Sixth Six Weeks by pengxiang


									        CONNALLY G/T HOTLINE
           VOLUME 6                                                          JUNE 2011

          Connally High School
                Janice Beseda

Another busy year draws to a close, and many of     Danielle Richter:
our students have been busy this semester.                 Brazos Education Foundation
Seniors have especially been working hard on               TAMU Opportunity Award
college and scholarship applications. Below are            Sul Ross Corps of Cadets
the scholarships awarded so far to the seniors of          George W. Crocker
2011:                                                      Regents Scholarship
                                                           Lacy Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
Yudi Balderas:                                             American Legion Scholarship Award
      Fidelis Masonic Lodge                                CHS Band Booster Scholarship
      Lacy Lakeview Chamber of Commerce                    HOT Fair and Rodeo
      HOT Fair and Rodeo                                   Herff Jones
      Brazos Education Foundation                          State of Texas Top 10%
      UTSA Roadrunner Scholarship                          MCC Top 10%
      UMHB Honor Scholarship
      Univ. of Incarnate Word Dean’s Scholarship    Cheyenne Richardson:
      Cadet Memorial                                      Baylor President’s Gold Scholarship
      State of Texas Top 10%
      MCC Top 10%                                   Matt Roach:
                                                          State of Texas top 10%
Kelsey Engeldinger:                                       MCC Top 10%
       Houston Baptist President’s Scholarship
       Baylor Provost’s Gold Scholarship            Stephanie Wall:
       HOT Fair and Rodeo                                 Connally Association of Professional
       Texas Lutheran Alumni Referral Award                     Educators
       Lacy Lakeview Chamber of Commerce                  Bellmead Lions Club
       American Legion All-Around Student
       CHS Athletic Booster Scholarship
       State of Texas Top 10%                       The following G/T students received awards on
       MCC Top 10%                                  Awards Night, May 17:
       Pacesetter Award for College Excellence
               (Texas Lutheran)                     Seniors

Diego Padron:                                       Yudi Balderas:
       LULAC Manuel Gonzales Scholarship                  President’s Award for Academic Excellence
       CHS Athletic Booster Scholarship
           VOLUME 6                                                        JUNE 2011

Kelsey Engeldinger:                                Caleb Hogue:
       President’s Award for Academic Excellence         Computer Science II
       UIL Scholar                                       Outstanding Junior Band Member
       Who’s Who at Connally High School
                                                   Victoria Padron:
Sarah Plymell:                                            Culinary Arts
      President’s Award for Academic Excellence           Who’s Who at Connally High School

Cheyenne Richardson:                               Robin Plant:
      President’s Award for Academic Excellence          Art II

Danielle Richter:                                  Connor Pogue:
       AP Calculus                                      AP English III
       UIL Scholar                                      Pre-AP Pre-Calculus
       President’s Award for Academic Excellence        Physics
       Outstanding Senior Band Member                   Anatomy and Physiology
                                                        Who’s Who at Connally High School
Matt Roach:
      AP Chemistry                                 Matthew Skopik:
      Debate                                             Pre-AP Pre-Calculus Physics
      UIL Scholar                                        Who’s Who at Connally High School
      President’s Award for Academic Excellence
Stephanie Wall:
      Newspaper                                    Michael Donaldson:
      UIL Scholar                                        Texas ACT Council Award
                                                         Outstanding Sophomore Band Member
Shaquel Wilson:
      President’s Award for Academic Excellence    Marissa Hunsucker:
                                                         English II
                                                   Julia Jirovsky:
Stephanie Copeland:                                       Texas ACT Council Award
           VOLUME 6                                                  JUNE 2011

Christian Riestra:                         Other Awards & Recognitions
       Computer Science I                  Michael Donaldson qualified for UIL State
       Texas ACT Council Award             Competition in both Prose Interpretation and
       Outstanding Sophomore Band Member   Persuasive Speaking. He placed 5th in state in
                                           Persuasive Speaking.
Jesus Tonche:
       Pre-AP Chemistry                    Robin Plant placed 2nd in the Mardi Gras art
       Pre-AP English II                   competition for the Autism Network.
       Pre-AP Algebra II
       World History                       Senior Plans and Parting Comments
       Texas ACT Council Award
                                           Yuridia Balderas plans to attend MCC for her
Lyndsey Wilson:                            basics and then transfer to a four-year college to
      Pre-AP Chemistry                     major in biology. “Being a G/T student has brought
      Spanish II                           me many blessings. Through my G/T classes, I
      Texas ACT Council Award              have met many people and have made some of my
                                           most cherished friendships. Although it is my
Freshmen                                   senior year and classes are rapidly coming to an
                                           end, the effects of G/T and the friendships it has
Kierra Gaither:                            made will follow me always.”
      Spanish II
                                           Joseph Cuellar will begin studying automotive
Jacob Lascsak:                             technology at TSTC this fall. He eventually plans
      Pre-AP Biology                       to move to Santa Fe, NM, to enroll in the art
      Outstanding Freshman Band Member     university. “I have many memories from my time
                                           at Connally. Some teachers I took a liking to were
Gabe Ouellette:                            my 2nd, 6th grade science, 9-10th English, and my
      Business Information Management      senior anatomy teacher. Mrs. Gardner was always a
                                           big help when I need it in second grade. I feel
Grace Ouellette:                           that’s the year when I learned the most. Mrs.
      Honor Freshman                       Morrow was also the nicest teacher I had. I
      Pre-AP English I                     remember how she always let us get away with stuff
      Communications Application           and took us to recess even when we weren’t
      Pre-AP Geometry                      supposed to. My first years of high school Mrs.
      World Geography                      Collander was the cool teacher. But she always
                                           gave me the most work or let me do extra projects
                                           because I was in G/T and could draw. But she was
            VOLUME 6                                                               JUNE 2011

real nice. Now that I’ve come to my senior year,        pursuing a career in pediatrics. “I have been going
Mrs. Sanders is the best teacher I have. She’s          to Connally since I was in pre-K, and I would not
friendly and offered to be there if I ever needed       have changed that for the world. Connally has
help. I enjoy going to her class because she always     given me the best experiences/memories a person
makes it fun to learn, even if I don’t show my          can have, especially being on the first softball team
excitement. Overall, my teachers have always been       in Connally history to make it to the playoffs.”
a great help. I just want to say thanks to each of
them. To me, being G/T means having the power to        Matthew Roach will attend MCC for his basics and
become something great and using that to better         then transfer to Baylor to major in religion. “My
myself in life. Most people are just as smart as I am   favorite memory is not necessarily one memory, but
(or smarter) but they don’t apply themselves as         the collective memories that I acquired from first
much as I do. I actually have the will and desire to    grade through fourth. Throughout those years,
become something great. So really, I’m just like        instead of having new classmates in each grade
everyone else who wants to be successful. I’ve just     level, the GT program kept me with the same
been labeled as better since I started school.”         students. Over these years I was able to make
                                                        friendships that have lasted until now and will
Stephanie Wall is going to TSTC for Media               probably last a lifetime.”
Communications and Information. “I remember our
G/T group always being close in our younger             Diego Padron plans to attend Stephen F. Austin;
grades. I remember doing a project in Mrs.              his major is undecided at this time. “I remember
Bulagian’s class about segregation. She had part of     winning all my races during Field Day in
our class segregated one day and switched the next      intermediate.   I also always remember Adam
day. We were reading a book about it at the time.       Martinez and Brennan Trussell.”
We were supposed to do this project for longer, but
we all felt bad. I remember a lot of us in the class    P. J. Hutchison plans to major in mechanical
crying, including our teacher. We decided to cut        engineering. “I have too many memories to
the project short.”                                     remember and all of them seem to be good. It was
                                                        great getting to grow up with all my friends. The
Danielle Richter will attend Texas A & M,               teachers are amazing! All of them always push you
planning to major in meteorology. Her long-range        to try your hardest.”
plan includes joining the Navy and eventually
working for NOAA. “I have been in G/T since             Cheyenne Richardson plans to attend Baylor to
third grade. By being in G/T I was able to be           study sports medicine and pre-physical therapy. “I
challenged more which has made me a better              have been in the G/T program since kindergarten
student.”                                               and it has definitely meant a lot to me. G/T has
                                                        shaped me into the successful individual that I am
Kelsey Engeldinger plans to attend Texas Lutheran       today. I am extremely grateful to this program.”
University to major in Pre-Med/Biology, eventually
            VOLUME 6                                                                JUNE 2011

           Connally Elementary
      Stacy Farris and Paula Gardner                                     Editor’s Note
  The sixth six weeks always prove to be our
                                                          After 17 years of editing the Connally G/T
busiest. Students presented their productions of
                                                        Hotline and 21 years of teaching at Connally
Hamlet and Macbeth on May 19 to the Elementary
                                                        Elementary I am retiring.
students and their families. Raul Cartagena and
                                                          Our gifted programs have provided so many
Aaron Melveney portrayed their parts as Hamlet
                                                        students with opportunities beyond the classroom.
and Macbeth, respectively, dramatically. Both casts
                                                        Students have developed skills and talents beyond
did an excellent job and we were so proud of them.
                                                        the basics of reading, writing, math, and science. In
We are looking forward to following the students’
                                                        the past 21 years, while at Connally, these students
acting careers when they are again given the
                                                        have been part of winning UIL teams, represented
opportunity to hone their acting skills.
                                                        our district in state music and theater competitions,
  Students also tackled the 3rd and 4th grade Texas
                                                        and been part of sports teams that have made the
Performance Standards Projects. Students are
                                                        playoffs many times. Graduates have become
required to research an idea, work on creating their
                                                        aerospace engineers, software engineers working
own innovation and present their work to a panel of
                                                        for defense contractors, physicians, lawyers, and
professionals. The third grade project focused on
                                                        entrepreneurs and studied theology at the University
Building a Business – Games and Toys while the
                                                        of Edinburgh in Scotland. They have made the
fourth graders concentrated on Innovations.
                                                        Connally community proud of all they have
Students began researching innovations, inventions
                                                        accomplished. It has been my privilege to work in a
and innovators. After sharing what they had
                                                        program that has strived to meet the needs of our
learned in a human time line, third grade students
                                                        advanced learners and gifted students.
started their own companies and created an original
                                                          Thank you to all of the teachers who have
board game. Fourth graders individually worked on
                                                        contributed to this newsletter throughout the years.
their own inventions. Danny and Carol Reed, local
                                                        Your willingness to share your students’ stories and
entrepreneurs, judged the students work on May 27.
                                                        accomplishments has provided a window into the
They commented how impressed they were by the
                                                        world of gifted education at Connally ISD.
students’ presentations skills and creative thinking.
                                                          We must remember that, “Until every gifted child
They used a rubric to judge the students’ work,
                                                        can attend a school where the brightest are
evaluating the students’ presentations, advertising
                                                        appropriately challenged in an environment with
campaigns, and the actual game and/or invention.
                                                        their intellectual peers, America can't claim that it's
Students were quizzed about their work and treated
                                                        leaving no child behind.” – Jan and Bob Davidson
to constructive comments by Mr. and Mrs. Reed.
                                                        with Laura Vanderkam, in Genius Denied
This opportunity was the first time students had
                                                          As I leave, my hope is that the students continue to
presented their ideas to individuals with whom they
                                                        be challenged and encouraged to develop their
had no personal relationship. We were so proud
                                                        talents and skills so that they can achieve beyond
that the students acted professionally and presented
                                                        their and our dreams.
their work expertly. All of their hard work for the
year culminated in this last project. Nicely done,                       Enthusiastically,
third and fourth graders!!                                                Paula Gardner

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