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                Since 1969
                S ince 1969

 Quality Recycled Auto Parts

                        “in the country”
                                           ✪ Auto Recycling
                                             ✪ Repairable Sales
                                                ✪ Installation &
                                                       Diagnostic Center
                                                  ✪ Handy Andy’s

        Nordstrom’s Automotive, Inc. began on a dairy farm in rural Garretson,
  South Dakota. Art and Marie Nordstrom’s need for a pickup evolved into an
  operation which now covers an amazing 45 acres.
        The farm setting is now home to approximately 7,000 vehicles of all
  makes and models, domestic and foreign, with 70,000 square feet of
  indoor storage. The unique transition from agricultural use to automotive use
  has left several noticeable marks: the barn warehouse is no longer used to
  store hay, but rather over 400 sets of seats. The grain bins that once stored the
  harvest, now have been customized with racking for doors, air bags, radio’s
  and a variety of glass.
        Over 30 years later, the family operation has grown to include more than
  50 employees, each dedicated to providing the same type of Midwestern
  honesty, integrity, service and quality that you
  have come to expect.
  Facility Statistics
  Owners – Art, Marie, and Shannon Nordstrom
  Established – 1969
  Number of Employees – 50+
  Area Covered By Facility – 45 Acres
  Total Vehicles – approx. 7000
  Total Parts In
       Computerized Inventory – 400,000+
                                                       Shannon, Marie and Art
  Warehoused Parts – 75,000+

www.nordstromsauto.com                     1-605-594-3910         1-800-272-0083
Meet our Sales Representatives

                                Above from left, Doug, Alan, Tim, Marv, Paul, Ricardo, Scot, Charlie and Steve

                                 Our sales staff has a combined 125 years of experience ready to go to
                                 work handling your parts order. ASE Certified Parts Specialists guide
                                 your order through to your satisfaction. All of our representatives
Our Customer Pickup Desk         have modern communication and database tools at their fingertips,
                                 enabling them to promptly find the parts you need. We will work
                                                                                           with you by
                                                                                           method, so
                                                                                           phone, fax,
                                                                                           e-mail or
                                                                                           your order

✪ Utilizing computerized
    shipping to help choose the most cost-effective way to ship and track your order
✪   Daily truckline shipping of large parts by local, nationwide, and special freight brokers
✪   Custom boxes to fit part being shipped
✪   Modern and professional shipping equipment to insure delivery of quality products
✪   Most warehouse orders shipped same or next day
✪   Local delivery routes providing many same day solutions
1-800-272-0083               1-605-594-3910
                             1-605-594-3910                     www.nordstromsauto.com
Warehouse & Storage
                                           Approximately 1000
                                           engines tested and
                                           ready for your

                                                      Mirrors galore!
                                                      Many quality
                                                      mirrors as well
                                                      as a growing
                                                      supply of OEM
                                                      take-off and
                                                      options. Call us
                                                      for details!

Warehouse after warehouse of
parts. Alternators, starters,
wheels, AC compressors,
electronic components . . . we
have over 75,000 parts in the
warehouse ready to ship today!

www.nordstromsauto.com           1-605-594-3910    1-800-272-0083
                                          1,000 Engines!
                                          2,500 Transmissions!
                                          • Tested • Warehoused
                                          • Warranteed and
                                              Ready to Ship!
                                          Many with fewer that 500 miles!
                                                          That’s right –
                                                          within our large
                                                          inventory we have
                                                          hundreds of motors
                                                          and transmissions
                                                          that have fewer
                                                          than 500 miles,
                                                          giving you some
                                                          wonderful low-
                                                          milage options!

Sets or single tires and
rims . . . thousands
always available!

Nordstrom’s is a
Proud Member of . . .
The Vehicle Recyclers Group (VRG) is composed of six family-owned,
independent, CAR and Gold Seal Certified recyclers working together
dismantling late model GM vehicles, some with as few at 3 miles. Our VRG
group affiliation gives Nordstrom’s the ability to have a consistent parts
inventory from very late model vehicles.
     Quality Recycled Parts (QRP) Great Lakes Region has members around
the country working together as independent facilities to better serve
professional repair shops with common practices in quality and procedures.
QRP members are best equipped to serve your professional needs.
1-800-272-0083             1-605-594-3910
                           1-605-594-3910      www.nordstromsauto.com
Lift-off Bodies, Clips, Doors & Boxes
We have hundreds upon hundreds of auto bodies and body parts in
stock and ready for sale. Rear clips, front clips, doors, pick-up boxes
and tailgates, interior panels, seats ... absolutely
everything you might need for a repair or project.

Aftermarket Parts
Nordstrom’s has over 4,000 new or aftermarket parts in stock for immediate pickup or delivery.
                                Some of the parts available are
                                door handles, radiators, A/C
                                condensers, A/C compressors, gas
                                tanks, head lights, tail lights, park
                                lights, exhaust manifolds, fan
                                assemblies, side view mirrors,
                                grilles, bumpers, hoods, fenders,
                                and windshields.

www.nordstromsauto.com                      1-605-594-3910              1-800-272-0083

 All vehicles are carefully dismantled by experienced personnel. Work is per-
formed indoor using the latest modern equipment. Components are tested and
records are maintained for the eventual buyer. All engines, and transmissions
are stored indoor, as are many of the small, fast-moving parts.

                                                   At our ARA / CAR-
                                                   certified facility, each of
                                                   the 7 bays is equipped
                                                   with some of the finest
                                                   equipment available to
                                                   assist in efficient
                                                   production of quality
                                                   recycled auto parts. All
                                                   fluids are reclaimed
                                                   here, some are used for
                                                   heating of the shop
                                                   while others, such as
                                                   antifreeze, refrigerants
                                                   and washer fluid are
                                                   reclaimed for reuse.

1-800-272-0083          1-605-594-3910
                        1-605-594-3910        www.nordstromsauto.com
                                                                      Nordstrom’s Installation
                                                                       Nordstrom’s Installation
                                                                         & Diagnostic Center
                                                                         & Diagnostic Center
                                                                      ✪ Located intown - Garretson, South Dakota.
                                                                          ✪ Servicing the area since 1992.
                                                                        ✪ Just a short drive from Sioux Falls.
                                                                         ✪ ASE Certified Engine Specialists
                                                                                  and Master Certified
                                                                             Drivability Technicians on staff.
                                                                               ✪ Our technicians have over
                                                                                  60 years of experience.
                                                                          ✪ 199 day parts and labor guarantee
                                                                                      (ask for details)
                                                                           ✪   Repairing all makes and models –
                                                                                  foreign and domestic.

                                             Repairable Vehicle Sales
                                             Repairable Vehicle Sales
                                             We have the vehicle you are looking for – with the parts to repair it.
                                             Featuring quality pre-owned damaged vehicles, including a wide
                                             selection from economy school cars to luxury sedans, work pickups to
                                             popular sport utility vehicles.
                                             Looking for something in particular? Contact us and we’ll find it for
                                             Handy Andy Installations
                                             Handy Andy Installations
                                             Located at our facility in the country, our staff can install many small
                                             parts while you wait! Side windows, door handles, tail lights – buy it
                                             here, have it installed at Handy Andy’s.
                                             We also offer new and used glass service by appointment.

       Standard                                                        “in the country”
199 Day                                                                      PTLA             Purchase
 “Peace                                                                                     Our Exclusive
of Mind”                                                                                       99
                                                                                               Limited Parts &
       *Labor not                                                                              Labor Warranty
        included                                                                                  Call for details

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