How to Get Your Article Approved at Ezine Articles by MattBacak


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									                   How to Get Your Article
                  Approved at Ezine Articles
                                                                               By: Matt Bacak

Ezine is one of the best known article directories. It lets people publish articles in any niche. These
articles can then have certain types of related advertising added to allow the writer make some money
for his efforts. Sometimes, the author wants to raise awareness to a certain issue without having to
pitch a product to the reader. Whatever the case, work submitted into ezines articles has to be
approved. This article will look at the guidelines an author must follow during the ezine article
submission process. They include:

    1. Original content -All the articles submitted must be created by you. Wording copied from
       another site will be rejected. You are also not allowed to re-write previously summited content.
       You should seek to inform readers over selling something to them
    2. Language – Only articles in English are accepted. Work submitted into ezines articles must have
       correct grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Acronyms and company brand names
       should also be properly capitalized.
    3. Rights – The author must have legal ownership rights of all material. The ezine article
       submission process only allows an article to be attributed to one author. The author’s name,
       sources and associated URLs must be verified before work is published on ezines articles.
    4. Timeless material – articles must not be relevant for a given time e.g. a news story or a press
    5. No self-promotion is allowed – You must not include blatant promotion of a company’s service,
       a product or of an individual. Ezines articles only allow informational articles on issues many
       people can relate to.
    6. Pornographic and vulgar material is not allowed. – Articles of a blatant adult nature are not
       allowed. The ezine article submission process also looks for and rejects articles that link out to
       adult related webpages. You must also avoid vulgar and insulting language.
    7. Articles on Illegal material are not allowed – You are not allowed to write on things like
       hacking, bomb creation, illegal drugs and weaponry. You must not write on things that could
       inspire terrorism and mass action from certain groups of people. Articles about gambling are
       also not allowed in ezines articles.
    8. Articles must only inspire ethical behavior and business practices - Articles that cause people to
       think about how to circumvent laws are not allowed. Things like email spamming, black hat SEO
       methods, click fraud, tax evasion techniques are not allowed in articles to be published in ezines
9. Author names – Only real names are allowed in the signature. The ezine article submission
    process rejects articles that include fake author’s names e.g. rich boy and other pseudonyms.
    Author names can be easily changed in the settings section in your account.
10. Proper formatting of titles. You are allowed to properly use some characters like, $ ( ) + _ = ' "
    % / \: [ ]. The title should make sense to the casual reader.

Following these guidelines will make sure that your work is published into the ezines articles

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