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          to get all the referrals you can handle!
Have you ever wanted to send a card to someone but forget to do it or you simply didn’t have
time to do it? Have you ever wanted to send a series of follow up notes to a business prospect or
customer, but didn’t have a system to keep track of who and when to send it to?

Did you know that 62% of the reasons customers fail to continue business with you is because
of perceived indifference? It costs you 6 times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain
a current one.

The system solves these problems...
For those prospects, clients and referral partners you want to stay in touch with regularly, you
can send a card a month with one single click of a mouse.

Here's how it can choose from the 17,000+ cards provided, or you can custom design
your own cards for less than a dollar with the built-in web-based software, PicturePlus. Then you set
up a multiple-piece mailing campaign using a combination of thank you cards, holiday cards, cards
sharing suggestions or tips that showcase your expertise, invitations to a public workshop you are
offering, requests for referrals – anything you choose to keep your name in front of them each month.

Every time someone purchases your products or services, enter their name into the system and
send your campaign cards with the single click of a mouse. It’s that simple! The campaign system
mail merges the name into the salutation and includes your personal note (printed with your own
handwriting and signature), then addresses, stuffs, licks, stamps ((with a real stamp) and takes it to
the post office on the date you have specified. Over the coming months, your customer will
receive hand-written, personalized cards from you without you lifting a finger!

    What two RE/MAX Brokers have to say about SendOutCards…
   “We use SendOutCards referral system and it generates us quality referrals every month. One
   referral came from a greeting card and it generated us $29,380 U.S. in commissions. This
   system is extremely simple to use, it will save you time and money and it is very powerful. Over
   the years we have tried just about everything and spent thousands on marketing that never
   produced a dime. The SendOutCards referral system is simply the best we have used.”

                      --Chuck & Nicki Poussan, RE/MAX Brokers, Chandler, AZ

   Contact me today and request a free gift account.
I invite you to check it out for yourself for free -- on my dime. I’ll personally walk you
through the system, as you send a card of your own to someone you care about!

             Jane Brockman  917-882-3496
Jane Brockman  917-882-3496

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