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Oracle CEP – OTN ACE Directors Briefing
Robin J. Smith,
Director of Product Management/Strategy
Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP)
     The following is intended to outline our general
     product direction. It is intended for information
     purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any
     contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any
     material, code, or functionality, and should not be
     relied upon in making purchasing decisions.
     The development, release, and timing of any
     features or functionality described for Oracle’s
     products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

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 • Event Processing                                                  <Insert Picture Here>
      • Concepts, Market Landscape, Industries,
      • Technology/Business Value Proposition
      • Oracle OpenWorld 2009
          • Immerse yourselves in Oracle Event-driven Architecture

      • Resources

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What are Event-Driven Applications?                                                       Distributed order orchestration

                                                                     Asset management

                                   Need to support one or more of:
                                   • High volume
                                          Financial Services

                                             Transportation &
          Algorithmic trading      • Continuous streaming
                                          Telecommunications &
                                   • Sub-millisecond latency

                                   • Disparate sources                  ‘Negative Working
 •   Proximity/Location Tracking           Utilities & Insurance        Capital’ inventory
     Intrusion detection systems
     Military asset allocation
                                   • Time windowMilitary
                                          Public Sector &
                                                             processing management
                                   • Complex pattern matching
                                                   Grid Infrastructure Management
                                                   Reponses to calamities –
                                                                   earthquake, flooding
         Why not use existing Technology?
         STREAMS: Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP)

                                                                               Streams





                                                     20080305 10:03:02:78

                                                     20080305 10:03:04:12
                                                                                 Continuous input, often in high-volume
         AA    ALCOA INC         D   20.125   1000   20080305 10:03:01:55
                                                                                 Time ordered
         AXP   AMER EXPRESS CO   D   45.875   500    20080305 10:03:02:10

         BA    BOEING            D   77.575   800    20080305 10:03:02:78
                                                                                 Does not end
         C     CITIGROUP         D   34.125   2000   20080305 10:03:03:05

         CAT   CATERPILLAR       D   22.5     600    20080305 10:03:03:46
                                                                                 Impossible to process / analyze in real-
                                                                                  time with traditional relational database
         DO    DUPONT            D   41.575   3000   20080305 10:03:04:12

         AA    ALCOA INC         D   20.125   1000   20080305 10:03:01:55

         AXP   AMER EXPRESS CO   D   45.875   500    20080305 10:03:02:10


         BA    BOEING            D   77.575   800    20080305 10:03:02:78

         C     CITIGROUP         D   34.125   2000   20080305 10:03:03:05

         CAT   CATERPILLAR       D   22.5     600    20080305 10:03:03:46

         DO    DUPONT            D   41.575   3000   20080305 10:03:04:12
                                                                                Example: Raw Sensor Event streams,
         AA    ALCOA INC         D   20.125   1000   20080305 10:03:01:55

         AXP   AMER EXPRESS CO   D   45.875   500    20080305 10:03:02:10         GPS, Market Data Feeds
         BA    BOEING            D   77.575   800    20080305 10:03:02:78

         C     CITIGROUP         D   34.125   2000   20080305 10:03:03:05

         CAT   CATERPILLAR       D   22.5     600    20080305 10:03:03:46

         DO    DUPONT            D   41.575   3000   20080305 10:03:04:12


               ALCOA INC

               AMER EXPRESS CO



                                                     20080305 10:03:01:55

                                                     20080305 10:03:02:10
                                                                            Event Processing provides a new data
         BA    BOEING            D   77.575   800    20080305 10:03:02:78

                                                                            management infrastructure to support and
                                                                            analyze Streams in real-time

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  Why not use existing Technology?
  In-Memory, Queries: Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP)

    Event Processing Output
       Filtering                                               CAT





                                                                                                               20080305 10:03:03:46

                                                                                                               20080305 10:03:04:12

               New stream filtered for specific criteria,      AA       ALCOA INC         D   20.125   1000   20080305 10:03:01:55

                                                                AXP      AMER EXPRESS CO   D   45.875   500    20080305 10:03:02:10

                 e.g. stock price > $22                         BA       BOEING            D   77.575   800    20080305 10:03:02:78

       Correlation & Aggregation

               Scrolling, time-based window metrics, e.g.
                 average # of stock trades in the last hour
       Pattern Matching                                            EP
               Notification of detected event patterns,
                 e.g. price changes A, B and C occurred
                 within 15 minute window

                                         Example: Stock Trading “W” Pattern
Runs In-Memory (not in
Database)                                                Y WZ
***                                                    X
Logic is defined through
Continuous Queries on the

                                                   1            9                    12                          19
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CQL Example - Aggregation

                    Calculates aggregate values
                      over a sliding 1 second
                window with output every half second
            Focus on Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)
            OSGi Lightweight, Low Latency, Extreme High
            Throughput, and Java-based Application Solution
                                 Oracle Complex Event Processor

   Enriched Streams                          EDA Java Application Container
                                Data/Msg.                                                     Processors
                                             Data Feed   Process   Listener/SINK:
    •   From any source:        Feeds        Adapters    Events     User Code                  • Set of queries applied
        data streams, web                                (CEP)     (Plain Java)
                                                                                                 to the streams
        services, Java,
                                                                                              Listeners
                                                                                               • Handle triggers raised
 Adapters                                                                                       by the processors
                                                                                              Events
    •   Translate external
        events/data into                                                                       • Implemented as
        java objects for                                                                         JavaBean or Map
                                            Aggregate, correlate, filter data
                                             Can Handle Unlimited Queries

               Incoming Data Streams                                                Resulting Data fed to vast
                 1M+ Messages/Sec                      Latency                       business opportunities
                                              Microsecond Latency (Avg.)              with Java language
     CEP Performance Enhanced by JRockit
     JRockit Real-Time Provides High Throughput, Low Latency JVM

 •    Included in Oracle CEP install
 •    Works with open hardware x86 hardware
 •    Addresses the key latency issue with Java
 •    Unique non-intrusive tooling to identify latency bottlenecks
 •    Extension of the award winning JRockit JVM

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     Oracle CEP 11g: A Complete Event-Driven Application
     Infrastructure Solution Platform (COTS)

• A Mature Complete Deterministic Java EDA focused Development &
  Deployment Platform for Complex Event Processing
  • 100% JAVA
  • Built on OSGi, Powerfully Extensible, (Best of Breed bundles, WLS- Core)
     • Solves low latency/Extreme through-put demands
     • Implements Event-Driven Architecture Application Model (EPN)
  • Complete Visual Development , Web Platform Management & Monitoring Tools
  • Advanced Rich Formalized CQL- Oracle Complex Event Processing Processor
     • Evolved from years of research by Oracle CEP team
     • Driving Industry Standards in this space – CQL – ANSI SQL Standards
     • SQL-99 Compliant solving complex event analysis
  • Endless Integration Opportunities using AQ, JMS and HTTP Publish/Subscribe
    Connectivity, Coherence In-Memory Grid, SOA 11g EDN, Event Connect SDK
• On Standard Commercial Commodity Hardware
Oracle CEP 11g: A Complete Event-Driven Application
Infrastructure Solution Platform
• Real Time Business In-sight & Pro-activity
  • Customers Pre-empt, React to, and win competitively addressing
    immediate Business, Infrastructure Issues
  • Gain Business insight using previously untapped, raw event sources
• Real Time Business Analyst Oriented Development – BAM
  • Business Users create BAM Dashboards
  • Easily integrate with SOA – Alerts/BI
• Hot-pluggable world-class integration
  • Low latency Real Time JRockit JVM
  • In-memory Coherence Data Grid
  • Tight SOA portfolio inter-operability

Industries First and Only Enterprise Strength, Extreme
Performance, Massively Scalable, Highly Available,
OSGi™ Event Driven Application Solution Platform
    Evolution of Oracle Event-Driven Architectures
    (Mature 3rd Generation Platform)

•   1992 Database: Oracle DML Triggers
•   1997 Database: Oracle Advanced Queuing
•   2002 Database: Oracle Data Streams
•   2004 Middleware: Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
•   2006 Middleware: Event-Driven Architecture Suite
•   2008 Middleware: BEA WebLogic Event Server
    • Oracle CEP 10gR3 Released October 2008
• NOW Available: Oracle Event Processing 11g
    • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), java edition
    • Oracle Complex Event Processor
Oracle SOA and Event Technologies
 BPA Suite
                 BAM                     GOVERNANCE
                                         CEP                  Enterprise
  Enterprise          Alerts            Events                  System
   Modeling     Business Monitoring  Data Streams            GOVERNANCE

 BPM Suite      BPEL Process Manager                          Web Services
Business User     Native   Business    Human
                                                               WS Policies
  Modeling          ROUTING &Rules SERVICES
                  BPEL        DATA    Workflow                  Security

 JDeveloper     Oracle Service Bus      Data Integrator       Enterprise
  Application   Routing    Transform     ETL &      Data
 Development                           Replication Quality     SOA lifecycle
  Framework            Mediation
                               CONNECTIVITY                     governance

                Adapters                  B2B                 Registry
                Apps    DB Legacy       Partners                   UDDI

                               Coherence Cache
 Messaging                 J2EE Application Server           JRockit VM & RT
                   (Oracle AS, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss)

Oracle EDA Suite
Complete Suite for Industrial Event Processing

                       BAM                           CEP

        REAL-TIME           Alerts
                      Business Monitoring              Event Feeds
        VISIBILITY                                     Data Streams
            &                                        Java-based Event
       PROCESSING          Business                       Server

                       Oracle Service Bus           Data Integrator
       ROUTING &
         DATA         Routing     Transform         ETL &      Data
       SERVICES                                   Replication Quality

      CONNECTIVITY    Socket DB       File   JMS Industry Specific

                         JRockit VM          JRockit RT      Coherence
      & SCALABILITY               J2EE Application Server
                           (Oracle AS, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss)
     CEP Market Landscape
• Flurry of M&A activity
   • Progress bought Apama
   • Aleri bought Coral8
   • IBM previously acquired Aptsoft
   • Microsoft Technical Preview – SQL Server Streamsight Lanched
   • Informatica Acquires Agent Logic
   • Mature - Oracle Complex Event Processing 11gR1 Released (July 2009)

• Gartner predicts huge growth area and other Industry analysts focusing on CEP
• CEP space will evolve & consolidate around major vendors
   • Oracle has mature offering available today
   • IBM will merge various acquisitions into in-house “System S” product, ETA 2010
   • Microsoft also planning to debut new product, ETA 2010

• Oracle Key Enabler for “Event-Driven SOA”
   • “Event Driven Networks” - Focal area for Oracle SOA Suite 11g

 Slide 15
    CEP Market Landscape

Slide 16
EDA/CEP Customer Use Cases
• Real Time Environmental Air Pollution/Traffic Flow
• Real Time Systems Management & Fault mitigation, Real Time
  Manufacturing Production line monitoring
• Border Security, Transportation Logistics, Roadways Toll
  Management Systems, Embedded Automotive Telematics
• Real Time Online Fraud Detection
• Smart Meters/Grid
• Realtime Slot Machine Usage “persuasion”
• Intelligent Cable Set-Top Management
• Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing
• Emergency Services Real Time Location Proximity Tracking
• Partners – OCEP Performance Tools, OCEP Adapters, EDA
  Packaged Vertical Industry Solutions
CEP Integration with Oracle Vertical Solutions

Press Release
Oracle Financial Services Software Announces New Release of Oracle® Mantas
Release Strengthens Fraud Detection to Help Financial Institutions Defend Against
Increasingly Sophisticated and Globalized Financial Crime Schemes
Redwood Shores, CA – September 1, 2009

Real-time payments and online fraud detection capabilities through integration with Oracle
Adaptive Access Manager and Oracle Complex Event Processing
       Oracle OpenWorld 2009
       Immerse yourselves in Oracle Event-driven Architecture Technology

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business in tough Economic            CAB break-out Session for EDA – Short future looking presentation & Customer
Times (CEP & MANTAS)
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Westin Market Street Hotel, Olympic    (Advanced Retail Selling Powered by CEP)
Tuesday, Oct. 13: 11:30 AM
    • People

          • Primary PM:                                                    <Insert Picture Here>
              • Robin J. Smith
          • Other Knowledgeable SOA PMs:
              • Lloyd Williams, Payal Srivastava, Peter Belknap,

                Clemens Utschig-Utschig
          • Development:
              • Shailendra Mishra, Eric Hsiao, John Huston,
                Thomas Cook
• Links (CEP internal PM site) ( public) ( public) (OTN public)

 • Oracle University Intensive Customer Technical Course available
                           September 2009

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