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Sarah Turner

In addition to creating a compilation of comments from some practice debates this summer we tried to
teach with intention. That is giving a lecture or mini lecture to the labbies about a component of debate
and breaking that process down into specific instructions. In order to track four of those areas (flowing,
research, cx, extending a DA) we created a check list of those instructions as an indicator of how a given
student did. An “X” on the line before a given category is an indicator that student was observed in a
debate or drill performing this task. Lack of an “X” doesn’t indicate an inability to do the task but instead
is an area of concern we suggest focusing on as the year begins. At minimum all students should be aware
of these tasks and coaches should be able to use these key phrases as indicators of expectations for their
own teaching purposes.
SDI 11
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                               Quiz on Day 1 Lectures
“Grading” (just put an X in the correct blank)
Students were not allowed to use their notes and were asked to close their computers because the point is that this is
information you should know off the top of your head so you can use it in debates. The questions covered the Drake
equation, what space is like, and the key components of Obama’s 2010 National Space Policy. There were multiple
possible correct answers to each question and students were asked to provide at least 3 of them.

___ Needs improvement (less than 2 answers to each question)
_X__ Acceptable (got at least 2 answers to each question)
___ Excellent (got at least 3 answers to each question)
SDI 11
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                            Practice Debate 7-11-11 #1
One thing to do better in your next debate: do case higher in your order
practice reading each night for 10 minutes. Read files you've never read before each night.

in cross-x try to do more than just information gather - it's ok to do that but you also want to try to set up arguments
your partner can make in the 2ac.
you should flow the 2nc not be looking at cards in your file

often you will want to go to your case first or right after topicality
actually you ended up spending plenty of time on case so that's good - make sure to extend the impact to your case
SDI 11
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                                   Day 1 Card cutting exercise
Students were given a short lecture about how to cite cards, reminded to tag cards efficiently and reminded to use
the SDI template and instructed in how the macros in the template are to be used.
Students were then asked to start a document entitled AT High risk of asteroid hitting earth, find a card from 2011
indicating the risk of an asteroid hitting earth is small, email the document to the google group, and put the
document in their dropbox.
Goal: ensure students know how to use dropbox, email the google group, and assess their ability to cut cards.

Sarah Turner
_x__ Needs improvement (wasn’t able to email the google group, use dropbox, find a card from 2011 and/or
incorrectly cited their card, didn’t underline or tag particularly well)
____ Acceptable (used dropbox, emailed the google group, found a decent card from 2011, did an acceptable job of
underlining and tagging)
___ Excellent (found a good card in a short amount of time and met all the criteria set forth in the acceptable

-Not From 2011
SDI 11
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                                       Practice Debate 7-14-11
1 thing to do better in your next neg debate: when you extend a DA do an overview
Sarah – 1NR
spend 10 minutes every night reading a file you haven't read before
and/or whatever you will be reading in the debate the next day i.e. 1nc shells, 2ac blocks against skfta earth science
eu counterplan, etc.

make the text that you are reading a larger font so it's easier for you to read so you don't have to lean down into your
laptop to see it

when you extend a disad do an overview
SDI 11
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                                   Practice Debate 7-14-11
Sarah was the 1A
Judge- Abby

One thing you can do better is focusing on 1 arg on each page that you can win

1AC- good speed and clarity

1A CX- good questions, but don't let them ramble move on to next question fairly quickly don't ask
clarifying questions- ask to make an argument

1AR- need to focus on one argument you're winning on each page, and sit on those arguments
SDI 11
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                                      Practice Debate 7-27-11
1nc - sarah
you need to practice reading your 1nc disad and kritik shells so you can read them efficiently and clearly. You were
clear but stumbled a lot.

when the aff reads economy good impacts you don't need to read them as impacts to your DA.

face the judge during cross-x

you need to be able to explain how your kritik alternative works when asked about it in cross-x

when you get to case start by extending 1nc cards instead of reading new cards, then respond to the arguments the
2ac made you can't just ignore their answers and read new cards
SDI 11
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                                       Practice Debate 7-30-11
1 thing to do better in your next debate: do an overview when you extend a DA.
2nc - Sarah
a good 2nc has overviews for all their politics da's prewritten and then makes minor adjustments to them in each
debate i.e. the disad magnitude is going to be very similar in every debate and so you can just change the disad turns
the case arguments

good job using the explanation I just gave about ctbt in your speech
good use of 1nc evidence on the case. Don't forget to do the same thing on ctbt you didn't reall extend your impact
good partner coop telling Kate to kick out of cap
do line by line
you need to more carefully think about your 1nc's and how that will effect your strategy the rest of the debate
SDI 11
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                                              Cite check
Students were given a mini lecture on how to create cites.
-didn’t include the exact date on a card from a newspaper
SDI 11
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                                              Debate 8-2-11
1AC- Devansh
Read every morning so you’re not unclear starting off

Sarah: “How do you solve all of your advantages at once?”

1NC- Kate
Have the jump drive ready
Consider reading both DAs that are net benefits to the CP

Devansh: “Can you explain your innovation DA?”

2AC- Steven
Put DAs that aren’t net benefits at the bottom of your order
Rely on the 1AC evidence instead of reading new cards on case
When they drop an advantage don’t just say “Our advantage stands.” Explain the impacts and why they affect the

Kate: “If your plan is such a good idea why hasn’t anyone done it?”

2NC- Sarah
You just read a take out to your econ DA
Need more organization and order on case- I have no idea where you are

Overviews at the bottom of the speech?
What happened to the rest of case?

Know your order
Kick advs
I’m not really sure where you are on case…I think that might be the block’s fault
“Straight dropped”
Really unclear on perm theory block off computer
AT: epistemology

It appears Kate prepped the speech since during 2NR prep time Sarah was just sitting there and Kate was prepping
Have to kick the DA you’re not going for
Still didn’t answer their aerospace adv and they did read a 1AR card that consequences matter

Intrinsicness good isn’t the strongest arg you have…
Only need the aerospace adv
More AT: ethics first

AFF---The neg didn’t answer the aerospace advantage and the aff had a card that util is the most ethical action. Only
the perm solves that and resolves some of the cap K.
SDI 11
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                                           Flowing Goals
_X__ Flow in columns
_X__ Flow legibly
___ Flow micro arguments
_X__ Don’t flow from speech documents – listen to speeches
_X__ Use flow during speeches
SDI 11
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                              Extending a DA in the block Goals
_X__ Do an overview
___ Do line by line
___ Create depth of line by line (rule of three to one)
SDI 11
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                                            Research Goals
_X__ Correct citing
___ Good underlining
___ Efficient tagging

Comments: cite check confirmed 7-25-11, Sarah needs to look for multiple cards in the same article and notice how
one article might be used in several different ways,
SDI 11
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_X__ Faces judge
___ Doesn’t just gather information
_X__ Uses all three minutes
___ Don’t beat a dead horse (ask the same question over and over)
___ Ask a lot of questions
___ Set up arguments
___ Doesn't require having cards in hand to answer questions about their evidence
___ Uses answers in cx in their speech

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