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					    Volume 22, No. 4                                                                                                           WiNter 2010

Letter from
Mr. Phil
I  just got back from the National Philanthropy
   Day luncheon held at the Chattanooga
Convention Center. The Philanthropy Day lun-
cheon is my favorite event of the year because
it celebrates the spirit of giving, caring and
responding to the needs of our fellow citizens.
At the luncheon, non-profit organizations like
ours are given the opportunity to honor an
individual or business that has made signifi-
cant contributions to that organization over
the past year. There were about 18 organi-
zations that honored an individual or busi-
ness but only the Children’s Home/Chambliss
Shelter had so many honorees that they could      vices that we provide to our children and their         A special thanks to all our friends who
not be listed and were referred to as “special    families. So, you see why it was so hard to pare   continuously support the Children’s Home/
friends”. We chose to honor seven individuals     our list down to seven special friends for the     Chambliss Shelter. We could not care for the
and businesses, but that was our pared down       Philanthropy Day luncheon!                         number of children we serve without your
list! The original list was many times longer          While I know that we have many friends        help. A big thank you in advance to all of you
than the seven honorees we invited to the         out there in the community, I am really con-       who have decided, or are thinking about, add-
luncheon.                                         cerned about the impact that reduced funding       ing us to the list of programs you support.
      Last year we had 3,894 volunteers provide   will have on our programs next year. We are             However you chose to celebrate the sea-
27,725 hours of service to the Children’s Home/   obviously looking at ways to trim expenses,        son, please know that we send you our best
Chambliss Shelter. Our development office         but some tough decisions will most likely be       wishes and heartfelt thanks for your support
raised over $500,000 to help pay for the ser-     made.                                              of children and families in our community.

                          tVA NucleAr – our pArtNer iN educAtioN
CH/CS Holiday Cards
D  ue to printing error, we have an abundance
   of holiday cards for you to use this season!
We are offering them to you in two different
1. Let us send them for you! Simply send in a
donation and provide us with a list of names
and addresses, and we will send cards to your
family and friends. The card will wish them
either “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”
(please specify) and can be given in lieu of a gift
or in their honor.
2. Take home a pack of cards! We will bundle
the cards in packs of 25 for $10 for you to take
home and send at your leisure. You can choose
between either the “Happy Holidays” or “Merry                         To make CH/CS a part of your holiday, please contact Katie Harbison (468-1122,
Christmas” version.                                          or meredith rivers (468-1130,
                                                                      We can usually get your cards in the mail within two days!

How You                                                     When you lay in your bed and pull up
                                                      the comforter, and your head hits that soft
                                                                                                       again he kept telling me I was ugly and fat, and
                                                                                                       that no one would ever love me. No child should

Make a
                                                    pillow, what is the first thing that comes to      hear that; no one should ever hear that anyways.
                                                  mind?                                                After a while I just basically grew up hating myself.
                                                       For me that is a tough question. It seems       I hung out with trouble makers, and I just didn’t

Difference                                     like there is a NASCAR race of thoughts going on in
                                             there. I remember times when I didn’t know where I
                                             was going to sleep each night, and I couldn’t count
                                                                                                       care. My middle sister starting doing drugs and only
                                                                                                       God knows what else, and my youngest sister was
                                                                                                       so brainwashed, uneducated and just too exhausted
                                             on my fingers and toes how many times my sisters          to do anything. At one point I actually moved out to
The following account is
                                             and I went without a meal. Raised by addictive            live with a friend just because I couldn’t deal with
written by “Christy”, a young
                                             parents puts a toll on your life (when I say addictive,   everything.
woman who has lived in one of
                                             I mean almost anything you can be addicted to,                  The day we got brought into custody I was so
our foster homes for the last 18             they were). Most nights our mother would leave me         mad. I hated everything and everyone. It’s crazy
months. After working with and               to watch my younger siblings and by that time my          but it was like everything I knew was gone. So after
growing to love Christy, the foster          father was way out of the picture. The space he left,     about a week of crying myself to sleep, it hit me.
family has committed to be her               she tried to fill with way too many others.               Mine and my sisters’ lives are going to be so much
forever family. Her adoption was                   I have seen crazy unheard of things; on the         better. I no longer worry about where to sleep, or
recently finalized, and she is now           top of my list are the ones I think are most wild: I      when my next meal will be. My biggest worry is
in cosmetology school, working               have seen someone jump out of a moving car while          if I will get the next hair cut right at school. Every
on a degree. She volunteered                 drunk, a glass beer bottle smashed over someone’s         meal is a blessing to me and just every day things
to share her life changing                   head, and endless fights that only stop when it           like showers are miracles to us. Be thankful for
experience with you:                         seems like someone is going to bleed to death. I have     everything you have. There are people out there
                                             seen my little sister cry more than anyone should in      that wouldn’t take it for granted.
                                             a lifetime. When my father started to come back
News from The
Thrift Store
T   he Thrift Store celebrated four years of business at its annual
    yard sale and anniversary celebration. Held in October, the event
was lucky to have the help of many great volunteers from Virginia
college. They helped with the “fill-a-bag” sale in the parking lot
and worked inside the Coke wagon to hand out drinks and cake. Mr.
Phil, of course, was on hand to grill over 200 hot dogs and talk to       An assortment of trees, ornaments, and holiday toys is displayed for customers at
customers. The store had sales of over $2,000 for the day! Thank you      The Thrift Store

to all of our donors, shoppers, volunteers, manager cheryl Hooks,
and the hard working staff at the store
     The Thrift Store is all decorated and ready for the holidays.
Come visit us at 3723 Brainerd Road if you are in need of a Christmas
tree, holiday decorations, or some additional furniture to seat your
holiday guests. The inventory
will move quickly, so come shop
soon, or consider donating your
leftover decorations to keep
our Christmas section full!
   And, don’t forget that we                                                                                                        Christmas sweaters and
have a truck that can pick up                                                                                                       sweatshirts add to the holiday
                                                                                                                                    atmosphere at the store
large items from your house.
Please call the store at 698-
3730 to schedule a pick up!                                                                                                         Mr. Phil responded to
                                                                                                                                    the demand and began
                                                                                                                                    grilling at 9 am and didn’t
                                                                                                                                    finish until after 6 pm!
Volunteers from Virginia College were
on hand to man the Coke wagon.

                                                                                                Foster Homes
                                                     Bi-lo                                      G   ive a child one of life’s most basic needs—a
                                                                                                    home! The Children’s Home-Chambliss Shelter

                                                     donation                                   serves youth in foster care by providing residential
                                                                                                services and safe, loving foster homes. We offer
                                                      Bi-lo district director                   wonderful support for foster parents. All trainings
                                                      daryl massey presents                     and background checks are provided at no cost to you.
                                                      a $5,000 check to Director                  You CAN make a difference that lasts a lifetime.
                                                      of Development Katie                      Begin the process to become approved as a foster
                                                      Harbison. We are extremely                parent today! For more information, contact Tracy
                                                      grateful to BI-LO for their               Bryant at (423) 693-2580 or visit our website at
                                                      generous support over the       
                                                      years, to CH/CS and the many
                                                      other non-profits in the city!
                                                                                            Unum’s United Way
                                                                                            M      any thanks to Beth Hughes and her wonderful
                                                                                                   department at Unum for featuring CH/CS on their
                                                                                             hole in the “Unum Open”. The putt-putt course was made
                                                                                             as a fundraiser for their company’s United Way campaign.
                                                                                             We just love how they created our new tree out of paper
                                                                                             mache and Styrofoam! What talent! Pictured left to right
                                                                                             are: Betty morris, paulette lemaire, lady Jackson and
                                                                                             Julie Jackson.

    Help us decorate our christmas tree!
     A    very generous friend of CH/CS has spent his time hand
          painting dozens of Christmas ornaments. They are glass balls
     with winter scenes, angels, reindeer, and other holiday symbols.
     The Christmas trees inside of the Children’s Home really need
     some more ornaments, and the donor of the ornaments would
     like them to be used to raise money. This is where you can help
     out! Send us a donation in the enclosed envelope of $100 or more,
     and we will put your name (or the name of a person in whose
     honor or memory the gift is made) on an ornament and hang it on
     our tree. Come by and see your name hanging in our hallway or
     just know that your gift will be used to make the holidays brighter
     for our little ones!

Ragnar Relay
O   ne hundred and fifty running teams took part in the inaugural
    Ragnar Relay event in Chattanooga on November 5th. This 12
person relay started in Coolidge Park on Friday and ended in Nashville
on Saturday, running through the night. One of these teams chose
to run for the benefit of our children, and was able to donate over
$1,300 to CH/CS! Not only did they spend the months and weeks
leading up to event training, but they also spent that time asking for
donations to help at-risk children. With one of their members injured,
they completed the race with only 11 runners in 32 hours! Great job!
                                                                           Team “Running 4 a Reason” at the starting line early in the morning. Runners from left
Thank you, Team “Running 4 a Reason”! We are honored you chose us          to right are: Whitney Creekmore, Michelle Werner, Annie O’Steen, Terry Brown,
                                                                           Emily Fernandes, Angel Talwar, & Heather Lam (front) and Brandon Park, Tinh Lam,
and proud of your impressive 195 mile journey… on foot!                    Justin Kilgore, & Amy Park (back). Injured team member Ryan Morgan not pictured.

                   T I O G A G O L F TO U R N A M e N T
                   B R e A k S I T S OW N R e CO R D
N    ow in its eleventh year, the tioga pipe Supply golf outing, broke its
     own record for both gross and net proceeds at its October golf event.
The employees of Tioga and the golfers were amazed to hear that they had
grossed over $20,000! Both the extended early Childhood education and
Child Care Program at the Children’s Home and the Residential Program at
the Chambliss Shelter will benefit from the $18,000 donation produced by
this event. We are so grateful for our friends at Tioga Pipe Supply for all of
their hard work on this event, year after year.

                                                                                                           Don Carver, Dick Clayden, Ken Rowley, and Ken Kelly

Don Gregory, David Carver, Karen Guzman, and Rick Lyons

                                                                           Tioga employee
                                                                           Rob Tidy wins
                                                                           the putting
                                                                           contest by sinking    (back row) Walt Pierce, Jeff Shaw, and Jim Craig with Mallory
                                                                           this long putt!       Slaughter and Lauren Lawson (front)

Bill Blackwell, Jim Sites, Mike Hassell, and Chuck Ballard

                                                                                 Craig Stiffler, Gary Hughes, Kelly Maeda, and Bryan Campbell
William Hughes, Mike Mixon, Bob Cahill, and Jay Hanket

TVA Nuclear employees Organize Golf Tournament
F   or the 14th year in a row, TVA Nuclear employees spent countless hours outside                                                        TVA volunteer Phillip Harris
                                                                                                                                          spends a free minute teaching
    of their normal work week to organize a golf tournament for the benefit of the                                                        little Aiydan Hertle how to putt

Children’s Home/Chambliss Shelter. Held over two days, the event hosted a full field                                                      Chief Nuclear Officer Preston
                                                                                                                                          Swafford, pictured here with
of golfers first at Council Fire and again at Windstone Golf Club to support the event.                                                   CH/CS students, is so wonderful
Many, many people at TVA made this a successful event, and we are tremendously                                                            to support this event with his
                                                                                                                                          time, energy, and staff.
grateful. Because we are TVA Nuclear’s Partner-in-education, we are able to provide
additional training for our teachers, keep our classrooms stocked with toys and
educational aides, and provide a safe, loving environment for hundreds of children
every day. We say it all the time, but we can’t say it enough- “Thank you, TVA Nuclear!”

                                                                                                      Bob Steffy, Glenn McCullough,
                                                                                                      Jake Westhoven, and Andy Cook

Some of the wonderful TVA volunteers who make it all happen: (front row) Linda Tonya (with
Gavin), Myra Fuller (with Aiydan), P. Gail Smith and (back row) Elaine Steele, Jeanine May,
Emily Brooks, Kay Whittenburg, Gwen Barnes, Gene Hill, Ginger Holland, and Alice Pollard.

Blake Geoghagen, Tom Kilgore, Tim Curran, and               TVA COO Bill McCollum smiles with Gavin and Aiydan            Dan Pratt, Juhani Karhatsu, and
Barry Weiss                                                 before heading out for a round of golf at Council Fire.       Duane Olcsvary

                           the Annual Wine Walk on the North Shore                                                     of Chattanooga will be
                           held on Sunday December 12th and will benefit Children’s Home/Chambliss Shelter! We are excited to be involved
                           with the event this year and hope that you will make plans to take part. The walk will begin at 5 pm and you will
                           sample food and wine at four different area restaurants. This fun evening is only $60, and $25 of that will be given
                           directly back to us! Reservations and payment must be made by Friday, December 10th. Please call 267-4305 or
                           visit Riverside Wine & Spirits to get your name on the list!
                                  H A l lo W e e N t r e At S
O    ur children not only received treats of candy for Halloween, but were also treated to a field trip to TVA and a play by Bright School First Graders!
     It was a busy day at CH/CS, full of children (and some adults) in cute costumes, the loading and unloading of buses, and small “trick or treat”s
heard all over. The four-year-olds traveled to TVA and walked around the third floor of the Lookout Place building packed with more than 150 TVA
employees. After gathering an enormous amount of candy, the children were given a pizza party, served by our wonderful TVA hostesses. At the
same time, our three-year-olds watched three Bright School classes perform “It’s a Jungle Out There”, a play about the importance of good friends.
The Bright School students came in adorable animal costumes to entertain our little ones with their stories and songs. Later in the day, the younger
children were able to trick or treat around the CH/CS campus to partake in the not-so-spooky fun! It was a fun, full day, and we thank all of those
who helped make it so special for our children!
                                                                     from The
                                                                School came
                                                                   to perform
                                                                    their play
                                                                  as a special
                                                                 treat for CH/
                                                                      CS three
                                                                    year olds.

Myra Fuller and Linda Tonya are reunited with their
friends from the TVA golf tournament, Aiydan and Gavin!

                                                                                            A sweet
                                                                                            smile from
                                                                                            as she
                                                                                            a bag full
                                                                                            of candy
                                                                                            from TVA

                                                                                                            Little ones, Mario Benford and Makayla Hambrick, came over to
                                                                                                            the administrative building to trick or treat in their Bye Bye Buggy!
TVA volunteer Carolyn Creek made friends
with Aubrey Daniels and Javon Inman
during the Halloween field trip.

Some excited little girls heading to a TVA pizza party- Gelis Green,             Monkeys, elephants, hyenas, and zebras were just some of the adorable
Grace Davis, and Kendall Farrior                                                 animals represented in “It’s a Jungle Out There”                                                   7
Financial Donations                   This list of financial contributions is from August 18 through November 9, 2010. If we have omitted
your name, please accept our apologies and let us know so that we may correct our records and acknowledge you in our Spring newsletter.
Thanks to each of you for helping us continue our mission of working with our community’s families and children.
FounDers                                         Betty & Donald E. Baker                       Catharine & Franklin Daniels                   rosemary Littleton
Commissioner John Allen Brooks                   Carolyn B. Ballard                            Dr. & Mrs. John T. Evans                         Mary & John Littleton
The Maclellan Family Foundation                  Christie & Brice Burbank                      Fairyland Duplicate Bridge Club
                                                 Tonya Cammon & Friends                        Mary Ferguson                                  MeMoriALs
sPonsors                                         Talley & Daniel Carroll                       Paul W. Fitzgerald                             Callie bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Anderson                          Myra & Ted Cash                               Katie C. Harbison                                Norma & Warren Clark
Chattanooga Civitan Club                         Thomas O. Duff, Jr.                           Linda & Paul Jacobs                            sylvia Carter
Chattanooga Cotton Ball Association              Mr. & Mrs. William G. Freels                  Beatrice & Don Kelley                            Anne & Bill Thomasson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary O. Giles                         Ginger & Michael Holland                      Lola & Fletcher Kibler Trust                   bernie Cohen
Phillips-Van Heusen Foundation, Inc.             IBEW – Local Union 175                        Jane & Lowry Kline                               Gloria Miller
Jean B. Tipton                                   Wanda & Lloyd Lacy                            Jacquelin J. Leffers                           Liz Hodes
                                                 Mary & John Littleton                         Catherine & Matt Martin                          Gloria Miller
PAtrons                                          Selma Cash Paty                               Ruth & Fred Obear                              Greg Holland
Brock Insurance Agency                           Dr. & Mrs. Richard R. Pesce                   Jean & Joel Richardson                           Carrie & Roger Holland
Chattanooga State Paralegal Association          Samantha S. Stott                             Jeree B. Skeen                                 Kerry Holland
Carrie & Roger Holland                           Walmart                                       Margaret W. Smith                                Ginger & Michael Holland
Hudson Construction Company                      Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Young, III                   Susan & Taylor Stein                           Don Kelley
J. Smith Lanier                                                                                Dr. & Mrs. Nat Swann                             Gloria Miller & David Bowman
Frances & W. Thorpe McKenzie                     Donors                                        Peter I. Thomas                                Mary Jo Lavecchia
Modular Industrial Computers, Inc.               Arch Chemicals                                Anne & Bill Thomasson                            Marie-Helen & Walter M. Boehm
Robinson Real Estate, Inc.                       Bi-Lo Boosters                                Barbara & William L. Walton                      Julia B. Brandao
UBS                                              Marie-Helen & Walter M. Boehm                                                                  Tonya Cammon & Friends
                                                 Alexis & Barry Bogo                           FrienDs                                          Mary Ferguson
suPPorters                                       Brainerd Lions Club                           Bertha & Frank Alford                            Beatrice & Don Kelley
Bank of America                                  Julia B. Brandao                              Linda & Bob Farnsworth                           Margaret W. Smith
Angie & Pat Conroy                               Karen & John Brock                            Kelly & Mario Lopez                              Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Young, III
Kathy & Tom Greenholtz                           Ellen & Doug Bullard                          Alice & Allen McCallie                         Dr. stewart Lawwill, Jr.
Andrea & Creech Hardee                           Melissa Campbell & Ransom                     Ingrid M. Peter                                  Carolyn B. Ballard
Nancy & Jim Hudson                               Daniel L. Chandler                            Janet Pruett                                   rosemary Littleton
Dr. & Mrs. N. R. Nichols, III                    Arch Chemicals                                Hillary & Ross Schram                            Mary & John Littleton
Scenic City Optimist Club                        Christ Unity Church                           Mike St. Charles                               Mrs. William spears
                                                 Norma & Warren Clark                                                                           Dr. & Mrs. N. R. Nichols, III
Contributors                                     Darleen & Donald Conley                       HonorAriuMs
Suzanne Bailey                                   Malcolm A. Cross                              Dr. David r. barnes
                                                                                                 Melissa Campbell & Ransom

Volunteers, Donations & Happenings!                            Our thanks to each one of you for your help in making CH/CS the best place for
children in our community! This list acknowledges those who donated time, talents, and services from August 17 - October 28, 2010. Thank You.
Alhambra Shrine Temple                   - Jacob Warren                    Friendly Auto                      Notre Dame                              - Elizabeth Hernandez
Animal Clinic East                     Chattanoga First SDA Church         Girl Scout Council                    - Rikorah Ballard                    - Nursing Students
Chris Barthlett                        Chattanooga Flying Disc Club        Girls Preparatory School           Orchard Knob Baptist Church             - Pediatric Nursing Students
Tammy Baumgardner                      Chattanooga Housing Authority          Key Club                        Debbie Paniucki                      Summit View
Bethel Bible Village                   Chattanooga School for the Arts     Karen Givens & Maya                Katie Paniucki                       Teen Challenge
BCBST                                    & Sciences                        Frank Goodwin                      Carol Phillips                       TVA
Bright School                            - Darrion Mason                   Heritage High School               Pizza Hut                            Anne & Bill Thomasson
Blair Brannan                          Child Evangelism Fellowship            - Dance Team                    Michael Pullen                       University Surgical Associates
BCBST                                    - Brenda Dallas                      - Spanish Students              Revival Worship Center               UTC
Chattanooga Association of               - Joan Lindsey                    The Honors Course, Inc.            Ridgeland High School                   - Athletics Department
   Mothers of Multiples                Collegedale Adventist               Heather Jackson                       - Jakarah Austin                     - Alex Craw
Chattanooga Christian Schools            Middle School                     Shirley James                      Rock-Tenn Co.                           - Mortarboard Honor Society
   - Macaulay Akin                     Cross Carriers Ministries           Remona Johnson                     Jim Rogers                           Unum Investment Accounting/
   - Emily Butcher                     East Hamilton High School           Lakeview Ft. Oglethorpe            Christy Sekenski                        Operations & Planning
   - Alec Elsea                          - Kaylin Cohen                       High FBLA                       Signal Mountain High School          Virtues Class
   - Meagan Farquhar                     - Ashley Patrick                  Latter Day Saints Friends             - Joslin T. Logan                    - Jennifer Hamptom
   - Zach Mansell                      East Ridge High School                 - Brainerd Ward                 Silverdale Baptist Academy              - Sondra Wilson
   - Caylie Peters                       - Sahadut Mughal                     - Harrison Ward                    4th Grade                         Wal-Mart - Eastgate
   - Lexi Pierce                       Rebecca Elliott                     Lee University                     Soddy Daisy High School              Chantelle Whitecotton
   - Chelsea Sims                      Meghan Erwin                        Cooper Lehman                      Southern Adventist University
   - Catherine Slagle                  Christy Finley                      Liz Mallen                            - Freshman Community              And Our Many Thrift Store
   - Kaylin Stewart                    Savannah Forester                   Bella Moharren                        Service Students                    Volunteers!

TVA’s Day of Caring
S   eptember is a month that all of us at CH/CS look forward
    to. It’s the time when several volunteer groups come
out and spend hours and hours of their free time working
on our buildings and grounds. The largest of these groups
comes from TVA on their annual Day of Caring. Bringing
more than 75 employees who worked on dozens of projects,
the TVA volunteers tackled tasks from the highly difficult
to very messy. Painting, carpentry, cleaning, pruning
trees, hauling limbs, welding, shampooing carpets pouring
concrete….you name it; they did it. And, we can’t thank
them enough for their generous spirits and friendly smiles!
TVA employees are very special friends to this agency and                    Brandi Duggan, Angela
                                                                             Peacock, Barry Simpson,
their efforts help us to continue to enrich the lives of the                 Chuck McFall, Roshelle
                                                                             Leath and Steve Anderson
children we serve. Thank you, TVA!                                           worked to scrape and
                                                                             re-paint an entryway into
                                                                             our main building                                                       Phillip Harris
                                                                                                                                                     organized the
                                                                                                                                                     TVA efforts
                                                                            Skilled painters who worked                                              along with Jay
                                                                            in the Chambliss Shelter were                                            Walling (not
                                                                            Jessica Anthony, Beth Creel                                              pictured)
                                                                            and Claudia Garren

This group painted bookshelves in a Runabouts classroom. Pictured
left to right: Katie & Zach Downs, Brenda Drennan, Kathy York
(seated), Lilah Patterson and Tad Beaty

                                                                                                            Bryson Roger, Tyler Fields, and Mike McCall (front) work
                                                                                                            with Jerry Smith (on the jack hammer) and Rayburn Coln
                                                                                                            from L.E. Myers to break up old concrete before re-pouring
TVA employees gather for a group picture during lunch time at their annual Day of Caring                    a new, sloped slab outside of the CH/CS administration
                                                                                                            building                                                     9
                                                                              Goodbye, Ms. Portia!
                                                                               A    fter 38 years of dedicated service to CH/CS, ms. portia
                                                                                    lawson is retiring. She has served as a teacher in several
                                                                               age groups, most recently in the Tumblers department. Ms.
                                                                               Portia was hired by then new director Phil Acord in 1972
                                                                               and has cared for thousands of children since that time.
                                                                               Always punctual and willing to work, Portia has been a model
                                                                               employee and will be greatly missed. Best wishes for a relaxing
                                                                               retirement with no little hands to wash, messes to clean up, nor
                                                                               diapers to change! She is pictured here with paulette (left)
                                                                               and phil Acord (right).

     Open House
     All parents with children in the extended early childhood
     education and childcare program were invited to attend the
     annual open House. they were able to talk to their child’s
     teacher, enjoy dinner, and receive training on healthy eating and
     exercise for their children. it was a wonderful night of interactive
     fun for parents, teachers, and children alike. pictured here are
     parents conversing with their toddler’s teacher, Sheila Jackson.

TVA Women in Nuclear Donation                                                                      Have an extra
                    T                                            erri King-Adams
                                                                 brought over a load of            or old car you’re
                                                             supplies donated by the               not using?
                                                             tVA Women in Nuclear
                                                                                                   consider donating it to us! We
                                                             group and their Back-
                                                             to-School supply drive.               currently have several parents
                                                             Included in this delivery             in need of transportation to
                                                             was a TI-83 calculator for            get to work. please call the
                                                             use by our teenagers in
                                                                                                   development office if
                                                             the Shelter and plenty of
                                                             markers, glue, hand soap,             you have any
                                                             and other essentials for              questions
                                                             our younger children!                 at 468-1122.
                                                             Thank you!

National Philanthropy Day
T   he National Philanthropy Day, organized by the local chapter of the Association of
    Fundraising Professionals, is held to honor local philanthropists for their generous gifts
to the community. This year, we were proud to honor: John Brooks, chambliss, Bahner,
& Stophel, chattanooga tennis Foundation, chattem, Frank Fowler, tioga pipe
Supply, and tVA Nuclear. They have all made significant contributions to CH/CS, and we
owe them all many, many thanks! In addition to our honorees, the luncheon recognized four
other winners in three categories. It was great that miguel morales of carrabba’s italian
Grill was honored for his commitment to the community. Miguel has been a generous
supporter not only of CH/CS, but more than 60 other local charities. Thanks to all of you for
making Chattanooga a better place!
                                                                           Board Chairman Susan
                                                                           Stein (center) stands
                                                                           with Warren Clark
                                                                           and Peggy Wilkerson
                                                                           of the Chattanooga
                                                                           Tennis Foundation.
                                                                           CTF sponsors a tennis            Miguel Morales of Carrabba’s stands with his
                                                                           instructor for our               wife, Leslie, after accepting an award for Corporate
                                                                           summer program every             Philanthropist of the Year.
                                                                           year, allowing the
                                                                           children to experience
                                                                           a new sport and learn
                                                                           valuable life lessons.

John Brooks
and Chambliss
Bahner &
Tom Greenholtz
and Dana Perry
were honored by
CH/CS for their
generous gifts to
the agency.

                                                                                                    Director of Development Katie Harbison with Tioga Pipe Supply
                                                                                                    employees Mallory Slaughter and Lauren Lawson. Tioga’s golf
                                                                                                    tournament for our benefit is a tremendous financial help.

                                run for cH/cS in the Scenic city Half marathon!
    The Chattanooga Track Club is planning its Scenic City Half Marathon, 5k, & Charity Challenge to be held on February 26, 2011, and it’s time
    to start signing up again! Runners or walkers in this race are given the option of charities to which a portion of their registration fee will be
    given. Please tell all your friends to pick the Children’s Home/Chambliss Shelter! Because of some wonderful individuals who have raised
    funds over and above their registration, we have been close to being the top charity every year. With your help we could do it in 2011! Come
    on, register and raise funds to support our agency! Visit to register or for more information.

  Holiday                         • Fat Ticonderoga pencils, with
                                    and without erasers
                                                                    For the chambliss Shelter
                                                                    (ages 6-18 years old):

   Wish                           • Rolls of clear contact paper
                                  • Plastic cookie cutters
                                                                    • Sleep pants & shirts, men’s M, L, XL
                                                                    • Boxer shorts, men’s M/L

   List                           • Snap & Lock beads
                                    (ages 6 months)
                                  • Playdough
                                                                    • White or black solid T-shirts, men’s M, L, XL
                                                                    • White ankle socks, men’s 9-12
For the children’s Home                                             • Bath towels & wash cloths
(ages 6 weeks to 12 years):       • Play ironing board with iron    • Body wash
• Riding toys for 3-5 year olds   • Infant bouncy seats             • Toothbrushes/toothpaste
• Digital thermometers            • Magna Doodles                   • Shampoo/conditioner
  with extra covers               • Baby dolls clothing             • Gain liquid laundry detergent
• Play brooms & mops              • Lego Duplo Brick Boxes (large   • Gifts cards to eat out, go to see a movie,
• Crayola finger paint              legos for smaller children)       go bowling, Goony Golf, etc…

                                                                                                  Development Officer
                                                                                                  MeReDITH RIVeRS
                                                                                                Director of Development
                                                                                                  kATIe C. HARBISON
                                                                                              Director of Volunteer Services
                                                                                                    PAULeTTe ACORD
                                                                                                   Director of Finance
                                                                                                     BeTTY DARBe
                                                                                                Director of Social Services
                                                                                                SALLY JACkSON, ACSW
                                                                                                   Executive Director
                                                                                               eLIzABeTH PeLTON, ACSW
                                                                                                    President & CEO
                                                                                                    PHILIP A. ACORD

                                                                                      CHATTANOOGA, TN 37411
                                                                                      315 GILLeSPIe ROAD
   Permit No. 113                                                                     (VINe STReeT ORPHANS’ HOMe)
  Chattanooga, TN
    U.S. Postage

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