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                2005 Annual Report

In the late 1960’s, family income in the barrios of            El Rio’s reputation as a community caring center
Tucson hovered around $3,000, and basic health                 quickly grew. Limited in resources, but not
care was outside the reach of many. In 1969,                   resourcefulness, El Rio devised bold initiatives to
Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty campaign                    meet the needs of people, young and old, poor and
offered Federal dollars to develop Neighborhood                near-poor. As the needs grew, so did the challenges.
Health Centers.                                                In 1985, Robert Gomez was hired as the Executive
                                                               Director. Under his 19 years of leadership, the Health
Tucson community leaders, county officials, the                Center prospered, becoming one of the largest and
University of Arizona and representatives from 16              most respected community health centers in the
west side barrios collaborated to apply for Federal            country, with more than 500 skilled professionals
funding. The University of Arizona received a grant            providing services at eleven community locations.
for half a million dollars. Dr. Merlin “Monte” Duval,
former Dean of the University of Arizona College of            What began as a small clinic 35 years ago is now
Medicine, worked with the Pima County Board of                 a thriving primary care center serving more than
Supervisors to secure a vacant juvenile detention              60,000 people in our community. We are grateful
center to house the new clinic. On October 5,                  for the passion, vision, and commitment of our
1970, the El Rio Santa Cruz Neighborhood Health                dedicated Board of Directors... staff... donors...
Center opened its doors, guided by community                   and patients who have made El Rio what it is
input and directed by Dr. Herbert Abrams.                      today and what it will be tomorrow.

   1969     Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty campaign plants the seed for Community Health Centers.
2005 marked the 35th Anniversary of El Rio Community Health Center. It was a year of great accomplishments and
continued financial strength for the Health Center. It is our pleasure to share some of the highlights with you.

– El Rio was recognized for its continuing efforts to meet patient needs and provide quality services:
   • Our immunization program received a Dr. Daniel T. Cloud Outstanding Practice Award from
      The Arizona Partnership for Immunization (TAPI).
   • The American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists honored El Rio’s Pharmacy-Based Diabetes Management
      program as one of six in the country for a Best Practices Award in Health-System Pharmacy.
   • The American Dental Association reported a perfect score and five commendations for El Rio’s
      dental residency program during its 2005 accreditation visit.
   • Dr. Kevin Carmichael, Chief of Service for El Rio’s Special Immunology Associates (SIA), received an
      Outstanding Physicians Award from TheBody.com, the largest Internet-based HIV/AIDS resource,
      as well as a State Community Service Award from the League of United Latin American Citizens.

– Our internal focus for 2005 was Service Excellence. El Rio completed staff-wide training in Customer Service.
  Cross-departmental teams are currently addressing opportunities to improve service and patient satisfaction.
  A special area of focus is appointment availability.

– We selected a new Practice Management platform as a first step toward Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  This new system should be fully implemented in early 2007 - setting the stage for EHR.

– Along with other community partners, El Rio focused on the needs of the uninsured. This led to a collaborative
  effort to evaluate the feasibility of developing a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). Results of
  the evaluation are due this summer. Concurrent with this effort, El Rio developed a Continuity of Care Record
  (CCR) that can be used by patients and providers. Implementation is planned for the fall of 2006.

The year ahead brings with it new challenges and opportunities as we continue to enhance our customer service skills,
work toward more effective ways to share patient information, and develop plans for a larger, up-to-date clinic to replace
our small, over-utilized site on Congress Street. Thanks to our dedicated staff, generous donors and corporate partners,
we will continue to assure quality care for those most in need in our community.

Kathy Byrne                                                 Jon R. Young
Executive Director                                          President
El Rio Community Health Center                              Board of Directors

  1969-1970         Tucson community leaders, county officials and representatives from the University of Arizona meet to
                    convert this Federal mandate into a health care provider for the local barrios. A vacant juvenile detention
                    center and money to renovate are secured from the county to house the new clinic. The University of
                    Arizona applies for a federal grant of a half million dollars to cover operational costs.
    As our patients’ needs change, so do our services. We take pride
    in providing a broad range of primary care services, that include:

    • Preventive services including annual screening exams
    • Well-check visits including immunizations
    • Ongoing care for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension,
      asthma, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS
    • Integrated behavioral health services
    • Same-day appointments for urgent care
    • Prenatal care
    • Evening and Saturday appointments
    • Referrals to specialists & other community resources

                                                           Adult Services:
                                                           • Cleaning, fillings and extractions
                                                           • Designated daily walk-in times for adults with urgent needs
                                                           • Referrals to specialists & other community resources
                                                           • Preventive care for a limited number of uninsured adults

                                                           Children’s Services:
                                                           • Cleaning, fluoride treatment, sealants
                                                           • Fillings and extractions
                                                           • Oral health education

                                                           • Four full-service on-site pharmacies

         October 5, 1970            El Rio Santa Cruz Neighborhood Health Center opens its doors to the community.
There is no typical El Rio patient – and we like it that way. Patients range in
age from newborn to over 100. They represent many cultures and have health
care needs as unique as themselves. One thing they do have in common is
the need for quality health care.

Patient Snapshot                                                     Demographics by ethnicity:
Of the 57,257 El Rio patients served in 2005 –                       Hispanic                                   59.1%
• 23% were uninsured while 50% were on Medicaid                      Unreported                                 16.9%
• 44% were under the age of 18                                       Anglos                                     13.1%
• 63% were below the federal poverty level                           Native American                             8.4%
                                                                     African American                            2.1%
Patient income as percent of poverty level:                          Asian/Pacific                                .4%
100% and below                                    63%                Islander
101-200% above                                     6%
Over 200%                                         23%
Unknown                                            8%

Insurance status of our patients:
Medicaid                                          52%
Uninsured                                         24%
Private Insurance                                 12%
Medicare                                           5%
Indian Health                                      7%

Demographics by age:
Pediatrics (0-17)                               44.3%
Adults (18-54)                                  41.4%
Seniors (55+)                                   14.3%

    1977     The original clinic is replaced by a $2 million, 34,000 square foot building on Congress Street.
    With an average of four visits per year, per patient,
    El Rio’s number of visits in FY2005 rose to an all time
    high of 266,969. That’s an increase of nearly 20%
    over our previous fiscal year!

    Most every year since our inception, the need                                            Patients Served in 2005
    for our services has increased.                                      60,000
    In 2005, over 57,000 patients relied on                              50,000                                       50,911
    El Rio Community Health Center                                                                           45,612
    for their care.                                                      40,000 40,377     39,750   40,587




                                                                                   1999    2000     2001     2002     2003     2004     2005

                                                                                  “I was there in the beginning and
                                                                                  remain involved to this day because
                                                                                  health care is important to everyone,
                                                                                  rich or poor, insured or uninsured.”
                                                                                          – Miguel Rojas,
                                                                                            Original Incorporator of El Rio
                                                                                            and Current Board Member
    Support from the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council is funding
    the expansion of El Rio’s Pharmacy-Based Diabetes
    Management Program to the Yaqui reservation.

          1980’s      Pascua Yaqui Clinic opens on the reservation
Pharmacy-Based Diabetes Management Program – Diabetes is a major concern for our service population, which is
2-3 times more likely to develop the disease. While diabetes management has traditionally been provided by a patient’s
primary care physician, El Rio has helped pioneer the use of clinical pharmacists to provide intensive hands-on medication
management. Over 1,100 patients have brought their blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, glucose
and A1C (a measure of control over diabetes) into the normal or optimal range. Honored most recently by the American
Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists with a Best Practices Award, our program results are being shared at both the state
and national levels.

Inner-City Asthma Intervention Program – 107 new children/teens learned how to implement strategies to control their
asthma in 2005. As a result, hospitalizations, emergency room visits and school days missed were reduced or eliminated.
Supportive equipment, including: HEPA filters, peak flow meters, spacers, mattress and pillow covers were provided to
all participating families.

Immunizations – El Rio has one of the most successful childhood immunization programs in the state of Arizona.
Our award winning immunization rate of 90% far exceeds the state’s average of 74%. We are successful because we run
free immunization clinics at three clinical sites regardless of whether or not children have appointments and we use the
power of technology to track patients and recall them at recommended intervals. Immunizations are one of the most
effective ways to protect children against serious infectious diseases and their devastating consequences.

Dental – El Rio operates two of the largest non-profit dental clinics in the State of Arizona, with 34,000 treatment visits
per year. Recent program additions are enabling us to offer dental care for special needs patients. The Dental Partnership
Program provides free preventive services to qualified patients without other resources and educates the community at
large about the importance of good oral health. El Rio’s “Right From the Start” program addresses the problem of
early childhood caries by educating pregnant and postpartum women on the importance of good oral hygiene for
both mother and child.

Women’s Wellness – An array of health education and promotion activities are offered throughout the year, including:
health education classes, health improvement activities, health screenings, the provision of health education materials
in Spanish, assistance in acquiring health care coverage and ongoing support from a neighborhood “promotora” –
community health advisors. We focus on educating minority women about the health risks of chronic disease,
while helping them make informed health choices that will have a lasting positive impact on their entire family.

   1991     El Rio’s Special Immunology Associates open on St. Mary’s Road to treat El Rio patients with HIV/AIDS.
    Over half of our Board Members are our patients. This provides invaluable
                                                                                                                 Kathy Byrne
    personal and real-time insight into our ability to meet the needs of our patients.                        Executive Director

                                                                      Health Center
                                                                      Board of Directors 2005
                                                                      Jon R. Young, President
                                                                      Miguel Rojas, Vice President
                                                                      Nanci R. Aiken, Ph.D., Secretary
                                                                      Adam Pietruskiewicz, Treasurer

                                                                      Mary Adam, M.D., MS, FAAP
                                                                      Cathy Cordova
                                                                      Stephen G. Eggen
                                                                      Brian Flagg
                                                                      Jorge Garcia
                                                                      William Maytorena
                                                                      Michael T. Odum, Sr.
                                                                      Julie Perry
                                                                      Pete Reisinger
                                                                      Gail Roberts
                                                                      Kirk Saunders
                                                                      Barbara Soehnlen
                 Jon R. Young, President                              Frank Valenzuela
             Health Center Board of Directors
                                                                      Executive Director
                                                                      Kathy Byrne

                                                                      Celia Hightower

                                                                      Chief Clinical Officer
                                                                      Arthur N. Martinez, M.D., MSHA

         1991    Pediatric building, built with funding from Angel Charity for Children, opens next to the Congress Street clinic.
 2005 Fiscal Year Review
 Revenue and Public Support:
       Federal Grants                                                                                 $         9,270,479
       Patient Generated Revenue                                                                               37,875,890
       Other Grants                                                                                             2,034,774
       Foundation                                                                                                 821,335
       In-Kind Contributions                                                                                    4,088,353
 Total Revenue & Public Support                                                                       $        54,090,831

       Medical, Dental, Pharmacy Services                                                             $        38,968,887
       Administration                                                                                           4,222,232
       Depreciation                                                                                             1,270,133
       Interest                                                                                                   329,215
       In-Kind Expenses                                                                                         4,088,353
 Total Expenses                                                                                       $        48,878,820

 Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets:
      Excess of Revenue & Public Support Over Expenses                                                $          5,212,001
      Change in Fair Value of Interest Rate Swap                                                                   100,790
 Unrestricted Net Assets                                                                              $          5,312,801

1995   El Rio opens internal medicine/pediatric clinic in the Southwest – which is later expanded to double its size in the Fall of 2001.
                                                            Health Center Founding Members were honored at Fiesta El Rio dinner.

    El Rio Foundation was established in October of 2001 to provide philanthropic support to El Rio Community
    Health Center. In-kind and financial contributions from donors have helped fund and enhance many Health
    Center programs, special projects, capital improvements and provide for El Rio’s future through legacy giving.

    We are truly grateful for the combined efforts of our Board of Directors, individual donors, foundations and
    corporations that have contributed nearly $3 million to the Foundation over the last five years. Their generosity and
    commitment to our mission has helped the Health Center provide quality care for our community, every day.

                                                              Board of Directors 2005
                                                              Rafael Guerrero, President
                                                              Raymon Flores, Jr., Vice President
                                                              James A. Romanoski, Vice President
                                                              Bernarda Duarte, Secretary
                                                              Lee Shobe, Treasurer

                                                              Eric Abrams
                                                              Cindy Ashton
                                                              Frank J. Avitia
                                                              Kathy Byrne, Ex Officio
                                                              Louie Castro
                                                              Carrie Click
                                                              Cecilia Davenport
                                                              Sydney E. Fenno, MPH
               Rafael Guerrero, President                     Arturo Guerrero
              Foundation Board of Directors                   Robert D. Mahlstede
                 (pictured with his children)
                                                              Arthur Martinez, MD, MSHA, Ex Officio
                                                              Evelia Martinez
                         Fundraising – 7%                     David Ogilvy
                                                              Camerone Parker
          Administrative – 3%
                                                              Christina Sanchez
                                                              Kirk Saunders
                                                              Sean Stuchen
                                                              Anthony Vuturo, MD, MPH
          Direct Program
          Services – 90%                                      Executive Director
                                                              Brenda Goldsmith

           October 2001 El Rio Foundation begins operations
There are several ways you can support the vital work of
El Rio Community Health Center:

• Volunteer Opportunities – our governing and fundraising
  boards and their committees are made up of volunteers.
  We also have opportunities for volunteer readers and people
  to teach health education classes.

• Financial Contributions – you can donate by phone
  (520-205-4947) or by mailing your check (payable
  to El Rio Foundation) to 839 W. Congress Street,
  Tucson, AZ 85745. You may also contribute funds
  in honor of or in memory of someone special.

• Planned Giving & Estate Planning – we can help you and your
  professional advisors achieve your financial objectives and craft a
  giving plan that matches your needs and interests. You can save on
  your taxes, increase your current income or cash flow and preserve
  more of your estate for your heirs – all while supporting
  El Rio Community Health Center’s mission. Strategies
  include trusts and gifts made through wills.

• Special Events – support events like our golf tournament and
  annual Fiesta El Rio Anniversary Dinner. You’ll have fun and
  your contributions will go a long way in helping us to empower
  people to live healthy, productive lives. Please watch for future
  events and campaigns and help us whenever you can.

• Advocacy – we are the voice of those that need affordable
  health care. You can help us advocate politically for a
  more equitable health care system.

To receive additional information on volunteer opportunities,
upcoming events, planned-giving or to tour one of our clinics,
please call the Foundation office at 520-205-4947.

   June 2002        Health-e-AZ launches – an internet-based, paperless application process for state insurance
                    coverage, which replaces the prior manual system that was fraught with delays and errors.
     Giving to El Rio Foundation
     Listed below are individual, corporate and foundation donors that have
     contributed $200 or more to El Rio Foundation, during our 2005 fiscal
     year. We are proud to acknowledge and thank them for recognizing the
     important work of El Rio Community Health Center in our community.

     Joel N. & Lidia H. Allen                           $5,000 - $9,999                                Nova Home Loans
     Brenda Goldsmith                                   Abbott Laboratories, Inc.                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael Parr
     Dr. Buchanan M. McKay (deceased)                   Joel N. & Lidia H. Allen                       Adam J. Pietruskiewicz
                                                        American Dental Association (ADA) Foundation   Pitt Family Foundation
     Adam J. Pietruskiewicz                             Beach, Fleischman & Co., PC/Jon R. Young         Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz
     Henry S. Ruth                                      BFL Construction Company, Inc.                 Printex
                                                        Kathy Byrne                                    Raven & Awerkamp, PC
     $1,113,649                                         Cardinals Charities                            Retina Centers, P.C.
                                                           Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz     Robidoux (Melody S.) Foundation
     Pfizer, Inc. Share the                                                                              Through the Community Foundation for SoAz
                                                        Community Foundation for SoAz
     Care Program (pharmaceuticals)                     Anonymous                                      Schaller Anderson, Inc.
                                                        Cox Communications                             SecureHorizons
     $200,000+                                          Davis (Jeannie & Cole) Family Foundation       The Stanley Group
     Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council                        William J. Dohrmann                            Ventanilla de Salud/Mexican Consulate
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Clinton W. Gaylord                  Wells Fargo
     $100,000                                           The Gordon (Charles & Gertrude) Foundation
                                                        Jani-King of Tucson                            $1,000 - $2,499
     TMC Foundation                                     Knisely Family Foundation                      Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Abrams
                                                           Through the Community Foundation for SoAz   Anheuser-Busch Cos., Inc.
     $50,000+                                           Leuthold (Steven) Family Foundation            AZ Association of Community Health Centers
     BHP Copper, Inc.                                   Lovitt & Touché                                Arizona Daily Star
                                                        PacifiCare Foundation                          Bourn Partners, L.L.C.
                                                        Qwest                                          CBIZ
     $10,000 - $49,999                                  Sonora Quest Laboratories                      Carrie W. Click
     Aetna Foundation                                   Southern Arizona Foundation                    Copple, Boehm & Murphy, P.C.
     Arizona Community Foundation                       Univision                                      Cristiani Foundation
     Bank of America                                    Zuckerman Family Foundation                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. DeConcini
     Bank One Arizona                                      Through the Community Foundation for SoAz   El Rio OB/GYN
     Garry Brav                                                                                        Family Auto Body & Collision
     Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation                   $2,500 - $4,999                                Capt. & Mrs. Kevin W. Fenno
     Casino Del Sol                                     AIG VALIC                                      Finley Distributing
     Mr. & Mrs. James Click                             Anonymous                                      James Fissell
     Comcast Foundation                                    Through the Community Foundation for SoAz   Focus HR
     The Esther Fund                                    Arizona Department of Health Services          Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc.
                                                        Arizona Physicians IPA                         Brenda Goldsmith
       Through the Community Foundation for SoAz
                                                        Cindy Ashton/G. Starr Rounds                   Harris Bank
     Jim Click Family Foundation                        The Ashton Company                             Honeywell
     Johnson & Johnson, LifeScan, Inc.                  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona              HSL Properties
     Johnson-Manley Lumber Company                      Carondelet Health Network                      Dr. & Mrs. Suresh B. Katakkar
     KB Home                                            CDG Architects Ltd.                            Mr. & Mrs. Tom Keating
     Raytheon Missile Systems                           Community Partnership of Southern Arizona      Dr. & Mrs. Lou Lancero
     The Stocker Foundation                             El Charro Cafe – The Flores Family             Mariposa Community Health Center
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gomez                        Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Martinez
                                                        Health Choice Arizona                          Dr. & Mrs. Fernando Martinez
                                                        Intuit                                         Dr. Xavier Martinez

         Fall 2002          El Rio and the Sunnyside Unified School District collaborate to open two comprehensive pediatric school-based clinics.
Dr. Buchanan M. McKay (deceased)                     Mr. & Mrs. Foster Kivel                       Mr. & Mrs. William K. Carson
National Bank of Arizona                             Landon Management Services, P.C.              City of Tucson ECAP
Parkman (Elizabeth A.) Foundation                    Dr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Lillie                       Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz
Pathway Developments                                 Loma Catalina Company                         Wesley D. Clark
Pathways Financial Partners                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mahlstede                   Major & Mrs. William L. Clyde, Ret.
Pima Medical Institute                               Marana Health Center                          Ron Cohen
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Martin                   Commerce Bank of Arizona
Mrs. Evie Pozez                                      McKesson Health Systems                       James W. Concidine
  Through the Jewish Community Foundation            MedImmune, Inc.                               Mr. & Mrs. John M. Conrad
Principle Solutions Group/Ray Flores, Jr.            Northern Trust                                Consulado de Mexico/Juan Manuel Calderon
Ravenscroft Living Trust                             David Ogilvy                                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Coyle
Regier, Carr & Monroe, L.L.P.                        Dr. & Mrs. Adalberto Renteria                     Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Robson                         Mr. & Mrs. Ramon R. Robles                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Crary III
Romanoski Glass & Mirror Company                     R.P. Sanders & Co.                            Mr. & Mrs. Tom G. Crofts
Saunders Amos, LLC/Kirk Saunders                     Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Rustand                    Dr. & Mrs. Luis Dalmendray
Margaret H. Scott                                    Mr. & Mrs. David C. Smallhouse                Dr. & Mrs. David Davenport
Ms. Sherman Scurry/Dr. Christopher P. O’Neill        Barbara Soehnlen                              Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Doorenbos
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Shobe                                 Theresa Alessandra Russo Foundation           Gerald R. Duffy
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Thompson                 Dr. & Mrs. Merlin Duval
Sonora Investment Management                         John Thorup                                   Mr. & Mrs. R. Stanley Dybvig
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Staubitz                        Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Townsdin                     Empire Machinery
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Stuchen                              Penny R. Whitley                              Dr. Lois Estok/Joyce S. Rosenfeld
Sundt Mortgage Group                                 Ron Wright/Kirk Emerson                       Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Favre
Telemundo                                            United Way – Designated Funds                 Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Feifer
Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise                     Mr. & Mrs. William G. Valenzuela              Mr. & Mrs. Joel Feinberg
TR MED/By Design, Inc.                               Dr. Stephanie B. Vidoni-Hartung/              Mr. & Mrs. William Ferrell
Tucson Medical Center                                   Scott C. Hartung                           Fester & Chapman, PC
United Healthcare of Arizona                         Volk Company                                  Dr. Nicola D. Finley
Vuturo Family Foundation                             Mr. & Mrs. Terence E. Wheaton                 Dr. Carlos A. Flores/Mary A Schechner
                                                                                                   Gary Forrest
R. & M. Wachter Philanthropic Fund
                                                     $200 - $499                                   Kristen Frederiksen/Erik De Jonghe
  Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz                                                          Rebecca Freeman, CNM
Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Wagner                             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Abbate
                                                     AcuComm Inc.                                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Frost
Bobbie C. Wilbur                                                                                   GBP Risk Solutions
                                                     Dr. Kenneth Adler/Dr. Katherine A. Shuppert
Wings Like Eagles Foundation                         Dr. Denise Ahearn                             Dr. & Mrs. J. David Gibeault
Wingspan                                             Dr. Nanci Aiken                               Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Gillette
                                                     Alliance Beverage                             Mr. & Mrs. David R. Glew
$500 - $999                                          Maria Arellano/Oscar J. Ramirez               Mr. & Mrs. Harrison S. Goodkin
Mary Beth Adam/Rodney D. Adam                        Mr. & Mrs. Don Awerkamp                       Nancy P. Goodwin
Mr. & Mrs. Bascom F. Anthony                         B.A.S.I.C. Western USA, Inc.                  Lydia E. Grijalva
Arizona Lotus Corporation                            Mr. & Mrs. Volker Beer                        Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Guerrero
Books Are Fun, Ltd.                                  Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Bellows                   Elsa Gutierrez
                                                     Joann M. Bent                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Gutierrez
Ekdal Buys
                                                     Anonymous                                     Donald Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. Morton L. Caplan                                                                        Harris Mobile Home Sales
CB Richard Ellis-Tucson, LLC                         Mr. & Mrs. David F. Berg
                                                     Thomas D. Bickley                             Andrew Heideman
Clear Channel Radio                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Trent N. Henderson
                                                     John Blake
COPE Behavioral Health Services                      Mary E. Blevins                               Robert E. Hickox
Janna-Neen J. Cunningham                             Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Bonwell                    Richard H. Hill
Norma Davenport                                      Selma Bornstein                               Dr. & Mrs. Clarence J. Hindman
Dr. Charles A. Davis                                 Jessica Anne Brandt                           Mr. & Mrs. James F. Holtshouse
   Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz           Howard S. Bremond                             Home & Land Appraisal Services, LLC
Davis & Eppstein, PC                                 Dr. & Mrs. Abraham Bressler                   Mr. & Mrs. John O. Hoos
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Fenton                           Gayle S. Brown/Joseph J. Kantauskis           Dr. Richard A. Hoshaw/Stephanie McInroy
                                                     Jay L. Buck                                   Cheryl Houser/Gary Hunter
Dr. & Mrs. Mark E. Frankel
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Ken P. Burton                      Darrell Hubbard
Leslie Galloway/Balfour Walker                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Hudson
Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics                       Leon G. Byerley III
                                                     Eleanor Caldwell                              Intravisions Consulting
Hank Peck & Associates, Inc.                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Steven Jarrett
                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Gerardo Carlos
Harris Bank Foundation                                                                             Jason’s Deli
Celia Hightower                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Johnston
Jobs for Progress, Inc.

   September 2002                       El Rio opens a small storefront clinic on Prince Road – expected to serve the needs of
                                        the Flowing Wells area for 2 1/2 years. The clinic reached capacity in only 6 months.
     Jon R. Young Company, P.C.                                    Mr. & Mrs. Randall S. Prust                                   Honor/Memorial
     KAK Compensation Services                                     Dr. Jeffrey Rein/Dr. Mridula Aggarwal                         In memory of –
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kaiserman                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Reisinger                               Philip N. Archambault
        Through the Jewish Community Foundation                    Kendyl Reisinger                                                 Nancy P. Goodwin
     Dr. Rosalia Kame                                              Mr. & Mrs. Melvin H. Reisinger                                Keshav Basil
     Dr. & Mrs. Murray A. Katz                                     Josefa Renteria                                                  Dr. Jeffrey Rein/Dr. Mridula Aggarwal
     Dr. & Mrs. George N. Kerrihard                                Dr. Moira Richards/Irvin Richards                             Dr. Murray B. Bornstein
     Mr. & Mrs. John Kirk                                          Anonymous                                                        Selma Bornstein
     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kratz                                      Dr. & Mrs. Melvin D. Roberts                                  Leonard Chana
     Jeanette M. Kuhn                                              Alan T. Robertson                                                Anonymous
     Mr. & Mrs. Norman R. Kyle                                     Dr. & Mrs. Steven Rosenfeld                                   Betty Chutkow
     Dr. & Mrs. Gregory LaChance                                   Dr. & Mrs. David B. Rosenthal                                    Dr. Lee R. Chutkow
     Dr. & Mrs. Howard Lien                                        Mr. & Mrs. Myron Rottenstein                                  Anna Contreras
     Mr. & Mrs. Albin E. Littell                                   RS Engineering                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Edward O. Urcadez
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Longenbaugh                             Mark Rubin/Jane Wilson                                        Carol Davis
     Laurie Lucinski                                                   Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz                      Dr. Charles A. Davis
                                                                                                                                 Leonard Fisher
     Susan D. Marks                                                Sailer Group/Stephen F. Sailer, DDS
                                                                                                                                    Burton A. Feldman
     Leticia Martinez                                              Dr. Sarah Liz Samoy-Hom                                       Herman Friedman
     Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas McAndrew                                 Dr. T. Frank Saunders                                            Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Friedman
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. McCormack                                Kirk Saunders/Dr. Ann Peterson                                Lidia G. Hernandez
     Mr. & Mrs. William H. McCormack                               Drs. John & Helen Schaefer                                       Joel N. & Linda H. Allen
     Mr. & Mrs. Edgar J. McCullough, Jr.                           Dr. & Mrs. Jay L. Schlabach                                   Anne Hignutt
     Dr. & Mrs. Harry McDermott                                    Jay Schlum                                                       Mr. & Mrs. William K. Carson
     Mr. Michael McGrath/Eileen Romer                              Mr. & Mrs. Andy Schorr                                        Fred Hirsch
     Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. McHale                                   Judy Smedes                                                      Juniata Hirsch
     Mr. & Mrs. Stuart McIntyre                                    Mr. & Mrs. Harold Snyder                                      Agnes Jarven
     Susan McMahon                                                 Dr. Lisa F. Soltani/Victor E. Braitberg                          Arizona Daily Star
     Mary McMillan/Theodore A. Waldron, Jr.                        Marisa Soto, Pharm.D.                                            Donna J. Downey
     John & Ellen McVay                                            Dr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Spegman                                 Dr. Carter Marshall
     Medical Directions, Inc.                                      Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Spiece                                      Brenda Goldsmith
     Kathleen J. Merithew                                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stamp                                      Nita Munro
     Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Mills, Sr.                               Mercedes Sumner                                                  Burton A. Feldman
     Mintec                                                        Sunnyside Unified School District/                            Luisa B. Quiroz
                                                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Gelsinger
     Dr. Rajiv Modak                                                   Brandon Protas
                                                                                                                                 Beau Thomas
     Dr. Raymond Moldow/Ms. Winona Mullinax                        Sunstate Bank                                                    Karen Anderson
     Marla L. Motove                                               Dr. K.J. Tertel II                                               Mary Blevins
     Mr. & Mrs. Albert Mueller                                     Jeffrey Richard Thomas                                           Mr. & Mrs. James A. Briscoe
     Dr. & Mrs. John Mueller                                       Dr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Thompson III                                  El Rio Member Services Department
     Dr. Kudagal Murthy/Swarna Murthy                                  Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz                      Brenda Goldsmith
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Naifeh                                  Elizabeth Tolbert                                                Mr. & Mrs. Jerome M. Sullivan
     Steve Nash                                                    Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce                              Mercy Sumner
     Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Newman                                   United Way/Days of Caring
     Dr. Fanny Tam Nisbet                                          Frank Y. Valenzuela/Donna Whitman                             In honor of –
     Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Noonan                                      Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Vancoillie                                  Louise Adele Allen
     Mr. & Mrs. Andrew O. Norell                                   Jane M. Villareal                                                Joel N. & Lidia H. Allen
     Office Max                                                    Viscount Suite Hotel                                          Dr. & Mrs. Jim Benjamin
     Thomas Pace                                                   Dr. & Mrs. John Waddle                                           Dr. Fanny Tam Nisbet
     Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Pacheco                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wattis                                     Audrey Berens
     Park Owners Insurance Services                                Wells Fargo Home Mortgage                                        RS Engineering/Mr. & Mrs. Edwin S. Roth
     Party Concepts/Miguel Levy                                    Dr. Cory S. Wertz                                             Dr. Gerry Carlos
     Malcom R. Pavey                                               Dr. & Mrs. Neil R. West                                          Mr. & Mrs. Edward Silverberg
     Mr. & Mrs. Ron Pearson                                        Western Paper                                                 Dr. Marty Felder
     Pepsi-Cola of Tucson                                          WestLand Resources Inc.                                          Dr. Fanny Tam Nisbet
     Mr. & Mrs. John Perry                                         Mr. & Mrs. Roger M. Whitney                                   Dr. Michael Miller
     Petersen Family Trust/Wallace A. Petersen                     Dr. & Mrs. C. Harold Willingham                                  Dr. Fanny Tam Nisbet
     Phoenix Star Investment Group, Inc.                           Dr. & Mrs. Scott W. Wilson                                    Jack Peters
                                                                                                                                    Grace Block
     Pima County ECAP                                              Mrs. Kathryn M. Winterhoff
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Sean Stuchen
        Through the United Way of Tucson & SoAz                    Mr. & Mrs. Peter Woods                                           Mr. & Mrs. Terence E. Wheaton
     Anonymous                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Woosley                                 Dr. Francisco Valencia
                                                                                                                                    Dr. Fanny Tam Nisbet

     We have made every effort to list all our generous donors who gifted more than $200 to the Foundation last year. If we have omitted or misspelled your name, we sincerely apologize.

           October 2003                     Pascua Yaqui Tribe funds expansion of Pharmacy-Based Diabetes Management Program to the Yaqui reservation.
                                                                                         INA                           SKYLINE

                                                                                                                                                        SU NRISE







MAIN NUMBER: 520-792-9890

WEBSITE: www.elrio.org                                                                                                                     22ND


                                                                 DE OESTE

Congress Street Medical/Dental Clinic

                                                                                                     OLD NOGALES HWY
Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, X-Ray/Lab,                    VALENCIA                                                       TUCSON
Pharmaceuticals, Dental, Behavioral Health, Optical,                                                                                         AIRPORT
and Insurance Eligibility Screening
839 W. Congress Street                                                                         19
Tucson, AZ 85745

Southwest Medical/Dental Clinic
                                                                 COPE/El Rio Integrated Health Care
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Dental, OB/GYN,
                                                                 Behavioral Health and Medical Care for the Homeless
Pharmaceuticals and Insurance Eligibility Screening
1500-1530 W. Commerce Court                                      1101 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85746                                                 Tucson, AZ 85719
                                                                 (520) 624-7750
Northwest Medical Clinic
Family Practice, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Pharmaceuticals
                                                                 Pascua Yaqui Clinic
and Laboratory Testing                                           7490 S. Camino De Oeste
320 West Prince Road                                             Tucson, AZ 85746
Tucson, AZ 85705                                                 (520) 879-6225

Northwest Dental Clinic                                          School Based Clinics:
4009 N. Flowing Wells                                            Multi-Educational Learning Center (MEL)
Tucson, AZ 85705                                                 5101 S. Liberty
                                                                 Tucson, AZ 85706
El Rio OB/GYN Associates                                         (520) 545-2302
225 West Irvington
Tucson, AZ 85714                                                 Summit View (Rural/Old Nogales Hwy)
(520) 884-7304                                                   1900 E. Summit
                                                                 Tucson, AZ 85706
Special Immunology Associates                                    (520) 545-3860
Services for Patients Infected with HIV/AIDS
                                                                 Sunnyside TeenAge Parent Program (TAPP)
1701 W. St. Mary’s Road, Suite 160
                                                                 1725 E. Bilby Road
Tucson, AZ 85745
                                                                 Tucson, AZ 85706
(520) 628-8287
                                                                 (520) 545-5326

  January      El Rio OB/GYN        June       New Southwest     July             New Northwest Medical Clinic opens,
  2004         opens new facility   2004       Dental Clinic     2004             replacing storefront clinic on Prince Rd.
               on Irvington Road               opens its doors                    and tripling capacity.
                               Our Mission

  To be an accessible and affordable community health center that provides

comprehensive, quality health care in an atmosphere of respect and dignity for

patients and staff, always sensitive to the cultural differences in the community.

Further, through direct services, advocacy and education, the Center will strive

      to improve the health and well being of its patients and community.

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