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					OUR COMMUNITY’S VOICE                            AUGUST 2010
 Brought to you by your Tuscany Community Association

                    Join Us for the
                        2nd Annual Tuscany
                        Amazing Race & Chase
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THE TUSCANY SUN                                                          AUGUST 2010                                                              3

                                                               What Do You Think?

Tuscany Community Association                                       itting in Nova Scotia in my parents    the crosswalk and slowing down will                                                    house – and I’m sicker than I’ve       help prevent an accident. Pedestrians,
P.O. Box 27030 Tuscany RPO
Calgary, Alberta T3L 2Y1                                       been in years. Funny how I feel so          you may have the right of way but
                                                               much a mature adult (okay, except if        you can’t outmatch a car. Keep safe
President .......................... Glen Furtado              I’m watching an episode of Magnum           by assuming there are motorists trying               P.I, my first true love) until a high       their best and make sure they see you
Vice President .... Michelle van de Reep
                                                               fever, sore throat and aching body          before you step out.
Treasurer..........................Lee Bardwell                make me want to call for my mom.
Secretary ............................ Tyla Willett            And I’m not too proud to admit I love       Jamie is looking for a precious
                                                               the feeling of her cool hand doing          wedding ring that was lost in the play
Tuscany Committee Email Addresses                              the fever check on my forehead, the         area behind the Tuscany Club and
Communications Committee
....................                   offer of my favorite grape popcycle to      is asking for our community’s help
Events & Recreation Committee                                  help cool me down, my dad’s remedy          in locating it. You can find further                   of a beer as a back-up and my sister        information on page 5. Also, residents
Recreation ........                     commiserating and making me tea.            on the corners of Tuscany Way and
Parks and Planning Committee                                                                               Tuscany Blvd. are asking for their
Tuscany Sun Newsletter                                         Until we are back in the fold of            community’s support in reducing              our family at times like these, I           speed and noise in this area. You can
Traffic and Safety Committee                                   wonder if we forget that we were all        really help out by sticking to your
..............................            children once and we all hopefully          50km/hr in our community (cruise
Elected Officials                                              had someone in our lives that loved         control can help!) and by accelerating
Alderman:                                                      us, knew us well and made choices           more slowly to reduce noise pollution.
Dale Hodges                                                    to keep us safe. As a parent, I am          It would be the kind thing to do. It will
403-268-2445                                                   reminded that I don’t have the corner       also be good practice as this is a future                                         market on parenting and that I can          school zone.
Lindsay Blackett                                               learn a thing or two watching my
403-216-5444                                                   parents grandparent my children. And        I hope you have an amazing                               I come around to that age-old idea          September.
MP:                                                            once again that it does take family and
Rob Anders
403-292-6666                                                   a community to help raise us all and        Yours,                                              keep us safe and strong in an awe-          Michelle
                                                               inspiring and sometimes terrifying
Tuscany Sun Newsletter                                         world.
Editor & Article Submissions:
Michelle van de Reep                                              Bringing this back to our local world
Submission deadlines for this monthly publication are the      in Tuscany, we have over 1400
9th of the month, prior to the distribution month.
                                                               students taking their places in our two
Advertising Sales:                                             schools between 8am and 8:35am on
Phil 403-660-7324                                              Thursday, September 2nd which                                       means they’ll be traveling to school
The ad booking deadline is the 14th of the                     between the hours of 7:30am and 8am.
month prior to the distribution month.
This publication is published 12 times a year by Suburban
                                                               Please keep them safe by making safe
Journals Publishing and delivered to residents by Canada       driving, walking, biking and parking
Post. This publication is also available for pickup from the
Tuscany Club.                                                  choices each school day as you either
Please note: the information and opinions in this newsletter
are subject to change, and do not necessarily represent the
                                                               make your way to work or to drop
opinions of the publisher or editor. Content contained in      your children off at our schools. This
this publication may not be reproduced without the written
consent of Suburban Journals Publishing. The information       time of year is really tricky for drivers
herein is believed accurate but not warranted so. Any
advertisements, home businesses, babysitters & nannies,        and pedestrians alike because of the
or other parties listed in the Tuscany Sun should not be
interpreted as recommendations or endorsements by the          height of the sun in the morning and
editor or the publisher.                                       at dusk. Assuming a pedestrian is in
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     AUGUST 2010                                                             5

In Our Community
 The Talk in                                                                          Alderman's
 Tuscany                                                                              Report
                                                                                     Bowmont Park Update

                                                                                     At this point in time, rerouting around
                                                                                     the blind corner in Waterfall Valley
                                           Crowfoot Library                          below the Silver Springs Community
                                                                                     is presently in progress. Site visits are
                                          All Calgary Public Library locations       ongoing for vegetation assessments
                                          will be closed Monday, August 2.           and determining proper alignments.
                                                                                     Many dedicated volunteers have as-
Talk in Tuscany belongs to you. Have      • Timeless Tales: Aug. 20, 11:00 a.m.      sisted with building of the rerouted
you read something in the Sun you’d         – 11:45 a.m. Ages 6 – 9.                 trail. Trail closures and restorations
like to comment on? Are you looking       • Lost in Time, The 2010 Summer            around Waterfall Valley have been
for some feedback on an issue? Or,          Reading Adventure: Never to late         initiated by volunteers, as well. To
would you like to comment on what’s         to register. Return sheet five by Aug.   date one trail has been closed and re-
happening in and around Tuscany?            27 to be eligible for the grand prize.   planted with a second trail to be closed
                                          • Super Summer Drop-in Family              and replanted in early July. Ongoing
We’d all love to hear what you have to      Storytime: Mondays (No program           trail closures and plantings will occur
say.                                        Aug. 2) 10:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.          in the upcoming weeks. Restora-
                                            Ages 2 to 5 with a parent/caregiver.     tion plantings have been installed on
Please Help – Ring Lost                     No registration required.                the “Fournier Island” and within the
I’m hoping you can post a small lost      • Drop-In Family Storytime:                Wildlife Preservation Area. In late
ad in the Tuscany Sun as I’m desperate      Wednesdays 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.       June, Goat’s Beard was picked by
to find my lost wedding ring. On May        & Thursdays 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.      volunteers and crews continue to hand
18th at the noon hour, I placed my ring     Ages 2 to 5 with a parent/caregiver.     pick weeds throughout the park. The
on the picnic table by the wading pool      No registration required.                Storm Water Retrofit Project is ongo-
(nearest to the gate) to place sunblock   • Creation Station Coaching:               ing in the west end of the park. The
on my children. I left without putting      Wednesdays 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.         Biophysical Impact Assessment (BIA)
the ring back on.                           No registration required.                with updated wildlife and bird surveys
                                                                                     has also been completed.
It’s my engagement ring with two
wedding bands fused together to
make one large ring. It has one larger
                                           Bowness Library                           A Bowmont Environment Park Com-
                                                                                     mittee Meeting was held at the Scenic
diamond with 3 tiny diamonds above                                                   Acres Community Hall in July, 2010.
                                          • Lost in Time, 2010 Summer
and below the larger diamond. It’s                                                   At this time, interpretive signage is in
                                            Reading Adventure: Until Aug. 27
white gold. It’s very precious to me                                                 the process of being installed. A few
                                          • Online Summer Reading
and I hope it can be located.                                                        interpretive signs previously installed
                                            Club for Teens: Details at
                                                                                     will be changed to reflect an accurate
I can be reached at 403-663-2008 if                                                  description of the geology at Waterfall
                                          • Board Game Bonanza: until Aug.
someone finds this ring. Reward if                                                   Valley. Hogg’s Back is currently be-
                                            4, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
found.                                                                               ing restored. Restoration signage has
                                                                                     been installed at both ends of Hogg’s
Regards,                                                                             Back with the area being fenced off
                                          for more information on these
Jamie                                                                                when restoration is complete.
                                          programs. Registration is required for
                                          all programs unless otherwise noted.
                                                                                     Dale Hodges
THE TUSCANY SUN                                         AUGUST 2010                                                            7

In Our Community
                                        2nd Annual Amazing Tuscany
                                        Race & Chase 2010
                                              REGISTER FOR THE AMAZING                   Participants must be 6 years of age or
                                              CHASE AND BBQ                              older.
                                                                                         Begins: Tuscany field directly south of
                                              The Amazing Tuscany Race and Chase
                                                                                         the Tuscany Club.
                                              grew out of the desires of community
     Get Active * Get Involved                                                           Ends: The parking lot of the Tuscany
                                              members like you to participate in
       Build a Community                                                                 Club.
                                              events that would bring us together in
Sunday, September 12th                        fun and active ways. The event - with
                                                                                         Register: The registration fee is $80
Join your fellow Tuscanites in an             the help of our sponsors, volunteers
                                                                                         per team and your team can register
active fun-filled day that starts with a      and participants - was a big success
                                                                                         online at the TCA’s website at www.
race and ends with a BBQ!                     last year and we look forward to an
                                                                                You must be a TCA
                                              even bigger event in 2010. The day is
9am - 11am The RACE                                                                      member to compete - memberships
                                              broken into 3 parts:
Enjoy running in your community                                                          can also be purchase online for $20 for
with fellow residents in either a 5km                                                    the year. After you’re registered, check
                                              9am - 11am THE RACE
walk or race or the 10km race.                                                           out the TCA’s event page on Facebook
                                              What: Race with your fellow Tuscany
                                                                                         where you can upload a picture (go
                                              residents along our beautiful trails.
11am - 4pm The Chase                                                                     wild!) of your team and your team’s
                                              There are both 5km and 10km hand-
Gather your team of 4 Tuscanites to                                                      name. Your team’s registration
                                              timed races for those who love to run.
compete in Tuscany’s own version of                                                      includes entrance into the BBQ.
                                              If you’d like to walk with friends, your
the Amazing Race! Participants must           children and neighbours, there is also a
be 6 years of age or older.                                                              3pm - 6pm THE BARBECUE
                                              5km walk.
                                                                                         What: Come, hang out and have a
3pm - 6pm The Barbecue                        Begins: Tuscany field directly south of    great time at our community wrap-up
Eat, drink and be merry at this               the Tuscany Club.                          BBQ. There will be lots of food and
community BBQ! Festivities will                                                          drinks, along with a variety of fun
include a climbing wall, face painting,       Ends: Tuscany field directly south of
                                                                                         activities for all (face painting and
bouncy tents and more.                        the Tuscany Club.
                                                                                         wall climbing, to name a few).
see you there!                                Register: The registration fee is $35
                                                                                         Begins & Ends: In the Tuscany Club’s
                                              per person. The Race form can be
“This was really fun. There were lots                                                    outdoor space. Register: Tickets can be
                                              filled out in this pamphlet and returned
of things to do and lots of variety. It                                                  purchased online at www.tuscanyca.
                                              to any Running Room location by
was fun to do with my family.”                                                           ca for the cost of $10/adult and $5/
                                              August 31st, 2010. Alternatively,
                             Fiona, age 9                                                child. BBQ tickets are included in the
                                              you can register online at www.
                                                                                         registration package for each Chase
“The Amazing Chase was a fun and    
exciting way to spend quality family time
within our community. The BBQ and the         11am - 4pm THE CHASE
Chase was well-organized with lots of         What: Gather a community team
activities for all ages and plenty of good    of 4 family or friends to compete
food and snacks. It was well worth the        in Tuscany’s version of the famous
money spent. We will definitely try to        Amazing Race. Participants will move
participate again next year.”                 through a variety of stations around
            Nicole Holoboff, 2009 Chase       Tuscany, testing their athletic, problem
                                Participant   solving and mind-based abilities.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                AUGUST 2010                                                               9

In Our Community
                                       2nd Annual Amazing Tuscany
                                       Race & Chase 2010
                                                  REGISTER FOR THE RUN
What is the TCA, you ask?
If you’re confused about who we are,                                PARTICIPANT INFO
don’t worry! Most of our community             Name ________________________________________
wonders the very same thing. Very
simply, Tuscany has two very different         Address ______________________________________
associations - the Tuscany Community           City ____________________ Postal Code ___________
Association (us) and the Tuscany
Residents Association.                         Phone # (H) _________________ (C) _______________

Why two associations? It isn’t to              Email ________________________________________
confuse you, that’s for sure. The TCA          __ Male __ Female                       Age on day of race __
and the TRA serve two very different
purposes.                                      Run: ___ 5 km __10 km
The TRA was created by Tuscany’s               T-shirt size: __S __ M __ L __ XL (if registered by Aug. 31)
developer to manage the Tuscany Club
and maintain some (but not all) of the        THE CUT-OFF DATE FOR REGISTRATION IS 8:30AM RACE
                                                     DAY IF CAP OF 200 HAS NOT BEEN MET
grounds in the community. The TRA’s
boundaries do not encompass the whole
community; those within its boundaries
pay a mandatory fee per year as per their
building agreement.
The TCA is run by dedicated community
volunteers, its boundaries include the
entire community and membership in
the TCA is a voluntary $20 per year. The
TCA’s mandate is to develop and deliver
community-wide programs, events
and opportunities, as well as act as an
intervener to represent the community’s
interests in civic matters.
You may know us through:
The Tuscany Sun * Tuscany Soccer
Program * Annual Community Book
swap * Annual Amazing Tuscany Race
and Chase.
All in all, we think you get a lot for your      X_________________________________________________
$20 a year - and we hope you do, too.              participant signature or signature of parent/guardian

Keep apprised of community news by                _________________________________________________
reading The Tuscany Sun newsletter or              date
by visiting                    Please return registration form and fee to any Running Room location.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                    AUGUST 2010                                                             11

Our Schools
 Tuscany                                 Council, a team was formed and
                                         Tuscany School was on its way to
                                                                                   its holistic approach. The Safe Routes
                                                                                   to School program suggests working
                                         constructively address these traffic      with all key stakeholders in order to
                                         and walking concerns on everyone’s        make a meaningful and successful
                                         minds.                                    change within a community. To
                                                                                   date, the project has the support of
2010-2011 marks our school’s fifth       In a nutshell, the project has three      MLA Lindsay Blackwell, Alderman
school year and it promises to be a      main goals:                               Dale Hodges, Bev Whitworth
wonderful and exciting year. School      1. To increase the number of parents      (principal of Tuscany School), Greg
begins at 8am on Thursday, September        and students who are willing to find   Kittleson (principal of St.Basil’s),
2nd - welcome back to all our parents       alternative methods to driving in      Constable Roy Moe (CPS), The
and students!                               getting to and from school.            Tuscany Community Association,
                                         2. To reduce the number of parents        CBE, Sobeys, and staff, parents and
We’re proud to let you know that we         parking around the school by           students from the two current schools
are participating in the Safe Routes        running a successful Kiss N Drop       in Tuscany, as well as the upcoming
to School project. Our principal first      program in the Loading Zone on the     middle school.
encountered information on this             NW corner of the school.
project at a seminar she attended last   3. To reduce the number of driving        To find out more about this project,
year and brought it back to the school      and parking infractions around         check out the school’s website at
in response to increasing concerns          school by implementing a Parking As the
regarding walking and traffic safety        Patrol program.                        project progresses, we’ll be posting
around the school by both parents,                                                 information and celebrating successes.
staff and community members.             The key to this project’s success is in
After presenting the project to School                                             We’d like to extend a big thank you to
                                                                                   all who’ve given their support to this
                                                                                   exciting project already and a thank
                                                                                   you in advance to all who will be
                                                                                   supporting the project in the future.

                                                                                    School Starts...
                                                                                   Tuscany School: Thursday, September
                                                                                   2nd – Students in Class by 8am

                                                                                   St. Basils School: Thursday,
                                                                                   September 2nd – Students at school by

                                                                                   Drivers, please slow down and drive
                                                                                   with care.

                                                                                   Parents and students, walking and
                                                                                   biking to school will dramatically
                                                                                   assist in reducing traffic congestion
                                                                                   around the schools.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                    AUGUST 2010                                                      13

In Our Community
                                                                                  Your Tuscany
                                                                                 The TCA is a non-profit organization
                                                                                 run by a core group of volunteers
                                                                                 who are committed to the needs and
Support Tuscany!                                                                 constructive development of Tuscany
                                                                                 and its community. The TCA has
Buy Your Community Membership Today!                                             a broad mandate to represent the
                                                                                 community to external stakeholders

                                                                                 such as the City and to provide

                                                                                 community sports programs. We also
                             you have your                        have an emphasis to preserve and
                   Community Association membership yet?                         protect the natural environments in

  Benefits of Membership                                                         This year, the TCA is focusing
                                                                                 its efforts on three broad goals –
  • A healthier and more enjoyable        • Effective representation and         community cohesiveness, traffic
    community through the provision         advocacy to external third parties   safety and the development of youth
    of community sports and                 about issues of concern to the       programs in Tuscany. If you would
    recreation activities like soccer –     community, including public          like to participate in the development
    your membership contributes to          health and safety, development       and implementation of these goals, the
    the costs of operation                  and the natural environment          TCA is always looking for committed
  • Insurance coverage to participate     • Maintenance and preservation of      volunteers. For more information,
    in Community Association                the natural environment,             contact or
    organized sports, such as soccer        including Twelve Mile Coulee         go to our website at
  • Discounted insurance rates -          • A safer community through our
    email            advocacy on traffic and other
  • Up-to-date information about            safety issues
    issues affecting you and the          • Pride and a sense of community
    community through the Tuscany           through participation in
    Sun and our website                     community activities

                    YES! I would like to become a member of
                      the Tuscany Community Association

      Go to to register online
             for your membership today!
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     AUGUST 2010                                                            15

In Our City
 Calgary Connection
Parks Cemetery Tours: Travel back         materials are free to stencil storm         looking to gather any photographs
in time with knowledgeable volunteer      drains and distribute door hangers          dating back from the 1900's all the
tour guides. Until Oct. 3, 2:00 p.m.      in the neighborhood of your choice.         way up to present day Calgary. Call
– 3:30 p.m. FREE. Register for tour       The stencils and door hangers remind        403-870-9923 or email James.paton@
online at      communities that `only rain goes in
                                          storm drains.' For more information,
Parks’ Nature Discovery Camps:            or to reserve a stenciling kit please       Get your community involved in
Children discover nature first-hand.      contact yellowfish@yellowfishroad.          helping the Food Bank. There are a
Every week 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.          org, or call 403-221-8370.                  variety of ways that Calgarians can
throughout August. Pre-care and post-                                                 get involved with the Food Bank
care available. Register online at www.   2010 TAGS - The Anti Graffiti Sym-          to support those in need, such as a                    posium: Oct. 19 & 20 at the Coast           Community Food Drive. For more
                                          Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre             information please contact Kelly
Depression Research Study – Vol-          Register by phone at 403-206-8352           Ferrier at 403-319-0833 or by email at
unteers Needed: The Depression            or at     
Research Laboratory at the U of C is
investigating the relationship between    Building Blocks, A Resource and             The Calgary Foothills Primary Care
mood and thinking. If you are an adult    Activity Fair for 50+: Sat. Sep. 25,        Network is an arrangement between a
between 18 and 65, have had one or        Cardel Place (11950 Country Village         group of family physicians and Alberta
more previous episodes of depression      Link N.E.), 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.         Health Services - Calgary to provide
but are not currently depressed, and      Drop in and join us for a day full of in-   primary care services to patients living
would like to participate please call     formation and fun! Bring your swim-         in N.W. Calgary and Cochrane. We
Laurie Ching at 403-455-5963. All         suit and active wear and come out and       offer free programs such as an after
inquiries will be kept confidential.      try something new and fun!                  hours clinic, group walking program,
                                                                                      and stress management classes. For
Music in the Park: In celebration of      Spirited Grannies raises money for          more information visit
Parks 100th anniversary, The City of      the Grandmothers and their families
Calgary Parks is hosting free family      in Lesotho, Africa. Volunteers are          Our Foster Children Need Your
concerts in parks this summer.            needed to help in a variety of ways –       Help! The Wood’s Homes Foster Care
• South Glenmore Park: Jul. 17,           such as hosting and donating to garage      Network provides family-based care
  2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.                   sales, craft making, woodworking,           to children 0 to 18 years. If you would
• Prairie Winds Park: Aug. 28, 2:00       sewing and knitting. Please visit www.      like to know more about becoming a
  p.m. – 5:00 p.m.               or call Sheila at         foster parent, contact us at 403-270-
• Valleyview Park: Sep. 25, 2:00 p.m.     403-208-1658 or Eileen at 403-208-          4102 or
  – 5:00 p.m.                             7811.
For more info visit                                                 Women In Need Society (WINS):
                                          Calgary's Communities History:              We help women and their families
Help protect Calgary`s rivers by          The Federation of Calgary Communi-          help themselves by operating 4 Thrift
participating in Trout Unlimited          ties is currently working on its 50th       Stores inCalgary: Bowness, Dover,
Canada`s Yellow Fish Road storm           anniversary magazine project and it’s       FisherPark and Killarney. The stores
drain stenciling program. All                                                         are open 7 days a week for shopping
                                                                                      and drop offs. How can you help?
                                                                                      Donate gently used items to our thrift
                                                                                      stores, make a monetary donation or
                                                                                      hold a donation drive or event. Visit
                                                                             for more
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       AUGUST 2010                                                                      17

In Our City
                                                                                      Tickets, admission or registration may be required
 Events In and Around Calgary                                                         for events. Event details are believed correct as of
                                                                                                  press time but may change at any time.

Heritage Day at Fort Calgary:               Chinese Dragons.
Aug. 2, Fort Calgary. Enjoy costumed
interpretation, and historical crafts and
games at the Heritage Day celebration.      7th Annual Golf Classic: Aug. 16,                         The Links of GlenEagles. Fun 18
                                            hole golf tournament in support of the
FHNB Fashion Camp Calgary:                  Cochrane & Area Humane Society’s
Aug. 2 – 28, Olds College. Designed         Internal Animal Hospital.
to build confidence and self-esteem
for teens. Ages 11 – 18.                 Toast 'n' Jam: Aug. 19 – 20, New
                                            Black Centre for Music and Art. This
Mommylicious: Aug. 8, Carriage              is a free youth music festival featuring
House Inn. Local businesses offering        the music of some of the hottest young
products and services geared towards        bands in town.                  Concerts
                                                                                          • Backstreet Boys: Aug. 8,
                                            Hootenanny at Heritage Park:
                                                                                            Pengrowth Saddledome
Marda Gras: Aug. 8, Marda Loop. A           Aug. 24, Heritage Park Historic Vil-
                                                                                          • Chromeo: Aug. 10, Flames Central
festival featuring live entertainment,      lage. All-ages, family friendly event
                                                                                          • Stompin Tom Connors: Aug. 14,
market tables and plenty of activities      features musical entertainment, crafts,
for children.           exhibitors, dance demonstrations and
                                                                                          • Michael Bublé: Aug. 18,
                                                                                            Pengrowth Saddledome
Rock the House Run: Aug. 8.
                                                                                          • Black Eyed Peas: Aug 22,
10k or 5k run and a 1k McDonald’s           Calgary Produce Marketing Asso-
                                                                                            Pengrowth Saddledome
Go Active Walk in support of Ronald         ciation's Harvest Sale: Aug 28 – 29,
                                                                                          • Bobby Curtola, Sep. 4, Deerfoot
McDonald House® Southern Alberta.           Heritage Park Historic Village. Sup-
                                                                                            Inn & Casino.            port the local community and local
                                                                                          • Johnny Reid: Sep. 27, Jubilee
thehouse                                    charities by purchasing fresh fruits and
                                                                                          • The Beach Boys: Sep. 30, Jubilee
                                            vegetables at affordable prices.
                                                                                          • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Oct. 16,
Walking With Dinosaurs: Aug. 11 – 
                                                                                            Deerfoot Inn & Casino
15, Pengrowth Saddledome. Go back
                                                                                          • Great Big Sea: Oct. 27, Jubilee
in time to an ancient landscape, where      Calgary Highland Games: Sep. 4,
                                                                                          • B.B. King: Nov. 8, Jubilee
you will witness exceptionally life-like    Shouldice Park. Features highland
                                                                                          • Tony & Tina’s Wedding: Nov. 18,
dinosaurs fight for survival right be-      dancing, traditional heavy events,
                                                                                            The Wedding Pavilion
fore their eyes.       Scottish food samples and pipes.
Taste of Calgary: Aug. 12 – 15, Eau
Claire. Offers sensational samples          Calgary Pride Parade: Sep 5, starts            Festivals
from Calgary’s finest and most unique       at 8 st. S.W. & 8 ave. S.W. Calgary's         • Calgary International Blues
restaurants and beverage companies.         gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-              Festival: Aug. 2 – 8                      gender community celebrate diversity.         • Afrikadey! Aug. 9 – 14
                                                             • GlobalFest: Aug. 20 start
Chinatown Street Festival: Aug. 14,                                                       • Calgary International Reggae
Chinatown. Featuring street vendors         Primal at the Calgary Zoo: Sep. 10,             Festival: Aug. 21
selling everything from jewelry to          Calgary Zoo. Get your caveman on              • Expo Latino: Aug. 27 – 29,
food and various demonstrations             with The Calgary Zoo’s Annual Fund-             Prince's Island Park.
such as Tai Chi, and the parade of          raiser.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                   AUGUST 2010                                                                   19

In Our City
 Summer Fun for Kids                                                                    Visit or call 3-1-1 for more
                                                                                            information on all events listed below

 Lawnchair                                Youth Days                                 Family Pool
 Theatre                                 Ages 13 – 17. We get together every         Parties
                                         Tuesday to Friday. Each day we
Bring your lawn chair and enjoy great    do something different—outdoor             Hang out with your friends and family
snacks and live entertainment for the    activities, sports, cool special guests    while enjoying some music and party.
entire family. All events: 6:30 p.m. –   and just hanging out in the sun. Each      Regular pool admission applies.
8:30 p.m.                                Thursday we go on a Road Trip to           • Aug. 7: Mount Pleasant Pool – 2310
• Aug. 5: Hidden Valley - 10504          awesome local places, like hiking            6th St. N.W.
  Hidden Valley Dr N.W. (by              in K-Country, Calaway Park and             • Aug. 21: Bowview Pool – 1910 6th
  outdoor rink)                          horseback riding. Come on Tuesday            Ave. N.W.
• Aug. 12: Tuscany - Tuscany             to learn about the Thursday trip. ALL
  Meadows Drive and Tuscany              summer until August 20.
  Meadows Close N.W.
• Aug. 17: Ranchlands – 7713
                                         • MacEwan: MacEwan Dr. and
                                           MacEwan Ter. N.W. (at the “shed”          Youth Pool Party
  Ranchview Drive N.W. (Behind the         next to the playground on MacEwan
  outdoor rink)                            Ter. N.W. in apartment complex).         Enjoy music, games, fun and prizes
• Aug. 19: Edgemont - 33 Edgevalley        Tue. – Fri. 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.       with friends (regular pool admission
  Circle N.W.                              (Thu. times may vary)                    applies). Ages: 12 – 17 yrs.
• Aug. 26: Bridgeland – Centre Ave       • Scenic Acres: 8825 Scurfield Dr.         • Aug. 13: Silver Springs Outdoor
  East and 7A St. N.E.                     N.W. Tue. – Fri. 12:00 p.m. – 2:00         Pool, 5720 Silver Ridge Dr. N.W.
                                           p.m. (Thu. times may vary)                 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                                         • Dalhousie: #205, 4848 Dalton Dr.         • Aug. 20: Sir Winston Churchill
 Sonics Basketball                         N.W. Tue. – Fri. 3:00 p.m. – 5:00
                                           p.m. (Thu. times may vary)
                                                                                      Pool, 1520 Northmount Dr. NW.
                                                                                      7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                                         • Huntington Hills: 520 78 Ave N.W.        • Aug. 27: Highwood Outdoor Pool,
Free Youth Drop-in
                                           Tue. – Fri. 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.          25 Holmwood Ave. N.W. 7:00 p.m.
Basketball Program.
                                           (Thu. times may vary)                      – 9:00 p.m.
Ages 13 – 17.
Wednesdays Jul. until
Aug. 25, 6:00 p.m.
– 9:00 p.m. at the
Dalhousie Outdoor Courts south of
                                          Win a Free Family Pool Pass
Dalhousie Dr. and Dalford Rd. N.W.       Call 3-1-1 and give us your feedback on our summer programs. Your family
(Near LRT Station).                      will be entered into a draw to win a family swimming pool pass (value: $13).

 ‘Road’ Hockey                            Top Eco Rating for Our City
 Night in Canada                          The Mercer Quality of Living Survey recently ranked Calgary No. 28 on
                                          its overall quality-of-living list, but gave the city top spot in a new ecology
Free drop in road hockey for ages 12 –    ranking. Calgary, narrowly edged out Honolulu and Ottawa for first place out
17. Mondays until Aug. 23, 6:00 p.m.      of 320 cities considered in the evaluation. The "eco-city" ranking includes
– 8:00 p.m. at the Edgemont Outdoor       criteria such as water availability, water potability, waste removal, sewage, air
Arena, Edgemont Hill and Edgemont         pollution and traffic congestion.
Dr. N.W.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     AUGUST 2010                                                            21

In Our City
 City Hall News                                                                        Graffiti Vandalism
City Administration reviewed commu-       schedule planning sessions to be held       Graffiti vandalism is defined as words,
nity associations and social recreation   on the first Tuesday for the months of      figures, letters or drawings scribbled,
organizations on City land. The report    February to July, and September to          scratched or sprayed on a surface
now includes all third-party organiza-    October, 2011.                              without consent of the property owner.
tions with facilities on city-owned                                                   What do I do if I see graffiti in my
land that Community Services liaises      City Administration will consider           community?
with and includes financial exposure,     leasing surplus City land to a nonprofit
liabilities, and assets. As of June 15,   group to provide services for dogs          Step 1: Record. Record the exact
2010, they reviewed the financial         and their owners. A report on fenced        location, colour(s), type of property
statements of 151 groups out of 190.      off-leash dog areas will update the         and any conveyed message and/or
The remaining 38 have not been rated;     Community and Protective Services           identifiable markings. Recording graf-
24 submissions are being audited, 14      Committee, by January 2011.                 fiti vandalism assists in investigations
submissions are past due and one was                                                  and helps identify and hold offenders
not required. The majority are posi-      The City has bylaws for excessive           accountable.
tive, with 100 percent compliance with    noise, but Council asked for a cost
insurance and payment.                    estimate to use new technology, and         Step 2: Report. Any graffiti should
                                          enforcement options, with a report to       be reported as soon as possible. All
At the July 5 Combined Public Hear-       the Land Use, Parking and Transporta-       reports will be investigated to verify
ing and City Council Meeting, the         tion Committee. Some of the offend-         whether the graffiti is vandalism (Il-
Low Density Residential Guidelines        ers targeted will be motor vehicles and     legal) or urban art (with permission).
for Established Communities were          trucks using retarder breaks.               Vandalism will be investigated by
passed. Administration will respond to                                                the Calgary Police Service, and ap-
issues raised by communities no later     As the downtown public library will         prehended offenders will be charged.
than November 2010. They will en-         require $53 million in lifecycle costs      The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw
gage other stakeholders on developing     and $40 million was allocated, demoli-      Services will then ensure graffiti is
objective standards and bylaw rules       tion was mentioned at the July 5 meet-      cleaned in a timely manner. Urban art
for low density infill development in     ing of City Council.                        will be verified by Bylaw Services to
developed areas. Administration will      However, there may be other govern-         ensure adherence to current bylaws.
bring this forward to November’s          ment funding and sponsorship. A             To report graffiti vandalism call 3-1-1
Budget adjustment and consider the        strategy for the central location, with     or visit and click
new project in the Planning Depart-       some services housed in an off-site         on “online reporting”. If you observe
ment’s 2011 work program.                 support facility, will be considered in a   graffiti vandalism in progress, call
                                          report to the Land and Asset Strategy       9-1-1.
The Council calendar will be approved     Committee, by December, 2010.
at the 2010 Organizational Business                                                   Step 3: Remove. Remove graffiti
Meeting to be held on October 26,         St. John the Evangelist Church, the         within 72 hours to:
2010. On July 5, City Council sched-      Ogden Hotel (Alyth Lodge), and the          • Reduce the change of reoccurrence.
uled Strategic Planning Sessions for      Somerville Duplex were designated as        • Send a clear message to offenders
the new Council on November 16            Municipal Historic Resources.                 that defacing property is not
and 17, for an overview of strategy                                                     acceptable.
and priorities. City Clerk will likely    Anne Burke                                  • Take away the recognition
                                                                                        vandals seek.

 “The best and most beautiful things in the world                                     Visit the City of Calgary’s website to
 cannot be seen, nor touched...but are felt in the                                    see tips on removing graffiti vandalism.
 heart.”                                  Helen Keller                                Calgary Police Service
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      AUGUST 2010                                                           23

In Our City
 The Green Space in Your Backyard                                                      New Name, Same
You’ve probably noticed lovely green       way we have of providing long term          Safety Message
spaces in the midst of subdivisions        planning for future ring roads and
around the city and wondered just          utilities to serve the cities as they      The Calgary Police
what they were, and how they were          expand.                                    Service has changed the
going to be used.                                                                     name of the system
                                           So while they may look like lovely         that provides crime pre-
In some cases, these green spaces are      unused green space, they do have a         vention and community
actually TUC – Transportation Util-        purpose, sometimes buried, sometimes       awareness messages to citizens.
ity Corridors – and they have a very       more visible. And because we buy the
definite use.                              land in advance, they may not be used      The Police and Community Telephone
                                           for their intended purpose for a num-      (PACT) system will now be known
These are pieces of land the Alberta       ber of years, so the government may        as the Police & Community
Government owns. The most visible          rent the land out in the meantime.         Awareness Program (PCAP). The
use for them is roads. And a perfect                                                  name was changed to avoid conflict
example of that is Calgary’s ring road,    This means they are not an extension       with a new social program with the
(Stoney Trail). Planners knew, over 20     of your back yard, so no, don’t plant      same acronym.
years ago, that Calgary (and Edmon-        trees or build a barbeque on them, or
ton for that matter) was going to need     use it as a place to put your lawn clip-   PCAP will still distribute pre-recorded
a ring road, and began buying land for     pings.                                     phone messages to subscribers to
that purpose as it became available.                                                  alert them to criminal activity in their
Today, the ring road around our city is    If you want to find out more about         communities and offer crime preven-
being built on that land. Until then, it   TUC land, or if you are concerned          tion and security tips. The CPS, and
was considered to be part of a TUC.        about fencing, noise, litter, access,      sponsor EnCana, provide this service
                                           trespassing, or maintenance, call          free of charge.
We also use TUC land for power lines,      Leszek Boczek at 403-355-4097.
pipe lines, regional water and sewer       For more information, includ-              If you don’t currently receive PCAP
lines and telecommunications lines as      ing maps that show where Calgary           messages, you may subscribe to the
well as some municipal utilities.          TUCs are located visit www.infra-          service on the CPS website at www.
                                 >Buildings and Click on the PCAP
TUCs are really the most effective         Land>Transportation Utility Corridor.      link near the bottom of the page for
                                                                                      the registration form. You can also
                                                                                      register by calling 403-645-2990.
 Thankfully: All About Allergies
 With school starting soon, and the fall allergy
 season looming, you may want to take a look at
                                                                                       “Happiness is a
 an outstanding web site produced by the Calgary                                       butterfly, which when
 Allergy Network. Whatever your allergen, from                                         pursued, is always just
 peanuts, to mold, to skin problems or breath-
 ing problems, this non-profit’s web site has a                                        beyond your grasp, but
 wealth of information to help you cope. The site                                      which, if you will sit
 provides practical information and resources to
 anyone dealing with asthma and allergies, par-
                                                                                       down quietly, may light
 ticularly potentially life-threatening allergies.                                     upon you.”
 Take a look at this resource at                                            Nathaniel Hawthorne
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     AUGUST 2010                                                         25

In Our City
 You, Your Pets and Summer                                                           Mount Yamnuska
As pet owners, warm weather means          that dogs are not allowed in school       Located 23 km
we take our pets on more trips, spend      grounds, playgrounds, sports fields,      from Canmore,
more time at the dog park and leave        golf courses, cemeteries, wading or       Mount
pets outside for longer periods. Being     swimming areas.                           Yamnuska was
proactive can help keep your pet safe                                                a challenging,
and prevent him from getting out or        If your dog or cat enjoys being out-      yet invigorating
becoming a nuisance to other citizens.     side, remember that according to the      hike. I am an
                                           bylaw, pets must remain on their own-     amateur outdoor person and have
When taking your pet in the car, make      ers’ property. For safety, Animal &       never been very interested in nature
sure he is in a secured kennel or a har-   Bylaw Services recommends that cats       and the outdoors, but the breathtaking
ness and safety belt. If you must leave    stay indoors. Dogs can be outside in      views, and fresh mountain air
your pet alone in the vehicle, there       a securely fenced backyard or in a dog    converted me to be a nature lover.
must be adequate ventilation. It is        run. If an owner is home and super-
unsafe and against the bylaw to leave      vising, a dog can be tethered in the      As we passed people coming down
pets unattended in a vehicle if the        backyard. Dogs cannot be tethered in      the mountain, I was taken aback
weather conditions are too hot.            backyards when owners are not home.       by the kindness of others. Walking
                                                                                     down the sidewalk in the city
With the abundance of parks and            Prevention and planning will help         doesn’t usually come with smiles
pathways we have in Calgary, dog           protect your pet as well as your neigh-   and conversation from a passerby.
owners have their pick of places to        bours and other citizens in the com-      Maybe the fresh air and physical
spend quality time outdoors with their     munity.                                   activity does what they say it does…
pooches. It is important to remem-                                                   it actually makes you happy!
ber however, that all parks are on         Animal & Bylaw Services
leash except where                                                                   The hike itself was difficult for me,
designated by signs.                                                                 but for someone in average shape it
Pathways and park-                                                                   is comparable to a moderate cardio
ing lots, even in                                                                    workout. There are a few spots on
off-leash areas, are                                                                 the climb where you can hunker
considered on leash.                                                                 down for a rest and have something
As a responsible pet                                                                 to eat. Yamnuska has a 533 meter
owner, when you                                                                      gain on a well worn path, however
are out and about                                                                    once you reach the chimney, there is a
with your dog, it is                                                                 tricky section where a lot of climbing
always necessary to                                                                  over and up rock is required as you
pick up your dog’s                                                                   head towards the summit.
waste and to carry
a suitable means to                                                                  Hiking is an inexpensive activity that
do so. Be aware                                                                      you and your family can do. Don’t
                                                                                     get stuck in the same old routine day
                                                                                     in day out. Mix it up once in a while!
 Dogs in Trucks                                                                      Check out
                                                                                     for details on Mount Yamnuska and
 Keep your dog safe. If he is riding in the back of a truck, the truck bed must      many more adventurous, leisure or
 be covered by a topper or the dog must be secured in a ventilated kennel. He        site seeing hikes.
 can also be tethered, but he cannot be standing on bare metal. Protect your
 dog by ensuring he is not put in danger of strangulation or can jump or be          Megan Hidson
 thrown from the vehicle.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                         AUGUST 2010                                                            27

Your Family
 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Pre-Game Jitters
Monitor your own pre-game rou-                sure. Be sure to clarify that even elite   positive coping statements. Explain
tine: It has been said that talking           athletes they look up to have perfor-      to your child that it can be common to
to your kids in the car (somewhat)            mance nerves.                              doubt yourself or get negative during
ensures a captive audience. But watch                                                    the heat of competition. Then work
you don’t abuse this tactic. Many             Help them focus on the right stuff:        with them to come up with some
sport kids complain their parents talk        Kids can become overwhelmed by             positive game talk to have ready. For
too much about the game and how               the stimulating nature of competition.     example, “I’ll do my best and I’ll be
they should play on the way to the            Help your child narrow their focus to      ok” or “I’ll get it next time”.
field. This can feel like a whole lot of      something they can manage. Together
pressure to an already geared up young        you can come up with one simple            Play the ‘same game’: Kids can be
athlete. Let your child take the lead in      focus that has to do with a skill they     intimidated by going to competitions
the pre game chatter. Ask them if they        are learning like ‘keep your eye on the    in places they haven’t been before,
want to talk, and whether it should be        ball’. Above all be sure to emphasize      and with new people. What is the
about sports or something else.               that although competition has winners      same about training and competition?
                                              and losers, worrying about winning is      Lots of things: same equipment, same
Explain that pre-game jitters are             not an effective focus. Direct them to     coach, same skills etc. Making a list
normal: Don’t panic when your sport           focus on skills and let the outcome of     of what is the same for your particu-
kid tells you they feel nervous. Ex-          the game take care of itself.              lar child can help reassure them that
plain that it is normal to feel butterflies                                              many things are familiar and they
in your stomach before you compete,           Help them develop positive game            are prepared for the challenge of
it means you care about what you’re           talk: One way you can help your child      competition.
about to do. Kids often worry they are        prepare for the stressors of competi-
the only one feeling nervous and un-          tion is to help them come up with          April Clay, Registered Psychologist

 Back to School!
With the hustle and bustle of July            loaded and ready to go one week            teams, music, theatre, dance, etc.
becoming a distant memory, it is now          before their first day of school. Why      Keeping your children involved in ac-
time to prepare for the Back to School        not have the first few school outfits      tivities will make school a much more
frenzy that will ensue. The                                  all ready to go as well?    pleasurable experience.
ominous school supply                                        Sending the kids off to
shopping is often left to                                    their first day of school   Kids often have a hard time adjust-
that last week before school                                 should be an enjoyable      ing to the rigorous school schedule.
starts. Why do we, year af-                                  experience, for you and     Waking up in the morning and get-
ter year, subject ourselves to                               your children.              ting going takes several days to get
the stressful, crowded, pain-                                                            used to. If you can encourage your
fully long shopping experi-                                  Some kids have a hard       children to practice getting up early,
ence during that last week of                                time getting excited for    getting dressed, and having breakfast
August? Don’t we deserve                                     the start of school. It     the week before school starts, you will
to rest before the busy                                      is a good idea to reiter-   help them to be at their best.
school year begins? Here                                     ate to your children, the
are some tips to make the transition          benefits of receiving an education. Be     With the assistance and support of
back to school as smooth as possible.         sure they know how much fun school         parents, children are sure to be well
                                              can be and how much they will learn.       prepared for the coming school year.
I would like to challenge Moms and            Become educated on what is offered
Dads to have their kids’ backpacks            at your child’s school, such as clubs,     Megan Hidson
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        AUGUST 2010                                                          29

Your Family
 Raising Financially Responsible Kids                                                   A Promise to
It is the parent’s responsibility to teach
money management skills to their
                                             supplies, etc.                             Change Your Life
children. This process should start          Your hope should be that they will run     New York Times
when the child is 5 or 6 years old. By       out of month before they run out of        best-selling author
this age, most children have an under-       money. Sound harsh? Well, consider         Gary Zukav ex-
standing of money and its value.             the alternative. Do you want this to       plores the creation
                                             happen when you are not there as a         of “authentic
Children who have knowledge about            back up? Wouldn’t you rather they          power” in his
how money works not only become              learn this financial lesson now when       new book Spiri-
more fiscally responsible, but they          the risk is low versus when they have      tual Partnership
also become more responsible in other        a mortgage?                                (HarperOne). He
areas of their lives. Probably the best                                                 promises that the
tool to teach money management is an         Please don’t insist your children save     techniques he shares related to mak-
allowance.                                   all of their allowance. You can’t expect   ing conscious choices in your life
                                             them to learn how to manage their          will fundamentally change your life
Traditionally a child’s allowance has        money if they don’t use their money.       and your soul in a very short time.
been tied to the chores they complete.                                                  Anger, jealousy, obsessive thoughts,
I would encourage you to not com-            Take for example the story of my           compulsive activities, and addic-
bine these two entities. When we pay         friend whose son had acquired a great      tive behaviors are all addressed in
our children to complete household           deal of money from birthdays and a         this book. With the help of spiritual
chores, we undermine the cooperative         summer job. He wanted to spend that        partners, who share your goal of
household philosophy. Everyone who           money in November on a popular             growing spiritually and challenge
lives in a home contributes to the up        computer game system which, had he         you to be your best, you can change
keep and care of the house. We want          waited, would probably be under the        the sources of your painful emo-
to teach our children to take ownership      tree at Christmas. Mom’s idea was          tions. He provides guidelines for
of the home and, by contributing, this       to tell him that under no such circum-     spiritual partners to use. Children
will happen.                                 stances could he spend that money so       and parents, co-workers, friends and
                                             foolishly.                                 couples can all be spiritual partners.
An allowance is given to a child so he
or she can learn to manage money. The        But how would mom respond if her           Those who are familiar with Zu-
only time I recommend that you pay           boss handed her a paycheck and             kav’s earlier books know that his
a child for chores is if they are doing      said, “Don’t be buying any shoes this      advice is clear and simple—and
chores above and beyond the regular          weekend. That is not what this money       good for the soul. This book pro-
scope of a child’s involvement, or they      is for.”                                   vides inspiration for anyone focused
are chores usually done by you, and                                                     on their spiritual development.
you don’t want to do them.                   Mom did give in and let her son spend
                                             the money as he wished. As I pre-
Deliver the allowance at the same time
each week. Provide the money in a pay
                                             dicted, by February he came to her
                                             and shared his disappointment in his
                                                                                        Book of the Month
envelope and insert an invoice. For          decision. The game was not what he
example, if your child is six years old,     had expected, and now he wished he
the invoice might read: $1 allowance         had that money for something else.
+ $6 lunch money. As your children           Not only was she not the bad guy, her      “No act of kindness no
grow, allow them to manage more              son learned a valuable lesson.             matter how small is
money and increase the items they will
be in charge of purchasing, including        Debbie Elder, Parent Coach
                                                                                        ever wasted.”
personal care products, clothes, school                                                                               Aesop
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      AUGUST 2010                                                                31

Your Family
 Go East to the Badlands to Round                                                      Farmers’ Markets
 Out the Season                                                                        Please check with markets for times of
                                                                                       operation and other details.

Before the summer season ends,                                                         • Airdrie Farmers’ Market:
consider a couple of more road trips                                                     Wed. Jun. – Sep. Royal Canadian
with the family or friends. How about                                                    Legion.
heading east: to Drumheller, or past                                                   • Bearspaw Farmers’ Market: Sun.
Strathmore if you want to stay a bit                                                     Jun. – Oct. 25240 Nagway Rd.
closer to home.
                                                                                       • Black Diamond Farmers’ Mar-
                                                                                         ket: Sat. May – Sep. Oilfields
Drumheller has always been a great
                                                                                         Regional Arena.
destination for the Badlands and dino-
                                                                                       • Blackfoot Farmers’ Market:
saur enthusiast. This year, the Royal
                                                                                         Weekends Jul. – Oct. 5600 – 11
Tyrrell Museum celebrates its 25th
                                                                                         Street S.E.
anniversary. In a very short time it has
established itself as Canada's palaeon-                                                • Calgary Farmers’ Market: Year-
tological authority.                                                                     round, Fri. – Sun. with Thur. start-
                                                                                         ing in July. Currie Barracks.
Alberta Unearthed showcases 25 of                                                      • Calgary Grassroots Northland:
the museum’s most significant speci-                                                     Tue. Jun. – Sep. 5111 Northland
mens and recounts rarely told stories      superb facility. There’s also traditional     Dr. N.W.
of discovery. This special exhibit is      food and a gift shop. But don’t limit       • Calgary Green Market 17: Sun.
about the people, places, and pieces       yourself to the building. Take a self-        Jun. – Sep. Tomkins Park.
that comprise Canada's dinosaur            guided tour of the numerous historic        • Chestermere Farmers’ Market-
museum. In addition to the special         sites.                                        Fri. evenings Jun. – Aug. On
exhibit, there are nine ever-evolving                                                    the Lake.
galleries, fun hands-on activities at      Ever wanted to experience a tradi-
                                                                                       • Cochrane Farmers’ Market: Sat.
this great destination. See www.tyr-       tional powwow? The historical park
                                                                                         Jun. – Sep. Cochrane Ranche. for information on          is hosting a powwow on August 28
                                           and 29. It’s an unbelievable cultural       • Crossroads Farmers’ Market:
hours and location.
                                           experience—and don’t forget your              Year-round, weekends. 1235 –
                                           camera!                                       26 Ave. S.E.
Just about an hour’s drive from
Calgary is the Blackfoot Crossing                                                      • Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers’
                                           From Calgary, Blackfoot Crossing is           Market: Wed. Jun. – Sep. 1320 –
Historical Park, where you will enjoy
                                           located 100 km east on Highway 1              5 Ave. N.W.
an exciting, authentic, Blackfoot cul-
                                           (Trans Canada Highway) and 7 km             • Millarville Farmers’ Market: Sat.
tural experience. There are fantastic
                                           south on Highway 842 in the Canadian          Jun. – Oct. Millarville Race Track.
exhibits, and informative exhibitions,
                                           Badlands Region. See             • Okotoks Farmers’ Market: Fri.
performances and activities at this
                                  for details.                  Jul. – Sep. Country Living.
                                                                                       • South Calgary Public Farmers’
 Take A Deep Breath—or Five!                                                             Market: Thu. Jun. – Sep. Grey
                                                                                         Eagle Casino.
 This is a sure-fire stress buster when you are about to lose your cool. Take          • South Fish Creek Farmers’ Mar-
 a breath in for a count of five, hold the breath for five, then exhale on a             ket: Fri. Jun. – Sep. 333 Shawville
 count of five. Do this five times in a row and you will be amazed how much              Blvd. S.E.
 calmer you feel. Even works in the middle of the night when you can’t get             • Strathmore Farmers’ Market:
 back to sleep.                                                                          Fri. Jun. – Sep. Kinsmen Park.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       AUGUST 2010                                                           33

Your Family
 How to Choose a Family Photographer
Believe it or not that time of year is
coming. For photographers, fall is the
most popular time of year for family
portraits. Not only are the colours
beautiful, but it is getting closer to
the holiday season and photos make
a terrific gift (especially for hard-to-
buy for grandparents). Family photos
are on many family’s minds. Many
families also choose to put a family
photo in their Christmas card.

My focus here is to help you choose
a family portrait experience that you
will treasure for a lifetime. A gift you
give to your children. A morning,
afternoon or evening of your life right
now that will be captured forever.
An event that I believe with all my
being should be experienced by every
family. The photo I have chosen for
this article is one that I think captures
a moment of a family just being. One
of my favourite things.
                                            e-mail, or better yet, give them a call.   but also with beautiful options on how
                                            This way you can get a feel for the        to display those images so you can
There are a lot of options out there.
                                            photographer and a sense of their          enjoy them for many years to come.
Do you want formal or casual? Studio
                                            passion for capturing families. For me     We will talk more about this next
or on location? Contemporary or
                                            there is nothing I would rather do than    month!
traditional? Candid or posed? How do
                                            capture families in beautiful photos -
you choose? First thing to do is check
                                            the joy it brings to families is a great   Believe it or not the time to book is
out photographer websites. Every
                                            gift.                                      now. Custom photographers book up
photographer I know who is serious
                                                                                       very quickly and fall is their busiest
about their business has a website.
                                            Last but not least, everyone’s favourite   time of year. To have your choice
Go to it. It’s simple. Do you like what
                                            issue, the cost. Yes, it’s true that       of dates, and to get your photos in
you see? Most photographers will
                                            custom photography is a luxury, and        time for Christmas, the earlier you
also have a blog connected to their
                                            it’s not inexpensive. I understand         book the better. My own cut off for
site, which will show more up to date
                                            that budget is a consideration, but        ordering prints in time for Christmas
work. Also it will show a few more
                                            the experience is worth it. With the       is November 1. I know that seems like
images from each session so you can
                                            right photographer, not only will you      forever away, but it will be here before
get a better feel for the final product.
                                            have a great time, but the resulting       you know it - with families at home it
                                            images will be a constant reminder of      is amazing how fast time flies!
Now that you have seen something
                                            everything you love about your family.
you like, it’s time to contact the
                                            A professional photographer will           Erin Baer
photographer - this is when things
                                            not only provide you with treasured        Child and Family Photographer in
start to get exciting. Send them an
                                            images that will make your heart sing,     Tuscany
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        AUGUST 2010                                                             35

Your Health
 Keeping Kids Fit
As adults, we think about exercise and       • Toddler’s minimum daily activity           Remember, par-
keeping fit in the gym, on our tread-          should be 1.5 hours per day.               ents are the best
mills and in work out classes. For our       • Preschooler’s minimum daily                role models for
children, keeping fit is all about “play”      activity should be 2 hours per day.        their children,
and being physically active as they en-      • School aged minimum daily activity         so by being
gage in fun activities. The percentage         should be 1 hour or more.                  active yourself,
of over weight children continues to                                                      you are laying
skyrocket, mainly because they are far       Parents can help by establishing regu-       the basis for an
more inactive than they should be. The       lar physical activities for their children   active family.
average child is watching 3 hours of         and incorporating fun-filled opportuni-      Take the time to
television each day and spending too         ties to be active into their children’s      be active – the benefits of exercise are
much time sitting down while play-           daily routine. Take your children to         worth it! You’ll all develop stronger
ing computers and video games. With          the playground, go for a family swim,        muscles and bones, be less likely to
these staggering statistics, parents re-     walk or bike ride, invite friends over       become overweight, decrease your risk
ally need to ensure that their children      and play outside with a ball, water bal-     of developing disease, and you will all
are getting enough daily exercise.           loons or squirt guns, encourage them         be better equipped to handle physical
                                             to invent their own games/sport, play        and emotional challenges.
Here are some basic guidelines to help       a game of catch, tag or pick up a game
you get started:                             of soccer.                                   Miriam Magnus

 Food For Thought: Breakfast Cereals
As I walk down the cereal aisle at the       Your cereal should have ingredients
grocery store, I start feeling like I’m      such as whole grains, oats, psyllium,
in an amusement park gift shop. The          and natural flavours. Freeze dried
brightly coloured boxes and catchy           fruits are usually added to low fiber
slogans litter our subconscious with         refined grain cereals, therefore, stay
propaganda. The cereals that look like       away from these and add your own
colours of the rainbow are definitely        fresh fruit to add to the nutrition value
the ones to avoid. But, what about the       of your breakfast.
one’s that boast “High Fiber”, “Made
With Whole Grains”? They must be             What about those instant oatmeal
healthy right? Wrong! The amount             packets? Oatmeal is good for you...
of preservatives, sugar, saturated fat,      when it’s not laden with sugar and
and artificial flavours in these so called   artificial flavouring. Because instant
“healthy” choices are staggering. Be         oatmeal is highly processed your body
sure to always read the ingredients          digests it quicker than slow cooked
before purchasing any product.               oats. If you just don’t have the time,
                                             you could add protein to your instant
Go to your pantry and pull out your          oatmeal such as chopped nuts, protein
cereal box. Look at the ingredient           powder, or low fat milk to help slow
list. What do you see? White flour,          down the digestion process leaving           With these simple changes you
high fructose corn syrup, refined corn       you feeling fuller, longer. Unflavoured      will start your day on a much
or rice, glucose, hydrogenated oils?         instant oatmeal is best; you can add         healthier note.
These are all ingredients that should        your own fruit and spices to avoid the
be avoided.                                  refined sugar.                               Megan Hidson
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Your Health
 Sit Back and Relax with Reflexology
In our hectic, fast-paced lifestyles,      Before having a reflexology session,       Therapist (RCRT) stays current with
we don’t often take the time for self-     ask what the practitioner’s creden-        upgrading, providing that extra assur-
awareness. We accept                                           tials are and if       ance that you will be in good hands.
accumulating aches and         Reflexology Week                they belong to an      To find a qualified reflexologist in your
pains as part of aging,                                        organization, such     area, or
continuing to ignore sig-        is September                  as the Reflexol-
nals that distance us from          19 to 26                   ogy Association
our wellness and vitality.                                     of Canada (RAC).       Kim Little, Registered Canadian
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just sit or    A Registered Canadian Reflexology          Reflexology Therapist (RCRT)
lie back for an hour and receive posi-
tive changes to your body? Reflexol-
ogy can do this for you! Reflexology
is used as complimentary care which         Fitness Fun
strives to create a state of balance and
harmony for the whole body.                Get outdoors and increase your cardio        while bringing
                                           and endurance while having fun!              the left knee
Reflexology is an age-old therapeu-                                                     to the left
tic practice that integrates all body      Water exercises add an element of            elbow. Do this
systems through the non-invasive           resistance to any move you do and is         again reaching
application of finger, thumb, and hand     ideal for low-impact exercise that is        forward with
pressure to reflex points on the feet,     easy on the joints.                          your left hand,
hands and/or ears. Think of the whole                                                   bringing right
body mapped out on the feet. Through       Pool Scissor Kicks                           knee to right
the application of pressure on these       • Once in the deep end of the pool, put      elbow.
reflexes, positive changes occur in          your arms on the edge of the pool,       • Continue crawling on hilly terrain
referral areas of the body to promote        facing the pool’s wall and bringing        going in both up and down directions
self-healing. It promotes relaxation,        your upper body out of the water           engaging your arms, legs and core to
releases tension, soothes the nervous      • Hang on to the edge and simply             target those specific muscle groups.
system, improves blood and lymphatic         stretch your body out, beginning to
circulation, and promotes normal body        slowly kick your legs as though you      Sand Side Shuffle with a Lunge
functions.                                   were swimming.                           • Getting into a low squat position,
                                           • Focus on squeezing the glutes and          shuffle feet laterally in one direction
Sessions usually require 45 to 60            engaging the core when fluttering          for 10 seconds.
minutes. During a session, you may           your legs.                               • Take the leading leg into a side lunge
feel some sensitive areas, indicating      • Do continuously for two minutes            being careful not to extend the knee
possible congestion in the correspond-       continuously then take a 30 second         past the toe.
ing area of the body. Working through        break. Repeat four times.                • Reach down to touch the leading leg
these congested areas, tension is                                                       and then return to original low squat.
released. After a session, most people     Parks and beaches are great places to        position and perform side shuffle in
feel calm and relaxed; some people         bring out your inner child and kick          the opposite direction.
feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle       your workout routine up a notch!
the day; others experience fatigue,                                                   Do three reps in each direction (six in
which normally lessens in the follow-      Spiderman Crawl Uphill                     total) with 30 seconds rest. Repeat for
ing hours or days. The more often you      • Position yourself into a low plank       four sets.
receive reflexology, the more benefi-        keeping your body in a straight line –
cial it will become in maintaining your      don’t let those hips creep up!           Sammie Kennedy, leading Canadian
well-being.                                • Reach forward with your right hand       fitness authority
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Your Health
 A Good Word for Muscle Soreness
Can you spot the person that just          curs while you are exercising and can
started working out? She’s the one         be described as acute, unilateral pain,
hobbling around with sore quads and        swelling and bruising.
can’t sit down or get up every easily.
Too funny...but not if it’s you!           I can’t move! There are ways to al-
                                           leviate DMOS. Following is a list of
If you want your body to look dif-         ways to make those muscles ache a
ferent, you have to move it in differ-     little less even when you are pushing
ent ways, and that sometimes means         yourself to the limit:
muscle soreness, especially when           • Warm up the muscles thoroughly.
starting out with a new program. Most      • Cool down after exercise.
people are disappointed to hear that       • Do stretching between sets.
this will never end.                       • Increase intensity of exercise slowly
                                             over time.
I’ve been training for a very long time    • Get back into the gym. Doing some
and I still get sore because I try to        light cardiovascular work will usu-
bring a higher intensity to my workout       ally loosen up muscles as blood is
each day. However, I don’t get that          delivered to the aching areas.
debilitating soreness that comes at        • Avoid intense training of the sore       soreness, it’s time to bump up the
the start of your program that some          muscles before hitting them hard         intensity.
experience. I suggest that you start off     with another workout.
at about 60-70% effort for the first 2-3   • Non steroidal anti-inflammatory          Always a challenge…Your job in
workouts if you haven’t worked out in        medications (such as ibuprofen) will     your fitness journey is to push your-
months. By the fourth workout, you           reduce soreness temporily but will       self to new limits every day. As we
can bump up your effort to 90-100%.          not speed healing.                       age, this may mean meeting a similar
                                                                                      challenge from our past. To me this is
What causes muscle soreness and is         The pain is gone… Now what? That           a step forward. Try to push your limits,
it a good thing? Most will experience      muscle soreness will subside with          where ever or what ever they are, but
what’s called ‘delayed onset muscle        time. And when it does, it’s an indica-    be realistic and allow for enough re-
soreness’ (DOMS) after starting            tion that you need to push yourself a      covery time. If you are really too sore
something new. This is caused by the       little more. I must say that soreness is   to workout, try some lower intensity
eccentric contraction or forceful con-     not always an indication that you’ve       movement to ease up that soreness and
traction of muscles while lengthening.     had a good workout, but it is some-        try again the following day.
Microscopic muscle tears occur and         what telling. If you never feel muscle
the amount of soreness depends on          tiredness, fatigue and some muscle         Shawna Kaminski
the intensity of the work done to the
muscle. This is a common and neces-
sary response to resistance training in
particular as muscles become stronger
                                            Vitamin D and MS
and develops stamina. Soreness peaks       Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic       shown that higher vitamin D blood
within the first two days of exercise      disease of the central nervous system,     levels are associated with lower risk,
and subsides after a few days. This is     and it has recently been in the news a     less relapses and a slower progression
not an indication that you should quit     lot related to new surgical procedures     of MS. Scientists are calling for a
exercising. In fact, getting back exer-    spearheaded by an Italian doctor, as       standard vitamin D intake of 2000 IU/
cising will ease the pain of the sore-     well as the benefits of vitamin D.         day. If you are interested in learning
ness. DOMS should not be confused                                                     more about this topic, visit
with a muscle strain or tear. This oc-     Recent epidemiological studies have
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Home & Garden
 Help for The Remodeling-Challenged Tips for Growing
"Whether you're an expert do-it- backsplash or add a new one. Orchids
yourselfer or this is your first home      • Install granite tile instead of a
improvement project, the Internet            slab—Granite kitchen counters can         Think orchids are just for
can be an excellent resource," said          be a $5,000 upgrade. Instead, put in      those with green thumbs?
Danny Lipford, host of the nationally        12-inch granite tiles for as little as    Think again. "Orchids are
syndicated television show, "Today's         $300 in materials.                        really easy to grow," says
Homeowner with Danny Lipford,"             • Freshen up your bathroom—Try              Justin W. Hancock, editor
and frequent contributor to "The             simple updates like regrouting tile       of Better Homes & Gar-
Early Show" on CBS. "And the tools           or reconditioning cabinets. The new       dens online ( "The array of
available on the Web just keep getting       Method bathroom faucet collection         varieties, spectacular colors and exotic
better and better— with educational          from Moen features clean lines, soft      shapes makes them the perfect decora-
videos, downloadable shopping lists,         curves and a sophisticated, modern        tive choice to add beauty and style to
budget and return-on-investment cal-         look, and its eco-friendly, offering      every home."
culators."                                   30% water savings.
                                                                                       According to Hancock, Phalaenop-
Start your renovation by concentrat-       Websites like are a        sis or "moth orchids" are the perfect
ing on the rooms you use the most          great place to get ideas. The site DIY-     choice for beginners. "Besides being
and offer the best return on invest- gives visitors an over-         the most popular, they are the easiest
ment (ROI): your kitchen and your          view of a variety of kitchen projects,      to grow, rewarding you with months of
bathroom. According to Remodel-            with step-by-step instructions, a list of   showy blooms with little to no effort,"
ing Magazine's 2010 Cost vs. Value         the materials needed and the products       Hancock says.
report, homeowners will recoup the         their designers recommend. And,
greatest share of their costs by forego-   there's a time frame, price range and       Here are a few easy tips to grow
ing super-deluxe projects in favor of      difficulty level listed for every proj-     orchids that will reward you with
mid-range kitchen and bath remodels.       ect. Moen's website is another great        blooms for months:
A mid-range kitchen remodel brings         resource and features many design and
an average 72.1% return on investment      planning videos.                            Always wait until the bark or moss
and a mid-range bathroom project has                                                   is almost completely dry before
an average 71% cost recovery.              Courtesy of ARAcontent                      watering. Depending on the type and
                                                                                       season, most orchids should only be
Realtor magazine offers a few bud-                                                     watered about once a week. Never
get-minded "mid-range" kitchen or                                                      leave your orchid in standing water.
bath enhancements to consider when
remodeling:                                                                            Be sure to keep your orchid out
• Add or replace tile—Purchase                                                         of direct sunlight. Place them in a
  low-cost tiles to replace a dated                                                    well-lit area, but not in direct sunlight,
                                                                                       or it will not bloom. If exposed to
                                                                                       direct sunlight their leaves will suffer
 August Gardeners’ Tips                                                                sunburn and become unsightly with
                                                                                       black splotches. Remember, the larger
• Discontinue fertilizing trees, shrubs,     covers out again—yes, we know, you        the leaf of your orchid, the less light it
  and roses. They’re getting ready           never put them away!                      needs.
  for the long winter ahead, and don’t     • Dry flowers and herbs by tying them
  need a growth spurt at this time           into bunches with string and hanging      For more tips, visit www.costafarms.
  of year.                                   them upside down in a cool                com/orchidsareeasy.
• To get the most of your flowers for        dry place.
  as long as possible, get the frost                                                   Courtesy of ARAcontent
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Science & Technology
 Internet Non-Latin Script Names                                                         Technology Is the
For the first time in the Internet’s         Top-level domain names are the              New Detective
40-year history, three countries can         standard .com, .edu or .ca endings on a
use non-Latin script for their domain        web address. Egypt was the very first       in Crime
names.                                       country to receive an Arabic address,
                                             using the .masr domain, written in         IBM recently identified three smart
All three use Arabic script and can be       Arabic. “Masr” means Egypt in Ara-         technologies that have the potential
written right to left, said the Internet     bic. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab      to make our communities safer in the
Corporation for Assigned Names and           Emirates have also received ICANN          years to come. They include:
Numbers (ICANN).                             permission. The new addresses may
                                             not work on all computers yet.             Caught in the act—Imagine if police
“Arabic is among the most highly used                                                   could prevent a robbery before it hap-
languages on the Internet today,” said       ICANN has received 21 requests for         pened? With new advancements in
ICANN, the agency which assigns              Internet domain names in 11 different      technology, police services across the
domain names. “Users in the Middle           languages, including Chinese, Rus-         country are doing just that. Analyz-
East will now have easier access to the      sian, Tamil and Thai.                      ing millions of data points housed in
Internet.”                                                                              various police records, new technolo-
                                                                                        gies can help unveil crime trends and
                                                                                        patterns, providing officers insight on
 Even Love Letters Have Gone Digital                                                    where offenders may strike next.

A recent survey of busy young pro-           love you" for the first time over e-mail   It's all in the details—It's often a
fessionals (ages 22-35) conducted by         or instant messenger programs like         mundane detail that ultimately solves
Microsoft indicates more people are          Windows Live Messenger.                    a crime. A nickname. A parking
trading in calligraphy and scented                                                      ticket. A past address. These mundane
stationery for e-mail and even text          Courtesy of ARAcontent                     details—billions of them— populate
messages. In fact, 79% of busy young                                                    filing cabinets and data warehouses.
professionals surveyed have sent or                                                     Police forces will soon have the ability
received an e-mail love letter within         You don't have to be Casanova             to make connections between crimes,
the past two years, with more than            to send a memorable love letter.          stitching together details and identify-
77% reporting that they love receiving        Here are a few simple tips:               ing duplicate records stored in mul-
e-mail love letters, since e-mail is their                                              tiple databases.
primary means of communication.               1. Be your most romantic self: Fo-
                                              cus on the other person.                  One call does it all—After witness-
There are major advantages to sending         2. Be specific and sincere: Highlight     ing an accident, it is often difficult
or receiving a love letter via e-mail,        unique quirks or characteristics you      to know what emergency service is
including the ability to refer back to        love about the person, recall special     required. Fire? Ambulance? Police? At
it easily, and from anywhere. 86% of          memories you've shared, or write          the new Emergency Response Center
people surveyed who have received an          about the reasons why you fell in         in Madrid, advanced technology im-
e-mail love letter say they saved them        love with him or her.                     mediately alerts police, ambulance and
in their inbox. With very large stor-         4. Spice up the presentation: Try         the fire brigade.
age limits through free e-mail provid-        adding color, special photos of the
ers like Windows Live Hotmail, it's           two of you or graphics.                   Learn more about smarter
especially simple to access an old love       5. Double-check details and the "to"      public safety technologies at
letter.                                       line before hitting "send"—one out
                                              of 10 people have sent love letters to
More than 27% percent of people sur-          the wrong person by mistake!              News Canada
veyed report that they've been told "I
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Your Money
 Honey I Shrunk The Mortgage
Isn’t that a great phrase? It seems to   sarily tell you. After all, the bank is   your funds with your existing mort-
be the Canadian obsession to pay off     a business and in business to make        gage. The mechanics are quite simple
ones mortgage. The problem is few        money.                                    and with the proper guidance you can
people know how to                                                                 become your own mortgage holder.
do this. Well there is                                Some people tell me
the obvious method of                                 they don’t have any          Whether you’re thinking of renewing
placing extra monthly                                 extra money because it       your mortgage or obtaining your first
payments towards the                                  is “trapped” in an RRSP.     mortgage, arm yourself with good
mortgage and also at                                  Well, what about mov-        information and ask the right questions
anniversary but with                                  ing your mortgage into       so you can say….. ”Honey I shrunk
all good intentions how                               your RRSP. Better to         the Mortgage”.
many of use actually                                  pay yourself than the
do. Many don’t take this                              bank. There are methods      Vic Cotton, Mortgage Associate,
into account when choosing a mort-       available that enable you to swap out
gage product. People put too much
emphasis on the “rate “ and
not enough on the entire mortgage
product.                                  Pinching Pennies
So, the first step to paying off your    Saving money is now more impor-
mortgage early is to evaluate your       tant than ever. Making purchases at
mortgage product. Make sure you          the end of the season is a great way
have the option to make extra pay-       to avoid hundreds of dollars of over
ments monthly as well as at the end of   spending. Stores are already bringing
each year. This is an important option   in autumn clothing and accessories.
when selecting a lender and mortgage     Summer stock sales are beginning;
product. Remember, it’s not always       now is the time to start preparing for
about the rate.                          next summer.
Second is to enter into a split mort-    Think of the things around your home,     • Sandals
gage that enables you to not only        garden, and closet that you haven’t       • Summer dresses
have a great mortgage but also a line    managed to accomplish yet. What           • Shorts
of credit attached to an investment.     would you like to have or do at the       • Tank tops
The investment pays a return that is     close of this summer, or for next year?   • Sun glasses
placed against your mortgage. The                                                  • Bathing suits
Synergy Mortgage Product takes a         Here is a list of summer accessories
25 year mortgage and enables you         that can be purchased at the end of the   Miscellaneous:
to pay it off in as little as 14 years   season:                                   • Sun screen
(this is at today’s investment return)                                             • Summer toys
without you personally making any        Yard/Garden:                              • Beach bags
extra payments. Yup...You’re hearing     • Grass seed/fertilizer                   • Camping/hiking gear
me can pay off a 25      • Potting soil/Top soil
year mortgage in as little as 14 years   • Solar lights                            By making a few small changes to the
without any more money out of your       • Garden ornaments                        way you shop now, pinching pennies
pocket. These products exist...maybe     • Patio furnitur                          will become a habit in no time!
not all banks want you to payoff your    • Barbeques
mortgage early so they don’t neces-      • Gardening equipment/tools               Megan Hidson
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      AUGUST 2010                                                            47

Food & Drink
 Prevent Food Illness in The Heat                                                       Bold, Brine and
Lots of sunshine and heat can easily         food you plan to save for the next day.    “Beerinades”
turn picnics and barbecues into a breed-   • Cook your meats, fish and poultry
ing ground for harmful bacteria, such        thoroughly.                               Make a bold
as salmonella. “Our testing for gastro-    • Use a clean plate when taking food        statement
intestinal related illness does increase     off the grill.                            with your
somewhat during the barbecue season,”      • Melon is a favorite summer fruit but it   marinades this
says Dr. Doug Tkachuk at LifeLabs, a         is at greater risk of contamination due   fall: add beer.
leading diagnostic test centre.              to its netted rind. Be sure to wash the   Grill expert
                                             surface thoroughly before cutting. Do     Brian Misko
LifeLabs food safety tips:                   not leave cut melons at room temper-      of the award
• Wash hands often during meal               ature for more than two hours.            winning,
  preparation to prevent bacteria from     • Food items prepared with mayon-           Vancouver-based House of Q knows
  spreading.                                 naise, or those high in protein should    a thing or two about the art of “beeri-
• When using a cooler, separate raw          be chilled until served and as soon as    nades.” He suggests marinating pork
  meat from ready-to-eat foods to pre-       possible after.                           in a Rickard's Red infused beer brine
  vent cross-contamination.                • Always keep food out of the tempera-      before hitting the grill to bring-out the
• Keep hot food hot and cold food            ture danger zone of 4° C to 60° C in      succulent, juicy characteristics of pork.
  cold. Cover hot foods such as steak,       which bacteria can grow. After only
  chicken or hot dogs in foil to retain      two hours in this temperature range       Rickard's Brined Chops
  heat and eat them right away.              food can become dangerous.                4 Servings
• Cold foods should stay chilled at 4°
  C or below. Promptly refrigerate any     News Canada                                 Ingredients:
                                                                                       • 3-4 pork chops
                                                                                       • 1 bottle Rickard's Red beer
 Types of Cherries                                                                     • 2-3 tbsp molasses
                                                                                       • 1-2 tbsp Kosher salt
• Chelan: The leading early-ripening         flavor.                                   • Salt/pepper or BBQ rub
  sweet cherry of the Pacific Northwest.   • Skeena: Large, very firm, very sweet
  Firm, round, heart-shaped fruit of         and almost red-black in color. This       Preparation:
  good size and mahogany red color.          late season variety has a very dense      1. Mix the beer, salt and molasses until
• Tieton: Extraordinarily large in size,     texture.                                  dissolved.
  with excellent firmness and a mild       • Sweetheart: A large, bright red cher-     2. Immerse the pork chops into the
  sweet flavor; an early-season mahoga-      ry with a mild, sweet flavor and out-     liquid and refrigerate for 2-4 hours.
  ny red cherry.                             standing firmness. This heart-shaped      Remove, rinse and dry with a paper
• Bing: The leading commercial sweet         cherry is bounteous into August.          towel. Sprinkle with salt and pepper or
  cherry in North America, its fruit is                                                barbecue rub.
  firm, juicy and a deep mahogany red      News Canada                                 3. Grill pork chops on direct high heat
  when ripe. Exceptionally large and                                                   for about 3-5 minutes and turn once
  intensely sweet.                                                                     color has been set. Grill the other side
• Rainier: An attractive, exceptionally                                                and then move to a cooler spot on your
  large, yellow cherry with a bright                                                   grill until done.
  red blush. Delicately flavored with                                                  4. Rest for five minutes. Devour pork
  extraordinary sugar levels, the flesh                                                chops with grilled sweet potatoes,
  is pure yellow, very firm and finely                                                 sautéed apples, etc.
• Lapins: This large, mahogany red                                                     News Canada
  cherry exhibits excellent firmness and                                     
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       AUGUST 2010                                                            49

 Eyewear's Evolution to Fashion Status
Today, eyewear is both a necessity and
a fashion accessory.                                                                     For Glasses, Keep
“Eyewear follows fashion's cue,” says                                                    Front Interest Subdued
Beverly Suliteanu, creative director                                                     Similar to other small scale accesso-
and vice-president of product develop-                                                   ries such as jewellery and watches,
ment for Wescan Optical. “Like buy-                                                      the tiniest detail can make a dramat-
ing clothing, people choose eyewear                                                      ic difference to the overall design,
that makes a statement about who                                                         and in the case of eyewear even
they are, and seek out eyewear that is                                                   more so, since they sit front and
influenced by current fashion run-                                                       centre on your face. This very point
way trends.” It's not uncommon for                                                       is integral to eyewear design.
people to have an eyewear wardrobe
consisting of a pair for everyday or        create eye-catching visual interest;         “Because glasses are the first thing
work, a pair for special occasions and      • The artful use of embellishment via        people see when they look at your
a casual pair for weekends.                 graphic patterns and exotic textures         face, it's important to keep the front
                                            • Vibrant shades of blue, purple and         interest more subdued and play up
Styles that make a statement will be        red, as well as softer crystal and trans-    dramatic design on the side where
at the top of 2010s radar. When it          lucent hues;                                 it's less obvious, Suliteanu counsels.
comes to eyewear, think in terms of         • Clever design combinations which           She adds that, “eyewear shouldn't
fashion's “item” jacket, “hot” shoe or      pair metal fronts with acetate temples       overshadow your style and person-
“it” handbag. Look for uniquely styled      and vice versa; and                          ality, it should enhance it!”
frames that speak to your individuality,    • Classic neutrals such as gray, brown
through color and distinctive design.       and black are also important (espe-          Additional insight into Wescan
                                            cially in men's frames). Brown is the        Optical fashion brands can be found
Fashion eyewear trends for 2010:            “little black dress” of eyewear, be-         online at, and
• Retro-inspired eye shapes that have a     cause it's more subtle than black and
modern and more wearable vibe;              easier to wear.
• Details such as metallic finishes, bold                                                News Canada
color blocking, marbling and layering       News Canada

 Fall’s Fashion Colors Arresting and Innovative
Every season brings with it new trends      The Institute says that while colours       • Golden Glow: and earthy, deep
in colour—for clothes and home              continue to reflect consumers’ need for       yellow;
fashions. One of the leading colour         practicality, they are also conjure up      • Living Coral: evocative of a tropical
experts in the world, the Pantone           images of travel and adventure. Here          destination;
Color Institute updates its colour trend    are some of the colours they see for        • Endive: crisp and fresh yellow-
predictions regularly. This fall they       the fall season:                              green;
are calling for surprising and intrigu-     • Purple Orchid: leaning to fuchsia;        • Oyster Gray: a lighter take on the
ing color combinations “inspired            • Chocolate Truffle: a rich brown with        tradition fall gray; and
by the ongoing phenomenon of film             plum undertones;                          • Rose Dust: a romantic, flattering
animation, vivid colours are often          • Woodbine: a new neutral green;              beige.
juxtaposed in inventive ways, creat-        • Lagoon: this season’s turquoise, and
ing arresting and extraordinary colour        the Pantone color of the year;            See more of the coming color trends
combinations.”                              • Lipstick Red: very sensual;               and at
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     AUGUST 2010                                                             51

Your Pets
 How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking at People
 Walking Past Our House or Backyard?
Your dog barks at people passing the      once or twice and then goes to his bed,     clip a long line on to his collar before
house or the yard because                              he will receive a reward.      sending him out, and then when you
it is self reinforcing. This                           This is an ideal system as     call him you can coax him back to you
could be due to the fact                               I’m sure we all appreciate     using the line.
that he simply gets excited                            being alerted to people
and enjoys barking at the                              near our home, but             If your dog is barking out of boredom
world outside or it could                              would also like our dogs       and uses people watching as a hobby,
be because it upsets him                               to settle down shortly         it may be a good idea to consider
to have strange people                                 thereafter.                    alternate ways to stimulate his mind,
near his house and he                                                                 such as using interactive toys like
feels better warning them                               Training in the backyard      Kongs, Canine Genius Toys, Puzzle
away.                                                   will follow a similar         Toys, and Tug-a-Jugs. Safe chew toys
                                                        routine. Allow your dog       can also be a great way to focus your
Since it is a self                                      to bark once or twice and     dog’s excess energy.
reinforcing behaviour it                                then call him in to his bed
is very difficult to control when you     for a cookie. If he will not come, then     Calgary Humane Society
are not at home. In this case ideas for
management of the situation should
be looked at. Blocking areas that offer
view to the outside world, or simply       Reduce Your Pet's
placing visual blocks over windows
or slat fencing is a great way to take     Environmental “Paw-Print”
away the opportunity for your dog to
practice the behaviour. Kenneling is      Purina's Paws for the Planet initiative       cat litter boxes. Give them a good
also a great tool for keeping your dog    shares green tips with pet lovers to re-      scrub using hot water and vinegar.
safe and calm when you are not home.      duce their impact on the environment        • By placing a bell on your cat's collar,
                                          at Here              birds and other wildlife will be
When you are at home, you can begin       are a few pet friendly green tips to get      alerted.
to train more pleasing behaviours.        you started:                                • Grow your own organic catnip. Your
Training a really well solidified “go                                                   cat will thank you.
to your bed” cue, will ensure that you    Green Tips for your dog:
can break the dog’s fixation from the     • Explore the neighborhood with             Green Tips for all pets:
window and redirect him to a more           your dog on foot. By minimizing           • Resources are being stretched at
appropriate behaviour. Remember             driving, you can reduce your carbon         animal shelters. Consider adopting a
that sending your dog to his bed or his     footprint.                                  deserving pet.
kennel should never be a punishment.      • Always leash your dog in forests,         • Use pet shampoo and grooming
                                            wildlife areas and wetlands to              products that are phosphate-free to
If your dog is barking at the window,       minimize their impact on plant life         help keep our water clean.
then happily ask him to go to his bed       and wildlife.                             • Buy non-toxic recyclable toys and
and reward him for doing so. Give         • Use eco-friendly biodegradable dog          accessories for your pet—they're
him squeaky toys or chew bones to           waste bags since plastic bags can           good for the environment and easy
help direct his arousal on to more          take decades to decompose.                  on your pet's digestive system.
appropriate items. If this routine is a
consistent and positive one, your dog     Green Tips for your cat:                    Jenine LaFayette, News Canada
will start to learn that when he barks    • Avoid using bleach when cleaning
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        AUGUST 2010                                                            53

Financial Focus
 Become a Better Investor by Understanding Risk
What does it take to be a successful           investor, you might lean toward            For example, when it comes to
investor? You need a variety of                sacrificing higher returns for             retirement, the return you’ll need
attributes, including patience, discipline     greater stability of principal. By         from your investments depends
and a long-term vision of what you             understanding what level of risk           on several factors: your age, your
want to achieve. But you also need to          you can comfortably tolerate, you’ll       retirement lifestyle, your available
understand the role of risk in investing.      be in a better position to stick with      sources of income, your desired
                                               your investment strategy through up        legacy and so on. To achieve your
When investors think about risk, they          and down markets.                          goals, you’ll need to find the right
typically think of the various risks         • Risk capacity — While your risk            balance between the returns you
associated with different types of             tolerance defines how comfortable          need or anticipate and the amount
investments. For example, investments
                                               you are with risk, your risk capacity      of risk you are comfortable with.
such as stocks carry market risk, which
                                               refers to how much risk you can
is the risk that you could lose money if
                                               handle based on your financial           Ultimately, your challenge will be
you sell shares whose market price has
                                               situation, goals and timeline. When      to balance your risk tolerance, risk
fallen below your purchase price. Other
                                               you are young and have many years        capacity and required risk as factors in
investments – for example, certificates
                                               to invest, you have more time to         a comprehensive investment strategy.
of deposit – offer inflation risk,
                                               overcome losses, and so you have         By creating this strategy and sticking
meaning the fixed return they provide
                                               a greater ability to handle volatility   with it over time, you’ll be able to
may not keep pace with inflation.
                                               — a greater risk capacity — than         make investment decisions based
                                               someone who is retired. Also, the        on your needs and goals rather than
In addition to learning about the risks
                                                                                        emotionally reacting to the constant
associated with various investments,           more discretionary income you
                                                                                        changes in market conditions.
it’s also important to understand              have, the larger your risk capacity,
                                                                                        Over time, of course, your thoughts
the following three concepts: risk             because you won’t be as dependent
                                                                                        about risk may evolve to reflect
tolerance, risk capacity and required          on your investment portfolio to          changes in your life and objectives.
risk. Let’s consider each of them:             help provide the income you’ll           As this happens, you will want to
                                               eventually need for your long-term       review your investment mix with your
• Risk tolerance — It’s useful to              goals, such as retirement.               financial advisor, and make whatever
  know your own risk tolerance.                                                         changes are required to help you stay
  If you are an aggressive investor          • Required risk — The higher the           on track toward your long-term goals.
  by nature, you may be willing to             return necessary to reach your
  take on a higher degree of risk in           goals, the more potential risk you’ll    Provided By Kevin Baer,
  exchange for potentially higher              need to take on — in other words,        Financial advisor in NW Calgary
  returns. If you’re a conservative            the greater your “required risk.”
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