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WWI Tic Tac Toe Project


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               World War I: Think-Tac-Toe Project
For your 2 mini-project of the quarter, you will choose 3 of the tasks below and complete them
by March 31. (You can turn it in early, too!) You will have one full block to work on this project
 on March 17 and a ½ block on March 25 but you will likely need to work on it on your own as
well. This project is worth 100 points. List any sources you use, other than your textbook. Make
  sure that all of your products are creatively and neatly done-create something to be proud of!

   1. Make a timeline of 5 key       2. Choose a poem written by a         3. Make a crossword puzzle
   events during World War I.        WWI soldier. Create an                using vocabulary terms,
   Your events must be related to    illustration for that poem.           people, events, or battles from
   a common theme and your           Poems from WWI can be                 World War I. Your crossword
   timeline should have a title.     found here:                           needs to have at least 20
   Each event should have a 1-2      http://www.firstworldwar.com/poetsa   terms. You must also make
   sentence description. Some        ndprose/index.htm                     the answer key.
   possible themes are:
   -Major Battles on the Western     Your finished product should
   Front                             be a sheet of paper that
   Or                                includes both the illustration
   -Major Events Involving the       AND the poem.
   United States

   Or you can choose your own
   4. Create an original             5. Use a Venn Diagram to              6. Pretend that the United
   propaganda poster. Your           compare and contrast some             States did not join the war.
   poster can be from the            aspect of World War I. Some           Write 1-2 paragraphs that
   perspective of any country that   examples could be:                    explain what might have
   participated in World War I. It   -German military vs. French           happened. When would the
   can be in color or black and      military                              war have ended? Who would
   white.                            Or                                    have won? How would the
                                     -British Homefront vs. US             results have been different?
                                     Homefront                             This may be typed or
                                     Or you can choose your own
                                     categories. Be sure you have
                                     multiple items in the
                                     comparing and contrasting
                                     section of the diagram.

   7. Create a comic strip about     8. Write a short biography of         9. Find a political cartoon
   the Russian Revolution. It        one of the major leaders              about the Treaty of Versailles.
   should have 5-8 panels, and       during the World War I era.           Print it out, and write a short
   include accurate historical       Your choices include:                 analysis of the cartoon:
   facts, people, and events. It
   can be in color or in black and   -Kaiser Wilhelm II                    -What is the cartoon showing?
   white.                            -Woodrow Wilson                       Name 3 important details
                                     -David Lloyd George                   -Does the cartoon have any
                                     -Georges Clemenceau                   symbols? What are they and
                                     -Tsar Nicholas II                     what do they stand for?
                                     -V.I. Lenin                           -Is there a caption? What does
                                                                           it mean?
                                     Your biography should be 2-3          -What is the message of the
                                     paragraphs long and include a         cartoon?
                                     list of any sources you used.

                            I choose activities #_____, #_____, #_____.

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