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									                 LEARN HOW TO ACCESS YOUR CHILD’S GRADES!
April 4, 2011

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are pleased to announce that you are now able to access your child’s grades and
attendance using our Parent Portal via the internet. With your school-assigned Access ID and
Access Password, you may log into Parent Portal at any time to see attendance, grading
updates, and specific assessment data.

To begin using Parent Portal to access your child’s information, you will need to do the

   1) Access the District website at Click on Parent Portal and you
      will find instructions for setting up an account to access your child’s information.
   2) Click on the link “Request for Access Form” to print out the form you must fill out to set
      up your account. If you do not have access to internet/printer, you may obtain this form
      from the school office.
   3) The completed form must then be given to Ms. Timmons in the front office at
      Lewisville High School to receive your Access ID and Access Password. A picture ID
      must also be shown. This must be done by the parent/guardian as this information will
      not be given to students.
   4) After receiving your login information from the school, you may begin accessing your
      child’s grades/attendance by logging onto
      The first time you login onto this website, you must click on Create Account to set up
      your own Username and Password. This should be something that you can easily
      remember as you will use it each time you login to this website. This Username and
      Password is different from the Access ID and Access Password the school assigns you.

Note: If you have multiple children at different schools, you will need to obtain an Access ID
and Access Password for each child. This should be obtained from the school which they

Teachers will be recording grades to the site often. As a rule of operation, teachers will reserve
the right to take up to 7 days from the due date to post the grade to the site. Specific questions
about grades and posted information should be sent to the teacher. To access teacher’s email
from the Parent Portal, simply click on his/her name and your email will open so you can send a
note requesting information.

Please be sure to keep your student Access ID and Access Password confidential.

We will continue to send home a printed report card at the conclusion of each nine weeks.


James. G. Knox, III

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