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									                                                                                                                  March 2010

          Volume XXXVI, Issue 3                                         ATLANTA AUDUBON SOCIETY
                                                Atlanta Audubon Society presents                                           I N S I D E
                                       Celebrating the Beauty of Nature                                             Youth Birding........................2
                                    31st Annual Photo Contest Presentation,                                         Opportunities for Youth........2
                                        Photography Show and Reception                                              President’s Perch.................3

                                                    Sunday, March 21, 3:30 PM                                       EarthShare ...........................3
                                    Vino Libro wine bar and bistro (same location as last year)                     Binoculars Fundraiser..........3
 Richard J. Green,                 933 Garrett Street SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316 404.624.3643                       Field Notes - December.......4
 Down to Earth Portraits
                      Join us for this special program celebrating the 31st annual photo contest winners.
                      Ribbons and prizes will be awarded at this year’s program, which will feature a               Field Trips.............................5
 Dean Radtke
                      reception at the wine bar and bistro, Vino Libro, in Glenwood Park (East Atlanta).            Spotlight Georganne Schmalz..6
Vino Libro is a special eatery serving wine and tasting plates. They were our gracious hosts last year and
                                                                                                                    A Million Thanks..................6
have agreed to host our event again this year.
Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded in all of our photography contest categories. In               Volunteer Opportunities.......6
addition, this fun social event will feature all of the winning entries showcased at the reception for              Traveling Saw-whet ............7
individual review. You will be able to enjoy a glass of wine, talk with your fellow Audubon friends and
                                                                                                                    GA IBA Receives Grant ........7
enjoy the amazing, winning entries from this year’s contest.
     Prizes to be awarded on March 21 include ribbons plus:                                                         Wetland Mgmt Workshop ....8
     First Prize—Birds in Portrait: 6.5 x 32 Raven Binoculars by Eagle Optics                                       Tree ID Workshop ................8
     First Prize—Birds in Motion: 6.5 x 32 Raven Binoculars by Eagle Optics
     First Prize—Animals: Eagle Optics Denali 8 x 42 roof prism binoculars                                          Scholarships .......................9
     First Prize—Habitat: Vortex Pro GT Tripod Kit                                                                  Wild in Roswell ...................9
     First Prize—Georgia’s Grassland Birds (2010 Conservation Category):
     Atlanta Audubon Society “Fun Pack” (includes Pajaro original field bag with AAS patch,                         Classifieds..........................10
     AAS license plate, AAS T-shirt, Peterson Field Guide’s “Eastern/Central Birding by Ear” CD                     Lichen Workshop .................11
     set, and a copy of “Sibley’s Birding Basics”)
     Judge’s Choice: Eagle Optics Denali Spotting Scope Package
     (sponsored by Eagle Optics)                                                                                    Grassland Birds..................12
     Grand Prize: Adobe Photoshop CS4. This prize also includes the opportunity to have the
     photograph printed on Atlanta Audubon Society’s official picture postcard for 2010!
We encourage all of our guests to enjoy the program and reception and to stay afterwards to indulge in
fantastic-tasting plates like flatbreads, hummus, antipasto and various dinners. Please note that food
and drinks are not included in the program, but may be purchased on your own.
                                                                                                                     AUDUBON SOCIETY
Many thanks, too, to our judge, well-known photographer Richard J. Green of Down To Earth Portraits.                   4055 Roswell Road
 Directions to Vino Libro
 Vino Libro is conveniently located just seconds off of I-20 in Glenwood Park, East Atlanta’s newest
                                                                                                                       Atlanta, GA 30342
 If you are heading eastbound on I-20, take exit 59B, Memorial Drive/Glenwood Avenue, and turn right off

 exit (that will put you on Bill Kennedy Way). About a quarter mile down, turn left onto Garrett Street. If you
 are heading westbound on I-20 exit 60A, Moreland Avenue, and turn left onto Moreland Avenue.
 Make a right on Glenwood Avenue, a right on Bill Kennedy Way and a quick right on Garrett Street.
 Immediately after you turn onto Garrett Street you will see two                                            
 driveways that go behind the buildings, one on your right and one on
 your left. There is parking down both driveways. You can also park
 on the street, if you like. Vino Libro is located at 933 Garrett Street,
 next to Vickery’s restaurant (both places share the 933 address).                                                    GOS RARE BIRD ALERT
     Board of Directors                                     5th Annual Youth Birding Competition
                                                                   April 23-24, Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center
           President Carol Hassell
                                                    What is it?                                                             This year we will, once again,
                   A 24-hour birding competition where                                     include a bird art competition for the
             President-elect Vacant
                                                    teams compete with other teams their                                    T-shirt design. Kids can enter any
                   Ellen Miller                     age (K-12) to count as many species of                                  drawing or painting of a bird native
                                                    birds as they can in Georgia. The                                       to Georgia for consideration. All
                  Tom Painter                       competition runs from 5 PM on Friday,                                   entries will be on display at the
                 404.524.8833                                                                                               banquet on April 24. For more                   April 23 to 5 PM Saturday, April 24.
       Recording Secy Mark Jernigan                 Feel free to use as much or as little of                                information about the T-shirt art
                 404.298.8825                                                                                               contest, contact Linda May at                 this 24-hour period as you like. As
                 DIRECTORS                          long as you cross the finish line and                                   770.918.6792 or
          Conservation Dave Butler
                  404.580.3917                      turn in your list by 5 PM, you will be                                  How can I register?
                   in the running for prizes. For each age
                Education Vacant
                                                                                                           Go to the DNR website page at
                                                    group (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12th grades) teams will Fill out
         Field Trips Stanley Chapman
                           compete for the most birds seen and the most           the “registration panel” by March 31 or contact the
           Communications Vacant                    money raised. Grand Prizes include new binoculars      Georgia Department of Natural Resources at
         Public Relations Beth Giddens              for the team finding the most birds. There will be
                  770.792.3712                                                                             Wildlife Resources Division, One Conservation
                      door prizes for almost all of the participants.        Way, Suite 310, Brunswick, GA. For more
                 JoAnn Jordan
                678.488.8022                        Do I need to be an expert?                             information on Georgia’s Youth Birding
                                                                           Competition, call 912.262.3191.
                                                    No! We can pair your team with an experienced
              Volunteers Vacant
                  AT LARGE
                                                    birder (mentor) to help you learn about birds          Atlanta Audubon Society is proud to take an active
                   Joy Carter
                                                    before the competition.                                role in planning and supporting the Youth Birding
                 404.622.0605                                                                              Competition and will be donating prizes to some of
                 What does it cost?
                  Jay Davis                         Participation is absolutely FREE, unless you plan      the winning teams, as well as ribbons for all of the
                                                    to spend Friday night (April 23) at Charlie Elliott    participants. We are always looking for
              Pam Higginbotham                      Wildlife Center, in which case lodging is              experienced birders who would like to help mentor
                                                    $25/person. This contest is made possible by GA-       a fledgling team, which requires meeting with team
                                                    DNR, The Environmental Resources Network, Inc.         members several times to help them build their
                Harriette Hoyt
                770.650.8501                        (T.E.R.N), Atlanta Audubon Society, Georgia            birding skills.
            David Kuechenmeister                    Ornithological Society and various corporate
                404.822.8089                        sponsors.
                Victor Williams
          Earthshare Representative                                                 Opportunities for Atlanta’s Youth!
                770.423.1012                    AAS and the Georgia Ornithological Society are offering four great opportunities for you to sharpen your
   Executive Director Catharine Kuchar                               binocular use and bird ID skills before the Youth Birding Competition!
                678.973.2437                  You may even find a new birding partner or team member who has the same interest as you!
 Education Coordinator Emily Toriani-Moura
                678.973.2437                                                                Save the dates:
   Administrative Coordinator Sally Davis                           Saturday, March 13                                       Friday, March 26
                678.973.2437                       Emily Toriani-Moura, AAS’s new Education             Ken Blankenship will teach an evening “Birding
                      Jim Flynn
                                                             Coordinator, will lead a trip at the              101” class for pre-teens and teens at the AAS                            Cochran Shoals unit of the                   Education and Conservation Center at the Blue
                  Wingbars Manager
                Diane Hawkins-Cox                                   Chattahoochee River                       Heron Nature Preserve. He will then lead a field
                                   National Recreation Area.                       trip on Saturday, March 27 at Piedmont
                    Wingbars Editor
                     Susan Milne                                                                                          National Wildlife Refuge.
                              These offerings are free. However, registration is required. Please contact Emily Toriani-Moura at
                   Steven Phenicie                                    678.973.2437 or for more information.
                                                             Saturday, April 17
                   Design & Layout
        Copy Preparation 770.939.2002
                                                        Bob Sargent will lead a youth field trip at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield, Georgia.
  Newsletter deadline is the first of the month       Contact Tim Keyes at for more information and to sign up for the field trip.
            for material to be published
                 the following month.
      Please submit articles as MS-Word to                                                  Hope to see you in the field!
          Email attachments, if possible.
  Wingbars is the official newsletter of Atlanta
 Audubon Society and is published 11 times a
    year. We feature news, upcoming events,
meetings, field trips and projects. We hope you
                                                                                       Mission Statement:
will join us. Opinions expressed are those of the
 authors and do not necessarily reflect policies         Protecting Georgia’s birds and the habitats that sustain them
          of the Atlanta Audubon Society.
                                                               through education, conservation and advocacy.
2                                                                                                                            Atlanta Audubon Society
                                    President’s Perch Carol Hassell

My short tenure on the board of the Atlanta         Or perhaps you’re an armchair birder. Atlanta
Audubon Society (last year as Incoming              Audubon Society has plenty to offer to more
President, this year as President) has given me a   stay-at-home enthusiasts as well. Volunteer
bird’s eye view (pun intended) of one of the        Jacqueline McRae heads up the Wildlife
most active, dedicated and valuable nonprofits      Sanctuary Program, a certifying process that        Binoculars Fundraiser:
in the area. Volunteers and staff alike enjoy       focuses attention on and acknowledges               Help us bring birds to
birding, but under the AAS umbrella is a truly      homeowners who create bird friendly habitat in
                                                                                                        life for children all
amazing range of activities and                     their own yards and landscapes. The program
accomplishments aimed at increasing                 encourages planting native plants – those with      across our community
awareness of birds and their habitat and            which our Georgia birds co-evolved – and
improving conservation for the benefit of birds     creating places where birds can eat, get a drink    AAS is conducting a small
– and thereby, all of us.                           of water, rest, hide, and nest and raise their      fundraiser to purchase 20
There’s an activity suited to nearly everyone,      young.                                              pairs of child-friendly
from school-age children to adults of all ages,     In his book Bringing Home Nature,                   binoculars (6.5 x 32 Eagle
regardless of whether a participant has             entomologist and ecologist Douglas Tallamy          Optics Ravens) for our
extensive scientific training or merely enjoys      reports, “It is increasingly clear that much of     educational programs at the
the world around him or her with no particular      our wildlife will not be able to survive unless     Blue Heron and off-site at
knowledge of natural processes.                     food, shelter, and nest sites can be found in       schools and with community
Do you enjoy getting out into area parks and        suburban habitats.” He continues, “Our success      groups. Children often have
wildlife management areas to watch birds            is up to each one of us individually. We can each   difficulty and become
yourself? Join one of volunteer Stan Chapman’s      make a measurable difference almost
                                                                                                        frustrated looking through
many field trips. They’re fun, informational and    immediately by planting a native nearby. As
                                                    gardeners and stewards of our land, we have
                                                                                                        standard adult binoculars.
learning experiences and are the basis for                                                              We would like to be able to
building a strong database to further               never been so empowered – and the ecological
                                                    stakes have never been so high.”                    purchase binoculars that will
conservation activities, since trip observations
                                                                                                        be easier for young people to
are nearly always posted on eBird, a national       It is these tasks of raising awareness,
initiative of Audubon and the Cornell Lab of        contributing to important knowledge about
                                                                                                        use and enjoy. For every pair
Ornithology to gather information on bird           bird conservation, and fostering participation in   we purchase, Eagle Optics will
distribution and abundance. Birders of all levels   such conservation that the Atlanta Audubon          donate a pair. We would like
of expertise and knowledge participate in Stan’s    Society and its volunteers and staff do so well.    to raise $1,190 for this effort.
field trips, making these an excellent learning     If you’re not already a part of the effort, won’t   If you would like to contribute,
experience, no matter how advanced the birder.      you join us?                                        please send a check to
                                                                                                        Atlanta Audubon Society,
                    AAS Proud to be a Member of                                                         4055 Roswell Road, Atlanta,
                                                                                                        GA 30342 and write in the
                      EarthShare of Georgia                                                             memo line: “Binoculars
                                We are proud to be a long-standing member group of EarthShare           Fundraiser.” We will send you
                                of Georgia. EarthShare’s goal is to provide critical funds for          a thank you letter and
                                more than 60 environmental organizations in Georgia (including          acknowledgement for your
                                AAS) dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and           tax-deductible donation.
                                water. Public and private companies, as well as state and federal
governments and agencies, have EarthShare campaigns conducted in their workplaces which
provide the opportunity to make one-time or ongoing gifts conveniently through employee
giving campaigns. AAS benefits greatly from our relationship with EarthShare through                     Question:

donations and our ability to network with other environmental groups throughout Georgia.
AAS Executive Director Catharine Kuchar serves on its Board of Directors and at-large AAS
                                                                                                          bird is
board member Victor Williams serves as the AAS EarthShare representative. To find out more
                                                                                                          dependent on
                                                                                                          burned jack pine
about the amazing things that EarthShare of Georgia is doing, including its 2010 Earth Day

                                                                                                          forests as breeding
events, visit its website at In particular, you’re invited to EarthShare’s
“Earth Day Party on Land.” The event will be held at the Atlanta Event Center at Opera, a
nightclub, on Wednesday, April 21 from 7 PM to 10 PM. You can find information about tickets
on the EarthShare of Georgia website.                                                                      See page 6 for answer

               March 2010                                                                                                          3
                                          December Field Notes                                          by Terry Moorez

                                                          involved and their numbers on 1 Dec. were as           (SA). This would have been the first record for GA.
                                                          follows: TENNESSEE (3), NASHVILLE (1), BLACK-          Single GOLDEN EAGLES were seen at Carter’s Lake
                  December was quite a good               THROATED GREEN (1), BLACK-AND-WHITE (1),               on 5 Dec. (SP et al.) and near the town of Wayside
                    month for birding in GA. In the       AMERICAN REDSTART (2), COMMON                          on 14 Dec. (fide JSe). There were only a few reports
                    Atlanta area we had a good            YELLOWTHROAT (3), and HOODED (1). The latest           of SANDHILL CRANES totaling about 500 birds
                                                          dates for these birds were as follows: TENNESSEE (5    during the month.
                number of Sandhill Cranes flying
                                                          Dec.), NASHVILLE (6 Dec.), BLACK-THROATED
               over, a number of lingering warblers       GREEN (1 Dec.), BLACK-AND-WHITE (1 Dec.),              SANDPIPERS THROUGH THRUSHES – A PECTORAL
                in downtown Atlanta, a late               AMERICAN REDSTART (8 Dec.), COMMON                     SANDPIPER was late at Carter’s Lake on 22 Dec.
                                                          YELLOWTHROAT (4 Dec.), and HOODED (1 Dec.).            (PS, DV). DC had a good count of 14 PURPLE
    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, and best of all, a                                                                SANDPIPERS at Tybee Island on 7 Dec. A
    number of Lapland Longspurs in Bartow Co. In          TANAGERS THROUGH SISKINS – A female SUMMER             FRANKLIN’S GULL was a rare sighting at Crooked
    the GA area the continued presence of                 TANAGER was a good find at the COP on 6 Dec.           River SP on 19 Dec. (RC). A NORTHERN SAW-WHET
    Common Eiders plus many sea ducks certainly           (GKo) as was a male SCARLET TANAGER at Buford          OWL was banded in Lamar Co. on 5 Dec. (CM). A
                                                          on 17 Dec. (KT). One LINCOLN’S SPARROW was             young male RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD was
    spiced up the month along with a N. Saw-              found at the ELHLAF Wetlands on 15 Dec. (CL). Patty    reported from Bullock Co. on 12 and 13 Dec. (BBr).
    whet Owl, a Swainson’s Thrush plus a couple           McLean et al. found 12+ LAPLAND LONGSPURS in           Single BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS were seen in
    Lapland Longspurs.                                    Bartow Co. on 12 Dec. and their numbers built up to    Jackson Co. on 17 Dec. (MMcS) and on the Athens
                                                          36 on 16 Dec. (PH). The last report was of one bird    CBC on 19 Dec. (JMcN et al.). A SWAINSON’S
    The Atlanta area came in with 124 species             on 27 Dec. (BZ, HB). Interesting blackbird reports     THRUSH was a very rare winter sighting from St.
    (average = 114.9) to bring the year-to-date list      were 200 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS near Stockbridge on          Simons Island on 23 and 24 Dec. (DS).
    to 247 (average = 246.9). The Georgia area            31 Dec. (PR) and 250 BREWER’S BLACKBIRDS in
                                                          Bartow Co. on 19 Dec. (PMcL). A BALTIMORE ORIOLE       WARBLERS THROUGH SISKIN – Rare wintering
    came in with 210 (average = 208.6) to bring           was a good find in DeKalb Co. on 24 Dec. (EB). The     warblers included a NASHVILLE WARBLER at the
    that year-to-date list to 336 (average = 335.2).      only PINE SISKIN was a bird in Cherokee Co. on 19      Crooked River SP on 19 Dec. (TWo), a male BLACK-
                                                          Dec. (JG).                                             THROATED BLUE WARBLER on Cumberland Island
                                                                                                                 on 19 Dec. (BBerg), and a WILSON’S WARBLER on
ATLANTA AREA                                                                                                     the Macon CBC on 19 Dec. (JA). SH reported a huge
                                                                                                                 count of 536 SAVANNAH SPARROWS on the Lake
                                                                                                                 Oconee CBC on 15 Dec. Single LAPLAND
FRONTED GOOSE was found at Shamrock Lake                   DUCKS – The Altamaha Waterfowl Management             LONGSPURS were seen at Marshallville on 15 Dec.
(part of the E.L. Huie Land Application Facility in       Area (AWMA) near Darien remains the best place to      (WC) and at Carter’s Lake on 22 Dec. (TMu). A single
Clayton Co. – ELHLAF) on 10 Dec. (HG). Up in              see BLACK-BELLIED WHISTLING-DUCKS as                   male PAINTED BUNTING was reported from the
Bartow Co., KB et al. found six GREATER WHITE-            evidenced by the count of 51 on 20 Dec. (BL, CS).      Carrolton area from about 14 Dec. at least through
FRONTED GEESE and three SNOW GEESE on 13                  There were two large counts of REDHEADS with           30 Dec. (JK). There were several reports of
Dec. A single ROSS’S GOOSE was reported from              120+ seen in the Columbus area on 12 Dec. and          BALTIMORE ORIOLES with the highest count of five
Peachtree City Lake on 1 and 3 Dec. by BH. CL and         200 seen at the West Point Dam (WPD) on 15 Dec.        being seen on the Dublin CBC on 28 Dec. (BS et al.).
JSe had an excellent count of 500 DOUBLE-                 (both by WC). The COMMON EIDERS found last             Three RED CROSSBILLS were seen in Fannin Co. on
CRESTED CORMORANTS on the Smith Reservior                 month at Sea Island remained there for the             6 Dec. (KB, RC) and a single PINE SISKIN was seen
close to the ELHLAF on 26 Dec. An OSPREY near the         remainder of Dec. (m.ob.). The highest count was six   at Dahlonega on 2 Dec. (JD).
Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area was a        on 20 Dec. (BL, CS). A good count of 6000 BLACK
rather rare report on 30 Dec. (SZ).                                                                              CONTRIBUTORS – Jerry Amerson, Sue Aughey,
                                                          SCOTERS was reported from Jekyll Island on 8 Dec.
                                                                                                                 Steve Barlow, Michael Barrett, Brad Bergstrom, Ken
CRANES THROUGH NUTHATCHES – There were                    (GKef). Interesting sightings from inland areas were
                                                                                                                 Blankenship, Eric Bowles, Brenda Brannen, Howard
about ten reports of SANDHILL CRANES totaling             three SURF SCOTERS and four WHITE-WINGED
                                                                                                                 Brower, Jerry Brunner, Rachel Cass, Walt Chambers,
about 3800 birds. Most of the reports were early in       SCOTERS at Carter’s Lake on 4 Dec. (MM), a SURF
                                                                                                                 Diane Churchill, Roger Clark, Jacki Dehart, Marion
the month from 1 to 16 Dec. The real highlights           SCOTER at Clark Hill on 13 Dec. (EZ), five SURF
                                                                                                                 Dobbs, Nathan Farnau, Bill Flatau, James Fleullan,
were reports of single WHOOPING CRANES with               SCOTERS at the WPD on 15 Dec. (WC), five
                                                                                                                 Mark Freeman, Hugh Garrett, Greg Green, Johnnie
some of the SANDHILL flocks. These sightings were         COMMON GOLDENEYES in the Columbus area on 12
                                                                                                                 Greene, Lisa Hodges, Pierre Howard, Steve Holzman,
on 10 Dec. over the GA Tech campus (SB) and on            Dec. (WC) and 125 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS in
                                                                                                                 Brock Hutchins, Panos and Cheryl Kanes, Gene
the same day over the ELHLAF Wetlands (JSe). It           the Columbus area on 24 Dec. (WC).
                                                                                                                 Keferl, Tim Keyes, Julie Kidd-Mohs, Gene Koziara,
goes without saying that this could have been the         PELICANS THROUGH CRANES – Rare for an inland           Carol Lambert, Linda Liu, Bill Lotz, Ed Maioriello, Hal
same bird. A female RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD                    area were 24 AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS at the            Massie, Patty McLean, John McMahan, Joel McNeal,
appeared at a Buckhead feeder on 10 Dec. for what         Walter F. George Dam (WFG Dam) on 6 Dec. (P&CK).       Mark McShane, Max Medley, Mary Meyer, Darlene
most likely is the third year for this bird to frequent   A little bit more usual were 69 AMERICAN WHITE         Moore, Peggy and Terry Moore, Charlie and Tracey
that feeder (BL). Highly unusual for Dec. was a           PELICANS in the Brunswick area on 21 Dec. (TK et       Muise, Sandy Pangle, Pam Potter, Paul Raney, Chuck
SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER found at the ELHLAF             al.). A GREAT CORMORANT was reported from the          Saleeby, Bob Sargent, Wayne Schaffner, Jeff Sewell,
on 5 Dec. (TWi) and seen again on 6 Dec. (NF).            WFG Dam on 6 Dec. (P&CK). Rare for NW GA was a         Dave Slager, Adam Smith, Paul Sykes, Karen
There were only two reports of RED-BREASTED               GREEN HERON in Whitfield Co. on 16 and 17 Dec.         Theodorou, Dan Vickers, Gene Wilkinson, Tom
NUTHATCHES with single birds in Tucker on or about        (AS). Also rare for the wintertime were 12 ROSEATE     Wilson, Todd Womack, Bob and Deb Zaremba, Stacy
24 Dec. (JSe) and Marietta on 25 Dec. (B&DZ).             SPOONBILLS along the Jekyll Island Causeway on         Zarpentine, and Eugene Zielinski.
WARBLERS – Last month’s report included a number          21 Dec. (TK et al.). JM had an excellent count of
of lingering warblers at the Centennial Olympic Park      eight BALD EAGLES at WPD on 3 Dec. A CRESTED
(COP) in downtown Atlanta. Most of these birds            CARACARA was reported along the Turner/Tift            Terry Moore, 13000 Bucksport Ct., Roswell, GA
remained in that area into December. The species          county lines on 22 Dec. but unfortunately the bird     30075 –
                                                          could not be relocated and no photos were taken.

4                                                                                                                        Atlanta Audubon Society
                                        Field Trips                            Compiled by Stan Chapman

                                   Field trips are open to the public and free (unless otherwise noted). We welcome
                                   everyone from beginners to advanced birders! Please check the Atlanta Audubon
                                               Website ( for March field trips
 Sketch by Anne McCallum
                                                               that may be scheduled.

  If you would like to lead a field trip, volunteer to help with the Field Trip Committee, contribute ideas for places to go, or give feedback about leaders or
                                        trips, please email Stan Chapman, Field Trips Coordinator, at
          Generally speaking, field trips take place rain or shine. However, particularly in the winter, there is always a possibility of snow and ice
                                            or extreme cold, in which case a field trip may be canceled or changed.
           Any changes will be reflected on the Atlanta Audubon Society Facebook page and, if possible, on the website,

Saturday, March 6, 8 AM                                     includes fields, ponds and woodlands, and is one of the       target birds for March include swallows of several
Piedmont Park, City of Atlanta                              best places to find sparrows (Field, Savannah, Song,          species arriving from the south, and permanent and
Matt Ward                                                   Vesper and White-throated). White-crowned Sparrows            winter birds, such as hawks, woodpeckers, sparrows,
Meet at the Piedmont Park Conservancy Building,             can sometimes be found. It is also excellent for the          kinglets, wrens, and waxwings. A few early migrant
corner of Piedmont Ave. and 12th St..                       Northern Harrier and other raptors, as well as Eastern        warblers may appear by the end of the month.
Birding Focus: Birds of the woodlands and ponds in          Meadowlarks. Some early migrants, such as swallows,           Notes and Directions: Some walking on wet grass is
winter.                                                     may be seen.                                                  likely to be involved. Directions: Take I-285 (north side)
Notes and Directions: This trip is especially good for      Directions: From Atlanta take I-20 east to Exit               to the Northside and Powers Ferry Rd. exit (exit 22).
beginners, children and families, who are invited on all    98/GA11, turn right and follow for 9.5 mi. Turn left onto     Going west on I-285, turn right at the first light onto
AAS trips. A few extra pairs of binoculars will be          Marben Farm Road (spelled “Marbin” in some locations)         Interstate North Parkway. Stay on this road as it curves
available to borrow.                                        and follow the sign to the visitors center, which is at the   west, through an intersection and crosses the river. After
Directions: From south of Atlanta, take I-75-85 north       end of Elliott Trail (a right turn off of Marben Farm         crossing, the parking lot is an immediate right. Going
to Pine St. (exit 249B). Go straight on Pine, cross         Road).                                                        east on I-285, continue east at the exit to the second
Peachtree St. and then turn left onto Piedmont Ave.                                                                       light, then turn left (north) and cross the bridge over I-
Travel about one mile to 12th St. From northwest of         Saturday, March 13, 8 AM                                      285 and continue through the traffic light on the other
Atlanta, take I-75 south to Exit 250 and follow the signs   Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve,                               side onto Interstate North Parkway, and then continue
to 10th St. Turn left onto 10th and follow it 1/2 mile to   DeKalb County                                                 with instructions above.
Piedmont Ave. Turn left onto Piedmont, and follow it for    Lisa Hurt
1/2 mile to 12th St. From northeast of Atlanta, take I-     Meet at the entrance of the preserve at the corner of         Saturday, March 20, 8 AM
85 south to Exit 84, and follow the signs to 10th Street.   Pine Bluff Road and Wood Trail Lane.                          Chattahoochee Nature Center, 9135 Willeo Road,
Turn left onto 10th, and then follow the directions         Birding Focus: Clyde Shepherd has boardwalks over             Roswell, GA
above. From MARTA, get off at the Arts Center station,      the wetlands with an observation deck and wooded              Stacy Zarpentine
walk south to 14th St., turn left (east) and walk two       paths along the creek. It can be excellent for migrants       (cell phone 404.219.5869)
blocks to Piedmont Ave., and then turn right and walk       and hawks and may have Wood Ducks and herons.                 Meet at the front of the center.
two blocks to 12th St.                                      Note and Directions: Sometimes the trails are wet, so         Birding Focus: Birds of the river and surrounding
                                                            it is advisable to have waterproof footwear.                  woodland, including waterfowl, sparrows, and hawks.
Saturday, March 6, 8 AM                                     Directions: From I-285 N or S on the east side of             Directions: From Roswell Road (U.S. 19), heading
Carter’s Lake and surrounding area, Murray County           Atlanta: Take Highway 78, Stone Mtn. Freeway exit, west       north from Atlanta or from I-285). At the first traffic
Joshua Spence and Sandy Pangle                              toward Decatur. Highway 78 merges with Lawrenceville          light after crossing the Chattahoochee River, turn left
(cell 770-656-3298)                                         Highway (also called US 29) and passes North DeKalb           onto Azalea Drive. At the second traffic light, turn left
Meet at the Carter’s Reregulation Lake parking area.        Mall, after which it changes name to Scott Blvd. Shortly,     onto Willeo Road. CNC is located one-half mile on the
Birding Focus: Target species include Red-breasted          you will pass the QT station on your right. Just past this    right. From GA 400 Northbound: Exit on Northridge
Merganser, Bald Eagle, Common Loon, Winter Wren,            station, turn right at the next street, Harrington Road.      (exit #6) and bear to the right, back over the
Bonaparte’s Gull, and many sparrows, raptors and other      Follow it for 0.6 miles and turn right onto Wood Trail        expressway. Immediately after crossing over 400, turn
waterfowl.                                                  Lane. Follow Wood Trail a short distance until it makes a     right onto Dunwoody Place. Follow Dunwoody Place
Notes and Directions: From Atlanta: Take I-75 to exit       90 degree turn to the left and becomes Pine Bluff. The        until it intersects with Roswell Road (1.2 miles). Turn
293 and follow US 411 north for approximately 27 miles      entrance to the refuge, where the group will meet, is at      right onto Roswell Road. At the first traffic light after
to its intersection with GA 136. A gas station and          this corner. From I-75-I-85 N or S: Take North Druid          crossing the Chattahoochee River, turn left onto Azalea
Ralston’s Corner store are here. Turn right (east) onto     Hills Rd. exit, east toward Decatur. After approx. 3 miles,   Drive. At the second traffic light, turn left onto Willeo
136 and go one-half mile to old 411. Turn left (north)      you will see North DeKalb Mall on your right. At that         Road. CNC is located one-half mile on the right. From
onto old 411, go 0.7 miles, and turn right into the         point, turn right on to Lawrenceville Highway, which is       GA 400 Southbound: Exit Northridge Road (exit #6). At
recreation area by the Reregulation Dam. The group will     also Highway 29. After 0.6 miles, right past the QT           the top of the ramp is a traffic light. Travel straight
scope the lake at a couple of stops (one has a $3.00 fee    station, turn right on to Harrington Road and follow the      through the traffic light onto Dunwoody Place. Follow
per vehicle) and walk the songbird trail and the nearby     directions as above.                                          Dunwoody Place until it intersects with Roswell Road
sparrow field. Depending on time and the desires of the                                                                   (1.2 miles). Turn right onto Roswell Road. At the first
group, nearby Pine Chapel Road may be included in the       Wednesdays, March 17, 24 and 31 8 AM                          traffic light after crossing the Chattahoochee River, turn
itinerary. Note: If you are interested in getting a ride    (and all Wednesdays through May 12),                          left onto Azalea Drive. At the second traffic light, turn
and sharing expenses and/or taking riders, please send      Cochran Shoals Unit of Chattahoochee National                 left onto Willeo Road. CNC is located one-half mile on
your name, address, phone number and email address to       Recreational Area, Cobb County                                the right.
Stan Chapman at by Wednesday,               Hugh Garrett
March 3, around which time he will send a list to all       Meet at 8 AM at the start of the trail at the parking         Sunday, March 21, 8 AM
parties to make their own arrangements.                     lot of the Interstate North Parkway entrance to               Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area, Atlanta
                                                            Cochran Shoals on the Cobb County side. There is a            Tract, Dawsonville, Dawson County
Saturday, March 13, 8 AM                                    parking fee of $3 (or annual pass) per vehicle.               Georgann Schmalz (cell phone 404.245.7273)
Charlie Elliott Wildlife Management Area, Mansfield         Birding Focus: Cochran Shoals has a diverse habitat of        Meet just inside the gate on Dawson Forest Road.
Eddie Hatchett                                              river, fields, and forest. Those who come to many of          Birding Focus: Dawson Forest has a diverse habitat of
Meet at visitor’s center parking lot.                       these 9 weekly walks will see the progression from
Birding Focus: Charlie Elliott Management Area              winter birds to migrants and breeding birds. Some                                           Continued on page 10

                   March 2010                                                                                                                                                  5

Volunteer Corner   •     Volunteer Corner   •  Volunteer
Corner • Volunteer Corner • Volunteer Corner • Volunteer

  olunteer                                            Spotlighting... Georgann Schmalz
                                                                                       By Lynn Waldvogel
Opportunities                                                          According to Georgann        Masters Degree in Zoology and Ornithology from
                                                                       Schmalz, “I like birding     Clemson University.
                                                                       especially when there are    Considering all the birds she has seen, you would
Wingbars is looking for a few                                          others to share birds        think picking a favorite would be difficult. “That
                                                                       with.” And Georgann has      isn’t a tough question for favorite—Scissor-tailed
good birders to tell readers
                                                                       made it her mission to       Flycatcher,” replies Georgann.
about the field guides they use.
                                                                       encourage others to share
                                                                                                    What is tough is picking out a favorite birding
Do you think Peterson’s tops                                           in the joys of birding.
                                                                                                    story. “There are too many,” says Georgann. “Too
the pack?                                                              Whether by leading field
                                                                                                    many states, too many countries. I suppose one of
Do you naturally turn to                                               trips at Dawson Forest or
                                                                                                    my best memories was during our California Bird
National Geographic’s?                    Georganne Schmalz             through her company,
                                          Photographer: DeeAnn Kiesel                               Rush of June 2007, when five of us were in a
Is Sibley’s simply the best?                                            Birding Adventures, Inc.,
                                                                                                    Yosemite campground. We had stopped to look at
                                        or in teaching the finer points of bird song
What are the pros and cons of                                                                       a Black-throated Gray Warbler, fussing just in front
                                        identification during the Master Birder Program
the various guides? Your                                                                            of us on the ground. As we watched him, one of
                                        she created, Georgann has brought a lot of us
experience could help fledgling                                                                     the group quietly said, ‘look up’, which we all did
                                        along on her birding journey.
birders. Contact Diane Hawkins-                                                                     quickly. Not more than 25 feet in front of us, eye
                                        Georgann taught at the Fernbank Science Center              level, was a Great Gray Owl, just sitting and
Cox at
                                        for over 28 years, writing over 50 articles for the         watching us. I think I said something like ‘holy
if you’d like to contribute.            Fernbank Quarterly and the Georgia                          crap’ but don’t really remember. It was a great
                                        Ornithological Society journal, The Oriole. Her             moment.”
Do you know a birder who time           tenure as an Atlanta Audubon volunteer is even
                                                                                                    This January, Georgann was given the Earle R.
                                        more impressive - 36 years and counting. A three-
and again makes significant                                                                         Greene Award from the Georgia Ornithological
                                        time president of the organization, Georgann has
discoveries? Wingbars readers                                                                       Society honoring achievement in ornithology and
                                        served as vice president, education director and
would love to know about it! We                                                                     bird education.
                                        communications director. A DeKalb County
would like to start a series            Master Gardener, Georgann certifies backyard                A resident of Dawson County, Georgann says her
focusing on great birders and           wildlife sanctuaries for Atlanta Audubon and                favorite place to go birding is the mountains of
great finds. Let’s give these           created the Wildlife Sanctuary Tour.                        North Georgia. Not content simply to volunteer
folks the recognition they                                                                          herself, Georgann is always encouraging others to
                                        Her passion for birding began as a child in a
deserve. If you’d like to profile                                                                   get involved. That’s how I wound up writing this
                                        suburb northwest of Chicago when she got her
someone, contact Diane                                                                              piece about her. Thanks, Georgann, for giving me a
                                        first set of binoculars around the age of eight. Her
                                                                                                    way to get to know a bit more about you and some
Hawkins-Cox at                                               interest deepened as she studied
                                                                                                    of the other wonderful Atlanta Audubon                                          biology in college. She then
                                                                 migrated south and earned a

AAS needs your help to expand
youth education efforts. If you
work with kids and teens
and/or teach about birds, then
                                                                                   A Million Thanks!
                                                                          Atlanta Audubon Society is an amazing organization because of its
we need you to join our team of                                            volunteers! As always, we extend our unending gratitude to ALL of
education volunteers. See our                                              our volunteers, but we would like to send a special thank you to the
website about an upcoming                                                   following individuals this month.
Learning About Birds training
workshop (March 6) and                                                    Many thanks to Rachel Smith McMurray for helping to design the
contact Emily Toriani-Moura for                                          cover for the art/nature journals being produced for young people
more details or to volunteer!                                           throughout Atlanta. The project is a part of the work that Catharine
                                                                      Kuchar is conducting on her fellowship from TogetherGreen. Rachel’s
                                                                   keen eye for design will help bring the journals to life.

                                    New Master Birder, Linda Liu, has been busy organizing a special gathering for AAS’ Master Birders. The
                                    gatherings will be held monthly and will include speakers and plenty of time to get to know fellow Master

                                    Birders in a fun setting. Many thanks to Linda for all of her hard work to bring these programs together as

                                    a special benefit to our Master Birders.
       Warbler                      A million thanks go out to our February field trip leaders who braved the cold to provide for some fun
                                    birding trips: Ken Blankenship, Joy Carter, Jay Davis, Phil Delestrez, Marilyn Harris, Marcia
                                    Klenbort, Carol Lambert, Jeff Sewell, and Herb Wollner.

6                                                                                                             Atlanta Audubon Society
                   Georgia IBA Coordinator Captures a
                         Long-distance Traveler
Charlie Muise, the Important Bird Area Coordinator for Georgia, had an exciting discovery recently.
                                         Muise, a federally- and state-licensed bird bander, captures owls and other birds at his
                                         Lamar County home. Among the birds he targets is the tiny Northern Saw-whet Owl – a
                                         bird which had never been caught in Georgia before Muise set up his nets in 2007 and
                                         which nobody previously thought would be found in the piedmont of Georgia.
                                         Just after 2 AM on December 5, 2009, Muise caught his third. But this one was special –
                                         it already sported a small aluminum band! Muise contacted the United States Bird
                                         Banding Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, but the lab had no record of the bird at the
                                         time. Banders are required to send in their data on a quarterly basis, so he knew he
                                         may have to wait a few months.
                                         This week Muise received a Certificate of Appreciation from the lab with the much-
                                         anticipated information. The bird had been banded along Eels Lake in Ontario, Canada;
                                         a long way to go for a bird that weighs just 92 grams, or about 3 ounces. Even more
                                         interesting is that the bird made the trip in just 39 days.
 A bird in the hand:                    For more information on the Important Bird Areas program, please go to
 Muise holds a Northern
 Saw-whet Owl                 
 Photographer: Tracey Muise

                       Georgia IBA Receives Major Grant
The Georgia Important Bird Areas Program (GA IBA) has received a major grant from the Georgia Ornithological
Society (GOS) to support several bird conservation initiatives. The grant, in the amount of $18,560, will support work
at several locations, including Altamaha Waterfowl Management Area in MacIntosh County and Joe Kurz Wildlife
Management Area in Meriwether County.
Among the needed projects at Altamaha WMA is the replacement of two structures vital to water level manipulation,
used to ensure proper habitat for ducks, shorebirds and other animals at different times of the year. The grant will
also support trail restoration around three impoundments previously used by hunters, anglers, bird watchers and
managers before the trail became too overgrown for public use. Also planned is a roundtable discussion by these
four groups to discuss opportunities to work together toward common goals.
Other projects supported by the GOS grant include providing staff for prescribed fires at several locations in
Georgia, the removal of invasive plants at Joe Kurz WMA, and assistance in native grassland restoration by Georgia
DNR. Grassland birds as a group have suffered greater declines in recent years than birds of any other major habitat.
Each of these projects will utilize volunteer help. To inquire about volunteering, contact IBA Coordinator Charlie

               Joe Kurz Wildlife Management Area                     Prescribed burn area in Joe Kurz WMA
               Photographer: Charlie Muise                           Photographer: Charlie Muise

                  March 2010                                                                                                   7
                                   Get Ready for Something New:
                                Wetland Plant Management Workshop
                                             Tuesday, April 6 & Saturday, April 10
Did you know that invasive species                     CNC horticulturalist, will teach you how               you proper methods, equipment and safety
threaten around 42% of U.S. threatened                 to propagate common native wetland                     techniques, so that you will be able to use
and endangered species? Did you know                   plants to recreate stable and diverse                  the training from this workshop on your
that aquatic invasive species cost the                 habitats where invasive species have been              own property or at other restoration
United States over $135 billion annually               removed.                                               efforts.
due to environmental and economic harm?                Henning is a carnivorous-plant expert and
Wetlands play many different roles in our              an avid macro-photographer. He
environment, from filtering pollutants and             developed Georgia’s Living Wetland
controlling floods to providing nursery                Exhibit and maintains safeguard
grounds and stopover locations for many                populations of rare plants at CNC. As a
valuable plant and animal species. Wetland             member of the Georgia Plant Conservation
plants are threatened not only by habitat              Alliance, he has been instrumental in
loss, but also by invasive plant species.              propagating and reintroducing rare and
This fun and educational workshop will                 endangered native plants, such as the
prepare you to become involved in                      Alabama Leatherflower and Georgia
wetland conservation and restoration                   Rockcress. Don’t miss this opportunity to               Chattahoochee Nature Center wetland
                                                                                                               Photographer: Henning Von Schmeling
efforts.                                               soak up some of his amazing knowledge!
Section 1: Plant ID 101 at                             Section 3: Field Trip and Hands-on                     Workshop Fee:
Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC)                      Removal Training at Clyde Shepherd                     $100 for AAS and CNC members/$125 for
Henning Von Schmeling, CNC Operations                  Nature Preserve                                        non-members
Senior Director, will teach you how to                 During this field trip to a local nature               Dates and Locations:
identify some of the worst invasive species            preserve, Walter Bland, Manager of Rock                Tuesday, April 6, 10 AM to 4 PM at
in Georgia and the effects they have on                Spring Farm and curator of native grasses              Chattahoochee Nature Center in
habitats—specifically throughout the                   and wildflowers, will show you how to get              Roswell, GA
metropolitan Atlanta area. You will learn              down and dirty while removing privet and
in the classroom and at the CNC wetlands,                                                                     Saturday, April 10, 9 AM to 12 PM at Clyde
                                                       other common invasives found at the
where current control efforts are being                                                                       Shepherd Nature Preserve in Decatur, GA
                                                       preserve. AAS Conservation Chair Dave
used.                                                  Butler, who is also DeKalb County                      Class size is limited and registration is
Section 2: Plant Propagation 101                       Greenspace Environment Manager and a                   required. Please contact Emily Toriani-
After a lunch break, you will head to the              founding member of Clyde Shepherd                      Moura at 678.973.2437 or
greenhouse, where Henning and Lisa Cole,               Nature Preserve, will join Walter to show    

                                               Tree Identification Workshop
                                                                 Thursday, May 27
It has happened to all of us at one point in time: you are with a group of knowledgeable birders, where you can hold your own on bird species ID.
However, all of a sudden a colleague announces that a Bachman’s Warbler has just landed at 4 o’clock on the Sourwood Tree! While you desperately
look for the Sourwood Tree, which you had never learned to identify, the others catch great views and say good bye as the bird flies off into the brush!
Tree identification requires the same skills that are used for pattern recognition in birding. It also requires a comprehensive understanding of the
environment in which specific trees are found and why. Tree identification skills will aid you not only in finding birds in their
natural context, but also in describing locations to others whom you are guiding. Understanding the relationship between a
particular bird species and the tree that it prefers, (like Cedar Waxwings and Mulberry trees), helps us to understand their
behaviors and habitats more intimately, giving us a greater sense of appreciation.
Join us on Thursday, May 27 from 6 PM to 8:30 PM as Chris Showalter teaches about identifying trees by leaf, bark, shape
and habitat. Chris has been the ornithologist at Fernbank Science Center since 2001, where he teaches several classes,
including a high school ornithology class.He received his M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Resource Management from West
Virginia University, has published several scientific articles, and is very familiar with Southern forests and the habitats that they
provide for all wildlife.
All participants will receive a field guide for Eastern trees and a CD full of resources.
After this workshop, you will be the one explaining the difference between Black Walnut and Pecan trees!
     Class Location: AAS Education and Conservation Center at Blue Heron Nature Preserve,
     4055 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30342                                                                                                Chris Showalter
     Class Fee: $35 AAS members/$45 Non-members                                                                                         Photographer: Tony Madden,
                                                                                                                                        Fernbank Science Center
Class size is limited and registration is required. Please contact Emily Toriani-Moura at 678.973.2437 or for more information and to register.

8                                                                                                                   Atlanta Audubon Society
               Scholarship Opportunities Announced
       AAS is proud to offer the following educational scholarships for both teenagers and young adults

Barnsley Scholarship Fund –                   Echols Scholarship Fund –                      the knowledge you will gain, and how
Camp TALON for Teenagers                      Audubon Camp in Maine for a                    you will spread your interest in birds and
Through the Barnsley Scholarship Fund,        Young Adult                                    bird conservation to friends. Be sure to
                                                                                             include one letter of recommendation
AAS is proud to partner with the Georgia      Through our Echols Scholarship Fund,
                                                                                             with the application. The recipient of the
Ornithological Society (GOS) to help          AAS will partner with GOS to send one
                                                                                             scholarship is expected to write an article
young people ages 13 to 17 learn about        young adult, age 21 to 29, to attend the
                                                                                             describing her/his experiences at the
the fascinating and fun hobby of bird         Audubon Field Ornithology Camp in
                                                                                             camp, which can be included in Wingbars
watching. The first Camp TALON (Teen          Maine from June 20 to June 25.
                                                                                             and the GOS newsletter, GOShawk.
Adventures Learning Ornithology and           Participants will enjoy a week of riveting
Nature) took place last summer on the         field trips to habitats as diverse as          To request a scholarship application,
Georgia coast and was a big hit. This         offshore puffin islands, windswept             please email our Education Coordinator,
year’s camp will also be on the coast and     blueberry barrens, lush grasslands, and        Emily Toriani-Moura, at
will be held from June 5 to June 11. A few    sphagnum bog forests. Add some of the
partial or full scholarships (from $100 to    most respected bird experts in the             Scholarship applications are due by
$400) are available for teens of families     country, and you have “Field Ornithology       March 19.
with financial need. Be sure to mail the      on Hog Island” – a layman’s exploration
completed camp registration form and          of all things avian, from basic bird biology   Another Summer Opportunity
the nonrefundable registration deposit        to nesting behavior, songs, migration and      for Teens
($100) to the Charlie Elliott Wildlife        conservation. AAS and GOS will cover           The Georgia Ornithological Society will
Center with your scholarship application.     the $895 registration fee and up to $300 in    send two teens to Hog Island in Maine to
To learn more about Camp TALON,               travel expenses. Food and lodging are          take part in a special birding study June
contact Julie Duncan at the Charlie Elliott   included in the registration. The recipient    20 to 25. Learn about seabird
Wildlife Center, 770.784.059.                 will make his or her own airline               conservation from top ornithologists and
To request a scholarship application,         reservations. To apply, you must be            add puffins, murres and other coastal
please email our Education Coordinator,       between the ages of 21 to 29 during the        birds to your life list. GOS will cover
Emily Toriani-Moura, at                       camp session and must be a Georgia             registration fees and up to $550 in travel                   resident. You must complete an                 expenses. Food and lodging are included
Scholarship applications are due by           application form and type an essay (300        in the registration. For more information
April 23.                                     words minimum) about your interest in          and a downloadable application form,
                                              birds and birding, what you will do with       visit

                                              Mark Your Calendars for a
          “Wild in Roswell” Celebration this Spring
             AAS is partnering with the Chattahoochee Nature Center this spring to provide you with some fun activities.
                            Look for more information in the May Wingbars, but mark your calendar now:
BIRD WALKS                                                            WORKSHOPS/CLASSES
Not an Early Bird? Evening Bird and Wildlife Walk                     (both events will be held at the Chattahoochee Nature Center)
Tuesday, May 25                                                       Gardening for Birds and Other Wildlife
Meet at 6:30 PM at the Big Creek Wetlands Park in Roswell and         Saturday, June 5, 10 AM to 11 AM
enjoy an evening of bird watching, wildlife viewing and just a        Learn fun ways to create a wildlife habitat in your backyard that
great casual walk.                                                    attracts birds, pollinators and other interesting wildlife.

“Peeps and Pancakes Bird Walk”                                        Introduction to Bird Identification
Saturday, May 22                                                      Thursday, June 3 from 8:30 AM to 10 AM
Meet at 7:30 AM at the Vickery Creek entrance of the National         Open to everyone in the family. Learn the basics of how to
Park for a special walk and then we’ll head over to J.                identify birds by sight and sound so your family can enjoy
Christopher’s Restaurant for breakfast.                               moments in nature together.

               March 2010                                                                                                                 9
              Rates for 2.5” x 2.5” ads are $20/month or $45/quarter. Ads must be consistent with the conservation and birding mission
           of Atlanta Audubon Society. Ads may be accepted via email, preferably in .pdf format. Call 678.973.2437 if you have questions.
                          Send payment to Wingbars Ads, Atlanta Audubon Society, 4055 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342.
                                  Send ads via email to Catharine Kuchar at

                               Affordable Housing                                                                                                      Would You Like to
                               and Feeders for                                                                                                           Save Trees?
                               Birds, Bats and                                                                                                       And save AAS time and
                                                                                                                                                     monies in the process?
          Basic, functional and long-lasting
                   cedar products
                                                                                                                                                                             If so, you can
       Workshop Creations, Inc.                                     North
                                                                               Perfect for birding in the mountains...90 minutes from Atlanta

                                                                                                                                                                               “opt out” of
       Order on our website:
                                                                   Georgia     C r o s sr o c k C a b i n R e nt a l s
                                                                               Blue Ridge, Georgia
                                                                   Premier                                                                                                   receiving your
       E-Mail:                        Vacation
                                                                               Phone: 1-877-376-5032
       Tel: 770-448-5363 Fax: 770-448-5363                        Rentals
       P.O. Box 921455, Norcross, GA 30010
                                                                               E-mail:                                                          newsletter by
                                                                                                                                                                                mail and
                                                                                                                                                                              instead read
  When You Come                                                                                                                                                                 Wingbars
 To The Mountains -
 Ask about the new Birder’s Guide to Fannin County!
 We feature Cole’s seed,                                                                                                                                                     Just send us a
 squirrel-proof feeders
 that truly are, houses,
 hummingbird stuff,
                                                                                                                                                                               message at
 great books, Audubon
 optics, & hard to find
 hardware. Plus – 100’s
 of Ravensburger Puzzles,                                                                                                              ,
 Music of the Spheres
 Chimes & a huge
 selection of educational
                                                                                                                                                   and we’ll do the rest. The
 toys and
 games for kids!                                                                                                                                   current issue is posted at
                                                                                                                                        at the
       Downtown Blue Ridge & Inside Mercier Orchards                                                                                                beginning of the month.
            611 E. Main St. • Blue Ridge, GA 30513
       (706) 258-BIRD (2473) •

     Field Trips                 Continued from page 5
     fields, woods and wetlands, and is an excellent location   and more.                                                                       Notes and Directions: Grant McCreary is willing to
     for woodpeckers, hawks, and sparrows.                      Notes and Directions: Bring insect repellent, which is                          drive a few people up from near Cumming along GA-
     Note and Directions: Bring sturdy, waterproof              necessary during this season.                                                   400. If you are interested in carpooling or caravanning
     footwear, as there may be wet grass. From Atlanta,         Directions from Atlanta: Take I-75 south to exit 186                            with others, please email him at
     take GA 400 north 36.6 miles from I-285. Turn left on to   (Tift College Drive/Juliette Road). Turn left at the end              
     Dawson Forest Road at the North Georgia Premium            of the exit ramp, and follow the road (which becomes                            Directions from Atlanta: Take GA-400 north from the
     Outlet, which is 6.6 miles past Highway 369. (Hwy. 369     Juliette Road) for 9.5 miles. At Juliette, make a sharp                         northside of I-285, until it ends at US-19 in Dahlonega.
     is at the first stop light along 400.) Drive 3.9 miles     left on to McCrackin Street. The café is 0.3 miles                              Follow US-19/129 north for approximately 30 miles
     along Dawson Forest Road to GA 9, and continue             ahead.                                                                          until you come to GA-180 east. Turn right and follow
     straight for another 1.5 miles to the gate into Dawson                                                                                     180 for 7.3 miles until you get to GA-180 spur to
     Forest.                                                    Saturday, March 27, 9 AM                                                        Brasstown Bald, which is on your left. Follow 180-spur
                                                                Brasstown Bald (Hiawassee, Towns Co.)                                           for 2-3 miles to the parking area of the mountain.
     Saturday, March 27, 7:30 AM                                and surrounding area
     Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge,                         Grant McCreary                                                                  Sunday, March 28, 7:30 AM
     near Juliette, GA                                          Meet at the parking for Brasstown Bald                                          Cochran Shoals Unit of Chattahoochee National
     Ken Blankenship (cell phone 678.296.4463).                 ($5.00 park fee per vehicle).                                                   Recreational Area, Cobb County
     Meet at 7:30 AM outside the Whistle Stop Café in           Birding Focus: We hope to hear the drumming of                                  Al Mercer
     downtown Juliette, GA at 443 McCrackin Street.             Ruffed Grouse, which occurs at this time of year, and,                          See walks at same location for March 17, 24 and 31 for
     The group can carpool from there into the refuge.          of course, to see the grouse. Other target birds include                        meeting place, directions and birding focus.
     Birding Focus: Pinewoods specialties and early             Northern Raven, Winter Wren, and Blue-headed Vireos,                            Note that those walks begin at 8 AM, while this walk
     migrants, including Bachman’s Sparrow, Red-cockaded        and an assortment of other winter birds and early                               begins at 7:30 AM.
     Woodpecker, Louisiana Waterthrush, Yellow-throated         migrants and breeders. If Red Crossbills are nearby,
     Warbler, Northern Parula, Black-and-white Warbler,         they may be searched for after birding Brasstown Bald.

10                                                                                                                                                   Atlanta Audubon Society
                                                                                 Conservation biologist
                                                                                Malcolm Hodges shows
                                                                               Atlanta Audubon Society
                                                                              members how to find and
                                                                         identify lichens during the AAS
                                                                                 January speaker series
                                                                                            workshop at
                                                                          Kennesaw Mountain National
                                                                                        Battlefield Park.

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                           are Some of Georgia’s Most Beautiful

Dickcissel                                                    Eastern Meadowlark                             Northern Bobwhite
Photographer: Darlene Moore                                   Photographer: Jim Wilson                       Photographer: Darlene Moore

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