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End Your Negative Thoughts


									What is the outcome of believing in negative self-scripts?

The outcome of believing in negative self-scripts can include:

Over-dependence on the approval of others: You have an
inordinate need to receive positive reinforcement or approval for what you are, how you act, and what
you do from others, with an inability to be self-rewarding.

Lack of self-esteem and low self-concept: You have an
inability to believe in your own worth, inability to see any value in your own life, a poor self-image and a
lack of belief in your competency to succeed in life.

Immobilization:                 A rigid belief system immobilizes you from taking risks in life, prevents
you from wanting to make a change, freezes your feelings into a negative pattern, and convinces you
that your only role in life is to be victimized by those from whom you cannot escape.

Negativity: Your negative view of yourself leads you to see all of your world in a negative
light. You begin to believe and act as a "loser." You see nothing in a positive light and can't be convinced
that there is a better option in life.

Pessimism: You no longer believe that you will succeed and are no longer willing to take an optimistic
position as you look to your future. You can see only gloom and doom on the horizon.

Self-Pity: You begin to feel so sorry for yourself and how life has treated you that you become
your best "pity party" guest. You are so lost in your self-sorrow, regrets, remorse, sympathy and pity
that you refuse to be shaken or changed. You begin to believe that no one will notice you if they can't
feel sorry for you too.

Cynicism: You take a "yes-but" cynical look at every suggestion for change in your life. You
begin to doubt in the sincerity, kindness and love of others who are trying to help you. You create a
barrier of cynicism to block them out, thus convincing yourself when they leave you that they really
didn't care.
The "Guard-All Shield'': You create an invisible shield, tough for others to see or to penetrate. People will
approach you and try to get involved, but you zap them with your shield and they back away or turn and
run. The shield is so subtle that at times you don't even know it exists, and you get confused by people
pulling away from you. This shield can take the form of coldness, wise cracking, fear of being hurt,
aloofness, unwillingness to change or take a risk, fear of being taken advantage of, fear of intimacy, fear
of failure, fear of hurting others or any other feeling that keeps you from connecting emotionally with
another person

Fulfillment of the Prophecy:                                                Because negative self-scripts

predict the worst, you at some subconscious level work to achieve the worst and succeed in fulfilling the
negative prophecy of: failure, rejection, loss, disapproval, or any other catastrophe or malady. It is a
pattern of being self-destructive with one's life.
Depression: Because of the anger, resentment, rage, hurt, disappointment, disillusionment and suffering
you experience from your negative self-scripting you are a good candidate for firm and long-lasting
depression. Your emotions can become so stuck, rigid, and constricted that you can be embedded into a
deep sense of melancholy, blue funk and loss of hope. At this stage you are a candidate for mental
health intervention before the depression reaches a despair level and you become even more self-
destructive, possibly physically ill or suicidal.
End Your Negative Thoughts
Before we start this topic let's be clear that you cannot stop your negative thoughts all the time. It is a fact that
sometimes you will be down and see the negative side of a situation or without even thinking your mind may
respond to what is happening to you in a negative way. Negative self talk is an example of how we limit
ourselves and stop any hope of a positive outcome by convincing ourselves that the negative view is
appropriate. It almost certainly is not and serves no purpose other than confirming your fears and preventing you
from daring to step out into the unknown, where success lives.

So what can you do to end negative thoughts? I have a few simple suggestions for you to try. I gave a few ideas on
the page about optimism and I suggest you check those out too.

First tip: when you find yourself being negative,   question what you've just said, (                                or in
the case of negative self talk what you have just told yourself). Ask yourself if it is really true that nobody likes you
for example or that you have no friends, whatever it is question it and ask yourself to justify your statement. You'll
see its not truth but a distorted negative view.

Second tip: if you've just heard yourself say two or three negative things then stop a moment and try, (no matter how
              say one positive thing about the person or situation. There is nearly
hard it is), to
always a positive side somewhere.

Third tip: if you're really down try   focusing on what
is in your life to be thankful for and make
a list.        This will lift your mood and instantly you will feel less negative.

Fourth tip: list what you have achieved so far in your life and plan what else you want to do.
more focused on where you have been and where you want to go will concentrate
your mind on positive movement forward.

Sixth tip: I find that one of the best things I can do to become more positive and inspired about life is to   read
good inspirational books which can give you real strength and motivation to move on with your life and
end your negative thoughts and old thinking patterns which hold you back. I have a great page filled with my
suggestions for books which will help you enormously - check them out and get reading today!

Fifth tip: build your confidence so that you will feel more positive towards whatever you need to do - here are some
great tips to build your self confidence



o   Look for a model (someone who has
    self confidence) and learn from them.
    What is it they do that makes them
    confident, how do they act?

o   Focus on your achievements rather than
    your failures. If you do find yourself
    thinking about how you failed then look
    at what you managed to do right and
    how you could correct what you did next

o   Learn how to feel good about yourself
o   Act as if you were self confident! You
    will feel more confident.
o   Focus on who you are and what you like
    about yourself. Why do your friends like

o   Prepare thoroughly for any task so
    that you can be sure you are ready.

o   Work on any skills you need to do what
    you want, you can never be overtrained
    or over skilled for any challenge in life.

o   Work on your relaxation skills


o   Always smile and stand up straight

o   Set reachable goals for yourself and
    break difficult tasks into smaller steps

o   Reward yourself when you succeed no
    matter how small the achievement

o   Finally, I advise you not to be too
    competitive or compare yourself with
    others. Be yourself and accept that life
    is not a race against others but your self
    confidence depends on you and your
    personal needs.

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