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       NAME                                     Description
     App Genie                                 Find free apps
    ArithmeTick                    Basic math problems – leveled play
                          The app will read your location, assuming you are on
     Around Me           internet and pull up information about where you are,
                                        like gas stations, food, etc
     Bejeweled                     Jewels – try to match – leveled play

    Black Friday             Plan your Black Friday experience with this app

     Bubble Ball                Strategy Game – created by a 14 year old
                         Share pictures and contacts by simply bumping devices
                                   with another device that has Bump
   Calorie Counter                     You can add your own food
      Card Star              Can store reward cards for Kroger, Library, etc
Convert Units for free             Convert metric to non metric units

    Cut the Rope             Feed the monster candy. Great strategy game
                         You are HOW MANY days old? Cute app that allows you
   Days between
                                to see how many days between two dates
    Dice Match                           Try to connect the dice
   Doodle Buddy                    Great whiteboard like app, just draw
    Doodle Find                   SO CUTE - find the object in the mix
  Electrical Toolkit                      Great for electricians
     Epicurious                                Free recipies
                         Post information to the web and access it on any device
                                              or on the web

                         Multiple major chain restaurants are listed. You select
      Fast Food
                         the food and it gives you the nutritional information.

  Flash to pass free             Basic Math flash cards (all operations)
      Flashlight                             Light the dark
       Flixster                             Movie Reviews
     Free Books                      Great app for all the free books
                                Find gas wherever you are. This app is dependent on
        Gas Buddy
                                   people entering current gas prices in your area.

          iBooks                    Several free books or you can purchase books

                               Download books and it will read to you also. Great for
                                                 non readers

                                Great apps for coaches. They have Baskeball, Soccer,
           J Plus
                                                 Volleyball, Hockey
                              Access all your books with this app. You log
           Kindle               in using your amazon account info and it will pull the
                                                  books down for you
                              Weight Loss – add food and your exercise and lose weight
          Lose It
                                                 (or gain, your choice)
                               Just like the ones that hang on the fridge, but you can’t
  Magnetic Alphabet Lite
                                                       lose these
        Map Quest                     Free Voice Guided turn by turn directions
      Math Drills Lite          Practice your math skills. Great for young learners
       Medscape                                    School Nurses
                           It’s a dictionary, but unlike, you can speak
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
                                        a word and it will look it up for you

          Milebug                      Tracks miles then exports them to excel

       Mobile PDR                                 Physicians Desk Ref
       Moron Test                             Common sense questions
       News Addict                          A variety of daily newpapers
                                Handwriting, Note taking, shape drawing, and sound
        Notes Plus
                               Put dots in order from low to high. Includes numbers,
       Number line
                                                  decimals, fractions
      Pandora Radio                     Like Sirius radio, choose your playlist
           Pano                               Take panoramic pictures

       PopMath Lite                 Great game for kids learning basic math facts
    Pushups 100           Builds a plan with the goal of 100 pushups in mind
     Red Laser            Bar code reader. Will read barcodes and QR codes

                           Fastest and easiest app for tacking your car fuel
     Road Trip
                                 economy, maintenance history, etc

                       Shows the student a mini movie about different passages
 Romeo & Juliet Lite
                                of the play. Great for understanding.
    Scramble CE            Make words – given specific selection of letters

      Shazam                     Identified music by artists and name

     Shop Savvy         Scan and it will give you the best price for the product

       Skype                          Communicate via chat/call

 Sleep Machine Lite             Drown out the sounds while you sleep
     Sound Drop                      Great musical sound app.

    SoundHound                Very much like Shazam, includes the lyrics

                         Text to Speech Application, Type text and the it will
      Speak It!
                                        convert it to speech
       Stanza          Free books from multiple sources like Project Gutenberg
      Stickies                       Post it notes for the phone
                       Discovery engine that finds the best of everything on the
                                   web according to your interests
    Talking Tom        Voice Recorder – Send a message via email or facebook
        TED                Free videos from prominent people in their field
  The Randomizer                        Replaces popsicle sticks

The Weather Channel        All weather, all the time. Save multiple locations.
  Tongue Twisters                     Tongue twisters for SLP’s
                        WOW! Listen to over 50,000 radio stations around the
   Tune in Radio        country (there is a pro version that also allows you to
                          Strategy game – move wooden boxes to remove the red
      Unblock me
                             You are asked questions about states, you select a
 United states Quizzle
       Virtuoso                                Play a piano
       Web MD                           Mobile medical information
                          Recipes from Weight Watchers that will count the points
Weight Watchers Kitchen
                                                for you
                                  FINALLY!! Stop killing trees Bonus: Go to
     White Pages
                     to stop home delivery!!

   Words Free - lite         Preschool – learn words and also trace the letters

                          Coupons for the phone that can be scanned directly from
                                                the phone
                            AWESOME magazine app. You choose/purchase the
                               magazines you want at a discounted price
                Ipad / Iphone Apps
Ipad/iphone or both    Category            Cost            Search Criteria
       Both            Reference           Free
                       Education           Free             ArithmeTick

       Both            Directions          Free              Aroundme

                          Game             0.99              Bejeweled

       Both             Shopping           Free            TGI Black Friday

       Both               Game             Free              Bubble Ball
 Both, must have
                          Utility          Free                 Bump
  bluetooth on
       Both             Nutrition          Free            Calorie Counter
       Both             Shopping           Free               Card Star
       Both             Education          Free         Convert Units for free
                                      Lite version is
       Both               Game                              Cut the rope
       Both           Entertainment        Free            Days between
         Both             Game             Free              Dice Match
         Both           Reference          Free  
         Both         Entertainment       Free?            Doodle Buddy
 Both, but I would
                          Game             0.99             Doodle Find
 play it on the pad
         Both           Utilities          Free           Electrical Toolkit
         Both           Nutrition          Free              Epicurious
       Both            Productivity        Free               Evernote

       Both             Nutrition          Free               Fast Food

       Both             Education          Free           Flash to Pass free
     iPhone 4             Utility          Free               Flashlight
       Both           Entertainment        Free                 Flixter
       Both              Reading           Free              Free Books
 Both, but requires
    wifi to work         Finance            Free                      Gas Buddy
                                       App and some
                                      books are free,
       Both             Reading                                         iBooks
                                      others you have
                                        to purchase

                                      Free for the app,
       Both             Education     some books are                    iScroll
Both, but I suggest
                                                           J Plus (make sure you put a space
 using iPad due to      Coaching         $4.99 each
                                                                   between J and Plus)
                                       App free but
       Both             Reading                                         Kindle
                                       books are not

       Both             Nutrition           Free                        Lose It

       iPad             Education           Free                  Magnetic Alphabet
Both but must have
                         Travel             Free                      Map quest
  internet service
       Both?            Education           Free                   Math Drills Lite
        Both             Medical            Free                    Medscape
       Both            Reference            Free                  Merriam Webster
                                      Lite version free,
       Both              Finance        other version                  Milebug
       Both             Medical              Free
       Both            Education             Free                    Moron Test
       Both            Reference             0.99                    News Addict
       iPad            Productivey          $4.99                     Notes Plus

       Both             Education           Free                     Number line
       Both           Entertainment         Free                    Pandora Radio
Both, but must have
                      Photography           Free                         Pano
     a camera
       Both             Education           Free                      PopMath
       Both               Fitness            1.99              Pushup 100
 Both but will only
                         Utilities           Free               Redlaser
work with a camera
                                       Lite version free,
       Both               Travel         other version          Road Trip

       Both             Education            Free              SIB RaJ Lite

                        Education                               Scramble
                                       Free (but there is
       Both               Music                                  Shazam
                                        a paid version)
Both (but you have to
                        Shopping             Free              Shop Savvy
   have a camera)
  Phone, Must have
   forward facing
                      Communication          Free                 Skype
 camera to use video
        Both              Utility            Free           Sleep Machine Lite
        iPad          Entertainment          Free               Soundrop
                                       Free version and
       Both               Music                               Sound Hound
                                        a $6.99 version

       Both           Communications         1.99                Speak it
  Both, but better
                         Reading             Free                Stanza
  reading on ipad
        Both           Productivity          Free                Stickies
       Both           Entertainment          Free             Stumbleupon!

                      Entertainment          Free              Talking Tom
       Both             Education            Free                  TED
       Both             Education            Free            The randomizer

       Both             Reference            Free
       Both              Speech              Free
                                       Free (pro version
       Both               Music                               Tunein Radio
                                            is 0.99)
           Game              Free              Unblock me

Both     US History          Free          United States Quizzle
Both?   Entertainment        Free                Virtuoso
Both       Medical           Free                Web MD

Both      Nutrition          Free              WW Kitchen

Both       Utility           Free              White Pages

iPad      Education          Free              Sight Words

Both       Utility           Free                 Yowza
                        App free but the
iPad      Reading        magazines are             Zinio
               Icon (brief description)
               12 x 4 on a chalkboard
 Red push pin, with blue circles around it. Reminds
             me of a ripples in water.
               Diamond with #2 on it
Black background with day calendar on it. Calendar
has red bar across top that says “black” and the date
                     is the 26th
White box with racing flag, blue ball, and black ramp

     Black app with two hands holding iPhones
              Scale with two feet on it
                    Big Blue Star
 Two wheels side by side. Left has M on it, right FT
Brown background with green monster eating candy
                  off a rope
        White and green app with 25 in red
                    Dice on front
           Blue with dictionary in white
    White with a finger drawing a blue squiggle.
           Graph with a brown owl on it
       White background with right triangle
             Red with white EPI on it
   Green background with a grey elephant on it.

  Hamburger (there are many so make sure you go
down in the page). Black/grey background, looks like
 a sunburst. The hamburger has 2 pieces of cheese
          coming out of it on the left side.
                Green box with 1 + 1
                 Bucket of Popcorn
   4 books, 3 are laying down and a yellow one is
                  leaning on them.
White background with orange gas dispenser and a
             gold coin with a $ on it.

    Brown back ground with an open white book

Grey background with iScroll. The I is in blue, Scroll is
                 in darker grey

              Court of the selected sport

  Blue app with black tree and a person reading a
              book beneath the tree.

        Orange back ground with a scale on it
 Black box with A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T written in alphabet
             Green background with MQ
                  Grey box with 5+4

   Red icon with white circle, Merriam Webster is
                  written in blue.

     Green background with 5 dials, M, I, L, E, $

                     Rubber duck

  Brown notebook with a + made out of two pens

              White with circle and line
            White app with large blue P
 Blue back ground with P and a long orange picture
                      across it
     Blue bar with 4 bubble that have the math
                  operations on it
               Man doing pushups
Red with a white R on it, the left of the R is made to
                look like a barcode.

       Red background with white gas pump

 3 layers to the app, grey on top, orange in middle,
 purple on bottom. Picture of Juliet in the purple.
           Lite is written in the orange bar.
  Letter S in White circle with orange background

                 Blue back ground

        Bar code with Red Stripe through it

       Blue with sound bars in lighter blue
    Black background with white ball and stick
 Orange background with almost a basketball like
   texture and two off setting hemisphers and
          SoundHound written in white

 Two blue books sitting on top of each other. The
       books have an “S” on the right side
                Yellow Sticky pad
Blue and green circle that is an all in one SUon it in
                      Gray cat
         White background with TED in red
 Red background with black dice, 5 and a 1 in spots
                     on dice
 Blue background with white The Weather Channel
                  written on it.
                She sells see shells

Old fashion radio with a smiley mouth underneath it
    Blocks of wood with red piece on left side

     Blue app with WebMD in Blue and Black
Brown, wooden looking, icon with three dark brown
    curly lines. Brown frame around the icon.

   White app with Green spot and white W in it
 Red and Green box, with “WORDS” written at the
  top and the work FREE in the green bar at the
  Blue background with two orange exclamation
            points in a speech bubble

      Black with a blue Z, looks like a ribbon

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