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					VOL. 33, NO. 1               8,442 Active Members                       44,114 Members Since 1979                     JULY/AUGUST, 2011


                                                                           Rid       ll      S        h Preview Day. Call for h d l     is limited.
                                                                           Ride our All West Supercoach to P i D C ll f schedule, space i li i d

                                                                                        EE                        Service From:
                                                                                 t he FR s!
                                                                            Take ttle Bu
                                                                                                        9am – Davis, South Hills, Arden/Expo
                                                                                                        12:45pm – Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville
                              Coming to Sacramento – “Oh Canada, Eh?”         Shu                        4:15pm – South Hills, Arden/Expo

9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1 • Sacramento, CA 95827 • (916) 361-2051 • Toll-Free (800) 951-5556 • www. • CA Travel #2011549-40
Just One Man’s Opinion
 A True Celebration of a Life                          Elizabeth was motioning to me from her seat          Preview Day is always full of reunions
   Elizabeth Monk was the oldest Travel Club           in the sixth row. Indeed, if I remember the       among friends, to get our new catalog and
Member in our 32-year history when she                 story right, it seems her father or grandfather   your opportunity to learn more about our
passed in April at 105 years young. Elizabeth          was a dentist(?) and spent a good part of the     vacation choices for the coming year. Fall
                           w        an      active     war patching up anyone who came his way.          and holiday packages will also get some
                           traveler well past          Elizabeth shared the story with us, her eyes      attention and there will be door prizes.
                           the century mark. I
                           t                           sparkling. (I’m just hoping my memory of             One final Preview Day note here. Light
                           remember her on a           the details are as good as hers were.)            refreshments will be served at the event. If
                           Christmas Mystery
                           C                              The lady was a living history book. She        you are coming to Preview Day, paying $5
                           Tour at 101. I suspect
                           T                           loved music and her Celebration of Life           (which is donated to charity) and reflecting
                           some of those who
                           s                           was liberally sprinkled with classical music      that the line for the refreshments is too long,
                           were on the trip
                           w                           pieces. She headed up the music program           or there isn’t enough of this or that to eat,
                           will remember this
                           w                           at her church for so long, it’s no wonder         I’m afraid you have missed the point.
                           s                           the walls seemed to vibrate with memories            We provide a little something to munch on
   Elizabeth was traveling with her daughter           of Elizabeth. I have no doubt Elizabeth is        and a beverage for all in case it’s a scorching
Pat. We were getting back onto the bus at the          heading up the music program in Heaven            summer day. The light refreshments at
World War I Museum in downtown Kansas                  by now, kindly but firmly insisting on quality     Preview Day are not intended as a meal.
City, and I overheard Elizabeth talking with a         of performance, smiling all the while.            After all, catered food is expensive and
couple of other ladies. She was telling them              If you are fortunate in life, you will meet    most of us would rather spend our money
how she used to greet the troop trains as a            a handful of people who stand out in a            traveling than eating overpriced snacks in a
little girl, and deliver sandwiches, cigarettes        crowd. People who have earned the respect         hotel banquet room.
and candy to the servicemen bound for                  of their peers not because of what they did          If you’ve never attended a Tour Preview
Europe. It was a fascinating piece of living           yesterday, but for what they did on a score       Day, or haven’t been for a while, we invite
history.                                               of yesterdays. Such a lady was Elizabeth          you to check it out. For an investment of 1-3
   The following day, we stopped at the                Monk. I bid her the fondest of farewells.         hours on a Saturday, you’ll get to see some
Truman Library in Independence. At the                                                                   friends, share some laughs and memories
conclusion of our visit, we returned to the                                                              and perhaps dream about a new adventure.
coach. This time, Elizabeth had an entirely                 Our Annual Tour Preview                      Plus, everyone walks away with a coupon
different set of memories she was sharing,                  Day Gathering Approaches                      good for a discount on a future tour.
evolving around WWII. Wow, I thought, this                As spring turns to summer, ideas for              It’s the place to see and be seen, a respite
lady has seen a lot in her life.                       future travels begin to appear on charts and      from the dog days of August and the
   But Elizabeth’s history lesson wasn’t               calendars around the office. Those plans are        boredom of Sacramento summer. Come to
done. On the last day of the tour, we visited          the first signs that Tour Preview Day is just      Preview Day and your life will change for the
a settlement outside Kansas City called                around the corner. Our annual gathering           better. At least for an afternoon.
Lecompton. This little town was a hotbed               at the Marriott Hotel, slated for Saturday,
of activity right before the Civil War. The            August 27th (9am, 12:45pm & 4:15pm),              And so it goes…
determination of whether Kansas would be               will feature Canada as the highlighted
a free or slave territory caused upset and             destination. Indeed, some of our friends
even bloodshed among its citizens. At the              from “Oh Canada, Eh?” are flying in to
conclusion of our visit, as I walked back to           provide a few north-of-the-border laughs.         Mark Hoffmann, CTP
the bus, I smiled somewhat smugly. Surely                 We have several exciting Canadian              Owner/Founder
we had finally found an American conflict                travel packages next year, and this is your          PS – We were notified recently by the
that pre-dated Elizabeth. I felt so confident           chance to get lots of information. From the       Better Business Bureau that our A+ rating
of myself, I even dared to make that                   Magdalen Islands in Atlantic Canada, to the       has remained intact for another year. We
declaration on the microphone when I got               Calgary Stampede, Rails Across Canada and a       are extremely proud of that rating, brought
to the coach.                                          special Canadian Thanksgiving/Octoberfest         about in part because we have never had a
   Ooops. Not so fast. Seems Elizabeth                 package (with Niagara Falls), we think you’ll     single unresolved compliant in 28 years of
did have a Civil War era story. No sooner              want to consider a journey to Canada (non-        membership. In fact, we have never even
had I finished making my announcement,                  Canadian tours will also be offered.)              had a complaint of any kind filed against us.

2           Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
                                                                                                       Clayton Place
            Hello Friends:                        Let’s call it anywhere United Airlines takes        with Jerry Orbach in the lead. I’ll always
   In the days leading up to my summer            me. I was born with wanderlust; a vagabond          remember my first Broadway show and how
sabbatical, I often signed off with a caller       gene. Travel has always been a part of my           it helped shape my life-long love affair with
by saying, “I’ll talk                             life and I can’t imagine living without it. My      the arts.
to you again in                                   heart is as much in favorite locations around          By virtue of your interest and patronage,
August. I’m headed                                the globe as it is in any house I’ve ever called    travel undoubtedly awakens something
home        for    the                            home.                                               in you, too. I bet, whether physically or
summer.” More than                                   With great anticipation I look forward to        emotionally, many of you would say packing
one person rightly                                Sports Leisure’s signature “Michigan and            your suitcase and seeing the world with
asked, “Which one?”                               Mackinac” this September. We’ll be on               friends old and new is a little like going
   There are so many                              other-worldly Mackinac Island three nights.         home. If so, you’re in the right place. Right
sayings regarding                                 Whenever I’m there, my mind always drifts           here… right now… together!
the subject of home.                              back to the 2001 tour in which I traveled
My favorite: “Home is where the heart is.”        with both my best friend Rykk and Mark’s            “Your Tour Guy,”
That being the case, I can honestly say I have    father, Irv. Both are gone now, but their
three homes. One is my beautiful hilltop          memories remain. I feel somehow closer to
home in North Georgia, the farm where I           them when I’m in that place.
was born and raised. Nothing makes a place           I’m thrilled to again escort “Thanksgiving       Clayton Whitehead, CTP
a home like a lifetime of memories.               in New York” in November. Whenever I see            Vice President
   My second home is one of my own                the skyline of Manhattan, I’m 18 again and
choosing. Many of you have visited Clayton        making my first visit to The Big Apple. I was          Postscript: Future departures of all
Place in Savannah on “The Colorful                on a mission trip, and our job was painting a       the above-mentioned tours are currently
Carolina Coast.” For the past number of           halfway house on the lower West Side. But           available for your reservations. If Michigan is
years, our progressive dinner has ended with      each night, despite the paint on my hair and        on your wish list, wait no more! This tour will
the dessert course served there. How I love       skin, I took the subway uptown to Times             not be offered in 2012.
having people in my home to add their joy,        Square to see a show. My first was 42nd Street
energy and memories. Before writing this, I
scanned my guestbook. So many names are
there, indeed more Californians than people
from anywhere else. It is a true pleasure for
Toot and me to welcome you there for a slice
of prune cake served on my antique china.
   Needless to say, my third home is
California’s Capital City, our beautiful
Sacramento. For me it’s not so much a
specific address, but the whole area I
consider home. I resisted getting attached
for the longest time. But Sports Leisure
happened . . . and St. Francis Parish . . . and
KVIE . . . and friendships . . . and Tigré-the-
rooftop-cat. Today, I can truly say my roots                                When life gives you l
                                                                            Wh lif i            lemons…
grow as deep in the fertile soil of California      The sassy 1979 MGB (one of the last ever made) has been on the Sports Leisure scene
as they do in my beloved Georgia. California      for quite a few years now, but he was so very lonely. He dreamed of having a girlfriend, and
will always be a part of me and I pray I will     you know what business we’re in, right? Making dreams come true! Meet his “new” gal, a
always be a part of it. Perhaps I’ll make a       1986 Toyota MR2. Wearing the familiar TOUR GUY plates, this snappy number replaces earlier
bumper sticker for my new car saying “Bi-         versions of the same model. The pair are chaperoned on their first meeting by proud daddies
coastal and Proud!”                               Clayton Whitehead on the left and Bob Veliky. Come let us take you for a spin sometime! Sorry,
   Based on these definitions of home, there       no group tours allowed. What can we say – they’re two-seaters! Oh yes, one more thing: They
is a fourth “address” I must acknowledge.         may be bright yellow, but please don’t call our babies “lemons.”

                                                                                                 Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011     3
The Customers Always Write
Hi Mark,                                              Viva Italian – wonderful, reliable service,        you, but it must be at least 20 years. Many
   Glad to hear you want to return next               great salad, roasted garlic and olive oil, the     pleasant memories. Thanks again. Sincerely,
year. We can offer you the same rate right             tastiest pastas in SF. And – wine included on      Joyce Hamilton
after Memorial Day. I can put a tentative             the table.                                           Ed. Note: Thank you Joyce. We will find
reservation in if you would like me to. The           Elizabeth Fleming Long-time Gold Member            an appropriate place for your Czech Crowns,
staff here certainly enjoyed the people                   Ed. Note: Thanks for your comments…             which amounts to about $200 US. Clayton
you brought. And your clients were very               you weren’t alone… we are on top of it.            will be the Tour Director and will locate the
generous to the Housekeepers. They all had                                                               appropriate charitable recipient.
big smiles on their faces. Looking forward to         Hi,
having you back again!                                   I know you don’t like hearing about             Dear Clayton,
Paul                                                  unhappy travelers, but I would like you              The Italy trip refund check arrived in
Best Western Ponderosa Lodge, Sisters, OR             to know, I bragged about what good                 yesterday’s mail. Thank you so much. You
   Ed. Note: Indeed, our Spring Mountain              seats we always get to my daughter and             and your staff expended so much effort
Mystery Tour visited the area around Sisters          granddaughter, who I invited for the first          to see that I received my refund. United
and Bend, Oregon. We stayed three nights at           time, and since my granddaughter is a              Airlines could learn something from the
Paul’s lovely Best Western, with llamas and           dancer I thought this would be a marvelous         excellent customer service that Sports
deer and “horse” racing and award-winning             treat for her to see the Rockettes December        Leisure demonstrates. Again, thank you.
barbecue, it was a very good trip. We are             15th at Arco Arena.                                Maria Erickson
going to repeat it next year as a new, non-              We had the worst seats ever. Couldn’t see         Ed. Note: Only took six months to get
mystery destination. Sisters, Oregon. Make a          very good at all. Needless to say we were all      their attention. It’s a wonder the planes fly.
note, because it was a great trip.                    very disappointed. Just wanted to get this
                                                      out of me and into you.                            Dear Mr. Hoffmann:
Dear Sports Leisure Vacations:                        Hilda and Kathleen Garrett, Gold Members             I want to thank you for your company’s
  Last week your driver brought a number                 Ed. Note: Not exactly sure how to respond       generous gift of $250 to the University of
of visitors to our museum. I cannot let               to this. The letter was received in mid-April,     Alabama Kindness Fund. The outpouring
any more time go by without telling you               and this is the first newsletter it could be        of love and support from across the nation
how pleasant Scott was. He was not only               printed in. Given the trip was in December,        has been overwhelming during this difficult,
courteous and caring toward us in the                 memories are vague. I will however say this        post-tornado time. Your compassion and
museum, but he seemed to have a natural               (knowing I sell these tickets to you from time     generousity are enabling us to unite in
ability to relate to his passengers. We hope          to time), Arco Arena (or whatever we are           service and to show the spirit of the UA
you will make the Powell Museum, here in              calling it now) is a terrible place to witness     family – faithful, loyal, firm and true.
Page, a regular stop on your visits to Arizona.       any kind of visual or musical performance.         Karen Meshad Baldwin, Ed.D., Associate VP of
Sincerely,                                            The acoustics are terrible and the sightlines      Advancement, University of Alabama
Roy Boughton, Executive Director.                     no better. Arco is not a theater, it’s an arena.
                                                      About the only decent seats are on the sides,      Dear Mark –
Mark,                                                 reasonably close to the stage. Floor seats           Yesterday’s trip to Columbia to see Boeing,
   When scheduling an SLV adventure, the              mean you are looking over a lot of people.         Boeing was a great success, largely because
dining destination is also important to me.           We do our best, but Radio City Music Hall it
                                                                                                                                 Continued on page 5
I’ve gone to Beach Blanket Babylon                    ain’t. I’m sorry you were disappointed.
numerous times over the past few years                                                                    If you have a comment, suggestion or
with SLV; always looked forward to dining             Dear Mark,                                          tour idea, we invite you to drop us a line.
at Viva Italian Restaurant in North Beach.              About three years ago, my daughter Carol          Due to space limitations, not all letters
Therefore, mistakenly – I did not pay much            and I took a trip to Prague via Vienna and          can be printed (others may be edited).
attention and didn’t notice the restaurant            cruising the Danube to get there. When we           Mail to:
was different for yesterday’s trip (5/22).             got ready to return, the hotel would not                  SPORTS LEISURE VACATIONS
Piazza Market was not capable of handling             change Czech money back to US, so we                            Attn: Mark/Clayton
our group. Bistro-like establishment was              brought it home. I thought perhaps your                   9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1
okay – open-air tables and with no place              Tour Director might be able to use it!                        Sacramento, CA 95827
to place bread except on bare table. My                 I want to thank you for many years of                   Or e-mail Mark or Clayton at:
lasagna meal was less than satisfactory. Also,        enjoyable trips. I’m not even sure when                
wine not included. Mark, please give us back          my husband and I took our first one with     

4          Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
                                                      The Human Side Learn, Laugh, Reflect
                    And That’s How The Fight Started…                                                       Remembering our friends
• One year, I decided to buy my mother-             told my wife about my experience at
                                                                                                               and an apology…
  in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas             the Social Security office. She said, ‘You                  In our last newsletter, we mentioned
  gift. The next year, I didn’t buy her a gift.     should have dropped your pants. You                    the passing of a Travel Club Member.
  When she asked me why, I replied, “Well,          might have gotten disability too.’                     But our information was not correct. We
  you still haven’t used the gift I bought          And then the fight started…                             apologize for the error. Member Chris
  you last year!”                                                                                          Lainas passed away. He is survived by his
                                                                                                           wife Lucy. Chris was an incredible joy to
  And that’s how the fight started…                • When our lawn mower broke and
                                                                                                           travel with, always smiling and inquisitive.
                                                    wouldn’t run, my wife kept hinting
                                                                                                           We also laid to rest John Carillo recently.
• My wife and I were watching “Who                  to me that I should get it fixed. But,
                                                                                                           John is survived by his wife Flora. John
  Wants To Be A Millionaire” while we were          somehow I always had something else                    and Chris were wonderful travelers. I shall
  in bed. I turned to her and said, “Do you         to take care of first, the shed, the boat,              personally miss them both. – Mark
  want to have sex?” “No,” she answered. I          making beer… always something more
  then said, “Is that your final answer?” She        important to me. Finally she thought of                The Customers Always
  didn’t even look at me this time, simply          a clever way to make her point. When
                                                                                                           Write – Continued from page 4
  saying, “Yes.” So I said, “Then I’d like to       I arrived home one day, I found her
  phone a friend.”                                  seated in the tall grass, busily snipping            of the tireless efforts of Chris. He went out
  And that’s when the fight started…                 away with a tiny pair of sewing scissors.            of his way to keep everyone well fed and
                                                                                                         happy. The show was funny and it was nice
                                                    I watched silently for a short time and
                                                                                                         to eat in the old hotel again and Greg did
• My wife and I were sitting at a table at          then went into the house. I was gone
                                                                                                         his usual job of floating that big bus along
  her high school reunion, and she kept             only a minute, and when I came out
                                                                                                         the curvy roads. Thanks for providing such a
  staring at a drunken man swigging his             again I handed her a toothbrush. I said,
                                                                                                         great team. Sincerely,
  drink as he sat alone at a nearby table.          “When you finish cutting the grass, you
                                                                                                         Nicki Shearer
  I asked her, “Do you know him?” “Yes,”            might as well sweep the driveway.”
  she sighed, “He’s my old boyfriend. I             The doctors say I will walk again, but I will        To The Sports Leisure Staff:
  understand he took to drinking right              always have a limp…                                     Thank all of you for the beautiful card. I miss
  after we split up those many years ago,                                                                the trips and whenever this dizziness leaves
  and I hear he hasn’t been sober since.”         • My wife sat down next to me as I was                 me I will be traveling again. I celebrated my
  “My God!” I said, “Who would think a              flipping channels. She asked, “What’s on              90th birthday this year, surrounded by most
  person could go on celebrating that               TV?” I said, “Dust.”                                 of my grandchildren and great grands! A big
  long?”                                            And then the fight started…                           hello to Clayton, Mark and Chris. Take care,
  And then the fight started…                                                                             Rosa White
                                                  • My wife was hinting about what she
• After retiring, I went to the Social Security     wanted for our upcoming anniversary.
  office to apply for Social Security. The            She said, “I want something shiny that
  woman behind the counter asked me                 goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds.” I
  for my driver’s license to verify my age.         bought her a bathroom scale.
  I looked in my pockets and realized I             And then the fight started…
  had left my wallet at home. I told the
  woman that I was very sorry, but I would        • My wife was standing nude, looking in
  have to go home and come back later.              the bedroom mirror. She was not happy
  The woman said, ‘Unbutton your shirt’.            with what she saw and said to me, “I feel
  So I opened my shirt revealing my curly           horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really
  silver hair. She said, ‘That silver hair          need you to pay me a compliment.”
  on your chest is proof enough for me’             I replied, “Your eyesight’s damn near
  and she processed my Social Security              perfect.”
                                                                                                         George Cunningham meets a creature from the
  application. When I got home, I excitedly         And then the fight started…                           deep at Scripps Aquarium on the recent Luxury in
                                                                                                         La Jolla trip

                                                                                                    Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011            5
Casino Daytrips, Overnighters, Ballpark Express
               Sammy Davis Jr. Tribute                                                                  Peter Pan
                           At Harrah’s Reno                                                               At the Eldorado
                           September 8-9                                                                November 27-28
  This incredible Sammy Davis Jr. tribute is the featured entertain-          Peter Pan is the mischievous hero of J.M. Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan.
ment of Bill Harrah’s Centennial Celebration. A perfect choice for          Peter is “the boy who never grew up,” a fantastical figure who visits the
the centennial as Sammy Davis Jr. was, without a doubt, one of Mr.          bedroom of the Darling children (Wendy, John and Michael) and flies
Harrah’s most cherished entertainers, so much so that the Harrah’s          them away to Neverland. There the children meet Peter’s loyal troupe of
Reno showroom was re-named in his honor David Hayes brings                  Lost Boys and have adventures and battles with the nefarious Captain
Sammy back to life performing with a packed stage full of remarkable        Hook, assisted by a tiny fairy named Tinkerbell. Join the cast for holiday
musicians. In addition to his spot on impression of Sammy Davis Jr.,        caroling upon conclusion of the performance. Your accommodations
David is a gifted drummer, pianist, guitarist, banjo player, tap dancer,    will be at the Silver Legacy where you will receive $5 slot play and a $3
impressionist, and song writer. David sings all of the songs made           food credit. There will be an optional casino stop on day two at John
famous by Sammy, including “Once In A Lifetime”, “Old Black Magic”,         Ascuaga’s Nugget; those who go will receive an additional $5 in slot
“What Kind Of Fool Am I”, “Candy Man”, “Birth Of The Blues” and many        play. 200/225 Gold Passport Points. $189 p.p/dbl.occ., $209 single
more. The show as well as your accommodations will be at Harrah’s.
                                                                                The Return of Reno – Discounted Daytrips to the Silver Legacy
200/225 Gold Passport Points. $179 p.p/dbl.occ., $199single
                                                                                       Friday, August 12 and Thursday, September 8
                                                                                Due to popular demand, our casino daytrips to the Silver
                  Kenny Rogers & Ribs                                        Legacy in Reno return at a special discounted rate for only two
   Featuring John Ascuaga’s “Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off”
                                                                             dates this summer. For only $25, enjoy a $10 casino bonus and $3
                              September 2-3
                                                                             food credit during your six hour stay. Don’t wait too long, these
  Kenny Rogers is a star because he excels at his craft. Just look at
                                                                             trips will sell out!
the titles: “Lady,” “Ruby,” “The Gambler,” “She Believes in Me,” “Islands
in the Stream,” and “We’ve Got Tonight.” His sweetly raspy vocals
are instantly identifiable. Your accommodations will be at the Silver
                                                                               The Champagne Express to Tahoe
Legacy where you will receive $5 in slot play and a $3 food credit.                                   Harvey’s Casino
There will be an optional departure this evening for John Ascuaga’s                Wednesday, August 17 and Tuesday, September 13
Nugget for the Annual Best in the West Rib Cook-Off for those who               Our monthly trip to Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Casino on the South
choose not to see Kenny Rogers. On Day 2, everyone has the chance            Shore of Lake Tahoe includes a 6-hour stay with a slot credit of $20
to attend the Rib Cook-Off, one of the largest rib competitions in the        and a free buffet or $7 food credit. You must belong to Harvey’s
world. Return to Sacramento at 2pm and arrive back to Sacramento             Total Rewards program to receive the bonuses. $40
between 4-5pm. 275/300 Gold Passport Points. $259 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$289 single with show, $179 p.p./dbl.occ., $209 single without                                      Apple Hill Casino Buses
                                                                                    Thursday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 19
                                                                                Our annual visits to Apple hill en route to Harvey’s Casino return
                                                                             in October, just in time for the apple harvests at High Hill Ranch.
                Liza Minnelli in Concert
                                                                             We’ll stop for about 45 minutes for coffee and an apple treat on
                       At the Grand Sierra Resort
                                                                             our way up the hill. The price is still $40 with Sports Leisure buying
                              October 5-6
                                                                             the coffee a treat as a reward for our long time casino customers.
  Liza Minnelli is one of the few entertainers to have won an Oscar,
Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award. She won an Oscar for her role in the
motion picture version of Cabaret, an Emmy Award for Outstanding                     The 2011 Ballpark Express
Single Program in Liza with a ”Z”, two Golden Globes and a Grammy
                                                                               Due to the success of the World Champion Giants, all of our
Legend Award for her contributions and influence in the recording
                                                                             Giants games are sold out.
field and three “Tonys.” Don’t miss an evening with a legend, the
daughter of Judy Garland. Your accommodations will be at the Silver                                 Oakland Athletics
Legacy where you will receive $5 slot play and a $3 food credit. There       Thurs., Sept. 22 Athletics vs. Rangers 12:35pm $102
will be an optional casino stop on day two at John Ascuaga’s Nugget;         (Fan Appreciation Day)
those who go will receive $5 slot play. The show is at the Grand Sierra.
                                                                             Field Level Seats located in Section 107, in Right Field, just
250/275 Gold Passport Points. $229 p.p/dbl.occ., $249 single
                                                                             past First Base, lower level.

6          Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
                                                  Day Trips and Theatre Outings
Show Me the Money                                 like Matisse, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec,           What’s New at the
Tuesday, July 26                                  Picasso, and Renoir to name just a few.            Academy?
   Explore the Financial District of San          Premiering at the San Francisco Museum of          Thursday, August 25
Francisco that developed the western              Modern Art this summer before traveling              There is always something new and no
expansion of the United States as well as         on to New York and Paris, this is a rare           two visits are the same at the California
our great State of California. Included in        opportunity to see “The Steins Collection”         Academy of Sciences. This trip features
our walking tour are stops at the Bank of         of legendary masterpieces. An audio guide          a later departure so that you can enjoy a
California, Transamerica, Wells Fargo, the        is included for your enjoyment of the              summer evening dinner on your own at
Merchant Exchange Buildings, the Pacific           special exhibit. Lunch is at your leisure in       Pier 39 after your museum visit. Nestled
Heritage Museum, Norton’s Vault, and the          the museum café or nearby neighborhood             in the heart of Golden Gate Park, 2.5 acres
Julia Morgan Ballroom. Lunch is included          restaurants. $91                                   of native plants camouflage an aquarium,
at the beautiful Garden Court Dining Room                                                            a planetarium, a natural history museum
inside the historical Palace Hotel. $137          A Mare, A Dead Fish & Jellies                      and a four story rainforest. A new summer
                                                  Friday, August 19                                  exhibit on reptiles features a yellow python
By Land & Sea                                        Mare Island is home to the West Coast’s         named “Lemondrop” and other fantastic
Tuesday, August 9                                 first naval shipyard, but how did it get its        creatures. Join us for a five hour stay at this
   Journey first by SuperCoach III to the          name? Find the answer as we explore this           fascinating museum of life. $88
historic Ferry Building in San Francisco. First   historic attraction in Vallejo. With a private
opened in 1898, it continues to serve as a        guide, we will tour the waterfront and             Rooftop Gardens &
transit terminal for travelers to and from        shipyard museum, visit St. Peter’s Chapel,         Pocket Parks
the city. With private guides leading the         and hear the history of the mansions on the        Friday, August 26
way, learn of the architecture, history, and      island. Lunch is served at a Sports Leisure           Join our San Francisco expert Craig Smith
present day usage of this city icon. Enjoy        favorite The Dead Fish in Benicia. A stop          in exploring the many hidden gardens
time to browse, shop, and lunch on your           at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield will        nestled between city buildings and on
own before boarding the Oakland/Alameda           complete our day. $110                             skyscraper rooftops. These spots of colorful
Ferry for a short voyage by sea to Oakland.                                                          flowers, greenery, fountains, and sculptures
Conclude the day with a scenic train ride         Billy Elliot                                       are often unseen or noticed as one passes by,
home on Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor. $109           Orpheum Theatre                                    but with Craig as our guide, we’ll visit these
                                                  Sat., Aug. 20 or Sun., Aug. 21                     little gems “taking time to stop and smell the
Sunday’s A Drag                                      Winner of 10 Tony Awards including Best         flowers.” Enjoy a summer get-away to see
Brunch show in San Francisco                      Musical, this hit Broadway show continued          this beautiful city in a new and interesting
Sunday, August 14                                 its limited run at San Francisco’s Orpheum         way. Lunch is included at family-owned
   On this Sunday all is done in extravagantly    Theatre. Still playing in London and New           Pompei’s Grotto at Fisherman’s Wharf. $105
good taste and wit as the Sir Francis Drake       York, Billy Elliot is a joyous celebration of a
Hotel on Union Square is the home of one of       young boy’s dream of becoming a dancer.            Steeples and Stained Glass
San Francisco’s most popular shows – Harry        Set in a small British town, his desire and        of San Francisco
Denton’s Sunday’s A Drag. Enjoy a sumptuous       aspirations to achieve his dream inspire           Monday, August 29
brunch plus a show that gives you attitude        his family and community, changing all               Within the oldest neighborhoods of San
from the mistresses of music, and the divas       their lives forever. With drama and comedy,        Francisco are the earliest cornerstones of
of drag. After the show you will have free        exciting choreography, and music and lyrics        the communities that settled there. As you
time to stroll the streets of Sausalito before    by Sir Elton John, it is memorable theatre.        tour these architectural monuments, you
returning to Sacramento. $134                     Please note: This show contains strong             will gain a historical perspective of the
                                                  language and adult themes. Seating is in the       neighborhood as well as an appreciation
Gertrude Stein & Friends                          orchestra for all performances. A box lunch        for the beauty of the structures. The tour
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art                is included on board the motorcoach for            includes Old St. Mary Cathedral, Grace
Tuesday, August 16                                Wednesday trips with a no-host dinner stop         Cathedral, Temple Emanuel, and St. John’s
  A second departure! Gertrude Stein              following the performance. Sat. and Sun.           Presbyterian Church, home to beautiful
and her brothers were among the first to           departures incl. a no-host lunch stop prior to     stained glass windows. Lunch is included at
recognize the talents of avant-garde painters     the show. Wed. – $158, Sat. and Sun. – $169        the Fog Harbor Fish House on Pier 39. $115

                                                                                                Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011    7
Italian for a Day                                     the many titles one can use to describe Bill       the memorable “Nessun Dorma.” With lavish
Tuesday, September 6                                  Cosby. An American comedy staple since             sets and production, this first presentation
   Some historians have said that no other            his early days of stand up and television, Bill    of the opera season promises an afternoon
immigrant group has come to personify                 continues to speak to audiences throughout         of grand music and drama. Your choice
the spirit and flavor of San Francisco more            the country with the humorous wisdom of a          of seating is in the side sections of the
than the Italians. With Craig Smith as our            family patriarch. His observations on family,      Orchestra or the Dress Circle of the first
guide, join us for a day of exploration in this       marriage and life will leave you laughing.         balcony. Be advised that Dress Circle seating
colorful neighborhood with visits to include          Lunch is served prior to the 3pm matinee at        involves the use of steep stairs and there
Washington Square, the Italian History                the Canal Street Grille. $167                      are no handrails. A stop is included in Union
Museum, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral,                                                                 Square for lunch on your own before the
and Fisherman’s Wharf. Our visit to” Little           Driving Horses                                     2pm matinee. Orchestra – $214, Dress
Italy” includes a traditional Italian lunch at        Saturday, September 17                             Circle – $164
Caesar’s Restaurant in North Beach. Be sure              The Combined Driving Event is a form
to wear comfortable walking shoes. $116               of dressage, cross-country marathon and            It’s the Great Glass
                                                      slalom racing for carriage horses. Now in          Pumpkin!
Hobnob with the Snobs                                 its 11th year at the Shady Oaks Farm in Lodi,      Thursday, September 29
Monday, September 12                                  this outdoor event features three events,             A quiet little town south of San Francisco,
  Known as the Big Four, the men                      designed to test the fitness, stamina, and          Pacifica, offers a lovely setting for a day
responsible for the Central Pacific Railroad           obedience of the horses as well as the             trip. The Sanchez Adobe offers a glimpse
built grand mansions to show their status             judgment and capability of the driver. Watch       into California history of both the Ohlone
atop Nob Hill in San Francisco. Still bearing         teams compete in the most challenging              people and the days of Spanish rule. Tour
their names, these prestigious homes have             and exciting event of the week, the cross          this Spanish-style adobe in the morning,
now been replaced with the luxurious                  country marathon, with teams of 2 or 4             lunch at Nick’s Diner in Rockaway Beach.
Stanford Court, Fairmont, Huntington, and             horses hitched to carriages of all sizes and       After lunch, we search of the Great Pumpkin.
Mark Hopkins hotels. With local guides,               models. Lunch is on your own. $99                  Glass blowers from around the Bay Area
we will visit each hotel to experience their                                                             create glass pumpkins of every size and
elegant lobbies and public rooms and learn            Betrayal, Bankruptcy, and                          color, and then create a large display for fall.
the history and secrets of their families and         Brilliance                                         The sight is spectacular. Visit the exhibit and
fame. Lunch is included at the “Top of the            Featuring the Walt Disney Family Museum            see glassblowers at work in Palo Alto. $114
Mark” with its magnificent view of the city            Saturday, September 24
and bay. $139                                             The life of storyteller Walt Disney comes      Neil Simon’s God’s Favorite
                                                      alive in the wonderful Walt Disney Family          Woodland Opera House
Treasure Island & The Expo                            Museum that celebrates the man behind              Saturday, October 1
Thursday, September 15                                such storybook legends as Steamboat Willie,           Successful Long Island businessman Joe
   Every tour to San Francisco takes us               Mickey Mouse and Snow White. Founded by            Benjamin is a modern-day “Job” with a high-
through a small portion of Treasure Island,           San Francisco resident Diane Disney Miller,        maintenance wife, ungrateful children and
but this time we will stop and stay to visit          one of Walt Disney’s children, the museum          wise-cracking household help. Just when it
and explore this historic treasure in the             tells the personal story of his life through his   seems things couldn’t get any worse, he is
Bay. Learn its history, see its present day           own words and family memorabilia. Lunch            visited by Sidney Lipton, aka “A Messenger
activities, and experience magnificent views           is included at the popular Fisherman’s Wharf       from God” (and compulsive film buff), with
of San Francisco. A three-course lunch                landmark, Scoma’s and an afternoon ferry           a mission: test Joe’s faith and report back
is included at the U.S. Job Corp Culinary             ride across the Bay to Sausalito completes         to “the Boss.” The jokes and tests of faith
Academy before going into the city to see             your day in San Francisco. $128                    fly fast and furious as Neil Simon spins a
the famous Diego Rivera Expo mural that                                                                  contemporary morality tale like no other
was relocated from Treasure Island to San             Turandot                                           in this hilarious comedy. Lunch is served at
Francisco City College. $100                          San Francisco War Memorial Opera House             Tazzina Bistro in Woodland. $114
                                                      Sunday, September 25
An Evening with Bill Cosby                               Puccini’s   final    masterpiece,    the         A Delicate Balance
Gallo Center, Modesto                                 melodically rich Turnadot is a passionate          East Sonora Theatre
Saturday, September 17                                tale of a princess whose cruelty masks             Sunday, October 2
  Father, comedian, television and movie              her fear of love and features some of the            Agnes and Tobias, a 50-something couple,
actor, and author. These are just a few of            composer’s most glorious music, including          yearn to be alone. Instead they’re saddled

8          Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
with Agnes’s alcoholic sister, their daughter      Beach Blanket Babylon                              work on the Emmy-Award winning “St.
home after her fourth divorce and their            Club Fugazi, San Francisco                         Elsewhere,” Howie has become a mainstay
best friends fleeing some unnamed “fear.”           Sunday, October 9                                  of the American comedy scene. Dinner
Tensions mount and fray every relationship            Our May departure sold out so it just goes      included at the Canal Street Grille prior to
in the house. Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize-       to show you there’s nothing quite like Beach       the 8pm show. $160
winning play examines the fragile web we           Blanket Babylon. San Francisco’s longest-
create among friends and family and sings          running staged comedy show pokes fun               Brunch with Snoopy
with his trademark lyricism, wit, and insight.     at everyone – politicians, celebrities and         and Friends
Lunch is included prior to the 2pm matinee         other folks in the public eye. The songs are       Visit the Charles M. Schultz Museum
at The National Hotel in Jamestown. $122           hilarious, the dancing wonderful, and the          Sunday, October 23
                                                   hats are really, really big! Reserved seats are       Spend a Sunday driving through the
A Picnic in the Big Trees                          upstairs in this historic theatre in the center    Sonoma County countryside as the grape
Monday, October 3                                  balcony. Enjoy an included lunch at the Viva       leaves begin to turn red and yellow. After
  Travel into the cooler temperatures of the       Italian Restaurant. $149                           a fabulous brunch at the Flamingo Resort,
mountains on this day trip and enjoy the                                                              visit the Schultz museum to see how one
beauty of the majestic big trees of Calaveras      A Taste of Amador                                  man’s love for his dog turned into Peanuts,
State Park. Experience a “stump” talk with         Monday, October 10                                 the most popular international cartoon strip
one of the rangers, walk along the trails,            Our morning begins exploring and                ever developed. $111
and dine “al fresco” with an included boxed        enjoying some of the scenery throughout
picnic lunch. Pause in Sutter Creek on the         Amador County. Lunch is included at                The Trees of Apple Hill
way back to Sacramento for ice cream or            the exquisite restaurant Tastes located in         Tuesday, October 25
browsing the shops. $96                            Plymouth. This small establishment is tucked         Discover the techniques used to grow
                                                   away in the foothills and features local           the millions of trees needed to reforest our
An Autumn Harvest                                  organic ingredients in the most beautiful          lands at the US Forest Service Nursery. A
Tuesday, October 4                                 and elegant presentations. In the afternoon        casual lunch is included at High Hill Ranch,
  Enjoy a nice fall day out among the              visit the Shenandoah Valley Museum and             with shopping time at the craft booths. A
grape vines and smells of the season.              then stop at the Davis Ranch vegetable             fascinating walk among the trees at the
Alden’s Nursery is a second-generation             stand on the way home. $104                        Institute of Forest Genetics let’s you learn
family business stocked with decorations,                                                             about the research conducted. $85
chrysanthemums, and other fall blooms.             Fall in Sierra
Danville is a perfect place for an included        Thursday, October 20                               Cirque du Soleil’s Totem
lunch before visiting Windmill Farms. For            Travel along the American River, watching        Sun,, Oct, 30 or Thur., Nov, 17
over 36 years they have been providing the         as signs of fall begin to come into view as           The always entertaining Cirque du Soleil
area with farm fresh fruits and vegetables,        you make your way into the Tahoe Basin.            comes to San Francisco with its newest
locally produced specialty grocery items,          Drop down into Carson Valley for a visit to        traveling show. Presented in its own colorful
artisan breads, local honey, and a variety of      the Mormon Station Historic Site, one of the       tent adjacent to AT&T Park, Totem explores
other products in their open air marketplace.      area’s earliest pioneer settlements. Lunch is      the ties that bind man to other species, his
Pumpkin anyone? $109                               included at JT’s Basque Restaurant before          dreams, and infinite potential. With its group
                                                   returning over the hill along the picturesque      of international artists, colorful costumes,
A Dash of Rosemary                                 Hwy 88 through Hope Valley and along the           original music, and stunning showmanship,
Fallon House Theatre                               shimmering quaking aspens. $107                    an afternoon of Cirque du Soleil is always
Saturday, October 8                                                                                   memorable. The Sunday show provides a
   This fantastic new tribute to American          An Evening with Howie                              box lunch on the coach en route to the 1pm
treasure Rosemary Clooney showcases a              Mandel                                             performance. The Thursday show allows for
singing career that spanned almost 60 years.       Gallo Center, Modesto                              some free time in the Union Square area for
Take a sentimental journey featuring over 30       Friday, October 21                                 a late lunch on your own before the 4pm
songs, including “This Ole House,” “Our Love         Howie Mandel is not only one of the              performance. To take advantage of favorable
Is Here to Stay,” “Sisters,” and “I’ll Be Seeing   judges on the smash talent competition             pricing, all tickets will require payment by
You,” culminating in rousing renditions            series America’s Got Talent and the host of the    August 18. Sunday – $149, Thursday – $140
of “Come On-a My House” and “Mambo                 Deal or No Deal game show phenomenon,
Italiano.” Prior to the 2pm matinee, lunch is      but he’s also a mainstay of the American                Visit us 24/7 on the web at:
served at the historic City Hotel. $127            comedy scene. From his initial television      

                                                                                                 Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011   9
New Vacations and Getaways
Thanksgiving at Harris                                 Pre-Christmas                                                the holidays. See beautiful Christmas trees
Ranch                                                  Celebrations at Spokane’s                                    on display throughout the hotel. The Hall
Featuring a stay at Tachi Palace Hotel Casino          Davenport Hotel                                              of Doges is magnificent as are all the public
2 Days • November 23-24                                3 days • December 10-12                                      spaces. Davenport Hotel – 2 nights (L)
   Taking a break from our annual trip to The                             Highlights                                   2. This morning, join a hotel docent for
Nugget in Sparks, here’s a new Thanksgiving            • Experience 2 nights of elegance and                        a talk about Louis Davenport, the visionary
tour featuring a casino and buffet                         comfort in the accommodations of the                      behind the hotel. You will learn some
destination for our holiday travelers. Enjoy a            Historic Davenport Hotel                                  insight about the builder who created not
buffet at famous Harris Ranch and be back in            • Feast upon the bounty of the lavish                        only the Davenport Hotel, but who was
time for dinner with family and friends.                  Davenport Sunday Brunch                                   also instrumental in the development of
   1. Depart by SuperCoach III from one of             • Enjoy the holiday decorations of elegant                   Spokane. Following the talk, enjoy the
the convenient pickup locations located                   homes, gardens and neighborhoods                          fabulous brunch in the Isabella Ballroom.
throughout Sacramento. Your first stop                  • 3 Meals: 1 Brunch, 2 Lunches                               This afternoon, watch as the artisans create
will be in Modesto at Sciabica’s Olive Oil             • Round trip airfare: Sacramento/Spokane                     fabulous gingerbread “houses” before your
Company for a presentation and tasting of              • Door-to-door airport service                               eyes in the Hall of Doges. Their works of art
fine oils. The gift shop here is a cook’s delight.      • 1300/1450 Gold Passport Points                             can hardly be called houses. They create
Continue through the valley enjoying                      The Historic Davenport is the one of the                  entire landscapes and fantasy masterpieces.
lunch along the way. Your destination is               grand hotels of America nestled near the                     In the Pennington Ballroom, join little
Tachi Palace, a hotel and casino located in            river in Downtown Spokane. This phoenix of                   guests in making graham cracker houses
Lemoore. Sign up for their gambler’s club              hotels has quite a story within her walls and                that are just as cute as can be. In the late
and receive a bonus book for slot play and             you will have an opportunity to spend two                    afternoon, join our local guide for a tour of
other offers. The evening is yours to enjoy             nights basking in the opulence and comfort                   the neighborhoods, enjoying the Christmas
the beautiful rooms or try your hand at lady           of this grand lady while she is decked out for               decorations along the way. Of special
luck in the casino. Tachi Palace (L)                   the holidays.                                                interest is the Gaiser Conservatory and its
   2. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy a relaxing                1. Enjoy door-to-door transportation from                 lighted poinsettias. (BR)
morning before departing for the famed                 your home to the Sacramento airport. Upon                       3. Visit the unique Hutton Settlement
Harris Ranch Restaurant. You are sure to               your afternoon arrival discover Spokane on                   this morning, plus shop at the Old World
delight in the full buffet of traditional               a brief city tour and visit to the Campbell                  Market filled with Christmas ornaments
Thanksgiving dishes including roasted                  House before your arrival at the beautiful                   and goodies, then dine along the river at
turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cran-                 Davenport Hotel. This evening you will want                  lunchtime. This afternoon, visit a potter
berries and even a smoked Harris Ranch                 to explore the hotel, brilliantly decorated for              at work at the Clay Connection. Watch as
Prime Rib. The 11am seating for the buffet                                                                                                     they take a red hot
means that you will be back in Sacramento                                                                                                     pot out of the
in time to join your friends and family for                                                                                                   kiln, put it into a
another dinner that evening or at least a                                                                                                     container      filled
sandwich of leftover turkey! (BR)                                                                                                             with newspaper,
   This Tour Package includes: motorcoach                                                                                                     and      then     45
transportation, accommodations, one lunch                                                                                                     minutes later pull
and one brunch as indicated in the itinerary,                                                                                                 out a fabulous
baggage handling, all tours and attractions                                                                                                   creation.      Your
as listed and the services of a Sports Leisure                                                                                                direct flight back
Tour Director. 400/450 Gold Passport Points                                                                                                   to      Sacramento
       $399 p.p./dbl.occ., $499 single                                                                                                        departs in the early
           $ave $20 until August 5                                                                                                            evening. (L)
                                                                                                                                                $1280 p.p./dbl.
 OFFICE HOURS:                                                                                                                                occ., $1430 single
   8:00am – 4:30pm MON. thru FRI.
  Closed weekends & major holidays                                                                                                               $ave $40 until
  CLOSED TUES. 12:00pm – 1:15pm                        Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit like a trip to Th D
                                                       N thi     ill t      i th h lid       i it lik t i t The Davenport, all d k d out
                                                                                                                             t ll decked t          August 5
                                                       for Christmas

10            Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
Winter at the Ahwahnee
Featuring an overnight stay at the historic
lodge in Yosemite National Park
February 26-27, 2012
   This trip is all about the Ahwahnee Hotel…
enjoy the elegant brunch in the grand dining
room, explore the history with a docent
guided tour of the public areas, and stay
one night in the recently redecorated rooms
of this grand dame of National Park Hotels.
And if you are fortunate, Mother Nature will
deck the valley out in a beautiful fresh coat
of fluffy snow throughout the night so you
wake up to sparkling snowflakes on the
   1. Depart Sacramento by SuperCoach III
and travel in comfort through the central
valley to Yosemite National Park and
your home for the evening, the historic          The residents of Costa Rica await your visit
Ahwahnee Hotel. Opened in 1926 and
designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood,           Costa Rica, Pura Vida                                     Depart San Francisco and arrive in San
who also designed Zion Lodge and Bryce           Drink in Costa Rica’s “pure life” on this exciting     José in the evening where you will be
Canyon Lodge, the Ahwahnee provides              adventure from the mountains to the sea                greeted by your Costa Rican driver and
gorgeous views of Half Dome, Glacier Point,      9 Days • February 20-28                                English-speaking guide at the airport. Enjoy
and Yosemite Falls. Enjoy Sunday Brunch in                         Highlights                           an overnight stay at the Marriott Hotel,
the Ahwahnee Dining Room with its 34 foot        • 2 nights San José, 3 nights Arenal, 3                located in a luxurious 17th century style
high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows,         nights Manuel Antonio                                colonial hacienda.
surrounded by beautifully designed stained       • Visit the Poás and Arenal Volcanos                      In the morning, begin your journey to
glass. After brunch, a guided historic tour of   • Shop for handmade crafts in the village              the Arenal Volcano. En route, witness the
the public areas deepens your appreciation         of Sarachí                                           beauty and spectacular views of the Poás
for the architecture and interior designers of   • Walk on the famous Hanging Bridges and               Volcano, the most visited National Park in
this grand structure. The evening is yours to      explore the rainforest with a naturalist             Costa Rica. With your naturalist guide, you’ll
enjoy the surroundings. Ahwahnee Hotel             guide                                                take a leisurely walk to view the amazing
(BR)                                             • Glide above the rainforest in an aerial              cloud forest vegetation including orchids,
   2. Exploring the valley in the winter is        tram or, for the more adventurous, glide             bromeliads and the “poor man’s umbrella,”
very different than during other times of           along the Sky Trek                                   boasting the largest leaves of any plant in
the year. Learn more about winter and enjoy        “zip line” from platform to platform                 Costa Rica. Continue the journey making
the spectacular views of the Yosemite Valley     • Soak in naturally-heated hot springs at              a stop in Sarachí, famous for its local arts
as you explore from one end of the valley          the foot of an active volcano                        and crafts, where you will have ample
to another from the comfort of a heated          • Hike leisurely through Manuel Antonio                opportunity for shopping. Sarachí is also
coach with a local guide this morning.             National Park and observe monkeys,                   home to the intricately painted Costa Rican
Lunch and one more chance to pick up that          reptiles and birds in their natural habitat          oxcarts, the country’s national emblem,
last souvenir from the shops of the village      • Navigate the wonders of the mangrove                 recognized as a cultural heritage by the
follow before departing Yosemite, arriving         system by boat                                       United Nations. Enjoy a traditional lunch
in Sacramento around 8pm.                        • 15 meals: Daily breakfast, 5 lunches,                before arriving at your exclusive resort
   This tour package includes motorcoach           2 dinners                                            home, located at the base of the still active
transportation, accommodations, Sunday           • Round trip airfare San Francisco/San José            Arenal Volcano. In the evening, if the sky is
Brunch, and the services of a Sports Leisure     • Door-to-door airport transportation                  clear, you will be able to see the spectacular
Tour Director. 700/800 Gold Passport Points      • Services of Sports Leisure Tour Director             lava flow of the volcano from the secluded
       $655p.p./dbl.occ., $765 single              Patty Thayer assisted by a certified                  garden outside your own private casita.
           $ave $10 until August 5                 naturalist guide throughout                          Arenal Nayara Resort – 3 nights (FB,L)
                                                 • 3900/4700 Gold Passport Points

                                                                                                Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011     11
   Embark on a relaxing hike on the famous            the resort or visiting the nearby village and            Depart Manuel Antonio in the morning
Hanging Bridges with your naturalist guide.           beach. El Parador Hotel – 3 nights (FB)               to return to San José, stopping at the Rio
On this unique Costa Rican adventure, you                Explore Manuel Antonio Park this                   Tarcoles Bridge to see the Costa Rican
will experience the rainforest from three             morning with a naturalist guide along a               crocodiles on the mud banks below. The
perspectives: The ground like a coati; the            flat, picturesque trail. Throughout the park,          hotel for your last night is the elegant Grano
midst of the canopy like a white-faced                observe sloths, birds and reptiles, and               de Oro in downtown San José. Join your
monkey; and finally, high above like an                admire orchids, butterflies and tropical               guide for a walking tour of the city center
eagle. Lunch is served at La Mansion, a               trees, all in a breathtaking, ocean-side              and an authentic Latin American market.
gourmet restaurant on the shores of Lake              setting. A highlight of the park is that it is        Gather with all your traveling companions
Arenal. In the afternoon, relax and enjoy the         home to three of the four existing monkey             in the evening for a “Farewell to Costa Rica”
amenities of the resort or visit the nearby           species in Costa Rica. You will have ample            dinner in the highly-rated restaurant of this
town of La Fortuna to shop for souvenirs.             opportunities to photograph them up-                  renowned hotel. (FB,D)
(FB,L)                                                close. Following the tour, lunch at a local              This morning, depart for the airport and
   Explore the tropical rainforest of                 restaurant. The late afternoon and evening            your return flight to San Francisco. (B)
the Arenal Reserve in the morning to                  is at your leisure. (FB,L)                                 $3880 p.p./dbl.occ., $4680 single
experience the most spectacular views of                 In the morning, navigate the wonders of                      $ave $125 until August 5
the Arenal Volcano, Arenal Lake and the               the mangrove ecosystem on the relaxing
Tilaran Mountain range from the Sky Tram,             Damas Island Estuary boat tour. You will float         Winter in the Canyonlands
a 15 minute tram ride through the rainforest          along the calm currents under a verdant               of Utah & Arizona
to the observatory. You can also choose to            forest canopy and attempt to spot the                 6 Days • March 10-15
take a leisurely guided hike through trails           innumerable bird specimens, reptiles and                                Highlights
rich with flora and fauna unique to the Costa          white-faced monkeys. The cruise takes you             • Experience the pristine outdoors and
Rican rainforest. For the more adventurous,           through the natural channels and provides               snow covered red rocks
you can choose to ride the Sky Trek, a ¾              an ideal opportunity to observe heron                 • Featuring Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion
mile “zip line” system that gives you the             species, kingfishers and many migratory                  National Parks
opportunity to experience the rainforest              birds. You get a glimpse at islands, pass             • Included sleigh ride at Bryce Canyon
canopy and its beautiful views from an                beneath tunnels made naturally from trees,            • Private tour along the rim and hosted
easy, safe ride as you glide from platform            and admire this magnificent sanctuary of                 lunch at the historic El Tovar at the Grand
to platform. In the afternoon, unwind at              nature. Lunch will be served after the boat             Canyon
the luxurious Hot Springs and Spa Resort              tour. Spend the afternoon and evening at              • VIP guided tour of the Grand Canyon
near the hotel with its variety of natural            your leisure. (FB,L)                                    village historic sites
pools, restaurants and bars. You will have
the afternoon and evening to take a guided
tour of the resort’s wildlife preserve, soak in
the naturally heated hot springs and enjoy
an extravagant buffet dinner. (FB,D)
   Say goodbye to the beautiful Arenal area
and travel to Manuel Antonio Park on the
Pacific coast – where the forest meets the
sea. This is one of the most famous regions
of the country due to the wide variety of
tropical flora and abundance of wildlife.
Drive along the Pan American Highway
where the road follows the coast a narrow
coastal plain, backed by steep-sided
mountains covered with dense forest. The
famous beach resort of Jacó is your stop
for for souvenir shopping and lunch at your
leisure. Upon arrival to Manuel Antonio, you
will check in to your deluxe hotel where
every room has a balcony with a jungle or
ocean view. Spend the afternoon relaxing at           The Spectacular winter wonderland that is Bryce Canyon National Park

12           Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
• Day visit to Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon           Grand Canyon Squire Inn – 2 nights                tour and view the fascinating art exhibits of
• Deluxe accommodations                          (B,L)                                             the Kolb Studio which clings to the edge
• 12 included meals: 5 breakfasts,                 5. This morning take a private guided           of Grand Canyon. Back at the hotel this
   6 lunches, and 1 dinner                       tour along the rim of the Grand Canyon            evening a final night’s dinner allows us to
• Round trip airfare to Las Vegas, back from     to Hermits Rest. Capture the colors of the        toast our adventures together! (B,L,D)
   Phoenix                                       canyon during your photo stops along the             6. Travel the scenic Oak Creek Canyon on
• Door-to-door airport service                   way. Enjoy lunch at the historic El Tovar         your way to Sedona Arizona. Lunch is hosted
• A Sports Leisure Tour Director                 Hotel before the afternoon’s private guided       with free time at the Mexican style Village of
• 1800/2050Gold Passport Points                  tour of the village.                              Tlaquepaque nestled beneath the shade of
   1. Fly non-stop on Southwest Airlines           Your afternoon tour is an exclusive, offered     the sycamores on the banks of beautiful Oak
to Las Vegas. Lunch is hosted before an          only by special arrangement. Visit the Bright     Creek. Fly back to Sacramento this evening
afternoon drive to Springdale, Utah. Your        Angel history room telling the story of Fred      from Phoenix. (B,L)
hotel is well situated in the middle of town     Harvey and his Harvey Girls. Stop at Mary              $1780 p.p./dbl.occ., $2020 single
with incredible red rock views. Zion Park        Jane Colter’s architectural marvel known as                 $ave $75 until August 5
Inn (L)                                          Lookout Studio. Take a behind the scenes
   2. Start the day by viewing the brilliant
IMAX movie “Treasures of the Gods.”
Travel into Zion Canyon viewing the park’s
                                                               Trips in the Making…
towering red rock monoliths as you travel           If this idea interests you, call our office and ask to have your name placed on the Priority
along the Virgin River that created its           Notification List. By doing so, you show your interest in the trip, and assure that you will
beautiful valley. Lunch is hosted at the          be among the first contacted if the trip materializes.
Zion Lodge before the afternoon’s scenic
                                                  Calling All “Foodies”                            have been featured on his show Diners,
drive to Bryce Canyon Nat’l Park. We’ll make                                                       Drive-Ins & Dives and spend the next
                                                  Featuring a few Diners, Drive-Ins and
several stops for photos along the way                                                             couple of days checking them out. We will
                                                  Dives as seen on The Food Network
before checking into the area’s finest hotel,                                                       also go to a local culinary school where we
                                                  Winter – Spring 2012
featuring beautiful over-sized rooms. Bryce                                                        will either see a cooking demonstration or
                                                     The Urban Dictionary defines a ‘foodie’
Canyon Grand – 2 nights (B,L)                                                                      participate in a hands on class where we
                                                  as a person that spends a keen amount
   3. Winter is one of the most colorful times                                                     will prepare the food ourselves.
                                                  of attention and energy on knowing the
of the year at Bryce Canyon Natinal Park.                                                             If this sounds like your kind of fun, you
                                                  ingredients of food, proper preparation
The air is crisp and pure and you can see for                                                      are definitely a foodie. Call the office and
                                                  of food and finds great enjoyment in
hundreds of miles. A memorable experience                                                          get your name on the priority notification
                                                  top-notch ingredients and exemplary
will be had on a sleigh ride out to the rim                                                        list for this trip!
                                                  preparation. Our definition: One that is
of the canyon. We’ll then tour on the coach,
                                                  addicted to watching the Food
making stops at several overlooks, viewing
                                                  Network channel and you gotta
the large collections of bazaar sandstone
                                                  love food.
formations called “Hoo Doo’s.” There will
                                                     Did you know that one of the
even be an option (extra cost, weather
                                                  most popular personalities on the
permitting) to go flight seeing over the park.
                                                  Food Network channel these days
                                                  is Guy Fieri? He was season two
   4. Travel to the Grand Canyon today,
                                                  winner of The Next Food Network
with lunch hosted en-route at Lake Powell.
                                                  Star and has since been one of the
This afternoon you enter one of the
                                                  network’s more popular celebrities.
world greatest natural wonders, Grand
                                                  He grew up in Ferndale California,
Canyon National Park. The Desert View
                                                  graduated UNLV and now lives with
Watchtower constructed in 1932 is a replica
                                                  his family in Santa Rosa.
of a prehistoric 70 foot Indian tower and
                                                     How about a no-fly trip that
commands a magnificent view of the Grand
                                                  would take us to Santa Rosa where
Canyon and the Painted Desert. Watch
                                                  he opened his first two restaurants
one of the most popular IMAX movies the
                                                  and now calls home? How about
“Grand Canyon, The Hidden Secrets” before
                                                  dining at one of them? We will We’ll take you to find road food classics in California like
checking into your deluxe accommodations
                                                  select a few more eateries that these at Crowne Burger in Salt Lake City (Lincoln Highway)
just outside the park in the town of Tusayan.

                                                                                           Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011     13
The Tour Calendar (Previously Announced Tours)
 Aug. 3-4         2 Days       Broadway Pops in the Pines            Sept. 18-30    13 Days Poland & Prague – Castles &
 A tradition that started two summers ago. This quick                                       Classic Cities of Europe
 overnighter features an outdoor concert which is part of the        Discover the magic of Poland and enjoy extended stays in
 Bear Valley Music Festival, on Highway 4, high in the Sierra. The   Krakow and Prague. Fly to Gdansk (2 nights), the port city
 concert takes place in an outdoor amphitheater and features         where WWII began and home of Lech Walesa, the Polish
 the music of Broadway. Angel’s Camp and lunch in Volcano is         labor hero. Next is Warsaw (2 nights), Krakow (4 nights) and
 included the second day (3 meals). Tour Director: Ramona            finally Prague (3 nights). Visit castles, the Czestochowa Black
 Goodge, $515 p.p./dbl.occ., $570 single                             Madonna Shrine, St. John’s Cathedral (Warsaw), the mountain
 Sept. 7-15       8 Days       Michigan & Mackinac                   village of Zakopane, the Wieliczka Salt Mines, Auschwitz Camp
 Join our group of 20 on this popular trip to America’s Favorite     (optional) and enjoy a Chopin concert. In Prague, explore
 island. This year’s version features the Gerald Ford Presidential   a pedestrian friendly city with wonderful shops, concerts
 Museum in Grand Rapids, an incredible collection of antique         and castles. 22 meals, air to Gdansk with return from Prague
 musical instruments near Traverse City, an all-day train ride       (Luftansa/United currently, subject to change). $4995 p.p./
 into the remarkably spectacular fall colors of southern Ontario     dbl.occ., $5630 single, prices do not include fuel surcharge
 (which arrive earlier than their New England cousins) and an        on air tickets, currently $320. The tour price is based on the
 extended 3 night stay on Mackinac Island at the Chippewa            Euro @ 1.3 to the dollar. Two seats available at press time,
 House. Remember, most tour companies do not stay on the             Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead
 island. Staying on Mackinac for 3 nights makes this package         Sept. 20-23    4 Days     Mendocino’s Colorful Coast
 superior to most others. Sightseeing on the island, 17 meals,       September offers the best weather on the coast. 3 nights
 the Bavarian Village of Frankenmuth, airfare to/from Detroit,       Harbor Lite Lodge in Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Noyo Harbor,
 all included. Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead, $3125 p.p./         Mendocino Headlands and Botanical Gardens, evening of
 dbl.occ., $3490 single                                              theater (“Same Time Next Year”), ride the Skunk Train (Calif.
 Sept. 10-16      7 Days       The Ferries, Islands & Towns of       Western Railroad), all meals (10), transportation by SuperCoach
                               Old Cape Cod                          III, $1150 p.p./dbl.occ., $1315 single, two seats available at
 Fly to Boston, overnight, then travel by ferry to Provincetown      press time, Tour Director: Chris Galloway.
 on the Cape (2 nights) and then to Hyannis (3 nights). Excellent    Oct. 2-8       7 Days     Rockets, Balloons and Billy
 hotels, featuring Embassy Suites in Boston, oceanfront rooms                                  the Kid
 in Provincetown, harbourside rooms in Hyannis. Day trips            Three balloon events at the Albuquerque International Balloon
 (by ferry) to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, sightseeing          Fiesta: Special Shape Rodeo, “Glowdeo,” and Mass Ascension.
 in Provincetown, Whaling Museum. 12 meals, air to Boston,           Upgraded seating in the Chaser Lounge. Visit White Sands
 return from Providence included. One of our most popular            Nat’l Monument. Tour the town of Lincoln made famous
 new tours, Tour Directors: Mark Hoffmann & Chris Galloway.           by Billy the Kid and experience the Sandia Tram with lunch.
 $3060 p.p./dbl.occ., $3420 single                                   Includes roundtrip air, door-to-door airport transportation, 15
                                                                     Meals: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 3 dinners. $2395 p.p./dbl.
                                                                     occ., $2670 single, Tour Director: Scott Angeletti
                                                                     Oct. 9-12      4 Days     Catalina Island Getaway
                                                                     3 nights on Catalina Island at the renovated Pavilion Lodge –
                                                                     close to restaurants and shopping. Includes three island tours:
                                                                     Historic Casino Building Tour, Semi-Submersible Undersea
                                                                     Tour, and Inland Island Motor Tour visiting the Fox Island
                                                                     Habitat, and Nature Conservancy Center. Sunday Brunch and
                                                                     tour aboard the Queen Mary, lunch at the Tam O’Shanter. Also
                                                                     includes airfare, ferry to Catalina Island, six meals, including
                                                                     dinner at the Avalon Grill, and home pickup. $1420 p.p./dbl.
                                                                     occ., $1650 single, Tour Director: RoseMarie Holt
                                                                                                                 Continued on page 16

Th f        ll i t the dock t Oak Harbor M th ’ Vi        d
The ferry pulls into th d k at O k H b on Martha’s Vineyard

14            Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
                                           The Barber Pole, or Once Over Lightly
 Autumn is a Great Time to Travel
    Indeed, to those of us who don’t have
children in our household, we have the
liberty of planning our travels at times of
the year when not every precious little one
is underfoot. We can wait until school starts
and then hit the road. The advantages of
this are many. The crowds are smaller, the
restaurants and attractions less crowded
and often depending on the destination,
the colors of fall could be splendid, and/or        Canyon, you’ll arise in
the weather settling into Indian summer.            a place of great scenic
    October has always been one of our              beauty, with towering
busiest travel months for exactly those             monolithic mountains
reasons. 2011 is no different. No less than          and high country like Tour the new Pearl Harbor – Valor in the Pacfic Memorial
6 major vacations depart in October, along          you’ve never seen. The
with two shorter, regional getaways.                accommodations there are at a small resort       When I saw Tim Conway was making an
    The month begins with a blast… off…              built by the man who created the Discovery       appearance in town, I knew it had to be
literally. Well maybe not a blast. Perhaps          Channel on cable TV. They are marvelous.         part of our itinerary. Tim is featured, along
lift off would be a better description. Scott            After your three night stay, travel by coach with Jim Stafford and Yakov Smirnoff,
has an incredible itinerary in New Mexico           around the mountains to Moab. The Red            Branson’s two best funnymen. “Fall” Over
that highlights the annual Balloon Fiesta           Cliffs Lodge is another wonderful retreat.        Laughing in Branson indeed! Remember the
(the biggest in the country) and a visit to         Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are        Sports Leisure exclusive on this itinerary –
historical Billy The Kid Country. Scott has         nearby and you’ll pay them a visit. Fly to       we fly directly into the Branson airport.
even arranged for comfortable indoor                Grand Junction and return from Salt Lake         No Kansas City commute for our groups.
seating during one of the viewings. If you’ve       City. My promise: You will come back from        It means more time in Branson to see the
always wanted to see this spectacular event,        this trip and thank me for talking you into      shows. Isn’t that why you went?
here’s your opportunity. Call Scott and tell        it. It is simply one of the best tours we have      Clayton will host a unique adventure,
him you are ready to lift off for Albuquerque.       ever offered. Covering 32 years, that says a      Rails, Trails & Music of West Virginia. It’s
    A week later, the first of two regional trips,   lot.                                             staged to try and catch the fall colors in West
our annual visit to Catalina Island, is slated.         Canada Coast-to-Coast, our popular           Virginia, which can be quite dramatic. The
As always, it features a 3-night stay at the        train tour across the continent, has been        eight-day itinerary features 3 train rides and
Pavilion Lodge on the island. No day trips for      near sold out status since the first of the year. some Baltimore/Annapolis area sightseeing,
our crowd. We go to the island and stay long        Two seats remain and we plan to repeat the       in addition to your West Virginia travels,
enough to see it all. This is one destination       tour next spring. (Watch the 2012 catalog        a state many Californians haven’t really
where you really gain an advantage by               for the spring dates and details.)               explored.
going after Labor Day. RoseMarie Holt has               Dreaming of Santa Cruz (Oct. 16-18)             The last (and of course my personal
been escorting most of our Catalina trips for       is a “by special request” tour. By that, I       favorite) departure of the month is The
years, and this one is no exception. If you’ve      mean a number of you wrote on your tour          REAL Hawaii. By now, you know this is my
ever been on tour with RoseMarie, you know          evalutions that you would like some time at      pride and joy, a special Hawaii itinerary that
she’s all about having fun. Catalina Island is      the refurbished hotel on the beach at Santa      features many attractions not often seen by
one of her favorite destinations. Sounds like       Cruz that is a northern California landmark,     visitors. This year’s itinerary has, for the first
a can’t miss trip!                                  the Dream Inn. The October tour features         time, a tour of Shangri La, the former home
    Perhaps the year’s best kept secret is          two nights on the ocean at the restored          of Doris Duke, and an extended visit to the
the week-long adventure to the Red Rock             inn, along with local sightseeing and dinner     new Pearl Harbor Memorial. Our group
Country of Colorado and Utah. This isn’t            at the beautiful Shadowbrook Restaurant.         will be small, between 10-20, and I promise
just any tour. It contains mine and Scott’s         But the beach and the hotel are the draw,        you a premium vacation. Check it out and
favorite red rocks destinations. Six nights,        without any doubt.                               come to the islands this fall.
two hotels, three nights in each. That’s a great        Our annual Branson trip departs in              October is a big month for travel. Have
place to start. Each morning at Gateway             October this year and has a comedy theme.        you picked out your fall vacation yet?

                                                                                               Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011      15
The Tour Calendar (Previously Announced Tours)
Oct. 11-17       7 Days       The Ultimate Red Rock Country           Oct. 30 –       10 Days The REAL Hawaii – Kauai, Oahu,
                              Adventure                               Nov. 8                  The Big Island
3 nights at the Red Cliffs Lodge near Arches Nat’l Park and 3          Been to the islands before? Always talked about going back
nights at the Gateway Canyon Lodge outside Grand Junction.            to see all the things you missed? The chocolate, mushroom
Both magnificent places to stay, with sights to see (Arches            and vanilla farms, the sea horse ranch, lunch at the St. Regis
and Canyonlands Nat’l Parks, Gateway Automobile Museum,               in Princeville, these are all part of our travels. Stay in Marriott
“Calamity Camp” ghost town) and fine food to delight the               Resorts (3 nights Kauai, 3 nights Oahu, 2 nights Waikoloa/
palate. 13 meals, airfare to Grand Junction, return from Salt         Kona, overnight Hilo (only non-Marriott). See the beautiful
Lake City. Perhaps one of the best itineraries ever offered            new WWII Valor in the Pacific Memorial at Pearl Harbor. From
by Sports Leisure limited to 25 travelers, Tour Director: Scott       shave ice to Doris Duke’s Shangia La, this is the REAL Hawaii.
Angeletti. $2530 p.p./dbl.occ., $2920 single                          Limited to 20 travelers. 15 meals, all airfares incl. $3995 p.p./
Oct. 15-24       10 Days Canada Coast-to-Coast by Rail                dbl.occ., $4770 single, Tour Director: Mark Hoffmann
Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia, stay 2 nights, then ride to Montreal     Nov. 5-10       6 Days     Tonopah, Laughlin & Las Vegas
(overnight by rail, then overnight in Montreal), on to Toronto                                   by SuperCoach III
(day train, overnight in Toronto), ride The Canadian to               Two nights Laughlin at the Golden Nugget, two nights Las
Vancouver through the Rockies. Lots of meals, airfare to              Vegas at Paris. Brunch at the Forest Buffet at Harrah’s en route
Halifax, return from Seattle. $5195 p.p./dbl.occ., $5620              to Tonopah (overnight stay). Lunch in Beatty at the Stagecoach
single, limited space available                                       Hotel. Travel the Colorado River by jet boat to Lake Havasu
Oct. 16-18       3 Days       Dreaming of Santa Cruz                  with hosted lunch. Visit the Neon Museum. Six meals and
Two nights on the ocean at the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz.               door-to-door transfers included. $1230 p.p./dbl.occ., $1395
Sunday Brunch at Dolce Hayes Mansion and Rosicrucian                  single, $20 EPD**
Egyptian Museum & Planetarium. Explore the Santa Cruz                 Nov. 17-22      6 Days     Traditional Small Town Christmas
Beach Boardwalk and journey to Roaring Camp for a BBQ                                            Celebrations – A Mystery Tour
lunch and ride on a steam train. Discover UC Santa Cruz               Each year for nearly a decade, we have offered a holiday
Botanical Gardens and Wente Vineyards. Home pickup, dinner            Mystery Tour. This year’s adventure features two small towns,
at Shadowbrook Restaurant also included, one of four meals.           each memorable in its own way. In fact, we are betting you will
$990 p.p./dbl.occ., $1150 single, Tour Director: Joey Querio          be so thrilled with our destination choices, this will be a holiday
Oct. 18-23       6 Days       “Fall” Over Laughing In Branson         season you will long remember. The hotel pattern is one night,
Eight shows: Tim Conway, Andy Williams with Ann Margaret,             three nights, one night (only 3 hotels). It’s all about small towns,
Yakov Smirnoff, the Twelve Irish Tenors, Jim Stafford, Roy              holiday lights and the special things that make Christmas a
Rogers Jr., Presley’s Jubilee, The Hughes Brothers or a visit         special time of year. The itinerary includes ALL MEALS (15),
to Silver Dollar City. Five nights at the beautiful Hilton Hotel      airfare, and your old mystery tour buddies Mark and Chris.
Promenade. Private chat with Steve Presley. Brunch at the             $2595 p.p./dbl.occ., $2875 single
Big Cedar Lodge and local sightseeing tour. 10 Meals; 4               Nov. 20-25      6 Days     Thanksgiving in New York
breakfasts, 1 brunch, 5 dinners. Door-to-door transportation          The highlights of this tour are many, but know this – you will
and roundtrip airfare direct to and from Branson. $2455p.p./          be seeing The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, celebrating
dbl.occ., $2775 single, Tour Director: TBA                            Thanksgiving with a cruise by the Statue of Liberty and staying at
Oct. 19-26       8 Days       Rails, Trails and Music of West         one of New York’s finest hotels, the Westin Times Square. Tickets
                              Virginia                                to Anything Goes, winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical
Brand new for 2011. Features two nights at the Greenbriar             Revival; and the opportunity to select tickets to another show of
Resort, 3 scenic/historic train rides, fall colors in the mountains   your choice. Expert guides show you Manhattan, including the
and 3 live music shows. Visit Ft. McHenry and the birthplace          new World Trade Center Memorial for 9-11. Airfare, 5 meals and
of the great Babe Ruth. 16 meals, airfare to/from Baltimore           sightseeing included. Your Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead,
included $3025 p.p./dbl.occ., $3275 single, Tour Director:            $3605 p.p./dbl.occ, $3995 single, $75 EPD**
Clayton Whitehead                                                                                                    Continued on page 18

 Visit us online at:

16           Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
                                      F.A.Q. The Sports Leisure Travel Club
    The Types of Membership                                                  The Benefits of Membership
          Travel Club Membership as                             While you don’t have to be a Sports Leisure Travel Club member to
              available as follows:                                              travel with us, the benefits are many.
•   Complimentary 6 month trial member-            •   Members receive first notice when new trips and tours are announced – by regular or
    ships are available for new members                e-mail (your choice) – a important benefit, because many of our trips fill up and sell out
•   Regular membership dues are $10 per                quickly
    person, per year                               •   Members receive standard discounts on every tour they take, ranging from $1-$5 per
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    a price of $30 for one person, or $50 for      •   Each newsletter contains Early Registration Di$counts, allowing you to be the first to
    two people applying at the same time               sign up and receive special prices, $avings range from $10-$250 per person per trip
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    travelers)                                         House
•   Beginning Sept. 1, an “E-Membership” will      •   Members are an identifiable and valuable part of our travel family
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with anyone.
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                                                                                                    Member Invitation Only events – concerts
                                                                                                    special day trips, our way of showing a little
                                                                                                    extra appreciation to our best clients.

                                                                                              Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011      17
The Tour Calendar (Previously Announced Tours)
Dec. 6-8        3 Days       Holiday Lights of the Desert             Jan. 20 –        19 Days Southeast Asia on Holland
The legendary John Davidson is headlining the Palm Spring             Feb. 7                   America’s Floating Hotel
Follies this season, and you’ll have great seats for the show. 2      14-day voyage to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and
nights at the Hilton Hotel downtown, “Wildlights” holiday lights      Singapore. Experience the vibrancy of Southeast Asian culture
spectacular, lunch atop Mt. San Jacinto and lots of little extras,    on daytime shore excursions and retreat to the comfort of
plus shopping time in Palm Springs, 3 meals and direct flights         your accommodations aboard Holland America’s beautiful
to Palm Springs (for the first time). $1065 p.p./dbl.occ., $1170       ms Zaandam each evening. See Ho Chi Minh City, the serene
single, $25 EPD**                                                     white sand beaches of Ko Samui, and enjoy carefree days
Dec. 8-14       7 Days       The Capital, Kennedy, Rockefeller,       sailing the open seas with a relaxed pace well-suited to the
                             Rockettes, Boston Pops Christmas         adventurous, mature, active traveler. Air travel and a two-
                             Celebration                              night post-cruise stay in Singapore makes a total of 19 days.
Born from one of our travelers who wanted to see the Boston           Ports of call (in order): Embark in Hong Kong, China (full day to
Pops perform at Christmas, this itinerary has a lot of highlights.    explore); Halong Bay, Nha Treng and Phu My (for Ho Chi Minh
Fly to Washington, DC, and stay 3 nights at the Embassy Suites,       City), Vietnam; Sanya, China; Sihanoukville, Cambodia; Laem
enjoy a Ten Tenors Christmas Concert at the Kennedy Center,           Chabang (for Bangkok), Ko Samui, Thailand; Singapore. The
Christmas at Mount Vernon and holiday events around town,             package includes door-to-door transfers, roundtrip airfare to
with a free museum day. Take the Acela (high speed) train to          Hong Kong/from Singapore, a 2-night post-cruise stay with
New York City, where your overnight stay at the Westin Times          sightseeing in Singapore, and 14 nights on board the ms
Square includes a viewing of the Rockefeller Center Christmas         Zaandam, with all meals included. Prices start at $4945 p.p./
Tree and Skating Rink and a performance of The Rockettes at           dbl.occ., $5950 single for Inside Cabins, $5095 p.p./dbl.occ.,
Radio City Music Hall. Last stop is Boston (by coach from NY) for     $6290 single for Outside Cabins, $100 EPD**, Cruise/Tour
two nights, again at an Embassy Suites. The featured attraction       Director: Chris Galloway
is a performance of the Boston Pops Orchestra at Symphony             Jan. 21-27       7 Days      Key West, Miami & The Everglades
Hall. If you haven’t seen them before, put this on your “bucket       Overnight Miami, tour of Miami Beach/Coral Gables, airboat
list.” Simply a memorable trip, including 9 meals, air and train      ride in the Everglades, overnight Key Largo, Coral Reef Glass
fares, Tour Directors: Mark and Chris. $2950 p.p./dbl.occ.,           Bottom Boat Cruise, travel the Intercoastal Highway to Key
$3380 single, $50 EPD**                                               West, 4 nights historic La Concha Crowne Plaza on Duval
Dec. 30 –       4 Days       Take the Train to the Rose Parade        Street. Tons of Key West sightseeing – butterflies, Ernest
Jan. 2                                                                Hemingway, The Little White House, lunch at the original home
We’ve been attending the Tournament of Roses Parade                   of the Sloppy Joe, a glamorous drag show and more. 13 meals,
for many years, but never quite like this. Ride a historic,           airfare to Miami, return from Key West, 4 seats available, Tour
restored California Zephyr rail car; hooked to the back of the        Director: Mark Hoffmann, $3375 p.p./dbl.occ., $3750 single
Coast Starlight, as you travel by luxury rail to Los Angeles
from Oakland (bus transfer to Oakland). Your meals, drinks,
everything served to you at your seat in your private car. Stay
3 nights at the Hyatt Hotel in Long Beach, ride the gondolas
through the canals at Naples Island, enjoy lunch on the pier at
Santa Monica, spend a day on the Queen Mary or at Disneyland
(your choice), plus reserved seats on Colorado Blvd. for the
big parade. Return to Sacramento by air. 9 meals, air and train
fares, $2012 p.p./dbl.occ., $2212 single, $50 EPD**

                                                                     Th li h f Si            f     h deck f Holland A i ’        Z d
                                                                     The lights of Singapore from the d k of H ll d America’s ms Zandaam

18          Sports Leisure Vacations / July –August 2011
Feb.19 –       18 Days Kia Ora in New Zealand                        Mar. 20-29       10 Days The Colorful Carolina Coast
Mar. 7                                                               One of our longest-running and most popular tours. Join
Sports Leisure’s first exclusive visit to New Zealand! Explore        Clayton for a visit to his treasured southland. Myrtle Beach,
at a moderate pace with four two-night stays along the way.          Charleston and Savannah are all featured (2 night stays in each
Explore history at the Olveston House, Larnach Castle and the        city). Plus visits to the Outer Banks, New Bern and Jekyll Island
New Zealand National Museum in Te Papa. Beauty abounds               makes this the best southern itinerary you’ll ever experience.
at Glenfalloch Woodland Gardens, Paradise Valley Springs,            Did we mention Clayton’s Mom’s prune cake? An experience
and on cruises on Millford Sound and Lake Wakatipu. Visit            not to be missed for sure. This and other personal experiences
the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and experience a TranzAlpine             that create lifetime memories await you. 17 meals, air to
Rail Journey and Skyline Gondola and luge rides. City sights         Norfolk and home from Jacksonville. $3350 p.p./dbl.occ.,
tour of Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, and Auckland.             $3645 single, $75 EPD**
Includes air to Christchurch/from Auckland from Sacramento
or San Francisco, first class hotel accommodations, 29 meals
(15FB,1L,13D) including 4 specialty dinners: Maori Hangi and
Concert in Rotorua, Haggis Ceremony in Dunedin, Walter Peak
Homestead in Queenstown, and a special Farewell Dinner
in Auckland. Plus door-to-door service. $5599 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$6549 single, $100 EPD**
Mar. 11-16     6 Days     Puttin’ on the Ritz in New Orleans
                          & The Gulf Coast
3 nights in the French Quarter at the Iberville Suites by Ritz
Carlton, 2 nights on the ocean at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi,
scenic driving and walking tours, 10 meals – including the
Court of Two Sisters and Brennan’s in New Orleans, airfare, Tour
Director: Clayton Whitehead, $2370 p.p./dbl.occ., $2610             Ch f Anne explains what’s f l h at th N O l
                                                                    Chef A         l i                                      Cooking S h l
                                                                                           h t’ for lunch t the New Orleans C ki School on
single, $50 EPD**                                                   Puttin’ On the Ritz in New Orleans

                                                                                            Out-of-towners have a new
        Things to Know Before You Go:                                                     address in Sacramento: The Best
Airfare: On all trips where air travel is indicated, airfares are
                                                                                            Western Sutter House Hotel
                                                                                          Travel Club members living outside the
included in the listed prices.
                                                                                        greater Sacramento area have a new hotel home
Home Pick-up: Our exclusive home pick-up is included on all                             when staging for early-morning tour departures,
trips listed here. Carey Limousines and their partners provide
                                                                     the Best Western Sutter House Hotel! Conveniently located in
transportation to/from the airport or the Sports Leisure
                                                                     downtown Sacramento, the hotel is just a few blocks off I-5. As
Vacations office.
                                                                     you may have noticed, the Best Western chain is undergoing
Meals: Please refer to the day-by-day itinerary for a break          some changes. Their premier properties are being rebranded with
down of the included breakfasts, brunches, lunches and               the word PLUS added to the sign, meaning they offer the very
dinners.                                                             best in location, service and amenities. Is the Sutter House a PLUS?
**Early Registration/Payment Discounts: Trips with a                 You betcha!
note like this after the price “$40 EPD**,” indicates there is a        The hotel is located at 1100 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 on
discount available for Early Registration and Payment. Please        the corner of 11th and H. The phone number is (916) 441-1314.
refer to the back page of the newsletter for more details on         Ask for our good friend Doris Gray, Director of Sales, to get the
Early Registration/Payment Discounts.                                special Sports Leisure rate of $85 per night plus tax. You can leave
The Fine Print: Our Special Tour & Vacation Notes brochure           your car in their parking lot for the duration of your tour at no
contains the answers to many often-asked questions. A copy           additional cost. Our friendly drivers from Carey Limousine will be
is sent with your reservations.                                      happy to pick you up from and return you to the hotel’s 24-hour
Sports Leisure on-line: You are invited to visit our website at      staffed lobby. You might consider staying a second night at trip’s for more information on any tour               end, especially if the return is late or if you live far away.
listed here, or call our office and we will be happy to send you          The special rate requires advance reservations. Call Doris at
a detailed itinerary.                                                (916) 441-1314 to confirm your stay!

                                                                                       Sports Leisure Vacations / July– August 2011          19
                                                                                                                         PRST STD
                                                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                      Sacramento, CA
                                                                                                                      PERMIT NO. 517

   9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1
      Sacramento, CA 95827

      EARLY PAYMENT DI$COUNT COUPON                                                   VALUABLE COUPON
  Early Registration/Payment Di$counts listed here expire          $ave $10–$40 per person on Cancellation Protection
on August 5, 2011; or may be withdrawn when 50% of the                Valid only when used with the adjacent coupon on the tours
available space has been reserved. To receive the discount, you    listed. Your savings depend on the price of your tour. $ave $10
must pay in full within ten days of registration. If you accept    on tours priced from $451-$800, $ave $20 on tours priced from
this option, the monies paid, including the cost of Cancellation   $801-$2250, $ave $30 on tours priced from $2251-$3500,
Protection, are returned to you in full if you cancel more than    $ave $40 on tours priced at $3501 or more. The regular cost
60 days prior to departure for US and Canadian tours or 75         of this protection is $15-$295, depending on the tour price. To
days prior for International tours, regardless of the reason for   receive the above discounts, you must pay in full within ten days
cancellation. Within the time limits noted above, restrictions     of registration and purchase the protection at the time you pay
on refunds apply. See the Special Vacation Notes & Information     for your tour. Within 60/75 days of departure (see Early Payment
                                                                   Di$count Coupon on page 23), coverage is limited to verified
brochure for complete details
                                                                   medical emergencies. Please refer to the Special Vacation Notes
Nov. – Tonapah, Laughlin, Las Vegas by SuperCoach – $ave $25       & Information brochure for details, or call our office.
          Nov. – Thanksgiving in New York – $ave $75
        Nov. – Thanksgiving at Harris Ranch – $ave $10
         Dec. – Holiday Lights in the Desert – $ave $25                           TOUR UPDATE…
Dec. – Pre-Christmas Celebrations at the Davenport – $ave $50      A brief list of tours which are sold out, or have only a limited
 Dec. – Capital, Rockettes, Boston Pops Christmas – $ave $50       amount of space (10 or fewer seats, number in parenthesis)
      Dec. – Take the Train to the Rose Parade – $ave $50          remaining. Day trips are not listed.
    Jan. – South East Asia on Holland America – $ave $100
            Feb. – Kia Ora, New Zealand!– $ave $100                           Sold-Out Tours (waiting list available)
                                                                            July – Jammin’ Through Glacier Nat’l Park
                  Feb. – Costa Rica – $ave $150
                                                                                  August – The Laguna Pageant
              Feb. – Winter at Yosemite – $ave $10
                                                                            August – Sounds of Music in Leavenworth
      Mar. – Puttin’ on the Ritz in New Orleans – $ave $50
                                                                                October – Canada Coast-to-Coast
            Mar. – Colorful Carolina Coast – $ave $75
                                                                       December – Traditional Small Town Christmas Mystery
          Mar. – Winter in the Canyonlands – $ave $75
                                                                              December –An Apple Farm Christmas
                                                                               Limited Space (10 or fewer seats)
          OFFICE HOURS:                                                                  Cape Cod – Sept. (4)
                                                                              Two nation Mystery Vacation – Sept. (1)
          8:00am – 4:30pm MON. thru FRI.
                                                                                      Poland & Prague – Sept. (3)
         Closed weekends & major holidays                                      Mendocino’s Colorful Coast – Sept. (1)
         CLOSED TUES. 12:00pm – 1:15pm                                       Capitol, Kennedy, Pops Christmas – Dec. (8)
        Or visit us anytime on our website at:                                        Key West & Miami – Jan. (4)
                                                    Southeast Asia Cruise – Jan. (8)

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