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									                             The End
                             Is but the beginning…
                   Ideas for Seniors on their way out…
                                 Term 3 Week 2 2010

The last couple of terms will disappear quickly! Time to begin the process of firming
plans for 2011 is now. There are many different doors open to you.....
Whether you are planning:
           Working
           Study and Work (traineeship, apprenticeship, part-time study & work)
           Full time Study ( university, TAFE or college )
           Gap Year
           Or just not sure….
I have an extensive handout on these topics. See me for a copy!…..keep an eye on these
newsletters (The End) for news, ideas and updates. Newsletters come fortnightly and
can be e-mailed to you if you give me your e-address (send me an email). They can also be
accessed via student intranet – click onto the “Careers” button. You can also e-mail
questions to mmewburn@stpatricks.qld.edu.au or just DROP IN for a chat....

Those wanting to do some exploring themselves might have a go at the CAREER
BUILDER program on the Library computers. This is an excellent program that will
generate a list of careers ideas to meet your profile. This program is within the CAREER
WORKS Program via the START Menu on computers.

Gap Year?? – see my Intranet Careers Webpage for some
advice on this topic!!!

WORK RELATED – Apprenticeships on offer

Apprenticeships with Brisbane City Council tend to come up in September. Have a
look at what is on offer and register your interest to get job updates online at:

Q-Build usually advertise for a variety of Apprenticeships in October. For more info
and online applications: http://www.qbuild.qld.gov.au/07_apprenticeships/index.asp

Hasting Dearing has a number of Apprenticeships on offer:
Heavy Vehicle
Diesel Fitter
Training at Archerfield – Closes July 25th : See www.seek.com.au

All Seniors can access lots of information on their own Learning Record via:
https://cis.qsa.qld.edu.au/ You need to put in your LUI number which is on your copy
of the QTAC book.

Hot Careers via University – GradCareers is a great publication giving lots of info on
the latest Hot Graduate Careers – Business, Finance, Management, Government +
Engineering, Science, IT. www.gradcareers.com.au

Are you doing it tough financially at home?? QUT and UQ offer a bonus of up to 3 OP
places for such yr 12 students. Drop into see me if you feel this applies to you eg if your
family is eligible for a Health Care Card. I can help you to apply.

TAX FILE NUMBER is also something really important to have before getting to
university – GET ONE THIS YEAR!! As it can take time to come through and a lack of
one can mean missing out on a place at university!!!!!

Study finder is a webpage that
offers a variety of information on
non-uni study

LawReady will be conducting a workshop for students who are considering a career
in law. The workshop will cover:
• What makes a good lawyer
• Meeting the challenges of law school
• Planning your career
• Developing a persuasive argument
• Critical thinking
• The business of law
• What it is like to work in a law firm
• Securing a place in a leading law firm
• What law firms are looking for
• The interview process
•What you can do to improve your prospects.
More info and to register (by Aug 21st) www.lawready.com.au

News - Griffith preparing new Industrial Technology
and Design (Manual Arts) teachers.
The need for more teachers of this area has never been greater,
and Griffith is preparing a new generation of "Manual Arts"
teachers through its Bachelor of Education-Secondary to meet
this demand. Final year students are likely to be guaranteed a
job and find teaching placements before they graduate. Very
few university or training programs can offer that kind of
employment outcome!
While it's not a career path that many students know of, it's
ideal for those studying Senior Technology Studies or Senior
Graphics or who enjoy learning how to use traditional wood,
metal and plastics processes. It would also appeal to students
interested in new technologies such as lasers, microcontrollers,
robots, 3-D printers, engineering equipment, and computer-
aided design software.
Teaching Industrial Technology and Design (Manual Arts) can
be a rewarding and stimulating career, sharing knowledge and
skills that can encourage students to study to a tertiary level, or
pursue a vocational qualification.

Landscape Architect info: www.aila.org.au/careers

Where to Start??
QUT offers a range of helpful ideas in regard to choosing Uni courses:
Start Here is the website for high school students www.qut.edu.au/starthere
QUT student sharehouse blog www.studentblog.qut.edu.au
QUT Open Day www.openday.qut.edu.au

       Get your QTAC selections registered by 30th Sept to save on Late Fees.
        You can always make adjustments to your choices until early January.
       Power-point regarding application is available on my webpage or via email
       Some courses in the Creative area require EARLIER APPLICATION…please
        check. Some also require folios or auditions.
       Special Consideration is offered via the QTAC application form. If in doubt
        – Do apply. See me if you need help.
       I offer a QTAC application evening for students and parents late in term 3
        – Tues 14th Sept

      QUT      http://scholarships.qut.com/
      UQ       http://www.uq.edu.au/study/scholarships/
      ACU      http://www.acu.edu.au/apply_and_enrol/financial_support/
      GU       http://www.griffith.edu.au/scholarships
      Cancer Council offers Scholarships to people who have been affected by Cancer either
       personally or someone in their family – more info see me or my noticeboard
      International College of Hotel Management – see me
      Financial disadvantage attracts lots of assistance with $ and even easier access via
       QTAC – see me for details.

                                      Events 2010
Upcoming Events:
   ADF Gap Year application process is now open, only online –
   16th July – QUT Guest Speaker at SPC – Lunchtime in AV room
   17-18th July Tertiary Studies Expo - This expo showcases a wide variety of
     Tertiary studies options: Universities, TAFE, Private providers. 10-4pm
   21st July – ACU Open Night 5:30-8pm Banyo Campus
   23rd July – Aust Defence Forces Guest Speaker at SPC - Lunchtime
   25th July QUT Open Day – Kelvin Grove campus 9-3pm. Full program of
    events at www.openday.qut.edu.au
    Evening ...Which ones are “HOT” – C Block – 5-7pm...
   30th July UQ Guest Speaker at SPC – Lunchtime in AV room
   1st Aug UQ Open Day – St Lucia campus – 9-4pm www.uq.edu.au for
    program details
   8th Aug Griffith Uni Open Day – Gold Coast/Nathan/Southbank campuses –
    10-4pm. Program info at www.gu.edu.au
   21st Aug Aviation Careers Expo in the Airport precinct – details at
   14th Sept QTAC Information/Application night at SPC – 7pm in Resource
   27th Sept “Be An Exercise Scientist for a Day” at ACU 9 to 3pm – register
    for a place at: www.acu.edu.au/universityexperience
    29th Sept University Experience – Arts Industries at ACU 9-3pm –
    Register for a place at: www.acu.edu.au/universityexperience
   1st Oct “ Be a Nurse for a Day” at ACU 9-3pm – Register for a place at:
   21st Dec – Real Decisions at QUT – Garden’s Point campus – 10 – 2pm

                                                                  Mark Mewburn

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