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The Lawrence Schools Foundation is committed to enriching
the education provided to all students by the Lawrence Public
Schools. Through the generation and management of gifts,
we seek to promote and enhance:
•	 A	strong	relationship	between	our	community	and	the	
   Lawrence Public Schools
•	 Innovative	teaching-learning	opportunities,	the	recognition	
   of teachers, and development of staff
•	 Effective	early	childhood	programs
•	 Recognition	and	encouragement	of	student	achievements

VISION To provide the Lawrence Public Schools, its students,
and its teachers with funding to enhance educational
opportunities and to help achieve a level of excellence in
public education unsurpassed in the nation.

VALUES Every child deserves an excellent education.
The Lawrence Schools Foundation exists to ensure excellence
and enhance the vital role the Lawrence Public Schools play in
our community’s overall success.

The mission of the Lawrence Education Achievement Partners
(LEAP) is to create and foster effective community partnerships
that support and enrich student achievement and success in the
Lawrence Public Schools.

VISION Through the Lawrence Education Achievement Partners,
businesses/organizations	and	schools	form	mutually-beneficial	
partnerships that support the schools, their partners, and the

VALUES Participation in the LEAP program shall be open
to any business, service club, school, government agency,
neighborhood	association,	non-profit	and	faith-based	
organization, community group, or individual that has a
commitment to the mission and purpose of this program.
The LEAP program is founded on the principles of equal
opportunity for all children.

2                                              |
                                      from the Foundation

Private donations provided more than $1 million in direct program support for our public schools last year
through the Lawrence Schools Foundation and the Lawrence Education Achievement Partners (LEAP) program.
It’s	a	little	scary	to	consider	what	our	public	schools	would	look	like	without	this	community	support.	
People want to live here — raise their children, build their businesses, and retire here. We know that having
strong,	nationally-ranked	public	schools	is	a	key	factor	to	those	choosing	Lawrence	as	their	home.		

You get it — you understand that tax dollars and a “suitable” education for our children aren’t enough.
With your contributions, the Foundation helped our students receive an excellent educational experience.
Thank	you	for	believing,	as	we	do,	that	everybody	benefits	from	great	public	schools!	

                  Susan Esau                                                 Ron Aul
                  Executive Director                                         President
                  Lawrence Schools Foundation/LEAP                           Board of Trustees

On behalf of the Lawrence Schools Foundation Board of Trustees:
Ron Aul, President
Rosy Elmore, Vice President
Tom Hornbaker, Treasurer
Kathy Davis, Secretary

Hank Booth                        Cindy Self
Julie Carter                      Bob Senecal
Lee Beth Dever                    Anna	Stubblefield,	LEAP Council
Katherine Dinsdale                Ginger Wehner, LEAP Council
Doug Gaumer                       David Williams
Steve Glass                       Dr. Rick Doll, Ex Officio
Mark Heider, LEAP Council         Tom Kern, Ex Officio
Evan	Ice                          Vanessa Sanburn, Ex Officio
Martin Moore                      Susan Esau, Executive Director
Jeff Novorr, LEAP Council         Bob Georgeson, Ambassadors Council
Dave Olson                        Carladyne Knox Conyers, Ambassadors Council
Becky Orth |
{ including you }
   Hillcrest sixth-graders	held	their	annual	Italian	
   Restaurant luncheon for the public with the use
   of a Foundation grant. Students cooked, served,
   and managed, later reporting that they had not
   only learned important life lessons, but had
   “orchestrated community togetherness.”

                           Pictured: Hillcrest Italian Restaurant >

                                    “I’ve always been a Lawrence Schools Foundation supporter
                                    because I believe in their mission.” The Foundation’s 2009
                                    Secondary Educator of the Year and a past Foundation grant
                                    recipient, Danielle Lotton-Barker, says that her award helped
                                    her accompany Southwest Junior High School students to
                                    Costa Rica.

                                    < Pictured: Danielle Lotton-Barker

   “We understand the connection between great
   schools and healthy, vibrant communities. As a
   Lawrence business with community roots, we
   take our commitment to the Lawrence Public
   Schools seriously.” Nancy O’Connor, Director
   of Education and Outreach of The Community
   Mercantile, helps coordinate their LEAP part-
   nerships, which includes working with West
   Junior	High	eighth-graders	in	the	school	garden.	
                 Pictured: Two students working in the Merc’s
      “Growing Food, Growing West” garden project at WJH >

“ One of the essential components of a successful community is that it has a solid educational
  infrastructure. When we talk with site location consultants, they often cite a community’s
  educational infrastructure as a key factor in a company deciding to locate in a specific
  community. In Lawrence’s case, we have a great educational infrastructure with USD 497 and
  our higher education partners at KU, Haskell Indian Nations University, and Baker University.”

                                               —Tom Kern, CEO of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce |
                                   your support promoted
More than $1    million dollars from donors
and community partners provided direct program
support in the Lawrence Public Schools in 2009.
Teacher Innovation Grants enabled
students	to	engage	in	critical-thinking	activities,	
such as planting a “teaching garden,” participating
in	an	African	drumming	program,	and	using	state-of-
the-art	probe	technology	to	gather	data.	Funds
For Excellence Grants assisted schools
with their greatest needs in academics, arts,
athletics, and technology by paying for library
books,	physical	trainers	for	after-school	programs,	
“AverVision” cameras, and more. Approximately 125
at-risk	4-year-olds	“graduated”	from	the	Early
Childhood Education program, and 27
graduating seniors received Foundation

THIS PAGE Clockwise from top: Early Childhood Education program students perform at the Community Education Breakfast;
Stacy Riggins, LSF/LEAP program coordinator, with seventh-grader Chris Mannell after the Central Junior High Fun Run;
students at Pinckney Elementary

NEXT PAGE Clockwise from top: Paulette Breithaupt, Sunset Hill Elementary Kindergarten teacher and Bobs Award recipient;
Jeff Plinsky, debate coach, and Lawrence High debate students; Mark Dominik; Carol Van Wyk, Sunflower Elementary music
teacher, at the Foundation Follies; Superintendent Rick Doll

6                                             |
Student Achievement
                                                  Special interest funds promoted student achievement in
                                                  numerous	ways,	such	as	sending	five	high	school	debate	students
                                                  to nationals, an engineering class to a national construction
                                                  challenge, and district staff to a “Courageous Conversations”
                                                  workshop. Five teachers received a total of $20,100 in awards
                                                  in 2009 for their outstanding contributions to education.
                                                  Community partners in the LEAP program contributed a variety
                                                  of resources from student planners, teacher meals, and student
                                                  achievement incentives, to personal banking programs and tutors.

 One-hundred-seventy	teachers	donated	their	time,	treasures,	and	varied	“talents”	at	the	19th	annual	
 Foundation Follies fundraiser in 2009. Mark Dominik (LHS ’89), general manager for the Tampa Bay
 Buccaneers, addressed 525 guests at the Foundation’s 2009 Community Education Breakfast.
 With	nearly	900	Foundation	donors	and	112	partners	in	the	LEAP	program,	more	than	10,500	students	benefited	
 from	your	generosity	last	year! |
    Thank You!                                     Donors make it happen

    MASTERS                       Hougland, William and           KU School of Business             Edgecomb, Therese and Mark      Langston Hughes PTO
    ($10,000 and Above)             Carolie                       KU School of Education            Edmonds, Jason                  Lawrence Bank
    Dann, William                 Intrust	Bank                    Laird Noller Automotive           Engstrom, Debra                 Lawrence Chamber
    Davidson	III,	John	and	       Johnson Jr., Robert and Jana    Landmark National Bank            Enoch, Hilda                      of Commerce
      Shirley Schaeffer           Johnson, Rex and Shirley        Liebig, Carl and Nelda            Erb, Tom and Karen              Lawrence Education
    Edmonds, Steve and Chris      Joy, Maurice and Betsy          Lowenthal, Webb and               Esau, Susan and John              Association
    Edwards, Mark and Gretchen    Kern, Tom and Rosie               Odermann, PA                    Evan Williams Catering LLC      Lawrence Urology, PA
    Ethel and Raymond Rice        KU Credit Union                 Mark Bradford for                 Farrar, Phyllis                 LHS Class of 1969
      Foundation                  Lathrop, Bill and Bonnie          School Board                    Finneran, Lanell                LHS Cross Country
    Glass, Steve and              Latino Exito Scholarship        McDonalds of Lawrence             First State Bank and Trust      Liberty Memorial HS
      Terese Gorman                 Committee                     Midwest Exterminators of KS       Flory, Michael and Cheryl         Class	of	1948
    Orth, Dr. Greg and Becky      Lawrence Memorial Hospital      Minuteman Press                   Fridell, Dr. Max and Jeanne     Machell, Michael and Denise
    Silicon Valley Community      Lifetouch National School       P1	Group,	Inc                     Frizell, Trip and Allison       Mandigo, Jim and Carrie
      Foundation and Srinija        Studios                       Rainbolt D.D.S., Thomas           Fulbright, Mary                 Mangino, Mark and Mary Jane
      Srinivasan                  Lisbon, Robert and Janice       Ranjbar, N. Daniel, D.D.S.        Gallagher, Michael and Beth     Marks Jewelers
    Stephens, Bob and Mary Kay    Loveland, Chuck and Mary                       .
                                                                  Srinivasan, T.P and Saroja        Gammill, Rick and Brenda        McAlister, Patricia
                                  Mainline Printing               The City of Lawrence              George	J	Siebers	and	Co.,	Inc   McCaffrey, Brian
    SCHOLARS                      McGrew, John M.                 The Eldridge                      Georgeson, Robert               McCleary, George and Marilyn
    ($5,000 to $9,999)            McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Robert   Willis, Kathleen                  Glass House Liquor              McEwen, Terry
    CMP Community Connection      Monte Johnson Family Fund       Wilson, Mark and Amy              Glendening, Dian                McFarland, Leslie and Scott
      Foundation                  Moore, Bob and Marna                                              Golden, Joan and Webster        Mead, Charles
    Frederick, Margaret           Moore, Martin and               BENEFACTORS                       Graham, Mariann K.              Melton, Myron and Lisa
    Hy-Vee,	Inc.                    Durand Reiber                 ($100 to $499)                    Grandstand Sportswear           Meritrust Credit Union
    LRM	Industries,	Inc           Moore, Matthew                  Aldridge, Kermit                  Great Plains Media              MGI,	Inc
    New Generation Society        Morrison, Jeffrey and           Ameriprise Financial Services     Gyles, Alan and Kathleen        Miller, Mary P.
      of Lawrence                   Mary Margaret                 Anderson, Brian and Vickie        Hapke, Rebecca                  Minder, Richard and
    Oak Education Foundation,     O’Connor	Co-Piller	             Anderson, William and Cris        Harrison, Jonathan                Vicki Penner
      Inc                           Foundation                    Anonymous                         Harwood, Frank and Jamie        Mohr, Gary
    The World Company             OrthoKansas, P  .A.             AstroTurf, LLC                    Hatesohl, Kent and Brenda       Monaghan, Janine
    Wal-Mart	Foundation           Pur-O-Zone,	Inc.                AT&T                              Heeb, Karen L.                  Morris, James and Donna
    Yellow Chair Foundation       Raney, Richard and Kathleen     Avery, Felton and Lois            Heider, Mark and Chris          Mueller, Robert S. and
                                  Schriner, Dan and               BA Green Construction             Henry, Mary Ann and Terry         Charlotte
    HONOR SOCIETY                   Sally	Hare-Schriner           Barr, Paula                       Henry, Rodger and Sheryl        Nieder, Kristyn and Monte
    ($1,000 to $4,999)            Self, Bill and Cindy            Basow, Lynn                       Hodison, Ernesto and Ginger     Nielsen, Marcia
    Advanco,	Inc.                 Shmalberg, Mr. and              Bayer, Margaret                   Hofer, Jon and Paige            Novorr, Jeff and Barb
    Alexander, Glenn and Raquel     Mrs. Robert                   Becker, Tammy                     Huber, Julia and Michael        Oelschlaeger, Larry
    Allen	Press,	Inc.             Sollars, Gary and Connie        Beedle-Vakiner,	Jamie             Hyland, Jackie and              Olson, Dave and Heather
    Anonymous                     Southern Accent Catering        Berquist, Craig and Jennifer        Tim Hindman                   O’Malley Beverage of Kansas,
    Aul Appraisal Services        Stevens and Brand, LLP          Berry Plastics                    Ice,	Evan	and	Jill                Inc.
    Becker, Frank and Barbara     Sullivan, Melonie and Warren    Bier, Howard and Melvena          ICL	Performance	Products	LP     Orth-Lopes,	Lois	and	
    Billings, Beverly Smith       Sunflower	Bank                  Biggs BBQ                         Imber,	Jane	and	Michael           Steve Lopes
    Black Hills Energy            Thompson, David and Maria       Birch, Melissa and Russ Smith     Immel,	James	M.                 Partee, Andrea
    Burnett Huchingson, Janet     Tilson, Lori and Wayne          Bodensteiner, Kim                 James F. Otten, DDS             Passman, Bruce and Michele
    Cans for the Community        Treanor Architects              Boldridge, Claudine               Jayhawk Guttering               Paul Werner Architects
    Capitol Federal Foundation    United Business Media, LLC      Boyle, Julie and Patrick          Johnny’s Tavern                 Peters, Richard and Carol
    Central National Bank         US Bank                         Bransky, Trish                    Johnson, David E.               Praeger, Mark and Sandra
    CIGNA	HealthCare              Vick, Gail and Kevan            Branson, Charles and Kathryn      Johnson, Gerilyn                Rathbun, John and Kathy
    Cobb, Bob and Janice          Wells, Kim and Bonnie           Breithaupt, Paulette and Jeri     Johnson, Paul C.                Reber, David and Alison
    Commerce Bank                 Wells, Robert and Kay           Bruner, Dr. Steve and Kathy       Johnson, Stephen and            Reinhardt, Cathy A.
    Commons, Ronald and           Wendt, Dr. Richard and Amy      Brungardt, Matt and Courtney        Debra Goldberg                Rettele, Brad and Renee
      Dee Dee                                                     Burg, Mary and Greg               Keller and Associates           Riggins, William and Stacy
    Community	Mercantile,	Inc.    LEADERS                         Carlsen-Jewel,	Kristi             King, Jon and Nikki             Robinson, Linda and Scott
    Coons, Betsy and Scott        ($500 to $999)                  Carmody, Tom, Kay,                Kline, Mary                     Rodriguez, Mary and Fred
    Coventry Health Care of KS    Anonymous                         Tyler and Jeff                  Kobler, Kobie and Angelique     Rogers, Steadman
    Crown Automotive              Bakerink, Larry                 Carney, Jesse L.                  Landers, Troy and Sarah         Rorick, Stephanie
    Dannevik, Robert              Capital City Bank               Carter, Wayne and Julie           Landplan Engineering            Rudy’s Pizza
    Dehart, Wilma and Frank       Clowes, Edith W.                Carttar, Paul and Mary F. Ellis
    Dinsdale, Robert and          Commerce Title                  CEK	Insurance
      Katherine                   Cork and Barrell                Chapman, Mary
    Dobski, Tom and Marilyn       Craig, Mark and Suzie           Chestnut, Robert
    Dole, Senator Robert J.       Davis, Ray and Kathy            Cobb, Chris R.
    Dolph Simons Family Fund      Del Monte Corp.                 Conyers, Carladyne Knox
    Douglas County Bank           Denning, Dale and Patricia      Coulson, Nicole
    Douglas County Community      Doll, Rick and Gayle            Craig, Steve and Joan
      Foundation                  Drahozal, Christopher and       Curran, Pete and Virginia
    Elmore, John and Rosy           Kaye                          Deboard, Lysette
    Emprise Bank                  Gaston, Doug and Lisa           Deerfield	Elementary	PTA
    Freeman, Bill and Joan        Gaumer, Doug and Kathy          Dehart, Aaron and Amy
    Gene Fritzel Construction     Glass, Laura                    Delta	Zeta	Alumnae
      Co.,	Inc.                   Grieb, George and Teresa        Dever, Lee Beth and Michael
    Gould Evans Associates        Hallmark	Cards,	Inc.            Devin, JoAnn and Andy
    Haake Companies               Hornbaker, Thomas and           Dieker, Scott and Angela
    Hartley Family Foundation       Shelly                        Dozier, Joseph and
    Hasler, Howard and Cynthia    Kansas	Athletics,	Inc.            Shelly Whisler
    Hatfield,	Larry	and	Teri      Keller, Judy and Tim            DSKS LC                           Early Childhood Readiness program honorees,
                                  Kirkwood, Brian and Jean        Dunn, Donald and Janice

    Hill’s	Pet	Nutrition,	Inc                                                                       (l. to r.) Sharon Green, OD, William Dann,
                                                                                                    James Otten, DDS, Bill and Bonnie Lathrop

Sattler, Harold and Genevieve
Schmidt, Carla and Mark
                                Berard, Ted
                                Berry, Carolyn
                                                               Dominik, Kurt
                                                               Dominik, Sharon                                                        Through the
Shirk, David and Karen
Smith, Val
                                Beyer, Rita
                                Binns, Khalila
                                                               Dominik, Todd
                                                               Donohue, Timothy and
                                                                                                                                      support of the
Stahmer, Melinda                Bireta, Anne Marie               Paula                                                                LSF, students
Stephens Real Estate
Stoner, Kenneth and Ruth
                                Birt, Tom
                                Black, Debra
                                                               Dorsey, Don
                                                               Dreiling, Alicia                                                       and teachers
Swank, Tom and Julie
Tacha, John and Deanell
                                Bloom, Paul and Sheila
                                Boatwright, Cheryl
                                                               Dreiling, Jean
                                                               Drennan, David
                                                                                                                                      have the
Tann, Debra and John
Ten Restaurant
                                Bohlen, Paul
                                Bolster-Wesley,	Christine
                                                               Drinkhouse, Chris
                                                               Durgan, Robert and
                                                                                                                                      opportunity to
The	Shelter,	Inc.               Bolton, Catherine                Terri                                                                maximize their
The Write Design
Todd, Nancy and Terry
                                Bonner, Sara
                                Boone Salazar, Daniel
                                                               Dykes, Dianna
                                                               Eisert, Friedemann                                                     potential.”
Tuckaway Management, LC
UMB Bank
                                Bott, Jason and Heather
                                Bouley, Janet
                                                               Elo, Amanda and Darin
                                                               Embarq Matching Gifts
                                                                                                                                      —Dr. Greg and
Vespestad, Gary and Karen       Bowen, Stephne and Eric          Program                                                              Becky Orth
Wade, Mark and Elaine           Bower, Michel                  Ershadi-Hurt,	Mandana
Warren, Steve and Eva Horn      Bowman, John                   Eskilson, Edith
Warriner, Marian                Bowman, Krin                   Evans, Deborah and John
Weaver’s Department Store,      Bowman, Margaret               Fahy, Elizabeth
  Inc.                          Boyd, Lisa                     Fales, Leon and Michelle
Wedd, Dirk and Gwen             Boyle, Terry                   Farley, Margaret
Wenzel, Scott and Martha        Bracciano, Lisa                Farve, Steven
Wheatfields,	L.L.C.             Bracciano, Tom                 Fearing, Matthew
Wheatstate Pizza                Bradfield,	Karen               Feighny, Caitlin
Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond    Bradford, Mark and Patricia    Fernandez, William
Wildeman, Patricia              Brady, Elaine and Virgil       File, Sandra
                                                                                               Hatcher, Paula                   Johnson-Powell,	Valerie
Willhite, Kristi                Branson, Kathy                 Firns-Hubert,	Kathleen
                                                                                               Haynes, Michelle                 Jones, Arla
Williams, David and Jeanne      Briggs,	Ivy                    First Student
                                                                                               Hazlett, Marjorie                Jones, Brian and Ellen
Willoughby, Mike and Sue        Brown, Jane                    Fitzgerald, Linda and Jim
                                                                                               Head, John and Lucia Orth        KAPPA Alums
Wims-Campbell,	Carolyn          Browning, Linda                Flannagan, Katharine
                                                                                               Heim, Kenna                      Karasek, Dan
Winter, Mary and Wint           Browning, Rockie and Becky     Flores, Danira
                                                                                               Heller, Michelle                 Katt, Ronda and Dean
                                Brucker, Debra and Andy        Flores, Traci
                                                                                               Helmer, Susan                    Keasling, Tami and
FRIENDS                         Bruemmer, Ann                  Fouts, Julie
                                                                                               Hemphill, Carlotta                 Michael Nevels
(Up to $99)                     Bruns, Haley                   Fowler, Susan
                                                                                               Hendrix, Jeannie                 Kelly, Christina and Kevin
23rd Street Brewery             Burke, William                 Fox, Edward
                                                                                               Hickey, Cheryl                   Kelly, Daphne
Adams, Eddie                    Burnett, Jennifer              Francisco, Marci
                                                                                               Hill, Gina K                     Kelly, Patrick and Amy
Affalter, Daniel and Diannia    Bushnell, David and Lois       Frantz, Cathe
                                                                                               Hills, Clenece                   Kelly, Sarah
Aguirre, Rosina                 Byers, Cynthia                 Frantz, Lesa
                                                                                               Hinderks, Amy                    Kennard, Perry
Alberding, Deborah              Campbell, Leslie and Scott     Fredrickson, Karen and David
                                                                                               Hobbs, Denise                    Kennedy, Jennifer
Albertson, JoLynn               Casady, Diane                  Freeman, Wade
                                                                                               Hock, Susan                      King, Joseph
Alderson, Betty                 Case, Michael                  Frye, Debra
                                                                                               Hoferer, M.A.                    King, Marilyn
Aldis Wilson, Scott             Casteel, Carol                 Fullerton, Janice
                                                                                               Hogsett, Larry                   King, Ralph and Mary Anne
Allen, Christina                Caughey, Vivian and Grant      Fullerton, Larry and Marilynn
                                                                                               Holidome                         Kirk, Michelle
Allen, William                  Cavin, Marilou                 Gabel, Elizabeth
                                                                                               Holladay, Ralph                  Kitchen, Jocelyn
Almanza, Mary                   Chahine, Bassam                Gaines, Elizabeth
                                                                                               Holland, Thomas and Barbara      Kline, Mike and Betty
Amon, Angela                    Chappell Jr., Gordon           Gant, Carland
                                                                                               Hood, Jack                       Kollman, Lori
Amont, Deena M.                 Chavez, Dan and Carla          Garrett, Sidney
                                                                                               Hosey, Sue                       Koons, Deborah and Gaylen
Andersen, Michelle              Cigler, Allan and Beth         Gatti, Melody
                                                                                               House, Harriet                   Kopp, Kristy
Anderson, Charlotte             Cistola, Alyson                Gauthier, Mary E.
                                                                                               Hoy, Krista                      Kramer, Penny
Anderson, Cherise               Claassen, Stanley and Lori     Gauthier, Tony
                                                                                               Hrenchir, Philip and Donna       Kramer, Teresa and
Anderson, Gayle E               Clancy, Sr., Donnie            Geist, John
                                                                                               Hudson, Julie                      Christopher
Anderson, Jill                  Clark, Lisa                    Giedinghagen, Valerie
                                                                                               Hughes, Cheryl                   Kucza, Linda
Anonymous                       Clipsham, Lisa                 Gill, Nancy
                                                                                               Humburg, Jennifer                Kueser, Jeffery and Michelle
Anstaett, Beth                  Clover, Melissa                Gillam, Terri J
                                                                                               Hundley, Jay                     Landoll, Andrew and Sally
Arevalo, Bob and Teresa         Cochrane, Jennifer             Ginsberg, Rick and Lauri
                                                                                               Hunt, Christy                    Lang, Donna Jo
Ash, Diane                      Coffey, Patricia               Gleeson, Mary Nell
                                                                                               Hunter, Bryan                    Lanius, Valerie
Aucott, Walter                  Coggins, Margie                Gleue, Alan
                                                                                               Hupfauf, Teresa and Patrick      Larsen, Jessica
Austin-Janousek,	Keri           Colburn, Gary                  Glidewell, Catherine
                                                                                               Hurt, Megan                      Lashley, Tawnia
Bad Warrior, Marlene            Conner, Christine              Gorup, Jennifer
                                                                                               Husted, Deborah                  Law, Brian
Bailey, Anne and Richard        Cook, Amber                    Grammer, Judy
                                                                                               Huston, Melinda                  Lawrence Family Vision Clinic
Bailey, Marilyn and Seth        Corman, Warren and Mary        Grammer, Laura
                                                                                               Hutchison, Amanda                Lee, Mary
Baker University                Court, Samuel                  Grant, Wendy
                                                                                               Hyde, Bev                        Lefebvre, Leslie
Ball, Lisa and Mike Grose       Cox, Johannah and Darrell      Graves, Christine
                                                                                               Hyde, Karen                      Lekey, Amy and
Ballard Jr., Albert and         Crabtree, Sheri and Mark       Gray, Margaret
                                                                                               Hyler, Linda and Eric              Carrie Mershon
  Barbara                       Crady, Hal and Debby           Groh, Lois and Marvin
                                                                                               Ingram	Stussie,	Lori             Leonard, Jan
Bandle, Jeffrey and Christina   Crager, Erin                   Gross, Leann
                                                                                               Inzer,	William	and	              Lewin, Tom and Phyllis
Bangalan, Eileen and Brian      Creed, Coleen                  Gunn, Martha
                                                                                                 Landy Layton                   Lienhard, Bill and Jeanine
Barker, Kelly                   Crenshaw, Lucinda              Hagan, Ramsey
                                                                                               Israel,	Londa                    Lisher, Robert
Barnhart, Edward                Crispino, Cathy                Hagan, Toni
                                                                                               J.T. Lardner Cut Stone, L.L.C.   Lominska, Joy
Barr, Kathy                     Crooker, Amber                 Hanna, Kathy
                                                                                               Jacobsen, Michelle and           Longino, Linda and Bob
Barton, Melinda                 Cummins, Eve                   Harker, Susan
                                                                                                 Dennis                         Loomis, Burdett and Michel
Baska, Llara                    Currey, Karen                  Harkin, Jeff
                                                                                               James, Judy                      Lotton-Barker,	Danielle
Basore, Norma                   Czerniak, Mandy                Harrell, Kevin and Carol
                                                                                               James, Linda                     Lovelace, Mari and Colton
Bass, Lynda                     Dabney, Annette                Harrenstein, Angelyn
                                                                                               Janousek, Guy                    Lowe, Vickie
Battaglia, Julie                Davis, Paul T. and Stephanie   Harris, Angela
                                                                                               Jevens, Jill                     Lowther, J. Robert and
Beasley, Mary                   Day, Jennifer and Stuart       Harrison, Cynthia
                                                                                               Johnson, Denise D.                 Dorothy
Beaver, Krysta                  DeGarmo, Nancy                 Harrod, Lisa and Lynn
                                                                                               Johnson, Denise L.               Luna, Kendra
Becker, Kay                     Denning, Gerald L.             Hart, Jeff
                                                                                               Johnson, Larry and Peggy         Lungstrum, John and Linda
Beery, Alyson                   Dennis	Brown	Painting,	Inc     Hart, Kelly and Josh
                                                                                               Johnson, Sharon                  Lyman, Catherine
Belot, Lydia                    Dockter, Kelly                 Hart, Kevin
                                                                                               Johnson, Terri and Steve         Mahlios, Jan

Beltch, James                   Dominik, Glenn                 Hase, Kristin |
                          “ There  is                          Powell, Lisa and Kevin
                                                               Powers, Pamela
                                                                                              Spradlin, Becky and Don
                                                                                              Spratt, Sharon
                                                                                                                             Weston, Julia and Alex
                                                                                                                             Whalen, Carol Beth
                             no better                         Price, Nancy
                                                               Prichard, Keri
                                                                                              Stafford, Jacqueline and
                                                                                                Gregg Ventello
                                                                                                                             Wheeler, Sunny
                                                                                                                             Whitaker-Davidson,	Mary
                             way to                            Prosser, Charlotte             Stan, George                   Wilcox, Luann

                             make an                           Quillin, Warren and Vickie
                                                               Raad, Jennifer
                                                                                              Stancliffe, Jaime
                                                                                              Starks, H.Craig and Joan
                                                                                                                             Wildgen, Linda and Mike
                                                                                                                             Wilhite, Linda
                             investment                        Rabiola,	Lori-Kay
                                                               Racy, Billy
                                                                                              Steffen, Carolyn
                                                                                              Steichen, Mary
                                                                                                                             Wilk, Jennifer and Justin
                                                                                                                             Willets, Ellen
                             in Lawrence’s                     Raulsten, Steven
                                                               Rea, Julie
                                                                                              Stemmerman, Steve
                                                                                              Stevanov, Don and
                                                                                                                             Williams, Jaclynn
                                                                                                                             Williams, Jennifer and Jess
                             future.”                          Reber, Richard and Gail          Blanca Marin de Stevanov     Williams, Maureen
                                                               Rees, Jody                     Stevens, Ted and Kathy         Williams, Valeita
                             —Marty Moore                      Reid-Harrison,	Glenda          Stice, Tina and Danny          Williamson, Carolyn
                             and Durand                        Reilly-Harden,	Angela	and	
                                                                 Matt Harden
                                                                                              Stogsdill, Reenie
                                                                                              Stoll, Dan
                                                                                                                             Wood, Keith
                                                                                                                             Woodall, Deborah
                             Reiber                            Remp, Raymond and Norma        Stoll, Emili and Brad          Worthington, Sherry
                                                               Renick, Lynne                  Stone Creek                    Wulf-Walter,	Debra	and	
                                                               Resseguie, Kendra and          Strauss, Lisa                    Brian Walter
                                                                 Merle Anderson               Strecker, Stuart               Xu, Hongying
                                                               Revell, Byron and              Stubblefield,	Anna             Yanek, Jacey
                                                                 Abbey	Vieux-Revell	          Stuntz, Richard and Kathleen   Yoder, Kim
                                                               Reznicek, Janet                Sublett, Steve and Patricia    Young, Dawn
                                                               Rhoades, Kylee and David       Swall, Ron                     Ziegler,	Debra
                                                               Richardson, Janice             Swalm, Janet
                                                               Riley, Erik                    Taylor, Lindsay
 Maigaard, Paul                  Mullins, Brenda               Robertson, Krista and Glenn    Terrell, Forrest and Jan       LEAD FAMILIES IN THE
 Mallory, Kristin                Murphy, Brigid                Robinson, Katherine            Teske, Linda                   2009 COMMUNITY
 Maloun, Beth                    Murphy, Carrie                Robinson, Mark and Stephanie   Thomas, Dianne                 CAMPAIGN
 Mantooth, Carrie                Murray, Cynthia               Robinson, Paige                Thomas, Jim and Becky          Glenn and Raquel Alexander
 Marisco’s                       Mushrush, Joe and Connie      Robinson, Scott                Thomas, Kelly and Carrie       Ronald and Lisa Aul
 Marlow, Laura and Brian         Neal, Chris                   Rodriquez Jr., Joe             Thomas, Lynisha                Frank and Barbara Becker
 Marquis, Janet G                Nelson, Judith                Rose, Margaret                 Thomas, Megan                  Betsy and Scott Coons
 Marshall, Teresa A.             Neuhaus, Rosy                 Rosenbloom, Joshua and         Thomas, Pam                    Robert and Katherine
 Martin, Catherine               Neverve, Susan                  Leslie Bennett               Tingle, Carol and Randy          Dinsdale
 Martin, Coleen                  New, Beryl                    Ross, Elizabeth                Tompkins, Andy                 Tom and Marilyn Dobski
 Martin, Jean                    Nicolay, Chantel              Ross, Leslie                   Torneden, Nicole and Taylor    John and Rosy Elmore
 Martin-Frydman,	Laurie          Niedenthal, Susan             Roth, Stan and Janet           Torres, Matt                   Monte Johnson Family Fund
 Mason, Rebecca                  Nitz, Barbara                 Ruhl, Becky and Kirk           Tourtellot, Mike               Steve Glass and
 Massage Envy                    Nobo, Melissa                 Rutland, Nikki                 Trarbach, Cynthia                Terese Gorman
 Maurer, Mary                    Norris, Erica                 Sabatini, Dan                  Trast, Thomas and Jodi         Hartley Family Foundation
 May, Becky and Tony             Norwood, Betty                Sack, Robert                   Trompeter, Michele             Betsy Stengel and
 May, Ron and Angela             Novartis                      Salvatore, Patricia            Trouslot, Barbara                Maurice Joy
 McCall, Kathleen                Nunn, Rebecca                 Salyer, Peggy and Dennis       Trowbridge, Caroline and       Tom and Rosie Kern
 McCarthey-Rettig,	Kelly         O’Brien, Joe                  Samuelson, Gary R.               Alan	Zimmereman              Dr. Chuck and Mary Loveland
 McCartney, Jack                 O’Brien, Kimberly             Scarffe, Jane                  Tucker, Julie                  Martin Moore and
 McClarrinon, Marcia             O’Donnell, Jennifer           Schild, Darcy                  Turney, Austin and Ruth          Durand Reiber
 McCullough, Donna               Oehlert, Kris                 Schmidt, Kelly                 Turvey, Ginny                  Jeffrey and Mary Margaret
 McCurdy, Janet                  Oldham, Martha                Sears, Melissa and James       Underwood, Peggy                 Morrison
 McDonald, Deborah and John      Orth, Michael and Kim         Seibel, Lana                   Vail, Amanda                   Dr. Greg and Becky Orth
 McFall, Carol                   Ortmann, Michael              Seidner, Michelle              Valcich, Chris                 Dan Schriner and
 McGinnis, Carrie                Osborn, Robert                Seiff, Mollie                  Vandyke, John and Mary           Sally	Hare-Schriner
 McGown, Michelle                Otter, Courtney               Senecal, Robert and Evelyn     VanNess, Connie                Bill and Cindy Self
 McIntyre,	Julie                 Owens, James                  Serbus, Steven and Janet       Vannicola, Debra               David and Maria Thompson
 McLane-Higginson,	Laurie	and	   Paschke, Roger                Shaffer, Harriet               Vertacnik, Wendy and David     Gail and Kevan Vick
  Charles Higginson              Patton, Elizabeth             Shandy, Robert                 Vilcek, Robyn                  Dr. Richard and Amy Wendt
 McWhirt, Christy and Jeff       Patton-Bryant,	Donna          Sherman, Jim and               Viscomi, Jeremy and Jenna
 Merrill, Marlene                Paul, Joseph                    Jan Sheldon                  Vratil, Sherry
 Meyersick, Cory                 Pearse, Wayne and Kathy       Shook, Kassie                  Waller, Ericka
 Micka, Susie                    Pellett, David and Mary Pat   Siegfreid, Sue                 Walnut Timbers Farm
 Miles, Suzanne                  Pendry, Mary                  Siler, Susan                   Ward, Karen                    All efforts have been made
 Miller, Cathryn                 Peoples Bank                  Simmons, Sheryl                Washburn, Nicole               to make this report as
 Milstead, Jean Ann              Perkins, Angela               Simpson, Pamela                Watts, Linda and
 Minor, Jessica and              Peronteaux, Rebecca V.        Slater, Lindsey                  Thad Holcombe                accurate as possible.
  Christopher                    Perry, Brandi                 Sloan, Thomas J.               Wedel, Patrick                 If you find an error or
 Monroe, Cathryn                 Persinger, Paul               Smith, Janet                   Wedel, Ryan
                                                                                                                             omission, please accept our
 Montney, Carolyn and Gordon     Peterson, Andrea              Smith, Lucille J.              Welch, Carolyn and Bryan
 Moore, Danica                   Phelps, Jane and Chris        Sneegas, Ruth Anne             Wenberg, Jessica               apology and notify us at
 Morgan Quitno Corporation       Phipps, Nancy                 Solis, Adela                   Wendt, Cynthia                 785-330-2790.
 Moring, Nancy                   Pierson, Toni                 Souders, Carol                 Weseman, Randy
 Morris, Catherine               Platt, David                  Southwest Jr High School       Weslander, Elizabeth
 Morton, Gloria                  Poettker, Shana               Spencer, Lisa                  West, Bernadette
 Mullenix, Kristie               Pope, Maria                   Spencer, Shirley               West, Ed

 Do you want to help continue our work, but can’t right now?
 Consider	including	a	bequest	to	the	Foundation	in	your	will	or	living	trust.	It’s	a	good	way	to	help	ensure	
 our future, while looking out for yours.

10                                                    |
Report on Financial Position and Activities
                                              December 31, 2009                   December 31, 2008
Current Assets
    Checking/Savings                                 $     389,670                       $    285,886
Other Assets
	 	 Investments	                                     $     680,953                       $	   546,534
  TOTAL ASSETS                                       $ 1,070,623                         $    832,420

Liabilities                                          $      50,000                       $        85,000
	 Endowed	Funds	                                     $	  277,401	                        $	   260,258
  Teacher Awards                                     $    51,752                         $     39,016
  LEAP	                                              $	   13,316	                        $	    14,645
	 Early	Childhood	Education	                         $	  165,427	                        $	   101,274
	 Special	Funds	                                     $	   78,948	                        $	    28,008
	 Student	Scholarships	                              $	  151,114	                        $	   108,031
  Unrestricted Funds                                 $   282,665                         $    196,188
       Total Equity                                  $ 1,020,623                         $	   747,420
	 TOTAL	LIABILITIES	&	EQUITY	                        $ 1,070,623                         $    832,420

F O U N D AT I O N 2 0 0 9 I N C O M E S TAT E M E N T

INCOME                                                           EXPENSE
Campaign	and	Event	Income	                   $	 147,322          Program Expenses
Contributions	Income	                                              Early Childhood                          $ 100,288
  Restricted Contributions                                       	 Funds	for	Excellence	Grants	             $	  4,640
	 	 Early	Childhood	                         $	 146,335          	 LEAP	                                    $	  3,407
	 	 Student	Scholarships	                    $	 27,574             Pass Through Grants/Expenses             $ 120,126
     Special Funds                           $ 58,760              Teacher Awards                           $ 22,907
     Teacher Awards & Grants                 $ 38,958            	 Teacher	Innovation	Grants	               $	 12,225
     LEAP Fund                               $      153            Student Scholarships                     $ 19,350
	 	 Restricted	-	Other	                      $ 115,567             Other District Programs                  $ 13,667
	 							Total	Restricted	Contributions	     $	 387,347              Total Program Expenses                 $ 296,610
  Unrestricted Contributions                 $	   10,242         Fundraising	Expenses	                      $	   47,645
	 	 Total	Contributions	Income	              $	 397,589          Operating Expenses                         $	 76,140
                                                                     Total Expenses                         $	 420,395
Operating Grants                             $    2,000
Other	Income	and	Investments	                $	 146,687
	 	 					Total	Income	                       $ 693,598           	 	 					Net	Income	                       $ 273,203


                                   CASH              IN-KIND         VOLUNTEER
                                   GIFTS              GIFTS           $ VALUE            TOTAL $       Please see a list of
                                                                                                       all of our LEAP
Elementary	Schools	             $	 12,126	         $	 26,989	        $	 55,586	       $	 94,701        program partners at
Junior	High	Schools	            $	 9,510	          $	 4,775	         $	 1,762	        $	 16,047
High Schools                    $ 3,020            $ 3,335           $ 5,306          $ 11,661
Districtwide                    $	 30,184          $ 285,282         $ 297,209        $ 612,675

     ALL TOTALS                 $ 54,840           $320,381          $359,863         $735,084 |
110 McDonald Drive
Lawrence, KS 66044

                                    P R I N T I N G D O N AT E D B Y M A I N L I N E P R I N T I N G

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