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					                                 Waverly Health Center
                                    Waverly, Iowa

In 2009 Waverly Health Center adopted a mandatory immunization for healthcare worker
policy, and is willing to share the following information with other Iowa facilities.

                          New Employee Health Assessment Policy

The immunization sections states:
“Immunizations are given at the commencement of duties to protect the employee and patients
from communicable disease. The immunizations listed below are required as a condition of
employment and are provided at no cost to the employee. Only medical contraindications
provided in writing will exempt the employee from receiving a vaccine.”

The influenza section states:
 “Influenza vaccine (both seasonal and any additional pandemic flu vaccine) is provided during
each influenza season. All new employees will provide documentation of receipt of the vaccine
elsewhere or receive the vaccine.”

A directive was sent to all current employees on 9/1/09.
From: Directors Council
2009 Employee Seasonal Influenza Vaccination: According to the Centers for Disease Control,
the most effective strategy for preventing influenza is annual vaccination. Influenza outbreaks
have been attributed to low vaccination rates among health care providers in hospitals and long-
term care facilities. Therefore, the Infection Prevention Committee has recommended and the
Director’s Council has approved that the seasonal influenza vaccine becomes a mandatory
vaccination for all WHC staff members and contracted services personnel. Employees who
decline the flu vaccination will have until October 1, 2009 to obtain a signed employee influenza
vaccination release form from their primary care physician identifying the medical condition
which prevents them from taking the vaccine. The employee flu vaccination campaign will begin
on Tuesday, September 8 and continue through the month. Both the injectable and nasal Flumist
vaccines will be available. The vaccination process for H1N1 will be determined at a later date
based on vaccine availability and CDC recommendation.

The actual administration form includes this statement:
I am not able to receive the flu shot due to a permanent contraindication above (#1-5 above). I
understand that I have until October 1, 2009 to obtain a waiver from my family physician. If I
am unable to produce a waiver from my family physician, I am aware that I will not be eligible
to work at WHC.

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