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									                            EMERGENCY MEDICINE
                            SELECTIVE ROTATION

Title:                Radiology

Name:                                            Date: 3/29/2006________

Selective Description:      Introduction to Radiology for Emergency Medicine

Clinical Site:        University Medical Center, Department of Radiology_______

Durations available               4 wks (any shorter would be insufficient)

Affiliation Agreement completed YES      NO (should not be needed)

EM Faculty Director:                           Contact Phone/email:

Site Director: William Berger_____Phone/email: 6-7368

Educational Objectives:
1. Indications for and limitations of radiologic procedures ordered in an
emergency clinical setting
2. Basic anatomy required for interpretation of such procedures
3. Recognize the most common abnormalities identified on such procedures
4. Ability to use ultrasound guidance to perform thoracentesis and paracentesis

Resident Responsibilities:
1. Attend all radiology conferences (MTF 7am – 830 am, WTh noon)
2. Cover services in rotation schedule (Neuro, Body CT, US, MSK, Chest)
3. Present one noon-time 60 minute PowerPoint "ED/Rads" conference
4. Dictating?

Assessment method of performance of stated objectives?
Evaluation form.

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