you	miserable	
his career, and he hit rock bottom          second chances. There’s no point            and taken every good thing from
-- no pun intended. Drugs had tak-          in trying anymore.” Most people’s           your life, cry out to the Lord in your
en everything he had. He even sold          stories aren’t as desperate as Chuck        trouble, and he will deliver you from
his gold records to buy cocaine. He         Negron’s, but they are just as dis-         your distress. The Bible says...
wound up living on the floor of an          couraging. It’s discouraging to fight            (v. 20) He sent forth his word and
East L.A. crack house. It appeared          a losing battle with any problem or         healed them; he rescued them from
that Chuck Negron had lost every-           any sin. It’s very easy for us to yield     the grave.
thing. And he almost had. He lost           to the temptation of thinking, “It’s             The power of sin may be de-
everything in the world except hope.        too late for me.”                           stroying your life and it may even
     In spite of all his failed attempts,       I’m here today to tell you that it’s    be killing you ... but the power of sin
he tried one more time. He entered          not too late. It’s never too late. The      is no match for the power of God’s
a program called “Cry Help” and             reason I say this is not just because in    mercy and the power of the blood of
finally, after 20 years of failure, he      the course of my ministry I’ve seen         Jesus. You can be forgiven. And not
won the battle. During this time he         countless lives turned around by the        only forgiven, you can be healed --

Page 24       Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                                    
and I love that the psalmist used this    no way of earning money. She also         lage where she grew up was, in too
word. It’s like sin a sickness and we     knew that when pride meets hun-           many ways, too far away.
need the cure. Praise God, we have        ger, a human will do things that              When she reached the bottom
the cure in Jesus. Your lifeless spirit   were before unthinkable. So, Maria        of the stairs, her eyes caught a fa-
can be rescued from the grave, you        began her search in Rio’s bars, ho-       miliar face. She looked again, and
can be healed and be given new life       tels, nightclubs, and any other place     there on the lobby mirror was a
in Christ.                                with a reputation for street walkers      small picture of her mother. Chris-
	 •	If	your	life	is	just	one	crisis	af-   or prostitutes. At each place she left    tina’s eyes burned and her throat
ter another, one disaster after anoth-    her picture -- taped on a bathroom        tightened as she walked across the
er, and no amount of running and          mirror, tacked to a hotel bulletin        room and removed the small photo.
chasing and pursuing seems to be          board, fastened to a corner phone         Written on the back was an irresist-
enough, cry out to the Lord in your       booth. And on the back of each            ible invitation. “Whatever you have
trouble, and he will deliver you from     photo she wrote a note. It wasn’t too     done, whatever you have become, it
your distress. The Bible says...          long before both the money and the        doesn’t matter. Please come home.”
     (v. 29-30) He stilled the storm to   pictures ran out, and Maria had to        And she did.
a whisper; the waves of the sea were      go home.                                      I want you to know that Jesus is
hushed. They were glad when it grew            It was a few weeks later that        saying the same thing to you today.
calm, and he guided them to their de-     young Christina came down the             It doesn’t matter where you’ve been
sired haven.                              stairs of the hotel where she had slept   or what you think you’ve become.
     You can have peace in your life.     the night before. Her face was tired.     Come home, he says. Cry out to me
It doesn’t have to be tumultuous day      Her dark eyes no longer danced            in your trouble. I can turn things
after day after day. God will lead you    with youth but spoke of pain and          around. I can deliver you and free
to a haven, a haven of peace and          fear. Her laughter was broken. Her        you and heal you and save you and
calm. A haven of rest.                    dream had become a nightmare. So          give your life purpose. I can lead
     Max Lucado used to be a mis-         many nights she had longed to trade       you to a city where you can settle. I
sionary in Rio, not far from the com-     those countless beds for her secure       can bring you to a haven of rest. Just
munity I serve. In one of his early       pallet back home. Yet the little vil-     come home.
books (No Wonder They Call Him
Savior) he tells the story about a girl
named Christina who grew up in a
very poor rural part of Brasil, living
in a small wooden house with only a
pallet on the floor, a washbasin, and
a wood-burning stove. Christina
dreamed of a better life in the city,
so one day she left home, breaking
her mother’s heart.
     Knowing what life on the streets
would be like for her young, attrac-
tive daughter, her mother, Maria,
left to find her. Before leaving she
stopped in a drug store, sat in the
photographer’s booth, and took as
many small black and white pic-
tures as she could afford. She then
put them in her purse and boarded
the bus to Rio de Janeiro.
     Maria knew that Christina had                                    Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011             Page 25
CONTAMINATION 2011 -The Sequel                                                     itself to those attending. Although
                                                                                   they are from all over the country
The Midwest’s Premiere Annual Horror,Sci-Fi,                                       (the world in some cases) these ‘cul-
                                                                                   ture geeks’ are a tight knit group.
& Pop Cultural Convention                                                          The friendship and camaraderie
                                                                                   they share is something to be envied.
Story and Photos by Jamie Carter        der (Jason of the ‘Friday the 13th’        Their open, accepting demeanor
                                        films), Brad Loree (Michael Meyers         had this writer feeling at home and
    Conventions and conferences         in ‘Halloween Resurrection’) and           welcome the entire weekend. While
sweep through the St Louis area all     Bill Johnson (Leatherface in ‘The          some may see them as odd, strange
year long. Most of them designed        Texas Chainsaw Massacre’).                 or different because of their interest
to help sell products and services.          But perhaps bigger and more           in horror and science fiction, they
But there are a few that go far be-     interesting than the celebrities, are      are in reality some of the best people
yond that scope. They don’t exist       the convention goers themselves.           you’d ever want to meet. Consider
purely to sell or entertain (although   It’s very interesting to cruise the        me ‘contaminated’.
there’s nothing wrong with that) but    convention floor because you nev-
they celebrate a culture and connect    er know what you might see. All
with individuals who are interested     manner of creatures were floating
in that. Such is the case with ‘Con-    around from dark angels to zombies
tamination 2011’ held at the Shera-     to demons. The effort and manner
ton Chalets in Westport Plaza. Not      with which these people dress them
merely a convention or show for         selves as they attend the convention
commerce, but an event where peo-       is amazing and quite entertaining.
ple from all over the Midwest come           ‘Contamination 2011’ also pro-
to share their enthusiasm and love      vided folks with the opportunity
for horror and science fiction.         to purchase items that indulge the
    In only it’s second year of exis-   horror/sci-fi culture and lifestyle.
tence ‘Contamination’ has become        Clothing, works of art, music, and
one of the biggest events of its kind   literature are all a part of the experi-
in the country, certainly the biggest   ence. You are probably guaranteed
                                                                                   p     Actor Michael Baily Smith -
in the Midwest. Produced by Dyer        to find or see something that you
                                                                                   Men in Black II, The Hills Have Eyes
Straits Productions the event has       haven’t seen before. The person in-
exploded in popularity in just one      terested in collectible items of value
year’s time. This is evidenced by the   would have plenty to see and con-
need of a larger venue this year and    sider.
what celebrities were scheduled to           While ‘Contamination 2011’ was
attend.                                 certainly a celebration of the hor-
    Eric Roberts, ‘Boondock Saints’     ror/sci-fi genres, it was also about
stars Sean Patrick Flannery, David      a sense of community. Before the
Della Rocco and Norman Reedus,          convention ended on Sunday eve-
Sandahl Bergman and her ‘Conan          ning an auction was held to benefit
the Barbarian’ co-star and NFL Hall     the Leukemia Research Foundation.
of Famer Ben Davidson, Dan Shor         A number of items were donated
(Tron, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Ad-     and signed by celebrities attending
venture, Star Trek Voyager), inter-     the event as well as some one of a
national supermodel and actress         kind items donated by others.
Amber Smith, horror film legends             But that sense of community           p Actor Tony Todd - Candyman,
Tony Todd (Candyman), Kane Hod-         carries over from the convention           The Crow and others

Page 26      Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                               
p Actress Layla Perkins of horror   p Dan Shor - Tron, Bill & Teds Ex-   p    David Della Rocco - Star of
films Hellephone, Nightmare Fuel    cellent Adventures                   Boondock Saints

p Emcee and host Dr. Ivan Crypt-    p Harley (r) of the Tim & Harley p Hollow Point Heros performing
nosis                               show with a fan

p NFL Hall of Famer & actor Ben     p Sandahl Bergmann (r) star of       p Sean Patrick Flannery - star of
Davidson                            Conan the Barbarian                  Boondock Saints                             Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011      Page 27

June 28                                conduct                                 July 6
Jeremiah Matlock, Cahokia, retail                                              Alonzo Butler Jr., Cahokia, disor-
theft/pedestrian under the influ-      Jeffrie Nelson, Belleville, intoxica-   derly conduct
ence                                   tion in public
                                                                               Anthony Ciacco, Cahokia, disorder-
Jerry Richmond, Cahokia, breach of July 3                                      ly conduct
peace                               Daniel Beison, Cahokia, resisting/
                                    obstructing                                LeQuess Lofton, East St. Louis, bat-
Jamal Brown, East St. Louis, pedes-                                            tery
trian under the influence/St. Clair Lamarcus Hill, Cahokia, domestic
County warrant                      battery                                Crystal Howard, Cahokia, aggravat-
                                                                           ed battery to a police officer/crimi-
June 30                                Hakeem Lawrence, Cahokia, theft nal trespass/obstructing/resisting
LaShane Conner, East. St. Louis, un-   (felony)
lawful possession of cannabis                                              July 7
                                       Ronald Harland, Cahokia, arrest re- Giovani Oliver, Cahokia, obstruct-
Rena Khoury, Cahokia, illegal burn-    quest (battery)                     ing
                                       July 4
Jasmine Williams, East St. Louis,      Mark Holland, homeless, public in-
disorderly conduct                     toxication

Shequila Davison, East St. Louis,      Derrick Havrell, Cahokia, disorderly
criminal damage to property/St.        conduct
Clair County warrant
                                       Ricardo Wright, Cahokia, pedestri-
July 1                                 an under the influence
Denzel Clay, Cahokia, disorderly
conduct                                Derrick Proctor, Cahokia, disorder-
                                       ly conduct/criminal damage
July 2
Damus Green, Cahokia, battery          July 5
Elliot Shirling, Cahokia, disorderly   Zachary Hartwick, Sherwood, Ar-
conduct                                kansas, burglary

Sharon Ballard, Cahokia, disorderly    Jramuel Holman, Cahokia, disor-
                                       derly conduct

Page 28      Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                          
How to read the                           stance.
                                             The person is charged with pos-
                                                                                     person is charged with aggravated
                                                                                     battery if they strike someone and

Police Blotter                            sessing some type of hard drug.
                                          An example would be cocaine or
                                                                                     cause great bodily harm. Assault with
                                                                                     weapons can also fall under this cat-
                                          methamphetamine. Possessing any            egory.
By Monte Miller                           amount of a controlled substance is a
                                          felony. The person can be held for up      Domestic Battery
    Each week The Community Times         to 48 hours pending review from the           Battery between any type of rela-
provides its readers a look at the po-    prosecuting attorney.                      tive or same household member.
lice logs for the Cahokia Police De-                                                 Members of the same family house-
partment. All information is copied       Obstructing a Peace Officer                hold.
exactly as it is recorded in the police      This is classified as any defiance of
log books at the police station.          a police officer. Giving a false name,     Disorderly Conduct
    Some of the charges listed in the     interfering with an arrest or lying to        Key elements that alarm and dis-
blotter can be a bit confusing to the     an officer.                                turb. This can be a direct threaten-
untrained eye.                                                                       ing gesture or anything that makes
This article is intended to bring some    Criminal damage                            someone else feel threatened.
clarity to the police jargon used in         Intentional damage to any prop-
the blotter each week.                    erty. A house, car or even a trash can.    Resisting
    If someone is charged with an of-     Another aspect of this charge can be          This takes place when an officer
fense or has to appear in court, they     criminal damage to state property,         is attempting to make an arrest. If
are in the blotter. Less than 25 per-     which classifies who owns the prop-        the suspect fights the officer, tries to
cent of the people listed areactually     erty.                                      pull away, runs or becomes offensive
brought in to the police stations                                                    toward the officer while being taken
    Because a person is listed in the     Criminal Trespass                          into custody.
police blotter does not mean they are        Trespass to any property already
guilty or the charges were upheld it      warned not to be on. If a person           Illegal Transportation of Alcohol
is simply what they were arrested or      trespasses at any establishment they       by Driver/Passenger
cited for.                                are banned from or there are no tres-          If the driver or passenger of a mo-
    The following will explain what       passing signs posted.                      tor vehicle has an open alcohol, ei-
some of the more commons listings                                                    ther in the original or any other con-
in the blotter really mean.               Retail Theft                               tainer. Any alcohol transported in a
    The term fugitive or warrant ar-         Theft from a store. Theft of any-       car must be sealed and in the original
rest is the most common charge list-      thing that is offered for sale.            container.
ed in the blotter each week.
This means the person is a fugitive       Disturbing the Peace                       Public Intoxication
from justice. It can be as simple as         Disturbing the peace in an unrea-          If someone is arrested for hanging
not showing up for a court appear-        sonable manner. This can be any-           around an establishment and causing
ance or not paying a fine or speeding     thing from loud music to loud parties      a nuisance while intoxicated.
ticket. It could also mean the person     or gathering in the streets. Before           Although there are many other
is wanted for a crime and hasn’t been     someone is charged with this, many         charges that may appear in the blot-
found yet.                                factors are taken into consideration       ter each week, the ones listed above
    The most common way fugitives         such as time of day.                       are the most common and the defini-
are usually located is through contact                                               tions should help our readers better
with the police in an unrelated man-      Battery                                    understand what they are seeing.
ner like a simple traffic stop. But,         Physical contact of an insulting
there are times the police actively       nature or designed to hurt someone
search for a fugitive.                    such as fighting or striking someone.
                                             Many sexual harassment claims
Possession of a controlled sub-           can fall into this category as well. A                                    Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                Page 29
   Cora Sue Peterson                     son of Trenton, IL, Bruce (Patty) Pe-   cremated. In Lieu of flowers memo-
  (August 24, 1937 - July 3, 2011)       terson of Bay St. Louis, MS, and Lee    rials may be made to Jerome Lane
                                         (Regina) Peterson of Mascoutah,         Baptist Church or to the charity of
     Cora Sue Peterson, nee Cooksey,     IL; her daughter, Karen Peterson-       donors choice.
73, of Columbia, Illinois., born Au-     Bailey of Waterloo, IL; 14 grandchil-
gust 24, 1937 at home in Horners-        dren and three great grandchildren;
ville, Missouri and went home to be      a brother, Jim (Lura) Cooksey of
                                                                                       Robert Eugene
with the Lord after she succumbed        Sunset Hills, MO; four sisters, Joyce           Stacy, Sr.
to cancer on Sunday, July 3, 2011, at    Cooksey of Cahokia, IL, Thelma           (October 13, 1932 - July 6, 2011)
her home in Columbia, Illinois           Sweet of Central Point, OR, Joan
                                         (Andy) Anderson of Hopkinsville,           Robert Eugene Stacy, Sr., 78, of
Cora Sue was a loving daughter,          KY, and Ann (Jim) Schoenfeld of         Granite City, Illinois, formerly of
sister, wife, and mother--caring for     Owensville, MO.                         Cahokia, Illinois, born October 13,
everyone as a friend. She took great                                             1932 in Vanduser, Missouri, died
pride in her job as a mother and             Visitation will be on Thurs- Wednesday, July 6, 2011, at his resi-
homemaker, making a comfortable          day, July, 2011 from 5:00 p.m. to dence.
home for her children and husband        8:00 p.m. at Braun Family Funeral
of 57 years. The highlight of her life   Home, Columbia, Illinois Funeral           Mr. Stacy was retired from Al-
was making clothes, quilts and crafts    service will be held on Friday, July 8, ton-Southern Railroad. He was a
for her grandchildren and great          2011 at 11:00 a.m. at Braun Family U.S. Air Force veteran.
grandchildren. She enjoyed Clif-         Funeral Home, Columbia, Illinois
ford and her famous Sunday school        with Reverend Ken Clark officiat-          He was preceded in death by two
class Christmas party, it was a ma-      ing. Per family wishes Cora will be sons, Robert Eugene Stacy, Jr. and
jor event with year-round planning.
Her belief in God was central to her
being and the axis of her entire life.
She was an active member of Jerome
Lane Baptist Church in Cahokia, Il-
    She was preceded in death by
her parents, Olen and Lorene, nee
Grant Cooksey; her sister, Pauline
Cooksey; and her granddaughter,
Katlyn S. Bailey.

    Surviving are her husband, Roy
Clifford Peterson of Columbia, IL;
her sons, Roy (Brenda) Peterson of
Eureka, MO, David (Susan) Peter-

Page 30      Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011                           
    Call 618-719-4409 - Classified Ads: $5.00 up to 30 words - submit electronically @

   3 or 4 bedroom home FOR SALE
                                            All classifieds are put in all four cities (Dupo & Cahokia)
                                            that we publish in, which gives you greater exposure for
BELLEVILLE OR CENTERVILLE                   the low price of $5. If you don’t have access to the internet
AREA. Call Stella at 618-225-7330.          to send electronically, you may mail your copy along with
                                            your check to- Barnabas Grupo - 300 Lime Street, Dupo, IL
                                            62239. Make check payable to: Barnabas Grupo.
                                          hokia, IL.; eleven grandchildren and       Harry O’Dell, Jr.
                                          six great grandchildren. He was a         (April 23, 1928 - July 8, 2011)
Call Stella at 618-225-7330.
                                          dear brother-in-law, uncle, cousin,
                                          and friend.                               Harry O’Dell, Jr., 83, of Ca-
                                                                                 hokia, Illinois, born April 23, 1928
                                              Friends may call from 4:00 to in St. Louis, Missouri, died Friday
                                          8:00 p.m., Sunday, July 10, 2011 at July 8, 2011 at St. Elizabeth Hospital
                                          Braun Colonial Funeral Home, Ca- Belleville, Illinois.
                                          hokia, Illinois.
                                                                                    Mr. O’Dell was retired from
                                              Funeral service will be held at Don V. Davis Painting in St. Louis,
                                          11:00 a.m. Monday, July 11, 2011 MO. He was a member of Bethany
                                          at Braun Colonial Funeral Home, United Methodist Church of Co-
                                          Cahokia, Illinois with Rev. Kenneth lumbia, IL.
                                          Clark officiating. Burial in Jefferson
                                          Barracks National Cemetery, St.           He was preceded in death by a
                                          Louis, Missouri.                       daughter, Gloria White; his parents,
                                                                                 Harry, Sr. and Edna, nee Yaggie,
                                                                                 O’Dell,; and a brother, Glen O’Dell.
                                                                                     Surviving are his wife, Charlsie
Joseph A. Stacy; his parents, Gilbert                                            “Shorty” O’Dell, nee Bryan; a son,
S. and Jessie A., nee Uncell, Stacy;                                             Harry Mitchell (Sandra) O’Dell of
two brothers, Winfred Stacy and Ju-                                              O’Fallon, MO.; a brother, Ed (Bar-
nior L. Stacy; two sisters, Norma Lee                                            bara) Wedig of Oklahoma; a sister,
Clements and Imogene Phillips.                                                   Dorothy (Jack) Seider of Arizona.;
                                                                                 a granddaughter, Lian White of St.
    Surviving are his wife, Elsie V.                                             Louis, MO.; and a son-in-law, Bill
Stacy, nee Evans; his children, Alicia                                           White of Cahokia, IL. Harry was a
Stacy of Granite City, IL., Eric (Cris)                                          dear brother-in-law, uncle, cousin,
Stacy of Granite City, IL. and Kathy                                             and friend.
Beaudine of Biloxi, MS.; two broth-
ers, Carl (Billie) Stacy of Millstadt,
IL. and Jason (Louise) Stacy of Ca-                                   Cahokia Community Times/Monday, July 11, 2011           Page 31
      PROJECT BACK PACK                      Sponsored by
                                            Sponsored by
              First Baptist Church of Dupo
                                    YMCA of Cahokia
    The Cahokia Area YMCA needs your help to equip hundreds of Cahokia kids with the tools they
    need to start their upcoming school year right. For the past few years, the YMCA has held a school
     It’s that time again!                    - and families that may need a little help getting District
    supply drive to fill backpack for students Since this is the 3rd year of collecting items for the proper
      196 we have been given a list of suggested donations. The YMCA program director Ann Brown
    supplies to hit the ground running when the school bell has managed to stock many
      items due to the kindness of all elementary schools to get ideas If what supplies of kids will need
    said they work with the Cahokiawho have given in the past years. onyou are in needtheschool sup-
      plies, please contact Mrs. Cyndi Witt at Bluffview. Below is a that might need a are more help
    We even design our summer camp curriculum to tutor the kidslist of supplies thatlittleneeded by in
      our local school. After purchasing the supplies just drop them off at the First Baptist Church, school
    certain areas,” Brown said. “Last year, we were able to give away more than 150 backpacks of 620
      Godin Ave., school supply drive began July 1st and runs until the 9 to 2, and Friday All supplies
    supplies.” TheDupo - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday fromend of the month. from 9 to
      11. Items the be collected and go directly to benefit Cahokia students.
    donated to will Cahokia YMCA then donated to our local Bluffview Elementary School.
                                GET YOUR SUPPLIES IN BY AUGUST 5TH.

         If you’re not YMCA is located at like to donate money, They make the check out to
    The Cahokia Areaa shopper and would 509 Camp Jackson Rd.please are open from 6:30 a.m. to 8
               First Baptist Church, Project Back 6 p.m. on Godin Ave., Dupo, closed on
    p.m. Monday through Friday and 6:30 a.m. to Pack, 620 Saturdays. They are IL, 62239 Sundays.
    The Backpack attack is a partnership with Scott Credit Union. To make a donation, or for more
         Any questions, email Tammy at YMCA at 618-337-2217.
    information contact the Cahokia or call 618-789-5515.

            Let’s help Our Town - Our Neighbors - Our Kids!
                                                                                    Thanks for your support!

                          Suggested Items to be Donated
       •	   Backpacks
            • Plain #2 pencils            •	 Alarm	clocks          •	 Pencil	sharpeners
                                                               • Washable markers (box of 10)
       •	   • Zippered Notebook Binders •	 Ink	pens
            Spiral	notebooks 6, 8,10,12                        • Wide (NOT COLLEGE ruled spiral notebooks
                                                                   •	 Mechanical	pencils
            • Girl’s underwear sizes                             (70 sheets)
       •	   Erasers	(pink)
            • Girl’s socks                •	 Pencils	(#2)          •	 Highlighters
                                                               • Calculators with fractions
       •	   • Boy’s underwear sizes 6, 8, 10, 12
            Calculators                   •	 Colored	pencils   • Highlighters (different colors)
                                                                   •	 Elmer’s	glue
            • Boy’s socks                                      • Composition notebooks
       •	   Scissors	(safety	tip) tip) •	 Pocket	folders
            • Scissors (round & pointy                             •	 Index	cards
                                                               • Dry erase markers with eraser
       •	   Rulers	(12	inch)
            • Hand pencil sharpeners      •	 Glue	sticks           •	 pocket folders
                                                               • Plain 2Binders/dividers
            • Colored pencils                                  • Plain pocket folers with prongs
       •	   Crayons	(24	count)            •	 Notebook	paper       •	 Hand	sanitizer	and	facial	tissues.
       •	   Art	boxes
       •	   Markers	(8	count)

                                PRO JECT              B ACK                    P ACK

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