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									                                     CHIMES  the Westminster

                                                WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WILMINGTON, DE
                                                             NO. 563 FEBRUARY 2010

      Gala Musical Evening
               AT WESTMINSTER
           Friday, February 5, 8:00 p.m.
                        Diana Milburn, soprano    Ruth Bailis, mezzo-soprano
                           Justin Gonzalez, tenor   Brian Carter, baritone

                                     THE WESTMINSTER CHOIR
                                    Paul Fleckenstein, organ & piano

                                    “Greatest Hits”

              From Puccini to Jerome Kern, Rigoletto to Camelot, sacred to profane -
      this concert is guaranteed to knock your socks off! Come and enjoy a fun evening as
    our incredibly talented soloists and choir step out of their blue robes to bring you a dazzling
                          program that will thrill you from beginning to end.

               No admission charge. Offering received to help send your choir on tour to Germany in May.

   Beginning at 6:30 p.m., you can partake in the opening reception for our February art exhibit,
    which is part of Wilmington’s monthly art-loop event, Art on the Town. This month’s exhibit
     features traditional European oil paintings by Russian-born local artist Dolya Dogal, who
                      expresses her vision of the world in still-lifes and florals.

Renaissance Grapes by Dolya Dogal
2                                                                                                                  February 2010

                                                  The Clergy Column

     “A 4 0 D A Y S P IR IT UAL S T R U GGLE”
                                     uring our spiritual

                                                                 marks the beginning of this stretch of time that lasts
                                     pilgrimage to the Holy      until Easter.
                                     Land, we visited the
                            well known biblical sites that
                            were familiar to Jesus –
                            Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Sea
                            of Galilee, the Mount of
                            Olives. One afternoon, as we
                            were traveling from Jericho
                            back to Jerusalem, we pulled
    Rev. Dr. Gregory Jones  off the highway and stopped in
          Senior Pastor     the middle of the desert.
                            (picture right) For several
    minutes, we reflected on this grassless, treeless, green-
    less environment.

    As I pondered the desolation of this parched, brown,
    rocky terrain, it struck me as never before, what a life-
    threatening place the desert is. In this barren environ-     Living in our culture it is easy to forget the importance
    ment, water is nearly non-existent. The same is true of      of spiritual struggle. The days of Lent provide us an
    food. Shelter and shade are scarce. People are scarce!       opportunity to engage in our own spiritual combat if we
                                                                 set aside time for personal prayer and reflection on the
    Nearly every waking hour of the day, I feel safe and         course of our lives.
    secure. But that afternoon in the desert I felt something
    foreign. I felt vulnerable. With all the usual protections   Where do you need to focus your attention during the
    stripped away, I felt fragile. My thoughts wandered to       weeks of Lent?
    how long I might survive if I were alone in such a bleak,
    threatening environment.                                             How you handle your wealth?
                                                                         How you treat neighbors?
    As we know from Scripture, after Jesus was baptized,                 How you practice forgiveness?
    he went into the godforsaken desert for 40 days. In that             How you can break a destructive habit?
    harsh setting, he engaged in spiritual combat with the
    dark force that sought to deform him by luring him           I hope you will make a special effort to attend our Ash
    away from God. Jesus was tempted to take a path that         Wednesday service on February 17, at 6:00 p.m. This
    would put him at odds with his fellow creatures and          will help you focus on the essential questions of life and
    God. He was tempted to pursue a path that would even-        provide you with tools for your 40 day spiritual
    tually lead to a trivial existence rather than meaning,      struggle. If you accept this challenge, Easter promises
    fulfillment and joy.                                         to be an especially powerful celebration.

    Later this month, we will have our own opportunity to                                                 Love and peace,
    engage the desert for 40 days. This is the season on the
    Christian calendar we know as Lent. Ash Wednesday                                                                Greg
February 2010                                                                                                             3

                       Taizé Worship on Ash Wednesday
                Self Reflection and Prayer
         Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the 40 days          The liturgy of Taizé worship is primarily for the
         of Lent. During Lent, we prepare for                                   worship of God, but it is also to quiet
         Easter by entering a period of self-reflec-                            the soul through repetition of music,
         tion and prayer. The purpose of the season                             periods of silence, candlelight and
         is to set aside time for reflection on the                             readings. The experience focuses and
         life of Christ and his place in our lives, as                          deepens our faith through quiet and, at
         individuals and as a community. We will                                times, silent reflection. Following
         mark the beginning of the Lenten season                                worship, you are invited to a delicious
         with a special worship experience on Ash                               soup supper in Community Hall.
         Wednesday, February 17, at 6:00 p.m.

                A Lent Event for All Ages
          Join us during the Education Hour, 10:10 – 11:00 a.m., on the first Sunday in Lent, February 21.
          A variety of intergenerational learning stations and crafts will be available in the Sunday school rooms;
                       and Community Hall will be transformed into a meditative Spirituality Center.
                   All are welcome. (Cribbery and Under Six Sunday School will be provided as usual.)
4                                                                                                                             February 2010

Thank You to All Who Have Made Their 2010
Pledge as of January 11, 2010
We give thanks to those individuals – members and friends of
our Church, who support our ministries and missions not only
with their time and talent but also with their pledge of treasure.
       s of January 14, approximately 55% of member                   give from the heart. Your gifts are a true blessing that touch

A      households have pledged. We’ve received 100%
       participation from Session and Trustees, which
exemplifies our leadership’s commitment. If you are one of
                                                                      many lives, but most of all your own,
                                                                      for in giving you receive.

the member households who have not yet pledged, we hope               “My children, our love
you will consider making a pledge as soon as possible.                must not be simply words
                                                                      or mere talk - it must be
You may pledge online at, or complete a                   true love which shows
pledge card available at the front desk of the church or in           itself in action and
the pew pockets. Prayerfully consider God’s blessings and             truth.” 1 John 3:18

Rebecca S. Abel                    Sally M. Brooks                    Kevin & Chelsea Collins             Amy Dunigan
Rich & Taryn Albert                Chuck & Debbie Brown               Philip C. Collins                   Catherine A. Edge
Vernon Albright                    Barbara Brown                      Joan McDowell Connolly              Jeffrey Eiermann
Nora Andresen                      Dianne & Bill Browne               Leigh & Anne Cook                   Thomas M. & Jane B. Eliason
Margaret Arch                      Gary & Susan Bryde                 James O. & Doris H. Corner          Michael J. Enderle
Richard E. & Barbara Armen         Don & Meg Burich                   Phoebe Craven                       Eric D. & Sarah Etshman
Ann Barlow Ashley                  Steve & Robin Burkhardt            Emily & Travis Crawford             George E. & Sandra R. Evans
Liz & Brud Bacon                   Richard B. & Natalie S. Bush       Betty & Jac Crowell                 David Atadan & Janice Evans
Susan & Mark Baddorf               Arthur C. Butters                  John D. & Patricia McGee Cullen     Gail Everett
Donald R. & Barbara Baer           Sarah Buttner                      Joe & Pat Cunning                   R.J. & Elizabeth Fahl
William B. & Nancy Barlow          G. William & Jeanne S. Butz, III   Bob & Jean Custin                   William Farnham
Fay & Ken Barnaby                  W. H. Calkins                      Tamra L. & Joseph Daley             Jerry & Barbara Fedeler
Jonathan & Grace Barrington        Jim Hearn & Gina Campanella        Christopher & Devon Daniels         Mary Field
Mark Gerstenschlager &             Naomi & Hugh Campbell              Mrs. Caroline Darling               Jeanie Firestone
Jennifer Barrington                Marcia & Michael Carle             Edward S. Davis                     Jessica & Matt Fischer
Paul L. & Elizabeth Wells Bechly   Tom & Martha Carper                Warren & Nadya Davis                Paul Fleckenstein
Edward H. Bedrossian, Jr.          Ron & Kim Carrick                  Norman O. & Marilyn Davis           Albert Lawrence & Janet Flenner, Jr.
John L. Beeghley                   Peggy Carroll                      Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Davis        Lynn & John Foltz
Karen Beer                         Frederick J. Carspecken            Amy T. Davis                        Walter D. & Doris K. Ford
Audrey Bennett                     James T. & Polly Pyle Carter       Thomas S. & Betty C. Davis          Thomas A. Ford
James & Emma Bercaw                Margaret P. Cartmell               Helen S. & Ivan K. De Blieu         L. Alexander Fortunato
David P. & Ingrid T. Berlien       James Cartmell                     Kristin DeMesse                     Louis & Ann Fortunato
Paul Best                          H. Beatty Chadwick                 Alan A. Dennison                    Amy Fox
Linda L. Beyer                     Robert & Virginia Chagnon          Richard W. Dennison                 Rosemary C. & William A. Francis
Mrs. John Biggs, III               Joe B. Chambers                    Linda & Charles Depfer              Richard & Ruth Franklin
Brenda Susan Bilous                Chad & Diane Chandler              Martha Dewees                       Natalie & Tom Freeman
Edward K. & Charlotte Bispham      Tom & Eleanor Charles              Peter & Karen Dietz                 Allison & David Freeth
Lewis S. Black                     Robert L. & Jeanne T. Checkel      Linda Blanchfield Dillow            Robert W. Frelick
Mary Ann & Joe Blair               Craig S. Checkel                   Donald & Joyce Dinsel               Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Fuller
Herbert & Nancy Boden              Winona S. Church                   Nancy L. Diver                      Robert & Mariamne Fulton
Gina & Tony Bosworth               Bob & Eadie Churchill              Richard L. & Deborah B. Diver       Donald L. & Eleanor J. Furry
Carol Bova                         James S. & Jeannice H. Clark       Charles Donaghy                     William R. & Gloria O. Galloway
Erma Bowen                         Ellen A. Clarke                    Robert J. & Alice W. Donaghy, Jr.   James & Geraldine Garvin
Bill & Kimberly Bowen              Barbara B. Clough                  Pamela Bailey & Jerome Downie       Tom Gary, Jr.
Beth & Ron Bowersock               Barry Cobb                         John A. & Nancy L. Doyle            Carl S. & Fay C. Gates
H. Wesley Bowman                   Mr. & Mrs. Willard H. Cobb         Elizabeth A. Drennen                John & Sara Gavenonis
John R. Bowman                     Jim & Betty Coker                  Kathleen & Kevin Dufresne           Nancy D. Gemmell
Erik & Cindy Bradley               Arthur & Mary Colbourn             Joanie Dugdale                      Don & Juanita Gerwig
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Broll        Clark & Donna Collins              Claire & Frank Dunigan              Ross & Jill Getty
February 2010                                                                                                                                5

 Sara H. Geuder                     Ann Jarrett                       Joan Lussky
 Louise C. Gillette                 Brock & Barbara Jobe              Catherine Lynch
 James & Dorothy Gkonos             Kathryn R. Johnson                Susan M. Macturk
 Caroline Glaeseman                 Wallace B. Johnson                Olga Manners
 Mike & Shelley Gnade               Carol & Steven Johnson            Cerdric E. & Jessie R.
 Rose & Mike Gnade                  Steven C. & Janice B. Johnson     Marsh
 Margaret Goodall                   Mildred E. Johnston               Anne D. Marsh
 Sally Goodman                      Pat & Sandy Johnston              Calvin E. & Joan K. Mar-
 Arthur W. & Barbara M. Gorman      John F. & Dede Johnston           shall
 Sally W. Graef                     Richard T. Jolly                  Patrick & Nancy Martin
 Doug & Stephanie Gramiak           Greg & Camilla Jones              Kristen W. & Scott M. Marvel
 Hazel M. Gregory                   Robert E. & Ruth A. Joslin        David & Jennifer Mathe
 Gerald & Lucille Greth             Judy Kaiser                       Marilynn R. Mathews
 Charles A. & Linda F. Grieco       William Kaye                      Jeannie Mattson
 Charles Griffith                   Michael & Reagan Keenan           Richard H. & Jean M. May
 Anne Gunn                          Betty Kelley                      Deanna & William T. Mays
 J. Richard & Mary Kay Haden, Jr.   Helen H. Kelley                   David & Sally McBride
 JaneArthur E. Hamlin               Don & Maryls Kerr                 Charles J. & Pennie J. McCallum, Jr.
 Earl & Louanne Handley             Fred & Lynne Kielhorn             Janet W. McClelland
 Richard Hankel                     Kathryn G. Kiley                  Kelly McCulloch
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 Carol N. Harris                    Fletcher & Sandy King             Charles & Mary Lou McDowell            Cassandra Piovoso
 Melissa & Sudzy Harrison           Robert C. Kline                   Nancy & Herman McFadden                Adam & Kristen Poff
 Robert & Janis Harrison            Barb Stratton & Marty Knepper     Penny & John McFarland                 Stephen C. & Elizabeth H. Poole
 Denison & Wendy Hatch              Sylvia B. Kniel                   Anne Ledbetter & Keith McGowan         Terry & Anne Priebe
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 Dorothy L. Heldt                   Judy Knox                         Susan & Jon McPheeters                 Elinor Warren Ranck
 Nancy Henderer                     Marsha L. Koston                  Brian & Jo Mead                        Margo Reign
 Linda E. Henderson                 Betty P. & Johannes R. Krahmer    Evelyn S. Measley                      Charles & Linda Reinhardt
 Joan E. Henke                      Janet & Theo Krapels              Helen P. Meitzler                      Roger & Sandie Reinicker
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 Jamie & Jonathan Hickey            George & Carla Krupanski          Lola Miller                            Robert R. & Patricia G. Ridout
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 Margaret & Jim Hodges              Jane B. Laird                     Jane Palmer & William Moore            Paul & Sally Robinson
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 Barbara A. & Conrad L. Hoover      Eric & Amy Lengel                 Donna M. & Frederic F. Nelson          Christine Schiltz
 Carol Hopkins                      Richard Leonard                   Elizabeth Blair Nowland                Frederick E. & Julia M. Schmitt, III
 Su Knoll Horty                     Ralph L. Lewis                    Margaret Odiorne                       Harold & Dorothy Schonhans
 Mary-beth & Richard Howard         Jean B. Lewis                     Roland C. & Mary Lu Pamm               Dr. Herman Schroeder
 Barbara Hoy                        Gordon H. Lewis                   George & Jan Patrick                   Bob & Sue Scofield
 John E. & Dorothy G. Hunter, Jr.   Sue & Bob Linderman               Eleanor Thompson Pease                 Ann Shadduck
 Sarah F. Hurlock                   James & Kathleen Little           Lynne Perkins                          W. Thomas & Donna V. Shaw
 Walt & Becky Huzar                 J. Patrick Little                 Bruce & Julie Petrovick                Russell H. Shearer
 Wendy Ingersoll                    Don & Mary Longenecker            Sonja W. Pfautz                        Ron & Carol Shelly
 Charles Ingersoll                  Jeanette Lonia                    Chip Pfleegor                          Dr. Mark B. & Ms. Lori A. Shiflett
 Frederick W. Iobst                 Margaret Lounsbury                Frank Pickering                        Ellen Slade
 Arnold & Evelyn Isken              Robert & Cindy Love               Mary K. Vane & D. Keith Pierce         Constance Smith
 Emmett & Ann Jacobs                Rachel K. Lowthian                Todd & Paula Piercy                                           Continued...
6                                                                                                                     February 2010

Marjorie M. Snave                Spencer H. & Margit A. Stradley   Helen Walker                     Jason & Susanne Wolff
Skip & Marty Snyder              Jane Suiter                       Vera Walker                      Kathleen C. & J. Cameron
Kim & Kathy Snyder               Henry R. & Martha J. T. Tatnall   Esther Ward                      Yorkston
Caroline M. Sparks               Ruth Taylor                       Deborah S. Wat                   Mary W. & David C. Young
Wayne & Cora Sparling            Jon & Leslie Taylor               Skip & Linda Watson              Linda Youngerman
Jerry & Susan Spilecki           Jack Coleman & Mary Jane Tay-     Roy & Ida Watson                 Jill & Zack Zehner
Alexander Sprague                lor-Coleman                       Hannah Wayne                     Fredrick C. & Helen M. Zumsteg
David & Jane Stabler             Roxanne Theilacker                Bruce & Charlene Weaver
Melissa & Craig Stabler          Rick & Sally Bittel Thomas        LaVerne Weaver
Steve & Lynn Stallone            Diane H. Thomas                   Dan Weber
Phyllis Maynard Stanton          Jeffrey Thompson                  Paul & Virginia Weber
Gary & Martha Staton             Robert J. Tiews                   Carol & Verne Weidman
Janet & Steve Steinwedel         Philip Timon                      Sue Weissinger
Glenn I. & Marion Stelzer        Susan Kelley Timpson              Barbara G. Welch
Anne G. Stern                    Reade & Sarah Tompson             Vincent & Mary Wemlinger
Laura M. Stevens                 Charles & Elizabeth Uhlinger      Craig Wemmers
Margaret Lyle Stevens            Mrs. Phyllis M. Upham             Tenney H. Wheatley, Jr.                    If we have
W. Ross & Zora R. Stevens, III   Jan & Kathryn van Amerongen       Fred H. Whitaker                         inadvertently
Stanford L. & Juanita P.         Jose G. Varela                    Marilin White                             omitted your
Stevenson, III                   Leucia Venable                    Leslie W. & Joan D. Whitney            name, please let
Judy & Paul Stoffer              Jennie & Karl Wagner              Walter R. & Susan Williamson       us know, so our records
Bill & Betsy Stone               Leslie & Judson Wagner            James L. & Pamela J. Wilson            can be corrected.
Gordon & Julia Stone             Frank J. & Anne O. Waldburger     Donald G. & Dolores C. Windsor

                                                            Westminster Forms New
    WESTMINSTER’S                                           Communications Advisory Board
        MEN’S                                               In keeping with our objective of engaging all Westminster mem-
                                                            bers and friends in the life of our church, Westminster is forming a
                                                            Communications Advisory Board to create a vision for our com-
     FELLOWSHIP                                             munications processes and set priorities for ongoing enhance-
                                                            ments to our communications media.
        Upcoming Topics and Events
                                                            Members of this Board are:
                                                            • David Atadan - CEO, Trellist Marketing and Technology;
    Looking Ahead...                              , 302-778-1300 / Ext 200
    Saturday, March 20                                      • Karen Friedman Dietz – WPC Membership & Evangelism
    Limestone Men’s Communion                               Committee; Professional Editor;, 302-656-
    Location: Limestone Presbyterian Church,                • icole Hughes – Director, WPC Communications & Database
    Wilmington, DE                                          Management;, 302-654-5214 / Ext 130
    Time: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (approximate)               • Sue Linderman – Elder; Former WPC Church Administrator;
                                                  , 302-239-7650
    April 9-10
                                                            • Jan Patrick – Clerk of Session; Real Estate Executive / Educa-
    Westminster’s Men’s Fellowship                          tor;, 302-234-6046
    Location: Offsite (Delaware shore)                      The Board met for the first time on January 12 and will continue
    Time: Friday evening through Saturday after-            meeting     semi-monthly       during      this initial   period.
    noon. Limited space. Reservations required.              We are excited about the work ahead and the opportunities we see
                                                            in this important aspect of our church life!
    Contact: Bill Francis (           Please contact any of us with your comments and suggestions for
    or Bob Cox (                        ways in which we can improve our church communications.
                                                            We look forward to hearing from you!
February 2010                                                                                                         7

                Upcoming Topics and Events

 When Death Takes a Loved One -                               Facing and Overcoming Addiction
 Living with Loss
 Grief is a part of life; but when some-                      Thursday, February 18
 one you love dies, life may feel like a                      Rodney Chapel, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
 wilderness of heartache, devoid of
 hope and meaning. Unfortunately,                             On Thursday, February 18th, Westminster member Jim
 our society does not readily make                            Mitchell and his counselor Keith Kaut will speak on rec-
 room or time for people to mourn the                         ognizing and overcoming addiction. For Jim it was alco-
 loss of loved ones. Grieving takes both time and             hol that had a hold on his life and swept him to rock bot-
 patience.                                                    tom. Facing his demons and seeking God’s help was
                                                              part of Jim’s recovery, as was having Keith of Brandy-
 Last fall, Westminster held a 10-week Living with Loss       wine Counseling to guide him through his shadowed
 education and support group, using the resource Under-       past and help point him to a brighter future. Come hear
 standing Your Grief by Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, renowned         Jim’s story of chemical dependence and recovery, as
                                                              Stephen Ministers host this important program on under-
 grief specialist. Sharing our grief journey together was
                                                              standing addiction.
 healing and brought hope to our lives. Some of the com-
 ments from group participants included:
                “I wish I had had a group like this           Membership Exploration Class
                     when my mother died.”
       “I want to buy this book for everyone I know           If you know of someone who is interested in
                 who has lost a loved one.”                   becoming a member of Westminster, please contact
       “It feels so good to have someone listen who           Anne Gunn, Membership Coordinator, at 302-654-
                       understands.”                          5214 ext. 123 or Anne will
                                                              send them an invitation to the membership class to
    “When I read this material, I no longer feel crazy.       be held on Sunday, February 7, at 10:10 a.m. in
        It’s like the author sees into my heart.”             Classroom Six.
      “I hate to see this group end. This time is like
               an oasis of care in my week.”                  Save the Date!
 Rev. Anne Ledbetter will lead another 10-week Living
 with Loss group on Sunday afternoons, from 4:30 – 6:00
 p.m., beginning February 21 and concluding in early

 To register, contact Anne by phone (302-654-5214, ext.
 124) or email (
                                                              The Westminster Women’s Retreat will return in
 Please feel free to invite or encourage a friend, co-work-   2010! October 15-17 (Friday night through Sunday
 er or neighbor to attend. We all know someone who is         morning) in Cape May, New Jersey. Watch for
 suffering from grief, and this group offers a caring place   more details in next month’s Chimes.
 of understanding to support people along the journey.
8                                                                                                               February 2010

Planned Events will Feature Local Guest Speakers to Focusing on Senior Living Issues
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

February Mission Emphasis:
Senior Living
    February 14 and February 28, Rodney Chapel: 10:10 am – 11:00 am
                hether you are a senior, care for a senior, or are interested in

    W           senior living issues, we have two interesting programs lined up
                for you in February. Local guest speakers will educate us
    about important medical and legal decisions you may need to make as a
    senior, and discuss effective ways to discuss these issues with your doc-
    tors and attorneys. We will learn about the many services that are available to assist seniors in their daily lives,
    “aging in place”, and information for family and caregivers. We will provide great handouts on subjects of interest
    to all of us in our senior years: Advanced Health Care Directives, making smarter health decisions, protection from
    Medicare fraud and financial exploitation, caregiver resources and services for seniors in Delaware, and crime pre-
    vention tips. Our line-up is a follows:

    February 14
    A panel of two WPC physicians and a member attorney will discuss medical and legal issues for seniors, improv-
    ing communications with your doctor, advanced directives, living wills, and medical powers of attorneys. To cele-
    brate Heart Month and Valentine’s Day we plan to have RN’s on duty to take blood pressures.

    February 28
    Guest speaker Carol Barnett, Planner II, DE State Department of Services for Aging Adults and Persons with Dis-
    abilities will speak on the subject of services for seniors and “Aging in Place.” Don’t miss the valuable handouts.
February 2010                                                                                                                    9

Volunteers Needed for Family Promise Ministry
at Westminster
                                  Westminster is part of the
                                  Family Promise network of
                                  churches in New Castle
                                  County that will house pre-
screened homeless families in church facilities on a rotating
basis. The families come to the church each evening, have a
meal, spend time together, and sleep, leaving in the morning
for school, job search or other activities. During the day, serv-
ices are provided to the families by the Family Promise Day
Center at St. James Episcopal Church.

The first week that Westminster will host begins Sunday,
March 21. On this Sunday, beginning at 11:15 a.m., volun-
teers are needed to help set up the sleeping rooms for families
as well as other rooms that will be used for dining, recreation
time, etc. A light lunch will be provided. Work and lunch           If you can help on either or both of these days, please contact
should be concluded by 1:30 p.m.                                    Anne Gunn at 302-547-3784 or

On Sunday, March 28, volunteers will be needed from 7:00 to         Helping those who need our help most is a wonderful way to
8:45 a.m. to convert all the rooms used back into use by our        give thanks to God for the blessings you enjoy – shelter, food,
Sunday school or adult classes. Breakfast will be provided.         and companionship.

Family Promise                                           Serve Within: Opportunities to
Needs Drivers                                            Engage Gifts and Talents in the
       orthern                                           Life of Our Church
N      N e w
County Family
                                                            Westminster is looking for people who
                                                         would like to serve as ushers during our
Promise is rapidly gaining momentum                      Sunday worship services. All ages third
with a start up February 1, with West-                   grade and above are welcome! This is a wonderful way to meet and
minster’s first hosting beginning                        greet people as they enter our sanctuary. If you can offer your time
March 21. Over the next few weeks,                       on Sundays one month of the year, please contact Suzie Hurlock at
several communications and presenta-                     302-654-5214, ext. 127, or
tions will take place to inform our
church members about the details and                        The first people to welcome visitors and members to Westminster
how you might be able to help.                           on Sunday morning are our greeters. All it takes is a ready smile and
                                                         a handshake! You are welcome to greet by yourself or with other
The New Castle County network in                         members of your family. If you can offer your time on any Sunday to
Delaware is looking for volunteers to                    be the welcoming presence at our doors, please contact Karen Dietz
drive the 15 passenger van of Family                     at 302-656-0343 or You'll be so glad you did!
Promise guests to the Family Promise
Day Center each morning and back to                         The Phix-it Corps, founded by Westminster member and
their host congregation each afternoon.                  Trustee Dick Geuder, is a dedicated group of handymen who
Volunteers must have a valid driver’s                    gather two Thursday mornings each month to tackle odd jobs
license and a good driving record. If                    around the church. It's a terrific way to serve Westminster, sav-
you are interested, please contact Theo                  ing us from paying contractors, while building fellowship within
Krapels      at    302-588-2750      or                  the group. If you have some Thursday mornings free and would                                    like to help in this way, please contact Jim Carter at 302-764-
                                                         6448 or
Your support is appreciated.
10                                                                                                    February 2010

     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

     Honoring Dr. Sue Makin for Her Years
     of Service in the Congo and Malawi
     Dr. Makin will visit Westminster on Sunday, February 7
        Dr. Makin will be worshiping with us and available for conversation
        during the education hour from 10:10 to 11:00 a.m. A luncheon has
        been planned in her honor in Classroom 6 following the 11:15 serv-
        ice. At the luncheon, we will honor Dr. Makin for her years of service in the Congo and
        Malawi. Her work as an ob-gyn there has saved the lives of thousands of women.
         All are invited. If you plan to attend, please RSVP by calling the church at 302-654-5214.

     Her Letter: Leaving Malawi
        It is early morning in Malawi, a nice cool morning, but it promises to heat up soon.
        We have no running water in our houses, and we don't know exactly why, but it is
        dry season in Malawi. My house is empty of furniture, but I still have two buckets
        for water from the bore hole. Packing up is a trying time as I realize how much
        stuff I have accumulated in eleven years, and how much I don't really need.

        Yesterday was a round of farewell parties, one at the mission primary school,
        one at the district hospital, and one with friends. Malawians are so very good
        at expressing their appreciation and love. It is very touching.

        I am attaching a photo from the "Big Auction" I had at my house last
        Saturday. (see below) With so much stuff accumulated I was wonder-
        ing what to do with it all. Finally, I decided to auction off everything
        that wasn't necessary. A big crowd came to see what the "azungu"
        (meaning white person) had to sell. There was a fridge
        and a stove, a camping tent, lots of buckets and
        curios. One item of great interest was a ther-
        mal coffee mug with a top. You don't see
        these in Malawi. No one is in a hurry to get to
        work with their coffee or tea. In Malawi, people sit
        down and drink their tea or coffee and then go to work.
        All of the proceeds from the auction will be going to help
        the primary school renovate some of the classrooms.

        I will be doing mission interpretation in the United
        States for the next six months.

        Sue Makin
        Mulanje Mission Hospital
        Mulanje, Malawi
February 2010                                                                                                 11

                     Additional News to Note

First, pray for those who perished and those who sur-
vived. Pray that God will give the survivors strength,   Christmas Box Notes of
courage and hope. Second, make a financial gift.         Appreciation
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance rushed an initial
                                                                 ur Westminster family has received two
$100,000 from One Great Hour of Sharing to help pro-
vide immediate emergency relief to the affected people
of Haiti, and has issued an emergency appeal for dona-
tions. To contribute to the relief effort, make your
                                                         O       notes of thanks from recipients of our annual
                                                                 Christmas Box efforts.

check to Westminster Presbyterian Church and write       "To Everyone at Westminster Presbyterian Church,
“Haiti” on the memo line. Your contribution will be      I was contacted by your church and told I was to
forwarded to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.           receive a food basket for Christmas for me and my
                                                         11 year old son. When I arrived, I was amazed at the
                                                         amount of food and the ShopRite gift card! Then I
                ECHO GIFTS REPORT                        saw there were gifts for my little boy, and even one
                                                         package for me! I was so happy and thankful for
In spite of the state of our econo-                      everyone's thoughtfulness! My son loved his toys
my,     Westminster       members                        and I really needed the gloves and scarf & slippers!
contributed $10,627 in 2009 to                           I just wanted to thank everyone for their kindness.
the ECHO Gift Program. These                             Also, I just got a phone call while writing
monetary gifts will go to feeding                        was [a bank] offering me [a position] that begins
the hungry, giving shelter, coun-                        2/1/10! I prayed that I'd get a job soon, since I'd
seling and direction to countless                        been laid off in June. My prayers were answered!
individuals and families in Wilmington. Money was        Again, thank you for making our holiday a lot hap-
also donated to fund inner-city youth ministries,        pier! With Sincere Gratitude,...” On the front of the
giving educational guidance for promising students       note card was this, attributed to Miriam U.M. Lane:
and for after school programs focusing on life           "So long as we love, we serve; So long as we are
management, academics and Christian leadership.          loved by others, we are indispensable; And no man
Thank you all for caring and sharing.
                                                         is useless while he has a friend."
Consider gifts throughout the year for other
                                                         Another note came from a resident of the WHA hi-
occasions and as memorials. Gift cards are available.
                                                         rise, Parkview: To Westminster using one of the
                                                         beautiful original note cards created by our elf Joyce
 THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR                            Ruston. Her words: “I was too surprised with Santa
    CHRISTMAS EVE OFFERING                               Claus visiting me with all these gifts! What a Merry
                                                         Xmas and Happy ew Years! Thank you very much.
Thanks to the generosity of                              Happy ew Year. Sincerely..."
Westminster      members      and
friends, our 2009 Christmas Eve                          Such appreciation is not often communicated by
Offering totaled $22,662, a 28%                          those who have their boxes delivered to them. All
increase over 2008. These funds                          the Westminster Elves should know that their good
will be distributed as follows:                          work and generosity are warmly received.
• $5,666 to Family Promise, our newest outreach to
homeless families in our community;
• $11,331 to local Community Food Programs,
• $5,665 to peacemaking efforts and to outreach pro-
grams in Congo and Guatemala.
12                                                                                                                        February 2010

                  1502 West 13th Street
                  Wilmington, DE 19806

  See it in COLOR!
    The Chimes is
   available on our
 website in full color!

                                              WPC Installs Greener, Cleaner Gadgets
    Next Chimes Deadline:
 Tuesday, February 9 at 2:00 p.m.             As communities nationwide look ahead for ways to be more
       (For a copy of submission guidelines
              email             sanitary and environmentally-friendly, Westminster has made
                                              a few changes of its own. If you haven’t already noticed,
                Pastors                       lavatories throughout the church feature new foaming soap
        Rev. Dr. Gregory Jones                dispensers and touchless paper towel dispensers. As lavish and
        Rev. Dr. Anne Ledbetter               expensive as these devices may seem, they are actually saving
                                              us money. The new soap and paper towel dispensers also
              Chimes Editor
                                              provide many benefits to be more “green.”
               Nikki Thorn
                                              Switching from liquid to foam soap reduces water usage, prod-
                                              uct usage, staff time and budget. Foam soap is pre-lathered so
      COMI G I MARCH:                         you do not have to run water to lather up. Using foam soap
        The Duke University                   reduces the amount of water used per wash. Also, each pump of foam soap uses
      Chorale performs here at                significantly less product than a pump of liquid soap. Finally, foam soap is less
      Westminster on Thursday                 susceptible to leaks and drips, which means less cleaning for the Sextons, saving time
     evening, March 11, as part               and money.
      of its spring concert tour.
      Hosts are needed to house               The touchless paper towel dispensers prevent the spread of germs by eliminating the
     the singers Thursday night.              need to pull a lever or push button. By waving your hand in front of the sensor, it will
       If you can help provide                automatically feed. It also lowers paper costs with automatic portion control, dispens-
       housing, please contact                ing just enough paper towel to dry your hands.
          Tony Bosworth at or                   The importance of preserving the Earth has grown significantly over the past several
            302-654-0577.                     years and Westminster is proud to be a part of a greener, cleaner environment. Every
                                              change, no matter how small it may seem, will make a difference.

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