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Geometry - Athletic Field Dimensions


									                                       Sports and Geometry
Understand why geometry is important by seeing the connections between sports and geometry.
Students will recognize
        the various shapes in sports (their fields, their equipment, their rules…).
        angles, arches, measurement, and shapes in sports.
        the concepts of size, speed, and weight as they apply to sports.

Materials Needed:
Layouts of a
        basketball court
        tennis court
        baseball field
        pool table
        soccer field

You can find some helpful sources of this information on these Web sites:
       Athletic Field Dimensions
       Sports Court and Field Dimensions
       Sport and Activity Dimension Index
       Note: A standard tournament-play pool table is 4.5 x 9 feet.

The Lesson
       Arrange students into groups of 3 or 4 students. Ask each group to choose a sporting
         event from the list of field layouts you’ve made available.
       Challenge students to use the field layouts to identify geometry concepts in those
         sports/activities. They should identify the various shapes in their sport field and the
         tools/equipment of the sport too.
       They will create a miniature version of the field layout and plan a presentation that
         shares with the other groups how geometry plays a role in the sport.

      You might use a presentation rubric to grade student presentations.
      Perhaps students will use the rubric to grade their peers and/or themselves.

Extension activity: Discuss the importance of why standards are set for sports playing areas.
Athletic Field Dimensions: Football • Soccer • Baseball
Printable Athletic Field Diagrams for Accurate
Sports Field Dimensions
      Baseball Field Dimensions 181k PDF
      Little League Field Dimensions 79k PDF
      Field Hockey Field Dimensions 52k PDF
      Football Field Dimensions 103k PDF
      High School Field Dimensions 110k PDF
      Flag Football Field Dimensions 49k PDF
      Lacrosse Field Dimensions 95k PDF
      Rugby Field Dimensions 75k PDF
      Soccer Field Dimensions 81k PDF
      Youth Slowpitch Softball Field Dimensions 115k
      Fastpitch Softball Field Dimensions 94k PDF
      Adult Slowpitch Softball Field Dimensions 84k
      Portable Fence Instructions 200k PDF

      - Diagram
     is the only site on the net that provides Field and Court
              Dimension Diagrams for a variety of sports in one place.
              Click on the sport below that you would like to see dimension information on.

              COURT & FIELD Dimensions
                Badminton Court Dimensions Diagram
                Baseball Field Dimensions Diagram
                +    Major League Baseball Field Dimensions Diagram
                +    Little League Baseball Field Dimensions Diagram
                Basketball Court Dimensions Diagram
                +   Professional-NBA Basketball Court Dimensions Diagram
                +    College-High School Basketball Court Dimensions Diagram
                Bocce Court Dimensions Diagram
                Football Field Dimensions Diagram
                +   Professional-NFL Football Field Dimensions Diagram
                +    College Football Field Dimensions Diagram
                +    High School Football Field Dimensions Diagram
                +    Canadian-CFL Football Field Dimensions Diagram
  Hockey Rink Dimensions Diagram
  Horseshoes Pit Dimensions Diagram
  Lacrosse Field Dimensions Diagram
  Pickleball Court Dimensions Diagram
  Rugby Field Dimensions Diagram
  Shuffleboard Court Dimensions Diagram
  Soccer Field Dimensions Diagram
  Softball Field Dimensions Diagram
  +   Fast Pitch Softball Field Dimensions Diagram
  +   Slow Pitch Softball Field Dimensions Diagram
  Tennis Court Dimensions Diagram
  Volleyball Court Dimensions Diagram

                Sport and Activity Dimensions Index
          Sports Courts
Basketball - AAU
Basketball - NCAA                                 Sports Fields
BMX Track                             Baseball, Babe Ruth
Boccie Ball                           Baseball, Little League
Croquet                               Field Hockey
Disk Golf                             Flickerball
Handball, One-wall                    Football, Pop Warner
Handball, Three-wall                  Football, Touch and Flag
Handball, Four-wall                   Golf Driving Range
Hopscotch                             Lacrosse, Mens
Horseshoes                            Lacrosse, Womens
Ice Hockey                            Soccer, Mens & Boys
Lawn Bowling                          Soccer, Short-sided (AYSO)
Shuffleboard                          Soccer, Womens & Girls
Tennis, Deck                          Softball, 12 " (fast & slow pitch)
Tennis, Paddle                        Softball, 16" (fast pitch)
Tennis, Platform                      Speedball
Tennis                                Sport Field Space Requirements

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