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Sports Camp Brochure 2011


									Soccer, Basketball, & Cheerleading

UW Sports Camp

    Soccer and Cheerleading (ages 6-11)
           Basketball (ages 8-11)
        Team 45 (for 4 and 5 year olds)

  June 20th-24th (Monday-Friday)
     9:00 AM — 12:15 PM

                           Sponsored by:
                   Lucas Valley, Tiburon Baptist, &
                      Valley Baptist Churches

                    In partnership with UW Sports Ministry
                                                                                          Registration & Health Form for Marin Sports Camp
Christian coaches and positive role models                                                               Please use one form per child
Daily Bible time                                                                    Mail this form and payment to Valley Baptist Church,
Daily snacks                                                                             3 N. San Pedro Rd., San Rafael, CA 94903.
Skits and fun
                                                                           Camper’s Name______________________________________
Team 45– is a skill and rhythm development program for                     Parent’s Name____________________ Hm ph______________
4 and 5 year olds entering Kindergarten. There is no                       Wk ph______________ Pgr___________ Cell______________
focus on a particular sport, for example, it’s NOT a soccer                Address_____________________________________________
skills camp. Strict adherence to the age limit is vital – 4 and 5 year-    City__________________ State__________ Zip____________
olds only.                                                                 Age_____ Male/Female_____
Special Note—Soccer and Cheerleading can accommodate children              T-Shirt Size (Circle One): Child—XS S M L / Adult— S M L
6-11 years old. To participate in Basketball a child must be 8-11 years    Sport (Circle One): Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, or Team 45
old. Basketball is limited to 40 children.                                 Special Health Concerns or Allergies______________________
                                                                           How did you find out about this camp?____________________
Every Camper Receives
Instruction in soccer, basketball, cheerleading                            I, the undersigned parent/guardian, do hereby grant permission for my son/daughter,
                                                                           named above, to attend the camp. In order that my son/daughter may receive the
“Breaking Free” Camp T-Shirt
                                                                           proper medical treatment in the event that he/she may sustain injury or illness during
Daily take home Bible Studies                                              the period of the camp, I hereby authorize the camp staff to obtain or provide medical
Camp Literature                                                            treatment for my son/daughter for such injury or illness during the camp, and I hereby
                                                                           hold the camp staff and sponsoring organizations, as well as their representatives,
Cost— $77—Make checks payable to Valley Baptist Church, and send           harmless in the exercise of this authority.
to VBC, 3 N. San Pedro Rd., San Rafael, CA 94903. Indicate sports
camp in the memo section of your check. Space is limited so register       I further understand that there is always a possibility that my son/daughter may sustain
                                                                           physical illness or injury while at the camp. If this occurs, I hereby authorize the camp
early. Please include payment with registration.                           staff and representatives to refer my son/daughter to a medical treatment center
                                                                           (hospital, etc.). I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any
Location–Mary E. Silveira Elementary School (San Rafael) field and         medical bills that may be incurred on behalf of my son/daughter for physical illness or
outdoor basketball courts. From Hwy 101 take the Marinwood/St.             injury that he/she may sustain during the camp.
Vincent Drive exit and go west on Miller Creek Road. Turn (second
stop sign) right onto Las Gallinas Avenue. Turn (first stop sign) right    Understanding that there is always a possibility that my son/daughter may sustain
                                                                           physical illness or injury, I acknowledge and understand that my son/daughter is
onto Blackstone Drive. The school is located immediately on your           assuming the risk of such physical illness or injury by his/her participation, and I further
right. Park on the street or in the front parking lot and walk your        release the sponsoring organizations and their representatives from any claims for
child/children to the back left corner of the school. The check-in table   personal illness or injury that my son/daughter may sustain during the camp. I further
will be near the sports field and outdoor basketball courts.               acknowledge and understand that my son/daughter will be responsible for his/her failure
                                                                           to abide by the rules and regulations of the camp.
What to Bring—For soccer or basketball each child needs to bring
                                                                           I hereby give UW Sports Ministry, Valley Baptist Church, Lucas Valley Community
their own ball and wear appropriate sports clothing and shoes. For         Church, and Tiburon Baptist Church permission to use photographs and video footage
soccer, shin guards and soccer type shoes are important.                   taken at camp by their representatives, to be used for future promotion.
Cheerleading has no equipment requirements for the child, except for
                                                                           ____________________              _________________________________
comfortable sport shoes and clothing. Also, please bring sun screen,
                                                                                 Date                            Signature of Parent or Guardian
and a water bottle. Please mark your child’s items with his or her
name.                                                                      Should the parent or guardian (primary contact) not be available, who should
                                                                           we contact (secondary contact) in case of an emergency?
Sponsoring Churches
Valley Baptist Church—ph 479-3390 (Registration)                           Name ______________________________________________
Lucas Valley Community Church—ph 479-8987                                  Home Phone ____________             Work Phone_________________
Tiburon Baptist Church—ph 388-3900

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